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We'd been sending messages back and forth to eachother most of the day. The messages from you were often instruction for me to take care of in our house. The last one I'd received was what you wanted for dinner and what time you wanted it. I almost felt sorry for your soldiers, because of the food they had to eat, and they knew that I brought you hot meals at night, so you didn't have to eat those MRE's

While your dinner was cooking, I took the time to get ready to come meet you, did my hair, a little lip gloss, and the sluttiest outfit I had. I was very horny and wanted to get some tonight. The heels I wore were three inch stilettos, the skirt was short and tight with ties up the sides, the shirt was silky and see through. I put on a black bra underneath the shirt and no panties.

After I dished up your dinner, I got into the neighbor's car, her husband was up there at the barracks too, and she was doing the same thing I was doing. When we got there I stepped out of the vehicle and walked into the building. When I came to one of the guards that was standing there, he looked me up and down, smiled and said good evening Mrs. Griffin, and opened the door for me to your office. I went in and saw you sitting in front of your desk waiting. I'd sent you a message that I was on my way. I set your dinner down in front of you and began to tell you that I wanted you to fuck me.

You growled while you ate, acknowledging what I'd said but not giving me an answer. Again I told you that I needed you to fuck me, but you simply looked at me. An argument began. As we're arguing you're trying to eat. I can see in your eyes the irritation and indigestion that are forming. Bitch, if you don't shut up, you're gonna regret it. I smiled over at you. Oh Daddy, don't be like that. All I want is for you to take care of my pleasure.

I began to run my fingers over my pussy, wriggling my ass in your face. I heard you growl behind me, and thought that I was making some progress. The problem was that your growl wasn't from arousal. It was from irritation. I should have known, I should have remembered, I didn't, and that is the biggest thing that gets me into trouble, forgetting. I felt your hand come down on my bare ass so hard it nearly knocked me off my feet. The pain brought tears to my eyes. I moved away from you quickly, but I'd already gotten myself into trouble.

You stood up fast, walking over to me, you grabbed my arm and pulled me out of your office. Your hand was wrapped around my upper arm. You forced me to walk with you and much faster then I was used to walking. Your fingers around my arm were causing bruises. Oh Daddy, you're hurting me.

You stop dead and look down at me, an evil smile spreads across your face. Running your fingers lightly over my face, down my neck, down my breast, and flicking my nipple you chuckle, this my Bitch, is nothing to what you're about to feel. You begin walking again, pulling me along out the door and down to the barracks. Into the barracks, walking down the hall, just a few feet from the door you yell "READY LINE''.

We walk into the barracks and you throw me on the floor in front of the Ready Line. In front of me stand 36 soldiers who were getting ready for bed, using the bathroom, or trying to get in a quick shower and weren't expecting you to be in there, so they were in various states of dress, and not at attention. I see them scramble to attention when you enter the building. Some are naked and dripping, running from the showers. A rectangle shape, about as big as our living room, twelve shower heads. Outside of the showers, there's a hallway the same width that runs parallel to it with a long bench, they're sliding on the floor! Some are running from the bathroom areas, scrambling to pull their pants up as they run!

Your soldiers are all very horny, irritable, and angry, even more so since they've been called out of showers and the bathrooms. I turned and looked at you as you gave your instructions. As you know by now, this is my wife. She's been naughty, and now she must be punished. You will fuck her until she's unconscious.

Is this gonna hurt?

Is what gonna hurt?

Them ... you say they haven't had any in 6 mos.

They're gonna rip you apart.

Can I at least have some soap for my ass?

You're gonna get lube?

From where?

We keep baby oil just to shine the stainless steel in the latrines. I look at them they're nearly salivating from the idea of getting some pussy, then I look back at you.

Well, do they at least get some kind of ... reward or something for doing a good job?

Yeah, the day off.

You're not gonna bother to have the naked ones get dressed right?


Can I at least pick the one I want first?

Nope. It's going to be whoever my PT stud of the moment is. The soldier with the absolute BEST physical endurance.

My shoulders sink in defeat, yes Daddy, which one?

Private Enfield! A tall, young, well built Indian man steps forward from the line. He waits for further instruction. Get 'er boy! Platoon! Pa-rade REST!

One of the young men is somewhat confused by what's going on, and so he has a question. Drill Sergeant, Is it really ok to fuck your WIFE?! Drill Sergeant.

Listen up knuckle nuts! I said fuck the bitch! What part of that order did you NOT comprehend?! Private Enfield shook his head, you could see the amusement in his eyes, though he tried hard not to show it. He begins to stab his cock deep into my asshole, the baby oil making him slide in easily. He fucks my asshole slowly at first, and then suddenly, as though he can't hold on anymore, he begins banging away at my asshole. Slamming his dick into me to the base and then pulling all the way back out to the head to do it all again.

I threw my head back and began to laugh. PRIVATE Enfield, you poor, poor boy, I've had better fuckings from my toys while I was masturbating, is that the best you got, are YOU the prize soldier? A pity, Daddy, that your soldiers are BADLY in need of some training that doesn't have anything to do with defending this country. You growl low and take a few large steps over to me, your next best in PT is the one you call over. You pull my head up by my hair.

Suck his cock Bitch. You force my head down on his dick, so far down that you make me choke on him. Choking, sputtering, and gagging, I'm still so very cocky, I again attack your soldiers and you in ways that will only get me fucked over and over, harder and harder. It doesn't matter what I say to them, the only response I get back is a yes or no Ma'am. I can't stand it anymore, I need to be fucked! Your soldiers go through me one by one, each vying for the title of the one who made me pass out. Again and again cock after cock is slammed into my throat or my asshole. I can feel myself going numb and I scream to be spanked. An order is given out by you that if I wish to be spanked, then I'm to be spanked.

The first strike comes down on my ass, I can hear the smack echo through the barracks. I want more. I scream for more I gotta be fucked. I turn my head and I can see you, not far from me, your hand buried in the head of one of your female soldiers, Private Campin, forcing her moth down around your dick. I can hear her choking and gagging as I am. The only difference is she is trying to please, I am trying to irritate.

I have a secret wish to be ripped apart as you said I would be. Your soldiers seem to show no emotion, just fuck and fuck me over and over. I can hear their grunts and groans as they slam their dicks deeper and deeper into my well used asshole. It's not enough, I need more, I'm so close to cumming and yet I can't seem to attain my release. I need someone inside me with the stamina and strength to REALLY take me. Like a revolving door they go through me two at a time, one fucking my face, the other my ass. I scream as the next one enters me. It's just not enough, I can't seem to get them to understand that I need them to let go, I need them to fuck me with abandon, to forget that you're there, that they are under orders. I just can't figure out how to get one of them to do that.

I turn my head back to you and now you've got another one of your female soldiers on her hands and knees, forcing her to take your big cock up the ass. I can see the twisted look of pain and pleasure on her face, I know that look, I've had it. I watch in fascination with nothing but arousal flowing though my veins as you fuck each one hard. I love to watch you perform and gladly when my mouth is emptied yell things of encouragement to you. You turn and look at me not really expecting to hear me, and growl low. The smile on your face, evidence of how much you enjoy it when I talk dirty to you.

You go through the female soldiers as it seems your male soldiers go through me. I can't hear it, my mind and hearing are on other things, but you're yelling for the next soldier to fuck, and to be fucked and that is one of the biggest reasons why I can't cum. You've learned over the years how to recognize when I'm getting close, by site, and you switch to the next when you see that I'm close. You're not anywhere near ready for me to cum yet. I'm nearly fucked out, my asshole and my jaw are aching something fierce, I don't know how much more I can take but I need to cum so badly.

My pussy drips on each soldier that fucks me. I can feel the ache in it from being brought just to the brink of release and then not sated. My screams have died down to small whimpers. I still beg to cum and to be fucked, but I'm running out of steam. An order is given from you across the room, for your soldiers to stand back and wait for further instruction. You stand up and walk down the line looking at each in turn. You've done well, you turn and look at me lying on the floor. I can barely move, but I can still see and hear everything you're saying. Strip her, pick her up, and carry her to the showers. When you're there, turn them on, and begin again to fuck her. When she's passed out, bring her to me.

Your men obey, walking back to me they roughly remove my clothes and shoes. I feel myself lifted off the ground. I am carried to the other side of the room where the showers are and taken in. I can see them begin the showers and then put me down. I feel them begin again to take me. My asshole and mouth are ravaged again as they were before, only this time I can feel them fucking me until they cum. Over and over streams of nut are shot down my throat or into my bowels. Finally I am again being fucked by Private Enfield.

His thrusts this time have no order to them. There is no direction and no instructions from you except that he is to make me cum any way possible. Soon once again I can feel myself going to the brink of cumming, but my body is not allowing me the release I need, because it is for lack of a better word, gun shy. It knows that I've been pushed to the brink before and it isn't gonna allow me to cum so easily. Enfield thrusts deeper as I beg him to make me cum, his hands on my hips, his fingers dig deep into my skin. Yes, yes I can feel myself going there, my body has given in, oh yes that feels so good.

I feel my anal ring and my pussy hole begin to flex and then tighten. I scream the last scream I have in me and cum hard. Gushing my juices all over myself and Private Enfield. He isn't finished yet though. He pulls from my mouth and raises my head up so that I can clean his cock off and swallow his nut. His thrusts go deep into my throat, but I've gotten used to it and though he still gags me, I don't choke. I am nearly gone, but I still have the strength to look at him as he takes his final thrusts. With those final thrusts his balls raise and his grunts grow in volume. Stream after stream of hot nut is forced down my throat.

When he pulls from my mouth, they again pick me up and bring me out to you. I'm full of cum, and as I turn my head to you I can see you over my body, you chuckle, and growl low. There Bitch, did you get what you wanted?

Yes, Daddy.

Good, you growl, and then you stroke your cock over my prone body a few times, cumming on my skin. The last words I hear, as you grab my clothes and pick me up, are you giving instruction for your soldiers to clean up and go to bed. They have pleased you, and will receive the day off.
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