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I had endured the rape of the drunk. I still had no idea how far I had to walk, nor how long it would take me. All I could do was to continue walking.

The act of walking with my hands bound behind me was difficult to start with and the activity of the rapes I had endured did not make it any easier.

I walked for a time and I thought I saw lights ahead.

There was some sort of drain or outfall that created a sort of gully across the beach. I moved very slowly and very gingerly down into the little gully and then back up the other side.

There were two men waiting at the top of the far side of the gully. They had been drinking over by the wall from which the outfall came. They were young, perhaps early twenties.

They grabbed me and walked me over to where they had been drinking.

They had a flashlight. As they played it upon my naked body I pleaded with then as I had with the old drunk, “I am a police officer. They are searching for me. You must report that you have found me. If they find me it will be big trouble for you.”

One of the boys said, “Look, somebody has already fucked the bitch! There is cum oozing down her leg.”

The other boy said, “No wonder, look at those tits!”

In desperation I said, “Look, untie me and I will give you anything you want. If they find me, there will be trouble.”

The boys looked at each other. They marched me over to the outfall wall. They laid me on some sort of tarp.

One of the boys produced a coin. They flipped the coin to see who would get to fuck me first.

The winner stripped off his pants. He wore no underwear and his cock sprang out. He mounted me and began to pump his cock into my pussy. He went way too fast and I could feel him get excited long before I was ready. He finally shot his cum in me with yet another series of squealing grunts. He then rolled off me.

The second boy told the first that he had “cum too quick.” He continued, “With prime grade pussy like this, you have to take your time!” He then began to fondle my tits.

I pleaded with him. “I have already been raped. I am exhausted. I have a heart condition. If I get too tired, I will die and it will be murder.”

The boys had a brief discussion. They decided that I could probably stand a couple of fucks each. Then, I could go on my way and it would not be murder. Hell, since I had already fucked, it wouldn’t even be rape.

The boy who was fondling my tit knew what he was doing. I began to get aroused again and my nipples went erect. The boy fondling me summoned his buddy and gave hin a little lesson in heating up a girl.

With both of then working on my tits, I began to respond again despite myself. When one of them rubbed his fingers along my labia, I could not suppress a moan.

The second boy stood up and dropped his pants. I realized that I was due for yet another rape.

The second boy had a bigger cock than the first and he was smart enough to take it slower. He entered me and I could feel him slide deep into my cum filled pussy. I once again determined to just lay there and accept the rape since I had no other option. However, the rapist had other ideas. He shoved his cock into my wet, slick pussy again and again. His big cock began to excite me a little, even in my bruised, exhausted condition. I was unable to resist. I was afraid and exhausted and I would do anything they wanted me to, if they would just let me go afterward.

My rapist called out to his buddy to fondle my tits as I was being raped. That broke down any barriers I might have had left. l could not hold back and felt myself climax under the two man attack. I was. By now, too weak to even scream. I did moan weakly and the boy was excited enough to cum inside me.

After the second rape, my captors decided that I was too smelly for their finicky tastes. I was marched down to the ocean and they washed me in the gentle surf. They washed me all over, but they concentrated on my pussy and then my tits once my pussy was cleaned out.

The combination of the fingers in my pussy and the wet caresses of my tits got me a little excited again.

The boys noticed my arousal. They were naked in the water beside me and I could tell that they were also excited.

I was marched back out of the water and the boys wiped me and themselves semi-dry.

I was then marched back to the tarp and raped by the first boy again.

This time the little ass hole took more time and he started to get me a little excited again. I could not believe that I was still able to become aroused as many times as I had already been fucked.

He was getting deeper into me and I could dimly feel his balls slapping against me at the end of each stroke. I marshaled all of my remaining strength and clamped down on him with my internal muscles.

It was apparently just enough and he dumped his cum in my pussy for a second time.

After the third rape, my captors decided to wash me and themselves once again. I was marched back down to the ocean and they washed me in the surf. They again washed me all over, again concentrating on my pussy and then my tits once my pussy was cleaned out.

By now even the combination of the fingers in my pussy and the wet caresses of my tits were unable to get me excited. I was too exhausted and too bruised.

The boys noticed my lack of arousal. They were naked in the water beside me and I could tell that they were still excited.

I was marched back out of the water and the boys again wiped me and themselves semi-dry. There was some whispered conversation between the boys. I could not hear what they said. However, I was marched back to the tarp and raped by the second boy again.

The second boy shoved his big cock in me and did his best to excite me again. I could feel him slide deep into my pussy. This time I was able to just lay there and accept the rape. I was finally too tired to respond despite the efforts of the boy. He shoved his cock hard all the way into my pussy again and again. Even his big cock could not excite me through the fatigue I now felt. I was unable to resist, but perhaps that was the best resistance. I was too exhausted to even be afraid.

The boy finally seemed to accept that what he was getting was all I had to give. He speeded up hi thrusting and finally shot his cum in me. Then he rolled off me.

I gave it one final try. “Look, I really am a police woman. I am too tired to be of any use to you. I am not sure I can even walk, bound like this. If I fall and drown or hit my head, it is murder. You have had everything you are going to get from me. Please untie me and let me go.”

The boys withdrew a little and whispered. They finally came back.

They marched me into the water again. They washed me and took great care to clean out my pussy. I was too tired to even react. They did not bother with my tits. Once I was as clean as I was going to get, they marched me back up onto the sand.

They made me promise that I would not report them for rape. I told them that I would not tell and that, in any case, there was no evidence.

They then cut me loose from my bindings. My arms dropped loosely to my sides and I could not even raise them.

The boys gathered up their stuff and ran.

I did not know if I could go on, but somehow I had to. I could not respond to another rape and, if someone found me, they might just kill me out of frustration.

I staggered down the beach in a sort of daze. I wanted to just fall down and rest, but I did not dare.

I don’t know how I made what turned out to be a little less than a mile. I apparently just put one foot in front of the other until I realized that I was walking on grass, not sand.

I heard a man’s voice say, “Manny! Look there is a naked broad!”

I kept staggering on, as I could not do any good in another rape.

I felt hands grab me, but the voice said, “Police. What the hell is going on here?”

I managed to say, “Drug pirates. I’m FBI. I have been raped.”

The police put me in a car, with a lot more contact with my tits than necessary. I passed out.

When I woke up, I was in a hospital.

I told them my story. They caught the drunk and scared the truth out of him. I don’t know if they charged him or not. They never caught the boys, mainly because I gave them bad descriptions. After all, the boys had probably saved my life by cutting me free.

I was in a kind of fog during the whole thing. The people questioning me did tell me that Sandy had sailed back to a marina and contacted the FBI. There had been a search for me, but no one really knew where to look. They had stopped a lot of boats and checked a lot of hospitals. Of course, they had not found me.

Finally, I lapsed into sleep and apparently slept around the clock.

They did a physical on me. I was battered and bruised. I was dehydrated. I had obviously been fucked many times, although they could not tell how many.

I would fully recover.

After I woke the second time, there were FBI agents with me and they got maybe a little more information than the local police. They told me that they were also interviewing Sandy and that they hoped to get more leads.

They told me they would catch the man who put me through all this. Right.

I was then given some sort of disciplinary action for my nude escapade during the cocaine buy. It really didn’t matter to me. My FBI career was over.