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His words made me start screaming again, despite the threat of the knife.

"NOOOOO!!! Steve PLEASE GOD NO!! I can't take that!!! OHGOD Please don't!! You're too BIG!!!" I pleaded hysterically.

Swiftly he pulled out of me and was suddenly on my chest, his hateful weapon in my face, his grip on my hair tightening as he yanked my head up towards it.

"This should shut you up", he muttered, "Open your mouth"..

I frantically tried to keep my lips together. His cock was against them, trying to force them apart, demanding entrance. I was sure he would choke me to death with it if he got it in there and...and I couldn't let something in my mouth that was coated with pussy juices! Even if it was my own.

"OPEN I said!!" he growled, but still I refused.

"Fucking Bitch.." he cursed, then leaned way over the bed, fiddling with his jeans that were on the floor. In a flash he'd resumed his position, but this time I felt his knife at my throat. My heart clenched in terror when I felt how sharp it was against the tender exposed flesh.

"Gonna open up now whore? Or do you want me to slice your fucking throat?"

With great reluctance, but little hesitation I chose to obey this time, allowing the slime-coated organ to push past my lips, trying hard not to gag when it filled my mouth. Disgusted as I was, being forced to taste my own pussy was about to be the least of my worries.

Holding my head firmly in place with his cruel grip on my hair and raising himself up further, he started to face-fuck me in earnest, with short rapid thrusts at first, then pushing a little harder, going a little deeper with each one till finally he pushed steadily down my throat as far as he could go.

My whole body was jerking with the gag reflex I could no longer control, thrashing with the panic of having no more air. He was fucking my throat now, deeply and brutally while my bound hands beat at him ineffectually...my feet kicking at the mattress furiously in my pathetic attempts to dislodge the terrible obstruction.

"Uuuuhhh....oh yeah"...I could faintly hear him thru the roar in my ears, his voice tensed in obvious pleasure as he continued sawing in and out of my abused and aching throat. "Swallow that cock baby....ohhhh fuck.....yeah...you can do it", like I had a choice, "take it ALL!"

My vision was going dark. Just as I was sure I was going to pass out from the lack of air, then suffocate, he suddenly stopped the torture by pulling himself free from my tight throat. I was pulling in huge gasps of precious oxygen, never so glad to just BREATHE, when warm spurts of his cum splattered my face, my hair, my breasts. A few squirts hit my open mouth, which was still gasping for air. I really didn't care at this point if he dumped a whole bucket of the stuff over my head! I was just glad that the hellish face-fuck was over.

He used his still-hard prick to smear his load all over my face. I whined in protest, but obeyed when he commanded me to lick him clean.

"Good girl", he crooned when I'd gotten all that I could.

When he finally got off of me I was dumb enough to ask if he'd let me go now. Laughing, he seized my ankles and roughly flipped me onto my stomach.

"Yeah....right", was all he said.

I wanted to cry again in utter despair when I felt rope or something being wound around my left ankle, then pulled tight as he tied the end to something at the foot of the bed. As he was doing the same thing to my right ankle, I cried out in a voice made ragged due to my pained throat.

"But....you....you came! You're done!! Why won't you let me GO now??", I wailed.

His hands were on my helplessly exposed ass, squeezing...kneading. His voice sounded excited as he spoke to me while untying my twisted dress from my wrists, then re-tying them together, behind my back with rope.

"Yeah baby...I sure did. And I'm going to cum again.....this time in that beautiful ass"

"NOOoooo", I cried...."oh...oh please don't do that!" I felt the panic rising again. No way could I take him there! He would tear me apart!

"Oh yeah....it's gonna happen bitch. I came all this way for that ass. It's mine!"

New sobs shook my body when he climbed back onto the bed, his hands spreading the wetness from between my legs up into my quivering ass crack. I gasped when my head was pulled up by my hair again, then cried harder when I heard the menacing whisper in my ear.

"It's going to take me a very long time to cum again, sweetness. I'll be in that tight ass of yours for quite a while."

The horrified scream that burst from me was cut short by the tape he slapped over my lips. His cruel laughter rang in my ears....there was no hope.

I tensed up in pure panic when I felt his still rock-hard cock pushing against the tiny puckered entrance to my ass; my body instinctively jerking and trying to pull away from the immenent invasion. It was of course all in vain...I was too tightly restrained to even hope for escape. I knew that being tensed up was the very worst way my body could be prepared for being fucked this way, but I couldn't help it...I was wild with fear.

I wouldn't have had time to relax anyway. The pressure against me was immediately replaced with a bolt of intense tearing PAIN as he pushed himself against my ass hard...so hard it took my breath.

"FUCK!! That's tight!!!...I only got the head in!", I heard him say. His grip on my hips tightened as he pulled my ass closer, dragging my upper body across the bed, forcing my knees to bend as he pulled my ass higher. He was pushing even harder....grunting with the effort...my breath returned in the form of useless wails of protest and despair that could barely be heard anyway thru the tape over my mouth.

When he finally broke thru the ring of my tightly clenched muscle, the screams of agony that exploded from my already tortured throat nearly tore the tape that kept them trapped inside. I could hear his moans of triumph and sadistic pleasure as he continued to push even harder until I felt his balls resting against me. I felt on fire as I writhed with the worst pain I'd ever endured, unable to stop the eruption of screams.

Everything went black for a moment. I must have passed out from the intolerable agony inflicted on me because the next thing I remember was my head being yanked up again by my hair. He was slapping at my face, saying "Wake up! I want you awake for this!"

When my shrieks assured him I was indeed awake and fully able to feel my torture, he began moving inside me....lowering his body onto mine, his fist still full of my hair, his other hand gripping my shoulder for leverage. He was settling in for a long hard assfuck, sinking himself into me till he could go no further, pulling out halfway, then driving into me harder with each stroke.

I was beginning to wish he had cut my throat after all. Nearly insane in the extremity of my anguish, any escape would have been welcomed, even death. I couldn't die, and I couldn't escape, only suffer as I was forced to feel every inch...every stroke....every single cruel lunge. I was trapped in a nightmare...a world of pain that wouldn't end. I'm not sure how long this lasted...or how many in and out thrusts my violated bottom endured. It seemed like hours to me, though I know it wasn't.

When my screams dwindled to sobs, he tore the tape from my face...maybe so he could hear them better. I wasted no time, immediately begging him to take it out TAKE IT OUUUT OHGOD PLEEEEASE IT HURRRTS!!...or something like that I'm sure.

One of his hands reached under me then, finding my clit and rubbing it...stroking it expertly till it sprang to unexpected life, sending waves of pleasurable tingles to mingle with the pain. It didn't seem possible, but the pain was abating somewhat. The muscles inside me had undoubtedly stretched enough by now under the relentless assault to at least allow the pain to be bearable, if only slightly.

"I'll take it out when I cum," he snarled. "Beg me to cum in your ass you worthless slut", he said savagely as he continued to manipulate my clit until I felt my pussy squeezing and throbbing in response.

"Please cum in my ass Steve!", I gasped out. My own words surprised me by arousing me further. I repeated it louder, trying to arouse him further as well...begging him as he wanted and also of my own accord. "Shoot it in my ass....OHGOD PLEASE HURRY....CUM IN MY AAAASSSS!!! OH FUCK ME MAKE IT STOP!!!"

Laughing, he pushed himself up on his knees again, pulling me against him by my hips. His cock, still buried in my ass, jerked inside me with the motion, making me cry out with new pain.

My mouth was open but could hardly make a sound as he fucked my ass harder than ever...driving in and out of me with a frenzy that stole my breath. My body shook with each hard blow as he pounded away at me, yanking me against him visciously so that I missed nothing.

The pleasure and pain had combined to become a seperate new sensation that nobody could bear for long....I could certainly bear it no longer. Savage cries that no longer resembled my earlier screams sounded from me as every muscle in my body tensed, including my impaled ass, which squeezed the invading cock so hard that my rapist cried out as well. Our outcries combined into one long wail of release.....his cock was jerking, mercifully filling my abused hole with shot after shot of hot cum while I shuddered and thrashed as my own explosive orgasm tore thru me...leaving me exhausted...barely concious.

I was released of course; battered, horribly used, but alive and relatively unhurt.

Steve had exaggerated. I was able to sit down again in a few days, actually.

Now that I've written this, maybe he'll leave me alone. Before he let me out of his car and back into my own, he informed me that if I didn't send him this story soon, he'd be back....for further inspiration he said.


Now I know how the guy in "Misery" felt. Sort of...