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Part 1: The Rape

You stumble out of the club and call a taxi. I pull my cab up along side you and you get in giving me your destination. I notice at once that you are very good looking. Not the usual late night trashy skirt, but more poised and elegant. Even though you are obviously slightly the worse for drink you speak clearly and confidently. You are calm and confident and very sexy.

You are dressed in a knee length skirt and matching jacket. Dark blue, I think, but it's hard to tell under the orange street lamps. I notice the sheen of fine nylon on your legs and you are wearing calf length boots. You look very sexy in a demure way.

I drive off and like all bored taxi drivers start to mentally undress my female fare. I watch you in my mirror. Your face rhythmically illuminated by passing lights. You are beautiful and I can feel my cock twitching in my shorts.

You notice me looking at you and move to one side to sit behind me. Now I can't see you and decide to make conversation. But you rebuke my attempt fiercely.

'Just drive you fucking asshole', you snap in response.

This angers me. I resent your confidence and cock-sureness. I try to plead that I am just being friendly but again you shoot me down.

'No you're not. You just want to fuck me, like all the rest. Well in your dreams you fucking pratt.'

I drive on in silence and seething with anger. 'Fucking bitch,' I'm thinking. 'Who does she think she is.'

My route takes me along past the common by the Downs. In a flash of anger and inspiration I turn onto the Boundary Road and head into the darkness.

'Where are you going,' you demand from behind me.

'Shortcut,' I mutter.

'No it isn't. Go back!' you insist. There is a little less confidence in your voice now.

I seize my chance and pull off the road into a hollow surrounded by high bushes and trees and immediately cut the engine and turn off the lights. Almost in the same instant you open the door and bolt for it. But I catch up with you within ten feet. I pull you to the ground and drag you back to the car. I push you face down onto the back seat and climb in to sit on your legs.

'Time you learned some manners Missy'

'Fuck off. Let me go,' You demand.

'No way. You need to learn to be nice. Here's the deal. You show me your tits and pussy and I'll take you home and no charge,' I laugh at this.

'You fucking pervert rapist. You're fucking dead meat'

With that I decide you need some persuasion. Still keeping my weight on you I lean over and retrieve something from the driver door bin.

Your eyes are wide with surprise and shock when you see what I have. It's a gun. A handgun.

'I keep this for protection. But tonight it's going to help me get what I want.'

Moving off you I hold you at gunpoint and tell you to sit up and strip for me.

You are very fearful now and move slowly. Trembling and moaning at me not to hurt you, you begin to undress. Jacket and blouse go first, and then you wriggle out of your skirt. You go to remove your boots but I tell you to stop.

You are sitting before me now in a black bra, tights and boots. I can see that your panties under the tights are black and match the bra. Your tits look magnificent and my cock is straining now inside my shorts. I want to see your boobs and tell you to remove the bra. You reach back and undo it and slowly it falls away from your breasts. My breath catches when I see the glorious sight of your naked boobs. 'Fucking fantastic,' I breathe.

My cock is rigid and I squeeze it through my jeans. Then I have a brilliant idea. Lying back still pointing the gun at you I order 'Undo me!' motioning at my trouser front and the obvious ridge of my cock.

Tearfully you complain 'You said just strip and you'd let me go.'

'Well I fucking lied. Need I remind you of this?' I say waving the gun.

Sniffing quietly you reach forward and undo my buttons and I raise myself so you can slip my jeans and shorts over my hips. My cock springs out and stands erect and hard. Almost painfully hard. I can't ever remember having such a powerful erection. You stare at my cock and I think I can see that, despite your predicament, you are a little impressed.

'Stroke it!' I order.

Gingerly you reach over and clasp my iron rod in your cool hand. You begin to pump emphatically. Almost as if you are thinking that if you can make me cum it will all be over. 'Gently, more slowly,' I chastise and tap your skull firmly but not too hard with the gun.

You look at me with real anger but slow down and wank me slowly. I let you continue for a several moments. You are good. Nice touch. Lovely soft hands. I seriously consider letting you off with a hand job but then remember the way you spoke to me. Besides a guy doesn't get into this situation every day and I want to take full advantage.

'You know, you have a lovely mouth. Nice full soft looking lips.'

'No! please... Look you can fuck me. I won't tell anyone. Please, don't make me do that.'

'Suck it bitch. Or I'll blow your fucking brains out,' I push the gun to your head and press your face towards my cock. I have been told I have a nice suckable cock. And I am not long on duty and in the shower hardly and hour before. So I know this 'punishment' isn't too onerous.

I was right. Your mouth is beautifully soft. Your lips enveloped my cock head and I feel the heat of your mouth. It is glorious and I gasp in pleasure. I let you suck for a few minutes then take hold of your head and hold it down onto my cock and begin to fuck your mouth with pumping movements of my hips.

Should I cum in your mouth? No. Not yet. Too much fun to be had.

I push you back just in time and lie panting as I regain my composure. I just held off. When I look up the sight that greets me is amazing. Your hair, which had been up is now completely dishevelled and hangs across your face. You look wanton and there was a definite flush to your complexion.

On a hunch I sit up and quickly push you back on the seat. My hand delves between your tight-clad thighs to clasp your crotch. Yes I was right. Hot and damp.

'You're fucking enjoying this, you tramp'

'Fuck off,' is all you can manage in reply.

'Time to see that pussy'

Resigned to your fate you began to drag the waistband of your tights over your hips. I prod you with the gun.

'No. Tear them off!' I let the cold steel of the muzzle drag across your tits and down your belly and into your crotch. I twist it just enough to pluck the nylon and them press it to your clit. You gasp and whimper.

'Now, fucking tear them off. Show me your hot cunt you fucking slag.'

Dutifully you tear at the material making the small tear into a gaping hole revealing your soft milky thighs and the gusset of your panties.

'Enough. Very nice.' I drag the cold gun muzzle across the newly exposed flesh. You start at its touch and whimper as I trace along each thigh and across your pussy. With the muzzle I prise your gusset to one side and probe your cunt. I can see the wetness on the steel and press it into your flesh. Instinctively your legs part and I watch in awe as the metal shaft passes between your labia and into your sex.

You are gasping and moaning in turn and your eyes are closed. You don't seem to care now. You want the pleasure and so I drive the weapon into you and began pumping your cunt. Fucking you with this dangerous object. You don't even seem to register that I might shoot you in the cunt.

To my surprise you start running your fingers through your cunt hair. You have an amazing thatch of dark hair and your fingers are combing through it and occasionally pressing on the button of your clit. You begin playing with yourself in earnest and I watch as you wank as I fuck you with the gun.

After a few minutes you cum hard and double-up, twitching and moaning. I withdraw the gun and let your orgasm subside.

'Enjoyed that, didn't you. Well don't forget about me,' with that I shuffle forward to place my cock at the entrance of your cunt. I press and slide into you easily. You are so wet. I begin fucking you with a running commentary on how good it feels. You say nothing and just stare into my face with a look of hatred. This just makes me fuck you harder and harder until I can see your face contort with the irresistible pleasure.

You are moaning now at every thrust. I lean forward to kiss you deeply and snake my tongue into your mouth. You shake your head and bite my lips in return. Calling me for all the bastard, cunt pervert names you can muster. Then I feel your hands on my ass and your insults turn to imperatives. 'Fuck me. Fucking harder. Fuck me...'

Then I cum. Powerfully and repeatedly. The orgasm washes over me and I keep fucking and cumming for ages. My cock spits out what feels like gallons of spunk into your beautiful, hairy pussy.

As I withdraw I slid down your body so my face is at your cunt. I lap out a great mouthful of spunk and return to kiss you deeply. At first you resist but soon you are lapping at my mouth to get every last drop.

I move down again to lick you once more and this time work you to another orgasm with my tongue and the gun muzzle.

We lie side by side panting. Hearts pounding. Silent for a long time.

'What are you going to do?' you ask in a quiet frightened voice.

'Well you are going to suck me again and when I'm hard I am going to fuck your ass'

I sit up and point the gun at you and you slavishly bend forward to suck me once more. It is just as wonderful as before and I am soon hard and instruct you to kneel on the seat. I get behind you and tear away the remaining soaked clothing and run my cock head along your slit and up to your ass. I press my cock into your puckered brown hole and you gasp in pain. Slowly I ease it all the way in and begin fucking you. Your moans of pleasure were mixed with cries of pain as I pound your ass. Then I reach under, and guide your hand to your clit. Immediately you start playing with yourself again and I add to your pleasure by scraping the cold steel muzzle down your back.

With the tightness of your ass I am soon ready to cum but decide that one final humiliation is required. At the last moment I make you turn round and cum on your face and mouth. I then sit back and make you wank at gunpoint to a final orgasm.

I let you dress and, with the remnants of your tights, I tie your wrists and ankles and put you in the front passenger seat. I drive you to your door.

'Your choice,' I say 'You can call the police and this will become a public story. Or you can be a good girl and I promise that next time I'll bring a friend and we will tie you up and do all sorts of unspeakable things to you.


Part 2: The Reaction

'You're a fucking bastard..'

'Yeah, and you're a fucking slut. Get out of my cab before I make you blow me again.

I untie your hands and watch as you untie your feet. You climb out and walk away on unsteady legs. You feel my spunk run down your thighs and you can still taste me in your mouth.

You are angry. You go straight to the shower strip off and climb under the hot water. You scrub yourself clean of the sweat and mess of the rape. RAPE. That's what it was. That bastard. Cunt. Fucking bastard cunt.

Your mind is burning with anger as you stand in the stream of water but then you realise you are no longer washing yourself. Your hand is in your crotch and you are playing with yourself. Your fingers are inside your pussy. You try to convince yourself that you are just washing out my foul spunk but you know that's a lie. Your mind is filled with the scenes of the past hour. The gun. The obscenity. The orgasms. Fuck the orgasms. You can't remember cumming so hard. Your mind is focused on the moments when you came. Flashes of you crying out in pleasure and you remember crying out to be fucked. 'Christ, maybe he's right, you are a slut.'

Your fingers are flying now and you suddenly double-up in a crashing orgasm. You moan aloud and slide to the floor as the heat of your orgasm passes. You lie for ages. The water pounding your body. Eventually you get out and dry off. You slide into bed naked. But lying in the dark you can't stop reliving the scenes in that car. You can't sleep. You are too angry. No. Not angry. Your fingers probe your pussy. It's hot and slippery. 'Christ, you are still aroused.' You are angry with yourself now. How can you be so turned on by the humiliation of having been raped. But were you raped? You begged for it. Wanted it like a common tramp. You felt a surge of lust when he made you tear your tights open. You sucked his cock. You'd never done that before. He came in your mouth. Dirty bastard. But you liked it.

You are lying on your front and your hand is clasping your pussy. Two fingers are inside you and you hump your hand. The humping becomes more frantic and you reach round to probe your bum with your other hand. You'd never had anal sex before tonight. You thought it disgusting. He made you do it. Bastard.

But you loved it. You want it again. Your fingers try to create the sensation of being fucked that way but fail miserably. You want it. But you know you won't get it again unless you submit to more humiliation. To your surprise that thought makes you cum again. You gasp and moan into the pillow and then, as the climax subsides, you drift off to sleep.

Next morning you wake late. It's Saturday. You are meeting your friend Kaz to go shopping. You go through the motions of getting ready and make your way to the rendezvous with Kaz. You have a normal day. Shopping, coffee, lunch, then more shopping. You have a good time, but always, in the back of your mind, there is the lingering image of the rape.

At one point you pass the Anne Summers' sex shop near the mall. You have passed it a thousand times before but for the first time you are curious. What do they sell in there?

'Let's go in here,' you suddenly blurt out, and pull Kaz towards the door.

'For heaven's sake why? What if someone sees us? What are you thinking, Lou?' Kaz answers and pulls you past the door.

'I'm just curious. That's all. No big deal'

'Those places are just for perverts. It's probably full of dirty old men flicking through magazines and fondling the merchandise. It's disgusting.'

You don't argue. You allow Kaz to pull you on.

'I need some new jeans' she carries on not realising the turmoil you feel.

In Debenhams you are looking through the jeans with Kaz. She picks out a couple of pairs and heads for the changing area. You go with her as you have done a hundred times. Kaz enters the booth and you lean in by the side of the curtain. Kaz removes her coat and then wriggles out of the skirt she is wearing. Her back is to you as she bends to remove the skirt. For the first time you notice how pert her bum is. She is wearing sheer black tights and underneath she has on skimpy thong type lacy pants. She really has lovely legs and a cute bum. Suddenly you imagine pushing her to the floor and tearing open the gusset of her tights and licking her pussy. You can imagine its heat and the taste of her juices. You can hear her moans of pleasure as you lick her to orgasm. You are lost in this revere. Staring at your friend. Aware only of the feelings of arousal and lust. Lust for a woman. Lust for sex. You just want sex and you don't care who it's with...

'Lou! What do you think I said...'

You snap back, realising Kaz is waiting for your opinion. She has obviously asked more than once already.

'Good. Good, very sexy.'


'I mean very nice. Looks good on you.'

'Jesus Lou, what's the matter with you today? You want to go into that sex shop, then you tell me I look sexy. Have you gone queer or something? Cause if you have don't be trying it on with me, it's just too creepy for words.'

'Don't be silly, you respond 'I just... Oh nothing ignore me I'm just a bit pre-occupied at the moment.

She's right. What is your problem? You can't stop feeling aroused. Even thinking about having sex with your friend. A woman! That bastard has made you into a pervert. Or is it just that the experience has opened you to new experiences? You decide to put it out of your mind and enjoy the rest of the day.

By the time you get back to Kaz's house you are aware that your panties are soaked. Despite trying to forget about sex you have felt aroused most of the day. The plan now is for you and Kaz to spend a relaxing evening at her place. A bottle of wine and a video and you will stay the night. But you don't want to do that. You know that you are going to want to masturbate again and you can't risk being heard. You're not even sure if you can wait for bedtime. Besides, you're not even sure if you can trust yourself not to make a pass at Kaz. You want an orgasm and you'd like it to be by someone else.

'I can't stay,' you suddenly announce.

'Why not? We always do this after a day out.'

'I know. I'm sorry. I just don't feel well. I need to be home. Sorry. I'll call you tomorrow.' With that you head out and get into your car.

As you drive home your head is a whirl of confused thoughts. You can't understand this. You have always thought sex was just something you did with a steady boyfriend. Never that important. You'd always focused on your career. You are ambitious and that has made you very determined. Sometimes you've felt you may even be aloof. Yes you'd had men. But it was all very gentle and polite. You made love in bed, with the lights out. Nice, but no fuss, no mess. You insisted on condoms even though you took your own precautions as well. The men dealt with the messy bit.

You'd enjoyed it. Of course you had. You didn't always cum but that was the men. Too quick. You didn't encourage oral sex as it embarrassed you. And you had never sucked a cock before last night. But now you wanted it all. You wanted to be licked and to suck. You wanted to be fucked, not made love to. You wanted to taste spunk again. But most of all you wanted to be fucked up the ass. You wanted to be filled and fucked hard. You wanted to be dirty. You wanted the mess.

Would he come tonight? Your fingers are pressing into your crotch as you drive and suddenly you realised the truth. You want him. You want to be raped and tied up and abused. You want to be fucked in every way possible. You want to be gang-raped and covered in spunk. Would he come tonight? Please let him come tonight. Your whole body is aching for sex. Dirty, nasty sex, with nasty brutish men. Big men, with big dicks that will fill you and hurt you.

You are panting and begging for him to come and your pussy is burning. You arrive home hardly remembering the journey at all. You run to the door and fall in. Ripping open your jeans you fall onto the hall floor just inside the door. The door is still ajar as you wriggle your jeans and pants down enough to get your fingers to your pussy. You are sprawled on the floor in the darkness wanking with two hands. Your eyes are closed and you are straining towards your orgasm, panting and gasping.

'Didn't I tell you she was a dirty slut' it's his voice in your head. No. He is here. Your eyes snap open and you see them silhouetted in the doorway. There are two men. No three. Or is it four? You can't tell.

You scramble backwards as they enter the house. You hear the door shut and there is darkness and hands grab you and lift you off the floor. You struggle but it is useless. You swear at them to leave but are stopped short by a ringing blow to your face. You are carried upstairs and into your bedroom. You are dropped onto the floor with a thud that momentarily knocks the wind out of you. You feel hands on you again and your clothes are stripped from your body. In a few moments you are naked and lying curled on your side on the floor, arms crossed in front of your body. Torchlight shines in your eyes and traces down your body.
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