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Jennifer hadn't been able to keep her mind on work all day. It had been a hectic week at the law office and all she wanted to do was to go back to her apartment, take off all her clothes, fix a cool Margarita, and open her electronic mail. With any luck, there would be a posting from her new Internet pal, the Magicien, the porn writer from Arizona.

That morning Jennifer had submitted the brief to Mr. LeBec, her new supervisor. She hadn't given it much attention. Jenny was a perky 22 year old with sex on her mind and this was just a summer law internship.

When you’re 5’5” and 115 lbs. and almost drop dead gorgeous, who cares about appellate briefs concerning violations of international maritime law? Besides, reading another of Magicien’s stories about bondage and incest and anal discipline was much more exciting.

At 4:30 Mr. LeBec called Jennifer into his office. Her brief was on his desk, and even looking at it upside down, Jenny could see a mass of red circles. And Mr. LeBec looked very angry.

Mr. LeBec was new to the firm. He had come as a partner, an expert in international maritime law. The man had the reputation for being very strict and very demanding. He was also very rude, very abrupt, very French!

"Miss Jennifer, this work of yours is very bad. You have incorrectly sited several well known cases. You have totally misapplied the law. You are a very careless young woman."

The words stung. Jennifer always took pride in being an excellent law student. But today, the thought of reading the draft of Magicien’s latest story – how he planned to spank his 18 year old niece’s bare bottom, how he would play with the young girl’s pussy, and then fuck her virgin ass - was driving Jennifer to distraction.

"On Monday," Mr. LeBec began, "I am afraid I must take this up with the Managing Director."

"I really am very sorry Mr. LeBec."

"Jennifer, in this profession sorry isn't good enough. I shall have to recommend to the Director that he end your summer internship immediately."

"Mr. LeBec, please? I need this internship to apply for the college Law Review in the fall."

There was a long pause. Jenny could see the Frenchman was giving this some thought.

"Unless,” and there was another long pause, “I punish you myself."

"Punish me?"

"Yes, punish you. Spank you, for being careless."

Jennifer was stunned. "You can’t be serious," she blurted out. “I’m not a child. I’m almost 23 years old.”

"Mademoiselle, I am certainly very serious. It's either that, or you have to go, immediately!"

Jennifer needed this internship, desperately, needed it if there was going to be any chance that she make the college Law Review.

Quickly she responded, "but if I let you, you know, ‘punish me,’ you won't report me to the Director?"

"Only if your work improves. It will be our personal understanding."

"And you won't report me?"

"No, but you must understand, your work MUST improve. And I will spank you with the martinet."

Jennifer remembered the martinet from her trip to France when she was a college sophomore. She remembered, just south of Paris, this quaint little French village. It was there that Jennifer found the martinet. She had read about them in stories, but though they had gone out of style, or were no longer manufactured.

"No," the shop keeper informed her, "they are still made, and they still sell very well indeed."

"To whom?" Jennifer asked.

"Why to French mommas and papas, of course, because little French girls are often very naughty.”

Jennifer through she had read about the martinet in a novel by Stendahl, Scarlet and Black, perhaps. Yes, she thought they had gone out of style, and had no idea what they looked like.

The devise the shop keeper showed her had a handle about nine inches long, of wood, gaily painted bright yellow, with a red barber pole stripe. And attached to the end were nine thongs, each about nine inches long, of fairly stiff leather.

Jennifer guessed the martinet would deliver a nasty sting to a tender young bottom. She also felt a certain wetness between her shapely young legs as she thought about some naughty little French girl getting her bottom warmed by her momma or papa.

“And occasionally I sell them to American tourist ladies. Sometimes they are just a novelty - sometimes," and he paused for a moment and smiled "to take home to their lovers, because they too are like naughty little girls who need to be corrected."

That was before Jennifer developed a serious interest in S&M. Back then she didn't have the courage to buy it, and in recent years she had regretted the decision.

LeBec brought her out of her revere with his order: "Take off your skirt, Jennifer."


"Your skirt, take it off. I can't spank you through the skirt"

"You didn't say ..."

"Our understanding, Miss Jennifer. Or on Monday, I report to the Managing Director your level of considerable incompetence."

"Please Mr. LeBec, not that way" Jennifer pleaded.

"Now, Mademoiselle! In France, my daughter, even the oldest, when she is 21 and engaged to be married, when she misbehave, I still make her take off all her clothes, so that I when I spank her, she feels the shame, she feels the humiliation. You need to feel it! Do it! Now!"

Jennifer wanted Law Review so badly it hurt. She really did need this internship, so she did as she was told. Then Mr. LeBec pointed to the chair. It was an arm chair, in front of his deck, with a low back. She went to it.

"Over" Mr. LeBec commanded. Jennifer leaned over the back, then got up on her toes to grasp the arms on either side.

Mr. LeBec raised her slip, all the way up, to uncover her sexy backside. Then he began to spank the shapely young law student slowly and methodically. He started in the middle of her thighs, and slowly works his way up, alternating between her right and left leg, then her tight bottom, almost all the way to her waist.. Slowly, Jennifer's pale skin turned a pale pink. Jennifer was beginning to sniffle.

At that point LeBec put down the martinet, and Jennifer thought the spanking was over. He then reached to her sides and grasped both her panties and pantyhose, and slowly started to lower them.

"Mr. LeBec, please, not that."

"Our understanding, Jennifer, have you forgotten my kind offer already? Have you forgotten our understanding?"

"No, sir, I'm sorry, sir. And yes, I do remember our understanding."

Mr. LeBec processed to lower both garments, first to mid-thigh, and then to her ankles. She was sure he looked up between her legs, and the pretty law student blushed when she realized he could see her shaved pussy.

"It is a shame, Jennifer, that American women wear such clothing. In France, women still wear the suspender belt and stocking. So much prettier, so much more convenient when spanking a careless bottom."

Then LeBec began again, from just below her waist to the backs of her knees, over and over again. Quickly, her sexy bottom went from pale pink to beet red. Once or twice, he hit her thigh, high up, between her legs. The tips of the leather landed just below her cunt and it burned when he hit her there.

"Oh, please, no, not there."

Then, he knew where it hurt the most, so he went back again and again with the martinet to the same tender spot.

"Please, no, oh G-d, no, not there, no, no, ah!"

He continued as if in a frenzy, his aim very accurate. Jennifer tried to squeeze her legs together, to protect herself, but it only caused him to whip her even harder.

"Please," Jennifer begged, "please don't hit me there, between my legs. Anything, but don't hit me there."

Immediately Jennifer realized what she had said, what she had offered, and regretted saying her words almost before she finished the sentence.

There was a moment of silence, and then Jennifer heard the sound she dreaded, the sound of his zipper. She tried to get up, but he pinned her to the back of the chair, and she could feel his erect penis pressing between her legs.

"No, I didn't mean that," she started to protest, "I don't want THAT."

It didn't do any good to protest. Mr. LeBec, grabbed her by the hair, yanked her head back, whispered in her ear his terrible warning.

"If you do not cooperate, Mademoiselle, I will make you turn around and then I will whip you between your legs. Do you want to feel the martinet on the insides of your thighs? Do you want me to whip your shaved cunt?"

Jennifer was terrified.

"Please, not that," she blubbered.

Then he pushed her forward and guided his stiff cock between her legs, guided it into her still dry pussy.

"Please, I'm not ready. Give me a minute," she tried to protest.

It hurt as he started in. Jennifer wasn't prepared. There was an incredible burning sensation as he entered her, as he forced his way into her tight vagina.


"Shut up, bitch!" he whispered in her ear, "or I will put my dry cock up your ass instead."

Then he began the fucking. The first five or six strokes were like sandpaper, rubbing her raw, causing her incredible pain. But then Jennifer started to like it, started to get into the pain, started to get into the hot burning sensation deep in her cunt.

Jennifer started to get aroused, started to get wet, as he fucked her harder and harder.

"Please … fuck me deeper … hurt me more."

"Slut!" was his only response, as he went into her faster and faster, deeper and deeper. Jennifer was wet inside, but still raw from his first few strokes from when she was still very dry, as the pain became more intense.

Jennifer started to whimper, then to moan, as he fucked her harder and harder, as he approached his climax, as her pain and pleasure merged into one incredible sensation.

"Ahhhh!" she cried out as her orgasm began, as she felt his cum shooting into her hot burning cunt.

Jennifer was sure that next Friday morning, Mr. LeBec would receive another brief containing numerous errors. She was sure he would again ask her to stay after work to discuss ‘their understanding.’ Jennifer would have to remember to wear a garter belt and stockings to work that day, and she hoped it would truly hurt when he fucked her in the ass for the first time.
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