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The pool party had been great for John. He had seen all the fine looking 18 year olds in bikinis, some even in thongs. All the girls there were great looking. It seemed whever he looked was a perfect ass or nice set of tits.

He had been having so much fun the whole time, that when he had to go to the bathroom, he didn't wanna go at first. He would be thankful later that he did.

Amy was a very attractive girl with brown hair and eyes, a nice set of lips and a great ass. She had recently gotten into a fight though with two of her friends, Kristen and Rachel. They had been acting very rude and bitchy towards her and she wanted some kind of revenge. One that would embaress them and make them pay for what they did.

Amy then knew what to do. She had been having sleeping trouble lately and had sleeping pills on her. She slipped one each into Kristen's and Rachel's drinks. Her plan was about to unfold. She now needed an accomplice who wouldn't know he was an accomplice until the time came. She looked around the pool and saw John. He was a nice guy and deserved somehting like this.

When she saw John heading for the bathroom, she knew what to do. The sleeping pills would be kicking in soon and when they did there would only be a ten minute time period of sleep since she used such a small amount. She then approached the girls.

"Guys, can we talk. I know I did somehting wrong and want to work it out with you before we lose our friendship," Amy pleaded with her friends.

"Fine," Kristen replied," But it better be good. We were having a good time out hear."

"Yea, that's right," Rachel added.

"OOO, this will be fun girls," Amy thought to herself.

Amy ran to the bathroom door where John was standing. He was about to go in when she came up to him.

"John, can you do me a favor," Amy asked with her puppy dog face on," Can you let us girls borrow the bathroom. We really need to talk."

"Well, I don't know. I mean, I really gotta go," John replied.

"Please," Amy said almost in a whimper. John couldn't resist as he had a crush on Amy.

"Sure, I can wait. How long will you be?" John asked.

"I'll be out before you know it," Amy stated.

Amy and the girls walked into the bathroom.

"OK, what did you want to say that would change our minds on how we feel about you?" Kristen asked.

"I hope it is something good cuz you dragged us all the way in here," Rachel stated.

"Hmm. Well I'd tell you if you girls didn't look so tired," Amy answered.

"What I don't feel...." Kristen trailed off and fell asleep on top Rachel.

Amy smiled as she saw her two friends passed out. Her plan was going as planned. She then walked out of the bathroom to get John.

"John! Quick I need your help," Amy screamed.

John was alarmed and came into the bathroom.

"What's wrong," he asked,"Woah what is up with..."

"Shhh," Amy said. She then passionatley kissed him up against the door.

"What was that for? I mean I loved it, but why," John asked.

"John, I know how you have liked me for a while and I have to admit I kinda like you too," Amy answered.

"OK, that's all great, but what is up with Rachel and Kristen?" John asked.

"Well, here is the deal. These two have been complete bitches to me for no reason and I think they desreve a lesson. I need a small favor from you, and if you help, I'd love to go on a date with you," Amy replied.

"What would I need to do?" John asked.

"Nothing big. You only need to go up to a certain point and where you go form there is your choice. First I need you to help me bind their hands together with their tops. Then just follow my lead. You do not need to fuck them, but if you want you could," Amy told John.

"Wouldn't that be rape," John asked.

"Yea, but they won't do anything if we take pictures of the whole thing," Amy repleid as she took out a camera," So what do you say?"

"Anything for you, but I really gotta pee" John replied.

"Oh, by all means," Amy said.

John then whipped his dick out. Amy was impressed by the size. After John was done he looked back at Amy.

Amy smiled and they got to work tying their hands together. They took pictures of their naked bodies. John had never noticed until now how alike all three of the girls were. They all were brunettes had decent tits, but all had nice asses. Amy's was tight and a little wide, but Kristen and Rachel just had huge bubble butts. Their asses exploded out of their bathing suits.

"OK, they should wake up soon. The door is locked so no one can get it. You ready?" Amy asked.

"You know it," John replied.

Kristen and Rachel woke up. They looked dazed. Their faces were tired and confused. It wasn't until thirty seconds after they woke up that they noticed that their hands were tied together.

"Say "I'm a dirty little slut," Amy stated as she took more pictures of the two girls,"Paybacks a bitch, isn't it?"

Kristen became angry and screamed," What the fuck is going on!"

"Payback," Amy simply responded," You two have made my life a living hell the past couple of weeks and I think it is time I return the favor."

"Fuck off, you bitch," Rachel responded.

"OO, you are so cute when you are angry Rachel. Like an angel gone bad. Well, I wish we could chat more about who is a bitch and who is not, but your punishment is about to go under way and I need to take a shit really bad," Amy said.

John was shocked to hear this, but was turned on when Amy pulled off her thong to reveal her full ass. She bent over right in front of the girls.

"The toilet is out of order so I guess this floor will have to do. John, you want a blowjob while I take a shit in front of these bitches," Amy asked.

"Sure," John replied.

Amy got to work on John's dick. Her nice lips wrapped around his cock. She deepthroated him and then began to suck his balls. She then began to go very slowly and she moaned around his dick as the first piece of shit plopped right on the ground in front of Rachel. She then got lower to the ground, her tight ass expanding because of her asshole shitting. She went right next to Kristen and another piece came right out in front of her.

Amy then went back to work on the cock. She then got a new idea.

"Hmmm, out of toilet paper. Oh well, Kristen clean my butt with your mouth for me," Amy said.

"Ya right!" Kristen replied.

"You apparently don't get it yet, so let me make it perfectly clear. I own you now. If you don't do everything I say these pictures get out," Amy replied as she took another picture.

"You bitch," Kristen said.

"Ya, but at least I'm not the one tied up and getting shit on," Amy responded," Now my dear, sweat Rachel. Be a good girl and finish sucking John's dick until he cums in your mouth."

"Amy please don't. We're friends. Can't we talk?" Rachel asked.

"I've been trying to talk bitch, but you guys didn't wanna listen. Well now you hear me. Am I right," Amy stated," Now suck his dick."

"John, please stop. You could stop all of this now," Rachel pleaded.

"Sorry Rachel, I'm with Amy now and, who knows, maybe you will end up liking sucking my dick," John responded as he shoved his dick in her mouth.

He pushed it all the way to the side so it was pushing out her cheek. Then he shoved all the way down her throat. She tried biting it, but had little energy from the pills that it was useless. John kept pumping and pumping until he came in her mouth.

While Rachel was sucking John's dick Amy had sat down on Kristen's face. Her butthole was now right on Kristen's mouth.

"Now lick my shithole," Amy demanded.

Kristen was done with fighting and began to lick. The taste upsetted her at first, but then she started not to care as the smell was far worse than the taste. Amy grinded her ass all over Kristen's face.

"Yea, that's right bitch, lick my asshole. Eat out my butt like the slut you are," Amy yelled.

John took more pictures of this and of cum running down Rachel's neck. Amy then had an orgasm and took a minute to recover from it. She then got up.

"That was great! You girls did an excellent job of being dirty sluts," Amy cheered," Now what do we do next?"

Amy looked at the pieces of shit on the floor and said," Go on all fours you two."

The girls did as they were told. John then pulled off their thongs revealing huge asses. He had to slap them and feel them a couple of times just to do so.

Amy went up to Rachel and said," You know Rachel I have always admired your ass. I mean it is just so big and round and juicy. And I could even see your cute little butthole too."

Rachel became nervous and asked,"What are you gonna do?"

Amy replied,"Well since your ass is up in the air and your butthole is inviting me. Maybe this."

Amy then dove onto Rachel's ass. She began to eat out her asshole.

"Ahhhh, eww, get off of me you slut," Rachel screamed.

"We'll see who is the slut in a few minutes," Amy responded.

She continued licking her asshole. Rachel was moaning. She didn't admit it, but it was really turning her on. Amy then began to stick a finger inside. She met with resistance.

"Awww, come on Rachel. Be a big girl and open up you butt for me," Amy asked.

Rachel just kept moaning and Amy fit the finger inside. She then inserted another finger afer a few minutes. Rachel came with a screaming finish. Amy kept her two fingers inside.

"You like that Rachel?" Amy asked.

"Ahhh, let go! Let me go to the bathroom. I really gotta go," Rachel answered.

Amy responded,"Nah, I think I'll just keep fingering your ass until I'm good and ready.

Amy then went back to fingering her ass. After a few minutes she knew what to do.

"Kristen, be a slut and come over here," Amy called.

Kristen then slid across the ground and Amy directed her to sit under Rachel's butt.

"Now Rachel, I'm gonna let go and your gonna take a shit on your friend's face. How does that sound," Amy asked.

"Rachel!! Don't do it please," Kristen begged as Amy took her fingers out of Rachel's ass and held Kristen to the ground.

"I'm sorry. I can't hold it in," Rachel answered as she began to shit.

Her ass spread open and the shit feel right on Kristen's face. Rachel moaned as she let them go. Kristen was disgusted and humiliated. Her ass collapesed on Kristen's face.

Amy then remembered the piece of shit on the floor.

"Good girl Kristen. You could go to the side, for now. Now you two have been making up nonsense about me the past few weeks. Really you have been full of shit. And that is what will be in you now," Amy told the girls who were now tired and humiliated.

Amy took the first piece of shit and went up to Rachel.

"Aww Rachel. I'm sorry it has come to this. You always were such a follower of Kristen. Maybe if you weren't you would've been with me now helping do this to Kristen," Amy stated.

"Please stop this. I'm so sorry for everything we did," Rachel pleaded. John then began to spread her huge ass cheeks. He even gave her butthole a few licks for good measure.

"Ehhh, you're still full of shit," Amy replied as she shoved the piece of shit up Rachel's asshole. John then released his grip and let the shit slip inside.

"Now, I know you two sluts aren't virgins of your pussy, but your butts are still untouched," Amy stated.

"NOOO! Please," Rachel began to plead once more. Before she could plead any further John shoved his dick up her big behind. He pounded Amy's shit into Rachel's ass.

Rachel began to scream,"AHHHHH! Stop it! Stop fucking my ass!! Stop fucking my ass!! You'll split me in half!! Stop fucking my ass!!"

Amy took pictures of this then begand to spank Rachel as John was fucking her. Her ass jiggled from the impact. John then came inside her ass. He pulled out and Rachel collapsed on the floor with her big, round ass still hanging on the air.

"Wow Rachel. You're ass looks like it just took a train in it," Amy said happily.

"Now Kristen, my dear Kristen. What do we do with you," Amy stated, "Well, since Rachel got a dick in her ass you will too, but you deserve more. I got it!," Amy screamed.

She reached into her bag and took out a long strap on dildo. She lubed it up and strapped it on. Kristen cringed when she saw this.

They repeated the same procedure on Kristen as they did on Rachel. They spread her big butt cheeks and shoved the shit inside. Then Amy layed down and placed Kristen on top of her. SHe shoved the dildo in her asshole.

Kristen looked down at Amy with a look of sadness of a hopeful look that she might pity her.

"You will not get my pity," Amy stated," John, stick your cock up her ass too."

John did this and him and Amy began fucking Kristen's asshole. John, who was fucking her form behind began to spank her huge ass until it became red.

"Holy shit!!!!!! Ahhh! I have two dicks in my asshole!! It's too much!! I can't take this much cock up my butt!!!," Kristen screamed.

Amy pulled her dildo out and John pulled out too. Kristen collapsed on the ground.

"I wanted you to save yourself for this," Amy stated. She bent over and slapped her ass inviting John to come in.

John began to fuck her butt hard.


John then came inside her ass with one final push and slap of her ass. She turned around and smiled. What a party this had turned out to be. John got his girl and Amy got her revenge.
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