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You walked in my door and as I went to greet you in my normal fashion of greeting guests, you pinned my arms behind my back with one very strong hand. I felt you as your hard body pushed me back against the wall and pinned me there. "No " was all I could say at the time. You spin me around and move to pin me face against the wall. I can smell the aftershave that you use. I hear and feel the sharp intake of breath that you do in response to being told no. I can feel your hand tighten on my wrists and I know that if I donít do something here I am going to be taken without any regard to me or what I do. I start trying to slowly loosen the grip that you have on my wrist and at the same time you are forcing your leg further up between mine. "You are hurting me, please stop" I beg to no avail.

With your leg between mine and forcing the issue and the more that I attempt to struggle and move away from you the harder your body leans into me and pins me tighter against the wall. I have tears in my eyes and it is getting hard to breath like this. "Please don't do this", comes from my mouth in a ragged whisper. You just yank harder on the braid and force my head back further. I feel one of your hands working on the tail of my nightshirt and know that not wearing panties was a serious mistake this time. It would have allowed me a few more seconds to do something, anything to get you off of me. All of a sudden the pressure of your body on mine eases a little and I can take a deep breath.

You pull on the braid forcing my head back as far as it will go, and then you kiss me. Hard, demanding, a kiss of heat and primal passion that lets me know that you will not be denied what you want. I struggle against the kiss, against you with no hope of winning. You are going to have what you want and you mean to take it by whatever force is necessary. I feel your body ease slightly to one side as I am trying to avoid your mouth against mine. The smack rings loud in the other wise quiet apartment, I feel the sting on my ass cheek where you have hit me. That will leave a red mark on my fair skin at the least. I feel you chuckle at my sudden stopping of the struggle to get away from you.

You have one of your legs hooked around mine and begin to pull my legs apart again. I try to not let this happen and I am sure that you can feel the thigh muscles jump and twitch at the effort that I am making to fight this assault on me off. You laugh at what are my feeble attempts to stop you. Yanking on the braid again you force me to my knees and look down at me. You now have the braid wrapped around your hand and use it to control the body motions that I make. Any struggles immediately produce a strong yank that brings tears to my eyes.

Your hand goes to your zipper and even if I can't see, I can hear the sound of it being lowered. I can hear the rustle of cloth against cloth as you move. The next thing that I feel is something hard, hot, and long against my cheek. Keeping us separated with just enough distance so that I can't see what is coming, you tell me to close my eyes. When I refuse, another hard yank provides the want to do as you ask. I allow you to guide my head slowly to one side and feel your finger on my lips. This is something that I recognize and I open my mouth to try to capture it as you slowly and very gently run it over my lips.

I can now feel the heat between my own legs and know that my own body is going to betray me here. Even if the mind is strong the flesh is wanton, weak, and getting to the point of very willing. You suddenly step closer to me and I can feel the heat from your body on my face. "Open" you say, and I comply only to avoid the yank on the braid. I can feel something being placed in my mouth. This too, I recognize, it is your cock and the thought of biting runs thru my head. Almost as if you can read my mind you tell me that if I so much as leave a scratch on you I will seriously regret it. In my present state I believe that you mean what you say and very gently close my mouth around you.

I very gently start to bathe the head with my tongue, even to the point of gently wiggling the tip of my tongue into the opening, I hear you moan and feel you start trying to get more into my mouth. But there is no yanking and for that I am grateful. I very gently begin to take more and more of you into my mouth. One hand moves up to cradle and massage your balls and the other is wrapped very gently around the base of your cock. Using a very slow motion of only my head I begin to raise and lower my mouth on you. I can taste the salty flavor of pre-cum in my mouth and stop a moment to savor it. I have always enjoyed the taste of a man and you are no exception.

A light tap on the side of my face reminds me who is in control here. The tap wasn't hard and I go back to the very gentle sucking, licking and nibbling that I am doing to your cock and balls. I can feel you swell even more in size and the little muscle in your lower belly just about the line of your pubic hair starts to flutter. I can feel the tightening in your balls and I decide that I want to see your face, knowing that this will probably result in another painful yank, I decide to risk it anyway. Barely opening my eyes just enough to get a glimpse of you, I see you with your head back, eyes closed and being very still. Nothing moves but your chest as your breathing is coming faster and harder by the minute.

A small smile creeps onto my face as I continue to watch you. Never disturbing the motion of my mouth, tongue, and hands, feeling you begin to move against me and trying to get your cock deeper into my mouth. I ease down the length of your shaft until I can feel the tip of the head against the back of my throat and I swallow. By swallowing and using my lips at the base of your cock, licking and sucking your balls, I feel you twitch again. I can barely taste the pre-cum and then I hear you moan. I can see that little muscle twitch and then tighten, I feel your balls draw up and I know that you are close which only drives me to moan.

You feel the vibration the entire length of your shaft and then I feel the steady pull on the braid. As I back off of your cock you wrap a hand around the back of my head and push me down onto you again. As I am swallowing your entire cock you give a hard thrust with your hips and I can taste the cum as it hits the back of my throat hard. I can taste the sweet hot essence of you. I pull back making sure not to touch the sensitive head for the moment. You remarkably remain very hard and I am careful not to hurt or irritate you in any way as I drawn back from you.

There is a second part to this and I will get it online as soon as the other party is finished writing it.
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