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"Is that all you're going to do this summer??? I mean really Natalie. You've got to be kidding me!"

Natalie just ignored her mother as she continued to eat her ice cream and watch television.

Mary stood in front of the tv with her arms at her sides. She wasn't going to let Natalie ignore her.

"Oh come on mom! Look I worked hard all year and I think I earned the right to relax for a couple of months."

"Well let me let you in on a little secret...Everyone has earned the right to relax a couple of months but does everyone do it? NO! No because we have bills to be paid and money doesn't go on trees. Now you get your butt off the couch and go find yourself a summer job!"

Natalie looked annoyed at her mother. Mary looked even more annoyed back.

"Look Nat you're 19 years old now. If you get even a part time job you can save your money and when you finish school you can afford to get yourself a pretty nice place. This way you're ahead of the game. Tell me the truth, isn't it awesome having money of your own to be able to do what you want with and not have to answer to me or dad about it?"

Natalie thought the question over. She looked up at her mom.

"Are you saying that if I get a job I can do whatever I want with the money no questions asked? You or dad wouldn't get involved or say anything to me at all?"

"Well...um..well I didn't exactly..."

"Oh come on mom. What would be the point of me working my butt off if I didn't get to spend the money the way I chose fit?"


Mary felt backed into a corner.

"Okay. As long as you're responsible with the bulk of it, and by bulk I mean most of the money, then not a word from us. I only want to be sure that you just don't spend the money frivolously."

Natalie didn't even wait for her mother to finish the entire sentence. She rushed up and grabbed the want ads. This was almost too good to be true.

Natalie was 19 years old and home from her first year at college. Although she went to school only 11 miles away she really insisted that she dorm. She had been sheltered most of her life by pretty strict parents. Mary and Don were okay for the most part but they let her brother do whatever he pleased and were much harder on her.

Natalie was a pretty girl but definitely chubby. She wore glasses and had long red hair. She looked more like her father than her mother, which is where the red hair comes from. She was a 38DD with a 34 inch waist. She had a plump round ass and because she was 5'6" she could almost be classified as voluptuous. Even though she was still a pretty girl she never really had any boyfriends. She'd gone out on a date or two but nothing really ever took.

Mary watched now as she made phone call after phone call with a smile. She was happy that at least her daughter would be doing something productive this summer. Mary was used to working hard and it bothered her when any of her two children or family members didn't equally work as hard. Mary had been working since she was about 10. At first it was with her uncle in his coffee shop but that soon turned into a summer job in high school then a full time job all throughout college. Now at 45 all her years of hard work were showing in a positive manner. She had a decent body that was sagging only slightly. She also had wonderful skin that. Her auburn hair was cut short, around the ears, which made her look younger from far away.

After a couple of weeks of job hunting Natalie came home feeling a little frustrated.

"What's wrong sweetheart? Still nothing?"

"No mom. I've been on two or three interviews a day for two weeks and not even a nibble. It's starting to suck pretty bad."

"Well then I've got good news for you. You know our neighbors from next door? You know the ones that moved in about a year ago?"

"Yes sure. They're the ones with the really nice car, right?"

"Right. Well it turns out they're looking for a babysitter this summer. He just happened to mention it today in passing. You see Mike works from home and can't really watch the kids. He's been able to get by so far because they take really long naps. Which gives you some studying time actually. The great thing is that if you do a good job you can do it over the winter as well. They're willing to pay ten dollars an hour. I told him I'd be sending you by."

Natalie ran up and hugged her mother. She was extremely happy that the whole job search was almost over. And who knows? She might actually like taking care of kids. Natalie gave her mom a big thanks then rushed out the door.

A couple of hours later, Natalie returned grinning ear to ear.

"I got it mom! And guess what, he wants me to start in about an hour. I just came home to shower and change then go back! Thanks again mom!"

Natalie hugged her mom then ran up the stairs. After an hour or so Natalie left and went to her first day of work.

A couple of weeks have gone by and Natalie was still excited everytime she left the house to go babysit next door.

Mary, however, had begun noticing little changes. For starters she found it weird that Natalie was still this excited. She also noticed Natalie had been a bit quieter these past two weeks. Natalie was usually a bit of a smart ass but the past two weeks she's been quite pleasant and easy.

The main thing she noticed, however, is that Natalie was beginning to dress a little too sexy for a babysitting job. This morning she saw her carefully putting on her bright red lipstick and slipping into a pretty short miniskirt. With Natalie's ass the size it was, if she were to bend over she might give people a pretty good show. This new behavior and dressing habits made Mary very suspicious. She decided to sneak into the neighbor's backyard and see if she could keep on eye on things to make sure there's nothing weird going.

Mary carefully opened the gate that separated the two yards then closed them behind her. She slowly inched up and started looking into windows. She saw no sign of Natalie or Mike or the kids for that matter. She had to figure out a way to get a better look. She finally found a good view into Mike's office and there he was. Mary was able to hide behind a small bush and see clearly into the basement. She saw Mike sitting at his computer typing away. Suddenly she could see her daughter come down the stairs. She wondered why Natalie was bothering Mike while he worked. That's when it happened. Natalie knelt down before him. Mary couldn't believe her eyes. Mike turned in his chair and was not wearing any pants whatsoever!

From this vantage point Mary could see Mike was very well endowed. Even limp the tip of his cock clearly hung over the chair. Mike was not an unattractive man. He was bald and about 5'8". He was slightly overweight and seemed to not lack hair on his body, but still there was something attractive about him, Mary thought.

Before she could gulp, Mary witnessed Mike roughly grabbing Natalie's hair and forcing his cock into her mouth. She couldn't hear anything but it looked like Mike was yelling at her as he violently forced his dick into her mouth. She couldn't tear her eyes away as Mike pulled his now hard and very big cock out of her daughter's mouth and slapped her in the face with it. He was so rough with her. Mike then grabbed Mary by the hair and lifted her to her feet. Her cheeks were bright red from all of the massive cock slaps. Mike roughly bent her over his chair then lifted her skirt to her waist. He bent down and began viciously eating her pussy. Mary could see over her daughter's ass as Mike licked up and down. She was frozen with shock. Finally the two stopped. Mary could see Natalie trying to gather herself as she rushed up the stairs. Through a corner of the living room window she could see Natalie making her way up the stairs. The children must be awake.

Mary rushed up and back home. She got in the door and then dropped to the couch. She couldn't believe what she just saw. Her mind started racing. Was it her fault? What had she done? Did she force her daughter to take this job and now to this man? Her thoughts were broken up by Natalie entering the house.

"Hey mom. What're you doing sitting here in the dark like this? Is everything okay?"

Mary just realized she had been sitting for two hours lost in thought.

"Um...Y-yes dear. Everything is fine."


Natalie looked at her mom like she was very weird.

"By the way mom. Mike and Emily are going out tonight and asked that I watch the kids. I absolutely accepted."

Mary was frozen. She wanted to tell her daughter to stop but she wasn't sure how. She couldn't tell her that she was lurking in the bushes watching her and Mike earlier. What could she do? She then realized that Natalie said Mike and his wife were going out. Surely tonight would be harmless if they were going out, and even still, Mike and Natalie wouldn't dare do anything in front of Emily. Tonight Natalie would be fine over there and this would give her at least one night to think of a way to get her daughter out of there.

A few hours later Natalie left to go next door. Mary watched out the window as Mike and Emily drove off leaving Natalie alone. She then began to think about a way to get her daughter to quit that job without letting her daughter know that she saw her and Mike earlier.

As she continued to think out her next steps she noticed another car pull into the driveway. An older woman stepped out and entered the house. Mary stayed glued to the window as the older woman left saying good bye to...to...MIKE?!?!?! Mary couldn't believe her eyes. She cracked the window open to see what she could hear.

"Thanks again mom! I'll send Emily by to pick up the kids in the morning!"

"Okay son. Have a good time!"

The older woman got in the car and drove off with the kids. Mary started to sweat. Now she knew Mike was alone in the house with Natalie. What the hell was going on?? She saw Mike and Emily leave. Was Natalie alright? Did he do something to her??? She had to know what was going on. Mary snuck across the yard again and peeked into the basement window so she could see Mike's office. There was no one there. She heard voices coming from the living room so she grabbed a garbage can and turned it over. She climbed on top of it then ducked down so she could get a good look.

Again she was frozen with shock. Natalie was kneeling down in the middle of the room with her hands chained behind her back. The chain went around her wrists then up to to around her neck. Attached to one of the loops on her neck was a leash which was being held by a woman who was wearing naked from the waist down. The woman had a leather bra on, although there were holes around the nipples completely exposing them. She was also wearing a leather mask on her head. Her entire head was covered by the leather mask except for two slits for her eyes, two small holes for her nostrils, and a zipper across her mouth which was closed at the moment. What was happening to her daughter? What had she gotten her into???

"Who's the dog bitch of the house? Speak up!!!"

Mary could hear Mike speaking to Natalie. When she didn't answer the masked woman yanked on the leash.

"I-I am your dog bitch Master."

"Very good. What is your name from now on, the only one you are to answer to in this house?"

This time the leather woman's tug on the leash was a bit more subtle.

"The name Master has given this one is slutpig. I am very happy with my new name and I will make Master proud of his slutpig."

"Very good. Tonight we will be branding your new name under your right foot along with My symbol. You will forever belong to Me afterwards. How do you feel about that slutpig?"

"Oh my god Master. Words cannot express my happiness at this moment!"

Mary was shocked. So much so that she slipped slightly and fell off the garbage can. She quickly got up and ran home. She was afraid she would have been seen. She was afraid that maybe something would happen. She rushed home and closed the door behind her. She then looked through the windows to see if anyone was coming but no one did.


It was the phone. She stood frozen then slowly answered the phone.


"Mom it's me. Are you okay, you sound weird?"

"I-I'm fine dear. What...what is it?"

"Oh it's nothing mom. Mike and Emily just called and they told me they'd be late tonight and asked that I spend the night. I told them yes. I just wanted you to know. So don't worry I'll be over here and I'll be fine. I'll see you in the morning mom. Bye."

Mary hung up the phone unable to speak a word. With her husband gone for a month in Europe and her son married and living half way across the country she had no one to turn to for help. What was she to do? She lay on the couch driving herself nuts wondering what to do.

"Mom wake up. Mom. Mom. Wake up. Geez look at you. You slept on the couch all night. Is everything alright??"

"Wh-what time is it?"

"It's 10:30. I have to go. I'm playing tennis with Barb today. It's Saturday remember?"

"Oh oh yes yes. Go. Please go away from here!"

Mary grabbed her daughter's hand as she pleaded with her to leave.

"Mom let go. You're scaring me. Are you sure you're alright?!?!?"

Mary caught herself and let go.

"Yes yes. Everything's fine. I'm sorry. I just had a bad dream is all. Please go ahead and have fun. I'll be fine."

Natalie looked at her mother funny then grabbed her tennis bag and left.

Mary knew this was her one opportunity to do something. She had to put an end to her daughter and Mike. The things she saw just weren't right. She waited and watched as Emily left the house to go get the kids. She knew that now was the time.


"Well hello Mary. What brings you by this morning?"

"Good morning Mike."

Mary looked at him thoughtfully. She really thought he would frighten her more than he actually did.

"Mike. I need to have a word with you inside if I could."

"Sure Mary. Come on in. Is everything okay?"

Mary surveyed the home. Funny, she thought, how it looked like a sweet innocent place to live. One would never think the things she saw last night would occur in a place like this.

"No Mike. Everything is not okay. Everything is just wrong."

"Sit down Mary and let's talk about it. What can I do to help you? You're obviously upset about somethi....


Mary half screamed the question.

"How could you do those...those things to my daughter??"

"Mary what are you tal..."

"No Mike please. NO. Now I want you to fire my daughter and never, NEVER, allow her to step foot in this house again."

Mike sat expressionless. Mary felt as though a huge weight had been lifted. She stood triumphantly and headed toward the door. Then suddenly...

"Where the fuck do you think you're going bitch???"


Mary was shoved face first into the door as she tried to open it. She was dazed as Mike flung her around and grabbed her neck. His grip was incredibly firm as she lifted both hands weakly to his wrist, still suffering from being slammed against the door.

"Do you think I would let a slut fuck like you come into My home and tell Me what the fuck to do? Are you fucking kidding Me bitch?"

Mary couldn't speak. She moved her lips to let words out but nothing happened.

"Awww what's the matter cunt? Cat got your tongue? Maybe these lips can talk?"

Mike reached down and roughly grabbed her pussy over her jeans. Mary was stunned. She tried to kick but her legs didn't respond. She tried to scream but no words. She tried to push him but he was too strong.

"Oh well I think these lips can talk. In fact I think these lips just told Me how thirsty they are."

What the hell was he talking about. Mike had lost it. Mary tried to assess the situation. But Mike moved quick. He ripped open the front of her jeans and reached into her panties. He shoved the tip of his finger inside her as he roughly palmed her crotch.


She let out a low moan as Mike manhandled her.

"There you see that. Nice and wet. I told you these lips were hungry. Look, they're watering."

What the hell was he talking about? He'd gone completely mad. He pushed his finger to her face as he wiped himself clean on her cheek.

'Oh my god,' she thought, 'I'm aroused!'.

The shock of her thoughts struck her. Here she was in a dire situation and yet for some reason she felt a moistness between her legs. She wondered how long it had been there. Did she actually want this? Did she want to be spoken to this way?

"Okay bitch. You turn the fuck around. NOW!!!"

Mary stared in disbelief. She slowly turned to face the door. Her head was sideways as she tried to see Mike from the corner of her eye. What was happening to her? She was confused and dumb.

Mike interrupted her thoughts by pulling her pants to her ankles. He grunted as he ripped her panties from her body.

She could feel the strength of his hand pressed against the back of her neck, pinning her to the wall. She could sense him pulling off his pants as he held her in place.

Mike pressed his body up against her naked ass. She could feel his huge cock and remembered seeing her daughter sucking on it. Instinctively she arched her ass up and back as if to invite him in. She was lost in thought.

"That's a good little fuck toy. Give your ass to Master bitch."

Mike's cock was already hard as the anticipation of what he was about to do was getting to him. Mary opened her legs as Mike pulled off her jeans fully. She then spread her legs wider as Mike quickly pushed the head of his prick into her wet cunt. Mike noticed the wetness on her thighs and realized she'd been wanting this.

He shoved his cock with furious thrusts. Mary held the closed door for dear life as her cunt was being assaulted by what felt like a baseball bat of a cock. Never had she felt anything like this before. Don did not have a small penis but he was average. Before Don she'd only been with other guy and that was 20 years ago and she barely remembered him. She could feel her cunt stretching to accommodate him.


She let out a soft whispering moan as Mike fucked her harder and harder.

"That's it fuck toy. You're a good little bitch. Always a good bitch that gives her cunt to Master. Right slut? You love giving your slut cunt to Master, don't you???"

Mary couldn't answer. She wanted so much to send this bastard to hell. She wanted to curse him for the way he treated her daughter. She wanted to kill him for what he was doing to her now. She wanted to somehow rip his penis from his body for making her feel the way she felt.


She whispered the words but they were barely audible. Mike heard it though. He could feel his balls tighten as his grip moved to her small round ass. He drove his fingers into her flesh as he squeezed her cheeks like a vice.


Mary was getting louder and she knew it. What was happening to her? Where was she?


Another moan escaped her lips as she could feel her knees buckle. She orgasmed all over him as his force increased. Her tits, although only a handfull, were slapped against the door because of the force of his thrusts.


Another orgasm and this time she felt as if she were pushing back against him. Her body was begging for more. Her body wanted it harder and rougher. She was daydreaming. She was lost in thought. She pictured her daughter on her knees naked in front of this man begging to be used and abused. She had to save her.

"Your old hole has been needing a cock for soooo long. Hasn't it Mary?"


She wasn't aware of the words. They just left her mouth as though they wanted out. Mike reached up and grabbed her tits. He pushed his hands under her shirt and twisted her nipples. He yanked on them hard as he pushed the full length of his cock inside her. He was in her to his balls.