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The pleasant diner party had quickly descended into a pit of insanity and debauchery. Professor Jane felt herself beginning to float back into a world of erotic darkest fears as now her best friend became the demons next victim.

“Oh yessssssss,” the beast gargled in delight Angela’s eyes rolling as she fell under it’s spell. “This one has some very interesting fantasies.”

Angela is tall with an hour glass figure. Her skin is olive with fantastic thighs and 40 inch plus legs. She has long slightly curly dark hair, refined shoulders and neck with perfect domed breasts. Her mouth is wide and friendly with sparkling eyes. Think Sandra Bullock or Mariah Carey. She is very intelligent and hard nosed. In this scene she finds herself in no position to negotiate and the men know that. Through out the scene she is treated roughly and like a slut, with maximum humiliation. She has only one choice to get it over with as easily as possible.

She sat in a fast car crammed between two large suited men, while a third was driving at speed through the evening streets. She asked them what was happening once again like all the women feeling disorientated. But they just ignored her, looking blankly out of the windows.

She was dressed in her black evening gown the one short at the knees, off the shoulder her hair tied up in a bun, showing her long like neck to good effect. She had been at some charity ball when she had been bundled into the car by these men. Now all she could do was wait and see where she ended up.

They pulled in to a grand mansions driveway and she realized where she was. This was the home of the notorious Don Mendez; crime lord and star of her latest award winning expose. She was marched into the main building her high heels scrunching on the gravel drive. The men were firm but professional and Angela was thinking of what a stink she was going to report about all this later. She would give Mendez a piece of her mind, guaranteed.

Once inside the mood changed, she had no time to act in outraged before Don Mendez appeared snapping his fingers.

"Take this bitch, downstairs."

Angela had her hands pulled behind her and a blind fold put on. She protested and argued as she struggled descending the steps. The room she was put in was warm, and she was made to sit, still blindfolded on a bed.

Once she was left alone she removed her blind fold.

She was in a sumptuous room with a large roaring fire. There were no windows, just a large curtain over one wall. Some type of modified cellar maybe. She could hear voices on the other side. It was Don Mendez, he was making a speech! It appeared he was apologizing to someone for the inconvenience and embarrassment he had caused. She heard her name mentioned! Angela got up and ran for the door but it was locked. Around the room was furniture; a regency chair a fantastic four poster bed, but also other strange items like pumps or jacks. Also there was some kind of mechanical equipment hanging from the top of the poster bed.

She crept towards the curtain and his voice became clearer.

"I have brought you here to show you I am dealing with the problem, I know you will appreciate the show, the chief of police has assured me she will cooperate eventually, otherwise things could be made very hard for her family.”

Angela was confused the chief of police, my family? She heard the voice of the chief.

"Her brother as been found with 2 kilos of coke on him this morning, she'll cooperate."

There was a muffled laugh from the group.

Angela’s mouth was open wide in shock. She’d just been talking to the chief this evening. He was her closet alley in her battle with this crime family, wasn’t he?

"Oh my God! They've set me up, the chiefs in Mendez's pay." She thought in horror as the curtain suddenly parted.

In front of her was a huge armored glass wall ,like in a squash court. Behind it sat in a dark room were half lit figures, most appearing to be old men with a few well dressed women sat at their sides. A voice came over a speaker much clearer as the Don spoke direct to her.

"Ahhh miss, I take it you've been listening? Well this is how repay nosey sluts who meddle in our business. You won't enjoy this but least you will have satisfied the people you have offended."

The door opened and two men appeared stripped to leather shorts both wearing bondage masks. The men were big and muscular probably the same hoods from earlier.

"These men will teach you respect".

They moved in on the panicking Angela.

"No get off me, uggh!" She grappled with them her long legs taut as she tried to keep her balance in her high heels. With a gasp and applause from the audience they ripped her black dress down around her slim ankles. Underneath she only wore skimpy panties her firm round tits pointing out hard and proud.

The men held an arm each groping the fine bosoms. One man pulled her arms behind her, his hard cock pressing on her butt through the leather pants, the maneuver making her chest jut out. The other had a jar of KY jelly and roughly began to smear her tits and large dark nipples with the goo.

Through the glass the group watched in delight. Angela in her heels stood taller than both squat muscle men, their large hairy arms holding her upright while hands squeezed and wiped her tits until they were covered. She was pulled down to sit on the chair her arms tied behind her on the back rest.

"Oh god, what you going to do?"

She asked noticing how they only concentrated on her tits; especially the fat nipples which they smeared and flicked with large amounts of gelly. Angela heard the noise of a compressor start up and saw one thug with a fat test tube in his hand. One end had a long pipe running down to the chugging machine, the other open end he pressed onto one of her greased tit ends.

It connected with a "Slock!"

"Ooooooohh," she groaned as the tube air was instantly sucked out tugging her nipple and surrounding tit an inch up the tube. “Ugggh!"

She wriggled to try to loosen it but it was stuck tight mechanically gulping every second or so tugging at her breast.


A second was attached to her other hard tit and the men stood back to show the bound seated beauty back arched tits erect a suction tube pointing straight out off each towards the walls.

"Uuggghh," she groaned her teeth gritted. The machine was powerful and the sensation on her nipples unpleasant to say the least. The gelly had guaranteed as air tight seal and the machine was relentless in its sucking motion. Angela writhed around the sweat appearing on her shoulders and long firm thighs.

"Uggh get these off me, uuggghh! She begged nearly toppling from the chair.

One of the men was at the bed he was working on bed post piece of equipment. It was like a long suspended metal rod attached to a large wheel and motor. At the end of the rod was an attachment and on it he was fastening a fat 9 inch ribbed dildo.

The men ignored her pleas unhooking her from the chair but leaving the tubes on her. She stumbled over their long rubber pipes as she was now forced to lean over the high backed seat. The audience whistled as her long thin legs stretched until she was almost on tip toes, bent at the waist resting on the chair back her tit hanging down, the two tubes now looking like milking apparatus used on cows.

The man holding her ripped her knickers off and gave her firm round arse an admiring slap. One grunted as he held her neck pushing her face down.

"Open your legs, do it!" He ordered.

She did what he said and now she definitely was on tip toes, balancing uncomfortably. The other man swung the suspended pole towards her butt and she felt the fat rubber head been pushed up her pussy.


There was a whirring noise and the wheel began to rotate the pole pushed back and forth while the attachment slowly rotated twisting the slightly curved dildo round and round.

"Uggh, uggh, uugh, uuggh!"

Angela felt her pussy stretch and swallow the thick wide robot cock over and over again. She was now pinned by the cock pole unable to push away from the heavy chair. One of the men was holding her tanned round arse cheeks stretching them wide so he could spit down onto the pistoning rubber dick. The other was now holding her chin up so her gasping face could be seen through the armored glass. "Ah,ah,ah,ah!"

One thug pulled her hair hard. "Do you want us to stop milking you?" He asked sneering.

"Ugh,yes uggh, yesss!" She moaned eyes ablaze.

The man kicked a switch on the floor and the suction stopped. He knelt down to tug one then the other tightly stuck tubes of her sore nipples. They each came away with a disgusting wet "slock" noise. He inspected the sore raised tit ends, firmly massaging them.

"Ugggggghhh!" Angela groaned still the big twisting dick stretching and pounding her twat. The voice of the Don came over the speaker telling them to take her to the bed. The pumping suddenly stopped and see gritted her teeth as they remove the rigid pussy pole. She was helped to stand as she begged for the Don to stop this.

"I'll do whatever you say please!" She pleaded.

But there was no answer. She was pushed onto the bed her legs sprawling her heels catching the linen. One man gripping her waist pulled her up towards the head board her hair now cascading over her shoulder jet black and silky. He sat upright with his legs apart her body between them her head and body on his chest arms still bound facing the other man. He held her tits snugly, his arms folded round her, massaging them greedily while the other swung the apparatus round till the fat robot cock pointed down an inch or so from her tightly clenched thighs. He began to wipe jelly along its length, then prized her thighs apart pushing her legs up.

The man she was laid on reached forward to grip under each knee lifting her beautiful calves and ankle up of the bed.

"Uggh arrrr!" After a few seconds of grunting and wriggling they had her held open as if she was about to deliver. Her chest was squashed into her tummy her grasped knees up to her shoulder height. The other man started the cock machine again the sliver shaft and dildo sliding through his greased hand as he directed it.

The sensation on her anus began as a dull nudging bump one after the other, but as she tried to wriggle the cock was inched closer and her hole struggled to resist.

"Ooohhh, fuck, ugggghhh!" She cried as her ring gave way and the head burst into her canal.

"Ugh, ugh, oohh,ooohh nooo!" The cock continued an irresistible force each thrust a little further until the full rotation of the wheel slid the cock a full 6 inches in before twisting it back out almost to the point where her muscles tightened as if to squeeze the thing from her.

"Uuuuuhhhhhhh awwwwwwwwww! No, no,ugh, ugh, awwwwwwww!"

She was on her back legs wide open one man gripping and spreading her thighs the other concentrating on keeping the butt fucking machine on a constant anal battering. The sweat was pouring off her, hair matted to her face, her swollen tits pressed by her chin and upturned groin. The Dons voice spoke again

"Increase the speed!" He demanded and Angela suddenly began to spasm as the machine cranked up to rapid steam train motion the dildo becoming almost a blur in her buggered hole," Pht,phut,phut,phut!"

Her arse and cock gave squelching noises as her own voice filled the air with a long desperate groans. "Oh god,awwwwwwwwwwwwwww!"

She imagined the people in the other room watching excitedly, the embarrassment was almost unbearable. "Oh,oh,oh,oh, awwwooohhh! Get it out ugh of meeeeee!" The rapid motion had numbed her arse and the sensation began to dull and ease only the feeling of being filled completely over and over remained and she began to become dazed.

" Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh!"

A few moments later she came around to her senses again, she was on her back her hands freed her exquisite legs bent, heels on the bed. One of the men was down on her slit his tongue searching and tasting his hands pushing her thighs out. She tried to sit up but the other was at her side holding her shoulders. He was now totally naked and his large stubby prick was held near her mouth. She felt like a total whore, but hoped maybe the awful machine fucking had stopped.

The Don smiled as he watched Angela reluctantly begin to gobble the cock while her pussy was licked dry. The man was cursing her. "That's it suck it you beautiful hard nosed bitch. Ugghhh fuck, we're gonna fuck you till you eyes pop out honey."

The Don turned to his visitors any requests he said.

Angela was exhausted and broken, over the speaker came order after order which the men eagerly carried out.

First she laid on her side a thug behind her his cock thumping up her arse hands on her tits like a hungry dog. The other held her leg high while she gobbled his cock so all could view the robot cock back slowly probed her pussy.

Then Angela was made to straddle a prostrate thug, bouncing on his cock, while the rubber cock back in her sore arse the other jerking his cock down her throat as he pulled her head angrily.

After that on the edge of the bed, the seated man bouncing up and down his cock deep inside her ass. The other was in front hooking her legs around his waist standing fucking her pussy with long fast strokes while both directed the long pole towards her mouth where she gagged and struggled to swallow the rapid moving wet dildo.

Then finally they took her on all fours; one thug humping from behind the other reattaching the tit suckers to her swinging breasts then slapping her face with his cock while she screamed.

The man on her rear at this point couldn't take any more and pulled his cock out to spunk down one of her long legs the come shooting out in great strands while she desperately tried to tug the suction tubes from her heaving breasts. Both men then grabbed a tube each and dragged her back on the bed by her tits as she screamed, her thighs and chins spattered white.

Angela was now on her back the suction tubes still gulping, her tits pointing out at 45 degree angle to each other creating a deep V cleavage. The thug pushed her thighs flat and knelt between them his cock wet and hard. He took a second to catch his breath then eased up her pussy again. He thrust up hard against her walls and she gnashed her teeth as he rutted her.

He rode forcefully stroking her body twisting the tubes to make her buck as the other man left the room. Angela was exhausted, sweaty and aching, now only giving little grunts to each hard bang. The other man returned with a cup which he put to her lips. As she coughed and spluttered he poured the slimy fluid down her throat and she retched lots back up spewing down her chin. It was a cup of semen donated by probably most of her audience.

The man fucking grabbed her hand as he pulled out his cock shooting upright; he closed her hand round it as he bucked making her jerk his exploding cock.

"Yeah bitch do it, uggh, ugghhh fuuuckk!" Angela gave an embarrassed squeal as he came, firing across her tense flat tummy and sucked mounds. Her tanned fabulous body now streaked with snail trails of white come

The Don and audience applauded and the curtain closed

The creature gave a satisfied howl its chest heaving as it drew the energy from its latest prey. Angela was on her back writhing, her hands on her own pussy; a thick red tentacle deep in her throat.

Jane mind was working overtime. It was drawing its power from each humiliation and revulsion, resisting it made it stronger. She tried to explain to Sharon who was shivering in terror as the beast moved towards her. Sharon was wailing, "no, no, no," over and over again, not listening to a word the professor was saying. The demon spoke its slimy fingers almost touching the voluptuous babe.

"No confusion for you, it leered, only agony and ecstasy.

Sharon is all tits and ass, she is second generation white trash made good. Average height she has silicone boobs, curves in all the right places and excellent calves and thighs. Her hair is long curly white blonde. She has dark massacred eyes with pink lipstick and nails. Think Brianna Banks or Pamela Anderson. The beast has not wiped her memory like the others and after experiencing all the other women's worsening ordeals she has no doubt she's in trouble. Resigned to her fate, she acts almost obedient too scared to anger the beast further. .

The world suddenly turned white for the petrified wench. She was standing in a large brightly lit tiled room with medical trolleys, a dentist chair and large hospital bed with operating lights. There were no windows or any apparent door. She looked down to see she was in her white nurses uniform short skirt and high white heels.(She rarely went on a ward, more of a receptionist most of the time).

Across the room stood three figures; a tall man in a surgeons smock and two women both with black pony tailed stretch back hair. They looked like twins tall slim with high cheek bones and deep blue eyes. Each was wearing a tight latex cat suit and boots, compressing their adequate tits and hips.

"Oh shit,” Sharon groaned as they approached and they grabbed her arms sneering.

"That's it Sharon, your going to get an examination. Such a sexy figure, we don't intend to miss a thing."

Sharon was screaming and pulling away her heels sliding on the white tiled floor. The latex bitches dragged her to the dentist chair pushing her onto it.

"Please, please" she wailed.

"Shut it" one ordered ripping her buttons from her top. The front of her blouse was pulled apart exposing her massive melons. The fabric tucked either side of them the material pressing and lifting them like an improvised push up bra.

"Awwwwaaahh," she gasped as the man pulled her arms down under the chair and using a pole with cuffs on each side tied her hands together so her back arched and her tits rose. The bitches were stroking her long curved calves to her heels. The surgeon spoke quietly and academically to his nurses.

"I need her nipples aroused hurry."

The bitches nodded and pinning her kicking legs each began to stroke a big breast with their free hand and then red lipped mouths descended on the fat pink nipples. Sharon was wriggling and swearing but the sensation the girls were creating was expertly arousing her.

She groaned. "noo" in despair as she felt her tit ends hardening. As they sucked they grinned and teased. "Is that good honey, mmmm such tasty fat breasts, slurp mmnnnn?"

Sharon was grunting in discomfort and arousal. "ugh shit, uh, noo ahhh!"

She cried out to the ceiling knowing her the Professor was being made to watch this experience. “Please Jane do something, for pities sake ugggg!”

Her nipples hardened under the intense tonguing as she whimpered and thrashed her blonde locks. One of the girls slid her hand under Sharon's tight skirt to grope her mound through the panties, while the other flicked her teat ends to bullet size.

"Oh god," moaned Sharon; as one girls admiringly cupped her large tits the other tugging off her skirt then her small panties.

The doctor reached round from behind her head cupping her tits and she could hear his raised breathing in her ear.


She yelped as he attached a greased clip to a nipple. Then as she wriggled he fixed one to the other breast, "uuggghh!"

The clips grasped her long nipples tightly a wire running from each down behind her to the work desks. One of the nurses had a strange looking dildo in her latex hand. It was fat and metal silver with a long rubber ribbed handle. This too had a wire running from it. Both girls smeared jelly along the metal phallus. Sharon had her legs tightly closed her knees together raised her calves out pushing her heels on the sides of the chair. They pulled her knees apart cursing her.
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