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Jeff's Boy Ch. 03: Over There

I have told you about my attraction to Jeff.

And I have told you of how he shared his girlfriend with me.

What I haven’t told you about is my girlfriend’s attraction to him.

Their fucking each other is completely my own doing, for I brought it on, drunk, and showing off. The whole event seemed harmless, but it put me in a tough situation, and one that saw me stumble many times before I finally regained my footing.

It was two summers ago. College was out, and I was summering in Viet Nam with my girlfriend, Kalli. We were in a French-style flat in Nha Trang. We had breakfasts each morning of fresh juice and eggs and bread, on a big veranda overlooking the coast of the South China Sea. She was preparing for her LSAT, and I was collecting photos for a book I was working on. Our lives were dreamy, slow and sexy.

Kalli kissed me and said, “Hey, baby,” early one Saturday morning, as I opened my laptop to check for any word from family or friends in the States.

“Kalli, email from Jeff here.”

“Oh, yeah?”

“Yeah. Says he’s got some time off and is thinking of coming over.”


“Yeah. He says he’ll stay for three weeks if it’s all right with us. What do you think?

“I’m game. How about you?”

“I’ll tell him to get his butt over here.”

And that was exactly what I was thinking.

That was that. Kalli and I fell right back into life without giving it a second thought. In the afternoons, we would lie and kiss and make love in the big wooden bed under the slow-spinning ceiling fan. After dark, we would walk hand-in-hand to a roadside stand for a piece of grilled chicken and some noodles. We’d drink a beer before bed, then fall into each other, then say goodbye in the morning. And in the afternoon we’d meet again in the big wooden bed.

When Jeff arrived, we had a party with him and some of our friends. In the middle of things, he and I met in the hallway and kissed. I held his ass cheeks in my hands and wrestled his tongue with my own. In the following days, Kalli, Jeff and I walked through town, or lounged in chairs on the street with the locals. Kalli and I went to work by day. And at night, the three of us would go out for chow, then go back to the room for nightcaps.

The third into Jeff’s stay, Kalli and I decided to cook dinner in. We had a tiny two-burner gas stove, and minimal cutting space, but we managed to put together a nice meal. We had some good vodka that night which Jeff had brought with him. When we finished that, Kalli, who was unusually drunk, poured three tequilas which we pounded promptly.

A few minutes later Kalli turned, bumped lightly into the wall, and said, “I’m gone boys. ‘Night.”

“’Night, baby,” I said.

“’Night, Kalli,” said Jeff.

Kalli drifted off into the bedroom and crashed.

I went into the kitchen and grabbed some loose tobacco and papers. Jeff and I rolled some smokes. We still had not gotten together since he had arrived. The temperature was rising. We were both ready to get it on.

Neither of us knew what was to come. We could not have.

It was only because Jeff went to hit the john that I thought to get up and look in on Kalli.

I went into the bedroom and saw Kalli there. She lay on the bed on her stomach. She was fast asleep. I sat down beside her. I stroked her hair, and she made a soft, breathy moan. I kissed her cheek and inhaled the scent of her smooth skin.

I said, “Good night, baby.”

She sighed, and then fell another ten feet into slumber.

I looked down her body as she lay on the bed. Her slender legs stretched out from under her summer dress; her bare feet rested just off the curve of the mattress. I put my hand on her ass and gently squeezed a cheek through her silk skirt. Then I lifted her skirt to look at her pretty pantied ass. I rubbed her ass with my hand. I looked back up at Kalli. She didn’t make a move, or a sound.

I leaned over and kissed her ass cheek. Then I kissed the other one. I kissed all over her pert globes. I spread her ass cheeks apart and drew her panties to one side. There was her lovely browneye. I looked up at Kalli. Then I pushed my nose into the crack of her ass and I inhaled deeply. Her musky scent filled my nostrils and left my head whirling.

I heard the bathroom door pop open, and stood to go back out to hang with Jeff. We met in the hallway.

“What’s up, man?” I said.

“What’s up?”

“Dude I—”

Then I faintly remember saying, “Bro’ do you want to see something hot?”

“You know I do. What you got in mind?” He moved toward me.

I smiled. “You want to see some sexy girl-ass?”

“Yes sir.” said Jeff. “Going out on the town, are we dawg?”

“No sir. Much closer to home,” said I. “Follow me.”

I lead him into our softly-lit bedroom. On our bed lay my beautiful, sexy girlfriend, Kalli, her skirt still pulled up over her pretty, pantied ass.

Jeff said, “Oh! Nice. May I sit?”

“Please do.”

Jeff and I sat on either side of Kalli, below her ass, around where her knees bent into her calves. I put my hand on her ass and squeezed a cheek. Kalli didn’t make a sound. She was in a deep sleep. I said, “Go ahead.”

Jeff put his hand on my girlfriend’s ass. He said, “Nice.” He squeezed her ass cheek in his hand.

I put both of my hands on her other ass cheek, then began to run my hands up and down her long legs. Jeff did the same.

Kalli didn’t budge.

I pulled Kalli’s panties up into her ass crack, to get a look at her T-backed peach. I spread her cheeks far apart and held them; then I squished them back together.

I pulled her panties out of her ass crack and to the side, to reveal her hot brown asshole. I spread her cheeks wide-apart again.

Jeff said, “Damn, baby, that’s fuckin’ hot.” He put his hands on her cheeks and stretched them even further. “Oh, yeah. This chick’s ass is so fine.”

“Mmm,” I said as I leaned into her asshole. I put my nose to her hole and breathed in. She smelled fantastic. I pushed my nose down into her pussy to inhale her sexy smell.

I pushed my tongue into the folds of her quim. I tasted her warm, juicy pussy. I had to share it with Jeff.

“Get down here, man. This is beautiful pussy.”

Jeff leaned over and kissed Kalli’s ass cheeks. He pulled them apart and licked the insides of her crack. Then he put his tongue to her asshole, and lapped at it.

“Is that good?” I said.

“Real good,” he said.


I put my tongue to Kall’s pussy while Jeff continued on her ass. After a moment, he moved down toward her pussy. I moved up Kalli’s slit, toward her asshole. My tongue brushed Jeff’s as we passed. I pulled Kalli’s ass cheeks apart, as Jeff now buried his face in Kalli’s pussy. Kalli moaned softly. The tension was high. I could hear Jeff’s breathing as he slurped and lapped at my sleeping girlfriend’s pussy. I began to work my tongue in deep into Kalli’s ass. I made out with her asshole like it was a mouth. I got deep inside her and tasted her hot hole.

Then I slid back down and began to work her pussy and clit with Jeff. As we sucked and licked at her pussy and asshole, our tongues crashed into one another. We lapped at each other’s lips and mouth. Then, we kissed deeply, and shared Kalli’s sweet pussy juices.

We smiled at each other, and I reached for Jeff’s dick. His cock was very hard, and it made a tent in his beach shorts. I unbuttoned his shorts, and unzipped them. Out popped his stiff cock. He slid the shorts off his legs. I took his dick in my hand and began to work it. He leaned over and mashed his face into mine. He grabbed my cock and started to pump it. I sucked on Jeff’s tongue and moaned softly into his mouth.

We broke apart, and turned back to Kalli. I gently spread her legs a little further apart. Jeff and I began to rub our fingers in the folds of her swollen cunt. She slept soundly. She was beginning to get juicy and slick, and our fingers slid nicely into her warm, tight pussy. She began to groan. I worked Jeff’s rock-hard cock in my hand as I rubbed sleepy Kalli’s asshole with my wet thumb. Jeff stuck his fingers in her cunt.

I leaned forward again, but this time, in the direction of Jeff’s cock. I took his beautiful rod into my mouth and sucked on his hot dick. I got off the bed and onto the floor beside him. I licked up and down his shaft. I lapped at his balls. Then I took him back in my mouth and worked him. Jeff groaned and fingered Kalli’s ass. I popped my mouth off his dick and held it to my lips as I jerked it with my hands and looked up at Jeff. He smiled at me. And then I watched him stick his finger right into sleeping Kalli’s ass. The sight of this further invasion turned me on, and I sucked his cock into my hungry mouth again. Jeff pushed his finger all the way into Kalli’s asshole. Then he pulled it out and stuck it into my mouth with his cock. I dropped his cock, and sucked on Jeff’s Kalli-flavored finger. “Does that ass taste good, Devin?”


He pulled away his finger and shoved it straight back into Kalli’s asshole.

I eased Jeff’s cock deeper and deeper into my throat, then slowly slid back up his pole to his big cockhead. I beat my dick as I let my tongue slide down his shaft and to his warm cum-filled balls. I licked and sucked at his taut ballsack, then slid my tongue back up his shaft, and slurped him back into my mouth again.

Jeff leaned over to eat Kalli’s cunt. He spread his legs wide and his stiff rod and balls looked like an upside down ice cream cone. I licked from his creamy balls back up his pole and let his dick slide back down into my throat. Spit leaked from my mouth, down his cock, and to his balls. Kalli moaned as Jeff now slid two fingers into her ass.

I leaned to the side and mashed my face into Kalli’s cunt. She was flooded with juices and I sucked long strings of nectar from her honey pot. Although she was still asleep (or maybe the better word is, “unconscious”), her body was responding to our ravishing.

With pussy juice on my tongue, I came back up and kissed Jeff’s mouth and pumped his hard cock. I smashed my tongue into his. We moaned into each other’s mouths. I worked Jeff’s dick in my hand.

I brought my mouth very close to his ear, and barely whispered, “Put it in her.”

Jeff looked at me.

I pumped his cock. “Do it. She won’t know. She’ll think it was me.”

“Dude,” he said. He didn’t move.

“Do it,” I said. “Fuck my baby girl. I want you to feel how hot this pussy is.” I slid one hand under his heavy balls and stuck my tongue into his mouth. Jeff sucked on my tongue like it was a dick as I stroked his raging pole.

“Fuck her with your beautiful cock, baby,” I said. Fuck this sleeping little cunt.”

Jeff slowly got up on the bed. He moved is dick toward Kalli’s pussy. He rubbed his cockhead at her entrance. “Oh, fuck,” he said. “Fuck yes.”

“Slide it into her,” I whispered.

He pushed his cock into my girlfriend’s pussy. By the third stroke, he was deep into her. He began to fuck her in long, steady thrusts. Kalli moaned lightly. Jeff worked his beautiful, hard cock into my girlfriend’s sweet, tight pussy.

Though dazed, Kalli backed up into him, and began to push her ass into Jeff to let him slam into her. Jeff pulled her ass all the way up. Kalli kept her face down on the mattress. The weight of her head, heavy on the mattress, caused her face to scrunch up, and her lips to pucker. I lay down beside her and shoved my tongue between her lips. I greedily sucked at her lips ran my tongue over her gums and shiny teeth while I beat my cock. Jeff fucked her. I opened my legs wide and Jeff grabbed my cock and began to stroke it. I thrust my hips back and forth and fucked Jeff’s hand while I sucked and lapped at Kalli’s mouth.

Jeff began slamming into Kalli. I pulled my mouth from hers, and I got back up and sat to the side to watch my best friend fuck my girlfriend. I beat my throbbing cock as Jeff rammed his pole into Kalli’s pussy with long, hard thrusts.

Kalli moaned a loud moan now, but seemed completely detached from what was going on. Although Jeff’s cock pounded her, fatigue and booze seemed to keep her somewhere far from the action.

I slid my hand down Jeff’s asscrack and cupped his balls from behind. I whispered, “Yeah, baby. Fuck her. Fuck her cunt.” Then I got down on the floor behind Jeff to watch his hard cock slam into my baby’s pussy.

He slid it into her, deep – all the way – and held it there. I eased my lips up to his balls and kissed his scrumptious nuts. As Jeff very-slowly moved in and out of Kalli, I licked his hot balls and his asshole. I jerked my hard cock as I probed his ass with my tongue. I bent lower to feel Jeff’s cock run back and forth over my tongue as it slid in and out of Kalli’s pussy. Jeff now stayed very deep inside Kalli, and moved only in circular motions, so that I could give them both pleasure with my hungry mouth and tongue. I swirled my tongue over Kalli’s soft, tasty pussy as I shoved my face and nose up into Jeff’s cock, balls, asscrack. I was insane with lust.

Jeff put his hands beneath Kalli’s hips, and pulled her ass higher, toward him. I was able to lay my head with my mouth neatly at Kalli’s clit now and to lick her sweet little bud while Jeff worked her. I sucked at her clitty, and massaged little circles over her sweet little button. Jeff’s cock fucked her tight cunt. I sucked and slurped at Kalli’s cunt. Kalli began to cum. She let out a sudden loud moan, and her body began to shudder.

When her throes subsided, I slid out of the way and let Jeff fuck. I spit on my fingers and began to rub them over Kall’s pink clitty. She let out another long moan and gripped the sheets up in her hands. Her ass was high in the air; Jeff gripped her ass cheeks and slammed his cock into her. He fucked her hard, his balls slapping her pussy. I slapped his ass, and rubbed my hand over his balls as he fucked my girlfriend in her hot little pussy.

Jeff said, “I’m gonna cum, “ and with a groan, pulled out of Kalli’s cunt and shot long strings of hot cum all over her ass and back. I reached for his dick and pumped it as it shot out his warm load. I leaned forward and let his warm cum shoot onto my face and lips and tongue.

When Jeff let go of her hips, Kalli went crashing forward without a sound. I stayed where I was and sucked greedily at his cock and drained him of his delicious cum. Then I went up and smashed my mouth into his and kissed him deeply. I scooped some warm cum from Kalli’s leg and brought my fingers to our lips. We licked Jeff’s cum from my fingers, and mashed our tongues in to one another’s. I swirled my tongue through Jeff’s hot mouth. Then I licked his neck, then his titties; then I dropped to my knees to take his dick back into my mouth. I sucked and licked his cock and balls clean. I smelled and tasted Jeff’s hard, cum-covered cock. I sucked his balls into my mouth.

Then Jeff went forward on the bed, right next to Kalli. He bagan to kiss and lick at her sleeping mouth. He raised his ass up into the air. I got behind him and lapped at his asshole. I sucked on my lover’s crotch and kissed his soft inner thighs.

When Jeff was all clean, he turned around and brought his lips to mine. Then he leaned close to my ear and said, “Awesome. Thanks, man.”

“I said, “Anytime.”

We looked at one another and kissed softly.

I said, “I’ll see you in the morning.”

Jeff grinned, and quietly crept out of the room.

When he was gone, I looked at my girlfriend. She was beautiful. She lay there asleep, freshly fucked, her skirt hiked up and her hot ass and steamy cunt exposed, covered in the cum of my best friend. I began to stroke my cock and then leaned forward to lap Jeff’s cum off of my girlfriend’s legs, ass, and back. I spread her legs and butt cheeks wide and cleaned up her asshole and pussy. As she slept, I sucked out her juices and mashed my face into her sweet pussy and browneye.

I then got behind her and rubbed the head of my cock along the slit of her cunt. I slid my raging cock into her. I began to pump her, and slowly worked into a deep, steady rhythm. By this time she was sleeping heavily, and she didn’t make any sound at all.

I rolled her into a sort of fetal position and fucked her from behind that way. I licked my thumb and began to rub it over her asshole. I started fucking her harder, slamming my cock into her. Then I pushed my thumb straight up into her ass. I stuck the length of my thumb all the way into her ass as I rammed her with my stiff throbbing cock. Her body jerked on the bed as I slammed my dick into her. I reached up and grabbed her tit roughly and increased the rhythm. I slammed into her, making great slapping noises. I drove my thumb deeper into her ass. I took my other hand from her tits and stuck my fingers in her mouth. Then, I exploded inside her hot cunt. I shot long ropes of cum into Kalli’s sleeping pussy.

When I was finished, I pulled my spent cock from her and lay down beside her. I kissed her cheek, and held her in my arms as I began to fade into sleep.

Just before I dozed off, she brought her lips to my cheek and kissed me, and said, “Thank you.”

I opened my eyes to look at her, but she had already fallen back off to sleep. I lay there for a moment, thinking, my mind racing, and then, smiling, closed my eyes, and faded into slumber.

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