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Thanks to 'Techsan' for re-editing my story . 11/05

Chapter 5 to the conclusion of Wife Swapping, Let's try it!

If you haven't read Ch. 1 thru 4, please do so now.

Chapter 5: The Revenge

Billy and I arrived in Akron around 5:00pm. We wanted to make sure that David didn't change his plan. We went to a restaurant across the street from the motel. We had a good view of Room 129. As we watched the room we ate dinner because we knew we had time to burn. I had to make sure that David didn't see me. Of course he had never seen Billy and would wish he never had.

At 6:45pm a car pulled up and one man got out. It was David. He went in the office, probably to check in, then went and got a small suitcase and entered Room 129. We thought we would give him a few minutes to get adjusted.

Then Billy mentioned we should be a little late. Especially if he's waiting for a woman, he would get more agitated if he had to wait. Billy still didn't know the revenge was for Jill. He never asked and I never told him.

At about 7:20pm David came out an looked around. He looked down at his watch probably wondering where Jill was. Billy and I were in the parking lot waiting for David to go back into his room. It was just starting to get dark. After David closed the door we headed for the room. We tapped lightly on the door. From the other side we heard David yelling, "It's about time, bitch! Where the fuck have you been?" as he opened the door.

I stood to the side, and when the door opened, Billy kicked it open the rest of the way and then cold-cocked David knocking him out with one punch. I went in and Billy and I both lifted up David and placed him on the bed. I then took out my ether tank and put David under. Glad I was a dentist; ether was always used at the office so I had no problem getting a supply.

Billy closed the door and then we stripped David, right down to his socks.

Billy, looked at me and said, "You sure you want to go through with this?"

I said, "Damn right, the bastard is going to get what he deserves." I grabbed David's suitcase and saw all the stuff he had in it. What a sick bastard he was. First I took out the cuffs and cuffed him to the bed. Then I took out the razor and shaving cream. Using the safety razor I shaved around his cock. He did it to my wife, I did it to him. Did a lousy job of it but didn't care. Then I took a candle and lit it and I started letting drops of hot wax fall all over his body. He was jumping as each drop fell. He was under the gas but must still feel some pain. "Good," I thought," Let him receive the same pain he gives others!" Little welts appeared where the wax was dripping.

Billy was ready and said, "What do you want the tattoos to say and where do you want them?"

"I don't care Billy, use your imagination and don't do your neatest work. Just don't put any tattoos where they can be seen if he was dressed. I want these tattoos to be permanent," I replied.

On his stomach below his belly button, where we shaved him, Billy etched, "I'm a bitch for cock," Billy looked at me and said, "How's that?"

I replied, "Great! Just one more to go. Let's turn him over."

Billy helped me turn Dave over and then above his butt cheeks, he tattooed, "Black cocks enter here!" Then he drew an arrow going down to his asshole. The last thing I did to him was take a cucumber and jammed it up his ass and left it there. Damn, that must really hurt. Well, pay back is hell.

I had told Billy that David was a swinger, but didn't want any black men fucking his wife. That really pissed Billy off.

I took out my digital camera and snapped about 20 pictures to show Jill.

It was now 9:00pm. I looked at Billy and asked, "When was the last time you had a really good piece of white pussy?"

"A really good one? It's been years." He replied.

I told him I could have a really good one here for him in a few minutes. Not a good one but a great piece of ass. Her name was Joyce and it was the bastard's wife.

Billy said, "I won't rape a woman but if she is willing I am able."

I called Joyce's cell phone and said, "Are you hot and ready? If so, I'm at the Motel 6 on 1-77 room 129, just walk in, I'll be waiting."

"I'm on my way." Joyce replied.

I said, "Well, Billy, thank you for your help. Your woman will be here in about ten minutes. I don't want to be here when she gets here. I won't cheat on Jill. Good luck to you and your hopeful conquest. Come over to the restaurant when you're finished."

"Do you want me to take the ether off so he can watch you fuck his wife? He'll see you but I'm sure he won't report it." I asked.

"Take the ether, I'll make this fucker pay for his remarks and what he did to your friend," Billy remarked.

I took off the either, then grabbed David's dirty underwear and jabbed it in his mouth. I left before David woke up from the gas.

As I walked into the lounge across the street, I saw a woman walk up to the door at Room 129. She had on an overcoat. She opened the door and walked in.

I called Jill and told her I probably would be later than I expected. Maybe I would drive half way home and find a motel. I had a feeling Billy was going to be real tired.

Jill told me not to drive while drinking or if I'm tired. She would have breakfast ready for me in the morning.

I said, "Jill, I love you, baby. I'll see you for breakfast, say 9:00am. It will be Saturday so we don't have to work tomorrow. Do what you can to have the girls go somewhere. Give them money and tell them to shop till they drop. I want you alone after breakfast."

We each said our goodnights.

It was 10:30pm when I saw the door open and Billy came walking ... no, make that strutting ... out. He came to the car in the parking lot of the restaurant/lounge. I came out and met him at the car. He looked up and apologized for being so long.

I said, "No problem buddy, as long as you tell me everything that happened." I told him I had called Jill and told her we were going to go half way home and catch some shut eye, that I would see her at 9:00am tomorrow morning.

Billy thought it was a good idea also since I was drinking and he was worn out. He took the drivers seat and we headed back toward home. On the way he told me everything that happened after I left.

Billy started by saying, " Joyce opened the door and then just walked in. She started to scream and I had to cover her mouth. I told her I was not going to hurt her and if she would calm down I would take my hand away and everything would be ok."

I took my hand away and she was still scared and said, "Please don't hurt me, please don't hurt me," as she looked at her husband. He was starting to wake up. He was tied to the bed looking horrid.

She looked and said, "Oh, my God, what happened? What did you do to my husband?"

I looked at Joyce and said, "He hurt a friend of mine and had to pay the price."

"Who was it?" asked Joyce?

"I'm not at liberty to say and I suggest you don't say either. Do you understand?" I replied.

"Yes, I won't say anything to anybody, just please don't hurt me." Joyce replied.

David was opening his eyes and saw me and Joyce talking low. He looked up totally scared. He just laid there with his dirty underwear in his mouth and by now was feeling a lot of pain from the tattoos and a cucumber sticking out his ass.

I then told Joyce to take off her coat, since her husband was watching. I looked at her and said, "You did come here to get fucked, did you not?"

She nodded yes and said she had no clothes on underneath and that her husband would kill when she takes it off.

I told her he would never ever hurt her again. If he did I would come back and kill him and I looked directly at him and said, "Did you hear me loud and clear, bastard?"

Dave nodded his head in agreement. "Joyce took off her coat and standing in front of me was the finest white woman I have ever seen naked. I asked her if she had ever been with a black man?"

"She shook her head and said, 'No.'"

"I asked her if she would like to? I told her I would not force her to make love with me. She would have to give of herself willingly."

"She repeated that her husband would hurt her after I left, that he would take it out on her. She was all worked up about having sex and had never had a black man before but David was somewhat prejudiced."

"I looked at her husband again and said, 'I'm going to fuck your wife, right here in front of you. If I ever hear that you so much as raised your voice to her, you're a dead man.' With that I pulled Joyce's naked body to me and kissed her. I then lifted her up and carried her over to the sofa."

"I removed my trousers and underwear. My cock isn't like all the fantasy stories you read. It's about 7 inches hard but it is black, very black."

"She looked at my cock and said, 'I want it, please.'"

"We had sex, we fucked and sucked each other while her husband just looked on. He got a hard on watching us even though he was in pain. He couldn't do anything being still cuffed to the bed."

"She was sitting on my big black rod as I filled her pussy with cum. We both climaxed for the last time tonight. I could feel her spasm, time and time again. She was one hot little lady."

"I told her, 'After I am gone, first pull the cuke out of his ass, then rub the solution I gave you on your husband's tattoos, so they don't get infected, then take off his cuffs. He will be hurting for quite a few days. If at anytime he tries to take it out on you, contact me and his life will be over.' Her husband looked over at me hearing my words. He was sure I was telling the truth."

"Then I came out to the car and here we are."

After Billy finished his story, we found a cheap motel and got some shut eye. We got up about 7:30am the next morning and continued home.

I entered my home at 9:00am and there stood the woman of my dreams, my Jill, dressed in a pair of shorts and a top. My daughters were eating breakfast and yelled, "Hi, Daddy," as I entered the kitchen.

This is where I belong. This is what my life is all about, my family, my wife and daughters. I sat down and just listened to them talk. I loved it.

My daughters said, "Mom is letting us go shopping this morning. She gave us her credit card but said, 'Don't over do it.'"

"Dad, what is over doing it to two teenage girls? We think she really just wants to be alone with you," as they all three smiled. Then they got up, kissed their mother, came around the table and kissed me and headed out the door.


After the girls left I told Jill it was time to talk.

She looked worried. She said, "I thought you were acting a little strange the last couple of weeks and was worried if something was wrong. I figured you were still upset about Atlantic City but I didn't know what to do about it."

I told Jill she was partly right. I was upset about Atlantic City but I knew what to do about it.

Then I told her the whole story, beginning with going back to the other Motel after she fell asleep. I told her, "David and Joyce had already left for home. I bribed the clerk and got their personal information and set up a meet with me acting as you."

"Then Billy and I set things straight."

She asked, "What do you mean 'set things straight'? You told Billy about me being raped?"

"First of all I told Billy that a very close friend of mine was taken advantage of by this man. I never told him that the person was you. Second we did to him what he did to you!" I replied. After saying that, I handed her the pictures, and said, "I couldn't let that bastard get away with what he did to you. I just couldn't. I'd go to jail first."

She saw the pictures of David handcuffed, the shaved cock, the wax drops from the candle. Then she spotted the cucumber and looked up at me.

I said, "We weren't about to fuck him in the ass. Then to make sure he never drops his drawers again we gave him a couple of tattoos."

Jill started to cry. I didn't know if they were happy or sad tears. I looked at her and said, "What's the matter, honey?"

She looked at me and said, "You, you're what's the matter. I asked for this swap, got raped, caused you a lot of heart ache and grief, and what do you do? You go and jeopardize your life to protect my honor. God, how I love you."

"Jill, you're my life, my best friend, my only love. No man is going to get away with treating you like shit. This swap thing was a big mistake. I shouldn't have agreed to it but I did. We paid the price."

Jill said, "How life has changed since the free love days. It's not free anymore. There's a price to be paid. From now on there is only one man I'll let fuck me and that's you Jack."

With that said, we headed for the bedroom.


It's been a good six months since all that took place. Our life is back to normal. We make love, sometimes we just fuck. We still have a little exhibitionism but I'm always there to protect us.

We canceled the e-mail web site that we used.

Billy never asked who the person was that we got revenge for but I think he knew from day 1. He never mentioned it and always treats Jill like a little sister. Billy has been to Akron about once a month to see Joyce.

Joyce applied for a divorced within days after the meeting. David knew I had something to do with the whole mess but doesn't know who we are or where we live. We have never contacted David or Joyce and don't ever plan on it.

Jill looked at me and said, "Jack, if I ever ask to let me fuck another man again, I want you to take out your cock, shove it hard up my ass, and bring me back to my senses." Then she looked in my eyes and we both knew life between us was good, very good.


Hope you liked it.

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Note: Real people make real mistakes. Those who try to fill fantasies usually pay for their mistakes. That's what happened to Jack and Jill. Because of their love for each other, they were able to put their lives back in order and learned from their mistakes before it was too late.

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