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Tom dialed the phone number, and waited for an answer from the other end of the line. Luck was with him and Mary was the one that answered. Tom said, " this the man with the Chevy meet me at the corner in one hour. " Mary said, " No, I'm not going to do it. You made me do it once, but I'm not going to do it anymore so don't call here. If you bother me again I will call the cops and tell them that you forced me to have sex with you. "

Tom smiled he liked fight in a woman, " first of all bitch you listen to me, I have your statement stating that you ran to my car without a license or insurance. Second, I have the pictures I took of you, and if you don't do what I say I'll post them on the Internet with your phone number. So you make the choice but you got 25 minutes to be over here naked and ready for action, now you understand me bitch? "

Tom detected a slight sob from the other in the line before Mary spoke, " please mister, don't make me do that again. I'm not the kind of girl that goes to bed with anyone, you were the first, you have taken enough from me already please let me go. "

" If you get the money to pay for the repair to my car, which I got it estimated at $1,800, then we will call even and I'll forget about it. It you don't have the money in my hand or be standing here naked in 25 minutes, then at 26 minutes I start sending the pictures out over the Internet. " Tom slammed the phone down and looked it his watch.

Tom kickback in his chair, and waited to see how things progressed. He wasn't worried because she was 18 and old enough to do what she wanted. He had coerced her in the doing what she did, but legally there wasn't any thing she could do to him. He looked at his watch, 22 minutes later he heard the sound of running footsteps on his porch, and hurried knocking at the door.

Tom smiled to himself as the call out, " come on in its open. "

Mary came in out of breath from running all the way, after closing the door she began to take off her clothes. It had taken 24 minutes from this time he hung up to she was standing there front of him naked and ready.

Tom was the first to break the silence, " you know you were awful mouthy to me on the phone, are you ready to do what I tell you without any more lip? "

Mary looked down at her feet as she answered, " yes sir, I'll do what you tell me without any more trouble. "

" Well that is not enough for me, if you want another chance then go to my bedroom on my dresser and get my belt, then bring back to me, and ask me to punish you. "

Mary looked up with tears in her eyes, " please, don't whip me please, I'll do anything you want me to just don't whip me please. "

Tom smiled as he answered, " I gave you an order, you either do what your told or get your clothes on and get the fuck out. "

Mary left the room to find his belt, and while she was gone Tom turned on his video camera that he had already set up in a corner of the living room. When she came back Mary handed him the belt saying, " please sir will you give me a whipping? "

Tom said, " bend down over the end of the couch, and when I give you a stroke, you say thank-you and count the stroke. "

Mary waited in anticipation, then suddenly her ass exploded in pain. " Thank you sir, one. " Then again her ass exploded in fire as the second stroke hit her, " thank you sir, two. " After six strokes Tom laid the belt down, and began running his hands over her hot ass cheeks. Mary was in pain even though Tom was gentle as he touched her abused ass.

Tom broke the silence, " now have you learned a lesson? "

Mary kept her face buried in the couch cushion, " yes sir, I will obey you please don't hit me any more. "

" I won't have to hit you as long as you do what I tell you, when I tell you, and how I tell you. "Tom looked over at the blinking red light on the video camera knowing that all this was going on tape.

Mary waited for Tom to tell her what to do next. She felt his hands as they caressed her ass cheeks, but she was unprepared for the finger that invaded her virgin spinster muscle. She would have raised up, but his other hand was on her shoulders holding her down. Mary had never even thought of anybody doing such a thing to her, she knew of girls in school that did that kind of thing, but she knew she would never do it. She was about to protest, but the pain of her whipping convinced her to keep quiet.

Tom walked around by her head and said, " use your mouth to get my cock good and wet before I put it in you. " He pulled Mary of by the hair and put his cock in her mouth, she immediately began sucking on it and getting it wet like she had been told to do.

When Tom walked around behind her he took a tube of K Y jelly and squirted a generous amount on her bunghole working some in inside with a finger, and then two fingers opened it up more. Then she felt the head of his cock as it started to enter her; he slid 3 in. of it inside, and then waited for a minute for her muscle became accustomed to its size. After a minute the muscle began to relax and he slid his cock all the way in, slowly he began moving in and out steadily. At first it felt like he was shoving a baseball bat up her ass, but then it began to feel really good, and soon she was pushing back to meet his strokes. Tom knew he would not be able to hold out long away she was squeezing his cock with her ass as he plowed into her. He began to feel the tingling deep in his balls signaling that he is get ready cum, and reached his finger underneath to stimulate her clit with it. That drove her over the edge and she started her orgasm almost at the same time as him. Finally, Tom's cum stopped and his soft cock slipped out of her ass. He sat down on the couch in front of her, and grabbing her hair pulled her mouth to his cock. Mary had no fight left in her and sucked on the cock that was in her mouth without regard for where it had just been. While she sucked on his cock Tom enjoyed twisting and pulling on her nipples.

Finally, after minutes that seemed like hours Tom let go of her hair, and she slipped from the arm couch to the floor. Tom was the first break the silence, " now that wasn't too bad. Get up and go in the kitchen and get me a beer now bitch. "

Mary didn't say a word, but got to her feet walking painfully to the kitchen to get him a beer. When she returned he was on the phone talking to somebody, so she stood beside the couch waiting for him to get done.

Tom said, " that of my brother I invited him over to have some of you, and he's bringing a friend with him. Go in the bedroom and take a shower so you're ready for them when they get here.

Mary would have cried, but she was too tired. She went to the bedroom and took a shower trying to wash away some grime that been done to her. At least she felt better when she came out of bathroom; she put on Tomís robe and went back to living room to look for her clothes. When she entered the living room, Tom was sitting there with two other men and one was black.

Tom said, " get that robe off so that my brother and his friend can see you better. "

Mary was defeated, she's just dropped the robe where she stood, and then walked into the room. All three men stood and walked over to her, then she had three sets of hands feeling in prodding her. They made her bend over and the black man pulled out his cock waving in front of her face. Mary was shocked, she had no idea of cock could be that big, it was the least 13 in. long and big around as her wrist. It stretched her jaw just to get the head inside her mouth, but the owner didn't care, and soon she was sucking on the head just to get it over with. She felt her feet kicked apart and another cock in her pussy. It felt as though the two cocks were trying to meet themselves in the middle, and the one in her mouth would shut off her air supply when it entered throat. When they owner of the one in her mouth would pull back she grabbed a lung full of air and then it would enter her throat again. Mary had no idea how long her torment went on before she felt the one in her mouth began to twitch and then it exploded deep in her throat spilling cum right into her stomach. The one in her cunt began to shoot also and she was thankful that the ordeal would soon be over, at least for a few minutes. When the two pulled out of her she collapsed right there on the floor and for five minutes she had no idea where she was.

When Mary came to the men were all sitting on the couch watching her, and she knew her ordeal wasn't over with yet. The second white one that she assumed was Tom's brother waved for her come over to him, she didn't bother getting up but crawled over to him. He said, " you made a mess on my cock get it cleaned off now. "

Mary began licking and then sucked his cock to get it clean, and then she continued to suck it until she felt it pulsing in her mouth and then cum flooding her mouth. The black guy made her get up, and straddle him while she fucked herself up and down on his lap taking him all the way up inside of her. When she felt his cum shoot up in her pussy she had the most massive orgasm she ever thought possible. When she was done he made her kneel in clean him off too.

Tom spoke again, " OK bitch that wasn't bad, so get your clothes on and go on home I'll call you when I want you again. "

Mary stood in put her clothes on in front of the men, and then let herself out the front door, knowing that her ordeal was not over with it. She knew deep down inside it had just began.

Tom knew her ordeal wasn't over either, as all three men said there watching the videos she made.

To be continued . . .
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