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Visibly trembling you pick up the plate from the floor in front of you and then stoop to pick up the banana also. You walk the plate to the dishwasher eyeing the banana lying wet and glistening on the plate. Without thinking you reach for the video camera left on the counter and reversing it while flicking it on to record mode and facing you. Then with loving slurps and smacking of your lips you start to eat the banana skin and all. After all you don't know how long it will be before you get to have such a delicious meal again.


As you finish putting the dishes in the dishwasher clad only in your 5 inch red high heels, bent over and naked, keenly aware that you are giving a lewd display of your nakedness to anyone that were to walk pass, you take the time to marvel at the events of the last 14 hours.

Your body has been possessed by the most intimate cravings and you have had mind blowing orgasms the likes of which you could never imagine. Although your body has been through so much during the night and you have forgotten how many times you have come, you feel refreshingly alert and so in tune with yourself, you have forgotten how long you have since felt so content. Yes there are blemishes and hurts on and in your body but it has all been worth it. Just the mere thought of some of the depravities you have been subjected to makes your pussy churn with renewed excitement and your vagina positively liquefies, as you consider your immediate future, held captive and naked in your own home.

You realise you have remained bent over the dishwasher as if in a dream and unconsciously you right hand has snaked its way towards your groin where it has started to tentatively play with your clitoris and your moist opening. Your legs are slightly spread and your palm can feel the heat emanating from your furnace like cunt. You gasp from your own touch and closing your eyes you picture yourself bent over and been forcibly taken from behind. Helplessly you start to openly masturbate right there in your kitchen.

Suddenly you feel a presence in the room and with an audible gasp you open your eyes to see him standing behind you in the kitchen doorway watching you brazenly pleasure yourself. You blush slightly even though he has seen you in far more embarrassing situations this morning. You remain frozen in his stare bent naked over the dishwasher, legs taunt and sculptured in your high heels, the middle finger of your right hand embedded knuckle deep in your slick wet pink gash and your anus exposed. Your anus is still moist from his recent deposit of semen and continues to leak slowly from the confines of your rectum. As he stares you remain transfixed liked a child caught with his hand in the lolly jar. You start to tremble slowly wondering why you should feel so daunted and commandeered by his presence.

"So slut you just can't wait, can you," he says in a muted voice thick with lust from his position by the door.

All the time staring lewdly at your bent posture taking in the obvious slickness of your open vagina and the winking eye of your anus as it pulses under his gaze.

"Even after everything we have been through you still find the need to touch yourself and make yourself come – you are nothing but a raving nymphomaniac, a slut that can't get enough. I bet your would fuck a rolling pin if you knew it would satisfy your cravings if only for a moment".

Outwardly you are stunned by his accusations but deep down inside you know that what he says is true. With crashing realisation you suddenly acknowledge that yes you do crave his touch, his abuse, his harsh words, the fulfilment to come over and over again as if seeking that one final orgasm that will be better than the last. Your body can't get enough of being treated like a whore and a slut. Made to reach beyond your known boundaries and to pursue that heavenly blissful orgasm that makes you feel like the centre of the universe, as if all the power around you becomes totally focused on the exploding pulsing core of your sexuality. It is as if you have suddenly been released from the restraints of your humanness and you know that you will go to any length to attain that feeling of total and overwhelming bliss he can invoke on your body time and time again. He is your drug and unlike any physical drug, the pleasure is better and better every time he gives you a hit.

He has obviously showered as you can see his hair is wet and his body glistening from his recent wash, also he is naked. Raising proudly from the junction of his muscular thighs you watch as his penis fills with blood and slowly rises erect before your very eyes. Obviously he is getting excited looking at your lewd and naked display. His circumcised cock lengthens and grows, the hard shaft filling with blood and the soft plum at the top turning first a deep red then purple as his cock hardens further. You watch as his balls move slowly within his scrotum and you can imagine his nuts working overtime to produce yet another portion of his manly essence that you have come to crave and desire.

You notice for the first time that his scrotum and genitals are shaved bare like your own and it appears that he has freshly shaved them in the shower just now. There is a pinkish tinge to his skin and your mouth moistens just thinking about lathering his nut sack with your tongue.

Suddenly as if woken from a spell you realise he is walking slowly towards you, his cock bouncing with each step he takes. As he closes the distance between you his right hand comes around to grip his cock momentarily trapping the blood in it and make the whole shaft a vibrant purple column of flesh. As if in a trance you slowly squat further towards the ground providing him with an unimpeded access to your womanhood. Your hand is still on the front of your pubic bone and as you slowly start to withdraw your middle finger from your sodden snatch he yells at you

"STOP! Leave your finger in your cunt bitch!"

Mortified by his sudden outburst you quickly jam your finger back into your love tunnel feeling you're puffed up cunt lips squelch around your hand.

You guess that he intends to ravage your arse again while you finger your cunt and the thought of the act makes you groan with desire. Looking forward towards the kitchen bench you reach out one hand, holding yourself steady, preparing your body for the invasion of his manhood. You feel him reach forward and grip your waist at the hip and suddenly the heat from his loins bathe your hand and rear end as he pushes his gripped cock against you.

You moan as you feel him push his rampant cock down and the soft hard plum of his cock glides over your slick outer lips. Precum from his piss slit burns your fingers as it drools out onto the back of you hand. With mounting trepidation you feel the head of his burgeoning cock slide back up the length of your quim and lodge deftly into the opening to your pussy currently clamping rhythmically on the digits of your single finger twirling in its depths.

He leaves his cock lodged there as your pussy rages like a furnace and exudes droplets of hot liquid fire from inside your cunt, your muscles pulsing, slowly pushing the moisture from within out to coat the head of his penis with your juices. The hand that was previously holding his penis comes around to firmly grip your waist on the other side and holding you steady he keeps his penis lodged in the entrance to your pussy.

As you are held steady and unmoving you feel the heat of his prick on your hand but more noticeably you feel the plum of his cock head pulse against the lips of your cunt. The head seems to grow fractionally then diminish slightly creating a throb between your legs like you have never experienced before. As his throbs escalate you hear him grunting in time above you. In turn you start to moan your desire and need to be plunged upon his rampant hot hard meat. To be soundly fucked until you both explode in bliss and lust crazed euphoria.

He watches as your hand on the bench whitens from the fingers clenching the edge and your arm starts to shake from the strain of holding the current position. Still lodged in the entrance of your molten cunt his hands slide sensuously up both sides of your body. Lightly brushing over the soft orbs of your tits, tweaking the hard red nipped ends of your teats, then up under your armpits they finally come to rest on the tops of your shoulders, either side of your neck.

His fingers curl and grip your shoulders tightly as you hear him inhale a deep breath and hold it as if he is preparing to jump across a great divide. Involuntarily you do the same and draw a deep breath, your lungs swelling with oxygen and your tits expanding as they hang dripping with perspiration beneath your taunt and highly-strung body.

Then as he exhales, the air whooshing from his mouth, he gasps in rapture; his hands almost crush your shoulders as he impales your steaming creaming cunt on his steel like cock. He knocks the wind from you and your head spins at the sudden onslaught as his cock fills you completely. The juices that have been gathering in your cunt bathe his cock like a hot velvet glove, gripping and milking his turgid length as it plummets into the depths of your cunt.

As he slides in the fingernail of your middle finger, still pressed firmly into the folds of your pussy, rakes like a nail against the underside of his cock making him shiver and tremble as it bumps and glides over the contours of his flesh. It scrapes and etches a trail of pain/pleasure right down the length of his throbbing penis. He stops only when he is fully immersed into your languid sopping snatch, his hard packed scrotum pressed against the back of your hand, the plum of his cock head pressing insistently against your cervix trying to gain entrance to your womb, and the petals of your labia splayed and spread over the root of his cock.

The hot juice like nectar in your pussy is forced along the length of his cock and squeezed out through the lips of your sodden pussy to slowly drool down your hand and coat his scrotum. It makes his nut sack glisten and gleam like wet leather pulsing and writhing as if it is filled with bubbling molten lava trying to escape.

Expecting him to withdraw and hammer into you, you are surprised when he just holds you tight against his thighs, clenching your shoulders in a vice-like grip. His cock throbs in your snatch which in turn causes more of your come to force its way beyond the tight seal between your labia and his scrotum. You can feel him make small jumps against your arse as his nuts move within the confined space between your legs bumping the back of your hand. He is a like a dog who has been fastened, as if against his will, into a bitch on heat by the 'knot' at the base of his penis, not allowing him to withdraw until he has completed the task of filling his mate with his seed.

A devious idea enters your mind and in a slow and deliberate motion you insinuate your finger deeper into your quim until you can push your hand no deeper. Straightening your finger within the confines of your pussy and accompanied by audible squelching noises you feel the vein running underneath his cock pulsing against the sensitive skin of your finger above the quick of your finger nail. Then with cunning decision you lengthen your finger completely. Confirmed by his gasp his body suddenly going rigid as you push your fingernail into the skin of his penis insinuating it under the roll of skin just beneath the plum of his cock head, against the hyper sensitive glans than you know so well.

Now you have him captured if only for a short time. He cannot move back for fear of your nail stabbing into his soft blood engorged helmet and possibly causing permanent damage to his manhood. You hear him growl in both anger and excitement as he is torn between reinstating his dominance or relinquishing his control and enjoying the sudden turn of events that this coupling has taken.

You say in jagged harsh panting breathes

"Right now I could rip the top off your cunt hungry cock and leave you writhing on the floor to bleed to death, funny how quickly the tables can turn when you least expect it………..Aye…..slut. How do you like being on the receiving end? Being subjected to the whims and desires of another, knowing that the fate of your pleasure lies entirely in the decision of a total stranger? So slut……bitch…..whore……is this good for you?"

You feel him shaking slightly and his hands loosen on your shoulders allowing the blood to recirculate. He stammers, unsure whether your threat is genuine or not,

"Al…….al….al….right, now. Wh….wh…what do we do? You have to admit that our time together has been pretty unbelievable and don't tell me you faked all those orgasms. I saw the evidence myself as it squirted from your cunt. You have enjoyed this as much as me if not more so."

As he is talking you are vaguely aware that his left hand is moving down your side and you quickly glance behind and to your left as quick as lightening he reaches and grabs the BBQ lighter you keep by the stove for lighting the gas element. Thinking quickly you try to jam your finger deeper into your cunt to pierce the head of his cock if only as a warning that you are still in control. But the length of his penis is just enough that it evades your searching nail and while he holds himself deep inside you, & does not withdraw, he has a temporary sanctuary from your knife like nail.

Your sudden movement to jam your finger inside yourself deeper inadvertently raises your arse slightly higher and drives his cock a millimetre deeper into your quim. Also the globes of your bottom spread a little more and you realise with growing horror that your anus is exposed and vulnerable.

Laughing quietly at your predicament in a vicious evil way you feel the small metal tube of the lighter get forced into the ring of your sphincter as he unceremoniously inserts his new weapon into you until it is embedded about halfway. You can feel the tight grip he has on the handle and none too gently he lifts the object as it lies flat inside your arse. This makes your anus stretch and a small opening is revealed between the metal tube and the entrance to your rectum.

"SO CUNT! You want to play games still. Yes you could slice my cock with your fingernail and the damage may be irreprehensible and it might even hurt a lot, but that would be nothing compared to me triggering this devise and sending a gout of flaming methane up your arsehole. Then it would probably ignite all that tasty stomach gases you have up there and I wouldn't be surprised if you just plain fucking exploded all over your kitchen. Leaving a quivering bloody cunt hanging on the end of my cock".

"So – At the moment I am relatively safe as long as I stay nuts deep in your worthless steaming gash, but I could flick this lighter anytime I like……….I suggest you do some quick thinking and tell me something I want to hear".

Without even thinking it all the way through you know that you have lost the initiative and he has gained all the power back, possibly even twice fold. Slowly and with deep resignation you crook your finger inside your pussy and then slowly withdraw it from your cunt relishing the feel as it exits with a squelching plop. Then trying to stem your tears as you realise how hopeless your situation really is you try to soften the result of your actions by gently rubbing his scrotum with your wrinkled wet sticky finger.

"I'm glad you saw sense my little bitch but mark my words you will pay for that little indiscretion, In fact what is to stop me still flaming your arse right now"?

Almost hysterically you plead with him to forgive you

"Pl……pl…pl..pl….please, I……I…….I'm so sorry I don't know what come over me, I ne….ne…nneeed your cock so badly, I thought that if I trapped you, I could force y….y…you to stay with me forever".

"Nice try cunt, nice little story but I think you are just trying to wing it now and save your petty worthless skin from be char-grilled. Cut the whining and remember, this is the last time I am going to say this, I OWN YOU, I AM YOU FUCKING MASTER, YOU WILL DO EVERY FUCKING THING I TELL YOU WITHOUT HESITATION OR GOD HELP ME YOU'LL FUCKING REGRET IT, DO YOU HEAR ME YOU FUCKING WHORE?"

As he yells at you, you can feel the lighter jabbing inside your rectum and with genuine fear in your voice and sobbing tearfully you shake you head vigorously blubbering

"Y….y….yes yes yes I hear you, I promise I won't be stupid again, I'll d….d…..d….do whatever you say…….M….m…m…master".

As tears trickle down your cheeks you feel him let go of the handle of the lighter although it remains embedded in your rectum and he grabs your hips and starts to fuck you back and forth savagely on his cock. Your high heels act like a hinge and while you struggle to hold onto the bench in front of you, with lightening speed he pulls you back viciously onto his bloated member then pushes you away with a resounding slap on your arse fucking you relentlessly.

Time and time again you feel stinging blows to your arse and on the return stroke his cock bludgeoning the walls of your vagina. Squealing in terror you try to relax and just let him use and abuse your body as he sees fit. Hoping to ride out this storm and praying his inevitable orgasm will quench the rage in his mind and body.

Without warning he wrenches your head backwards by grabbing the hair in your pony tail and violently pulls your face up that until now has been hanging defeated between your outstretched arms. As your face comes into view, your eyes all puffy from crying and your nose all snotty and sniffling he uses your pony tail to tilt your head slightly to the right.

Glancing sideways you can see his massive body humping in frenzy as he fucks you over and over. He is covered in sweat and you can see his chest labouring as he heaves and pumps and mashes his cock into your cunt. It is as if he is trying to force his entire body into the tight little cavity of your cunt. Sweat drips from his matted hair and forehead and the wild angry look in his eyes makes you cringe with fear. You close your eyes afraid of the animal he has become.

He bellows into your ear "Fuck me back you fucking cum hungry whore, milk my cock with that bear trap cunt of yours, come on make an effort you bitch".

He emphasizes these words with 2 quick stinging blows to your arse. Because you have your eyes closed you don't see him as suddenly he lashes out and he slaps your face making your ears rings and your head spin. Dazed and nearly out of it you drop your arms beside you, your head lolling around on your neck, your hair whipping around your sweaty tear stricken face, your tits & arse wobbling in all sorts of directions, as he manipulates you like a puppet on a string.

Then like a tidal wave that suddenly appears on the horizon rushing towards you, you feel your cunt spasm and twitch. You hang like a wet cloth on the end of his rampaging cock that is skewered into the depths of your cunt. He has his knees slightly bent and taking the weight of both of you holds you around the waist as he jack hammers time and time again into your aching soaking mushy cunt.

Then with an almighty roar that reverberates off the kitchen walls he grunts as his cock explodes inside you and you feel his hot seed scald you as it splashes violently against the walls of your cunt. His body goes rigid and he stands straight and in turn your own body is moulded to his. As you straighten and being slightly shorter than him the difference in height forces his pulsating cock head deep into the spasming confines of the depths of your cunt and belly. His jism bursts forth deep inside your quim filling your womb creating a nauseous feeling as your belly cramps from the sudden intrusion. You belch loudly as if the come has somehow forced the air in your stomach back out through your throat. Spit and drool issue from your nose and mouth running down your chin and neck almost as if he has filled you to the brim with his come.

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