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Tiara Boston was fed up with her 9-5 job at the health & beauty centre. She was given the jobs nobody else wanted to do e.g. mop the floor, clean up after clients and make tea/coffee. She wanted to be able to learn how to give massages and facials but it was a dead end job.

For a pretty, young, smart and friendly lady, why can't I get a job that I enjoy, she thought to herself. She was 5 ft 8 with a beautiful curvatious body; large round beasts, tiny waist and nice round chubby ass that all men worshipped. Her Hispanic features attracted many men; long dark hair, dark brown eyes, sexy full lips and caramel tan. She screamed with sex appeal. So it was a wonder why she found it difficult to find a good job.

She looked in the job listings in the local paper and saw a small advertisement for an "Office Stress Reliever." It stated that the main duty of the role was to relieve and entertain fellow employees to uplift staff morale in a small company, no qualifications necessary, just dress to impress.

Tiara noted down the address and decided to have an early night before going to see the boss.

The next morning she arrived early at the office and asked for Mr. Myers (as stated in the advert). As requested she was dressed to impress indeed. Wearing a very tight fitted suit with a tiny skirt to show off her fantastic thick thighs and high heels, as she walked through to the office to Mr. Myers' room, everyone stopped to stare and the beautiful woman. Tiara was surprised to see that there where over 40 male employees and that there were no females; she automatically assumed that she wouldn't be able to get a job here. It only made her more determined to impress the employer.

She walked into the small room and saw a man in his late 30's, quite built sitting at the desk watching his computer screen.

"Good morning, I'm Mr. Myers," he said, getting up and shaking her hand. "You must be Miss Boston, please take a seat."

Tiara sat down and crossed her legs, unaware that Mr. Myers could catch an eyeful of her sexy bare thighs and that he was getting turned on at the sight.

"My, my, my, aren't you a sight for sore eyes!" he smirked.

"Uhh, thanks?" she replied, unsure of how to respond. "So, could you tell me more about the job Sir?" she asked politely, leaning forward slightly and exposing her fantastic full cleavage.

"You'll learn as you go along Miss Boston, now I'd like you to stand up for me please." he requested.

Tiara hesitated but then stood up. He eyed her figure up and down.

"Now slowly turn all the way around so I can have a good look at my prospective employee" he ordered.

Confused, she did so, not knowing that he was looking at her body in lust and his erection was growing larger in his pants as he could see her sexy ass in that tiny skirt.

He got up and stood behind her breathing into her ear. "That's quite an outfit you have there Miss Boston, are you aware that you look like a complete slut?" he asked firmly.

"Excuse me?" she replied, offended by his question.

He pushed her towards the desk and pushed down her back forcefully, exposing her big round ass cheeks and sexy red thong. Nina struggled to get free but he was too strong.

"Don't try and fight this, slut. You and I both know you need this job and you're willing to do anything to get it. That's why you dressed like a whore."

She realized that there was truth in that, she was desperate to get a new job and that she had dressed provocatively to ensure she'd get it. She didn't want to have to do sexual favors to get one, however the feeling of his erection in his pants rubbing on her ass was making her body a little aroused.

He cut off her thong with a letter opener to look at her holes; in his surprise her pussy was visibly moist. "You dirty little slut," he smiled, unzipping his flies and letting his meaty hard cock loose. "You deserve to be fucked hard for being such a cock teasing whore, you seriously thought you'd get this job by flashing your tits and ass to me?" He said heatedly as he pushed his cock into her tiny moist pussy hole and moaned in delight and started fucking her rigorously.

She was sick at the thought of this man violating her like this but her body betrayed her. She groaned with passion with every thrust inside her. "Oh Mr. Myers, please stop" she yelled but she secretly wanted him to fuck her harder.

"Slut" he repeated as he fucked her. She didn't realize how much she loved being humiliated and he loved raping this young woman, he loved how she was telling him to stop but he continued on knowing he had the power. Her pussy still felt as tight but even more moist that the juices were dripping down slowly onto his balls. The feeling was so intense he couldn't hold in his cum any longer. With one last thrust, he released his thick cum deep into her swollen vagina.

He relaxed, put his cock back into his pants and sat down but she wasn't relieved. "You can start immediately, the pay is $30 per hour which you'll find reasonable enough." He said to her firmly. "Your desk is just outside, oh and Miss Boston, don't ever wear panties to work again."

Adjusting her outfit, she walked out of his office at sat down at her desk. She was puzzled as to what just happened and at the same time frustrated because she wanted more.

"Hey you" a voice called out behind her. She turned around to see a colleague at his desk with his cock in his hand and a huge erection. "I need a quick relief from you now!" He ordered.

She was shocked that he was so open about it but at the same time turned on at the size of his cock. She went up to him, turned around and sat on his cock; it slid in with effort into her tight pussy. "Mmmmmmm" she whimpered as he thrusted in and out of her pussy. She put one of her fingers on her clit, rubbing it which she was moving up and down on his cock. It made her even more wet, not just that she had a huge cock up her pussy and clitoral stimulation simultaneously but the fact that she was fucking in front of all her colleagues. Some were watching, getting aroused but most were too busy with their work to care. Pretty soon he came inside her.

"Mmmm that was some good shit there, I might need you later" he said, slapping her as she got up and headed for her desk.

Tiara was still not relieved.

"Hey, slut, come over and suck me off while I answer these calls" another co-worker called out to her.

It was at that moment Tiara realized that this was one job that she was really going to enjoy.
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