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For the second time in the evening, all eyes were focused directly on me. I smiled weakly and said, “OK. Let’s go for it.”

Sarah and Lisa almost ran into the bathroom for the supplies while Robert, John and I exchange looks. I think we were all beyond words at this point.

Robert quietly asked, “Are you cool with this?”

Nodding, I said, “Yeah, man, this is something I’ve always wanted to do, and hey, who am I to disappoint Sarah?” I looked down at Laurie. There she lay, already giving the world a great beaver shot, “But nothing like she was about to,” I thought, recalling how she felt about being shaved. “She is going to be SO humiliated knowing we all did this and sent it out on the web.” As if hearing my thoughts, Laurie shifted and partially pulled the blanket over her.

Just then Sarah and Lisa came back with scissors, two fresh razors, shaving gel and water. Lisa noticed my look at the razors and shrugged, “Well, we figured your electric razor might be too noisy and disturbing and might wake Laurie up, and we don’t want that, at least not yet.”

After a pregnant pause, Sarah took a deep breath and said, “OK, who’s first?”

Everyone looked at me, so I waved them onward saying, “Hey, I think I will go last if it’s cool with everyone.”

Sarah nodded, looked at Robert, “Robert, how about first honors?”

Robert nodded, and with a brief look at me, picked up the scissors and went over to Laurie.

Suddenly John spoke, “Hey! Back up guys! You DO want me to see this with the digicam, right?”

Lisa gave a brief chuckle as we realized we were all looming over Laurie, staring intently at her pussy.

“We mustn’t forget about the audience” said Sarah, smiling, and with my help, we pulled the sheet back off of Laurie and spread her legs out wider, completely exposing her to our eyes and the digicam.

Robert reached down and started gently grabbing tufts of hair, tugging them upward, and snipping them off with the scissors, after which he place each clump in a growing pile to his left. Robert had started working around the edges, and as he made progress, more and more of Laurie’s pale pubic mound began to be exposed.

Sarah stepped up, “All right, John’s turn, finishing clipping her pubic hair.”

John handed Robert the digicam, who moved around to zoom in, and picked up the scissors. John started clipping away, and soon the only patch left was a very dense patch directly above Laurie’s clit. John looked at me, “Hey, don’t worry, I’ll be careful.” He then proceed back to work. I immediately noticed that he had changed his style, now he was only clipping a very few hairs with each snip, and with his thumb he was brushing Laurie’s clit every time he grasped a few hairs.

Although she was passed out, Laurie was not immune to this and started moaning a little bit and shifting. I was shocked at how much this was turning me on. After what seemed like hours, John straightened, finished clipping, and as Robert zoomed back in, we all took a good look at Laurie. Her once abundant pubic bush was now just stubble and few stray hairs, her pubic mound looked very pale in the light.

Also, thanks to John, her pussy lips were now gaping open and everyone could see the moisture which had collected at the base of her slit. Suddenly I realized that everyone on the web was seeing Laurie, her legs spread wide and her pussy clipped to stubble and gaping wide open, “Holy crap!” was all I could think.

Sarah was smiling broadly, “OK! Now we’re getting somewhere!” Sarah looked around, “Hmmm…I guess Lisa and I will get the top, and leave the, uhhh, more intimate portions to you.” She said, looking directly at me. I nodded, and Sarah responded with a smile, “Well, Lisa…?”

Lisa stepped up, and with a devilish look, reached down and grabbed the gel. Putting a little of the gel in her hands, Lisa rubbed it into a lather and lightly started rubbing it all over Laurie’s pussy. Laurie responded to her touch, shifting and moaning some more, I couldn’t believe how turned on Laurie looked like she was getting, if only she knew!

After a few minutes, Lisa stopped teasing Laurie’s pussy, “OK. As much fun as that is, we need to finish the job.” Lisa picked up the razor, and proceeded to carefully shave off the left half Laurie’s upper bush. Handing the razor to Sarah, Sarah quickly made short work of the right half, leaving Laurie completely shaven from the clit up.

Sarah seemed to really enjoy shaving Laurie, she giggled once and was almost humming by the time she finished. It looked so great to me; her pubic mound was so pale. Laurie tanned nude at the local salon, but her pubic hair must have been a good tanning block, because now that she was mostly shaved, the shaved area stood out in stark contrast, much paler that the rest of her body.

At this point I wanted to get my hands on Laurie’s pussy, so I grabbed the razor and started shaving Laurie around her outer lips and clit. It was tougher than I thought. I wanted to be careful, but even with her legs spread, it was hard reaching the lower areas of her pussy. As it was, I was all over her pussy, pulling her lips to one side or the other as I tried to do a thorough job, ever conscious of the digicam and digital cameras whirring and snapping, and praying that she wouldn’t wake up.

After getting what I could, I stood up and looked around, “I need two volunteers for a dangerous idea.” Sarah and John volunteered. “OK. I am going to take a risk. John, I want you and Sarah to carefully and gently lift Laurie’s legs up and back so I can get the rest of her pussy shaved.”

Sarah gasped, “Oh my, you are SO bad! I can’t believe you are going to do that!”

I shrugged, “Well, at this point, ‘in for a penny in for a pound’, right? Besides, I’m horny as hell and I want to do this.” I stood back as Sarah and John positioned themselves, and then ever so slowly, reached under Laurie, and started raising her legs. I almost had a heart attack when Laurie sighed, and John and Sarah froze, but after Laurie didn’t awaken, they continued, bringing Laurie’s legs up and back until her knees were over her body and her pelvis had naturally tilted up.

With John and Sarah holder her legs like that, I was amazed at the view we had now. Laurie’s pussy, almost completely bare, was flushed and gaping, aimed right up at us, and now, thanks to her positioning, her cute little rosebud was exposed for the first time! I stared.

Lisa suddenly spoke, “Oh my gosh! You can see her butt! Laurie is going to be soooo embarrassed!”

I nodded, remembering that Laurie had always gotten pissed the few times I had suggested anal sex or played with her asshole. She thought it was dirty and disgusting, and now her best friends and a bunch of strangers were getting a detailed and intimate look at her little brown eye. It looked so great, with that little ridge of flesh running from the top of her asshole towards the base of her pussy, and it was going to look even better without those little black hairs all over it, I suddenly decided.

I picked up the gel and got a bit, working it into a lather, and then gently spread it over the lower half of her pussy and asshole.

Sarah gasped, “You’re going to shave her butt too?”

Giving her the Groucho Marx eyebrow wave, I reached down with the razor and went to work. With her legs out of the way, it went very smoothly, and I was able to shave the rest of her pussy. Her ass went even easier, as the flesh was taut from her positioning, and in what seemed an eternity and no time at all, it was done. The final touch was to take a warm washcloth and carefully clean away the stray hairs and remaining gel, leaving her clean, after which I stepped back to assess the situation.

My girlfriend Laurie had been shaved completely bare and exposed by her boyfriend and four of her friends. It was almost too erotic to think about.

We all took a good look at her hairless pussy and ass. “Well, with those gaping lips, there’s no way anyone is going to mistake her for a little girl, hairless or not.” I thought. Grabbing the camera from Robert I said, “OK. Before we put her legs down, I want everyone to touch her asshole.” I got some strange looks, so I explained, “She would REALLY be embarrassed knowing you all touched her there, because she is SO sensitive about it, but I don’t plan on showing her these pictures right away…..I am going to save them for a rainy day, if you know what I mean.”

Robert and John simply shook their heads, Lisa’s eyes were big as saucers, but everyone did it, and I got it on tape, four friend’s touching her in her most private place. Robert did a ‘V’ with his fingers, framing her asshole, while Lisa and John both pressed directly on it, but all three just touched and quickly removed their fingers.

The shocker was Sarah. Not only did she touch, but she gently rubbed her finger along Laurie’s asshole, telling Laurie, “How does this feel Laurie? How does it feel to have a woman rubbing that little shaved butthole of yours while everyone watches? Does it feel good? Are you embarrassed?”

Sarah then started applying more pressure, sinking her finger partially into Laurie’s asshole, continuing, “You know, only porn stars shave their buttholes, are you our little porn star Laurie?”

Looking at Laurie, I could see that she felt it, her brow was slightly furrowed and she started getting a bit restless. “OK Sarah,” I said, “We need to stop and put her legs back down before she wakes up.”

Sarah started a bit, then quickly helped to lower Laurie’s legs, but we did leave them spread wide for the camera.

Looking at Sarah, I suddenly realized that she was really enjoying her revenge, and quite frankly, the rest of us were just along for the ride. Looking around, everyone seemed pretty damn excited, gone were the uncomfortable and uneasy expressions that had been on everyone’s face at the beginning. It was obvious that this was going to go as far as I let it.

“OK, Sarah,” I said, “It’s about time to call it quits, do you have any last requests?”

Sarah looked at me, thinking hard, “Well, I want to do one last thing, with Lisa’s help.

I nodded, “OK, but let’s not wake her up now.”

Sarah smiled, “Don’t worry, we’ll be careful.” Sarah then went over to Lisa and whispered in her ear.

Lisa gasped and started giggling, “Sarah, remind me not to get on your bad side!”

Both girls went over to Laurie, framing her on either side. Taking a deep breath, Lisa reached down and started playing with Laurie’s clit, rubbing it lightly back and forth. Laurie started moaning and shifting, obviously enjoying Lisa’s ministrations. After a few minutes, Lisa had managed to get Laurie to the point where her pussy was gaping even wider, and starting to drool copious amounts of cum down towards her asshole.

At this point, Sarah reached down to the base of Laurie’s pussy and gently scooped a fingerful of Laurie’s cum. Pausing for the camera, and making sure not to block any view, Sarah raised her finger and carefully rubbed her finger along Laurie’s lips! As if we weren’t surprised enough, Laurie seemed to respond with a moan and licked her own lips! Sarah turned to me, a questioning look on her face.

From somewhere inside me, I found myself saying, “Lisa, you and Sarah need to do that again…” Lisa immediately reached down and started lightly stroking Laurie’s clit again. As Laurie’s pussy kept oozing more cum, Sarah started scooping it up with two fingers and smearing it in Laurie’s mouth.

Laurie kept licking her lips and eating her own cum to our amazement, but John was coherent enough to get some great shots showing Sarah scoop the cum up and tracking it to Laurie’s mouth, where Laurie proceeded to suck it down!

Sarah started up with her commentary again, “That’s it Laurie, go ahead, eat your own cum. Does it taste good? Do you like licking your cum off of another girl’s fingers?” Pretty soon, Laurie was almost sucking the cum right off of Sarah’s fingers! And we had it all on tape! I couldn’t believe that we had a tape of Laurie eating her own cum from her gaping pussy and that we had broadcast it live over the internet! Sarah stopped and wiped her fingers on Laurie’s panties.

Thinking it was done, I started to lower the digicam, but Sarah suddenly reached into her own pants, pulling the waistband of her stretch pants away from her other hand. It was obvious that she was touching her own pussy!

Sarah looked at me and said, “OK. This one last thing, then I’m done.” During which she reached her hand out of pants, her fingers very wet with her own lubrication, and slowly lowered her wet fingers to Laurie’s mouth. Laurie responded by licking Sarah’s fingers, eating Sarah’s cum!

Sarah was almost cooing, “Yes, eat my cum Laurie, lick it right off my fingers you little closet lesbian. Imagine how embarrassed you will be when you see this.”

Pulling away from Laurie, we all stopped and stared, burning the image into our minds. Laurie lying there legs spread. Her mouth was glistening from all the cum that had been smeared there.

Looking lower, Laurie’s pussy looked so exposed, devoid of any hair, her outer lips puffy and red, with her inner lips flushed and gaping wide open a little lower. I was amazed at how excited Laurie appeared to be, her pussy looked like it had opened enough to pass a penny without touching the sides. After getting one last shot and panning over her body with the digicam, I turned it off and set it down with a sigh.

John was already at the computer, checking into something. “Hoo….” He said, “It looks like we had a bunch of hits, and I am sure lots of ‘em downloaded it, it’s official, a bunch of horny strangers on the internet got a great show tonight.”

A chill went through me at this point. I was thinking about the possible repercussions. Little did I know the wheels I had set in motion……..

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