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"Melissa, I want to see for a couple of minutes after class, alright?" Eighteen-year-old Melissa nodded mutely, wondering what it was she could have done wrong. When everyone else had gone, Melissa walked over to Mr. Peters' desk.

"What was it you wanted, sir?"

"I want to talk to you about the standard of your work in this class. But we haven't got time now. Come here at 4:40 this evening, please."

"Yes sir."

Melissa Redwood was quite tall, with baby-blue eyes, long, curly, blonde hair and 34DD breasts, which she knew made her look gorgeous. As she walked along the corridor to her next class, she was well aware of all the eyes on her. She wore her school uniform to show it off - she kept her blouse with several buttons undone, and her stockings and garter belt were just visible beneath her very short skirt. She got a rush from being a tease - she loved showing all the boys around her what they would never get a chance to touch. She wasn't really worried abouth her meeting with Mr. Peters later on that day - she could always sweet talk her way out of things, with male teachers.

At exactly 4:40pm that day she knocked on Mr. Peters' classroom door. "Come in." As soon as she opened the door, she could sense that something was different about the room. Whereas the blinds were normally up, they had all been pulled down, and all the windows were shut. She attributed that to it being so late after school, though, and thought nothing of it. Mr. Peters wasn't a bad-looking man, Melissa thought, as she waited for him to acknowldge her. He was in his mid-twenties, and had short brown hair and brown eyes. He was one of the most interesting teachers she had, but she didn't like Debate, and she never had, so she didn't bother to try in his lessons. Mr. Peters looked up, finally. "Ah. Melissa. Come and sit down over here please," he indicated the chair beside his desk, and she moved to sit in it. "Now, Melissa, I've asked you here today, because you're standard of work just isn't good enough. I know you're clever enough to keep up with the class, and to do better than them even, so why is it that on the rare occasions that you do hand in essays, they're of such poor standard?"

Melissa hung her head, and looked at him through her eyelashes. "I'm sorry, sir. I'll do better next time."

"Well I'm afraid that's not going to work this time. Today, and for the rest of the week, I want you to come here at 4:40pm, and do a detention. Now sit there while I find some work for you to do." Mr. Peters walked across to the door, and locked it. Melissa turned in shock when she heard the door, and Mr. Peters smiled at her. "Stand up, Melissa." She stood up, terrified. Mr. Peters slowly walked across the room, and when he reached her, gently stroked her face. "Now, Melissa. I really don't want to have to fail you. Don't you think we could come to some sort of an... arrangement?" Melissa just stared at him, unable to answer. "Good. Now take off your skirt. And don't bother screaming. There's no-one here to hear you." She reached behind her skirt, and, with shaking hands, unzipped her skirt and pulled it down. "And now your panties." Melissa slid down her black thong, and looked up at him in fear. "Mmmmm, shaved. Just the way I like it." Mr. Peters slowly undid Melissa's blouse, and then released her full breasts from the matching bra. He leant over, and whispered in her ear. "Now, Melissa, you are going to be my little fuck-slut. Do you understand?" She nodded silently, and he slapped her. "Answer me properly, bitch. Do you understand?"

"Yes, sir," she said in a quiet voice.

"I've had enough of your teasing ways. Now it's time for you to give something back to one of the men you've aroused." He unzipped his suit trousers to reveal a large, swollen cock. "Now suck, slut." He pushed her onto her knees, and forced his huge erection into her mouth, and she gagged as she tried to take it all in at once. He fucked her face roughly, forcing himself all the way down her throat, and she became more willing to suck him. Before he came, he pulled out of her mouth and let her head drop, before pulling her up and turning her round. He pushed her against one of the desks in the room, and felt with surprise, that her pussy was wet. "You little whore. Do you enjoy being treated like a worthless slut?"

"Yes, sir." Melissa was too mentally drained to resist, and knew that answering him in the way he wanted was easiest.

"Well then, let's see what else we can do to you." He ran his finger down her back, and slid it into her moist pussy. He added another two fingers, and fucked her with his hand, playing with her hard nipples while he did so. Her breath came quicker to her, as she got more and more aroused. Not letting her reach orgasm, he removed his hand, and put his fingers up to her mouth. Her hips bucked, her dripping hole begging for the hand to be replaced. "Lap up your dirty lust, whore." She sucked his fingers eagerly, and tasted her own juices on them. While she was licking his hand, he thrust his dick all the way into her pussy, and she gasped in pain. "Tight little bitch, for such a tease, aren't you." He thrust again and again, easily bringing the already turned-on slut to orgasm. He groaned in pleasure, as he emptied his load inside her. When he was done, he pushed her down into a chair, and pulled up his trousers. "Well, I don't think I'll have to fail you, will I?"

Melissa, panting from exhaustion and arousal, smiled at him. "Same time tomorrow, sir?" He nodded, and she got dressed and left the room. Debate was certainly going to be a more interesting lesson in future.