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(This story was written by an admirer of Maria and her "Wife's First Time" series. Plaidman is only too happy to sponsor this admirer and will vouch for the writer's originality as it reflects specifically as to my wife's profile.)

"Maria closes the deal"

Maria sat in her car double checking her paperwork, she had been working on this deal for three months and desperately needed to close it to get her boss off her back. Her sales had been suffering recently and she needed a few homeruns to get back on track.

Maria's mind had been on other things for the last few months, ever since Al, her husband, had started trying to get her to expose herself at work she couldn’t think straight. She didn’t approve in principle as she was a respectable member of the community, was involved with various charities, and she didn’t understand why he wanted her to behave like a cheap slut.

To her shame however she was finding the thought of exposing herself increasingly exciting. It seemed to go against Maria's conservative upbringing and everything she stood for. What nagged at her was the thought that she was doing something to rebel against the constraints that her upbringing had placed on her.

As a result of this she had started wearing stockings to work and kept her panties in her bag all the time. She didn’t want Al to know yet as she was just dipping a toe into the water, but this small act of rebellion always caused butterflies in her stomach and an undeniable heat between her legs. She felt so naughty, so dirty and she loved knowing that underneath her professional respectable businesswoman exterior she was exposed to the world.

Maria shivered, “Snap out of it girl. Focus on the sale.” Maria got out of her car and checked herself out in the window of the shop. At 35 years old Maria liked to think she was in her prime, she worked out and as a result was firm in all the right places. She turned heads and she knew it, her breasts were her best feature at 32D they were still firm and topped of with delicious nipples that she knew Al loved to suck and bite. She enjoyed it too

She was glad she had chosen her shortest skirt this morning, combined with a pressed white shirt and smart jacket she looked thoroughly professional. Who in their right mind wouldn’t want to buy from her. She took a deep breath and walked over to the entrance of her clients office.

"I'm Maria, I have a presentation meeting with the board at 10 O’clock this morning"

"Sure there expecting you, take a seat and Ill let them know you’re here"

Maria sat herself down, “God these chairs are low” she thought. Her skirt had ridden up to her stocking tops. Before she had a chance to pull her skirt down, Graham, the boss of the company, stepped out of an office and called over to her.

"Maria, sweetheart, good to see you again, we’re ready for you now" Maria saw him eyeing her legs up, she blushed and tried to stand up without exposing anymore of herself to him. He didn’t take his eyes of her. Maria had a horrible feeling she had flashed her cunt at him. She could feel the blush rising to her ears.

At the same time she could feel her heart beating harder, she knew she was wet as well at the thought of this very powerful client seeing her like that.

Her nipples tingled as she walked into the boardroom.

God this was all Al's fault what had he done to her? Maria knew she had to concentrate on the presentation and stop thinking about the effect she was having on this guy. There were three other men in the boardroom. Maria had only dealt with Graham so far, so she shook hands with them all as Graham introduced her.

"Gentlemen, this is Maria, the one I told you all about." Maria's ears pricked up at that, what had he been saying about her?

"Maria, this is Mark, John and Peter, they are all directors of the company and the buck stops here. If we like what we see, your company is hired."

Maria flinched slightly at the remark about liking what they saw. She could feel all their eyes on her, checking her out, sizing her up. Maria realized that her nipples were hard as bullets, pressing at the lacy material of her bra. She was getting turned on by the thought of these men's eyes roaming over her body.

She felt so powerful as though they were desperate for a glimpse of what she had underneath her suit. Maria took a deep breath and shrugged her jacket off her shoulders. She knew they could see her nipples through the thin blouse. She was warming to this. Al would fuck her senseless if she told him about this.

Maria started her presentation and they all listened intently to her but she caught every one of them eyeing her breasts up whenever they got the chance. Maria went on for an hour and finally wound her pitch up.

"And that is it gentlemen, we can save you millions of dollars with this ordering system. It goes without saying that I am going to offer you 100% of customer support and integration while you transfer to the system to smooth out any complications. Customer satisfaction is our top priority."

"Maria, we're impressed. Its a great system you know it and we know it"

Maria sighed inwardly, she knew it was in the bag, all she needed were the signatures and she was home free.

"Graham, I knew you would agree so I've prepared the paperwork and all I need is your signatures and I can start the ball rolling".

"Not so fast honey, we have a couple of queries about your support. We know how much this contract is worth to you Maria, so we expect you’re undivided attention for the foreseeable future"

”Honey?”, Maria thought to herself, then she continued aloud, "Graham, I am willing to do anything to ensure that you are fully satisfied with the company and my efforts."

"Really" Graham arched an eyebrow, Maria cursed that had come out wrong. "Well in that case I want you to show my colleagues here exactly what you showed me in the reception."

Maria's heart skipped a beat This wasn’t in the plan. She just looked dumbfounded at Graham. What he was proposing was disgusting. Who did he think he was? This was very arrogant. Maria could feel herself blushing again, and her body started to shake from nervousness and fear. The other board members looked on in silence, awaiting her reaction.

"Maria, I know that if you don’t get this contract you’re in the shit, your boss wont take another failure, and you’ll get sacked for sure".

Maria knew he was telling the truth, but she just couldn’t bring herself to go through with it. Something nagged in the back of her mind She was excited by the thought of exposing herself to these men, her heart was pounding, and she knew she was wet. Maria couldn’t remember the last time she had felt so alive, so naughty, she was disgusted by what this man was proposing, and yet that was what was turning her on so much.

As she stood up, she couldn’t bring herself to look these men in the eyes, “It’s just the tops of my stockings,” she told herself, “Its no biggie."

"I take it you've reached a decision Maria" Graham was grinning at her.

"OK, I’ll do it"

"Good girl, now get up on the table and show us your stuff."

Maria dutifully climbed up on the big mahogany table, she teetered slightly in her heels, steadied herself and started to inch the skirt up her thighs.

"Not like that honey, bend over and touch your toes, then lift the skirt"

Maria gaped in horror knowing if she complied she would be showing everything, not just her stocking tops. Her stomach flipped, she knew if she bent over they would see how excited she was. She felt so cheap. What was happening to her? She was a wife, a professional, a mother , and a pillar of the community. But underneath all her guilt there was the nagging suspicion she might be the slut Al had always wanted her to be.

The realization hit her that she knew she would comply, so why deny it. The throbbing in her cunt was taking over her sensibilities and she needed release. The sooner she had that signature, the sooner she could get in her car and bring herself off.

Maria bent over, the tops of her stockings were already on show. She placed her hands around her ankles, thank god for all those flexibility classes at yoga she thought. Slowly she ran her hands up the backs of her calves over her knees and up her thighs. “Might as well give them a show,” she thought. She looked round her legs and winked seductively at the four men, ”God that felt good,” she thought. She could see the bulges in their trousers, and loved the thought that she had caused them.

The heat in her cunt was mounting and she thought she might pass out if she got any hotter. The thrill of exposing herself was taking over, she wanted to please these men, she wanted to do what they asked, she wanted to be ordered around like a common whore.

"Keep going sweetheart, we want to see it all."

Maria's hands had reached her ass, she was doubled over, her cunt was on display, to her shame she could feel her juices seeping from her cunt and soaking the inside of her thighs.

"Good girl, you're hot aren’t you"

"Yes I am"

"Yes sir, you naughty slut"

Maria stuttered "Yes S.. Sir"

She was aware that by calling him Sir she had submitted to his will. She didn’t care as she needed release and the thought of these men giving that to her was creeping into her mind subliminally.

"Good slut, now lose the blouse, lets see those juicy tits of yours"

Maria blushed, she knew they were her best feature and the fact that this guy was referring to them so crudely sent a thrill through her. She tentatively undid the buttons, she was still looking at the floor unable to make eye contact, but she hazarded a glimpse at the assembled men to see what effect she was having on them.

They all sported enormous erections that were clearly visible through their suit trousers. Maria was conscious of her arousal, she had caused those erections and she couldn’t help but feel turned on by the effect she was having on these men. If only they would give her what she needed. So far they had given no indication of their intention to fuck her. They seemed quite content to watch her flaunt herself. She couldn’t deny that it was arousing her, but she needed more.

"That’s a good slut now pinch those nipples and get them good and hard"

Maria complied, she tried to stifle the moan but couldn’t.

"Oh, little slut all turned on is she? Little slut want to come?"

"Y..Yes please sir I need to come, please sir."

"You’re turning into quite the desperate little corporate slave aren’t you?" Graham chuckled to himself. He could see her checking out the cocks on show and he knew she was desperate to come. He could almost feel her arousal from where he was sitting. He couldn’t deny that turning this respectable little wife and mother into a cock hungry slut was exciting him. He knew however that these things took time and she had to be made to come back for more. She couldn’t be allowed to receive satisfaction yet, and she would have to wait for that.

Maria was naked now. She stood on the table feeling slightly foolish as the assembled men discussed the next course of action.

"We haven’t got time to fuck her, I’ve got another meeting in five minutes." Mark was obviously put out by this as were Peter and John who both had to go to the meeting as well.

Maria was crestfallen, she needed cock, and she was no longer ashamed to admit it.

"What’s it going to be slut, we haven’t got time to fuck you. These guys have got to go to another meeting and I’ve only got a few minutes as well. What do you want to do"

Maria knew the ball was in her court. This was a test of her submission.

They were giving her the chance to go home without further humiliation and all she had to do was say. Graham knew she wanted to stay and at least get some relief even if she had to play with herself. He also still held an unsigned contract.

"I. I have to… I want to stay" Maria had submitted totally now, She knew she would do anything these men asked of her. Something had snapped in her mind and she knew she was a submissive slut now and only there to be ordered around for their pleasure.

"Good slut, I knew you would stay, now get on the floor and suck my cock" the crudeness of his language excited her further, she could feel herself blushing as the other three men all sat around watching her every move. She knew she wasn’t far from coming and the sight of Graham releasing his cock from his trousers nearly sent her over the edge. She got to her knees and eyed the cock as it weaved and bobbed in front of her face.

She grasped it and it looked huge in her tiny hand, the purple head had a drop of pre-come on it, which she willingly kissed off. She sank her mouth round it slowly taking the shaft into her throat. She started sucking it for all she was worth, her breath whistled out of her nose as she fought to get it all in her mouth. She was aware of the disgusting slobbering noises she was making as she choked down on his huge penis.

She could feel the head throbbing in her mouth, “Not long now,” she thought. The musky taste in her mouth was overpowering her as she was obsessing on the cock in her mouth. She knew all eyes in the room were on her, loved the attention and had completely forgotten about her own orgasm which seemed to have diminished into the background of erotically charged feelings within her.

It pulsed once, then again, Maria could feel the first jet of come hitting the back of her throat, she could barely contain it, then the second jet exploded into the confines of her mouth. She struggled to swallow the sticky fluid as he still had the huge penis in her mouth. To her shame she could feel some of the fluid dribbling down her chin. He pulled his cock out of her and she looked a mess naked on the floor with come drying on her face.

"Clean it for me slut" he ordered.

She complied immediately, lovingly cleaning the cock as it shrunk to a more manageable size. She lapped at the sticky fluid on the head and was rewarded with a groan from Graham. She warmed to her task as she felt his cock swelling again under her loving attention.

"Enough slut" He pushed her away as she sprawled on the floor with a hurt expression on her face.

"I’ve got a meeting to go to so you’ll have to come back for more later." Maria felt her stomach lurch. Surely there would not be a next time. She had got the order, she had given them what they wanted, this couldn’t continue. As soon as she thought it she dismissed it, she knew she was hooked. The way she had been treated had turned her on like never before. She was still soaking wet and it was all she could do to stop herself from fingering her sopping cunt.

"Now before you run along with your signed order we've got a little present for you for being such a good slut."

Graham reached into his pocket and pulled out a thin chain with a pendant on the end, he placed it round Maria's neck and she gasped as the cold metal nestled between her breasts. She held the pendant up to look at the inscription, it read simply "Slut”. She knew it was true. Something had snapped within her and she loved the submission. She knew she would be back for more and given that they already had the pendant, they must have been planning this.

"Now run along slut, come back when you need to be used again. If you’re good , next time well fuck you" with that he indicated that she should put her skirt and blouse on and leave her discarded bra on the floor.

She frantically pulled her skirt on, and tucked the blouse in after it, her nipples rubbed against the thin material. She scurried out of the boardroom aware of the come on her face but not caring. She ran through the office, past all the giggling secretaries, and all the way to her car and got in on the verge of tears.

Graham smiled to himself.

"Did we get all that on tape?"

"No problem Graham, the recording was fine".

"Good" Graham smiled.

Maria was composing herself in her car. As the events of the morning caught up with her, she could feel the tears rising and choked down a sob. What had she done? She had turned from respectable wife, mother and PTA member into a slut, a slut who gladly drank the come of a man who had thoroughly demeaned her.

She slammed the car into drive. She didn’t care where she went. She needed to get away from that office. The tears streamed down her face, stinging her with shame, she was no better than a street whore. She knew what she needed and wanted but could not come to terms with the guilt and shame, the conflict was eating her up inside.

She couldn’t carry on driving in this condition so she pulled over into a dirty car park at the back of a sleazy bar. Maria parked, rolled down the window and took a deep breath. “Get a grip woman, calm down,” she told herself as she wiped away the tears.

Maria's hand went to her neck and found the chain, she read the pendant. “The truth hurts,” she thought, “You know what you are so don’t deny it.” She replayed the morning’s activity in her head, closing her eyes to picture the hard cocks that she had caused with her display. The familiar heat between her legs was starting again, nagging at her, demanding attention. She complied, one hand reaching for her tingling nipple, the other between her legs.

She fingered herself, her fingers slipping easily inside her. She closed her eyes and let out a sigh. She wasn’t going to last long and she could feel her orgasm building deep within her belly. Just as she was about to come a man’s voice snapped her out of her reverie.

"What have we got here? A horny business woman stopping for a quick fiddle on her way to lunch?"

Maria froze, her eyes opened immediately to see a large black biker. He had greasy leathers on and was openly leering over his dark glassed at her breasts, her nipples being clearly visible through the thin material. The man was huge, at least 6 foot 4 inches and he towered over the car. Maria couldn’t help herself as she looked at the lump in his pants and licked her lips in anticipation.

Before she could answer, the man had opened the car door and dragged her out of the car and led her to an alley that linked the car park with the road.

"Come with me baby, I’ve got an itch you can scratch for me".

Maria followed docilely behind the huge man. He was tall and lean and obviously worked out. His arms bulged out of his shirt. He stopped and pushed Maria against the wall of the alley.

"On your knees Baby"

Maria sank to her knees. A feeling of inevitability swept over her. She had not objected to her treatment, yet this man seemed so masterful as if women always did what he told them.

She knew what was coming next as the man unzipped his trousers.

"Take it out for me Baby"

Maria obliged, reaching inside his trousers to feel his sweaty leg against which laid his hardening cock. She pulled it out and immediately started licking it like a huge black lollipop. She lovingly licked the shaft before kissing the top of its massive head.

"Good baby you know what to do don’t you?"

Maria didn’t answer. She was to engrossed in the cock in her mouth. She sucked and licked for all she was worth, her cheeks hollowing out with every effort she made to make the man come in her mouth.

"Enough Baby, I want to fuck that pretty little white cunt of yours".

He pushed her onto her knees and she pulled her skirt up to reveal her cunt,.

It was dripping with her arousal. As he sank to his knees and sank the head into her she moaned aloud, unable to contain herself.

"Do you want more, Baby? Ask me nicely and Ill fuck you real hard"

"Please fuck me , I need cock, fuck it all the way up me please"

Maria was past caring who heard her, or saw her. She could barely contain herself as the man ploughed into her. Each thrust caused her to moan like a dirty whore. She was close. So close. Just a couple of more thrusts.
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