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The Nice Guy sat in his car waiting for the last person to leave the office where he worked. He knew Tiffany worked late on Monday nights and decided this was the Monday he was going to rape her.

Tiffany was a hottie. 5'4" , size 18, nice big breasts, hippy. He liked big women, always have. The first girl he had ever raped had been a big girl....

Tracy always took rides from him in high school because he was a Nice Guy. One day, the Nice Guy took Tracy to a seculded parking lot, put a knife to her throat, raped and sodomized her, dropped her off at her house and waited for the cops to come. Two uniformed officers arrived and the Nice Guy said they had sex..no he didn't own a knife(he had dumped the one he had used in a local river). Since Tracy had a reputation at school, the Nice Guy was never arrested for the rape. Even after he raped her again in her home(dumb bitch let him into her house when she was alone. He convinced her he was going to apologize to her), he left high school with his Nice Guy moniker intact.

He kept that moniker over college(three rapes) and his job. He had raped several women in the area, but never one at work.

As the last car in the parking lot left, the Nice Guy put on a pair of surgical gloves and moved forward toward Tiffany's office.

Tiffany was working behind her desk and was surprised to see him. She was his immediate supervisor and she had taken a liking to him. He was such a Nice Guy.

The Nice Guy was holding a folder and asked Tiffany to check out it contents. She got up from behind her desk, and was instantly grabbed by the Nice Guy who put a hand over her mouth and a knife to her throat.

"Do everything I say, Tiffany and I won't hurt you. Understand?"

Tiffany nodded and the Nice Guy let his hand off her mouth.

"Please don't hurt me," pleaded Tiffany.

"That is up to you, whore. Strip down to your pantyhose. NOW!"

"You really don't want to do this," said Tiffany. "Just leave..."

She never finished her sentence. The Nice Guy slapped her across the face with the back of his hand. Tiffany fell to the ground. The Nice Guy grabbed her by the hair and put the knife to her throat.

"Why do you bitches insist on saying that. Why else would I be here if not to rape your sad ass? The question is for you Tiffany is: do you want to live through it? Do you, whore?

Tiffany nodded and was rewarded with another slap.


"Yes..I want ...to live through ..it," stammered Tiffany. Tears were flowing down her face now.

"Good. Now strip down to your pantyhose."

Tiffany stood and obeyed the Nice guy. Soon she was standing in just her nylons and heels.

The Nice Guy ran his knife over Tiffany's breasts. She froze in fear.

"So pretty. What size are your tits Whore Tiffany?


"Sexy." The Nice Guy bit and sucked Tiffany's nipples. He then stood back and slapped her breasts. Tiffany screamed and tried to back away, but the Nice Guy grabbed her by the hair and threw her to the ground.

He lay on top of the struggling Tiffany and put the knife to her throat. Tiffany lay still

"Don't move and spread your legs Whore Tiffany."

Tiffany obeyed, tears flowing down her face. The Nice Guy pulled her arms over her head and moved his tounge down Tiffany's right leg. He pulled off her heel and sucked on her nylon covered toes. He pulled off her left heel and did the same to her left foot.

The Nice Guy took the tip of his knife and slit open the crotch of Tiffany's pantyhose. She was now exposed to him.

"No panties; what a whore."

The Nice Guy buried his face into Tiffany's crotch, sucking and biting her clit. He shoved a finger deep into her vagnia illicting a gasp from Tiffany.

The Nice Guy could feel Tiffany getting wet.

"Yes, cum for me Whore. Cum for your rapist" The Nice Guy pushed his finger deeper into Tiffany's pussy.

Tiffany's breathe quickened. The Nice Guy loved it when they fought their orgasm. Tiffany's back arched and she let out a scream of pleasure, followed by the sound of weeping: weeping at the shame of cumming for the man who was violating her.

As Tiffany wept, the Nice Guy slipped on a condom, mounted Tiffany and drove his hard cock into her wet pussy. He took her hard, reaching up to slap Tiffany's breasts to add to her pain and his pleasure.

"You like this don't you, Whore Tiffany." He slapped her breasts again. "Say you like it, whore. Say you love to be raped."

Tiffany gritted her teeth. The Nice Guy slapped her face.


"I..love..to be..raped..."

"Good." The Nice Guy pulled out of Tiffany, grabbed her legs, put them over his shoulders, and drove his hard cock into her tight ass.

Tiffany screamed. The Nice Guy rammed her harder, raining slaps all over her body as he sodomized until he couldn't hold back anymore and came.

He pulled out, carefully removed the condom and placed it in a baggie. He stripped Tiffany of her pantyhose and wiped his cock with them.

"Get up and get dressed, Whore Tiffany. MOVE!"

Slowly Tiffany stood, gathered her clothes and dressed. He forced Tiffany to sit in her desk chair and kneeled in front of her, knife on her throat.

"Listen well, Whore Tiffany. No one will believe that I raped you. I wasn't seen coming in. I left no semen in you and no fingerprints." The Nice Guy held up his gloved hands.

"Be a smart Whore and put this behind you. I really don't want to kill you. Understand?"

Tears flowed down Tiffany's face as she nodded. The Nice Guy kissed her on the forehead.

"Good. Now have a good cry and I will see you bright and early tomorrow."

The Nice Guy left a crying Tiffany at her desk.

He added Tiffany's pantyhose and the bag containing the condom he used to rape her to his trophy chest, showered, and slept well that night.

He arrived at work and was shocked to find out that Tiffany had quit suddenly for health reasons.

As he sipped his morning coffee, the Nice Guy wondered out loud what had happened?

As his fellow co-workers debated the question, they never noticed the smile on the Nice Guy's face....

Rape Scenes From Major Motion Pictures