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February 19, 2003

Allie had already broken things off with Baldwin. He was too far away, and the itch in her pussy grew stronger with each passing month. She needed a real person to fuck. Unfortunately, her person of choice, her best friend Gwen, was still living in the east with her parents. It seemed like she was really putting down roots there. She had a boyfriend and everything. Allie didn't think she'd ever come back, much less be involved with her. She was even beginning to deny that she liked girls, something that astonished Allie. She didn't see any reason to deny it. But there it was.

She had been spending more and more time with Meredith, a mutual friend of her's and Gwen's. She told everything to Meredith, who was always willing to listen and give advice. It was her shoulder that Allie cried on when Gwen left again. Her ears beheld every bit of the story that went on between Allie, Gwen, and Jason. Her eyebrow arched at the mention of Allie's blowjob, but she didn't say much at that.

However, it was a new student that semester that had caught Allie's eye. He was only a junior, but he had been held back in elementary school, so he was already well beyond age 18. Allie still felt older because of his grade level, and his obvious immaturity. But he was hot. Completely gorgeous, she thought. He was about seven inches taller than she, making him only 5'7", and he was wiry thin. He had thick dark brown hair and dark brown eyes and when he grinned at a girl, she turned to jelly. His lips were fuller than for most guys, very sensual. It was obvious just from the way that he walked that he had already had more than his fair share of girls.

Allie wasn't exactly clamoring to be one of the masses, like the younger girls in school. She knew from overhearing some of his conversations that he was a "love 'em and leave 'em" sort of a guy, and that he didn't take "no" for an answer. Then again, "no" was rarely an answer he got, so it wasn't much of an issue for him. He was in her Music class, along with Meredith and many of her other friends.

It was a boring Wednesday morning when they got the good news: their Music class would be having a fundraiser to go on a trip to some other high schools in the state to showcase their talents. They would all be required to help out for one of the three shifts available: set-up, clean-up, and the event itself. Allie penciled herself in for all three, knowing that she had been woefully neglectful of most other fundraising events. Plus, she was sure to see Tod, the hottie, at least one of the shifts. When she perused the list later, she saw that he was on all three shifts too.

February 21, 2003

Knowing that she'd have to be doing a lot of bending and lifting didn't prevent Allie from dressing in sexy clothes on the evening of the set-up. She put on tight jeans that showed off her pretty ass and tied with string in the front. Then, she slipped on a little tank that curved low to show off her generous cleavage, but not in a trampy way. She messed with her hair and makeup a little, but didn't want to be too obvious. Then, she drove down to the high school.

There weren't very many people there for the set-up, only about eight. They were split up into teams of four. Allie noticed with some satisfaction that she'd been paired with Tod, as well as two guy friends of hers, Andrew and Tony. They went about, setting out the many items for the silent auction and rummage sale. Tod helped her to reach when things were just above her head and she managed to bend over in front of him plenty. She flirted constantly with him that evening, and when she left with Andrew and Tony to grab a bite to eat, she loved the look in his eyes when he asked to come with them.

They went to a little hamburger joint and ate a little, talking and laughing a lot. Talk inevitably turned to sex when Allie was around, because she wasn't afraid to talk about it like other girls. They got around to asking her if she was a virgin, and though she blushed, she shook her head.

When she dropped the boys off at the high school, Tod lingered a moment longer than was necessary, telling her that he would see her tomorrow.

February 22, 2003

The morning came. Allie showered, and put on a short red plaid skirt, reminiscent of a naughty schoolgirl uniform. She wore a sleeveless black shirt with a butterfly design, white stockings and black Mary Jane style shoes. Her legs looked long and slim in the outfit, but she eventually doffed the stockings and went barelegged. It looked and felt sexier...and less slutty. Still, she tied her hair up in a careless ribbon and applied a light layer of makeup. She looked innocent, she thought, enough for a school function, but good enough to eat all the same.

At school, she was pleased to notice a lot of people milling around. After checking in, she made a beeline for where she knew Tod would be: hanging with all of the mom-aged women, flattering them and encouraging them to buy. She touched Tod's arm lightly and was pleased to see the look of surprise that came over his face as he glanced down at her outfit. His fingertips touched her skirt slightly and he smiled at her.

"Would you like to talk a walk?" Ignoring Meredith's rapid head-shaking, Allie nodded affirmatively and linked her hand in hers. They sat down together on a bench hidden from the rummage sale by some trees. Without any speaking, he pulled her hand into his lap, where his dick was already hardening. She blushed, but didn't remove her hand.

"What are you doing?"

"You look so sexy in that, Allie. Feel what it's doing to me." She rubbed and squeezed his dick through his pants for another moment. Then, she jumped as Meredith popped out from behind them.

"The teacher is asking after you, Allie. You'd better come see what she wants." When Allie followed her away, Meredith turned around. "What do you think you're doing?"

"What do you mean?"

"I saw what you were doing to him. Come on, you don't really want to do that. You don't even know where he's been, or when he was last there!" Allie had thought that herself, but shook her head firmly.

"I'm not worried about it. This is what I want." Meredith frowned, but didn't say anything else. She led Allie to the teacher.

"Allie, there you are. I was going to ask if you would load up your Jeep with the trash bags we have lying around here, and take them out back to the dumpster. It might take you awhile to unload them, so I'd like you to take someone along to help. How about Tod? He seems like an able young man."

Allie tried hard not to gape as the teacher nearly read her mind. She couldn't imagine the stuffy teacher giving her an escape to where she might get some sexual release, but she wasn't going to argue.

"Yes, ma'am," she said and motioned to Tod. Allie and Tod worked quickly to toss all of the bags into the garbage. When she got into her Jeep, she slid her keys into the ignition, but Tod rested his hand on hers before she could turn it.

"Hold on a sec. Come here with me," he said and climbed into the back seat. She hesitated, and then climbed into the back with him. All of a sudden, doubt seized her. She wasn't 100% positive she wanted to do anything with him. Besides, what she wanted was to make out with him, really. Judging from the look in his eye, he wanted something very different, but he drew her forward to meet his lips anyway.

His tongue pushed into her mouth, sliding around hers in a way that made her vaguely queasy, but excited at the same time. His mouth claimed hers, forcing her tongue to tangle with his. When he slid his hand over to cup her breast, she jolted, but held steady. Suddenly, he pulled back and popped the button on his jeans. He pulled his dick out and she looked at it breathlessly. It was perfect. Smooth and hard, with just a few black hairs poking out from the hole in his jeans. She longed to touch it, but was afraid at the same time.

"Come on. Haven't you seen a real one before?" She nodded dumbly and moved forward to grasp it in her hand. "Yeah, that's it. Now stroke me. Come on." She stroked him up and down and he sighed softly under her caresses. Her heart started hammering in her chest as she glanced up at their surroundings.

They were in her Jeep, parked in the shade in the back of her high school. The parking lot was wide and empty, although it spilled out onto a not-too-busy street. Cars still streamed by every now and again. She swallowed audibly as his hand came down heavy on her head, pushing her toward his cock. She noticed, out of the corner of her eye, a green car coming into the parking lot.

"Tod, stop, there's someone coming," she managed.

"So what? They won't see you with your head in my lap." She resisted his hand pushing on her as the car drove up smoothly next to theirs. There was an old man in it and the height of her Jeep had her eyes right level with his. He frowned deeply and shook his head, but didn't remain. She was mortified. As soon as he drove away, she sat up straight, letting go of Tod's dick. He groaned.

"Come on, babe. He won't come back." But she sat up resolutely in the seat. He leaned over to her, kissed her lips almost tenderly. Then he slid his hand under her skirt. He lifted his eyebrows when he touched bare skin. "Hey, you really are a little slut. You do want to fuck."

Allie was deeply regretting not having worn panties that morning. She was regretting even more how much their situation turned her on, however nervous she was. She felt his fingers parting her slick lips, and then abruptly sliding one thin finger deeply inside of her. Her breath hitched and he grinned at her.

"Oh, you like that, do ya?" He started thrusting his finger in and out of her rapidly as she squirmed in the seat. She had never felt a single finger feel so good inside of her. He slid his thumb up to her clit, flicking over it almost carelessly. She refused to make noises to satisfy him, but nearly gave in when she trembled in orgasm. It wasn't a huge one, but big enough for Tod to notice. Slowly, he withdrew his finger from her pussy and licked it clean. He gestured down to his own lap, where his quivering hard-on rose from his open jeans.

"Well now you have to do it. Tit for tat, and all that. And speaking of tits..." He reached up and started mauling her tits mercilessly, despite her whimpering. "Come on, Allie. I've heard about your blowjobs."

Did everyone at school know about her blowjobs?, she thought with annoyance. She was going to have to talk to Jack...or Jason.

"Come on," Tod continued, cajolingly. "It's not fair for you to get an orgasm and not me. You wouldn't want to leave me high and dry, now would you?" His grin began to wilt around the edges as she simply stared at him. He lifted the corners of his mouth higher, but it didn't make him look any happier. "Really, Allie. You tease me last night with all that talk. You get me hard in the trees earlier, in private. You come out here and sit in the back with me and touch're not even wearing panties!...and let me get you off, and now you're going to sit there and not blow me? Well, that's not how I do things."

He grabbed her arms, and she could see that he was no longer smiling. He pushed her down in the backseat, and wrapped the seatbelt around her hands, securing her. She jerked, but it was no use. She screamed wordlessly, and he slapped her once across the face. It stung horribly, but she screamed again. He clamped his hand down over her mouth and plugged her nose with the other hand. She tried in vain to breathe, but it was no use. Pins and needles poked at her face as the lack of oxygen got to her. She stopped struggling. Pulling back from her nose, but not her mouth, he smiled as she sucked in air through her nose.

"Now look. No one can hear you screaming and it's only irritating me. I'm a lot stronger than you are. Oh, I know I don't look it, skinny ol' me. But I am a lot stronger than you think and I am not afraid to hurt a girl who teases me and doesn't give me what I want." He let go of her mouth. "Now I think I know you well enough that you are not going to scream anymore. I could make this very unpleasant for you." He undid his jeans and slid them and his boxers down to his knees. He spread her legs open obscenely and flipped her skirt up to expose the entire area between her legs.

He admired it briefly, and then took his cock in one hand and braced the other against her abdomen. He poked his cock against her open and shoved inside her, not gently, but not too roughly either. She cried out softly. He marveled at her tightness, her wetness, before he started to fuck her, rapidly. He grasped her hips to help him thrust into her harder. She only whimpered.

"Allie, I don't know if you've heard, but I know how to please the girls. It's too bad you couldn't have been more cooperative. I'm very, very good at giving girls orgasms, which is one of the things I enjoy most about sex. I'm even going to give you another one or two, but it won't be nearly as nice for you as it would have been if you'd just done this in the first place. In fact, I probably would have let you off with just a blowjob this time, but was your choice." He grunted as he thrust harder. She looked at him mutinously and shook her head, not daring to speak a word.

"What, you don't think I can make you cum, just because I'm fucking you without your consent? You're very wrong on that. The female body will betray the mind." As if to show her what he meant, he sucked briefly on his thumb, then flicked it over her clit. Her hips jerked up and a hint of fear showed in her eyes. She couldn't believe that she was able to feel pleasure with this jerk fucking her. At his grin, she resigned herself.

Tod dropped his thumb back down to her clit and started rubbing it in circles, rhythmically. She moaned softly and it encouraged him. He kept alternating between wetting his thumb and pleasuring her. When she felt the slow burn in her pussy that signaled an upcoming orgasm, tears began slipping out of the corners of her eyes. She did not want to give him the pleasure of knowing that he could bring her, unwillingly, to orgasm. It seemed she did not have a choice. She struggled not to moan but was unable to hold in a long, slow groan as her pussy contracted around his cock.

"Oh, yesss, Allie. Cum for me. That's right." He pulled his cock slowly out of her pussy and Allie hoped that he was finished, although she knew the thought was ridiculous. Instead, he rolled her over and pulled up her hips. "Yeaahhhh, you have such a nice ass." He thrust back into her pussy so hard that they both grunted. Then, he grabbed her hips and started fucking her with abandon. He threw his head back and moaned aloud at the sensation. Her orgasm had intensified all of the sensations that she now felt. Every thrust was electrifying, pleasuring her in a whole new way. If he hadn't been raping her, she felt that she would have gone back to him time and time again for sex.

As it was, having her hands useless to her was arousing in its own way. Again, if she'd consented to it, she knew she'd be wanting it again and again. Without warning, her pussy contracted again, tossing her into her first orgasm without clitoral contact. She moaned and gasped at the sensation, her hips jerking wildly under his grasping hands.

"Oh yes, you little slut. I didn't even touch you and you're cumming all over me. Ohhhh yes, Allie. Oh shit, I'm gonna shoot!" He thrust deeply into her one more time and she felt his cum shooting deeply within her. When his cock had finally stopped jerking, he pulled it out, wiped it off on her skirt, and pulled his jeans back on. He unstrapped her hands, looking critically at the red marks all over her wrists. He hoped her parents wouldn't notice. Then, when he saw that she wasn't moving, he flipped her skirt back down to cover her, and pushed her legs together. He didn't want anyone to guess at what had happened. "Well...uh...thanks!" He left her alone.
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