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It was a cold and dreary winter night. I was snuggled in bed. I was alone, as my parents and my brother Brad had gone out for my sister Lisa’s graduation. I had been depressed ever since Raoul my Spanish boyfriend had dumped me and I was in no mood for any celebration. I thought I hard some noise on the ground floor of our large house. I got off my bed and stumbled down the hallway down the stairs towards the door. I opened the main door but so no one there. Fumbling for the light switch I closed the door. When I flipped the switch nothing happened. I turned to go up to my room as I secured the bolt on the door. Suddenly I felt something blocking my way. I quickly pressed the button at the side of the door which would immediately set off the alarms at the offices of Thomson and Willis, the Private Investigators hired by my father’s firm and the local cop station. My father was a famous scientist and doing some very important work for the Government and was on the hit list of some nations. I hoped help would come sooner than later. Before I could figure out what was blocking my way, my wrists were pinned together against my chest and a hand covered my mouth. A split second before panic set in he spoke, " Stay calm and quiet and you'll enjoy what is about to happen to you." I was startled and started sweating though it was chilly.

The voice was almost a whisper as a gag replaced the hand over my mouth quicker than I could say anything much less scream for help. I was only in a sleeveless nightie and my cleavage was showing. His face was masked as I got used to the light.

He had pinned my hands back against the door and my arms were raised. I have never shaved my armpits or at least in the past five years as Raoul wanted me to stay hairy. I have lots of hair in my underarms obviously five years of bushy growth. Rauol loved my armpit hair and the rest of my hirsute body and I did everything to please me.

The masked man stared at me and he expressed his surprise at my unshaven underarms “My what a hairy woman. You have more hair in your underarms than most men bitch and I like your bushy armpits”. I felt exposed, my ass up in the air covered only by my panties and bordered by my garter belt. I gasped as the masked intruder ripped off my panties. He dug his fingers under my flimsy nightie and pulled off my panties and exposed my bushy pubic mound.

I felt him reach between my legs and then he unbuckled his belt, his hand slid down my ass into my hairy asshole as he unzipped his pants. I tried to struggle as I felt his cock press against my ass but the forearm on my shoulders held me firmly in place. He did not speak and in the total darkness, I could see nothing much. He reached between my legs and tugged at the crisp wild untangled hair rowing in my furry mound. My pubic hair has always been were thick and never been trimmed. Even when I wore panties the dense thicket of pubic hair would stick out from the top and sides of my panties. It covered less and exposed more of my pubic hair. He pushed his fingers into my dry pussy and I felt my body tingle much to my annoyance. Darned that bastard Raoul who had made me crave for cock. The stranger cock appeared to be very large as I felt the shaft press against me. Soon I was a little wet as he lubricated the lips of my pussy then reached between them and coated his cock. He pushed me down on the carpet my hands still pinned above my heads and suddenly the head of his cock was inside my pussy, another stroke and he was completely inside me.

A couple of slow full length strokes followed then, he slammed deep inside me. I tried to resist but to no avail. With each stroke he banged me harder and deeper, I could only lay there unable to move. Despite the circumstances, I felt something stirring inside me. Without warning, an orgasm swept over me. Fighting for air through the gag the moans that escaped me betrayed the fact that my body had been racked with pleasure. He knew what was going through me even as his massive cock invaded my hairy pussy. Even though I knew he had felt my orgasm he didn't slow down. Suddenly he pulled his cock out of my bushy pussy, and placed the head of his rock hard cock against the hairy opening of my ass and held it there while he applied more lubricant.

I groaned as the head slipped into my ass, he was almost gentle as he worked more and more of himself into me until his cock was completely inside my ass. He was no longer forcing me and I was now enjoying his forceful entry. He began pounding his cock in and out of my hairy ass. Harder and faster with each stroke he continued. He removed my gag as he probably felt I was no longer resisting and I began to scream uncontrollably in ecstasy. He pounded my ass even harder and faster, as my orgasm washed over me wave after wave and I felt his hot cum deep inside me ass.

"Damn girl you feel so good." His big rough hands moved over my breasts, and to my shame my nipples were already swollen and tight even as he brushed his hand in the dense jungle in my hairy armpits. He sure liked my bushy armpits as he lovingly twirled the hair in my unshaven underarms. He did something to the knob and the lights came on. I then saw the weapon, which had raped me.

My god, it had to be 12 inches long, and it was thick too. He smiled when he saw me staring at it. "You want this in your pussy or in your mouth you hairy slut?" he asked. He stroked it with one big hand, and it throbbed even larger.
He moved up even farther until his cock was right in front of my face. He slapped me with it, and laughed. "Suck it you hairy horny bitch,” He said. I kept my mouth closed though I really wanted to suck his enlarged prick. I didn’t want to show I was lusting for it. He pried my lips open and shoved his cock down my throat. I wanted to gag, or to bite it, but I couldn't seem to do anything but lie there, as I tasted his salty pre-cum drip into my mouth. He balls slapped against my chin as he fucked my face.

When he'd had enough of my mouth, He moved away and he pulled off his shirt. I have always had a fetish for hairy men and this masked man was excessively hairy. His chest was covered with a thick mat of jet-black hair, which ran down to his crotch and from where jutted his fiery engine, which was big and thick.

He took his cock out of my mouth and shoved his cock into my now soaking pussy. Holding my legs down with his he rammed his cock into me again and again. I felt his heavy balls smack against my sore ass. I began fucking him back. His mouth moved into the matted hair in my bushy armpits. “Aaaaahhhhhhhh I love the hair in your unshaven underarms its so long and so thick” he groaned. Was I being raped or was I being pleasured. I wrapped my legs around his body as we fucked harder and harder. I wanted to rape this hairy monster. The lips of my pussy pulled him deeper into me. I could feel myself tighten inside, ready to cum. He thrust again, and again into me. I could feel his body tensing up. He grunted, and I felt him shoot himself up into me. His hot cum filled my cunt as he buried himself deep in my belly. Right then I came, the muscles inside my pussy clenching tightly at him, as the rest of his cum dripped from his still hard cock.

Suddenly I heard a siren as the masked man left quickly his prick still exposed. It was the machine my father had installed in the house, which had triggered off the siren at the office of Thomson and Willis Private Dicks and they were here with the cops. I knew the private dicks well they had come before and I had nicknamed them the “harried Dicks” ad now in my almost nude state showing my hairy body they could easily be “Haired Dicks” but the cops would a problem
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