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The summer break is here and I decided to pack my bags and head on to the west coast to spend my time getting a tan and meeting up my buddies right there. After days of searching, I found an apartment which was near the beach, and according to the owner there, it was sparsely occupied with mainly professional foreign executives and their families. I agreed to renting an apartment since it was near the beach, and that’s all I care about.

I moved in and stayed on the fifth level. I had planned to go sightseeing and diving with my college buddies, but somehow or rather, they had their plans and I was left alone for a few days. I decided to go for a tan. One thing terrible about this area is the weather. It could be sunny at a moment and stormy the next. And that was what happened when I was out getting a tan. The rain started pouring and I had to grab my stuff and find my way back to my apartment. When I got to the lobby of my apartment, I was drenched and was in my beach shorts. I did get some complimentary looks from some other babes who were out in the beach. Being a former college sportsman does have its benefits. Since it was raining, and there was nothing else I could do, I might as well head back to my apartment and wait out.

As I was waiting for the elevator, a Japanese lady hurriedly rushed into the lobby. she was panting and was like me, drenched by the rain. But what made was more interesting were the clothes she wore and her looks. She was drenched and was wearing a white halter-neck and white shorts. The halter-neck showed her shoulders and a good view of her chest. I had seen fellow college girls wearing this before, but for this lady, because of the rain and running, her halter-neck top shifted lower, enabling me to see more of her chest and tits. Her skin was smooth and fair. Her wet halter-top didn’t help much as it stuck on to her skin and revealed the type of bra and its color. Obviously, from experience, she has a good figure and seems to be a B-cup. Not the breasty types, but was sufficient for a fuck. Also, her shorts showed her rounded butt, a sign of seduction. What overtook me was her demure and submissive attitude. Throughout the elevator ride, she looked on the floor. My mind was racing about how to get her in bed, and how she would groan. I stepped closer to her and began small talk with her.

The elevator doors opened and both of us stepped in. To my surprise, she’s staying on the same level as me. Realizing the opportunity, I started small talk with her in the elevator. Her name is Asuko. She is a 32-year-old mother (32B-25-34) and is here for a couple of months because her husband is here on work and her kids are in Japan. Her husband is not in town and will be back only in a week’s time and following that, they will head back to Japan. She talked briefly how she missed her home in Japan and about her first time being so far from home. I was thrilled, despite her Japanese-accented English. I pretended to ask her more about her family and such pleasantries. She is about 5 feet 5, and being taller than her, I could see a lot down her halter-neck top. This is making me horny. I wanted to just rip the top off and see her B-sized peaks. She caught me peering down her blouse and folded her arms and looked away. I guess I have been exposed this time.

The elevator doors opened at the fifth level and I proceeded to my unit. I think I am so lucky today! She’s staying about 2 units from me, and it seems that the other units on my side of the apartments are not occupied.

I got into my apartment and started fantasizing more about her. I had been with some babes at college, but this time it was different. I was crazy over a mother. There was such an urge in me to want to take her. But how? This question didn’t bother me too much. I could talk her into bed, or take her.

The next day, I had packed a plastic cable tie, some duct tape and a video camera into a small bag. I think it ought to be sufficient as I don’t want to be caught with any knives or such and get caught for possession of a dangerous object and charged with felony. From my apartment door’s peephole, I saw Asuko coming out of the elevator, with two big bags of groceries. I think it’s typical for these Japanese to buy a lot and stock up their food at home. She is still as sexy as yesterday. Today, she is wearing a black tube top and a skirt that reaches the middle of her thigh. I saw her struggling to get her keys out of her bag. I quickly exited my apartment and walked towards her unit. I think, my quick exit startled her a bit and caused her to drop her shopping bags, and all her things on the ground. Pretending to be a good neighbor, I helped her pack her things. From the look on her face, she seems to be rather pissed over yesterday’s incident. I apologized to her while helping her pack and collect her stuff. She softened a bit and accepted my apologies. While both of us were packing and talking, I got another chance to look down her tube top because she was bending down in front of me. My lustful thoughts about her rushed into my head again. Again, she looked up and caught me trying to peer at her tits again. This time, she was really annoyed. She grabbed her things and hastily opened her door, and just wanted to get away from me. I decided I had to take my chance now. While she has managed to open the door, I followed her closely and pushed her into her house. Her bags dropped again in the living room. She panicked and started running into the bedroom. I shut and bolted the door. She’s mine, and there’s no way out.

I moved into her bedroom and she was scurried in the corner, like how a mouse would behave when facing a cat. That fear in her eyes excited me, and since things have gone so far, there was no turning back. I grabbed her by her hair and threw her on the bed.

“Don’t hurt me… you can take all money… I give you…” Asuko pleaded.

I smiled and turned her over and started tying her hands behind her back. Following that I put the duct tape over her mouth. She looks like a present, just to be unwrapped, and I am like a boy, waiting to unwrap my presents. I positioned my video camera facing the bed and switched it on. Not am I going to take her body, but I will be having some videos to watch during my free time.

I turned her around with her facing the ceiling and started caressing her tits with her tube on. Her eyes were so angry and fearful. She squirmed and tried to fight me, but her hands were tied and her mouth was taped. I pulled down her tube just below her bra. She’s wearing a light blue satin strapless bra with front clip. I love these bras which can be unhooked easily and liberate those lovely tits of hers. True enough, she was a B-cup and the additional surprise was that her nipples were tiny and pink. That really drove me wild. I didn’t want to unhook it, and simply just pulled it down below her tits. I began sucked at one nipple while twitching the other. I alternated between her tits and soon, her nipples were firm and protruded. All during these time, her vain struggles made it more exciting and satisfying. I put my hand under her skirt and felt for her panties. It was something that I like, satin panties. I lifted up her skirt and the panties were a match with the bra, of the same material and color. I rubbed her crotch from outside her panties and she squirmed in bed, with tears in her eyes. My rubbing turned to probing as I slowly inserted my finger into her pussy. It was moist and I think some scaring did her good. She shook her head and was seen to be mumbling something. I took out the tape and she continued her plead,

“Don’t rub… pain… yamade…”

I don’t know what that means in Japanese, but it seems she some passive mode of objection. I probed deeper and she arched her body in response. She is liking it. Her cunt juice are flowing out now, and staining her panties and bed. Without any delay, I unzipped my pants and took out my 7-inch pride and showed it to her. She looked so shock and overawed by the size. I think her lousy husband must be some typical 3-incher which hardly satisfy her. I rubbed my rod a little and prepositioned it near her mouth.

“No… too big… please… iie…”

She was reluctant at first but I didn’t think her views mattered. Inch by inch, I push my rod into her mouth till I had four inches in. She was already close to choking and wasn’t sucking much. I started to pump slowly into her mouth. Her heavy breathing and weak tongue lapping made the blowjob a good experience. I don’t prefer aggressive cock sucking like those porn movies, but amateurish efforts. It was comfortable. I decided to give her a good experience by pushing my rod all the way, and deep throating her. She obviously doesn’t have this experience as she was choking quite hard. After a few more times of deep throating, she got the hang of it and was getting better at it. I continued to rub her tits and occasionally pinched her nipples to keep them perked.

I stopped and withdrew my cock out of her mouth. She seems tired, just after a blowjob. She thought I was done with what I wanted to do. But the fun was just starting. She was lying on her back panting from her oral experience. Without telling her, I pulled her panties off quickly and exposing her pussy. There was hair, but it was only at a small portion of the crotch. She started to look terrified again and I quickly pushed my rod into her cunt. She left off a scream and arched her body. I have done it. I have laid this Japanese wife. Like her mouth, her cunt isn’t trained in taking long rods. Though mine is just 7-inch, it was almost near to infinity for her. I started pumping into her and slowly pushed more and more of my rod into her. Her tits jiggled during the shag and I cupped her breasts while shagging her. She kept saying, “Yamade… yamade… yamade…” and groaned while getting shagged. Her face was showing that she enjoyed it, and her cunt speaks by lubricating my rod after all the pumping. That’s what I call real-time action.

During the pumping, I could feel her orgasms, and now enjoying every single moment of it. Still, the finale is not here yet. My rod is only about 5 inch into her pussy. I wanted to push it once and hard at least, and hear her scream. While kneeing, I raised her legs and rested them on my shoulders and prepared to press my biggest offensive. Without warning, I held on her shoulders and drove hard the remaining of my rod into her. I could feel her cunt quivering and tightening, and her face looking so wonderfully tense. She screamed her lungs out, and that was a performance worth repeating. I tried it a few times and I must say that it sounded like music to my ears. She had a second orgasm and was panting like a thirsty pussy cat. I blew my load into her cunt, and some of it leaked out of her pussy. That was an unbelievable experience. I didn’t expect Asuko to be so horny and acting so sex deprived.

I put my rod at her mouth and she sucked it without any prompting. Seems like she learnt fast. She licked my rod clean from her cunt juices and whatever that’s left of my load. She was still with her clothes on, with her bra and tube below her tits and her skirt being lifted. She looked so horny and wanted more. I untied her and collected my video camera as well as her panties as my trophy. While in the living room, I called three of my buddies who were supposed to be busy and all 3 arrived at Asuko’s apartment within fifteen minutes. Without any invitation and introduction, they proceeded into the bedroom where Asuko was lying and started fucking her. From the living area, I could hear her grunts and moans in pleasure. I guess she’s really happy with the attention she’s getting from us.

For the rest of the week, my buddies and I were at Asuko’s apartment every night, fucking till the early hours of the morning. During these fuck sessions, we videoed the events and kept it as our personal collection. Summer has never been this good.