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Summary: Natalie is searched at an airport in Cuba. She is humiliated by the guards and masturbated until she cums. Her body is abused and again forced to cum from the pain and the pleasure. In Chapter 5, the General visits the prison. He lusts after his young, nubile daughter but to keep his desires in check, he takes his perverted lust out on poor Natalie. Keywords: M+f, nc, anal, reluc, humiliation, toys, spanking

Copyright 2003 by Powerone. You may contact the author at the link below.

Chapter 5 A Visit from the General

General Sanchez entered the prison for his monthly rounds. He did not care so much about what went on in the prison. His desire was to satisfy his perverted lust for some new, young beauty. He had heard about Natalie and he thought it time to that he paid a visit to her. He rubbed the front of his pants, his cock already hard in anticipation of the things he was going to do to her.

General Sanchez was about 60 years old, overweight, a paunch now replacing his former tight abs. His hair was receding, his cock was not as hard as it used to be, but he still loved to fuck. The seniorita's did not flock to him as they used to so it was either the local whorehouse or a prisoner to quench his lust.

The door swung open with a thud, Captain Gonzales looking up from his work at whomever would be insolent enough to enter his office unannounced. It was his boss, General Sanchez. He was not expecting him and his visits were usually an annoyance. He did not care about how the prison was run, he just wanted to have sex with one of his prisoners. "Good to see you Sir," his condescending voice ringing out in the room. "Anything I can do to make your stay more enjoyable, just say so." The old fool, he thought. What a pain in the ass.

"I will be inspecting the prison while I am here to make sure everything is up to standards. We wouldn't want to be mistreating the prisoners," he laughed. "You might bring one of the prisoners to my room," he stated as he left the room, his back to the Captain. "I hear that Natalie is a very delectable creature. Yes, bring her to me," as he closed the door behind him.

"Bastard," he cursed at him. I wanted her myself today. I hope he doesn't do much damage to her. "Damn," he'll probably fuck her asshole. Now it wouldn't be so tight. "Guard, get Natalie and bring her to General Sanchez's room. Make sure she is dressed and cuff her arms behind her back. Put her in the enjoining cell to his room. You know how he likes to play Prison Warden." He went back to work, cursing the Generals interruption.

The guard brought Natalie a fresh change of clothes. He stood watching her as she put them, glaring at her suggestively, as she had to slowly uncover her body. He had brought her a short, plaid skirt, a pair of red panties, a tight red cashmere sweater and a matching red bra. A pair of black high heels highlighted the short skirt and her long legs. "Where are we going?"

"General Sanchez is visiting the prison for a short time. He is Captain Gonzales boss. He has requested you. You will be taken to a cell next to his office. I would suggest that you do whatever the General wants. The last time a girl disobeyed him, she was publicly flogged, naked and spread. Then her sentence was increased five years. He is not a person that takes no easily. Now hurry, we do not want to make him wait," waving his hands for her to hurry.

Natalie knew from the outfit that was provided that the General had an interest in her sexually and she was sure that she would have to let him fuck her. She had to get out of her and get home, no matter what was required of her. She was humiliated at how she had responded to what they had done to her. Each time they had stripped her naked, they had forced her to cum for them. No matter what they did, no matter how painful, she always came. She could not help herself, she had always thought about being forced to do things she would normally not do but that was only masturbatory fantasy. It was not suppose to be something that would really happen. Now here she was, dressed like a schoolgirl. To be brought to the General for his sexual plaything and she could only feel the excitement!

"Before we go, raise your skirt above your waist," the guard ordered her. He was young and strong and she felt the excitement as she slowly revealed the red panties to his gaze. His fingers reached down to run over her panty-covered stomach until he felt her bush. His increased the pressure on his fingers and he felt the panties slip inside of her pussy lips, the moisture of her pussy instantly wetting the fragile material. He felt her slip her legs open wider, allowing his access to her near naked sex. "Just as I thought, you are already wet. Such a slut! Too bad you will be wasted on the General. You're going to have to take a shriveled cock inside you when you really want a hard, young cock. Don't worry little girl, I will take care of you when you return to this cell. I will have a nice hard cock ready to plunge between those legs," he laughed as he pulled her from the cell. His fingers moved to his nose, "such a sweet smell, fresh pussy," laughing as they walked down the hall, her heels clicking nervously.

He pushed her into the cell, a duel cell. The first one had a bed, plush by the prison standards. It had large, upright wooden posts in all four corners, the headboard consisting of parallel wooden posts, as did the footboard. Leather straps hung from the corner and a fear ran down her spine as she saw them. They were well worn, having dug a path into the wood posts. The bed was wide with a firm mattress, unlike the small, hard little bed in her other cell. In the other cell, a large, massive cell door connecting them, sat an imposing wooden desk, very ornate and carved. It also had large wooden legs supporting the desktop. In and about the room were various other wooden structures and Natalie surmised them to be for securing female prisoners into bondage allowing open access to their most intimate parts of their bodies. A large cabinet, the door partly open revealed various sexual toys, bondage garments and whips. Her fear level increased, but at the same time she could feel her pussy quiver in anticipation. She sat down on the edge of the bed, her short skirt riding up high on her thighs as she did. Her red panties peaked out from beneath. She inhaled, smelling the sweet smell of her pussy that the guard had alluded to. Maybe she was just a slut, wanting to be abused by all men, taken for their pleasure only.

She turned when she heard the noise of large boots coming down the hallway. The outer door of the adjoining cell opened and in walked in the imposing figure of the General. Her heart dropped when she saw him, not what she had expected, but what she should have expected when the guard mentioned being fucked by a shriveled cock. He was as old as her father and already getting fat. Not the type of individual she had masturbated about, not like the young guard or at least as virile as the Captain. This would be like being fucked by her father, a thought that never entered her mind. She watched as he sat at the desk, not even venturing a look over at her as he did. He was carrying a riding crop, a thick leather, hard strap that he constantly tapped against various objects eliciting loud smacks as he did.

The General breathed in, able to smell the scent of Natalie. His cock hardened at the smell, fresh, young pussy. He had a daughter a little younger then Natalie, a tight, well-built little girl. He often fantasized about her but was able to keep his desires in check by taking out his deepest and most perverted desires on young prison girls that made the mistake of being very attractive in a foreign country. Captain Sanchez and his men had the ability to be able to pick out the most likely candidates, girls travelling alone, vulnerable and subject to a very authoritative figure. The General was never without a girl to play with.

He pulled his chair back from the large, ornate desk and walked to the door connecting his cell with Natalie's. The door creaked open with an eerie and ominous groan. He watched her as she looked towards him. She was as beautiful as they had said. She was a little older then he liked, but the schoolgirl outfit they had provided her gave her the innocence that he loved. The red cashmere sweater clung to her breasts like a second set of skin and he could see her nipples poking through the bra, large and pointed. Her legs were long and the short skirt made them look even longer. He would inspect her first in his office and then would engage in a little bondage with her on the bed. He loved to see them naked, bound tightly, the ropes pressing deeply into their flesh as they squirmed on the bed. He would often use a whip or his riding crop to inspire them to even greater movement. Then it would be time for him to try out her various orifices, dumping a load of cum in as many as he could.

"Step in her, Natalie, isn't it?" His voice was very commanding, the whip slapping on the metal bars for effect.

Natalie stood up, her arms still cuffed tightly behind her back with the metal cuffs and walked towards the General. "Yeeees, Sir," she stuttered in fear as she passed by him into the other cell that served as his office.

He watched the way her ass swung seductively as she passed by him, the short skirt clinging to her buttocks. The General was an ass man, loving to fuck them in a place that they least expected it. He found the excitement in forcing them to take his cock up their backside, hearing their groans of pain as his cock painfully opened their asshole. The grunts and moans when he would fuck them, making them feel every inch of his cock, would make his cock cum quickly. He could often get hard again, the thought of the tight asshole clinging to his cock inspiring him to greater perversion.

She could feel his eyes burning through her body as she walked in front of him towards the desk. She heard him behind her, not turning, fearing what she would see in his eyes.

"I don't think we need those cuffs, Natalie," his hands rummaging around behind her, her body shivering in fear as his hands would "accidentally" run over her ass cheeks. At least she would not be bound.

He pulled them from her and went to the cabinet, placing them inside. He returned to stand behind her again, a new device in his hand. This was a wide leather strap the fit snuggly around her neck. She gulped as he tightened it. Two leather wristbands followed, each with a metal clasp attached to the side. He pulled each wrist up to the neck collar and snapped them in place, her wrists now snuggly up against her neck, her elbows thrust out forward. This also had the purpose of pushing her breasts up and out, now completely unprotected.

Natalie felt the General slip closer behind her now, the smell of cheap cigars on his breath. While he might be old, his cock was not shriveled. It pulsated against her ass cheeks as it touched her.

"You are a lovely girl, Natalie. I am going to do many things to that delightful body of yours. And you are going to let me. Some of them will be painful, but I think you will be surprised at how much your body will enjoy it. Pain, when sexual, is very stimulating. There is a fine line between pleasure and pain and I am going to show you it." His hands moved to her waist and pushed her towards a full-length mirror next to his desk.

Natalie looked at her reflection and blushed in shame. She was perched upon a pair of high heels, a short skirt showing off a large expanse of naked leg. Her breasts were bound tightly by the cashmere sweater, her breasts arched up high, her nipples, hard and erect pushing out the brightly covered fabric. Her elbow were thrust out in front of her, her wrists bound tightly to her leather enclosed neck. She looked ten years younger than her age and so vulnerable, bound before the mirror, on display, the General grinning behind her. She watched, almost as in slow motion, the Generals hands moving down to her waist. She jumped as they touched her hips, his palms molding over her flared hips.

The General moved in closer, his cock pushed up against her ass, twitching in his shorts as it touched her tight ass. He held her hips tightly, not letting her escape from his cock. Another twitch, his cock jumping in anticipation of her. He moved her hips, side to side, watching her in the mirror as her ass seductively slides over his encased cock. "Yes, like that Natalie," arching his ass up, wanting to drill his cock into her asshole, not sure if he could wait much longer. "Keep moving like that," his hands moving up from her hips towards her breasts. He loved the tactile feel of young, firm breasts encased in cashmere. That is what drove him crazy about his daughter. His desire to reach out and touch them. Tonight he would have it, but with Natalie instead.

Natalie let her hips move over his hard cock, her pussy wet at her treatment. She was being used again for the gratification of a man, an older man this time. She stood still as his hands moved towards her upthrust breasts and she did not have to wait long before the large hands totally engulfed her youthful breast flesh. She heard him groan as push his cock harder into her ass as he squeezed her flesh tightly, his hands sliding over the cashmere material.

"Such beautiful tits, Natalie," his hands sliding over the soft material, his fingers clenching and unclenching on her breasts. His fingers sought out her nipples and did not have to travel far. They stood out predominantly, straining the tight sweater.

"Owww, not so hard," his fingers grabbing her large nipples and pinching them tightly. As he did, her ass pushed back in response, banging hard against his cock.

He pinched them again, "fuck back on my cock, Natalie, fuck back," he ordered her. He felt her body tremble in pain as his fingers abused her nipples. He couldn't wait until he had her naked and could abuse her naked nipples. She fucked back in response to the pain, her hips still swinging side to side, still masturbating his hard cock with her young ass. "Such a good girl, Natalie," his fingers loving the feeling of her cashmere encased breasts beneath them. He could not get enough of them, moving between her cleavage, then back to her nipples to force another jerk of her hips onto his cock. He pulled her nipples up, forcing her breasts to pull up and out, his fingers tightening as he pulled them from her body. "Yes, such big nipples, Natalie, so big. They will make excellent targets for me to abuse. I bet you never felt the sting of a whip on your nipples before," his fingers twisting her nipples side to side, her hips dancing about in pain.

It felt like he was trying to tear her nipples from her breasts. She watched him in the mirror as his fingers abused her nipples painfully. She rubbed against his hard cock. If she could make him cum in his shorts, maybe he would leave her breasts alone, she thought.

"I know what you are trying to do Natalie. But I am not ready to cum yet. I want to cum inside your tight holes, all of them." He reached down, releasing her breasts from his tight grip and moved his hands down her sweater and over her abdomen. He gripped her skirt with his hands and slowly let it inch up her legs. "Spread your legs for me, Natalie, be a good girl and let me at that sweet pussy," he ordered her. His fingers tightened onto her stomach, "spread little girl, I'm not going to tell you again!" He watched in satisfaction as her legs timidly moved wider apart, his hands pulling her skirt up higher again. "Good girl, wider, spread them wider," pleased as he saw her reflection in the mirror. Her red panties appeared as her skirt slid up her legs. Higher and higher he pulled it up until it was bunched at her waist.

"I gave you panties that are one size too small. See how they bunch between your pussy lips," watching her eyes as she gazed into the mirror of her reflection. "I can see that they are already wet." One hand ran down to her bush and fingers pressed between her pussy lips, feeling the pussy juice soaked panties. He pushed her lips apart farther, allowing the panties to push deeper in between. "Such a beautiful pussy you have, Natalie." He brought his fingers up to her nose, "see how nice you smell?" He moved the wet fingers to her lips and ran them over her bottom lip. "Open your mouth and suck my finger into it," he ordered her.

Natalie inhaled the smell of her sex. She allowed his fingers to play over her lips. She opened her mouth and allowed his fingers to enter, moving quickly to trap them tightly with her lips. The fingers began to stroke in and out of her mouth, just like a cock as she ran her tongue over it. She could taste the salty flavor of her pussy juice. The finger pushed farther into her mouth, hitting the back, making her gag as it pushed against her throat. The leather collar on her neck prevented her from turning her head away, forced to allow his fingers access to her throat. "GGGAGG," the finger again attempting to enter her throat.

"Soon it will be my cock doing that. You'd like that wouldn't you Natalie, like having my cock forced down your throat? Unable to stop me from dumping a load of my hot cum into the confines of your mouth."

"Time to shed some of those clothes, I think you would look very sexy just in the red panties and bra and those nice high heels." He grabbed the small knife nearby and set about shredding her cashmere sweater. It tore easily, falling to the floor in seconds. He unhooked her skirt in the back, pulled the zipper down and gravity dropped it to the floor, puddling at her feet. "Such a great, young body, Natalie," his hands returning to her bra encased breasts.

She saw her image in the mirror, clad only in matching red bra and panties, the panties clinging to every curve and nook of her body. The panties were pushed between her pussy lips, already soaked in her juices. She could feel the panties bunching between the cheeks of her ass, pushed tightly against her asshole. She waited as the Generals clammy, big hands moved back to her breasts, again squeezing them tightly, a groan from his lips and he pushed with his cock reveling the pleasure of playing with the tits of a young girl. She felt her tits being pushed up, almost escaping the bra as the General kneaded the firm young tits.

"Keep fucking side to side, Natalie," he ordered her, his fingers running over the naked breast meat slipping out the top of her bra. Her breasts were so magnificent, so firm. He always loved a nice set of tits and could not wait until he stripped her bare of her bra. Eager to plunder the treasure, his knife made quick work of the straps of the bra, slicing through them like butter. He unsnapped the back, holding the bra in place as her breast tried to break free of their restraints. "And now for the unveiling, Natalie, your naked breasts, all for me," his cock twitching against her ass cheeks.

Natalie watched as the General's hands slowly allowed her bra to slip down, first the top of her breasts revealed in the mirror. Then more and more of her breast revealed until finally the tops of her dark brown areolas appeared in her reflection. She shuddered as she was slowly stripped of her clothes, her body quivering in excitement of the forced stripping, unable to stop the humiliation of the General from baring her young body. She felt the cool air of the cell hit her nipples and they instantly popped into hardness, the pink tips standing out like hard erasers. The bra fell to the floor and her firm tits stood out proudly, not needing the bra to support them, the hard tips almost pointed. "MMMM," she shuddered as the cold hands of the General returned to her warm breasts, the clamminess of his hands engulfing the flesh as he sought out his prize.

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