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Her name was Jenny, she had it all, young, very attractive, married, no kids, well not yet and lived well. She was married to a high flier, I suppose you could call him the, got to have it, no one say's no to me and don't argue with me, I am right and you are wrong, you know the type.

A no nonsense type of guy, he was called Gerry and she didn't argue with Gerry, what was the point there was no where else for Jenny to go, he would let her have no money of her own and she had no family to be with.

I suppose her story really begins when Gerry got the big promotion, he was the overseas buyer, that gave him real power and boy did he use it, in work and at home, what he wanted he had, he made his wife his slave making her wear all sort's of kinky thing's and doing anything he wanted.

She hated it, there was no choice, he had made sure she knew it was her job to make her man happy and when he was away she had little money and they never made friend's in that kind of neighbour hood, Gerry said the people there were below them and anyway they wouldn't be there long he had plans, Jenny’s only comfort was that there was always plenty of drink in the house.

It was after a trip to Ireland that she realised how her husband wanted to control her life. He had caught a pretty young female rep trying to fiddle the book's to cover a cash short fall, she had borrowed and couldn't pay back, which, if the company found out, could have had her in court or worse; he decided to invite her to his home for the evening to see if he could help out.

Drink's flowed freely and nothing was said about the problem all night until Pam started to get a little drunk and of course he made sure Jenny was a lot drunk then he made his move. "Jenny why don't you show Pam your fine wardrobe of evening dresses. She's about your size and IF she's lucky enough to stay with the company and I say IF, she will have to go to business meeting's, if she wants to secure big deals she will have to be looking good," reluctantly Jenny took Pam upstairs as it was no use saying no.

They looked at some clothes as Gerry came in, "Try that one on," he ordered, Pam looked at him, he just sat there an evil grin spread across his face, he had no intention of leaving the room. Pam did her best to put it on and hide her amble charms. Half way through he said, "You don't wear very good undie's do you? Stop there, don't move," she stood there clutching a skimpy dress to her body. "Let's see some of Jenny's undie`s, tell us what are you wearing tonight, darling."

Jenny knew he knew what, as he had told her over the phone what to wear and they were very tarty, but she did as she was told and took her dress off, Gerry grinned," Very nice my darling, now find something like that for Pam, and then Pam can put them on, can't you Pam?"

He spat the word Pam out and she knew she was trapped and had no choice. Again she tried to hide her lovely young body as the stocking's, suspenders, thong style panty's and half cut bra were given to her and she was forced put them on in front of Gerry. With a sinister tone he said, " My, you two look good enough to eat, Pam you look beautiful, don't you think so Jenny"? Jenny looked down, "I said DON`T YOU THINK SO?"

Jenny jumped, " Oh god err y yes, oh yes Gerry,"

He smiled, "Yes what?"

“Yes, she looks beautiful," Jenny knew that tone in his voice,

"Then give her a big girly kiss to show her how much," she stared at him but the way he was looking told her he was not joking.

She closed her eyes and gave Pam a quick peck. He shouted, making them both jump "Call that a kiss? Oh no my dear wife I mean a proper girly kiss, now try again, you don't want me to get annoyed with you do you?" The way it was said left no doubt in Jenny's drunken mind that she had to do it. Again she closed her eye's and placed her lip's on Pam's, "Open your mouth Pam, enjoy my lovely wife's tongue and then she can enjoy yours," Gerry sat and watched his two toy's, dressed only in skimpy underwear, do as he ordered, kissing and tonguing each other.

"Ladies, you look uncomfortable stood up, lay on the bed, you both know you can kiss better laying down, come on ladies quickly, now, don't want to waste time do we?" Jenny looked at him and then Pam, she went to speak, or plead with him to stop this but his lust- full stare stopped her.

She sat on the bed pulling Pam down and then they lay there and kissed again. He slowly got on the bed behind Jenny, she felt that he would stop this and be hers for the night but all he did was pull her bra strap down, her right breast tumbled out, his hand slid round and squeezed it forcing the nipple in to a point, she heard him, "Like the look of this Pam? You can kiss this, she has lovely nipple's, come on," and he got hold of her hair and pulled her down to Jenny's nipple.

Jenny pleaded with him to stop, all he told her was to lay back there and enjoy it, you never know, Pam may enjoy it so much she may find other places to lick,” a groan was heard from Pam as she was being forced onto Jenny's nipple, he told Pam to carry on sucking, while he took off his own clothes, Gerry grinned at Jenny, "I may need a little relief after you two have explored each other a little more, in fact Jenny, why don't you see how much fun is hiding in Pam's pant's."

That was enough Jenny sat up and said, "No, no more."

Gerry got her by the hair and held her jaw," Do as you are told or you are history, do you understand, get your face into her cunt and do as your husband tells you, and do it now." Jenny looked at him, hoping to dissuade him she whispered, "Please darling no, I don't know how, I've never done this, I cou----."

He snapped at her, "Then it's time you fucking learnt, get your face between her leg's now," defeated and in total misery she turned to Pam and moved down her body, "That's better my little girl, go hunt the cunt, I want to see you make her cum," he bent and whispered in her ear, "Don't worry I'll make sure she does you with her tongue and I'll get her to use some fingers as well."

Pam laid there with her arm over her eye's as the tears ran down her cheek, Jenny was chocking back tears as she moved Pam's pant's to the side and lowered her head between her leg's, Gerry's well placed hand pushed her the last few inch's until she was forced to start her degrading act, Gerry voice was hot with pleasure, "Get your tongue right up her, suck that clit, come on enjoy it, you don't get a nice young cunt like this in your mouth everyday," he lowered his voice, "She's mine to do with as I like, as are you my darling wife, there’s nothing ether of you can do about it, just move your ass up so I can get your panty's off, I've got plan's for what's between your leg's."

Jenny moved and her pant's were soon off and Gerry was pulling her round and over Pam, "Move your arm, I want a pillow under your head and Jenny's cunt in your face, as for you Jenny darling let's have her pant's off and see you two give your-selves a good tongue fucking, I'm going to sit back and enjoy this."

He sat on the bedroom chair as the two unwilling women did there disgusting act until they could not help themselves, the activity of their tongues was doing thing's to bring them to an orgasm, their body's jumped and pushed hard down in to open mouths, tongues flicked over open cunts making them wet and a forced orgasm followed, much to the enjoyment of their sick voyeur. He got up and his hard cock waved menacingly at them. "Very good ladies now lick each other's cum of your face's, and then, for being such horny bitch's you can play with my cock."

The two women meekly obeyed, licking at each other’s mouth and nose, getting at the wet juice until Gerry moved forward. Jenny moved to hold his cock but he slapped her hand away, with a cruel smile he said, "One mouth ether side of my boner and lick it until it gives you both something else to lick off your pretty face's".

And with both hand's he held each beautiful head as he forced their mouth's to lick his cock, taking it in turn's to push his cock in one mouth then the other, exploding over them and then holding them while they were again forced to lick cum off each other.

He forced Pam back on her knee's so she could suck him, till he was hard, while this was happening he had Jenny sucking Pam's nipple's while playing with her own cunt. When he was hard again he got Jenny to lay with her legs open so Pam could return to kneeling and licking her. He fucked Pam's cunt and ass from behind pushing her face hard between his wife’s legs, made all the more enjoyable knowing that Pam had never taken it up the ass before, then he made them both lick his cock clean, all the time smiling at Pam knowing she was licking what he had just filled her ass with.

Gerry dressed but kept the girl's naked, they went down stair's, while he enjoyed another beer he had them sixty-nine again, he forced Pam to sit on Jenny's face and finger fuck her while she was licked out, not letting them stop until they had cum again. He finally decided to take the dazed Pam home. He made his mind up to have her up for a final humiliation, simply to have Pam's face in his lap with her mouth wrapped round his cock blow-jobbing him all the way home.

Gerry treatment of Jenny was always as a bully and if she was to so much as answer back, speak to anyone or have them in the house, then he got a likening for a thick leather belt and that terrified Jenny, any little detour from the rules and he would have an excuse to spank her.

Yet sometimes he was so nice and she knew she loved him. As the weeks went on he got more and more powerful in the firm and Jenny got more and more lonely.

He had been away two day's on one of his business trip's and there was still five day's to go, Jenny had not been all that sober with nothing to do, there is a limit to how many times you can clean a clean house, she even found an old dairy but found nothing to write, it was then she realized just how empty her life was.

She thought of getting dressed up today as she was just in her little shortly button up the front house dress, which showed off her lovely leg's, she thought how about a make over, she didn't need make-up and her hair was it's lovely tussled self, and she was on our third large brandy of the morning. She was aroused from her thoughts by a knock on the door.

Unusual, as there was only that horrid dirty post-man that was ever around, but still Jenny was lonely so she answered it.

Three gypsy women were there and as soon as she opened the door they started, "Want to buy some clothes line? Maybe some peg's, lucky white heather or beads, come on pretty lady buy from a gypsy," they were pushing themselves in the door.

Jenny said, "Alright yes, wait, let me get my purse." They were really intimidating and they could see Jenny was a little tipsy. As soon as Jenny went toward the kitchen they followed her in and shut the door, they gathered round pinning her in the kitchen.

"Having a drink, is anyone else here?" One asked.

Being flustered, seeing she was corned Jenny said, "No, he's away on business."

She was trying to sound friendly, after all with a boring wet day it was nice to have people to talk too and they seemed to like her, suddenly another piped in, "Then we will have a drink to, yes?"

Jenny just said, "Yes," and they helped themselves.

Another said, "How about some food, you can spare something as we are here?"

Again Jenny said, "Yes."

As they poured themselves drink's one said, "Are you making us food then, are you?"

Again Jenny flustered with drink said, "Yes."

They laughed, "Say's yes to anything this one does, don't you pretty lady, what's your name?"

"Yes, oh silly me, I mean Jenny," she hurried with the food and the gypsies stayed close to her. As she finished making the sandwiches she was handed another drink, she noticed one of them was looking in the fridge.

As Jenny took a drink she looked at the women, they were all about middle fifties and short but very strong in looks, always smiling, so Jenny just enjoyed the moment and the drinking company. The one in the fridge came out with a foam cream can, just as Jenny's arm got knocked and her drink spelt on her dress so the cream was fired from the can and hit the same spot, "Oh dear, what a mess on pretty ladies dress we must not let it stain and hand's started to wipe at Jenny's dress right over her left tit, much to her embarrassment her nipple stood erect one said, "Take the dress off, I will wash, pretty lady has been so nice to us".

Jenny felt finger's undoing the button's, much as she protested the dress was soon being pulled off her shoulders leaving her standing in only her panty's, the women grinned at each other, as one spoke, "My what a pretty lady, you have such big breast's and such big nipple's, I bet your husband can't get enough of yours, I have never had such breast's, it must be good to have such big ones to have fun with."

Then to Jenny's amazement she said, "Can you lick your nipple's? "

Jenny was flustered and confused, "I don't know it is something I have, I have eerrrr, never thought of."

The one with the cream can said, "I'll squirt some on your nipple, let's see you lick it off," Jenny tried to move but they kept her pinned between them as her nipple was covered in this cream, not wishing to annoy them, reluctantly she had no choice, "Do it then sweet Jenny let's see.”

Jenny slowly took hold of her breast and put her tongue to it, scooping cream off her nipple, a voice behind her said, "I thought she would have a nice long tongue, let's go into the lounge and we can eat."

As they walked out of the kitchen one of them saw the belt hanging on the back of the door, "This what your husband use's to keep you in line?" She took it off the hook as Jenny hurried by.

One sat in the armchair and the other's sat each end of the sofa, Jenny said she should go and get something to put on, but before she could move she was pulled down between the two on the sofa, "Just sit here, sweet Jenny while we eat. "

They took two mouthfuls before the one on the chair said, "Poor Jenny, not eating, she should have something in her mouth, it's to pretty a mouth to have nothing in it, why don't you get on the floor Jenny dear, I want to feed you something nice, now." She cracked the belt hard and Jenny looked at her with fear in her eye's, and she spat the words, “I said NOW,” out again, Jenny was pushed off the sofa and onto the floor, the woman with the belt spoke again, "You see my two friend's, well they want you to do them a favour while they eat the food you have made for us, they think you should eat and they want you to eat them out, "Jenny went to move, but she was up and holding the belt, "Look little lady, there is nothing we three would like more than to take your pants down and spank your pretty bottom but if you don't want us to , just get your head up under their skirt's and in their pant's, use your tongue and do a good job, one way or another, that means with a sore ass or not your going to lick us out.”

Jenny sobbed, "But I thought you liked me?"

With a grin she said, "We do, but we would like you better when you tongue fuck us, now do it, or,” Jenny had heard the word or from Gerry and knew what the or was and slowly she moved to the sitting women who, by now, had their leg's wide open, she grinned at Jenny as she lifted a skirt. The frightened housewife went under it, and stared at the open muscley thighs. She felt a hand pushing her head down onto a pair on grime coloured pant's, she slid her arm between the legs, put her hand in the side and pulled the filthy pants in front of her over, opening a wide fleshy cunt to her. The hand continued to push until she lowered her mouth.

Oh god the taste was awful but she could not move from the hand holding her, at the same time she felt her own panty's being pulled down and a hand exploring her, pushing into her ass and cunt; she sucked and licked as fast as she knew how but it took age's to get the woman off; no sooner had the filth spurted in to her pretty face than she was forced to do the same licking and sucking to the next, and she took even longer. Jenny's mouth and tongue were so sore, as she just lay naked on the floor. She didn't lay for long, soon she found herself being marched naked upstairs and thrown on her own bed, the three women told her not to move as they took their clothes off and Jenny was soon back sucking on sagging breast's and crusty nipple's having to push her fingers up dirty ass-holes and smelly cunts before having to lick those smelly cunts again.

Once they had all cum again over her face she thought they would go, no there was worse. It was having to lay on her back as they took turn's to sit on her face, grinding the cunts down in to her mouth forcing her to lick hard, if she didn't there was always a hand pinching her nipple's and cunt lip's. This hell went on for three hours as they changed places continuously forcing Jenny to give them orgasm after orgasm until in the end Jenny just lay on her own bed exhausted and at their mercy. They were getting dressed when one said, "Did you get hot? Bet you did, fine looker like you need's fucking, soon my darling, soon,” and before she could react to what she had heard the three women jumped her and when they had finished Jenny had her pants tied in her mouth, her elbows were tied tight together making her tit's push out, her wrist's were tied to her ankle's which had been crossed, tied and pulled up her back, Jenny was helplessly hog-tied.

As the women left the last one came over to her and put clothes pegs on her, one on each nipple and five on her cunt lip's and clit, she grinned down at her, "Now that will keep those hot spot's hotter, don't you go away, we will go and get you some company to see that those big nipple's get a good licking and that hot young cunt of yours gets what it deserves, the fucking it need's, "Jenny heard the front door bang and wondered what she meant.

It had been about half an hour; Jenny was exhausted from trying to free herself, when she heard voices down stair's, "Have you got the beer? Who's got the food?" then she heard footsteps coming up stairs and the bedroom door opened, the first thing she heard was, "Fucking hell, the slag's were right there's a great piece of fucking trussed up and waiting."

Footsteps came running up stairs and two more men came in, they stood around the bed gazing at the beautiful bound woman. They didn't look for long, with in seconds they were round the bed fingering her cunt and playing with the peg's on her cunt and nipple's, pulling them hard making her squeal, one spoke, "You want us to take these off? If you don't want to be hurt, you do us good and you will be alright, you know what we are going to do to you, you know we are going to play with you, fuck you, use you." Jenny nodded and the peg's were removed, tears ran down her face as the blood surged back to her most tender place's and finger's pinched and pulled at her, her gag was taken out.

Her pleadings went ignored; she was lifted of the bed, still hog-tied and knelt on the floor. The way she was tied with her leg's forced open and her elbows pinned to force her tit's out, her mouth was just where they wanted it and soon there was a cock stuck in it, a man was behind her with his hand between her legs finger fucking her as the other gorged on her sore swollen nipple's.

It didn't take long before Jenny was swallowing he first mouthful of male cream, she wasn't given time to even spit the filth from her throat when she was being put back on the bed, forced down on her back which made her legs pull very wide and her tit's stand firm, a man smiled as he said, "Ready for the first load of many to be dumped up your cunt?"

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