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"I expect the networking would be operational tomorrow, correct?" she asked the scrawny kid, his hair sticking out stiff with gel, he looked like a wet chicken.

"Yes, ma'am, I apologize that we were unable to fix it today."

"No worries. Um, at least for us, your occupation is breeding like guppies, we can always find another company to look after our networking." she said, more like a statement than a threat.

She looked at her watch, 7pm, as she opened the glass door of the building. The sky was starless, it hung like a black ceiling. The evening was not threatening, but it felt unblessed without the twinkles she always noticed every night.

The only illumination were the lights in the parking lot. She stepped onto the concrete to begin her walk to her car, looking at the landscape on her side, the birds of paradise neatly lined up, stood perk and alert. Her observation was disrupted by the kid, "Would you like me to walk you to your car?"

She stopped abruptly, turned to the boy and gave a scoffing sound, "No, I can handle myself very well, you...you just mind the computer."

And with that, she went on with her walk, minding the sound her shoes made on the cement. Her footsteps echoed, there was no one near here to absorb any type of noise. She walked by the landscaped area, where the trees grew and branches lurched towards the ground. It was the only thing closest to nature.

A quick noise coming from the shrubbery startled her, as she was quickly dragged behind the bushes. It went all too fast, the next thing she felt was her head hitting the soil, and it hurt. It hurt a lot. She grasped at any object near her, but all around was nothing but dirt.

A man got on top of her, he was heavy, and his height overwhelmed her. She lay on her back, and started dragging herself away from him. He pulled her towards him, his hands quickly feeling underneath her gray skirt, "No underwear, good, just what I want." he rasped.

She started clawing his face, when she caught a glimpse of him. He had a perfect nose, and dark eyes. His smile was wicked, twisted on one side as he stared coldly at her.

He spread her legs, saw the thigh length pantyhose, the black lace at the end of it. He licked her thighs, his tongue dragging all the way to her dry vagina lips, "Make it wet, bitch."

She pulled herself up, but he pushed her down. Again, her head hit the ground, and he quickly had his hand on her mouth, really pushing down on her mouth, "are you going to scream?"

She shook her head. "Good. You're going to get fucked."

He began fingering her, feeling her starting to get wet, when her pussy started making squelching noises, he took his fingers to her mouth so she can taste herself. "Lick it, taste it." She sucked on his fingers, "You like that, huh, whore. I gotta fuck you."

She noticed how hard he was, his cock was long enough she can see it sticking out of his slacks. As he unbuttoned his pants with one hand, he was ripping her white blouse with his other hand. The dim lights showed her tits, hardened by the breeze. He bent down to lick it, put all her tits inside his mouth, and started biting it.

She arched her back to look at his hardness, it was a pole, thick and long. He got on top of her, and slid his cock between her breasts, shoving his head inside her mouth, and which as though by reflex, she started to suck.

It was too long to put inside her mouth, her tongue rolled around his tool. It was smooth, and his precum was tasty. He held one half of his cock, while she took the other half with her mouth. He started to groan, and suddenly pushed the entire shaft into her mouth. She started to gag. "Don't gag, you slut, if it ends down your throat, it goes in your throat, alright?"

She have never done this before, the term "deep throat" was something she heard somewhere about blowjobs, and here she was doing it. Her large jaw accommodated the thickness of his cock, but the length was difficult. But he did as he demanded. He slid his cock inside and rolled it around her salivating mouth. Like a bitch in heat, she devoured every inch, welcoming each drop of precum with her tongue.

He started to fuck her mouth. In and out the cock went, her lips burnt from the fiction, the roof of her mouth tiring, but her want to get more precum delighted her. She found herself kneeling, giving this hard long cock the best head she had given anyone. He was standing, looking at the surprise in her eyes, smiling at her thick lips covering his cock, her long black hair getting in the way of his cock.

He pushed her again to the ground. She knew it was time to fuck. The thought of having that long cock frightened her, she turned on all fours, to try and get up, to start running, but he had caught her hips, and dragged her back to him. She whimpered from the sting she felt in her hands, she had scraped it. "Let me go now, please." she whined.

He lifted her skirt up. Now he can see her white ass against the contrast of the skirt. He started again to feel her pussy, it was wet and ready. He yanked her hair and pulled her more close, his cock sliding between her dripping cunt lips, warming his pulsating head.

He spread her ass, and pulled up her stomach, and she bucked up to put her pussy in front of his cock. He could see clearly her shaven cunt, open, the wet lips, the small clit. He put his finger on her clit, "how does that feel? feel good?". She moaned.

He was on edge now, ready to start ramming her. He put his head against her wet pussy, slowly dipping her head as she squirmed. More...push a little bit more, she started moan. And then he took it out.

"Beg for it." He said, softly.

She had felt the tip of his cock, it fed a little of the burning fire inside her cunt. She needed something inside her, she needed his cock, the whole thing. Her pussy gushed and she turned her head, looked at him, and said, "please fuck me."


"Please fuck me, goddamit. I want your cock. Please, shove it in."

He rammed his cock inside her twat. Let it stay there for a bit so she could feel what was feeding her pussy. Her pussy was wrapped all around his aching cock, which was hot and needed to pump. So he began to thrust, and she on all of fours, began sliding her pussy along.

She was moaning as she tried to grasp some weeds. He kept pulling at her long hair, and touching her swaying breasts. He stopped for a moment to look at his dick, it had some blood, "what's wrong? You never had a nine inch cock before?"

"No." her reply was.

He liked that reply, it made him bang her cunt more. The sound of fucking resonated. The inhales and the exhales. A 6'2 Turk fucking an 5 foot Asian was a picture of complete domination. When her moans started to get loud, and her pussy started to get tight, as though wanting to squeeze the cum out of him, he whispered on her ear, "you're ready to cum?". She nodded.

He started to plunge her very fast, the cum on his balls rising to his head now, the pussy burning. His cock filled with cum now ready to spew at the tight pussy, she shuddered and screamed. He spewed his cream inside her. Filled her hungry pussy up. He looked down to his own cum trickling down her cunt. His cum all white slowly running down her pink used flesh.

She turned on her back and laid there, looked up at the sky and then to him, "You didn't have to bang my head, did you? The back of my head hurts."

He looked down at her as he buttoned his slacks and said, "it's called ice, hon."

"I scraped my hands, and I think my knees are bleeding."

"Well your pussy is."

She looked at her blouse and saw all the buttons were gone. She got up and took the coat he handed her. "I'm going to be walking funny for a few days." Her knees were jelly, and it took her a few seconds to stand up straight.

She walked into his arms, and he held her tight. He leaned down to kiss her. Her tongue took his and for a long moment, that yearning energy in her chest made its way into her tongue. They kissed for a long time.
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