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Nicola Edwards had worked in her role as a Human Resource Assistant for five years. She was a twenty-seven year old single female. Nicola was five feet seven inches tall, had a slim figure with short-cropped bleached blonde hair.

Peter Sullivan had recently started working for the company and had been attracted to Nicola since he first set eyes on her. He had pursued her from that day. Nicola was initially shy not wanting to take him up on his offer of a drink. As Nicola got to know Peter better she finally agreed to a dinner date. Peter booked a table at a quiet countryside restaurant.

As they drove out on their dinner date they chatted as Peter tried to impress. The restaurant was very stylish and they were treated to an excellent meal. Unfortunately Peter and Nicola found they had little in common and as the evening wore on it became apparent that this first date would be their last. They left the restaurant just after ten. The summer night was warm and Nicola and Peter just wanted to get home and forget the evening.

As they drove steam begun to spiral upward from Peter's car engine. He pulled in at the side of the road. He got out of the car and flipped open the bonnet. As the steam shot upward water from the car's radiator flooded out onto the road. He knew the problem couldn't be fixed that night. He told Nicola of the predicament. They were in the middle of nowhere and neither of them had a mobile phone. As time passed Nicola became annoyed that as a first date it had been a disaster and the incident with the car only made matters worse. Peter was also annoyed. He just wanted to get home and forget about Nicola.

Suddenly a car approached. As it drove slowly by Nicola and Peter attempted to attract the attention of the driver. The car did not stop but turned around further up the road and came back. The driver wound down the window and asked if they were having trouble. Peter explained the situation. The driver of the car offered them a lift. They both agreed having no option and having not seen any other vehicle since the breakdown.

Nicola and Peter got into the back of the car. The driver and his passenger were two men. The driver introduced himself as Daniel. Daniel was in his mid thirties, a tall and well-built man. The other guy, Warren was in his early thirties, tall and slim.

As they drove Peter tried to make conversation explaining they had been on a first date. Neither Daniel or Warren seemed particularly interested.

Peter and Nicola became alarmed as the guys pulled off the main road and down a track. Peter demanded to know what was going on as the car came to a halt. The guy in the passenger seat turned round, he was holding a knife. He ordered Peter to shut up. The driver of the car turned off the engine and ordered everyone to get out of the car. Despite the lateness of the hour the summer night was well lit as the full moon shone above. Peter and Nicola were ushered to the front of the car.

"What do you want?" asked Peter.

"Some fun" replied Warren.

"Please leave us alone" pleaded Peter, his voice trembling.

Warren looked at Peter and ordered him to strip. Peter stood looking dumbfounded. Warren asked if Peter had a hearing problem. Peter slowly unbuttoned and started to remove his shirt.

"Put all your clothes on the bonnet," said Warren.

Peter took his shirt off. He removed his shoes, socks and slowly removed his trousers. He placed each item on the bonnet. The two captors told Nicola she would get to see what her date was like naked.

"Do you think he has a big cock?" Warren asked Nicola to which she didn't reply.

Peter stood wearing only his briefs in front of the three.

"Get them off!" ordered Daniel, gesturing to Peter.

Peter slid of his underwear and placed the garment on the bonnet. He now stood naked in front of the three of them.

Peter was five feet nine inches tall and of medium build. His body was reasonably hairy but he had trimmed pubic hair. His cock hung limply between his legs.

The two captors made Peter move away from the car. Daniel and Warren stood either side of Nicola and Peter was made to stand about eight feet away.

Daniel asked Nicola what she thought of her now naked date. Nicola again did not reply.

"Play with yourself," demanded Warren.

Peter took hold of his cock and pulled back his foreskin revealing his penis tip. Peter started to masturbate himself. Despite the embarrassment of the situation he felt his cock stiffen. As he continued wanking his cock became fully erect.

Daniel told Peter to stop masturbating himself. Peter stood naked and helpleass his stiff, throbbing cock now standing at full attention. Peter's cock was about six to seven inches long.

Warren asked Nicola what she thought of her date. She didn't say anything but Daniel said he thought she liked seeing him naked.

Daniel took the knife as Warren went to the boot of the car. He returned with some lengths of rope. As Daniel held Nicola at knifepoint Warren tied Peter's hands behind his back. Daniel led Nicola over to Peter and forced her to kneel.

"Suck him," demanded Daniel.

Peter's cock bobbed just inches from Nicola's face. She looked up at Daniel who threatened her with the knife.

"Please, please don't make me," begged Nicola.

Daniel threatened Nicola with the knife before repeating his demand. With no choice Nicola tentatively sucked at Peter's cock.

"Get it all in," ordered Warren.

Nicola started to take more of Peter's cock into her mouth. Peter let out a little moan. He wasn't sure if he was supposed to be enjoying it but he was. Nicola certainly wasn't. He looked down and watched as she slid his stiff cock deeper into her mouth.

"Lick his balls," demanded Daniel.

Nicola held Peter's cock in her hand as she ran her tongue over his balls.

"Get them in your mouth," said Daniel.

Nicola sucked Peter's balls taking each one in her mouth. Peter was moaning a little louder. He kept telling himself he was not enjoying it. The sensations and thrill of Nicola sucking him proved he was enjoying it.

Nicola was forced to continue sucking and masturbating Peter. Daniel and Warren watched as Nicola pushed back Peter's foreskin before pulling it forward. Kyle ordered Nicola to do it faster. Peter was moaning as Nicola masturbated him faster and faster.

"I bet he wants to fuck her," said Warren.

"Do you want to fuck her?" Daniel asked Peter.

"Yes," Peter replied, not believing he had just said it.

Daniel ordered Nicola to stop sucking Peter and stand up. Warren forced Peter to his knees. Daniel held the knife as Warren stood in front of Nicola. He unbuttoned and roughly pulled off her blouse.

"Please. No. Please don't," whispered Nicola.

Warren was already unfastening and taking of her skirt. He made her step out of it as it hit the floor.

Nicola wore a skimpy white bra and a matching white thong. In the moonlight her skin looked pale. Warren noticed her erect nipples protruding through the thin materail of her bra. He quickly removed the garment. Warren said how great Nicola's breasts were, neither too big nor too small.

He tweaked her stiffening nipples. She felt the warm summer breeze sweep across her body. Warren and Daniel commented on how nice Nicola's body was.

"Lets see it all," said Daniel.

Nicola attempted to plead and started to whimper but Warren was already kneeling in front of her and quickly slid down her white thong ordering her to step out of it.

Warren stood up as he and Daniel ogled Nicola's naked body. Nicola had short stubbley pubic hair as she had shaved a few weeks previous and the hair was now growing back.

"Not a natural blonde I see," said Daniel looking at Nicola's short dark pubic hairs.

Daniel moved to stand close by Peter, still holding the knife. Warren stood in front of Nicola. She had her head bowed. Warren put his hand on her chin and forced her head upward. He forceably kissed her but she did not respond.

Warren removed his shirt. His chest was smooth. He took off his shoes, socks and trousers. Warren wore very skimpy briefs. It was obvious his cock strained for release. He quickly took down his underwear his cock sprung free already fully erect. Warren's cock must have been about eight inches long. His foreskin had already rolled back and as he placed his hands on Nicola's shoulders his cock brushed against her stomach.

Warren guided his hands to fondle Nicola's breasts. He tweaked and twisted her nipples making her cry out. He moved his hands to feel her. He slid his fingers through her short pubic hair. Nicola looked up at him trying to keep her composure.

"Please don't. Please," begged Nicola looking directly at him.

"I'm gonna fuck you," replied Warren coldly.

Warren gently inserted one finger and then another into her pussy. He put an arm around her to pull her in close. As he slid his fingers into her pussy he licked and kissed her nipples. Nicola still pleaded as Warren probed her pussy with his fingers. He felt her juices trickle over his fingers.

Warren ordered Nicola to lay down. Nicola sat on the ground. Warren moved and knelt besides her pushing her down so she was completely lying out on the ground. Warren ran her hands all over her naked body. He moved down and pushed her legs apart.

Daniel and a kneeling Peter were watching. Daniel put the knife into the belt of his trousers and took of his jumper. He had strong shoulders and a toned upper body. He took the knife back in his hand. He removed his socks and shoes. Nicola tried to shut out what Warren was doing and her eyes gazed at Daniel as he unbuttoned and slid down his jeans. Daniel was not wearing any underwear and his cock sprung free. His cock stuck straight out, slightly quivering in the night air. Daniel's cock was probably about nine inches long. He was completely shaven and had no pubic hair.

Daniel still with the knife in hand moved next to Nicola. Warren was pushing and rubbing his cock against Nicola's pussy lips. Nicola was pleading with Warren to stop.

"No, no, no no," Nicola was whispering.

Daniel leaned over Nicola.

"Suck it!" he demanded.

Daniel forced his cock into Nicola's mouth. Daniel tried to force more of his cock into her mouth and Nicola almost gagged on it.

"She loves big cock," Daniel said.

Warren was busy rubbing his cock at Nicola's exposed vulva.

"Are you going to fuck her or what?" asked Daniel.

Warren leaned over Nicola. She felt his throbbing cock tip push against her puffy pussy lips. She wanted to scream but with Danils's cock in her mouth she couldn't.

Nicola tried to move her body but Warren was to strong and slid his cock inside her. He forced the whole of his throbbing length into her pussy. Tears welled in Nicola's eyes as Warren continued slamming in the full length of his cock. Warren had no consideration and thankfully, as Nicola thought, as quickly as he entered her and a few desperate thrashings later he withdrew his cock. Moaning with pleasure Warren had already started to ejaculate. As he withdrew his cock his thick cum spurted all over Nicola's breasts. He masturbated himself draining his remaining cum, splashing it over her chest and onto her breasts. Warren stood up and Daniel removed his cock from Nicola's mouth.

"Rub it in," ordered Warren.

Nicola was forced to use a hand to smear Warren's cum over her breasts.

"Taste it!" Warren demanded.

Nicola hesitantly licked her cum covered fingers. She swallowed his cum almost wretching at the taste.

Daniel had moved down and now leaned over Nicola.

"Oh my, no, please...." begged Nicola.

He ran his hands up and down each of Nicola's legs. Daniel kissed Nicola all over. Nicola's body tensed as she felt his tongue push against her pussy lips. Nicola felt sore from Warren's roughness but Daniel was gentle and slid his tongue into her moist pussy. Daniel allowed his hands to feel her body as he licked at her wetness.

Daniel teased and work Nicola's clit. His expert tongue worked to get her juices flowing. Daniel moved above Nicola. She could feel the strength of his fit body. Nicola gasped and screamed as Daniel slowly slid his full length into her. Daniel began to ride her shallow and then deeper. Daniel was stretching Nicola's pussy; she had never taken a cock so big. Daniel started to get into a gentle rhythm and fuck Nicola. Daniel was moaning above her and despite his strength he was gently fucking Nicola a complete opposite to Warren. Nicola was moaning loudly. She knew was building to a thrusting climax but this can't be she thought. Daniel was expertly fucking her and Nicola was crying out – with pleasure. She screamed as Daniel brought her to first orgasm and then a second.

Daniel had lasted some time before he withdrew his cock. He was already spurting out his cum. It splashed onto her short pubic hair, her chest and her stomach. Daniel moved up and was still spurting cum as he reached her face. He forced his cock into her not so unwilling mouth. He gushed the rest of his cum load into her mouth. She swallowed and tasted, her body was in total shuddering ecstasy.

Nicola lay on the ground coming down from the experience. Daniel and Warren both dressed. They then took an arm of Nicola making her stand up. They forced her to stand in front of Peter who still had his hands tied. Daniel forced Peter to stand up. Nicola's chest and breasts glistened with two spunk loads.

"You don't deserve to fuck her," said Warren.

"Lick that up," ordered Daniel.

At knifepoint Peter was forced to lick up the remnants of Warren and Daniel's spunk. Daniel ensured Peter licked tasted and swallowed quite an amount. Peter felt physically sick but did not vomit.

Warren pushed the clothes from the car. He and Daniel got into the vehicle, started the engine and reversed along the track before speeding off.

Nicola and Peter looked at each. Both naked bodies clearly visible to one another the moonlight.

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