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Patty was thinking about later that night. Brian had promised to take her to see 'Castle Darkmoor', by rights, they shouldn't be able to see because it was being shown at a private cinema club, having been banned from general release by the censors. They had in fact been able to see a few films that summer that they shouldn't have, thanks to the older sister of a friend from college who worked there (and lots of their college mates had been raving about seeing the movie... It had taken ages to get Brian to agree to take her, because ever since he had asked her to go out with him, he had remained very shy. Patty remembered the time when she thought he was about to touch her breast, closed her eyes ready and – nothing! Brian was just too damn nice at times...


The smell of the rose-scented water was still in her nostrils as she walked home along the stony path, which led through the tall trees in the woods. There was hardly any light in there, the wood being so dense, but it saved a good 50 minutes on the long walk home.

Patty almost leapt out of her skin as the stranger suddenly appeared straight in front of her. "Hello. Are you lost? It isn't a good place to be wandering about on your own," said the man.

"Oh, no, my house is just across the woods here. I'm only a few minutes away" replied Patty. "But it's dark and slippery and you really shouldn't try and cross the stream on your own. Can I help you," said the Stranger.

"Well, if you're that concerned, sure!"

The stranger outstretched his hand to her and said "Come with me - I have my car by the entrance to the lane. Isn't someone concerned that you are out on a night like this?"

"No, I do it all the time," said Patty. "Don't worry, I don't need a ride - besides, my parents aren't home this week."

"Well I really think you should come with me.... Here, give me your hand" said the man.

"Fine, if you're so concerned, I'll come with you." "That's it," he said, "It is just down here. Ok, climb in."

He looked at her. "You look cold. Drink this - it will warm you up."

"Thanx," replied Patty.

"You're welcome..". The man slipped his arm around her shoulder, but Patty didn't like it.

She backed off a little, saying, "Please, don't touch me. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea. I'll just walk home, ok."

The mans' voice changed and suddenly sounded more menacing. "I don't think you will be walking home" - He held her a little more forcefully – "Kiss me," he demanded. The drink was starting to make Patty feel funny.

"No! I won't kiss you"! She started to stumble, as she was trying to pull away.

"You will do what I say..". he replied. Patty found her strength was going and she couldn't pull away. He held her against the car seat, turning her head towards him. He started to kiss Patty whilst she was squirming and she started to feel as though she were choking - partly panic and partly because she didn't understand why her body wouldn't help her resist.

"Uuhhhh..".. She let out a groan, trying to stop the kiss, but was not able to.

Patty was struggling more and more but she found herself weakening rapidly – she stared at him while he slowly undid the top buttons on her blouse.

"No..". She said, as she finally nodded off to sleep.


The castle was around the other side of the hill. It was no effort to carry her youthful 18-year-old limp body from the passenger seat of the car. He kicked the door shut behind him and walked over to the deserted building. The man placed Patty against the wall while he opened the flap to the ground level cover, which led down to the underneath of the building. Patty was still unconscious as he took her into the dark room, lit only by candles.

When Patty came to, she found that she was lying on a baize table and unable to move.... She awoke to find that she was not restrained but the stranger was towering over her...

He told her to stand up and Patty did so, silently.

"You shouldn't have told me your parents were away - they won't be missing you tonight..". he said.

Patty started to scream, memories flooding back to her. He grabbed her by the throat, holding hard enough to stop her screaming.

"You know why you are here – I am going to have you. Do as I tell you and you will not be hurt too much. Refuse and I'll have you anyway," he told the scared schoolgirl.

As he released his grip, Patty said, barely above a whisper, "Please, don't hurt me.... I'll do as you say, just... don't hurt me."

"I'm not promising anything - that depends on how good you are...," he replied."Remove your blouse and that short skirt you are wearing."

"O-o-ok...." Patty slowly did as she was told and removed the clothing, to reveal her bra and panties. The man walked slowly behind her. He tilted her head lightly to one side, and nibbled her earlobe, then kissed her neck.

He placed his left hand on her shoulder and moved slowly to her bra-covered breast. He fondled her right breast and slipped his right hand up her thigh towards her panties. He felt her tighten up.

"How old are you?" he said. "I-I-I'm 18, Patty said, trembling.

"Ok 18, do you have a name?," he asked. "P-P-Patty."

"Patty... Do you know what is going to happen to you?" he said as he stroked gently over the mound in her white silk panties.

"Are-Are you going to - to, r-r-r-rape me? Patty asked, shuddering, a tear falling from her eye.

"I'm not going to rape you - because you are going to beg me to have you, aren't you?," he replied softly.

"No, please, please..." Patty said, as more sobs escaped.

"Well, then I am just going to have to rape you." He laughed coldly as he slipped his hand under her panties and slipped a finger into her tight pussy. Patty started to shake as he turned her around to face him. The man dropped to his knees and slipped her panties down slightly, so that he could kiss her just below her belly button.

Patty kicked him as he knelt down, in a desperate effort to try to escape. He grabbed hold of her around the waist and she fell down to one side of him. He was furious that she was not complying with what he wanted so he struck her across the face.

Patty started to shake and cry and he told her he'd do it again if she didn't stop crying – and that he'd do it twice as hard if she didn't do what he said....

"Well Patty, I was going to be gentle with you but it seems you prefer doing things the hard way." He pulled her over so she was face down, pulled down her pantyhose and sat astride her whilst forcing her wrists behind her back. He tied them tightly together.

"Stand Up bitch," he demanded. "I-I can't... please, help me," Patty stammered.

He pulled her roughly to her feet. He held her bra in the middle at the front and ripped it open, exposing her breasts for the first time. They were nicely developed for an 18 year old and her nipples were firm.

"Do you have a boyfriend?," the man said. "Y-yes, I do" said Patty.

"Have you ever let him cum in your mouth?" "Well..." he asked again, as Patty didn't answer. "No!" she finally replied.

"Why not?" said the man. "Because! It's wrong!," said Patty. "He hasn't even touched me, we've only kissed."

"Wrong or not, you are going to tell me that you want to suck me until I fill your mouth with MY cum," he ordered.

"Oh, please, no..." Patty struggled to get the words out. "Do you want me to hurt you again?," he replied. "No - no, can-can I please suck you until you fill my mouth with your cum?."

"That's better," he replied. "Now get to your knees, Patty. Look at me and beg me to slip my cock between your lips. Tell me what you're gonna do."

She looked into his eyes, and just seeing lust, she knew there was nothing she could do. "P-please put your cock in between-in between my lips. I- I wanna su-suck it"

He slipped his cock into her mouth. To start with, her teeth were clenched so he swiped her across the face - "Do this properly or else," he demanded. Patty sobbed as she parted her lips and the man forced himself into her mouth, pushing against her tonsils. Patty started to gag. He wrapped his left hand in Patty's hair and forced her hard onto him. Patty started to suck slowly but couldn't stop him from fucking into her mouth.

Terrified, Patty continued, just waiting for it to be over.

Enjoying seeing the look of terror on her face, the man slipped slowly in and out, savouring the feeling of her young mouth around his cock. He held back for as long as possible until he felt the rush as he started to climax. He pulled out of Patty's mouth and shot his load all over her face.

Patty closed her eyes and mouth, trying to not see or taste his cum as she felt it hit her.


"I told you to swallow it," he mocked, as he revelled in seeing Patty helpless in front of him, his cum dripping down her cheek and chin and dribbling down onto her breasts.

"Lick your lips" demanded the man.

Patty sobbed, but knew she must, and her face cringed as it touched her tongue.

Without warning, he pushed his cock back into her mouth and told her to suck off the cum that had shot out of her mouth as he had pulled out.

"As you haven't done as I told you, I am going to have to punish you," he said.

Patty licked it off, a look of disgust visible on her cum-soaked face.

The stranger looked at her. "Do you want me to fuck you now?"

"No, please don't... I'm a virgin.... I'll look like a slut if people knew....," said Patty.

"People WILL know if you don't do exactly as I tell you. I thought you understood - you are hardly in a position to refuse. You have two choices - you can plead with me to take your Virginity, or I will fuck your sweet little ass. The choice is yours...," he said menacingly.

"Please, don't take my virginity... or my ass.... Just leave me alone, and I won't press charges... please?," said Patty, quietly.

"If you ever want to leave here, you'll forget about pressing charges... I will only ask once more - choose or I will choose for you," said the man.

"No! Please...."

"Fine, I will choose for you!" He said, interrupting. "I choose... both!." He started to laugh cruelly as a look of horror spread over Patty's face.

He pulled Patty to her feet. The candlelight was getting dimmer and as he pulled her across the room he stopped in front of a black object. Patty looked at the red flashing light and immediately realised with horror that it was the same as her dads' video camera...

"- So what were you saying about pressing charges? No hiding behind the law for you - everyone in town will have a video cassette of this if you breathe a word to anyone," laughed the man.

Patty started to cry as she realised that she was not going to win in this situation.

The man turned the video camera to a different angle and walked Patty to a darkened part of the room.

He looked at her, coldly into her eyes. "Which do you want first? Because, according to you, I have all week to do this, so I can do both several times, now can't I? Well, for your benefit, I will take you into this slowly. I won't fuck your ass, or your pussy. I will fuck your tits. Now, get on this."

He pointed to a large table with hand and leg cuffs. Patty sat on it, and he cuffed her legs, but not her hands...

"Now, if you are good, I won't tie your hands, but do exactly what I tell you," he said. He knelt on the table in front of Patty, his cock already getting stiff from the thought of having her again. "You had better think of doing something to please me now.."..

"Wh-what should I do?" said Patty, fearing what was to happen to her.

"Do you want me to cum all over your pretty little tits?," he asked her.

"Yy-yes I do..".

"Good girl. Take hold of me and rub my cock slowly over your titties, your nipples..".

With the cum still on her face, he could see a look of disgust and fear, as Patty rubbed his cock over her young breasts. As he looked at her in the candlelight, the stranger got immense satisfaction with the thought of her doing exactly as he asked. "Pull on me harder with your right hand and use your left hand to caress my balls. Work me harder. I want to cum all over you," he demanded.

Patty did as she was told and the man started to moan...

"That's good Patty. You are starting to get the hang of this - I am going to enjoy fucking you."

The thought of that coupled with the look of fear on her face brought him to orgasm almost straight away as the feeling of her young hands on his balls really turned him on. "I am going to cum..". he thought to himself, smiling.

He squirted his cum all over her tits and then sat there for a few minutes, feeling very sated.


He looked at Patty. She looked totally dejected now, the cum on her face beginning to tighten whilst the cum on those lovely tits caught the flicker of the candlelight. Out of devilment, he stood up and started massaging her breasts, feeling the warm cum all over his hands.

The man swept his hand up from below her right tit, collecting the cum as he moved upwards. He suddenly pinched Patty's nose shut, causing her to open her mouth in fright. He slipped his cum covered fingers into her mouth, using her teeth to scrape them.

"Swallow it, slut, now!," he said as Patty, out of fear, swallowed the cum from his fingers. "All of it" he demanded.

Patty obeyed and sobbed silently as he left her still manacled by the legs for 30 minutes, while he took a drink. The man looked as if he was adjusting something across the room. It was behind Patty but her legs prevented her from turning far enough to see...

The man didn't offer Patty a drink, preferring to think of the taste of the cum still in her mouth... "What are you doing?," Patty asked boldly.

"I'm getting things ready for your big moment!" the man laughed.

Patty gasped as she realized he really was going to take her virginity.

"I told you I was going to have you Patty – You should have swallowed my cum when I told you to in the first place. But then, you want me to fuck you, don't you," he said.

"No - I don't want your dirty cock inside me – just leave me alone!" spat Patty, in desperate rebellion. The man reacted angrily, grabbing her shoulders from behind and held her down on the table. Without warning he forced his cock back into her mouth and said coldly "If its dirty, you made it dirty, you slut, now suck it clean."

Patty slightly brushed her teeth against it, hoping that it would hurt, and the man cried out in pain and pulled out of her mouth. He was surprised that the aspect of losing her virginity had made her so disobedient, and he slapped her twice. Patty didn't cry, she just looked on, trying not to cry - and thinking suddenly that maybe that hadn't been such a good idea.

"You whore!" hissed the man. "For that, you'll be taken hard and fast, not soft and sweetly!"

He roughly tied her wrists, briefly, behind her neck. Patty was totally powerless as he stood behind her, fondling her tits as he whispered "You had the chance to play along, but you have forfeited that right now. I am going to rape you over and over until you understand..".

In the corner was a wooden contraption with four thick wooden slats in a rectangle shape, with leather straps across from left to right, a metal loop in each corner. The wooden frame was at an angle towards the wall and had a fixing top and bottom which allowed it to turn...

He pulled off her panties and then untied her wrists – then pushed her backward onto the frame. Patty started to struggle so the man swiftly hit her across the face again, roughly grabbing her left arm and forcing it upwards to the top left of the frame, where it was clipped into place. Patty was still struggling as he repeated the process with her right hand.

Now she was suspended - there was little she could do as he took a slender leg and pulled it towards the bottom right side of the frame, securing it tight before doing the same with the other leg. Patty was now totally motionless, spread-eagled at an angle against the wall in front of him.

Patty started to scream as she tried to get loose, wildly twisting her body, but it was of no use...

Panicking for a moment, the man grabbed Patty's discarded panties and forced them into her mouth to stop the noise. He used the pantyhose to make a gag so Patty could not talk or shout. He stood alongside her. She couldn't move. He started to stroke her inner thigh, working up to Patty's sweet smelling schoolgirl pussy.

The man then slipped a finger into her and smiled as Patty winced in pain. He leaned over and used his tongue to explore the warm moist fleshy area between her stretched apart legs.

He could still hear Patty's muffled screams, and they turned him on even more, as he continued to explore her virgin pussy...

As his tongue probed deeper, he slipped his other hand around to caress her buttocks and then started to slowly explore the gap between....

The man then started to tongue fuck her and finger fucked her ass, in rhythm, making her buck every time he thrust into her.

Patty was really squirming now, and he could tell that her ass was really tight and would need some lubrication if he was to fuck it. Patty's muffled screams were turning to moans as she accepted the inevitably, combined with the feeling of terror and disgust at the thought that she might actually want this to happen. She put that thought out of her mind....

Patty knew that she didn't want to feel it, any of it, so she focussed on the part of her that was tired, and the part of her that wanted to sleep. She willed herself to faint, something she had learned when she was young, to get attention.

The man wondered why Patty was not saying anything or moaning, then looked up to find she had fainted. He had anticipated her fainting sometime, when she realised she was going to be raped mercilessly, though not this early. He went and got the smelling salts to wake her up. He growled "You'll be awake for this, whether you like it or not, slut." The man then decided to go straight for Patty's pussy. He positioned himself as patty started to scream into the gag again...

The man, annoyed by Patty's efforts to fight against him all the time decided to be really cruel now.

"If you relax and let me fuck your brains out, I won't fuck you in the ass," he said. Having dribbled as much saliva into her pussy as he could manage, he positioned himself in front of her and using his hand to part her pussy-lips, forced himself hard into her, feeling her muscles contort in agony.

"I am finally inside you my sweet little child," he thought to himself...

To Be Continued...

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