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Prison Rape story below

written by: nastykarl & wicked cravings


God she looked hot and nasty. A black silk blindfold covering her eyes, hands bound behind her back with patent leather restraints. Both of her legs were tied back to her forearms with black silk scarves, her big tits framed between her thighs. I had stuffed a fat dildo in her cunt and a small butt plug up her ass. Amanda certainly wasn't acting like the strong self assured lady she presented herself as in public. The little bitch had been having one cummm after another since I shoved my way into her home and I hadn't even fucked her yet.

I had moved fast when she opened the door, I used what is called a come-along hold. A simple and effective move, grab the hand by the wrist, twist the arm and bend the wrist. It had spun her around and put her on her knees in sufficient pain to do whatever I told her to do. "Keep your fucking mouth shut and close your eyes." Of course she had. I pushed her face down on the floor, bound her hands and blindfolded the bitch. I next grabbed a handful of her hair, pulled her head back and said "Amanda, not a sound. You will only move or speak when I tell you to. If you don't do just as I say I'll cut your fucking nipples off!"

I had next reached up under her lady like Business Suit and discovered two things, a very skimpy pair of panties and a sopping wet cunt. Bonny had been right about this one, she wanted to be made to do nasty things and I was just the guy for the job. I quickly cut her clothing away, stuffed the dildo and butt plug in her cunt and asshole, and got undressed. "Amanda you are first going to be a cock sucker." I knelt in front of her, pulled her head back by the hair again and forced my cock past her lips. You couldn't call it a blow job, the only term that fit was a skull fucking.

I held her head in place by her hair and force fucked my cock into her throat. It took me about ten minutes to dump my load, Amanda had cummm three times just while I skull fucked her. I rolled the little whore on her back, jerked her legs back toward her head and tied her thighs back to her arms. Her mouth, cunt and ass were now in view. My cummm still on her lips, a very fat dildo stuffed in her pretty cunt, her asshole grasping on the butt plug. I leaned down, bringing my mouth down close to her ear and whispered "now little lady you are going to beg me to sit on your face so you can lick my asshole, tell me you want me to twist your nipples and pinch your tits. You had better make it nasty and believable" As a reminder I lay the side of my 6" Buck Knife blade against her nipple.


My hands tied behind me and blindfolded, I could only do as I was told. The shock of feeling the dildo being shoved into my tight cunt, and the butt plug rammed up my dry asshole was wearing off as the orgasms exploded in my quivering body. I felt so ashamed, being raped and having orgasm after orgasm. I gagged and choked, tongue locked against the underside of his hard thick meat as my rapist used my mouth, bruising my lips with his slamming balls. When he came 10 minutes later, my body exploded in another orgasm, one that made the pee come squirting out of my writhing and twitching body. As I quivered and shook, gasping, the taste of his cum in my mouth, he whispered the nastiest things in my ear and made me beg for what I wanted, to be used, to be forced. I felt the knife against my nipple and started moaning..."oh god, yes, sit on my face, please..." as I squirmed on my back.

My face felt beet red, the blindfold gave me something to hide behind, to give voice to my deepest most shameful need: To be a fuck toy for a man who would make do the filthiest things. I was being raped, frightened and more aroused than I had ever been, I couldn't believe how many times I had cumm already, and again started begging for my abuser to use me, the words bursting out in a flood..."please let me lick your asshole, i want to taste your nasty shit hole, please, let me tongue fuck you when you pinch my titties, please, don't stop, sit on my filthy bitch face..."

The breath went out of me as the blade pressed harder, threatening, I was sure I could feel blood pulsing and hot, oozing down my tit. The feeling of helplessness, fear, the butt plug locked in my clutching ass, my muscles tight, rigid, my clit vibrating. Everything stood still for me, my body locked to the floor, afraid to move, afraid to breathe, I felt the blade ease off and a rough hot tongue drag across my still throbbing nipple before my attacker obliged my lust and suddenly grabbed it hard, twisting. My body arched up, I felt his grip on my tit tightening, my flesh stretching out as I was lifted from the floor.


I was going to have to do something very nice for Bonny, this Amanda she had turned me on to was one hot bitch. Bonny runs several businesses, a couple legitimate, a couple not. Amanda and several other ladies from the software company she worked at had reserved Bonny's private club for a girls' night out. Bonny had also provided the evening's entertainment -- several highly paid male prostitutes. They danced, served drinks, and served the ladies as sex toys. These ladies were all up there in the power chain at their company and were used to being served.

The grand finale of the floor show that night had a black male on his knees, being whipped and fucked up the ass by a big beautiful woman. Every time she slammed her 12" rubber strap-on up his ass most of the women went wild. Bonny had noticed that Amanda was the only woman there that didn't seem to enjoy it much and hadn't made use of the room in back to use one of the males. When she had asked if there was anything she could provide Amanda she was told "No, I'm enjoying watching and I like my men mean and nasty enough to take it by force". Bonny had suddenly taken quite an interest in Amanda.

Bonny and I are partners in providing high priced sexual perversion to people with a lot of money. What I was doing with Amanda was two fold, finding out just how much she enjoyed being raped and getting all the nasty things I made her say, on tape. I had a nice little hi-tech digital recorder that turned on and off with ease. Blackmail, what better way to get a high classed businesswoman to work as your whore and not have to pay the slut bitch?

Amanda's tongue was already moving a mile a minute and searching for my asshole as I set on her face. Her tongue quickly worked it's way up my ass as I pinched her nipples with one hand and used a riding crop on her cunt with the other. Don't you dare cummm whore, not till I slam my cock up your ass. This little bitch loved it rough, every time I slapped her cunt, juices flew and her tongue would stab up my ass.

As soon as my cock was ready to slam fuck Amanda's ass I stopped whipping her cunt and pinching her nipples. I had to push the little sluts head from between my ass cheeks to get off her face. I leaned down by her ear and whispered "Now my little whore, you will beg me to Rape your asshole and let you piss when you cumm". As I gave her the instructions, I ran my knife blade over her tied back thighs and across her big tits. "I saw you piss while you were cummming slut! I want to hear you beg to let you piss while I'm fucking your ass. You better make me believe you want it whore! Now beg Bitch".


I could feel as he squatted over me, his semi-hard and wet dick, and his dangling, cumm-filled balls dragged across my cheek. His ass-cheeks hovered over my face, waiting for me to follow through. Grabbing and pinching my nipples, making them harden instantly. Pulling me up by my tits, till my face was in the crack of his ass. I was tied and open for him to use at his will. Orgasmsic spasms were throbbing in my dildo stuffed pussy and ass. A myriad of emotions raced through me, shame and humiliation mingled with a deep need to do everything this man ordered me to do as my tongue pointed and slid out of my mouth, i felt shame and disgust as I tasted his sweat and slime.

My nipples were aching and hot from the way he kept twisting and pinching them, and the pain as he started whipping my oozing cunt only made my clit throb faster, I was already pulsing from the constant rubbing and fucking of the fat dildo and smaller butt plug. I panted, tits wobbling as he played with them, slapping them back and forth, harder, his dick growing as my tongue probed deeper, sliding and licking, cleaning his shit hole as he played with my body. It was so dark, the pleasure of the dildo fucking me as I writhed on the floor, and the pain, and the taste of his nasty hole, all had my nerves quivering on the verge of another orgasm, but I had heard and understood his threat and started struggling weakly, trying not to cum.

It was such a relief when he was suddenly shoving my face away from his ass, his crop no longer spanking down on my sore pussy. My whole body quivered, my chest heaving as I tried to catch my breath. Air stopped being a concern when I heard the low growl at my ear, and my heart started to pound at the next order.

I'd always loved being fucked up the ass, but it had to be like this. And I could never ask, not for this. The first time it had happened when I'd let an after work drink with one of the development managers get out of hand. He'd always been polite and courteous enough at the office, with a good imagination at the trouble shooting meetings, but there had always been something a little dark, a little frightening about him. I hadn't realized it at the time, but by now I know how much that turned me on, intrigued me.

I deliberately played the Bitch around him, making sure I knew what I was talking about whenever his system was on the table for the Steering Committee. I'd caught him in a couple of mis-calls, the managers never know their systems as well as the developers under them. And the developers under him all loved me, I'd made sure of that. At any rate, by the time he took me out for a drink after a long day filled with production critical issues and risk management meetings, we had built up a great deal of sexual tension and mutual respect.

Or so I thought. When he suggested going back to his place, I didn't object, I even smiled at the thought of getting into his pants. But it changed when we got to his place, the second the door clicked shut behind us he was throwing me down on the couch, his face angry as he groped me and ripped my blouse open. He pushed his hand between my legs and slid his fingers right up under my skirt and then my panties, rubbing my clit until I was a sopping wet mess, writhing on the verge of an orgasm. He had his angry weapon out before I knew and then he was rolling me onto my stomach, my ass over the arm of the couch, my face in the cushions. In my eagerness, I lifted my ass thinking he intended to plunge his cock into my aching pussy, and god I wanted him to do it.

He positioned his cock-head but didn't enter me, while I bobbed my pussy up and down, my ass lifting, begging him to fuck me. He dragged his cock-head around my clit with his hand, dipping his fingers into my clutching cunt and then teasing my asshole with my own juices. He continued to do this until I was almost cumming and then suddenly he gripped my two ass cheeks, pulled them wide apart, and shoved his thick cock into my virgin ass, hard. I came from the pain alone and then he was pushing, straining, his fingers digging into me as he forced the rest of his hard meat up my tight hole. As he fucked me, he told me I deserved it, that he'd been wanting to fuck me till I cried after the first time I'd corrected him in a meeting. I came again and again, I couldn't walk for 3 days, and I never forgot it.

I remembered all that as my rapist whispered to me, and my body quivered. I couldn't wait to feel his cock in my ass and started to whisper "oh fuck yes, fuck my ass, rape my tight ass! Mmmmmmmm, let me sit on it and piss all over your balls, oh please, come and fuck me, I need to cum and pee, please let me cumm with your cock fucking my ass good" The knife dragged over my skin, I could feel the blade digging but not cutting and the sensation was driving me wild, frightened I wasn't pleasing him. "oh my god, do it, fuck my asshole good, oh god please please, I want to piss on you, I want to pee and cum all over your hot cock and balls, please? oh please fuck my asshole, pleaseeeeee let me piss"


I clicked off the recorder, I had everything I needed to make this lady my willing whore. I rolled her up and stuffed two pillows under her ass. Amanda my lady you don't get to sit on my cock, you'll be used as I wish. That put her high enough for me to kneel and use her asshole. In this position the slut would be having her own piss splashed on her thighs, tits and face as she pissed and I pounded my cock in her abused ass. The slut moaned as I ripped the dildo and butt plug out. I stood and played with my rock hard cock as admired my nasty handy work. I do love ladies who are take charge types in their day to day life and have a deep need to be forced and abused sexually. Amanda is top of line in the sexual, use me and abuse me market.

I had let her lay there for awhile, hot, tense and afraid. Then I teased her a little. I would stick my cock head just inside her cunt lips and jerk it a few times, then withdraw. Every time she would whine and beg "oh please fuck my asshole, pleaseeeeee let me piss, rape me, rape me pleaseeeeee" It was so damn nasty I finally had to slam it home, grab her big nipples and pound her ass. Amanda started cummming and pissing immediately. Some of her hot golden piss ran onto my nut sack and I started dumping my load. Every time I slammed home, her piss would splatter all over. The nasty little slut was even catching some of her own piss in her open mouth. Her bound body was trembling and shaking, her asshole grasping and milking the cummmm from my cock. Suddenly it was too much for her, my new lady whore passed out.

I left Amanda bound on the floor while I took a nice long shower. When I returned to her living room my new recruit was conscious and ready to be informed of her new station in life, WHORE. "Amanda keep your mouth shut and listen." With that I clicked on the recorder and let her listen to her own words.

"please let me lick your asshole, i want to taste your nasty shit hole, please, let me tongue fuck you when you pinch my titties, please, don't stop, sit on my filthy bitch face..." "oh fuck yes, fuck my ass, rape my tight ass! Mmmmmmmm, let me sit on it and piss all over your balls, oh please, come and fuck me, I need to cum and pee, please let me cumm with your cock fucking my ass good" "oh my god, do it, fuck my asshole good, oh god please, please, I want to piss on you, I want to pee and cum all over your hot cock and balls, please? oh please fuck my asshole, pleeeeeease let me piss" I played it for her several times. "Now Amanda I hope you understand what people who know you, your family, the people you work for, your boy friend, would think if they heard this tape."

Amanda had followed orders and would keep her mouth shut. "If you follow my instructions exactly, no one other then prospective customers will ever hear this tape. Not your employer, your family, lovers or friends. You will be my whore for rent to whom I chose. You will be protected and in certain ways pampered. You will only be used by the wealthiest of people. You will be provided with the finest toys, bondage gear, and lingerie. You love to be forced with a little pain, I promise you will have both.

First you will beg me to piss in your mouth while you fuck yourself with my fat rubber cock, you will use those words, my Fat Rubber Cock, exactly. This will be recorded."


He was driving me crazy, his cock dipping into my hungry pussy, teasing me into a frenzy of writhing and twisting, my bound body making it impossible to affect the outcome of my "rape". I needed his cock inside me, fucking me, raping my ass, and I needed it NOW. When he finally shoved it up my tight hole, I screamed as my body reacted, clenching his cock tight and cumming hard, the piss spurting and splashing my face and tits as each spasm overtook me. I didn't realize that, though, until afterward, when I awoke a short time later, still bound, with cum and piss drying on my skin and hair. My body still buzzed with the after-effects of so many orgasms in such a short period of time, and I lay on the floor, reliving it and getting wet all over again. My heart was pounding so hard as I lay there, and heard the shower stop running.

He returned and played his tape for me, telling me what was going to happen, and it all seemed like a dream. I was laying on the floor of my living room, tied up and covered with piss and cum, hearing about how I would whore for him, letting the people he selected do these filthy and humiliating things to me. I was about to laugh in his face and tell him to go to hell, tell anybody he pleased about our little escapade, I didn't have to worry what people thought of a woman being forced to recite commands during and after a vicious rape. He was going to prison, I would make sure of that.

But as my mouth opened, my pussy clenched and a strong aftershock rippled through my body, leaving me breathless, and I heard the words that came out of my mouth with a shock..."Please piss in my mouth while I fuck myself with my FAT RUBBER COCK................... I need you to piss in my mouth and on my tits, while I fuck myself with my FAT RUBBER COCK, Oh god please I want my mouth full of your hot piss, I want it burn my raw nipples. Oh please, please piss in my mouth while I ride my cunt on that FAT RUBBER COCK, until I cum all over it and drink your piss..."

I don't know if I'll ever tell him I thought of putting him in prison for Rape. That he didn't need to blackmail me, his scheme sounded like a fantasy come true, and as the waves of shame and ecstasy raced through me that night, I couldn't wait for my premiere into whoredom.


"That's perfect Amanda. I will untie you now but you will always be blindfolded in my presence. You may not ever speak to me unless I have told you to. You may have loved what just happened, but you were raped. From now on you may choose to obey or may choose not to. Of course if you don't there is your very convincing voice begging for unspeakable depravity on tape. Who knows how many would hear it."

I stood over my new whore, pissing a solid yellow stream into her open mouth and onto her abused nipples. As her mouth filled with my hot nasty liquid, it ran over her lips and down her body. Just as my stream ran out, Amanda swallowed and again passed out from cumming. She lay obscenely sprawled on her living room piss-soaked carpet, with a rubber cock dangling from her cunt and her ass in the air. I shook the last few drops from my now limp cock and stuck the envelope with her instructions between her ass cheeks.

I wonder, how well will Amanda handle what is to come?
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