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I arrived at the hotel at seven my meeting at the store had gone well and the next one in the same town was not until 10am tomorrow. On my instructions my secretary had booked me into a hotel with a small sports centre. So after booking in and changing I put on my robe and went to check the facilities.

I'd just turned sixty and was the national sales manager for a large company. Long ago the novelty of staying away had worn off. In any case there was no one to go home for, my wife had died and we hadn't had children. Like so many others I'd started by spending most of the time in the bar, but then realized if I lost my car licence for drink driving I'd be out of a job.

So now I swam, worked out, had a sauna then a meal and bed, followed by the telly. Trouble is I was still horny most of the time, hadn't been able to find a woman who I wanted, who wanted me. So had tried a few call girls but found them too impersonal, a quick shag until I came, then they give you a tissue and get you out ready for the next trick, very unsatisfactory! Sometimes hotels supplied or you could get from the hall porter sex videos or I bought a sexy magazine. So just a hand job was as far as my sex life went lately

Looking in the so-called sports centre, I saw a pool about 15 meters long a few weights machines and two separate gender saunas. That was a pity sometimes with mixed ones I would see a breast or a girls bum, to give me inspiration for a wank later.

I looked in the pool there was a guy about my age, build and size but with a baldhead and a paunch. However what caught my attention was a gorgeous woman around the twenty five to thirty age groups.

While I watched she pulled herself out of the pool right in front of me. She had on a bikini that was cut low at the front and her tits were on show and wobbling, she must have had thirty-six E cups. She walked away from me towards a lounger; she was wearing a thong and her backside rolled seductively. Her figure was perfect, I started to feel stirrings already and she would definitely be my fantasy tonight.

I got into the pool and swam forty lengths then stopped at the far end from the woman, the paunchy guy was there as well. "Hi" he said, "I'm Don" and held out his hand, I took it and said, "Pleased to meet you I'm Dave." He said, "You seemed happier to see my wife Jane when you got here." I said, "I'm sorry I didn't realize!" He replied, "Don't worry I like men to look at her and envy me. There's not much here in the way of workout machines but the sauna isn't bad except they are single sex, but I'm going to have one now, coming?"

"OK" I said. So he yelled out, "Going to have a sauna babe you going to?" She got up came to the pool and leaned over and gave him a kiss. This gave me another great view of her tits; in fact I could see her nipples. Then she turned and walked to the ladies sauna with a wiggle that left little to the imagination. From my low angle she looked naked, I was starting to get a hard on just watching her! Don said, "You really fancy Jane don't you?" I said, "What red-blooded guy wouldn't you lucky so and so." He laughed.

We got into the men's sauna and he took his costume off, his cock was flaccid and about two-inch's long and thin. Then he said come on Dave were all guys together get yours off. I never minded going naked but his wife had given me a boner and I was embarrassed about it. Then Don said, "Its alright I can see you are hard she gets guys that way, go ahead." So I took my trunks off, Don said, "Wow you did fancy her didn't you, your rock hard, how longs that eight-inch's?"

"Yes" I said hesitantly, as I was a bit worried he was a bi guy and that wasn't my scene.

Don said, "Don't worry I'm not into men! Lets just talk OK." And we did I told him my job, where I lived, on the other side of the county and that I had no ties and was horny, especially since I'd seen his wife!

He said, "I bet you'd like to fuck my wife Dave?" I said, "Naturally you cruel bastard."

He said, "What if I could arrange it for you would you go for it?" I said, "You bet are you swingers then?" He said, "No but here's the deal; I'll actually pay you to two hundred pounds to screw her. But obviously there are strings or I wouldn't be paying you would I?"

"So what it all about then?" I said

Don said, "Well I need to get a divorce and I don't want it to cost me half my money or go through a long drawn out procedure." I said, "But she's gorgeous, why do you want to dump her." Don said, "I'll be strait with you; I've lined up an even sexier babe who's ten years younger at twenty. You see Jane's my third wife, I like to change them for a new model every ten years and it's her turn now.

I worked out with the other two how to get rid of them without much expense or fuss, that's why I need your help. Let me explain the plan, I get her tipsy then I slip a knockout drop in her drink. She feels faint so you help me to get her up to your room. You help me undress her then I leave you to use her body how you want for half an hour. After that I come back and take photos of you fucking her cunt, arse and mouth."

I said, "As much as I want to fuck her, I don't want my face or name to appear in divorce procedures!" He said, "You won't have to, the pictures I take will be digital, so I can show them to you to check you can't be recognized, we can delete any that do.

That's why I wanted to see your nob hard, your cocks three inch's longer and twice as big round as mine. That means the photos will prove she's committing adultery without you being identified. You won't have our name address or telephone number because we aren't staying here and I won't have yours either.

Its foolproof you get to shag her any way you want and get paid two hundred pounds for doing it, its every guys dream don't you agree? Remember I've already done this twice before with no problems. I don't throw them on to the street exactly, I'm a rich industrialist and I give each one a small house and car plus quite enough money to shut them up. So what do you say?"

Well my prick was still hard as a rock in anticipation, so I said, "Your on Don."

"Thought you would," he said! "I'll meet you at dinner, make it eight thirty, I've booked number three by the lifts, sit at the next table if you can.

I had my shower and shave then went down to the restaurant and sat at number table number two. A few minuets latter they arrived she looked the bees knees in a plunging neckline backless evening gown. Her breasts were hardly contained in the top, there was no way she had a bra on. To add to the effect she had a skirt split so far up that I doubted she was wearing even a thong; there was no line to be seen. The only other women in the room were executive types in suits, so she stood out in more ways than one.

Why he should want to get rid of her I didn't know, what did her replacement look like I wondered, how could any woman look better than her? But what scruples I'd got were silenced by the hard on trying to break out of my pants.

I was already eating my meal, when they were served, included with the meal was a magnum of Champaign. When they eaten their sweet, Don leaned over as if he had just seen me and said, "Hi, oh Jane I want to introduce you to Dave who I have just shared a sauna and a talk with, not the same as you but that's how it is." I stood, and kissed her hand, while she was distracted I noticed him pour some powder into her drink.

A few minuets later she said she was giddy, so Don asked me to give him a hand to get her to the Lady's room. But as soon as we got her near the lifts she passed out completely and we hauled her in. I pressed the button for my floor and Don said, "Do you like her dress; I got her to wear it to keep you interested. Go on have a feel if you like?" I felt one breast and her pussy, I was right no bra or pants.

The lift stopped and we carried her into my room and in seconds her one garment was removed and she lay naked. Don tried to wake her, but she didn't move at all, "She's well out for at least an hour, be my guest," he said, "she's on the pill and wears a coil as well so you can't knock her up." He even checked her bag to see she had taken today's pill and was up to date. "Right," he said, "I'll leave you to shag her silly for your reward and then come back at ten for the photos" and then he left quietly.

He'd gone so I stripped, my hard on was solid and I needed to stuff her big time. But then I thought, this is rape, I shouldn't be doing this, she's so beautiful and so helpless. I sat on the bed and just bent and kissed her lightly on the lips, then eased just the head of my cock into her bald pussy.

Then to my surprise and shock she sat up and grabbed my erect penis painfully tight. I said, "I'm sorry lady I haven't touched you!" She said, "Oh yeah and what about feeling me up in the lift and even your cock head in my pussy's rape you know."

I slumped down on the bed my head in my hands, what was going to happen now I was busted. I tried to put my underpants back on, but she said, "No way, stay like that while I nip into the bathroom then we will have a talk."

When she came out she was still naked. She said, "Dave listen and don't say a word, we've only got half an hour. Now there are two things I can do I can call for help and have you arrested for rape! Or you can fuck me and try to make me pregnant, you still can can't you, haven't been snipped have you?"

"N-no" I said, "but the pill."

"Don't worry about that" she said, "I've been flushing them down the loo and I've just taken my coil out!

So what do you want to do, I can soon phone the police?"

"No don't," I said, "I want to fuck you, but why do you want me to make you pregnant?"

"Well that shit of a husband wants to have a succession of trophy wives every ten years. His ex wives told me how he did it, Dons so predictable.

He doesn't want children but won't have the snip himself; he makes his women take the precautions. He even watches me to check I take my pill when he's at home and when he's away he sends his secretary round to see I take it. This is my most fertile time I felt myself ovulate an hour a go so I'm ready to make a baby."

"But why do you put up with him?" I said, "Well he's exceptionally wealthy and like a silly girl I thought I could change him. I knew he was going to try to drug me today so I tipped the drink out and pretended to pass out. So if you don't want to be arrested you must do exactly what I say, not just now but later. I'll pay you three hundred pounds to make you more loyal to me for now and at a later date I have some other sexy tasks for you. You will end up rich and get a lot of sex as well if you are a good boy, what do you say." I said, "Even without the money I'll do anything you say."

"Good," she said, "The reason I want your child, is you are similar in size and colouring to Don. If I'm pregnant he will believe he's the father because he keeps me away from others. So I will have a hold over him and his money. Even if he suspects it was you that impregnated me, he can't say anything cos he arranged it and I'm not supposed to know am I?

Now give me your driver's licence and business card so I've got another hold over you. I'm going to leave this tape recorder under the bed and set up my own digital video camera in those flowers. Isn't it great how small they are nowadays all going in my handbag. There is a lot more to tell but I will phone you and make a date for more shagging later.

Now fuck me hard and make sure you spunk up me as far as you can, I do want to have your baby." I didn't wait to be asked again, we hadn't time for foreplay, although I did lick her swollen clit for a while. Her shaved cunt was puffy with long drooping lips, perhaps that's it and I've died and gone to heaven. It felt so good when I put my cock through her puffy pussy lips and pushed home hard. She was holding me with her tight cunt walls and thrusting back at me as if she hadn't had it for months.

She was the most beautiful girl I'd ever seen let alone fucked, she kept saying, "Fuck me Dave I want your baby give me one now, breed me!" She turned me on my back and was plunging back at me hard. "Give me your spunk Dave fuck it up me babe. She said, Her massive E cup breasts pressed into me, they were soft yet firm, definitely not fake. I could feel pressure at the end of her virgina, then my cock head went right through her cervix, she squealed, but covered her mouth with her hand to stifle the noise. She moaned, "Cum now Dave while your right up there!"

Without this extra stimulus I was almost there and when she came; her whole body shuddered continually, making me shoot more than I can ever remember strait into her uterus.

She purred, "That was great at some time I'll make a date and you can fuck all my holes for an entire day. We haven't got much time now and I want more of your spunk in my fertile womb." She took my cock and sucked and licked it until it was hard again, "Don't you dare come in my mouth, she said, "shoot it up my cunt."

With an order like that I naturally obeyed and we fucked each other till we both came again hard. She said, I'm a screamer normally but I'm keeping quiet in case he's listening outside the door.

We haven't got much time left; I've got to set up my video and tape and put my coil back in case he checks it or fucks me, I don't want that bastards baby. Now she said we will have a sixty-nine for a few minutes to get you hard again. Then I've got to pretend to be unconscious again. Oh here's your three hundred pounds, but if you give me away I'll cut off your rations and a couple of other things as well."

Right on time I heard Don come in, Jane was pretending she had passed out, so he seemed satisfied. He looked at her cunt with my spunk dribbling from it and said "She's a good fuck isn't she. But I'm bored with her now; I've got a twenty year old with even bigger tits to shag." Then he pushed his fingers in her to check her coil was in place. "Can't be too sure you know," he said.

Now lets get the pictures, stick your cock up her cunt and give her a slow shag, so I can get good shots. He took a dozen shots then said, now put it up her bum. I removed my penis and spread some of our combined juices into her anus. Then put it slowly into her puckered brown ring. Taking it slowly so as not to hurt her I pushed in until my balls hit her buttocks, then got a good rhythm going. Don took more shots then said don't cum in her arse; let it go in her mouth.

I positioned my cock in her mouth and rubbed it till I was ready, then I let fly a massive load in to her mouth from just outside it, while Don took pictures. Next he wanted some with me screwing her huge tits, I did this and it was so erotic I came again. Don said, "That's great Dave here's your two hundred pounds." He showed me the images on the cameras small screen and I got him to delete any that showed my face. "Now we've got to get her dressed and back into the lobby before she wakes up." He said with a laugh."

Three weeks later I got a phone call at home, it was from Jane she said, "You did it Dave you knocked me up, I'm having your baby, your going to be a dad!"

"Great," I said proudly, "What now?"

"Well" she said, "I've got some more work for you to do, it involves a lot of celebration shagging if you want it!"

"Yes of course I do," I said, "When can I meet you?" Jane said, "He's going away all next week from Thursday, could you come for the weekend and then I'll fill you in. I'll meet you in the same hotel and take you home for sex!"

Naturally I couldn't wait and by Friday night I was in the hotel waiting. Jane met me took me home to her huge mansion and we had sex all night, it was fantastic, I was in love with her big time.

The next morning she said, "I want you to meet some more ladies, his previous wives. The two women were stunning but different from Jane in that Kim was a forty-year-old petit Asian, while Maria a fifty-year-old Latin woman. They both had huge tits and classically pretty faces.

Jane said, "We have all been badly treated so we are going to get our own back, will you help us?"

"Of course I will," I said, "what must I do? The Answer took my breath away; "We want you to make Kim and Maria pregnant to!" I looked stunned, so Maria said, "I expect you think I am too old, but I've been having fertility treatment for months I'm still having periods so it should work." I said, "And if it doesn't it will be fun to keep trying, when can I start?"

The answer was strait away so we moved to the bedroom and Kim and Maria stripped off and undressed me to. Both of the women's bodies were perfect but different, for a fifty-year-old Maria looked thirty and Kim at forty and being petite could have been twenty. My cock stood out hard as a stick of rock, well who's first? I said. Both of us was the reply, they got hold of my penis and licked it and kissed it in unison.

I was laid on the bed and Maria lowered her cunt onto my cock while Kim sat with her pussy on my face. What a sensation, my cock was on fire with lust for both women. Maria was doing me hard and I was giving Kim a tongue lashing, alternating from licking her engorged clit and pussy lips and wiggling it right up her hole.

After several minutes Maria was Cumming and calling to me, "Shoot your baby making spunk up my pussy make me pregnant Dave." Jane and Kim were urging me on as well, "Put a bun in her oven; fuck a baby up her Dave." With such urging I shot a load so hard I almost past out. After Jane had sucked me hard again, Kim sat on my cock, as she was smaller I could feel it go right into her tight womb, and when I came I was sure I could feel her virgina sucking my sperm in, so felt certain I was impregnating her.

The older ladies couldn't stay but I told them if they weren't pregnant I would do them as many times as it took. That night I slept naked with Jane but she wouldn't let me fuck her she said she had another job for me tomorrow. The next day she explained that Don sent his secretary to her while he was away to make sure she took her pill and got her to sign unimportant documents. She was to be the next Mrs. Don when he had divorced Jane. She explained each of his wives had previously been his secretary before marriage.

"So what had this girl to do with me?"I asked, Jane said, "Well Don is shagging her across his desk every day and I've found out she only uses a coil, as she can't use the pill. We want you to fuck her and make her pregnant to!"

"But" I said, "does she know this?"

"No" said Jane, "I will use one of Dons knock out drafts then help you do her! She's a very pretty black girl with gigantic breasts. Don is a real tit man, as you will have gathered by now. I'll explain the reason for the pregnancies later."

So the next day I hid until Jane had drugged the girl then entered the lounge. The most beautiful black girl I had ever seen was laying on her back with her thong pulled to one side. Her cunt lips were black as coal and I got a glimpse of pink between them. "Do you need help to get hard Dave?" Asked Jane, did I heck, I knelt down then sucked and licked the black girls pussy, till her juices were running.

Jane said, "I know she's at her most fertile today and I've removed her coil for you." then she opened the black girls cunt for me. The black girls pink puffy inner lips were calling me in. I didn't need a second invite; I licked her inch long clit then stuck my cock up her love tunnel in one go, soon my cock spewed out strings of cum into her pussy. I spent a bit of time sucking her black nipples, they were the biggest I had ever seen about two inches long, her tits must have been 40J's they were so large and fleshy. Jane said, "She's got massive tits, we reckoned she needs scaffolding rather than a bra!"