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The Perils of Pauline: Pauline White

He opened the brown envelope, pulled the tape out, there was a small piece of white paper with it. Dropping the tape on the table he read the little note,

Dear Kenny,

Please find another swap, loved the last one, do you remember it was, Nightmare Rape, I have sent you, Bondage Babe, can you send me another good rape and bondage movie, I have included some bondage cartoons and pictures, hope you like them.

Thanks again, Pauline.

Kenny looked at his collection. That's it, G 8 Break-down Rape, he thought, I'll send her that one.

Before wrapping it Kenny took paper and wrote,

Dear Pauline,

Please find another good swap, hope you like it, I thought the pictures great, do you have any of yourself, preferable tied up, would like to see them.

Yours Kenny.

Putting the note in he finished wrapping, he addressed it and put the small parcel in the car ready to post. He smiled as he thought, it must be over a year since they started swapping videos and she only ever wanted rape or bondage or both. Like clockwork, once a month a video would arrive for a swap but that's about all he knew of her, so he was looking forward to getting a picture of her, she must have one, it's all she talks about in her letters.

Kenny was surprised, it had only been two weeks when a little brown parcel dropped through the letter box, he picked it up and quickly ripped the packaging off, he looked at the back and read, Tied Tales, then he saw the letter,

Dear Kenny,

Great tape, thanks, hope you like the enclosed, sorry no pictures my partner doesn't know about my little secret, he's a bit of a prude, I'd love him to make my dreams come true but I wouldn't dare ask him.

Looking forward to the next swap,


Kenny sorted out another rape, bondage tape and sent it off, as well as the tape he put in a nice letter and waited for the next swap.

It was at the pub about a fortnight later that Kenny bumped in to Eric and Barry and started a bit of a session, plenty of drink and lots of chat. It must have been Kenny's third round when he put his hand in his wallet and pulled Pauline's letter out with his money.

He smiled as he put the letter back in his pocket, and that made his two mates curious, he had to fend off, "What you smiling about? You got a tart come on let us in on the secret who is she?" Eventually he gave in and told them the story of his mystery customer and her strange desirer's.

Eric was the first to ask, "What does she look like?" Kenny had to admit he didn't know, Barry jumped in, "Where does she live?" As soon as Kenny said about an hour twenty up the road, both his mates agreed it would be fun to go take a look.

Kenny thought they were joking but it was soon obvious that they were deadly serious and they all decided that Thursday could be the day, Kenny had that day off, Eric was off for the week anyway and Barry could ring in sick, so in their drunken stupidity they arranged to meet early on Thursday and be at this Pauline Whites house by nine.

The following day Kenny and Eric thought better of it but Barry was insistent and he told them that he planned to make the visit more interesting, so it was on. Though he wasn't letting on his plan they agreed to meet at Kenny's at seven.

The drive only took an hour ten so they had plenty of time to get a good position to spy on the house. The three of them looked in amazement as this pretty girl came out and put something in the car, Eric was the first to say, "That can't be her, she can only be 18 or 19 and she's a stunner, surely she ain't in to that sort of thing." They all talked about how gorgeous she was, even more so as they watched the man as he came out, they kissed before he drove off.

Kenny and Eric asked Barry how he was going to make the trip more interesting, and he was just about to tell them what he had planned when she came out and quickly walked up the road, he couldn't take his eye's off her large breast's they seemed to sway as she walked, he said, "Look at them, there far to big for her, just got to check this out."

Before the other two could push more from Barry he was out the car and heading for the house, they watched him as he slipped round the back.

After a couple of minutes he was back, "Right you two, there's a window open out the back I want you two to go and wait by the open window, I have tape and rope in the bag, so as soon as you hear a loud noise while I'm talking, you get in there and we will make her dreams come true."

Kenny and Eric just looked at him, "You have got to be joking?"

Barry was getting a false beard and glasses out of the bag, "I'm not, we are going to do Pauline White a favour, now listen.

There are two ski masks and all the ropes in here, so you take this bag, I have another, I am going to use it to deliver something to the front door, as soon as she say's she is who we want her to be, I will drop it, that's your cue to get in and get her then let me in, understand."

Kenny and Eric looked at each other, Barry was so hyped that he almost choked Kenny, his hand shot out and grabbed him "Pull yourself together, did you see her, get your ass out there and let's do her, now move it."

The two of them got out and did as they were told, they went behind the house as Barry got himself ready, it was only just in time as she walked back and let herself in the front door, Barry counted to fifty and then got out of the car and moved up to the front door, the bell rang, a voice came, "Who is it"/

Barry took a deep breath, "Pauline White?"

The voice came back, "Yes."

Barry's heart raced, "I have a home shopping catalogue parcel for you," the pretty young woman opened the door.

As Barry said "Good Morning," he dropped the package, the magazines scattered everywhere, he knelt to pick them up, she crouched to help, he looked at the V that her legs and skirt made by her skirt being pulled tight across her thighs he could just see a white patch between her legs and took a quick look at her sweet face as she collected the papers, he thought, "If only you knew how soon my fingers are going to be inside that white patch."

He picked up most of the papers and she had the rest, he bundled them in to her arms and pushed the door slightly, she thanked him and turned in side, the door closed. Barry looked round, nobody about.

As he ripped the beard off he heard a noise from behind the door, a little squeal and some thumping and male voice's, Barry ducked down and put his ski mask on, took his jacket off and stuffed it all in the bag, as he pushed the bag behind a bush the door opened behind him.

He quickly entered and looked at his two mates then to the floor, the beautiful women was laying face down her arms fastened behind her, Barry could see the ends of the tape covering her mouth and her lovely legs were taped at the ankle and knees, he looked back at Kenny, "There that wasn't difficult was it and don't she look inviting."

He knelt down beside her, "You do look very inviting and we are going to have some and we know your going to enjoy it, he looked up at Eric, "Get her in the lounge."

Kenny and Eric took an arm each and dragged her in to the lounge and let her drop on the sofa, Barry pulled her up and sat beside the bound woman, he ran his fingers around her knee over the tape up to her skirt and looked in to the panic stricken eye's, "Well Mrs White, we saw you and we wanted you, and now we have you we are going to use you, your lovely big tit's did the trick, they really are big."

Barry's hand slipped up her body and squeezed her left breast's, " Nice and squeezey, a real pleasure to play with, a soft pair and from what I can feel through your bra I bet you got big nipples, shall we have them out and I see if I'm right."

Kenny knelt down in front of her and started to push her skirt up her thighs, she was struggling so Eric went behind the sofa put his hands on Pauline's shoulders and pulled her back, Barry's fingers went to the top button on her blouse, she cried in to her gag as she struggled against Eric's grip, Barry's fingers were on the third button down, when they stopped, a baby was crying.

Barry had taken charge and he told Kenny and Eric to go check the noise. Both of them quickly climbed the stairs, Barry had all on to hold the squealing Pauline. As Kenny reached the top of the stairs he turned to Eric, "She's certainly joining in the realism, her struggling is really turning me on," his talk was interrupted by another little cry.

They pushed in to a door and saw a crib, a little set of arms were waving about and the occasional cry, Eric move forward and found the pacifier, stuck it back in the babies mouth and they moved out.

Looking in the other doors, there was one bedroom with a double bed and plain furniture, then there was a big bedroom, nice white furniture with gold leaf fitting but it was the bed the men looked at, king size with four brass post's holding a lace canopy above it.

As they went back down the first sight that greeted them was Pauline laid on her back on the sofa, her blouse open and her bra pushed up to her chin, there was Barry sucking hard on her nipples, Kenny was about to speak when Barry looked up, his lips covered in a pale white liquid, he stuck his white tongue out, "Should have guessed when I saw how they swayed, you can't beat mothers milk," and then dropped back on her nipple, the two men could hear the wet sucking noise over Pauline as she screamed at him from behind the gag.

The two walked over to Barry, Pauline looked up at them but all Kenny did was make licking gestures at her, Eric was quick to tell Barry of the bed, as Barry brought his head up he looked at Pauline the white juice all over his lips, "Sounds like you have a fun bed, are we going up there so you can suck a little cock and do bouncy, bouncy on the old hard meat?" She shook her head but Barry's eyes never left her, "You are because if you don't you will watch us as we find out if your baby can float," her eyes widened in horror, "We've come to far now to let you off, your going to give up your cunt for our pleasure or, well lady you know the rest."

She lay there her eyes glazed over with tears, a last suck on a nipple and Barry got off her, "You two have the pleasure of stripping this little darling while I go look at that bed, where's the bags?" Kenny pointed behind the door, he bent down and licked the side of her face, "Your going to look great butt naked," Barry then picked up the bags and climbed the stairs.

His eyes feasted on the bed, the four corners had the brass posts and at the bottom and top there were three brass rails, as he heard the squeals from downstairs he thought perfect, he got some ropes out of the bag and started work.

Kenny and Eric pulled Pauline to her feet, her ankles and knees taped tight they laughed as she struggled to keep her balance. Eric went behind her and sliced through the tape on her hands as she tried to hit out at the men she lost her balance and crashed to the floor, quickly they grabbed both side of her blouse and pulled hard backwards ripping it down her arms and off, they did the same with her bra before she could move Eric held both wrists half way up her back.

Kenny put his knee in the small of her back and crossed then bound her wrist's leaving enough rope to go around and over her full breasts before back and pulling her wrists painfully up, now tightly secured they lifted her up she was standing there helpless.

Eric now stood in front of her, he grinned in to her face as he put his arms around her waist and pulled at the zip of her skirt, slowly it went down then he pushed his fingers in both her skirt and pants forcing them downwards, they dropped around her ankles, both men could not resisted playing with her large soft tit's both of them sucking at a nipple, they sucked really hard until the white smooth tasting liquid filled their mouths

It was the first time her cunt had been viewed by her tormentors, Kenny was the first to play with the newly grown light covering of dark hair, he kissed her as he tickled up between her bound legs the full swollen cunt lips made a lovely entrance to the warmth of her slit, he kissed her cheek and whispered in her ear, "It's going to be heaven when I'm stuck up this," and he drove his finger in to the dry cunt.

Eric was the first to say, "Let's get this cunt upstairs and fuck it." Pauline's legs were untied and she was soon moaning through her gag as she was prodded and pushed up her own stairs trying to avoid fingers that were squeezing her ass and pushing between her legs.

Pauline was pushed in to her own bedroom, she tried to push back as she screamed in to her gag, her beautiful bed had ropes hanging from all corners and the rails around it, Barry smiled as Kenny and Eric held her, "Like what I've done, just to keep you how we want you and you know you'll love it, bring her over here."

She was dragged to the end of the bed, Barry turned her, "Spread her legs and tie them to the base's," as her legs were pulled open and tied, he opened the bag and removed two small straps about an inch thick, he smiled at her, "Just brought these hoping but I didn't believe they were going to be this big," he squeezed her tit's then proceeded to run the strap under each one before sliding around them and threading the end through the buckle and pulling each one tight, her tit's filled and ballooned out forcing the nipples to grow long and hard.

He stood back and looked at her, her ass on the top rail and her legs held wide, but the best sight for Barry was the size her straggled tit's were growing too, he walked back to her and pushed her backwards, her top half fell back on to the bed but as her legs were tied. Her ass and cunt were now totally exposed and forced upward over the rail, Barry looked at his two accomplices and said, "Pick a hole lads and enjoy."

Eric waved his hand forward to Kenny, "You found her you have her first, but don't take the ass-hole," Kenny dropped his trousers and stepped up in front of the helpless woman, pulling her cunt lips wide with his fingers her placed the tip of his cock at the entrance to her, he couldn't see her face which was hidden behind her enormous tits so he just said, "Here you are baby your dream come true," and he pushed hard and firm, his cock drove in to the hilt, he had got right in to her.

As Kenny drove hard in to her Barry lay on the bed, his fingers played with her now long thick nipples flicking the white pale milk that oozed out of them then bending and sucking out more, he pulled off her nipple and looked at her, "I meant what I said, remember when I take that gag off, your mouth is for sucking cock, nothing else, any noise and we bath the baby remember it ain't mine so I don't give a shit," she nodded.

He slowly pulled the tape off her mouth, he held his fist above her as the last piece pulled away but she remained silent, he put his face close to hers, "Open your mouth," she slowly opened her mouth, as his covered hers, he kissed her, forcing his tongue down her throat until she choked he stopped, "Keep still darling your spoiling the moment," it was imposable for her to lay still the force Kenny was fucking her had her moving.

Barry looked up at Kenny as her blew himself off in her, "Enjoy that mate, get the fuck out of her and let him have her ass while I fuck her mouth, her tit's are free if your thirsty." The three of them abused Pauline, Eric was enjoying a virgin ass, using the wet out of her cunt he spat on his cock and reamed her ass with his cock as his finger pushed up her cum filled cunt. She was trying to shout but six inches of Barry's cock filled her mouth, both he and Eric yelled obscenities at her as they filled her at the same time.

"God that was good," Eric pulled out of her sore ass, Barry was slapping his cock on Pauline's face as he looked at him and said.

"Don't worry you'll be hard again by the time we've tied her in her next position."

Pauline never said a word as the three men untied her from one position and started a new one. She was on her knees there was a rope from one post down around her waist then back up to the other post forcing her up, one ankle was tied back to a bottom post and so was the other keeping them well apart, she was straddled across Kenny his cock buried up her, Barry was behind her fucking her ass and Eric was enjoying the pleasures of her mouth dragging her bound wrist's up until she hurt so much she wouldn't stop him forcing his cock down in to her throat.

Barry was deliberately behind her so he could have the added enjoyment of squeezing her swollen tits forcing milk in to Kenny's mouth, it didn't take long for all her holes to be filled again. Barry was insatiable he soon had her arms tied to both post at the top of the bed and her legs wide and pulled open, tying them to the top of the post's, leaving her ass and cunt fully open and exposed, her now full leaking tit's pushed over her face, he looked at her, "Do we need to gag you," she closed her eyes and shook her head, "Right lads lets go check for booze before we enjoy the hospitality of this lady is offering us again."

It was impossible for Pauline to escape, she lay there waiting to be violated again, she didn't have to wait long, the three of the walked back in, each of them had a bottle of wine in there hand, "Want a drink?" she nodded, Barry forced himself over her open legs and pushed his cock at her mouth, "Then suck it out of this."

He filled her mouth again, "You suck cock real good, now providing you don't speak for the next ten minutes we will leave, understand," still letting Barry's cum dribble from her lips she nodded, he got off her as Kenny and Eric stood ether side of the bed, to Pauline's horror she saw they had their belts in their hands.

As the belts found their target Barry squeezed on the swollen tit's, Pauline bit hard down on to her lip not wanting to give them a reason to do anything else to her. After ten minutes they stopped, tears ran down her face, the hot burning of her red ass only half forgotten by the throbbing pain of her bound tit's, Barry licked away a tear, "You take a beating well trouble is we are all hard again, you don't mind if we give you a last fucking do you?" she stared at him, "I said do you."

A pathetic, "No" came from her bleeding lips.

Barry called to Kenny, "You want cunt or mouth"/

He stroked his hard cock, "Bend her over, I'll have cunt while you fuck her mouth," Barry looked at Eric, "And?"

He said, "I'll have some mouth after you."

The three of them used Pauline again and left her laid on the bed and while she chocked up two loads of cum they dressed, Barry collected everything together, " Grab her and bring her in to the bathroom, Barry taped her mouth then tied her wrist's in front of her before wrapping rope around her waist keeping her arms pinned to her side, he pushed her back to the towel rail and tied her legs open to it.

He had a battery hair curler, which in shoved up her open cunt and taped it in, then a flick of a switch lit it, he kissed her over the gag, "Takes about five minutes to warm up, you should get loose by then, it will give you something else to think about rather than where we go, Oh and as an added incentive I'll switch the towel rail on as well, if you don't get free at least you'll have as warm a cunt and ass, just like we gave you," with that the three of them ran down the stairs.

Kenny opened the door to his flat and trod on a brown package, he smiled to himself as he opened it and took out the tape, he also found the note,

Dear Kenny,

Thanks for the last swap, great tape hope you enjoy this one, sorry I've been so long in writing but I moved two weeks ago, got a good offer, you'll never guess the coincidence but the people who bought my house were called White as well and believe it or not her name was Pauline.

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