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It was the day after and Hillary Weir was still wondering what had come over her. Why had she let William fuck her?

Yet, each time she asked herself that, she never came up with a good answer to that question. All she knew was that she had done it but she didn't know why.

The answer to that question was the experimental drug that William had slipped into her drink. When the drug had a hold of her, it compelled her to do whatever anyone told her to do, but that drug had long since dissipated, and so all Hillary could do was sit there and wonder why she had done what she had done the night before.

The phone rang and Hillary went to answer it. It was William. "Hey," he asked, "how's it going?"

"Not bad," Hillary answered noncommittally. She was still wondering why she had fucked this guy.

"I was just calling to see how you were doing after ... you know ... after last night."

"Yeah," the woman murmured. "After last night. You know, I don't know what happened to me."

"I know what you mean," the man said. "It just kind of happened, didn't it?"

"Yeah, I guess."

"Look," said William, "I was wondering if we could go out on another date."

"I don't know," Hillary replied.

"Come on," the man told her. "I've still got something to give you, something I wasn't able to give you last night because ... you know why."

Hillary's ears perked up at that. A gift? She was always up for a gift, and besides, this would be her chance to assert herself. This would be her chance to show William that she was in control. "What'd you have in mind," she asked.

"How about a picnic lunch," the man suggested.

That was different, but yeah, she thought, she could do that.

"Great," he told her. "I'll even make the lunch."

Hillary was smiling as she hung up the phone. That was more like it, she thought. He was doing things for her. That was the way it was supposed to be.

William was smiling too as he hung up the phone. He picked up a bottle of water and he unscrewed the top, and then he dropped one of the pills inside. He gave the bottle a little shake as he watched the pill dissolve. That was easier than he'd thought it would be.

Hillary was feeling much better about herself as the two of them strolled around the park. William hadn't even mentioned the events of the night before, not even once, and Hillary took that as a good sign. She didn't want him to think that what had happened before would ever happen again. It was a one-time thing and it would not be repeated. She was going to make sure of that.

The two of them found a nice place to sit and William laid out a blanket for them to sit on. He opened the basket and took out the various foods he had brought and finally, he brought out a coke for himself and a bottle of water for his date.

This was more like it, Hillary thought as she twisted the top off the bottle of water. William was being a perfect gentleman, just as she expected him to be, and no one said anything about sex. She took a swig from the bottle of water. This was the way it was supposed to be.

"This is very nice," she said. "I'm glad you suggested it."

"Thanks," the man said even as he brought more food out of the picnic basket.

She could be magnanimous, she figured. After all, he'd done it just right so a compliment was in order. Just one, and that was it. There was no need to give him more than he deserved, but just enough to keep him under her control.

"But you also said there was a gift," the woman hinted. "What is it?"

William smiled. "Don't you worry. You'll get what's coming to you soon enough, but let's eat first."

Hillary pouted as she dug into her cole slaw. That answer didn't sit at all well with her, but it would have to do for now. Still, she knew she was going to get something and that was all she needed to know, and besides, the food was quite good.

The two of them lingered over lunch but still, it was over soon enough. Hillary finished the last of her water. "So," she said, "I want to know what you have for me. What is it?"

William downed the rest of his coke. "You really want to know," he asked and Hillary nodded eagerly. "Well all right then, first things first. I want you to show me your tits. Show me your tits. Show me your tits and let me see you play with them, too."

The drug that Hillary had ingested had a firm hold on her mind. Without even thinking about what she was doing, she brought her hands up to her halter top and then her hands were caressing her breasts, and then moments later, she was easing her tits out of the top.

Why am I doing this, she wondered even as her hands fondled her tits and even as she held them out on display.

William licked his lips as he watched the helpless girl fondle her tits. He liked what he was seeing.

Hillary was mortified. They were right out in the open. There were children around. They might see her and yet she found it impossible to resist the urge to fondle her tits. Her fingers played with her nipples. She squeezed her nipples and then she pulled on them, only to let them go again.

Even though he knew why she was doing it, William still couldn't believe that Hillary was doing what he had told her to do, but he wanted more. "Keep fondling your tits," he told the girl, "and at the same time, I want to see you stick a hand down in your shorts and I want to see you rub your pussy."

Hillary moaned even as one of her hands continued to fondle her tits but now there was an itch between her legs, an itch that just needed to be scratched. She didn't want to scratch that itch but she knew she had to. She was sliding a hand down and then she was unbuttoning her shorts. She slid her hand inside her shorts and then inside her panties and then she pushed it lower still until her hand was between her legs and then she moaned with satisfaction as that hand scratched the itch between her legs.

She didn't want to rub her pussy but she knew she had to. She knew she had to rub her pussy.

He might have felt sorry for her, William thought, if Hillary hadn't been such a bitch. As it was, all he really wanted was to make her show him even more. "You can stop playing with your tits for now," he told the girl, "because right now, I want to see your cunt. Show me your cunt."

Hillary's hands opened her shorts even more and then she was lifting her butt up and she was sliding her shorts past her hips. Moments later, she was doing the same thing as she pushed her panties past her hips and then she was sitting on the blanket and spreading her legs. Her fingers pawed her pussy and then she spread her lips as she showed William the pinkness within.

She couldn't help herself. She just kept playing with herself even as she pushed her legs even wider.

"Tell me you want me to fuck you," William told her.

"I want you to fuck me," the woman responded.

"Oh man, I love to hear you say that. Say it again."

"I want you to fuck me," the woman responded on cue.

The man just chuckled as he sat there and watched the woman continue to play with herself. He was really going to enjoy this, he thought. "Keep playing with yourself while I undress," he told the woman, "and keep telling me you want me to fuck you, too."

Hillary's hand continued to work itself against her pussy even as she watched the man start to take off his shirt. "I want you to fuck me," she pleaded even as she was wondering why she was doing these things. She didn't want to get fucked and yet, she felt compelled to beg for it.

She watched the man open his shorts and then she watched him take them off. She watched the man remove his underwear and expose his cock to her.

"Come here and suck on this," the man told her.

Hillary pulled her hand from between her legs and then she was crawling forward. She wasn't sure why she was doing this but she looked up at the man and then she looked down at his cock. She wrapped a hand around the man's cock and then she lowered her mouth and she slipped that cock into her mouth.

"Yeah, you like that," the man told Hillary even as he pushed her mouth down on his cock.

She did like it, Hillary realized. She had no idea why she hadn't realized it before but she did like sucking on that cock. She wanted to make this boy cum and she didn't care if he came in her mouth. All that mattered was that she continued sucking on that cock.

But then the man was pushing her off of his cock and the girl groaned. I want to suck his cock, she thought, and then a moment later she was asking herself why she had thought that.

"You can stop that now," the man told her. "You suck a pretty good cock, but I got other plans for you. Lie down."

Again the helpless Hillary complied with his order. She wasn't sure why she did it but she just laid back and spread her legs for the man.

That was all the invitation that William needed as he moved in on top of her and then he was pressing his cock up against her cunt. "Oh yeah," he groaned even as he buried his cock in Hillary's cunt, "this is what you need."

This must be wrong, Hillary told herself. They were out in the open and there were children around and yet, as soon as William told her that his cock was what she needed, she couldn't think of a single reason why this was wrong because she really did need his cock.

William couldn't think of a reason why it was wrong either and besides, he was too busy fucking that tight, little cunt to worry about what Hillary thought.

Hillary was groaning as the man continued to fuck her. He was going to cum, she realized. He was going to cum in her cunt and there was nothing she could do to stop him. She wasn't even sure she wanted to stop him. She loved it when he fucked her pussy, only ... only ... she was worried. If he kept this up, then he might get her pregnant and she didn't want that.

And still, she couldn't stop herself. She wanted that cock. She wanted it so bad.

And then, just when she thought there wouldn't be any reprieve for her hot, little pussy, she felt the man take his cock out of her cunt. Oh thank goodness, she thought, at least someone here has some sense.

"Get up on your hands and knees," the man ordered her and that was when Hillary realized that this was only a momentary reprieve.

There was no way she could resist the order she had been given. She climbed up onto her hands and knees and then she waited for the cock that was sure to come. She didn't have long to wait and then soon, there were those hands on her ass and there was that cock on her pussy. She moaned as she felt that cock push its way inside her and then she moaned again just because it felt so good.

She couldn't be wanting this, she kept telling herself. She couldn't be wanting it, and yet, she was. She wanted to feel that cock in her pussy. She wanted it and she didn't care if that cock did cum inside her. She didn't care if that cock did make her pregnant. All she wanted was that cock in her pussy.

"Yeah, you like this," the man told her, and Hillary did like it. She liked it a lot.

"But I got something else that you're really going to enjoy."

Before Hillary could ask what it was, she felt the man pulling his cock out of her pussy but that cock didn't go far. She felt the man pulling his cock up between her cheeks and then she felt him pressing his cock against her little, tiny hole.

"You're really going to enjoy this," the man told her even as he pressed his cock against her tight, little hole.

Hillary groaned as she felt William pushing his cock against her butt. She had never wanted a man to touch her there, but somehow, she knew the man was right. She knew she really was going to enjoy this.

Hillary groaned as she felt just the head of that big cock push against her and then enter her ass. Even with only that much of that cock inside her, it already felt so big, and even with only that much inside her, she knew she was going to like it.

Hillary groaned as she felt even more of that cock push its way between her cheeks.

"Yeah, you like this," William told her and as soon as she heard him say it, that's when Hillary knew. She really did like getting fucked in the ass.

William pushed a bit more of his cock into Hillary's ass and the girl groaned. He was so big. He was so fucking big. She felt his hands as they held her hips and then he was pulling his cock back only to plunge his cock inside her ass yet again.

Hillary moaned as she took that cock inside her butt. It was so fucking big. She couldn't believe that she was liking it. She wasn't even sure why she liked it. She was sure she would have never liked it before.

She moaned again as that cock moved inside her again. It felt so good. The cock pulled back and then it moved even deeper inside her. She loved that cock. She wanted that cock.

"Yeah, you love this," the man told her, and even as he said it, she realized that she loved it even more.

She felt the man's hands as they squeezed her ass and then he was pulling his cock and pushing it in. Pulling it back and pushing it in. Pulling it back. Pushing it in.

Hillary groaned as she felt that cock enter her again. She was going to cum. She moaned again. She was going to cum and she knew the man was going to cum, too. The man was going to cum in her ass.

The girl moaned again and then she felt the man push himself inside her. His hands gripped her butt and then she heard the man grunt. She heard the man groan and then he groaned again.

He was cumming inside her, she realized. He was cumming in her butt. It was so gross.

"You like this, don't you," the man prompted her. "You like it when I cum in your butt."

The woman groaned. She could feel the man's cock pulse as it pushed even more of his cum inside her butt, and amazingly, she did like it. She liked it when a man came in her butt. She loved it. She loved it when a man came in her butt.

William groaned again as his cock continued to pulse. He'd fucked her in the pussy and he'd fucked her in the ass, and somehow he knew he was just getting started.
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