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This is my first submission so please let me know what you think. I'd also love to hear what you'd like to do to me if you had the chance (women or men).

This is something that happened to me about a month ago, and it still gets me excited thinking about it so I wanted to try and share it.

I share a flat with a guy who's a few years older than me, and although we fuck occasionally, we're not actually seeing each other, its strictly casual. Anyway, this guy is really into cars, and drag racing, things which hold no interest to me. He does have a great car, I can't remember what it is off the top of my head, but he says he can beat any other car in a street drag.

The night in question, I was at home watching TV when he came in, in a big hurry.

"Quick, come with me, I need your help to win a thousand bucks."

He basically dragged me out the door as he started to explain how he met some guys who wanted to bet a thousand bucks that they could beat him in a drag. When I pointed out to him that he didn't have a thousand dollars to bet (He spends every cent on his car), he said, "Yeah, I know, that's why I need you as collateral."

I must have looked pretty shocked, because he tried to make out that it was nothing.

"Don't worry, I'm not going to lose. I just had to offer them some fun with my girlfriend so that they'd go through with the bet."

My stomach was churning at this stage, I'd just been placed on the betting table as if I was some whore, that could just be traded around. Despite my worry though, there was also a familiar tingling down in my pussy, I have to admit I was a little bit excited.

When we got to the place they'd agreed to meet, there was only one car there, the rest of the street was deserted. (It was close to midnight by this time.) Two guys got out of the car and we got out to meet them. The driver was actually a bit of a hunk, the type of guy I'd go for, rugged good looking, nice bod. The other guy was almost the opposite, fat, ugly, someone you wouldn't normally touch with a ten foot pole.

They both grinned at me, and the driver said something crude about my ass. I should point out that I wasn't exactly dressed up, all I had on was some cut off denim shorts, and a short singlet that allowed my navel to show. I didn't even have any underwear on, (I had just been at home by myself.) The guys talked to my flatmate, agreed on the rules, then headed back to their car.

I think you can probably guess who won the race. It all happened so quickly – basically, there was just a lot of noise, we accelerated faster than I would have thought possible, I saw them edging ahead, and then my flatmate was swearing furiously. As we slowed down, he looked across at me and said, "I'm so sorry, Katie."

I had that churning in my stomach again, but even stronger now was the warmth between my legs as I contemplated what was going to happen to me. We followed the other car into an empty carpark outside a McDonalds that was closed for the night. The two guys got out, yelling and cheering. I heard one of them yell, "OK, bitch, get that hot little pussy out here."

I got out reluctantly, I was quite scared, but as soon as I was out, they were on to me, their hands groping my tits, squeezing quite hard, rubbing my ass, sometimes between my legs, rubbing the denim against my pussy, which had the effect of making me quite wet. The fat guy was standing in front of me, one hand on each of my tits, then he grasped my singlet, and ripped it down the front. I was shocked, but when I tried to protest, I found I just couldn't speak. The fear inside me was actually turning me on more and more, I was completely helpless in the power of these two strangers, and it made me incredibly hot.

The fat guy was mauling my naked tits now and muttering obscenities at me, "Yeah, you love this don't you slut, I'm gonna ram my cock up you so hard you'll be walking bowlegged for a week!"

The driver was behind me, I could feel his erect cock pressing against my ass, while his fingers undid the button and zip on my shorts. He pushed them down over my hips and was delighted when he found I wasn't wearing anything underneath.

"Wow, you came ready for us didn't you slut!"

His fingers probed between my legs, rubbing against my bald pussy lips, then slipping between them, fingerfucking me.

"You're so wet, baby, you want cock so bad don't you?"

The fat guy put his hands on my shoulders and started pushing me down.

"Get on your knees bitch, I want to show you what you'll be taking up that tight little cunt of yours."

I knelt down before him, my face only inches away from his groin as he undid his belt and lowered his pants. His dick sprung out, fully erect, and incredibly big. It had to be at least 9 or 10 ten inches, and was as thick as my wrist. He grinned at the shocked look on my face, and then started rubbing himself all over my face.

"I'm gonna fuck your mouth later slut, first I want to stretch that pussy."

He led me over to my flatmates car, and forced me to bend over the bonnet. My flatmate was still sitting in the drivers seat, and I was looking straight at him, as the fat guy stood behind me. He started to rub his cock up and down against my pussy lips, which is something that always gets me hot, I love it when guys do that. He then placed the head against my entrance, and started to slowly push in. He was stretching me already, and only the head was inside me. He grasped my hips then, and I heard him say, "Get ready to scream, slut!"

He rammed that huge dick into me so hard I couldn't help it, I did scream, long and loud as my cunt was filled with probably the biggest dick I've ever taken. He didn't stop to savour the moment though, he started pulling me back and forth, timing it with his thrusts so his hips crashed against my ass time and time again, pounding me, banging my cunt, slamfucking me on the bonnet of a car. I could see my flatmate inside the car as I was being poled, I could see his arm jerking up and down as he wanked himself to the sight of my 'rape'. He could see the look on my face too, and he knew how turned on I was. If you've read my profile you'd know that I love the thought of forced sex, of being taken hard and fast, and I especially love being taken from behind, like a dog. With the combination of these things, and the huge cock that was filling me up so well, I couldn't help but come. The orgasm I had was incredibly intense, it washed over my whole body, and wracked me with spasms. When it finally stopped, I was left limp and floppy, draped over the bonnet of the car. My cunt was still full of cock, but it had stopped pounding me. I heard the fat guy say, "You just came didn't you cunt?" I nodded weakly.

He pulled out of me then, his cock still rock hard, and he motioned the other guy over. This other guy, as I said earlier, was a bit of a hunk, and he turned me over, so I was face up on the bonnet. He got his dick out too, and stepped between my legs, then he lifted my legs over his shoulders. This guy didn't waste any time at all, I felt his dick probing my sopping pussy, then he shoved in. He wasn't any where near as big as the fat guy, but he wasn't small either. As he started to fuck me, the fat guy walked around to the side of the car. I was right on the edge of the bonnet at this stage and he grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my head over toward his groin.

As the driver thrust in and out of my cunt, the fat guy muttered, "Now, you're gonna suck me off, slut."

I opened my mouth obediently. It probably sounds perverted, I know, but I really wanted to get that cock in my mouth. I could taste my own juices as he slipped it between my lips, and then I was sucking him, giving the best blowjob I could under the circumstances. The position I was in made it quite awkward, but I got one hand up to wank his dick, and I sucked him as best as I was able. I'm normally quite good at deep throating a cock, but I had no hope with this guy, he was simply too big. I took him as deep as I could though, and he seemed to be fairly happy with that, cause it wasn't long before he was groaning, and his hips started jerking a bit. I could tell he was about to come, and then suddenly he pulled out of my mouth and started jerking off over my face. His spunk flew in thick tendrils across my cheeks, my mouth, and into my hair. Being came on is actually another one of my turn ons so I didn't try to avoid any of the jizz that spurted over me.

I'd almost forgotten about the guy who was still fucking me, I'd been so engrossed in giving head. He was getting close to finishing too, and as he did, the fat guy called out to him, "Cum on the car."

He did so, pulling out my cunt, and pushing me aside as his dick began spraying his load all over the bonnet of my flatmates car. The fat guy grabbed me by the hair again, and directing my face towards the mess, he said, "Now you lick it up."

I did as I was told, bending over the car once more, this time to lap up the cum of my conquerors. It dripped from my face as I did so, giving me even more to swallow. When I was nearly done, one of the guys pulled the torn singlet off me completely, while the other picked up my shorts from the ground.

"I think we'll keep these as souvenirs", I heard one of them say. They drove off just as I lapped up the last bit of cum. I looked around me, I was naked in a McDonalds carpark, my face sticky with cum, and I'd just been fucked by two strangers. What a night!

I got back in the car, to be confronted by my flatmates erect cock sticking out of his pants.

"You enjoyed that didn't you slut. I can't believe you came when that fat guy fucked you. When I get you home, I'm going to fuck you up the ass for being such a dirty little slut."

He was true to his word.

Rape Torture