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It had been only a couple of hours since the girls had chatted and flirted at the road side with not care in the world. They taken advice on a short cut and now they realised with growing horror what a mistake it was. In that time there had been a crash; a death, and for Bianca and Sophie sexual humiliation beyond their young minds imaginations. The group had become split and even now for some the clarity of their predicament was far clearer than it was for others.

Sandy had tumbled down the kitchen shaft until she was spat out onto a dirty wooden cellar floor. She pushed herself up arms locking her long stocking legs curled under her. The maniac was there and he lumbered out from the shadows knocking over a table grabbing her pig tail hair hauling her up. She squealed as his mighty frame lifted her up over his shoulder. She'd not even had a good look at him before she was hanging down kicking her knee high stocking legs her hands thumping his oily rag covered back.

She knew it must be him; the dildo throwing lunatic and she screamed with all her heart.

He spun around as if looking for something. She glimpsed it for a second as he turned left and right and stuttered in horror.

"Oh, oh, oh J.J.Jesus!"

He focused on his object pounding over to it Sandy screaming her lungs out.

"For heavens sake someone help me!"

She felt his massive hand up inside her skirt ripping her kickers off.

There was a pulley over head and he grabbed the hooped ends tying her wrists into them. He hauled the rope with one hand lifting her off his shoulder so she hung down her long legs just not reaching the floor. In this stretched position her fabulous figure was enhanced even more. Her legs looked like those of a mannequin white stocking amazingly long up to fine skirted hips then an hour glass waist with those slightly overlarge breasts busting from her sweater top the globes raised and thrusting as her arms pointed vertically to the pulley in the ceiling.

"For Gods sake please what are you doing?" She moaned his intentions starting to become clearer.

Now she could see him fully and her question seemed ridiculous. A huge oaf of a man; his bulk like that of a bear. He swirled around his hand trailing across a table his leather clad body like some crazy medieval armour. She gave out a gargled protest as he pushed a fat foam ball into her mouth. She bit down the sponge seeping with a filthy viscous liquid. She didn't know it but it was horse semen. Her eyes could only plead as her lips foamed with the sponges contents Sandy unable to speak and not wanting to swallow.

"Hey how you doing down there?" It was the old Pa calling down the stair well

Sandy gargled and spluttered the Pa sniggering.

"He's got lots of lovely toys that I bet you just can't wait to get acquainted with."

Sandy had seen them already she looked desperately at the masked mans distorted face eyes wild and lustful

"He calls them his Dominators," The Pa chuckled again, "make girls real willing to open up for him after a stint on one of them."

Sandy began to wriggle desperately as suddenly the maniac waved a huge knife in front of her face and taking a firm grip on her sweater sliced it open, then bit by bit into shreds until it fell completely from her body.

His masked leather face crackled as he grinned and grunted taking care to shred her sweater completely now only a rah-rah skirt, stocking legs and pure white big cupped brassiere remained to hide her charms.

Sandy eyes no longer looked at the maniacs instead they stared down to her side. She'd seen it almost as soon as she'd fallen into this room. The cellar appeared like some type of workshop with a number of strange machines in different states of construction or repair. But it was this one that stood proud ready for action next to her that filled her with dread.

The machine was like a barrel on its end. From a wide hole in the top protruded a pole. It was a hollow tube rising up maybe a foot into the air. As it went it formed into a fat ribbed cock. Similar to the buzz cock used on the shapely Bianca it was a good 2 inches wide but this one's penis head tip showed a finger wide bore hole, the end of a tube which ran down the rod into the barrel. On either side of the barrel at its base were two ring hoops with rope manacles on. The whole machine had a lawn mower motor attached to it for feeding power to the rod and unknown to Sandy a tube pump hidden inside the barrel.

When switched on sandy would understand that not only did the rod bounce and vibrate like a rutting stallion but the filthy slimy contents of the barrel would be pumped up and out of the tip in 3 second spurts. It would only be a matter of minutes before her pounded pussy began to cough the slime back down the cock in through the barrels opening so creating a continuous gushing cum fountain.

The Pa closed the cellar door with one last comment. "Just give him the nod when you're ready to whore for him."

The maniac looked to the door above then back to his half uniformed babe. He ripped her skirt off showing a cute trimmed slit. He left her bra on he like how it pushed her heaving desperate freckled tits together giving her an amazing balloon bouncing chest.

She tried to kick as he pushed the barrel between her stocking legs. She was unable to stop him as one at a time her hooked her ankles either side of the barrel inside the loops. She was desperate.

"Oh god he's going to make me sit on it. Oh its massive I can't it won't what's in a barrel? And why the motor? Oh shit!"

The bore hole cock pressed against her tummy and he hauled the pulley making her back arch raising her pelvis. The tip slid along her slit them he found his target.

"Oh god it's touching my little chute!"

He released the pulley Sandy pussy shaft swallowing maybe 3 or 4 inches as her hips dropped.

"Mmmggggggggg!" She bit on the ball, come gushing out like cream out of a quickly bitten cake

"OH its sliding up ugggggggg it's too big I can't ooohhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

The cock opened her painfully wide, sliding into her tight twat. The man them gripped both rope manacles on her feet and pulled. Her legs ached as she felt her body stretch her hips sinking deeper onto the cock. It was maybe 6 inches in now and she tried to squirm her mouth still full of spunk ball.

"Fuck he's forcing me on it like tightening stirrups on a saddle! Ugggggggggg!"

Finally once he was satisfied she was sat firmly on his monster he released her ceiling pulley just enough that her weight slumped down, making her sit deeper and harder onto the cock.

"Oh god I feel so used, I'm a fucking human doll."

Sandy groaned and arched her sweaty back. She was sat spread eagled over a cock pumping barrel the cock tip now a eye popping nine inches in her body. Unable to lift from it she only sink harder onto it as her arms weakened.

She whimpered looking down at her tummy she felt like the cock tip would pop from her belly button; she was sure her groin was bulging, the device rigid and upright impaling her like a glove puppet.

The maniac bent down to the motor.

Buzzzzzzzzzzzzz! The Maniac pulled the petrol cord the barrel jumping to life.

Thuda! Thuda! Thuda! Thuda!

Instantly everything before seemed like a heavenly dream.

"Uggggggggg, uggggggggggggggg!"

Sandy began to spasm the thing pounding up making her ankles try to jump from the rope hoops. It was twisting and buzzing too, the first few spurts of ejaculation unnoticed until the pipe filled fully and her inside was pressure sprayed with cold white slime.

"Ugggggggg no, what, what its filling me with...ugggggggggggg!" The pig tailed hot teen was beginning the ride of her life.

The Pa could hear the machine kick into life and he rubbed his hands in glee. He wheeled himself to the stairs.

"Ma if ya finished hauling that bitch I could do with a hand up as well."

Upstairs in the bedroom Ma stroked the murmuring Michelle. The girl was a perfect specimen. Now completely naked Ma admired her coffee sun tanned skin. She traced a hand over her curvaceous hips around her peach firm ass down toned athletic legs.

Michelle beautiful pouting lips pursed as she gave a drugged sigh her long lashed eyes closed in forced slumber. Ma felt along her side cupping a firm tit pinching the dark erect nipple. She'd been playing gently with each and now they stood up and firm Michelle's murmurs ones of unconscious pleasure.

"You'll have to climb up yourself," She shouted back; Pa cursing her to high heaven. She smiled stroking the nape of the perfect girls back. He needed the exercise. She'd give him five exhausted minutes then she'd go get him.

Ma opened a drawer at the side of the flowery bed and rummaged through the contents. She removed the lengths of rope and binds. She looked at the other instruments in the drawer and she licked her lips in anticipation then looked back at the strong young woman.

"Best get her all trussed up first before we wake her," she concluded.

A few miles down from the house the state trooper car meandered along at a leisurely pace. It was mid afternoon and in the back Sophie was squealing like a pig. The police car interior was intensely hot and as the car took the winding climb she remained bound to seat the two crocodile clips tightly holding an electrified nipple each. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!


The officer had flicked the switch and left it on. The cigarette lighter power surged to her impressive melons making them swell more as she convulsed the copious amounts of sweat steaming on her hard pulsating tits

"Noooooooooo stop uggggggggggggg oh fuck ugh I'm going to uggggggggggg pass out Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

The cop shook his head in a matter of fact way not taking his eyes of the road.

"No you aint miss, it not the first time I've shown a bitch how to do a proper interrogation.

He didn't need to turn he could see the raven haired wench in his mirror. She was fantastic to behold wet red lips open showing pearl teeth clenched. Her black rimmed glasses gave her deep blue eyes an innocent girl lost look, but her mountainous bucking tits, sore nipples like top hats, clamps sizzling was something more reminiscent of a back street snuff porn movie.

"Ohhhhhhhh please I'll tell you anything you want uggggggggg just uh just stoppppppppppp!" She begged.

She didn't understand. Her tits were on fire, heaving melons more bloated than she could remember her nipples fed a constant stream of electricity into her flesh the sensation spreading out enveloping her tits then running down her spine making her anus convulse like a gobbling fish.

"Ug! Ug! Ug! UGGGGGG!"

The cop flicked the switch the torture instantly stopping, Sophie's body slumping, tits dropping as if they had suddenly become vulnerable to gravity.

The cop looked in his mirror. He'd give her a few seconds then.

"Time to continue!"

He flicked the switch again.

"Awwwwwwww no, no, noooooooooooooo!"

"There's a little stop a bit further up, why don't we take a break?" He said pointing to a dirt track turning in the road.

"Oh God anything, just stop this!" She screamed, the veins on her neck bulging her lips gleaming like she'd just drunk blood, the surging power almost making her tits glow like beacons.

The car pulled under the canopy of the tree line and mercifully the cop switched the power off.

"Oh fuck , fuck, fuccccccccck you can't do this I..I.." She gave a shriek as he raised his switch hand again. "Please! Please, ok, ok I'll do whatever it takes."

"Now listen," he drawled climbing out of the car and opening the back door. "Your friends you keep telling me about. Well if they came up this road they're already in good hands." He unclipped her rampant nipples then unfastened her seat manacle.

"Now what you need to understand is there's the law round her; then there's the law." He helped her stand her legs bending in, her tits still exposed sweater over her head firm thighs glistening in her short skirt.

"We make the rules here and it would be good for you to understand that."

Sophie looked at him her beautiful spectacled eyes confused but so sensuous. "Y...yess officer I understand." She said not understanding at all.

The cops admired his bound prisoner gently cupping her heavy tits. "I bet you got a real tight honey pot just waiting to be plugged,"

Sophie shook her head, "no please you can't you mustn't." The feeling of his weathered hands on her soft pink flesh almost as bad as the clips.

The cop scratched his chin then pushed her ahead of him into the undergrowth.

"If you're real good I won't put the tit ticklers back on when we set off again. Now move!"

The clearing he spoke of consisted of a large fallen tree trunk surrounded by dense vine like vegetation. It was calm and humid a million miles from civilization. The buxom student stumbled in her small heel school shoes her legs now glowing with perspiration. He was going to do what the hell he liked with her and what was the point in shouting. She'd cat hollered in the back of the car for ten minutes but they'd passed not a soul.

"Now miss," he said proudly standing in front of her unbuckling his belt. "let me show ya what ma family is famed for in these parts."

With that he unzipped his pants and his limp fat maggot sprang out. Sophie gulped it was like a purple headed football sock

"Get on your knees and make it a big as it gets," he barked, "and let me tell you it's a mouthful when its angry."

It had been left up to the student's confident, stunning teacher to try and find a phone. She'd been told that the little town at the top of the hill would not doubt have one. Natasha reached the summit of the hill looking a sweaty dishevelled state. Her lips were dry her ankles aching, her high heels and business suit tight around her waist and ass not ideal for mountain climbing.

Ahead was a sign; "Merryville at last" she said panting.

As she looked along the row of shacks her heart sank. Was it all derelict? There were no people; no sounds in fact. The windows of most building were smashed and it appeared even in its hay day Merryville was nothing more than a large set of farm buildings and lumber mill.

"Can I help ya?"

Natasha spun around startled by the voice.

Standing in the door way of one decrepit but in tact building were two men. They were tall but scrawny, thin geek necks, maybe in their thirties, piggy eyes with poor dental work. Both had dusty boiler suits on their pale scrawny chests showing under the braces. Natasha noticed neither had shoes on.

"I need a phone," She said hope fading. "I'm a teacher and we've broken down and I've left my students at the farmstead."

One of the men picked his gaping front teeth, and then spat on the floor.

"The farm house ya say? Well they don't have a phone."

Natasha bit her lip not wanting to lose her temper.

"That's why I've just climbed up here they said you'd have one."

The other man sniggered then patted his colleagues back.

"Yep I'm sure they did. Come in miss lets see what we can do for you."

The beautiful teacher looked up and down the street. It was a ghost town. The two men looked shifty but there was no one else around. She needed a phone.

"Oh stop being so paranoid!" she thought to herself.

She then nodded and gave a warm smile stepping inside.

The door slammed behind her and she stood with a face of incredulity as one of the men pointed a rifle barrel up against her thick sexy lips.

"Now take that barrel end nice and gently in that cute mouth of yours." He commanded

She opened not knowing what to do. Her mind was racing she knew that it had suddenly turned very bad. "What's happening I've got no money."

"Look I'm really not wanting any...uhhhh!"

The tip slid in a mere inch pressing on her tongue the man looking straight down the barrel into her flashing eyes.

"Take it nice and easy till we decide what we going to do with you." And he cocked the hammer making Natasha's knees tremble.

The other man was now behind her and his arms reached around to unclip her suit blouse slowly peeling it from her shoulders. It fell away to show her black laced bra tits glistening after the climb her neck glowing with the effort.

Her heart sank even further." Oh god I know what they want!"

"Now you stay real still while we undress ya," The gun man added. She tried to speak but he wagged his finger as his colleague slowly unzipped the back of her skirt.

"Wow what an ass we have here," he beamed tugging the fabric down over her rump.

"It seems you and your little flock are going to have a bad day." The gun man continued. Natasha's skirt dropped to the floor showing her thong and firm tanned thighs knees turned in to hide her crotch as she teetered in her heels.

"Would he shoot her if she pulled away?" She didn't know. The man behind her felt strong even with such a skinny frame; all sinew and log chopping muscle.

The undressing geek trailed his hand up her leg to her tight rear.

"You sure are firm in all the right places."

Natasha just stood frozen her body was tired her mouth sucking on a barrel tip the geek now gripping around her waist fingers curled in her thong straps.

She knew how she looked. God she knew. It was an advantage nearly everyday of her life but today she wished her gym perfect shape would melt away.

"Now you're gonna put on a show for us honey," the man behind her announced slowly pulling her thong down over her hips showing her lightly haired red pussy.

Natasha felt the material fall down her thigh but could only look ahead down the rifle barrel. The gun man motioned for her to move into the room. There was a big rocking chair waiting. He then her told her to sit on it still keeping the barrel in her mouth. As she sat the other man jumped behind the chair pulling her shoulders back.

"Lean back," he ordered "and open your legs." Natasha shook her head.

"Best tie her down then," came the response. The geek began to wind a rope around her wrists pulling them behind the rocking chair back. Now bound to the chair the other man removed the barrel from her trembling full lipped mouth

"Oh God who the fuck do you think you're going to do?! You can't get away with this!"

"The law..." then she paused these guys looked like they didn't give a shit about the law." Oh please I don't want..."

"Get the butter bro!" The gun man said with a grin.

The sculpted Michelle had final come around. She didn't scream she couldn't her mouth full of ball gag. She couldn't move either so tightly was she bound to the dirty metal bed frame. Michelle had performed many thigh splitting positions throughout her cheerleader career but none seemed as extreme as this. She was laid on her back a pillow under her midriff making her arch upward perfect half domes point to the roof. Her arms were pulled back and together bound to the bed board a thick rope wound around her chest looping her tits pulling them tightly together and up into a wonder bra cleavage; if like she needed it.

She tried to look down over her chest her thighs ached enormously. He legs were pulled wide in a perfect 180 degree split one long leg pointing to the left wall the other toes pointing to the right she had hooped ropes around each ankles the other ends wrapped around heavy wooden furniture.

Her pussy had been shaven clean the tender skin smeared with sunflower oil.

"Uggggggggggggggg!" She bucked a little as the old fat woman slowly fed a tube into her greased pussy. The last thing she remembered was sitting sipping coffee.

Muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!" The tube sank deeper and deeper inside her like a burrowing snake.

The old Pa was at her side now in his wheelchair.

"Afternoon miss back with us I see?" Michelle shook her head her tightly drawn back hair adding to her European S&M look. She wrestled to move but couldn't.
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