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Kevin couldn't believe what he had just witnessed, but that wouldn't change the reality of what had happened before his very eyes to his beautiful wife of 10 years, for the past 15 hours. He heard her in the bathroom moving around, opening and closing what he knew was the towel closet and medicine cabinet then heard her turn on the shower. He kept reliving the past 15 hours over and over again.......

"Honey, I'm home" he called out as he entered the house through the door from the garage which opened into the kitchen. Setting down his briefcase he cocked his head but didn't hear a thing, no TV, no radio that seemed to always be part of the background noise in this house nor his 2 children Marie and Katy 5 and 7, nor his wife's return call to his own. "What the hell?" he muttered aloud. Nancy's car was in the garage and had they all been in the backyard he would have seen them through the garages rear window or if nothing else heard the children playing back there.

Shrugging he went straight to the refrigerator opened it and grabbed his habitual homecoming beer. Popping the cap, taking a long deserved pull on it he headed for the living room. Pushing through the kitchen door and just as it had closed behind him on its air spring, everything seemed to explode. The beer fell from his hand, his eyes went black, his body felt like it was being hit by lightening, he could sense he was falling to the floor. Hitting the floor his eyes slowly came into focus, but he couldn't seem to control his body. His body refused to obey his commands to get up or even roll over on to his back.

"My god!" he thought, "Am I having a stroke a heart attack shit what's happening here?" He then felt someone roll him on his stomach, his hands pulled behind him and restrained, then he could feel that same person pulling his legs together and a wrapping something around them. "What the fuck is happening!" he tried to scream but all that issued from is mouth was a strange gurgling sound. He was then picked up none to gently and pushed into what could only be his wheeled high backed chair from his study. Now he could see his assailant.

A powerfully built man wearing black jeans, a black T-shirt and, a ski mask?. "OK, no way is this happening, no fucking way!" he screamed inside his head. Then masking tape was wrapped around his head sealing his mouth shut, he could feel his body now, it was slowly regaining its feeling, and it felt like shit! His assailant then put the tape down on the coffee table and turned to face him bent within inches from his face. "Oh you'll be just fine in a few minutes, it's Kevin, right?" Though Kevin couldn't see his face he could tell the bastard was smiling. Then it hit home hit home real hard, where was his wife his beautiful little girls?

"Oh God please no, please let them be OK." He prayed. "OK, listen up Kevy my boy, your family is fine, seems as luck would have it your wife sent them over to her sisters this morning to stay the weekend and your wife well she's over on the couch, we have been getting to know each other rather well."

The Masked Intruder then turned him to face his wife. She was there on the couch just as the prick said she was. She was wearing her favorite cutoffs, she called daisy dukes and one of his old white dress shirts which was knotted just above her navel, but the shirt was opened all the way to the knot and her gorgeous breasts totally exposed. He couldn't help but noticed the red marks on her breasts what must have been from this mother fucker gripping and groping her, nipples were hard, it looked as if she had been crying, her eyes were red and puffy and her cheeks flushed, her hands also were cuffed in front of her.

She looked at him with pleading eyes, he could see she was visibly shaking. But he was helpless to heed her silent plea for comfort. He was then quickly turned and once again was facing his assailant. "Now, here are the ground rules Kevy baby, ONE, you are not to even attempt to get up from this chair cause if you do this is what will happen, BAM! he was once again hit with lightening, the feeling coursed through his whole body his brain exploding in his head. It was several minutes before he regained his senses and before him, was the cock sucker he knew he would kill one way or another, bent down looking directly in his eyes.

"Helloooo, Keeeeeviiii, my man you in there can you hear me now?" Kevin could hear the merriment in the bastards voice. "Yep, I can see you can now, gawd that looked painful," he said as he laughed. "Bet your wondering what I just did aren't you?" He could hear Sheila crying on the couch, it broke his heart. "Well see this Kevy?" The Masked man brought something up to Kevin's eyes. though he had never seen one personally he knew what it was, a fucking Stun Gun, something that was supposedly for protection he had thought many times of getting Sheila one for when she went out alone, California isn't always a friendly place.

"Ahh I see you know what it is, so no explanations are in order. Now that was ground rule number one and number two is if that doesn't contain you or convince you to be a good boy, I will use it on you pretty wife's pussy, GOT IT!!! With hatred he had never known he glared at this man and slowly shook his head yes. "Good then, glad to get that out of the way" the Masked Man said as if a great weight had been removed from him.

"Now I know Kevy my man you have a million questions, so I will answer a few of the basic ones I know you want to know, but first lets get comfortable shall we?" He was once again turned to face his wife on the couch, the cock sucker walked over and sat down next to her pulled a key from his pocket and removed her hand cuffs. Placing his right arm around her shoulders his left hand started massaging her breasts and pinching her nipples, tears flowed from his wife's eyes.

Kevin's heart seemed to stop, he couldn't catch his breath, no one but himself had ever touched his wife, though they had been married for only ten years they had dated all through high school and college, then moved in together after college, and once as agreed, when they both got good jobs in their chosen fields they would marry. Yet here was this piece of filth groping Sheila's breasts right before my eyes. "OK , we comfy now?" The Masked man asked looking into Sheila's eyes, he must have explained things in his special way to her before Kevin got home cause when she answered him it was loud and clear without hesitation.

"Yes, Master I am comfortable." Hearing those words spoken to this piece of shit by Sheila sent a wave of nausea through him, how many times had he dreamed of her playing the slave girl for him? Turning to look at Kevin he started to speak, "Now as to your first question, who am I? you will forgive me if I don't answer that wont you? Kevy? I mean I can't very well tell you that, you understand right?" He appeared to wait for an answer but Kevin's mouth was taped he couldn't answer the Bastard.

"OK, Kevy I know you can't talk but you can answer me just humming Mmmm, Mmmm for yes and Hmmm, Hmmm for no OK, understand that, I will expect an answer and the truth to everything I ask you understand?

Knowing he had no choice Kevin hummed," Mmmm, Mmmm." Laughing and caressing Sheila's breast The Masked Man said, " You were right Sheila he is a smart man but he will need to understand what will happen if he doesn't answer or if he answers untruthfully." and with that he sighed as if through some great pain and pinched Sheila's left nipple so hard she started to silently weep, yet didn't complain nor did she scream, only a sharp intake of breath was all that Kevin heard from her. " So understand the consequences Kevin?"

Mmmmmm, Mmmmmmm! Mmmmm, Mmmmmm!, Kevin screamed through the tape. "My god, my god," Kevin grieved with in himself, "What did I ever do to put my wife through this?"

"Good, very good Kevy." said the Masked man, and again though Kevin couldn't see this Bastards face and only a little of his mouth through the ski mask he could tell he was smiling. "Now for your second question, What do I want? Am I right Kevy is that your second question?" he inquired. "Mmmm, Mmmm" Kevin answered. "Well it's like this Kevy, I don't want any money from you, what I do want is your sexy and gorgeous wife here." The Masked man just looked at Kevin letting that sink in.

Kevin couldn't believe what he was hearing, yes his wife was gorgeous, and though she had had 2 children and was a tad soft in the midsection was very attractive, a beautiful innocent looking face, long straight blond hair, great tits with nice large dark nipples and an ass that was simply perfect, but hell he thought come on, the fucking state was full of sexy blonde women so why his wife, why Sheila! No he thought there's more here than met the eye..

"Now your third question I bet is why your wife right?" The guys a fucking mind reader too! Kevin thought, yet he responded as instructed, "Mmmm, Mmmm." Before answering the Masked man turned to Sheila and kissed her deeply he could see they were French kissing, Sheila's right arm came around and pulled him to her, gawd he couldn't watch this it was too damn much, Kevin closed his eyes. Then he heard a loud SLAP!!! Kevin's eyes shot open, the Masked man was looking at Kevin yet Sheila was weeping and a nasty red hand print started to form on her face. Kevin wanted to scream at the prick to kill the cock sucking son of a bitch! " See what you made me do Kevin?" He said with mock sadness. " You are not again to close your eyes but too watch everything if you don't I will punish her GOT IT!!! Kevin for a second couldn't focus his thoughts, he had never felt such rage, no one in his adult life had ever controlled him and this stranger this Puke! was not only controlling him but his wife as well all Kevin could do was just slowly nod his head yes. Sighing and shaking his head the Masked Man told Sheila to stand up and remove her shorts. To late, Kevin realized his mistake he did not answer he had just nodded his head. He tried screaming he was sorry but of course with the tape it was all just garbled noise, the Masked Man didn't even look his way but watched Sheila. Sheila stood before the Masked Man looking him in the eyes, shame showing on her face, yet she didn't hesitate at all but unsnapped her daisy dukes and let them fall to the floor, she was wearing Kevin's favorite panties a black thong with gold trim stitching that barely covered her trim blonde pubic hair and made her small tight ass look so perfect. Yet he didn't notice her sumptuous ass, all he noticed now was the angry red welts that covered her perfect cheeks. For the first time in his adult life a tear formed and fell from his eye. "I did say you had to answer me Kevy my man not nod your head seems you need to learn a lesson and your lesson will be watching your California Barbie Doll here get a spanking, oh and just a warning if you raise a fuss or attempt to get up I will add ten hits for each sound or movement you make." with that said he told Sheila to assume the position. Sheila went to the end of the couch and bent over the arm of the couch her head all the way to the cushions her perfect lovely ass in the air. Then the Masked Man picked up a leather belt Kevin hadn't noticed until now, laying on the coffee table. The Masked Man stood off to the side to give me a good view of what was about to happen. I wanted to shut my eyes but knew I couldn't. "Oh my darling I am so sorry." I cried inside. Then watched as if in slow motion as the belt struck her ass with a loud resounding echo that bounced off the living room walls, once, twice, three times. I wanted to die, this was happening because of my mistake, the flood gates behind Kevin's eyes burst and refused stop it. Sheila again never cried out but Kevin heard her attempts at not making a sound, caused her to grunt with each strike of the belt. "Now Kevy my man, do you understand?" The Masked Man asked this as if talking to a child. This maniac was enjoying this way to much, yes Kevin resolved this man would die a slow painful death. "Mmmm, Mmmm" Kevin choked through his sobs.

"Sheila my little slut you may get up now" The Masked Man said with mock love and tenderness. Sheila did as ordered and to Kevin's shock she said. "Thank you Master I deserved your discipline and thank you for the correction." And it seemed she said this with true respect. My god Kevin thought how long had he been here today what had he done to her, how many times had he spanked and disciplined her today to get her to the state she was in now? What else had he done to her, his mind was tortured with the images that went racing through it .

The Masked Man smiled at Kevin then at Sheila and removed his T-shirt and sat back down on the couch and though she wasn't instructed too Sheila sat on his lap, a small wince appeared across her face as she did so, and as she had done with me through out our years together rubbed his chest and nonchalantly played with the hairs on his chest circling his nipples with her long perfectly manicured finger nails. Kevin was slowly going mad inside, how could he bare much more of this, how could Sheila?

"So where were we before I had to discipline you my sexy little whore?" Sheila, despite the pain she had to be feeling not to mention the shame, spoke clear and respectfully. "Master you were about to explain to Kevin why you had picked me for your pleasure." Ahhh that's right." He said looking from Sheila to Kevin. " You would like to know why I picked your wife right Kevy my man?" Kevin couldn't understand why this fucking Bastard was drawing all this out, fuck why didn't he just do what he was going to do and leave!!! "Mmmm, Mmmm" Kevin answered back.

"Well Kevy ever heard the expression that, Vengeance is best served cold?" Hesitantly he answered, "Mmmm, Mmmm."

"Vengeance?" Kevin thought, "What the hell could I have ever done to this man to deserve this or for him to take it out on Sheila?" He couldn't imagine. "Well Kevy my man, that's what this is all about, tell me Kevy, you have been with Barbie fuck slut here for how long, total, about 20 years?" he asked " Mmmm, Mmmm." Kevin answered. "And in all those years how many other woman have you been with?" Kevin wasn't ready for that question, his eyes darted to Sheila but she was being attentive to The Masked Man and appeared not to be listening to what they we talking about.

"Oh I am sorry, that can't be answered with a yes or no, hmmm, well I guess you have learned a few things since we started so I will remove the tape but remember one wrong word, or if I hear disrespect in your voice I will punish little Barbie Fuck Slut here, understand?" Last thing Kevin wanted now was to talk but he answered as expected, "Mmmm, Mmmm." Looking to Sheila the Masked Man told her to go and remove the tape the tape from my mouth.

"Yes Master, but may your whore as you a question Master?" Kevin marveled at how soft and l... loving her voice sounded. "Well there better be a good reason , you know I hate being questioned, don't you?" A nervousness entered her voice but she kept it even and clear. " Yes Master I know, but I assure you Master your little whore would never even suppose to question you, but your whore needs to inform you that your whore needs permission to get scissors to cut the tape off and the scissors are in your whores sewing room."

Without a glance The Masked Man told her to go and be quick about it. Kevin's hope rose cause in Sheila's sewing room was a sliding glass door that opened to the back yard, she could escape and call the cops, oh yea he smiled inside, you just fucked up MY MAN!!! He wanted to leap and jump for joy it was all he could do not to show signs of relief. So when his wife appeared just moments later he was to say the least surprised and stunned. Kevin tried looking into her eyes to silently question her, but Sheila was too involved in her task and didn't look at him at all . It took several minutes for her to cut the tape off cause she was doing her best not to cut him and with it securely attached to his face it was a difficult task. Once cut through Sheila tried to be gentle in removing the tape but The Masked Man told her to just rip it off, she did as directed immediately and the pain Kevin felt as the tape removed the first layers of skin off his cheeks and lips was excruciating.

Sheila drop the tape to the floor and placed the scissors on the bookcase against the wall and returned to stand next to The Masked Man. Kevin was lost he couldn't understand. His will was not only slipping but had slipped away. "Well is that better Kevy my man?"

"Mmm..um yes it is thank you." he croaked, his throat was dry and parched and his lips he could feel were starting to swell from the result of losing the first layer of skin. "Thank you what?" The Masked Man asked in a tone that immediately told Kevin what was expected. Swallowing hard and trying to keep the hate, rage and yes fear from his voice he croaked out, "Thank you M-Master." The Masked Man's eyes regarded Kevin and Kevin could again with out a doubt see him smile for he could see his white teeth shining against the black mask.

"I am totally impressed, lets just hope you can keep that composure Kevy or..." The Masked Man's hand cupped Sheila's left ass cheek. "Little Barbie Fuck Slut here will have to pay the price, do we understand each other?" The voice told Kevin it could and would get worse for her if anything else happened that the little prick didn't like. Gathering his resolve Kevin answered, "Yes Master." Smiling even broader, " Well glad to hear that Kevy my man cause I would really hate to damage such a fine piece of meat you know?"

"OK so where were we again whore?" Sheila looked down on The Masked Man and said, "Master you asked, How many other women he had been with in the last 20 years, since we have been together."

"Yes, yes that's right, but before you answer Kevy need a drink? You sounded real dry?" Kevin's mind was running a mile minute, what was he going to say, his wife knew of only one of his many affairs, not all of them he couldn't even remember all the women he had been with through college, then his work and all those women he met in the hotel bars when he was out of town, but he had a real bad feeling Masked did know. " Yes Master please I need a drink." He had to stall had to figure out what to say what he could get away with, what Sheila was going through now and what she went through when she found out about his last secretary would be nothing compared to what it would do to her to find out that as far as he could estimate there was over 50 other women he had been with just in the past 8 years.

The Masked Man told Sheila to get the bottle of Jack Daniel's in the liquor cabinet and to let me drink my fill. She did as ordered, tipping the bottle slowly so none would spill and I wouldn't choke, and still she wouldn't look in my eyes but only at my mouth making sure none of the liquor spilled. When she paused to allow me to swallow and catch my breath I got a closer look at her exposed breasts and could see slight bruising on her breasts and how her nipples were harder than I had ever seen in all our years together, I said thank you that I had had enough. She didn't respond but turned and replace the bottle and returned to The Masked Man. When I looked back at him I saw that while I was drinking he had removed his black jeans and was sitting once again on the couch his cock flaccid laying between his legs. I knew it was just a matter of time before the real fun began, how could I bare it?

"Now Kevy I want you to answer my last question, and I will give you fair warning, do not lie to me for if you do for every number I know you are off I will whip her ass 5 times, for each number you are off, I hope that is enough motivation for you to speak the truth, Now Answer!" Kevin decided he couldn't lie, how the man knew anything was beyond him but he didn't want Sheila whipped so he answered. "Master that I can honestly remember atleast 50 in the last 8 years." Kevin saw Sheila for the first time show emotion that was not from pain. She was standing next to The Masked Man and Kevin saw her knees almost give away as if she had just taken a heavy blow to her midsection. Then he saw her catch herself and her eyes became as if they were made of steel and for the first time since he entered this Hell an hour ago she looked at him with a mixture of pain, rage, and confusion. He couldn't take it so he looked back at The Masked Man.