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Yet again my feet are aching, I have a pounding headache, and waking up tomorrow morning is looking more and more daunting. I could go home I suppose. Or I could pretend that I'm yet again closing because another fellow employee has called off. What good would that do me? Well then I can run to the mall and feed my obsession. Lord wouldn't that have been erotic if I was talking about a person. No I fully intend to get hot and sweaty and fully exhausted. But my passion lies with a certain Dance Dance Revolution game.


But the driving force behind this insane mania? That would be one Drew. Lord but if only I could get him to look my way. Oh don't get me wrong there have been plenty of near-misses but I didn't want "almost". I wanted the back-bowing, mind-blowing orgasm I imagine this Drew to give me. Maybe that's a little hopeful, no?

But, oh, he is tall so tall. To most that would seem like nothing at all special but when you've gone through life as a 5'10 female you'll understand what it's like to finally find someone to look up at. He's shaggy hair falls in his eyes and frizzes out if he doesn't do anything with it making him look playful. But if he takes time to do anything with it ...lord but it makes him look messy and exciting. He's lean. Normally I'm not much for thinner guys. Honestly normally I look for the wide shoulders and beefy arms with muscles and definition. But somehow he's thinner frame under his too baggy t-shirt and pants seem just right. Not to say he's one of those tall thinly fellas that look as if he's stickly legs will break. Noooooo.

He does have broad shoulders and long hard muscled legs from years of practicing DDR. And the few times when he laid down on the floor exhausted from dancing and his shirt happened to slide up.....I saw that he had that glorious indentation at his hip bone and not a defined stomach but a tight one. He has these beautiful, deep eyes and sensual lips. The few times I had been close to look into those eyes or gaze at those luscious lips I had nearly been undone. Oh and what a flirt he is. Always flirting, always driving me mad with the attention he gives freely to others but never to me.

Now these near misses, they are absolutely paltry but absolutely mind-blowing. Halloween he decided it would be hilarious to finish the rest of his shift with makeup on his face, "Any girls with makeup?" Lord but this was my chance. He sat in a chair next to the café and I preceded to take some multi-purpose makeup and apply it to his face. Some to his cheeks...his lips. All the while I kneeled on the floor in front of him and pressed the front of my body to his legs up to his knees. I'm sure it was nothing to him but oh...

Then somehow my secret fascination with having my ears rubbed or petted, when secretly I only ever wanted them to be licked and bitten, was found out. So he had started to rub my ear between his finger and thumb...back and forth. Surely it shouldn't feel so good and it must look very odd. Especially to anyone who could see my half closed lids and parted lips.

Now there had been other times in that little café that weren't all about my sickening fascination with him. There were times when we played cards, or read books, or just chatted and his smiles and jokes and those eyes would have me undone. But there wasn't anything overtly sexual about it.

Then much to my dismay he quite suddenly got fired. Now I had no ulterior motive to hang around him constantly. I was almost relieved because this would give me an opportunity to get over my obsession with him.

But I wasn't quite so lucky. He had another job in the mall and he still played DDR. And of course I loved the game but honestly more often than not I could attribute my hours of practice to the hope of seeing Drew...

A few more near-misses were seen in the arcade that housed DDR. Simple flirting, little touches...Once we were joking about being smelly of all things while leaning against pinball machines awaiting our turns. Suddenly he starts forcing his armpit of all things into my face to continue the jest. But I had little time to thin about because I leaned away onto the pinball machine trying to get away. And he followed laying his long beautiful torso along mine against the pinball machine. We struggled a little while continuing to play at the game but all I could concentrate on was that lean body perfectly fit against mine...Lord just take me.

A long time went by that I did not see him at all. Then something to melt a very pious nun happened. I was standing facing away from the entrance waiting my turn on the machine. When someone came behind me and put his arms around me. Then even went so far as to rub my ears...ooohhh. This became his regular way of greeting me and a few times he even nuzzled my neck, rubbing his lips along the column of my neck and ever so slightly along the ridges of my ears. Just touch me....

Other times he found out that twisting my nipples didn't really hurt but excited me because I would often play at this game with my guy friends just to be cruel. He was the only one that challenged he would do it back. So of course I did it all the more. The first time he came through on his threat and all I could do was daze and look lusty, he had been a bit put off. But once he followed through with the all too common threat and fiercely pinched my nipple and held. I thought surely now we can give up this pretended rivalry and just ...lord.

Still quite often we would tease each other and often feign violence. This always lead to him holding me off or holding me to him wrapped tightly in his arms to keep me from striking at him. Finally a man....someone to really be in control so that I might relinquish my cool in-charge demeanor.


So finally, obviously I decide to lie and "close" at my job again. So I walk through the book store, across the mall to the arcade. To be shocked by the fact that Drew is standing there with keys to the arcade in tow. Well of course he doesn't work there, that would be too convenient indeed, but he is friends with someone who does work there and often doesn't feel like coming to close shop. So I inquire and find that in fact he is there to close up for Doug. So we play the game, not having to wait because the mall is all-but deserted. We tease, we flirt, and I dread that it is growing ever closer to the time I have to leave.

But he mentions that he has to go back to look at something in the back room. He unlocks the door and goes in. I just want to crawl somewhere and die. This wanting is unbearable. But before I became to enraptured with my own pity I noticed that unlike Doug, Drew didn't close the door behind him ...he left it open a crack. Well at the very least I can talk to him while he is working so I can be around he just a little more. I open the door ready to have some harsh tease to start off a conversation but I'm stopped abruptly out of shock.

He's just standing there. Didn't he say he had to work on something? Is he done already? While I ready myself to ask he crosses quickly to me. Looorrrrdddd....... He grabs a hold of my shoulders in a firm grip and looks down at me from his great height. What now? Was he angry? He just looks straight at my face, seeming to devour my features with hungry, furious eyes. Then sooo slowly his hands slide down my arms grabbing my hands with his. He raises my hands in his to his lips and quite dashingly and out of place in the 20th century kisses the knuckles of my hands, holding them in front of his face. His face is peaceful and his eyes are rolled up staring at me as if I'm some great undoing but still a wonderful thing.

I drop my hands and back up, not fully believing this is happening. He follows giving me no room to breathe or think clearly. His hands clamp onto my hips, keeping me from backing away at all. Had I closed the door or had he? Was it locked? Was I trapped? Did I care? Would someone be able to walk in? His hands on my hips slid ever so slowly to my ass not just cupping it but lifting it to the point that I felt I was suspended by the power of his large hands cupping my ass. He used this handle on me to pull me toward him pressing my body to his. I can feel the length of my belly and chest pressed to his.

He leaves one hand still firmly on my ass but brings the other around to the front of our bodies. Given room by my pulling away, he lays his hand so slightly on my breast. Of course I gasped and I thought my legs would give way as my whole body turned to jello. His hand just rested there for what seemed like a century.

He pulled away and I thought ruefully. Oh it's over was all a great tease. Thoroughly aggravated I turn my back to him not ever wanted to play this great game of denial. But my shirt was gripped and rip off fiercely enough that the motion ended with me still facing away my shoulders and torso bare save for my bra and my crossed arms covered with a bunched t-shirt. Before I could protest or confess my undying love, the hooks on my bra were unsnapped swiftly and my bra hung forward sliding off my shoulders leaving my back and the sides of my breasts open to the air. This wasn't the soft giving up and coupling I had dreamed of during those brief moments that he had nuzzle my neck or press me against the pinball machine.

I turned keeping my arms crossed and my hands pressed to my chest to keep my breast somewhat covered. What now? Run? His eyes still held that murderous desire. Drew grabbed my upper arms and shook them loose to my sides and the baggy t-shirt and bra easily slid off my arms to the ground. Suddenly he fell to his knees in front of me giving me little time to be timid of my nakedness. His beautiful lips nuzzle the side of my breast as his face lay turned between the valley of my breasts. So slowly his lips slide along the smooth white skin of my breast to find the pink and tight bud in the very center. I waited feeling as if I were some giant nerve ending. But in all my painful desire he didn't not take my nipple in his mouth, he merely rubbed his lips across it and ducked his head down making a trail of sweet kisses down my stomach. But belatedly I realized the soft kisses I had envisioned trailing down were in fact sharp bites. I was undone. I fell back with his hands there to guide me safely on my back to the floor.

He began to crawl up my body straddling me with his legs around my hips with him towering above standing on his knees with me between his legs on the floor. I reached up not knowing quite what I was doing... but I just wanted it so bad. I reached my hands to his jeans somewhere in the back of my mind realizing the foolishness that he was still fully dressed while I was half naked on the floor. My hands lightly rested on his zipper tugging with what seemed like it was all my strength because surely the zipper unzipped so slightly and with great effort. Or maybe that was my hot desire making me sense every task as so much harder and taking so long.

I finally got the zipper down and undid the button. So I put my hands, looping my fingers in the top of his jeans, and pulled his jeans down to lay in a heap at his knees laying across my pelvis and hips. LORD! Focusing so hard on the simple effort of getting his pants of I hadn't realized that he was naked underneath his pants so I was looking up to his long hard length only inches above my pelvis. Lord but it was big. All the while his eyes bore down at me with that hatred and desire. His large hand grabbed the two of my wrists and held the well above my head causing my breast to be high and tight which distracted him minutely. But other plans he had. He reached between our two bodies perilously close to his own long shaft. He unbuttoned my jeans and dealt with my zipper swiftly, seeming to have none of the problems I had with these simple tasks.

He brought one leg over my body to join the other to my side which caused his member to sway slightly. I could hardly focus but that drew my attention away from his workings with my pants. When my distraction was thoroughly sated I looked to find myself naked save for a bare of light pink cotton panties with a little silver butterfly at the top right corner. Before my shock exploded too greatly, he raised himself up onto me using the weight of his lower body on my legs forcing them to part for him. And there his shaft lay against my cotton panties seeming to set the material and my skin underneath on fire. He brought my hands down still caught and trapped in his one large hand, down to my side lying next to my hip. Then simultaneously he lowered his mouth to my nipple and while holding aside my panties pushed his huge dick inside my tight wet body. Lord but it felt almost painfully good. He was lying there pushed inside of me, his mouth still and locked around my nipple while I tried to relearn to breath. But before I could be that lucky, he started to slowly draw that huge length out of me. I was willing and wet but with little preparation it was a battle for him to slide out of my tightness.

I thought he was setting the pace so I little expected his next move. Suddenly he bit harshly on my sensitive nipple and pushed hard and deep into my pussy almost seeming to catch on the sides because of his size. Oh but it was sweet and wonderful. And although my nipple ache between his still biting teeth and my pussy muscle complained at the intrusion it all felt horribly wonderful. But little did I have time to relish this wonderful bliss before he was pulling out and pushing into with vicious and hard thrusts. While his mouth moved to nibble on my neck, not at all matching the brutishness of his powerful thrusts.

To my surprise with him nibbling at my neck and still capturing my hands while thrusting into me, my back arched and I knew I was almost to the moment when star burst would be seen behind my eyelids and my whole body would melt in a earth shattering orgasm. I felt his dick twitch ever so slightly while he continued to pound into me. I knew he was close too. It seemed so wonderful that we would come together in a great rushing orgasm that would surely kill us both. All the muscle in his back and stomach bunch while I arched my back so high that he was forced to move his gentle nibbling to my nipples. And right as I felt that great and surrendering release beginning to come in waves....a great bright light seemed to consume everything and I could hardly see the room or Drew.

I heard a loud outraged cry from a semi's horn and swerved to my side of the rode. I was on a country road about a mile from my house. I had in fact had to stay late to close tonight and several nights of doing just that had taken their toll and caused me to nod of into sleep while still behind the wheel. Lord but I hoped to see Drew at the mall tomorrow.
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