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I had recently moved to tiny community in Pa northeast of Philadelphia with it rolling hills and farm fields. Since I did not know many of the residents it was easy for me to accept everyone I met without the baggage of all the gossip and jealousies normally associated with small towns.

Over a short time I quickly became aware of a youth soccer club and decided to offer my services as a coach. I had coached youth boy’s teams for several years and had been quite successful in the community I had just left. The club welcomed me with open arms as one of their own had moved away and there was a team without a coach.

Early on I realized that this was a team of wonderful kids who really wanted to learn but their parents were a bunch of disjointed egotistical parents who spent more time questioning me and complaining about the team than supporting their children.

The worst offender was Peggy. She was my team mother by default. A beautiful woman with long flowing dark hair and a body that belonged to the campus queen. A title I soon learned she once held. Her ripe full breasts and her shapely legs made her the envy of most women and the desire of most men. Her beauty was not lost on me but her attitude was so bad that even her charms were not enough to want me to have her around.

Peggy was married to an influential man of the community and had come from wealth herself. She was active as an officer in the PTA and had kind of self anointed herself team mother and because of her bold domineering style no one wanted to challenge her. Everyone had grown to accept her behavior.

I found myself trying to avoid her criticism of my coaching of her child and tended to deal with her when others were around. It was not that I was afraid of her but I was afraid of my self and what I might say or do if she pushed me over the edge.

Several weeks ago my attitude all changed. As part of our upcoming soccer tournament I had to go and get from Peggy a picture of her for the program book and some last minute adds. As I approached her house on that sunny day I found that her lawn service was working on her property and so I parked my car a few doors away and walked to the rear of her house.

As I walked by the side of the house I saw her through the window of her kitchen talking to one of the young members of the crew. He looked to be of college age. He had his shirt off and the sweat was dripping down his tan will muscled chest. Peggy was handing him a glass of liquid and as he drank the liquid I saw her right hand travel from his neck down his chest towards his belt. She kept repeating this motion while doing it I could see the uncertainty on the face of the young man. My guess he was not sure what to do. Out of instinct I grabbed my camera, which I brought just in case I needed to take her picture for the program, and took several shots of her actions. The young man quickly finished his drink and as he handed the glass back to Peggy she kissed his lips. He darted from the house obviously nervous at what had happened and continued his cutting of the back lawn.

I watched as Peggy smiled and as she followed him with her eyes her left had moved to her breast and began to stroke and squeeze first her left breast than the right. Her right hand pushed down her shorts and slowly slides into front of her panties. I watch with delight as this cool pain in the ass was masturbating to the thoughts of the young lawn help. Much like before my camera went into action snapping away as she slowly exposed her right breast and lower her shorts for better access to her heat valley between her legs. She continued to stroke herself to a wonderful orgasm. My self I had a huge erection watching her and wanted to stroke my own cock but knew I would never be able to take pictures so I suffered the pain of need. After Peggy calmed down from her pleasure she fixed her clothes and I waited till she left the kitchen before I rang the back door bell.

Peggy met me in the kitchen as if nothing had occurred and proceed to give me the ads and a picture I needed. Of course before I left I got some more of her attitude.

When I arrived home I connected the camera to my computer and downloaded my pictures. The quality was beautiful as Peggy was clearly exposed in all my photos. As I enjoyed the memory of the earlier events I stroked my 8 "cock trying to decide what I would do. Several days later I decided to email some of the photos to Peggy with them I asked her which one would she like in the book.

Peggy came storming to my house about an hour later. As she stood on my porch I could see the fire and anger in her face. As opened the door she stormed into my house screaming. I let her vent while I closed the door and then calmly told her that I was tired of her attitude and what she saw was only a small sample of the pictures I possessed from the other day and if she didn't shut up all the town would see what a horny slut she really was. I believe that reality hit home as Peggy's mouth opened but not a sound escaped her lips. I then told her that there was going to be a change around here and she was going to behave which included being real nice to the coach. Her new responsibilities was to be my slut and she could either accept her new role or I could e-mail some pictures starting with her husband, the PTA, etc.

I could see a tear form in her right eye, as she knew her life was going to change. Gone was the snotty socialite. At first she tried to threaten me with legal action but I told her to leave if that was her response and I would see her in court. Peggy stood exactly where she had been and did not move. After a few minutes I told her to either leave or tell me that she was my joy toy.

Her faced flushed but she finally said the words Ron's joy toy. I proceed to blast her and made her repeat how much she needed me and how much she wanted to please me. I then instructed her to remove her blouse. With shaking hands one button at a time she undid her blouse until it fell to the floor. I then had her remover pants and she stood in a black matching bra and thong. She was shaking in her high heel pumps waiting in fear of what was next.

I sat on the chair in the room and told her to slowly run her hands over her breast just like in the pictures. She obeyed my instructions and as she touched herself I told her to tell me how she would serve me and to beg to suck my cock.

Watching her and listening her was stimulating my desire. This proud bitch had lost her attitude. I walked to her and told her to remove her bra and to twist and pull her nipples. They were long and erect and I knew her own hands were turning her on. My little team mother was just in need of someone to train her and take control. I guess hubby was not able to give her what she needed.

As I approached her I could see lust in her eyes. Her breathing was heavy and she seemed to pull harder and faster on her nipples. I walked behind her and grabbed her hair and pulled her into the kitchen all the while telling her to continue to play with tits. I bent her over the kitchen table. I took her hands away from her breast and placed them flat on the table. I told her not to move and I began to tell her what a bad girl she had been. I asked her what happens to bad girls and I could see the fear in her eyes as she quietly answered they are punished.

How are they punished I asked Peggy and there was silence?

Her tan ass was sticking up in the air. Obviously she tanned naked so I decided to see what it would take to turn tan too red. Answer me how should bad girls be punished. When she didn't answer I smacked her ass and she screamed they get a good spanking slut I said and you will get one now.

Please she begged not that I am too old for that.

My answer to her was simply I want you to count each smack and thank me after each one. If you fail we will start over. I began back and forth from one cheek to another and after 30 smacks my little Peggy was crying just like a little girl. Peggy begged forgiveness and promised to be good.

I looked her now laying out on the table hair messed up, eyes watering with tears, and makeup running and I saw a defeated woman. I pulled her thong down her legs and then to took a wooden spoon and dished out 10 more smacks. In between her spankings I ran the spoon between her legs causing her inflamed clit to react to my stimulation.

I asked her if she wanted to fuck the spoon and her answer was a moan.

I ran my own fingers between her legs and could feel the juices running from her love nest. Peggy was hotter than she had been in a long time maybe ever. I told her to get up and she rubbed her ass just like a little girl. I then told her to undress me.

She did as she was told and as she undressed me she kissed my chest and nipples. She licked and sucked down my body until exposed my cock, which stood straight up with desire.

I pushed her shoulders down and she fell to her knees and grabbed for my cock. I pulled away and told her to beg.

She responded by asking me to please let her suck my cock she needed to feel it in her mouth. I took my cock and slapped her face and she moved her mouth to capture it. Finally I told she could please me. My new toy sucked like a child with a Popsicle. As I felt my own release coming I pulled from her mouth and told her to get on all fours like the dog she was. She never hesitated and I slowly entered her from the rear. I pounded in to her and she kept screaming how much she loved my cock. When I came she followed shortly after.

I told her to clean my cock with her mouth and she quickly went to work. As she sucked and licked my cock clean it began to grow and soon I was ready for more. I stood and told her to follow me. As she started to stand I told her no crawl and she did following me to the bedroom.

I let her stand and I went to my dresser top and remove a leather collar and placed it around her neck. I told her she would wear this whenever we were together even at games. She sniffled back a tear as she saw herself in the mirror all pride lost.

I instructed her to get on all fours on the bed. I ran my hands through her pussy and when my fingers were well coated I ran them over her anal entry. I then pushed two fingers into her virgin ass. That beautiful now red ass would no longer saunter around as I fucked her ass for several moments with my fingers until I removed them with a popping sound. She moaned with loss of my fingers and I left her kneeling in anticipation as I went to the bathroom and return with a tube of Ky.

I squirted some on my fingers and stroked it around her ass and then coated my cock. By now Peggy knew what was next. She asked me to not do what she knew I would. My response was for her to feel my cock pushing against her tight anal opening. She begged once and then I pushed and slowly I entered her. There was moans of pain soon replaced by moans of pleasure and as she adjusted to my 8." Peggy soon was fucking back so hard it even surprised me. My stamina was good so she came far before me but once I did I filled her ass with cum. We collapsed and she stayed with me until evening. Before she left I took her in the shower and licked her pussy into several orgasms.

Now Peggy comes to me several times a week. For more training discipline. I love taking her over my knee and recently she messed up a tournament registration so I told her that her spanking was going to take place with a witness. I haven't decided whom but it will be one of the females in town who has suffered from her in the past. That fear alone has her on edge. She wears her collar with pride while no one knows why. Everyone has noticed a more humble and social Peggy and they noticed she stands more at games must be the paddle she feels before each game and after if we lose.
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