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Black Rape Stories New Tomahawk Band Video Rape The Day Secretary Rape Fantasy Gay Rape Porn
Ok. So here I am sitting out on her patio, my dick hanging out of my pants from our recent fuck session. And she had the gall to use me! Me!!! What the hell is that all about! Women aren't supposed to do that to men...ok maybe they do... but not to me. So I got up and started for the open patio door intent on giving her a piece of my mind but when I saw her in the kitchen all I could see was red.

She was just casually chopping up some fruit and cheese as if she hadn't just screwed my brains out. I stepped into the kitchen and headed for her. When she saw me coming the knife came up for protection.

"What the fuck are you doing in here? I told you to go home. I'm through with you!" she screamed the last of it as I made a move for her. I fainted to the left then grabbed her wrist. I applied just enough pressure to get her to release the knife but not hurt her. When her only defence fell to the floor with a clatter fear over came anger. "Don't hurt me..." she whimpered.

I pulled her wrists behind her back and dragged her against me, careful to make sure that she couldn't bag me. None of us wants that. I looked into her eyes for a few moments. I started to get uneasy when she began to cry. I held her wrists with one hand and smoothed her tears away.

"Don't worry, you won't feel any pain at my hands. Only pleasure." I said.

I turned her away from me and unfastened her skirt, tying her wrists together with the sash. I needed someplace to put her to keep her from running away; when I looked around the place I found the perfect thing. She had a glass top dinner table. Perfect. I moved her there and bent her over the top. Now I just had to get rid of the rest of her clothes... scissors? Where to find them? Then I remembered the knife on the floor.

"Don't move an inch." I stated as I snatched it off the floor. "If you move I might cut you and neither of us wants that." I could see her trembling as I cut the straps of her tank top, then up the centre of its back. Her panties I decided were too pretty to waste so after setting the knife at a nice safe distance from her, I bent down behind her. I slowly pulled the panties over her hips, down her legs until she could step out of them. I lifted her foot and tossed the lace over my shoulder.

I decided to take this opportunity to get an up close view of everything. I slid my hands up the back of her thighs to squeeze her firm ass. I gave one cheek a slap, leaving a nice red imprint of my hand on her skin. She moaned. Did I hear that right? Is she enjoying this? I decided to test my theory and did it again on the other cheek. She wiggled her ass in my face as she moaned louder. No mistaking that. Hmmmmm so many possibilities.

I massaged away the marks I had left with the palms of my hands, letting her cheeks fill my hands. I began squeezing and kneading her ass cheeks... spreading them to get a better look at her puckered asshole. My thumbs traced around her tight hole, softly brushing across it. When I heard her groan I couldn't wait any longer. I spread her thighs apart and began tasting her. When she felt my tongue probe into her, her hips started to gyrate against my face. I laid the flat of my tongue and stroked the length of her before I moved my mouth away and began to lick and kiss each of the firm globes of her ass. When I lightly bit her goose flesh sprang up all over.

I sat back to admire again. Her pussy was glistening from arousal; she was as hairless as a baby too. I could feel my cock coming back to life, my shorts were getting tighter so I took them off and tossed them somewhere in the vicinity of her panties. I lightly probed her lips with the tip of my finger; this caused small tremors to wash over her. When I slowly inserted that finger deep inside her hot cunt she moaned. Her breathing got shallow and she tried to push her hips against my hand.

I pulled that finger out and tasted it. Like honey, and like a bear I wanted it all. I pushed her legs apart as far as I could. I touched the tip of my tongue to her hole, and then licked the length of her slit. My nose was buried in her ass as I used the flat of my tongue on her, taking long lapping strokes while I massaged her clit with my thumb.

She was quivering and moaning loud. I could tell she was close to cumming soon. I decided to see just how kinky she really was by running my tongue over her puckered anus. She went nuts; she began to call out to her maker when I started to fuck her pussy with my fingers all the while licking at her tight ass. I spread her ass apart with my remaining hand and went to town on her. When I pushed the tip of my tongue into her ass I felt her spill over my fingers and hand as she came hard.

"You like that witch?" I asked as I stood up. When she remained silent I slapped her ass. "Answer me!" I yelled.

"Yes I liked it." She moaned and kept gyrating her hips, asking to be fucked.

"You want me to slide into you don't you?" I asked as I watched her. The head of my cock was nestled at the opening of her hole. I only had to move an inch to penetrate her.

"Oh yes, Please come in me now!" she begged on a moan. I slid a little deeper into her; I could feel the walls of her tight pussy sucking me further inside her. When I finally had myself buried in her to the hilt I had to stifle a groan. My fingers dug into the resilient flesh of her hips as I began to slowly slide back out. I entered her again; easing in an inch at a time, pulling back out a bit too. She was screaming for me to fuck her harder after only a few strokes. I kept my pace slow and steady, making her beg for it as I paced myself.

When I placed my thumb over her ass and pressed, she came again. So the bitch likes to get her ass fucked eh... I pulled out of her; much to her displeasure, to have a look around for something to use as a lube. She had a bottle of olive oil on the counter. Perfect. I doubt if her ass is as virgin as this oil claims to be.

She gasped as I poured it over her tight ass. The sight of the oil running down her crack and between her legs made my dick lurch with want. This was an image that would haunt me till my dying days... one that needed to be captured forever.

"Where do you keep your cameras?" I asked.

"What? Why?" she was extremely confused. "I don't think you need to know that..." she stated. I ignored it and left her in search of them. It didn't take long; her bag was in living room. I eased one of the cameras out of the bag and checked to see if it had film in it. There was a fresh roll and I intended to use it up. I positioned myself behind her again and aimed the lens at her ass.

"You like to have your picture taken don't you?" I asked her. When she remained silent I just kept talking. "I bet you were so wet the whole time you were taking those self- portraits of yourself. But you know what... I bet the gallery wouldn't like these self-portraits, what do you think sugar?" her answer was something across from a growl and a moan. I took a few more shots before she closed her legs.

"Oh no you don't." I said as I wedged a hand between her thighs. I applied just enough pressure to make her open then again. "That's better. I'm gonna make sure I remember this for a long, long time." It occurred to me that I could get a few shots of her while I was fucking her too... I guided the head of my dick into her cunt, I took shot after shot as I inched into her... despite her earlier protests she pushed against me, trying to coax me further into her. But her ass beckoned to me, I held the camera with my right hand and pushed my finger against the opening of her tight ass. Again I took shot after shot of my finger easing into her, my dick still deep inside her.

She had the sweetest ass. So tight and warm, I had to fuck it. I put the camera down for a moment. I was going to need two hands for this. I pulled out of her and positioned myself at the entrance. As I started to press into her she moaned again.

"You want my cock up your ass?" I asked, pulling back. "Beg for it..."

"Hmmmm yes... please stick your cock up my ass. I want to feel it in me!" she begged.

I pushed it against her again; she let out a low moan when the head popped through the tight ring. Sweat began to bead on her skin as I slowly worked inch after inch into her. When I was finally buried into her to the hilt I grabbed her shoulders and pulled her back, arching her against me.

My hands played with her tits as I slowly pumped into her. Once again I wanted to capture the moment so I pushed her back down against the glass and grabbed the camera. She bucked against me, as I took shot after shot, begging me to stop and keep fucking her ass. I had 10 shots left, and I had found the auto shutter. But this would require a tri-pod, and a bed.

I looped the camera strap around my neck and slid out of her. I groaned as her tight ass released me. I didn't think I was going to be able to do this in and out business too much more. It was starting to build up. I grabbed her upper arms and pulled her off the table.

"Where are we going?" she asked.

"To your bedroom," I said, " but first I need to find a tri-pod. I want to see me fucking you." I expected protests, but much to my surprise she turned around and pressed her tits against my chest.

"I have one set up in the bedroom already." She said breathlessly. "There's even film in the camera."

I could have fucked her right there on the floor. The look in her eyes was almost primal. I cupped her bottom and hauled her over my shoulder, all but running up the stairs. It took only seconds to figure out which room was hers, and true to her word there was a tripod with a camera already mounted.

I walked over and set her on the bed. "How does this thing work?" I asked.

"It has a motion detector on it. All you have to do is flick the red button on the side. It will wait about a minute before the sensor starts responding to movement." She was almost giddy with anticipation.

"You've never done this with anyone have you?" I asked. She licked her lips and shook her head from side to side. I walked over to her and kissed her deeply, biting her lower lip. "How many frames are on that roll of film?"

"About 40 I think." She purred as I worked my way over her jaw and down her neck till I could nibble on her breasts. "That cord is attached to the shutter too. You can take pictures that way if you want."

"Lets go with that for a bit. But lets do it this way." I lifted her to her feet and turned her so that she was facing the camera. Her hands were still bound behind her back; I put the end of the cord for the shutter control in her hand, I wrapped my arms around the front of her and began to fondle her tits, pinching the nipples, squeezing and kneading them. She began to take shots of this. My right hand drifted lower until my fingers were between her legs. She jerked when I started to rub her clit, moaned as I increased the pressure and speed.

I barely noticed the click of the shutter or the flash going off on the camera as I slid my fingers into her again. It didn't take long for her to cum, her body arched and tightened against me, the camera capturing every moment of it. It wasn't long before I heard the film rewinding in the camera... she had used up all 40 frames on one orgasm. I thought I was going to cum right then and there.

She slid boneless to the floor when I released her to go look for more film. It didn't take too long; most of her equipment was in the next room, and her camera was easy to load. When I looked over at her, her back was to me and she was still on her knees, her hands bound behind her. I had to have a pic of her sucking me off. I took up the cord and went to stand in front of her. She knew what I wanted, her mouth opened and she took one of my balls inside.

I pressed my thumb to the shutter release and took shots of her licking my balls and working her way up my shaft. I moved to the side so that the camera would get a nice profile of her sucking me off. For some reason my sense of control came back to me, I was able to hold off longer then I thought was possible. I decided not to waste my load on her face and pulled away from her eager mouth.

"Get on the bed, face down." I demanded. She got up and slithered onto the bed. I decided it was time to release her from her bonds so she would be able to have some leverage while I was fucking her. When her arms were free she gave a moan of relief and brought them around in front of her.

I went back to the camera, set it on the motion detector at slow intervals and reset the focus. When I came back to the bed I grabbed her ankles and spread them apart. I could still see oil glistening where I had poured it earlier. I got on the bed and straddled her thighs, resting my ankles in the crooks of her knees.

The first shot went off just as I was sliding my cock between her cheeks. I heard it go again as I pushed into her. As the head popped through her asshole I looked forward to see that she had fisted her hands into the bedspread, her skin began to glisten and her moans increased as I worked slowly deeper and deeper into her.

I could feel the walls of her ass squeezing me when I finally felt my balls hit against her wet cunt. Our breathing was short gasps as we became accustomed to each other. It didn't take long before she tried to move against me, urging me to keep going. I slowly eased out of her to the tip, and began to stroke her again, burrowing myself in her again.

She was moaning, her movements restless before she finally screamed at me to fuck her properly. When I pulled out a little and slammed into her hard she screamed. Thinking that I had hurt her I started to get off her.

"Where the fuck do you think you're going!" she growled.

"I thought I hurt you." I yelled back. I guess not I thought. "Ok witch, you want it rough do you?" I slapped her ass hard, leaving and angry hand print on her skin before I worked back into her.

I took long deep strokes, pounding into her ass over and over again. I felt my control slipping as she tightened around me during a hard orgasm. She bit my wrist hard when I started to slow down again, growling at me to keep going. I sat up a bit and pushed my thumbs between her cheeks spreading her even further open. I could see bruises already forming on her hips from where I had gripped her but I didn't care in the least. I was going to cum real soon. The last slippery fingers of my control left me, I plunged into her hard and poured myself into her ass before collapsing on her. I vaguely remember hearing the camera rewinding the film as I tried to recover from some of the best sex I'd ever had!

So you want to know the ending eh... well I'll leave you to guess what happened. But I will tell you this. The pictures were amazing!