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My name is Nick and my girl friend’s name is Kelly and she means the world to me. I’m very much in love with her and worships her in every way. She’s so beautiful and her body seems like it was moulded by god himself to perfection.

Her eyes are a very sexy blue that makes my heart melt every time I look into them. She has straight silky blond hair that rest seductively on her shoulders. She has full sweet sexy lips that are soooooooo good to kiss.

Her breast are large 32 CC size, very round and succulent with neat nipples that are tender to the slightest touch. Her pussy is smoothly shaven and is always scented with peaches from the bubble bath she likes to use.

For an eighteen year old she keeps her body in perfect shape, her stomach is flat and her waist is very slender. To sum it up she’s a beautiful goddess sent to me by god.

As you can see I know that my babe is quite a fox, I’ve seen how guys look at her with so much lust and desire, wishing they could fuck my little angel. I just smile to myself thinking how lucky I am to have her.

Kelly is very good to me and knows how to please me especially when making love. She could make me cum by just flashing those baby blue’s at me sending shivers through my spine. It is true Kelly is my love and she would never betray me or so I thought.

Until I came home early one evening, I opened the front door, hanged up my coat and called out for my angel. “Babe u home” no answer, I wonder where she could be. I went to the kitchen and got myself a beer and sat down to watch a video until my angel got home.

I started looking through our collection of videos when I noticed some mail on top of the TV. I sifted through the mail and found most of them were bills etc for one. It’s a large envelope of some kind addressed to me but there’s no forward address. Mmmmmm “ I wonder who this is from” I said out loud.

I better open it, it could be important, I sat down took a sip of my beer and started to open the envelope. It contained a letter and another envelope, I decided to read the letter first before opening the other envelope. I don’t recognise the hand writing, guess it’s not any one I know. I started to read It said:

Dear Whoreeeeeee Lover

Your girlfriend is nothing but a cheap whoreeeeeee trying to break up my marriage. I have two kids with my husband, how do you think they’ll feel to find out there daddy is fucking some teenage slut while mommies at work.

I want that bitch to stay away from my husband. Please Keep Your Dirty Whoreeeeeee Girl Friend Away From My Fucking Husband, I Won’t Put Up With Her Fucking My Man Any More, If She Doesn’t Keep Away From Him I Will Have To Deal With This Myself So I Suggest You Take Care Of It.

P.S There Are Some Pictures Enclosed In The Other Envelope Of Your Bitch whoreeeeeee being Fucked by my husband. There are even some of her Sucking his dick and getting fucked in the ass.

Yours Sincerely

Angry Wife

I couldn’t believe what I had just read, I was devastated, I slowly open the other envelope. Oh My Goddddd!!!!!!!! I shouted out loud. “ How Could She”, I was in total shock. There were pictures of my angel fucking some guy old enough to be her father.

Some were of her sucking his cock and some were of her being fucked in the ass, “ What The Hell” She never lets me fuck her in the ass she always says she doesn’t want anything up her most private hole. I was furious, My eyes filled with anger and rage.

This was my angel, my queen, my goddess, my world, my reason for living being fucked in every hole by some guy as old as her father. “Damn It” I thought she loved me, I thought she would never betray, I thought she would only be mine to fuck and love but here she was fucking some old man, having him fuck her ass.

“How Dare Her Fucking Betray Me Like This” I shouted anger evident in my voice. My eyes turned stone cold, harden by what I have just seen. I lay back in the sofa sipping my beer thinking how I would confront my little angel who has now turned into a Dirty Whore.

I thought things out, I had to put an end to this Sluttish behaviour so I decided to take a ride to the nearest sex store in my area and get some supplies to assist me in teaching my little angel who I so dearly love a valid lesson. I got into my car and drove to the nearest sex store and got the things I needed.

When I reached back home it was 8:30 pm and my angels car was in the drive way. I got out the car with my bag of supplies and went in side. When I went in, there she was my little angel asleep on the sofa. “She looks so peaceful laying there all precious“, I thought.

Then anger came over me and every image of her with that old man just flashed through my mind. I had to teach this Dirty Whore a lesson there was no way I was going to let my little angel be a whore any more.

You Bitch! I shouted out loud, unable to hold my anger back. Kelly jumped up out of the sofa. “Nick” Babeeeeee What’s wrong, her eyes showed such innocence, that made me even more furious. What’s wrong, What’s wrong, I’ll show you what’s wrong. I through the envelope with the pictures over to her.

“Look at them” I said, she opened the envelope and took out the pictures. Immediately guilt and sorrow showed on her face as she looked at the pictures. She hung her head in shame and tears started to flow down her face.

“I’m sorry” she whispered, “Why did you do it Kelly” I shouted at her. “I don’t know” her head hung further in shame. “You don’t know, What the Fuck do you mean you don’t know. “Look at the pictures” what the hell are you doing in those pictures. “having sex with another guy” she whispers as she looks up at me for a short glimpse.

“You were doing more than that Bitch” I grabbed her by the arm. I suddenly thought “Damn my dick feel’s harder than it has ever been, she looks so damn good in that sexy tight short skirt and her breast look so firm under that tight top ” Then I shouted “Tell me in more detail what you were doing with that guy and talk dirty like the whore you are”.

“I, I, I was fucking a married man old enough to be my father” she stammered out. “ Yeah and you were sucking his dick and you let him fuck you in the ass”. “You have never ever let me fuck you in the ass” but here you were letting some old man fuck you there”. “ What’s wrong with you” I thought you love me, rage in my voice. “I do Nick, I really do, I just made a mistake” she screamed out.

“Yeah a fucking big one” I shouted and pushed her on to the sofa. Nick!!!!!!! What are you doing? I’m gonna teach you a lesson you dirty little whore! I replied.” What do you mean? “ Listen slut I’m going to punish you and if you love me you’ll go along with what ever I say besides you have no choice in the fucking matter so just take your punishment and don’t make this any fucking worst than it’s already gonna be.

“Oh Nick pleaseeeeee, I’m very sorry, don’t make me have to prove my love for you, I know I did wrong, babe it was a mistake and I promise that I would never betray you again. “That’s not good enough bitch, you betrayed me and denied me the right of fucking your ass while you let an old man do it.

“Take off all your clothes Bitch and don’t make me have to wait” she hesitated then quickly obeyed and started by pulling her shirt over her head, then she removed her skirt.

“Your fucking bra and thong too” and hurry up, I got even angrier. She hastily took her bra and thong off, her eye’s almost over flowing with tears. “God her pussy, ass and boobs look right for the taking, wonderful”. I whispered to my self.

She started begging again “ Oh Pleaseeeeee Nick” Please what!!!!!!!! just stop fussing and don’t make me anymore angry. “Now undress me and make it fast” she quickly ran over to me stopping to stare deep in to my eyes making my heart fill with affection but I wasn’t gonna back down.

“What are you waiting for!!!!!!!!! get going” She jumped in surprise at the tone of my voice and immediately started to unbutton my shirt, her hands shaking with fear as she took out one hand at a time and threw the shirt to the floor.

She undid my pants zipper and pulled my pants down along with my boxers, I lifted one foot at a time so she could remove it completely. My dick shot out right away and hit her in the face all 9 inches of it, smearing a little bit of precum on it. She looked at me with wide open eyes filled with fear, lust and shock at how hard my cock was.

What are you looking at you slut!!!!!!! “Ummmmmmm” Your soooooooo hard!!!!!, she hesitated. Yeah so what, you made my fucking dick this hard, I said with my eye’s showing fury. I quickly opened my bag of supplies that I got from the local sex store earlier and took out a gag, a blind fold and a pair of hang cuffs.

“What are you going to do with those Nick” she said, more tears leaking down her precious face. “Come here Whore” I held her by the hand and snapped the handcuffs on before she could put up a fight. I decided not to gag her, I changed my mind, I want to hear her screams of pain, pleasure and discomfort like the whore she has become.

“Oh nick the hand cuffs are too tight, it hurts.” Owwwwwwwww the moaning sounds of her protest. I ignored her and continued by tying the blind fold over her eyes and behind her head, that made her protest more.

“Owwwwwwwww my wrist! Nick please take them off or at least make them less tight. “No” I am not going to make this easy for you! You want to be a Whore, your going to be treated like one”.

I sat down on the sofa and pulled her over my lap holding her up positioning her pussy over my now throbbing dick feeling the heat between our sexes. “Nick what are you, Bang!!!!!!!!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Shitttttttttttttt” Damnnnnnnnn! I roughly slammed her onto my dick before she could finish her sentence, filling her pussy at once with all of my cock feeling it penetrate her womb, tears streamed down her face because of the pressure , she was hysterical.

I was excited even more seeing how much pain she felt with her pussy so full of my cock. “Raise yourself on up and down my fuck pole you bitch and do it right”. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Jesus Nick! I can’t do that, it hurts too much, I can’t move. “ Do it now slut I’m getting very inpatient with you!

She tried to lift her self up then lower her self on my iron hard cock but couldn’t. I roughly lift her up and took my dick out of her already sore cunt then pushed her to the floor. “You really make me so fucking mad bitch!!!!!!” I yelled. She just laid there on the floor crying.

“Sniff sniff sniff! I’m sorry Nick I didn’t mean to make you mad but my pussy is soooooooo sore because you forced your dick into me so hard and fast and I wasn‘t expecting it. She sobbed” “You Whore I don’t care if it hurts you, you hurt me far worst when you betrayed me, so take your fucking punishment” I spat the words at her.

I tried to harden my heart not letting her see my sorrow for causing her pain, I felt so sorry for her pain, her pussy lips look painfully red and swollen, “Oh my little angel, why did you have to become such a whore” I said as I caressed her beautiful face as her tears kept coming, leaking through her blind fold.

“She replied, I didn’t mean to become a whore Nick”. I know, Don’t worry! you won’t be a whore any more after I’ve finished with you. “Get up” I shouted, lay over my lap, she quickly followed my instructions as I guided her over me. I then went back into my bag of tricks and took out a paddle and started rubbing it all over her ass.

What are you doing? she sounded alarmed. “ I’m gonna give you a spanking until you cum all over my dick for being a dirty whore. “Nick!!!!!!!!! Smackkkkkkkkkk I hit her firm ass with the paddle, immediately her ass turned red. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Smackkkkk, Smackkkkk, Smackkkkk , Smackkkkk. I rained blows on her sweet behind over and over counting in my mind, ten, eleven, twelve.

Oh Jesusssssssssssss, Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Smackkkkk, Smackkkkk, Smackkkkk, she kept screaming, her screams echoing though the room. I rained more blows on her slut behind Smackkkkk , Smackkkkk , Smackkkkk , Smackkkkk , Smackkkkk, “What’s that” I thought, she’s cummin. Her body rocked from side to side as her orgasm came over her sending her over the edge with her screams, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Goddddddddddddddddd I’m Cummmmmmmmmmmmin.

Smackkkkk, Smackkkkk , Smackkkkk I kept spanking her as she came, She shook violently as her orgasm exploded, over and over again, until she stopped moving. “Kelly” no answer, she’s passed out. The bitch passed out, “What a whore she is”, how could she cum from me spanking her, she’s never cum so hard before, well not so that she would pass out like she has now.

“ She looks so hot just laying there across my lap. I think I’ll let her rest for a while at least until I’m ready to continue the rest of her punishment after all I don’t want to be too hard on her, she is my little angel.

Real Rape Pictures Of 14 Year Old Girls