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"This story is fictional all characters and places are fictional, The story is part of a series please read them all and in order"

Theresa dutifully followed Mr. Weston's instructions, sliding from the plush bench and her man friend's prying hands and gracefully walked around the corner and out of site. A few moments later she came back around the corner dragging a naked cuffed and collared Melissa with her. Lauren wasn't as surprised this time. Melissa wasn't in any of her classes but she had seen her around school, and having lunch with some of the other girls. Melissa was what you would call cute. She was shy, had short curly dark-red dyed hair. (Sometimes she wore glasses, which made her, look even cuter, although she didn't have them on now.) A small, cute, tight little body much like Lauren's except with bigger boobs, which she immediately noticed, with some distaste. A totally bare pussy, cute little ass and legs, which were propped up and tightened by 4" heels. Lauren was visibly upset, suddenly her identity as the cute little girl in the club was taken away by this little slut with the 34C tits! She knew quickly that Mr. Weston obviously needed this girl for the trial and Lauren made up her mind that she would pass with flying colours.

"Okay girls this is Lauren's second trial, this is how it works. Both girls will get on the floor on all fours, butt to butt. This…" He produced an exceptionally thick dildo looking object with 5 large bulbs spaced evenly apart from each other, along the shaft. They gradually increased in their width going from about the size of a golf ball, to a lime, to a lemon; which was in the middle and then back down the other way on the other side. "First slut to get this middle ball wedged up her cunt wins, Theresa get Melissa ready and into position. Kelly you handle Lauren." He said with a smile.

Kelly quickly drifted over to a slightly frightened looking Lauren and said "I know it looks big honey, but if you can take the fucking we've given you today then you can handle the dildo."

"But those bumps in it look so big."

"They are, but look how tiny Melissa is."

Lauren glanced over Kelly's shoulder to see Melissa getting her nipples sucked and her pussy fingered by a very horny Theresa. Lauren figured it was probably making Melissa really wet and thus giving her an advantage. She was tiny though, about Lauren's height but even thinner, which made Lauren even more upset about Melissa's bigger boobs. Melissa, who was now being forced to suck Theresa's tits, looked more scared then Lauren, she could use this as her advantage, she decided she was gonna hurt that pretty little bare pussy.

Again Kelly worked quickly and efficiently to get Lauren naked and ready. When she removed the shorts and their dildos she was pretty convinced that Kelly could probably see steam rising from her pussy, she was so wet and so hot. Kelly was finger-fucking Lauren pretty hard while she sucked her tits and kissed her. After a couple of moments of each girl getting prepped, they were forced to kneel on their hands and knees, ass to ass and Kelly wedged the tip of the dildo in Lauren's pussy and the other end in Melissa's. Mr. Weston came over to them, still naked and getting hard. He spanked Melissa really hard on the ass, causing her to tense up and shove some of the dildo into Lauren. Mr. Weston spanked Lauren and she did the same to Melissa.

Lauren tried to relax to get her tingly nerves and pussy to calm down, she had to get the first bulge in her pussy and she did! It slipped in just as she relaxed. Lauren looked up from her doggy-position to notice that many of the couples were making out and watching at the same time, they had stood up and gathered around the two of them, starting to shout vulgarities-almost cheering the two of them on.

"C'mon Lauren get that rubber cock in your snatch! Melissa push harder you've taken bigger cocks than that! Lauren you dirty little slut, you deserve to get that cunt punished!! Slut, whore, cunt!"

The dirty words, alcohol and shouting made Lauren sooo horny she got the second bulge in her pussy. It was the size of a lime, she couldn't believe it was in there with something the size of a golf ball! She heard sexual gasps as she pushed again catching Melissa off guard and making her squeal. Lauren's little clit was on fire, buzzing and pulsing. Her head was spinning and she felt warmth spreading all over her lower body. She realized that it was the little climaxes that were making her pussy wet enough to do this. But she felt a big orgasm coming and she was worried she might pass out or squeeze the dildo out or something.

Mr. Weston started smacking her ass now, making it sting like he had so many times before. Lauren just pushed harder determined that she would pass this trial, scared of what may happen if she didn't. With one final pussy splitting shove she got the last bulge inside her. It felt like she was going to burst her pussy open, and with one final shove she smacked her ass against Melissa's and a cruel little smirk played across her face.

"Good girl Lauren, you passed your trial, now turn around and watch."

Lauren slumped forward the latex sliding out of her with a wet, smacking sound, quickly she got up to her knees and turned around to see Mr. Weston start to mount Melissa. He knelt above her, one knee on either side of her hips, the stretched out pussy in the middle. He looked down at her squirming a little bit, she was horny and in pain at the same time and it seemed to excite him, he smiled cruelly looking down at her, like a warrior looking down at a conquered foe which is what Melissa was in many ways. She was face down on the carpet, panting and moaning and seemed to have gotten the lime sized bulge up her cunt. It wasn't enough.

"Come here." He said plainly to Lauren "Crawl." So Lauren who was still on her knees crawled over to where Mr. Weston was kneeling over Melissa "Suck my cock, but go on your hands and knees over Melissa, like what you did earlier today with Emma."

Lauren remembered and swung a leg over Melissa's upper back, planted both hands firmly on Melissa's ass cheeks strained her head upwards a bit and opened her mouth, waiting for his cock like a dog to a bone.

"What do you say?"

"May I suck your cock sir? Please sir?"

Mr. Weston's smile broadened as he slid his cock down Lauren's throat. Almost all the way, she was trying not to gag and doing a pretty good job of it. She wanted to impress him, she wanted to make him close his eyes and moan as he did with Kelly, wanted to suck every drop of sperm out of his body and swallow it. Well maybe not all of it, she'd save some to spit it in Melissa' face and then bite her nipples hard. So she pushed a little harder, it wasn't all the way down her throat but it was close enough because he moaned and gently stroked her hair. Lauren sucked her way back off his cock, took a breath and dove back down and this time Mr. Weston grabbed her by the back of the head and slammed it all the way in. She could feel his big warm balls against her chin and her nose was bunched up against his groin, then Mr. Weston moaned, low, hard and deep.

He extracted his cock from Lauren's increasingly talented tongue and leaned over to peel open Melissa's soft baby-like ass cheeks and spit directly onto her asshole a few times. Lauren didn't know how he would fit his cock in there but she'd have fun watching him try. He didn't waste much time, he pushed Lauren aside and then told her to watch as he slowly pushed the head of his huge cockhead into Melissa's tiny little asshole. She screamed and writhed around under him but it was useless, she was face down lying on the carpet, he simply pinned her by placing one of his huge hands on her back. With a quick, sharp shove he managed to push his cock past her resisting anus. Melissa had managed to slide 1/3 of the oddly shaped (yet wickedly exciting) dildo into her moist pussy. Now, however, Mr. Weston's invading anal tool had forced the dildo out-effectively giving him more room to pump. Now little Melissa was openly sobbing and Lauren felt a little bad for her, she also started to wonder when and if she would ever have to endure this pain herself. She also noticed that she had been rubbing her pussy for the last 3 minutes.

Finally with the thickness of his head buried in her ass he could start with the length of his cock, he slowly slid it in; Melissa's screaming had dissolved into a rhythmic moaning. Mr. Weston made Lauren drool onto his cock and Melissa's little asshole-he needed all the lubrication he could get as he continued to assault her anally. Finally more of his massive dick made it's way up her ass much to the dismay of Melissa. After what seemed like an eternity of pushing and pulling Mr. Weston had wedged his mighty cock up Melissa's diminutive asshole and was fucking away at a slow and steady pace, she actually had started to groan slightly. Without much warning Mr. Weston scooped Melissa up in his arms and was now standing up, his cock still fucking Melissa's ass. She had swung an arm back and around his neck and leaned back into his chest to keep from falling. It was quite the sight, Mr. Weston naked, standing and fucking Melissa's ass while he held her up with his hands under her knees, her arm slung backwards around her neck while she was facing away from him, the whole lounge staring at her strained, fresh, bare, tight little body.

"Lauren," he boomed, "I saw the way you were looking at Melissa's tits and I know exactly what you think of them. So for being a good little slut today, I'm going to let you give them a suck and a nibble."

Lauren jumped at the opportunity and lunged forward at Melissa. Mr. Weston was holding her at just the perfect height, Lauren couldn't wait to get a mouthful of Melissa's handfuls. Sucking tits was one of Lauren's quickly growing favourite sexual activities, she loved having flesh in her mouth and obviously not just cocks anymore. After teasing Melissa's rubbery little nubs to their stiffest she began to nibble and nip at them, each time eliciting a yelp of both pain and pleasure, and a corresponding heaving of her chest. Lauren shot a quick cursory glance up at Mr. Weston to make sure she was doing it right. And he looked down at her over Melissa's shoulder and mouthed the word 'bite'. So she did, sinking her teeth into the taut, rubbery flesh of Melissa's nipple, she groaned in pain. Lauren looked to him for satisfaction, he simply said, "Again."

And so she continued to do so for a few minutes, knowing that she had won the trial and it was Melissa's who was being openly punished, (the entire population of the small, sexy lounge was still watching the three of them.) Lauren decided to ease up on Melissa and after each punishing bite, she sucked, kissed and licked the area all better. Melissa liked this a lot. Her chest started heaving more regularly as she also got accustomed to the enormous cock in her tiny ass and at an awkward angle.

"Good." Mr. Weston interrupted. "Now drop down there and suck my balls and the base of my cock, Suck her clit too, if you want, I know you're turning into quite the little cunt eater."

"Yes, sir." Lauren blushed, still feeling ashamed about these open remarks about her growing sexuality. The murmur's of sexual excitement from the perverted audience didn't help either. Lauren dutifully dropped to her knees and took Mr. Weston's enormous sac in her mouth and began to suck his balls, until they had tightened (she knew what that meant.) Then slid her lips upwards, slightly to the base of his cock as it disappeared in and out of Melissa's still tiny asshole. Mr. Weston gave poor Mel's ass a mighty shove leaving his rod buried there, She was breathing quite heavily now Mr. Weston gave Lauren the go ahead to start eating her out. Lauren pushed her cute button nose into Melissa's cute button clit and her tongue instantly disappeared down Melissa's pussy hole, licking at everything she could, then whipping her tongue upwards to flick her clit. One of the first things Lauren noticed was the heat coming off Melissa's cunt and then the taste, Lauren was quickly learning that each pussy tasted a little bit different but always had the same similarities, and oh, how she loved those similarities! Lauren ate Melissa out for a good 5 minutes bringing her to two orgasms and a third one was on its way. Her own hand was busy between her own wet thighs furiously slamming 3 fingers up her own pussy. Just shortly after Melissa's third momentous orgasm, Mr. Weston decided a change of positions was in order. He carried her over to the table, motioning for others to sit again and set Melissa down, keeping his enormous cock planted up her ass, and bent her over the table.

"Here's something you won't hear often Melissa, close your legs!"

The table erupted into perverse laughter, mainly because they knew what Mr. Weston really meant. By Melissa closing her legs together it would make her ass even tighter, with her young, smooth body bent over the table, Mr. Weston still had to adopt a pretty wide stance behind her in order to keep his cock lined up with her ass. He looked like a large powerful animal mounting a much smaller one.

"Theresa! Come over here and punish your whore for not winning!"

Theresa slinked on over, topless now, her huge, perfectly round boobs swaying back and forth. She was still wearing her dress and stood beside a panting Melissa,

"Take it off. NOW!" yelled Theresa

"Yes mommy." Was Melissa's tired reply. Her hands shook as Mr. Weston resumed fucking her ass at a regular, easy pace. She finally managed to peel the skintight material off of Theresa's nice soft legs and dropped it to the ground. With one smooth graceful motion Theresa jumped up onto the table that Melissa was bent over and grabbed a fistful of little Melissa's short, cute, red, curly hair and slammed her face into her wet, bare cunt. Forcing Melissa to eat her out while she got ass fucked by Mr. Weston's frightening cock.

"Lauren honey, guess what your reward is…?" said Theresa in a breathy, sexy voice. She accompanied this by lying on her back and cupping her big round boobs together and upwards. Lauren was ready to jump into those big round tits but stopped just short looking to Mr. Weston for permission first. He admired her respect for him and gave her a smile and a nod. Lauren climbed up and kneeled on the table beside Theresa and dove into her breasts, sucking the nipples, licking, biting them, it made her hornier than Theresa.

Melissa's moans and grunts worked themselves up to a fever pitch. She was cumming and hard. Mr. Weston's own breathing quickened and the look on his face matched Melissa's. Just after her orgasm he leaned forward grabbed a handful of her hair and gave two last super hard pumps into her ass. He pulled out, spun her around and slammed her to her knees in front of his quivering cock. Theresa sat up on the table, Lauren kneeling beside her still cupping and kneading Theresa's massive globes. The rest of the spectators at the table also moved up and over to watch, and managed to do so just in time as Mr. Weston erupted with the most massive load of cum, that anyone had ever seen.

It shot out in volleys and streams filling Melissa's mouth and coating her face in no time, he aimed his massive shooting rod downwards at her breasts, covering what ever part of her tits hadn't already been covered from the sperm dripping of her face. He aimed his rod downwards a little more and managed to spray her fresh, bare, pussy mound. Finally spent he let out a huge breath of air and then slapped her across the face with his big hard cock making some cum fly off of her face and then released the grip on her hair, dropping her back down a little bit. The both of them panting and glistening with each other's sweat (and her with his sperm also.) Mr. Weston looked up at the table and saw Lauren kneeling there naked, panting, horny and playing with Theresa's boobs. He looked down at Melissa (who knew enough not to swallow yet) and then back up at Lauren again with a sexy, mischievous grin on his face.

"You know what to do…"

So Lauren crawled off the table and went in for the kiss…

To be continued…