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"Everything was set.

I knew your daily routine, I knew your life better than you did. I had spent weeks watching and trailing you. It had only taken one chance meeting in the local shop and I knew you were to be mine. I wondered, while I was watching you, if you even had thought about me as you were getting on with your life. I wondered if you actually knew you had met the man who would change your life. I found it ironic that I was having to do all the work in changing our lives, but it didn't matter. I was more than willing to make these sacrifices for you.

That Friday I waited outside your workplace. As I saw you come out of the door I did not start my engine. I knew your route here. I knew where we were to meet again. Only this time the meeting would be far more significant than the last time. It is almost as if you subconsciously knew; you had dressed to impress. You impressed me with your outfit anyway. I started off to our meeting.

I got to my arranged meeting place. I knew you would not let me down. I got out of my van. As you arrived I opened the back doors and waited for you to get within range. All was clear, there was not a soul for as the eye could see. The butterflies fluttered in my stomach flapped furiously. Our date was to begin.

I heard your footsteps behind me as I rummaged in the van. I let you come to me. As you got to me I turned and smiled. You returned my smile, then I saw it fade as you realized you did not know me. I struck. I quickly jabbed into your throat with two fingers. I saw the confusion in your face as you reached to my strike point. You made a choking sound as the windpipe gagged in reflex. I caught hold of you and bundled you into the back of the van and jumped in after you. I had everything prepared. I rolled you onto your stomach and took your hands. I bundled the ziplock ties onto your wrists and pulled them tight. The clicks sounded like gunfire as my senses heightened. I'm sure you felt it too. I felt your panic, as you still struggled for breath while trying to evade my capture. It was all too late; you were mine.

I placed the gag in your mouth just as your throat cleared. I had to congratulate my precision in my strike. It did its job. The ball of the gag filled your mouth. I tightened the strap around the back of your head. It forced the ball further into your mouth. Now you were silent, apart from a small mmph. You still bucked and thrashed though. I placed my silk bag on your head. The act of blinding you seemed to calm you down. Even so, your legs still kicked. I then strapped your legs together, clicking the lock on the webbing and pulling the slack so your ankles were pulled tightly together. The body harness I had made for you then went around the knees. This was followed by more strapping to the wrists. Then round your arms, one strap under and one over your breasts. By the time I pulled your collar straps tight, your muffled cries had become a whimper. Now resigned to being mine, you had become compliant to me.

I sat you up and placed another strap onto your collar and pulled your knees up. I was surprised at how flexibly you bent to my will. Another strap went from your hands to your feet, making you into a ball shape. I lay you on your side. From here I knew you would not be able to move about at all. I looked at my masterpiece. Your skirt had ridden up, revealing your shapely thighs. I could not help but stroke. I felt you tense under my touch, as gentle as it was. I reluctantly let go of you and covered you for our journey to our new home. It was only 10 minutes since we had met again, and already your life had changed beyond all recognition, hadn't it?

The journey was agony for me. I could you hear you whimpering in frustration as you tried to get free of your bonds. I knew there was no way you could break them. We seemed to be on the road for weeks, even though it was only two hours. I was so excited with anticipation of the pleasures we were to share, and the thought of what I had in the back of my van. What would the other people in their tin cans heading for home to their humdrum lives make of what I was doing? I must admit it brought a smile to my face.

When we arrived at our place, I climbed into the back of the van. I could tell you had been crying. I felt bad about what I had done, but I knew you would feel the same way as me in the end. I released you from the ball tie. I felt the relief as you could untense at last. I kept your hands bound and you blindfolded as I led you into my basement. I placed you by the beam and tied your collar to it. I made my first mistake. I do not know how you knew when to kick out, but you did. I have to admit it hurt, but it also focussed me back on what I was doing.

"You are going to pay for that". I felt your shock, as it was the first time I had spoken to you. I did not mean to frighten you, but I needed your cooperation. I roughly grabbed your ankles and led a rope behind the beam so you could not kick again. Then I freed your hands. You started to struggle and get the bag off your head. I put an end to your fight by pulling the choker around your neck until you stopped. You had blacked out.

What did I do while you had blacked out? Well, I realized that I had to make you helpless until you were ready to cooperate. Also you had to pay for what you did to my leg. I crossed your wrists behind the beam and tied them tightly with thin white rope. I then bound your chest to the beam and hoisted you upright, so you were on your own two feet again. I then took my scissors and cut off all your clothes. Imagine my pleasure as I looked back on your naked body. I tied your waist to the beam

I tied another rope to your hands and hoisted your arms up, at right angles to your body, There was no way you could struggle from there. From the back of the waist I put a rope between your legs, making sure it went straight up into your sex. You can feel it, can't you? Well, it is all part of your punishment. I removed the bag from your head. Since then I have waited for you to come round."

" How are you feeling now? If you look to either side you'll see I have set up some mirrors for you to see yourself, and what a sight you are. Yes, go on, struggle, those ropes aren't going to budge are they? Has anyone told you look really sexy when you struggle? I guess many people would have seen you like this, but I can assure you that you do.

Now it's time for you to pay for that kick. If you take a look at your feet, you will note that there is another rope there. You want to know what that is for? Shall I tell you? It's the least I can do. Well that rope is going to lift your feet right off the ground. Remember that rope in your sex? Well, that is going to be cutting into you with all your body weight. The only way you can stop it is by pulling with your legs, taking the weight off it. Of course, you won't keep that up forever, your legs are going to get tired. I imagine you might enjoy it, you may even come. After that all your strength will just disappear. Then your pain and punishment will begin. Your own desire will be your undoing, my sweet. There is no point shaking your head at me. See this as a chance to reflect on how cooperating will be a lot easier than futile fighting. Are you ready? Good.

Here we go then.

Why am I telling you all this? I thought that would be obvious, my sweet. I wanted to tell you how you got here and to let you know you're mine now. All mine."

Although you did not want to I saw you look to your right and then to your left. I saw the look of despair on your face as you saw how tightly you were bound. You tested the ropes and bucked against your bonds and I noticed that your hands clenched and unclenched, trying desperately to find some purchase against the ropes that held you. You could not really struggle, as your arms were forced upwards.I knew there was no way you could escape. I had prepared for this too long to let my bindings be the weak point of our fun. I had worked and planned for too long to let you go easily.

" During the days of the Spanish Inquisition, witches, at any rate those suspected of being witches were subjected to a torture called the strappado. Their hands were bound behind them, much like yours. Then they were hoisted by them until they confessed. I'm sure you agree that it is a pretty convincing persuasion"

I must have got your attention. You looked at me in horror at the thought of the torture that you must have thought was coming. I contemplatively lit a cigarette and paused before I continued.

"If that was not enough, then the poor old witch was hoisted right off the floor. Of course the arms would instantly dislocate. Can you imagine that sort of pain?"

I thought you could because, again, you had started to struggle.

"Now I'm not going to do that to you. I care about you far too much. You are far too valuable to me for that. But appreciate that I could if I want to. I did promise you something though, didn't I? Oh yes, the hoisting of the legs. Oh, come on, don't be silly. You'll come to enjoy it eventually. Besides, I think you will give great sport before you experience the pain I described. I picked you because you are strong my sweet. I expect you to fight me, to resist. You won't be able to help it"

I moved behind you. I saw you watching me as I picked up the rope that was looped over the beam. As I picked it up you began to "mmph" into your gag. I assume you were pleading with me, but of course nothing intelligible came out. I began to pull the rope taught. I pulled slowly; torturing you as you struggled to keep your feet on the floor. You had no chance though. Your body arched as the rope bit deep into your clit. Your hands wrung in a frantic effort to escape. Your legs yanked to try and get your feet on the floor once more. This did have the effect of relieving the pressure on your crotchrope. I tied the rope off, holding your legs at 90 degrees. I felt the tension in your thighs as they kept the pressure off. The ropes dug deep into your ankles as she slip knots tightened with your weight being borne on them. I took a length of rope, crossed your ankles and tied them together. This stopped the slipknots tightening any further. I lit another cigarette and walked to the front of you to watch the show.

I had to admit that I never thought you would resist so well. Even as your thighs were trembling and about to give, as soon as the weight came down upon the crotchrope, they found new strength and pulled you out of the reach. By now your gagged pleas had subsided as you set about resisting gravity. You had even stopped trying to release your hands. It seemed that you had resigned yourself to being captured and unable to free yourself. Now your purpose was just to avoid the pain. Occasionally our eyes met, but instantly you averted your gaze, afraid to meet my watching eyes.

It had to happen though. Your strength began to fade and you began to rest on your crotchrope more and more. Something began to happen to you that I did not think you were ready for. As you struggled against the ropes, you crotch could not help but rub on the rope. I saw it happening before me, and I think you began to feel it. A new need was engulfing you. Despite yourself, the rope was getting you hot. You had begun to thrash more as you sought pleasure from the bonds I had placed you in. You realised what you were doing and stopped, but I knew you would start again. Soon the basement began to echo to the rhythmical "mmphs" you were producing. They were speeding up as you got closer to your climax. I marveled as you came in a writhing explosion of energy, which was replaced by you panting and sobbing quietly into your gag. Your strength had finally deserted you; it left you absorbing the pain, as you could no longer take any weight off the crotchrope. Your head hung down, exhausted.

I walked up to you and raised your head to face me. I saw pleading, hate and shame in your eyes. I'm not surprised…. I had, after all, made you degrade yourself in front of your captor.

"I am going to cut you down from this torture, but you will have to ask me to first. I am going to remove your gag and you will ask me. With suitable respect. Otherwise, you can spend the night tied up like this. It is up to you, OK?"

You nodded. I removed your gag and wiped your drool gently from your chin. You looked at me and asked me.

"Please, Sir, let me down. I will not resist you. I promise."

I slowly went round and freed you, keeping you feet tied round the post. As you lay quietly down on your stomach, I reached and took one of your wrists. You pulled against me.

"It's over for now" I told you. "Give me your hands. It is just to make sure you don't do something we both regret, OK? There is no more pain for you tonight, I promise. I want to clean you up and put you to bed. You have trust me."

The tension in your arm melted away as I took one wrist and then the other, crossed them and bound them with thin white chord. Only then did I release your feet from the post. I tried to help you up but you were too weak. You began to sob. I held you and stroked your matted hair. I rocked you gently until you had stopped crying. I picked you up in my arms and took you into the bathroom I had built. I placed you into the shower cubicle and took another length of chord and tied your feet. I felt the panic begin to build in you.

"It's OK. I am not going to hurt you again."

"Ever….. Sir" The word "Sir" choked.

"I did not say that, my Sweet. You need to be trained; you need to be shown what I will do if you do not obey me. For now, no pain, OK? I want to look after you."

You nodded. I turned the shower on and I washed you down. I felt the tension drain from you. I stood you up and toweled you down. I took you over to the table and lay you down on your front. I tied each wrist separately to the ropes that disappeared through holes in the table. I loosened the chord that had bound your wrists and pulled the ropes. Your hands were now held fast to the table each side of you. You did not even struggle, your fight had temporarily subsided. I untied your legs and retied each one to the bottom of the table. I placed a noose around your neck, but did not pull it tight, just enough to keep your head down.

I began to massage your shoulders. I felt you relax as my fingers kneaded your abused muscles. By the time I had worked on all your body, you had fallen asleep. I took a sheet and covered you and left you to sleep. It had been a good night. I hoped tomorrow would be as good.

Day Two: Saturday

You were already awake when I unlocked the basement door. I could see that you had been up for a while; your sheet had fallen off you as you had frantically struggled to free yourself from the table. All that you had succeeded in was tightening you bonds. I am glad I had come down when I did. The noose around your neck was pulling tight. I quickly loosened it and held your head down on the table. Your struggling subsided. I released your head.

"You stupid bitch, you could have killed yourself. There are two ways this will end, my sweet. You will do as your are told. It is up to you what happens in the meantime. The 1st way is a one way ticket to pain and you will not make it out of here in one piece. The 2nd way is better for you, better for me. You will be a good slave and then you will be free to go back to your boring humdrum life with only a new perspective and respect for others. So, what do you think?"

"Sir" You replied. "I want to go home. If that means I have to follow your orders, then I will let you do what you want. But my mind will resist you every step of the way"

I felt the anger course through my veins at your remark.

"That I have been counting on. You still have learned the valuable lesson of humility, have you my sweet? Well, I intend to teach you. I admire your spirit, it is your strongest point and I don't want to break it. It's your arrogance that will be your downfall. It is now time for your next lesson."

Day Two: Saturday a.m.

"I want to tell you a story about Japan. Now I'm sure you have heard of the Samurai. A noble caste of warriors. They lived to serve their masters and die in battle. Now in these battles they had to learn what to do with captured prisoners. A martial art, a branch of jui-jitsu was created. It was called hojo-jitsu"

I moved behind you. I released your hands from the bindings and folded your hands behind you, mirroring as if you had folded your arms in a barrier signal to me. I tied each hand to the opposite arm, just above the elbow. Your arms were now side by side. I took a long length of rope and wrapped it tightly around you two forearms, locking them together. I blindfolded you, in order to keep you calm. I released your feet and sat you on the table.

"Now Hojo-jitsu was an exquisite method of holding a prisoner, but it can also be used as a torture." I told you as I wrapped more rope around your breasts, over and under alternately. I then looped a rope over your right shoulder and cinched the ropes around your breasts. As they pulled tighter around your breasts, they stuck out. I heard you gasp. This rope then was lead over your left shoulder and tied tightly. You half heartedly struggled to free your arms, but quickly gave up.

"Save you strength, my sweet, you are going to need it soon." I took you off the table and sat you on the floor. I pulled your legs into the lotus position and tied them in much the same way as your arms.

'You cannot do this to me," you screamed. "When the police catch up with you, I'm going to make sure we have a conversation. You're nothing but a shit."

"You may have many things to call me, and we may have a conversation in the future, but for now you have said quite enough." I forced the ball of the gag into your mouth and strapped it tightly. I then fastened the harness once more, rendering you quiet.

"Now where was I? Oh yes….. Hojo" You protested behind your gag, but could make no noise. "There was a certain torture called the prawn. Why is it called that? I'll explain." I took a length of rope and tied it to the back of your breast harness. This was looped under your legs. As I pulled it tighter, you were folded in half. I had to stand up to pull the rope fully tight and tied to your harness. I stood back to admire my work. You were breathing in shallow ragged breaths. You pulled against the ropes holding you in this position, but they would not budge. All you succeeded in doing was to get out of breath and tighten the cinch around your breasts, making the ropes cut into them. Once you stopped struggling, I spoke.

"That's better, nice and quiet. Now the prawn is called so because you will go through certain colour changes. I'm sure you have already noticed that you are having trouble breathing. This situation is not going to improve any time soon. Your lungs cannot inflate properly in this position. Now, just like a prawn, you started pink and you are turning red. This will be followed by a purple colour and then follows blue. After blue, you will not care any more. Like I said, this will give you a chance to ponder your outburst. Ponder quickly though. I am not sure how long you will last. When you feel you were wrong, all you have to do is click your fingers and I will release you. It is down to you how much you have to suffer."

As I suspected, you had other ideas than to ask me for release. You panted raggedly as you strained. You tipped over onto your side. Too late, you realized that this only tightened the bonds. You tried to thrash and both your hands and feet pulled to get free. Even so, the ropes held fast. I watched as the energy drained form you as you found it harder to breathe. You could now barely breathe and your breaths became shallow and irregular. Your struggles ceased and you lay there. You gave one last thrash and I heard you fingers click.
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