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Chapter 2: The Decision

His words: " Now the time has come for the inner self to receive the darkness".

Lori screamed out in rage, what do you mean? Who are you? Why are you doing this? What do you want from me? she struggled with the handcuffs and ropes holding her. She could feel his eyes on her, the fear taking over the rage, struggles slowed as her breathing became normal, yet it didn't stop her tears as they was soaked up by her blindfold.

"Silence" Then he spoke in his calm voice, "Are you through struggling now? As you can see there is no use, you may hurt yourself if you continue. I will tell you this one time, if you continue to struggle I will be forced to restrain you where there is no movement at all. "Do you understand?" I was silent...If he thought this was going to be easy he was wrong, no matter what he did to me...I would endure it somehow...If I lived through this. The room was filled with silence, which was just fine with me...maybe if I am lucky he will get tired and leave...I took this time to try to get a second wind and take my mind to a peaceful place to forget all the horror that has happened since before the closing of the store...but I wrong in my thinking.

He spoke with a firm voice, "If you remember and you better, I will not repeat myself twice to do something. " I will win and you will give in. He stood and I could sense him looking down at me once again.

My temper was rising again, I yelled "Fuck you", you may take what you wish from me, but it won't happen with my help. I heard him sighed and felt his touch upon my cheek, I jerked my head, he pulled my hair roughly and said "listen you little bitch...You will give in that is my promise to you...You will do everything you are told to do. Do you understand? "silence" He renewed his grip on Lori's hair roughly and pulled back even more, when she screamed he put a gag into her

mouth. He spoke with the same firm voice, What I do now...I do for you, to show you I mean what I say. Although

also remember I haven't forgot about the kick I received from you...nor the bite...I will deal with them at a later

time.. Lori's heart was racing out of her chest...fear had moved in once again and was over-powering her. Her mind was racing also...why me...please let whatever is going to happen be quick and painless. Then she felt the first pain as the belt came down hard...she cried out instantly but the gag turned her cry to a low, muffled grunt.

Smack! Smack! His voice firm with each...I know you are a fighter, but this has come to cease as I take control of you. Otherwise, I'll spank you like that for even longer.. Each time seemed liked it was harder then before...and each time she cried out but the gag effectively silenced her. She lost track of the number of times the belt met her skin...Finally it stopped, tears rolled down her face. Her skin was on fire...nerve endings exploding with pain.. she slowly regained her composure, she heard movement finally from him as he came closer to her and she felt the removable of the gag. It felt so great to have her mouth back, but she knew she wasn't going to say anything harsh...One lesson was enough. She heard him move away from her as he went to another room..she breathed a sign of relief, then she heard water running as in a bath...she wonder what now...was he going to drown her and deposit the body elsewhere..

Stop it, she was shouting at herself... He approached the bed as he started to speak, "I am going to untie you, I have a bath running for you, my orders are simple, no tricks, and the blindfold stays on, do not attempt to remove it.. or you will pay dearly. Do you understand?"

"Yes" I replied.

"Good" He undid each handcuff and the ropes that bound her legs. She stood, unsteady and felt his hand on her arm...he pulled her to him embracing her, she could feel the warmth from his body... No...get thoughts out of your head Lori, this man has abducted you...abused you so far...and you feel the warmth from him. She was finding it hard not to think on the subject. He guided her towards the running water, and told her to raise her leg over the tub...she wanted to argue with him, would be hard to take a bath with a blindfold on, but thought against it...one leg in and the other followed as she lowered herself down into the water.. the temperature was just like she liked it hot, yet her ass was stinging where she knew there would be welts from the spanking she received, yet she didn't care, she was going to enjoy the time she had in peace right now and that meant a nice hot bath.

Lori knew he was still close and hasn't move from where he stood, yet she didn't care all modesty has gone. Time passed, and she knew sooner or later she was going to have to get out...so now was the time as she got up and suddenly found herself wrapped in soft towel, and held firmly.

"Well how was your bath?"

Lori was speechless, caught by surprise at his soft calm voice.. Fine...thank you."

"Good. Now you will get some sleep."

Lori started to open her mouth and reply, but his firm voice said. "Do not say anything. you will do as you are told." He led Lori back towards the bed and she could hear the jingle of the handcuffs..."No Please do not put them back on..."Yes" was his only reply, as he eased her back on the bed...securing the left and then the right wrists, her legs was left free.

He step away from Lori looking down at her tenderly...if only he could go to her undo the handcuffs and tenderly hold her in his arms until she falls asleep would be heaven...She was a fighter that is what he liked about her in the first place, but he also knew deep down there was more of her yet to be released.. The mystery of her not knowing who I am makes the fear real to her...the unknown that I know she wants to embrace...during her rage outcome she hollered Who are you? I caught myself wanting to say I am the Master that strokes your skin to bloom desire...yet if I had she would of known.

He slowly takes off his hood and lays it on the table, relief showing on his face to finally have it off. He lays down on the couch with a smile across his face as thoughts of what tomorrow will bring and what he will do when she awoke danced in his head..

Lori heard him move away from the bed, relief flooded through her. Finally alone again without having to worry what may happen to her next. But laying here in darkness alone not knowing she found the tears coming back to haunt her eyes once again. She knew she needed to get her mind in order, try to turn things over in her head...piece together what is happening to her emotionally and physically. Maybe she needed to go deeper into her spirit to learn what was within and open the new doors...There as the moments turned to minutes and hrs she wasn't sure how long she had been there, Lori's courage grew, taking a deep breath, she told herself it was now or never, the wall had to come down, no longer would she hold herself in a prison within herself. She would give in and submit to her abductor, and if she was one of the lucky ones, would live to tell it. With that thought she drifted off to sleep.

Lori wasn't sure what awakened her, but as she focus on the sound she knew there was someone in the room with her. "Good morning Lori, he said in that same calm voice. Good morning, Lori said in a almost to sweet voice, as she wondered how he knew her name, then she remembered she had her purse with her, and of course he would roam through it. Did you sleep well? Yes I did thank you, due to the fact I am tied to the bed, she replied. "Good, now I am going to undo the handcuffs so you may attend to private matters, I warn you do not try anything and the blindfold stays on.

Ok, she replied. "No" his voice was firm, from now on you will say No Sir...or Yes Sir to me is that understood. Lori was remembering her thoughts last night as she heard the firm voice again, "Do you understand?"

"Yes Sir" Good, was his only reply as she heard him approach the bed, she heard the key click open the first handcuff on her left wrist and then the right, she rubbed her wrist and arms automatically feeling the soreness of them from being confined all night.

He then helped her up and lead her to the bathroom, stopping with her in front of the toilet...she heard the lid lift...embarrassed she sits and empties her bladder, knowing her face was redder then her ass had been last night. She extends her hand for toilet paper and wasn't surprised to find it laid in her hand as she heard a laugh. Embarrassment caused her face to reddened once again. As she got up she heard water running, he spoke shower time, as he lead her a few steps, she knew the procedure of stepping up and over.

The shower water was cool against her skin, but was refreshing,. She search and found the cut off for the shower and when she started to step out, she knew his hand would be there to support her. Once again she found herself wrapped in a soft towel, and held firmly against his body. Feelings she didn't want to feel started running over her body, as she tried to push away...She knew she was totally at the mercy of this man.

He felt Lori tense at his embrace. He accepted it and said nothing as he turned her around so she faced away from him. Now he carefully dried her off starting at her neck and slowly working down to her toes. Lori was in total darkness from the blindfold wishing she could lay eyes on the person that was bringing this sensation to her body. Should she ask? No...as she answered her own question to herself.

He task complete, she felt his hand on her arm once again leading her, and the short trip she knew they was back in the bedroom...she felt him reach and heard the jingle of the handcuffs as he put her hands in front of her and fastened the cuffs in place. He then lead her out the bedroom door into the kitchen. "Sit here" he said. Yes Sir. I replied. Good...you're learning. Are you hungry?"

"Yes Sir..."

"Then let's eat," was his reply.

"How do you expect me to eat if both of my hands are handcuffed together?" she said.

"Simple," in his calm voice. "I will feed you."

Lori was so hungry and knew she needed nourishment for energy if she was going to get out of this ordeal. So feed her he did. After both was through with their meal, he lead her back to the bedroom and stopped and asked, "Lori do you need to go back to the bathroom?"

"And if I did? Would you let me go?" she shot back.

He jerked her around facing him and moved close as he spoke, I suggest you silence yourself, or make it worse do you understand?. Yes Sir...she said I didn't ask for a smart remark back, I see you still have some things to learn Lori. Yes Sir... There was something about his voice, soft and kind of raspy...slightly familiar...but not...His voice terrified me now as the tone changed.

He continued his grip on her as he lead her to the bed, and turned her around to face him. Her heart was pounding in her chest as she heard the movement of him taking off his clothes. He spoke and, ordered me to kneel. I could feel my head being guided down until I could feel his cock on my lips. I tried to turn away, but he pulled my hair. "Don't make me punish you...Suck it like a slut!"

I began to move my mouth slowly...sucking...sliding his cock in and out of my mouth...all the way down my throat...He was moaning...I felt his cock getting even harder in my mouth as I sucked and licked it...he kept his hands on my head and if I didn't suck hard enough he would force it deeper down my throat...Finally, he took my mouth away from his cock and told me to stand. I was finding myself enjoying the taste of him.

He then led me back to the bed, unlocked the handcuffs and ordered me onto the bed...laying on back...all kinds of thoughts was going through my head..fear, excitement, I was finding myself aroused by his actions. I felt the left handcuff being secured..and then the right...Then I felt his hands on my stomach, they were so warm and soft. He moved them slowly, touching me everywhere as he moved them down. I swallowed hard, trying not to make a sound, so he wouldn't know how much this was affecting me. He skipped over my midsection and moved to my legs. He ran his hands down each one, feeling the softness.

I then felt a rope being tied around my ankle and he secured it..and then he did the same to my other ankle. I could feel my wetness as he parted my legs. He moved between my legs and began to part my pussy with his finger..."NO" pppppleasssee let me go..she pleaded.. not wanting to give into the pleasure she was feeling..when really it felt so good having his hand stroking me, and then without warning, he plunged a finger deep inside me, then two fingers, I inhaled sharply, and I heard him softly laugh..I didn't care any longer...I was moaning and thrashing around on the bed even due to the restraints..He kept this up until I was on the brink of an orgasm and then it stopped. I moaned...wanting more..

He moved up to the head of the bed, straddled my neck, and forced his cock in my mouth. As he fucked my mouth, he reached around and pulled and twisted my nipples, doing it harder and faster as he came in my mouth...I had oral sex before but never felt like he was making me feel..my mouth was full of his hot cum, I wanted to cough.

"Swallow it" He commanded. I struggled to do so after what seemed like an eternity. I felt him get up and heard the bathroom faucet. He came back to the bed and gently lifted my head and placed a glass to my lips. After I was finished drinking, he gently kissed me. renewing the fever still in my body..I wanted this man inside me, deep inside..I couldn't deny myself any longer of the truth.

Without knowing why I felt the ropes being untied from my ankles..and the right and left handcuffs unlocked. He spoke in a firm voice "Stand Up" I quickly rolled off the bed and stood, like a private would at his sergeant. "Now you will stand still and do everything I tell you to do slut. Spread your legs and finger your pussy while I watch. I want you to show me that you're a slut.

"I can't do that," replied a shocked Lori.

"Not in front of you are anyone else." "Do it or I'll whip your ass until you're screaming," He warned. "Spread then now" and finger yourself. "and look at me..I want to see your face even if I can't see your eyes.. Lori was hesitant in this..this conscience of her inner self was telling her no..yet the darkside of it was fighting to see the light...Lori heard his firm voice as he spoke "I will not tell you anymore"..She heard something cutting through the air moments before pain landed on her ass.. The pain forced a scream from her mouth, and made her raise her head and look his way...tears once again found her eyes as they was soaked up by the blindfold. It torn at his heart as he heard her scream, but he knew if had to be done in order for Lori to over come this fear of sexually finding pleasure in herself.

Lori's hand slid slowly between her legs..her face red with embarrassment as her fingers found her pussy, then she spread the lips. she began fingering herself as her face reddened...Her eyes lowering to the floor, his firm voice once again...Look at Me...she began fingering herself more intensely as she was beginning to feel the wetness gather between her legs...He knew lori was close once again to orgasm and said..

"Take your finger out of your pussy now" Please...I"m so close...pleaded lori...Now...he voice was more firm..Lori pulled her hands and fingers away from her pussy. He then walked over to her and inserted his finger into her moist pussy, feeling the wetness...lori moaned as she so wanted release...he guided her back to the bed and commanded her to lay on her stomach..she once again felt the handcuffs secure her left and right wrists...He pushed her ankles farther apart and tied them securely...he then gagged her...He stood back and watched her squirm knowing the sexual release she was wanting...he decided to leave her...and let her wonder what would happen next..

Lori didn't know what was in store for her next...she heard his departure from the room and wonder if he was going to leave her like this...The wait..Fear set in..her heart started pumping faster...no sound..nor do I have any sight..every nerve in my body cries out...I tried to breathe slowly to calm my heart...You alone are my fears now...You are the darkness I seek..I'm on the edge...I'm going to scream only my sounds is forced back into my throat...My fear is dripping..I can smell it...I am beyond reason...I want the darkness..

How long she doesn't know...she hears movement and then felt the sting of his hand...It didn't hurt really, it just surprised me, and then I felt another sting, I was getting more excited. ..His one hand would gently caress my ass, and I would start to relax, and then he would alternate between caressing my ass and spanking me...I wanted him to fuck me...I wanted release...yet she couldn't tell him...the gag was stoping all words..

Then she felt something being place under her..she wasn't sure but it felt like pillows raising her hips into the air...she felt exposed yet she didn't care...then she felt coldness as something was running down on her ass..then felt something pressing against her ass..."NOOOOOOo please she tryed to cry out...please don't...she wanted to tell him she had never had anything done like that...she didn't know what it was...she had heard of different things but wasn't sure what was being use on her...He pressed it in slowly...Her body screamed in pain...yet she could hear off in the distance a voice telling her to breathe...relax...take the pain...take it for me Lori... I moaned into the bed...deep within my throat..trying to relax...

Then I felt his cock..pressing into my pussy...my ass was stretching tight...he moved slowly, orking his way into my wet pussy...He pushed hard, but slowly stretching me..filling me completely...I felt him all the way inside me...as he began to slide his cock in and out...each thrust, his body pressed the object deeper inside my ass...I screamed out and heard him whisper in my ear...shhhhhhhhhhh my pet...my head was spinning, I could hear myself screaming , but was separate from it all...His thrust harder filling me...I was in bliss...pain..yet pleasure...Then I heard him call my name as his cum exploded into me..I arched my back feeling his hot cum. He pulled her even closer to him, holding her tight. They shook together, riding their orgasms...She felt dizzy, light headed, and gave in to it...as her body went limp...

He undid the ropes from her ankles...and handcuffs from her wrists..took out the pillows from under her and made the decision it was time for the blindfold to come off..as he removed it from Lori's eyes.. He reached down and kissed her cheek. He pulled the blankets up around her..

Skip got him a drink. He moved quietly back to the chair beside the bed, and turned down the lights, except for the candle on the table. He sat down next to Lori and sipped his drink watching her sleep. He reached out, and stroked her cheek and she smiled in her sleep. He smiled again and sat quietly, keeping watch over her.

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