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I saw you from a distance and new right away I had to take you either with your consent or without it. I walked up to you and said hi. You smiled and said hi and went on about what you were doing. I continued watching you as you went on cleaning up the shop that you worked in. I had noticed no one else was working it was just you working and it was close to closing time. I noticed you went in the back storeroom and I turn the open sign around and followed you back there.

When you saw me walk through the door to the stockroom you said sorry you can't come back here. I just kept walking towards you. Your eyes were full of surprise and fear as I reached for you, you started to yell and I raised my hand to slap you. You closed your mouth and were visibly shaken. I then informed you that I was going to fuck you whether you wanted it or not. You shook your head no but I said yes as I reached for your blouse and yanked it open. I took your blouse on off and you were standing there in your bra and short mini skirt.

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I reach out and grab your tits and start pulling hard on the nipples, which are erect and hard. That's when I knew being forced to do this turned you on. I try to kiss your pouty lips but you turn away causing yet another slap across your cheeks. Tears well up in your eyes as you turn to kiss me. After a few minutes of kissing which I must say got pretty intense I whisper in your ear for you to suck my cock and I tell you if you don't do it right I will break your fucking neck right here in the storeroom.

You slowly get down on your knees and take the fat head into your mouth. Your lips are stretched wide to accommodate my fat cock. Your tongue is swirling around the head as I start pushing more and more into your throat as you gag slightly but keep working on it. I know now that your one hell of a cocksucker. As you continue sucking I see your fingers working in and out of your cunt and that tells me your really enjoying be forced to do this. Then suddenly you take one of the fingers you have lubricated with your pussy juice and slip it into my unsuspecting asshole. My eyes go wide but the feeling is fantastic. I immediately start shooting cum down your throat, you drink it all in and keep sucking to make sure I stay hard.

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