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As Liz pulled me towards her bedroom I admired and lusted after the vision of beauty in front of me. Her long hair rested on her shoulder above the long V of bare skin that was scored with red welts from my nails. At the base of the V her hips and buttocks rippled the smooth satin as she glided along the carpet. I just wanted to fuck the arse off this beauty in front of me and I had every intention of doing so, but on my own terms & in my own time.

Instead of allowing Liz to pull me into her bedroom, I grabbed her hand & pulled her into the bathroom as I needed to freshen up to enjoy our day together to the max. Liz looked disappointed from being given the fucking her pussy desired & needed.

I smiled, "All in good time," I said as I reached to turn on the shower.

As the water warmed up I kissed Liz fully & deeply before easing back to admire her wonderful body standing in front of me with sweat glistening on both her brow & in her cleavage. I reached to her right shoulder to ease the` strap off her shoulder & down her arm as I eased her beautiful nightdress down off her breast, down over her stomach and off her hips to expose her glorious bush to my admiring & lust filled eyes. Allowing gravity to finish undressing Liz I allowed her nightdress to fall to the tiled floor as my hungry hands reached forward to take her 36C breasts in my hands and to encourage her towards the shower.

Liz stepped into the shower & adjusted the water as I quickly stripped off allowing my rock hard prick to spring out of it's confinement & admire the naked beauty in front of it and that it wanted to fuck there & then.

Stepping into the shower, Liz immediately started to soap over my body before paying particular attention to my raging hard prick & cum filled balls. Liz peeled back my foreskin to soap the sensitive head as she gently cupped my balls. I reached forward to rest my hands on the walls to steady myself as unbelievable pleasure surged through my body at the sense of her delicate touch. I reached down to run my hands through her shower drenched hair as she washed all of the soap off before easing her head forward to take my length into her mouth.

Whilst I love a blowjob I wanted to eat her out before I came for the first time. But our fondling & groping in the kitchen added to the warm water and her even hotter lips & tongue taking my length down her throat meant that I would not be lasting that long.

I sighed & groaned out loud "Yes baby, oh fuck yes," as Liz bobbed on my length and her tongue ran across the soft sack of my cum filled balls. I pulled hard on her head to ensure I was as far as possible into Liz's mouth & hungry tight throat.

Liz's hands were gripping my tight buttocks as she leveraged me in & out of her mouth, but as she felt my prick swell further as it got ready to shoot into her mouth, she slid a finger down the crack of my arse until she found my tight hole. To my great surprise & pleasure she thrust a finger into my arse which sent me to a loud groaning orgasm as I shot wads of spunk deep down her hungry throat, with my hips pistoning in & out of her tight lips; as my mind & body swam in an immense sense of release & pleasure.

As the last of my cum ran onto her tongue, Liz licked along the underside of my now sensitive prick, making my prick & hips twitch in an automatic reaction of pleasure & bliss at the sight & feel of this beauty knelt at my feet giving me unbelievable sensations & satisfaction.

Leaning back against the wall I pulled Liz to her feet & sought her mouth to express my gratitude for such a wonderful & stress relieving blowjob. We kissed long & hard until I came back to my senses and a regular pulse rate. Finally taking the soap it was time to explore her body in detail whilst cleaning & teasing her under the hot water of a luxurious shower.

As we kissed I soaped her back & shoulders, before descending down onto her hips. Finally I pushed her back so I could start soaping her front, starting again at her shoulders. My hands & soap slowly descended onto the gentle slope of her breasts, before soaping the side & underneath of her full orbs.

Liz sighed & reached for her pussy as I started to soap her nipples. Quickly reaching down I slapped her hand away from her pussy before it could penetrated her juice dammed up walls & depths.

"I need to come," Liz sobbed & pleaded.

"All in good time," I responded with lust filled eyes looking into her hunger filled eyes.

I sank to my knees in front of her to soap her stomach & hips, before moving onto her thighs and down her legs. Liz parted her feet in anticipation of my hand ascending up the inside of her legs & thighs to her demanding pussy.

I soaped & felt her firm calves as my hand transferred to the tasteful flesh of her inner thighs. After washing the soap off her soft flesh I started to kiss & chew her stunning thighs as I transferred the soap to her tight bum cleavage. After soaping her buttocks & crack, the water quickly washed away the suds as I teased her arsehole with my finger. Looking up I could see Liz playing & pulling her nipples as her hips swayed in front of my face. I massaged the cheeks of her fantastic arse in a circular motion as I continued to tease her hole with my protruding finger that roamed up & down her bum cleavage.

"I can't take any more of your teasing you selfish bastard," Liz growled above me; so I slipped my finger into her arse making her groan out loud.

Looking up with a smile on my face I could see Liz giving her tits a real workout as she tugged on her nipples & then pressed them back into the mounds of tits. Her hips thrust up & down on my penetrating finger as it savoured the depths of her arse, enjoying sliding in & out of her very tight tube, feeling her cheeks clamping and releasing around my finger. Liz's pace & gyrating sped up as loud groans of pain & pleasure mixed together as Liz sent herself into an orgasm triggered by the pleasure zones of her nipples, tits & tight arse. Liz sagged back against the wall to support herself as her knees buckled through intense pleasure & my finger penetrated her full length as her weight came down onto it. I could feel her pussy twitching, through the thin wall of skin separating her pussy from my finger buried deep in her arse, as her orgasm finished washing its way through her body.

Now it was time to honour her untouched pussy as I brought my hands round to make plenty of lather before running my hands onto her mound & bush. As I made contact, Liz thrust her hips forward to encourage me to get a move on as she needed relief rather than being teased further.

'All in good time,' I thought, 'I am going to make this last.'

"Fuck Liz, you have one hell of a stunning pussy" I whispered as I started to run one finger along the lips of her pussy. Her lips parted with ease and my soap coated finger sunk into her juice soaked love tunnel for the first time since the company Christmas party when I had shagged her half to death.

"Please bring me off, I need it, please finger me & finish me off now," she pleaded with force.

I made sure her pussy was fully soaped as I wanted it clean & sweet ready for my attentions later.

"Pass down the shower head," I instructed and Liz pulled the head off the wall and into my outstretched hand.

Once the shower head was below the level of her mound I turned it around so the hot jets of water flushed the soap off her bush, leaving a clear view to her pink pussy lips through the dripping hairs of her bush. Liz seemed to climb two inches back up the wall under the force & heat of the jets, groaning a loud "AAarrgh" as the pressure of the water played across the now sensitive ring of her arse & her just soaped pussy lips. I eased her lips apart to ensure the water flushed out all of the soap and Liz's hips bucked in reaction to the penetrating heat & pressure of the water; but by then I was pulling the shower head away & starting to stand up.

"Please bring me off," she begged as one of her hands headed for her pussy.

I slapped it away again, saying, "Once we are out of the shower."

Liz didn't need any second telling, she was out of the shower like a rabbit out of a hole.

As I emerged from the shower Liz was running a towel all over her body at lightening speed whilst heading out through the door. Grabbing a towel I wiped most of the water off myself and followed the trail of wet foot prints through to her bedroom to find Liz flat on her back in the middle of the bed with her legs pulled up & apart waiting for me.

"Fuck me hard and now" she demanded as I approached the end of the bed.

Kneeling on the bed just below her feet I placed my hands on her knees & pushed them firmly outwards, spreading her thighs as wide as possible as I bowed forward, my head descending straight on a crash course for her now gaping wide pussy.

"NNNnnooo, I want fucking", Liz cried in desperation as my extended tongue was 3 inches away from its intended target.

"AAAhhhhh," Liz cried as my tongue pierced straight through her pussy lips & deep into her hot juice laden love tunnel. Her hand immediately fell on the back of my head trying to push my tongue deeper into her as my mouth came hard up against her mound.

There was not going to be any grace, lovemaking, or foreplay about this as we both knew what we wanted. This was one now wanton woman with a pussy that needed a good seeing to.......... and I was the man who was going to do just that.

My hands slid off her knees and along the outside of her thighs until they met the quilt & slid forcefully under her arse to cup & hold her firm cheeks, ensuring Liz could not escape even if she wanted to.

My tongue was drowning in a sea of her cunt juices as it washed around the sides of her pussy and plunged deep into the depths like a free diver searching for pearls.

I had been inside her less than a minute when Liz started wailing and bucking her whole body on the bed as a wave of her juices washed over my tongue only to be lapped up and swallowed as Liz humped herself through her orgasm. I just sank my fingers deep into her cheeks to hold her down as I continued to plunder the depths & walls of her pussy as her muscles twitched & clamped around my penetrating tongue.

In normal life Liz is a snotty stuck up bitch, full of airs & graces; but in bed she was one hell of a sexually demanding wanton slut who could take anything I gave her body in the way of teasing, sex, abuse or lovemaking. I could take her however I wanted, and abuse her in anyway I wanted, but she loved it all. I am sure Tim didn't know about this side of her wife, and boy was he missing a treat!!!!!

I could feel Liz pulling at my ears to get my lips away from her sensitive pussy as she slumped down into the quilt, her body now spent and with the relief she had been seeking. Still pulling me by the ears up towards her face I ran my tongue over one of her erect nipples, making her flinch before I reached her mouth & sunk my tongue deep into her hungry mouth.

Liz was such a slut, her tongue seeking out her own juices on my tongue as our tongues danced within her mouth. Our lips meshed solidly together as we stared deep into each others eyes as I rolled off her and used the momentum and my hand still embedded in her buttocks to roll her over on top of me. I enjoyed feeling her weight & heat on me as I kept on hand on her arse & ran the other through her hair as our mouths continued to devour each other in her post orgasmic state. After a couple of minutes of intense snogging we caught our breath & rested with Liz resting her head on my chest as we shared each others warmth.

After about 10minutes laying together I disentangled myself from her arms & slid down the bed so I could kiss, suck, lick & chew her magnificent breasts. This was a veritable playground of pleasure. Of warm firm but pliant flesh that could be moulded, pulled, squeezed, loved or abused to our hearts content as I sampled the curves & slopes of her breasts, her erect hard nipples, and the sweaty valley of her stunning cleavage with Liz's hands directing my head to where she wanted me to pleasure her next.

To add to the mix of pleasure I snaked my hand over her stomach & raked my fingers through her juice matted bush to find the jewel in the crown - her clit. As soon as my brain registered the recognition of the sense of touch back from my finger, Liz was already starting to hump her own body to the recognition of the signals her own senses were sending her brain. My fingertip teased it hard & proud as I felt it swell under my gentle rubbing.

With five minutes of tit stimulation having coursed through her body, I wanted to give her more intense stimulation by assaulting her clit & pussy some more with my tongue. Forcing her legs wide apart again, I slid down between the warmth of her thighs to feel the heat radiating out from her hot juicy pussy. I took in a deep breath, both to enjoy the aroma of her juices, and to give me the air I needed for a long campaign on her clit.

I speared my tongue straight between her spread lips making Liz arch her hips off the bed to give even greater access to her pleasure zones. Instead of gripping her buttocks as usual I brought my hands up the soft skin of her inner thighs so I could pass a thumb either side of her pussy lips. Once my tongue was buried deep into her tunnel I eased her lips outward & slightly upwards to help expose her clit, this action was accompanied by loud groans from Liz.

"Suck my clit, please.........suck my clit," my slut begged as her hips bounced hard on my tongue & face.

Moving up slightly I lashed my tongue under her hood to seek out her clit. Accompanied by a scream of delight from Liz, I found her tender & now erect love button. This was not the time for tender lovemaking, neither of us wanted that, we just wanted raw sex with me abusing Liz in any way I wanted. As Hawkeye said, in M*A*S*H, "Finest Kind" and that was a great description of Liz's steaming pussy.

Making an 'O' of my lips I brought them down over her clit & then sucked in to give a good seal onto her skin as I placed my tongue onto the tip of her protruding clit. I just gently left my tongue applying slight pressure to her love button, but apart from that I lay still. After 30 seconds of inaction Liz's hands came onto the back of my head pushing me forward as she panted "Don't tease me now you bastard, I need fucking, not teasing."

"All in good time," I said after releasing her clit briefly before reassuming the suction and starting to rub my tongue in slow lazy circles around her clit.

"MMMmmmm, yes......... that is beautiful," Liz sighed as she tried to push my face harder onto her steaming mound.

I increased the speed & pressure of my licking gradually to tease & excite her further. I wanted to ream her arse with my finger at the same time, but didn't as I wanted to focus Liz's mind and pleasure solely on her clit now drawn hard into my mouth by my sucting & Liz's pressure on my head with her hands.

"Ah yes, that is so beautiful," Liz groaned under my continued licking. So now I focused on bringing her to the height of pleasure as I sealed my lips tip on her bud & sucked hard causing her clit to swell further & Liz to scream out load at this intense overload of her senses as her nerves responded to the sensations I was giving her. Liz's bum was hardly touching the quilt as she thrust her mound into my face as she withered and shook under my intense assault on her now tender love button. Taking it to the next level I started to lash my tongue roughly across her clit, bringing resulting moans, groans, & screams from Liz as her body & mind responded to this harsh stimulation.

Breaking the seal of my lips I quickly lowered my tongue to run it full length along the lips of her pussy, before delving deep into her juice filled love canal to scoop out some of our juices to coat her tender clit. A long sigh escaped Liz's lips as the cooling moisture of our juices coated her clit.

By now my prick was rock hard and as keen to start fucking as Liz was, so it was time to give her clit the attention it deserved.

Sealing & sucking again around her clit, I started to run my tongue firmly up & down her button, making her hips buck on the bed as the intense sensations swept through her body. It was hard to hold her down to keep the seal on her clit, so I dipped a finger in her pussy before sliding it under her bobbing buttocks. On the next downward stroke of her bum my finger slide into her puckered hole up to the second knuckle making Liz scream in a mixture of pain & pleasure.

With this extra stimulation it was time to finish her off. My tongue started to lash across her swollen clit, rubbing her mercilessly towards her building orgasm. Looking up from her mound I could see Liz pulling hard on her nipples & rubbing her full breasts hard & tight together. Even with my finger penetrating her arse, Liz's hips still bounced on the bed, driving my finger in and out of her tight hot arse. Finally I started to run my tongue up the full length of her pussy and hard up across her clit before repeating the action to drive Liz wild with an overload of her pleasure zones. Liz was doing well with her nipples & breasts; while I was savagely plundering her arse and lashing her pussy & clit towards a total overwhelming orgasm. The pace of her hips thrusts clearly indicated her fast approaching orgasm, so I increased the pace & intensity of my licking while at the same time started to gyrate my finger as it reamed in and out of her arse. This was just too much for Liz as she screamed out and I looked up to see her tugging her nipples skywards and literally exploded into a most stunning climax. Her arse clenched hard on my penetrating finger and her pussy vibrated & quivered as I lashed along its length. Her tender clit just stood hard & erect as my tongue swept over & around it repeatedly.

"YYyyyeesss, Oh fucking yyyyeeesss," Liz wailed as her whole body shook through it's entire length as this stunning orgasm absorbed all of her energy. Liz suddenly let go of her tits & tried to prise my head away from her clit as the sensations were tripping her into overload. Relenting I left her clit alone and just plunged my tongue full depth into her gushing pussy to round out an explosive orgasm. As the waves of pleasure & pain finally subsided, Liz scambled to roll over on the bed to shove her arse in the air, shouting at me "Fuck me hard right now."

Looking at this sweat covered women bouncing her arse before me nearly made me shoot my load there & then.

"Put your nightie on and follow me," I Instructed.

Her head snapped around as she demanded, "What?"

"I have other plans for you," I informed her, "Now put your nightie on and come with me, right now."

Liz looked in absolute disbelieve & shock as I started walking out the bedroom.

"Don't you want to fuck me?" she shouted after me.

"Damn fucking right I do, now get dressed & get in here," I shouted back.

I walked into the dining room & turned around one of the high-backed chairs against the edge of the table to give the chair some additional support for what I had in mind, before sitting on the chair awaiting Liz's arrival.

A minute later she stormed into the dining room, her face like thunder, but looking so fucking beautiful.

Her erect nipples thrust through the satin like a pair of organ stops, her full breasts bounced as she walked showing a fantastic cleavage between the triangles of material that tried desperately to contain her magnificent tits. Her hips swayed & rippled the satin as she walked towards me.

"Sit on my lap," I harshly instructed this wanton woman who looked like a medieval maid about to serve her lord and master; which she was going to and I was he.

"Get that dripping pussy of yours implanted on my cock and I'll give you the fucking you deserve," I instructed, fully enjoying the power I held over Liz to the max.
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