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Several months ago my girlfriend asked me to pick up some things for her at a local beauty supply. Not exactly my idea of fun but I reluctantly agreed.

Even though the sun was already going down, the heat of the day seemed to be hanging heavy in the air. I arrived at the small shop just as the owner was about to lock up. I made a mime-like plea through the tinted glass and was rewarded with the sound of the security bolt being unlatched.

The door swung open and I found myself face to face with an exotic beauty. The woman was much older than myself, with light brown skin and big brown eyes. Her long black hair was pulled back, allowing the fans in the shop to cool her long neck and smooth shoulders.

I was immediately struck by the sensuality radiating off of this woman. The thin material of her sundress seemed to be hovering just over her skin and the plunging neckline left little to the imagination.

I stammered an appreciative 'thank you' and assured her that I would only be a moment. As I pushed past her, my arm accidentally brushed against her massive bosom. She inhaled sharply, stumbling backwards. I instinctively reached out, grabbing her arm to steady her.

'My God, I'm sorry!'

Her face was flushed and I realized I was still gripping tight to her arm. Backing away she turned towards the counter but not before I noticed the way her big nipples were suddenly poking through the material of her dress.

As I turned my attention back to the task of hunting for obscure hair products, I realized I had become aroused. The sweats I had on did little to hide my current condition.

'No need to panic,' I thought, 'just wait it out...keep browsing!'

I made my way slowly down the aisle, praying the shop owner would not come over and offer her assistance! I happened across the items my girlfriend had requested, forgetting my predicament for a brief moment as I made my selection. This would only last a moment though as I caught site of the owner through the stocked shelving.

From where I stood, I could see her from the side as she tallied the register. I could almost feel the weight of her breasts as she leaned over the machine. I caught myself holding my breath, completely immersed in her every movement.

I struggled to regain my composure. What the hell was I doing? Closing my eyes, I attempted to calm my libido by slowing my breathing and imagining myself at home, wading through my neglected pile of bills! It was no use. I wanted to watch her...needed to watch her.

I opened my eyes just as she bent over and began to rummage through a box on the floor. My head was spinning. My hard cock seemed almost to be controlling me. It was all too much...the way her sundress was clinging to her voluptuous hips...the outline of her panties hugging tight against her ample round ass...the hem of her dress raising to reveal the soft brown skin of her calves and thighs.

It was as if I was on autopilot as I headed back down the aisle and approached the counter. My entire body was consumed by the throbbing in my loins.

She turned to me and smiled as I placed my items on the counter. God, what a smile! Her entire face seemed to light up as our eyes locked. There were small beads of sweat along her brow, her black hair cascading over her shoulders. I noticed her breath quickening as I stared openly at her exposed cleavage. Perhaps it was the heat or maybe the pounding in my head but the air felt thick with tension.

'That will be...twenty seven dollars and thirty eight cents please.'

There was an awkward silence as I continued to devour her breasts with my eyes. I felt delirious as I caught the scent of her, the combination of sweat and perfume making me dizzy.

'I know my money's here somewhere!'

I stepped back from the counter pretending to fish through my small pockets. I looked down, drawing her gaze toward my crotch. By now my cock was bulging obscenely, stretching my sweats off of my thigh.

I stood there for what felt like ages, my hard on intensifying as I exposed myself. I looked back up at the object of my lust and saw her frozen, her beautiful brown eyes opening wide as a mix of emotions flashed across her face.

Finally I pulled a wad of cash from my pocket and placed it on the counter. She hesitated and for a moment I began to panic. Was I out of my mind?! What if this lady decided to call the police? Her hands were shaking slightly as she reached for the money and began to ring me up.

I watched her fumbling as she tried to make change. Her eyes kept darting from the register down to my throbbing bulge. Small beads of sweat had formed across her bosom and her nipples were standing out even further than before. I felt my mouth begin to water as the thought of sucking and teasing them filled my mind's eye.

'H...H...Here you are...'

She went to place my change on the counter and let out a sharp cry as she felt my strong hand wrap tight around her wrist. At the same, moment I stepped forward and pulled her hand to my crotch. She lost her footing and stumbled toward me, flopping over the counter.


She struggled to regain her composure as my cock throbbed against her palm. I plunged my hand into her dress, hearing it tear as I yanked at her bra. Her huge tits swung free, dangling in the air as I squeezed them roughly.

'Oh, fuck yes!'

Keeping a hold of her wrist, I quickly maneuvered behind her, spinning her towards me and pinning her to the counter.

'Please...Oh God, please...my husband...'

Her words seemed to ring out from a distant place as I pushed my hips into her. God she was so soft! I lowered my head to her tits and began to torment her nipples, keeping her hands pinned tight behind her.


I sucked them hard, biting down and flicking my tongue against them as she protested.

The feel of her body writhing beneath me was making me crazy. I released my hold on her wrists and before she could react, I grabbed the torn material around her breasts and ripped her dress wide open. She gasped as it fell to the ground leaving her exposed before me.

'Come here!'

She flinched as I placed my hand on the small of her back and pushed her forward. Her right bra strap was broken, dangling off of her shoulder. The pink lace of her panties contrasted beautifully against her smooth, brown ass. I watched as it jiggled hypnotically, her wide hips swaying as the sound of her high heels echoed throughout the shop.

She paused at the door to her office, glancing back at me over her shoulder. Her eyes were welling up with tears.

'Please...I'm...my husband...please!'

I pressed my crotch into her ass and pinned her against the door.

'I don't care about your fucking husband!'

'oh god...oh god...'

She muttered quietly over and over as I held her there, pushing my sweats down and freeing my cock. I started to hump my hips into her, my hard shaft sliding up and down over her silk panties, my naked penis pressing into her back.

'Oh, you feel so fucking good!'

I reached down and pulled the bottom of her panties away from her ass and slid my cock inside them. She let out a soft moan as she felt my thick penis pressing against her ass cheeks.

'That's it...that's a good girl!'

I slid my hand into her panties, playing with her ass and then forcing my hand between her thighs.


She whispered in protest as I massaged her pussy, gently sliding my fingers between her lips and feeling her wetness.

'Open the door!'

I pushed her into the room and shut the door behind us. I turned to face her and her eyes stayed locked on my hard on. She was inching back slowly but the office was tiny and there was nowhere for her to go.

'My husband, he will be here soon!'

'Do I look like I care?!'

I stepped towards her. She was trembling noticeably as I scooped her big tits back into my hands and shoved them together.


I squeezed and sucked them roughly as I shoved my cock into her soft belly. My pre-cum was leaking out and smearing all over her beautiful skin as I pumped my hips slowly against her.

'Turn around!'

'Oh god...'


She seemed to be moving in slow motion but did as she was told.

'Pull your panties down!'

She let out a slight whimper as she slowly peeled her lace panties down over her ass cheeks. She seemed to tense as she heard me groan, her eyes widening as she glanced back to see me jerking my cock and staring at her exposed pussy. As I stepped towards her, she placed her hands against the cold metal surface of her office desk, bracing herself for what was about to come. Catching her off guard, I dropped to my knees and spread her ass wide.


I flicked my tongue over her asshole and felt her thighs quiver as she gasped. As I licked her tight ass, she shifted in her high heels, spreading her legs for me. I pried open her pussy lips and began fucking her wet slit with my tongue.


She had begun to moan, her hips rocking back and forth. I flicked my tongue over her clit and her thighs began to shake.

'Yes...oh yes...'

'Does your husband make you shake like this?'

She glanced back at me, whispering, 'No...never'.

'Does he suck this pussy?'

'No...please...do not stop!'

I sucked her clit back into my mouth and teased it slowly. I wet my middle finger with my lips and then began circling it slowly around her ass. As she neared orgasm, I thrust my finger deep into her asshole.

'Aggghhh! Ohhhhhh!'

Her entire body shook as she came. She collapsed on top of the desk panting heavily. Before she could recover, I stood quickly, grabbing her hips tight and jamming my cock deep into her hot wet hole.


I began working my cock in and out as she lay slumped over the desktop. Knowing she was no longer going to resist, I took my time, enjoying the feel of her hot cunt as it gripped my hard penis. As I fucked her, I played with her ass, massaging the soft round cheeks and spreading them open. I knew she had never been taken like this before...had never been bent over and used like a whore...she was mine!

I grabbed the back of her neck, holding her down as I pulled my cock out and nudged the swollen head against her tiny brown asshole.


She began to struggle as she realized what was about to happen. She started to thrash around on the desktop like a fish out of water as I attempted to spear her ass with my fat hard on. I put both hands around her throat as I jabbed my cock against her.



I tightened my grip on her throat and she let out a strangled cry as I forced my cock completely into her ass.

'Oh yes....yes...you dirty little fucking whore!'

I gripped her long black hair and yanked her head back as I pounded into her. Her back arched seductively as her huge tits bounced wildly up and down.


She stared back at me clinging to the desk and barking obscenities. I had never fucked anyone this hard in my life. I felt like an animal as I rode her ass from behind, each thrust of my cock harder than the last. Suddenly I felt my balls begin to tense.

As my cock slipped out of her ass, I gripped her hair in my fist and pushed her to the ground. She was barely to her knees when I grabbed a hold of her head with both hands and forced my cock into her mouth.



I pushed her face up and down, grunting loudly as my purple cock head plunged into her throat. The sound of her sucking and gagging on me sent me over the edge. I felt her freeze up as thick streams of cum began to pump into her mouth.


The release was almost unbearable. It was all I could do to keep from collapsing on top of her as my cock jerked and my balls emptied into her mouth.

As my orgasm neared the end, I felt her lips tighten around my shaft. I ran my fingers through her hair, caressing her softly as she slowly milked every last drop of cum from my softening penis.

'Please...go now...you must leave!'

'Ok...but I'll be back.'

The shop owner smiled up at me as she pulled my boxers and sweat pants back up to my waist from around my ankles.

I hurried quickly from the little office, grabbed my items from the counter and slipped out of the back door. The cool night air hit my face, sending a welcome chill down my spine. Climbing into my car, I found myself already planning for the next encounter with my dark haired beauty.