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Dan set the weights down slowly and stretched his muscles. He'd been working out here several weeks and he'd noticed his muscles slowy increasing in mass. It wasn't just his arm muscles either. He'd noticed (and been noticed) by a shapely trio of women, Dee, Diana, and Demi. He referred to them in his mind as the Triple D's. But his assesment of them wouldn't be far off, as Dee was a shapely blonde, 5'7, 110 lbs and was a 36C. Diana was a brunette, 5'9, 115 lbs and a 34D. Demi, also a brunette, however, was the smallest at 5'4 only 1055 lbs and had two perky 34 B breasts.

Dan often scheduled his workouts while they were at the gym, glancing at them in the mirror as he went through his routine. The ladies had on occasion, made a pass at him, however he liked to tease. He'd put them off for one reason or another, but occasionally having lunch with them. It was his private fantasy that one (or ideally, all three) throw themselves upon him and give him whatever he wanted. He'd spent a few nights masturbating while thinking of this very fantasy.

Now, after he'd finished his workout, he went to take a shower, get the sweat off him. The gym was a small one, not frequented very often, so it wasn't unusual to go into the locker room attached to the shower room and see no one in there. He walked in, stripped and grabbed his towel and showered. It felt soothing, relaxing his strained muscles. When he was done, he shut the shower off and walked back into the locker room to get the surprise of his life.

There stood Demi, Diana and Dee. They all had wicked smiles on their faces as he gaped at them. They were still in their gym attire, tight sport bras and spandex shorts. "Well, well. Look who's done with his shower, ladies. Think we should get him?" Dee said.

"Mmm, yeah," Demi said. "He looks like he could use some drying off."

While they were talking to him, Dan had failed to notice Diana walking behind him until she cuffed his wrists. "Gotcha. You're ours now, baby." she laughed as she pushed him onto the bench. They ripped his towel away to see his cock throbbing. It was an above average sized cock, at that being 8 inches long and an inch thick. Demi's mouth salivated as she took a length of rope and tied it around his testicles. "Wh-what're you doing," Dan asked, a bit of fear in his voice.

"Oh, nothing," Dee smiled at him. "We're just going to avail ourselves to the one thing you've been teasing us with. Your body. Ours, to use for as long as we wish."

Words failed Dan as Demi stripped off her bra and shorts, revealing a shaved pussy and delicious looking breasts. She lifted one to her mouth, licking the nipple. "Would you like a taste, Danny boy?" She giggled. "They taste sooo good."

"What's with the rope around my nuts?" Dan asked, still a bit worried. Not that he minded getting laid by three horny ladies, but he liked to have a bit of control, to feel and touch those heavenly bodies.

"That," Dee giggled. "Is for teasing us. Since you've been torturing us with your hot body, we're going to torture you by not letting you cum" And with that, she dropped her shorts and straddled him, impaling herself on his hard throbbing cock. "Mmmm," she moaned. "Does that feel as good for you as it does for me, Dan?"

"Ohhh, god, yes Dee. Please, let me go, I'll do whatever you want." Dan begged.

"Ohh, no no no." Demi giggled. "You're going to get your punishment first." She straddled his face, rubbing her sweet juices all over his face. He got the message quick and had his tongue brushing and flicking on her clit. "Ohhh yes." Demi moaned. "You catch on pretty quick, don't you stud?"

She pressed her crotch into his face as Dee started bouncing on his cock. Dan moaned, something passing for begging to be released, but his tongue was stuck in Demi's hot pussy. Diana, in all this had started sucking his balls, making them swell in her mouth. "Mmmmmm," she moaned. "I don't know about you girls, but by the time we're done, Danny boy here's going to cum a gallon!"

Dee giggled. "Pity we won't be around to see it. Right Demi?" Demi had her eyes closed, moaning softly as electricity flowed through her. Dan's tongue was like no other on her pussy, not even the girls. They'd done orgies before, but never had a guy licked her like this. "Ohh," she moaned. "His tongue's incredible though."

Dee slipped off his cock, then pulled Demi away from his lips. "Try his cock, girl. It's even better." Demi obligingly straddled him and guided him into her. "OOOhhh! YES! He's soo big. He's filling me all the way and I don't think all of him is in me!" She started madly riding him, digging her nails into his chest. Dee had decided to see how good his tongue was and straddled his face, letting him taste her. "MMmmmm, yesss Danny boy. Lick Dee's sweet pussy!"

Dan grunted. It was all he could do from going wild, his cock being squeezed by Demi's hot pussy. Diana had gone up and was kissing and sucking Demi's perky breasts, making her moan and ride him faster. They then switched places again, letting Diana have a turn at his cock. It felt even tighter to him, making him wander in his barely functional brain if she was still a virgin.

The ladies groaned and moaned all over him, soaking him with their sweet nectar, and running their tongues all over him licking it up. Had his balls not been tied, he'd had have several orgasms by this time. The ladies all got off him and smiled. "Dan, for being soo good to us, we're going to give you a reward," Dee said.

Diana grinned. "We'll untie your balls and make you cum. Let's see how long you last."

Demi untied his balls and they all went down, licking and sucking his cock. He bucked his hips a couple time, moaning incoherently and then his cock seemed to explode. Jism seemed to flow like a dam had burst out of his cock, and the ladies stuggled to lick it all up. By the time he was done cumming, Dan had lost consciousness. The ladies smiled down at his sleeping form. "Let's let him sleep. That'll teach him to tease us." Demi uncuffed him and they all walked out of the locker room giggling. Later, when Dan woke up, he wondered if it was all a dream until he saw three very wet pairs of shorts in his locker.
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