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Winston indicated to Howard to unfasten Karen who was so joyously licking and sucking his large cock. As soon as she was free Winston lifted her as if she was a featherweight, "I shan't drop you," he whispered, "Just keep sucking me." Not only did she happily do as he asked she placed her hands around his large balls, 'God' she thought, ' he's built like a fucking stallion.'

Then she felt herself being turned upside down, Winston's head levered her legs open and she felt his hot tongue lick her pussy, she was wet already but the sticky inner labia seemed to secrete its own moisture and she felt his tongue lick the length of her clit, then his lips drew it from its hood and he sucked on it. he clit became engorged like a small prick and she shuddered as she felt his tongue, his long tongue enter her channel. 'Gawd, he's fucking me with his tongue.' She felt herself being lowered to the bed, still in the 69 position. She knew that it would not be long before she would 'cum' and she wanted that big dick in her cunt.

Suddenly, for the first time since he came out the bathroom she guiltily thought of her husband. Glancing across at him she was surprised to see that not only was he not shouting out in a rage for them to leave his wife alone Gary actually had a 'hard on', his underpants were tented by his hard dick. Winston followed her gaze and then told Howard to remove Gary's pants but to leave him tied up.

"Don't want him wanking as we fuck his wife do we Howard?" he said," then you come over here, let this cocksucker have a go at your prick while I fuck her"

"Would you like that bitch?"

"Mmm yes" mumbled Karen. Winston moved over her as she spread her legs wide then Winston changed his mind. He lay back on the bed with his 10 inches standing straight up and motioned Karen to lower herself on to it.

Holding the lips of her cunt wide, Karen slowly took the massive tool inside her cunt. The erotic sight was too much for Gary, they heard him whimper and to the surprise of the three watchers they saw Gary's prick grow before their eyes, far bigger than she had ever seen it Karen admitted later. The knob end almost glowed a deep reddish purple and without so much as a finger laid to it, Gary shot his load.

Great dollops of creamy thick 'cum' shot out from the end as he panted a groaned, it seemed as if it would never stop, then his prick deflated and he swayed forward on his bonds almost in a faint.

The sight galvanised Karen - "Oh God Winston fuck me fuck me", she raised herself on his prick then sinking down taking the whole 10 inches something she thought she could never do then up again

It was as if she was riding a horse at a trot she rode her saddle stallion fucking herself. She wanted to cum, she wanted Winston to cum but he wasn’t ready, instead he lifted her of his prick and told her to go and lick her husband dick then return for the next session. Karen was so eager to comply she actually forgot that she and her husband were prisoners of gangsters...

To Be Continued…

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