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"Miss Stanley, could you stay after class a moment?"

Amanda's heart sank. She was not doing well in this class and tried to keep a low profile. Professor Wilkins was straight-laced and taught a very boring class in a boring manner. She worked her way through the crowd that was filing out of the room. She felt self-conscious as their eyes stared at a student who had been singled out by the professor. She held her books in front of her and looked at the floor until the last student left.

Looking up she saw that the professor was looking at some paperwork and making some marks. "You wanted to see me, Professor?"

He seemingly did not hear her as he continued his work. Amanda shuffled her foot in a small circle waiting for a response. He finally looked up and took his glasses off. "Do you know how bad your grades are in this class, Miss Stanley?"

She flushed red and looked down again. She knew they were pretty bad. "Yes," she said in a low voice.

"They are at a failing level. I don't know how you're going to pass this class unless you get straight A's for the rest of the semester." Amanda was nearly in tears. She really needed to pass this class or else she would have to spend another year in school and she could not afford to do that.

"Is there anything I can do to get a better grade? Like extra credit?" Amanda's voice had the mixture of desperation and fear. Her eyes met the professor's. He gave her a warm smile.

"Yes," he said in a creepy, sickening tone. "As a matter a fact there is. Why don't you come by my office this afternoon around four. You and I will have a 'tutoring' session. See you then." The professor then returned to his paperwork. Amanda stood rooted to the spot. Her head felt light as she took in the meaning of his words. He wanted to have sex with her. The room began to spin ever so slightly over and over again.

"See you this afternoon, Miss Stanley," the professor said as he breezed by her on his way out the door. Amanda remained unmoving as a solitary tear trickled down her cheek.

Amanda headed back to her dorm room in a daze. The hundreds of other students that walked by her did not even seem to exist as she walked through them. She could not think about anything else. It seemed her entire future came down to sleeping with her professor this afternoon.

Amanda got her keys out and unlocked her dorm room door without thinking. One thought filled her head and ran through it over and over. I must sleep with my professor, I must sleep with my professor. She lay down on her bed. Looking up at the holes in the ceiling tiles made her dizzy again. She closed her eyes and sleep quickly came to her mind's defense.

Amanda awoke but her eyes remained closed. The thought immediately came back into her head: I must sleep with my professor. She briefly tried to fool herself that it was a dream but she knew it was true. Opening her eyes, she looked over at her clock to see it was just past 3:00. Decision time. Go to the professor's office and play his game or spend the rest of her life flipping burgers having wasted thousands of dollars on an education she would never get to use.

Amanda slowly took off the blouse and pants that she was wearing. She stood in front of the mirror over the sink in her room looking at her body. Her bra nicely supported her large chest. Boys usually fixated on her breasts, speaking to them instead of talking to her. Her white panties were nothing fancy, just that necessary part of everyone's wardrobe. They certainly were not some outrageous color or a thong like some of the girls on her floor wore. She was in good shape, but she always considered herself a little overweight. Her stomach pooched out just a bit over the waistband of her underwear. She thought this was the reason boys kept away from her. They would never want a fat chick, she reasoned.

Amanda looked at her face. Her blue eyes and wavy brown hair were her best features, she thought. Friends told her she had a pretty face but she never believed them. That's what friends are supposed to say. She took a wet washcloth to her face to wipe away the dried tears. The coldness of the water refreshed her. It gave her a new determination. She would bear the indignity just this once and move on with her life.

Amanda removed her underwear and stood naked in front of the mirror. Her whole attitude changed. She was now thought of herself as a sexy woman who was going to seduce her professor. She ran her hand down to her pubic hair and massaged herself in front of the mirror. She slid her middle finger along the lips of her pussy and found that it was getting wet. She was ready for the professor's dirty game.

Amanda looked through her closet for the right clothes. She took out a tight yellow dress that one of her friends convinced her to buy to 'pick up guys'. She had never had the nerve to wear it before, but now was the time. She lay it down on her bed. She pulled out a push-up bra, garters, and black pantyhose. She was going all out. That cranky old man is going to get the fuck of a lifetime, she thought. She dressed in the things she laid out. In her boldness, she decided not to wear panties. She admired herself in the mirror, turning left and right. Feeling the air against her naked pussy, she reveled in the sensation.

Amanda walked back across campus to the professor's office. The low cut of the dress showed her ample cleavage to whoever walked by her. The micro-mini skirt barely covered her large ass giving those behind her a show. She saw out of the corner of her eyes that several guys nearly walked into walls or each other straining to get a peek at the passing sexpot. She gave them a broad, confident smile. Her hips swayed from the unsteadiness of her heels. She enjoyed teasing these boys with her voluptuous body.

She entered the building where the professor's office was. The hallways were empty. Her clicking heels echoed on the tiled floors. As she approached his office she lost her resolve. Her legs began to shake. She stood in front of the opaque glass door reading 'Professor Wilkins'. Her gathered her courage, took a deep breath, and turned the door handle.

The entry room was empty except for a small desk. It was clear of any clutter. Professor Wilkins did not have an assistant. He saw Amanda enter from his desk in the interior room. "Come in, Miss Stanley. Close the door behind you," he said. She slowly walked toward the back room. It looked like a Hollywood set of a professor's office. The walls were covered with wooden bookshelves that had been stained a deep brown color. They were full of many leather-bound books of all sizes. A large desk dominated one side of the room. There were plants in each of the corners. A stiff-looking red leather psychologist's couch sat across from his desk. A stick of incense was burning on his desk. The scent was something she had not ever smelled before. It was opulent yet earthy. She inhaled deeply in its pleasant scent.

Amanda went over to the couch and sat down. The squeaky crunch of the couch briefly filled the room with sound that was otherwise absent. She tried to situate herself as the material of her dress and the slick surface of the couch disagreed with each other. Finally sitting still, she clenched her hands together between her knees. This unknowingly gave the professor a better view of her cleavage as her arms pushed against the sides of her breasts. He leered at her. She looked up at him with uncertainty in her eyes. He said, "Relax, Miss Stanley. I will be with you momentarily." He then went back to the book he was reading.

Amanda's bravado was fading as he made her wait. Was she supposed to make the first move? Maybe he wanted an excuse in case this ever got out. She came on to me, he would say. She would not give him that satisfaction. But what if that's what he wanted? She really needed a passing grade to graduate. The questions and possibilities became a see-saw in her thoughts. She decided to wait him out.

The room had no visible clocks. Amanda's wait felt like an eternity as the professor calmly read his book. She looked anxiously around the room. The décor was so bland that there was little to focus on, except Professor Wilkins. She stared at him as his attention was buried in his reading. He seemed oblivious to her presence.

He closed the book, draping a small rope bookmark into it. Standing up he said, "Take your dress down to your waist." Her nerves were gone as her hands shook. She pushed the clingy material of the dress to her waist and showed him the bra she was wearing. Her large breasts looked like they were straining to be released.

The professor leaned forward, nodding approvingly of what he saw. He opened a drawer in his desk and pulled out a camera. Amanda visibly stiffened at the prospect, not only her body but also her nipples. Her breathing became shallow as she began to panic. Fear kept her perfectly still as her began taking snapshots of her cleavage.

"Take your bra off," the professor commanded. Amanda's dreamlike daze was returning as she reached behind her back to unhook her bra. Her breasts flowed out as she removed her bra. They remained prominent, bouncing briefly as she dropped her bra to the floor. More pictures were taken in the silence. "Try to do some posing," he told her. She could not think clearly. All she could think of to do was turn her body in profile each way.

"Put your hands on your knees, bending forward," the professor said. He saw she needed direction. Her large breasts projected out enticingly. "Now stand up and cup underneath them." She did as he said. Amanda resisted a sudden urge to play with her boobs. She gave them a small squeeze as she presented them to the professor's camera. "Now take your dress off." She slid the bunched material down her legs revealing her furry pussy to the professor. She was left wearing only a garter, stockings, and heels. "You've never done this before?" the professor asked with a smirking tone.

The professor paused to change rolls. Amanda stood there in the middle of the cool room watching him. "Turn around. Show me your ass," he told her. She complied with his direction. He snapped a few shots before saying, "Bend over with your hands on the couch. Spread your feet out a little." This left her pussy exposed to the professor. She was afraid he would notice her excitement. The clicking of the camera stopped. She did not dare look back to see what was happening. She felt the hairs on her pussy raise in anticipation. The stillness of the room began to worm into her mind. She closed her eyes and waited for it to end.

"Sit on the couch," the professor said, breaking the silence. "Spread your pussy lips for me." Doing as she was told, she went over and sat down. Dropping her hands to each of her engorged pussy lips, she spread them apart listening to the sticky peeling of her wetness. "Very nice. Very wet," the professor commented. He continued to take picture after picture before running out of film again.

While waiting for him to reload, Amanda reflected on his words. She was very wet. This was not the ordeal she had imagined it to be. In fact, posing naked for the professor had turned her on more than she had ever expected. She rubbed gently on her clit. It responded by tingling her entire body with a shiver of pleasure.

"Just lay down on the couch and relax." Amanda laid back on the chilly surface. She felt her warm skin seemingly adhere to the leather. The professor took a few more pictures of her breasts pooling upon her body with her nipples poking up. Then he sat down and opened his book again.

Amanda was confused. Was it over? Did he just want to take pictures? He was still fully clothed. He never even mentioned having sex with her. She lay there unsure of what to do next. The smell of incense and the feel of the leather made her more aware of her own sensuality. She badly wanted to begin playing with herself. She never did that on a regular basis. Her morals prevented her from pleasuring herself in front of the professor even if her body was begging for it. Instead, she clasped her hands under her breasts to keep from touching herself.

The professor's outer door opened. She was petrified. Who could it be? Why was the door unlocked? She was lying there naked with no time to react. The intruder was another professor, Dr. Baker. "Hey, Wilkins. Do you have that paper on… Oh, I see you've got another 'tutorial'." He smiled broadly as he looked over at Amanda. "Do you mind if I teach her a little something?"

"No, go ahead," Professor Wilkins said, with a casual wave of his hand, not even looking up from his book. Amanda could not believe her ears. She was not even going to be fucked by Professor Wilkins but by a virtual stranger. Professor Baker began to undress. Amanda began to whimper. She looked pleadingly at Professor Wilkins but he had his head buried in his book. Tears began to form in the corners of her eyes.

Professor Baker was now completely naked except for his socks. He had what Amanda considered to be a very small dick. Her terrible situation kept her from laughing at it. She covered her mouth as if she was in horror but it was really to keep her impulse to giggle inside. He was not even erect at the prospect of having sex.

Professor Baker knelt down and gently pulled her hands from her mouth. He placed one of them on his dick. She absentmindedly began to stroke him. He started to feel the fullness of her large breasts. He lightly caressed the roundness of her breasts and tweaking her nipples until they hardened again. Her body was covered with goose bumps as she relished in his touch.

He leaned over and flicked at her nipples with his tongue. As he wet her skin, the coolness of the air made them perk up even more. Amanda arched her back in an effort to get more of her breasts in his mouth. He reached down her body and lightly massaged her stomach with his fingertips. She shivered from his almost tickling touch on her belly. Professor Baker ran his hand in ever-growing circles. Slowly edging down, he ran his fingers through her tangled pubic hair. She unconsciously spread her legs to receive his touch as it neared her clit. Throughout his massage, her hand steadily pumped his hardening dick. He used one finger to slide down her slot. When it got to the bottom, he curled his finger into her moist pussy.

Professor Baker gently removed her hand from his cock and began his own probing. He poked his middle finger in as deep as it would go. She gasped as his finger plunged deep within her. He wiggled it around her wet hole. He quickly added two more fingers while speeding up his prodding. Soon he had four fingers pumping in her wet pussy. Amanda closed her eyes and opened her mouth in ecstasy at this assault. The professor then abruptly stopped. He spread her legs and grabbed under her knees, lifting her legs. He guided his dick into her slippery hole. He started humping her full force with his small dick.

Amanda could not keep herself from cumming. His touching and the photo session had taken their toll on her resolve. Even his small prick was enough to send her over the edge of orgasm. The clutching of her pussy walls finished off the professor too as he shot his considerable load into her. He buried his dick completely in her, never releasing her legs. She felt his dick give a few more shakes as his orgasm swept over him.

He then began to withdraw from her. There was a low sucking sound as her pussy was reluctant to give up its prize. He gave her a kiss on each breast and then on her forehead. She lay motionless, woozy from what she had just experienced. Looking over, she saw Professor Wilkins had the camera in his hand. He had taken pictures of the whole thing! She now felt used despite the physical euphoria which was floating through her. She was beyond crying about it anymore at this point.

Professor Baker was getting dressed again. "Anyway, Wilkins," he said casually, "I came over looking for that paper by Dr. Beck. He said that he gave it to you to read."

Professor Wilkins opened a drawer and pulled out a folder. "Here you go. See you at the luncheon on Saturday?"

"Yeah, I'll be there. Thanks for the paper," Professor Baker said. He turned to Amanda and said, "And thank you, miss. You were a great fuck." With that he turned and walked out of the room.

Amanda was stunned. She was just another fuck to him. He made it sound like this happened to him all the time. Maybe it did. Maybe the professors all slept with their underachieving students. The buzzing in her head from the incense and her orgasm was becoming more intense with each new revelation.

She had not moved from her last position. Her legs were spread and each foot on the floor. Cum was starting to ooze out of her tight hole. Professor Wilkins' timing was either incredible or practiced. He moved above her at the end of the couch to take pictures of her cum-dripping pussy. "Spread your pussy with two fingers, like this," he told her, making a peace sign with his fingers. She complied and more cum drained out of her wet slot.

The professor returned to his refuge behind his desk. Amanda lay there. She closed her legs but remained on the couch. She closed her eyes waiting for the professor's next instruction. She figured he would let her know when it was over. She hoped that she would not just be a whore for whichever faculty member happened to stop by.

The creaking of the front door made her freeze up again. Someone else was coming in. She looked up and saw a younger man this time. It was Professor Wilkins' grad student, Ron Powell. He was a nerdy guy who was destined to join the staff when he finished grad school. He dropped his books and his jaw when he saw a naked girl laid out on the couch in front of him. Amanda rolled her eyes at his ineptitude. She could not believe what an idiot this guy was. She forgot that she was the reason he reacted like that.

"Pro-professor, she's not wearing any clothes!" he said stupidly. He stared at her and nervously wrung his sweaty hands together.

"Close the door, Ron," the professor said with a tone of annoyance, without looking up. As Ron turned around to shut the door, he kicked his books across the floor. Amanda got up off the couch and without thinking collected his books. She presented them to him as he turned back from closing the door. She thought he might pass out. His hard-on was poking out from inside his thin beige pants. He absentmindedly took the books from her but his stare was affixed to her huge breasts. She became self-conscious when she realized what he was looking at. She covered them with her hands.

The professor was watching the slapstick with an air of boredom. "Miss Stanley, please lay down on the couch again and stop trying to cover up." The professor turned toward Ron and said, "Mister Powell take your clothes off too." Ron stared blankly at the professor. His cheeks flushed red at the prospect of being naked in front of other people. He looked back and forth at Amanda and the professor looking for something to indicate that this might be a joke. Realizing that it was not a joke, Ron began to slowly undress.

While Ron was disrobing, Amanda could not believe what she saw. His personality did not match his body. He was tone and fit, not overly muscular but would surely turn the girls' heads if he were shirtless. As he shucked his pants down, his muscular legs flexed. Removing his boxers let his penis spring into view. It was average-sized but with the whole body package, Amanda felt another twinge in her pussy. Her lust began to take over. Something made her want to have his hard cock buried in her. He stood there like a dope just ogling her. She did not want to give the appearance of being over-eager so she remained stationary on the couch.

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