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They had been playing roughly the entire evening with one another. He had her pinned down on the bed and was endlessly tickling her sides and neck and after some time he could see her anger was starting to over take her diminishing laughter. Her cheeks flushed and she struggled hard beneath him, her pleas beginning playfully but coming with increased intensity as he showed no signs of leaving her be.

His fingers began to hurt her and her face tensed, her eyes glairing up at him as she whimpered for him to stop, to leave her alone. He laughed maliciously and only continued on with his play. She was helpless and couldn't budge under his harsh grip as she was screaming at him, fighting him and finally in an angry haze she grinned maliciously up at him and spit in his face.

He stopped. Dead cold. As she watched him, her glare faltered slightly, realizing that she had pushed him into a wicked game. He stared cooly down at her and wrapped her hair in his fingers, snatching her up with him as he stood. He had her pulled tight, standing on her tip-toes as he yanked her face dangerously close to his and stared her down. She trembled slightly, the pain aching in her scalp wincing and fighting not to look away from his deadly gaze. When finally she could take no more and looked to the floor he laughed, laughed hard at her submission.

His hand roughly spun her around while the other still held her hair taught in it's fist. Smirking, he pushed her so she stumbled forward, fighting to keep balance on her toes. He began to parade her around the room, laughing cruelly as he watched her struggle and growling into her ear,

"You independent little bitch. You self-righteous, cock-teasing dirty cunt. Do you think you are strong enough to handle what you've done, you witch…"

She could feel him trying to prod the anger out of her intentional silence, he was playing dangerous mind-games to get what he wanted. This was their foreplay, and he loved nothing more than making her anger uncontrollable then taming her, he loved nothing more than taking it away from her, leaving her quivering and aching with desire for him. He pushed her around so she faced him, his face pressing into hers as he bellowed,

"I asked you a question, now fucking answer it!"

"Fuck you!"

She yelled, her face was flushed with anger and her hands were at his wrist above her head, her finger nails drawing blood as she clawed his skin. It didn't even phase him as his free hands went to her waist, ripping down her panties and yanking off her tank top, leaving her bare before him. His eyes ravaged her naked body before returning to glare deep into her eyes.

His face was still in hers as he pushed her backward, smacking her back into the wall of their bedroom, and he was pressed back against her before she had time to realize what had happened. Each of his hands took her wrists and pinned them above her head, while his body pushed her uncomfortably against the wall, his lips now softly kissing her hot cheeks.

She cried angrily and tried to fight him, but he was large and his muscles thought nothing of her foolish attempts. She tried pushing his face away with hers but his soft kisses were endless, slipping over her chin and down her neck, where he nibbled slightly. The pleasure began to lick at her livid body but she fought it, hating him for his power. He gathered her wrists under one of his hands while the other pushed down his boxers and she could feel his hard cock press between her legs. She yelled at him to get off of her, but he only ignored her cries, his hand leaving her wrists, each now gripping one of her thighs and lifting her up and wrapping her legs about his waist.

She was pressed harder against the walls as he roughly pushed his cock deep inside of her wet pussy. Moaning, she forgot her anger for a moment as his teeth raked over the sensitive skin at the nape of her neck. Her arms wrapped around his shoulders as she closed her eyes, his thrusts only becoming deeper and harder every time. She was delirious, and her want for him was only growing, leaving faint fiery bursts of her anger in it's wake.

As he heard her moans overtake he lifted her away from the wall, his hands on her ass, his cock still deep inside of her, and carried her to the bed. He made her sit on her knees, facing the bed, with her arms on the mattress. He parted her legs and then kneeled between them behind her. His hand held his cock as he pushed himself, still slippery with her wetness, into her anus. She cried out as he pushed completely inside of her, his body now pressed into her back, his lips again at her neck. His hands moved around her and cupped her large breasts as he began to fuck her tight ass in rapid thrusts.

He grunted with every inch his cock that he pushed inside of her tight ass, and delighted in her begging, in her wanting moans for him. His hands left her breasts and moved to her hips where he held her steady while his cock fucked her hard, his balls slapping against her sloppy sex. He could feel his orgasm building but didn't want to cum yet, so he pulled out of her and stood up, taking her hand he made her lay down on the bed with her thighs parted wide for him. Kneeling between her legs, he watched her and whispered in a commanding tone,

"I want to watch you finger your wet little cunt, baby, show me how hot you are."

Her hands quickly went to her pussy, one spreading her swollen lips apart, the other began circling her slick clit. He moaned and began stroking his cock above her, his eyes glued on the fingers that teased her wet shaved pussy. His fist gripped his cock hard and began stroking quickly, as he watched her arch her back and close her eyes, lost in her pleasure.

His breath quickened, excited by her show, and suddenly he dove between her legs pushing her hands away and burying his face in her pussy. He sucked her swollen clitoris between his lips and brushed his teeth over it gently, his hands gripping her bucking hips to keep them still. He released the clit and ran his tongue down and inside of her, pressing his face completely into her wet pussy, covering his face in her juices. His tongue assaulted her clit until he could feel her orgasm close and he lifted up, moving on top of her.

He pushed his cock into her, and began fucking her wet pussy mercilessly as she pulled his face to hers, her soft tongue licking his lips and cheeks clean of her own juices. She moaned, begging him to let her cum, begging him to fuck her hard. His thrusts were fast and she could no longer speak, pressing her head against the mattress and closing her eyes she cried out as she came. He could feel her pussy sucking his cock as her juices slid between them, coating his balls.

His orgasm was close and as she finished, he pulled out of her, crawling over her he laid his wet cock between her tits, she reached up and pressed her breasts together around his cock and he began thrusting, fucking her tits. He stared down at her large breasts around his cock and moaned, reaching down and pinching her nipples as his slippery cock moved between them quickly. He leaned over and rested his hands on the top of the headboard and thrust harder, both of them moaning, approaching his orgasm. His voice caught in his throat and he growled as he began to climax, warm strings of his cum shooting over her neck, and face and hair.

He sat still for a moment as he let his spasm subside, she allowing her breasts to fall away, licking her cum stained lips. He collapsed next to her and began running his fingers over her body, rubbing his cum into her hard nipples and soft quivering skin…

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