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Feeling completely spent after our last wonderful session in the kitchen, I needed to take a break. My lovely is still on the counter sobbing, and every once in a while her body jerks slightly, like she is experiencing after shocks. I open her fridge and I find a filter canister of water. I take out the water, close the fridge and ask her where her glasses are. She lets out a loud sobbing sigh and points with her head to one of the cabinets above the kitchen counter. Taking out a couple of glasses, I fill one about half full, and I go to her. Her eyes are closed, so she does not notice me until I am standing between her still spread knees.

"Please... I need to take a break... my body can't handle this... I have never had sex like this before... pleeeease... sob... sob... sob...!"

I don't say a word; I just place the glass against her lips, and let the water touch her lips. She jams her mouth shut, because she doesn't know what I am giving her.

"Relax... it's only water," I say to her.

I watch as she tentatively opens her eyes, which have a sort of glazed over look to them, and her tongue slowly, almost sensuously runs over her lips and tastes the water. I bring the glass back to her lips and I slowly tip the glass into her mouth. She gasps and sputters as I become a little overzealous in my offering of water.

"Oops... sorry... I never meant for that to happen," I say apologetically.

As she swallows, she shakes her head, and then says "that's ok... I know that you never meant it." I offer her more water, and she gratefully accepts.

After having something to drink myself, I glance over at my neighbour; her nightie gathered around her hips, her hair sticking to her forehead, and her skin is all goose bumpy because she is cooling down. Her nipples are sticking straight out, and her areolas are all bumpy as well. What a sight. She is no longer sobbing; it actually looks like she might be asleep. I quietly walk up to her and I touch her shoulders.

Her eyes fly open, and she groans and mumbles "... it's not a nightmare..."

I pull her off of the counter and she lands heavily on her feet on the floor and in the process her nightie falls to the floor. I take her by her right elbow and I guide her towards her bedroom. She stumbles a little as she tries to kick away her nightie and she sort of struggles again once she realizes where we are heading, but I persist in my guidance. I get her into the bedroom and I gently push her onto her back onto the bed. I tell her to roll over, and she looks at my pleadingly, but I repeat my demand. She rolls onto her stomach with a whinge and pushes her legs together as tight as then can get. I see her completely naked from behind for the first time. The light is still on in the bedroom, and I can make out every detail of her body.

Seeing her naked backside, makes me all hot and bothered again, but my poor willy just doesn't have the stamina for another fuck session. I straddle her ass, and let my hands caress and massage her shoulders. She is letting out small grunts and groans, and I realize that the way her arms are tied it is causing her some pain. I untie each arm from the elbow of the other, and she lets out a sigh of relief. She rotates her arms and stretches them out.

I put my mouth right by her ear and I whisper earnestly "if you try to do anything that I don't like, I will tie each ankle to your headboard and each wrist to the footboard... "

I let this sink in, and she lets her breath escape. I continue massaging her shoulders and neck, and she tenses up for the first while from my touch, but eventually she relaxes and lets my hands knead her sore shoulders and neck. She winces sporadically when I hit a spot that is sensitive or sore. I work my way down her back, all the while I gently caress and massage her body.

"Do you promise to lay still...?" I ask her.

She barely has the energy to nod her head. I get off of her and I go into the ensuite. I look through the drawers and cabinets, picking things that I will need next. I come back to the bed with a jar of Vaseline and some massage oil. Her eyes are closed so she doesn't see what I have brought to the bed. I open her night table drawer again and I look under the romance novels, and lo and behold there is a dildo. It isn't very long and it is fairly slim, so it will work perfect for what I have in mind. I lull her back into a relaxed mode by caressing and massaging her back, and slowly I work my way down to her waist, and then her hips, and before she knows what's happening I am massaging her butt.

Once I hit her ass she stirs and looks back. I ignore her and I massaging her butt cheeks. I start spreading open her cheeks and massaging closer and closer to her little tight rosebud.

She starts struggling a little again, and whimpers "please... not my butt... I have never done it there...!"

Without saying a word I grab the Vaseline jar, take off the lid, dip my fingers of one hand into the Vaseline and with the other I spread open her cheeks. She has brought her arms up to her head and she is resting on her elbows, with her head hanging down.

She starts sobbing and begging again. "Please not there... it is going to hurt to much... please... promise me... god please... not there...!"

I slowly start rubbing my fingers against her rosebud, applying steady yet gently pressure, frequently stopping and taking a new load of Vaseline to her ass. Through her constant sobbing and pleading, I get two fingers into her tight butt hole. I slowly finger fuck her so that the Vaseline gets distributed into her asshole. I pull my fingers out slowly, watching as her asshole stretches back towards me. My fingers come out and slowly her rosebud goes back to its original size. I grab the dildo and coat it with Vaseline.

I tell her in a very low tone "brace yourself because this may hurt a little, I will be as gentle as possible... " She starts to visibly sob and shake now, but she does not struggle.

Slowly I start pushing the head of the dildo into her ass. She groans in what seems to be pain, and I let off a little. I apply some more pressure and now the Vaseline starts working. Slowly and easily the dildo pushes into her ass. She throws her head back and grimaces in pain and lets out an anguished "auuuugggghh" but soon the dildo is completely in her ass and she collapses against the pillow. The pain has caused her to start sweating again. Her face is buried in her hands, and she protests and sobs quietly, while I move the dildo around in her ass, making sure that it is in. One of the other things that I brought from the bathroom was a tensor bandage. I grab the pillows from above her head and I tell her to lift her ass into the air so that I place the pillow under her. She slowly complies with my request. I place one pillow under stomach and the other under her thighs. I start wrapping the tensor bandage around her ass making sure that it is good and tight over top of the dildo, so that it won't pop out.

I look at my watch and the time says that it is 3:13 AM. I pull her arms behind her back again and I tie her wrists together with both scarves, making sure that she can move her wrists freely about 4" any way. I get up and get two more scarves and I tie her ankles and knees together ensuring that she won't be able to get away from me. I pull the pillows out from under her and turn her over so that she is lying on her back.

I pull her head up and I put a pillow under her head, and I take the other pillow, put it under my head, lean over her body and gently kiss each nipple and I say "good night... I think we both will sleep very well tonight."

I put my arm over her body, and I slowly drift off to sleep listening to her breath and occasionally sigh or quietly sob.

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