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Note: This was written by a friend of mine who was too shy to post this, but he gave me permission to post it for him. Enjoy! :-)

* * * * *

"What the Hell am I doing?"

I'm normally a pretty rational guy. A few months ago something like this never would have even crossed my mind. Still, there I was, a block away from her apartment, 3am, cold March rain hammering down, trying to psyche myself into enacting one of her most private fantasies ...Without her knowing about it.

"Well, it's now or never."

Sucking in a breath, I put on an old baseball hat, grabbed the leather bag from the back seat of my truck and started off towards her building. I'd been through the plan a hundred times in my head -- On the off chance that anything DID go wrong, I didn't want anyone being able to ID me. That meant hopping the small fence beside the main entrance to avoid the security camera, and using the not-so-secret superintendent code to open the main doors to the building. Smooth sailing from here, but I took the fire stairs just to be safe.

After getting to the 8th floor, I took a minute to catch my breath and steel my nerves. Walking to her door, I put on my ski mask and listened closely outside her door. Hearing nothing, I inserted the emergency key she had given to me into the lock. The deadbolt slid back silently, but given the situation, it's final click sounded like trees cracking on a cold night. I stepped inside.

I stood there for a minute, enjoying the silent darkness contrasting with my pounding heartbeat. Once my eyes adjusted to the light, I removed a length of duct tape from the roll in my bag, stripped my clothes off and headed for her bedroom.

Lying on her back, she was in the perfect position... I covered her mouth with the tape, and put my hand on top to contain her initial screams. She woke up with a start, and started struggling. Each time she tried making any kind of noise, I squeezed her nostrils shut. The pain and lack of oxygen eventually convinced her that she should keep quiet.

I'd originally thought about disguising my voice and talking to her, but there was the chance that she would recognize me and ruin it for us both.

Minutes later, I had her tied spread-eagle on the bed with a thick cloth bag over her head. After turning on the lights, I sat down beside her and let my hands roam lightly over her body. She put up a significant struggle for a girl of her size, but between the rope and my strong sudden grip on her throat, she settled down considerably.

I had been rock-hard since I left my truck, and now I was dripping precum like crazy. I peeled back my foreskin and rubbed the slick head on her nipples to coat them completely. After blowing on them to get them to stand up, I put a pair of alligator clips on her nipples, and rooted through my bag for what I needed next. I took my time, watching her writhe in pain on the bed. Eventually, I pulled out the equipment for the next step -- shaving cream and a razor. This was something that she had done in the past, and from her stories, it was NOT an experience that she cared to repeat.

I removed the clips from her breasts, and rubbed a handful of foam onto her pussy. She instantly started thrashing around to try to get me to stop. I had anticipated this... I re-applied the alligator clips, and held her down until she tired out. I shaved her slow and easy, taking my time. She wasn't struggling any more, and every time I wiped away foam, I was sure to brush up against her clit. I could tell that she was getting excited against her own will.

Reaching into my bag again, I pulled out a ziplock full of icecubes and used the melting water to clean off any remaining shaving cream. When I was finished, I pushed the remaining two ice cubes way up inside her, and chuckled to myself as she thrashed back and forth trying to get them out. After a few minutes, the ice cubes had completely melted and I was ready to do what I came here for.... Fucking her against her will.

I placed her pillows under her ass to raise her up a bit, and couldn't deny myself the pleasure of tasting her. The ice had chilled her to perfection, and the remaining water mixed with her juices was better than anything I'd ever tasted.

Time to get back into character -- I was going to ride her bareback, and I wanted to make sure she knew it. I removed the nipple clamps again, prompting a sigh of relief from her, only to be replaced with a halted shriek as I rubbed more salty precum onto her now tender nipples. I slid down between her legs, put a hand on her throat and stabbed all the way into her in one violent stroke. She got really quiet at this point. She'd mentioned this fantasy to me once or twice in the past, and she had given me the extra key, but there was no way she could tell who it was that just forced his way inside her.

I fucked her as violently as I could, pulling out only to rub her own juices on her inflamed nipples, or enjoy the slick smoothness of her shaven mound against my cockhead. She took as much of my selfish pounding as I had to give before I came deep inside her. Despite the rigorous workout we'd just shared, she still hadn't come yet. I inserted an 8" soft rubber vibrator inside her, and turned it on to it's lowest setting. I could see her squirming, trying to either get more contact on her clit, or somehow turn up the speed.

I quickly dressed and gathered up my things. Putting a dull kitchen knife into her right hand, I switched out the lights and headed out of the apartment. I knew that if somehow she did manage to slice through her bonds before I was away from the building, her first order of business would have to be getting that vibrator up to the 'high' setting.

As I slipped out of her apartment, I put a small note on her fridge. On it, was a picture of a rose and a date, March 1st.

Happy "Anniversary"!
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