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While his lips swept over hers, breathing her in like the prey she was, he stood back to look at her in her glory, the chains moving with her as she moved to pull against the cuffs on her wrists, as if she could get away. Folding his arms, it made him smile at how cute it was she thought she could get away still. However fertile she was, however young she was at 18 to his 35, however innocent, he was going to get inside of her head and corrupt her. Soon, she would be at his feet, kneeling to plead servitude to his whims. As his eyes floated over her, he lusted after the perky breasts in the white lace bra showing through the buttons he ripped off earlier. How long could he withstand looking at her. Watching her was such a game to him. Ah, yes, the capture.....

The sun clouded over with gray clouds as she had walked down the long back street to the suburbia she had known for years as her home. Clutching her books, she tugged on the plaited black skirt as she felt it ride up her hips as she walked. Her black Mary Jane heels clicked on the cement as the light shined over the white knees pulled just over her kneecaps. Tan slender thighs showing slightly before the skirt flounced back and forth against the backs of her legs. Tossing the golden hair out of the headband, the sun shined against the lustrous locks as she tilted her angelic face back to slide the headband over the long loose mane. Finally, she tucked in the hairs and walked in perfection once more. Scratching at the collar of the white blouse, she unbuttoned it trying not to drop the books in her hand, but one slipped out of her grip. Stomping her foot like the impatient girl she was, the little lady bent down at the knees to pick up the flying papers and textbook. Just as she looked up, a limo pulled curbside to her. The Chauffeur rolled down his window and smiled kindly to her as she stepped back holding her books and started to walk away.

"Uh, Miss, I'm trying to find Grover Street? Any change you know where that is?" His voice rang out in worry, and she stopped and turned back, walking back slowly and pointing down t he road.

"It's just around the curve." Her voice was much like her petite body, soft and fragile.

"I've already been down there, Miss." He was getting upset now, looking to the map in his front seat and shaking his head, he seemed so concerned. She didn't know what to do.

"Well it's just around that way." She pointed again and looked with a nod, wondering what he wanted her to do, she bit down on her lip as he closed his eyes and shook his head.

"Miss, I'll give you a ride if you can show me where it is?" The old man offered with a hopeful expression. She knew he really needed the directions, but she was sure that it was right around the curve. It was a hot day, getting hotter as she felt the glisten of sweat form on her brow and over the cleavage of her breasts underneath the blouse.

"Um, I really shouldn't." She shook her head, starting to walk as she looked back, he looked left and right and seemed to be studying the map. Biting down on her lip, she turned back and he saw her walking and pulled up to her, but it was as if he was still going to keep driving. She shrugged her shoulders just as the door flew open and two hands reached out to grab her, pulling her inside of the limo. Screaming, she kicked against him and dug at his arms through the suit jacket. Her face face took on a frightened stare as she pulled back to see an older man, although attractive, persistently working to hold her down.

She had been so hot and defiant of him as he ripped open her flimsy blouse by pulling down with one hand to expose her supple chest after pushing her back by her neck into the cushions with the other. While crying for him to let her go, she grabbed his forearm with her hands trying to get him off as she kicked her heels towards him. Reaching back, he let her go as she scrambled to open the door, he yanked her back by her tiny waist and sat on her while pulling straps down from the ceiling. Grunting as she hit him, he hit her across the face hard and lifted her up against the seat by her little hips. A couple fingers slipping to touch underneath the blouse as it was untucked a little.

"I'm having you, easy or hard, you're mine now." He said after he tied her wrists up together, parted her legs and tied the bonds from the sides of the limo to her knees, pulling them farther apart as she continued to fight. He strapped on the bonds to her ankles, smiling evilly as she stared at him in horror, how it filled her once naive green pools and luscious face was so...poetic.

"No." She whined yanking back and forth, twisting and giving up breathless as he stared at the girl, hopelessly trying to break free. Finally, he grinned at her then laughed as she continued to scream and shout tapping the glass with his fingertip, producing an inaudible sound.

"Soundproof, my dear. No one can hear you can you scream, no can hear you cry, no one will save you. I am here now, I will be the one to save you. Such a cheerleader." He sneered at her watching her terrified eyes raise quickly to his as she knew now that he had been planning her demise, planning the conquest, but for how long, she didn't know. She didn't know that he knew everything about her, from the way her body moved in it's nude grace to the little whimpers in the shower when she held the nozzle close to her womanhood. He reached to her mane and grabbed a handful, tugging it back as he stared straight into the fear and pain as she winced. She sobbed for him as he sniffed her aroma in then tasted her ear as he whispered, "I know everything, my pet."

He touched her once hidden breasts, a ripple effect going through him as he knew he was the first to cup them as his fingers slipped underneath the white lace. He kissed over her cheek, to her ear as he squeezed harder moved by her incessant whimpering. "Your father is so strict. I know you have been waiting, desiring, dreaming of this." He pinched her nipple and rolled his palm over it, feeling it harden against his skin....

She was silent now, afraid to speak after he had threatened to slice her open. The knife still lay on the table along with plenty of other little friends. Hanging by her wrists, the cuffs attached to her knee high covered ankles. He walked up to her then, wondering if she had learned anything from their just previous conversation. While holding her head to the side, he had whispered over and over, that she was his, that he would protect her, fulfill her dreams, complete the emptiness she had in her life, he would give her a strong life, and she would serve him as a lover and submissive. She took it all in, and every time, she resisted. He played with her clit faster and harder, rubbing it in circles as he held the panties aside.

He walked up to the table and picked up a dildo, 8 inches long, 4 inches wide and gripped it with purpose as he walked back to her, his gaze darkening as he watched her pull and beat her back against the wall. "Stop it, girl!"

His demand was met with her silence as he stood face to face with her, their lips inches from each other as she closed her eyes and cried shaking her gentle tiny frame. He knew she just wanted it to be over, he knew that she did not want him to hurt her, even if she wanted him. In the depths of her feeble heart, lied the answer, she did want him as badly as she had never known another man, emotionally or sexually. He brought the dildo to her cheek and rubbed it soothingly along her soft skin as she tried to pull away, he pushed her face back against the plastic toy.

"Première leçon." The romantic language rolled off of his tongue through hips and swelled in her eager ear. He took the dildo away from her face and slipped it underneath her skirt as his other hand slid up her inner thigh to her hole. He thrusted his pointer finger deep into the tightest hole he had ever felt, she squeezed against him, her muscles clenching all around as he hooked and pumped inside of her while moving the dildo into her clit and smothering it in the juices that leaked from her virgin pussy.

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