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...the man on top of me gets up, his cock sliding slowly out of me and puts his pants on, moving quietly out of the room. My ass, aching mildly from his big cock stretching it, feels the cool air brush over it. The man beneath me moves his hips slightly, his cock moving inside me. He flips me over, his cock popping out of me roughly, and drops me face first onto the

bedspread. I try to scurry away, on hands and knees, but his firm hand, slapping down hard on my asscheek, stops me cold in my tracks. "Don't even try it." he warns me. I drop back to the bed submissively.

Hearing the other man return, I look over my shoulder at him as he enters the room again. Seeing he's not alone, I begin to panic again,

struggling to get off the bed and run to lock myself in the bathroom. The man who'd remained in the room grabs me by the hair and pulls me back roughly to him, his breath hot on my cheek as he whispers to me. "You're in for a GOOD time now!"

The other two men move towards me too, grabbing my arms roughly and holding me steady as the first man takes the rope and loops it over a large hook in the ceiling that had NOT been there when she left earlier. She knew immediately that they hadn't just picked her randomly. That she had been a target and these men had spent alot of time planning it. She watched as he tied the knot tightly around the hook and tested its strength.

The new man had his hands on my tits, pinching and squeezing my nipples painfully, and the other had one of his hands down between my legs, rubbing hard on my engorged clit. My body betrayed me by beginning to tingle with excitement, my pussy getting even wetter from his touch. His finger slid easily up inside me, another quickly to follow as his thumb worked on my sensitive clit. My body jerked and throbbed with heated excitement with every flick of his thumb. His fingers move in and out of me, my head tipping back as the one behind me pinches my nipples harder and nibbles on my neck. The new man slides his fingers out of me as the first man loops the rope over my wrists, pulling it tight.

He pulls the rope, my arms moving upward toward the ceiling, my toes barely able to touch the floor anymore. I can feel hands around my ankles as ropes tighten around them too. They are pulled in opposite directions toward the corners of the bed. My legs are pulled wide open as the ropes are tied to the legs of the bed. The urge to scream is strong, but a there's a bigger urge to know what's going to happen next.

The first man moves down onto his knees in front of me, his fingers dipping between my legs to my dripping pussy. His fingertips pull the lips apart, exposing my hard clit to the cool air. He rubs the tip of it with his forefinger, feeling my body jerk with each pass. He chuckles at my reaction. He moves in, his hot breath teasing my thighs. His tongue slides out between his lips and flicks across my clit. My moan is loud even to my own ears. I find myself trying to move my hips so my aching pussy is pushed

harder to his mouth. He looks up at me, smiling evilly as his first two fingers move up inside me as he continues to lick me. The new man moves in

behind me, his cock bumping against my ass as he moves in to wrap his arms around me and play with my tits.

As his hands squeeze and knead my big tits, my nipples pinched between his fingers, the other man jumps up on the bed, taking his cock in his hand and rubbing it across my lips. The new man slides his cock in my pussy along side the two fingers still stuffed up inside me, lubricating himself with the juices flowing from deep inside me. He pumps his cock in and out of me a few times, before pulling it out and pushing it slowly into my tight ass, his moan growing louder with each inch inserted. The first man stands

up, moving in real close to me, reaching down and pushing his cock deep inside my pussy, slowly and deliberately. His eyes close slowly as he

slides in, deeper and deeper. As the moan escapes my mouth, the other man stuffs his cock deep in my mouth, cutting the moan off.

I feel fuller than I've ever felt before in my life, my body on fire with excitement. The men in my pussy and ass begin to move in and out,

slowly at first, and then moving faster. The cock in my mouth throbs hotly as it moves in and out, deeper and deeper each time. I can feel his hand in my hair, clenching it tightly to hold my head steady as he fucks my mouth. The new man's hands are on my nipples, squeezing and pinching, the first man's fingers working on my clit, rubbing hard. The first man's mouth wraps

around my nipple, his teeth grasping it lightly, his tongue flicking the tip.

They fuck me harder and faster, my body quivering and shaking from the sheer torturous pleasure. I moan around the man's cock in my mouth, the feeling as all three cocks piston in and out of my holes is undescribable. The heat starts deep inside me, the cocks there pressing against each other, a thin layer of skin separating them. I shake and quiver faster and hotter, my body trembling so hard with ecstasy. My muscles clench tight inside me and my throat tightens around the cock stuffed deep down my throat as I cum, my hot pussy juice squirted hard out of me. It's like searing lava on the men's cocks and thighs as they are wetted by my juices.

Each man inside me moans and thrusts hard, their hot cum squirting far up inside me. Their

motions stop, their cocks buried deep, to the hilt, in my pussy and ass. Wave after wave flows through my body as the orgasm hits hard, my mouth

sucking hard on the man's cock. It throbs and swells seconds before his cum floods into my mouth and down my throat. Pulling my head hard to him, I feel the head pressed down past the back of my throat.

Exhausted, he drops away from me, his cock pulling free of my mouth with a soft pop. The other two stand still, steadying themselves on me, their breathing hot on my skin. They soon move away, their cum flowing out of my holes as their cocks no longer hold it in. They sit on the floor and bed as they struggle to catch their breath. My body is still stretched out tight, the cool air flowing tantilizingly over my moist skin. My nipples grow harder.

I hear one of them chuckle and tell of how it looks like I still need a good fucking to take care of me. He asks where the blindfold and paddle is just seconds before its full intention comes across my cloudy mind. My eyes pop open, looking around at them, fearful now of what is to come next....