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The big bunch of roses came as a complete surprise to Tabby when she opened the door to her apartment. There they were on the hall table; beautifully done up with a light coloured wrap and a pink ribbon. The flowers themselves were a pink colour, fading out to almost white at the outer edge of the petals. But it was the perfume that endeared them so much to the young 20- year-old. A card with a picture of a kitten playing with pink ribbon sat propped against the flowers.

She picked the card up and read the carefully typed message that had been stuck to the inside. 'Flowers for you my special young lady. Good news, the conference has been cancelled so I can spend tonight with you. As this is a bonus for us I want to make it special. On your bed you will find a parcel. In it I have purchased some clothes for you to wear – please follow the instructions there and make this evening one we will always remember.' It was signed in Eric's stylish flourish that she recognised immediately.

Her curiosity was pricked. The flowers were lovely, but new clothes as well, and this air of mystery. Tabby was becoming quite excited. Eric had been working so hard over the last few months that they had hardly spent any time together at all. She couldn't remember when it was they last made love, but it was well over two weeks ago. Things could only get better, Tabby thought to herself. It wasn't Eric's fault, his work just took him away so much.

With a sigh she picked up the flowers and walked through to her bedroom. It was a smallish room dominated by the big iron-framed bed. A simple white throw covered the otherwise feminine covers and pillows.

Sure enough on the bed lay a plain brown cardboard box; the sort that come from the big fancy stores. Tabby could hardly wait to see what it contained. In the centre of the lid was a plain white envelope. She took it off and set it down with the flowers. The further instructions could wait until she satisfied her curiosity.

The lid flipped off and she pulled back the protective layer of tissue. Inside lay, neatly folded a sexy black lace corset with suspenders. It was strapless, held up by the bone and laces that held the bodice tight under her small but pert firm breasts. A pair of delicate silk lace top stockings and black lace panties completed the set. She held the corset up; it looked so sexy and alluring. It was hard to believe that Eric had thought of it.

Under the corset lay a black velvet blindfold with elastic straps to hold it in place. Tabby picked this up and examined it. A grin spread on her face as she realised the implication. This was truly going to be a night to remember.

Lying the corset back on the white bed she picked up the other envelope. Inside was a single typed sheet. 'Well my darling what do you think of your outfit? I think you will look absolutely stunning in it. I don't want you to change an inch of it – just wear what I have provided. Do make yourself look beautiful as well, although you hardly need do a thing to make that a reality. Once you are dressed wait for me on your bed with the blindfold in place. Please no peeking – tonight needs to be perfect – I don't want to spoil any of it. Please, relax and let it happen – the night of your dreams – the night of ultimate excitement. I will be at your place at 8pm precisely – be ready for me. Until then my love, enjoy your preparations.' Once again it was signed in that unforgettable hand.

Tabby looked at her watch 6.47; under and hour and half to get ready. Now she was paying for her window shopping and idleness. A few minutes earlier there had been no reason to rush. Leaving the flowers and the notes on her bed she grabbed her robe and made her way to the bathroom. Quickly she turned on the shower and removed her clothes, her underwear being thrown carelessly into the washing basket, her other clothes folded onto the cane chair that decorated a corner of the room. Soon the warm water was cascading over her tall, slim form, plastering her dark hair to her neck and shoulders as she applied her sweet smelling lavender range of hair care and soap.

There was no time to be wasted, the shower was over quickly. This time just a cursory shave under the arms and along her long legs. The towel was soft and warm; hair drier followed before she returned to the bedroom in her robe. The clock on her dresser said 7.29. She gulped. That was longer than she had wanted to spend in the shower. Still it wouldn't take long to do her make-up and she would have to make do with pinning her hair back, not the fancy French plait she had intended.

As she applied her make-up Tabby tried not to watch the clock. Her dark eyes kept flicking at the vile instrument, time always sped up when she got excited. The time was 7.48 when she completed her make-up. There was a quick spray of perfume where it would count. Just enough time to get into her 'costume' and ready for her secret lover. Tabby giggled to herself.

The flowers. She suddenly panicked as she saw them still sitting on the bed. That wouldn't be right. Eric had gone to such a lot of trouble to make the evening just right. In a fluster she rushed through to the kitchen and found a vase. Then she returned, sitting the flowers on top of her dresser.

There was even less time now. She quickly sat on the bed and pulled the dark stockings up her long white thighs; wriggled into the black corset (Eric had done well with the sizing, but it was just a little tight around her bust). She attached each suspender to the stockings and then finally pulled the soft black panties up into place.

Now the clock said 8.01. He was late she thought. Just as well. The final touch; the black velvet blindfold. Tabby carefully adjusted it over her eyes. She hoped he wouldn't be too late. Time was going to slow down now as she positioned herself in a sexy pose on the white bed, lying on one side with a sensual grin on her deep red lips.

It seemed she waited an age, but in reality it was only a few minutes before the blindfolded beauty heard the familiar creak of the front door. It seemed to open slower than usual. A few moments later and her bedroom door opened; a slight draft of cool air gave it a way as she saw or heard nothing. She sensed his presence as he came up beside her bed.

"Eric, this was a wonderful…" The words were halted as a finger was held to her mouth. A hand touched her pale soft cheek and brushed a wisp of her dark hair aside.

Tabby's heart was racing, her mouth felt slightly dry and her body was warming. The hand traced her form across her lips and chin to her ear. She kissed the knuckles as they brushed her full red lips. The cuff of his suit jacket touched her cheek as the hand brushed off her neck.

That warmth that she felt grow deep inside her, that nervous tension that the scene had built now transferred to her crotch. She moved her thighs restlessly as he continued to gently touch her, like a silent painter. Now a hand gently followed over the round, bare flesh of the top her breasts, down onto the sensual lace of the corset. At that moment Tabby felt like the most desirable woman on Earth.

His hand traced little circles around the middle of the corset as Tabby turned onto her back. The blindfold stayed in place, her hands at her side, twitching a little as she felt the sexy touch on her belly. Then he dropped the palm of his hand to the soft lace and ran it up to cup under one of the young girl's pert firm breasts. He squeezed it gently, pushing it up slightly so it bulged in the soft corset.

"Ohhh…" Tabby let out a moan as he slowly but firmly ran his hand over the gentle curve of her breast. His other hand quickly came up to put the finger softly at her lips again.

The hand on her breast stayed still. The finger moved slowly and softly from her lips, over her chin and down her neck. As it reached her chest he lent right in. Tabby pursed her lips, ready for the kiss, but it didn't come. He kissed her cheek, very, very softly. The finger moved a little further down to her other breast, where the flesh met the lace. Another kiss, closer to her ear as he lent over her. She could smell his familiar aftershave as he lent in.

Then he nibbled her ear, avoiding the little gold earring, just using his lips, his teeth not touching the skin. At the same time he hooked his finger in the top of the corset. The lace peeled back from her breast. The other hand had moved again to mirror its partner. Both cups of the corset were slowly being pulled back, away from her breasts, slowly revealing the hard nipples. His lips played with her ear and neck as he peeled the corset right back from her breasts, letting the black lace lie under each, pushing them up and out a little.

His hands ran over the newly exposed skin. Softly exploring each breast, the fingers tweaking the nipples lightly. He kissed her neck, her shoulder, the top of her chest. Each kiss was gentle, slow and sensual. Then he kissed her breast. Tabby thought she was going to cum; the heat had built to an unbearable level. Again her legs moved nervously.

The next kiss was to her nipple. It was a kiss, not a suck. A sensual meeting of lips with hard nipple. It filled Tabby with a desire to pull his head in closer. One of her hands rose from the bed, but fell back as he lifted his face slightly.

Through this experience she had felt his breath against her skin. His touch, his lips kissing her body. This was so sensual, yet also so planned she thought. He really was making it up to her. Tonight was going to be the best ever.

Just as this thought went through her mind he moved away from her body, sitting upright on the bed. She lifted her head, raising a hand to the blindfold as she did. He quickly pulled her hand away, grasping her wrist firmly. Again his finger went to her lips. Tabby went red, embarrassed that she had almost spoilt the game for him. She also wondered if he hadn't read her thought about his planning and didn't like it. She flopped back, her head on the soft pillow. A wide smile appeared on her face. How hot could he get her she wondered.

Again he lent over her prone body. This time he kissed her belly, where his hands had been, kissing the soft lace corset. One hand rested gently on her breast, the other on her bare skin where the corset stopped and there was a gap to the top of her panties. Tabby could hear her own breathing, heavy, almost panting as she tried to look through the dark blindfold. Her arms lay limp next to her body.

The hand below his head slipped down to the waist of her panties. The black material raised and lowered with the deep breaths she took. He hooked his thumb in the waist and laid the palm of his hand out over her crotch, rubbing gently across the black lace. The material against her trimmed bush felt so sexy she was ready to moan again. Somehow she suppressed the urge as he teased her, plucking at the thin elastic of the waistband like a guitar string.

His long fingers hooked around her pubic mound to touch the softness between her legs. She had brought her knees up a little as he kissed her belly, now she parted them some more for him. He could feel a dampness at her crotch as he ran his fingers along her pussy lips, feeling their swollen outline.

He moved his head to kiss her bare skin above the panties, his tongue touching her skin. A bolt of electric like passion zapped through Tabby's excited body as he kissed her again there. His other hand slowly slid down her body to her thigh. He gently rubbed her thigh as he kissed the silky lace front of the panties. His finger running along the slippery grove of her pussy as he did.

Tabby thought she was going to cum. It was all that she could do not to moan and cry out as spasms wracked her body. She knew that as soon as he entered her she would cum, in a mind blowing explosion of erotic passion. She knew her face was flushed with the excitement and pain of her situation. She wished she could speak, to beg him to fuck her, beg him to rip the panties away and take her now.

Just then he sat up again. He let his fingers drag across her lower body and then slid them down her thighs and off her altogether. There was a moment of deathly silence. Tabby's low pant was the only sound.

At that he slipped off the bed. She felt him move past her. She tried to follow his movements with her blindfolded face. He was moving around her room. There was an eerie silence. Then she heard a drawer of her dresser open, it had a characteristic squeak. It closed. Once more there was silence.

"What are…" She remembered the vow of silence herself this time as she felt him approach the bed. The edge of the bed sunk as he sat beside her. Again he put a finger to her lips, signalling her silent, blind compliance. She could smell the faint, musky smell of her own juices on the finger. A smile spread across her face again.

He let his hand travel across her cheek and down her neck, just below the ear, and then over her shoulder and down her arm. He held her wrist, lifting her arm from the bed. He bent and kissed her hand. She smiled. He held the hand for a moment. Then she felt something brush against her, something long and silky. Her look changed to one of puzzlement.

Her arm was being held up, almost at full extension. She felt the soft silk as the loosely knotted silk scarf slipped over her wrist. Using his other hand he pulled the knot a little tighter, being careful not make it too uncomfortable. Tabby's face changed as he swung her arm back up over her head. A brief look of concern appeared as he tied the scarf off on the iron bed head. Then she grinned, this was going to be a night to remember she thought as he slipped another knotted scarf on her other wrist.

With her arms tied back above her head her breasts were pulled tight against her chest, the nipples even more visible on the heaving small white mounds. He lent over and kissed her forehead. Then moved quickly down to her ankles. First he pushed her shin so she lifted her knee from the bed then tied her ankle off against the bottom of the bed. Finally she was totally bound to the bed.

"You really have thought this out," Tabby finally said, getting the whole sentence out as she waited for his next move.

"Shhh…" he hissed as he started to strip himself off. She could hear the rustle of his clothes as they peeled from his body. It wouldn't be long now. She could feel the tension rising again. Would he fuck her straight away or make her suck his cock first? Her breathing grew short and heavy again, her heart was racing.

It seemed like forever but it wasn't too long before Tabby felt his presence again. He approached the bottom of the bed. She tensed her body as he touched her leg, moving it slightly. She automatically lifted the knee but he guided it back down as he climbed up beside her. She could feel his knees against her thigh, his cock above her leg, it waved slightly, making a cool breeze.

A dryness returned to her mouth and throat. Her face showed a puzzled look of concern now. The blackness gave her a feeling of loss of control. Her arms and legs lightly tied back increased her helplessness. Tabby tensed.

Delicately, slowly he lent further forward. His face lowering until he kissed her bare skin just above the panties once more. Then he kissed the soft lace of the panties, at the same time hooking his finger under the crotch as she parted her legs as wide as the ties would allow.

The finger tugged the soft material aside, exposing her damp pussy for the first time. He lent in, his mouth less than an inch from her, his breath making her clit tingle. He let his tongue wipe the length of her pussy in one swipe. His finger pulled the panties further to one side as he licked her again, this time flicking her clit with his tongue. Then he took her clit in his mouth.

"Ohhh…ohhh…" Tabby moaned as he continued to suck at her clit and play with her pussy.

There was no attempt to stop her moans now. He was busy. His finger found her opening and he squeezed it in. She moaned again as it snaked its way into her young body. She was wet, almost at the edge of coming and so hot. Again his tongue darted across her pussy. She squirmed. One more lick and she would lose it. Her face was flushed, a bead of sweat appeared on her forehead.

Sensing how close she must be he stopped. His head raised. Tabby didn't move an inch. She couldn't, the tension was so great. As she lay, her limbs tied back, her body exposed, she waited in anticipation and in darkness.

He lifted one leg over hers, then regained his balance as the soft mattress settled, then the other. His cock hit her thigh as he swung over her body. She could feel his presence, kneeling at her crotch, his cock only inches from her hot, aching pussy. His hand slipped up under her butt, pulling her forward a little. Tabby raised her knees for him, her legs as wide as she could go.

A thumb moved to the crotch of her panties, pulling them aside again, further than before to expose her entire pink pussy. It glistened with juice as he moved forward using one hand to part her pussy lips and the other to guide his long hard cock to its prize. The head snuck into her hot tunnel. Her pussy shut down hard on it as soon as it was inside.

"Yes! Ohhhh…fuck…yes…Eric," the young brunette called out as her body twitched with the orgasm that had hovered there for so long. "Ohhh...God…you beautiful person…ohhh…fuck yes."

He slipped it further into her, his cock sliding easily now, as she relaxed again. Now she could hear his breathing, a light pant as he slipped in, his cock so big it was pushing her pussy wider. There was something about the breathing that was different, but this whole thing had been so different she didn't really care.

"Eric, you feel so much bigger…" Tabby gasped, her voice trailing off.

As his cock finally seemed to finish entering the hot little snatch, he stopped for a moment. They both held their breath, they knew what was next. He pumped in and out a few times slowly, barely moving anything but his hips. Still no sound except some heavy breathing. Then he hooked his hands under her raised thigh and lifted her legs a little more, to the full extent of the silk ties. His cock was fully embedded in her as he did this and it seemed to sink a little further into her as her legs moved up a bit.

Satisfied with her position he gave a couple of big hard pumps, a warning of what was coming. Then he started, pumping hard and fast into the brunette. At the same time one hand came up to squeeze her breasts, this time not gently. He ravaged them, twisting the nipples and squeezing hard. She moaned and grunted. The other hand went for her blindfold. She felt the fingers claw over the top of the black velvet. Then he ripped the cover away as he pumped in hard and deep. Her moans continued as the light flooded in to blind her. She squinted at the body leaning over her, fucking her hard. It was hazy as she blinked up at it, just an outline at first. Then her sight began to clear.

"Mike!" What are you doing?" She screamed, trying to push herself into a sitting position as she stared horrified at her boyfriends roommate.

"Fucking you bitch, what does it look like," he said as he continued to plough into her pussy with heavy, hard thrusts.

"Get off me!" Tabby demanded now, trying to wriggle in her bonds.

"Too bad babe. I always wanted a piece of your pretty little ass, now I have got my wish," he sneered.

"Please stop," Tabby begged as her attempt to struggle free failed. She fell back against the pillow as he continued to fuck her.

"No way babe, gone too far now," he panted. His hips were grinding into her body now. She had dropped her knees, but he hooked his hands back under them and lifted to let himself deeper into her hot pussy. "You are one hot chick and I want to fuck your brains out."
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