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Chapter Four:

Learning to obey – the show of enjoying.

Three days later, Anna received another envelope via courier. It was Thursday morning, and she had just settled into the normal routine of the morning. Normal, considering the turmoil that she'd been going through. Monday, after Mark had dropped her back off at work, she'd been very aware of her violation. She'd pulled way back from me that night, telling me that she'd had a bad day and was in a bad mood. She spent the night doing some cleaning, just odd jobs; she was in 'automatic mode', not even remembering half of the things she'd been doing. Just keeping busy, not wanting to talk to me, not wanting me close to her. Her mind was flustered, going over and over her situation, trying to figure out what she could do.

Over the next few days, she didn't hear a word from the man who'd taken control of her. She withdrew into herself, eventually coming to the conclusion that she was trapped. She was also struggling with the feelings that all of this was creating inside of her; it bothered her that she continued to get aroused...aroused!! at the way he'd treated her, at the way she'd been blackmailed and violated. It didn't make sense to her, and she was having a hard time reconciling that in herself as well.

She opened the envelope, and wasn't really surprised to see a high quality printout of a couple of the images that Mark had taken of her. One showed her standing there naked, shortly after she'd arrived at the hotel. Her eyes were looking right into the camera; it wasn't a flattering photo, not posed which kept her body from looking firm and young. The other photo was one of her bent over the bed, her ass standing up, fresh from being fucked. It was very graphic, with her labia still spread open from having a large cock in her, and there was a large quantity of cum running out, dripping.... Just like some of the hardcore photos she'd seen online.

Of course, there was a note as well.

"Drive yourself to the hotel, promptly at 12:30 today. Room 634, and it will be open. Enter, remove your clothing right there at the door. Keep your eyes on me the entire time; I will be on the bed. Walk to me, and I want you to exude lust. Crawl to me from the end of the bed, slowly, and then kiss me with passion. Anna, convince me that the passion is real. I'm not playing a game; convince me. You know the consequences."

Her heart was pounding. What he was, telling her to do.... It was almost too much. Despite how much she'd been preparing herself for the next encounter, this caught her off guard. It was so much easier, thinking that the control was gone. But here he was, making her act out as if she wanted this. It vaguely passed in her mind that this must be how a whore feels with a complete stranger.

The morning went too fast. Way too fast. Noon was upon her, and she knew she needed to get going soon.

She arrived at the hotel a little early, and sat nervously in the car for a while, trying desperately to compose herself. Finally she took a deep breath and went in.

Room 634 was cracked open, just as he'd said. The curtains were drawn, and only one light was on in the room, right by the bed. She could see Mark sitting up in the bed, propped up comfortably by pillows. She noted that his top was bare, showing his well built chest; the rest of his body was under the covers. She paused for a moment, but didn't take her eyes off of him, as he'd instructed. She stripped slowly, taking the time to carefully fold her clothing, keeping it from getting all wrinkled like last time. Once she was naked, she slowly walked to the foot of the bed; her eyes were locked on his, and she began to feel right in her seductive style. She unconsciously licked her lips, as she crawled like a cat on all fours up the bed to him, preparing her lips for a kiss. She knew he meant it, that he wanted a sensual kiss.............and after all she'd been through, she was determined to give him exactly what he wanted.

Her lips approached his, her bare breast lightly brushing against the hair on his chest....she paused briefly, and then went in, kissing him with passion, pretending in her mind that this was all there was in life.

It was a long kiss; and when it was done, he gave away another of his cocky smiles. "Well now, I'm impressed. I expected to have to punish you harshly; I had no idea that you had it in you to do that. But maybe this is what you want, no?"

My wife knew better than to answer. She wisely kept her mouth shut, and was suddenly aware of how she was breathing hard, her bare breast rising and falling seductively.

Mark brought her into the covers with him. There was nothing harsh about anything he did; he made love to her. It was passionate, heated, and even tender at times. A few times he would whisper to her, reminding her to "convince" him. She knew what he meant, and never strayed from being a lover to him. And it was impossible for her not to release; in fact, she came several times, strongly.

He was lying beside her, his arms around her in the afterglow. "You've done well, Anna. You have it in you, to make me know that you want this. I like that. I intend for you to want this; to need this. I'm not going to stop until your mind is so twisted into needing my control, needing me."

Silence for a while, and then his arousal returned.... Her legs opened up to him, and he took her yet again. This time however, his whispers were harsher, bringing up thoughts that took her back to the humiliation of this again. "Your husband. Say his name." She resisted at first, but his whispers continued as he plunged into her. "Say it. Say your husband's name."

"Please." She looked into his eyes, genuinely pleading, wanting him to stop hurting her inside. His glare was unwavering, and he repeated his demand. "Eddie."



He continued with this, as he plowed into her, taking her roughly, twisting her need all up with the shame and humiliation of being reminded of how she was being unfaithful. His whispers continued. "What would he think of this, hmm? His sweet little wife, that he loves so much, being a wanton slut in bed with another man. Her legs so spread, so full inside of another man's cock. Obeying him in every way, no matter what it is that's demanded of her. What would he say, hmm?"

He fucked her harder and harder as his whispers came out, and she suddenly found herself cumming hard with all of this in her mind. Her groaning and moaning turned loud with her release, and then it turned to crying. Crying hard.

He left her there, in the bed; he told her to stay there while he dressed. He made sure she was aware of the video camera that had been mildly concealed; his smile was cocky again, as he held it up for her to see. "Remember your entry into the room? I'd say that will make a wonderful video to prove that you want this. Don't cross me Anna. Make sure you obey me. You're my little slut now, right? Say it."

Her tears had stopped flowing hard, but were still fresh on her face. Her voice was subdued, full of defeat. "I'm your little slut."

"Am I your Master, slut?"

The tears were coming down again, shame flooding her mind so completely. "Yes." Her voice was so soft and meek. "You are my Master."

"Good girl. And you're my special little whore." With that degrading statement, he turned and left the room.

She stayed in the bed for another 20 minutes, crying, before getting up to clean herself and leave.

Chapter Five:

More obedience – the start of bringing this home.

Friday night, she spent some time with me. She apologized for being so distant lately, and she was so loving. The guilt inside had been tearing her up, and she realized that she was distancing me too much. It was a good evening, and I was back to feeling the love that I knew she had for me. We had gone to bed early, and were enjoying a lot of touching and foreplay.... She hadn't made love to me for over a week now, and this felt so good and right.

Suddenly the phone rang. It wasn't really late, so neither of us thought much about it. She rolled over and answered it.

"Anna. Are you alone where you can talk?" It was Mark.

She worked hard to keep from stiffening visibly, although her insides went insane with panic. "No." She didn't know what else to say, no way to tell him that her husband was right there in bed with her. She clamped the phone tight against her hear, desperately hoping to muffle the sound so it wasn't understandable to me.

"I understand, and was prepared for that." His voice had dropped softly; he was aware. "I will keep this short and sweet. Tomorrow, 2PM, alone at the park off of 7 Highway." It was a secluded park, but not too far away. "Park at the main entrance. Maybe tell him that you're going to the store or something. Tonight, tell him this call is work; a client is needing a file that only you know where it is... so quickly think of something to tell me, maybe in someone's filing cabinet or something."

She was thankful that he'd thought this through, because she was so flustered that she could feel her skin heating up. "It's in the back room, filed under 'Grundy'." She knew she was stiff, and needed to loosen up to make the call seem real.

"Good girl. 2PM, be prompt. I'll only keep you 30 minutes, so you can plan accordingly."

She loosened up as best as she could, trying to add a chuckle. "No problem, I hope you find it."

He laughed softly. "I will find it. Just be there, my little slut." And then hung up.

"Who was that?" I asked innocently.

"Just work, Gerri was working late on a special project, and needed a file. She felt bad about calling at this time of night."

I didn't think twice about it, and moved back in on her. "Now where were we....?"

She tried so hard to not let her anxiety overcome her, but she was messed up. All the same, we made love; but her mind was on what had just happened. Mark had called her at home; how he got her number, she didn't know. But at least he'd been careful. After a while, she was able to satisfy me, and managed to fake satisfaction for herself. She laid awake for hours on that night.

Saturday, she made her excuse, and was at the park at 2PM. Mark pulled up beside her, and motioned for her to get into his car. He laughed his confident laugh, telling her that he knew how much that must have terrified her last night. "You can see though, that I'm careful, and that you will be safe if you keep your head and obey me explicitly."

After a moment's silence, he unzipped his pants. "I wanted to meet you today for one purpose, and you know what that is. I just want to make sure you're reminded of what you are."

Anna's stomach sank, and yes, she knew what was expected of her. As she started to lean down to give him her mouth, he stopped her. "Before you complete your duty, I need to hear what you are. What are you, Anna?"

The submission was sinking deeply into her, and he continued to remind her. Her answer was soft and meek. "I'm your slut."

"And my cocksucking whore. That's what you are right this minute, isn't it. Say it."

"god. I'm your cocksucking whore."

"Look into my eyes when you say it, Anna."

She looked up at him, his eyes locking hers to him. "I'm your cocksucking whore."

"Good girl. Now show me what you are."

She leaned forward, completely subdued, and took him into her mouth. He talked her through it, teaching her how to do it to please him. She did her job well, and brought him off in a short time. He'd told her, as she sucked him, that he expected her to swallow all of him, and she did. This wasn't something that she did often with me, and so the impact to her mind was strong. A strong sense of violation, and she knew the taste would stay with her for quite a while.

He zipped up his pants, and began to explain a task for her that he'd come up with for the weekend. "You have a task to accomplish before Monday. You have tonight and tomorrow night; you may think this is going to be impossible, but it's not. I expect you to deliver. I want you to use your mouth to pleasure your husband, just as you've done just now for me. I know you have a digital camera, and I expect you to convince him to take some very nasty photos of you doing....including a good shot of his cum on your tongue, just before you swallow it." He paused for this to sink in to her. He could see the look of shock on her face, and the fear from what he was wanting from her. "I know you can do this... the best way to handle this will be to plan have the camera nearby when you do it, perhaps beside the bed. Tell him, while you're sucking him. Tell him you want him to take the pictures. He'll do it, you know he will. And when he comes close to releasing, tell him that you want the picture of his cum in you. Make him know it....make him do it."

"God." She didn't know what to say, but even as she thought it through, she knew it was possible.

"Anna, this is not a request... make it happen. I recommend trying tonight, in case something goes wrong; that way you'll have tomorrow to try again. Do you understand me, Anna?"

Her answer was defeated and submissive; she knew there was no way around it. "Yes. I understand".

"And Anna... I expect to see the proof. At least two photos, printed in full size on good glossy paper. One of them must be the shot of cum in your mouth, on your face. You will bring those to me on Monday at lunch. This is an example of your being a whore for me, Anna."

Her stomach had sunk hard, realizing that all of this could be done, but that it was going to take effort...and that her mind was going to be focused on what she was doing for her new Master. She was also aware of the moment; the taste of him in her mouth still, and that she was going home to her husband after having just sucked off another man. His reference to her as a whore was really sinking in.

"Now, before you leave, thank me for letting you suck my cock."

With her eyes so low, she started to thank him; but he stopped her, demanding that she look into his eyes when she said it.

"Thank you Master, for letting me suck your cock."

"And you will be my obedient whore this weekend, won't you. Say it. All of it."

She continued looking into his eyes as she complied with his demands. "I'll be your obedient whore this weekend. I'll do what you've told me."

"Good girl." He smiled and touched her cheek. "Now go, go home to your husband with my taste in your mouth. Keep my taste there for as long as you can. I want you thinking about me while you're there with him."

Chapter Six:

More at home – involving her husband.

That night I was in for a surprise. I didn't know what had brought on this behavior in Anna, but I have to admit that I loved it. She'd started earlier in the day after coming back from shopping, hinting that she was in the mood to be a little wild tonight. She continued telling me here and there that she was feeling naughty, even a bit nasty.

After my shower that night, I was lying in bed reading; I didn't really pay attention much to her as she was getting ready for bed, but my attention came to her fully when I felt her breath on my stomach just above my shorts. I looked down to see her mischievous smile; she took her time teasing me, making me want. 10 minutes into her sucking me, she reached down and handed me the digital camera... I was shocked; we'd played with the digital camera in the past, but I was always the one initiating it, and it was always just to take candid cheesecake shots of her half naked. Now suddenly she was offering to let me take some hardcore shots of her sucking me! I took a few shots, and she was wicked for the camera, making eye contact with the lens, acting so much like a slut in heat. It didn't take long for her to build me to the point of release; she knew it when I was ready, and told me that she wanted me to keep taking pictures after I let go. I was past the point of being in shock about it, and reveled in the wildness that she was displaying. It was rare for her to suck me to completion, and I was more than willing to take the pictures to capture it forever.

I let go, and she sucked and sucked... she took some of it on her face, smearing it around her face with my cock... her hand touched mine, the hand that had the camera, reminding me to keep taking the photos; just like in the porn movies, she opened her mouth for the camera, showing the cum that was still coating her tongue.

After a brief rest, I felt the compulsion to return the favor, and went down on her; it felt good doing this again since she'd been so distant lately. I took my time, and pleasured her completely. I held her closely, afterwards. She held me back, and whispered numerous times how much she loved me.

I was out in the yard quite a bit on Sunday, and didn't know that she took that time to print up the pictures for her Master.

Monday, Anna received a call early in the morning at the office. She confirmed to her Master that she had successfully done what he desired; the guilt inside of her was strong, feeling a strong sense of betrayal toward the man she loved with all of her heart, toward her husband.

Mark picked her up from the office at noon; he took her to a quiet restaurant for lunch, and had her lay out the pictures one at a time for him. She'd printed 3 of the shots, very high quality and crystal clear shots. He took his time reviewing them, making lewd comments of everything, including the size of her husband's cock compared to his size.

Anna was meek throughout the entire lunchtime with him. Inside, she felt so much guilt; but she was also feeling a sense of 'rightness', of the fact that she was doing as she was told, that she was accomplishing what she was suppose to do. During lunch, he questioned her on all of the details, how she started it, how she accomplished his task, and he wanted to know all of the small details about how her husband enjoyed what she did.

After lunch, he expressed his pleasure with her obedience. "You've done very well, Anna. You're doing the right thing, obeying me. Trust in me, trust to know that I'm doing the right thing for you. Now that I can see you can do as I want, we're going to take this further. You have until Thursday to accomplish this next task."

Her heart started beating hard, knowing that he was about to line up something else for her to do; she was also strangely aware of how there was excitement inside of her, feeling the anxiety of a new task that would push her limits further. This man before her was blackmailing her into being an obedient slut for his sexual pleasures, and she was finding that it was arousing!

"Some night this week, you are going to tie your husband up. I want him bound, spread-eagled on that bed of yours. Blindfold him. Use him. Take your time with it, make him need. Of course, I want photos of this as well."

Her fears had to be voiced. "But what if he won't let me...? I've never tied him up before...."

"He will let you. Because you will make it crystal clear that he has to let you. Do whatever it takes. Tease his desire, use your mouth if you have to. Tell him it's something you want desperately, that you need. I suspect it'll be easier than you think; from everything you've told me about the blow job you gave him the other night, I think he'll actually want it. But either way, you have no choice. If you don't do this for me, then you know the consequences. This is not a game, Anna; there is no mercy from me, no leniency. You will do exactly as I tell you, because you have to. Is that clear to you?"

Her defeat was clear, her submission solid. "Yes."

"Anna, I've been soft on you, believe it or not. And that is about to change." His tone was getting harsh, the confidence in his control over her becoming crystal clear. "When you answer me, I hear the submission; but you need to make your deference to me clearer. When you answer yes, it's 'Yes Sir'. You are the lesser here; know it, and acknowledge it. Do you understand?"

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