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It had been a couple of days again since Susan had heard from the PC Lads and was on edge, as to when they would be back in contact with her. So didn't have to wait too long, because when she switched on her mobile during her break at work it burst into life with a message.

"Call me today," the message was from Ray.

She dare not ignore it this time, so went out of the store rest room and outside to make the call. He hands were shaking slightly and her heart pounding as she dialed the number.

"Hello Susie," Ray answered.


"How's our little slut?"

"Don't call me that." she whispered

"But that's what you are Susie. I have some instructions for you. You will meet us tomorrow at our mate's computer shop at 5 pm. I will text the address and directions. If when you receive this you need more information ring me, OK?"

"I... I don't know if I can do that time."

"You missed my point Susie, this is not a request, and you will be there ok?"

What would she tell her husband and daughter? But she knew not to argue.

" Oh ... oh ... OK," she nervously replied.

"Good girl, now you will find the magic bullet in the drawer at your house, with your other fuck toy and you will have it in between your pussy lips when we meet you tomorrow, right?"


"Good, have a nice day, see you tomorrow."

She just hung up and did her best to concentrate on the other parts of her life.

She knew that because she would have to get the bus to the shop, so she would have to go straight from work. She had made up a story about training at work for hubby and daughter. She finished her shift and went into the loo and took the magic bullet out of her bag. She undid and dropped her trousers, then pulled the crotch of her knickers aside to place the magic bullet in her most sensitive place.

She knew the area of town where the shop was but followed the directions carefully. Her heart was beating uncontrollably as she entered the small computer shop. There was a powerful looking man in his thirties behind the counter, just finishing off with the only customer in the shop and there was no sign of Ray or Gary.

As the customer left the shop the man behind the counter approached her. He was fairly sure it was her, from the lad's description.

"Hello, can I help you," he asked.

"Erm I'm I'm waiting for someone," she said, nervously and quietly.

"Oh you must be Susan?"


"Gary and Ray have been delayed slightly but said to tell you to wait for them, but why don't you go into the back office and wait? You'll be more comfortable there."

"Oh I don't know, perhaps I'll just wait here."

"Nonsense," he replied "come on I show you to the office," not taking no for an answer.

He led her into the office in the back of the shop. It had a large desk three chairs and the odd computer parts dotted about.

"Here, take a seat," he said pointing to a chair.

He then went out to the shop flicked the catch on the shop door and put the "closed" sign up, before returning to the office.

"I'm Dave by the way,"

"Hi," she said shyly.

"Yes I'm the guy who kept your hubby busy the other Saturday while you were, shall we say, keeping Ray and Gary busy."

Susan felt a pang of embarrassment and didn't reply, which annoyed him.

"Well aren't you gonna say thank you?"

"Thanks," she whispered looking at the floor and wishing they would hurry up and get here.

"Well you don't seem very grateful, are you grateful?" he asked.

"Yess... yes I am its just..."

"That's good, cause I thought you would like to express your gratitude."

"W... what do you mean,"

"I thought you might do a favor for me in return."

"What sort of favor."

"Well let me think," he said mockingly rubbing his chin. "How about a blow job?"

"What?" She said jumping to her feet. "I think I'd better go."

"Sit down Susie," he ordered.

His tone and the fact he used her slut name panicked her. She didn't sit down but made for the door. Dave reached quickly for the magic bullet remote and hit the high setting. The bullet bust into life vibrating vigorously between her pussy lips. She stopped dead, her hands gripped between her legs and she fell back against the wall.

"Aaaaah," she cried, "pl... pleeeeeeease."

He pointed the control at her as if it was a gun and turned it to medium. Then after a few seconds, to normal before he spoke.

"Sit back down Susie."

At first she didn't move but as she saw him move his thumb over the high switch again, she slowly made her way back to the chair and sat down.

"This really does work well," he said looking at the remote. "Now where were we? Oh yes we were just discussing how grateful you were for me looking after hubby while you got fucked."

Susan stayed quiet, her mind racing, and wondering what to do next. The magic bullet still buzzing was also having an effect. He walked towards her and leant against the table still holding the remote.

"Now about this blow job," he said.

"Look I'm sorry but I... I can't, I'm married."

"Don't make me fuckin laugh and play the faithful wifey." He told her in a stern tone. "Now this little baby tells me I get blow job," he added pointing the control at her again. "Don't it?" he hit the medium button.

"Oooh p... p... please," she stuttered.

"Don't it?" he said more forcefully.

"Yesss Yesss," she gave in.

He hit the off button and moved to stand as close as he could to her.

"Right answer," he mocked, "now gets my fuckin cock out."

She slowly moved her hands to the front of his jeans. She undid his belt, undid the button and slid his zip down. With his jeans open, she pulled down his boxer shorts and only the forth ever cock she had seen in the flesh came flopping out. She noticed it was about as long as her husband's but much thicker and in the first stages of becoming erect.

"Get me nice and hard," he ordered.

She took his cock in her hand and slowly started to rub her hand up and down it. It soon started to respond to her touch and it started to grow in her hand. In no time at all it was even thicker, longer and pointing right up at her petty face.

"I hope you're as good with your mouth as with your hand," he said. "Now don't just fuckin' look at it, start suckin'"

She opened her mouth and slid her lips over his waiting cock. He put his hand on her black locks of hair and lightly forced his manhood further into her mouth.

"Aaah yer... that's it suck it yer."

She started to get into a rhythm, going up and down his cock. She thought if she could get him off it would be over but the more she sucked the more it started to turn her on.

"Yer, you sure are a great little cock sucker," he said as his left hand started to feel one of her tits. She let this go thinking it would get him off quicker.

"Nice tits, not that big, but nice. Undo you shirt." He ordered.

"Mmmmph," she protested as best she could.

He responded by grabbing the collar of her shirt.

"If I was to pull this now, your work shirt would rip, so if you don't want that to happen undo your fuckin shirt."

Without taking the cock from her mouth her hands started to undo the buttons on her green and white supermarket, uniform shirt. She undid the buttons to where it was tucked into her trousers. His hand returned to rubbing her tit over her bra, but not for long, when he found the front opening catch. He was pleased with himself when he opened it with just one hand. He now had access to both her naked tits and was soon pinching and pulling her nipples.

"Aaah yer, you're doing a good job Susie."

She continued sucking as he worked on her tits, but her concentration was broken when he said.

"I want you on the table."

She dropped the cock from her mouth.

"B... But you said a... blow job and," he cut her off.

"Don't worry your still gonna be suckin but I want to feel your arse while you do it. Now come on," he told her lifting her to her feet.

"Loose the shirt," was his next instruction, as he undid the last button, and pulled it from her shoulders. This was followed to the floor by her bra.

"Now get up there and lie on your front facing me."

She climbed onto the big table, naked from the waist up. She lay on her tummy, and resting on her elbows. He then presented his cock to her again.

"You can start sucking again now Susie."

Her position was just right to continue her blow job. He leaned over her and started to massage her bum.

"You've got a lovely fuckin arse Susie," he said continuing to roughly massage it.

With each stroke he when tried to move further down between her tightly closed legs, at the same time as almost fucking her mouth.

"Spread your legs," he ordered in frustration.

She didn't respond, but he did with a sharp slap to her left buttock.

"I said spread your fuckin legs," and again followed the instruction with a slap.

His cock still deep in her mouth, muffled her protest, but his spanking it did the trick. She moved her legs apart giving him access down between her legs. He rubbed his hand up and down her thighs and then over her most sensitive place. He squeezed her pussy through her trousers, making her groan. As he squeezed he could feel the magic button lying quite between her pussy lips, but as he rubbed and squeezed her pussy it rubbed against her clit. All this activity had made her loose the rhythm on his cock but he didn't mind, he wasn't ready to fill her mouth with his cum just yet anyway.

He stood up and took his cock from her mouth; he lifted her chin to look at him with her pretty brown eyes.

"The lads were right, you really are a sexy little slut." he teased. "Now this is what I want you to do, first turn over and spin round."

"I really need to leave now," she tried, more in hope than expectation.

"Nice try but we a far from finished yet," he told her, "and I know your pussy is aching for a cock."

"No really."

"OK," he said, and walked around to the side of the table. In a swift movement he spun her round so her legs fell to the floor so she was bent over the table.

Before she had time to react he started spanking her.

"Oooow, noooo, ooooow, pleeeeeease."

"They said you may need a little discipline," he told her as he spanked her again.

"Ooooow please stop ooooow."

"Are you ready to be a good girl now?"

"Y... yesss."

"Tell me you're gonna be my good obedient slut."

"I'm going to be good."

Whack, another slap hit her buttocks.

"Tell me what your gonna be."

"I'm g... ooo ing to be your obedient... slut."

"Good, right back on the table."

With that he helped her back onto the table, and told her to lie on her back this time. Even though her bottom was a little sore, she did as she was told.

"Spread your legs nice and wide Susie."

She again obeyed and he helped until she had one leg off either side of the table. She was worried that her trousers might even split.

"Put your hands behind your head," was the next instruction.

Again she did it without hesitation. He looked down at the housewife, naked from the waist up. He legs spread so wide her black trousers pulled tight over her thighs and crotch. He moved to the side of the table and rubbed his hands over her bare breasts.

"How old are you Susie?"


As he massaged her breasts and played with her nipples, he told her she was in great shape for her age. She was biting her lip and fighting her feelings, as her body started to betray her again.

"Your tits are so sensitive aren't they Susie?"

"Y... yes."

"Are they more sensitive, when I do this?" He asked as he wet his fingers and rubbed them over her nipples, before pinching them lightly. "Or this?" He asked bending his head, gently licking and lightly biting her nipples.

"Oooooh that," was her answer.

He went to work on her tits, squeezing, sucking, biting and she was loosing control now, her resistance had almost been broken again. He lifted one of her legs back onto the table and ran his hands over the crotch of her trousers making her moan loudly.

"I bet your cunt is getting nice and wet Susie," he said quietly, "let's see what you've got for me in here". He quickly unzipped and unbuttoned her black trousers, spread them open and tugged them down slightly. She was wearing a pair of small red knickers that just about covered her pussy.

"Very nice," he commented as her ran his hand over them, making her moan some more. He pulled the small piece of material aside, looking straight into her pretty eyes and took out the magic bullet, and held it to her face. "Look at this, its fuckin' soaking, you are one horny slut, and your gonna beg me to fuck you, aren't you?"

"N... no," she said but yes her body screamed.

He responded to her answer by laughing briefly and then he traced her slit with his index finger. Her knickers became wetter and wetter as they soaked up her pussy juice. His finger pressed harder and harder especially on her clit. Her hands were no longer behind her head, but were gripping tightly the edge of the table as she tried to suppress her loud moans of pleasure. A battle she was loosing with every one of his stokes.

With his left hand he pulled off her shoes, "now let's get your trousers off," he said, tugging them over her legs and dropping them to the floor. He pulled her towards him so her legs almost touched the floor. All she now wearing, was her white ankle socks and her tiny red knickers.

He pulled aside the red material to reveal her almost completely shaved pussy. " Fuckin' look at that," he said, "you've been shaving your lovely cunt, hey Susie"

"N... no... I... ooooh".

"No," then the penny dropped, "you mean they shaved your hot little cunt,... fantastic."

With his fingers, he played with her, inserting two fingers into her, and gently brushing her clit. This was making her thrash about on the table, not to get away but because an orgasm was welling up inside her and he knew it. He took his fingers from her dripping cunt, and wiped them on her lips.

"That cunt of yours is ready to be fucked Susie." He said softly but firmly into her ear.

He ran his hand over her tummy and back into her knickers, and the merest touch on her clit sent her orgasm raging. He quickly stripped off his jeans and boxers while her orgasm subsided. He went back to the end of the table and rubbed his cock along her slit. He pulled up with his arms, so she was just about sitting on the table and held herself there with an arm around his neck. He pulled her forward and pulled her panties aside, then rubbed his throbbing cock along her slit.

"You want this now, don't yer?" he teased, again pushing her cock almost into her hole.

"Yu... yess," she admitted.

He held her chin to look straight into her eyes. "Beg me to fuck you slut."

"Please... please fuck me," she whimpered.

"Beg me to ram my cock up your cunt," he teased.

"Please... oooh please ram your cock in my pussy," she whimpered again.

Still looking into her pleading face he told

her, "It's your cunt, when you're with me, beg me again." He pushed his cock a little way in to make his point.

"Ooooh please... please ram your cock into my c... cunt now please." It was the first time she had even used that word.

He kept her waiting no longer, grabbing her bum with both hand her drove his cock into her, making her scream with pleasure. She hung around his neck as he drove deeper with every stroke.

"Oooooh... yessss... fuck me... fuck meeee," she cried and he needed no encouragement.

He continued fucking as deep, and as hard as he could, then he felt her tense and another orgasm engulfed her entire body. He let her go and she slipped to the floor but he wasn't finished. Pulling her head towards his cock he ordered her to suck him.

He was now thrusting his cock into her mouth. "Oooh yeh... suck it slut."

Suddenly he felt his cum flood into her mouth. "Aaaaaaah yes aaaah."

He then pulled out, and squirted the rest of his thick cum all over her face and body.

"That was great," he told her. "If you ever want some more you know where to come. You can clean yourself up in there," he said pointing to the toilet.

He cleaned up, got dressed and went to the window and waved to the lads sitting in there car. They walked over and he let them in.

"Thanks guys, ... she's one hot slut you've got there," he told them.

"We told you she was," Ray replied "I bet you loved that pussy."

"Yer she was great, but you know what I really want don't yer?"

"Yes, we are working on that one."

They continued talking but went silent when Susie walked back into the room.

"Hey Susie, we hear you had a good time."

Susan did not respond.

"Come on," Gary sad "lets get her home."

With that they left.

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