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I awoke to a feeling of coldness and tightness at my breasts. The coldness began to harden my nipples as my eyes regained their focus. I was no longer in the cage and my blindfold and nipple clamps had been removed and my breasts were bound again with large red rope. I was, also, still gagged and the large butt plug was still placed securely in my ass, however, the handcuffs had been replaced with leather cuffs, locked together with a padlock behind my back. There were also leather cuffs on my ankles. The collar at my neck was connected by a short chain, about 3 feet, to a hook in the floor. I must have been so wore out from the night before that I didn't awake while they had removed me from my confines and made these changes.

As I became more lucid I started surveying the room. It was a large, dank, & square room with black walls. There were several cages arranged in rows of 5. Below each cage was a large hook in the floor. There were girls in some of the cages. Some were attached to the floor as I was, and some were empty.

Realization began to sink in... I had definitely got my self into some serious trouble and I was quite afraid that I was not going to be leaving any time soon. Many of the girls looked as if they had been here awhile and their eyes were empty of hope.

As tears began to swell in my eyes, I heard footsteps approaching the door.

I quickly held back the tears and waited to see who was coming. I heard Vinnie and Mr. Cillione's voices as they entered the room. I only heard bits of the conversation but it looked as if a deal was taking place. Vinnie gave Mr. Cillione a very full envelope and shook his hand as they began walking towards me.

Mr. Cillione bent down as he slowly ran his hand up my thigh

"She will need a lot of work, but I know you can break her, she'll be a good slut with proper training."

Mr. Cillione smacked my ass, stood up, and left the room.

Vinnie looked down at me as if he was admiring a new horse. A smile crept across his face.

"So, Suzie, it looks like your mine, now. Mr. Cillione thought we got along so well, that he has sold you to me. Looks like we'll be getting to know each other quite well!"

I decided not to protest. My hope was dwindling. I thought I might as well make this as easy on myself as possible and protesting or struggling would only make things worse.

"Sit up on your knees!"

I did as I was told... as I sat to my knees I began feeling quite dizzy. The chain at my neck was pulled tight: as it wasn't very long. I was struggling to stay up. Vinnie removed the chain from the hook " I see the tranq is still wearing off. Sorry pet, we had to be sure you didn't wake up during transport"

'Transport? What!? Where was I taken? Oh my god!! No one knows where I am...'

My thoughts were interrupted as a smack landed hard across my face

"Pay attention when I am talking to you... As I was saying: your CLIT training begins today. The first rule is when I or another slut owner is lecturing you, you respect them by sitting properly on your knees, if appropriate, bowing your head and listening. You will only be asked yes or no questions during your probationary period. If you are gagged and asked a question you shake your head; if you are not gagged you address the owner as Mistress, master, sir or ma'am. IS that UNDERSTOOD?!"

I submissively shook my head in an affirmative fashion. Vinnie attached a lead to a clip that was around the rope between my bound breasts.

He gave a tug up on the lead to get me to stand up. "Come on pet, let's get you clean up!"

We left the room and headed down a long, narrow hallway with many doors. We finally arrived at the end of the hallway where we entered one of the last doors.

I was led into a giant shower room. The whole room was covered in tile and there were hooks on the ceiling and two built in steps about four feet apart with hooks on them in the center of the room. There was a large cabinet at the back of the room.

Kneeling on the left and right side of the room, heads bowed, were 2 other slaves. They too were adorned in breast bondage and leather cuffs but they also had on black leather masks with holes at the mouth and eyes and were not gagged. A length of chain was laid in front of each of them.

Vinnie removed the lock from my wrist cuffs.

"Come here sluts!" He demanded of the other slaves.

They came over with chain in hand.

"Up on the steps, legs spread, pet!"

Vinnie brought over two stepstools and placed them on either side of the steps.

"You know what to do, sluts"

They began their job by clipping my ankle cuffs to the hooks on the steps.

Then each of the slave girls took one of my wrists as they stood on the stools. They attached each wrist to a hook in the ceiling with the chain. One of the girls then went to the cabinet and pulled out a hose with a sprayer attached and handed it to Vinnie.

Vinnie attached it to faucet in the wall

"This is the first step in your CLIT training. Cleaning. You're a messy little slut and I want you fresh for tonight."

'Tonight.... What's tonight...? I guess it can't be worse then last night, right...'

My thoughts were again interrupted as very cold water began stinging at my feet. Vinnie rinsed me lightly from head to toe.

The slave girls then began rubbing at the tops of my feet with a soapy, rather course brush. It was uncomfortable but not intolerable.

Vinnie stood back and watched as they continued up each leg. The closer they got to my pussy the more sensitive I became to the course bristles. I began to struggle as they got closer and closer to my pussy.

"mmmpphh, mmmmph"

They arrived at my pussy and began taking turns scrubbing at it with the brush. The uncomfortable feeling was definitely leaning towards pain now.

The kept on scrubbing... scrubbing... scrubbing They spread my pussy open and scrubbed at each lip... they scrubbed at my clit...

"mmmmm" I started to feel flutters of pleasure mixed in with the pain.

"That's it girls, clean her up good, get the filth off her!"

They then continued up my stomach and to my breasts. The bristles felt like needles on my tender, engorged breasts. As the bristles passed over my nipples I felt a shot of pain like fire.

They finished by scrubbing my arms and back where they also removed the plug that had been in my ass since yesterday. My asshole felt big and open. I felt so humiliated that my ass was no longer tight.

Vinnie once again rinsed me with the hose, making sure all the soap was off. One of the slave girls brought him over a different attachment to the hose. While the other retrieved a bag from the cabinet and brought it over and set it between my legs where I could no longer see it. The girl knelt between my legs and began rustling around in the bag.

Suddenly I felt a sharp pain at my pussy.


Again another sharp pain.... Another.... Another.... Another... another... another... another. It took me a moment to realize that they were placing clothespins on my pussy.

The sharp pain began changing to a dull pain at each of my pussy lips. I then felt my lips being spread open and cool air began filling my pussy as each slave girl tied the pins to my thighs.

"Now for a deeper cleaning!"

The hose hit me again, but this time with more force. He started at my breasts. The pressure of the water- hitting me like needles. Then the water hit the pins on my pussy. I jumped from the shock.

"Careful, pet!"

He ran the water over the pins for what seemed like agonizing ages. Then the water shot up my pussy with force. As the water hit the back of my pussy, my head flew bag in pleasure.

"Second rule is: No cumming, unless you're told too or you WILL be PUNISHED!"

'OMG, are you kidding me?!'

I couldn't believe how much I was actually starting to enjoy this invasion. I tried not to let on, but it was very difficult. The gag definitely helped a bit, as I couldn't scream if I wanted too.

The water was soon with drawn from my pussy.

"Remember... NO CUMMING"

'Oh No... I know what's comi..."

The forceful impact of water slammed against my clit. I began to feel waves of pleasure rush thru my body. I tried hard to think about anything other then the overwhelming throbbing at my clit. The pressure at my clit continued for several moments. I fought with every ounce of strength to withhold my orgasm. I succeeded as the water finally left my clit. My head fell forward in relief.

"I am impressed, pet, you did well... Now it's time to clean that dirty ass of yours"


Before I could give it much thought I was again invaded by the high-pressured stream, this time in my ass. The water shot in like a bullet...

I could feel the water washing over me inside and then gushing out. This was oddly more enjoyable then I thought it would be. It gave me a very weird sensation... but I liked it. This continued for about 5 minutes until I was completely empty and clean.

Vinnie then came over behind me and removed my gag.

"Open Wide"

As I did a blast of water filled my mouth... I tried to fight by tossing my head from side to side, but Vinnie grabbed my chin and held it in place as the water continued coming at me... I was starting to choke and I couldn't catch my breath, just as I thought I was going to pass out the water stopped. I immediately began gasping to regain the oxygen I had been deprived off.

"Well girls... we are short on time so it looks like the lick dry is out... you will have to towel dry her instead."

The girls sighed in disappointment.

Vinnie glared at them in disparagement of their response.

Their gaze instantly met the floor as they gathered the towels. They began drying me thoroughly.

Vinnie was retrieving something made of leather from the cabinet... It was a mask like the ones the other girls were wearing- only it had a gag with a bulb attached to it.

Vinnie walked over and stood in front of me as the girls finished drying me. Once finished they uncooked my legs and hands. The chains were removed and the slaves returned to their spots.

"Step down!"

I stepped down and stood there cleaner then I had ever been in my life. I was completely exposed and free of all restraint other then the bondage around my breasts: which seemed a bit tighter from the water. My head was bowed as I had been instructed. My arms were down, but in front of me, trying to cover my breasts.

We both just stood there. I knew there was no reason to run. I wasn't going to get anywhere. Vinnie stood between me and the door and even if I got thru the door I wouldn't know how to get out.

I could feel his eyes gazing over my body. He was inspecting me again, now that I was clean.

He walked behind me as his fingers ran gently across my firm breasts.

"So much nicer!"

His hand ran down from my breasts and met each of my hands. He gently pulled them behind my back and re-attached the padlock. I noticed he was much gentler with me then before. I wasn't sure why.

He slid the hood over my face and made sure the gag was placed in my mouth.

'That's not much of a gag, I can handle this!'

There was an additional hole at the back where he pulled my hair thru. He stroked my hair with his fingers as he began pumping the bulb attached to the mask as. I felt the gag in my mouth enlarge. I didn't struggle until it became quite larger then my old gag. I began to shake my head vigorously back and forth and writhe away. Vinnie grabbed my arm gently but firmly and held me in place as he continued pumping. He pumped until it felt like I had an apple in my mouth.

As my jaw ached he began to explain the reason for this.

"Your next step is labeling. Your gonna want to make a lot of noise and the labelers don't like to hear whining. We need to be sure your extra quite."

Vinnie re-attached the lead and we headed for the door.

Authors Note: I have had much response to the 1st two chapters. Thank you for all the support and requests for additional chapters. I am sorry it took so long. There are more chapters to follow soon. I have it in my brain; I just need to get it down on paper. This was put down quickly as there was getting to be a large demand. I hope it is as liked as the first 2 chapters and that it holds you over. I thought I would at least get you something to read until I can get the rest typed. Thanks, Kara J
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