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Switzerland, June 2004.

The throaty roar of the Maserati shattered the idyllic calm of the pretty alpine valley. Two climbers, labouring under heavy rucksacks barely had time to step onto the wild flower strewn kerb before the gunmetal car barrelled past them on the narrow lane. They caught a brief glimpse of blonde hair whipped back by the wind from a tanned face, and large black sunglasses, and then the car was past them, thundering over the wooden bridge which crossed the milky glacial melt waters in the stream, then spraying gravel from the broad rear wheels as it cornered before cresting a rise and disappearing from view up the valley towards the famously secluded privacy of Schloss Marlberg.

Heidi von Klausruhen was not nearly as good a driver as she thought she was. The Maserati was the latest in a long line of sports cars, which were thrashed, mishandled, scraped and occasionally crashed. Her father's indulgence in her had never had many limits, but since her mother had died it had become apparently boundless. Heidi was the image of her aristocratic mother, and the brightest light of pleasure in the eyes of her elderly and even more aristocratic father. He doted on her and ignored the murmurs of disapproval her extravagant ways provoked in the village and amongst his friends and business acquaintances. He did not care if she frittered away millions- only a tiny fraction of the Klausruhen fortune after all. All he asked was that she sat at his side, on the same ancient carved oak seat where her mother had sat, every Sunday in church, before joining him for a traditional lunch of poached trout, roast game, and aged Gruyere. Then he could bask in the radiance of her beauty, laugh with her as she teased him gently and caressed his ego, whilst helping him forget the ever-keen loss of his beloved Ilse. In quieter moments during the week, when his only child was staying in the summer house by the lake that she had made into her private home, he would occasionally wonder when she was going to marry and produce an heir to the fortune, or perhaps take an interest in the family business herself. But she was still young-only twenty three- and there was still plenty of time. Besides a husband and children would rob him of the time with her, inevitably, and he was not quite ready to face more solitude.

Watching the Klausruhens take their seats in the small wooden church Father Simetti marvelled once again at Heidi's striking resemblance to her mother. Both had thick platinum blonde hair, fine bone structure, the same hint of strength in the clean line of the jaw, and glimmer of mischief in the corners of the mouth. Both had the startling clear blue eyes. And both wore their expensive clothes with elegance and moved with the same easy grace, even supporting the Count as he limped up the aisle. If there was a difference it was that Heidi was a little taller, her flawless skin tanned, and her athletic frame a little more muscular and toned from tennis and swimming. Simetti tired to suppress very unchristian feelings of envy for such an easy lifestyle. And he tried to ignore even more troubling feelings that this exquisite woman stirred in him. Later he would accept the Count's invitation to join them for lunch and in the afternoon would sit on the terrace and discuss his sermon with the old man, trying to ignore the sight of Heidi padding softly around the edge of the swimming pool in a bikini. He would stay, as usual, until tea time, politely sitting while his host snoozed, and fail to resist the urge to feast his eyes as she stretched out on a sun bed nearby, her eyes closed, sparkling drops of water beaded on the tanned curves of her body, nipples clearly visible through the sheer fabric of the swim suit.

Heidi picked up the small silver bell and gave it another vigorous shake.

"Eva. Finally," She said with an exasperated sigh when the maid hurried onto the terrace.

"Bring me another bottle of water and a fresh glass. Oh, and you had better check that my father does not need anything, or Father Simetti. For all I know they might have been ringing the bell for you for an hour too."

"Sorry, ma'am," the maid said hurrying off. It would do no good to point out that she had been left alone this Sunday and was expected to do the work of two because the other housemaid's mother had been taken ill. Heidi von Klausruhen was never interested in excuses. A simple apology was best, and then she would just have to wait and find out if that sufficed when she visited Heidi's bedroom that evening as usual. Eva shuddered slightly at the thought, and a small bead of perspiration ran down her spine. She knew, unlike the Count, that Heidi had no intention of marrying and sharing the immense Klausruhen fortune she would inherit in the not too distant future. In fact, Heidi had not had a boyfriend in the last six years.

After tea Father Simetti said goodbye and the Count retired to his study complaining of a headache. Heidi brought him painkillers and pulled the blinds in the oak panelled room, and made sure he was comfortable in his favourite ancient leather armchair.

"If you think you're going to be OK I'm going to see Lotte in the village, Daddy," she said.

"Of course, dear. Will you stay here tonight or must you get back to Geneva?"

"I will stay, especially when you're not feeling well. You spent too long in the sun today I think." She made sure there was water in the jug, and placed the telephone within easy reach for him and kissed him softly on the forehead.

"I'll have Eva bring you some supper in here. Call me if you need anything at all - my mobile number is programmed into the phone, but try and get some sleep."

The old man was already dozing off as she closed the door softly.

Lotte Neumann lived in one of the houses that were clustered around the tiny market square in the village of Marlberg. She was the same age as Heidi- they had been classmates at the little village school until Heidi had been sent away to an English boarding school. They had stayed in touch and in the holidays played tennis together, swam, walked the valley, and went skiing in the winter. Lotte was a pretty girl with light brown hair, hazel eyes, and a shy smile, which lit up her face. Like the majority of inhabitants of Marlberg the family depended on the von Klausruhens: Lotte's father ran the village dairy and rented some pasture from the Count. Her mother had worked in the kitchens in the castle, but now helped run the dairy. Lotte had returned from a brief spell working as a secretary in a Zurich bank to look after her parents.

She answered the door before Heidi could knock.

"Shall we go down to the barn? My parents are both at home...."

"Fine by me," Heidi replied looking her friend up and down with that cool detached air which always made Lotte feel immediately intimidated.

"I haven't got long," Lotte apologised. "I have to get supper ready for them."

"Then we had better get a move on," Heidi said, turning down the cobbled passageway which led down the side of the house away from the square.

They walked quickly, in silence, crossing two small fields and skirting the edge of a little copse before they reached an old stone barn with a turf roof.

Lotte opened the heavy door and they both entered the gloomy interior. They climbed a small ladder up into the hayloft and Heidi went to open the small access door allowing evening sunlight to stream in.

She turned to face Lotte, who met her eyes nervously, a slight tremor in her voice:

"What do you want to...?"

"Strip for me," Heidi said. "Naked."

Lotte blushed, and lowered her eyes, but she kicked off her shoes, and started unbuttoning the bodice of her dress. She dropped the dress to the floor and reached back to unclip the pretty white lace bra. Her breasts were firm, probably a C cup Heidi mused, noticing that her small dark nipples were standing erect. Lotte quickly pulled the plain white panties down to her ankles and stepped out of them and then stood, hands by her side, shifting her weight from one foot to the other, still unable to meet Heidi's gaze.

Heidi loved this moment of anticipation, always had done since the first time she had seduced Lotte when they were both teenagers. Then their trysts had been gentle and slightly clumsy affairs, fumbling kisses and urgent probing fingers. Increasingly recently Heidi had become more explicit in her desire to dominate the brunette, and more extreme in her demands. She stared at Lotte's neatly trimmed pubic hair, which could not conceal her rather prominent labia. She could smell the faint scent of her arousal.

"Unzip me," she said turning her back to Lotte.

The silk dress slipped over her hips, and Lotte could not restrain a low moan of approval when she saw Heidi wore no underwear, her eyes fixed on the exquisite curve of Heidi's bottom. Heidi tossed the dress onto a bale of hay and turned to face Lotte, a slight smile playing around the corners of her mouth.

"Taste my pussy and make me come," she said, one hand on her hip the other reaching up to grasp a wooden rafter. Supporting herself she was able to part her thighs as Lotte fell to her knees, her mouth homing in on the perfectly manicured and sweet damp folds of Heidi's pussy.

Lotte knew she needed to work fast: Heidi would not be satisfied easily. She worked her lips with practised movements, nuzzling and lapping and gently nipping at the soft wetness, her hands reaching round to cup each of Heidi's toned buttocks. She wasted little time finding Heidi's clitoris and began a steady, firm rhythm with the flat of her tongue, alternating circling motions with long, languid vertical strokes.

"Good girl," Heidi whispered, "Very good girl." She grabbed a handful of Lotte's thick hair.

"Now make me come," Heidi grunted, tilting her pelvis forward, pulling herself up onto tiptoes with one arm. The muscles in her thighs and buttocks tensed, the flat plane of her belly rippled slightly and then with a low guttural grunt she exploded into orgasm, mashing Lotte's face hard against herself.

After a moment's pause she pulled Lotte's face away, looking into her eyes and seeing to her satisfaction the puppy-like obedience she expected. Lotte's mouth and cheeks glistened wetly.

Heidi dropped onto the floor on all fours.

"Now from behind. Make me come properly this time."

Lotte did as she was told, shuddering with desire at the sight of the beautiful heiress arching her back and spreading her legs so that her buttocks splayed. She knew exactly what was required and knelt behind the blonde, her hands once again going to Heidi's buttocks.

"Taste my asshole you dirty little slut," Heidi said.

Lotte did not need instruction at this point, but knew Heidi loved to give these explicit commands. Lotte dipped her head and began running her tongue along the cleft between the smooth tanned buttocks finding her way inexorably to the tight puckered anus. She wet it all over before focusing all her attention on using the tip of her tongue to penetrate Heidi's bottom. That was what the blonde loved, what made her wetter and multi orgasmic faster than anything else. She felt Heidi relax and immediately she was able to slide half an inch of her tongue into her. As always she momentarily pondered how such a demeaning, dirty act could give such pleasure. When Heidi had first introduced anal play into their lovemaking Lotte had been dismayed and disgusted, and had had to be forced to pleasure Heidi in the way she wanted. Now Lotte found that on the nights when she was alone in her bed, touching herself, it was the submission to this most depraved act that was the thought that would tip her over the edge into orgasm.

"More," Heidi commanded, bearing down on her anus a little and pushing her hips back so that Lotte had to push back against her, her tongue snaking deeper into the tight confines of the blonde's anus.

Heidi was rubbing her own clit now and Lotte knew she would start coming soon.

"More," she gasped, "fuck my ass with your tongue."

Lotte thrust her face deeper and used her hands to spread Heidi wider. She could feel the telltale fluttering contractions in Heidi's perineum as her orgasm approached, and felt the tight rubbery muscles of her anus contracting and relaxing. When she judged the timing to be right she slid two fingers of her left hand into Heidi's pussy, still relentlessly thrusting her tongue into her bottom. She hooked the fingers in and down and pressed firmly on the roof of her pussy aware of Heidi's fingers frantically rubbing at her own clit. The Count's daughter came with a long, low moan, her chest sinking to the floor, her hips bucking so that Lotte had to work hard to keep her tongue lodged in her bottom.

It was only the start. Heidi forced her friend to lick her in several different positions, finally settling for squatting over her face and alternately grinding her pussy and anus onto Lotte's eager tongue. They both lost count of the number of times she came like that, and Lotte surrendered herself to serving the gorgeous blonde as she had done so many times before. Finally, catching her breath after another prolonged and wrenching orgasm Heidi stood up. Her thighs were slick with her own juices, her pussy lips engorged and darkened, her anus wet and partly dilated. Lotte obediently got onto all fours and closed her eyes. Now came the really hard bit.

Heidi began by gently stroking each of Lotte's buttocks in turn before suddenly aiming a viciously hard slap across both buttocks. She rained a series of smacking blows on Lotte's upturned bottom, using all the force she could muster. Lotte gasped at the pain, but knew there was worse to come.

"You filthy fucking bitch," Heidi grunted with the effort. "You dirty ass licking little bitch. What are you?"

"Uh. Your...oh.... dirty ass licking bitch.... fuck that hurts."

"I didn't ask for your opinion you disgusting slut," Heidi hissed and to Lotte's horror aimed a series of violent slaps across her exposed, swollen labia. With her free hand Heidi reached forward and gripped Lotte's right nipple in a savagely hard pinching grip. The brunette howled miserably. She did not really understand why Heidi seemed to enjoy hurting her like this so much, but recently their sessions had involved more and more extreme punishments.

The spanking stopped and Lotte trembled at what would come next. Heidi abused her nipples for a painful five-minute session, and then forced her onto her back, still holding each nipple in a vice like grip and lowered her sopping pussy onto the grimacing girls mouth.

"Make me come again," she muttered shifting position to give Lotte access to her clit. She knew she was being cruel- mind you, this was nothing compared to the treatment she handed out to that nasty little slut of a maid, Eva- but she kept searching for new ways to punish and degrade Lotte. The more the obedient brunette soaked up the more extreme it made Heidi want to be.

She reached forward and roughly pinched Lotte's clit. There had been a time when she would have always taken the time to go down on Lotte and reciprocate her wonderful oral attentions. Not any more- if Lotte was going to come she would have to do the work herself, something she often did, a further humiliation, to lie writhing on the floor, her hands busy between her legs, as Heidi dressed and made herself ready to go. But on this occasion the painful clit pinch sent an immediate surge of almost electrical energy through Lotte and she began thrashing underneath Heidi, her cries muffled by the pussy pressed hard onto her mouth.

"Lift up your legs," Heidi ordered, not wanting to allow the brunette to come, sliding her fingers onto Lotte's anus with practised accuracy. The movement made her slide forwards and now Heidi's anal sphincter was directly pressed onto Lotte's mouth again. Lotte's tongue slipped into Heidi's rectum with obscene ease, just as her tormentor roughly jammed two fingers into her own anus. She cried out as the combination of intense pleasure and pain drove her closer to the precipice of orgasm again. To her horror the pressure on her asshole continued and she felt a third finger violate her. This was new territory for Lotte.

"Please...Heidi...it hurts.." she said pulling her face away from the blonde's ass.

It was a mistake.

"I didn't tell you to stop you filthy fucking slut." Heidi was almost shouting. Lotte was horrified by the sudden thought that someone might hear.

"On all fours now, Lotte. Spread as wide as you can go."

"Oh god...noooooooo." Lotte sobbed as she realised what Heidi had in mind.

Moments later the blonde had four fingers jammed into Lotte's anus. She applied as much pressure as she could, Lotte writhing and gasping beneath her.

"Take it you fucking whore," Heidi muttered, her eyes glazed over with a sexual frenzy Lotte had never seen before. She tried to steady her breathing and relax as much as she possibly could. The pain was extreme and yet the raw filthiness of what was being done to her tipped her into a kind of frenzy of her own.

"Oh God yes fist fuck me...tear me in half," she gasped, and could hardly believe it was her voice she could hear saying those words. Heidi's hand inched steadily into her prising open the muscles of her anus until they felt like they must tear. She felt a new pressure and realised that Heidi was attempting to get the tip of her thumb in alongside the rest of her hand. With her free hand Heidi strummed her own clit, bringing herself to a shuddering climax that brought a renewed rush of wetness to her pussy. Lotte was oblivious, teeth gritted, trying to stifle the scream that was forming in her throat.

Suddenly the pain diminished and she felt the extraordinary sensation of Heidi withdrawing her hand from her now gaping rectum.

'"Not all the way this time," Heidi said, not quite sure why she had given a reprieve but suddenly, somehow sated.

"Get yourself off," she said, squatting over Lotte's face for the final humiliation. Lotte opened her mouth and closed her eyes as the stream of urine sprayed across her face and into her mouth. Without thinking Lotte gulped down her friend's piss, the fingers of her right hand frantically rubbing at her clit, the other hand going from one nipple to another.

As Heidi finished peeing Lotte started to come. The blonde watched dispassionately, pulling the dress on and stepping into her shoes. Lotte's hair was soaked with urine, sweat and Heidi's juices. She was bucking and coming hard, a multiple orgasm that peaked and rose and made her whole body convulse.

Heidi reached back and zipped her dress, gathered her hair up and fastened it in a ponytail, and then without a word climbed down the ladder, as the last waves of pleasure broke over Lotte.

"I love you Heidi," Lotte murmured softly, briefly basking in the afterglow, but by then Heidi was crossing the fields on her way back to the castle.

It was getting dark by the time Lotte had made herself look vaguely presentable and stepped gingerly down the ladder. Her backside was sore- her buttocks glowing from the spanking, her anus felt swollen and tender. She washed her face and rinsed her hair in the cool water of the cattle trough, wondering what excuse she would make this time if her mother asked. She closed the door of the barn behind her and made her way back along the path, picking her way carefully round the cowpats and thistles in the dim light.

Where the path ran along the edge of a small cluster of oak and chestnut trees it was almost pitch dark.. Lotte thought she heard a footfall behind her and stopped and turned but there was nothing there. When she turned to continue she found herself face to face with a tall bearded man.

"Karl!" she gasped in surprise. "You scared me."

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