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When I was eightteen my mother had a friend named Cathy that was at one time a good friend of hers. Then Cathy accused my younger brother of something he did not do and was sent to a school for boys for a year. My mother was devastated by this and so was I to see my mother hurt. So I set a plan in motion that would get revenge for both my mother and my brother.

My mother was kept away from her by a restraining order but to my surprise the order did apply to me. So now I knew that I could put my plan into motion and get revenge on Cathy. I had my buddy was old enough to buy beer and a bottle of tequila for me I waited for my mother to leave the house to go out drinking with her boyfriend. I gathered up my stuff and walked up to Cathy's house where I saw the light on in the living room so I knew she was up and her son would be in bed sleeping.

I went up the porch and knocked on her door, she got off the couch to come over to the door to see who it was. She was shocked to see that it was me and nervously opened the front door to confront me.

"What do you want?" she asked

"Hey Cathy I just want to talk to you about what happened and to show you I just want to be your friend. "I explained an incredible amount of bullshit.

"Well okay I could use a drink and if you try anything I will call the cops and have your ass arrested." she said

"No problem." I replied

The two of us sat around and drank and talked about how things had turned out. I was getting a good buzz and a good boner. I had forgotten how attractive she was she had large breasts probably thirty eight D and nice legs. I even told her that at one time I had a big crush on her and felt bad not being able to see her. To my surprise the booze and beer was getting to her because she said she always thought I was a cute guy and she missed seeing me as well.

Well we finished the bottle off and we did in a case of beer. She said she had to call it a night before she puked up all the booze. So I helped her over to the couch where she laid down and was about to pass out. She asked me to lock the door when I left so I went over to the door and pretended to lock the door and left.

I went down the street and waited about fifteen minutes and decided to walk back to her house. Sure enough she was still sleeping on the couch in just her t-shirt and gym shorts she had on while I was there. I quietly opened the door and crept into her living room. I went over to the couch and gave her a good nudge and found that she did not even stir. I gave her an even harder nudge and she did not even say anything.

Slowly I lifted the t-shirt she was wearing up to her neck to reveal a her beautiful large breasts and her large areolas. I knelt down beside her and began to gently squeeze and tease her nipples. I kneaded the soft tissue of her breasts until they began to firm up, then I began to lick and suck on her nipples. As I was doing this my left hand ran it's way down her stomach and inside her shorts.

Her pussy was very wet with it's juices as I teased her clit with my fingers then I slid a couple in and began to finger fuck her while I continued to suck her tits. She moaned softly but did not wake up from my exploration of her body. I got up and pulled her shorts off and spread her legs so I could get a good luck at her pussy. Her lips were slightly parted and glistening with their juices just begging to be fucked.

I love to eat pussy so I managed to get my head between her legs and began to run my tongue over her clit. Again she began to moan softly without waking up. Before I knew it her pelvic area tensed up and I think she may of came. So once again I decided to shake her a little and she again did not wake.

Now my cock was screaming to get out and ready to fuck her beautiful pussy. I pulled my modest seven inch cock out and got it ready to stick it into her thirty two year old pussy. I got between her legs and stuck my cock into the hottest wettest pussy it has ever touched. She was very lubricated and was very ready to fuck. So I slowly began to thrust it in and out at a slow and steady pace, but a need arose in me to do it faster and harder almost as if I wanted to hurt her. She let out several soft moans and I think I even heard her say she softly for me to fuck her harder.

After about a good fifteen minutes of hard fucking I could not take anymore and filled her pussy up with my young healthy cum. I got dressed and walked out the door leaving her laying on her couch with my cum trickling down her leg.

About two weeks later she was walking with her son down the street and she stopped to see me working on my car in the driveway. She looked as if she was ready to cry and asked if she talk to me. She told me she was late and a pretty good idea that it was me who came back to her house and had sex with her while she was passed out. She asked what I would do about it and I gave some thought for a minute.

I told her that I would take of the baby if it was mine and if she wanted to explore any kind of an relationship with a younger man I would be interested in that if it was her wish. She told me she did often fantasize about me when she would see me outside playing hoop or football with my friends and said she would be interested in that if I was.

Then there is only one thing left to do and that is for you to go into the house and apologize to my mother. I will go with you to keep her from killing and then you will explain that you our pregnant with my child and we will be moving in together. After that you will call the county D.A. and sign an affidavit that my brother did not commit that crime. If you're willing to do this you have gained your redemption, she looked at me as if I had planned this all along. She slowly shook her head in yes and I escorted her into the house to face my mother.

Cathy and I have lived together with our daughter now for four years and my mom has grown to accept it. My brother is still holding a grudge and does not talk to either of us. I have Cathy change into a different person since we have been living together and if she ever does something again I will think of an even better punishment for her.

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