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Andi had no idea what compelled her to meet with him, she had met others on the internet but no one like him. He just seemed to have a way of making her feel she HAD to do it. At least they were meeting in a mall and she had some control over the situation. When she saw him he was actually more handsome than she had imagined, he smiled a quick smile and asked if she were Andi.

"Good, very good, then let us go." he said, well so much for control of the situation. Andi felt hesitant but still went with him. He held her hand, firm but not hard, but also not lovingly. That was good it was way too early for any commitment. As they headed towards the exit she was a little anxious, especially since she had first met him in a forced sex chat room. But she guessed since she was going willingly, forced was not exactly in the picture. Just as they neared the exit he quickly grabbed a shoulder and turned her into the men's restroom.

Andi was surprised and a bit embarrassed but no one else was in the room. "uhh excuse me but..." she stammered, "no talk" he said curtly. Well it was obvious he didn't need to relieve himself so she was going to have sex if she liked it or not. She was thinking she could scream and create a fuss, but didn't really want to. She actually liked the idea of quick anonymous sex and the excitement of doing it in a men's room. He led her to the last stall, the handicapped stall and shut the door behind them. He quickly but without a rush opened her blouse and pulled her bra down. "Very nice breasts. Very firm and soft." and started to fondle them.

"Rub them your self and pinch the nipples". She did as told and was getting aroused. Just then the door opened and a man entered. He waited a moment and as he heard the man urinating, turned her around and told her "look through the crack, watch him pee", she did so and he whispered "pull your pants down leave your panties on." The man finished his peeing and turned not yet putting his penis away and looked directly at Andi. He may not have believed what he saw and slowly fondled his penis before putting it in his pants. He left just as Andi had her pants off.

"Lovely, lovely. A fine ass indeed. Put your leg up.." grabbing her knee he placed it on the commode and fondled her pussy through her undies. "Next time you wear a thong for me. Easier for me to access you". Access me?? Well I guess that pretty much said it all. He actually spent quite a while getting her undies good and wet from her own juices to the point where she was getting very excited. "No not yet, you are breathing too hard. I will tell you when to come."

God he was good. He took her leg down and with her butt almost to the door bent her over at the waist. Standing in front of her he lowered his pants to reveal a nice, somewhat larger than normal penis. "Put your hands to your back and just open the mouth. I will tell you when to close the lips." Andi did as told and he put his penis to her lips and popped it in and out a few times, getting it moist.

Suddenly he held her chin and put it in very deeply, more than she'd ever taken one before. As she started to gag and move her hands to stop it, he withdrew and slapped her butt hard. "No hands I say. I will not let you vomit on me!" This is way more loss of control than she had ever felt. He then repeatedly thrust his cock in over and over deeper each time but withdrawing just as she began to get sick. The feeling was like no other she had felt and even had brought tears to her eyes. Finally he lifted her chin and placed a surprisingly tender kiss on her tear-covered lips. "You are not very good but you can be properly trained. Now use your hands and suck me properly, and don't spill a drop". Andi enjoyed this now and looked forward to feeling his come in her mouth but not one minute into it the restroom door opened and a man came in.

She stopped for a second and he tapped her on the forehead and pointed to his cock. This wasn't going to deter him obviously. The man had also chosen the last urinal and was finishing up when she felt him reach over her and unfasten the door. Pushing it open she was sure the man who had come in could see all. She went to look but once again he redirected her attention to his cock. "Do you wish her?" he asked the man. "Yeah of course" was the reply. "Come then, pull the panties aside and fuck her."

Andi was now really afraid, one stranger was one thing but two, and when would he stop, when the mall was empty? And yet she felt no urge to stop doing what she was doing. Just as the man was behind her and she felt a cock against her ass she felt a package of some sort placed on her butt as if she were a table. She figured from the time it took it must have been a condom and was correct when the stranger entered her. Now this was very much exciting her. The newcomer however did not have much staying power and came in just a couple of minutes and as he did she felt a gush of hot sperm down her throat. As she drank down the last drop he lifted her chin and told the other man, "thank you, you may leave now". He stammered his thanks, profusely.

My master, as I now believed him to be, then removed my undies and pants and stuck my undies in his pocket. I thought for a moment he would leave me unfulfilled, but he sat on the commode and still quite hard placed me backwards on his cock. As he raised and lowered me, like a rag doll almost, he deftly fingered my clit and roughly pinched my nipples. It wasn't more than a minute until Andi came also, her knees shaking so she couldn't stand. "See it is good to wait, you don't know how good it can be. Next time we will show you more."

Next time? A next time, yes she was very sure there would be a next time...

Rape Your Mom