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Jenny had just gotten her bachelors degree in accounting at the local university and was currently working on her masters which would then allow her to take the C.P.A exam. Apart of the masters program at the university was the opportunity to intern at one of the top accounting firms in the nation. This would give the students invaluable hands-on experience and more times than not the firm that they interned at would end up being the one that actually hired them after the C.P.A. exam.

The fall semester of graduate school consisted of classroom studies and many interviews. Many of the accounting firms would host receptions in order to get to know the potential interns a little better.

Jenny was excited about the whole process—the parties, getting to know a lot of people in her field, etc, it was all something she looked forward to doing.

The first scheduled reception was at a local hotel restaurant. Jenny and her friend Amber were both invited. The attire was casual wear. The invitation actually specified blue jeans. Representatives from several of the firms would be at the reception.

Both girls were really smart having graduated at the very top of their high school classes at their respective schools and were now both very near the top in their college graduating class. They did like to have fun, but they were not the typical air-head dumbasses a lot of girls their age tended to be.

Jenny is 22 years old, weighing around 140lbs and stood around 5'4. She has straight brown hair to her shoulders. She has relatively small breasts but her hips flare nicely. Her legs are just slightly larger than she would have liked, but look great anyway.

Amber is also 22 years old, stands around 5'3, 120lbs, and has straight jet black hair that falls to mid-back. Her chest is larger than Jenny's and her ass sticks outwards more than it flares.

Besides blue jeans that can be termed "long and lean," Amber had worn a 3/4 length, pink-striped button down shirt. Jenny had elected to wear a light blue crinkle top with a deep v-neck and a v-shaped hem. Needless to say, both of them had worn blue jeans that seemed to be painted on.

They arrived together at the hotel restaurant ten minutes after the reception began. They were given name tags complete with the university they attend. Representatives from three of the top firms in the city were there, along with several smaller ones.

Both girls ordered martinis to start off and soon they were busy meeting everyone.

"Jenny Lambert, Amber Russell I am Mike Young with Dinkle Associates, I am glad you two could make it," Mike stood at 6'4 and looked to weigh 230 pounds. He looked to be in his 40's and seemed to have some muscle mass, though it looked like he was on the down swing of his fitness days. His hair was thinning and was turning grey around the edges, "I am one of the partners at Dinkle."

They spoke for a moment before being joined by a woman who proceeded to introduce herself, "Hi ladies, I am Misti Walters with LWRA. I am in charge of recruiting at LWRA."

Misti looked to be in her late 40's or early 50's. She had wavy blonde hair that was just off her shoulders. She was taller than both Jenny and Amber at probably 5'9 and looked to weigh around 160. She filled out her blue jeans nicely with an ass that was indicative of her older age—large and overweight. She was wearing a black long sleeved seamed fitted shirt that did little to hide the fact that she had very large breasts.

Soon thereafter another woman joined the little group and introduced herself.

"I am Sarah Dawson, I am an assistant to Mr. Roy Hyde with Burris and Hyde. He couldn't be here, so he sent me," she said told the girls. Sarah was 5'5 and weighed around 110. She was a beauty with shoulder length blonde hair and light blue eyes. If Jenny and Amber had their jeans painted on, she had to grease her legs and ass to get in hers. She had two handfuls of ass cheeks and pear shaped breasts.

The girls met many more people that evening before the reception ended.

Two days later, the first round of interviews began. They would take place at the university.

Jenny's first interview was with Dinkle Associates. She entered the interview room expecting to see someone from the reception, but she didn't recognize the lady.

"Hello Jenny, I am Jessica King," the lady said extending her hand. She was a lot taller than Jenny at around 5'11 and looked to weigh around 250. She was overweight in every sense of the word. She was wearing black dress pants, a white blouse, and a black blazer.

Jessica made a note of Jenny's appearance. She was dressed in black dress pants, a nice button down shirt with a subtle floral design, and a black dress coat. Her make-up was on nicely and her hair was brushed nicely, hanging just off her shoulders. The jacket made it impossible to see more.

"Why don't you get comfortable? You should take off your jacket, we are going to be here for a few minutes," Jessica suggested as they shook hands. Jenny thought nothing of the suggestion and slid the jacket off. This gave Jessica as much of a view as possible—Jenny's ass looked nice in the tight black pants, but her breasts were small—probably a low-B cup. She made a note of this.

The interview consisted of the usual conversation about school activities, grades, experiences, etc. It ended after about thirty minutes.

The next round of interviews with another firm wouldn't be until the following week. Amber had her interview with LWRA at the same time Jenny was having hers with Dinkle. Before the next round of interviews, there was another reception at a local upscale night club. The exception this time was that the invitation required dress attire.

This didn't faze the girls at all. Though being in college, Jenny had only one really nice business suit, so she would have to wear the same thing she wore to the interview—no big deal. Amber was dressed pretty much the same.

The upscale nightclub was nothing more than a really nice bar with nearly every kind of spirit in the world. Normally, it was a really nice strip club, but not tonight.

They were once again given name tags at the door and soon the two girls mingled with the many associates as they had at the last reception. The drinks were really getting to them tonight.

"Jenny, I'm Brian Norwood with Dinkle," he extended his hand, "How did your interview go the other day?"

"It went great. Jessica King interviewed me and she was very nice," Jenny responded.

"That's great," he replied, "And Amber when do you interview with us?"

"In two weeks," she replied smiling.

They spoke for a moment longer and he excused himself.

Soon after he walked away, they were approached by three ladies.

"Hi, I am Janet Wilson," the tall black lady said extending her hand. She was at least 6'1 and had to weigh 180—very athletic looking, comparable to Serena Williams. She was dressed in a black knee length halter dress that did nothing to hide the fact that she had some enormous tits. Her legs were solid muscle and her ass stuck outwards and flared nicely.

They shook hands with Mrs. Wilson and were introduced to Lauren Stokes, Mrs. Wilson's assistant—Mrs. Wilson was a partner and had been for five years. But she remained active in recruiting. They were with LWRA. Ms. Stokes was white, in her upper 20's, stood at 5'8 and look to weigh around 140. The thing that stood out about Ms. Stokes was that she was wearing a very short denim skirt with a white button down shirt that barely touched her waist, just showing off her belly button. Three of the top buttons were open allowing easy eye access to her cleavage. Her large, dark aureoles and nipples showed clearly through her shirt—it was obvious that she wasn't wearing a bra. Her legs were well tanned and toned and her ass looked to be just as firm.

The third lady was with Burris and Hyde. Her name was Cindy Reid. She was as thin as a pencil, with absolutely no tits or ass. But she had a cute face and black shoulder length hair. She stood at around 5'8 and weighed in around 120.

They talked for almost thirty minutes. Both girls really enjoyed the conversation with Janet, finding out that she was a partner in LWRA.

The next week rolled around and more interviews followed.

Amber went to her interview with Burris and Hyde. As is always the case, she was dressed in full business attire.

"Hi Amber, my name is Mike Hudson," the man said as she entered the room. He was tall at 6'5 and looked to weigh 240. He had short black hair and black eyes. She thought he was very handsome.

"Nice to meet you Mr. Hudson," she replied shaking his hand. He noticed her clothing and commented on how nice she looked, making her blush.

"So have you had an opportunity to make decide who your number one pick is?" he asked.

"No, I am waiting until I finished interviewing," she replied, "I'm keeping my options completely open."

"Well we have heard a lot of good things about you and several of my associates have met you at several of the receptions," he continued.

"Yes, I have met several really nice people from Burris and Hyde," she replied.

"Well, I hope you continue to like them," he said moving towards the meet of the interview.

Jenny was across the hall interviewing with LWRA.

"I am Alison Taylor, it's nice to meet you Jenny," the lady said as Jenny entered the room. Alison was around 5'6 and probably weighed 110 pounds. She was in the process of making partner at only 34 years old. She had on a black knee length skirt and a jacket.

The next day the two girls interviewed with the last of the three firms they had chosen to interview with. That evening they were to attend another reception at the same nightclub. They were to wear casual attire again, just like the first reception.

So they again donned their tight blue jeans. This time Jenny wore a tan, silk floral design cami. The "handkerchief hem" hung to her thighs, but was see through making it possible to see her jean covered ass. The plunging neckline showed off what little cleavage she had—making it impossible for her to wear a bra.

Amber had elected to wear a pink straight-collar button down shirt. She left it untucked, but it hardly hung below her waist line.

When they got to the club, they expected to walk into a room filled with mingling people as they had the time before. But this time all of the potential interns were seated. The last time they were there, the number of potentials was around 100. It looked to have dwindled to around 30.

The host sat them at a table for four and gave them a number. They each had the same number. The waitress took their orders, both ordered bourbon.

"What's going on?" Amber asked to no one in particular.

"I have no clue," Jenny replied nursing the drink.

Every so often a number was called and a potential intern got up and was ushered into the back of the club. They waited for around thirty minutes before their number was called.

They too were escorted out of the large dance room, down a hallway and a flight of stairs until they came to a door that was labeled "conference." The usher opened the door and let them enter. He closed the door and walked back to the front room.

The room was the size of a typical household living room—relatively small for a conference room. Seated in a half circle around the room was several people the two girls had met from the receptions and their interviews. Among them were Mike Young and Jessica King of Dinkle, Janet Wilson and Alison Taylor of LWRA, and Jason Hudson, Cindy Reid, and Kelly Riley of Burris and Hyde. Kelly interviewed Jenny. She is a stunning brunette with shoulder length hair, standing around 5'6, 120 pounds. She was dressed in a very conservative, long button down floral dress that showed no cleavage whatsoever.

Also in the room were the President of the University and the Dean of the College of Accounting. Both girls were shocked to see these two men.

In the middle of the semi-circle were two arm chairs. At one end of the room was a large screen television and DVD/VHS player. There was a bulletin board and other conference room items as well—nothing out of the ordinary.

"Jenny and Amber, why don't you two have a seat," Mike Young said seeming to take over. The two girls moved to the chairs and sat down, "Ladies, this is your last interview and it will decide where, or if, you are hired as an intern by one of the top three firms in the country. More times than not if you are hired as an intern, you are hired full-time at the end of your collegiate careers. This is very important to you and the companies that are represented here.

"We have all reviewed your files and interview notes and have determined that you are both very bright ladies and could possibly make a great interns and associates soon. But there are several other things that you must do before we can make that determination.

"Jenny, I like your cami. It looks very nice on you. You have small breasts though, maybe you should consider a top that doesn't have such a plunge in the neckline," Janet said from her seat all of a sudden stunning Jenny into silence, "Jenny tell us about yourself."

Jenny was still stunned and didn't immediately speak, "Well I go to City University and I am 22 years old…"

"Jenny, we already know about all of that. Stand up and describe yourself," Mike clarified the instructions for her, "Oh and as you get to each part, you can take off that particular garment and show us."

She was beyond stunned. Amber stood up and moved to the door.

"If you leave, you will never work in the accounting field, ever. Do you really want to do that?" Cindy Reid said standing to block the door momentarily. Amber stopped and moved back to her chair.

Jenny was still trying to wrap her mind around what she was just told to do, "This isn't legal. We don't have to do this!"

"Well hunny," Mike replied, "Who's going to believe you if you tell?"

She knew he was right. She also knew that she could either do what they asked or she would lose her career before it even got started.

She looked back up at Mike and began, "Well, I am about 5'4 or 5'5 and weigh around 140 pounds. I work out some, but not like I should nor do I go to the tanning bed as often as I would like.

She cupped her breasts over her cami, "I have small breasts. They are 34B…"

"Please take off your shirt Jenny," Alison Taylor ordered, "You should take off the garment while you are talking about yourself."

Jenny hesitated a moment before reaching down to grab the hem of her cami. She held it against her legs for a moment before slowly pulling it upwards. Her stomach was the first thing to come into view. Though it wasn't terribly white, she definitely hadn't been to the tanning bed in a while nor did it have much tone to it.

She continued pulling the garment over her head. The bra cups that were built into the cami held momentarily around her breasts before popping loose, baring her smallish tits to the entire room. Her aureoles were average sized and her nipples were small.

"Play with your nipples, Jenny. Let's see if they remain that small," Alison ordered her.

Jenny slowly moved her hands to her breasts and began playing with them, rubbing her nipples in between her thumb and forefinger. Not long after she had begun, her aureoles shrank and her nipples grew into ½ inch pointers. Her tits had been rather long when looking at them from the side. But now they were more rounded.

"You may continue telling us about yourself," Mike said after a few minutes of she playing with her nipples.

"As you can see, my stomach isn't as tanned or toned as many people my age. My breasts aren't very big as I said a moment ago, but my boyfriend likes them both," she continued," then she grew quite briefly before reaching to unbuckle her belt. She unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans and began to push them downward, "My hips and legs are a little larger than I would like, but according to my boyfriend there's nothing wrong with them at all. I know he is bias, but I like to know that he likes them."

By the time she had said all of this, her jeans were at her ankles, having already revealed a pair of pink thong panties. She stepped out of the jeans leaving her most intimate parts covered only by a skimpy pair of thongs. Her entire ass was on display.

She turned her ass towards Mike before beginning, "I have a little cellulite on my ass and tops of my thighs, but when I bend over it goes away."

She bended slightly to show everyone that it did in fact go away. There wasn't too much cellulite, just a slight touch of it.

Continuing to have her back toward the audience, Jenny slowly hooked her fingers into her thongs and began pushing them down. They got caught momentarily in the crack of her ass before popping downward and falling at her feet. She was entirely naked.

She turned slowly making a conscious effort to keep her legs as closed as possible.

"As you can see…" she began.

"We can't see anything," Jessica King said cutting her off, "You have to spread your legs."

With a sigh, Jenny widened her stance giving everyone an unobstructed view of her pussy.

Jenny began again, "As you can see, I am shaved. My boyfriend prefers me that way." From her standing position, those in the room could only see a slight slit. Her pussy lips did not hang downward at all, as some do.

"Jenny, I want you take both hands and hold your hair in a pony tail for a moment," said Kelly Riley. Slowly, Jenny drew her hair into a pony tail and held it. Her position pushed her tits out some. More interesting though, it gave everyone an unobstructed view of her fair white skin, from her face, down her neck, across her chest and stomach, and to her feet.

After a moment, Jenny sat back down.

"Is that all you have to say?" Mike asked in such a manner that he had expected more.

"I guess so," she replied.

"Fine then," he replied while he and the rest of the room shifted their gaze to Amber, "Amber it's your turn."

She slowly rose from her seat and began unbuttoning her shirt. She didn't say anything until her shirt was on the floor. She was definitely more toned and tanned than Jenny. Her bronze skin and jet long black hair made her look strikingly beautiful.

"My stomach is a little more toned than Jenny's. I do sit-ups every night," she paused as she unclasped her white half cup bra. It was clear that her breasts were larger than Jenny's, "My tits are a little larger as well. I have 38C's."

Her bra fell to the floor with her shirt allowing the room to see her large, dark pink (almost brownish) aureoles and small nipples. Her breasts looked bigger than they were because of her size.

She then dropped her hands to her jeans to unsnap and unzip them. She pushed them down her slender thighs and legs to the floor. Once she stepped out of them, she was dressed only in white cotton string bikini panties. They seemed to strain in their attempts to cover her ass

Amber pushed her thumbs into the tops of her panties and pushed them down and off her body. She was looking at everyone as she did it.

"Amber, turn around and grab your ankles," Alison demanded. Amber turned and did what she was told. Her position allowed everyone to see her pussy lips and just barely see her tiny asshole winking back at them, "You may stand back up and continue."

Amber stood, moved her hair out of her face, took a deep breath and began again, "I have a small patch of hair just above my vagina, but other than that I am shaved."

She was also asked to pull her hair into a ponytail allowing everyone to feast their eyes on her body. Her pussy lips hung down just slightly. From their positions along the wall, it looked like two small bumps between Amber's legs.

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