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Movies That Contain Rape Scenes Australia Rape Stories Incest Rape Pics Freereal Rape Videos
Once he left a million thoughts were flowing through my head. I couldn’t believe that this had happened! It was so exciting and thrilling yet I was really confused and somewhat disturbed. My body was still on fire, but my mind was in turmoil.

Grant came home later that night and we had a late dinner. I could barely maintain a conversation with him as my mind kept drifting back to my afternoon with the stranger. I realized that I had not even seen his face yet I was consumed by him! “My God what is wrong with me?” I asked myself. I had never done anything like this before. Sex with total strangers was just not something of interest to me, and the fact that I had enjoyed it was even more shocking!

“Are you OK honey?” Grant asked. “Yes fine,” I was barely able to answer. “I’m just tired. I was up and down the mall all afternoon and I think it wore me out.”

As we cleaned up the kitchen I realized I could still smell him on my skin and taste him on my lips. Umm he was delicious and I quivered as I replayed his touch in my head. I went to bed exhausted from thinking so much.

The next morning I tried to go about my day, but I found myself daydreaming about him and my whole body would tingle and shiver with desire.

That night in bed I continued to be filled with thoughts of him and excitement would radiate through my entire body. I was already fantasizing about what he would “force me” to do next time. I even imagined him lying in bed next to me. I started to worry that I would talk in my sleep and Grant would become suspicious! “Ahh why did he excite me so much,” I growled to myself, as I covered my head with my pillow.

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine I could feel this way about a total stranger. One thing I knew for sure was that despite the conflict this was causing me there was no turning back now. I didn’t know where it was going but I had to see it through.

The week seemed to drag on forever as I impatiently expected his call. You bastard, you are invading my days, violating my privacy, filling me with fear and anticipation! I hate this feeling of being possessed by you, of having my entire life on hold waiting for your phone call.

The day finally arrived and I shivered with desire when I heard his voice on the phone. Thankfully Grant was away again on business so we set up a meeting for tomorrow. He said he would call me back tonight with some specific instructions to follow and then abruptly hung up on me!

I looked forward to these “instructions” with a mixture of apprehension and yet overwhelming desire. I spent another restless evening fantasizing about him and analyzing what I was doing. I thought the phone would never ring, and I realized he was probably purposely making me wait.

He finally called me back and gave my “instructions” which he made me write down and repeat back to him! He said that if I didn’t follow them to the letter then our little tryst would be over! I wrote frantically and didn’t even comprehend what I was writing until I read it back to him.




Oh my God this is not what I had expected! My little teasing charade last week was one thing but this is too much for me. My emotions ran wild as I tried to digest this new information. I don’t think I can go through with it I thought to myself. What if someone I know sees me? What if my mother is at the mall? What if some other woman confronts me about my behavior in front of everyone? What if mall security gets a complaint and I get arrested for indecent exposure? Oh God Barb, now you are starting to think like your husband!

“NO I can’t do it,” I said out loud. It will just be far to humiliating and embarrassing. I had made my decision and that was final! Last week had been exciting but I will just have to put it behind me. This was just too much to expect!!

I felt shaky and decided to pour myself a glass of wine. I turned on the TV and decided to watch a movie. Anything to get my mind off of today’s turn of events. I sat down to watch the show but I could not keep my mind on the story. I could not stop thinking about HIM dammit! I had been in a constant state of arousal all week and tonight was no different. My body was consumed with sexual tension begging for release. “Stop it Barb,” I told myself but my brain would not listen to reason.

I poured myself glass after glass of wine hoping that would help but to no avail. My “bad girl” side was negotiating with my “good girl side” trying to come up with a compromise. But he won’t let you compromise remember? My mind was reeling as I realized that I could not fight off the incredible urges I was feeling inside me. Finally I reluctantly decided to submit to his instructions,” BUT ONLY THIS ONE TIME,” I said aloud.

“OK Barb, now you have to see if you have anything to wear.” I hadn’t worn nylons and a garter belt for years and what I have probably won’t fit me now anyway. I emptied the contents of my bottom night stand drawer on the bed and found everything I needed including two or three pairs of red panties.

I proceeded to try everything on and to my surprise they still fit. I didn’t like the way my stomach looked without control top panties but I found a white corset style garter belt with stiff boning that did a good job of hiding my stomach. It was a little uncomfortable but I decided to wear it anyway. I found my shortest skirt and my highest sexy heels and set it all out for tomorrow. I was drunk, tired and emotionally exhausted so I collapsed on the bed and immediately fell asleep.

The next morning I awoke earlier than usual feeling full of energy. I must have had a deep sleep because I don’t even remember dreaming about anything. I made a pot of coffee and sat down to relax but my mind wouldn’t let me. I took my coffee into the bathroom and got ready to take a shower.

I was washing my breasts and found that my nipples were hard and tingling with desire. When I soaped my pubic area a shudder of desire shot through me like electricity! “Oh my God Barb,” I thought, this has never happened before in my life!

I toweled my body dry, applied body lotion and started my makeup. I was feeling very sexy and decided to wear my darkest red lipstick. I checked the clock and realized I had to hurry so I wouldn’t be late.

After I was fully dressed I checked myself from every conceivable angle in the mirror to make sure I looked perfect. I even bent over and checked with a hand mirror to see just what the men would see later when I bent over! I had to admit that my creamy thighs showing above my stockings and my saucy red panties looked very sexy indeed! A lot of men will be very happy today that their wives or girlfriends had dragged them shopping!

I started the Lexus and began my drive to the mall. My palms were sweaty on the steering wheel and my hands were shaking. My legs were trembling with fear and anticipation! God Barb, concentrate on driving! You don’t want to end up at the emergency ward dressed like this!!

I made it to the mall in one piece, parked and shut the car off. I tried to get out of the car but my legs would not work! I was frozen, I couldn’t move. I sat there for a few minutes until finally my legs obeyed my brain. I checked my watch and saw that I was on time.

Once inside I scouted for mall benches that afforded a good view from men exiting stores. I decided that the best place to sit would be outside stereo stores or even men’s wear stores. Hopefully their wives or girlfriends wouldn’t be with most of them. I knew I wouldn’t get any complaints from the men but I was still worried about the women.

I found my first bench, right outside an electronics store, sat down and waited for my first opportunity. I had brought a newspaper with me so that I could sort of hide behind it. I also figured that most men would look more freely if they thought I couldn’t see them looking!

I didn’t have to wait long for my first target. A middle aged man exited the store right in front of me and immediately glanced in my direction. I pretended to fidget and cross and uncross my legs as I tried to hide my eyes behind the paper. I knew that my exposed thighs were showing above my nylons and I was certain that he probably caught a few glimpses of my bright red panties (so that’s why he insisted on red!)

I could almost feel his eyes through the newspaper as he stared directly up my skirt. I expected him to look away but he didn’t so I pretended to fumble through my purse as I crossed my legs slowly again. My skirt had ridden up even higher on my thighs so I knew he was getting a real eyeful!

I looked his way as discreetly as possible and saw a bulge growing in his trousers. He turned away for a second and I realized from his movements that he was obviously readjusting his pants in a futile effort to conceal the growing bulge.

He walked around in circles like a lost child but his gaze kept returning to my thighs. I felt a warm flush of arousal sweep over me and found myself enjoying this attention. Grant had always told me that women have this huge power over men and I was finally starting to realize what he meant.

Oh God he is walking towards me know! Before I knew it he was sitting beside me!

“I love your perfume”, he said. “What fragrance is that?” “Allure, I answered. “I couldn’t help notice what a beautiful woman you are,” he added. “Thank you,” I replied sincerely.

“I have honestly never approached a woman anywhere and said that,” he admits sheepishly.

“Well I’m glad to be the first,” I replied.

“I don’t know what came over me, I hope you are not offended”, he said.

“Not at all, I said, it is nice to be noticed”.

“I couldn’t help but observe that you are wearing stockings instead of pantyhose” he said bravely. “Personally I wish pantyhose had never been invented,” he continued boldly.

“So does my husband,” I answered. I think the “husband” word scared him a little because he moved away from me on the bench a bit.

“Is your husband here with you at the mall” he asked?

“No he is out of town on business,” I replied. This seemed to relax him again

“Well your husband is a very lucky man to have you” he said. “I wish my wife would dress more provocatively for me but she won’t” he replied. “Not that her legs could ever compare to yours mind you. Your husband must really trust you to leave you home alone. I bet there are a lot of men who would love to leave their wife here at the mall and take you home instead,” he declared.

“Are you one of those men?” I bravely replied.

“Would you like me to be?” he retorted.

“Well I don’t know,” I teased. “Are you rich like my husband?’

“Oh I see,” he answered. “I should have known it would come down to wealth”.

“You beautiful women always use your face and bodies to suck the money right out of our wallets” he snorted as he got up and stomped off!

“I was only kidding”, I replied, but it was too late, he was out of earshot.

Gee that went well, I muttered under my breath. Oh well I needed to get rid of him anyway and look for my next “victim”. I told myself that I could not allow any more verbal contact with these men or I would never accomplish my “instructions” of titillating dozens of horny guys today! And the only man I wanted to take home might be watching me? Hopefully I hadn’t already upset him.

It wasn’t long before another man caught my eye. This one was much younger and better looking, about thirty I guessed. I caught him glancing at me and knew he was hooked. I crossed my legs to give him a better look as he tried to look casual. I uncrossed them and spread them a bit to expose my red panties as I pretended to read the paper. He was trying not to look directly at me but I could tell he was watching me from the corner of his eye.

He looked a bit nervous and kept checking his watch as he glanced up and down the mall. However his eyes kept coming back to me as I again crossed my legs to hopefully reveal my thighs above my black nylons. I realized that both of his hands were in his front pant pockets, probably to disguise the growing bulge in his crotch.

Suddenly a woman appeared beside him and appeared to be scolding him as she hustled him away! I guess we were both so “busy” that we hadn’t seen his wife arrive! Well, that ends that little episode!

I suddenly had a brain wave! What better way to tease men than to go shoe shopping! I could even pick the man I wanted to tantalize! I walked up the mall until I reached Aldo.

Perfect, there was a young good looking salesman eager to serve me! I picked out several pairs of sexy stiletto heels and had him check for my size. This guy was extremely handsome; he should have been a model not a shoe salesman! I knew I was really going to enjoy his attention!

He knelt in front of me and removed my old shoes. I had purposely hiked up my already short skirt while I was waiting for him to return so I knew he could see my white thighs all the way to my panties. God, this was perfect, why didn’t I think of this before? I also didn’t have to worry about the wrong person seeing anything!

He steadied my leg with one hand as he put the first shoe on with the other. His touch sent shock waves through me as I gazed at his blond hair. I spread my legs even further apart as he reached for the second shoe. His hand was already shaking as he fumbled to get it on my foot. He dropped the shoe twice and apologized sheepishly before finally getting it on. I could see a bulge growing in his crotch which he was trying to conceal with his elbows. He said I should walk in them to make sure they were comfortable. I paced up and down the store to give him a good look at my legs, bending over at one point pretending to adjust the straps.

“Did you want to try the rest of the shoes on?” he asked hopefully. “Of course,” I replied. He proceeded to remove the shoes and opened another box. His hands were shaking even more now and I could see a few beads of perspiration on his forehead. Despite this he seemed a little braver now as his hand kind of stroked my upper calf as he steadied my leg. My legs were starting to tremble and I had to concentrate on keeping them still. “God I thought to myself, I don’t know who is more excited, him or me?

His hands were sweaty now and he was breathing much faster as he fumbled with yet another pair of shoes. He was so preoccupied that had forgotten to conceal the raging hard-on between his legs so I was getting a show of my own! I could see a wet spot developing at the tip of his cock right through his beige pants and knew that this poor guy was close to coming right here in a shoe store! This only added to my arousal and I realized my own panties were now moist with desire.

“You have the most beautiful legs I have ever seen in my life”, he managed to whisper. I was surprised that he had actually had the courage to admit this out loud but I guess he figured from my sexy little show that I wouldn’t mind.

“Thank you, I replied, coming from you that is a great compliment. I am sure you have seen hundreds of beautiful legs in this line of work. “

“Yes ma’am I have but none as gorgeous and sexy as yours”, he replied quietly.

I glanced at my watch and realized I had done it again! I had spent way too much time flashing one man. My instructions were to tease as many men as possible and so far I had only succeeded with three. I hope “he” wasn’t watching me?

“I’ll take the black pair,” I said, knowing this would conclude our time together.

I noticed he held the boxes of shoes in front of his crotch and I could tell that he was very relieved to get behind the counter where his huge erection was no longer on display to anyone who would see him.

“Thank you Mrs. Young “he said as he handed me my shoes. “The next time you ever need new shoes please come back and see me”.

“Oh don’t worry,” I replied coyly, “You will get all of my business from now on”.

As I was leaving I heard him tell another staff member that he was going to take his break now. I sinfully had a mental picture of him retreating to the washroom to relieve his aching balls of their frustration. My only disappointment was that I could not finish the job with him!

I headed down the mall towards the escalators where I figured I could light someone else’s fire. I was almost giddy with excitement and my panties were now wet with desire. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think it would be such an erotic turn-on to have these men lusting after me! I wasn’t sure how much more I could take because I was in a semi-orgasmic state myself! The sexual tension had been building inside me all week and my body was pleading for release!

Suddenly I was startled by the ring of my cell phone. “It must be “him” I concluded as I reached in my purse to retrieve it. The plan was that he would phone me to signal the end of the mall game and we would both return to my house for a night of illicit sex! I quivered with desire as I pushed the button to answer.

“Hello,” I said anxiously.

“The game is over”, he snapped. “I thought I told you to expose yourself to as many men as possible today”.

“I’m sorry,” I replied submissively. I guess I got caught up in the moment.

“I saw you with the shoe salesman,” he responded curtly. “You were supposed to tease and run not stay and play. Now go home and wait for me, and don’t forget to leave the door unlocked. I will be along shortly. In the meantime I want you to think of what your punishment should be for disobeying me! “Then he hung up!

All the way home my mind reeled with fear about what was coming later. “Who does he think he is?” I muttered under my breath. Punishment? I am not a child you know. Maybe I should go home, lock the doors and call the police? No that won’t work; it could open up a whole can of worms that Grant would probably find out about! Besides my body was aching for release from its intense sexual state so I needed him to come over!

“Maybe he will just give me a light spanking or something,” I tried to convince myself. He did seem to be into S/M a little the first time but that turned out OK. His demeanor had changed quickly last time from rough to almost loving so I could only hope the same would be true this time? Perhaps he will have calmed down by the time he get’s here?

I poured myself a big glass of wine hoping that would calm my nerves. “Was he jealous of those other men today? It was his idea! How could he blame me for this?

I waited for ever and he never showed up! The minutes turned into hours until I finally realized he wasn’t coming! The bastard! As frightened as I was I realized I was probably willing to accept almost any punishment he would dish out if it meant my body would finally get the release it so desperately needed! Somehow the fear had pushed my aroused body to even further heights of desire. I needed an orgasm almost more than I needed to breathe!

If the stores were not closed I would have gone back to the mall in search of my shoe salesman! I am sure he would have jumped at the chance to come home with me!

That son of a bitch! He purposely did this so that I would suffer all night! This I realized was the ultimate punishment!

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