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It was at work in the supermarket when the lads next approached Susan. This always caught her off guard at work, and they knew it. She spoke quickly and nervously, which always gave them the advantage. They found out from her, what time she would be home and told her to go straight home as they would be there to meet her.

She was surprised when she got home that there was no sign of them, or so she thought. She took off her coat, the door bell rang and her heart skipped a couple of beats. She opened the door and, suddenly, they were in. The lads stood either side of Susan; Ray was the first to speak.

"So, Susie, have you been a good girl since we dropped you off the other night?"

"Yes," she said quietly

"You have not been letting hubby near our tits, pussy and mouth, have you?"


"You mean he hasn't tried to fuck you?"

"He...he has tried, and I'm running out of excuses," she told them

"Oh dear," Ray said with mocking sadness. "Well if you're a good girl today, we might just allow him a treat this weekend. What do you think Gaz?"

"We'll have to see how good she is," Gary replied.

"So lets see if you are sticking to the underwear rules Susie," said Ray. "Hands behind your back," he ordered, and she obeyed. "You do the top Gaz, and I'll do the bottom."

Gary smiled at her and slowly undid her blouse to reveal a sexy pink bra, which just covered her nipples. "Very nice," he enthused, as he pushed her blouse over her shoulders and it fell to the floor. Ray undid her trouser buttons, then the zip, and helped them over her shapely hips. They slid down her legs to the floor to reveal a pair of matching knickers. Both lads stood back and ogled the housewife, standing like a naughty schoolgirl, in just her sexy bra and panties.

"Very nice Suzie," Ray smiled, "do you always wear this sexy stuff to work now?".

"No, I took it with me and changed" she admitted

This pleased the lads, and proved how much they had taken control of her.

"She's done well Gaz, said Ray. Gary agreed, but what Ray said next, took her by surprise.

"Right, let's have a cuppa first," he said, "put the kettle on Susie?"

"Oh right OK," she said, and bent down to pull up her trousers.

Ray grabbed her arm, "Leave them, go and make it like that."

"But...," she said looking up, "ooow."

"No buts Susie," Gary added, being unable to resist slapping her bum.

It was a bit of a struggle, but managed to wriggle out of her trousers, and went into the kitchen to make the tea. Gary went upstairs, and Ray went and joined her in the kitchen. He stood at the door way and watched her get the cups ready, admiring her sexy body, dressed only in her matching bra and knickers. He came up behind her, and ran his hands over her bum.

"You really are one sexy slut Susie," he said quietly into her ear, "your fuckin' hot body is just made for fuckin' Your husband must be pretty stupid not to be playing with you all the time," he told her, while continuing her bum massage.

Part of her was angry, when they spoke to her like that, but her overwhelming feeling, she didn't even understand. She tingled all over, her pussy became wet and her nipples became hard. Yes why didn't her husband make her feel like that? Perhaps that's what made her angry.

She was glad when he stepped away while she poured the boiling water into the pot.

"I suppose you want biscuits too?" she asked sarcastically.

This made Ray smile, "of course, and they better be chocolate."

As she placed the chocolate biscuits on the plate, Ray picked one up and told her to turn around. As she faced him, Ray stroked his finger across the biscuit, to collect chocolate on it. With his left hand he pulled down the front of her bra, and smeared the chocolate on her hard brown right nipple. He then did the same to the left one. She knew what was going to happen next; she pressed her thighs together and gave a long sigh as his tongue began to lick off the chocolate.

Gary arrived in the kitchen as her second nipple was getting the treatment. "That looks tasty," he laughed.

"Yer," Ray replied, coming up from her tits. "Bring it through Susie, we'll take tea in the lounge," he mocked.

The lads sat on the three seater settee, Susie put the tea and biscuit tray on the coffee table before being told to sit between them. As she settled between the lads, Gary passed her a biscuit and told her to cover her nipples in chocolate again. He pulled her bra down again to expose her nipples. Nervously she rubbed her finger over her sensitive nipples. He told her to give them a good covering and made her repeat the process for a second time. Gary then went to work, licking off the chocolate and sucking her nipple into his mouth, causing Susie to moan in pleasure.

Ray tugged her sexy knickers down to the top of her shapely thighs, and lifted her left leg and placed it between his legs. He then presented another biscuit to her, and gave her the instruction to cover her clit in the chocolate. Gary being excited by the idea lifted her right leg and placed it between his to spread them wide. Ray spread her pussy lips open to give easy access for her chocolate covered finger.

She worked hard to suppress her moans and sighs as she covered her most sensitive spot with chocolate. While Ray was making her top up the chocolate on her finger, Gary took another biscuit, and rubbed it, chocolate face down over her pussy, covering the area with it, taking her and Ray by surprise. When she returned to rubbing her clit, Gary came up close and told her to, "rub it all over your pussy Susie."

Using her all her fingers in a circular motion, she rubbed her wet and now sticky pussy. She was so turned on now she couldn't keep quiet.

"Oooooooh Ooooooooh," she moaned.

"Yeh that's it Susie rub that pussy," Gary told her as he tweaked her nipples.

Her eyes where tightly closed, as she was worked herself up, Gary and Ray watched in delight as this naive housewife openly played with herself between them. Her breathing became quicker, her chest heaved more and her moans grew louder. Ray knew she was about to cum but wasn't going to let her yet. He grabbed her hand and told her, "That's enough."

"Noooh please," she cried trying to continue.

Ray forced her hand away as Gary held the other. "I now you want to cum my little slut, but not yet," Ray told her.

She sat there starting to get her breath back. "Now pull your knickers back up," he ordered, letting her hand go and her legs to close. She shuffled between them and pulled them back into place, noticing they had become covered in the chocolate. She also straightened her bra to cover her sticky nipples.

After swallowing another mouthful of tea Ray said to Susie "Let's get you upstairs an' clean you up."

"It's OK I will go and change," she said, having now regained her composure.

"Nice try," Gary said as the lads stood up and pulled her to her feet. Gary lightly slapped her bum and told her, to get herself up those stairs.

They all made their way into the bathroom and the lads took off their shirts and jeans.

"What are you going to do?" asked Susie.

"We are all going to take a shower together," Ray informed her. "Now are you gonna get naked or are you getting in like that?"

They didn't expect an answer and didn't get one. She unclipped her bra, letting it fall to the floor and pulled her knickers off. The lads were now naked as well and they told her to turn the shower on, which she did. The shower was at one end of a fairly large corner bath, which meant there was plenty of room for three. They invited Susie to step in first, which she did, followed by Gary then Ray.

Susie stood facing the wall, and most of the spray was hitting her. Ray took the shower foam aerosol and squirted some into his hand. It began to lather up as he rubbed it over her back and bum, dwelling more on her bum than her back. He then told her to turn around and stick her hand out. As she turned around, she brushed her wet black hair from her pretty face. Ray spayed some shower cream into her hand and told her to do her front. As she started with her shoulders, Gary slipped to the side of her and continued to rub her back and bum. Her hands travelled down to her breasts, but Ray told her, "You do your pussy, I'll do your tits."

Ray topped his hand up with cream and spread it over her breasts, while Susie's hand travelled past her belly button to her pussy.

"Come on Susie, you were really getting into it down stairs, now rub that pussy," Ray commanded. "This might help," he told her as he lifted her leg, to rest on the side of the bath. It did and she was soon into it again, leaning against Gary who was behind her now. He eyes were closed as she worked on her own pussy, using her fingers and hand, as she had done many times before, but not in her own shower with two young lads.

Oooooooh, Ooooooow, Ooooooooh, she moaned.

"That's it Susie, use your fuckin' hand, make yourself cum, you little slut."

She didn't need any encouragement now; she was past the point of no return.

"Are you gonna cum Susie," asked Gary.

"Oooooh yes yess, yessssssss," she screamed as the orgasm welling up inside her.

The lads tried in vain to hold her as the orgasm sapped her strength and she slid down Ray and Gary's bodies to a sitting position in the bath. They lads looked down at the wet panting housewife and smiled.

They didn't give her long to recover, and Ray told her to hold her hands out. When she did he put a small squirt of foam into each hand. "Now Susie you can do us," he told her.

She began by rubbing the flat of her hand over their bellies, but soon moved down to their balls. She then rubbed her slippery, soapy hands up and down their cocks.

"That's fuckin' great Susie," said Gary "have you soaped a cock before?"

"No," she replied.

"You didn't do much until you became our slut did you?" Gary teased.

"No," she answered again.

As she continued her soapy cock massage, Ray joined in. "Yeh, our shy housewife now sucks cock, wears sexy underwear, shaves her pussy, begs to be fucked, and talks dirty."

"Yes," Gary agreed, "a real little slut."

"If fact," Ray said as if and idea had just sprung into his head. "Stand up Susie," he told her as he lifted her to her feet. "Bet she's ready to suck some cock Gaz," he said. Gary rinsed himself down and turned around so his back was to the shower. "Now bend over Susie," he told her and Gary guided her mouth to his cock.

Ray then reached for her bottle of baby oil and tipped some onto her bum. It ran over her bum and down the back of her thighs, but Ray's hands started to direct the flow. He rubbed it into the crack between her buttocks, continuing down to her pussy lips. On his hand's second journey she willingly adjusted her stance to allow him better access. She was still unaware; as she continued her slow blow job on Gary that it wasn't her pussy Ray was after. He now gently rubbed her pussy with his left hand, while he rubbed over her butt hole, with his right, pressing a little harder with each rub. He ginned at Gray and looked down at her bum; Gary smiled back, now knowing what he had planned.

When he rubbed her butt hole the next time, he slowly inserted a finger, causing a surprised, slight grunt from Susie. Gary's hand on her head kept her mouth over his cock. Keeping his finger inserted, he reached for the oil and tipped more on his hand, then rubbed her pussy again as he inserted a second finger into her tight virgin anus.

"Oh my God... good," she said, managing to rise from Gary's cock, before being pushed back down. Ray slowly finger fucked her in her butt for a short while; she was making moaning noises with Gary's cock still in her mouth.

Ray withdrew his fingers and reached for one off her hands, "play with you pussy Susie," he instructed, pushing her hand there. As she started to play with her pussy, Ray took more oil and rubbed it on his cock, before rubbing it over her buttocks. Using his hands he the opened her bum cheeks and rubbed his cock in the crack. She realised what was about to happen:

"God you're not going to, mmmm..." Gary put his cock back into her mouth.

Ray waited no longer and pushed against her anal mussels, the baby oil helped prise them open to receive the head of his cock.

"Mmmm oooo mmm sluuurp," Susie tried but Gary held her onto his cock.

"Your gonna love this Susie," Ray explained, grabbing her hips, to help him in. "Aaah yer," he said, "God...god she's so fuckin' tight" With one last push, he was in and it felt fantastic.

As he started to fuck her, the pain that she felt briefly at first was slowly being replaced by intense pleasure. Ray fucked her slowly and deeply and she sucked his mate, but Gary couldn't hold on any longer and was soon shooting his load into her throat. This meant she could straighten up slightly and hold onto Gary.

"Ooooh Ooooh Yess" she moaned.

"Yeh you like being fucked in the ass, don't you Susie?" asked Gary. She didn't answer, but her pleasure was rising to new heights. "Better stop then Ray, if she isn't goanna answer the question."

"N0...No," she screamed, "please...please."

Gary lifted her chin, so her wet panting face looked straight at his, "please, what Susie?" he asked.

"Please oh please oh, don't, don't stop,"

"Tell me how much look like it up your butt slut," he teased.

"oooh gooood I love it, please keep fucking me, up my butt oooh ooooh aaaaaaah," she screamed when her latest orgasm engulfed her body. She dropped to her knees, which disappointed Ray a little but he was so close with the help of his right hand, he came all over her back.

Gary was also disappointed when Ray told him he needed to wait until next time for his chance to fuck Susie's butt. They clean up dry off and dress, and then Ray said to Susie. "Were going to give hubby a treat this weekend," he announced to her. "You can let him fuck you, no in fact, you make sure he fucks you," he told her. "He is only allowed to fuck your pussy, you don't give him any head and that tight butt of yours is also for our use only."

"But what if he won't or doesn't what to?" she asked.

"Have we taught you nothing Susie," Ray replied, "You're not an innocent little housewife anymore you're a hot little slut. You can make sure he fucks you, OK"

She agreed, but Ray had a further instruction. This was that she was to text them straight after he had fucked her, which she also agreed to do.

Before they both left Gary went up to her, ran his hand over her firm buttocks and told her softly how much he was looking forward to fucking her in the butt.

Susie shot back upstairs to clean the bathroom and throw the towels in the washing machine.

What were the lads planning...?

Old Movies Rape