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Prior to reading this chapter, I hope you have time to read Chapters 1 and 2 in order to get more background information on the two main characters, Katy and Jake. The are married, thirty-somethings, with two young children.


"Oh, Jake! There it is!" Katy exclaimed as she looked out the window of the Boeing Seven Thirty Seven jet, ten thousand feet below at the island of Cozumel. "Oh, my goodness. I need this," I whispered as the air rushed out of my chest.

We were both looking forward to getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city. We are so busy back home. It seems the more we give of ourselves, the more everyone wants to take. Jake's in such demand that we seem to never stop working!

Lately, I'd begun thinking that all his hard work was having an effect his judgment. Those little episodes of Jake wanting to "Show me Off" had to be his subconscious attempt to blow off some steam. That's why I booked this vacation! I can't allow any more embarrassing situations like he had put me in. If he lets his buddies see my breasts and pussy one more time! Mercy!

I have to admit that it does feel good to have his buddies lusting after me. I know they all want to fuck my feminine little pussy! "Well, you can just forget it! You don't stand a chance with a woman like me!" I would say to myself as I looked in the mirror getting dressed up for the day. Every single one of my girlfriend's husbands wanted me more than they wanted their own wives. "Don't worry girlfriends!" I would finish saying before turning and walking out of my house.

"This is going to be so much fun, Katy!" Jake leaned across my lap to see our destination.

He's right of course. Jake's always right about us! This vacation is just what we need. Especially after all the hard work we've done back home over the last year. In addition to Jake's brokerage work, he volunteers long hours with the Republican Leadership Council of Arizona. I am proud to say we are a conservative, attractive young couple on the rise in our social scene! I work hard to maintain our image by doing things like volunteering in our children's elementary school and working with the Conservative Women's Voting League.

Our image is important to us. That's why I was more than a little bit miffed this morning when Jake insisted I wear a skimpy dress during our travel today!

"My word! You should be proud of me for dressing conservatively," I told him. "At least you don't have to worry about me being dressed inappropriately around other men when you aren't around."

"I am proud of my tall, blond conservative wife, honey. You always have on the perfect outfit for every occasion. Now, stop your little fit and put on this dress!" He insisted.

He has always been proud of me, and I, of him. Before we were married I modeled and entered several beauty pageants. Jake liked to call me his Blond Beauty Queen.

"Hmmph!" I whined as I grabbed the dress out of his hands. I have to admit, it was a beautiful summer dress. It was made of white slightly see-thru gauze. I can wear a pretty slip under it and it will look quite attractive on me, I thought.

The dress had a loose fit across my breasts with strings running over my shoulders like a bikini top. Buttons ran the length of the dress, top to bottom. The buttons held the dress to my chest, keeping my breasts covered. The waist was snug against my lean belly and then flowed down my hips to my knees. It had holes in the fabric strategically placed across the waist, hips and skirt to form a pattern of daisies.

"Jake!" I complained as he took the white slip out of my hands. "I need that."

"All I'm allowed to wear with it is a bra and panty?" I exclaimed.

"No, you can also wear a pretty pair of strappy, high-heeled sandals. Oh, and take off your Mademoiselle bra and full-back Granny panties. I bought you a sexy bra and panty that matches the dress."

"Lordy!! Apparently, you want men to leer at me!" I retorted with an incredulous stare. Jake wasn't about to change his mind as he handed me a white lacy bra and panty set he had purchased for me with the dress. "They're very cute and sexy, honey," I said as I wiggled into the panties and pulled them over my hips. "But, inappropriate to wear without a slip to cover them." I wasn't quite ready to give up on changing his mind.

Standing in front of the mirror I was thinking of how hot I looked! The white shoulder straps disappeared under my long blond hair. My full, plump breasts and small waist were accented by the sexy dress. The high-heels tightened my slender calves. But, I'm not about to tell Jake, I thought as I did a quick spin and landed in his arms.

"You look lovely. One more thing," he said as he unhooked the top three buttons on my dress, all the way down my cleavage. Then, he knelt down and unhooked the bottom buttons up to above my knees! "There, perfect!"

Oh, my! I thought to myself. "I can't walk around like..." Jake stopped me by placing his big fore-finger onto my lips. "But Jake!" I said, speaking from behind his finger. "If I lean forward even a little, you can see my entire bra!" I leaned forward to prove to him what I was describing. Sure enough, my dress bloomed out and my boobs were easily visible covered by my flimsy bra.

"Cancun is waiting for us! We've got to get going!" he said, ignoring my complaints.

"Yes, Cancun is waiting. So is an airport terminal full of lecherous men! You know how men stare at me, Jake! They see a tall, beautiful blond and think they have the right to leer at her. This outfit will make it even worse! What if we run into someone we know? My goodness! This bra is struggling just to hold in my boobs, and you can see right through this fabric!"

"I can't see anything, honey," he said. "You look lovely," he said. "It's a vacation so loosen up," he said. Jake gave me a bunch of sweet talk to settle me down. It worked, of course. My man always gets his way. I love him so much, I can't say no to him!

Just get me to the hotel room so I can change, I said to myself as we touched down on the runway. I was so embarrassed wearing this dress! My face flushed red every time a man looked at my chest! They can see my bra, for goodness sakes!

We arrived in our suite just after noon. As usual, Jake booked the best! The suite was expansive. It consisted of a large, well decorated living area and kitchen. A master bedroom was set off from the rest of the open living area. The patio was large and decorated with an outdoor wet-bar, cooler and several lounge chairs. Our patio opened onto a very short path to the pool and the beach. There were only a few rooms that had entrances from the outside. Our room was one of them.

After our tour of the suite we christened our bedroom! Jake playfully pulled me onto the bed and we kissed. We began exploring each others bodies.

"Did you enjoy all those men ogling me this morning, baby?" I teased. Well, he must have enjoyed it because his large cock was already hard.

Jake quickly got me naked and prepared me to be fucked. He lifted my legs straight up into the air and crossed my ankles. Then, he slipped his cock into me and began fucking me hard, just the way I like it! As he came, I whispered to him, "I love you so much!" He fell asleep quickly.

"I never!!" I said out loud as I cleaned myself up in the bathroom. After almost five months since his last little episode of 'Show Off My Wife' I was convinced this little peccadillo of his was a thing of the past. Now, I'm not so sure.

I began talking to myself. "First, you parade me around the racquetball courts in that skimpy outfit. Then, you sweet-talk me into modeling dresses and lingerie for your buddies! How humiliating! Oh, and New Year's Eve! Oh, my goodness, Jake. New Year's Eve was soooo embarrassing! I can't even allow myself to think about what I did for you after that party! Well, from now on I am going to be more assertive. The next time you want to play your little game I am just going to tell you, No!"

Jake didn't sleep long. Maybe my talking woke him up. He suggested we change and go out to the pool for the afternoon. He quickly slid on his trunks saying he would wait for me in the living room. I changed into my expensive new black Donna Karan one-piece! It's so beautiful and it covers all the right places.

As soon as I walked out of the bedroom I knew he was disappointed with my choice. I'm sure he wanted me to wear the little hot pink bikini he bought "Just for this vacation!"

"Katy, I'd prefer you wear the one I bought you," he said, sitting on the sofa across the room.

"Hmmph!!" I stood in front of him with my hands on my hips. "Jake, I will not wear that skimpy little thing! I am the mother of your children and I will not be....Whoa!"

Thwack!!.."Ow!!" I yelped... Thwack!!..."Hey! Ouch!"

In one swift motion Jake pulled me down over his knee and gave my pretty behind two quick, firm spanks! I wiggled and twisted, trying to get loose. Finally, I just kicked my legs like a little girl as he administered the last four spanks!

Thwack!!.......Thwack!!..."Owee!"....Thwack!!.......Thwack!!..."Oww, that hurts!" I yelped again.

My behind was burning red hot!

"Now, be a good girl and change into the bikini. I'll meet you at the pool, honey."

"Whew!" I whimpered and let tears roll down my cheeks on purpose to make him feel bad. Then, I ran with short, quick steps into the bedroom to change. I checked out my behind in the mirror. It was beet red!

"Well, at least it matches my bikini!" I said to myself and giggled. "That big strong husband of mine. What on earth am I going to do with him!"

"Gee, this is sexy!" I said as I slid the top onto my plump breasts. The panels on the bikini top weren't even big enough to fully cover my breasts. They stuck out on each side! "Oh, my goodness!"

The tag on the bottoms had an unusual name that I wasn't familiar with, Wild Weasel. "Hmm, never heard of this brand," I said. I wiggled into the bottoms. They were very small. The triangle covering my pussy wasn't covering all of my pubic hair. So, I had to do a quick shave job with Jake's razor. I turned around to look at my behind in the mirror. Not much was covered up.

My behind was still warm when I slipped into my high-heel sandals and headed for the pool. Jake was all the way across on the far side, next to the beach. Between him and me were vacationers lined up at poolside, enjoying the warm afternoon sun.

"Well, this is going to be interesting," I whispered as I began my walk to my husband. With the high-heels on, I had to walk slowly and sway my hips. My boobs jiggled as I took each step, especially when my heel got caught in-between tiles, forcing me to stutter my steps. "Why didn't I get a towel to cover myself," I said softly. All I could think of was how embarrassing this was! Here I am in this tiny, little pink bikini that doesn't even cover my tan lines, and everyone can see me!

"Did you enjoy that," I said impertinently to Jake as I sat down in the lounge chair next to him.

"Immensely," he answered, knowing exactly what I was talking about. "Did you feel like you were back on the modeling runway?"

"Not exactly the description I would use, honey," I retorted with a fake smile.

"I'm sure the men along the way got an eye-full of tall blond," he teased back.

"They did, until their wives swatted them on the head," I joked. We both giggled and laughed!

After an hour in the hot sun, our bodies were baking. My bikini was drenched with my sweat. Especially the bottoms. The afternoon sun had caused sweat to run down my belly and into my pubic hair. My bikini was matted on top of my bush. I used a towel to wipe off as much as I could. But, I still felt clammy.

I watched Jake as he dove into the pool. He's so 'GQ'. My man is a man's man in every way! He's well over six feet tall and carries about two hundred thirty pounds on his muscular frame. He doesn't start trouble. But, if it comes looking for him, he's ready for it. I love him so much! I still swoon over him.

I got up quickly when he motioned for me to join him. The water felt cold and fresh as I slid in. "Aahh! That is sooo nice!" I said as all the sweat and sand washed off my body.

To my surprise and shock, my bikini had turned transparent! "Oh, my, Jake. Look at this!" I moved closer to him to avoid being exposed any further. "Honey, you can see right through this suit!" What was worse is that the cold water had constricted my nipples. Oh, this is terrible, I thought.

Jake seemed to ignore my predicament. His response was, "Oh, don't be such a prude. Let's go back to our room and get dressed for dinner." With that, he clambered up the ladder and began collecting our towels and drinks.

After I made my way to the ladder I asked Jake to throw me a towel. I can use a towel to cover myself, I thought.

"They're too full of sand to be used, honey," and he tossed it onto the ground and extended his hand to help me up the ladder. He dropped my sandals next to the pool.

The clean, clear pool water ran down my body as I climbed up the ladder, being pulled up and balanced by my husband's hand. I was completely exposed for everyone to see. Every man at the pool had his choice of which part of me he wanted to view! To my complete and utter embarrassment, they could see my pussy lips, ass crack and nipples!

"You can certainly tell I'm a true blond," I mumbled under my breath sarcastically, as I slipped my wet feet into my high heels. Having to walk fast to keep up with Jake, my boobs bounced up and down, struggling to pop out of my bikini top. My nipples poked through the transparent fabric and my pussy was visible as well. "Oh, this is sooo humiliating!" I said under my breath as I hurried beside him, holding my arm across my chest, trying to keep my breasts from falling out of my top.

Once we were safely back in our room, Jake picked me up and took me to the bedroom. "My, my! My big, strong man is ready for sex?" I teased. Obviously he was! He fucked me hard for the second time in less than three hours.

"Are you my nasty little wife, Katy?" he said as he pushed his cock into me doggy style.

"Yes, oh, Yes, I'm your nasty wife," I said in the throes of passion, as I reached around my legs and kneaded his balls.

As he shot his cum into me I told him, "I love you, Jake." Afterward, I cleaned him up with my mouth and fingers. I enjoy acting like his nasty little wife in bed.

After another short nap, we dressed for dinner. Jake wore a pair of khaki dress pants and nice black cotton shirt. He instructed me to wear a skimpy little black outfit comprised of a loose cotton mini-skirt that clung low on my hips and a sexy top. The top was made of two elastic bands stretched around my torso. One band above my nipples but still low enough to show my cleavage. And, the other band below my breasts. Semi-transparent fabric was gathered between the bands. I would call it 'fluffy' except for in the front where my plump breasts stretched and tightened the gathered fabric. My midriff was bare and exposed my muscular tummy. The mini showed off my slender legs. Not that I wanted to, but my husband wouldn't let me wear hose. He insisted my legs were too smooth and tanned to need them.

Of course, flat sandals wouldn't do for Jake. He made me wear 3" high-heeled sandals that matched my outfit. Jake says my toes and feet are too cute to cover up! So, he makes me wear sandals all the time! His rules are high-heeled sandals with evening wear. Any other time, I get to decide. Except when he decides to show me off, like at the pool this afternoon!

"Not those panties, wear these." He handed me a black see-thru thong.

"You are such a bad boy," I teased as I slipped my choice of panties off my behind and down my leg. Steadying myself against him, I stepped out of them. Then, I reversed the process and wiggled the thong over my hips.

"There! How do I look, honey?"

"Very beautiful! 120lbs, blond hair and blue eyes. You're gorgeous!" he said and gave me a kiss.

I love getting his compliments!

We had a small dinner at a restaurant next to the hotel that adjoined a dance club. As we were waiting for the tab, Jake sprung his next little plan on me.

"I, uh. You want me to do what?" I asked him, not sure I understood what he wanted.

"I want you to go in ahead of me. Find a seat at the end of the bar. Have a few drinks and let men flirt with you. I'll call you on your cell phone when I am ready to join you."

"I can't do that, Jake!" I whispered through clenched teeth and squeezed his wrist. "No way!"

We went back and forth on the subject a few times. I tried to explain to him that we were here in paradise to have a relaxing vacation together, not to pick up men! "I don't do that at home and I won't do it here! That's final!"

Jake gave me that look. I know when he gives me 'that look' he isn't about to change his mind.

"Hmmph!!" I retorted as I stood and walked toward the bar. How dare he suggest I act like a tramp and allow strange men to flirt with me!

"A Cosmo, please," I told the bartender as I sat on the corner stool.

The bar stool was fairly high and I had a hard time keeping my skirt over my thighs. I kept crossing my left leg over my right and then my right over my left in an attempt to maintain my modesty in the short mini.

I sat my purse down next to my drink and made sure my cell phone was turned on so I could hear Jake's call when it came. He said he would call within an hour. I'll just have to nurse this Cosmo until he gets here, I said to myself. In the meantime, I'll be sure to flash my wedding ring to keep the sharks away.

Well, that idea didn't work at all! Apparently, an attractive woman flashing her wedding ring is like putting out a sign for all the single men! Bobbing my high-heels on my toes might have done something to attract them too! he-he! I'm sorry, but I can't help being feminine. My mother always told me that a woman sitting alone should have her legs crossed and her high-heels dangling off her toes.

Before I knew it, a couple of men had hit on me. I shooed the first one away. But, Jake told me I had to let them flirt with me, so I invited the second to stay. His name was Phillip and he was a classic tall, dark and handsome type. He said he was here with friends and wanted to be out by himself this evening. As instructed by Jake, I told Phillip I was waiting for my husband to arrive and that he missed his first flight in.

Phillip bought me another Cosmo and continued flirting with me. He must have thought he had struck gold when he moved his hand onto my leg and I did nothing to stop him. Come on, Jake. Hurry up and caaallll me!!

At the sound of the cell-phone ringing, Phillip instinctively removed his hand.

"Don't look, but I'm watching you," Jake said to me. I had to resist the temptation to look around the room.

He told me to not let on that he's in the bar. "Okay, honey. I'll see you in about an hour," I said after he told me how to respond. He gave me a few more instructions and hung up.

"There's a booth opening up, Phillip. Shall we move to a place more comfortable?" I asked him just the way Jake had told me to. I even placed my hand on his thigh like he had insisted. Apparently, Jake had tipped the waitress to hold the booth in the back of the club for us.

As we walked to the booth, Phillip gently squeezed my behind through my dress. I wanted to slap him! How dare he put his hands on me like that! Heathen!

I slid into the booth and Phillip slid in next to me. I kept sliding! All the way to the back of the booth, hoping he would keep his distance. No such luck for me! He snuggled right up next to me. My only consolation was that he was a very good looking man and very well muscled! When other people in the bar looked at us they would think we were an attractive couple on vacation.
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