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I am aged forty-four and my wife Eve is a couple of years younger. We've been married for just over twenty years during which time we have raised two fine children, Elaine (already married) and Tom who at that time was spending his pre-university gap year backpacking in Australia. Motherhood and a contented lifestyle have caused Eve to put on a few pounds but her shape is still what many men would consider ideal with not over-overlarge but full breasts and nicely padded hips. When we first met she was slim to the point of thinness with almost non-existent tits and hips that someone once described as boyish but for all that she was a sexual dynamo. The year before the wedding and the two afterwards we couldn't leave it alone, screwing like rabbits at every opportunity and some times when it wasn't a true opportunity at all.

Things changed when the children came along. Tiredness from broken nights and the fact that I was busy career building at work meant that there was little energy left for bed time activity and by the time that situation eased there was a need to exercise amorous restraint, 'in case the kids might hear'. Eventually of course we did get back a lot of freedom but could never recapture the urgency of the early years. We still made love twice a week which I believe is exactly the national average but it is hardly earth shattering stuff. Sometimes, after the usual perfunctory half hour, I would think back nostalgically to the time when I could effortlessly carry on for hours but then metaphorically shrug my shoulders and tell myself that it's a young man's sport. For the past few years walking and gardening have replaced sex as our favourite marital hobby - I'm not knocking it because there is a great deal of contentment and companionship to be gained from both activities.

It was one of the extra hot days that we often get in early May. Eve asked if I wanted to spend the day gardening or if we should find a walk to do. I pointed out that there was little needed doing in the garden, adding that I couldn't stand the sun the way that I used to so a walk might be the better idea.

"I would like a walk too but which - we seem to have done all of them for this area. What do you think?" Eve asked.

"Close your eyes and stick a pin in the map," I suggested and in such an arbitrary way is destiny often decided.

"Feldon - that's where the pin is but I don't think there is a walk round there," she said. The name rang a bell so I got out the walker's bible and quickly found what I was looking for. "It's only fifteen miles away. As it's so close I can't understand why we haven't done it already," she was saying, still looking at the map.

"Perhaps because the write-up rather damns it with faint praise. Listen to this, 'Not a popular walk, no waterfalls, lakes, rivers or ruins but there is a large hill offering a fine view and extensive woodland'. I think we should do it - the full circuit is six miles and that's just about right for a Sunday stroll. Even if it's not very exciting, we'll be able to cross it off the list."

With that agreed, my wife went upstairs to get ready while I sorted out my hiking boots but when she came back down she was wearing a summer dress and walking shoes instead of her usual jeans and boots. "Changed your mind?" I asked.

"No. It's going to be really hot so I thought a dress might be a lot cooler and I don't think we are going to come across much mud," she explained.

I parked the car some distance beyond the small village of Feldon, on a piece of ground that seemed to have been designated for that purpose. Although we had taken coffee and biscuits we left them in the vehicle, this being little more than a stroll. On a more serious walk we generally carried refreshments with us together with simple safety equipment. Climbing over the stile we struck off at a steady pace across the fields. However, we had not done much more than a mile before I decided that in view of the heat we might have been better advised to pick a more leisurely way to pass the day and was pleased when we spotted some rabbits to observe for a few minutes. About half a mile further on the ground began to rise.

The hill slope was long and rather steep. As we made our way to the top, there was fairly thick woodland immediately to the left of the path and a broad swathe of open grassland on the right. Normally on such a climb we would have paused for a breather and more probably twice but because a bench had been placed near the summit from which to enjoy the reputedly spectacular view, we deliberately tried to reach the top in one go.

Probably due to the heat of the day, some way from our objective, I was sweating badly, had aching legs and was gasping for breath but I gritted my teeth and persevered. About twenty feet from the bench it came as a shock to realise that there was someone already up there, standing just beyond the summit. It was a tall heavily built male, wearing a T-shirt of the type with cut out sleeves and scruffy cut down jeans. He was standing with his back deliberately towards us which was in direct contrast to the friendly demeanour that seemed to be almost universal amongst people we met while walking.

I felt a prickle run up the back of my neck. There was nothing concrete to explain why but I felt that he exuded a definite sense of menace. Eve felt it too. Grabbing my hand she whispered, "Let's give the seat a miss and just carry on walking."

It was a sensible suggestion but I was physically incapable of complying. Despite my better judgement I said, "I do need to sit down and catch my breath if only for a couple of minutes," then seeing a mountain bike lying on the grass I pointed to it saying, "Look, he's just a cyclist taking a rest like us."

The two minutes extended to five, during which the stranger walked about and appeared to be doing limbering up exercises. This gave me the idea that he might be some kind of professional cyclist but then I remembered that cyclists tend to be of a much slimmer build. Although observing from the corner of my eye I was careful not to look directly at him lest this gave him excuse for aggression. Eve gave me a sharp dig in the ribs and whispered, "I don't like it at all and I think we ought to go now - he's pretending to ignore us but when he thinks we aren't looking his way, he's giving me a real going over with his eyes."

Having regained my breath and feeling distinctly uneasy myself, I was quick to trust her intuition. "Do you want to carry on past him or shall we scrap the walk and head back to the car?"

"I don't really want to do either and I don't think we have to," she said, "There is a path heading into the woods about twenty feet back down the hill. If we take that we can possibly work our way past him and rejoin the route further on and even if we can't it will be pleasant under the trees and out of direct sun."

That is what we did. Some four of five minutes later I saw the flash of fast movement in the distance through the trees along a path parallel to ours. "There goes the cyclist," I said pointing and the flood of relief as I spoke, made me realise how very tense I had been.

"We were probably imagining things - he's probably a very nice man really," my wife said grinning at me.

"I don't think so. Nice people don't act as oddly as that and I for one am very glad he has gone," I told her.

We walked light-heartedly for several minutes holding hands but then had to fall into single file as the track narrowed. The footpath passed through thick bushes that caught at our clothing and when we emerged into the open it was to find the cyclist standing with his cycle held sideways in front him of so that it completely blocked our way. It was a shock to find him there but I tried to keep any nervousness out of my voice as I asked firmly but pleasantly, "What do you want?"

He nodded towards Eve. "She knows what I want."

Automatically I glanced towards my wife to see an expression on her face that I had never seen before and I am at a loss for words to describe. Reading this as distress, anger overcame fright, so I looked back at the man who was accosting us and, making myself sound as authoritative as possible, told him, "If you don't move aside immediately you are going to be in real trouble."

This only caused him to grin nastily and say, "From where I'm standing, it seems like it's you who's in trouble mate."

Admitting that I had a real confrontation on my hands I looked at my opponent closely for the first time. For a start he was at least six inches taller than I was and a great deal heavier. His arms were fleshy but showing no real evidence of muscle, he had the start of a beer gut and his heavy thighs were covered in thick black hair. I guessed that he was in his middle thirties and could see from his face that he was a man not unused to trouble.

Assessing the situation, I saw the possibility that if I lunged forward suddenly and pushed, such a surprise attack might cause him to fall backwards and become entangled with his bicycle. This would give us at least a few seconds advantage but the problem was what to do with it. Flight was out of the question because he would certainly catch one of us and yet failure to subdue him would only exacerbate the situation. As if intercepting my train of thought Eve placed a restraining hand on my elbow and this was enough to make me abandon my plan. Instead, speaking as calmly as I could, I repeated my question, "What exactly do you want?"

"As I said, the lady knows already but as you seem to be slow on the uptake I'll spell it out for you," he said with a smirk. "I want to fuck your wife - or to put it another way, I'm going to fuck your wife."

I think that it is automatic in times of crisis to look around for signs of support but this only made him laugh out loud. "There's nobody to help you, mate. In fact I don't think there is another person for miles. If there was do you think I'd dare pull a stunt like this?"

"Do you expect me to just stand by and let you do it?"

"You will if you don't want to get badly hurt. Be sensible, give me what I want and then the pair of you can go on your way." He paused for a moment but when I made no response, went on in a more persuasive tone, "As I see it you've got no real option, mate. Look, I've even got a spot picked out for it - I do like a bit of comfort when I'm having a nice shag."

As he spoke he half turned and pointed to where a shaft of sunlight coming through the trees illuminated a small area of grassy bank. This gave me the chance I had been looking for. Crouching quickly, I grabbed hold of a short but sturdy piece of branch that I had spotted not far from my feet. When our aggressor turned to see the weapon in my hand, instead of the expected dismay, a look of wary amusement crossed his face.

"Put it down, mate," he advised. "If I have to take it off you, I'll break your arm and then your other arm. I will probably break your legs as well and then I'm going to fuck your old lady anyway."

"Throw it away, Harry, it's not worth it," Eve said softly by my side. This completely undermined my small supply of resolve, causing me to abandon my only show of resistance and rather shamefacedly let the branch fall harmlessly back by the side of the path.

The intended rapist could not resist his smile of triumph and this prompted me to a last desperate attempt to buy our way out of the predicament. Pulling my wallet from my pocket I held it out to him saying, "There's cash and credit cards in there - you can have the lot if you let us go. I've also got a rather good watch."

He took the wallet and this gave me a surge of real hope. But, having flicked it open and extracted the bank notes, he handed it back saying, "Thanks for the beer money but it doesn't change anything so you might as well hang onto your watch."

I stood seething with frustration while he, having shoved my bank-notes into his pocket, seemed uncertain what to next. Eve broke the impasse by saying coolly, "If you want us to be over where you pointed, hadn't you better move your bike and let us get past."

He did step to the side of the path taking his bicycle with him but replied, "It's just you I want over there sweetheart, your hubby can park himself by the big tree over there. It's far enough away to keep him out of our way and I don't think he is likely to run off and leave you with me."

I looked at the thick trunk he had indicated about fifty yards away and swore, "Christ, no, it's too far."

Although I had proved pretty ineffectual so far, had the situation arisen, I would have sacrificed myself without question if I thought it would save my wife's life; however, at that distance, if things turned suddenly nasty, I would be too far away for me to help her at all."

The big man looked at me and then he laughed. "I didn't think - of course you want to watch the show. Well, sit over there instead mate - you deserve a ringside seat. Remember though that I'm trusting you to behave yourself."

My new position was only about fifteen feet from the grassy bank and effectively solved my problem but he had managed to ascribe an opposite motive to my objection.

Shame made me unable to face my wife, so as she continued towards the patch of sunlight, without speaking I veered off to the place where I had been told to sit. I was surprised to find that he had followed me and was looking uneasily at the short distance that separated me from where Eve now stood kicking off her shoes. "I really ought to tie you up," he said, "- but if you promise not to move I won't bother."

I had read too many tales of people who had allowed themselves to be tied up only to be subsequently murdered and a wave of claustrophobia hit me at the prospect of being so incapacitated. "I promise," I said.

He then moved back to Eve and possessively took hold of her elbow but she shook his hand off, muttered something and walked over to me without him trying to stop her.

Drawing near she took my hand, squeezed it very hard and looking deep into my eyes said softly, "Don't get too upset, darling, because I'm not going to be hurt. And no matter how you feel, please don't try to interfere." She then turned and walked slowly back to meet her fate.

During that minute our captor had removed his shorts and now stood waiting. His cock was standing at a forty-five degree angle and I could not believe the size of that rampant organ.

Over the years, in sports changing and at the swimming baths, I have observed many examples of male genitalia but never one even approaching that magnitude. Eve must have seen it but without even a falter in her stride walked straight past him.

Turning so that her back was partially towards both males, she bent down quickly, reached up under her skirt, pulled down her panties, stepped out of them and let them fall to the grass at her feet. Of all the many times that the events of that afternoon have dominated my thoughts, it is not the actual act of sex but the symbolic moment that she first removed her underwear for the benefit of another man that has been replayed most often in my mind. Her last action was to choose a position in the middle of the bank and lie down with her arms passively by her sides. I could also see that her legs were parted and slightly raised at the knees.

He moved in quickly to claim his prize, flicking her skirt up to her waist. I think that I caught a glimpse of her bush but his body getting in place between her legs blocked my view. Nor could I see the moment that he entered her but a gasp from my wife told me that it had happened. It is only fair to concede that he did it gently and slowly rather than the vicious thrust I had expected. I found myself wondering if that gasp was directly caused by that column of flesh being pushed into her or whether it was simply a release of tension.

I too must have held my breath because, despite the feeling of cramp in my gut, I was almost surprised to find that I was breathing normally. I watched him thrusting into her with relative restraint for two or three minutes but then dragged my eyes away from the sexual tableau to start surveying my immediate surroundings. Within easy reach I spotted two fallen sections of branch, either of which would make far more effective weapons than the clumsy lump of wood that I had fist picked up but I left them lying where they were. Many times since I have pondered my inaction and cannot decide if I was abiding by my promise to him, obeying my wife's injunction or whether I had just felt that the battle was already lost. Instead of heroic action I fished out my packet and with trembling fingers, lit a cigarette.

It is strange the random thoughts that flit through the mind in a situation like that. I remember thinking how incongruous it was that, less than an hour before I had been happily walking along with no thought in mind except perhaps my evening meal, and yet there I was, sitting with my back against a tree, smoking a cigarette, while only a few feet away a complete stranger was busily fucking my wife.

An increase in tempo drew my eyes back to the events on the bank. His ball sack began to move up telling me that he was about to cum and a moment or two later he gave a great bellow. As that happened, Eve's arms moved up as if she were about to hold him but after touching his sides briefly they fell back to the grass. The moment that he had finished squirting his seed the rapist rolled off and sat up, looking over at me to ensure that I was still where I should be. My wife also sat up, quickly pulling down her dress to cover herself. The man gave a long whistle through his teeth, I think to express satisfaction, and then beckoned to me saying, "You can bring those cigs over here."

Walking over I proffered one to him rather than hand over the packet and then offered one to Eve that she gratefully accepted. There were plenty left so I also took another for myself. While going round with my lighter, my wife looked into my eyes, gave a very brief half smile and then averted her gaze. My intention was to return to my tree but he pointed to a spot by my wife's feet, graciously giving me permission to stay, if only for the moment. I would rather have gone back because his cock was in my direct line of vision. It lay limply on his thigh, glistening with semen and no doubt vaginal juices but it distressed me to see that it had not decreased at all in size.

"Are you married?" It was Eve speaking and her question shocked me - I mean, submitting to sex when you have no choice is one thing but why initiate conversation with the brute.

"Yes, worse luck and I've got five kids as well but it's turned my wife into a fat slob," he replied. "She don't want no more babies and she can't take the pill so I don't get much at home."

Despite my feelings about Eve having spoken to him I found myself saying rather nastily, "So you've done this sort of thing before?"

He shook his head. "No, this is my first time. You just dropped lucky - or unlucky if you want to see it that way. I come up here most weekends to get out of the house and ride the bike, that's how I come to know all the paths so well but I suppose I'll have to give this place a miss for quite a while after this."

"So why did you pick on us?" This was my wife again.

"That's down to you, darlin. As you were coming up the hill and especially when you were sitting on the bench, I thought what a cracking bit of cunt you were and how much I would like to give you one. Then when I saw you heading off into the woods I realised that it was too good a chance to miss."

My wife and I fell silent. I think both of us were ruing the fact that had we just continued walking or simply retraced our steps we would have been safe but our intended defensive action had actually played right into his hands.
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