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The very naked Sarge had managed to save his regulation boxers, much to his relief. He didn't mind fighting a war with the bare minimum but he had his limits. Over his head he could see the explosions on the outside skin of the shield. He realized the aliens had their hands full. He'd been tracked as soon as he entered their realm. Why hadn't they just hunted him down again? The firework display above his head told him why.

"They had better things to deal with." He thought." After all he was irrelevant they'd disarmed him hadn't they?"

The Sarge smiled to himself as he picked up his discarded C4 pack.

In the saucer the Queen had taken her place back at the flight seat. She had wasted too much time on these earth creatures. As she sat down the chair came alive, reattaching pipes and nodes to her large body. She felt the living beat of the ship, the microscopic bio-fluid running through its pipes. She was invigorated the craft having suckled on the sexual experiments they had performed that night.

One of her drone bugs approached carrying the humming vines and eggs of the fuck plant so recently inside Daisy and Officer Vale. The data had been assimilated into their collective minds. The Earth law woman and the young girl had accepted their fate, they had finally seen reason. The Queen sniffed the blue head her tentacles licking at the glow. In one motion her jaws opened swallowing the twisting living plant. She gulped it down, the tubes and wires around her hardening, them too beginning to glow blue. It had been so long since she had fed; she was ready to pilot again. Now all that remained was to finish feeding the ship.

The cell door slid open and two bugs beckoned for Jackie to follow them. She shied away her red ringlet hair framing her thin shoulder and neck. One creature entered its flailing tentacle gripping her around her tiny waist pulling her with it. She tried to beat on the armored shell, to no avail the bug almost lifting her onto its back.

"Come with uzzzz!" It demanded, through telepathy." You have so much power untapped in your body!"

John Vale finally met some resistance to his inexorable approach to the alien dome. A camouflaged recon trooper stood weapon at the ready as another forced him from the car. The base camp was just a few hundred feet away and John caught sight of someone he knew.

The Mayor came running as the recon men pinned the intruder to the bonnet of his car.

"It's ok let him through; he's got a right to be here," assured the Mayor.

Following close behind was the recently usurped Major; himself and his men now no more than security for the Generals little army.

John dusted himself off then was about to speak. The Mayor answered before he could ask the obvious question.

"She's inside somewhere. She went in to rescue..."

The Major butted in." She's a brave woman, but it's not looking good son."

They all looked back at the alien shield the helicopters still taking random pot shots at the impenetrable skin. One of the science team approached them his face looking worried.

"It looks like they're going start pumping the gas!"

"Gas?" John asked to the Mayor.

The old man shook his head. "John, "he said looking to the sky," you really don't want to know."

At the Sweetheart's homestead the coverall smocked troops worked quickly but ever so carefully. The engines of the Jolly Duster whined as its underbelly began to pump. The flexing tube ran to a triple sealed valve; the deadly agent beginning its long journey along the arrow straight alien tunnel.

Inside the ship the corridors were full of commuting bugs. They were getting ready for take off. Jackie kicked and screamed as she was almost carried along above then like she was stage diving at a rock concert. There was a open vent in the wall and she was pushed head first down it. The shaft dropped her into another cell. As she fell into a crumpled heap of legs and arms the other occupant awoke from a self induced trance. Sat in the corner head down was Jed. He was still naked, his muscled torso greased, biceps busting with injected adrenaline. Between his legs Jackie instantly noticed the fat steel latticed cock; limp but intimidating. The hard blue scrotal sphere underneath making his penis thrust up proud even when not erect.

Jed groaned a low insane noise. Spittle was dripping from the side of his mouth his eyes barely open. Along his spine were twelve nodes each with a wire sprouting from them. They connected to a thicker black conduit. This snaked up to the ceiling where it disappeared rather like one of the ships tentacle arms. His back was bruised from the surgery his limbs now out of his control. The room was filled with the disembodied voice of the Queen.

"We have suchzz delights to show you Jed. Such experiences for you to savor down the long eons of our journey. But firstzzz we need power to leave."

Jed looked across at the freckled innocent looking red head. "Uhh no, no it's wrong no I can't not any more." He said in his farm boy drawl.

The Queen spoke again the metallic insect voice echoing around the space.

"Do not resist your will. Take the woman! We know itzzz in your nature."

Jed began convulsing, his cock bucking to erection as the spine wires flexed, the aliens animating his body. He was part of the ship now; and the ship needed to feed.

General Hunter stood motionless binoculars at his eyes. Behind him stretching into the distance was a neatly spaced row of parked helicopters. His diversionary attack was coming to an end, stage two was about to begin.

He glanced at the approaching group; John the Mayor and Major without lowering his field glasses.

"What kind of Mickey Mouse operation are you running here Major? He barked continuing to scan the Dome. "Who's this fucking civilian?"

John felt the anger rising, he moved forward; then got the icy cold sideways stare from grey haired officer. He paused; this man looked like a born killer.

The Major didn't answer but put forward his own question. "Sir VX? It's too much of a risk surely?"

The General continued with his binocular scan and said dismissively. "No risk at all Major. The agent is active for only a few hours. We'll just eradicate everything inside the shield then when it's safe send an assault team through the tunnel."

The Mayor held back the enraged John by his arm asking his own question. "But what of the people inside? Our people!"

The General continued to scan the horizon. "They are no doubt dead already." His voice grew sterner. "It's about time you accepted it!"

As if to instantly prove otherwise the shield area directly in front of them suddenly opened into a six foot doorway. The grey fog bellowed out into the clear morning air. As soldiers scrambled into shooting position it closed again. The swirling mist evaporating to show a staggering red NBC suited figure.

In the cavern beneath the saucer Candy and Daisy huddled together. Officer Vale stroked the young woman's head reassuring her.

"You did good honey; real good. Now we have a chance."

Around them Bugs were beginning to spring into motion, they looked like they were getting ready to leave. Both women had aching heads the constant E.S.P chatter taking its toil.

"ZZZzzprepare the examination room for this one." Was the order from the collective mind; and Daisy screamed as a pincer dragged her away. She called back at Candy for help, the officer pushing back at the shell of a closing alien as she struggled to stand.

"The law woman is still required else where." Came the second order.

"Oh God don't leave me!" Wailed Daisy, as her kicking legs disappeared through an airlock into the ship. Candy shouted with all her might, two more bugs now restraining her.

"I won't Daisy Cummings, that's a promise, do you hear? A promise!"

Inside the saucers cell Jackie had nowhere to run. The deformed half man half wired up robot that was Jed lumbered towards her. The ship now controlled him. Only his mind was left free to witness his deviant behavior.

"There's no use." He grunted his cock now fully erect the fat member encased in fine metal lattice his scrotal ball now sloshing to and thro.

Jackie reeled back against the corner her legs hunched up her hands covering her heaving chest. Jed was over her his cock waving his hands grappling with hers.

"Stop resisting you little bitch, there's no escape."

His massive frame was gripping her waist she tugged at his spine cables but they wouldn't come loose. His fat hand was on her ass pulling her thigh open. His mind was in delight.

"Oh fuck, nearly there, oh fuck, she's gonna split on this fucking monster!" He thought feeling his flagpole cock stiffer than ever.

Jackie screamed looking down seeing the bulbous purple head pressing at her pussy. "Oh my! Oh no, no!" She screamed again seeing the finger wide spunk hole and imagining the torrent it would deliver.

"Oh! Ugh! No, n, uuggghh! Aawwwwwwwwwwww!!!"

Outside the Sarge was only a few hundred feet from the rail gun. The firing continued a pace the large pile of wriggling cocoons was diminishing by the minute. Two bugs were loading; repeating the process over and over. Once again the Sarge covered his ears then the crack of a sonic launch, destination some 300 miles above the planet. He felt his C-4 pack strapped to his bare leg. In his other hand he had a long steel pole the end tapered into a spear tip. He needed to kill the two monsters in front of him. He was well practiced in hand to hand; but seeing the quivering multitude of appendages on both creatures he wondered what he was like hand to fifteen hands.

The first bug never saw him coming. The spear tip thundered down with a two handed strike. The Bug squealed its shell punctured the tip appearing out of its underbelly, guts bubbling onto the ground. Its legs gave way immediately the whole bulk dropping like a stone. Sarge felt the pole pulled from his hands the bug rolling onto its side. Now he faced the second one unarmed!

The limp body of the NBC suited survivor was taken hurriedly to the medical tent. The military and officials gathered around. Who was it? They'd decided to leave the suit on until they could be close to medical facilities. The Major carefully lifted the heavy mask and the pale sweaty skinned face and long jet black hair of his science officer appeared.

"It's Capt Fin!"

She was mumbling trying to focus, trying to remember her message.

"They... they... they want to surrender!"

Her eyes opened fully and she sat up looking like she would scream.

"Major! Major it's all a mistake they... , they..."

General Hunter butted in. "If you've got anything to say Captain you say it to me."

Fin looked blankly at the Major then to the older meaner looking General.

"Sir I've a message but its top security. Important information for the commander of the earth forces only. That was there only request."

The woman was helped from her suit. She looked dehydrated a little scratched but physically ok. The general looked at her dark pool eyes his throat gulping a little thinking of what she might have seen and experienced.

"Very well she doesn't look in need of immediate attention. Clear the tent."

The troops withdrew, John Vale shouting questions about his wife. The Mayor had to pull him away until finally the large medical tent was empty except for two.

Fin gave an unexpected smile her dry lips parting so she could lick the cracked skin. She stood up close to the General looking sheepishly up like a school girl. She put her head to one side mockingly.

"You're very wrong General. I do need immediate attention." And with that her mouth thrust against his her hands gripping his head as she gave him a passionate smearing kiss.

Jackie was pinned against the wall. Her legs were hooked around Jed's massive waist her painted toes pointing to his ass crack. Her tits rubbed against his hard chest the nipples been roughly massaged by his skin. She clawed his back and butt her nails scraping the skin but to no effect. He was thrusting up into her as he stood; fucking her mercilessly against the cold metal wall.

"Ag, ag, ag, awwwwww!" She was screaming her pussy stretched beyond memory.

"Oh God. Oh God. Nnnnnnn aw, aw, aw, aw!"

His cock was impossible! The thing was like a fleshy monster dildo; the fat head rubbing her cervix the meshed casing sending shivers through her wall nerves. His tip had oozed so much precome he'd instantly lubricated her. And now her cunt squelched as the juices fizzed and spat onto the floor.

She spat at his grinning insane face. The thoughts of the fuck monster were echoing in her head.

"All mine, all mine, all of them to fuck as I please when I please. That's what the Queen promised. Just ride any bitch they tell me to."

He spat back at her freckled face; Jackie yelping between grunts.

"Yeah, yeah, oh fuck that's it baby. You dirty red headed bitch. Oh I want your ass. Shit, you're gonna fucking throw up when I come up inside there. That's it scream, scream!" Jackie didn't want to accommodate him but she just couldn't help it.


As he bounced her against the wall her eyes began to widen in fear. Jed was confused. His cock felt tight inside, then tighter still. As he pulled out to ram in again he gulped her pussy seemed to be closing. He pushed against Jackie's hole the young woman screaming for him to stop.

His face was shocked, his cock now bending out of her its path in reduced second by second. The red head was moaning in despair shaking her head her hands slapping his back in frustration.

"Oh God not again no no noooooo!"

He looked down between their sweating bodies his enormous member forced clear of her dripping snatched. Then he saw it. His mind reeled but he couldn't move the ship holding him in place still pinning her against the wall. Her pink penis head was appearing from her pussy hole. His hand involuntarily reached down gripping the tender head tugging the cock out till once again its fat ball appeared sealing her love hole.

"Oh Jesus!" His mind cried, Jackie foaming at the mouth her erection hot and wanton.

His body moved back allowing the lithe girl to fall to the floor her legs bents her arms holding her up as she moaned over and over looking down at her glistening rock hard cock.

Suddenly the cell door hissed open and the statuses figure of the busty Candy was forced inside.

All three looked at each other opened mouthed as the voice of the Queen vibrated in their heads.

"Excellent we are ready to power up!"

Candy gave a gulp of fear. Her plan was working, "but heavens, at what cost?" Only now was she realizing what it would mean. She had to focus, put her feelings to the back of her mind. She felt the Queen and the hive mind flowing into her senses as if water was been poured through her ears. The experiences of the last few hours had helped to detach her from reality. She was thankful of that. She was a beautiful, sexy, yet loyal woman. Her morals were ideal for her role as custodian of Love Creek's law. But now she needed to forget them. Her own and poor Daisy's life depended on it.

She gave a coy sensuous gasp, touching her lip as she glanced at the two occupants. She dropped to her knees, between the legs of the shocked confused Jackie.

"Oh honey," She cooed pink lips pouting, elegant hand closing around the young woman's tender headed cock. "Let me help you with that."

Outside the ship in the farmyard, the Sarge backed away from his bulky alien adversary. He slowly moved himself between the erect metal lattice of the rail gun and the advancing bug. Its pincers snapped, its teeth chattering in anger. It stepped over its dead companion, numerous eyes fixed on the near naked muscle man in front of it.

Sarge tensed his thighs, launching himself in a rolling arch over its shell as it in turn lunged forward, its claws smashing against the metal. A swinging tentacle clipped his leg in mid air, the soldier losing his graceful flight, falling in a clump on the ground.

He only had seconds to roll and knell up into a crouched position before the thing had spun and now towered down on him

"Oh fuck!"

In the private tent at the base camp General Hunter was distracted from his usual stern unyielding manner.

"Ohhh Captain, "he groaned in his southern drawl.

On her knees in front of him was the raven haired Fin, her red mouth engorged on the Generals eager rock hard cock. She was taking long deep swallows the general amazed at her gullets dexterity.

"Jezzz how the fuck can you swallow that deep?" He thought as Fins wet mouth sank around the base of his hairy military cock, spittle dripping over her chin.

He threw his head back in pleasure. His mind distracted. "He had a mission to complete. Urgently!" But the Science officer was savoring his hot cock with such expertise that he felt his knees almost buckle.

"Oh you dirty bitch don't you stop now, that's a fucking order girl you hear!"

Deep underground in the alien tunnel leading from Love Creek a bug limped at a slow rate towards the safety of the energy dome and ship. Half its appendages had been burnt or blown apart by the deadly human weapons and in the confusion it had been left behind by it comrades. It was still a mile away from safety but the hive mind gave it comfort, urging it on; telling it all the pain would go once it got to its own kind.

The creature had sensed something in the tunnel closing towards it from the earth town. Its instincts told it to hurry, whatever it was represented danger. The hissing had grown louder and louder the air within the tunnel moving as if a breeze was blowing deep under ground.

The bug tried to increase its shambling crawl but the pain was too much. In its head the hive mind followed a hundred different paths at once, all inter linked. It saw the fight in the courtyard, the man about to be shredded. It felt the warmth of Daisy's wrist as she was dragged along a saucer corridor struggling; the delight of the Queen as she enjoyed the buxom Candy's performance. The arousal of that human man plugged into their ship, the sparks from a fuse box as a colleague hastily prepared a small part of the craft for take off. It felt a hundred significant and in-significant experiences at once. And in turn the hive mind felt its own pain as it struggled to flee an unseen, fast approaching danger.

The tunnel bug never saw what killed it. There was a sudden change in air density, a slight odor and a coursing stinging pain. Then death.

A hundred different bug experiences stopped and froze, focusing on that single one. "The tunnelzzz!"

The Sarge had covered his face the razor claw about to rain down. The bug halted mid strike as if in thought. The soldier rolled away from it, jumping to his feet about to sprint. But he needn't have worried, the bug had left him. It was racing to the tunnel entrance, and without pausing it flung itself down the hole, tentacles writhing to push its self along at breakneck speed.

The Sarge couldn't believe his eyes.

"What the hell would be so important that it couldn't spend a minute finishing him?"

In the saucer cell Jackie was moaning in pleasure and embarrassment. This tall blonde was taking her erect hard member between her lips, licking and sucking like her life depended on it. Her eyes glinted wickedly and Jackie realized what it meant to be given head by a hot dedicated female mouth.

"Ohhhhhh! Nnooooo!" She could only groan and shake her head, her half hearted attempt to push the blonde away never having any chance to work.

She arched her back tits firming up. What chance was there to resist? She had already given up hope of ever escaping this perverse, horrific dream.

The awful half man, half machine was knelling behind the sucking blonde tart, his hard scrotum clattering against the floor. The man had both his huge hands opening Candy's ass cheeks his tongue already pressing and circling the Sheriffs sensitive tight anus.

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