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I have told you all about Mary and the way I finally set her straight in her ways. True, to blackmail her was probably wrong but I didn't care at the time and still don't care. Since my last story I have broken my engagement off and now just stop by to use Mary for my own dirty needs.

Since I took the picture of her face covered with my cum I have stopped by her house several times to use my reluctant sex slave. I think she actually enjoys me using her and she climaxes more and longer since I have begun using her as the slut she really wanted to be.

The first night I stopped by about 1 am, and I had to knock rather loudly before she came to the door. At first she had a wondering look on her face till I grabbed my crotch and told her I came by to remind her of her obligation to please me.

She turned away from the door and told me that she thought I was kidding, that I really didn't expect her to be my sex slave.

I had to remind her of the picture showing her with my cum on her lips and face, then I pulled out the copy of it and showed it to her.

Mary gasped and said that I was a bastard for having that picture but grabbed my crotch and told me that she would do anything to keep her secret quiet.

I responded with a smile and said, "I told you that night that I would use you and you couldn't do anything to stop me, so just get used to it and I will be more then happy to keep the picture our little secret."

Mary began to drop to her knees thinking that I only wanted a blowjob, but I had more things in mind.

"What are you doing?" I asked her.

"I was going to give you head, isn't that what you wanted?"

I just smiled and pulled her by her hair and led her to the couch. I sat down and told her to strip, I hadn't seen her naked and wanted a closer look at her body.

Mary was wearing a long nightshirt and pulled it over her head leaving her standing before me wearing just panties and a sports bra. She stopped stripping and gave me a questioning look but I encouraged her to continue stripping and show me her body. Mary then pulled the bra over her head and much to my surprise a nice set of tits came into view. Her tits were c cup and had nice nipples that grew hard in the cold of the room. I smiled at her and looked at her panties.

"Go ahead, take your panties off, I told you I wanted to see you naked. You have some nice tits, let me see what your pussy looks like" I told her

She slowly moved her hands to the waistband and slid her panties down her legs. Her hairy pussy came into view and I was shocked by how thick and unkempt her pussy looked.

"That won't do," I said, "I like to eat pussy but with all that hair I'm not sure I can even find it. Do you have a razor and some shaving cream?"

Mary nodded and I got up and led her to the bathroom. Once inside I told her to sit on the counter and to turn the water on so it had a chance to warm up. I then grabbed the shaving cream and the razor and looked around for a pair of scissors.

Mary looked away as I took the first cut with the scissors at her hairy bush. Her hair was thick and I was sure never had been trimmed.

Finally I stepped back to admire my handy work and Mary looked down at her partially clean pussy. I then took some warm water and began to rub the stubble left, Mary began to moan from my touch and spread her legs wider. I actually fingered her for a brief moment, and then I got back to the task at hand. I took the shaving cream and rubbed it into her pussy stubble. Mary moaned more and held her legs open with her hands.

"Don't move," I told her, "I don't want to cut you."

Mary held her trembling legs open and I took the first stroke with the razor. I was careful not to nick her and after ten minutes I was done. I ran my hand across her now smooth mound and smiled to myself for a job well done.

"Keep your pussy shaved just like that." I told her "I love a bare pussy and would hate to post your picture because you didn't do as I told you"

Mary nodded submissively and ran her own hand across her now bare mound.

"I promise to keep my pussy shaved that way for you." She told me.

I smiled and told her to jump in the shower and wash up good, I didn't want to taste any shaving cream.

Mary got up and turned on the shower as I walked out of the room.

"Meet me in your bedroom after you are done, and be quick about it." I told her.

I was laid back on her bed with the covers pulled down when she walked in.

"Come over here and let me look at your pussy." I told her

Mary walked over to me and I sat up enough to get a good look at her bare pussy and brought a hand up to rub her, not a hair in sight I thought. I could tell from the aroma that she was turned on and knew that she was ready for me to lick her. I led her to the bed and told her to lie down.

I got up and moved between her legs and began to softly lick her. I first licked her legs then moved closer and closer to her full pussy lips.

Mary began to moan and spread herself more as I got closer to her pussy. I finally began to lick her pussy lips, by now she was very wet and I tasted her for the first time. I took my tongue and swiped at her engorged clit, just enough to let her know she was my slut, not enough to bring her to climax yet. Over the next half hour I kept this attack up, licking her lips then swiping at her clit until finally she begged me to bring her to climax. I laughed into her pussy and let my tongue attack her clit.

Once I began to fully lick and suck her clit, Mary turned into a wild woman, thrashing all over the bed and pulling my hair forcing me to lick her deeper and deeper. I took my hand and moved up and began to pull and play with her nipples. They were rock hard and quite long so I pulled at them harder and harder, all the while continuing my assault on her clit and pussy lips, finally Mary went rigid and moaned loudly that she was cumming. She grabbed at my head and forced my tongue deeper into her. Her pussy became very wet and I licked and sucked up all her wonderful juices. Eventually she relaxed her grip on my hair and I moved back to admire my tongue work. My face was covered with her juices and there was a large wet spot on the bed from her climax.

I sat up, smiled and took my fingers and rubbed them gently on her still wet slit, bringing them first to my lips then placing them at her mouth. She hesitated at first then opened her mouth to taste herself for the first time. A smile spread across her face as she first licked then sucked my fingers clean.

I got off the bed and stood up beside her and began to undo my jeans.

She raised a hand to stop me, begging me, "Please don't fuck me, my pussy is too sore."

"I wasn't going to fuck you," I said, "But you will suck my cock and beg me to cum on your face and tits."

Mary moved to the edge of the bed and took my cock into her warm mouth. Slowly she took more and more of my meat into her mouth until she was taking all of my cock. She began to deep throat me and I grabbed her hair and began to face fuck her slowly. After 5 minutes of slowly fucking her face I began to pick up speed and was really fucking her mouth. Mary groaned around my cock and I looked down to see she had one hand on my ball sack and the other hand fingering her own pussy. Watching her finger herself drove me to the edge and I felt my load beginning to rise. Mary sensed this and began to suck hard on my member

My climax hit hard and the first spurt of cum shot into her wanting mouth. I pulled her mouth from my cock and cum splattered on her lips and face. The final spurts I aimed at her tits and they landed right on her nipple.

I was totally spent and smiled as I watched Mary take her tongue and lick the cum from her lips and raise her tit and sucked the cum from her breast and nipple. She then reached out and grabbed my cock and sucked it once more trying to get every drop of my cum from my now softening member.

"Now I know you love cum, you just proved it by cleaning yourself up and not wasting any of it." I told her. "You are becoming a wonderful slut for me and as long as you satisfy me, no one will ever know about you and your cum loving ways."

Mary nodded and pulled the covers over herself, ashamed of her sexual desires.

"From now on when I come by you will let me in and strip as soon as the door is closed and you will keep you pussy shaved bare for me" I told her. "You better plan on shaving every day, maybe twice a day, I won't call before stopping by so your pussy better be bald all the time or else everyone will find out that you are a cum loving slut"

Mary nodded again and knew she had to satisfy me or risk being found out as the slut she really was.

To be continued...any and all feedback welcome.
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