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Several weeks have passed sense Maria’s experience with the two machines in the cabinet development section as she struggles to climb the artificial rock wall in the work out and exercise building adjacent to the main complex.

Escape had always been on her mind but survival as she had done so far as well as a chance to tell the world her story had won out four to one.

She knew also now she was not in the same area of Mexico that she had traveled to, as well there was a chance she was not in Mexico at all. Either way if she did escape she wouldn’t know which way to run and would most likely be caught and killed, or even worse. Worse was something she was aware of now more than ever as her position for the last week or so had been in close proximity to an attempted escape. What little she saw of the woman’s fate would keep her looking for an alternative for a long, long time.

Besides which what worse could be done to her than the two machines, and she lived through that only to be treated like royalty. Women here were indeed art, and with the food she was getting and pampering not to mention the sexual exploration, she was fighting part of her that wanted to live this fantasy, perhaps a perverse part that was lying dormant for 15 years, who knew.

“2 Hours to new work assignment, 2 hours” sounded over the speaker in her room as she struggled to get out of the big firm bed. Last night had been a long one with a new found friend. They watched movies, talked and, well played just a little, after all who knew if she would ever see her husband again, and too it was another woman, the Nurse who she now knew as Stella. Stella was very gifted in many ways, ways that Maria felt only another woman could be. After Maria had taken a long bath and ate a light breakfast, two men showed up right on time to escort her to her new assignment. Maria’s mind wondered as they walked, thinking of movies where people were kept in small cells and had to eat bugs to survive in a dark cold. Maria felt lucky this very moment to have such kind captors, good food and freedom in a sense to roam about and exercise.

The group now entered a new area that Maria had not seen before and passed through a set of locked doors into an office. The office was very plush and the décor reminded Maria of her travels to Asia. A small Asian man in his fifties perhaps walked into the room from a passageway behind the desk and greeted Maria then asked the two men to now leave. “My dear, what we do in this department is research and development. This is where we design new products as well as test prototypes. The robo five you experienced was designed and perfected here prior to market testing which is what you were involved in, I’m sure you haven’t forgotten that”. Because of what we do, we work an odd schedule, as some things can not wait until the next day, some tests continue through the night and into the next day. Because of this we have living quarters here for you along with therapy people to relieve those sore muscles and our own nurse to administer first aid and drugs. Some of our work is just done by request for others and will never go into production, as we will just sell the documents and plans to an individual or organization.

I usually insist on Japanese girls for my department, but after seeing your reactivity to stimuli and the size of you breast in relationship to your body size over all I accepted your entry. Shall we begin? Please remove your robe. As Maria removed her robe the Asian man began to walk through the door into the lab area. When the man returned Maria was naked and stood at attention in front of his desk. The man cleared all the contents off of his desk and placed it on a side table then placed a small bag he had brought with him from the other room on the floor next to his chair. “Ok up on all fours, on the desk, facing away from me, NOW”. Maria jumped at his tone and made no qualms at his request, climbing onto the desk then rotating around, her backside facing him. “Good, now spread your knees wide apart until I say to stop”. Maria began to move her knees farther apart, then farther, then farther yet, until they were almost at the outer sides of the desk before the man said, “Ok that is good”.

The man then placed a soft rubber pad under each knee, having her lift one at a time then slid one beneath her for her elbows to set in tight together. This put Maria in a compromising position to say the least with her ass high in the air and her breasts just an inch or so off the large wood desk. As Maria held statue like in this position Maria could hear him doing something behind her, then all at once she felt a smooth slick object penetrating her ass, ever so slowly. Maria groaned as he pushed something small and round pass the puckered muscles of her ass than all at once into her bowels, with all sensation then disappearing. Maria was sure the object was round or egg shaped and could feel a thin wire against her thigh. Next he did the same with a larger one in her pussy as Maria now clenched her hands together. “These are new, we call them travelers because they don’t just vibrate they continually move in one direction or another depending on the input to the control box. “This will take a while and I need to watch the whole time so I will just do my paper work as we go, Damn paper work anyways, it will be the death of me”.

Maria thought it so odd to be having this type of conversation about paperwork while at the same time having her ass in a man’s face like this, naked on his desk.

All at once Maria’s lower body was filled with vibration as every muscle in her body tightened up rock solid and her breathing became labored. “Good, give them some work, don’t make it easy on them, real good”

The man then produced three clamps and placed them one at a time on her nether lips saying, “Almost forgot, can’t let that one get away” Maria groaned as the man clamped her pussy closed with the three devises. Minutes later as her muscles began to relax she could feel the egg in her ass began to move, then the other would do the same thing.

Nervously Maria bent her neck sharp and looked between her hanging breasts to see the man now doing paper work on the desk right in between her legs and under her pussy.

She could see he was making notes every so often of the stripes on the wires to see how far the eggs had moved. Maria jumped as the phone rang, the man answered and began a conversation while every so often checking the progress of the two travelers.

Maria’s stomach was now beginning to cramp and she found herself arching her back more and more, as she lowered her stomach towards the desk top. The man had also noted this and now ran his open hand over her drooping stomach while saying, “Good, very good girl, hang in there”. The man now as if just gaining interest began to reach foreword and play with her nipples, rolling and pinching them lightly. He then as well took charge of her breasts them selves and began to kneed them, feeling their texture and firmness. Maria had lost all sense of time as she shook and groaned at the mercy of the two devises moving about inside her. Maria was becoming as well aroused by the pain that had somehow turned to pleasure as the man’s hands explored every inch of her body.

As Maria’s muscles all but gave out then two devises began to move swiftly inside her, as the one in her womb now came to a stopping point with a sensation she would never be able to put into words, causing her to buck and cough and start to pee on the desk.

The man placed a towel down beneath her and Maria heard the familiar sound of a latex glove being put on a hand and then felt the three clamps being removed form her pussy lips. Maria squealed out loud to the added pain of the clamps coming off as the Asian man lubed up the gloved hand behind her. Ever so slightly the man worked first one then two then three then finally all four fingers into Maria’s pussy, the pain it’s self being nothing compared to the torture still being orchestrated by the larger of the two devises beating on her cervix continually. Maria’s eyes bulged as the man now pushed foreword into her with his whole gloved hand, made easier by the overwhelming amount of Maria’s own lubrication she had been producing for who knows how long in this position. It was over quickly as the large part of the man’s hand made it through and now continued its journey up inside her, towards the devise still buzzing away.

The man now spoke and said, “I’m going to bring you off young lady, it will assist in the room I will be needing inside you, just let yourself go” The man’s voice was soft now and shortly after he spoke he reached foreword with his free hand and found Maria’s clit and began to push hard and make rough circles over it. Maria immediately blasted off into orbit with a bone shattering orgasm as the man now used her natural contractions to move swiftly foreword with his arm causing even more sensation as his forearm began to get wider near the top of the long glove. Maria, never having a chance to come down from the first orgasm, shot into another as she gasped for breath and bucked her hips while her nipples grazed across the smooth wood finish of the desk. The Asian man now began to move his arm about inside her, moving his elbow in a small circular motion while still attacking her clit with the other hand. Maria came once more, this time emptying her bladder down the man’s arm then when finished collapsing to rest on her tits, now pan caked between her and the wood desk.

The man now held the egg in his hand deep in Maria’s womb while working the controls with his other hand, talking quietly about it malfunctioning. Maria couldn’t move as every muscle in her body was spent to the max. She could feel his arm deep inside her as he now worked away with no muscles to interfere in his progress with the acceptance of the occasional muscle spasm inside her. Maria flinched as a man appeared entering the room through the door and smiled as he walked towards them, never taking his eyes off of Maria in her humiliating position on the desk. Maria groaned as the shame and embarrassment hit home in her mind while all the while she could feel the Asian man’s arm buried deep inside her moving about. “Looks like she’s working out ok”, “Yes, it’s this damn traveler that isn’t cooperating” “Reverse again?”, “Yes”. Maria tried not to make eye contact with the man, after all she was naked, perched on all fours on a strangers desk, covered in sweat and still in the process of being fist fucked out of her mind.

As the men talked the man that had just entered the room began to run his hand first over her hair then across and down her back and finally reaching down towards her breasts, saying, “Get Back Into Position” as he slid the elbow pad back again raising her breasts off of the desk. He then reached down and pinched one on of her nipples. The Asian man behind her barked out, “Hey come on, your killing me here”, as it had caused Maria’s vaginal muscles to clamp down tight on the Asian man’s arm and hand.

“When will you be done with her?” “Oh Wednesday for sure” “well I’ll see you then sweetie”, the man replied and off he went.

The Asian man drew his hand out of Maria slowly, bring with it the larger of the two eggs. Maria clenched the edge of the desk with both hands as his hand with the egg in approached her swollen opening as he backed it out. “Uhgggggggg, OH GODddddd, Eeeeeee” poured from her lips as her sore sex was opened up to the max to accommodate the fist and payload it now carried. Maria exhaled loudly when the Man’s fist popped free of her, now lowering her forehead to the desk top as her chin found a resting place in the opening between her breasts.

Maria was allowed a day to recoup before returning to the same department for her next assignment. She couldn’t get what the other man had said to her out of her head and even had dreamt of him abusing her in all kinds of ways. Maria was becoming alarmed and concerned with herself over the odd perverse sensation of being anxious to see what would happen next along with a growing sexual excitement that went with it.

Was she losing it? Did she need to seek help long ago and just never see the signs, or was it there all along tucked in with her curiosity from childhood.

Maria walked again with two men back to the r and d department, this time greeted by the man that had taunted her in her dreams that she had last seen in a very compromising position after a string of powerful orgasms. This in it’s self may have twisted her ability to process the thoughts that had led her to believe he was a monster. Oddly enough the same situation had given rise to an erotic pre occupation with the man as well.

The man was not alone; as a matter of fact he had a group of younger men, several looking familiar from the machine experience in the cabinet division.

Once the two men that had escorted her there had left, Maria looked around the room as the men surrounded her and without asking began to remove her gown on their own. In the middle of the room was a large unfinished desk with what looked like a row of odd looking tops lined up on the wall adjacent to it.

All the tops were different, with holes here and there and no holes and clear as well.

The man looked at Maria and stated, “Your ass is mine now sweetie, literally in this case” as the others began to escort her towards the desk. Maria knew this moment that she had not been wrong about this man, he was indeed a monster and she felt as well excited sexually as she walk with the others in his direction. Once at the desk Maria could see a multitude of straps hanging from all angles inside, as the top was removed or perhaps not meant to be there at all. The men led her around the desk as if to sit at it and then demanded she bend over, putting her hands on the floor inside the open center are of the desk. Maria complied, pressing the front of her legs against the area a person’s waist would usually be located, then bent down touching her hands on the floor. “Damn, what a nice ass”, SLAP, SLAP.

Maria jumped a bit as someone slapped her ass on each cheek. The men now went to the wall and retrieved one of the desk tops and asked Maria step through the hole in the center, then raised the desk top to her waist, locking it in to the structure on some sort of hinge near the front of her thighs. This pulled Maria’s hand off the floor and basically hung her in the air bent through the hole on one of the padded sides. Maria grasped at other articles inside the frame to help take the weight off her waist as two men stepped foreword reaching under each arm to hold her in place while the men in back of her each took one leg at her ankles and rotated them far out to the sides of the desk top. The men split her open wide and didn’t stop until each leg was almost at ninety degrees out from her torso, then attached a quick strap to each to hold them in place. Maria couldn’t believe what was happening to her as she dug her fingers into the men in front of her.

The men holding her upper arms now slowly moved with her as the men behind began to close the top on the desk slowly. When they were finished Maria hung upside down with her ass through the top pointing up in the air and he legs spread wide out to the far sides of the desk. As Maria used her arms to take the pressure off of her lower body a man knelt under the desk and slid two mechanical arms out from the sides and strapped each of Maria’s arms in a long padded sleeve, now giving her full support over the length of her forearms. Maria could feel hands all over her crotch, ass and legs as the men began to explore her body from the waist down to her toes. Maria groaned as the men molested her While discussed how smooth her skin was and what a nice pussy and ass she had, as every so often inserting fingers deep inside her. Next the men all at once backed off and said, “Ok who plays the negotiator? I’ll do it”. Maria recognized the mans voice, it was, That Man, yes the man who had promised to work her over good when he had the chance, and she was thinking, now would be his chance for sure. Maria again felt an erotic rush come over her along with a sense of challenge as if it was her body and mind against them, and in this case, right now, this man who would soon have full access to her quivering sex.

Maria was looking straight into his crotch as he sat in a chair and rolled up to the desk.

Once in place he reached under and strained a bit to cup both her breasts, pulled her nipples hard then let them let them go. “OK put in the pusher”.

A padded bar was then placed in the center of Maria’s back traveling from one side to the other of the open area she was in below. Once it was place a humming noise began while at the same time the bar moved her back towards the man in the chair. This at the same time began to arch Maria’s back causing her breasts to push out as well and right into the open hands of the man in the chair. The motor stopped and a man said, “Ok Pacifier, remember this is a custom build”. Maria now due too her contorted position was looking straight down at the ground and panicked when fingers closed off her nose, pulled her head back and placed a large artificial cock in her now opened lips then extended a stand on it from the ground forcing it deep in her mouth and almost into her throat.

Maria coughed and gagged as her mouth was now impaled with no way of spitting it out even if she did decide to try to do so. Next the man at the desk leaned foreword and began to eat Maria’s pussy like a wild man while playing with her tits under the table.

Maria bucked and convulsed in Orgasm as the man continued his labor on her pussy while mauling her tits beneath the desk. Maria could now feel the other men massaging her ass, legs and feet as she began to cum a second time.

The men all took turns at eating her pussy and ass while playing with her tits and making it a competition to bring her to yet another orgasm.

Maria’s lower half was then fingered, fondled, slapped and generally molested up to the point she could come no more from exhaustion as sweat now dripped from her chin onto the floor below her. Maria had lost track of time but noticed most of the men had left the room now. She jumped as that man, yes that evil man, as Maria thought of him, stooped down close to her face and said he would be keeping her a little longer this evening for a little quality time, just her and him. Maria then could hear something heavy moving about on the top of the desk, then the feeling of a man’s prickly skin on her open thighs. Maria groaned, “Uhggggggg, Uhhhhhhheeeeeee, Uhgggggggggg” as the evil man slowly forced his penis slowly down inside her swollen sex, further and further until she could feel his nut sack pressing down on one inner thigh and his hairy chest on her opposite lower leg and ankle. Maria groaned as the man had achieved maximum penetration by mounting her in this way, with his chest now pressed against her lower calf as he hung onto her ankle and foot and began to move all around causing his cock to open her in an obscene manner. Maria again groaned much to the man’s liking as now he began to move his hips, slowly moving in and out of her building his own orgasm. The man then stopped, withdrawing his cock, then slowly forced it into Maria’s ass. “Uhg, Uhgggggg, Eeeeeeeeee” came from below the desk as the man once again buried himself inside her, only now in her ass. “Oh god what a tight ass, fuck yes” came from the man’s lips as he then began to pick up the pace, bouncing off of her ass with his lower stomach in full abandon, “Slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap”.

“Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, Ughhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeee, came from around the fake cock still in her mouth as Maria began a painful Orgasm using muscle thought to be used up at this point but reanimated for one more round with this sick twisted man.
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