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Celia's doctor tried to calm the thoughts in his mind. His two fingers at the entrance to this young girls innocence, so soft and wet, he knew it would be tight and cling to his fingers as he pushed his way through, priming her for when he took his dick into her, for when he would fuck her like he was going to break through this 18 year old virgin.

He looked down at the top of his dick, wet from the precum he had spread around it. He clasped his hand around it and slowly gave it a couple of pumps. He bit into his lower lip and let his head settle back for a second as he closed his eyes and imagined her soft vagina walls surrounding it. His spell was broken by the young girls voice. "Doctor?" Celia spoke up softly trying to get her doctor's attention, she was still lying down on the table and was anticipating the internal exam she was going to get. It seemed like maybe her doctor was waiting for something from her, he hadn't said anything in awhile. The doctor turned in his seat to face her now, his glance right in line with her spread open legs, he stared at her pussy, his two fingers waiting to enter her, "Yes Celia? I am just about to perform some internal tests on you now, some will be with me seated here, and others will be with my standing up. Are you all ready now sweetheart?" He lifted his head slightly to see past her body to her sweet face, scared and blushed. "Yes doctor, I'm ready." Her voice wavering slightly as she spoke, he knew she was afraid of not only what he would do, but what her reaction would be.

The doctor sat up in his chair and leaned in close to watch how Celia's pussy would react to his intrusion. He straightened his fingers out and slowly pushed them inside, the lubrication she provided from his previous tests assisting along the way. First his fingernails disappeared, then the first knuckle went in, he felt how tight she was, taking a virgin was always a bigger thrill to him. "How does it feels Celia? I'm going nice and slow now sweetheart, do you feel my instrument inside of you?" His heart skipping a beat as he spoke, so excited by the words and making this young girl answer such questions. "Yes I feel it doctor." Celia obediently answered him. Daring to go further now he pushed his two fingers in more, the second knuckle now inside, he could smell her sweet pussy juice as he pushed on, his nose now inches away from it, his lips so close he wants to kiss her tender skin. "Now Celia, you are going to feel some quick movements down here, that is just part of the exam, I want you to feel free to make any noises that you have to make sweetheart, the louder the better. If you want to moan that's ok, I need to know that you are responding, alright?" Celia couldn't believe what her doctor was saying, it was alright for her to let out all the noises she was holding in. "Ok doctor, I will."

Celia's doctor picked up the pace with his two fingers, he slid them in all the way then out again, in and then out, faster and faster, as he took them in he wiggled them around a little, teasing her further. Celia began to moan, she started with heavy breathing, then it got to be vocal, little mmm's and ahhh's coming from her sweet lips. Her doctor was getting excited, "You like that Celia? You like the way that feels sweetheart?" He was sitting up straighter now so he could watch her face as it flung from side to side on the table, his two fingers frantically pumping in and out of her pussy making a wet noise as they did. "Mmmm doctor, it's good" Her words spaced out as her orgasm built. The doctor kept on at her, knowing that she is not thinking properly and he could get a bit dirtier with the things he said, "Celia you're a bad little girl aren't you?" His voice louder now and his tone becoming more accusing, he almost wanted to laugh he was enjoying himself so much, his dick losing patience as this girls pussy was getting ready for it's arrival.

Celia could hardly think straight, her head was in turmoil, what was her doctor asking her? She started to feel dirty, she felt her body getting weaker and weaker and she couldn't pull her head up to look at her doctor anymore. She grinded her teeth as he performed his test, she felt it in and out of her pussy, making it sound so noisy from her wetness, she blushed and got embarrassed as she wondered what her doctor thought of a girl like her getting so wet on his table. The doctor, now almost outside of his body with pleasure couldn't wait any longer, he wanted to abuse this girl, he wanted her to be his. "Celia? Did you hear what I said? You're a bad girl aren't you?" His voice firm as he spoke, Celia sensed a change in his attitude. "Doctor? I-I don't understand, what do you mean?" Celia was so amazed that her doctor thought she was bad. Wasn't she doing everything he asked her to do? Maybe it was because she was wet from his tests, and the moans she had let out. She wanted to cry. Her doctor spoke again, "You know what I mean Celia! You know what I do to girls that are bad Celia?" His voice was angry now and he had stopped using his tool on her.

Celia raised her head slightly. Her doctor drank in her flushed face, scared and wanting so badly to please him. "I thought I was being good doctor, I thought I was doing everything that you asked me to. I can do better, just tell me." Her doctor smiled in an evil way, "I spank them Celia. I spank girls that are bad. Now because of being so naughty Celia I'm going to have to spank you right now." Celia's head was spinning, "But doctor, I don't want to get a spanking!" Celia began to sob, she was terrified of her doctor now, she had only been spanked by her father before, never a doctor!

Celia's doctor stood up at the end of the bed, pushed her legs together and grasped both ankles with his one hand, he then lifted her legs straight into the air and pushed them down toward her stomach. Her pussy sticking right out and beautifully exposed he took a second to look at it there. So innocent and wet. He took his other hand and licked it, then facing her pussy from the side took his hand sharply across it, he smacked it loudly, his full hand making contact with her pussy. "Owww!" Celia cried out. Her cry urged him on to do it again, he watched her face this time as he hit it. Smack! "Ouch! No more! Please, stop it!" Celia broke down and cried hard, she tried to struggle her ankles out of his grasp which only ended up making her pussy move all over the table, inviting him to spank her again. He did, over and over, smacking her pussy full on the lips, stopping every once and awhile to take his hand to his nose and smell it. "Bad girl Celia! You are a very bad girl!" He struck her pussy again and again. Her scent driving him wild he brought her legs back down and forced them apart.

"Now we are going to test you the right way." He pulled her legs so her pussy was at the end of the table and he exposed his throbbing dick from under his jacket. "You see Celia? You see what you have done to me? This is why you are so bad, showing me your pussy like that, letting me touch it and lick it. You should of known better." Celia looked down the table at him through her tears, she saw his dick sticking straight out at her. "W-what are you going to do doctor?" Her sobs making her words come out in heaves. "I'm gonna fuck you Celia, I'm gonna fuck that little pussy of yours, I have got it all ready for me now, I'm gonna fuck you so hard and explode inside you." Celia tried to scream but her voice was already lost, she started to kick her legs up, trying to get off the table, but he just held them there, his fingers digging into her flesh.

With both hands on either of her thighs holding her down he walked himself to the edge of the table to where her waiting pussy was. "Look at that sweetheart, you are all wet for me. Easy does it." His tone like that of a fathers again, he took his dick and guided it to the wet hole his fingers had probed. With both hands still holding her down on the table he pushed his dick into her. He felt her hymen break as he pushed past it hard. Celia cried out again in pain, she was still struggling to get past his grip as he began to fuck her. He took his dick in and out of her watching the young girls face all red, tears streaming down it. She was powerless in his grasp. "That's it sweetheart," he soothed her as he fucked her, "Let it all out, I have taken your virginity now, there is nothing more to cry about, tell me what a bad girl you were." His voice kind as he asked her to speak. He wanted to cum in her, and he wanted it to happen while she was telling him how bad she was. "Tell me!" He shouted at her as he fucked her and his dick almost shot its load as he watched her sweet face look up at him. Between sniffles she began to speak, "I have been bad." Her voice like that of a young girl, she eyes downward as she spoke. "Tell me again Celia, you've been bad haven't you?" Feeling his cum boiling up to his dick he fucked her harder, her entire body moving with him, his hands on her thighs spreading them wider so he could fuck her deeper. "I have been bad doctor, I've been a bad girl."

He couldn't handle it anymore, watching this young girls face shyly admitting that she had been bad was too much for him. He let himself go, and came again and again inside her. Moaning, his body flexed with his orgasm, filling her up with his creamy mess.

He pulled away from her and did his pants up. Celia lay there a shell, watching him move away in a haze. "That's it for today Celia, looks like everything went really well. You did a great job! I'll be sure to let your parents know that everything is fine with you. Get dressed sweetheart, and then you can leave."

The End
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