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The predator followed her for 3 blocks careful not to let her see him and then saw his chance when she turned and went down the dark alleyway. He knew she was scared by the way she kept looking over her shoulder and the way she walked fast. She was a tall woman and had a nice body, the type of lady that wouldn't normally be in this part of town at night. He wondered about that.

What had caught his eye was the way her blouse fit and showed the curves of her breasts and the short skirt she was wearing. He knew she would turn into an alley eventually. They always did. Another thing he pondered why, but quickly dismissed it from his thoughts as he closed the gap between them.

Turning into the alley, he stopped and listened. hearing her steps halfway down he started after her again. This time moving with the speed and quietness of a stalking leopard. running up behind her, he reached out and grabbed her hair and yanked, pulling her off balance and down between two dumpsites. As she landed on her front, he went down on top of her, one arm across her shoulders and his legs pinning hers to the pavement. She struggled and wiggled, but to no avail.

Reaching around to her front, he pulled her blouse apart, sending the buttons flying. Then jerking it back off of her shoulders, exposing her soft, smooth skin. Stopping and admiring her back and shoulders for an instant, then softly running his hand over the skin, cool to his touch, feeling the goosebumps that had formed from her fear and the cool air.

Reaching again, he undid the clasp holding her red lacy bra on. Feeling her shake and tremble, he raised up slightly an rolled her over on her back, her long legs kicking and her hands trying to reach his face. Slapping her across the face, she stopped struggling and he yanked her bra off and tossed it aside. He looked down at her perfectly formed breasts, the nipples hard from her fear. Looking into her eyes, he could see the look of the little scared rabbit. Smiling he remembered they all had this look.

Holding her legs together with his, he sat straddle of her and leaned down and kissed her hard on the lips, raised back up, wiped the blood from his lips where she had bit him. He slapped her again. Sometimes he wondered why he ever did this, but then remembered the rewards were better than he could imagine. Smiling, he reached and placed his hand on her breast, gently squeezing and massaging it, the nipple poking against his palm. Placing it between his finger and thumb, he softly rolled it. Feeling her roll and twist her hips against his legs, he then leaned down and placed his mouth wide over her breast. Sucking and chewing, getting the taste of her skin, he pulled back as his teeth scraped to the nipple. Licking it with the tip of his tongue, he sucked on the nipple hard.

Raising up, he told her to stand and grabbed her hair and pulled her up as she stood. Looking her up and down, he let out a low, soft whistle. Suddenly pushing her back against the wall, he pressed his body against hers, his hips grinding against her hips. Kissing her hard, he felt her start to give in and smiled as he knew they usually did. Bare from her waist up, he saw her smooth, flat tummy and rubbed his chest against her full breasts. Kissing her, he slipped his tongue out and touched the tip to her teeth, pushing, demanding the entry to her mouth.

Feeling her hips rolling and grinding against his, he pressed against her harder, pinning her against the wall. Stepping back, he reached down and yanking on the waistband of her skirt, felt it give and pull away from her hips and body, exposing her red lace panties. Sliding his hand down he cupped her mound and gently rubbed her clit, feeling it grow against his touch. Rubbing it through her panties, he then moved his fingers down along her wet, hot pussy lips. Feeling her heat and wetness, his cock twitched and throbbed, begging for the prize he knew he was going to receive.

Suddenly with her hands on his shoulders, she pulled his shirt back and off of him then ran her fingernails over his hard, tight muscles. Kissing her neck and shoulders, he licked and nibbled up and down over her smooth, soft skin. then grabbing her panties, he yanked hard and the sides gave way and he pulled them off. Tossing them aside, he dropped to his knees and placed his lips wide over her shaven mound. Sucking hard, the tip of his tongue danced and teased her mound. then moving his shoulders between her legs, he moved his mouth lower and licked her clit.

One hand going up her back, he raked his fingernails down from between her shoulder blades to the small of her back, making her arch her back against his hand. Sucking her clit in between his lips, the tip of his tongue circled and touched the sides of the hard little nubbin. Slowly he slid his tongue tip down and along her wet, swollen pussy lips, catching her drops of sweet dew, then back up between the lips to her opening, where he rammed his tongue in deep. Hearing her moan and feeling her hips twist and roll again, he kept his mouth on her hot, wet pussy, his tongue deep inside of her. twirling the tip, he touched and tasted her wet, smooth walls. Shaking his head and pressing harder, his tongue went deeper, moving it along the top of her sweet pussy, bringing it across her special g-spot.

Feeling her body jerk hard, he tasted her sweet honey juices as they began to flow with her moans of ecstasy and pleasure. Drinking and licking he got all he could and pulled his mouth off and raised up. Smiling, he kissed her deep and hard letting her taste her sweet love nectar.

Feeling her body respond, he rubbed his hard cock against her lower tummy. With his hard chest against hers, he slid his hands down over her hips to her ass. Squeezing and massaging, he cupped her ass and as one of her legs slid up and around his waist, he lifted her. Hearing her whimper and moan as his hard, thick cock slid over her clit and between her swollen pussy lips, he found her wet opening and pushed up hard and fast with his hips. The both of them gasped at his quick entrance and he rammed and ground his hips, driving his cock deep into her hot, tight pussy. The force of his hard thrust lifting her up the wall, he pulled his cock back and then rammed hard as she slid back down to him.

Feeling his thick, throbbing meat rub her walls and stretch them, he started to fuck her hard and fast. His hips snapped and bucked hard against hers, he felt her body respond in a way he had never felt before, driving him wilder and more driven by pure lust. Leaning against her, his hard chest mashing her breasts against her, the nipples poking him, he slamfucked her harder and faster than he ever did before. Matching her hip movements and meeting them, his cock slammed into her hot, tight, wet pussy over and over again. Hearing nothing but her moans of pleasure and his animal grunts as his hard meat impaled her, he rammed and ground his hips against hers like a jackhammer. Feeling his balls tighten, he knew his goal was near as she tensed up and wrapped her legs around his waist harder, holding and riding him like a wild horse. Her body tightened and he felt her tight wet pussy clench at his hard throbbing cock. He grunted loud and rammed harder, driving his hard cock all the way in, the head hitting her back wall.

She screamed and ran her fingers through his hair, pulling and yanking as she rode her waves of pure pleasure and deep orgasm. Covering his cock with her love juices, he rammed even harder and slammed in as hard as he could. Feeling her tighten down around his hard cock, he ground his hips harder and faster, lifting her off of her feet again. Then his body went tight and harder than it ever did as his balls erupted and pumped his hot, thick cumm out through his jerking cock. Feeling it pump through his cock and slam out against her back wall. Filling her, he screamed and rammed harder. His hot cumm slamming out, he backed his cock out to her swollen, raw pussy lips and felt the suction pulling it back in. Ramming in hard again, he drove all the way in again, shooting more of his thick creamy cumm deep inside of her.

Finally spent, he held her against the wall and slowly slid his cock from her pussy. looking deep into her eyes, he smiled and softly asked her if she liked what they had done. All she could do was smile into his eyes, showing her deepest love and approval. sliding his arm across her back and under her arm, he leaned and slid his other arm behind her knees and lifted her up.

Hugging her to him he carried her on down the alley and to the waiting golden Rolls Royce waiting patiently. The driver got out and walked around, opening the door and he very gently laid her in the back seat and climbed in after her. Then the driver walked around, got in and they drove off into the night for another adventure.
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