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This past week I reassigned my secretary to a different position and made Ashley my new "Personal Assistant" giving her the desk immediately outside my office. In less than two weeks I had turned Ashley into my fuck slave and she relished the idea of being nearby awaiting her next "assignment" from her Fuck Master. This morning I came in early to prepare for tomorrow's sales meeting but mind you not the type of preparation that I would be normally doing. Only three of my Reps had met her and I was trying to determine how best to introduce Ashley to the rest of the "team" being that her good for nothing husband was also part of that "team".

As I pondered the subject further I heard, "That son of a bitch!" I gazed up at Ashley standing in front of me and obviously upset. "Good morning to you too. What's wrong?" I laughed. Ashley replied, "I'm sorry Tony. It's just that I'm so pissed off at my husband. He's asking a whole lot of questions about my new job. What do I do? Why am I dressing so sexy? Am I fucking you? Etc…." I smiled at her and added, "This too shall pass baby. Come over here and let me help you relax you're way too tense."

Ashley sauntered around my desk and sat on my lap as I buried my face into her luscious melons. Ashley no longer used a bra and had taken to wearing thin silk blouses that according to her "kept her nipples nice and erect all day long." She mentioned that the sensation of my lips sucking on her nipples through the sheer silk fabric created a wonderfully titillating feeling deep inside her.

I nibbled and sucked on her hard bullets leaving two large wet spots on her blouse and Ashley gasping, "mmmmmmmm. I love when you suck on my tits like that baby." Holding my head tight to her breasts she squirmed on my lap as I slid my hand down to her creamy thighs. She parted her legs slightly to allow my fingers to find her already swollen, parted, and moist cunt lips. My finger easily slid into her throbbing cunt as Ashley cooed, "Oh yes baby. That feels soooooo good. Make me cum baby. I am so close already."

I pushed my fingers in and out of her fuckhole as my mouth took deep long sucks on her nipples. Ashley's legs began to spasm as she neared a quick and resounding climax. I flicked her clit back and forth with my thumb as my finger fucked her trembling cunt. Her body sensing the nearing implosion Ashley let out a low seductive moan, " Oooooooh yes baby. I'm going to cum sooooo good. Don't stop I'm so close. Oh yes that's it, yes yes yes yes, oooooooooooooooh." Ashley threw her head back and screamed, "aahhhh. I'm cummmin! Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh" her cunt convulsing wildly on my hand. She held my head tighter as she enjoyed each wave of pleasure that rippled through her body.

Once her orgasm had ebbed she knelt down in front of me and hurriedly pulled my hard cock out of my pants and began pumping my shaft. She looked up at me and purred, "I want to make sure you're nice and hard before you fill my cunt with your cock baby." I replied, "It's hard enough. Get up here and ride my cock now!" She turned around as she stood lifting her skirt up and straddled my pulsating member. Her juicy cuntwalls engulfed my cock as she slowly sat down on my hard-on. My cock fully in her hot fuckhole Ashley leaned back against me savoring for a moment the feeling of my slab deep inside her cunt.

My hands wrapped around her body finding their place on her heaving tits and I began to thrust my hips up and down. Ashley let out a short gasp, "Oh yes baby. Fuck your slave. Fill my cunt with your hot seed. Oh baby your cock feels sooooo hard." I began a nice slow pace as wisps of pleasure quickly began building within me. Ashley leaned forward onto my desk and began to furiously ride my pole up and down with her fuckhole. Her ass cheeks slapped against my legs as I pumped my cock in and out of her fiery cunt. I pushed my rod harder and harder into her fuckhole as she squealed in delight, "Fuck me harder baby. I love your cock. Fuck your slut. Give it to me hard baby. I want you to cum soooo good."

I grabbed her ass cheeks and furiously slammed them up and down on my cock pummeling her throbbing cunt with my mass. The sensation and sound of her cunt slapping down on my cock drove Ashley wild with lust. I continued to pound her cunt as she screamed, "Fuck me baby, fuck me hard." In moments my cum filled balls exploded sending shot after shot of my hot cum deep inside her quivering cunt. She cried out, "Yes fill my cunt up. Give me all your cum. Oh yes baby cum inside your slut" as my cock spasmed uncontrollably deep within her fiery loins. My orgasm subsiding I left my pulsating cock to soften in her cunt.

As was now customary Ashley licked my cock clean leaving it glistening with her saliva when she was done. Ashley rose and said, "Baby that was great. Talk about getting rid of my tension." I looked at my hot little fuck slave and smiled, "You are such a good fuck baby. I'm glad you aren't stressing anymore about that good for nothing bum. Besides I think all of his questions will be answered at tomorrow's sales meeting."

Ashley look at me apprehensively not sure of what I had in mind and queried, "What do you mean all his questions will be answered tomorrow? You can't tell him about us."

I smiled at Ashley and said, "First of all I didn't say anything about me telling him about us. Secondly I hope you're not trying to tell me what to do. Don't forget who the fuck slave is."

Ashley eyed me nervously before asking, "I'm sorry baby. I am your fuck slave, your slut, whatever you want me to be. I wasn't trying to tell you what to do. I just didn't understand what you meant when you said all of his questions will be answered."

I glared at my hot little slut and said, "His questions will be answered when you show him just exactly what you do at work." Ashley was stunned at what she had just heard. "You're not suggesting that he is going to see me fucking you? Are you?" A devilish little smirk broke across my face as I said, "No he is not going to see us fucking." With a sense of relief she replied, "Oh that's good. I mean he would kill us if he knew the truth."

I laughed and said, "First of all your husband isn't going to kill anybody. You see all he is a pathetic little weakling who is too scared to act on his feelings. Secondly he isn't going to see us fucking but he is going to see you doing a strip tease for the sales force." Ashley cried, "I can't do that. Please baby don't make me do that." I yelled back at her, "You can and you will or I'll boot your hot little ass and his onto the streets. After tomorrow's meeting I am going to bring everyone up to my suite for some drinks and that's when you will do your strip and anything else I want. Do I make myself clear!"

Ashley now crying uncontrollably yelled back, "No I can't do that. I can't baby. Please don't make me do that. What about if I do it for everyone but my husband?" I rose and walked up to her sobbing body and took her into my arms. I whispered to her, "Ashley everything will be all right. You will do just fine. You just follow my directions and I'll take care of your husband. You just need to trust me. I wouldn't want you to do anything that will cause you pain and believe me this won't. In fact by the time you're done I would say you will have enjoyed it immensely." Resigned to the inevitable Ashley buried her face onto my shoulder until her sobbing subsided.

The rest of the day was very uneventful. I was busy with final plans for the sales meeting tomorrow and Ashley's mood did not improve much. From time to time she would come to me to try and reassure her about tomorrow, "Tony are you sure this is going to be fine?" she would whimper or "I don't know if I can do this baby." she would pout. I of course would just say, "Everything will be fine and you will do this for me!"

As we were leaving I told her, "Okay baby don't bother coming in tomorrow as we will all be at the Hyatt Regency for the meetings. I will leave a spare set of keys for my suite at the front desk. Show up around 4:00 and I'll meet you in my room first before anybody gets there. Wear something real sexy including undergarments and also bring a change of clothes as you and I are going out to dinner afterwards." Before she had anytime to say anything I gave her a deep wet kiss and left.

The sales meeting seemed to drag on forever. Everyone got up and made their bullshit forecasts for next years sales growth, and all the new accounts that they were going to open. I kept looking at my watch to see what time it was hoping that 4:00 would soon be here. At one point when Ashley's husband was talking I almost felt sorry for the stiff. He had know idea what was in store for him as he went on and on about some bullshit new account. I could not wait to see what his reaction was going to be.

At about 4:15 I got up and invited everyone over to my suite, "Okay listen up. You guys wrap this meeting up by 5:00 and then head up to my room. You guys can have some drinks before dinner and I also have a little entertainment for us lined up. Today's meeting was very productive. I'll see you guys at 5:00 room 1001." I turned and left excitedly.

When I got to my room I found Ashley nervously sitting on the couch. I looked at her and said, "Baby you look so fucking hot. I can't wait to see you naked." Ashley let out a nervous sigh, "I'm really nervous about this Tony. My husband is going to be so pissed off at me. What if he leaves me high and dry?" I laughed and said, "Baby, you're husband doesn't have the balls to leave such a hot little wife. Do you think you would be here if he had any balls? Stand up I want to see how you look?"

She stood up and did a little turn to show off her "outfit". She looked incredibly hot. She was wearing a tight black sheer blouse that buttoned up the front, the swell of her breasts straining against it. Underneath I could tell she had a pretty skimpy push up bra. The skirt was a tight black leather with a small slit in the front. It was short and hugged her luscious ass. She had on black stockings and a set of black stiletto heels. She was nervous but I sensed that her cunt might also be a little moist. I said, "Show me what you have underneath the skirt." Ashley pulled her skirt up showing a set of black lace garters and a see through black thong.

I smothered her moist red lips with mine as I let my hand explore her fuckhole. As I suspected her cunt was wet with sexual anticipation. Ashley hungrily explored my mouth and mewed, "Oh baby I need you to fuck me. I need to feel your cock inside my pussy." as I pushed her panty into her wet cunt letting it soak up some of her love juices. We continued our heated embrace for a few moments before I broke away and said, "Let's have a drink before the "team" arrives. It will help settle your nerves." It was nearing 5:00 so I suggested to her that she wait in my bedroom until it was time to perform. She waited nervously until we finally heard the knock on my door. I left Ashley in the bedroom closing the door as I went to answer the door.

I led the guys in and said to them, "Pour yourselves some drinks I need to rearrange the place a little for the entertainment." I moved some furniture around to make a "dance floor" and said, "Okay guys sit yourselves down around the floor and I'll be right back with the entertainment.

I went into the bedroom and found Ashley sitting nervously on my bed. I pulled her up and started to make out with her. I grabbed her tit, playing with her nipples through her bra, "Those guys are going to die when they see these babies. They are going to get instant hard-ons." She groaned and buried her face against my chest. I slipped my hand around and squeezed her firm, round ass. "Baby you are going to get everyone so fucking hard when they see how wet and hot your fuckhole is."

Ashley pushed her pelvis hard into my cock and groaned at the thought. She looked up at me with one of those glazed looks and said, "You're going to make sure that Joe doesn't flip out right?" I slid my hand down to her love nest and rubbed her wet cunt as I whispered, "I'll take care of him. You just do as I say when you get out there." She groaned, "Ooooh I'm soo wet baby. I am so turned on." I took her by the hand and led her out into the room full of guys.

As I stepped through the doorway I said, "Okay guys this is Ashley, my new personal assistant, and Joe's wife." The room became quiet as stunned faces gazed at Ashley and then Joe. Joe rose to his feet and shouted, "What the fuck is going on here. Ashley what the hell do you think you're doing?" I walked over to Joe and pushed him back down to his seat, "Sit you're fucking ass down. What is going on here is that your wife saved you're fucking job. I would have fired your ass if she hadn't agreed to put on this little show. I suggest you sit here quietly and enjoy the performance. Otherwise you're out of here."

Joe looked stunned not sure how to react whimpered, "Ashley don't do this I'll quit my job and find a new one." I looked down at this pathetic man and said, "Joe you won't be able to get a new job not with the reference that I'll give any future employer. Besides Ashley wants to do this. She is fucking turned on at the thought of all these guys looking at her hot little body. So shut the fuck up and enjoy the show."

As I suspected Joe did not have the balls to take this any further. He lowered his head in frustration as I went over and turned the radio on to a music station. I smiled at Ashley and said, "okay baby show us your stuff." Ashley swayed gently with the music, reaching to undo the buttons on her blouse. The guys sat there, not daring to breathe for fear she would stop. I walked over and sat by Joe and we all watched Ashley open her blouse showing us her luscious tits encased in her black push up bra. One of the guys shouted, "Oh, man look at those babies!"

Ashley was still acting somewhat nervous but she did show a little smile at the comments obviously enjoying the effect she was having on the guys. She slid her blouse down her arms and dropped it on the floor and ran her hands up her flat belly, cupping her breasts so that they almost spilled out over her bra. She moved closer to us, turning gently to the music, and teasingly, she lifted the back of her short skirt, exposing the lower half of her supple round ass cheeks. Ashley bent at the waist so that her ass was pushed out toward us, her skirt riding up on her hips and wiggled her ass. Larry, my sales manager, almost fell out of his chair, "Wow" he gasped looking at Ashley's ass hovering inches from his face.

I looked at Joe who was slouched down in his chair head down not wanting to see his wife's striptease. I leaned over and quietly smirked, "You know you're missing a real hot show." Ashley pulled her thong panties up her ass crack and gyrated her luscious butt around and around for all of us to see. At this point my cock was so fucking hard I thought it was going to pop right through my pants. I looked over at the other guys and their cocks were bulging out as well, some rubbed their cocks through their pants as they watched my hot little slut do her thing.

Ashley unzipped her skirt and stepped out of it, kicking it away so that she stood in front us clad in just her bra, garter, thongs and heels. Everyone was going nuts hooping and hollering that is except Joe who was sitting down slumped in his chair. Ashley smiled and reached behind her unfastening her bra. Everybody sat quietly, anxiously waiting for her tits to spill out. As I had hoped for Ashley was now starting to get into the seduction of the dance. She teasingly held the bra to her tits with her hands for a few moments and then, with all eyes anxiously focused on her, she slid the bra away.

Her tits were incredible as she stood there, her back arched, pushing them out for all of us to enjoy. I could see that Larry was enthralled with her seductive dance as he once again screamed, "Man look at those fucking tits." Ashley smiled and began playing with her own tits, pinching her nipples, lifting them up so that they pressed together, shaking them in time to the music.

Ashley was on fire. The reaction she was seeing from the guys was turning her on. I noticed a growing bulge even on her husband Joe as he pretended to not be interested in his wife's dance. The guys continued to hoop and holler as Ashley started to pull her thongs down. Standing in front of my overly excited sales manager she teasingly stopped and in a sultry voice purred. "Show me your cock, and I'll show you my pussy." All eyes were riveted on Larry as he quickly undid his pants releasing his cock for Ashley to see. His cock stood at attention, big and thick as Ashley gasped, "Oh it's soooo big."

I watched as the other guys except for Joe also pulled their cocks out for Ashley. Joe still slumped in his chair was from time to time rubbing his groin as he continued to feign his disinterest. Larry held his big cock and countered, "Okay baby lets see your pussy." All the guys watched as Ashley filled with lust and desire resumed pulling her thongs past her hot pussy. The lips of her cunt were folded back swollen with her desire, coated with her juices. I took my own cock out and called to Ashley, " Baby why don't you play with yourself."

Ashley slowly ran her finger up between the lips of her cunt and rubbed her erect clit, grinding her hips back and forth. She bent down reaching back to spread her ass so that we could see her juicy cunt, and her tight little ass pucker. I stroked my cock as Ashley gyrated her ass in tight circles.

She looked back over her shoulder at Larry and mewed, "Do you want to lick my pussy? Do you want to big boy?" Larry groaned, "Oh yea baby I'll suck on your hot pussy anytime." Ashley stepped back and pushed her ass to his face, grinding her aroused cunt on his face. Larry greedily slurped her juicy fuckhole as Ashley groaned, "mmmmmmmmm." I stopped pumping my hard-on, as I was ready to explode my wad. I looked over at Joe and was surprised to see him sitting in his chair pumping his cock. Looking at the size of his cock, 4 inches at best, I now knew why Ashley craved my cock so desperately.

I watched as Ashley pulled her quivering cunt away from Larry's cunt juice coated face almost as if she had experienced a mini-orgasm. She faced Larry and purred, "Do you want to play with my tits. Would you like to suck on my nipples?" Not bothering to answer Larry reached for her luscious breasts. I watched Larry's hands work her nipples over, pinching and pulling on them. Ashley was breathing hard and I knew nothing would bring her back now. Larry took her nipples in his mouth and furiously sucked on each one causing Ashley to squeal in delight, "oh yes suck my tits. Make my nipples real hard. Oh yes that feels soooo good."

She was over the edge filled with lust and desire as she pushed herself away from Larry's tit licking and stared down at his big cock pulsating in his hands. She reached for it, wrapping her long fingers around it, her fingers not touching because of its thickness. She purred, "Oh, yeah your cock is sooo big" as she began to stroke it. I watched her husband playing with his wiener and said, "Baby rub your tits on his cock. Put his cock between your tits and make him cum." Ashley let out a low moan, "ohh yesss" and she leaned forward and pressed Larry's slab between her breasts.

Ashley moaned again, "oh your cock feels so hard. I want you to cum on me" as she put her hands on her breasts and squeezed them around Larry's cock. She moved her tits up and down on his cock, her lips inches away from the bulbous head. Larry groaned, "oh yes that feels so good. Make me cum" as Ashley began pumping his cock between her tits at a quicker pace.
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