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Lori and I lay in bed together after an unusually hot session of making love. We had planned our week-end get away and I knew exactly where things were headed as I watched her begin to flash her gorgeous tits at the truckers passing by. One of the lucky bastards even got a peek at her quim as she got herself off with two fingers trying to tease me into pulling over.

We finally made it to our rented beach house and our bags lay just inside the door. We dropped them there as we raced up the spiral open staircase and jumped onto the bed in the loft overlooking the downstairs.

The windows on either side of us were open and the warm breeze rolled across our bodies. My cock was still semi-hard and lay there covered in my juices as well as hers. Lori lay in the crook of my arm and I held her close. Every once in awhile we would giggle together as my cum escaped from her pussy along with a little burst of 'air'.

We both perked up at the same time when we heard a door slam shut outside of our window. Lori got up from the bed and said, "Wow, this may be an interesting trip."

Of course I asked why.

Her response was, "Because if there are anymore guys like that next door, my pussy is gonna be sore!!"

I moaned and climbed out of bed. I looked across the closed in area that held a swimming pool for the two beach houses to share. I saw a young well tanned, blonde haired kid that had to be just a few months over his 18th birthday. He seemed to be checking out the amenities we shared. Of course the pool, an outdoor shower, BBQ grill area and a private boardwalk that led to a gazebo on top of the dune overlooking the wooden steps to the beach.

I challenged Lori and told her to go and meet the 'neighbors'.

She giggled and said, "I may do more than just that."

Lori slipped on her two piece bathing suit and then approached me. She kissed me full on the lips and as she did so I felt something click around my wrists. I looked down and saw the handcuffs we use for the occasional rough play now around my wrists. She then took the belt from her beach wrap and tie it to the chain part.

Lori said, "It will turn me on, knowing you have to watch!!"

I warned, "What if things get out of hand??"

She laughed and replied, "Relax, I can handle them. They'll be putty in my hands."

I didn't want to be the downer on her having fun, so I bit my lip as I watched her raise my hands and tie off the belt on the heavy curtain rod above.

My body was hidden, at least I hoped, behind the sheer curtains of the window. I watched as Lori entered the swimming area and place a lounge chair in the sun. She proceeded to take off her top and oil herself down and then got comfortable. She played the part well, every so often her hands would caress a breast or adjust the elastic around her thighs.

After about ten minutes, Lori glanced my way and then innocently looked around as if to check to see if the coast was clear. (No pun intended)

She stood up and removed her bikini bottoms and the oiled her finely trimmed bush area. Her pussy glistened in the hot sun but I knew damn well that all of it was not the sun tan oil!!

She lay that way and then rolled onto her stomach. As if that was the signal, the boy that I had seen earlier came out the side door. He was followed by three other boys. They were all nicely built and you could tell then were on the athletic side. Two more of the boys had sandy blonde hair, and the last one had very light brown. Even from as far away as I was, I could tell that they had all exited their beach house with massive hard-ons!!

Lori lay there and I couldn't tell if she heard them or not because of the sounds of the ocean surf. They all gathered around her and finally one of them stepped so as to block her sun. She looked up and acted startled, reaching for her beach wrap. The guys all had grins on their faces.

Lori said, "I'm sorry, I thought that next door was empty. I didn't mean to be so, well you know."

The blonde hair stud spoke first and introduced himself as Ray. The remaining ones were, Barry, Jim and Rich. They explained that they were on their last excursion before they left for college in about two weeks. All were eighteen, except for Jim who just turned 19 the week before their trip.

"Well Happy belated Birthday!!, Lori exclaimed, "Did you get everything you wanted??"

Jim stammered, "I thought I did until I saw you out here."

Lori blushed saying, "Well we'll have to see if your nice enough to deserve me."

All of them laughed together and I could feel my cock stirring again and coming back to life.

Jim asked Lori if she was alone. She giggled and said, "You wish, huh, stud boy?? My fiancé is here but he went for a jog somewhere down the beach."

Lori adjusted herself and allowed her cover up to slip off allowing the foursome a brief glimpse of her now dripping cunt. The smell of her wetness had gathered underneath and escaped as she moved on the lounge chair. The scent must have acted like an aphrodisiac as I could only watch as Jim grabbed the flimsy piece of cloth and tore it away.

Lori tried to jump up, but the only thing that did was give them a better grip on her body. She fought and cried out for help but there was no one to come to her aid. My bonds were much too tight and the way the beach houses were situated, there were several sand dunes and some scrub pines between each duplex.

Jim reached down and undid his trunks. For 19 he was well enough endowed to easily please most girls. I only got a brief glimpse of his young manhood before it was buried to the hilt inside of Lori's cunt. He slammed into her with such force that Ray and Barry had to hold her in place so she wouldn't fall over.

Rich worked his way around front and his cock was now swinging in front of Lori's open mouth. My jaw dropped open as I watched him sink his eight inch tool down her throat. His hand grabbed her hair for balance and also to let her know that her situation was hopeless. Both men pistoned in and out of her in unison.

Jim cried out first that he was cumming. Lori screamed in ecstasy as he flooded her most private parts with his love juices!!

Rich motioned to Jim and they switched places. Lori was forced to suck Jim's cock clean of both their juices. Rich rubbed his meat along her backside and gathered up some of her excess oil. His purple crown was now well oiled and slipped easily into her shit hole!! He began to pump hard and fast ignoring Lori's plea's to slow down. His balls slapped against her cunt and became wet with Jim's cum.

Lori reached down and began to milk his sac trying to get him to finish quickly. The pressure inside her ass was so great that she didn't know if she was going to be able to control herself. Rich began to moan as her trick worked. Finally he erupted and spewed forth the contents of his swollen ball sac. His cum bathed the inside of Lori's ass walls and he pumped a few times more before withdrawing and falling onto the louge chair.

Lori looked up at Ray and in a pleading voice said, "Please do what you want but get it over with!!"

I knew that she had gotten more than she had bargained for but there was nothing I could do.

Ray finally took hold of my fiancée's arm and roughly stood her up. He said, "This is all for you." and revealed a mammoth 11 or 12 inch cock.

Trying to play the part, Lori looked at Barry the last of the four guys and asked, "So what about you, what do you have for me??"

Barry opened his jean shorts to reveal a small five and a half inch cock. Before he could say anything Jim opened his mouth and said, "You see Barry is sorta the odd man out but he is our friend. We found out last year that he was bi and well we just let him hang around us for one thing."

Lori butted in and said, "Hey, I'm sorry I'm definitely not into watching guys get it on."

Jim snapped, "Listen you little teasing slut. We aren't into it either but what is about to happen is going to be a turn on even for you."

With that, Barry lay a towel down on the concrete and then lay down on it face up. Ray's grip tightened and he forcibly guided Lori over top of him and then made her squat down. Immediately, Barry's mouth went to work on her pussy.

Ray started his explanation again, "Well as I was saying. We found out last year about Barry. There was a group of about 14 or 15 at a drinking party at an old hang out in the woods. Well the fooling around got out of hand and it turned out that we were in the middle of a full blown orgy."

Lori moaned out loud as she felt a gob of fresh sperm drip from her cunt and into Barry's hungry mouth.

Ray continued, "Well about an hour into it, Barry was going down on about his third or fourth girl. Someone asked out loud what happened to his date. It was realized that he didn't bring one. Well as the chatter started, the girls were commenting about how Barry didn't mind going down on a used pussy. That is when it settled in. He was only cleaning out the girls who had been fucked and were dripping fresh loads from their cunts."

By now the story was turning Lori on and she began to rub her clit. She shifted forward and covered Barry's mouth with her gaping asshole.

Ray pushed his cock into Lori's mouth and finished his story, "So when everyone started to laugh at him, he tried to get up. The girls he had eaten out jumped him and tore his jeans off revealing his little cock. One of the real bitches, jammed two fingers up his ass and finger fucked him. She new what she was doing and rubbed that one certain spot. Barry, came without touching his cock and it landed on his stomach. The girls then made him eat it before they would let him up. Now he comes to all our parties!!"

Lori screamed out loud as she came and Rich's now brownish load exploded from her ass into Barry's mouth.

Lori now knelt there gasping for air. Ray looked down at Barry and asked if she was clean. Barry, embarrassed, nodded meekly.

Ray leaned over and over and asked Lori what kind of treat she wanted to give Barry when he was done fucking her.

Lori pleaded with him, "Please fuck my cunt, I'm not sure how long I can hold out if you put that monster in my ass. I almost shit myself when Rich fucked me there."

Ray took his long hard rod in his hands, looked at Barry and said, "Well my friend as they say, 'I guess you are shit out of luck'!!"

I heard Lori's piercing scream as Ray worked his cock past her loose sphincter and deep inside her asshole. Rich and Jim laughed.

Oh, and Barry, I could see his hand pumping up and down on his little cock as he lay underneath Lori's pussy watching Ray's cock doing what it did best!