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I was awakened as I heard the lock snap at my right wrist. Before I could say a word my mouth was filled with a small hard object that was quickly fastened around the back of my head.

"Ah, blessed silence." Was the only thing I heard. Suddenly a bright light was in my eyes, as I tried to turn away, unseen hands placed a blindfold across my face. I was pulled by the shackles to my feet and walked out of the room. I walked and walked. Taking many turns, up stairs, down stairs I walked, pulled by my unseen guide. We stopped. I heard the creak of an old door opening. Inside the room we went, one blind and dumb, the other who knows. It was warmer in the room than it was during my walk. I was pulled farther, then stopped. I felt first one arm then the other fastened at about a 45-degree angle away from my sides. My upper arms were fastened as well, to keep me from falling I would guess. My ankles were fastened to the same frame.

I sensed rather than heard other people in the room. I felt two hands at my shoulders grip my light nightgown and tear downward. A breeze wafted across my bare body causing my nipples to tighten, and I felt moisture where my legs met.

After a timeless time I heard the brush, hush of leather across the floor. My body tensed. Nothing. I waited. Then as my body started to relax, it happened. The crack in the air was a song of sweet pain waiting to happen. My back lit up with multiple joys as the Flay first hit then dragged down my body. I eagerly awaited the next strike feeling even more moisture, knowing I was in for much more.

I was whipped front and back until my whole form was singing with intense pleasure. The ball in my mouth wouldn't let me scream, and somehow that made it even more intense. The flay stopped and I wondered what would be next. I didn't have long to wait. My back was suddenly on fire, all focused in one small spot. The Bullwhip! I knew that song well. My body strained against my bonds, and I felt as though I could bite through that ball just so I could join in with the tune my soul was singing. I rode the waves of Pain/Pleasure like a wild steed, wondering which of us would break first.

As the Bullwhip was treating my back I felt two small clips tighten upon my nipples. The burn flared up then died down to a steady hum on my chest. People were moving around me. I could hear them breathing. The room was totally silent except for the steady crack of the whip and the smack of flesh.

The whipping stopped and I heard movement around to my front. Something soft brushed across my tortured nipples first slowly then faster and harder. As I was concentrating on my chest, I felt something cold and only slightly yielding begin to probe my asshole. It was slowly and steadily pushed into that unprotected place.

I shuddered as it began to push deeper in to my body. Wider and wider I felt myself being stretched, until I thought I would burst. As this probing continued I became aware of a burning sensation deep within, One that had nothing to do with my external condition. Or did it? After what could only be described as an eternity the pushing stopped. I then felt a cool thin belt being placed around my middle and small straps being pulled between my legs. I heard the loud snap of the clips to the belt at the same time I felt hard smacks to my nipples.

I stood there and waited. I heard movement. I felt the air on my body. Then I felt the Flay caress my back yet again. The flay worked my back, legs, and butt, hitting the intruder quite often. Every hit to my butt caused me to shudder and pull against my bonds in a vain effort to move. I noticed something forcing it's way into my pussy. It was hard and cold and very big around. I felt myself stretching to accommodate this new object along with the one that was already inside me. I shook my head and once again tried to forcibly remove the ball in my mouth, but to no avail. Well, there I was, blind and dumb, full to the brim, beaten within an inch of my life, and still wondering what would be next.

I felt people brush up against me, I don't know how many. A warm moistness surrounded my clit and I gasped around the ball in my mouth. A slow steady vibration began in my back end only to be matched by a similar vibration in my pussy. The Flaying started once again. As the vibrations increased within my body the object in my pussy started to move slowly in and out rubbing against the pressure in my ass. All the while the moistness on my clit slowly sucked and licked the hardening nub. The Flaying increased in intensity. The vibrations in my ass and pussy increased as the intruder was moved faster and faster in and out of my sopping pussy. The moistness on my clit changed to suction. Flay, Flay, In, Out, Suck, Suck, Harder and faster. I dimly noticed someone pulling at my nipples. The Waves built then broke over me as I came. Again and Again I came. I shuddered and let out a groan around the ball in my mouth as I climaxed over and over again. I was covered in sweat and I could smell, not only myself, but also others around me.

The mouth left my clit with a small kiss and a pat on my thigh. The vibrations slowed then stopped. The whipping stopped. I felt the intruder in my pussy slowly slide out. It was followed by the intruder in my ass. The clips came off of my breasts, the belt came off my waist. The ball was removed from my mouth. I breathed cool air in and out of my mouth gasping. As my upper arms were freed I felt someone come up and steady me. My ankles then my wrists were free and someone wrapped me in a warm, sweet smelling blanket. I felt myself lowered to a soft pad, as a hand brushed through my hair.

I reached up to take off the blindfold, to thank those who had treated me so well. As I reached up, my eyes opened to the sound of my alarm clock.
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