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It's summer, you're at work and find out you have a new boss. You get a glimpse of him as you enter the office in the morning, he's a nice looking guy and has brought with him from his last job his young female secretary. As she struts purposefully past your desk you eye her up and down trying to hide your jealously at her perfectly formed body with legs which go on forever.

The day passes uneventfully although problems with the office air conditioning have forced the guys to remove their jackets and ties and the girls seem clad only in the bare essentials. You sit dressed in a tight t-shirt showing off your pert breasts, a skirt which has ridden high up your legs putting on display to all the long boots you love wearing..

Your desk it positioned square on to the door of your bosses office where he can call you when required. As the office is emptying you notice your new boss staring in your direction and soon realise he has a prime view of your long boots, smooth legs and white lace panties. The thought of teasing him like this makes you squirm in your seat and you close your eyes for a few moments to concentrate on the horny thoughts you are having.. As you do so you let out a few low moans, you open your eyes quickly, hoping that no-one has heard you. You look over into your bosses office and see him laughing with his secretary whilst gesticulating in your direction.. "Surely they didn't hear me" you think.. You decide to pack up and head for home but are stopped midflow by a call from your boss who asks you to pop into his office for a chat..

You enter his office sporting a slightly embarrassed look and stop short of his desk. As he looks up from his work he has a slight smile on his face. Suddenly your arms are pulled behind you and handcuffed together, "what the f...," your words are cut short by a hand which covers your mouth. You glimpse to your side and see that it is the young secretary who has handcuffed you and it is her delicate hand which now covers you mouth. Your boss stands up and moves round his desk to in front of you. Without warning he grabs the neck of your t-shirt and in one swift movement rips it off your body exposing your breasts. You gasp, uncertain of whether you should be enjoying this or not.. Your mind says you should be resisting but the warmth in your stomach and the wetness of your panties tell you otherwise.

As your boss runs his fingers down your flat stomach the secretary removes her hand from your mouth, reaches round to the front of you with both hands and begins to gently massage your breasts. You close your eyes and feel your nipples being rolled between her soft fingers. Meanwhile your boss cups your pussy mound with his hand and feels the wetness before sliding your soaking panties over your hips and letting them drop to the floor. As they fall he too drops down and before too long you feel his tongue working up your legs paying particular attention to the back of your knees which sends you wild.

You will his tongue to move straight to your wet pussy but he teases you by lingering on your inner thighs.. The secretary's hands then move down your body from your breasts to your hips then inwards to you pussy mound. Grabbing each of your pussy lips she pulls then apart to expose your hard clit. Your boss quickly takes advantage of this and buries his tongue into your gapping hole. Licking up and down your clit, you feel your body almost explode. His tongue woks furiously, exploring every fold, occasionally taking your hole clit into his mouth and sucking gently... As his tongue darts into you, the secretary's fingers move to massage the upper part of your clit.

Minutes later you find yourself lying face upwards on the desk feeling the boss's tongue delving deep into you, fingers occasionally probing your wetness, grazing the front wall of your pussy in search of your g spot. As you concentrate on the sensational feeling you are aware of movement above you and open your eyes just in time to see the secretary squatting above you and lowering her cleanly shaven pussy onto your mouth. Now it's your turn to probe, flick, lick, suck and taste pussy juice. The secretary's moans tell you that she is so close to cumming.

The tonguing of your pussy stops for a moment and is replaced with the feeling of your pussy being stretched by your bosses cock. Your mind is overcome with the taste of pussy juice combined with the feeling of a hard cock prodding your soaking pussy. You can feel the probing rhythm quicken and from your lower half is enhanced by the gentle wanking of your clit.

Before you can make the secretary cum she jumps of the desk and swaps places with your boss. You are turned onto your front, your boss holding your head up as you are still handcuffed. He forces his cock into your mouth and begins to fuck your mouth as if it was a pussy. You savour the taste of your own juice mixed with pre-cum. As you close your eyes again and concentrate on licking and sucking your boss's length, you feel something resting against your pussy lips again, but before you can turn round to see what it is, your hips are grabbed and the secretary rams the strap-on she is now wearing into your pussy. Now you are being fucked at both ends. The secretary continues to pound your pussy, occasionally reaching under your to wank you hard clit, whilst your boss fucks your mouth. Your breathe becomes erratic as you feel waves of pleasure ripple through you... You are so close to the biggest orgasm you have ever had.. The fucking continues apace.. "Please make me cum" you beg.. With that the secretary forces her finger into your arse sending you over the edge, you release your bosses cock from your mouth and spasm into one almightily orgasm...

You lie panting, sweating, enjoying the amazing feeling.. As you do so you hear moans from across the room. You see your boss fucking his secretary wildly.. As their moans become loader you see the secretary reach round behind her boss and force her finger up his arse.. With this he lets out one last groan, pulls out of her pussy and cums over her shaved mound and stomach. Spent, he walks over to you, leads you from the desk to where the secretary is lying and forces you to lick her pussy and stomach clean of his warm cum.. Your initiation is complete...
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