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Chad Gaines parked his car in the car park of the small suburban shopping precinct. He was nervous as hell and wondering how the hell he had managed to get himself into this situation. He was a nice clean cut young man from a good background and he was about to commit his first crime. His mind was in turmoil and it was all he could do not to start the car and get the hell out of there. But he couldn't! He had already spent half the money he was going to earn for doing a burglary.

He was a student at a mid western university and like many students was always struggling financially. His parents had so far battled to help him through his course and he worked hard at any part time jobs he could get. Until last week he had managed but his father had become ill and would not be able to work for a month which meant things would be tight at home and he couldn't take any money from his parents for a while. It couldn't have happened at a worse time as his rent was due and he also needed some additional books for his course and he was flat broke.

Chad had met Dan Hooper three nights ago at the bar where he worked an evening shift. It had been a quiet night and they had chatted for a while and Chad's problem had come up. Dan had been very sympathetic and said he had been through a similar situation when he was younger, although you wouldn't know it now looking at his expensive suit and the 5 series BMW parked outside. Dan was a successful lawyer who specialized in divorce settlements and he had told Chad he occasionally needed someone to assist him with odd jobs that paid very well and Chad had said very quickly that he would do anything to earn money at the moment. He had been a little surprised when Dan had returned the following evening and at closing time suggested they go for coffee as he had a business proposition for Chad.

NO WAY! Had been Chad's reaction to Dan's suggestion he break into a house to retrieve some documents Dan needed for evidence for a case he was working on. However Dan was a very persuasive man and when he had dropped $500 cash on the table saying there would be another $500 on completion, Chad had weakened. A thousand dollars would solve his immediate problems and give him some breathing space.

It was completely safe, Dan had told him. There would be no one home and they owners of the house kept a key hidden near the back door. It was a large property and the back yard was not visible from the neighboring properties. Dan had given him a small package addressed to the owners of the property as a cover should he be questioned by anyone he was simply delivering the package. The package was in a backpack which was also to be used to carry the documents he was to find which were in the centre draw of the main bedroom dressing table. Chad had wondered how Dan new so much about the house but then realized his client was obviously one of the owners of the property. They were probably getting divorced.

Dan had walked the 2 miles from the shopping precinct to the house because he didn't want anyone reporting his car registration plate. He had already driven down the leafy street full of very large houses, obviously belonging to wealthy people, to establish the right house and to plan a getaway route in case he had to run for it. His heart was racing as he approached the house and trying to appear nonchalant turned into the drive. Once in the confines of the property he pulled the package from his backpack, glanced at the address and turned his gaze to the house, studying it intently for evidence of any one being at home. All appeared quiet and not having seen or heard from neighbors Chad walked around to the back of the house, saw the pot plant near the door and lifted it. Sure enough there was the key just as Dan said. He quickly opened the door and let himself in, holding his breath as his ears strained for sounds of movement. In complete terror, he crept towards the main bedroom having memorized the layout from the sketch given to him by Dan. It was at the top of stairs and the second door on the right.

He stopped outside the door and tried to compose him self, he opened the door and stepped inside the large room, saw the dresser on the far side of the room and silently moved towards it. He was about to open the drawer when the door to what was obviously the bathroom opened behind him. He turned to see a woman clad in only a towel step from the bathroom into the bedroom. He stumbled backwards in shock, knocking over a picture on the dresser. The woman spun toward him at the sound, they both stared at each other, both terrified. His brain was screaming at him to run...get out of there. His feet refused to obey; they were frozen to the floor in fear. She stood between him and the door, blocking his exit. Her hand flew to her mouth half stifling a little scream. Who are you, what do you want? She trembled.

He tried to answer, he wanted to tell her it was all a mistake, she shouldn't be here...he shouldn't be here...he wasn't going to hurt her. But his mouth was dry and all that came out was a hoarse croak.

Oh my god, she groaned. Please don't hurt me. She stepped backwards away from him, feeling for the wall and then stumbled slightly and fell against the door causing it to close. She was still upright however the stumble had caused the towel to partially slip from her body, exposing her large breasts and her thigh. Chad had instinctively stepped forward to help her as she stumbled and then stopped realizing that she was Ok and he now stood in front of her, staring at her heaving breasts. She looked at him staring down and realizing what had happened started to clutch at the towel to cover her self. All she managed to do in her panic was drop the towel and now she was completely naked. She desperately tried to cover her charms with her arms and hands failing miserably. Once again she moaned "please don't hurt me" as she resignedly slumped to her knees in front of him. She looked up at him and said you're going to rape me... aren't you?

The last thing on Chad's mind had been rape... he just wanted to be out of there. The irony was that she was blocking his exit by leaning on the only door. He didn't want to man handle her or touch her to make his escape, the fact that she was now naked made that even more difficult for him and he still couldn't find his voice. It was a Mexican stand off...As he stood before her he began to absorb detail and saw how beautiful she was, how vulnerable she looked. Her large breasts were magnificent and her long legs were shapely and smooth joining together at an also smooth bare pussy. Her long blonde hair fell around her shoulders and even though she was around forty, her face and skin were flawless. Despite his fear he felt his cock harden at the sight of this gorgeous creature in front of him.

She choked back a sob and stared up at him with a pleading expression. Please don't hurt me I'll do whatever you say.. just don't hurt me. You're going to do disgusting things to me aren't you...I know it...I can tell your type. You are going to make me suck your cock, aren't are going to make me put your big disgusting cock in my mouth and then spray your cum over me...I just know it. Chad just stared open mouthed at her almost in a trance. He was completely hypnotized by her words... the way she spoke, the way she looked so beautiful... so was suddenly so erotic. He tried to stammer out a denial...make her understand that that was not his intention at all. But she didn't stop; she just kept talking as she looked up at him. Then you will want to fuck me with you big cock...I just know it, your type are all the same. And then after you have fucked my pussy and pumped me full of your cum you will make me suck your dick until it is hard again and then you will want to put your big fat cock in my ass. She looked at his bulging crotch and back into his eyes. Just don't hurt me, she said again as she reached for the buckle on his pants...

To be continued if requested.

Pregnant Rape Pictures