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Richard Cashell whistled softly to himself as he moved along the deserted hallway of Jeckyl High School. He'd been working there for fifteen years now and he never got tired of his job. It wasn't so much that he enjoyed being a janitor or cleaning up after all the spoiled teenagers who mocked him. Richard enjoyed the fringe benefits of being a high school janitor, the chance to spy on all the sexy young girls as they flirted in the hallway or changed in the locker room. He would never touch any of the students but he definitely enjoyed looking, hell at 52 the students could have been his own daughter. Richard wondered briefly where she was, she'd left years ago with her mother and he'd been single ever since. He didn't really miss his wife too much but he was disappointed that he couldn't see his daughter again.

Richard smiled and brushed those thoughts away as he steered the mop bucket he was pushing into Mrs. Reeds' room. "Oh, Excuse me, Mrs. Reeds. I didn't realize anyone else was in the building." Richard said, startled to see the teacher sitting at her desk grading a large stack of papers. "I can come back later if you don't want to be disturbed..."

"Oh..." Stacy Reeds said, looking up startled at the voice. She'd been so engrossed in grading her English class' term papers that she hadn't heard anyone enter the room. "its okay, Mr. Cashell. You can do your job and it's not going to bother me..." She said with a friendly smile as she looked at the large black janitor. He'd always been polite and friendly to her although she didn't like the way she'd seen him watch some of the female students.

"Okay, Mrs. Reeds." Richard said as he started sweeping up the scattered scraps of paper the students always seemed to leave behind. He worked quickly, glancing quick looks at Mrs. Reeds as she sat at her desk. Stacy Reeds was one of the more attractive teachers at the school and unbeknownst to her she was the topic of many dirty fantasies of both staff and students. At 42 she was a striking woman, although she never dressed provocatively at work. Her head was bowed slightly as she perused each report, a blue pen clasped lightly between her white teeth as she read. Her white silk blouse was unbuttoned slightly at the collar, exposing slightly more of her soft flesh then she allowed during school hours. Richard found himself wondering what her husband was like as he swept the day's trash towards the center of the room. He knew what he'd be like if he had a wife that looked like that, Richard thought with a sly grin as he licked his large lips. "Wouldn't let her out of bed for a week." He mumbled to himself.

"What was that, Mr. Cashell?" Mrs. Reeds asked, looking up from the papers.

"Oh, 'Scuse me, Mrs. Reeds. I hate to bother you but I need to get under your desk for a second." Richard said, covering his unintentional slip quickly.

"Oh... sure, Mr. Cashell..." Mrs. Reeds says, trying to move her foot backward and wider to the side so he can have more room to get under the desk for the cleaning. As she moves her leg to the side, she pushes her chair back slightly, turning it so that she can still read the papers on the desk without obstructing Mr. Cashell's cleaning. Richard bent down, his broom going under the desk as Mrs. Reeds went back to her work. Glancing over, Richard was startled to see the hem of her long black skirt had ridden up her legs, exposing her bare calves from her ankle up to just 3 inches under her knees.

Richard found himself staring at her exposed legs, licking his lips unconsciously as he tried to move around so that he an unobstructed view up her skirt. "Hmm, dirty down here." He said aloud, "I'll be a couple of minutes, Mrs. Reeds." He told her as he attempted to peer up her skirt, trying to see her panties under the shadowed recess of her skirt.

"Sure, Mr. Cashell, take your time..." Stacy replied distractedly; still busy grading her students' homework. Her husband had called her in the middle of the day and promised her a romantic dinner. If she knew John at all that probably meant he'd sent the kids to their friends' houses for the night. Stacy wanted to get all the grading done so that she could focus on spending quality time with John. It had been a couple of weeks since he'd shown any desire for her and Stacy was looking forward to an intimate night of love making once she finished grading all the term papers. The position she was sitting in was causing one leg to cramp up slightly so she shifted her feet again, moving them wider apart.

Richard grinned to himself as Mrs. Reeds spread her legs slightly wider, her skirt rising up over her knees, giving him an almost clear view of her panties. His palms were sweating slightly as he wondered if he could push her skirt up any higher without her noticing. It would mean his job if she caught him, but there was something about peeking up her skirt that had aroused him like nothing else had in years.

Stacy hummed softly to herself as she flipped another paper over, scribbling a few quick notes on the cover page before grabbing another one. John wouldn't be home for another hour and she didn't want to spoil any surprise he might have in store for her. She blushed slightly when she remembered the last time he'd planned an evening like this for them, the sexy black teddy he'd given her as they sat on the rug in front of the fireplace. Pushing those thoughts aside, she turned to the next term paper and tried to focus on the student's thesis.

Richard wiped his moist palm on his leg before reaching out tentatively to grip the hem of her skirt in two large fingers. He was holding his breath as he lifted it slowly, pushing it back to reveal more of her thigh until her plain white panties came into view. Richard smiled to himself as he examined the white cotton briefs she was wearing, noting that the little lace around the legs was the only embellishment. "I'd of thought she'd wear something sexier." He murmured to himself as licked his lips. Mrs. Reeds finished reading another paper, rolling her eyes at the pretentious prose of the student before scribbling a grade and a short note on it. As she reached for another paper, Stacy glanced down surprised that Mr. Cashell was still kneeling down under her desk. "Oh, my God!" She hissed in shock as she saw his large black hand holding her skirt up over her legs as he peered intently between her spread legs. "Mr... Mr. Cashell, what... what are you doing?" She almost screams in horror as her eyes met his, his hard eyes and knowing smile seeming to fluster her for some reason.

"I'm just looking at your white cotton panties, Mrs. Reeds." Mr. Cashell told her simply, his free hand moving down to adjust his hardening cock through his overalls. "A pretty lady like you, you probably have lots of sexy panties that you wear for your husband, don't you, Mrs. Reeds? I bet you only wear plain panties like this to school but at home you dress up like a real hot tramp." Richard asked her, his voice dripping with contempt as he pushed her skirt up, until it is balled up around your waist.

"Mr. Cashell... do... do you know what you are doing??" Stacy moaned softly, her body trembling in shame, knowing that she should stand up, she should walk out of the room, she should do something. Instead she sat there, her body shaking in embarrassment as the large black janitor pushed her skirt around her waist, his knowing eyes examining her mundane panties closely.

"Oh, I know exactly what I'm doing, Mrs. Reeds. I'm getting a good look at your hot body." Richard said with a soft chuckle, resting one hand on the inside of her knee, his large calloused hand massaging her soft skin slightly. "You ever fuck a black man, Mrs. Reeds?" He asked leaning forward slightly, his face close to her leg, smelling the soft scent of soap on her skin.

"Mr. Cashell... STOP IT...!! Otherwise I'll report this to the principal tomorrow..." Stacy stammered, her voice not holding any conviction as she tried to close her legs. She couldn't stop looking into his hard and knowing eyes, her will seemed to desert her as she started to panic, "Mr. Cashell... please... let me go..."

"Now, Mrs. Reeds," Richard said calmly, placing is other hand on her thigh, holding her legs open. "You can go tell the principal tomorrow, he might even believe you. But I'll just tell everyone it's all made up, that you don't like colored people, that you're a bigot and made up some story about me to get me fired. Who do you think they'll believe?" He asked with a wicked smile his hands massaging the soft flesh of her thigh.

"No... Please... that's not me - I like you a lot and I never treat you in different ways even if you are a black... I... I... always think you are a good guy" Stacy moaned softly, her legs shaking under his caressing hands.

"Oh, you're always pleasant to me, Mrs. Reeds. You always very respectful but tell me truth, you feel dirty cuz I'm touching you, don't you Mrs. Reeds?" Richard asked, his hands sliding over the soft smooth skin of her legs, caressing up towards the white expanse of her panties.

"No... Please... this cannot be... please... I'm married, Mr. Cashell... and... And... I'm a teacher here... ahhhhaaa... no... No... please..." Stacy stammered as she tried to close her legs, tried to stop him from examining her most private area.

"I know you're married, Mrs. Reeds. And I realize you're a teacher, too. But that don't change the fact that you're a woman," Richard told her, his hands gripping her narrow waist, his large thumbs rubbing against the soft cotton of her panties. "You're a woman, just like any other, you've got a pussy that I'm going to fuck."

"no... No... Mr. Cashell... stop it... stop it..." Stacy pleaded, pushing against his head hard as he moved his face closer to her panty covered crotch. She struggled vainly to close her legs against his large hands, embarrassed as he tries to smell her crotch.

"Mrs. Reeds, don't fight me." Richard hissed warningly, his hand gripping her thigh tightly, squeezing hard enough to cause her to gasp in pain. "I don't want to hurt you, but I will." He tells her, moving his head up between her shaking legs. Stacy sobbed in shame as his large nose brushed against the soft cotton of her panties. "Hmm, Mrs. Reeds, smells like you've had a hard day." He says, looking up at her and licking his lips obscenely.

"ohhh...ahhhhhaaaaa..." Stacy gasped as her thighs are forced open again, her face burning in shame knowing that Richard was sniffing her personal scent through her panties. "It's... it's dirty, please... please don't smell me like that... ahhhaaa... it's been all day long... ahhhhaaaa" "Oh yes, Mrs. Reeds, I'm smelling your dirty pussy," Mr. Cashell chuckled softly, taunting her as he pressed his nose against the cloth covered mound of her sex and inhaling deeply. "I can't wait to see your sweaty little pussy, Mrs. Reeds. Hmm, smells a little like piss too. Did you have a bit of an accident earlier?" Richard asked the prim and proper school teacher.

"No... Ahhhaaa... please don't embarrass me... I... I... didn't have an accident, I... I... always always wipe myself clean after using the bathroom, but... you know... there is no way that... that you can do it 100%... ahhhhaaaaa... this is so humiliating..." Stacy answered softly as she started sobbing in shame.

"Are you sure you didn't piss yourself during class today?" Richard taunted her, "Up in front of all those students, you didn't just lose control for a second?" He asked sticking his tongue out and licking along the crotch of her panties.

Mrs. Reeds jumped at the contact, "ahhhhaaa... no... No... I didn't... it's been all day and... and its hot today... please don't... ahhhhaaaa..." Stacy moaned softly in pleasure and shame at the same time. "Mr. Cashell, please... ahhh...a no no..." She gasped as she gripped the edge of her desk trying to pull away from him, to get out from under his control.

"Oh, Mrs. Reeds, your panties taste lovely," Richard murmured as he continued to lick along the cotton covering her pussy. "I can't wait to see what your cunt tastes like." He tells her as his large hands grip her waist, holding down in her chair as his tongue continues to lick at her panties, causing a large wet spot from his saliva.

Stacy Reeds looked down seeing his slide his tongue slide across the damp crotch of her panties, tasting her personal flavor that no one ever had before. "Please..." She moaned softly, tears dripping down her cheeks as she was humiliated in her own classroom.

"Undo your blouse, Mrs. Reeds." Richard commanded softly as he continued to lick at the crotch of her panties, tasting her through the fabric. "I want to see your tits."

Stacy looked down at the large black man as she slowly unbuttoned her white blouse; her face is red with shame as the black janitor licks her smelly white cotton panties. "Ahhhhhaaaa... this is too much... ahhhhaaa..."

"You like this don't you, Mrs. Reeds? You're embarrassed and ashamed but you're turned on, aren't you?" Richard taunted the proper teacher as she slowly unbuttoned her blouse, her eyes filled with shame and embarrassment even as she complied with his commands.

"No... please... please don't say that... you... you've humiliated me enough already... ahhhhaaaa..." Stacy sobbed as she let her hands fall to her side after unbuttoning her blouse. "Please, Mr. Cashell..." She whispers softly as she looks away helplessly with tears in her eyes.

"You're such a whore, Mrs. Reeds." Richard laughs as his hand reaches up; fondling Stacy's heaving tits through the plain white bra."I bet you're husband doesn't treat you like this, does he?"

"Please... no... no... Mr. Cashell... ahhhhaaaaaa..." Mrs. Reeds protested weakly as she tried to push his large hands away.

"I bet you've secretly longed to be treated like this, you've dreamt of being some black man's white fuck toy, haven't you Mrs. Reeds?" Richard whispers to her, his voice harsh in the quiet classroom as his hand continues to caress the soft flesh of her breast. "Every time your husband fucks your hot little pussy you were fantasizing about some hung black man pounding you. Tell me the truth, Mrs. Reeds."

"Yes... I... I... am... am black man's... white fuck toy..." Stacy admits in shame as I look away from your face

"That's good, that's very good, Mrs. Reeds." Mr. Cashell smiled at her as he pushes her chair back away from the desk and climbs out from underneath it. "Now, my little fuck toy, I want you to undo my fly and take my cock out." He instructed the humiliated wife and mother as he leaned back against the edge of her desk in front of her.

Stacy's eyes were filled with unshed tears of shame as her hand reaches out, her fingers fumbling with the fly of Richard's pants. Glancing up, she pleads with her abuser silently even as her hand slides into his pants, her fingers running over the warm soft skin of his cock as she slowly draws him out of his boxers.

"This is the first time you've ever seen a black cock, isn't it?" Richard asks almost gently as Stacy's eyes are drawn to the hard organ in her hand, her gaze tracing every minute detail of his erection as she sits silently in front of him.

"Ye...yes." Stacy almost sighs as her fingers continue to lightly caress the large black penis if front of her face.

"I want you to suck it, Mrs. Reeds. I want you to take all of my hard black cock in your little white mouth." Richard tells her, smiling down at the look of shock that comes across her face as she looks up at him. "Blow me, my little fuck toy."

"yes..." Stacy whimpers softly, her voice sounding with defeat laced with lust as she hesitantly opens her mouth to cover the head of his huge black cock. Her hand strokes along the shaft as she sucks lightly on the tip, her eyes filled with self loathing as she looks up at Richard's smiling face.

"That's a good little slut," Mr. Cashell told her encouragingly as his hand rests lightly on the back of her head. "Now take it all in your mouth."

Stacy moans in humiliation as she slowly pushes more of his cock into her mouth, her lips wrapped tight around his shaft as her fingers slide over the portion of his manhood she couldn't fit in her mouth.

"All of it," Richard demands, thrusting his hips forward, forcing the last couple of inches of his cock into her mouth. "If you're going to be my fuck toy, you'll have to learn how to deep throat my cock."

Mrs. Reeds moans as the large cock slides completely into her mouth, the large tip touching the entrance to her throat as she begins to suck harder. Her hand rests on Richard's waist as her lips are wrapped around the base of his cock, her long blonde hair falling down to hide her face as she sucks intently on the throbbing cock in her mouth.

"That's perfect, Mrs. Reeds." Richard moans softly as her mouth moves along the length of his shaft. "You do that very well, you are a natural born cock sucker aren't you, Stacy?"

Stacy squirms in her chair, embarrassed but secretly pleased at his praise as she moves her mouth along his cock, the dark skin glistening with her saliva. "yes... I... I... was born a black cock sucker..." Stacy moans softly as she lets his cock slip from between her lips, her fingers stroking him as she looks up at Mr. Cashell in complete submission.

"That's right; you're my little white fuck toy." Richard says with pride as his large rough hand moves down to cup her chin. "Would my little slut like to be fucked now?"

"I... I.. am ready.. Mr. Cashell..." The defeated teacher whispers softly in shame, humiliated at the desire running through her slender body. "Please...please fuck me." She pleads, her blue eyes locked onto his brown ones.

Richard laughs as he hears the formerly prim and proper wife and mother beg him to fuck her. "Let me see what a good little slut you are now, Mrs. Reeds. I want you to ride my cock, prove to me that you're really my fuck toy." He tells her as his hands grip her shoulders, lifting her out of her chair as he sits on the edge of her desk. "Show me how much you want my cock," he whispers as he pulls her close to him, his fingers slipping into the leg hole of her panties, pulling them aside to expose her pussy.

Stacy flushes at his instructions even as her hands grip the hem of her skirt, pulling it up as she stands close to Richard. Placing one foot next to his, Mrs. Reeds raises her other leg, letting her foot rest on the edge of her desk as she spreads her legs, straddling his body. Her body trembles as he leans forward, his breath hot on her neck as he grips her ankle, steadying her foot on the desk.

"Beg for it, Mrs. Reeds." He whispers softly, his lips brushing against her ear as he inhales the light scent of her shampoo. "I want to hear how much you want my cock in your pussy." He tells her as he positions the head of his cock against the warm wet folds of her sex.

"Please... Mr. Cashell... fuck my white pussy with your big black cock..." Stacy whimpers, closing her eyes in shame as she thrusts her hips toward him, offering her married pussy to be abused as he saw fit.

"You want my big cock in your slutty white pussy, Mrs. Reeds?" Richard hisses in her ear as his hand moves down to grip her ass through her skirt. "Does your hot little cunt want me to pound my black cock deep inside you?"

"Yes... please, sir." Stacy moans as she tries to lower herself down onto the swollen head of his cock. "Please use me, fuck your little white fuck toy."

"Of course, my slut," Richard tells her, his hips thrusting forward, his cock slamming deep into Mrs. Reeds' pussy.

"Ahhhhaaaa... Mr. Cashell..." Stacy moans softly, leaning forward as she grinds her pussy hard against the invading cock. "Ahhhh... it's so... so big... ahhhhhaaaaa... so...good." She moans as her hands grip his shoulders, her head falling forward to rest on his chest.