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I had the pleasure to go to a high school that was 90% black. The very few white kids stuck together like glue. We looked out for each other just like brothers and sisters would.

I had to take a writing class for my last year of high school. I loved the teacher, Miss Jones. She was tall, sensual long legs . Long curly blonde hair down to her 36 inch breast, and the sexiest blue eyes. Many times she would catch me looking at her and give me a little stare.

All the black boys gave her a hard time in class. Trying to look up her dress or putting their disgusting hands on her. I was always standing up for her. I had many after school fights.

It was spring time and I made the baseball team. None of the blacks liked it much, all of them were always trying to hurt me during practice. They did not what any white boy on their team.

I had been taking some batting practice late one Friday night. One my way to my truck I heard some funny noises across the parking lot, I slipped between cars to go see what was going on.

" Come on bitch, you knows you be wantiní this big black cock in your mouth" A man said.

A crying woman replied, " NO, please let me go"

SLAP, "Suck it bitch" Another said.

Four blacks had a poor woman face down and half naked on the hood of a car. One of them had her face pushing it into his dick, while he was punching her in the mouth.

Her dress was up to her hips with one of the blacks behind her ready to fuck her in the ass. His cock was hard and was resting between her ass cheeks.

"Come on baby, open them legs so I came give you some black snake" He said.

"Please stop, let me go." The woman pleaded.

Then he slapped her nice looking ass so hard she screamed.

He yelled in her ear, "Come on Miss Jones, you know yous been wantin this."


I reached in my sports bag pulling out my biggest bat. Running toward them yelling like a crazy man.

"GET OFF HER YOU BLACK MOTHER FUCKERS." As I swung hard hitting the black that was trying to fuck Miss Jones in the ass. His head split like a watermelon hitting the ground. He fell on the ground not moving again.

Then BOOM, I hit the other right in the face. He slammed into the windshield of the car. His nose was in his brain.

One of the other ones had pulled a little knife out, CRACK, I hit his hand with a full swing. His arm broke in two.

The last one saw all that and ran like his ass was on fire.

" ARE you O.K.? Hey, Miss Jones itís me Larry" I said.

With big tears and blood running down her pretty face she said, " Oh, thank you, thank you so much."

Her arms locked around my neck hugging and trembling like a little baby that needed some love. I held her in my arms just like she was a little baby, rocking her back and forth.

" Here lets fix you up a little," looking at her near naked body, " The police are coming."

The poor thing was a mess, her dress torn to pieces. Her panties were down to her ankles. Blood all over her lovely face.

I pulled off my shirt and helped her get it on. Then I looked at her and said, "We need to pull up your panties."

Still crying she said, "Please, Help me, Iím so sore."

I started pulling up her sexy little panties. Her legs were so long and sexy by the time I reached her ass my cock was hard as a steel pole. I slowly pulled the panties over her hips, my hands were on fire. I had always wanted to touch this beautiful woman so bad.

When the police got there they took our statements, arrested the blacks and took them to the hospital. They tried to take Miss Jones to the hospital to but, she wanted to stay with me. They told me it would be a good idea if I let her stay with me the rest of the night.

I had my own apartment for the last two years.

To Be Continued...

Rape Stories Wedding