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The Pillow Case Rapist fell in love with Victim #14 while making a delivery to her office. A beautiful brunette, 5' 7" with beautiful curves. He watched her sexy behind as she walked away from him and he followed her home that same night.

A week later in the early morning, the Pillow Case Rapist was in front of Victim #14's home, waiting. He saw her boyfriend leave, then entered the house by jimming the back door. He crept silently to his newest love's bedroom.

Amy was running late. She pulled off her nightie and had just finished putting on pantyhose when a pillow case slipped over her head and the tip of a knife was pushed under her chin.

"Don't move. Be good, and I won't hurt you." The Pillow Case Rapist whispered in Amy's ear.

"Don't hurt me, please, " said Amy. She was petrified with fear.

"I won't if you obey. What is your name?"

"Amy. Let me go..please.." she pleaded.

The Pillow Case Rapist kissed the back of Amy's neck and ran his free hand over her breasts. "I can't, Amy. I love you. I want to show you how much."

Amy's Rapist turned her around and she felt his mouth on her nipples. He sucked them gently, never moving his knife from her throat.

"So beautiful. I will enjoy loving you, Amy."

The Pillow Case Rapist pushed Amy down on the bed. Amy's fear ruled her now. She let him lead her, she was his to use.

The Pillow Case Rapist tied Amy spread eagle to the bed. He ran his knife over her body and then slowly cut open the crotch of Amy's pantyhose.

"You are so beautiful, Amy. I love you..."

Amy cried out as her Rapist buried his face into her exposed pussy. She was helpless as her Rapist sucked her clit. She began to become excited. Amy didn't fight it. She gave in to her submissiveness, pushing up her hips to meet her Rapist's mouth.

"You like this, don't you Amy?"

"Yes.." answered Amy, her breath quickening as her Rapist kneeled between her legs and rub the tip of his cock on her clit.

"I love you, Amy. Beg me to rape you."

"OH GOD! Please rape me..."

Amy's body shook with pleasure as her Rapist plunged his cock into her. He pumped her slow, continuing to rub her clit with his thumb.

"Cum for me, Amy." The Pillow Case Rapist pumped faster, his own orgasm coming closer.

"YES..I'm cumming..AHHHH!" Amy cried out as she came. The Pillow Case Rapist did the same and let lose a long stream of cum into her.

"You belong to me now, Amy."

"Yes, I belong to you."

The Pillow Case Rapist had Amy call into work and spent the entire morning tieing and raping her. In the end, he collected Amy's torn pantyhose and left her tied to a kitchen chair begging him to stay.

But the Pillow Case Rapist had a more important problem: he would have to stay until nine tonight to make up for his time with Amy.

Oh, the sacrifices one makes for love...

Amy had spent the last month since her rape convincing herself that she had never liked it. It wasn't her begging that animal to stay.

She pulled on her workout tights, a bra, and a t-shirt. It would be her first work out since her Rape, and she was ready to put it behind her.

She tied off her sneakers, was headed toward the door when a pillow case slipped over her head and a knife was pushed against her throat.

"Hello, Amy. I thought I'd return and give you a taste of what you wanted."

Amy wanted to fight, but that famliar fear crept into her body, followed by...excitement..anticipation.

"I love your outfit, Amy. So sexy."

The Pillow Case Rapist cut open Amy's t-shirt with his knife and, with the tip, slit open the front of her bra. Her breasts fell out. She felt his lips on her nipples again. They hardened at his touch.

"So beautiful. I love you so much, Amy." The Pillow Case Rapist bound Amy's wrists behind her back with duct tape. Amy cried out in pain...no with excitment... as he Rapist dragged her to her dining room table and forced her face down on it.

He rubbed her ass with his free hand, kneeled behind her, and strapped her ankles to the legs of the table with the duct tape. She was now spread and helpless before her Rapist.

He pulled off her sneakers and ran his tounge up and down her legs and her big sexy ass. The Pillow Case Rapist loved big women, and Amy was no exception. With his knife, he cut open the crotch of Amy's tights, making sure the opening was large enough to expose her anus.

Amy was wet. She knew it. She gave into the pleasure as her Rapist licked her clit. He put a finger into her anus as her licked her and the pleasure was incredible. She belonged to this Rapist.

She came screaming as her orgasm blew over her like a hurricane.

"Want it in the ass, Amy?"

"Yes, rape my ass..PLEASE..!"

The Pillow Case Rapist plunged his rock hard cock into Amy's ass. He pumped her hard and fast, reaching down to rub Amy's clit as her took her. She was his to love.

Amy's breathe quickened and as her Rapist cried out and shot his semen into her ass, Amy came for the second time.

Spent, Amy collasped to the floor as her Rapist untied her ankles and stripped her of her tights taking them as his trophy. He looked down at Amy's bare legs and felt his cock begin to stiffen again. He rolled Amy on her back and drove his cock into her pussy.

The Pillow Case Rapist put Amy's legs over his shoulders and pumped her pussy hard. Amy was his to use and he felt her pussy beginning to tighten around his cock.

"Yes, Amy. Cum for me again. You. Belong. To. ME."


Amy screamed with her third orgasm of the night as the Pillow Case Rapist came in her pussy.

The Pillow Case Rapist stood, collect his trophy of Amy's tights and left quickly. He would be back another time for what was his....
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