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It was by accident that I found out that I like seeing other men fuck my wife. We had been married for the better part of twenty years and both of us had grown comfortable with our lives. Our biggest pleasure was to get in our conversion van and go on camping trips, and that probably would still be our (I guess I should really say 'my') major enjoyment if it had not been for a Christmas party and a spell of really bad weather.

We had attended my company Christmas party and both of us had a really good time. Madge can not hold her liquor so about two thirds of the way through the party I had to take her out and bed her down in the van. By the time the party was over it was snowing, and I mean snowing in blizzard proportions. Two miles from the party I passed a pickup truck on its side in a ditch and another half-mile down the road I spotted two men trudging along. I normally do not pick up hitchhikers, but on a night as bad as this one was I could not just leave them out there. I pulled over and they got in. One sat up front with me, but since the van only had two captains style chairs up front the other man had to go in the back. I told him my wife was sleeping back there and to try and not wake her up.

Ten miles down the road I heard a low moan from the back and I looked in the rear view mirror and saw that the man in back had my wife's dress up and was running his hands over her body. I was more curious than upset so I just kept driving and watching in the mirror. A few more moans and I saw the man in back push my wife's legs apart and move between them. The guy sitting next to me was starting to act nervous, but I ignored him and concentrated on the road and my mirror. When the moans became a series of low grunts and I saw my wife's arms move up to the mans shoulders I turned to the man next to me and said, "No sense in him having all the fun," and I started looking for a place to pull over. I found a restaurant parking lot and pulled in.

The two of us got in back with my wife and his friend. The guy fucking my wife looked like the kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar, but I told him to keep on doing what he was doing. My wife was half in and half out of it and it was obvious that she thought that it was me fucking her. I positioned myself where I could see everything that was going on and stared in fascination at the tableau in front of me. A man I had never seen before was fucking my wife and I could not have cared less. In fact, my cock felt harder than I could ever remember. My wife, even though she was drunk on her ass, was responding to his thrusts and moaning "yes yes yes yes." The man fucking her, his name was Bob, started to speed up his thrusts and with a loud grunt he shot his sperm into Mage. I turned to the other man, his name was Dave, and told him he was next. He looked at me like I was crazy, but he took of his pants and mounted Madge and started fucking. He lasted a good ten minutes and by the time he shot his load Bob was ready to go again. They both fucked Madge three times while we were parked in that parking lot and each nailed her once again while I drove them to a motel. I had almost invited them to go home with us and spend the night there while we waited for the storm to break, but thought better of it at the last minute. I had no idea how Madge would react sober to what had taken place while she was drunk.

The next day Madge commented on how sore she was. She said we must have fucked up a storm the night before and she was sorry that she couldn't remember any of it. "You had a great time sweetheart," I said with a smile. Now, at least once a month I take Madge to a party and see to it that she gets really drunk. I put her in the back of the van and go looking for hitchhikers. If you are out there on the road some night and you see a maroon conversion van coming your way, stick out your thumb - it might be your lucky night.
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