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Tina Featherstone was a natural-born 'English Rose.' To be honest it was why they'd chosen her ahead of the others. In their particular sphere of operations, a woman's looks were of paramount importance, and Tina had them in abundance. The kind of looks that could turn a man's head with no effort on her part. There was an easy, natural grace about her. A quiet dignity that seemed to lure men into taking that second glance, even when they were with their wives or girl friends. Her trim figure had gained her many an appreciative smile. Her dark, shoulder-length hair framed an attractive face, and a pair of brown eyes so deep in colour that they could almost be taken for black.

Quiet and modest, she had a great sense of fun, and laughter had come easily to her until the night she disappeared. Well, maybe disappeared isn't quite the right word to use, not when you consider the circumstances. Not when Tina Featherstone was snatched off the street, right outside her house, for the sexual gratification, and financial benefit of five grown men.

As far as they were concerned, Tina hadn't disappeared at all. They knew exactly where she would be, from the moment they grabbed her until the moment she was sold into the sex trade as a plaything for the highest bidder. At least that was their intention, only this time things didn't go quite to plan.

The snatch itself was well planned and equally well executed. It took place on an Autumn evening, only minutes after darkness had descended on Walpole Road. The walk from the bus stop to her house was a short one and, despite the encroaching darkness, Tina felt a sense of safety this close to home.

The house would be there in front of her as she turned the corner. Her younger sister Susanne would be full of life, as usual, and Ma would have her tea on the table in a matter of minutes. Pops should be home around seven, and, later in the evening, she was meeting friends in town for a few drinks. As far as Tina was concerned, life had much to offer.

There was a smile on her face when she came round the corner and walked right into the ambush. The large, white Hi-Top van was parked almost outside the house. But she thought nothing of it until the shadows loomed up beside her. A single, vicious punch caught her in the pit of her stomach. Her legs buckled, and she doubled her up in pain. When she gasped for air, it was the only sound to escape her lips during this initial stage of the assault. Even at close range the sound was little more than a sigh.

Strong arms swept her off her feet and tumbled her through the van's side door, slamming her down hard on the carpeted floor. Bodies piled in on top of her, pinning her to the floor. The door slammed shut behind them, and the van pulled away from the kerb, disappearing into the gathering gloom.

The abduction of Tina Featherstone had been four weeks in the planning, yet had been carried out in five short seconds, and nobody realised she'd gone.

Inside the van Tina's struggle for survival was under way. The moment she opened her mouth to scream, a ball-gag was pushed into it, forcing her jaws painfully wide and reducing her cries to a series of ineffective whimpers. A bag of some loosely woven material was pulled over her head and secured round her neck.

At least she was able to breathe, though she could see little of what was going on around her. Even so, she knew instinctively these men meant her harm, and fought them as best she could. Until powerful hands rolled her onto her back, seized her wrists and her ankles and stretched her out across the floor.

In this manner they sat in silence for several minutes, catching their breath and gazing down at the shadowy figure of the young woman spread-eagled between them. They seemed to be waiting for something, but the voice from the front seat soon defused the tension.

"Nobody saw a thing," said the driver. "Looks like we took her clean guys. The bitch is ours. Now we can do what the fuck we like to her."

"Fuck being the operative word."

Tina stiffened, this was a different voice. Quiet, controlled and threatening, whispering its words into her ear at close range. It was a voice she would learn to fear in the coming days.

She could sense one of them leaning over her, no more than a shadow through her mask. A hand groped her breasts, squeezing them hard as he continued to whisper into her ear.

"Because that's what we're going to do with you baby. You're going to be stripped, and given the biggest fucking of your life."

A ripple of laughter filled the van as Tina struggled to escape their clutching hands. It was always going to be a lost cause, and gradually her struggles slowed until she lay still once more. She expected him to say more, but he didn't and for several minutes, things went quiet again.

All of them were absorbing the reality of his words. Considering the parts they were to play in the coming assault. At last they had another girl to lock away in their cellar. A new cunt to be used and abused. Tina Featherstone belonged to them now, body and soul. For her the agony would soon be under way. For them the fun was about to begin.

Tonight, Tina wouldn't be sharing drinks with friends in town after all. Instead she'd find herself on the receiving end of a savage and sustained sexual assault for the perverted pleasure of her captors. Within a week they would control not only her body, but also her spirit, her very will to live.

Yet they hardly touched her on the rest of the journey. It wasn't a part of the game to start touching her just yet. To do so would have meant flouting their self-imposed rules. Instead they let her lie there on the floor, and they talked to her.

There were no rules against talking to her, and in some ways that was worse than the touching. For the rest of the journey all she could do was lie there, and listen in growing horror as the quiet, threatening voices explained to her exactly how the rest of her evening was going to be spent. It made painful listening.

Sharing a few drinks with her friends in town was a definite non-starter it seemed. Tina was on her way to a party. To be precise, Tina was the party, and the excitement in their voices grew stronger as they described the different ways in which she would be used for their sadistic pleasure. The descriptions grew more personal and specific the longer the journey went on.

Tina wasn't a virgin, not technically speaking. But nor was she the sex-hungry whore they were making her out to be. Just as they'd intended it should, her fear grew stronger with every passing moment. It was the opening phase of a well-honed training programme. Past experience had shown them that a frightened woman was less likely to risk their anger by doing something stupid.

Before tonight, Tina's sexual experiences had been pretty limited. They could have been counted on the fingers, (and thumb) of one hand, and to be honest none of them had been all that satisfactory. Hurried, fumbling fucks in the front seat of a car had been about par for the course, and she'd been disappointed with every one of them. Yet she was a normal, healthy young woman and felt sure there had to be more to sex than she'd experienced so far.

But, not this; not the mindless, violent assault they were talking about now. Her body moved uneasily across the floor, and curled into a protective ball. Right away they rolled her onto her back again, and straightened her limbs.

"Don't do that. Not unless you want to get hurt. You've got such a nice body, it would be a shame to hide it away."

They seemed very relaxed, but why shouldn't they be? Unless her middle name was 'Houdini', the only place this young woman was going tonight was down into the cellar, and the whispered threats continued with hardly a break.

By the time the journey was over, Tina was shaking in fear, tears were flowing freely beneath the hood and she'd peed herself. She might have been scared, but she was also angry. Very angry.

'How dare they treat her in this way? They had to be a bunch of inadequate shits to threaten her with the kind of things they'd never dare to do with their wives or girl friends. Fucking queers every one of them, had to be.'

In a way the gag in her mouth did her a favour. Tina was a feisty, independent young woman, and, despite the situation she was in, she'd have made her feelings known if they'd given her half a chance. Probably taken a beating for her trouble. Instead, the only thing she could do was lie there in the darkness, listen and think.

The images conjured up by their words were too terrible to contemplate; yet she couldn't get them out of her mind. Rape was the word they were threatening her with, over and over again. We're going to rape you sweetheart, rape you, rape you, rape you.... They whispered the word into her ear a hundred times and, slowly but surely, they turned every woman's worst fear into Tina Featherstone's personal nightmare.

The thing she found most disturbing was the manner in which they'd taken her off the street, with speed and precision. There'd been no sign of panic or uncertainty in their actions, and the disciplined way they were sitting with her now merely added to her concern. All of them were highly sexually charged, yet not one of them had tried to touch her up after that initial, brief exploration of her breasts.

None of them had reached a sly hand inside her top for a quick feel of those breasts. No one had groped between her thighs for a handful of free pussy, not that she could have done anything about it if they had. But hell, you couldn't expect a night's clubbing these days without that sort of thing happening three or four times.

Tina had few doubts these men would carry out their threat. They made their intentions clear from the start, letting her know they weren't too fussy about hurting her if they had to. It was all a part of their sick little scene; making sure the girl understood just what would be expected of her when the van reached the end of its journey.

'We're going to have a bit of fun with you, that's all' was the way one of them described it to her, 'because that's what we do with our women. Who knows, you might even enjoy it.'

Something in his voice suggested that her enjoyment was a long way down their list of priorities. As far as Tina was concerned, it didn't sound like a lot of fun for her. The more she listened to their quiet, confident voices, the more she realised that she wasn't the first girl they'd abducted in this way. These bastards knew exactly what they were doing. They must have done this kind of thing before. Even Tina would have been shocked if she'd known how many times.

Back on Walpole Road they didn't get really worried until her Dad got home from work. Then they rang round a few of her friends. Even tried her boss at home, but nobody could remember seeing her after she'd left work. Tina had been missing for more than three hours before her parents rang the police and, to be honest, they weren't very interested.

Attractive twenty-year-old women were going missing every day they said. It was a fact of life, something to do with their hormones apparently, and their need to be always searching for new experiences. They usually turned up safe and sound after a day or two with a smile on their faces, and a guilty secret in their hearts.

This apparent disinterest on the part of the West Yorkshire police force had no direct bearing on Tina's fate. A full hour before her parents had made their call, she was a hundred miles away; locked in the rambling suite of rooms beneath the big house. In a very short time the assault on her would be under way, and Tina Featherstone would learn the true meaning of hell.