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My wife Amy and I walked in silence through the lobby as we made our way to the hotel elevator, both lost it seemed in our own thoughts, myself wondering if we were doing the right thing or not.

Amy had wanted this for some time now and it appeared tonight would be the night.

I could smell her sweet perfume escaping from within the dark over coat as we entered the elevator to go up.

She had dressed just as asked by the man we had met only once before, closer to home in a local motel.

Seeking out a man with such likes was a result of my wife's discovering her dark side over the last three years as we struggled to find partners to meet her needs.

Amy had discovered, inside herself, a need to be played with a bit rough with a little added danger.

Her trust for this man was a surprise to me her husband of five years, as she dressed just as asked and allowed him to pick the second person, a friend of his in a nearby town.

Amy stands five feet seven inches tall at 130 lbs with blond hair and 36 c breasts. Her ass and legs are full and when looked at from behind quickly becomes the obsession of many a man.

Her father was a minister and she was raised very sheltered causing her to come out of her shell at full force.

As the doors open and we depart down the hall I can't help but think of the way she has dressed for the men under the large coat.

She has dressed only in thigh high stockings, heels and a bra with cut outs to push her breasts outward through the holes. I couldn't help but wonder what effect the bra was having as we walked down the hall with the coat rubbing back and forth on her nipples.

The first experience with this man told Amy every thing she needed to know of his likes and abilities.

When we had finished and Amy was just a shaking wreck, the man had mentioned he had a friend in Seattle that was good at what he did as well as had more toys that he liked to use on a woman, Amy was hooked from that point on.

I knocked several times and waited as my wife stood nervously next to me. As the door opened Amy looked worried and entered ahead of me into the strange room. We both recognized Jim as he asked us to come in, kissing Amy while embracing her back with both arms. Our attention was drawn to another man, larger in stature sitting on the couch as he smiled at Amy and myself from a short distance. Jim introduced his friend he had promised to Amy as Ted, a local from just north of Seattle. Never rising Ted shook my hand with a firm grip and asked if we should get started.

Amy was the first to nod her head as Jim explained Ted had requested some time alone with my wife first off.

This sounded reasonable, after all it only seems logical he would want to ask her some questions first to briefly get to know her as well as perhaps ask a few other things of her as well.

The room was large for two people with separate rooms and Jim and I walked into the other room making small talk back and forth to each other.

As we sat down at the small table the door between the rooms closed quietly then muffled talk came from the other side as I could hear both Ted's voice and my wife's.

I knew the door between the rooms could be easily locked but kept an open mind knowing that Jim worked for a local firm in our town and had stand up friends as well.

Jim and I talked for what seemed like an hour but am sure it was fifteen or twenty minutes and I asked, "just how much time should we give them". Jim smiled and said Ted had promised a big surprise when we entered the room but we had to wait for him to get to know Amy first and get every thing set up.

The silence from the adjoining room was creating a deafening ring in my ears as I pretended to be interested in what Jim was saying. Once a brief silence had came between us I could now hear what sounded like my wife moaning and then saying, "no no please don't, God oh fuck, oh fuck" from the other room and what was for sure an open hand slap on bare skin, then another and so on.

Fortunately the door opened Ten or so minutes later and Ted walked in smiling with a piece of paper in his hand. "This is for you" he replied as he handed me the paper. " I'm so sorry to do this but I want to experience my fantasy at the hands of two strangers with you out of the room, I promise I will make it up to you, Kisses amy."

It was her writing and I knew it was something we had talked about in the future, but never in the terms of happening tonight.

Jim smiled and said, "don't worry I'll be with her all the time and I can vouch for Ted, I've known him for years."

I really didn't know what to do, fallow my husband's instincts and just say no, or give her what she wanted.

As I sat silent in thought Ted produced an instamatic camera and said, "I will take pictures every so often so you can see what is happening, it was her idea."

Ted spoke again saying, "I need one hour with her first before Jim comes in."

I felt out voted, three to one and began to voice my concerns and consent, feeling as if I had just made a bad deal buying a car and now had to drive it home.

Minutes later Jim and I drank alone from the mini bar talking of what Ted had done in the past and how he owned a small studio he rented out for couples and more just out of town a ways.

Ted specialized in training women to be submissive and was highly regarded in the field.

Jim then produced a DVD from his coat pocket and asked if I would like to see it.

From his suitcase he then retrieved a laptop computer and sat it on the table in front of us turning it on.

Once Jim had slipped the DVD in my eyes were drawn to the directories available for viewing.

They ranged from, " teaching Carol to forcing Sara" I asked to look at the "wives trained" as it seemed appropriate for what my wife might be in for this evening.

The first video struck home as a man watched on from a seat near by as a brunet, whom I assumed was his wife was taken slowly by two men in masks. Her hands were tied behind her back and she wore a blindfold as the men had their way with her, slowly teasing and taking turns at her while the other would hold her in various positions. It seemed to get a little rough as one masked man pushed three fingers in her then moved them side to side in a blur of speed while lifting her ass up off the bed forcing her to bend backwards as the second man locked hands behind her back to assist as his cock hung in her face. Her muscles went taut as she experienced a massive G spot orgasm at the rough hands of the two men.

My attention was then brought from the scene on the Laptop screen to the sounds coming from the other room. A loud shaking and hum emanated from behind the door as well as the sounds of Amy whining, then a slap, slap, slap along with other noises that made no sense to me.

This went on for 10 minutes or so then a silence permeated the room. Moments later Ted slowly opened the door and asked that Jim now come in. before both men had disappeared into the other room I was handed a set of pictures by Ted as he smiled then turned away.

I laid the pictures in front of me in a pile, afraid of what I might see avoiding even glancing at the top one.

Taking a deep breath I glanced down to the pictures seeing my wife in the first one, her legs pulled wide apart over two chairs three or so feet apart and backs to each other. Her legs went below each chairs back and rested on the cushions at about her knees. A rod had been tied across the two chairs up against her back, holding the chairs in position and her upright as well I assumed.

Ropes had been laced in a crisscross around her breasts and over the rod causing her tits to be forced out ahead of her body and slightly flush in color. Her hands remained untied and held the top of each chair back.

In the next picture Ted pulled on one nipple hard forming her breast into a cone of flesh being pulled away from her chest.

Next was a shot from below of her open sex hanging free between the chairs with Ted's wet hand three fingers deep in her open pussy.

The next one jolted me a bit as it was a larger view of her position showing her blindfolded, collared with arms now secured behind her back pulled over the pole and down with wrists tied to each chair with a short piece of rope.

The room was silent for the longest time as I listened while gazing at new directories on the DVD.

Out of nowhere the room next door now came alive with noises that I could not make out, slapping whining, grunting one of which I was sure was my wife Amy. This went on for some time than all at once again there was silence. Moment's later Jim appeared through the door wearing only a bathrobe and handed me this time a large set of pictures and smiled. He said Amy was a real wildcat and I could come in real soon and join in. As Jim stepped back through the door to leave I could see my wife Amy on the bed now facing away from me, kneeling with her knees wide apart and her arms raised high above her head as if tied to something on the ceiling. She wore a corset, blindfold, heels and nothing else. Her ass cheeks were distorted somehow, perhaps wider apart and with a slight red tint. She was shaking slightly and something black was filling the space between her legs. I could see Ted on his knees in front of her with both hands on her shoulders as if pressing her slowly down onto the black object below her. As the door closed Ted removed his hands from her shoulders and began to slap her tits one after the other hard from the sides, causing both to come briefly into view even from behind as they swung out from the force of his slapping.

I recalled the scene as the door was closed and I again thought of the request she had made and my agreement to honor it, tempted to bust through the door and demand I be let in now.

I found myself gazing down at the pictures Jim had left with me, only then clearing the sight from my mind. The first one was totally obscene and showed Liz tied still over the two chairs with Ted's cock buried deep in her throat as he manipulated her head using a clump of her blond hair.

The next was from underneath and behind, showing his large cock penetrating her pussy while he pushed one finger into her ass at the same time.

The next was the same only this time a large white vibrator had replaced his finger and was a blur with movement in and out of her ass. Next was one of Jim now pushing his cock down he throat with a hand from the cameraman, "Ted" holding her head by the hair.

The last one was enough to make me lose it in my shorts, Taken from below by one of the men you could see both their cocks in her at the same time as she hung between the two chairs.

I jumped a little as the door again opened and Ted appeared saying, "ok time to come in".

As I entered the room I could see my wife in a very exposed position on the bed and toys scattered all about. They had tied Amy's hands out to each side of the bed top and pulled her legs up over her head and wide open as she lay on her back with a blindfold on.

Her pussy and ass were totally exposed and a wire ran out of her ass to a small box next to her.

Ted began to thank me for the use of her and offering to let them do as they wished.

He said he had placed a large vibrating egg inside her ass and it would bring me off immediately once he turned it on.

I needed no more coaxing than that to take my pants off and slide into her.

"Oh baby, yes fuck me hun, please fuck me" Amy moaned out as if from the depths of her stomach as I began to slide in and out of her hot pussy. Instantly a sloshing sound began as the men's sperm began to move about inside her. I moved in and out as I thought to myself, "so much for my request for them to use condoms".

Ted then switched on the egg and my balls instantly contracted, as did my wife's pussy as her whole lower body came alive with vibrations emanating from deep in her ass below my cock.

The men moved to both sides of Amy on the bed as we performed our private act, Jim locking his lips over hers in a kiss as Ted played with her tits, pulling and pinching her nipples one after the other.

We came together, Amy bucking in her bonds and me depositing yet another load inside her for what seemed like forever.

Ted was not shy about getting a bit rough with Amy as he removed the egg form her ass, leaving it on while sliding three fingers in around the cord while pulling in short jerks and slapping her pussy with the other hand at the same time. Amy came once more as Ted did this, pushing an amazing amount of cum from her pussy over Ted's fingers still buried in her ass.

Once untied from her bonds, Amy said nothing while struggling to walk to the bathroom as the three of us discussed what had happened and how they could be gotten a hold of for more fun some other time.

Ted said he would like to do a shoot with us if we wanted and wrote down his e-mail address.

After the men had departed I sat on the side of the tub as Amy soaked in the hot water.

I was shocked when Amy asked why I let them do as they wished for so long with me out of the room.

I reminded her that she had written the note and I knew it was her writing.

Amy looked at me and explained then that Ted had ordered her to write the note once he had tied her between the chairs and had slowly worked several large toys up inside her pussy and ass,

" I couldn't say no at that point as he pushed them further up inside me, then threatening to continue adding more if I did not write what he had told me". She told me had almost made her pass out as he added toy after toy once she had written the note, saved from the pain only by orgasms that racked her body, one after another.

My mind went back to the picture showing her hands untied, as I said nothing.

Later my wife Amy told me of what other things they had done and that Ted was the cruelest, always taking her to the edge before stopping no matter what he was doing.

I found out that the black thing between her legs as she was trussed on her knees upright on the bed was a large black mushroom shaped object larger than Ted's hand that she was made to push down onto, stretching her pussy as the men ran other toys up her ass and slapped her tits and ass hard.

Amy told me she had lost track of her orgasms, as she had so many, and Ted had always worked her towards the next one as if he knew how many she was capable of better than she.

The strange thing is I think she is hooked on the whole experience now and has already talked of doing more, only with me their the whole time.

Myself I can't wait to see what happens next!

Rape Story Only