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Schoolgirl Rape Pics Pics Of Kidnapped Teens Forced To Have Sex Forced Sex South Africa Photos Lesbian Rape Fantasy
The castle door labors to open; it is hung on giant pins that give off a tortured moaning of years of rust. Musty dank odor clings to the walls in the dimly lit entrance. The guards waste no time in completing their task,shuffling me up the winding, roughly hewn stone stairs to the large,ornately carved doors at the end of a long hallway. A knocker is lifted, slammed down and a loud hollow echo crashes back. Without assistance the door opens on a creaky note, slowly and effortlessly.

I am whisked to the inside and left in a heap on the cold slate floor. My hands grasp my tatters and pull the pieces up to cover my trembling breasts. "LEAVE IT!" a booming voice commands from the shadows. Startled, I unconsciously drop the remnants of the cloth; it falls to my lap. Whispering fills the corner and a waif-like figure appears with garments, towels, and an assortment of bottles.

As the figure draws closer, I see it is a woman; a mere child. She pulls at me and points to a room off the side of the master's chamber and tells me to go there. She follows close on my heels, and I emerge upon a lavishly decorated room with velvet and silk curtains and a large pool in the middle, surrounded by four giant columns. A large gold orb in the middle of the tub spews forth fresh water which falls into it, below. Without warning, the girl rips the remaining cloth from my body, leaving me standing naked. Taking me by the hand, she urges me to step into the tub. I gladly do, for I really need a proper bath. The girl pours fragrant potions from the collection of bottles and pulls forth a brush from under the towel she was carrying.

Like a woman possessed, she works. It feels like she is scrubbing most of my skin off in the attempt to hurry in her task.

Afterwards, she abruptly leaves me and disappears out of the room though a small passage behind a taffeta curtain. Then appears. I see two, tall, male figures that come and snatch me naked, out of the water. I protest, but they ignore my cries. Taking me to a gilded table of gilded gold with a soft layer of feathered pillows, they dump me face down. I feel warm liquid being drizzled over my body while the strong hands of the two males massage and rub in the musk oils and spikenard. Precious oils of the orient, my mind says and can only wonder at why I am being prepared like the fatted calf for a sacrifice. Soon the ritual is over, and again the girl comes back; she hands me a diaphanous garment to slip into.

The two male figures wrap a gold necklace and clasp it in the back and fasten a gold chain to the back of it. Pulling me by my shoulders, they force me back into the chamber of the their master.

At the far side of the room, visible in dim outline, sits the lord of the castle, the master. Resisting, I am pulled along and presented. "Sit! have something to eat; you must be famished." That I can't deny, for I hadn't eaten so much as a berry in the forest. He needed not speak twice. I take a large peach and attack it like it was my last meal. I could see him grin, at the corner of my eye. "My, My, My, you are a hungry one, aren't you?" I continue my attack on the peach and just nod in agreement.

After awhile he asks me where I am from and how did I get here and why did I come to his castle. I explain about my village, the forest, and my need for safety that has brought me to his enclosed sanctuary. I think, After all the formalities and niceties I will soon discover what his intentions are for me. He asks me one question that gives me a clue. "Are you a virgin, my dear?" In almost a squeak, I said, "Yes, I am." Spitting out the second peach pit, I attempt to quiet my mind with the thoughts of my family, now lost.

My thoughts were interrupted by his sudden removal from his chair and coming to stand next to me. "Get up, my dear, let me look at you". I hesitated, and he grabbed my hand and jerked me upright. "Mmmmmm, there that's better. Stand by the fireplace light, DO IT, NOW!" I gasped and did exactly as he told too. The light from the fireplace pierced through my garment, making it transparent and open to his prying eyes. "How lovely your wares, my pretty." Now come here".

I slowly walked towards him at an excruciatingly slow pace. "QUICKLY , WENCH!"

My feet scurried hurriedly along the stone floor. He scooped me up in his arms, knocking the breath out of me, and swiftly moved towards his large canopied bed, lowering in one movement and pinning my wrists above my head. I struggled and twisted, but I was no match for him. He bellowed out a laughter that continued to ring in my ears, as, with his free hand, he ripped open the top of my garment, till it was split all the way down in two halves.

"Pleaaaaaaase sir, don't... please." He bellowed in laughter again. "Shut up you little cunt; I will take from you as much as I please". He reached up at his head board and grabbed the bed curtain cords and fastened my wrists in place. Then he tore at his clothes and threw them about the room.

He covered my body with his, and with his head he started in taking breaths of me from my neck to my hair. "Mmmmm you smell so good, my wench". His lips grazed my own trembling lips. His eyes locked into mine, and I began to stir in my loins; something I had no intention of doing, but now was powerless to stop. His fingers grazed my nipples that were now plump with desire, all the time focusing his glare on my response. I moaned. "Yessssss, my sweet dove, yessssss". I could barely breathe now. His lips devoured my pink buds, sucked them and pulled at them and tortured me with such precision that I nearly fainted in the course of it all.

Now, as he continued this sweet torture his hand, at first, unnoticed by me, carefully found its way to the center of my thighs. I jolted as his finger ventured in and dallied with my engorged and, by now, flooded kernel.

"Mmmmmm, how sweet you are as well as tender, I am going to enjoy you, my tender morsel." With that he spread my thighs, and scooted down, trailing his tongue from my breasts to my hidden chamber between the folds of my swollen mound. Parting my lips with his finger,them wide,he probed; my twitching orb emerged open to his tongue. He grasped it in his lips and twirled it around his tongue, leaving me moaning and grinding myself into his mouth. "YOU ARE A LUSTY WENCH, YOU WANT THIS AS MUCH AS I DO," he almost yelled in excitement at my response.

His finger jutted inward and met with my virginal barrier. "Ah! this bothersome wall; I will scale tonight, my dove. I will fell it once and for all," he said with an evil grin. My mind fought for sanity. This cannot be happening, I thought, it is all a nightmare, and I will wake up soon. But I knew only too well I was not dreaming; this was really happening. I was his captive and he was about to take my virginity.