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As my hand slowly slid up her warm stomach, my left thumb started to rub in a circular motion through her bush. Slowly I retracted my finger out of her arse now she was learning to behave herself, but I left it rubbing gently between the tight cheeks of her arse so I could concentrate on other areas of this beauty stood shaking in front of me.

Ignoring her painful right breast my hand passed up between her full breasts, feeling the warmth of her breasts as my hand reached through her cleavage to come to rest on the curve of her breast above her nipple, feeling the firmness of her warm supple skin.

The circular motion of my left thumb was starting to tease her clit from its hiding place as It roamed at will through her bush covered mound, taking care not to penetrate her pussy, just teasing her.

Lowering my right hand to sample her breast I focused on feeling the size, shape, fullness, warmth & beauty of her stunning breast. I gently moulded the firmness in my hand enjoying the feel of this beautiful woman who now averted her eyes, possibly trying to hide the feelings that must be starting to course through her body as I started to light up her pleasure zones.

As I could feel her clit start to harden under my thumb I slowly started to pull my middle finger forward from the crack of her arse until it brushed slowly & gently across her pussy lips. Still circulating my thumb over the hood of her clit I gently applied pressure on my middle finger so that it started to ease her pussy lips apart and begin its journey into her love tunnel.

Tanya's legs sagged slightly at the knees as my finger entered her to the first knuckle & her stored juices started to lubricate this penetrating digit against her will & self control. Easing my other hand under her breast I gripped her hardening nipple between my fingers to tease her further and I was rewarded with an involuntary sigh from Tanya as her body betrayed her pleasure.

"Are you enjoying this?" I quietly asked.

She didn't answer, but her misty eyes & juicy pussy told me the answer.

Suddenly I stood up directly face to face, pressed against her body.

"Stay right there," I ordered as I slipped my hands off her hot body & stepped out through the gap to my right between her body & my bed. "Don't even think of moving an inch, Okay?"

Obediently she nodded as I moved to the ensuite to run a face cloth under the hot tap and returned to stand behind her.

The view of this thieving burglar was outstanding as I studied her smooth back & then looked down at her stunning arse, with her right buttock pulled tight due to her leg still being raised onto the bed. I cupped this superb buttock in my right hand, admiring its firmness & warmth as I gently squeezed it and felt Tanya shiver slightly with this change in stimulation.

Easing my mouth close to her ear I whispered "Are you enjoying your unwelcome visit to my home?" I laughed when I didn't get a reply.

Starting to kiss the back & side of her neck I slid my left hand under her buttocks & between her legs to push the warm face cloth on to her mound, making her jump with the damp warmth encompassing her pussy. Slowly I rubbed over her bush before pressing harder to ease the cloth between her damp pussy lips to ensure they would be fresh & clean ready for me. Sliding the cloth back towards me I finished by rubbing it over & onto her arsehole & up between her firm buttocks.

While keeping a firm grip on her right buttock & still kissing neck soft neck I threw the cloth back towards the ensuite, before reaching under her left arm to cup her abused & tender left breast into my damp warm hand.

Despite her pain from earlier, Tanya's nipple hardened under my gentle stimulation and another soft moan escaped her lips. Maybe this 'sentence' was being too easy on Tanya.

I stepped back & quickly removed my clothes behind her, before slipping down onto the floor, quickly ducking my head under her warm thighs and resting my back up against the bed frame. I quickly reached around Tanya's legs to grasp a buttock in each hand to hold her firmly in place.

"NNNnnnoooo, please," she shouted as she realised what was about to happen.

Too late, as my head pressed forward onto her mound and my extended tongue furrowed through her bush to find her clit hidden in its cave in the forest of pleasure.

"No, please," she begged as my tongue penetrated the warm folds of her lips, causing her hands to drop onto my head as a natural reaction.

I needed pleasure for myself as I sat with a stonking hard on pointing up from the floor toward the hot pussy above it. I didn't care if Tanya was going to enjoy our time together or not, I had every intention of taking my pleasure from her stunning body.

Gripping her buttocks firmly I pulled her pussy tight against my mouth and went to work on eating her out. My nose rubbed against her clit as I ploughed my tongue deep between the opening fold of her pussy lips, delving deep into her juice filled hole. Oh, what wonderful nectar danced on my taste buds as I lapped across the walls of her pussy.

I could feel her sag more at the knees as she pulled my head tight into her now hot mound, and long sighs & moans easily escaped from her lips as I continued to take my pleasure, while starting to give her body release at the same time, whether she wanted to or not.

Her buttocks were sensual to massage & tease as my hands roamed over them as I kept the pressure on them to keep her pussy pushed tight against my lips. Turning my head slightly I drew her pussy lip into my mouth to suck down hard on it feeling it fill & swell as I stimulated her further than just licking deep within her. I switched to the other pussy lip as I slid my middle finger down through her wide bum cleavage to find her puckered hole. Reaching under her pussy I dipped my finger tip in her juice sodden pussy for lubrication before travelling back to her arsehole.

Releasing her pussy lips I lanced my tongue upwards onto her clit as I thrust my finger into her arse up to the second knuckle.

Tanya screamed at this intrusion & additional stimulation as her body exploded into her first orgasm with her pussy pressing hard down on my face & her juices flowing around my tongue as her pussy walls clamped on my intruding tongue. Her hips humped & thrust against my face as she shuddered through a long orgasm and I held onto her right buttock to keep in contact with her pussy as I continued to drive my tongue across her clit & into her pussy. I pulled her further & higher onto my face so I could penetrate deeper & lower into her pussy as the last waves of her orgasm washed over her & my face. But I was unrelenting on my prisoner as I continued to violate the depths of her pussy and Tanya tried to pull my head back off her now tender pussy. I slapped her hands away off my head with one hand as I extracted my finger from her arse. With both hands I reached up above me to cup her swinging heaving breasts, feeling & appreciating their weight and fullness in my hands. I massaged her breasts for a couple of minutes with my face away from her steaming dripping pussy to catch my breath. I focused on the feel and warmth of her skin as I massaged her jugs in my hands. Gently scratching down her skin onto her nipples I felt them grow into hard, hot, erect buds under my fingers.

Cupping her breasts into the palms off my hands I rested my thumbs firmly onto her nipples, pushing the erect buds back into the warm flesh of her breasts.

Now I had regained my breath and drunk my fill at her well of nectar I decided it was time to push her to the limit by a sustained attack on her clit & nipples, by focusing the pleasure & the pain if needs be for me to enjoy myself with my captive burglar.

Pressing my face back against her mound again I lanced my tongue hard against her clit to route out her clit & to terrorise it. My tongue lashed constantly across her hood for several minutes before ducking under to attack her engorged erect clit unmercilessly.

I could hear Tanya screaming & begging me to stop as she was too tender after her last orgasm, so I decided to take her mind off her pussy & clit by attacking her erect nipples. Using my thumbs like a pair of car windscreen wipers I rubbed them back & forth across her nipples; moving her nipples first left & then to the right and back again repeatedly.

Tanya didn't know where to put her hands to ease the pain and the pleasure I was inflicting on her body. One hand tried to pull my head back, without success; so she tried to pull my hands off her abused nipples, again without success. So she tried to appeal to my better nature. But when you have a hot dripping pussy dancing on your tongue of the bitch that has broken into your home after you have had three nice cold beers; I didn't think I could have had an ounce of better nature left. I was going to take my pleasure however Tanya suffered.

My tongue lashed across her now exposed clit and I dragged my teeth across her sensitive & raw clit making her scream loudly and sag down on my face. If her leg hadn't been propped onto the bed I think she would have collapsed completely, breaking my neck in the bargain as well.

My thumbs inflicted undue stimulation of her tender nipples & breasts as the minutes passed and I continued to ravish & plunder her now tiring body.

Despite her screams & pain I knew the stimulation of her clit and nipples was fast building to another orgasm for Tanya, so I renewed the attack on her now fragile & tender body. Occasionally I dipped my tongue deep into her pussy to lubricate it before returning to lashing her raw swollen clit.

I was the utter, most contemptible bastard as I plundered her body, but I was going to take her through an amazing orgasm. Easing off on her clit I now tongued deep into her pussy to take her over the edge. I released her bruised left breast and repositioned my hand under her buttock. This was partly to support her weight when she came & also to thrust my finger deep into her arse as she came.

Tanya wailed loudly above me as her body surrendered to the sensations & pain coursing through it. One final squeeze of her nipple, one final tongue lash over her raw clit, and my finger being thrust into her arse sent her spinning over the edge.

Tanya's hips rammed into my face as she met her orgasm head on, screaming, thrusting her pussy hard on my face, and at the same time trying to push my face into her pussy.

Her arse clamped & released continuously on my invading finger & her clit twitched against my tongue as her juice flowed out of her now wide open pussy and I lowered my tongue away from her clit to lap them up as they dripped on the carpet & down her thighs.

"YYYyyeesss, YYeesss, Yyeess," she screamed from high above me as she nearly broke my intruding finger with her clamping arse. I was nearly drowning under a torrent of juices as I pulled her harder onto my face and I drank from her flowing river of juices. I seemed to be holding her up by her nipple & my finger buried to the hilt in her arse as she nearly crushed me beneath her orgasm out body.

Lowering my head & right arm to safety I tipped her forward on the bed with my finger being automatically being released from her still throbbing body as she fell forward.

I struggled to get up off the floor after that unbelievable session. Finally I hauled myself to my feet & climbed on the bed alongside Tanya who looked absolutely wasted. I needed to fuck the arse off this unbelievable wench right now before she could even start to think about objecting let alone try fighting me off.

Whilst doggie style is my favourite position I have always wanted to try a position that I have seen in magazines and on the internet porn sites. Tanya was lying on her side with her feet toward me - perfect. I grabbed her upper most ankle & lifted her right leg up & slightly forward as I started to straddle her lower left leg. Tanya's eyes started to go wide in exhausted surprise as she found her legs now at right angles to each other as her leg was vertical in the air resting against my chest as I ran my hands down her beautiful calve as it extended up past my face.

As I shuffled forward up the bed & her body I could feel the silky smoothness of her leg & thigh pass under me as my buttocks rubbed along her warm skin on the way to their destination - her raw abused pussy.

"What the fuck do you think you are doing?" she yelled as she woke up to what was happening, but too late to be able to move and stop me.

"Exactly that!" I gloated in triumph as my busting hard on gained on her pussy, the seeker head of my prick picking up the heat signature of her hot steaming pussy as it went into penetration mode and as it closed the distance to it's target & goal.

Tanya tried to thrust her upper body up off the bed & to use her arms with their sapped strength to stop my advancing onslaught towards her body. She failed as her thigh was pulled tight against my chest preventing any movement as my rigid cock homed in on her exposed spread pussy. Holding her right leg with my left arm, I took my prick in my hand & guided the swollen head up against her swollen juice soaked pussy lips.

"NO, No, please use some protection," Tanya screamed as my burning length started to penetrate her gaping pussy. Her juice filled love tube slid over my burning cock like a velvet or silk glove. She was pinned to the bed by my weight & her inability to move while my cock buried itself to the hilt deep inside her.

Thankfully she was still too shagged out from her previous orgasms to stimulate her pussy muscles, otherwise I would have shot my load there & then. I just rested in my position buried deep inside her.

Slowly I started to slide my hand up & down the full length of her calf & thigh, admiring its smooth skin & firm texture as I caressed continually from her ankle to her juice smeared pussy. Occasionally I leaned her leg across to kiss & lick her warm firm calf and to admire the view down the inside of her leg, across her inner thigh to her gaping pussy currently filled with my throbbing prick.

My right hand was idle so I reached forward to run my hand over her stomach & up onto her breasts again. I was considerate enough to leave her tender & abused nipples alone as I enjoyed running my hand over the fullness of her breasts, occasionally cupping & enjoying their weight as they curved across her body toward the bed due to gravity.

After several minutes of enjoying the beauty of her leg & breasts, my prick had settled down enough to consider some strokes in & out of her pussy. Gripping her thigh with my left hand for leverage I lifted my arse off her left leg & slowly started to rock my hips forward & back driving my prick in & out of her pussy.

Despite her abused state Tanya was again betrayed by her body as low moans escaped her lips & fresh juices started to coat my prick & drain from her pussy each time I pulled back my hips.

By now I had gained a slow gentle rhythm that was gradually increasing as my need to pour copious amounts of spunk into her pussy grew. I could feel my cum filled balls dragging along her left thigh as I thrust deep into her & pulled down on her right thigh in my arm. This straddling position was giving unbelievable access to her pussy as my prick plunged in & out taking its own pleasure. Her clit winked at me so I released her breasts to slide my hand down onto her split penetrated mound to locate & torment her clit again.

Tanya groaned loudly, as my finger played with her clit, first in pleasure and then in some discomfort as the stimulation proved to be too much for her. 'Tough shit - you shouldn't have broken into my home then bitch,' I cruelly thought.

By now it was balls before brains as I started to increase the tempo of my fucking and also the roughness of my pounding into her trapped body.

Normally I have the highest respect & tenderness for a partner during lovemaking, but this was just going to be pure fucking & nothing to do with lovemaking. Tanya & Phil had violated the sanctity of my home, and now Tanya was going to pay the price for both of them as I violated her body & mind in what ever way I wanted.

I was thoroughly enjoying this position, the power over Tanya & totally abusing her body as I hammered deep into her body and rubbed her clit hard & raw at the same time.

The room was filled with my animal grunts & roars as I savagely fucked the life out of Tanya and she fought & screamed defencelessly to save herself from the terror & pain being inflicted on her. I hoped Phil could hear his partner crying in pain & humiliation as I fucked her with no feeling or care for her well being. I had become an animal defending its territory by crushing the invaders.

My cum filled balls just couldn't take anymore of this pounding into Tanya's bruised & abused pussy, so I quickly released her leg & thrust the middle finger of my left hand deep into her arse, while tweaking her clit unmercilessly with my right hand; and finally spraying wads of hot cum deep into her pussy as I lunged deep into her pussy for one final time.

Tanya's mind & body almost short circuited with this level of abuse, but her basic body instincts & reactions triggered a stunning orgasm that drained the final energy from her as it enveloped her whole body with the epicentre being focused deep inside her pussy, with after shocks emanating out from her clit & penetrated arse.

Thank fuck the neighbours weren't close to my home with the screaming & grunting we were doing as we rutted each others brains out. Her juices flowed over my throbbing cock mixing with my wads of burning spunk as we ground to a stand still & I fell forward totally exhausted on top of her, almost braking her right leg as I collapsed.

Tanya had to feebly push my weight off her to get me out from between her legs as we lay there totally exhausted. She could have beat me to death very easily if she had had the strength as I was totally spent & totally fucked without an ounce of energy left. Fortunately for me Tanya was in a worse condition than myself as we lay, our sweat soaked bodies intertwined, trying to recover our breath, some composure & some dignity.

I lost track of how long we lay there, Tanya pinned by my splayed arm & leg, but eventually she came to her senses before I did.

"Phil!!" she cried in despair and tried to push me off her so she could gather some strength to come to his aid. I rolled on to my back allowing her to get up & start getting dressed. I looked in admiration as her rising black panties started to cover her cum dripping pussy; then she tried to encase & coral her swollen, abused and bruised tits back into her black bra. At this point I regained enough strength to get up off the bed and start to take control of the situation. By the time Tanya had secured her jeans & pulled her sweater on over her swollen breasts I was standing naked leaning against the chest of drawers blocking the door.

Now fully dressed, Tanya turned to me & pleaded "I need to go to Phil now, I've done what you asked of me, I've served my time, I need to go to Phil now and leave your home. I'm sorry for what we have done, and you have made me pay the price. Please let us go now, please," she pleaded.

"I can't handle both of you at the same time," I told her, "So turn around while I tie your arms & thighs again. This is nearly at an end and you will both leave on my terms only. Do you understand?"

"Yes," she replied with hope flickering in her eyes as she turned her back to me.

I picked up the three triangular bandages off the floor before gently pulling her arms behind her back. I folded her arms at the elbows so that her forearms overlapped behind her back and then tied a bandage around each wrist binding it securely to her forearms. Then I bent down & tied a bandage quickly around her ankles, catching her by surprise as I did so.
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