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Forced Rough Sex Cheerleader Rape Video Orphan Rape Fantasy Oral Rape
Chapter 1 - Buying It

These are true stories. This is mine I was so nervous. I had read on the Internet about this new drug that was the latest from the underworld sex company. Everyone has heard of the date rape drug but this was in a different league. It was a drug the size of an aspirin and it was soluble. Once a person had taken it they were under your influence for 6 hours. It takes 10 minutes to kick in and once it does all you have to say is: "I'm your master" then after that they obey everything you say. I purchased 15 tables off of a man in Oxford for £500, which is around $750. I have tried to include a picture of each of the girls but it is hard to find naked ones.

Chapter 2 - My first Episode

I had to check that it did work so I decided that my girlfriend would be the first to be my victim. Mary was beautiful. She's 5ft 8, blue eyes, hazel brown hair and a great smile. She was pale skinned and baby smooth skin. She has very small breasts. Her bra size is a 34A with normal nipples. She shaves her pussy every other day and masturbates daily with her two vibrators so she is sexually active. We had a nice night out at the cinema and a restaurant and then we went to a hotel. She went to the toilet while I got the drinks from the bar. I slipped in one of the tablets and watched it dissolve in 3-4 seconds before my eyes. She came back and we had our drinks. I suggested we go up stairs knowing the tablets should kick in soon. 20 minutes later she was still acting normal and I thought the Zatheren hadn't worked but I thought I'd try it anyway. "I am you master." She stopped talking and looked at me, eyes glazed over. "What would you like me to do?"

It worked! "Strip down." Right there before my eyes she took all of her clothes off. I did the same. "Suck my dick."

"Act like a dirty slut." She got on her knees and shoved my cock in her mouth. She was sucking like her life depended on it. I looked down and noticed that she was finger fucking herself with two fingers. She never does that she always rubs her clit with 1 finger. It was really turning me on. This horny blowjob continued until my balls couldn't take it any more. "I'm gonna cum!" She looked at me with a dirty look on her face. "Unload in my mouth!!" That was amazing she NEVER takes cum in her mouth. I tensed up and she opened her mouth. I squirted my wad in her mouth and she swallowed it all down. I couldn't hold back any more and I squirted it again in her face. She opened her mouth and I unloaded again in her mouth for the second time. It was fantastic. She swallowed it all like a pro. "That was nice, now fuck me." She got on all fours (Her favourite position) and put her arse in the air.

"I'm not fucking your pussy. Go get some lubricant"

"You wanna take my anal virginity?" I just smiled. She walked back in a few seconds later fingering her own arse with Vaseline. "Lay back and relax," I told her as I slid in my cock. She let out a whimper. "I am your master and you must love this cock up your arse." I slammed it all the way in. "Oh Luke I love you fat cock up my arse, fuck me harder." I continued to slam it all the way in. "Luke I love it, fill me up with hot cum." It took me to the edge and 20 seconds later I emptied my balls into her bowels.

I pulled out my blood covered dick and watched her rectum detract and cum dribble out. "I love it when you fuck my ass." I looked down at her spread eagled and bloody cum dribbling out her arse. "Keep those legs spread, its time to fuck you pussy now." I wiped my dick clean of blood and thumped it in as hard as I could. "You like that Mary?"

"Like a slut," she replied. I continued to slam it in until she started screaming in pleasure. "Fuck my shaven hole like I am a virgin." I obeyed her and fucked it till she passed out. Mary is a beautiful girl that loves sex but only with me and I wish she'd fuck other men. My fantasy is that we'd have a 3some, because I'm bisexual and we'd both enjoy a huge cock. Mary's fantasy is to be used as a sex slave. In her fantasy is to be tied u and fucked over and over having cum dripping out of her and being dominated and sexually abused.

As soon as I found out about her fantasy I started searching the web for people. I found 3 people all in the vicinity of my town. I called them all and put them on standby for tonight. I went into the bathroom and called them. All 3 of them were at the hotel room door within 10 minutes. When Mary woke up she had been tied to the bed using bed clothing. "Luke what's going on?"

"Your fantasy."

"This is Dave and his mates Steve and John." All 3 of them undressed. All 3 were aware that they must fuck Mary and me. They were all excited and were naked in about 10 seconds. I told Dave and John to rape her, while I led Steve into the other room.

Steve was an athlete, the perfect male. He was 6ft tall, blue eyes, blonde Hair, 6pack and a nice smile. He was 7 inches long and had luscious bollocks the size of ripe tomatoes. I reached down and grabbed his cock.

" Pump me full with your hot sticky cum."

" Face or arse?"

" Both!"

I got on my knees and started to lick his dick. I wrapped my mouth around as much of it as I could and I sucked it. I slipped my middle finger up his arse and started to rub his g-spot, I felt his dick grow and I knew he was close to cumming. I could hear the noises of Mary next door being sexually abused and raped (dominated what ever you call it). "I'm gonna cum!" I opened my mouth and swallowed the sea of hot spunk squirting into my mouth. We had a passionate kiss, and I then had my ass pounded by his dick. I gave his dick a kiss and then joined the other 3. We walked in to see Mary on her back spread eagled having her ass pounded by Dave's 7-inch cock and John spraying cum over her face and in her mouth.

We carried on using Mary as a sex slave for another 5 hours before the lads paid me and left. She lay there smiling with 4 types of cum across her face and oozing from her pussy and ass. "Luke, that was fantastic, and if you don't mind next time could you tell me so I can invite Kelly (Her horny friend who I also use Zatheren on). Oh and next time 10 men should be enough. I brought her out of it later and I told her we got drunk and had anal. Hehehehe

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