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Another day, and more mail dropped on the mat from the postman. Brian picked them up, sweating, as he knew they were all bills, wanting money yesterday. Brian lost his cool again.

'How much longer are you going to take to find a bloody job, Tracy? We are bleeding ourselves dry, spending more than we earn, and still you can't get a damn job. I'm working my butt off, and what are you doing? Nothing!!' It was the start of another row between the married couple, and it had passed the point of sensible discussion. Only in their early thirties, and with 4 young children, things were desperate, and they were really almost at each other's throats by now.

'I've tried and tried, you know that,' replied Tracy. 'I've been for umpteen interviews, looked in the paper each day and I phone the agencies each day, don't I? I don't know what else I can do.' They could hardly speak to one another any more, and as for sex, well, it had been a non-starter for the last few months at least.

'Well, you want to try a bit harder, don't you, because if something doesn't come up soon, we're going to have to sell the house.........and I've put every dollar I've earned into this fuckin' place,' and Brian stormed out of the house to work, leaving Tracy in tears again, not knowing which way to turn.

Tracy was in her early 30s, and in spite of 4 children, she was still a good looking woman. Only just 5ft, blonde, she had a real hot body, large, shapely breasts, firm slim legs and a wonderfully tight ass. Sex with Brian used to be fantastic and there was really nothing that she wouldn't do for her husband, but the recent stress of trying to keep a home and bring up four children had got to them both, and now they had a job to even speak in bed.

She had used to regularly go to the gym to keep her body firm and slim, but that was the first thing to go when finances became tight, but even so she still attracted leering looks when she was out shopping or taking the kids to school. She really racked her brains again to try and think of a way out of this terrible mess that was risking her home and marriage. After calming down a little, she tried the agency again, more in desperation than optimism.

'I hoped that you would ring, Tracy. Something has just come in this morning, and it might be just ideal for you. Here's the phone number, and it's Rob Hampshire you need to speak to. Mind you, the hours are a bit funny.' Tracy's heart almost burst with excitement as she tried to write down the number, and then she composed herself as best she could before ringing. Right now, any job would do, anything to bring some money in and make life a little easier again.

Eventually, she got put through to Mr Hampshire who told her that he was looking for an office 'Girl Friday' to help out his business.

'I want a girl who is prepared to work hard, looking after my admin and other jobs I have, and it is likely to involve two late evenings per week. How do you feel about that?' Tracy had to think on her feet......she was desperate for the work, and if this is all she could get for the time being, then so be it. She said it wasn't a problem, and agreed to go along to see Mr Hampshire the following morning.

Hampshire was in his mid fifties, silver-grey hair, tall and distinguished, with a strong presence and, smartly dressed in a dark suit with collar and tie, he gave the air of a powerful and influential entrepreneur. He showed Tracy into his plush office and told her about his business. Born in the UK, he had settled in the US a few years ago, and now he ran a big leisure company with branches all over the State, and the companies involved night-clubs, hotels, ice-rinks, bowling alleys, pleasure boats on the lakes and rivers, and a number of candy kiosks all over the place. His main admin office was a few miles outside of Dallas, on the banks of White Rock Lake where, he said, up to thirty or so cruisers and smaller boats were kept for hire, as part of the pleasure boat business. The main office was on the ground floor, which Tracy had reported to when she first arrived.

She was led up the plush wooden stairway to Hampshire's big office, and noticed there were only 3 other doors on the landing....two for the gents and ladies, and the third was unmarked. She immediately was in awe of the big man as he towered over her, his deep voice and blue-eyed stare dominating the situation, as he showed Tracy to a chair opposite his desk.

'If you don't measure up to the hard work, you'll be out. OK? I pay my staff well, and there are good spin offs to working for this company. You can see the great view out onto the Lake, so it's a good office to work in, but I expect loyalty and I expect the job to get done. You get Wednesdays off but Monday and Tuesday you work from 9 'til 3 and Thursday and Friday, you work from 3 'til 9 in the evening. That's because boats are leaving or coming back from hire, especially in the summer, and I don't want paper work hanging about. That's what it is. You've got a nice office next to mine, and you keep my diary up to date when I'm not here. What's the answer?'

As he watched Tracy, Rob Hampshire looked the blonde woman deliberately up and down, taking in her firm breasts in the smart blazer, and her gorgeous legs as she sat cross legged in the cream skirt. She shivered at his icy look, as she had been put on the spot, but she had also been given a job offer. The thought of being late home on Thursday and Fridays wouldn't be very popular with Brian, but times were desperate, and Tracy thought that really, she had no option but to accept the offer. Brian would just have to help out with the baby sitting now and then. The salary being offered would make all the difference anyway.

'Thankyou, thankyou, Mr Hampshire. You don't know how grateful I am to be offered a job again. I won't let you down.'

'I'm sure you won't, Tracy,' Hampshire replied with a glint in his eye, casting his eyes over the shapely body again. 'Start Monday morning, be here sharp at 9, and I'll get one of the girls to sort your office out for you.'

Tracy drove the half hour back home with a song in her heart, and more excited than she'd been for a long time. God, they needed the money, and she couldn't fuck up on this now. Brian would be chuffed as hell, and perhaps they could start being a happy, loving couple again!! She bought steak for dinner, Brian seemed as excited as she was and they made love that night for the first time in ages.

Tracy drove her Saturn saloon over to White Rock Lake on Monday morning, as nervous as hell but really excited to be back working again. She looked really smart, a well cut dark suit, high heels and dark tights making her look really efficient and fetching at the same time. Hampshire wasn't there that day, but one of the girls from the downstairs office showed Tracy to her new office upstairs, and she spent most of the day acquainting herself with the filing system, the computer, and all the other little things in her office. She could look out of her window at all the boats moving around on the Lake, make herself coffee whenever she wanted, and generally get used to the environment.

Tracy made a point of going downstairs to introduce herself to the rest of the staff at White Rock, and she was amazed how many of them, particularly the males, took the time out to talk to her and be as pleasant and helpful as possible. She also couldn't fail to notice how they all drank in her perfume and shapely figure, and her feminine intuition knew that eyes were watching her body as she moved around the office...was it surprising?? Tracy knew she was going to enjoy working here. Back in her office, she had already seen a big black book on her desk marked 'Mr Hampshire's Diary' and, noting that there was nothing booked for today, she was able to relax and just settle herself into the new surroundings. She was also aware that there was an adjoining door between her office and Hampshire's, so that he could come and go without having to go out onto the landing.

Slowly, Tracy settled into the office routine, taking dictation from Hampshire, meeting guests with appointments, taking calls for the boss, organising his diary etc etc, and she really began to enjoy her work. On Thursday and Friday evenings, she had to go down to the boat yard to collect time sheets from the dozen or so men who worked the boats, and on the Friday evening, Tracy would have to go back with the pay slips for all the men. She got to know these men and was even offered a trip out on the lake in one of the cruisers. She declined on that occasion, but hoped that she could do it at a later date. Life was good again!!

Her first pay cheque at the end of the month led to a little celebration with Brian, a meal out at a nice restaurant, and then a wonderful session in bed where Tracy sucked Brian into her beautiful mouth before swallowing all his pent up frustrations down into her accommodating throat. Things seemed to be back on a calm, even keel again, and life looked rosy. Until a bombshell hit Tracy!

'Come into the office, Tracy, and close the door!' Rob Hampshire sounded severe and commanding, but this was his usual attitude, so Tracy thought very little of it. It was first thing on a Monday morning, and she thought there would be a lot of business to attend to for the boss, but he sat behind his desk and just looked at her as she stood before him. His eyes studied Tracy's firm tits that were fighting the tight, red sweat shirt that she wore, and the more he looked, the harder her nipples became. Tracy began to blush, and tried to break the ice.

'Yes, Mr Hampshire? You look pretty serious. Anything wrong?'

'I think there is, Tracy. In fact, I know there is. Do you and your husband take me for a fool? Don't answer that, because I'm nobody's fool. For the last six months my overheads in the night clubs have risen sky high for no good reason, and it was only one of my sharp eyed accounts staff that noticed it.' Tracy had no idea what he was talking about, but he looked pretty frightening and menacing. Still, how could this affect her or Brian? Hampshire went on.

'I use an agency to clean the clubs, and they send about one hundred cleaners to do the work, but for the last 6 months, we have been paying a monthly invoice for THREE hundred cleaners. We have paid it in good faith, but we have been conned. And do you know who has been signing the invoice on behalf of the agency? Your husband, Tracy. Your husband has been sending an invoice for 200 staff that don't exist!! That's 200 by about $300 a month which is about,' and Hampshire stood up behind his desk, even more threateningly. 'It's about $60,000 a month, and over the six months, that's over $300,000 dollars. My company has been embezzled to the tune of $300,000 dollars, and your fucking husband has been sending the invoices.'

Tracy, by now, was frozen to the spot. The figure kept going over in her mind. Brian DID work for the financial company that looked after the agency, he DID sign the invoices that went out, but there was no way in the world that he had acquired $350,000 dollars in the last six months.........they were in debt all over the place, including possibly losing the house, so Tracy knew exactly what the financial position was. But, what could she say to Hampshire.

'Mr Hampshire, I've got no idea what's been going on at my husband's company...he certainly wouldn't be stealing from you....' She was almost stuttering the words out as she was so nervous and frightened, and could see not only the loss of her new job, but possibly a big police investigation and.........oh God, it didn't bear thinking about. 'We're really hard up, Mr Hampshire, with hardly any money at all, and it was only me getting this job that saved us from the bankruptcy court, and perhaps losing our house. You've got to believe me. There must be another reason why these mistakes have occurred,' and Tracy could feel the tears welling up in her eyes.

Hampshire looked unsympathetic!

'Well, he's signing dud invoices, and now you're working for me. Seems a bit fishy, doesn't it? As though you both think I'm a soft touch who can be taken for a ride. Well, you're going to find out that I'm NOT a soft touch, and I'm going to get my money back, even if it means you both going to prison and end up in hell!!! Rob Hampshire doesn't get taken for a ride, ever, and bigger people than you and your husband have tried and failed, so Tracy, or whatever your fuckin' name is, I should brace yourself for a trip to the Police Department, and then a few years inside the iron bars of a comfy prison!' He stood only a few feet away from Tracy as she suddenly burst into tears, and she had no way to turn.

She had no ammunition to argue the situation, she could see her whole world collapsing around her, and she was likely to faint at any moment. Brian would never steal from anybody, and she certainly had no idea how the error could have been made, but she knew that her nice new job was almost certainly over. She could only plead her innocence.

'Mr Hampshire, oh my God, I don't know what's happened here, but I can only promise you that neither I nor Brian would ever dream of embezzling anybody. I'm sure he only signs the invoices, and has no idea of how many cleaners are being used by the agency, but.....but...' Hampshire didn't let her continue.

'I've thought about calling in the police right now, but I've decided to wait 24 hours, so you go home and think about all that money you and your husband owe me. Think about your kids, Tracy, and what's going to happen to them! They'll probably have to stay with relatives while you're in prison, won't they, or even go to a foster home! Go home, and be back here sharp at 9o'clock tomorrow. If you don't, I'll have the police come round to your house. People like you piss me off.....you think you can get away with trying to shit on me..........well, you be here tomorrow. Now fuck off!'

It was no good saying anything else...Rob Hampshire couldn't be argued with. Tracy drove home in a trance with all the most terrible scenarios going round in her head. She daren't talk to Brian about it, as it would probably give him a heart attack, and she could only get back to the office next morning to try and face Hampshire again. She trembled as she stood before him again.

'I've spoken to the Chief Executive of your husband's company, and I've told him in no uncertain terms what's been happening. I want my money back, and I don't care who goes to the wall! If he finds out it was your husband screwing me, then I'll make sure that both he and you get punished like you've never thought about before. He's going to get his auditors in. So don't think this is over Tracy, because it's only just begun. As for you, well you're in deep shit, aren't you? You need money, don't you? You need a job, don't you?' He moved behind her as she sat in front of his desk, and Tracy shivered knowing that he was looking down on her from behind.

'Mr Hampshire, I'm....I'm really very sorry for what's happened....really sorry. I can only say it was nothing to do with me, or Brian, but, yes, we do need the money and I don't know what I'll do if you fire me. Please, please.........just let me stay on while the auditors look at the books........I'll do........I'll do anything to show you it wasn't me.........just give me a chance, and I promise.........I promise I'll be the best 'Girl Friday' you've ever had.' She shivered again, the tears welling up once more.

Tracy didn't really know what she had been saying, she was just pleading her case, trying to keep hold of her job, hoping that in the meantime, the matter would be sorted out. Christ, what were the alternatives? Just then, she felt Hampshire's hand gently grasp her blonde hair at the back. She almost jumped.

'Do you really think I should keep you on, Tracy, rather than sack you? Why should I keep you on?' and he carried on stroking the blonde hair, teasing and slowly pulling Tracy's head back until she had to look back and up into the ice blue eyes.

'Because I really do need the job, Mr Hampshire, and I know you're not happy with what you think I've done, but I'll do anything you say, and prove to you that I'm a good worker and can be trusted.' She trembled again as she pleaded to this unforgiving man. He let go of her hair and walked round in front of his desk to face her.

'You now are going to show me just what a good 'Girl Friday' and loyal employee you are. You know the alternatives, and you don't want that, do you? What I say goes in this company and you owe me, big time. Any hint of disobedience or a failure to look after my interests, and I'll throw the book at you, so bringing in the police has been put on hold. What happens in this office has nothing to do with your husband, so you remain loyal to me and to my company, and you just do as I tell you, no matter what it may be, and you don't discuss anything outside here. Understand?' Tracy's breasts were heaving as the adrenalin was flowing through her body. She could see Hampshire looking at her up and down, and she almost cried with relief at the chance she was being given. She didn't care that he had stroked her hair, or watched her big breasts heaving in the tight shirt, she only thought of Rob Hampshire letting her keep her job, at least for the time being. She went back into her office, sat at her desk, and just cried to herself for 5 minutes.

When she had composed herself, and had a black coffee, Tracy knocked on Hampshire's door again to discuss his diary. He called her in and watched as she walked to his desk.

'Do you get good sex at home, Tracy? Does your husband fuck you well? You've sure got a hot body, so something must keep you in shape.' Tracy was initially embarrassed and shocked by the questions, but knew there was no way she could protest. Hampshire had total control over her.

'Yes, I enjoy sex with my husband, and I try to keep in shape. Why do you ask, Mr Hampshire?'

'Well, I think a woman like you, especially in the position you now find yourself, is a great asset, and I think that I, and my company, can train you, Tracy, to be an obedient little woman for whatever we need to achieve. Do you understand what I'm saying....I hope you do, Tracy!' Tracy looked coy and shy once more, as she had no doubt what Hampshire was alluding to. She looked down at her knees, not able to look the boss in the eye, but not daring to argue with him.

'Yes, Mr Hampshire, I understand what you're saying, but.........' Hampshire sat down in his seat behind the plush desk.

'Go and lock my office door, Tracy, and come back and stand in front of the desk.' The blonde mother trembled again, but went to the door and switched the lock over. She turned and slowly went back in front of Hampshire's desk, blushing and wondering what was coming next.

'You always look very smart, but I don't like the conservative clothes you wear. I want you to wear something different in the future, particularly as I want you meeting clients and help me get more business. Understand?'

'Well Mr Hampshire, I thought that I should........'

'Too conservative! Undo the blouse, I want to see the shape of your skin.'

'B...bu...but, Mr Hamp.........'

'No buts, Tracy. Just undo the blouse. I want you to dress how I want from now on. Do it.' Tracy had never been propositioned like this before, and so blatantly, but Rob Hampshire held her future in the palm of his hand and did she really have an option. Not if she didn't want to be unemployed, or have the police involved in the allegations. She took a huge breath and began to undo the buttons on the black blouse.

'I really shouldn't be doing this, Mr Hampshire. I think you're taking advantage of me.'

'Resign then, Tracy. I don't think you want to, do you, and besides, I'm not going to tell your husband if you just behave yourself and do as I say.' By now, Tracy had undone all the buttons and her skimpy red bra could be seen peeping out. She tried to hold the blouse together.