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I have thought about her almost every day from the day I let her go - how I would love to have those legs of hers spread so that I can just taste her juices and how it feels to be deep inside of her. And now as luck would have it - it has happened.

Slowly I kissed my way up one leg to her knee, then the other leg. Once I made it to both knees, ever so slowly I traced my tongue up the length of her thigh till I reached the out skirts of her wonderful little hot powerful pussy. A quick kiss there, and then to the other thigh. Again slowly tracing my tongue up the length till I am once again at her hot spot.

Now ever so lightly, I blow and lick around the outer edges. The whole time I watch her wiggle and listen to her moan. She tries to pull free of her bonds but can't. I hear her moaning with pleasure and anticipation. Never once asking to be let free.

Using a finger from each hand, I slowly separate her lower lips so that my tongue can taste the outer insides. She is so wet. I slide my tongue up from her bottom to the top of her wet hot pussy till I just touch her clit. After doing this several times, I sense she is going to explode. I open my mouth wide and cover her whole area. Out comes some of the most wonderful juices that you can ever taste. She is thrashing all about, but is unable to get free.

Finally she settles down.

Now I slowly lick my tongue up her stomach towards those small put beautiful and tasty 32 size B mounds on her chest. I notice that sticking out on each mound is her small little nipple. They are harder then I have ever seen them. I lick one and then the other. She moans and then gasps for air. I then just flick my tongue across the tops of each nipple will I watch her reaction. It is so wonderful to feel her, smell her, touch her and taste her.

I completely take one of her mounds in my mouth while I gently massage the other mound. She tastes and feels so good. Never before has she or I experienced anything like this. She does not know who it is she is with since she is both bound and blindfolded.

I release her mounds from my mouth and hand only to hear "please don't stop. I want more". I take her other mound into my mouth, but this time instead of just sucking, I nipple ever so gently. First the outer area of the mound and then the taught little nipple. While nippling on one nipple, I gently rub the other nipple between some fingers. She is moaning like never before.

Once again, I release her mounds so that I can reposition myself. I slowly nipple and lick one of her ears while one hand every so gently touches her hot spot. And how hot it is. While licking her ear, I take one finger and enter her. She is so wet. I use my thumb to massage her clit while working my finger in and out of her. She is wiggling around so much that I know she is slowly reaching another climax. I withdraw my hand quickly and she starts to say something, but my finger is in her mouth so she can taste some of her juices.

She sucks my finger like never before. I slowly start kissing around her face. First just above her eyelids, then under the eyes then the sides of the cheeks and then around the lips. She releases my finger which I use to reenter her now dripping pussy. At the same time I start kissing her mouth. She is sucking so hard on my mouth and tongue, that it feels like she is pulling my tongue out of me.

As I her lower muscles tighten I push a second finger into her. I pump my fingers faster and faster while we kiss harder and harder. I feel her body tense and know that I must break the kiss or she will bite my tongue off. Quickly I move my mouth down and suck on her clit while I am still pumping my fingers in and out of her. She tenses so hard that it looks like she will break her bounds. Then it happens - she explodes once more. As hard as I try, I am not able to get all of her juices.

I kiss her belly button and then just lay next to her while she relaxes.

Then I hear those words that so long ago she said she would never repeat to me. "Please fuck me. I need you inside of me."

And how did we get here on her 45th birthday. Her not knowing who she is with and me regretting the day I let her walk out of my live.

Well, I flew into town to surprise my daughter and to see my new born grand daughters. While I was checking into the hotel, I heard some commotion. When I turned around, I saw my ex-wife entering a small ballroom with some other people. The clerk at the front desk said that it was a surprise birthday party. Well I knew that I wouldn't be surprising my daughter tonight, since she was at the party, so I decided after I got settled in my room I would go out and have something to eat.

Just as I was leaving the hotel, it started raining fairly heavy out, so I decided I would eat at the hotel. I have been here before, so I knew the food is pretty good. Hearing a football game on the TV, I went into the bar area to eat and watch the game. I had some drinks with my food. I purchased a bottle of wine for my room. I was leaving for my room - I noticed that my ex-wife's party was breaking up.

When I got to the room, I went to get some ice to keep the wine chilled. As I was coming back from the ice machine, I saw my ex-wife and her husband struggling to get down the hallway, to what I gathered was their room - across from mine.

I entered my room and attempted to settle down - not all that easy knowing your ex-wife is across the hall from you. All of a sudden their was a knock on my door and a voice saying "let me in - I forgot the key." I knew that voice - I had slept with the owner of that voice for almost 15 years.

As I walked to the door, I turned the TV and lights off, cause if she thought she was entering her room, I wasn't going to stop her. I made sure that as the door opened, the door kept her from seeing me. She entered the room and I quickly closed the door. I then put my hand over her mouth and using a towel to cover my mouth - I whispered "do not say a word." In what appeared to be her somewhat drunken state, she did not fight - maybe she thought her husband was playing a game on her. This was fine with me.

I pinned her face first to the wall. While keeping her there, I took off her blouse and used it to cover her eyes. I then pushed her towards the bed. Since it was dark in the room, she hit the bed and fell forward. Knowing I needed to move quick, I yanked the phone cord from the phone by the bed and quickly tied her wrists together. I then used the other end of the cord to tie her to the overhead light above the bed. Knowing this wouldn't hold her, I took the cord from the desk phone. I was then able to tie each arm to the corners of the bed. She did not fight me at all, which made it much easier - not even a word out of her.

At this point I took off her clothes and using my belts and ties, I tied her legs spread eagle. Here she was, the person who I had wanted to make love to, just laying in bed not saying a word - most likely thinking I was her husband not her ex-husband.

Then I started licking and sucking her toes. And then heard those words that so long ago she said she would never repeat to me. "Please fuck me. I need you inside of me."

From previous experience, I knew that once I entered her I would not last long, so I was going to have go slow and easy. I climbed over her and rubbed my rod up and down her now soaking wet sensitive pussy lips, hearing her moan and feeling her wiggle as she tried to get me into her. I did this for several minutes and even could have sworn that she came at least one more time.

I reached behind me and untied her legs. Then I placed her legs over my shoulders as I pointed my rod right at one of the most beautiful spots I ever saw. She knew what was coming and begged that I pound her hard and fast, and then saying "I want to feel all of you as far up me as you can go."

Slowly I entered her as she tried to use her legs to push be forward. Once I was all the way inside of her, I stopped for a few seconds just to savor the moment. Then I took a deep breath and started pumping her as fast as I could. Even has wet as she was, her muscles were tight. I could feel her trying to use her muscles to keep me inside of her. I don't know how long we kept this up, but I knew we were both reaching the explosive point. Almost at the same time, we both said "I am coming." I shot into her and she exploded all over me. As we both settled down, I released her legs and gave her a big kiss.

We laid next to each other and then I released her arms, but not the blindfold. For what ever reason she did not take it off. Maybe she realized I was not her husband and she did not want to know who I really was. I heard her breathing slowly relax, and before I knew it she had dozed off. I really didn't know what to do, so I cleaned myself up and then carefully washed her. As I laid back down next to her, she sat up and started playing with my rod. As it started to get harder she leaned over and after kissing the tip, took the whole length into her mouth - something she never was able to do before. She was going up and down and I knew that if she kept it up, I would explode in her mouth - which was always a wonderful experience in the past. She must have sensed this, cause she stopped. As she released me, she spread her legs over my rod. She then took one of her hands and rubbed the tip of my rod against her pussy lips. As we are both moaning from the rubbing, she just dropped on me. So fast that it took a couple of seconds for me to realize that Once Again I Was Inside Her.

She bounced up and down as fast as she could. I felt her muscles tighten around me, knowing that we were both going to experience an explosion that would surpass the last one.

I grabbed her around her waist and slid my feet to the floor so that I could lay her on the bed while I stood and just pumped away inside of her. As I pumped faster and faster, I started to feel myself getting ready. It started at my feet and climbed up my legs. I knew it was almost time and could see she knew it also. We were both panting away. I felt her as she tried to tighten her muscles like never before. Then it happened. We both exploded. I saw stars and bright lights and I am sure she did to.

Next thing I know, there is a knock at the door and someone saying "housekeeping."

I yell come back later and look around. The sun is up and the room is empty. I did not know what to do or think. At least it wasn't the police. I decided to take a nice shower. After the shower, I called my daughter on my cell phone - since she didn't know I was in town.

My daughter answers on the third ring and says "Did you have a good time last night?" I didn't know what to say - the cat had my tongue as the saying goes.

I later found out that my daughter knew I was coming into town - she knew one of the hotel managers. My daughter was the one who arranged for the party to be at the hotel. It seems that after I entered my room, my ex-wife went down to the lobby to say farewell to the rest of the people at her party. Well my ex-wife couldn't remember her room number (something she never could do) and my daughter took her to my room.

Can't wait for her next birthday surprise party.