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"See you later." I yelled to my family as I was leaving the house. Picking up my gym bag I got in the car, took a quick look in the mirror, and drove to meet my girlfriends at the club for a hard workout and some femtalk.

Driving through the gate I waved to the cute new guard, parked the car, took my bag and headed over to the gym. Entering the lobby I saw the desk clerk, nodded hello, passed the pro shop, juice bar, lounge, down the hallway and peeked into the tinted glass windows of the racquetball courts as I walked by them.

Wait! something, noooo, SOMEONE caught my eye. A Man. THAT MAN.

I'd seen him here a few times before. As I stopped before the window and watched him he had his hands over his head removing his white polo shirt. Drenched with his sweat. Now, that's something to watch! I thought. Great timing. Standing up here I could get a real good view of him: checking out his strong, muscled legs, and rippling abs. Thank goodness he took that shirt off so I can ogle his defined arms, great looking ass (from what I could see of it under those white shorts).

It was so cool. I watched him and he didn't know it. Putting my bag down I grabbed hold of the railing in front of me to watch him move. Saw him bend over. Ooooooo sooo sweet. Watched him pick up his racquet--putting a hand deep inside a shorts pocket he pulled out one of those blue racquetballs. Suddenly I thought I wouldn't mind seeing what else could be felt in that pocket and felt myself getting a little excited at the thought.

I must have been staring really intensely because all of a sudden I realized I was Busted - caught! I was so embarrassed I lowered my eyes, and could feel the heat of a blush rising from my chest up to my neck making me turn flushed in the face like a teenager. My nipples turned hard and crinkled.

I had to look again to see if he was done embarrassing me - I raised my eyes slowly and could not believe it! He watched me go through this. To my surprise he waved his arm at me and I must say, he had the nicest smile.

Quickly grabbing my bag I gave him a wave and an embarassed half-smile and went to meet my girlfriends.

As I turned into the Lady's Locker Room I thought about what had just happened. For the past two weeks now I'd seen that same attractive man around the club. Last week I passed him in the parking lot and I remember seeing him in the pro shop on the weekend looking at some golf clubs.

As a matter of fact, that same day I was running late and bumped into him; literally colliding as he was leaving the men's locker room. I remember bending down to pick up my fallen bag and as I stood up my eyes took in every single inch of his really sexy body.

His muscled legs (perfect to run my hands over), strong, sensuous thighs (to scratch my nails up), as my eyes rested for a moment on the front of his shorts, on his growing bulge, I had a flash of quickly reaching out for a touch.

Reluctantly, I pulled my eyes away, but not before I took in his trim waist, hard stomach, his gorgeous shoulders and his eyes. I found them staring at my cleavage and breasts beneath my sundress.

"Sorry." was all I could think of to say and practically ran into the locker room. And now......jeez....what did he think of me?

As I changed into my workout clothes I could not stop thinking about how attracted I was to that man. I could feel a dampness in my panties without him even touching me. Hearing the announcement for the start of my class I raced to catch up with my friends wondering if they knew anything about this sexy-looking guy.

I silently took a spot at the back of the room. It was a filled class with men and women. My girlfriends were a few rows ahead of me. I couldn't get a full view of the instructor but I knew it was a man, back toward us. Good voice, motivating, the kind of voice you can listen to for a long time. Really silky sounding even as he shouted at us to keep going.

I felt beads of perspiration starting to form as I moved in sync with the class. As the instructor moved back and forth in front of the group, I got better looks at his movement. And I am not talking about his exercise motions. But rather as he bent over to stretch, mmmmm, he had the tightest ass under those shorts. His thighs were the kind you want wrapped around you and with his energy level he could please a woman for a long, long time.

I could not believe I was having such erotic thoughts about the instructor. I was getting turned on by only watching him lead the class.

As I continued to move my hips and stretch my legs, flexing my thighs and tightening my ass I imagined him facing me. Both of us naked. His cock hard and strong. Our bodies grinding up against each other. My pubic mound rubbing against him. Mmmmmmmm now THAT would be good exercise.

Waking up from this daydream I had not noticed he'd turned to face the class. He was now focused on me. Oh my god, this was too embarrassing - it was HIM!

That sexy guy who had caught me watching him on the court. But there was no time to think about it. He had us get down on the floor to do some crunches and pelvic maneuvers. As he said the count he walked around checking everyone's position.

I sensed him heading over to me and heard him quietly say under his breath "My, my, my. Look who's in my class." I knew a deep blush was overtaking my body. He quickly bent down and one of his tanned hands went under my ass while the other one went to my belly.

"Now...up!" he ordered me.

Pulling myself up with his hands touching me was the most incredible sensation. Every time my ass hit the floor I could feel his strong hand pressing back into my cheeks, and every time I brought my hips up I could feel his hands pressing into my stomach. I wanted his hands to move lower.. It was all I could do not to move his hand between my legs myself. To rub his fingers up and down, up and down. Feeling. Touching. Making me hotter. Wetter. I caught myself. Oh my god. What was I thinking?

It seemed like an eternity but finally class was over. My friends and I immediately started talking about the intense workout with this new teacher. Asked what I thought about the class I replied. "It was more stimulating than I'd expected." Laughing. Thinking, but not saying. He is soooo hot. It's the first time an instructor had me leaving class horny. Glancing back at him drying off with a towel as we left for the locker room.

"Meet you at the juice bar I said to my friends. About 30 minutes?" And we headed off to take showers and dress.

I got to my locker and kicked off my sneakers and socks. Let my hair down from its ponytail, gathered soap and a fresh towel and headed for the showers. Finding an available private shower with dressing room I turned on the water to steam it up.

Slipping my hands into the waistband of my black spandex shorts I slid them down my tanned smooth legs and stepped out of them. My fingers held onto the bottom of my spandex crop bra and lifting my arms up to remove it revealed my full, ripe breasts with pink nipples topping each one. With a moment taken to look at my body's reflection in the mirror, I stepped into the shower letting the water stream all over my naked body.

Taking the soap I began to lather up bubbles. Making my hands slippery with the soap I gently began to wash my body. Running my soapy hands across my shoulders, down my arms letting the water spray over me, bouncing off my breasts. The water making my nipples harden from the stimulation.

I moved my hands under my full breasts enjoying the weight of them circling around and around them. Gliding my fingers across my nipples I closed my eyes and pulled a little causing them to redden and become even harder cherry tips on a fleshy mountain of soft skin. I thought of the class. Of the man who had just made me sweat. His firm hands on my belly telling me to tighten. I moved my hands to get more soap; reaching for it.


I felt a rush of cold air on my back and hands around my waist.

Terrified. I turned around only to find HIM. That Man. In the shower with me! Our eyes locked. It was hypnotizing. He had the greenest, sexiest eyes I'd ever seen. And his lashes were so long. I could feel my body charged with excitement. His hand reached out to take the soap and then firmly guided my hand to his chest. My hand under his forcing it down. Down his hard, tanned stomach, down to his pubic hair. My hand flat against his now hardening cock.

With his hand still covering mine he began to move it up and down. Up and down. Chills went through me at how good that felt. I let out a low moan; a purring perhaps and took a breath. This was amazing. So wonderfully unexpected. So wrong to do! I started to protest - to say this shouldn't be - that he had to stop!

But, the words did not come.

I knew what I wanted. And, somehow, so did he.

Moving close. Bringing my mouth close to his chest I began to kiss one of his nipples. I ran my hot tongue over one. Encircling it until it was hard then to the other. Biting a little with my teeth as I moved my mouth down his chest.

I brought my tongue to his belly button flicking the tip around it. I could feel him enjoying this and then I was on my knees, my hands on his strong legs, my nails teasing his inner thighs until my hands were between those legs. I looked up at him to see what he was doing. He was watching me enjoy him so I thought let's give him something to really enjoy.

I moved my head so that my tongue could lick his balls. And I have to say they were big hanging between his legs. I heard him moan when my tongue started licking around each one. My hands sliding around to his ass. Massaging those real tight cheeks.

I continued to lick but was getting so hot from what we were doing that I wanted to see how he felt as I sucked him. To taste him. As I moved my mouth to his shaft I felt his hands on my head. He leaned up against the tile wall as I slid his hardening cock between my two soft lips.

My hot tongue licking over the tip. The head of his cock inside my hungry mouth. My tongue swirling around the head across the tip. Around the head across the tip. Again and again and taking him whole. Deeper into my mouth until my face was buried in him. My lips at the base of his very hard stiff cock filling my mouth.

His strong hands were pushing him deeper. Deeper into my mouth and the moan that came from him could be heard over the pounding shower. My hands pulled him closer pushing on his ass. My fingers moving to his private hole. Fingering. Rimming. Flicking at it as my tongue darted up and down his long, hard shaft. My head moving up and down. His cock getting harder and harder as I pressed my lips ooooooooHHHH soooo tight as he began to thrust deeper and deeper into my mouth. I could feel his legs tightening. I did not want to stop but his hands forced my head away, and he pulled me up. I looked into his deep green eyes to see what he wanted. What he desired. He took the soap and lathered up his hands.

He began to slide those slippery fingers over my shoulders. Across my breasts, tweaking at my nipples to make them harden into points. His soapy fingers down my belly. Finally. Ohhhhh finally. His fingers were between my legs. I wanted him. I was lusting for him. I wanted to feel him enter me. His cock so stiff and ready. His fingers on my clit. Rubbing those soapy fingers back and forth. Sliding his fingers back to my pussy, which by this time was begging to feel him. Craving him. Rubbing against my clit making it harder. Ooohhh I was so sensitive.

He bent down and took my swollen clit between his teeth and began to pull on it. His fingers sliding easily into my wet pussy. In and out those fingers went. My eyes were closed. I could feel my mouth getting dry even with the shower on. OooooOOOO I was moaning, my legs spreading even wider for him. "I want you. I want to cum for you." I was saying. I could not believe the lust for this man.

He stood up and took one of my legs in his hand lifting it to his hip and with his other hand guided his throbbing cock into me.

"OH my god!" Did I say that or think it? All I know is he started pumping harder and harder. The water pounding on our heads. My arms around his shoulders pulling him closer. My nails scratching nto his skin. I pushed harder. HARDER. HARDER. Each thrust brought another moment of ecstasy.

My hips were grinding into him as he pushed that cock. Fucked me harder and deeper, each motion making me hotter and HOTTER. My breasts crushing into his strong chest until OOOOoooOOO until OOO yesss. OOOHHH yyesssssSSSSss. Cumming. cccccCCUMMING!! I was screaming at the intensity of the orgasms. I kept cumming and cumming. I could feel him hard. Still plunging deep inside me with a power I had never felt before. His rock hard cock just kept rubbing against my swollen clit and was so deep in my hot pussy I did not know if I would ever stop cumming.

Thank god the water was muffling our sounds. My screams. As we both hit our peaks. Orgasms. Twitching. Spasms. Together.

The sexual passion finally subsiding. We began to separate our entwined bodies.

I was thinking this could be such an awkward moment. What do you say to a man who has just given you incredibly intense orgasms? Thank you?

He took his hand and placed it under my chin lifting my head towards his. And so gently. So smoothly. He brought his full sensuous lips to mine and gave me a kiss. His tongue flirting with mine. He smiled a really sexy smile and left the shower.

What could I do? I finished my shower. I felt like I was waking up from a dream.

I met my girlfriends at the juice bar. They were engrossed in a discussion about the instructor from class. The man I'd just fucked in the shower. The man who had the hardest cock I'd ever felt deep inside me.

And thinking about what we'd just done was getting me hot again. Desiring his touch, his taste, his tongue licking me, his mouth on mine.

Someone was asking me a question. "I'm sorry. What?" I asked.

"What did you think about Jim, the instructor?"

I just smiled.
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