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Chapter One: Taking Advantage

"Yeah, Dave. C'mon over. You can watch TV with us," Jenny spoke into the mouth of the phone, twirling her dirty blonde hair like a little girl. Afterwards, she hung up the phone and searched behind her, looking for someone in the kitchen.

Since she could not find who she was looking for, she decided to holler out, "Hey Sean, Dave is coming over to watch TV."

"Okay," replied Sean from the bedroom. As he dressed himself in the bedroom, Jenny was watching television on the couch in the living room. She wore a pink t-shirt and gray cotton short-shorts, perfect for wearing around the house comfortably. She rarely wore any panties when she was sitting around; she liked to be comfortable.

Jenny always enjoyed spending time with Dave. She had known him since her freshman year in college, and Sean had known him throughout high school. Still, Dave had continued to remain a fairly private person to the couple, so Jenny's anticipation to understand him better had built through the years. This is why she enjoyed spending time with him, so she could try every trick she knew to get more information out of him.

Today was no different, either. She had formulated a plan to get Dave to finally spill everything. After Sean was to leave for work, she would offer Dave some weed and smoke it with him and see what comes out of his mouth. Heck, she thought she might even sneak him a peek or two at her crotch if she could catch him looking. Whatever might make him talk would be used.

Suddenly, Jenny heard a soft rap at the door, and she got up from the couch like a spring popping off of its hold. She shot to the door and let Dave in. "Hey Dave," she kissed him on the cheek, hugged him, then continued, "how are you?"

Dave tensed up when Jenny kissed him because he hadn't expected it, and then answered, "Hey Jenny. I'm good. What was that for?"

"Just a friendly kiss," Jenny winked back, "Come in. Sit down. Get comfy. You know the drill."

Dave walked in, removed his shoes and leather jacket in a mannerly fashion and sat down in the recliner next to Jenny's sofa. He watched Jenny from the corner of his eye, waiting for her to ask him something. Dave was no idiot; he had caught on to her behavior and knew that she was trying to tap into his personal life. This caused him to place extra guard on his part, making Jenny's job very difficult.

"So Dave, what's new in your life?" Jenny began.

"Same as always. Nothing," Dave answered in a mild, but friendly tone. Jenny just nodded as she cycled through her plan, pretending to be interested in the television. She really had no clue what program was on, though.

The next five or ten minutes remained completely silent except for the TV. Dave was actually watching, and Jenny was dazed in her own thoughts. Finally, the silence was broken with Sean's entrance into the room.

"Hey Dave," a well-dressed Sean spoke as he continued his path into the kitchen. The room was filled with the scent of Sean's masculine cologne.

"Hey Sean," spoke Dave with no enthusiasm. Again more silence fell between the three.

Sean scratched around aimlessly in the kitchen, and then finally said, "Well, I'm off to work guys." Sean walked over to Jenny on the couch, who was so dazed she didn't realize that her fiancé was leaving. "Babe! I'm leaving! Hello?" Sean shook Jenny.

"Oh shit honey, I'm sorry. I was lost in thought. What kind of shift are you working today?" Jenny finally spoke.

"Only working four hours today," responded Sean, then he bent down and kissed her and said, "I love you."

"Love you too. Call me," Jenny told him.

Sean began for the door as Dave said, "Later dude!" Sean responded with a high five and left.

Almost the instant Sean was out the door, Jenny looked over at Dave and said, "Hey Dave, you want to smoke some weed with me?"

Dave looked at her funny and thought for a moment, then responded, "Yeah, since I don't have to be anywhere today and I live next door I'll smoke some with you." Whether Jenny knew it or not, Dave had a plan for everything, and this was no exception. Now the game was on.

Jenny laughed a little and seemed to loosen up as she leaned back and reached into the drawer of the lamp table behind her and pulled out two joints and a lighter. Dave got up and took one of the joints, bending over to light his, then sat back in the recliner. Jenny lit hers and put the lighter on the lamp table.

Dave watched TV as he took small doses of the stimulant, a puff here and there as Jenny smoked half of her joint in five minutes. By this time, she was watching the TV, laughing at nothing in particular. Dave observed her every action as if he was a lion waiting for the right time to prey upon an unsuspecting zebra.

Then came the questions. Jenny began asking many questions, all of them very personal. She had no problem asking them, like a child with no discretion. With every question Dave answered with as many of the least detailed, one-worded answers he could come up with.

By the ending of her questioning, Jenny was already stoned out of her mind and had smoked the entire joint. She had ruined her own plans by losing control of herself; she had become her own worst enemy. After more laughing hysterically at the television, she became flirtatious and started looking at Dave with eyes of fiery passion. Then she said, "I'm hot. Mind if I take my clothes off?" Jenny had no idea what she was doing anymore.

"No, go right ahead" Dave replied without hesitation. He had gotten her naked, which was the first step of his plan. He couldn't help but snicker at the successful way this plan was working as he finished the last of his joint. He had a little bit of a buzz, so he knew he was at the limit.

Jenny stripped naked, nothing on her wonderful body. Dave inconspicuously scoped her out, following her long, wavy hair down her soft, succulent neck, then to her golden shoulders splotched with a freckle here and there, down to her beautiful, round breasts, which were white as if they'd been locked up in clothing for a while. He dreamt of sucking on her erect, pink nipples, and then followed the contours of her golden-brown belly down to her natural, unshaven crotch. Her curly, brown pubic hair barely been touched, only waxed up for bikinis. He could only see the beginning of her clitoris due to the way she was sitting, but had an enormous erection that wanted to fuck her so badly.

"Want another one?" Jenny asked as she stood up to access the drawer again. Now Dave was focusing on her beautiful, smooth back, down to her golden-white round, rump, so perfect for thrusting into.

"No thanks, I'm good" Dave replied.

Jenny shrugged her shoulders and began to smoke a second joint, then took a seat on the floor in front of the TV. She made an obvious move closer to Dave. The next hour went by with Dave focusing between the TV and the side of Jenny's golden body, and Jenny watching the TV with no clue what the show was about.

By the time she had smoked the entire second joint, she had become horny and couldn't wait for Sean to come home. Without a thought of discretion or monogamy in mind, she looked at Dave and spoke soft and sweet, "Fuck me, Dave."

Dave smiled when she said this, for he knew his plan had worked. Still, knowing that there was still more to his plan, he sternly said, "No."

"Shit!" screamed Jenny, "I'm horny! I need a fuck!" Then in frustration, she stood up and took out yet another joint and lit it. With his plans in mind, Dave resisted all of his temptation to answer and continued to watch the television.

After lighting up, Jenny sauntered over to Dave and got on her knees in front of his recliner. Dave just watched her and said nothing. Jenny cautiously reached up to the button of Dave's jeans and unbuttoned them. She watched for him to speak or move her hands, but he did nothing except give a cold stare into her eyes. She unzipped his jeans; still nothing.

Finally, gathering up some courage, she pulled them off. She thought that surely he would slap her or something, so before she could see what she had unwrapped, she ducked to dodge any hit.

Yet nothing happened, so she finally looked up and saw Dave still staring at her eyes, but with a much warmer, welcoming look. Then, she looked down to see the cotton briefs with an enormous bulge in them. Her eyes couldn't help but be amazed at the bulge, and she took another few puffs of her joint before continuing.

Finally, she reached up to the stretchy waistband and slowly pulled down his underwear. Out sprung his gigantic nine-inch penis towards her face, stopping about an inch from her eye. She was amazed at his size and couldn't stop thinking about if she could fit it all in or not. Excitedly, she pulled the underwear the rest of the way off, revealing his huge sack. She wanted to suck it so badly; she wanted to fuck it so badly.

Jenny took another break as she thought of the job ahead of her and puffed some more on her joint, losing more concentration. Then, still holding the joint in her mouth, she reached her hand up to his penis and began to feel around of the shaft. She was so horny now, yet she had no idea what she was doing. Finally, she began to stroke it slowly.

As the stroking continued, Dave just leaned back and enjoyed the ride, watching her ever-changing mood. The more she pumped, the higher she was getting, and by the time she finished the third joint, she had stopped pumping and fell backwards, laying on the floor, stoned. Jenny was now lost and did not know what was happening anymore.

Knowing that it was time to act, Dave came to life. He looked at her naked, motionless body lying there so innocently and began to finish her job of stroking. He was stroking off to her beautiful body harder and harder, and though Jenny was watching, she had no clue.

Then, feeling the beginning of his orgasm, Dave stood up and began to pump himself over Jenny's body rapidly. Dave moaned and groaned a little as the cum worked its way up his balls and into his shaft. He was ready.

Now, while still stroking, he positioned himself over her face and squatted down, smacking her cheeks a little with the tip of his cock. Then, he stuck it in her open mouth and began to fuck it. Dave could hear and feel Jenny gag a little as he felt her tonsils tickle his tip. Then, he squirted his load into her throat and came out when he was finished. Jenny now gasped for air and then made a sound, what seemed to be a moan, or an approval of whatever she had tasted.

Dave had gotten a hand job and a blowjob from Jenny, both without her knowledge. Now he sat back in the recliner to recuperate and think of his next actions as he watched TV.

After fifteen minutes, Dave became hard again and had decided that he was going to get a fuck out of this. He stood up, bent over to grab Jenny's shoulders, and dragged her body to a more open area on the floor. Then, he climbed on top of her, looked into her glazed eyes and said, "I've always wanted to fuck the living shit out of you. You're so fucking hot. I masturbate to you every day. Now, I'm going to do myself a huge favor and fuck you."

With that, he stuck his cock in her wet pussy, starting out slow, shoving in as deep as he could. To his surprise, she was able to take in all nine inches. Dave thrusted slow and fast, side to side, doing everything he had ever imagined he could do with her, and every position he'd read about. A good thirty minutes passed, and he was surprised that he had lasted this long. He knew this orgasm was going to be his best ever.

Then, in the middle of his finale, the phone on the wall of the kitchen rang. Of course it didn't stop Dave. But then, just after it quit ringing, Dave realized he had lost track of the time. "Sean!" Dave screamed, then pulled out of Jenny, frantically looking for a clock. He was about to squirt when he pulled out, and now he was running around his friend's house naked, about to burst.

Finally he found a clock. Sean was to be home in about five minutes. Dave became even more nervous and looked around as if needing something to do. Finally, he ran over to the chair and put his clothes back on. Then he looked at Jenny, naked, on the floor, stoned. "What the fuck am I going to do with her?" he thought.

Dave quickly decided that it would be best to make it look like she had sent him home, got stoned, then masturbated in bed. He dragged Jenny to her bedroom and lifted her into her bed, tucking her in and cleaning any cum off, and then he through her clothes in a pile next to the bed. A few touchups and he had made it look like she'd been masturbating and fallen to sleep.

He looked at the clock next to the bed and knew he had little time, if any. He dashed back into the living room and made sure there was no clues left anywhere, and then stuck his head out the door to make sure Sean had not driven up yet. The coast was still clear, so he quickly locked the door and went into his own apartment, turning any light off.

Dave sat staring out his window as Sean drove in, walked up the steps, and entered his apartment. Dave was now more nervous than ever, expecting to hear a scream or get a phone call or something. He sat the next four hours waiting. When nothing happened, he finally calmed down and became frustrated that he didn't get to finish. "I'll finish her. I have to" he thought. Then, thinking of earlier, he masturbated and went to bed.

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