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I called and asked Anna if she would like to babysit the whole weekend. Both of us knowing what that meant. We had to be very discreet because we didn't want her mother finding out and trying to separate us. While we were on the phone I asked her if her mom was home she said "no she isn't" so I asked her is that pussy wet for me baby? She giggled a little and said "always for you Antonio" "I dream about you and get wet when I bathe I think of you and fuck myself" "when I am at work I daydream about your cock and have to go to the bathroom to please myself". I was happy with her answer because mine would have been the same. This girl was every mans fantasy come true. She had long blonde hair, green eyes, a perfect slender body 5'6 120-130 pounds, and big beautiful perfectly round breasts (and they were real), and an ass out of this world. I on the other hand never dreamed with being with such a beautiful women. I am about 5'10, 200-220 pounds, blue eyes, dark black hair, and wasn't the most attractive man around, but still I managed to get what all my friends want. I got Anna.

She left her mother a note saying that she was going to be babysitting for the weekend for Mr. Harris and would be home Sunday and left the number to my house. I had a caller id so I would be sure to let Anna answer if her mother decided to call. I took my daughter to my mothers house and told my mother that I had an out of town job I had to do. She was more then happy to watch Amy for the weekend.

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She then sat back onto the couch and started playing with her sweet snatch. I loved when she would play with herself in front of me. What a turn on that was. She stuck one finger into her cunt and was working it in and out. She was already wet and I could smell her pussy. She was sucking her fingers and fucking herself at the same time. She loved the way her pussy tasted and loved to taste herself. I couldn't handle anymore I had to have some pussy now. I stood up and started to get down on my knees but then the doorbell rang. I thought to myself " who the hell would be here at this hour?" I told Anna to wait for me while I went upstairs to answer the door. She said "ok sexy don't make me wait to long."

I threw on my pants and went upstairs and answered the door. I was mortified it was Diana (Anna's mother). She screamed at me "Antonio where is Anna!!!" I couldn't speak. She screamed again "I said where is Anna." "I know there is something going on between you to, now tell me where my daughter is!!" I knew if I told her she was in the den she would go down their and find Anna playing with her pussy, Watching a porn with no skirt on. And I knew if i lied Anna would be in a lot of trouble for lying to her mother about where she was and I couldn't do that to my sweet Anna. So I decided the truth was going to come out sooner or later and told her Anna was in the den. I was hoping Anna would hear her mother upstairs, but I knew the odds of that were against me. She pushed me aside and went to the den. I followed behind her.

When she got to the den all hell broke lose she screaming at me "how could you do this to her!" "how could you Antonio!" I told her it was something we both wanted. Anna jumped in and said "mother I love him and he loves me, this is my decision and you cannot control me." Annas mother sat down beside her and said "ok Anna if this is what you want" "if you want to be with a man twice your age then fine." I was shocked that Diana didn't kill me on the spot. Anna asked her mother how she knew. And she told her that she had her suspicions, and that's all she would say. I stayed away from Diana and stood on the other side of the room. Diana did the oddest thing. She reached over spread Annas legs and began to play with Annas pussy. Anna was just as shocked as me, but didn't say anything to her mother. She just sat back and let her mother play with her pussy. Diana turned to me and said "Oh Antonio don't be shy come over and join the fun." I was very excited by this hell what man wouldn't want to have both these women at the same time.

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I was pounding that sweet 19 year pussy and Anna was lapping away at her mothers pussy. Anna was moaning loader now as she was about to cum. I was getting very close myself and started fucking her harder. Her mother was saying "oh baby i'm going to cum make mama cum hard baby." Then Anna said "oh shit Antonio I am going to cum to fuck me harder." I was ready to cum also so fucking her harder was no problem I was ready to fill that sweet pussy with my seed. Within 30 seconds the whole room filled with "oooohhhhooh MMM ahhhh yessssss" as we all came together.

After we were all dressed we went upstairs and sat down at the table and no one spoke. Diana was the first to say anything. She said " well Antonio and Anna you have my blessing." Neither Anna nor I knew what to say. So I spoke up next I said "well thanks Diana it was nice to get to know you a little better." We all kinda laughed a little and Diana got up and said she had to go. Anna and I walked her to the door and said out goodbyes to her.

After she was gone Anna said "Antonio that was very weird, but it was very cool." I agreed with her and told her well since we have your mothers blessing want to go fuck. She excitedly said "yes" stripped off her clothes and got onto the table. I spread her legs and started to finger her cunt. I told her to get on all fours so I could fuck that tight ass of hers. I shoved my cock into her asshole and fucked her hard and fast until she came. She then played with my cock and masturbated me until I also came.

We showered got dressed for bed and fell fast asleep.

Anna and I got married and now live together. Our nights are filled with the smell of sex and the sounds of animals. Diana comes over when she is feeling horny, but Diana and I never have intercourse. I love watching Anna as she gets her pussy eaten by another women. Her mother or not its still erotic. I hope to one day fill Diana's cunt with my cock and watch her eat my sweet Anna's pussy. All I can do is dream about it.