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“Department Manager Meeting at 3:00 p.m. today in the conference room.”

That’s the e-mail I got a few weeks ago. Damn I hate those meetings, so boring. Blah blah this, blah blah that, hard to keep awake and even take notes. So I was not looking forward to this meeting anymore than usual. I took my seat, opposite side of the head of the table-liked to call it my second in control seat.

One by one all the regulars came in and plopped down in their seats. I was making idle chat with one of them when out of the corner of my eye I spotted a new one. Mmmm, interesting. Average height, average build, dark eyes, beautiful dark hair that hung below his shoulders. Not this company’s typical manager material. They tend to be on the conservative side when it comes to managers. My immediate thought was he must have strong negotiation skills to get to keep his hair that long and still get the job.

So the meeting got on it’s way, me stealing an occasional glance at the newcomer. I could tell by his appearance and body language he must intimidate many people, especially women. Oh but not me. I saw him as merely a challenge. Let’s see how to describe him. Hmmm. Smoldering sexuality, that’s it. Like he would have no problem bending me over the table and fucking me while everyone looked on. I laughed to myself thinking, wonder if that would make these meetings more popular. Bet it would.

The meeting droned on for almost an hour and it was about to end, when the VP finally got around to introducing my new sexual challenge.

“Ladies, gentlemen this is James and he is our new MIS Director.”

Clap, clap and several nods of the heads were his greeting and welcome to the company. I locked eyes with him and couldn’t resist. I winked. No response. None at all. He looked at me like I was some bug-and he was slightly annoyed with my presence. Well that did it for me, screw him. He doesn’t want to be friendly, I can be stuck up too. So I got up and left the meeting without even acknowledging him. Just wait until he needs an emergency check cut, he’ll have to beg me.

Well a few days passed by and he never did need an emergency check, but my computer went on the blitz. Lost a huge report when it locked up. So as usual I call MIS, but what was not usual is now I have to put request in writing. Oh really? I don’t have time for this shit! I got a deadline fast approaching and I need every minute to recreate the report. I took off out of my office and ran downstairs to the computer room and straight for the “Manager’s” office. I walked in and told him straight up, my computer’s down and need help now. He calmly looked at me and asked,

“Didn’t you save the document occasionally as you worked on it?”

“No, if I had I wouldn’t be here would I?”, thinking to myself-smart ass.

“I’ll have one of the guys come up and fix it in a few minutes.”

“I don’t have a few minutes, I need the help now.”

“Okay, I’ll do you a favor and send Stan up now.”

“A favor? Isn’t fixing the computer your job?”

“Isn’t saving your document now and then, common sense?”, he said smiling.

I turned and stomped out of his office, Stan in tow.

“He’s a real pain in the ass, your new boss that is.”

“No actually he’s pretty nice, real quiet though.”

“Yeah right.”

Another week went by and I saw James in the lunchroom a few times. I’d give an occasional glance, but no more winks. But as infuriating as he was, I could not help feeling attracted to him. I even went so far as to purposely wear low cut blouses with push up bras underneath, then I’d go down to his office and ask him to show me some program. I’d lean forward as he sat in his chair, making sure my tits were at eye level. He’d steal glance now and then, but no comment.

My long hair would brush against his shoulder and while he made no attempt to move it, he said nothing. I’m accustomed to having men paying attention to me and I have to admit, him ignoring me was driving me crazy. So I devised a plan. One that I was sure would work. I’ve got great legs and a good looking ass, so I worked them both to the fullest. Short tight skirts were my new staple in my wardrobe. All I needed now was opportunity. And that came late one night.

Month end rolled around and as usual I was working late. We had installed a new accounting program just the week before and had plenty of problems with it so there was at least one guy in the computer room at all hours of the day and night. So I’m at my desk and James walks by. Ah ha, he’s on patrol tonight. Perfect. I waited until I was sure he was back in his office and I called him.

“My computer is acting weird, can you come and take a look?”

“What’s it doing?”

“Not sure, but can’t seem to get it to accept data.”

“I’ll be up in a few.”

Hmmm, yes. Just as I had hoped.

I waited patiently until he arrived, then gave him a steely eyed stare. He thinks he can dominate me. Not likely. He finally spoke and asked what was wrong. I told him I’m not sure, can’t seem to type anything.

“Is the keyboard disconnected?”

Of course it was, I’d done that myself.

“Let me check.” I reached across my desk, stretching as far as I could. I knew that my skirt had raised enough to let him see the tops of my stockings and garter belt, perhaps a bit of my ass if I was lucky. I leaned forward a bit more to make sure of it.

“I can’t really tell if it is. Let me check something else.” I stood up and then got on hands and knees under my desk. I’m sure it was a pretty sight. My ass in the air, bare thigh showing above the black lace. I made sure I had to move around under it, you know so I’d have to wiggle my ass a bit. I stayed under the desk I’m sure far longer than necessary, but finally stood up. I turned slowly and faced him. Not a word for at least a minute.

He finally spoke, “I think the only way this is going to work is if you reach across your desk and pull on the cable attached to your keyboard and I’ll get under your desk and see where it leads to. It may be caught on something.” I thought to myself-shouldn’t he just know which one is the keyboard cable? Oh well, give me a few more minutes to wield my charms at him.

He crawled under my desk and I could not help myself. I stood above him, then straddled him. He was on his back and I would have bet a million bucks he could see that I wasn’t wearing any panties. We hadn’t done anything and yet I was enjoying every second of this. I leaned across my desk and began to pull on the cable attached to my keyboard, when I felt his hand slide up my leg. Yes this is more like it.

His hand continued upwards until he reached the tops of my stockings, then he stopped. He asked me to move so he could get out from under the desk. That was it? I almost screamed. A tease? I moved out of his way and stood there watching him crawl out from under my desk. Waiting, watching. He stood next to me for what seemed like forever, then in one swift move, twirled me around, bent me over my desk, pulled up skirt and smacked my ass. Oh yeah, that’s more like it. Then nothing.

I turned around and he was gone. What the hell? I pulled down my skirt making sure everything was covered and ran down the stairs to his office. He wasn’t there. I checked down the hallway and in the lobby. I got there just in time to see him drive away. I was furious and stomped out, heading for my car. Went straight for the bar, got drunk, picked up on a guy that looked like James and spent the night fucking his brains out. By Monday morning I was over James. Well, until I saw him Monday morning.

I went straight to his office. He was just settling in when I blurted out, “What the hell was that all about?”


“Friday? You don’t start something and then just leave.”

“I’m not the one that started anything, that was you.” He was smirking at me and it made me want to smack him a good one. Instead I just walked to my office. I sat at my desk fuming. He’ll get his I thought. A week went by and we never spoke a word to one another. I ended up working a Saturday and was busy finishing up and getting ready to go home, when I spotted James. He was walking down the hall with the VP. I waited until they passed, then ran down to James’ office. I crawled underneath his desk and waited.

I heard the door open and in walked James and the VP. Hmm, this was even better than I had hoped for. James took his seat, glancing down saw me. A sly smile crossed his lips, but he said nothing. The VP took a seat across from James and they continued to talk. I ran my hands up James’ pants, just stopping short of his crotch. I waited then let my hand brush against his crotch. He had a hard on already. I quietly tried to unzip his pants and he reached down and slapped my hands gently. Like that was going to stop me. I tried again and he grabbed my hands. I wriggled them free after all he couldn’t struggle too much without being noticed.

I slowly lowered his zipper and slid my hand inside the fly of his boxers, grabbing hold of his hard cock. I slid my hand up and down it, using my thumb to circle the head and spread the pre-cum around. I leaned forward a bit and gave it a long leisurely lick, swirling my tongue around the head. He cleared his throat in response. I took that as encouragement and let the head slip into my mouth. He let an “oh” and the VP responded.

“You’re interested in that?”


I knew he had no idea what he had agreed to. I lowered his boxers, fully exposing his cock to me, then lowering my head, I began to lick gently at his balls, lapping at them slowly, in long broad strokes of my tongue. I felt his hand slip across my hair, gently stroking it. My fingers held his balls to my mouth as I licked faster and harder, all the while his cock just inches from my face. My hair brushed against his cock, making he cock twitch. I could hear the VP saying he had to go but he’s see James next Saturday at 5am sharp. Movement of a chair and then the door opening and closing. The door barely closed when James let out a “Fuck”.

I took his head of his cock into my mouth, letting it slide in deep. I felt the head just hit the back of my throat, when he shoved his hips forward and his cock slid further down my throat. I grabbed hold of his balls and gave them a good squeeze as I began to suck on his cock hard. Working it in and out of my mouth, a little deeper each time it slid in. He wasn’t hung like a horse and I was glad of it. Nothing better than sucking on an average sized cock and being able to get it all the way in my mouth. Being about 6” long and 5” around, it fit snuggly into my mouth, filling my mouth with just enough cock for me to enjoy it.

He gently placed his hands on head and began to slowly fuck my mouth, like it was my pussy. He let out a moan and that made me suck him harder. I looked up at him and he watching as his cock slid in and out of my mouth, His breathing slowed and matched his strokes. I got his cock in far enough, so that my mouth was pressed against his balls. I gave them a lick each time his cock slid all the way in. He grabbed hold of the arms of his chair and began to fuck my face in earnest, leaning into it, lifting himself up slightly. I felt his cock thicken in my mouth and I knew he was about to cum.

I myself moaned, I was enjoying it so much., feeling that silky cock slide between my lips made my pussy wet. I let him fuck my mouth faster and a split second later I tasted the first shot of cum in my mouth. I sucked at him greedily, trying to milk it all from him. He let out a huge moan and a Oh God while I swallowed every drop of his cum. I continued sucking until he stopped shooting cum, then let him slip out of my mouth. He rolled back in his chair and let me get out from under his desk. I plopped myself right in his lap and gave his a hard passionate kiss.

“So you want to go out to dinner next Friday?” I asked, sure of his answer.


“Your kidding right? After what we did, you can say no?”

He smiled and said “It’ll have to be Friday night. With what you were doing to me, I couldn’t think and almost couldn’t talk. When I said “sure” I ended up agreeing to go fishing with him. Next Saturday, 5 am. I don’t think I am even alive at that hour.”

“After I get done with you on Friday night, you might not be.” I smiled back at him, got up and walked out of his office. I started walking down the hall, then abruptly turned back around. I opened his door and he greeted me with a warm smile.

“Should I bring the cuffs on Friday night?”

“You can, but I don’t think you’ll need them. I think you’ve already imprisoned me, well at least a part of me.”

Satisfied, I left his office and couldn’t help but smile at myself. Mission accomplished. A sex slave in the making.
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