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Authors note. It is 1769. Taking advantage of the decaying Mughal Empire, certain European trading companies have established themselves in India. They hire private armies to ensure their security in an increasingly lawless and chaotic land.

* * * * *

With one final thrust, Captain Simpson ejaculated his spunk into the greased anus of the Indian native boy. Having emptied his balls he pulled out his deflating cock from the now well lubricated rectum of the 18 year old. the lad flopped forward onto his hands and knees, panting.

Simpson began to breathe easier as he wiped his prick with the torn loin cloth of the lad.

"Hari Suri!" Simpson bellowed

The lithe Indian Sepoy (Native Indian Soldier) appeared as if by magic into the crude native hut.

Simpson flung the soiled loin-cloth at the lads sweat glistening buttocks, saying " You can have the bastard now'

A great smile flashed across the brown face of Hari Suri as he saluted the Captain and stepped out of the Captains way, allowing Simpson to exit the hut.

Turning to look over his shoulder he saw Hari Suri naked from. the waist down, kneel behind the boy, pull him into position and ram his cock into the lad's bottom. The boy yelped in pain as Hari Suri ruthlessly fucked his anus.

'Serves the bastard right ' Simpson thought Besides, the lad's anus had been rather easy to enter. Obviously, the lad was well used to getting sodomized.

No doubt the lad would be passed around amongst the native soldiers before they left the farm. His anus well used and filled by their boiling seed.

Simpson Inspected the pathetic articles looted from the huts of the farm. The rice and wheat would be worth something but hardly the effort of the raid. Still, the farmer had given shelter and food to bandits and that could not go unpunished.

Pity the women had fled Although not adverse to a spot of sodomy. He had hoped to fuck a heavy breasted, big hipped Indian farm girl. Experience had taught him that Indian girls were superb rides. Hot and wet.

The thought made his prick twitch in approval.

All they had found sadly, was an old woman with sagging tits and a lad. The farmer had been shot as he fled.

The women had obviously hidden in the jungle near by. Not worth the risk of searching for them. They may even have fled to the bandits secret camp. No doubt the bandits would have the pleasure of their cunts, mouths and anuses.

A scream from a nearby field caught his attention. Some members of the patrol were standing in a circle laughing and joking watching some commotion at the centre. Walking over Simpson heard the soldiers exhorting someone to 'fuck the old bitch'. At his approach the soldiers stood quickly at attention. One of the men quickly jumped to his feet, his trousers at his feet making a mockery of his attempt to stand at attention. Although his prick was doing a fine job.

Looking down to the ground he saw the old woman stripped naked and trying to hide her sagging tits and thick graying cunt bush with her hands.

"What's this Arun Singh?" Simpson said turning to the half naked sepoy " You like the old cow?' He asked.

Arun Singh smiled sheepishly.

"Okay then Arun Singh fuck the bitch" Simpson said

He moved away from the sepoys and only turned again when the screams of the woman and cheers of the sepoys indicated that Arun was indeed fucking the old woman. He watched as Arun's buttocks rose and fell in lustful abandon between two old wrinkled legs.

He watched as Arun's place was taken by sergeant Lodhi; who made a great sport of slapping the woman's buttocks as he rammed her.

Meanwhile, Hari Suri had emerged from the hut and motioned for a waiting sepoy to go inside. No doubt the lad was to put to use again. Some members of the patrol were standing at the door of the hut watching the goings on inside with a great deal of enjoyment.

The old woman was now getting a good fuck doggy style by a thin sepoy, with catcalls and obscenities filling the air,

That evening, Captain Simpson and his native patrol rode out of the farm yard, having torched the huts and sheds and fucked the lad and old woman till their balls were dry.

The punishment raid would serve as a warning to others.

Rape Gallery Pictures