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Mary was washing dishes. She was lost in her thoughts, again riddled with fear and worry for her daughter who was next door at Mike and Emily's home. Natalie had been there for four hours already and it was Sunday! There was no reason for her to be babysitting with both Emily and Mike home. She knew what was going on and it scared her to lose her daughter to that life. She thought of telling her husband Don. Then she smiled. Don would be home tonight! She snapped out of it recognizing that she would have to hurry and the get the home cleaned for her husband's arrival.

Suddenly the front door opened and Natalie entered with her head down. Emily followed right behind her.

"Mom. Mom. I've got something to tell you. You remember Emily from next door, right?"

"Yes. Yes I do. How are you Emily."

Mary reached out her hand but Emily didn't take it. She just looked down at it and then back at Mary's face quite angrily.

"What's going on here?"

Mary tried to be demanding but something about Emily's expression intimidated her.

"Mom. I'm moving. Mike and Emi-"


Natalie's sentence was interrupted by Emily's cough. Emily yanked her wrist back and now, for the first time, Mary could see that her daughter was wearing a collar that was attached to a leash. Emily was walking her like a dog!

"What the hell?!?!?"

Mary couldn't believe it. Were they going to just humiliate her daughter right in front of her??

"Mom. Please listen. M-uh I mean Master and Mistress feel that it is time I move into their home. They've given me a cage in the basement that I will be very comfortable sleeping in. I think it's the best move mom and I'm really excited about it."

Mary couldn't believe her ears. Master and mistress? What the hell had happened to her sweet innocent daughter? She was in shock and still not able to put words together.

"Mom there's one other thing. I won't be going back to school. Master and Mistress feel that is very important that I continue my training with them full time and I have to say that I wholeheartedly agree. Please try to be happy for me mom. It's what I really want."

Mary fell back into her chair. Her eyes glazed over. Her mouth was wide open. She lifted her hand to her head and just tried to process what was being told to her. Finally she snapped out of it and found the strength she had been looking for as she stood up.

"That's it! I've had it. I know what's going on and I'm putting a stop to it right now!! Did you think I would just let you walk in here and take my daughter?!?! Well you've got another thing com---ummmm"

Emily grabbed Mary's face and pushed her back into her seat.

"Bitch go upstairs and get your things. Your mother and I have to talk. Go quickly now!"

Emily unclipped the leash from her collar and whacked her on the ass sending her up to her room. She watched as Natalie made it up to the top of the stairs then turned to Mary.

"Okay you fucking cunt. It's time we had some words."

"Now you just wait there. I will not tolerate being treated like this in my own home."

"No but you tolerated it in my home just fine didn't you bitch???"

"Wh-wh-what are you talking about?"

Mary's stomach dropped. She just realized that Emily knew what Mike had done to her.

"Oh come now you old whore. Did you think I would just let you fuck my husband? You didn't really think it would be that easy did you?"

"Emily please! Please listen to me. He...he raped me! He forced me to do those things...I swear it!"

"Save it bitch."

Emily backed Mary to the wall. She pressed her breasts up against Mary's. She could feel her own nipples harden as she looked into the eyes of the older, weaker woman.

"Just fucking save it. I want to know exactly what my husband got a piece of and see if it was fucking worth it."

"Wh-what are you saying??? Get off of me..."

Emily reached down and grabbed Mary's cunt. Mary lifted her hands and tried to push Emily away.

"Get off of me! I am not a lesbian!!!"

Mary grunted as she struggled with Emily. Emily quickly and violently lifted a knee into Mary's gut. Mary hunched over in pain and fell to her knees. Emily grabbed Mary by the hair as Mary hugged her own stomach in pain.

"Just like your fucking daughter. Weak. Meant to serve. Go on and serve me now bitch."

Emily lifted her skirt to her waist to reveal a nicely shaved bald pussy. There were no panties just a leather skirt and thigh high leather boots. She was very nicely scented as she used perfume to accentuate her softly tanned skin.

"That's it you old cunt. Open your mouth and let your tongue do some work on Mistress's pussy. NOW!!!"

Emily shoved Mary's face into her crotch and began grinding against it. She was already wet and forcing her wetness against Mary's nose.

"Open up your mouth cunt! Show Mistress you love her hole."

Emily began squeezing Mary's throat until Mary opened her mouth and let out her tongue.

"That's a good girl. An old slave like you just needs the proper motivation. I'll show you what you need."

Emily began grinding her cunt forcefully against Mary's tongue. Mary felt helpless. The same helplessness that Mike had made her feel only a week ago. Mary's mind started to wander. She worried what would happen to her daughter if she were to be controlled by Mike and Emily. Her tongue began to flap almost all on it's own.

"Mmmmmm...I think you like the taste of your Mistress' pussy. Don't you cunt??"

Emily stood straight and closed her legs just a little. She pushed Mary's face to her clitoris. Mary just nosed it not knowing fully what to do.

"Oh come now cunt. You can surely do better than that for your Mistress can't you??"

She yanked her hair and squeezed her throat again. This time Mary didn't hesitate quickly pulling her tongue in motion as she sucked Emily's clit into her mouth.

"Ooooohhh...Yessss! That's it! What a good little cunt licker you are. Now I know where your fat slut of a daughter gets her talent from!"

Mary's eyes opened wide. The realization of what was happening fell on her like a ton of bricks. She stopped licking Emily's clit, denying her an orgasm that she was so close to achieving.


"I-I can't. No more. I cannot let you do this to me and I can't let you do this to my daughter. Please now just go and don't bother us again."

Mary stood up and just turned her back to Emily. She walked away with her head down. Emily just stared at her with anger and disgust.

"Why you little fucking dog! Who in the hell do you think you fucking are?!?!"

Emily grabbed a handful of hair from the back of Mary's head and shoved her forcefully face down to the couch. Mary's scream was stifled by the cushion that her face was buried into.

"Do you think you have a fucking opinion that matters? NO! You are a fucking whore slave made and built to serve Masters and Mistresses. Your tongue was made to suck and swallow. Your holes were meant to be filled and hurt."

Emily reached into her purse and pulled out a rather modest strap two headed strap on. Each rubber cock was only about six inches long and an inch in diameter. Emily slipped it on with one hand as she held Mary's head into the cushion with the other one. When she felt as if she were ready, she released Mary's head and went and ripped down her jeans. Emily found Mary was not wearing any panties.

"So you are a fucking slut after all, aren't you bitch??"

"Please please stop. Emily I'm not a lesbian! PLEASE! AAAIII..."

Mary never saw Natalie come down the stairs. Natalie just sat on the steps and watched as Emily violently shoved the rubber pricks into her mother's pussy and ass. She saw her mother helpless and her eyes were glassed over. Emily was brutal as she almost easily inserted one of the cocks into her mother's cunt and then forcefully pushed the other one into her asshole.

"Look at you pig. You're a fucking little pig. Your cunt was wet and wanting. You fucking little whore."

The pain from the rubber prick in her ass blinded her from the fact that Emily was right about her pussy. She didn't know why. She couldn't figure anything out right now. She only felt the pressure of Emily's thrusts into her body.

"Aagh...please aaagh...st-aaagh...stoppp"

Mary grunted as she pleaded with Emily but she continued to ravage the older woman with reckless abandon.

"Oh come on slut. Your cunt is getting wetter and wetter. Now I want you to thank Mistress for filling you."

Mary hung her head low. She shifted her right knee giving Emily better access. Emily took full advantage as she reached under and dug the nails of her left hand into Mary's tit around her nipple. The pain sent a shockwave through her spine. Mary tried to push back on the couch but this just made Emily drill into her harder and harder.

"I think I told you to thank your Mistress bitch. Didn't I???"

Emily dragged her nails across Mary's tit. On the stairs, Natalie began to rub her crotch as she watched the show Emily was putting on. Emily looked up and smiled as Natalie was clearly getting hungry for use.


Mary broke up as she was swept by an amazing orgasm. Her body was suffering from terrible sensitivities. The orgasm was so great that any touch instantly led to another one.

"Mistress is waiting for a fucking answer!"

Emily grabbed Mary's hair and pulled her head back, driving both rubber cocks into her deep and hard. She held her there by the hair and squeezed her left nipple. Mary's eyes were closed as she hit another orgasm. Emily leaned in and whispered...

"...answer your Mistress slut...answer her now..."

"Th-thank you Mistress."

Emily smiled then whispered...

"...open your eyes slut."

Mary looked up and saw Natalie sitting on the stairs staring at her. She was no longer rubbing her crotch. She was just staring at her mother being controlled by her own Mistress.

Emily pulled the cocks out of Mary then removed the strap on.

"Okay you fat fuckpig. Take your bags and go to your cage. It's your new home."

Mary held her face in her hands as she began to cry. She was humiliated in the face of her daughter and couldn't bare to look at her. Natalie just grabbed her bags and walked out the front door not saying a word.

"Be ready for Master tonight cunt. He has a surprise for you."

Emily shut the door as she walked out leaving Mary holding her head in tears. Mary just grabbed what was left of her tattered clothing and wept. She knew Don could be home at any moment and needed to make sure she cleaned up. Don could never know what happened here. Never.

A couple of hours later she could hear voices coming from the backyard. Mary looked through the window and her jaw dropped when she saw Don standing there talking and shaking hands with Mike. She couldn't make out what they were saying but her nervousness continued to grow as Mike would point to the house and smile from time to time while Don just nodded in agreement. Mike then gave Don what looked like a glass of wine and they shook hands as Don turned toward home. Mary stared at Don and realized that Mike was looking right at her. He winked and she jumped.

"Honey! Honey I'm home!"

Don entered the house finishing the glass of wine that Mike had given him.

"Hey Mary where are you! Get over here!"

Mary ran into Don's arms giving him a huge hug!

"Hey slow down baby. What's wrong? You're shaking like a leaf."

"Oh honey I'm just glad you're home. That's all. I really really missed you."

"Well I'm home now baby and not going anywhere for a long while."

Don grabbed his wife and kissed her passionately.

"Um Don, sweetheart. What was that you were drinking when you walked in?"

Mary was extremely scared and nervous of what Mike might've told her husband.

"Oh that was some home made wine that Mike gave me. It was very good. Great guy Mike. We've got some good neighbors baby. Don't you think?"

Mary was lost in thought. She wondered why Mike would give Don the wine. Had he told him anything about Natalie? How would she explain why Natalie is not home to Don now?

"Mary. Snap out of it. You're like in a dream world baby."

"Oh Don I'm sorry. I'm just being silly. I'm just so glad you're home!"

"Well baby I'm exhausted after a very long trip but I've still got enough energy for you to show me how happy you really are that I'm home!"

The couple giggled as they went, arm in arm, up the stairs to their bedroom.

Don flung open the bedroom door and lifted his wife in his arms. They kissed lovingly as he laid her on the bed. He quickly removed his clothing then quickly removed hers. Mary eagerly wrapped her arms around Don as his already stiff penis entered her. He was so gentle and loving as he kissed her. He softly pushed his penis up into her. Mary loved her husband. She loved him more than anything else.

"Oooo...Aww baby that was wonderful. Thank you..."

Don came inside his wife and then collapsed off of her. He slipped immediately into a deep sleep. Mary cuddled up against him finding comfort in the arms of the man that was just gone for so long. Their two naked bodies clung together and for the first time in weeks she was finally happy.

"Well well well what do we have here?"

Mary was startled as two shadowy figures were standing in the doorway.

"Who's there?!?!?"

"Well now is that how a slave greets her Master?"

"Get out! Don...wake up! DON!!!"

Mike reached up and grabbed Mary by the hair pulling her head back.


"Stop screaming cunt. Your pitiful dick of a husband is not waking up. I gave him some of my special wine."

Mike immediately slapped Don across the face.


It had no affect as Don continued to snore.

"Yup. Your wimp of a husband will be out for a long time."

Mike reached around Mary and grabbed a hold of her exposed pussy. He twisted some of her pubic hairs as he did.

"It looks like limp dick over here didn't do the job. What a surprise!"

"Please Mike. Please. Not here. Not like this. Not in front of my husband."

"Come here bro."

Mike ignored Mary's pleas as he called over the other person in the room. Mary strained her eyes to see this man.

There standing in front of both of them was a big white man. He was bald with a very long goattee. He looked like Mike but was clearly taller and bigger overall. He wasn't muscular just big with a belly not unlike the one that Mike himself had. He had a couple of tattoos that were hard to make out in the dim light but it was clear that he was wearing overalls and nothing else.

"This is her bro. This is the mother of the fat fuckpig your gang is using next door. That's her punk of a husband right there."

The other man pulled out a big knife from his overalls.

"Should I gut the motherfucker right here Mikey?!?"


Mary's screams were stifled by Mike as he covered her mouth.

"No man. I live here now and I ain't moving again. Besides. This'll be much more fun don't you think?"

The two men laughed as the bigger one began eyeing Mary. Mike turned to her.

"Okay slut. This is Master's brother Joe. You are now going to serve him."

Mike nodded to Joe as he got up from the bed. He tossed Mary down but she didn't stay there long. Joe reached down and grabbed her hair as he pulled the straps from his overalls off.

"Let's see if you suck cock as good as your daughter does."

Before Mary could move this big burly man shoved her face right into his big hairy cock. She could feel that it was still wet although it didn't stink of urine.

"You feel that bitch? Yeah I know you do. That's your daughter's cunt juice all over me. Yup. I made that pig cum so many times she'll be saying my name for the rest of her slut life."

Mary began to choke and gag at the thought of her tasting her own daughter's sex. But this big man didn't let up. He continued to fuck her face hard until his cock grew to fill her mouth.

"Oh baby! She sure is a good cocksucker little brother. You got yourself a good one now. She's even better than Emily was when I gave her to you!"

Mike nodded as he turned and walked out of the room.

Mary couldn't believe her ears. Even Mike's wife was once with this beast!

"That's it whore. Suck my balls you dirty cunt."

Joe lifted Mary's head from his dick and shoved her face into his balls. He lifted his leg exposing his ass to her as he rubbed her head between his legs.


Mary was trying to breathe as she continued to soak Joe's crotch with her saliva.

"Let's see what I'm getting tonight."

Joe flipped her down as he laid next to her husband. He held Mary's head tight to his balls as he turned he turned her ass to face him. He used his other hand and began forcing two of his big fat fingers into her.

"Well well. Looks like everything I've heard about you is true. You're wetter than a damn lake!"

Mary was shocked. What was going on. Just a couple of weeks ago she was a normal, happily married wife and mother but now it seems that all of this roughness and abuse seemed to stimulate her sexually.

Joe let go of her head but she didn't seem to notice as she continued to lick his cock and balls. He grabbed Don's sleeping head and turned it towards them.

"There. Now hubby gets to see his wife get fucked right."


Mary moaned as Joe's fingers probed her deeper. Something was arousing her. Maybe it was the fact that Joe's fingers felt like strong cocks inside her or maybe it was the fact that Don was watching her. It could have easily been the fact that all of this was just too taboo to speak of. Whatever it was, she was getting hot.

"That's enough slutfuck."

Joe stood up and pushed Mary down on the bed face down. Her head was right at Don's crotch with her ass exposed and high in the air. Joe stood behind her.

"Time to see if mother's pussy cums like daughter's!"

Joe grabbed a hold of her hips and easily shoved his 10 inch cock inside her.

"Ahhhh...How's that baby? You like that cock in you??"


Mary moaned quietly into Don's crotch. She didn't say a word but could feel the desire to say 'yes' grow stronger.

"Come on slut. I want to hear it. Tell me how much you love having your cunt filled with my cock. Say it bitch!"

Joe's thrusts were demanding. He was in control. No, he wasn't her Master and she somehow knew it. No this was just straight animalistic passion that was growing inside her. Lust that she'd only heard about but never knew could be true.

"Yesss...I love having your penis inside me..."

Mary finally whispered the words and for some reason it felt incredible. She believed fully now that Don being in the room made everything around her feel comfortable somehow.

"Good. But not good enough. Say it like the dirty fucking whore we both know that you are."

Joe continued to dive deeper into her. He could feel her on the verge of orgasm and knew he had a hot slut on his hands.

"Yesss...just don't stop please...I love having your cock inside my pussy...please keep fucking me!"

"Oh you want it bitch. You got it!!!"

Joe reached under her and grabbed her tits with both hands as he pushed faster and faster inside her. His balls were squishing in her wetness.


Mary exploded in orgasm. She began pushing her ass back onto this beast of a man. She wanted to continue cumming.

"I know what you like whore. You like the fact that I raped your daughter. You tasted her wetness and now you can feel it inside you on my cock. Can't you bitch? I want to hear it!"

Mary couldn't say a word. She was lost in ecstacy. Joe's words didn't even resonate.


Joe yanked her head back grabbing a handful of hair. She was fast becoming used to this.
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