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Short stories about Paulines

The Perils of Paulines

Pauline Bowles.

"John this is ridiculous, I should never have agreed to this, I just can't do it." The car pulled in to the woodland car park, the lights went out as the driver turned and looked at his wife.

"Look Pauline, we both know we need something to excite our fucking," she looked sternly at him.

"Do you have to be so crude, can't you just say, sex life."

He whispered through gritted his teeth, "Or lack of it."

She folded her arms and looked away, "I'm sorry John, but since the miss-carriage, I just can't be bothered, it could come back, but."

John Bowles sat in stony silence, he had got her drunk and she had agreed to try a little out door bondage, O K it was his idea but she said she would go along with it and he had been looking forward to it, Christ they had only been married 2 years, she was still a beautiful 26 year old, what was he supposed to do? Tie a fucking knot in his dick.

He got out the car and lit a cigarette, walked out of ear shot and spat, "Fuck, fuck, fuck," he started talking to himself, "Look at her sitting there, fucking gorges bitch, full body, my own real Marylyn Munro, what a figure, fucking tit's to die for, lovely bum, O K she was a bit naive when I met her but I thought I could get her to do all the things I imagined a sexy woman would. It took me a fucking year to get more than one position out of her but slowly she was getting in to it, I thought I'd cracked it then she fell pregnant, lost it and lost her interest in fucking, oh fuck it."

He took another long drag and stared at the evening sky. He had always had a bondage fantasy and when he got the nerve up to suggest it, he thought she was ether drunk enough or just said yes to shut him up, but he wanted it and pushed for it, and here he was, no, they were going to do it, the thought of her naked tied between two trees, gagged and unable to stop him, it made his cock rigid, no bollocks she's going to do it.

His mind raced as he turned and went back to the car, he stood at the bonnet and looked at her, "Look if you don't try it how will we now? If you don't like it I'll stop."

With a face of reluctant surrender she got out the car, he didn't want to argue so he went to the boot and pulled out the bag, took a deep breath and went round to her.

"Come on before it gets dark," he grabbed at her hand.

She pulled back, and looked at him, "You go I'll follow, you promise if I say no, it's no," as he walked on.

He said, "It's no."

They went in to the small wood, he searched for a clearing with two trees close enough for his plan, he was starting to panic he could hear her behind him, every chance she got she moaned, "How long are we going to be," or "What the hell are you doing," or "Oh this is stupid come on that's it."

Just as she was about to start again he saw them, perfect, he turned to her, "Look honey lets try it here, come on slip off your coat." She stood a moment, he bent down and busied himself in the bag of ropes, he could hear her, he breathed as sigh of relief as he saw her coat drop to the floor beside him, he smiled up at her.

He had told her to wear a button up the front dress, no stocking's or bra, he also told her not to wear pants but she refused that idea, he didn't want to stare but she did look gorges and he felt something very hard in his trousers, "Come over here love."

Begrudgingly she walked over to him, he took her hand and led her between the trees, he knew he had to work fast before she cooled off, anyway the evening light was fading, he stayed behind her, whispering in her ear, "Give me your wrist," he slipped the rope over and fastened her out and up to the small tree, then he did the same to her other wrist, he slid his hands along her out-stretched arms.

Again he whispered, "Part your legs a little darling," he heard her sigh, but she opened her legs a little, he quickly tied them tight to the bottom of each trunk, one more step and he was there.

She was about to say something but he stuffed the small piece of cloth in her mouth and stuck tape tightly over her mouth, he knew he was going to this, he had already suggested that a gag would be a good idea, to make it more realistic, but that was when she was totally drunk she must have forgotten as she made lots of grunts and squeals, but he busied himself checking the knots.

He didn't look up but said, "Oh yes darling that sounds really good, I'm glad your joining in the spirit of the game," then he went behind her, lifted the back of her dress and cut her pants from her, he was so excited, he looked at her from behind as she struggled in the ropes, her ass wiggled and as she kept trying to say John as he undid his trousers and pushed them down.

Just in his pants he took another deep breath and went round to stand in front of her, as soon as he faced her she started shaking her head and squealing at him, he carried on the pretence, "That's it Pauline make it as real as you want," his fingers were undoing each button all the way down the front of her dress trying to ignore the noise's coming from his wife.

The dress gapped open and her lovely body was open to him, he bent forward and kissed her large round breast's sucking at the large nipples, his fingers searched out her cunt and he started to finger her, hoping to feel that her hole was becoming wet.

His hopes weren't answered, she was still dry, what to do, he knelt down, she was unable to move or close her legs, it was easy for him to part her cunt lips and push his tongue in to the slit. He was slavering all over her cunt sucking in the flesh, then pushing between her legs as far as he could stabbing his tongue in to her as far as he could.

As he worked on her he heard her moaning and grunting excitedly he smiled to himself, he got up slowly kissing her body until his tongue licked up her neck and he gazed in to her eyes.

She wasn't looking at him she was looking behind him, he smiled at her but her eyes were wide with terror and still looking behind him, he turned, he was to late, a crashing blow sent him spinning to the floor.

John first heard voices, he tried to open his eye's but he was blindfolded, he tried to move but he was tied tightly to a tree, his arms behind him, he was sat on the cold ground, with his ankles tied, he was chewing on something taped in his mouth, he knew he couldn't move, his mind told him not to, so he stayed still trying to hear what was going on.

The first thing was squeals from Pauline, she was trying to shout something but he knew how tight he had sealed her mouth, then voice's he didn't want to hear, men and several of them.

As his head cleared he heard the first of three rough voices, they were mocking some one and he knew that some one was his helpless wife.

"You enjoying yourself down there? What can you see? Is it worth laying on the ground?"

Another voice, "From where I am the views great, two lovely little holes all open and waiting, want does she do when I give them a little tickle?"

John heard her cry a little squeal, "Don't think she likes it, maybe she don't like her cunt fingered,"

A third voice chipped in, "Well she better like a cock in, be a shame not to use her after her husband has left her nice and open for us."

"You hear that babe? He wants to fuck you; you want us to do you? After all when we watched you coming in here, we didn't think you was coming in to pick daisy's."

Voices started to mix, "Come on lets fuck her, she's a nice looking piece of ass and I want some of her pussy," there was laughter, "Had enough of him sucking on your chapel hat pegs, you can't blame him lady you got lovely big nips, a real mouthful but he's right, it's time to fuck you."

The next line was a whisper but John heard it, "And I want that nice round ass, I bet you take a good fucking up that ass-hole of yours."

They were all taking at once, "You got a hell of a body lady, mind if we use it?" "Oh yes not very wet but I'll be going in there, come on bitch open up." John could hear their voices mixed in with Pauline's moans, he knew she was being hurt as the squeals became muffled screams and the things the men were saying to her, "Look bitch relax your ass I'm going to fuck your back door, you may as well enjoy it, that's better, just a bit more, bend your legs, that's it, in he goes, lady you are tight, you ain't had many up here," John could have told him it was a virgin ass.

It seemed to have sat there for ages as the men enjoyed fucking his wife he could hear every grunt and groan as they filled her with there filth, the worse thing was hearing her squeal as they pulled, pitched and squeezed her lovely full body.

Suddenly they said something that frightened him, "Is that her coat. Give it here," he heard some movement, "Well, well, Hello Mrs Pauline Bowles, fancy a little stroll with us, it's getting a bit cool out here lets go somewhere quiet were we can be alone and have a little more fun with you."

Now there was lots of movement and sounds, "Give me his trousers lets check them out," he heard his change rattle to the ground, "Car keys, hay hubby, if you can hear us we will leave them close to the car, have fun, we will, we've got your lovely wife and we are going to have a lot more fun fucking her to-night."

Some one said, "Pull her coat round her."

Someone else said, "Where's her pants?"

The man nearest John laughed, "He's sucking on them, thought he might like them, pity for him, because what we want is what his wife puts in them and there's nothing she can do but give it to us."

The three men dragged Pauline through the wood and back to the car park, they opened her car and found her handbag. Looking through it they found her address, "Chuck her in the van let's go see what they've got at home.

As Pauline was pushed in to the back of the white van she heard, "I hope they have a big enough bed for all three of us to fuck her on."

The two in the back of the van had a lot of fun playing with Pauline, by the time they backed in to the small drive at the side of the house, Pauline's nipples were red and sore from the continues biting and sucking.

It was dark as they bundled her in to her own house, two of them took her upstairs, found the loo and made her use it, then they cleaned her up. The third one came upstairs, he brought scissors to cut her dress off, they wanted her naked before using her again. They threw her on the bed, pulled her ankles up and tied them off to her wrists, checked her gag and went down to eat and drink.

They had left the doors open, Pauline could hear them as she struggled for a while but all she did was make the ropes tighter, she stopped, she felt so helpless all she wanted to do was cry but knew it was useless. She lay quietly on her bed when she heard him use her phone, "Hello, is Tinttino there-------- tell him it's important--------- Tinttino, yes and how are you------ good-----me too-------had a bit of luck---- you guessed it-------mid twenties, hell of a body,-------oh yes big tit's and a good shape------what I would call, full bodied------ yes, really perfect, just the type they like----- about two hours---- ya, ya can do---I'll let you know when I see you------ trust me she'll do well at auction------- talk to you in two hours then, bye---- alright have it your way, chow."

She heard them come back upstairs, the three of them filed in to the bedroom, "Alright Mrs Bowles, you look lonely so we have an idea," he sat beside her on the bed and pulled her face to look at him, "Now we have two hours to kill, and we are going to give you a choice. Your husband doesn't seem to be here, must be tied up some where, so do as we tell you and we will fuck you or, you don't do as we tell you, we hurt you then we fuck you, what do you think?"

He slid his hand over her body and pushed her leg sideways forcing them open, ran his hand up her inner thigh until he was playing with her open lips, he bent forward and pulled the tape from her mouth, she spat out the cloth, her mouth was so dry she could hardly speak, "Don't hurt me, please all I want is."

He slapped her tit, "It's not about what you want it's about what piece of you we are going to have, I take it your going to suck us and be a good girl, yes?"

Pauline squeezed a tear out of her eyes as she nodded, he stood up and dropped his pants, "Come on lads, time is a wasting," he bent down and squeezed the side's of her mouth, "And this lady has a lovely mouth just look at them lips perfect for sucking cock." The bedroom door was shut, they untied her and stood her up, "Right lady on your knees and suck, just keep your mouth busy, if we need the other two holes we know were they are and we will use them, you understand?"

Fighting back tears she knew she just wanted them out and if she had to be abused for two hours then she would do whatever it took to get rid of them. Sucking cock had never been something she would want to do but here she was, bent over sucking a filthy strangers long thick cock as far down and as fast as she could as two other men played with her cunt, ass and tit's, then one of them came up behind her, roughly pulled her cunt lips apart, she heard a grunt as he shoved a thick cock in to her and started fucking her. As he banged her from behind her mouth filled with thick white filth. The one behind kept her bent as the one in her mouth moved behind her making way for the next, she was again sucking cock.

For the next hour she was fucked in the ass, cunt, and mouth, they warned her if it wasn't the best fuck they had ever had, it would be the best beating she had ever had. She knew they meant it so she did every thing they wanted her too, degrading herself for their pleasure before having to hold her full tits together while each one of them grinned at her as they fucked off between them. She lay there as they splat their hot juice under her chin, over her mouth and as much as they could over her face.

Pauline rolled over on the bed exhausted, she opened her eyes, blinking as some of their cum stung her eye, "Please go."

She curled herself up as they dressed but they didn't go they grabbed her again, "Right Mrs Bowles we need you to write to your husband, get paper and pen." Pauline didn't understand but obeyed, and found what they wanted, she was pushed on to her bedroom stool and bent over the table, "Write this."

Pauline wiped her face and waited, his voice began.

Dear John,

Last night was the last thing I could take, I'm leaving.

Pauline looked up, "No, please no what's going on, I wont," she was pulled roughly back off the stool, her arms pinned tightly behind her.

The leader looked at her, put his hand in his pocket took out a lighter and flicked it at her face, "I found this paper and that's your hand writing so you will write, how you write, you ready," she shook her head.

He flicked the lighter this time it flamed, he lowered it until it was between her legs, slowly he brought it up, the smell of burning hair reached their nostrils, she screamed, he brought it back up still lit and ran it under her nipple, "No, no, no please no."

He pulled it away, "Are you going to write or am I going to do that again? Only every time I do I will take longer to move, do I stop, do you write," she nodded.

"Last night was the last thing I could take, I'm leaving you, don't try and find me, there is some-one else and I will be with her, my solicitors will be contacting you, I could say more but what is the point, I don't love or want you anymore.


He had a tape machine, he held it at her face, "Repeat what you have written when I say go," and he clicked the button, "Go."

She repeated what she had written and the letter and machine were put away, "Thank you Mrs Bowles, gentlemen," as he said the last word the two other's pulled her on to the bed and tied her very tight. Naked, gagged and helpless Pauline was carried back down stairs and put back in the van, as the van moved off. She lay on the empty floor thinking, why had nothing been taken from her home.

The van pulled under a large building and slowed, then turned and stopped, she was roughly picked up and carried up some stairs, along a passage in to a small room, they untied her, "Clean yourself up." She washed and did her hair, as she did she looked at the bite marks on her breasts, and the marks on her body, what was to become of her.

Her thought's were broken as a woman came in and gave her a cup of tea, "Here love drink this it will warm you up, don't worry you'll be out of this soon," Pauline, grateful to see a friendly face took the mug and drank, when she finished she handed the empty mug back, "Good girl well done, now you will sleep, I will make sure nobody touch's you until after the auction, good looking woman like you should fetch a good price," Pauline tried to get up but it was to late, she slumped back on to the chair.

Pauline rubbed her face on the clean linen, opened her eyes as she enjoyed the comfortable bed, she rubbed her eyes, then suddenly she saw her wrists, the marks of the rope screamed at her, she sat up and looked round.

A big ornate bedroom greeted her gaze, she rushed at the door, locked, she looked round, at the finest furnishing she had ever seen, silks and velvet adorned the equally lavish room, the lovely big long mirror that covered half a wall made it look twice as big, but where was she?

She sat on the bed and stared at her naked body in the mirror.

The balding men looked at her through the two way mirror, "A good buy, yes we will have good times with this one, good body, nice and full to play with and nice ass for spank," he let the crop slap down on the table, "When we going to see action?"

The other man was reading her papers, "Soon, soon, I have Hazel coming to explain things to her," he carried on reading the note.

Name, Pauline Bowles.

Age, 26.

Nationality, British.

Statistics, 40 / 26 / 36; Height 5' 7; Weight 130lb.

Purchase price 500,000.

Postage and Package 10,000.

Hush money 50,000.

Paid September 14.

With thanks

Tinttino shipping.

His concentration was broken when the door in the bedroom open and a naked, very pretty coloured girl entered carrying a tray.

Pauline jumped and looked at the girl, she looked back at Pauline, "Don't worry, I've brought you some food and drink, don't worry it's safe, I've been sent to look after you and eerrrr, explain."

Pauline was so hungry that it was 6 or 7 minutes before she had chance to take the drink and ask, "What do you mean explain?" The girl took a book from the tray and held it close to her, "Your name is Pauline, yes?" Pauline nodded, "My name is Hazel, I have been here for 6 months, when I arrived I was met by a girl called Rose and she told me that I would have to do everything they told me with anyone they told me, I said no."

Hazel cleared her throat, " I was shown this book and I laughed and told them it was a joke, I want you to look at it and remember I said no, I don't anymore."

Pauline took the book as Hazel got up and paced around the room, she looked long and hard at the mirror, she heard a sharp gasp from Pauline, she knew she had opened the book.

Pauline looked at her, "What is this? I don't understand, what's this?" Hazel walked slowly over to Pauline who had the book open; she stared at a picture of a girl.

She was hanging upside down about a foot off the ground, totally naked and two masked men were whipping her, her back was bleeding, Hazel said, "She said no."

The pictures got worse, girls with clamps all over them, girls being electrocuted, girls covered in hot wax, she could see by their face's they were in agony, then Pauline looked up at Hazel, she had reached the picture of the girl with burn marks on her breast's, a man was standing in front of her with a branding iron, the girl was Hazel, Pauline heard her say, "As I said, I don't say no any-more."