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I sometimes wonder just where everything went wrong. I was working for a large company and one day my boss called me to his office. When I entered I smiled, and nodded. He looked at me, told me to have a seat and never broke a smile. It seems that a discovery had been made that my accounts were being skimmed and it looked like I had been doing it.

I was stunned. I had never taken anything from the company, well almost nothing. Sometimes I would remove something here and there but never from a client’s account and never the amounts of money he was talking about.

John looked over the desk at me and handed me the papers he had in front of him. As I looked through the documents I realized that it looked like I was definitely skimming money from the accounts of several of our most wealthy customers.

I assured John that I had never done any of this and he said, “I know you’ve been with the company for the past 6 years and I wouldn’t think of you ever doing something like this, but, the evidence seems to indicate different. If I turn these documents over to my boss, I’m sure that he will want to prosecute and I don’t think you’ll come out on the winning side, Ben.”

“I agree that it looks bad John, but I’m not guilty.”

He let me go home that afternoon and said he would like to come to my house and talk to me later about it. We agreed to meet at 7:30.

I went home and talked to my wife Janet and told her what had happened. She started to cry and we discussed what we could do. It seems that our world was about to end, and I hadn’t done anything to cause it. We knew that we would lose everything we had been building for the past five years that we had been married.

Janet and I met just after I went to work for Emory Investment House Inc. and had been married after 7 months of dating. I had a job that paid very well and we moved into a prosperous neighborhood.

Janet was 5’7” tall black hair, beautiful brown eyes, and built very nicely. She was somewhat prudish when it came to sex, but over the last five years, I had at least convinced her that performing oral sex on her husband was not out of the ordinary. She had actually quite good at it, although she wouldn’t swallow and always pulled off when I was about to cum.

She dressed very properly, preferring white blouses and skirts that always came at least to her knees and modest heels.

Anyway she was a very proper woman, so what I am about to relate to you comes a complete surprise to me.

Well, that night at about 7:00, the phone rang and John said he couldn’t make it that evening so we would talk more in the morning, Janet and I went to bed, made love and forgot the problems that were facing us and drifted off into a troubled sleep.

At 9AM, I was at John’s office and knocked at the door, was summoned in and he beckoned me in.

When I entered his office, he motioned for me to sit down. He apologized for breaking the appointment last night and asked if I had told Janet about the problem. I told him I had and told her just what a predicament I seemed to be in and John offered that he may be able to help me. I was amazed that he would take that kind of a chance and asked what I had to do. He told me that I needed to go about my business and go see a client that was over a hundred miles to the south and talk with him about his investments. This client always took hours pouring over his financial statement and I usually had to take him to dinner and I knew I wouldn’t be back that evening before 1 or 2 in the morning.

I called Janet and said that John may have come up with an idea to help us out of our problem and told her that I wouldn’t be back home until early the next morning.

I kept telling her that John may be our savior and that I would have to do anything to assure that he wouldn’t let us down. I told her I loved her and started out to see the client, happy that I may have received a reprieve.

That was over a year ago. My job is still secure, in fact I have received two promotions over that year and the only thing that is bad about it is that I have to travel a lot more and I have a number of overnight trips but the money is better and Janet and my love life has improved big time. Janet is no longer as conservative as she used to be, in fact, she has become quite daring in bed, giving me oral often and swallowing my cum with increasing frequency.

Yesterday, I discovered what caused this change in her and this is what I relate to you now.

When I left John’s office and headed south for the long trip to the meeting with my client, he had called to my home, talked with Janet and told her that he would like to stop by and talk to her about the awful situation that we were in. She had readily agreed and told him to come on over. She had jumped in the shower, and dressed in her normal manner. A sun dress reaching her knee, panties and a fresh white bra. When John arrived she welcomed him in and told him how glad she was that he had agreed to help me.

John told her that the help wasn’t guaranteed, that he would have to take a big chance and perhaps tell his boss Roger a lie, so he wasn’t completely sure that he could do it. He was worried about losing his job and it was a big gamble.

Janet asked if there was anything she could do, she definitely didn’t want to lose the house and way of living that she and I had become used to.

As they sat on the couch, John looked at her intensely and smiled. He told her that she could make sure that he would talk to Roger on their behalf if she played her cards right. With that he placed his hand on her thigh just above her knee and smiled at her. Janet was stunned by this movement and pushed his hand away and told him he was out of line.

John was a man of about 45, graying hair, with a slight paunch and gray-blue eyes, a trimmed beard and he licked his lips as he told her, “It’s your choice, but, I think that your husband will probably go to jail if you don’t cooperate with me. He doesn’t need to ever know.”

Janet asked him “What do I have to do, John?”

“Whatever I ask of you, Janet, when we are together. Tell me what you decide. I have to be going to talk with Roger this afternoon and I want your answer now.”

Janet thought to herself, I can’t let this happen to us…and she looked at John an told him. “I agree, I’ll do it.”

John smiled at her and his hand again rested on her leg, but this time she didn’t push him away and he said. “Remember, anything I tell you to do when we are together, if not I’ll report your husband to Roger and he’ll lose his job and never be able to work in this field again, and probably he’ll end in prison.”

Janet just nodded at John and he grinned widely.

“Let’s start now, I’ve got to go see Roger and before I go, I could use a quick blow job.”

Janet was stunned by the casual way he told her about the sex that he wanted. She hesitated and John said, “Now Janet, or I’m leaving” and he stood to leave.

Janet pleaded with him not to leave, that she was sorry.

John pulled Janet up from the couch and put his lips on hers, his tongue pushing her lips open. Janet opened her mouth and began to kiss him back, as his hands roamed from her shoulders lower until he cupped her ass pulling them open as he kissed her. She could feel his cock against her belly and he ground against her as he kissed her. His hand began to gather the material of her sun dress pulling it upward until the hem was in his hands and he pulled it up and she lifted her arms. She was standing before him in her white panties and cotton bra. He reached behind her and undid the clasp on her bra and pulled it free of her body, exposing her 34A tits. He roughly grabbed her tits with both hands and his mouth met hers again, her tongue instinctively entered his mouth as they kissed and he pinched her nipples hard and turned them. She winced in pain. He knelt before her and grabbed her panties pulling them down her legs and she lifted her feet and kicked them free until she was standing completely naked before her husband’s boss.

John admired her unshaven pubic bush and then pushed his tongue into her slit, and licked the length of her clitoris and Janet sqirmed a little. His middle finger found her cunt and he pushed hard into her body, then pulled it out and looked at her as he smelled the tip the licked it clean.

“Janet, you’re a good looking cunt, and tasty too” and he chuckled, “this is going to be very enjoyable having you as my little slut.”

John stood and looked at Janet, “Get on your knees and suck my cock, you cunt, and make it good. I’ve got quite a load to blow down your throat.”

Janet looked at him with pleading eyes, hoping he would not continue, but when she saw the wide grin on his face she knew that she must do what he said. She was humiliated as she lowered herself to her knees in front of her husband’s boss. She didn’t really like sucking Ben’s cock, but she had done it because he had wanted it so bad and she had never allowed him to cum in her mouth, she thought that would be so disgusting and she would probably throw up. Now his boss was telling her that he was going to cum in her mouth and she didn’t want to do it, but she felt that she must.

She undid John’s belt, pulled down his zipper and unbuttoned his pants and they dropped to the floor. She looked and noticed quite a bulge in John’s brief and she grabbed the sides and pulled them down, watching as his cock began to come into view, he was quite thick she thought she continued to pull his briefs down and his cock sprung into view, her mouth opened in awe.

She had only seen Ben’s cock and it was what she considered to be normal about six inches, maybe seven when he was hard and about two fingers wide.

John was still soft and his cock was at least two inches longer than that and at least as wide. Ben’s cock was circumsized and this one wasn’t the same and she was curious. It had skin on the end so she couldn’t see the head of it. She was amazed. John reached down and grabbed his cock and pulled the skin back allowing her to see the head and he pressed against her lips. She hesitated a moment and he grabbed her by the hair and slapped her on the cheek with his cock.

“Open up and wrap your lips around my cock, you cunt, and you better be gentle with me, no teeth or I’ll slap the shit out of you.”

Janet opened her lips and the head of John’s cock slipped between them, until she felt the head resting on her tongue.

“Use your tongue to lick around the head damnit, what’s the matter don’t your know how to suck a cock, my little slut?”

He looked down at Janet and said, “Look at me, Janet.”

She looked up at him and he asked “Did you hear my question? Don’t you know how to suck a cock?”

She started using her tongue and he moaned and his cock began to harden in her mouth.

Janet felt his cock begin to expand and her lips stretched around it as it did. He grabbed the hair on the other side of her head and his hips began to move, his cock running going further into her mouth with each movement, and her lips felt as if they were going to split as they stretched around his ever expanding cock. She felt the head hit the beginning of the entrance to her throat and she gagged and her eyes watered, and the tears ran down her cheeks. John looked down at her and pulled his cock free of her lips. She looked at his cock and thought it must be twice the size it was when it entered her mouth. I was standing at about half hard and glistening with her saliva.

“You really don’t know how to suck do you?”

Janet looked at him and said, “I’ve not done it very much, and Ben has never cum in my mouth. I don’t think that I can take that, I’m afraid that I’ll throw up.”

John said, “Well I don’t have time today to teach you to suck, so you’ll have to do with the learning you have so far. You’ll get better as we go along. But I will assure you that if you throw up on me, you are going to be sorry, and I am going to cum in your mouth.”

He grabbed his cock and began to stroke it and told Janet “Suck my balls a little while.”

Janet looked at his balls, then her tongue lick the overfilled sack as she watched him stroke his cock.

He told her “Open your mouth and suck my balls and be careful.”

Dutifully she began to suck on his balls and found it wasn’t as bad as she had thought it would be. Her tongue ran over the ball she held in her mouth and she again heard John groan. She let that ball slip from her mouth and then took the other one in. Her hands reached behind him and cupped his ass cheeks as she began to work on him.

Finally he said, “Okay, now suck cock, bitch” and offered his cock back to her.

She looked at the massive tool in front of her and opened her mouth and he pushed forward stretching her lips wide and she immediately felt his cock hit her throat. John tried pushing but she gagged and he stopped and began to fuck her face. His hips moved faster and Janet wondered just how long the rape of her mouth was going to continue.

He pulled free of her mouth and she gasped for air. He looked down at her and said, “You okay, my little slut?”

She nodded, and he said, “Look me in the eyes, I want to see your eyes when I start shooting my cum into your mouth, and remember don’t spit it out or you know what I’ll do.”

Her face was already covered with a mixture of her saliva and his precum from the mouth fucking he was giving her, so when he guided his cock into her open mouth she looked at him and he was looking her in the eyes as he began to move his hips again. He smiled at her as he watched his cock moving in her mouth and he felt his balls tighten.

He knew she would be receiving her mid morning snack in a short time and he felt his cock twitch. The head felt like it was going to explode and then it erupted in her mouth and her eyes grew bigger as the first explosion hit the opening to her throat. She coughed and when she did a bit of cum came out of her nose, but he was not through, as his cock continued to shoot spurt after spurt into her mouth, until he had shot 7 shots of pure sperm into her mouth. She had swallowed as she had to and her eyes watered from the large cock in her mouth. Finally his cock began to soften and he eased it out of her mouth, looking at her face, the cum covering her lips where it had come from her nose. He took her hands, lifted her and kissed her deeply, tasting the cum still on her tongue. His hands wandered down and cupped her ass cheeks and he spread them apart. He was going to enjoy working the nice little piece of ass he held.

“I have to go to that meeting with Roger, but I think I’ll be back to see you around 7 tonight, then I’ll have time to sample that fine cunt of yours.”

He slapped her on the ass and told her to go take a shower and he’d see her later.

When he walked out the door, Janet sat and cried. She didn’t know of any way out of this situation, and at the same time, she wondered how that large cock would feel in her, and she was ashamed of her feelings.

(to be continued)
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