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Martin Collins was called to see the Managing Director. Martin worked for a large software consultancy. His three-month probationary period was nearly up and he hoped to be offered a full time contract. Martin had been a Communications Officer in the army and had found it difficult to find a steady job since leaving the forces, although he is still only twenty-seven years old.

He knocked on the door of the Managing Director's office. Marie Smith let him in and shut the door behind him. Marie Smith was in her early forties, not an unattractive woman with long dark hair, but very sour and aloof with her workers. Her office was very spick and span, not a thing out of place.

Marie sat in a chair behind a very large dark oak desk. She gestured Martin to sit down which he did. Marie looked across the desk at Martin and explained that it was unlikely the company would offer Martin a permanent contract. Martin said he would undertake any additional training required and would do anything to keep his job.

Marie leant back in her chair and asked if anything meant anything, to which Martin replied it did. Marie said the situation could be resolved right here and now. Marie continued and told Martin he must strip naked right there in the office in front of her.

Martin was shocked, he could tell by Marie's tone that she was deadly serious. "I'll report you," Martin finally blurted out. Marie callously laughed and said who would believe him.

Martin realised the vulnerability of his situation. All he could say was would he keep his job? Marie said he would and again ordered him to strip. Martin stood up and for some reason looked around nervously. He asked what if somebody were to come in. Marie said she would deal with it. A third time she told him to strip.

Martin took off his shoes and socks. He slowly removed his tie, unbuttoned and took off his shirt. He then unzipped and took off his trousers. Martin was fit and well toned; seven years in the army had sought to that. He now stood embarrassed in front of his boss wearing only his underwear. Marie ordered him to get his underwear off. With no choice he slipped off and stepped out of his underwear. Marie ogled him. Martin was well hung – his cock probably about seven inches in its current flaccid state. Marie ordered Martin to play with himself. Martin said he had done what she wanted. Marie asked if he wanted to keep his job? With no real choice and now totally embarrassed Martin started to play with himself. Despite the acute embarrassment of the situation Martin felt his cock stiffen. Marie told him to move right up to the desk. He did this – his now fully erect cock quivering. Marie took a tape measure from the drawer of her desk. She leaned across the desk. She stroked his cock as she measured his length. "Nine and a half inches" she announced.

There was a knock on the door. Marie ordered whoever was knocking to wait a moment. Martin was panic-stricken and started to dress as quickly as he could. Marie was totally relaxed. As Marie opened the door Martin had managed to dress fully apart from his tie. Marie's Personal Assistant Heather Thompson handed some files to her. She looked at Martin and then back at Marie. The two women exchanged smiles and then Heather left the office.

Marie told Martin to come back at 5.30 when everybody was leaving for the evening. Martin just nodded and left the office.

At 5.30 Martin returned to Marie's office. She let him and shut the door behind them. Marie said they must start where they left off, gesturing Martin to strip. Just then there was a knock on the door. Marie called for the person knocking to come in. Heather Thompson came in and shut the door. Marie announced that Heather would be joining them to ensure they would not be disturbed. Twenty-two year old Heather Thompson had started as the office junior and now just five years on she was Marie's PA. Heather had long blonde hair, large breasts and a good figure. She was always smartly dressed at work, outside work sexily dressed but never tartily.

Marie again told Martin to strip. Marie moved and stood beside Heather ordering Martin to stand in front of them. Marie said that as Martin wanted to keep his job he should start undressing. Again with no choice Martin removed his shoes, socks, tie and shirt. He slid off and removed his trousers. Finally he took off his underwear and stood naked and totally embarrassed in front of his boss and her Personal Assistant. His embarrassment further enhanced as they both ogled him. Marie then moved, took his clothes and threw them into a corner of the room. She ordered Martin to play with himself. He stood wanking in front of the two women – Marie rejoined Heather. Again despite the embarrassment his cock stiffened. Marie told him to stop and she moved to stand beside him. She grabbed his throbbing cock. "Not bad is it?" Marie said to Heather. Heather said she had seen bigger which deflated Martin's ego.

Marie led Martin over to her desk, by his cock. Heather moved beside them to watch. Marie lent back against the desk. Forcing Martin to his knees in front of her as she raised her skirt. Marie wore no knickers and she ordered Martin to lick her. Marie had her hands on Martin's head guiding him as he started to lick her. Marie's pussy was extremely hairy. Martin slid his tongue into Marie's damp pussy. Her juices began to run across his tongue. She allowed his tongue to explore her pussy. Martin teased her clit with his tongue as she writhed above him. Marie demanded more, her pussy was now dripping and her juices ran freely over Martin's tongue. She forced him to swallow deeply, tasting all of her as she demanded.

Marie stopped Martin and pushed him back. She made him lay out on the floor on his back. Marie sat astride Martin taking hold of his semi-erect cock. She slowly wanked him which brought his cock back to full attention.

She moved over over him and guided his throbbing cock into her, a little at a time. She gasped her breath as she lowered herself onto his full length. She started to get into a steady rhythm as she rocked on his hard cock before sliding it in shallow and then deeper. Her juices oozed down his cock and over his balls as her pussy dripped. Martin's face glistened with Marie's pussy juices.

Marie unbuttoned her blouse, exposing her breasts; she wore no bra. Marie had average sized breasts with unusually long nipples. Marie took Martin's hands and placed them on to her breasts. Martin fondled her breasts and tweaked her long and now hard nipples, running them between his fingers and thumbs. She continued to ride him harder and faster.

Heather stood at the side of them. As Martin looked across Heather raised her skirt revealing the black thong she wore. This further turned Martin on as he thought he would have a turn with Heather.

Martin was squirming and writhing beneath Marie. His breath became faster as he said he was about to cum. Marie moved off him and adjusted her clothes. Marie demanded Martin wank himself off. Martin was stunned, not to mention his feeling of humiliation and being used. Marie who had now composed herself again ordered Martin to wank himself. Heather and Marie moved and now knelt either side of Martin, his stiff cock glistening with Marie's pussy juices and some of his own pre-cum.

Martin started to masturbate and he quickly began squirming and he shot out a thick jet of hot spunk, which shot up onto his chest and over his stomach. Marie ordered him to continue wanking and milk out every last drop. Martin continued to wank with spunk running over his fingers as his remaining load dribbled down his shaft, which was already losing some of its stiffness. Martin lay out naked, spent and totally humiliated and embarrassed – both Marie and Heather fully clothed.

Marie stood up and went to collect Martin's clothes. She threw them down beside him and ordered him to get dressed. The ladies watched as Martin quickly dressed. He left the office overhearing giggles and crude comments from Marie and Heather.

Ironically Martin left the company soon after that. Marie and Heather still had the hidden video footage of Martin's three-month probationary review. Marie put this with her collection of other guys who she had taken a fancy to and whom had had similar probationary reviews!

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