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Mall Kidnapping

The mall parking lot was full of cars. Many people were using this beautiful Sunday to do shopping. I pulled into the lot and parked where I could view the mall entrance and the majority of the parking lot. I settled back to wait on a potential victim. I had to keep reminding myself to be patient. If you rush into a situation without making sure that the risks are minimal, you can make a serious mistake. It is hard to be patient. Once the urge comes to me the emotions and desires start to take control.

I sit and observe the flow of people and traffic entering and leaving the parking lot. I'm careful not to be noticeable as I sit in my car. The windows are tinted and I keep back against the seat. I look at the other vehicles to see if other people are sitting in them. They all appear to be empty. I observe the people leaving the mall, looking for the right person and circumstances to act upon.

I watch the vehicles entering the mall parking lot. These are the best situations to act upon because people are not as aware of their surroundings when they exit a vehicle as they are entering the vehicle. It is difficult to judge if a person is a good candidate without observing them first, but the opportunity is sometimes right.

I watch a small Suzuki SUV enter and park just a few spaces down from me. I get a good look at the girl driving and she is beautiful. She is Hispanic with long black hair. I watch as she gets out of the vehicle and then climbs into the back seat. She looks to be in her early 20's with a nice body. I watch as she sits in the backseat brushing her hair and applying makeup. She must work at one of the mall stores and is busy with some last minute touchup before work. I take a close look around and see that the area is clear of traffic and people. It's time to make my move.

I slip out of my car carrying my bag of tools. As I move up to her door, I pull my ski mask down over my face and pull the gun out of the bag. I pull the door open and she looks up in surprise. She lets out a startled scream and I push the gun into her face. "Shut up or I'll blow your head off!" I said. She moves back into the seat to get away from the gun. "Lay down on the seat face first!" I say. The girl lies down on the seat. "What's going on, who are you?" she asks. I can tell she is scared and confused. "Shut up and put your hands behind your back." I tell her. She puts her hands behind her back and I take a roll of duct tape out of the bag and use it to secure her hands together.

The girl attempts to rise up in the seat and I have to hit her in the head with the butt of the gun. She lets out a small scream. "If you make anymore noise I'll kill you." I tell her. I wrap the duct tape around her mouth and around her eyes. I then tape her feet together. She is now bound up and secure. I find a blanket in the back of the vehicle and cover her up with it. I no longer need the mask and put it in the bag along with the gun and tape. I retrieve the car keys from the floor and get into the front seat. I start the car and drive slowly out of the parking lot and out to the highway.

I drive the stolen SUV with my kidnapped victim to a place in the mountains that I found years before. The spot is perfect because it is well off the road and away from any houses. I park the vehicle and get out. I pull the girl out of the car and lay her on the ground. I could hear her crying through the tape covering her mouth. I retrieve her purse from the back floor and look through it. Her driver license shows her name as Alicia.

I sit down on the ground next to her. "Hi Alicia, listen to me very carefully." I say. "If you do exactly as I say, I will not hurt you." "If you give me any trouble, try to scream or refuse to do as I say, I'll hurt you and when I'm done, I'll kill you." I explain to her. I take the blanket and spread it on the ground and pull her onto it. I take my knife out and cut the tape securing her feet.

She is wearing black slacks, loafers, and a white blouse. I pull the shoes off then grab the slacks by the waistband and pull them down her legs and off her feet. She is wearing a pair of white panties. I unbutton her blouse and pull it back over her arms, leaving it around her bound wrists. She has a white bra on. I use the knife to cut the bra off of her. Her breasts are beautiful. They look to be about a 34C with large brown nipples.

I reach out and gently squeeze first one then the other. They feel soft and firm. I roll the nipple of her right tit between my thumb and forefinger, squeezing it until I feel it getting hard. I do the same with the other. Both nipples are now sticking out, erect. I can't wait to taste them. I bend over her and take first one then the other tit into my mouth, sucking and gently chewing the nipples. They feel warm and hard in my mouth. Alicia is making noises and rolling back and forth. I bite the nipple hard and say "Lay still and be quite or I'll chew this off!"

I put the mask back on so she cannot identify me and then removed the tape from her eyes. Her eyes are red and wet from crying. She is still very attractive. I stand up and remove my clothes; my cock is hard as a rock. I can barely keep myself from fucking her right away, but I want this to last. Her eyes are wide as I straddle her body. I press her breasts together and slid my cock between them, slowly fucking her tits. I move up her body until I am straddling her face. I rub my stiff cock all over her face and in her hair. My cock is leaking pre-cum juices and leaving wet smears on her face. I smack her face with my dick, using it like a meat stick. Her face is red where my cock has hit it.

I cut the tape from her mouth. "If you start screaming, I'll stick this knife in your eye." I tell her. I bend down and kiss her, forcing my tongue into her mouth. I lick her face all over. Alicia moans and tries to pull away. I grab her hair and pull hard, bring fresh tears to her eyes and a small scream from her. "Do I as I say and don't fight me." I warn her. "Kiss me back, use your tongue in my mouth." I say. I kiss her again and she opens her mouth and sticks her tongue into mine. I suck on her tongue, pulling it deep into my mouth. She moans but doesn't pull back. I push her back against the ground. "Please don't hurt me!" she says. "I'll do what you want but please don't kill me." she cries.

I pull her up into a sitting position and stand in front of her. "Suck my cock." I tell her. She opens her mouth to let me slide my dick in. "Lick the head, stick your tongue into my cum hole." I tell her.
She starts licking the head of my cock. Using her tongue up and down the outside. She puts her lips on the slit and tongues and sucks on the cum hole. I'm holding her head in both hands as she opens her mouth and takes the head of my cock into her mouth. "Suck on the head like it's a lollipop." I tell her.

She is sucking and licking the head, her mouth feels hot and wet. I pull her head forward and slide half of my cock into her mouth. She lets out a little gagging sound but keeps sucking. "Deeper!" I tell her. I pull on her hair and slid my cock deeper into her mouth, the head of my cock is against the back of her throat but I still have another four inches to go. I move her head back and forth, slowly fucking her mouth. Each stroke goes a little deeper until her nose is buried in my pubic hair.

I hold her face tight against my body, relishing the feel of my cock deep in her mouth and throat. She starts making a strangled noise and I pull my cock out of her mouth, allowing her to breathe. She is gasping for air. "Lick and suck on my balls." I order. Alicia licks my balls one at a time, taking each into her mouth and sucking on them. "I'm going to cum in your mouth and all over your face." I tell her. "Tell me to do it, tell me you want to taste my cum." I tell her.

She looks up at me and says "I want to taste your cum, cum in my mouth, squirt your cum all over my face." I push the head of my cock back through her lips and start fucking her mouth. I'm leaking pre-cum juices and I know that I can't hold back any longer. "Put your lips together like your kissing." I order.

I pull my cock out of her mouth and press the head against her lips. "Suck on my cum hole like it's a straw." I say. She is sucking and slurping on the head of my cock. I can't hold back and feel my balls tighten. My cock erupts against her lips. The first blast squirts into her mouth, dripping off of her lips. "Open your mouth!" I cry. The next blast sends a thick strand of cum across her face from her forehead to her lips. The next blast shoots directly into her mouth. I shoot two more thick lines of cum onto her right cheek and then slid my cock back into her mouth. "Suck it!" I shout. My cock feels like the head is blowing off.

Alicia keeps sucking and swallowing cum as my cock squirts out the reminding load. "Lick my dick clean." I order. She sucks and licks my cock until it is clean of cum. I pull my cock out of her mouth and use it to smear the cum on her face all around. She looks so sexy with cum dripping off of her chin onto her tits and her face smeared with cum. I bend down and lick her face and tits clean, keeping the cum in my mouth. I kiss her and transfer the cum into her mouth, swirling it with my tongue.

I sit down on the blanket next to her, temporarily drained. "Can I go now?" she asks. I look at her and laugh. "We have just gotten started." I explain. She starts crying and lays back on the blanket.

I take the roll of duct tape and start taping Alicia's eyes close. "Why are you doing this?" she cries. "I don't want to wear this mask any longer." I explain.

I pull the mask off of my head and lay back to relax a few minutes. Alicia is laying on her side facing me, crying silently. Her hands are still secured behind her back. Her blouse is bunched up around her hands and she still has her panties on.

I reach over and smooth her hair. I roll her over onto her stomach and rub her back, moving my hand down to her ass. Her ass is perfect, nice and round with firm cheeks. I rub her ass through her panties; they feel smooth and silky against her ass cheeks. I slide my hand up and down the crack of her ass, feeling the heat through her panties. I roll her over onto her back and rub her pussy through her panties. I slide my finger up and down the lips of her pussy; it is getting hot and wet in spite of her protests.

I slip my fingers under the band of her panties and pull them off. Her pussy is small with black pubic hair. I knell down between her legs and spread her cunt lips apart. I start licking the slit from top to bottom, making it wetter. I suck on the lips, slipping my tongue up into her cunt hole. I feel her clit get hard and I take it in my lips and suck on it. Alicia lets out a moan and presses her hips up toward my face.

I lick and suck on her pussy, getting it wetter and wetter. I slide my finger up into her cunt and finger fuck her as I eat her pussy. She starts grinding her hips and making a panting sound. I start sucking and nibbling on her clit while I slip a second finger deep into her pussy. "Ahh Ahh Ahh!" she moans. I start finger fucking her faster and harder.

I pull my face away and look at her. Her head is rolling from side to side and her mouth is open. She jerks her hips up hard against my hand and grinds her cunt against my fingers. Her pussy is dripping with juices and my hand is soaked. "Ahhhhhhhhh!" she cries and her body stiffens. I feel her cunt walls contract around my fingers. I quickly lower my mouth back to her pussy just as she cums, squirting cunt juice all over my face and hand. I pull my fingers out and cover her pussy with my mouth; sucking, chewing and licking her cunt like it was a sweet piece of watermelon.

I have never seen a woman ejaculate like this before. Her juices fill my mouth to overflowing. They run down my chin and the crack of her ass. Her hips keep bucking up and down against my face. I keep sucking and slurping the juices out of her cunt. My fingers slip back into her pussy, sliding in and out and getting drenched in pussy juice. I slide my left hand down to her asshole and start probing it with my wet finger. The hole is soaked in cunt juice and my finger slips into it with a little pressure.

Alicia tries to pull back when she feels my finger in her ass. "NO!" she cries. "Please don't do that!" she pleads. I slip my finger all the way into her asshole and she let's out a shriek. I pull my fingers out of her cunt and grab the nipple of her right tit and pinch it very hard. She lets out a cry of pain. "Shut up or I twist it off!" I tell her.

I start finger fucking her asshole and her cunt at the same time. Alicia is grunting and moaning like an animal. I pull my fingers out of her cunt and asshole. I lay on top of her and slide my cock into her pussy. Her cunt is wet, hot and tight. I reach around and slip my finger back into her asshole.

I start fucking her with my cock and my finger. I can feel my cock with the finger in her ass. I pull her legs up until they are draped over my shoulders. I start slamming into her cunt as hard as I can, pounding her pussy with my cock. My balls slap against her ass and my hand. I pull my cock out of her cunt and stick the head into her asshole. She cries, "Please don't!" I pound my hips forward and bury my cock all the way into her ass. "Ahhhhh!" she moans.

I can't believe how tight her ass is. It feels like my cock is in the pussy of a teenage virgin. I start to slowly fuck her in the ass. Moving back and forth with long deep strokes. I can feel my balls tightening up with a load of cum. It feels like my cock has swollen to twice its size as the first rush of cum boils up its length. I slam my cock as deep as I can into her ass and shoot a huge stream of cum deep inside her. I keep pumping back and forth in her ass, shooting stream after stream of cum into her asshole. I can feel it squirting out around the edges of my cock. I finally pull it out and use it to smear the cum dripping out of her ass all over her pussy.

I lay back on the blanket, totally spent. My cock feels like I blew the head off. Alicia rolls onto her side facing away from me. Her arms and hands are sore from being tied behind her back and being pinned under her body while she was getting fucked.

I pick up her panties and use them to wipe my cock off. I roll Alicia onto her back and slide her panties back onto her. They are soon soaked with the cum from my cock and from the cum still leaking out of her ass. I then put her pants back on her and slip her feet back into her shoes. I pull her up onto her feet and slip the blouse back into place and button it up> I even tuck it into her pants. She looks sexy with that just fucked look on her face. Without the bra, her nipples stick out through the thin material of the blouse.

"What are you going to do with me?" she asks. "Good news!" I say. "You were such a good fuck, I'm taking you back all nice and safe!" I tape her mouth closed again and put her back into the back seat of the car. I tape her feet together and cover her with the blanket.

I then start the car and drove back to the mall parking lot. "I will loosen the tape on your wrists." "You should be able to struggle out of it." I tell her as I park the vehicle at the far end of the parking lot. "I would advise you not to report this to the police." I say as I loosen the tape. I'm taking your purse with your identification so I can find you if this gets reported to the police." I explain. "Just report your purse as lost and think about how good it felt when you came in my mouth, goodbye." I tell her. I then leave the vehicle and walk across the parking lot to where I left my car.

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