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He stood near her car against a column in her condo's parking garage. It was 6:30 A.M. and he knew she'd be leaving for work soon. He always preferred morning sex to sex in the evening. She couldn't know he'd be there. He'd be the last thing she'd expect to see in her dim parking stall at this hour, and he knew it; in fact he had an erection just thinking about it.

Jen liked sex rough. She loved to tell her lovers this, and lived up to her promises. If you fucked her gently, her pussy would get dry, and she'd be quiet and unenthusiastic. Slow, passionate lovemaking, kissing, fondling, just wasn't her thing. She liked a quick and sudden entry, roughly pushed to her back or over a counter, panties ripped from her hips and thrown to the floor, throbbing cock shoved completely in with one forceful thrust. She loved the animal lust of fucking; her screams would fill the room. She didn't want a man to make love to her, she wanted to get fucked.

Monday morning, 6:30 A.M., he waited in the shadows by her car. She'd be all made up for work, dressed in her nice banker's clothes, high heels he was sure, and smooth stockings on her legs. Her hair would be up, pulled tidily and bunched behind her head. He watched for her in silence. The door to the garage opened and she stepped through.

She walked towards her car and he watched. Her hips shifted from side to side as she moved in his direction. She looked beautiful as she passed underneath one of the few dim parking garage lights, her purse slung over her shoulder as she adjusted the clip holding her hair in place. Her heels clicked on the concrete floor with every step, getting louder as she moved closer to his hiding place. She stopped next to her car door and began digging through her purse for her keys. He waited and watched. Her keys jingled as her hand pulled them out of her purse. She pressed the clicker on her remote and unlocked all the doors to her car. She opened the back door and set her purse on the floor behind her seat.

He moved quickly now. Silently stepping forward, he seized her around her waist with one arm and covered her mouth with his free hand. He pulled her hard against him and whispered gruffly in her ear, "Make a sound, and I'll kill you." Her body tensed and she tried to push away but she couldn't overpower him. She tried kicking her legs in the air behind her to crush his balls, but he was prepared for this kind of action. He held her firmly, and securely, and pushed her into the backseat of her car, and onto her stomach.

He climbed on top of her inside the car, pushed his hand against the back of her head, and forced her face into the car seat to muffle any sounds she might attempt to make. He pinned her down under his weight, and ran his free hand down the valley of her back to the waist of her skirt, slowly and deliberately, then with little warning at all, he grabbed the waistband and ripped her skirt loose from her body. He threw the torn garment to the pavement outside the car and quickly tore her panties from her ass, exposing her smooth soft cheeks to his harsh assault. Panties on the floor of the garage with the skirt, he returned his hand to his assault. He pushed her legs apart and knelt on the seat between them, and began unbuttoning his jeans.

He released his cock from his pants and pushed them down over his ass so his balls hung freely below his erection. He shifted his weight and pushed his pants down underneath his knees to get them out of his way, then quickly shoved three fingers into her pussy. She wasn't as wet as he had expected as he shoved his fingers in as deeply as they'd go, then out, then in, fucking her pussy with his hand. She made loud noises into the seat of her car that sounded as a result like nothing more than a low mumble. He could see her back contracting as she yelled full volume into the seat he pressed her head to. His hand continued to move in and out of her pussy, which was just slightly damper than it had been when he began. He pulled his fingers from her pussy and brought them up to his face. He smelled her freshly showered pussy on his hand, and took his slick fingers to his cock. Stroking it to its full erection, he held it in his hand and shifted his weight so the head of his hard-on aimed right at the opening of her pussy, just inches away. Then he spoke to her.

"Jen, you know me." He spoke in hushed, but aggressive tones. "You dated me for a while, and this cock has been in you before. But never like this."

Six inches of circumcised cock entered her pussy so quickly that her body shifted across the back seat and her head bumped against the opposite door. He held it still in her pussy and leaned over her body. He could hear her breathing into the seat, and saw a tear on her cheek from the side.

"It's David. I used to make love to you, but not anymore." He paused and held her still and silent, his cock throbbing in her damp pussy. "I used to kiss your breasts and mouth the way I thought you'd love, but I learned my lesson." His cock slid out then in again, then out, then in again. "Now I'm going to fuck you like I've never done before, and when I finish, I will never be the same again."

He began bucking his hips steadily, and somewhat quickly at first, then his speed increased. His cock moved pretty easily in and out of her pussy now, and it glistened wet in the dimly lit garage. He banged into her with such force; his balls would slap against her and ache from the impact. He could hear her breathing harshly into the seat as he continued to hold her head down, and occasionally she would let out a "humph" sound when he pounded her harder and her head bumped the car door. He could sense in her body that she knew this wouldn't be over until he came, and she let herself go limp. He wondered what was going through her head, but could sense she was no longer resisting. He moved his hand off her head and to her side so he could continue to fuck her with increasing speed and force. He lifted his haunches up and positioned himself at the best angle he could to slide every inch in and out of her now sloppy pussy with every thrust. He pulled out to the head, and then back up to his balls with every noisy attack on her conquered body. His breathing grew quicker and sweat began to form on his brow.

He knew that at this pace and intensity, it would all be over soon, so he decided to let it go and began fucking her so hard the car shook under his efforts, his balls slapped her body so hard they were numb, the sounds of their sex, his cock sliding in and out of her stretched and wet pussy filled the silence inside the car. Her body released itself to his assault and he used her pussy until he felt his cum start to boil in his balls. Four or five, powerful, painful thrusts later he shoved deep into her and unloaded his hot sperm inside her. Several short thrusts to milk all of his semen from his throbbing cock, and he withdrew and repositioned his hand at the back of her head. His softening cock bobbed between his legs, small dribbles of cum landed on her thighs and soft smooth ass. His hand palmed the back of her head and he spoke once more.

"Jen, the last time we made love you told me would be the last time we'd make love together." A lump formed in his throat. "You were wrong. You were very, very wrong."

He lowered his hips and sat on his heels behind her. He looked down at his softening cock, then gazed at her pussy and watched a small trickle of his sperm escape and run down to the car seat below. Then he let go of her head.

She moved, and felt no resistance. She shifted her head and stared at the man who just raped her in her car. His sweaty face reflected little light in the backseat of her car, which now smelled heavily of their sex. A tear was in his eye as he looked down. She shifted herself and moved her body away from his and sat with her back against the door she'd only recently been banging her head against. Her breathing was still quick, and her pussy throbbed from the assault she'd just been through from his cock; David's cock. He hadn't been in her pussy since Friday, when she'd told him that their love life wasn't working for her; when she'd explained her true desires; how she needed rough sex to be truly happy. He'd been hurt by her complaints, he'd gone quiet and shy. He'd dressed and left. She'd thought it was over. She never knew he had it in him to act as he just had. Perhaps she was wrong about him.

She hoped he'd have her back.

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