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The following week went by slowly. Ryan and I went about our normal routines, looking forward to small moments of spontaneity. He had to work late several days in a row, which made us even more excited for the prospects of a fun date night Friday. We had made arrangements that I would cook a nice dinner by candlelight before we went out to a local club for Karaoke Night. Perhaps this time I would get up enough courage to go on stage and sing something. I knew I had a good voice but was always too nervous to sing in front of anyone except close family and friends. And hey, if Ryan sang something with me it wouldn't be so bad. It would be a fun night out, wouldn't it?

Friday night finally came and we eagerly anticipated the evening ahead. I got home from work first and began preparing our meal. I had planned to make a fresh vegetable and herb lasagna for dinner and chocolate covered strawberries for dessert. I even went out to buy a bottle of our favorite drink and stuck it in the refrigerator as soon as I got home. Knowing I didn't have much time tonight, I had cut up the vegetables and dipped the strawberries the night before so all I had to do was boil the noodles, put the lasagna together, bake it, set the table and get dressed for the evening ahead. When Ryan got home, I was just finishing getting dressed.

"Hey honey. You look very nice!"

"Thanks," was my reply as I slipped into his arms for a sexy kiss. "Dinner is almost ready."

"Ok. I'm just going to change and I'll be out in a minute."

"Ok." I went into the kitchen, pulled the lasagna out of the oven and cut us each a medium slice. Then I poured our drinks and brought it all to the table. After arranging our plates and silverware just to our liking, I lit the candles and sat down. It smelled wonderful! Ryan came out of our bedroom and saw the meal all set on the table.

"Mmm, does that ever smell good!" he exclaimed with bright eyes.

"Mmm, do you ever look good!" I said as I raised my eyebrow and looked him up and down. He just gave me a look as if to say "whatever" and sat down.

We ate our delicious meal and enjoyed each other's company, while thinking curiously about what the evening would hold. When we finished eating our lasagna, I put the dinner plates by the other dirty dishes. I pulled out a fresh plate, took the tray of strawberries from the refrigerator and put three on the plate for each of us. But as I brought the plate to the table, Ryan took it from me, set it aside, lifted me onto the edge of the table and stood between my legs. I wrapped my legs around him as he pulled my body into his and brought his head down for a deep kiss.

"Mmm, you taste good," I panted, breaking away.

"Not as good as you're going to taste in a minute." He took a strawberry and held it up to my lips, tracing it along my soft skin. I reached out to take a bite but he pulled it away. Teasing me with it, he took the tip, lightly tracing it down the crest of my nose and brought it to my lips again. This time when I reached out to bite it he held it there so I could taste the succulent sweetness. A little juice dripped down the side of my mouth and Ryan bent down to lick it up. Then he crushed his lips against mine and pushed his tongue into my mouth, tasting the sweetness that still lingered. I took the half strawberry that was still in his hand and held it high above his head, forcing him to crane his neck up and catch it. We sensually fed each other the remaining strawberries as we ground our clothed bodies together, creating a heat that was ready to catch fire at any moment.

Just as I fed Ryan the last bit of the luscious dessert, he immediately began pulling my black athletic pants down my legs before hastily undoing his belt, button and zipper and dropping his cargos to the floor. I could see how excited he was through his boxers. But I didn't have a chance to look long. Within seconds he pulled out his stiff cock and pushed my panties aside, not even bothering to remove them. I was excited and hot, but not quite wet enough for him to enter me completely in one thrust, though after a few slow thrusts I was able to take him in. I wrapped my arms around his neck, still sitting on the edge of the table with my legs curled around his. He circled one arm around my waist and the other pulled my head toward him to engage in a hot, deep kiss as we slowly humped against each other. Soon, the slick sounds of our bound wetness filled the room along with moans of pleasure and panted breaths.

Oh, god! I could feel the tingling in my pussy begin to get stronger. Fortunately for me, this was the other position I was able to orgasm in and I knew we were purposely sitting like this for that reason. Ryan had promised me the previous week that I would be allowed a great orgasm since I was a good girl for him. Tonight, I knew I would reach that heavenly peak. I could feel it. As we continued to passionately kiss and moan, I felt the wetness grow between my legs. Ryan knew not to speed up too fast or I would not cum as he hoped. He kept a steady pace and as I got closer I began grabbing at his back. The waves were coming on stronger now and I could tell I was on the edge. I began moaning more frantically, panting harder, holding onto Ryan as if this was the last time. He pumped into me just a little faster and I exploded in a fury of passion, my pussy lips clenching and unclenching his hard cock until he too exploded in his own orgasm, filling me with his hot cum. We held onto each other as the waves of our orgasms shook our bodies. After our pulses slowed and our breathing returned to near normal, I realized I was still holding Ryan in a death grip and slowly relaxed my muscles to release him. We lovingly gazed into each other's eyes and smiled.

"That was wonderful," I breathed, then collapsed against his chest in a bear hug. He held my head there for a moment, then lifted my chin up to face him and gently kissed my soft lips again.

"Yes, it was." I tingled inside from his sexy smile and the twinkle in his soft hazel eyes. "How about we get cleaned up here and go out to Karaoke Night?"

"I would love to," I said as he helped me off the table and into the bathroom to clean up.

The parking lot was full when we arrived at the club. Karaoke Night always drew in a big crowd. I'm not sure what the allure of it was. I mean, most of the people that "sang" karaoke couldn't really sing if their lives depended on it. But it was fun to go anyway. Ryan and I usually took a booth near the back of the club and watched the singers on stage, making comments here and there about what we thought. We had never gone up to sing ourselves, so I suppose we had no right making comments...until tonight.

Feeling a little more risqué after the drinks with our dinner and the hot sex afterwards, we decided to sit in a booth near the stage. After a few songs, we contemplated going up there to sing something together. But what would we sing? We always sang along with System of a Down, Linkin Park, NIN or whatever else we had in the car, but could we really sing one of those songs by ourselves? We decided to take a chance and go for it. We asked the DJ if they had Linkin Park's "With You" in the karaoke list and he said he did. We thought, what the hell, and went up on stage. When I looked out at the crowd I nearly ran back off. I was so nervous! But Ryan told me just to look at him as we sang and it would be just like we were in the car. The music began. I held the microphone in front of my lips and lost all inhibition. If I'm going to do this, I better damn well do it right, I thought. We belted out the song and had a lot of fun while we were at it. When it was over, the crowd began applauding, so we decided to try one more song. We settled for Linkin Park's "Points of Authority."

The DJ set it up and we began singing. We were about halfway through the song when I noticed someone in the audience staring at me with a cruel-looking smirk on his face. He seemed very familiar but I couldn't place him. And with the audience lights slightly dimmed, I couldn't see his features clearly. We finished the song and received another round of applause as we headed off stage. I became unsettled watching the man stare at me so intently. Why did he look so familiar? I was about to tell Ryan to look over at him, but he suddenly got up and was out the door before a word came out. I didn't think too much of it the rest of the night. After all, I was there with Ryan and it's not like no one has ever looked at me before. I just thought his smirk was a little odd, that's all. We decided not to hang around too much longer. Besides, we had other plans for the evening and they only included the two of us. So we gathered our stuff from the booth and headed out. Unfortunately, we didn't notice the car behind ours, following us from the club to our home.

We pulled into the driveway and parked the car. Once inside, I locked the front door, came up behind Ryan as he was taking his shoes off and wrapped my arms around him. "Thank you for a fun evening, honey. I can't believe I actually got up on stage and sang! I was so nervous!"

"You did great. I'm very proud of you. We should do that again some time." He turned around and pulled me into a deep kiss as the dog started jumping up on our legs, wanting to go out.

"All right, all right. Hold on one moment," I told him. I turned back to Ryan. "I'm going to let him out quick. But I'll be right back." I winked and smiled at him, anticipating what was going to happen as soon as I got back inside.

"I'll be waiting in the bedroom," he coyly responded. We kissed once more and he strutted toward the room. I excitedly watched his sexy backside as he went. Insistently, the dog kept jumping up at me.

"Ok, let's go," I told him as I snapped on his leash. I opened the back door into the cool night air. It was still warm enough for pants and short sleeves, but the weather would soon turn cooler as fall hit. I lead the dog to the edge of the back yard and let him go to the bathroom. I thought I heard a rustling sound, but it could have been squirrels so I paid no attention. After he was done, I began walking toward the house again, his ears perked and listening.

"What is it, boy?" I asked. I got somewhat spooked being out there by myself in the dark so we rushed toward the house a little faster. As soon as I opened the back door to go inside, I suddenly dropped the leash as I was pulled backwards, a hand came up to my face and a damp rag was pushed against my mouth and nose. Knowing what it probably was, I forced myself not to freak out or breathe it in. I focused my energy on saving myself and powerfully jammed my elbow into my attacker's side, causing the rag to fall away from my face long enough for me to take a breath of fresh air. I saw a second person run in front of me and close the back door, blocking my route of escape. I couldn't see who the attackers were but I didn't want to find out. With only a split second to make a decision, I flew around and slammed my fist into the person's face who initially grabbed me.

He stumbled back a bit and lost his balance for a few precious seconds, holding his face. I saw the second person run toward me so I bolted in the opposite direction. I knew I had locked the front door of the house when we got home, so I decided to run for a neighbor's house. I screamed at the top of my lungs as I ran, but the person who had closed the back door was closing in on me fast. I was never a good runner and now I chastened myself for it. Within a few more feet I felt a strong forearm slice into my back between the shoulder blades. I stumbled and fell hard with all the momentum I was carrying. I quickly turned over knowing I wouldn't have much leverage to fight on my stomach. But just as I turned over my attacker quickly sat on my knees, preventing any leg movement, as I thrashed at him with my arms. I did end up landing a few good hits to his face and chest, but a few seconds later the second attacker reached us and straddled my chest, squeezing me in place with his thighs.

He was heavier than the one on my knees and I could barely breathe. I kept punching as hard as I could but it wasn't helping much. The cloth was again pressed to my face and this time I had no choice but to breathe in the dampness. The last thing I remember before everything went black was the cruel laughter of my attackers as they quickly carried my limp body to their car and drove away from the neighborhood. My heart sank wondering if I'd ever see Ryan again.

Rape Of Women Pictures