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My Master has permitted me to relate our story to you through this friend we both trust. I hope hearing our story makes you as sexually hot as living it does for us. We love our lives, but if Bondage offends you, please go no further. -- Kimberly


Kimberly Washington was upset. She was in a terrible state, she was desperate. She was in real danger of losing her straight-A average and losing her chance of going to a terrific University.

Kimberly knew it was her own fault. She'd been partying way too much in the last year. Since she turned 18 and started attracting attention, her schoolwork had slacked off. She'd been out with her friends night after night, her parents attempts to rein her in totally unsuccessful.

Part of that was her discovery of sex. From the first time a big, hard, throbbing cock had slipped into her body, Kim had gone wild for it. She knew she was getting a bit of a reputation, but the pretty brunette didn't care. She had fucked football players, the school President, a couple of college guys and enjoyed all of them. Cocks felt so great in her hot, horny cunt.

Kimberly was also enjoying showing off her newly-hot body. She had begun working out late last year and lost weight, her tits were firm and big. She had always been tall, nearly 5'11" and in heels, towered over many of her dates. She liked wearing heels, it made her legs look sleek and sexy.

Kim had also started growing her raven hair long and it hung, curly and shiny, nearly down to her ass. One of her best girlfriends had shown her how to apply makeup and she always wore it to accentuate her aqua eyes.

In all the insanity, Kim had neglected her schoolwork. She wanted to get into a good University and work in Corporate Finance. Her Maths homework had taken the worst hit and now she was going to beg Mr. Berkley for some help.

Mr. Berkley was considered one of the biggest nerds on the staff, but he seemed to be a nice guy. He dressed in these hideous glasses and butt-ugly sweaters. His pants were baggy and ill-fitting, he was the true "Poindexter". His hair was always askew.

She walked into the classroom and he looked up. "Hello Kimberly. What can I do for you?"

She smiled, showing off dazzling, perfect white teeth. "Hello Mr. Berkley. I've been having such horrible time with my Math and I could use some help. Calculus and Trig mostly, but a lot of the other stuff too. I was wondering if you knew anyone who could tutor me to help get my grades up?"

He smiled at her and almost looked normal. "As a matter of fact, I tutor on the side. I don't charge a lot, but I demand hard work and promptness. I know you like to go out in the evenings, would that be a problem?"

Kimberly flashed that smile again. "I'd do ANYTHING to get my grades up. Could you please help me sir?"

"I'd be happy to Kim. Can you start this evening?"


Kim showed up at her teacher's home at 8:01, only one minute late. She had rushed through dinner, she wanted to make a good first impression. She rang the bell and waited at the door.

The door opened and at first, she didn't recognize Mr. Berkley. His hair was neatly combed now and he didn't have on the thick glasses or the messy sweater. His face wasn't smiling.

"You're late."

"Only one minute. Sorry."

"One minute is still late. Come in, please."

His home was not at all what she would have expected. It was neat, spacious and well-lit. "Would you like something to drink?" he asked her.

"Some juice, if you have it."

They sat at the kitchen table and got right at it. He was a superb tutor, a lot of concepts she'd been unable to grasp were coming clearer by the minute. Once an hour was up, he stood up and left the table.

"We haven't discussed your method of payment."

She flushed, she hadn't. She didn't have a lot of money, but she thought a cute girl could likely get far by being kind to him and spending some money. "Can we work something out?" she said in a soft voice.

"Yes. I think so. But what are you willing to sacrifice to gain admission to a good school Kimberley?"

"I will come over every night, I will work hard. I want this sir, I really do!"

"That isn't what I meant!" He grabbed her arm and looked at her intensely, staring into her aqua eyes. "What are you, Kimberly, willing to sacrifice personally?"

She was a bit fearful. "Sir, you're hurting me. I would give anything to get better grades. Anything!"

He smiled and she felt her fears fade. "Good. You may have to. Come with me."

Kimberly obeyed, not really understanding why. The pretty teenager followed Mr. Berkley into the basement. When she saw what was down there, her eyes widened in shock.

On the wall were restraints and handcuffs. There were a few whips, a Cat O' Nine tails. He had a large collection of dildos and sex toys, paddles. It was like a dungeon. She felt her fears returning and turned to look into his wild, expressive eyes.

"You said you would do anything. For the duration of your tutorial, you will be my Sex Slave. Do we have a deal?"

She was terrified, yet there was a small part of her that was intrigued. Besides, he was such a little nerd, she could probably overpower him. "Yes," she found herself saying.

"Excellent" Mr. Berkley said. "Next time, it will be Yes, Master. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Master."

"Go over to the bed."

Her pulse quickened, but Kimberly did as she was told. She stood before him, her body firm and youthful, tits large and firm, body sensual and warm. He looked admiringly at her body. "This is mine, do you understand? No one else is to have you, unless I say so. Do you understand?"

She looked at him, re-considering for a second. No other lovers? But she wanted those grades. "Yes," Kimberly said.

"Yes, WHAT?" he glared.

"Yes, Master."

"Better. Now come over here and undress me."

She did as she was told. She removed his shirt and let out a startled gasp.

He was magnificently built, lean and muscular. There wasn't any fat on him, nor was he thin and reedy as she'd thought. "Surprised slave?" Kim nodded.

"I don't want all those silly teenage girls fawning all over me, so I play my looks down. You are honored slave, you will get to see the real me. Say thank you."

"Thank you, Master."

"Remove my pants and briefs, be quick about it."

Kimberly did as she was told and gasped yet again. His cock was huge, bigger than any she'd ever had. She didn't know if she'd be able to take it, but salivated over the prospect. She looked up at him and smiled. She went to say something, but he stopped her.

"You may only speak when spoken to. Understand?" Kim nodded and Mr. Berkley continued. "Take it in your lips and suck my cock, be good, do not bite. Make this a good blowjob and you will be rewarded."

Kim was eager to do as commanded and worked all her skills on it, licking and sucking. Mr. Berkley stopped her half-way through. "You are too fast, slut! This is not a race. We must teach your self-control. Bend over!"

She did as she was told and saw him go for the lash. She was terrified, but her pussy was soaked at the thought. He pulled down her plaid skirt and removed the tiny thong she'd worn. Her ass was now bare and exposed, he was sure she could see how wet she was.

"You will receive 10 lashes and then go back and do it over."

With each lash Mr. Berkley administered, Kim grew hotter. It hurt, but it was a delicious hurt. When he was done, she went back to his dick and licked slower, working her tongue more, cupping his balls with her hand and frenching it. "I'm cumming, swallow it slut!" She did as she was told, eagerly.

He looked at her, pleased with her work. "You've done well for a novice. You may speak, if you wish."

"Oh Master, that was so good!"

He smiled. "I am glad you are pleased. We will accomplish great things, you and I. Would you like that?"

"Yes Master."

He snorted. "When we are not at play, you may call me Ron or Ronald." He smiled and Kim knew he was right, if the girls could see him like this, they'd flip over him. She felt honored that he had chosen her to be his slave.

"Undress now!" he commanded and Kim did so, wiggling her body at him. "Behave, slut!" He growled, but she could tell he didn't mean it. She stood before him, proud and sensual. Berkley ached to take her, but he knew he had to remain in control.

"Come over here. Walk for me, I do like those heels you are wearing."

Kim smiled, she wore her stilettos almost without thinking. "Thank you Master. Shall I wear them for you again?"

He smiled. "Yes. Unless I insist on leather boots. Would you wear those for me as well?"

Kim smiled, getting into the role. "Yes Master, whatever you command. I am yours."

He took her hand and squeezed it, hard. "You are. Indeed you are." The pain shot through her, but it made her ache to be fucked. "Get on the bed, now!"

She did as she was told, and he commanded her to get on her hands and knees. She saw him put on a condom and he lubed it up and slid, huge and hard, into her pussy. She felt packed with meat and arched back, fucking him inside of her. He surged deep within her pussy, hitting the back of her cunt and making Kim ache for more. She was his slave, her Master's fuckslut, it made her happier than she had ever known.

That happiness grew even larger when she felt him slide a well-lubed dildo up her ass and fuck her with that as his cock filled her pussy. She was packed, a true slut, and loved every second of it.

"Is this pleasing to you, slut?" he asked.

"Yes master. I love it, thank you!"

Ronald moved his hips faster and faster, the dildo still in her ass. "Are you going to cum, slut?"

"Oh goddd, yes Master!" Kimberly groaned.

"Not yet. Hold it or you will get the lash. Do you have a best girlfriend, slut?"

"Yes Master. Her name is Samantha."

"Is she attractive?"

"Yes Master. She's lovely, she has brown hair and coppery skin, nice legs and ass. All the boys want to fuck her, some of the girls too, from what I've heard."

Berkley nodded. "Does that include you?"

She shook her head. "No Master, you are all I need."

He smiled at her, obviously pleased with her. "You may be honest. Do you find her desirable?"

Again, she shook her head. Kimberly said "I have never had lesbian thoughts, Master."

He grinned at her, his green eyes almost evil-looking. "That's too bad, because you have one week to get her here and make love to her."

Kimberly couldn't disguise her shock. "Master, I ... "

"You are mine slut, but if you behave, she will be yours! I will have you both, do you understand?"

Kimberly felt herself capitulate, she knew she was lost -- yet it didn't bother her. "Yes, master."

"Good. Then you may now cum."

She exploded at his words, having the best orgasm of her life. He allowed himself to go, then removed the condom, letting his slave clean up the remains with her tongue. They cleaned up, got dressed and she went home.


The next week was a blur. She went to Robert's home every night and let her Master teach her about Math and her own sexuality. She knew she was already in love, but she kept her own counsel. She spent a lot of time with Samantha, trying to learn about the girl and cajoling her to come along and keep her company after her tutorial. After 5 days, the pretty girl agreed.

Both girls wore skirts and blouses to Robert's home that evening, Kim telling them she wanted to go flirt with boys after. Samantha did look sexy, her skirt very short and she wore strappy sandals on her bare legs. Her bra was overly tight and cupped her perfect tits and when the wind caught her skirt, Kim saw her friend wore the briefest of thongs. Samantha caught her looking and winked.

"Hey, quit checking me out!"

Kim blushed. She'd never had thoughts of girl-on-girl love, but since her beloved Master put them in her head, it was all she thought of. Sharing her Master with her friend and letting her friend worship her, when she made herself cum, that was the image she used.

Robert and Samantha chatted a bit during her lesson and Kim found herself slightly jealous, until she realized it was part of his plan to make the girl comfortable. He asked Samantha if she'd like to see the Rec Room and she agreed, Kim following close behind.

Samantha's eyes widened with shock when she saw the room and went to leave, but Kim stopped her, as Robert instructed her. Samantha screamed, but Robert silenced her.

"No one will hear you and you will not be hurt. You are here to serve us. Kimberly, cuff her to the wall rack." Kim did as she was told. "Remove her clothes, all of them!"

Kim undressed the frightened girl, looking at her friend. "Relax. It will be fine."

Samantha looked at her best friend. "Kimmy, this is nuts. Please, let me go. Please."

Kimberly leaned in and kissed her, softly on the lips. "My Master is a wonderful lover. He is going to honor you with his cock. You are going to enjoy it."

Samantha struggled in vain against her bonds. "I won't, you're both insane, I won't."


"Yes Master?"

"Eat her pussy. Make her cum. Take your time, enjoy her. I want to watch. Afterwards, if you do a good job, I will fuck you. Will you like that?"

"Oh Master, of course!" Kim went between Samantha's soft thighs, so coppery and sleek and moved in to the sweet pussy, warm and aromatic, with just a slight Vee above it. She pressed her lips to it and began to eat her first pussy. From the second her tongue connected with Samantha's cunt, she loved it.

She devoured the tasty morsel, moving her face from side to side, deep into the cunt until despite herself, Samantha creamed all over her face. Kim licked it all up, but thoughtfully shared a taste with her beloved Master.

"How do you wish to take me Master?"

"You've done well. It is your choice." Kim brightened. "Fuck me on top master, make me feel your magnificent cock and let her see how good a lover my Master - and hers - is!"

Samantha heard their lewd words and felt terror. Did they intend to make her part of their sick games? Despite the cum that she'd got from Kim, she'd never consent to that. Never!

Yet as Ronald fucked her friend, she had to admit she was surprised at how good they looked. She would never have imagined he was so built, or so hung. His horse-cock went in and out of Kim's pussy - wonder how that felt like - Oh, God, she was turned on!

His big cock was thrilling Kim, her Master knew what buttons to push. Her cunt held him tightly, gushing around his mammoth rod as he fucked her with skill and precision. Samantha watching just made it even better, she could share her Master's skill with her best friend.

His big cock moved in and out of her, in just one short week, he knew how she liked it - he'd pump hard, shoving it it, then slow to almost no movement at all, then lunge forth again. Her body ached every time he fucked her, she had small red streaks on her ass from the daily floggings with his favorite riding crop, yet she'd never felt so alive!

She came and let go, her Master not far behind. "Thank you, Master" she said and he nodded in response.

"Do you want yours now bitch?" Ron Berkley said to Samantha.

She had tried to fight her urges, but Samantha nodded. Seeing her friend and the teacher fuck had excited her, there was no denying it. It was depraved, but oh, so sexy!

"Yes. Please, don't make me wait. Fuck me."

"Not yet. I want you to eat her pussy. I want you to make her cum and then it is your turn!"

"What? I'm not a lesbian. I don't do girls."

Berkley looked at the sultry brunette with determination. "You don't have to be a lesbian to enjoy the softness of a woman. Did you enjoy it when Kimberly ate your pussy?" Samantha nodded and admitted she did. "Then, do as you are told!"

Resigned to her fate, Samantha agreed. Kim unshackled her from the wall and hugged her tight as she led her to the bed. "Trust me, you'll be fine."

"It seems I have no choice."

Kimberly straddled her friend at her Master's command and felt Samantha's hands grasp her ass as she lowered her pussy to the girl's face. The licks were tentative at first, but they got more and more eager with each moment. Shortly, Samantha was eating her pussy with relish and Kim was squirming in delight. She looked over at her beloved Master.

"May I, Master?" He nodded and Kim moved into a `69' with Samantha, who squealed in delight at her friend's licking tongue. Despite herself, she was getting into it.

Ron knew it was time. He slid in behind the duo and slid his cock, ready and hard, into Samantha's tight pussy and began fucking her in earnest. He moved hard and fast, pumping her full of his cock while his slave sucked and licked their joined flesh.

Finally, he could hold it no more and shot his load all over Samantha's ass. He commanded Kim to clean it up with her tongue, which she did eagerly. On his instructions, the girls continued with their love-play, Samantha now a willing participant. They had a few more orgasms until the evening came to an end.

The girls were getting dressed, Ron walked over to Samantha. "You know, of course, you can say nothing of this. If you do, both Kim and I will deny it." The girl nodded, silent.

"Would you like to come back and play with us again Samantha?"

She thought about it for a moment. It had been scary, but Kimberly was right, she had enjoyed it all and had fun. Samantha nodded.

"Then, you must agree that I will be your Master, but my dear Kimberly will be your Mistress. You will obey her as you do me. Do you agree?"

Samantha looked over at the friend she had known all of her life, smiling at her with love and passion. "Yes."

Ron smiled at both women and escorted them out. It would be the best time of their lives.

5 years later, Samantha serves her beloved Master and his beloved wife & slave, Kimberly. The three of them have never been happier and the women await the birth of their first children.
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