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He watches through the window as Peggy goes into the bathroom and closes the door behind her. After two weeks of watching her he has chosen tonight as the night to take the final step in his lust for the woman he followed home from the grocery store 14 days ago.

Peggy is wearing a white pajama dress that is just long enough to barely cover her thick, shapely thighs and perfectly rounded ass. He watches her walk into the bathroom and close the door.

He grabs a screwdriver out of his pocket and jimmies the window open and steps into her bedroom. Dressed in all black with a black ski mask covering his face he moves into a dark corner of the room and waits for her to re-emerge.

A few minutes pass and the the bathroom door opens, Peggy walks out leaving the bathroom light on and the door slightly open. She climbs into bed while he watches her as he has every night for two weeks from outside peering in through the window. The difference is this time he is in the room and can hear her as she climbs into the bed and pulls the covers up over her.

As soon as she falls asleep he will take her, but she does not go directly to sleep.

He stares at her with lust in his eyes and notices the sheet begin to slowly rise and fall above her pubic region. The light from the bathroom filters into the room and falls perfectly on the sheets as she rubs her pussy. It is like a spotlight trained on her pussy.

The rubbing stops and she pushes the covers back revealing her sexy figure in the dim light. She removes her pajama dress and tosses it on the floor. Her full breasts are bare and only a white thong remains on her body.

She lays her head back and begins to rub her pussy again. She rubs it slowly through her panties and then slides her hand under the fabric. Her head tosses back on the big soft pillow as her fingers find their wet target. Her legs slowly spread as she begins to finger her tight wetness. Her thong is quickly pushed down her muscular legs and tossed away. The bathroom light is shinning directly on her fingers as she begins to rub herself again.

He watches her and his cock grows hard as she masturbates in front of him. She lifts her legs off the bed and spreads them wide as she fingers her hot wetness. Her other hand finds her breasts and begins to rub and pinch her erect nipples. She lets out a moan and then another as she toys with her body.

His cock is very hard now, he slowly unzips his pants trying to be as quiet as possible. Fortunately, she can’t hear him over her own loud moans of pleasure. He stares at her body and watches her fingers dive in and out of her tight pussy. Her tight lips pull her fingers deeper and deeper inside of her and she begins to move faster.

He suddenly realizes he is rubbing his cock with perfect timing, matching the pace set by her fingers. His fist is wrapped around his long thick cock and he pumps it each time her fingers slide inside of her soaking wet pussy. Her juices glisten in the light as it cascades out of the bathroom and perfectly onto her pussy.

Peggy lifts her breasts toward her mouth and begins to suck and bite her nipple as her fingers move faster in and out of her. Her moans grown louder and more frequent as he watches and pounds his cock in his fist faster and faster imagining himself inside her. He is imagining her fingers are his cock slamming deep inside of her with furious strokes.

Peggy’s legs are high in the air, spread wide and her toes are pointed toward the ceiling. Her legs begin to shake as she fingers herself faster while tonguing her tits. She lets out one last loud moan of pleasure as she cums all over her fingers. He wants her right now, but he just watches -- waiting.

Peggy brings her fingers to her mouth and hungrily licks up her cum and love juices. Her smile is one of satisfaction as she lays back and slowly drifts off to sleep.

He stands there and watches her fall asleep and suddenly realizes he is still stroking his cock. He stops and waits.

Five minutes pass, then 10, 15 and finally 30. He is sure she is asleep now. He undresses taking off everything except his black ski mask. There are holes cut out for his eyes and mouth, but the rest of his face is covered in thick black cotton.

He reaches into his bag and takes out four silk scarves. He walks to the bed and carefully binds her ankles to the foot board without waking Peggy. Next, he takes the other two scarves and ties her hands to the headboard carefully so as not to wake her.

He did not bring a gag, but he knows he doesn’t need one. She is home alone and the neighbors live too far away to hear anything.

Starting at the foot of the bed he bends down and kisses her toes. His tongue licks her toes and then her in-step, ankle and calf muscles as he goes from one leg to the other. Peggy remains asleep but begins to moan softly with each dart of his tongue over her warm flesh.

He continues kissing and licking his way up her body. He teases her inner thigh with his tongue and even bites her leaving small teeth marks high on her inner thigh. Next, he moves to her abs and kisses them softly before tonguing her belly button. His tongue slides up her torso leaving a trail of warm saliva from her belly button to her breasts. He pulls on his raging hard cock and rubs it against her ample breast pressing his engorged tip against her erect nipple.

Peggy’s head moves as he watches her while rubbing his hard cock against her body. He places the underside of his shaft against her slightly parted lips and rubs it back and forth feeling her lips against his cock. He loves the sensation and wants more. After 14 days of watching her and masturbating each night outside while peering through the window he wants the real thing.

He is so filled with lust he is dangerous. He knows what he wants and he will not stop until he gets it. No matter what.

Peggy tries to move her hand to her mouth and brush away whatever is rubbing against her lips. Still asleep she struggles with her hands tied to the headboard. She wakes up and is startled to see a thick hard cock pressed against her mouth. She looks around the room in a panic and is startled to find a man in her bedroom wearing a black ski mask.

She begins to yell for help, but he quickly covers her mouth with his hand. He tells her to be calm that he is not going to hurt her.

He tells her how he saw her in the grocery store and followed her home watching her shapely ass shas-shay with every step she took as he walked a few feet behind her. He talks about how he has been watching her through the window and the way she makes his cock grow hard with desire. He strokes his cock to show her how hard she gets him. She understands what he is saying but is still frightened.

He tells her how her watched her every night. How he fantasies about her perfect body. How just watching her undress made him so horny that he began to masturbate while he watched her every night through the window.

Finally, he tells her that he has to have her and he is not going to leave until he has mounted her and spent his load deep inside her.

While he talks he notices her eyes calm. Her eyes changed from the look of a trapped animal to the eyes he has seen every night for the past two weeks. Calm and sexy. She presses her inner thighs together rubing them together and he notices she is wet.

Slowly and carefully, he removes his hand from her mouth telling her not to yell out for help. He leans down and tentatively moves toward her to kiss her. He carefully places his lips on hers ready to pull back if she tries to bite him, but he is thrilled when her tongue meets his. They kiss and their tongues dance, pushing and sliding against each other.

He reaches down and lets the tip of his fingers tickle over her trimmed bush. He places his other hand on her breast and begins to rub her softly and then harder.

Climbing onto the bed he straddles her waist. He reaches down and pushes her full breasts together. He has one hand on each breast and pinches both of her nipples as he slides his thick long cock between her cleavage. The tip glides through her breasts emerging inches from her mouth as she lifts her head up to watch.

Peggy parts her lips and lets the tip of his cock into her warm wet mouth. Her tongue flicks over his shaft. She sucks him into her mouth and as he slides back down between her breasts her warm saliva serves as a lubricant. He thrust slowly back and forth between her cleavage with her waiting mouth eagerly awaiting his tip at the end of each stroke.

He aches his back and releases her breasts as she takes all of his hardness into her mouth. Her tongue glides over the ridges and throbbing veins on his cock massaging him. He reaches behind him and rubs her clit with his thumb, pressing down against it as he moves his thumb in tight fast circles massaging her clit.

With his other hand he runs his fingers through her hair as he fucks her sexy mouth. Her full lips part as he slides into her again and again. He grabs her hair roughly and begins to pull her head toward him with each stroke as he thrusts his hardness into her warm wet mouth.

Her mouth feels wonderful on his cock and he can feel the cum building up in his tight balls. He wants to cum, but not yet and not in her mouth.

He climbs off the bed and reaches into his bag. He pulls out a small piece of plastic shaped in an unusual way with a rounded tip on one end. He gets on his knees beside the bed and starts to lightly run his tongue over her inner thigh and the teeth marks he left there a few minutes before while she slept.

His tongue snakes its way over her thigh until it comes to her swollen clit. He presses his thumb into it and pulls it up toward her belly button. Her tight wet lips slowly spread and he flicks his tongue across her clit and then inside her wet pussy. His tongue dives deep inside her tight walls and he thrusts deep inside of her.

While he tongues her hot pussy, sucking up her juices he takes his other hand and slides the butt plug into her tight asshole. Peggy’s ass jolts up off the bed at first and then she slowly relaxes as the butt plug glides into her easily thanks to the lubrication provided by her wet sticky pussy juices.

Peggy spreads her legs as far as possible with her ankles tied to the foot board of the bed giving him better access to her juicy pussy. He continues to slam his tongue inside of her pausing on occasion to gently bite her swollen clit. Each bite causes her to thrash about on the bed and makes her pussy juices flow. He licks up her juices enjoying her salty-sweet taste.

She is about to cum on his tongue when he stops.

He climbs up on the bed and presses just the tip of his cock slightly inside her tight pussy lips. He leans forward and kisses her deeply letting her lick her own juices off his tongue and out of the corners of his mouth. He grabs her hair and yanks her head back as his tongue goes crazy inside her mouth with a hot passionate kiss just as he explodes with his hips sending all of his thick hard cock deep inside of her.

His powerful thrust causes the headboard to slam into the wall. He does not stop. He rocks into her harder with each stroke, each time sending the headboard crashing into the wall. Peggy begins to moan and yell out in passion as he fucks her wildly with no abandon. His thrusts keep getting stronger and come faster and faster.

Her tight pussy lips grab and pull his cock into her with each stroke as he jolts into her as the bed continues to rock and pound into the wall. He fucks her so hard the scarves on her hands become untied when the headboard slams into the wall. Peggy reaches down and begins to rub her breasts as he fucks her. She brings her nipples to her mouth and tastes them, licking her erect nipples wildly with a look of intense passion in her eyes.

He does not stop or even pause. He has wanted this for so long and so badly he is not about to stop now. He grinds into her recklessly, filling her up. He can feel his cock being massaged by her tight wet pussy lips. he loves the way his cock buries itself inside her and the way his tip bounces off her G spot deep inside her pussy.

Peggy reaches down and grabs his ass cheeks pulling him into her. Her fingernails dig into the flesh of his ass cheeks as he blasts into her again and again. He moves even faster and roughly fucks her hot pussy. He begins to scream out her name and tells her how sexy she is. How hot her body is. How desirable she is.

She begs him to cum in her. She wants him to cum in her. Peggy wants him to cum hard, deep inside of her flaming pussy.

His eyes roll back in his head with one last explosive thrust that causes him to shoot a thick hot load of cum deep inside her just as she cums all over his meaty cock.

He arches his back holding himself deep inside of her as every last drop of his hot cum spills into her. Their eyes lock. They are eyes filled with lust, passion and satisfaction.

Peggy reaches up and pulls him toward her for a kiss. They kiss long and hard. She runs her hands up the side of his face and then yanks off the ski mask.

Wow, John, honey -- that was great, she says with a sexy smile.