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Lisa wiped a gob of cum out of her eye so she could see what was coming for her. "Come and get some of this fine pussy boys" said the stud who had just jizzed her so well.

"Oh no, I'm outta here" Lisa said as she scrambled to her feet.

"You aint goin' nowhere bitch. Get on your knees and get ready for some cock!" her first stud said as he grabbed a handful of her long dark hair and forced her to her knees."No please don't" she begged as the now nude men surrounded her and waved thier hard dicks in her face.

"Ah shut up" one of the guys said as he grabbed the back of her head and stuffed 8" of cock in her mouth. Lisa eyes bulged, but after having an 11" monster ream her throat she could handle 8" no problem. As the man fucked her face Lisa found her fear turning to lust. "I'm such a slut " she thought as she felt her pussy juice up at the thought of fuckling all these guys at once. Lisa reached up and grabbed the other two new cocks and started jacking them hard. She moaned on the cock in her mouth as she realized that the other two cocks were bigger than the one she was now happily sucking.

"The one in my left hand has got to be at least 9", And this beast in my right is better than a foot long!!" Lisa thought excitedly."My turn dude" said the nine incher. The guys traded places and Lisa happily sucked the new cock down. She started spanking her tits with the cocks in her hands, then she let loose of the eight inch dick and started finger banging her overheated pussy."Yeah, look at the slut, she can't wait to get fucked!" The guy polling her face said. "Move over man, she's gonna gag on my cock now!" said the last in line. Lisa popped the cock out of her mouth and said " Please let me suck your huge horsecock!"

"Here ya go babe" he said as he stuck just the head in her mouth. "Take as much as you can." Lisa dropped the other cock,grabbed his balls and started milking them. The cock in her mouth and her fingers in her twat were making Lisa cum."Yeah bitch! Cum with my dick in your face!" the big dicked dude yelled. Lisa moaned arround her mouthful of cock as her pussy creamed all over her hand. She sucked, pumped and came her brains out. As her orgasm subsided she pulled her mouth off the big dong and said "Somebody fuck me, please bang me hard!!"

" No need to beg, we were gonna fuck you silly anyway." the guy with the nine inch dick said. They laid her on her back on the floor and she said " Let's start small and work our way up."

" Small, I'll show you small bitch" the eight incher said as he threw her ankles on his shoulders and slammed all eight inches up her pussy at once. "Oof, Ooh fuck yeah!!" Lisa squeeled as the stud kept fucking her hard. Not content to watch the other two joined in. The guy with the nine started fucking her face while the other slapped his 121/2" dong between Lisa's heaving mellons. She gave him a horny look and squeezed her big tits around his shaft. After five minutes the guy banging her twat said "I'm gonna blow!!" Lisa spat out the cock in her mouth and said " Not yet, I want you all to jizz me at once!!" The guy groaned and pulled out of her steaming snatch, he moved to the side and slowly stroked to keep himself close to shooting. Mr. 9" wasted no time in getting his meat in, Lisa grunted as his sack hit her ass."Fuck it good, yeah.. Oooh gawd I'm cumming again!!"she hollered as her twat and tits were fucked hard. It didn't take long for the next stud to feel his nuts start to twitch. " Your up dude " he said as he pulled out to cool his schlong off. "

Here comes the cock you been waitin' for slut." said the last guy as he grabbed her ankles and spread her wide open. She grunted happily as she felt him slide half his cock into her well lubed pussy. She squealed like a dolphin, grabbed her tits and started squezing her nipples as the big dicked dude drove his cock all the way home. "Yeah, hammer my hole with your fat fuckbeast you bastard!! Oooh FUCK!! Slam your sack off my ass stud!! Aaahh, shit yes fuck me silly, I'm cuumminggg, yesss!!!" Lisa cried as she got the fucking of her young life.

"Oh fuck yes give me that jizz studs!!" she squeeled as she felt the huge cock in her cunt get even bigger. "Here it is you hot little cum-junkie!!" one of the studs said as he knelt and stroked into her face. He was joined by the third and cum started raining down on her face. The two guys basted her face and tits with wad after wad of cum. She loved it but when the horsecock in her twat started shooting she went nuts. "Oh yeah, fill me up stud!!" Lisa gasped. There was so little room left in her pussy that Lisa felt his cum squirt out of her and roll down her hot ass. As the two studs finished her facial Mr. Footlong yanked his spurting dong out of her twat, laid the base against her clit and started jerking more wads onto her.

Lisa hollered and came every time she felt that cock shudder and twitch against her clit. He blasted cum from her bangs to her bush as gobs of goo kept spewing from his massive member. He choked his cock, moved up her cum covered belly and stuck his cock in her slutty mouth to finish off. She sucked him clean and couldn't believe that his big dick was as hard as ever."Looks like your ready for round two, I know I am!" said the guy she had picked up in the first place. " That was one horny show babe, now let's see if you can take both these cocks at once!" he said. The two smaller guys went and sat on a nearby couch to recover and enjoy the show.

Lisa looked down at herself, she was covered in cum. She still had her thong and halter on but they had gobs of jizz all over them. She stood up between the two men and eased her halter down over her hips to the floor, where she kicked it to the corner. She grabbed the front and back of her thong and pulled it up between her pussy lips. "On or off studs?" she asked as she worked the soaked material against her pussy. "Leave it on bitch we're gonna fuck it off ya!!" said her original stud.

As she sank to her knees and got a grip on both big dicks she noticed herself in a floor length mirror across the room. She couldn't believe how much cum was on her, wads were hanging in her hair, drying on her pretty face and dripping off her big juggs. She giddily wondered how much more spooge she would get before she conquered these collosal cocks!! " Looks like it's King Dong vs. Cockzilla now boys!" Lisa said as she waved the big cocks in her face.

To be concluded...

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