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The woman was rushing around her house, supposed to be getting ready to go out, yet having to wait for some tradesman to turn up, the landlord wanting some things around the house fixed. Eventually there's a knock at the door, and she answers it.

"It's about time, you're quite late!" she says, annoyed at being delayed. "The broken door is in the laundry, follow me."

He gives her a tired glare, thinking: Yet another arrogant bitch. He watches her arse as he follows her down the hall, and when she turns to leave, he makes no secret of looking directly at her breasts. She notices and gets a little flustered, as she thinks he's quite decent looking - close to her "type", actually.

She goes to the other end of the hall, and into the bathroom to have a shower. Ten minutes later, she realises she's forgotten to bring a clean towel in with her, so she peeks out of the door to check the tradesman isn't anywhere near, and quickly runs to her bedroom, dripping water from her naked body.

An authoritative voice behind her says "Here, I'll dry you off." Somehow he'd hidden and followed her into the room.

She is frightened, but something in his voice makes her obey him and the thought spreads through her, much to her dismay, that she could quite easily be compelled to do whatever he asked of her... He takes a towel that's hanging nearby and starts drying her. He massages the towel over her breasts firmly, pinching the nipples, and she cries out in pain. He slaps her wet arse firmly, making it sting, and says "Behave!". Soon she stops whimpering, and he resumes drying her. He leaves between her legs until last, pulling the towel up sharply into her slit and jerking it back and forth roughly, both hurting and exciting her.

He drops the towel, and she can hear him undressing. Suddenly he presses up against her back, holding her tightly pressed against his body, and begins playing roughly with her breasts and nipples again. She cries out again, and he pinches her nipples extremely hard.

"I told you to behave, didn't I?" he says, and she tries not to scream out again. He begins sucking on the back of her neck, biting down, and she can't help moaning as she feels his cock pressing into her back.

"Why, you little slut, you're enjoying being molested..." He steps away from her and orders her to lie on the bed on her stomach. To her embarrassment, she obeys without hesitation.

He suddenly jams his fingers into her cunt and wriggles them around, then withdraws them dripping and covered with her juices - proof that he has excited her very much. He pulls her head back and makes her lick off his fingers, every last drop. She has never tasted herself before and being forced to do it right now only makes her want more. She feels something rubbing up and down her slit - it's his very hard cock.

"I'm going to fuck you like the bitch you are," he says, and keeps rubbing his cock against her, almost but never quite slipping inside her. He uses both hands to hold apart her cunt lips and arse cheeks, spreading her wide. She is still scared even though she's turned on.

"Enough waiting!" he finally says, "Now I'm going to fill you up." She braces myself for the invasion of her cunt, but instead he begins firmly pushing the tip of his cock into her arse! She panics and tries to roll away, but he grabs her arms and holds them down, and kneels on her legs, pinning her to the bed. Slowly but surely he forces his way into her arse, and when his whole length is pressed inside her, he lets her arms and legs go, but she can't get away, she is impaled on him. He leans over her and says, into her ear, "You *will* submit to me. It's what you crave most. I know about women like you."

She soon stops struggling against the cock filling her arse, and moans as she gives up to him. Then he begins to thrust in and out of her, slowly at first, but gaining in intensity. Her head swims as the pain turns to blinding pleasure.

Suddenly, to her utter surprise, he pulls out of her completely and rolls her onto her back. He hooks her legs over his shoulders, raising her arse towards him, and thrusts himself back into her arse. He reaches down and begins massaging her clit, and soon she orgasms, bucking against him. He continues to rape her arse, now taking his time, making his time inside her last, making her feel as if she might split in two... At last he cums, thrusting into her deeply. He withdraws after a bit, and makes her sit up. He pushes his softening cock against her lips and commands "Clean it all up."

She takes him into her mouth and licks and sucks his cum from his cock, cleaning every last drop. Soon he moves away, and picks up some stockings she has left lying around. He ties her arms to the bed, dresses, and says "Now, be good while I finish my work and I'll be back later. With my toolbox..."

* * * * *

Soon she comes around to the fact that she is tied firmly to her bed and cannot escape, and has just let a man she doesn't know do to her what she has never let anyone do to her at all. She pulls against her bindings but she is stuck right there. She can hear the man working down the hall, and her head entertains all kinds of fears as to what he might do to her when he returns. Once again to her dismay, the thoughts cause her to become quite aroused and even impatient for him to return.

She has almost dozed off to sleep when he finally returns, and she is jolted awake by a sudden intense pain in her left nipple - he has clipped on some kind of small clamp. She is so shocked she can't scream, and breathes deeply and jaggedly for a minute or two until she recognises the connection between the pain in her nipple and the tingling in her clit. He places an identical clip onto her right nipple, and the process is repeated, biting pain being turned into incredible heat between her legs.

A fine sheen of sweat covers her body, and a soft groan escapes from her lips. Taking more items from his toolbox, she doesn't know what, he takes hold of one of her cunt lips and places yet another clamp onto it. This one is quite firm but not painful. He places another similar clamp on her other cunt lip, then takes some tape and wraps it around her thighs and the clamps, leaving her dripping and hot cunt wide open and exposed for him.

Leaning between her thighs, he begins to play with his new toy...

He flicks her clit like an annoying insect, causing a scream. He inserts two fingers into her cunt, thrusting them gently in and out of her. He lowers his head and begins to lick and suck at her clit, continuing to finger fuck her cunt. Her painful nipples contribute to her intense enjoyment, and she writhes around as best her bonds will allow. Just as she is about to reach orgasm, he stops, and places a tiny clip right on her clit! It's not a cruel clip but the sensitivity of her clit causes her to let out a terrible howl of pain as she is denied.

As she strains against her bonds, he moves up and lies directly on top of her, pressing down agsinst her so that the clamps on her nipples bite into her further. His cock has been hard for a long time now, watching her writhe in pain and try to fight the pleasure it has caused, and without delay he pushes it all the way into her in one thrust. He fucks her hard, and added to all her sensations is the feeling of his cock grinding against her cervix inside, and his body against her clamped clit and nipples outside. Despite the clip on her clit, she begins rising to orgasm again as he fucks her, and to his satisfaction her face twists in a terrible combination of pain and pleasure as she cums, the clip digging into her clit tightly now as it fills with blood. She's breathing jaggedly and tears roll from her eyes.

He fucks her leisurely now, enjoying watching her face with its looks of pain, pleasure, and submission.

As he cums, he leans heavily on her beleaguered breasts, and she is so exhausted she can barely respond. Remaining still inside her, he reaches down and quickly pulls off the clit clamp, this time causing a response - her cunt clamps around him tightly, and as he removes the nipple clamps also, the pain is so intense she nearly breaks free of her bonds. Eventually he rolls off her, and rips the tape and clamps off her thighs and cunt lips.

He puts the items back in the toolbox, dresses again, and leans over her to untie her wrists.

"I'll be going now," he says. "I'll show myself out."

"Will...will you come back, please?" she says, pleading, her desire to be dominated and owned like this again overriding any 'sensible' thoughts she might have had.

He just looks at her and laughs.

She hears the door slam and his truck drive off.

"Of course I will," he says to himself.
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