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I was stood at the bar when she entered. It was 5:30 on a Saturday afternoon and I was on my second beer of the day. She, meanwhile, looked she was out for the night. She was a blonde stunner, just out of her teens, a petite 5'4" tall but with a big, fulsome chest that was evidently on display in a tiny, low-cut green dress that left little to the imagination. She had sparkling blue eyes and a confident, if not smug, smirk on her face. She walked like she knew every eye in the bar should be trained on her, and they probably were. She approached the bar and glanced at her watch, obviously waiting on someone. I was around the corner of the bar and she hadn't seen me so I stood back from the bar, lifted my pint and strolled around next to her.

"Buy you a drink?"

She turned and looked straight at me. It was sour look, like I was something she had just stepped in. Her voice belied her gorgeous looks, being as common and trashy as you can imagine.

"Fuck off you loser, I don't want anything from scum like you!"

Her raised voice had drawn looks from many of the patrons in the bar but just then a gaggle of laughing young girls burst into the bar to join her (it was quickly apparent that she was on a Hen night with her friends). I could have fired back at her, there was no need for her to be like that. But I just smiled and headed back to my side of the bar and buried my mouth in the froth of my pint and brooded. They bought a round of drinks and quickly forgot about me, getting caught up in their hi-jinks and obviously set for a full on drinking session. Even in a group of attractive young girls she stood out, and didn't she know it. I also observed one or two catty glances from her friends towards her. Still she spared me no further thought and it was just a little under an hour later that the group left the bar, headed no doubt, for a raucous night.

I give her little more thought and set about having a good night drinking and catching up with some of my mates. Really this was an older persons bar and as Saturday night wore on less and less young people showed up. Time seemed to fly past and before I knew it time had been called and I drank up and moved out into the neon lit streets outside the bar. I was near the city centre and decided to walk home, my wife had been on late shift and I was in no hurry to get back and find out if the crabby bitch was home or not, so I enjoyed my slightly drunken stroll through the nightlife. Observing all the young people, drunk or queuing, for many the night not nearly half over. It was a balmy night and I was going at a leisurely pace. As I got further from the centre of the city I came across less and less people until I turned into a street and saw only two people up ahead. As they paused under a streetlight and one of them (I saw both were girls) fumbled in her handbag I recognised her. She didn't look quite as glamorous as when she had insulted me in the pub, her dress was slightly askew and her hair a bit less perfectly coiffured. But it was her, surely, her big tits doing everything to fall out of her dress.

I stopped in the shadows and watched as she kissed her friend then watched her friend disappear in a door, leaving her to stumble some way along the street alone. As she flung off her high heels and staggered along the sidewalk I knew then, as my cock throbbed in my pants, that I was going to fuck her tonight, whether she liked it or not!

I stayed back initially to watch her progress and to make sure there was no one else about. We were coming up to the edge of an industrial estate where I knew there were some perfect side streets for what I planned. Now the streets were dead, there was barely a noise other than a steady thud from a nearby factory, I kept my distance as my prey made extremely slow progress. She was obviously much more drunk than I had first imagined, her friend must have been keeping her upright up to that point. Her head slumped forward and she seemed to be on autopilot, her brain disengaged by alcohol and her legs carrying her home by instinct.

And then up ahead a street lamp was out, probably smashed by some young thugs. Perfect! I slipped the tie from my pocket that I had discarded after my first sip of beer that afternoon and wound it in my hands and increased my pace and in an instant caught up with the blonde and wrapped the tie around her eyes and pulled the makeshift blindfold tight behind her head in a biting knot. She barely seemed to notice what had happened but when I grabbed her arm and hauled her into a dingy alley way and dragged her almost to the end and pushed her onto a flat metal bin she made various drunken noises and squeals to try and discover what was happening.

The alley was dank and dark, rubbish was strewn on the flooded cobbles and somewhere a drainpipe sounded like it had burst. There was precious little light to see by but a moon was reflecting off windows to give me enough to see what I wanted.

I reached under her dress to see if she had panties that I could rip off and jam in the mouth as a gag but to no surprise she wasn't wearing any. I speculated for a second about whether she had started out with them on, probably not, she looked and acted the type. She tried to look around but I just forced my forearm onto the back of her head and hissed.

"Don't struggle, don't make a noise, bitch! You wanted cock tonight, didn't you? Well I'm just going to give you what you wanted. Right!"

I sounded like a different person and marvelled in my transformation. She nodded drunkenly and I wondered if the dumb bitch even realised what was happening. No matter, I flipped up the short hem of her green dress and exposed her peachy arse to my wolf like eyes in the dark alley. I ran my hand over her ass and by god if she didn't moan softly at my touch! Fine, I thought, if she wanted it, so much the better, so my thumb slid in her bum cheeks and sought out her tight asshole as my first two fingers slid lower and into her damp pussy. I speculated on how many cocks had been in either hole as I fingered them roughly, feeling her juices quickly down the length to my knuckles.

With my free hand I released her wrists and she just let them fall down and I unzipped my trousers and released my cock. It was as hard as I could remember, it had certainly never been this hard for my latest wife. I chuckled at this thought and parted blondie's legs and pumped forward, finding her wet pussy first time and relished the penetration. I rammed my eight inches right in to the hilt and got the satisfaction of a grunt of surprise from the little fuck pig.

"Bet you've not had a real man's cock yet slut, eh?"

Her head just lolled and I pulled back to thrust forward with my pelvis again. After pumping her for a few minutes I began to realise that on the bin she was slightly too high for me and I reached around her belly and lifted her up, while still impaled on my cock, and dropped her to her hands and knees in the wet and mucky ground. That was better and I congratulated myself by driving home my hard cock again this time relishing the doggy position I had her in. She obviously liked this better as well as I heard a mutter of.

"Harder, yeah that's it."

She didn't even seem to notice her big tits had fallen free from her dress and were dangling down like udders in a dirty puddle. What a rush it was thinking back to how high and mighty she had acted in the bar earlier, like I was just a piece of shit. Well look at the little Princess now, lying in a filthy back alley rutting like an animal as I did what I wanted with her. I wondered what her parents would have thought of their little girl at that time.

But it was all too much for me, the drink, the pursuit and actually fucking her and I felt my balls jerking and my cock twitching uncontrollably within the tight, wet confines of her pussy. I reached under her chest and roughly groped her big, fleshy tits hard as I shot a load of my hot cum deep inside her and her body jerked in time to mine accepting my seed inside her.

I wiped my dick on a tissue from my pocket and stood back, revelling in the best fuck I had had since I was a youngster and saw that my 'lover' seemed to have passed out unconscious from the alcohol. Whether she would remember this I didn't know or really care. I made sure she wouldn't choke on her own sick then retrieved my tie from around her head and headed out of the alley way, leaving my Step-Daughter Jennifer to sleep off another night on the town.

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