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This is a story about Susan, a teacher at Randall College who made a very big mistake one day. She had been fantasizing for months about one of her exchange students, who at 22 was experienced in the ways of women. He now had control over her and she didn't seem to be able to find a way to stop his humiliating demands.


Susan sat at her desk in total confusion. For some unknown reason, her tummy felt like it was filled with butterflies every time Kaz, the foreign exchange student talked to her. Just a moment ago, he had stared into her dark, blue eyes and said in no uncertain terms, "I want you to wear the blouse and skirt, nothing else is that clear?"

Defeated once again, she cast her eyes downward and nodded. Then she asked Kaz why he tormented her and humiliated her like he did. His answer was, "You have one of the sexiest and most attractive bodies on campus and it give me a huge adrenaline rush to see it used and abused." His openness shocked her and filled her with total helplessness. It was true, she would do anything to keep his incriminating evidence from the school trustees and he took full advantage of her situation.

Oh, how could she do this? What would she tell her husband when he saw the tattoo? The dilemma was overpowering and Susan worried for many hours, until the dreadful hour finally arrived. Almost in a trance, she drove to the parlor and parked in front. Her heart jumped a beat as she saw Kaz inside talking to the owner. Surely he wasn't serious and would not make her get a tattoo.

He had explained it very thoroughly. She was to dress in the shear blouse, which was so see through that Susan blushed just thinking about wearing it. This time the skirt was a Scottish plaid, which looked very similar in design to the schoolgirl type she was forced to wear on other occasions. Yes, he wanted her to look like a young student and demanded she dress that way. She was so ashamed as she knew that this outfit would expose her breasts through the almost non-existent material. As long as she was careful, the skirt would cover her nudity and nobody would even know she wasn't wearing panties. She would never do this if it weren't for the mistaken phone conversations that Kaz was using to blackmail her.

Reluctantly, Susan went inside and quietly shut the door behind her. Suddenly she felt trapped without any possible escape and she had trouble breathing from the closed in feeling. She felt like crossing her arms as the shear blouse allowed both men to feast on her womanly endowments. Looking in their direction, Susan could see them staring directly at her chest. It took every ounce of courage to even come through the door and now she stood motionless as the two devoured her with their eyes.

It was apparent to Jim, the tattoo artist that Susan was truly a beautiful woman. The young schoolgirl look made her look extremely sexy and desirable. Her face gave away her fear of being there and he made a conscious decision to make her feel more at ease. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail, which made her look even younger. He would never guess that she was 34.

She didn't have the biggest breasts but they were gorgeous with prominent nipples showing through the transparent cloth. This was one job he would relish and was very thankful to his friend Kaz, who had told him all about Susan. Yes, she was an exhibitionist who wanted to get a small tattoo on her left breast, Kaz had said. He went on to say that she dreamed of having sex with a tall dark stranger and he assured Jim that she would not resist any attempt to fill her cup with cum.

Jim took over immediately and asked Susan to come into the back room where he would be performing the task. There was a padded table in the center of the room and he motioned her towards it. Reluctantly, she moved to stand beside the table and Susan felt small and intimidated by his confident manner. The room was brightly lit and there were pictures of tattoos covering the walls. Scanning the detailed art, Susan saw the beauty in some but some were definitely not for her.

Jim felt a sudden urge deep in his groin as he placed his hand on Susan's upper arm and guided her onto the padded mattress. Her skin was so warm and silky which only seemed to enflame his mind even more than it already was. He helped her onto the pad, laying her down on her back. This was not the normal way he did business or the way he would give a woman a breast tattoo, but Kaz had insisted on this procedure. "What was he going to do?" he asked himself, "Surely not refuse when something so sexy was offered to him."

Jim was skeptical when Kaz had presented the plan to him but once he saw how sexy Susan really was, he was truly glad he went along with the scheme. Kaz had said that Jim could do whatever he wanted with Susan and he would ensure that she co-operated. Now that he saw how desirable her small tits were, he was going to enjoy them like no others. And he marveled at her slender muscular legs, which looked much longer in the short, pleated skirt, as she lay prone on the table.

He had to give Kaz credit for finding such a beautiful girlfriend and she did look very sexy dressed as she was. The part he was really looking forward to was finding out if Kaz was telling the truth about Susan wearing no panties. When he said that she kept her pussy shaven and silky smooth, Jim had to struggle to hide his immense desire.

Kaz didn't have too much trouble convincing Jim to go along with his scheme. All he said to Jim was that he was welcome to fuck his girlfriend but the only stipulation was that he had to tease her first. He could touch her or caress her wherever or however he wanted, for as long as it took to put the tattoo on her body. Kaz had assured Jim that after the art was completed, he could use Susan's body as often as he liked.

Jim was going to pinch himself to see if this was in fact real and he was not dreaming. Who would believe that a guy would offer his girl to any man and that he would not stop him from fucking her? To top it all off, she would not refuse to do anything and he was planning to take full advantage of this situation. If this young man wanted to see his girlfriend fucked by another man, he was only too happy to be that man. His mind was working overtime trying to come up with the proper plan to seduce Susan. Hell, he would even force himself on her if need be as this young boy was not going to protect her.

Jim's arms were completely tattooed and he looked just like the stereotype biker dude. He wore blue jeans with a tight t-shirt that showed off his big, muscular arms. He began talking but Susan didn't really hear what he had to say, as she was fretting about being there.

"Please take off your blouse," he repeated and she heard this time. Glancing down, she could see her hard nipples pressing outward and she shivered realizing they were so obvious. "Is that really necessary," she asked almost pleading for him to reconsider but knowing full well that she would have to expose herself for him to apply the tattoo.

"I think if we are to give you a breast tattoo that you will have to bare it. There will be lots of ink sprayed around," he explained, "and we don't want to get it all over your pretty blouse," he reasoned with her.

A quick glance to Kaz was enough to coax her to carry out Jim's request. Slowly, her shaking fingers went to the buttons and one by one, undid them. Pausing for a brief minute before succumbing to the vile request, she then raised her shoulders and slipped off the blouse and handed it to Kaz.

Kaz smiled at her deliberate movements and knew Susan was dreading the experience. Both men's hungry eyes grew wide in admiration as the girly tits came into view and they could feel their cocks jerk in anticipation. Naked, Susan's breasts were even more desirable than before and Jim could hardly wait to get his hands on them.

Susan kept her eyes cast downward and was afraid to look at the men for fear of crying. She had never felt so humiliated in her entire life as here she was exposing herself like a common hussy. A professional teacher just didn't do that she kept telling herself.

Jim took her completely by surprise when he suddenly pinched her erect nipple between his rough fingers and said, "Now I think we should put the tattoo as close as possible to the nipple so it doesn't show when you wear a bra." Susan put her hand to his and attempted to push his hand off her hardened bud. He merely held steady and Kaz quickly let Susan know she was not to resist. His steely glare told her to do whatever Jim requested or he would surely tell about her past indiscretions with him.

Taking advantage of Susan's vulnerable situation, Jim squeezed and rolled the large knob, which caused her to give a moan of protest. Another quick look into Kaz's eyes, and Susan relaxed on the pad allowing Jim to caress her tit. Soon he had the nipple throbbing and almost ready to burst. Susan's breathing became a little faster and a quite ragged as she struggled to control her emotions.

"What do you think if we put it about here?" he indicated and Susan looked to see where. Then he pinched the enlarged nipple even harder and pulled it off to one side so as to flatten the breast. Quickly she agreed with the location in an attempt to get him to start working. He could see the agony on her face as he rolled the bud so he decided to have some more fun. Without any hesitation, he pinched the neglected bud with his other hand and Susan gasped with surprise from his sudden display of bravery.

He was talking and saying how it might be better to put one on the other breast as well but Susan was not listening. All she was trying to do was ignore the throbbing nipples and pretend that what he was doing did not affect her. In her mind, she was acting nonchalant but Jim could tell from her rapid breathing that she was getting aroused.

Jim almost fainted when he glanced down and saw that Susan's skirt had ridden up her thigh. In reality, Kaz had slyly shifted it upward and the bottom hem was riding at crotch level. Jim visualized moving to the foot of the table, which would enable him to see under the skirt. Susan was so focused on fighting the building desire caused by her nipples being caressed that she didn't feel what Kaz had done. Also, laying flat on the table didn't allow her to see her lower extremities.

Kaz caught Jim's eyes looking at Susan's legs and knew he would soon shift his attention. Smiling with satisfaction, he knew his plan was working perfectly. The tattoo of a hammer and cycle on Susan's tit was truly evil and one she would have to explain for the rest of her life. He wondered how she would do that and what she would say to her husband.

Right now his cock ached from being hard as he could see the distress in Susan's face from what Jim was doing. It would only get better as time wore on and his stomach quivered in anticipation.

When Jim released Susan's nipples, she breathed a big sigh of relieve. Calmly, her hands went to cover her titties and try to quell the fire that built beneath.

In the meantime, Jim moved to his art table to get some tools and begin the task ahead. He picked up the instruments and turned, almost dropping the delicate items as he got his first glance of sweet heaven.

Susan was holding her legs together tightly but it still allowed him to see under the skirt. With the hem riding so high, the bright lights illuminated the bald, puffy lips and it was obvious that they were shaved like Kaz had mentioned. The hood of her labia was separated slightly and revealed the tip of the ultimate treasure.

Jim could not remember seeing anything so lovely and desirable in all his life. Oh yes, he was going to suck that clit and taste all its bountiful delights. The tip of his tongue quivered just thinking about it. Then he would stick his big cock in her and fuck her until she came on his stick. He trembled with the thought and reluctantly proceeded to the side of the table.

Susan saw Jim's intent stare and suddenly realized that her skirt was pulled up way too high. She quickly reached down and lowered the hem as best she could without being too obvious. Noticing her futile attempts at decency, both men chuckled as they realized that soon Jim would be feasting on the luscious riches.

Jim began the preparation for the small tattoo and decided to mix business with pleasure. Doing all the proper things, he cleaned and sterilized the area, readying it for the needle. Then he thought of a way to make Susan suffer a little, while he performed his artistry.

"I need you to pinch your nipple and hold it away from where I am working," he told her. She didn't understand what he meant and laid motionless. "There will be ink sprayed around and I don't want any to spoil your beautiful nipple," he explained. "Just keep it pulled off to the side so I don't hurt it or get any ink on it," he reasoned with her. Her small fingers did as he requested and innocently she pinched the delicate bud, which the cool air had already made erect.

Then he went to work and when the first needle pierced Susan's tender flesh, she let out a small cry of pain. Quickly, the needled instrument drew the outline and after a few seconds, the pain subsided as her skin became numb. The gun vibrated and buzzed as he worked and Susan closed her eyes in an attempt to relax.

Slyly, Jim reached across Susan's chest as he drew and purposely brushed her right nipple with his forearm every time he moved. Susan became very aware of his bold caresses but was unable to prevent him from doing it. She wanted to put her free hand up to cover her nakedness but didn't want to alert the two men that her nipples were throbbing. After awhile, her fingers holding the left nipple seemed to pinch a little too hard and the caress was causing the bud to ache. Her mind was racing, "If only he would hurry so I could let go of my nipple," she said to herself.

Then Jim paused in his work and said, "Now lets have a look." With that, he pushed Susan's hand from her throbbing bud and instantly she gave a sign of relief. Not to give her time to recover, Jim wiped the complete area with an alcohol swab and innocently brushed the standing nip every time he wiped. The cool liquid enflamed her nipple even more and the air made it rock hard.

Suddenly, Jim pinched the free nipple with his left hand and Susan looked shocked by the bold caress. She was about to protest when Kaz pinched her arm slightly to remind her that she was to be obedient. With a shrug of her shoulders, Susan relaxed back on the mat.

When no protests came from Susan, Jim became bolder and now pinched both nipples at the same time. "I think another tattoo on this breast would look nice, don't you?" he asked. Susan wanted to yell at him, "Don't touch my nipples you bastard," but instead said "Not today as it hurts too much for me to get another one right now."

Jim continued talking about another drawing but Susan didn't hear as her tummy was churning madly from what he was doing. It was like her hands were bound and she was not able to resist his assault. Then he twisted both nipples and pulled them to the sides, which brought a moan of protest from deep, down in Susan's throat. Again she wanted to scream, "Please don't do that," not because it hurt so badly but because it made her nipples ache from being so erect. "Oh, I hope they don't notice that I am so flushed," she thought as she blushed from embarrassment.

A plan formed in Jim's devilish mind and he reluctantly released the enflamed nubs. The relief was instantaneous for Susan and she attempted to gain control of her breathing, which had quickened.

His words hit her like a ton of bricks and panic filled her innocent body. "I think a small tattoo near your pussy would look nice and I will even do it for free since I like you two," Jim said. As soon as he said it, Kaz agreed and told Jim that Susan would be okay with it too. Franticly, Susan looked at Kaz but didn't dare say what she felt. No, this can't be happening, she thought and little sobs of defeat escaped her mouth.

Looking at Susan's midsection, there really wasn't a need to raise the skirt much more than it already was but Jim became the ultimate actor. "Susan, could you please undo your skirt and lower it so I can see where the tattoo would look best," he said as he gave a big smile. Yes, he could just pull the hem up and do it, but he wanted her to feel the humiliation of exposing herself.

Susan held off as long as possible until she felt the probing pinch from Kaz and knew she was to obey. Slowly, her fingers went to the clasp, undoing it. Then her shaking fingers grabbed the tab of the zipper and the sound was music to Jim's ears. Susan let out a small cry as she reluctantly pushed the waist of the skirt downwards. The few inches she lowered it didn't allow Jim to see the impending rewards and his heart began to race like crazy. He felt like reaching out and pulling the skirt all the way off but decided to continue with his evil plan.

"That's not far enough and I need it all the way down," he insisted and waited for Susan to comply. With another sob, she obediently lowered the skirt until it was below her crotch. When the shaved cunt and reddish lips came into view, Jim's cock almost snapped in two as it pushed outwards into the denim jeans. It was all he could do to not jump her bones right away and he just stared in lust at the beautiful sight.

Susan could see the desire building in his face and closed her eyes as she realized she was willingly exposing herself to a strange man. She would never in a million years do this if it weren't for the threatening evidence that Kaz held over her.

When his burning fingers touched her flesh, the electric shock almost made Susan fall off the table. She held her legs pressed tightly together but his fingers were just a mere inch or two from her crotch. Maybe he couldn't see her most private part she reasoned but from below her body, Jim could see the wetness clearly. If he didn't get some satisfaction in a hurry, he would surely explode was all that was going through his mind.

Both men grinned with approval as they witnessed Susan's body twitch and jerk as Jim's roving fingers moved over the clean-shaven area. Her breathing was getting quite ragged as she desperately fought to keep some measure of control. It took every bit of strength she had to lay on the padded top and not jump up and run for it. His fingers were getting much braver as they traced a path across the most sensitive skin, coming dangerously close to the wet lips.

Susan was shocked back to reality by Jim saying, "I hear a lot of women have their clits pierced, do you Susan?" She opened her eyes and stared at him while shaking her head in response to his question. Suddenly, she sensed that he was going to caress her and she was going to allow him to do it. His fingers deliberately traced a path to the 'V' at the top of her thighs and gently pushed downward. Feeling the pressure and his need to spread her wide, Susan's body shuddered as she obediently forced her legs to open. His demanding fingers tapped the sides of both thighs, telling her that she was to spread even wider. With a little sob, she relented and did as he ordered.

Her eyes remained as they were as she saw him look down, knowing what he was looking for. Susan sucked her breathe in as she felt any remaining dignity disappear and Jim swiftly removed the skirt, leaving her completely naked. She stared off into space as his head slowly dropped and Susan tightened her tummy, waiting for the attack she knew was coming.

The fires built deep inside Susan and her temperature skyrocketed to an almost unbearable level. Kaz knew what Jim was going to do and moved to keep Susan from resisting. He stretched her left arm out from her body and behind his body as he leaned forward to whisper into her ear. Then he reached across and grabbed her other arm, extending it outward so that both arms were now straight out from her chest. Susan was concentrating so hard on not succumbing to the rising desires that she allowed Kaz to do whatever he liked.