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Amber and Nathan entered the door of the Rusty Spoke, a dive of a bar out the outskirts of town. Amber scanned the room as she entered; knowing that Nathan was doing the same.

The 22-year-old caught the attention of several men as she entered. She was a pretty girl, with shoulder length brown hair, blue eyes and a very pretty face. Her 32C, 26, 34 body was quite noticeable in her tight fitting brown denim pants, with just a hint of camel toe showing between her legs, and tight long sleeved brown shirt that showed every curve of her firm breast.

Nathan Williams walked by her side. He was a tall 24-year-old, standing two inches over six feet. He was a muscular man with handsome features and short brown hair.

The two of them made an attractive couple. And that was the deception they were trying for. Nathan was engaged to a pretty young college girl named Amy. While he was playing the part of Amber's date, the two were actually police officers in their second year of duty.

Amber noticed Richard Wells sitting against the back wall with two other men. Wells was a 40-year-old undercover officer. He was six feet tall with short brown hair and a full beard. His brown eyes were fixed in a permanent squint and he was slightly overweight.

Amber disliked Richard Wells. He had once been her father's partner. But something had happened a few years earlier and her father never had a good thing to say about him afterwards. She didn't trust him and despised the way his eyes would linger on her body when they were in a room together.

Amber knew the case that Wells was working on. And she had picked up a few rumors that he was playing dirty. She had spoken to her superiors, who told her quite frankly to stop meddling. But Amber was convinced that Wells was hiding something.

She talked Nathan into helping her gather some information. And that information led her to believe that something was going down tonight at the Rusty Spoke. So the two of them decided to pay the place a visit while off duty to see if they could catch Richard Wells in the act.

Wells saw Amber and Nathan the moment they walked in the door. But his observation went unnoticed. He was sitting at a table with two drug dealers that he had been working undercover with for several weeks.

The first man was Roger Carter. A 38-year-old heavy set convicted felon who was as Richard's height, with long brown hair and a worn face.

Beside Roger was Charlie Hart. A half-Asian 5'8" thin man with long straight black hair and mustache. Charlie was drunk or stoned when the two had arrived, and was already on his fourth beer since sitting down.

Richard had expected Amber's arrival. He had friends who had told him that the pretty young officer had been asking around about him. He wasn't worried at first, but soon realized that she was getting a little too close to his current case. And now she had managed to get herself officially involved in the case as well. Richard had two fears about that. One, that she could easily blow his cover.

And the other, that she just might figure out what he was doing.

Richard had been dirty for years. He skimmed drugs during busts. Stole cash from dealers. And had done quite a few other things, including taking bribes to help protect others.

Roger Carter and Charlie Hart were working for someone from out of state. And they had been moving into the territory of someone that was paying Richard for protection. So Richard was looking for a way to get enough evidence to bust the two men, and perhaps rip them off at the same time. He was very close, and had just learned where their stash might be hidden. But he needed just a little more information.

Roger and Charlie weren't convinced that Richard was someone they could trust. So he still had to be careful. And with Amber snooping around that could cause trouble.

But Richard had come up with a plan. He knew that the bartender, Billy Nelson, would let these two use the back room. Billy had allowed quite a number of illegal activities to occur back there. And he thought that this might be just the place to solve his problems and have a little fun at the same time.

Richard looked over to the bar. He saw Cole sitting there nursing a beer while talking to Billy Nelson.

The two men looked quite different from each other. Cole was short, thin with homely features and short light brown hair and a thin mustache. While Billy was taller, fat, bald and covered with tattoos.

Richard had used Cole several times in the past. The small time hood had never been caught, partially thanks to Richard's intervention, and therefore had no record or prints on file. He was hoping to go straight and Richard assured him that if all went well tonight he could cash in all his debts to the undercover cop and earn a nice profit as well.

Cole also had an uncanny ability to get involved in activities that normally shouldn't be any of his business. So Richard had used Cole to act as a buyer. He had him get involved with Bill Nelson, the bartender, who put him in touch with Roger and Charlie. Then, once Cole had become involved in their dealings, Richard used Cole to help introduce him.

The whole thing was an elaborate plot in which Richard would eventually score a bust, but Cole would get away with the money that they would split later.

But now that Amber had forced her involvement Richard had worked out a plan with Cole to teach the pretty young cop a lesson.

Cole caught Richard's look, then turned and spotted Amber. He had seen her picture earlier that afternoon. Cole thought that she looked much prettier in real life than she did in her police photo.

He said something to Billy and the fat bartender looked over to where the girl stood.

Richard watched as the two men talked, then Billy walked over and whispered something into Roger's ear. Roger turned to look, then whispered something back.

Richard knew Roger's desires from reading reports about him. He also knew that Billy had a similar mindset. So he was convinced that the two men were thinking just what he wanted them to think. If not, well, that's what Cole was there for...

"We need to go into the back room." Roger said.

The three of them got up and followed Billy to a door beside the bar. Billy unlocked the door and let them enter then returned to the bar.

When Amber and Nathan came closer Cole nonchalantly walked behind them. Then Billy approached from the front.

"You two need to follow me." Billy told them.

"We don't need to go anywhere." Nathan objected.

Billy grinned; his right hand tucked into his pocket. "My friend behind you has a gun on your pretty partner. And I have one in my pocket aimed at you. So either go through that door or else.

Amber and Nathan did as instructed.

When they entered the room Cole and Billy held their guns out in the open.

"It looks like we have a couple of cops sneaking around the place." Billy announced.

"How do you know their cops?" Richard asked.

Cole answered. "I was riding in a car with a buddy of mine when this bitch pulled him over and gave him a ticket."

"And I noticed she was looking your way the entire time she was in here." Cole said to Richard, pointing his gun at the undercover officer.

"I knew something was wrong with him." Roger spat as he turned to face Richard.

"We were just out on a date. This is all a misunderstanding." Amber said, trying to talk their way out of the situation.

Billy and Cole frisked the pair, finding Nathan's pistol under his shirt and Amber's on her inside ankle.

"Are you working with them?" Roger asked Richard.

"Hell no!" Richard replied. Waiting for Cole to put their plan into the next phase.

"Tie all three of them up until we can sort this" Cole said. "If you're legit then you'll be OK." He said directly to Richard.

Richard and Nathan were made to sit in chairs and had their hands bound behind them. Cole made sure to tie Richard's hands into a knot that he knew his friend could work out of. But Nathan had no such luck as his hands were well secured.

Bill was standing behind Amber making sure she didn't move when Cole approached.

"Why don't we have some fun with this one. Let's strip this pretty cop and fuck the hell out of her."

The other three approved the plan in unison.

"Please, don't!" Amber pleaded.

Cole began softly caressing her left breast with his right hand. "Tell you what. Let's make her suck their cocks first. That way she'll be less inclined to tell anyone."

Amber didn't know what to do. But she needed to buy time and could risk blowing Richard's cover because he might be their only chance of making it out of this alive.

"Please, I'll suck your dicks, just don't hurt me."

"Then get started." Roger said, pushing her towards Richard.

Amber walked over to Richard and knelt before him. Her hands were shaking as she undid his pants. She hated Richard Wells. But now she was about to suck his cock. She pulled out his cock, stroking it until it was fully erect. "Pretend to cum." She whispered just as she began to suck him.

Richard suppressed a smile as the young girl began sucking his cock. He heard her whispered plea but had no intention of doing so. Seeing her pretty face bobbing on his cock was just too satisfying. His only disappointment was that he was so excited that he knew he would cum sooner than he wanted too.

Amber sucked Richard's cock. Waiting for him to make a sound to pretend he was cumming. She heard him moan, and thought that he was about to fake it. Then she felt the blast of cum in her mouth.

"The mother fucker is cumming." She thought to herself as Richard climaxed in her mouth.

Richard's legs quivered and his toes curled as he spewed his load of cum into Amber's mouth. The sight of cum dribbling out of her mouth around his cock was a rewarding experience to him. Amber looked up into his face, betrayal showing in her eyes as she milked his cock.

"Now let her suck her partner off." Cole said.

"No, please don't make her do that." Nathan said.

Amber slid over to kneel before Nathan and unfastened his pants. Her eyes widened at the sight of his large cock. She stroked it softly, watching it grow to well over eight inches before sliding it into her mouth.

Nathan couldn't deny that he found Amber attractive. And her mouth sucking his cock was enjoyable. But he hated being a part of this. He fought the desire as Amber sucked his cock. He realized that he was enjoying it, but tried to fight off his orgasm.

Amber continued sucking Nathan's cock, using it to get the taste of Richard out of her mouth. She hated putting on a show for these slime balls, but she had to buy time. And she found herself enjoying Nathan's cock. She could feel him tensing up, but focused on sucking him the best she could. She wanted to feel him cum in her mouth. Anything to wash away the feeling of Richard's sperm blasting inside her.

Nathan couldn't hold back any longer. "I'm sorry." He whispered, but he knew it was a lie. His orgasm in Amber's mouth felt wonderful. And Amber gulped down every drop of his cum as it spewed into her throat.

"Strip her!" Roger ordered.

Amber was pulled off the floor by Charlie and Cole, who began tugging at her clothes as she wrestled. Her shirt came off first, followed by her shoes and pants. Then her panties were pulled down her shapely legs, revealing her unshaven pussy. Finally her bra was removed and Amber was held up by the arms by the two men, preventing her from covering herself with her hands.

She saw that Roger was already naked. His cock, which was nearly as large as Nathan's, stood fully erect.

"Hold her down on the floor." He said.

"No please don't fuck me!" Amber pleaded. "I'll suck you off willingly. But please don't fuck me!"

Amber fought as the two men wrestled her to the floor. She had to find a way to stop this. Amber wasn't a virgin. But she had only been with two men in her life. But after the second one she had promised herself that she would not have intercourse with anyone again until her wedding night. She would consider oral sex, but that was the limit. She was hoping to escape this ordeal with nothing more than that, but now she was about to be fucked by possibly all four of these men, and in front of Nathan and Richard.

She was still struggling when Roger pounced on top of her. She could see that his cock was nearly as large as Nathan's was. Roger pressed his hard cock between her legs, slowly gaining entrance into her tight pussy.

Amber cried out as Roger began fucking her. Roger pounded his stiff rod into Amber's pussy, feeling it moisten with every stroke.

"Oh god, you're tight." He said as he drooled atop her.

Amber fought to control her emotions. The man's cock buried more deeply than she had ever experienced before. She looked up to see the other men undressing Roger continued slamming his cock into Amber's hole. He leaned down, taking turns sucking on each of her erect nipples. The sensation was both disgusting and arousing to the female officer.

"Oh yes!" She heard Roger exclaim as his thrust quickened.

"Pull out, please pull out!" She begged.

But Roger was intent on cumming in her tight pussy. He moaned loudly as banged his cock home as his orgasm began. Roger shot his seed deep into Amber's pussy. He continued fucking her until satisfied that every last drop had been drained into her.

"My turn!" Cole yelled, diving onto Amber the moment Roger rolled off.

The homely man slid his smaller cock into her already used hole. He grinned at her as he began thrusting his rod inside her.

"I've always wanted to fuck a cop." He said as he lay his body flat on her and pounded away.

Amber tried to avoid his stare as he looking into her face while enjoying her sexy body. But no matter where she looked there was someone watching her ordeal.

"Oh, yes. I'm gonna fill your cop cunt with my cum." Cole proclaimed as his pace quickened atop her.

He moaned loudly and slammed his cock deeper as his orgasm began. Amber could feel his cock spewing inside her.

"Next." Cole called his he got off of the policewoman.

"My turn." Bill said. The fat man handed his pistol to Cole as he pounced on the poor girl. His smallish cock found easy access inside her after two fucks.

"Please, stop." Amber softly pleaded as Bill ground his cock inside her.

Amber wasn't the first woman he had raped. But she may have been the prettiest. And the fact that she was a cop was an even bigger turnon. So much so that he lasted little more than a minute before his orgasm was upon him.

With speed that defied his size, Bill pulled out of Amber's pussy, climbed up on her chest and began stroking his cock as he came. Cum shot out, splattering Amber's pretty face as he continued stroking it until every last drop was on her. Then he thrust it into her mouth with an order to, "Clean it, bitch."

While Bill was making Amber suck his cock dry, Charlie was getting down between her legs. He raised her legs over his shoulders and shoved his cock, which was even smaller than Bill's, into her now well-worn pussy.

Amber had been broken. She sucked the bartender's cock while the fourth man fucked her. She wasn't sure how much time had passed before hearing his grunts of satisfaction as he came inside her.

"Make her fuck the other two." Cole said, pointing out that both Richard and Nathan were fully erect.

Amber felt betrayed, not as much by Richard, but by Nathan. She couldn't believe that her rapes aroused him.

Nathan was ashamed of himself. He was not enjoying Amber's assault. But the sight of her beautiful body being fucked had the unwanted effect of arousing him. Richard on the other hand was simply excited as hell and waiting his turn as planned.

Cole and Bill dragged the resisting Amber over before Richard. "Sit on his cock." Cole ordered.

Amber grabbed Richard's erect cock in her right hand and slowly guided it inside her. Once in she began riding his pole.

"You're fucking enjoying this, aren't you." She softly accused.

Richard looked into her eyes. Amber was a beautiful woman. Drying cum was still clinging to her face as she fucked him, making her even sexier looking.

"I can't say it doesn't feel wonderful having you fuck me, so yes I guess I am." Richard replied. "But you can't blame me for that now can you."

Amber was disgusted. But then she realized something else. Something that she hadn't expected and now tried desperately to avoid.

Amber was approaching orgasm.

"Oh god, don't let me cum." She whispered to nobody in particular. But Richard heard her words and she immediately regretted them.

"Come goddamn it!" She pleaded, wanting to pull off Richard's cock before orgasming atop him.

Richard was enjoying this even more. He had managed to get the pretty young woman to suck his dick and fuck him. But now she was going to have an orgasm too.

Amber couldn't hold back any longer. Her pussy was on fire after being fucked by four men prior to Richard. His cock was rubbing her Gspot with each thrust. A moan escaped her lips as she began to orgasm atop Richard.

She hated herself for climaxing for him. But her body was enjoying every moment of this orgasm.

"Ohhhhh." She heard Richard moan just as her orgasm subsided.

His hips bucked up and down to meet Amber's hips as he began cumming inside her pussy.

Bill pulled her off of Richard and forced her onto Nathan's lap.

Amber sank his eight plus inch cock inside her and began riding it. She could not believe how much he filled her. And she realized that she would no doubt climax again on his long, thick cock.

All eyes watched as Amber furiously fucked Nathan. She felt her second orgasm coming on and was not going to deny it.

Nathan couldn't believe the change in Amber. He felt no guilt in enjoying her pussy now that she was riding him to fulfillment herself.

"Ohhhh yes!" Amber cried out as she climaxed.

Nathan threw his head back as his cock began emptying his cum into her waiting belly.

The two cops enjoyed the throws of their orgasms before their captors. Just as they had finished climaxing together they heard Richard's voice.

"Freeze, mother fuckers!"

Amber and Nathan turned to see Richard, his hands free and holding a pistol aimed at their captors.

Roger and Charlie stood still, but Bill jumped, looking for his gun, which he suddenly realized, was now in Richard's hands.

"Where the fuck is the other one?" Nathan cried out as Amber jumped behind him and began untying his hands.

"He slipped out the door while you two were fucking. He made the mistake of laying one of the pistols on the table here and I managed to work my hands free and grab it."

Richard ordered the other three men to lie face down, and then he rushed to the door and looked out. Then he grabbed his cell phone out of his jacket pocket and called for help.

Roger, Charlie and Bill were all arrested. But Cole was never found. And neither were the drugs.

It seemed that while everyone else was watching Amber suddenly become a willing sex partner with Nathan he had simply laid Bill's pistol next to Richard and walked out the door, with the keys to Roger's car that he had removed from Roger's pants while he was fucking Amber.

Cole drove the car, containing the drugs, to a meeting point that he and Richard had agreed upon.

The other three men avoided the drug charges thanks to Cole. But, as planned, went to prison for kidnapping three police officers and raping one.

Amber was humiliated by the fact that everyone knew what had happened to her. But satisfied that three of the men were put away. But she knew that there was nothing she could do about Richard Wells. He had enjoyed every minute of what happened to her. And she was made to suck him and fuck him to orgasm. And to climax for him. But she could never prove that he was a willing participant.

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