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The weekend was here. Stacy and I had made plans to go out after work for happy hour. When I got home from work I changed into a mini skirt and a top with spaghetti straps. I called Stacy to see when she would be ready.

"Stacy, are you ready to go?"

"Melissa you fucking cunt! You fucked Randy! I found a receipt for the motel and a red thong in his truck. He said it was your thong. He said he spent the night with you and it was your idea. You fucking whore! I don't want to ever see you again!" Stacy yelled. There was an empty feeling in my gut.

"Wait I can explain." But she had already hung up. I couldn't really explain. I had fucked him. I called her back but the line was busy.

I went next door to her house, rang the doorbell. Matt answered.

"Hi Melissa. Stacy is pretty upset, I think she's mad at you. You better go." He closed the door, leaving me on the doorstep. I didn't know what I should do, I just felt like shit. I got in my car and started to drive. As I neared Bart's Place I decided I needed a drink. I pulled in the parking lot, found a parking spot around back and went in. It was pretty crowded. The jukebox blared out rock music. I pushed my way through the crowd to the bar. I ordered a shot and slammed it down. I ordered another shot and a beer. I drank this shot a little slower, chasing it with a swig of beer. I couldn't believe I ruined everything between Stacy and myself. And for Stacy and Randy. I couldn't get rid of this sick feeling in my stomach. I ordered another beer. Someone brushed up against me on my right. I looked up, it was the two guys from the other night.

"Well look here, the slut from the other night is back. Maybe she wants to finish what she started. Or is your big brother here too?" Said the first guy. I ignored him, staring into my beer. He put his arm around my shoulder. I pushed it off. The other guy moved to over to my left side. He put his hand on my ass. I pushed him away.

"Oh come on mama, you know you want it." The first guy grabbed my tit. I slapped his hand away and got up.

"Aw don't leave so soon. The fun was just beginning." I heard one of them say. I made my way to the bathroom. While in the bathroom I decided to get out of there. I left the bathroom and walked out the back door into the rear parking lot. It was dark already, the parking lot dimly lit. Just as I got to my car someone grabbed my neck from behind and forced me face down on the hood. As I started to scream a hand covered my mouth.

"You fucking scream again bitch and we'll really hurt you." It was one of the guys from the bar. I was bent over the hood of my car, he had a strong grip on my neck holding me down. I didn't make any noise.

"I don't see your brother to protect you, so now you're gonna get what you deserve." My skirt was pulled down, then roughly pulled right off my legs.

"Nice panties bitch." He said. "Here hold her down." A new set of hands pushed down on my neck and head. I couldn't move. I felt cold steel on my hips, then under my waistband. It was a knife and it cut my panties. Then it was on my other hip, cutting my panties there. Then my panties were pulled from me.

"Oh nice ass." Someone slapped me hard on my ass.

"Please don't." I pleaded. Someone moved right behind me.

"Shut up bitch." My legs were kicked wide. I started to cry. I heard him spit. Then something was pressed up against my pussy. His hands were on my ass, spreading it wide. Then he pushed in. It hurt, I wasn't lubricated but he didn't care. He pushed all the way in. He pulled almost all the way out then stopped. He spit again, this time I could feel him spread it on his cock.

"Man this bitch is tight." He slammed back into me. He started to pound into me with deep hard angry strokes.

'Please stop." I begged. But he just fucked me harder. My pussy was burning. I was in pain. He slammed into me again and again. I tried to move but the hands on my head and neck just pushed me down harder into my car. My pussy felt like it was on fire as he pound into me unrelentlessly. Finally his pace quicken and he shot his load into me. His cum acted as a lubricant, now his cock slid easily in me. He pulled out.

"She's all warmed up now, wanna go?" Said the man behind me.

"Yeah I want to fuck this bitch." Said the man holding me down. There was some shuffling behind me, then the hands holding me down switched. Someone was behind me again, and his cock was pressing up against me. He pushed in easily as my pussy was filled with his buddies cum.

"Stop." I whimpered.

"I told you to shut up. Bitch." The cock pounded into me. This guy leaned over me and I felt his hands under my body. They found my tits and started to squeeze them. He was squeezing hard and it hurt. I tried to wiggle free, but the hands on me just pushed down harder. The cock continued to thrust into me again and again. I was crying.

"Come bitch you know you enjoy this." Said the guy holding me down.

"I love these tits." Said the guy fucking me. He squeezed them hard again. I moaned in pain. He kept pounding into me, it felt like hours had passed. Finally I felt him shoot his load in me. He pulled out.

"You tell anyone about this and we'll hunt you down and do it again, understand?" I didn't reply.

"Do you understand?" He hissed angrily in my ear.

"Yes." I whimpered.

The hands holding me down let up. I fell to the ground as the two guys left. I lay on the ground curled up, crying. The mixed cum slowly starting to drain from me. Finally I was able to get. I found my skirt, picked it up and got in the car. I sat there for a while before I started the car. I don't remember driving home but somehow I ended up there. I had never put my skirt on so I walked into my house bare assed. Mom and dad were out for the evening so they didn't know. But if any neighbors were looking out the window they certainly saw. I showered, washing my pussy several times. Putting on my pajamas I crawled into bed and cried myself to sleep.
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