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What a thoroughly rotten day!! It started out lousy and went downhill from there. First a flat tire on my way to work. Then I found out I was passed over AGAIN for that promotion I've been working so hard for. And worst of all, today is my birthday and no one noticed! Not my parents, none of my siblings, none of my co-workers, and last but certainly not least, my fiancé. I thought I would have at least gotten a phone call from him. Oh well. No sense feeling sorry for myself, it does no good anyway. My arms are full of grocery bags, as well as my purse, briefcase and my laptop. I can barely maneuver to get my key in the door. I manage to just get the door open and dump everything on the kitchen table right next to the door. Suddenly, before I can turn on the light, I'm grabbed from behind by a large pair of leather-covered, extremely strong hands. One hand is clasped over my mouth and the other covers my eyes.

"Not a word! Or you'll be sorry!"

I nod to show I understand and he slowly releases his grip on my mouth. The next thing I know I feel a very silky-feeling cloth cover my eyes and it's tied securely behind my head. I don't recognize the voice, but there is something very familiar about the hands. "I won't hurt you, not if you don't fight me. But I WILL have my way with you! If you cooperate perhaps you might even enjoy it!" I was terrified, yet I could feel myself getting wet. How can I possibly be getting aroused when my very life might be in danger? How sick am I? The "Voice" instructs me to disrobe, "Now! Take everything off! Now! Right here! Don't strain my patience or you will pay the price!" I struggle to undress as fast as I can, leaving my designer business-wear in a heap on the floor. I'm shaking so hard I can almost hear my knees knocking. I know I can hear my heart pounding in my ears. I just don't know if it's from fear or excitement. I must be insane!

I feel those hands again. They reach from behind me and grip my breasts - tightly, pinching my nipples, pulling them, twisting them.

The "Voice" laughs. "You know you're enjoying it, you slut! Now move your ass! Get in the bedroom! You don't need to see - it's your apartment, you should be able to find your way." I make my way to the bedroom, stumbling over kitchen chairs, and cat food dishes in the process. He then instructs me to get on the bed and to lie on my back. "Okay bitch, spread 'em!"

"What are you going to do with me? Please don't hurt me!" I receive no verbal response. My questions were met with silence. I felt one foot being gripped by those maddeningly familiar hands. Then something soft, yet strong, being wrapped around my ankle...then it was tied to the bedpost. The same thing was done to the other foot. When he finished with my feet I was left wide open. Exposed to the world. The world that at the moment was only populated by me and "The Voice". I felt so degraded, so vulnerable and I'm ashamed to admit, so aroused! This detail was not missed by my captor. I was startled by a touch "down there." Just a quick run of his finger between my folds and then I heard him chuckle to himself. He said nothing but I knew he had something sinister planned and was thoroughly enjoying my predicament.

Next I felt my hand being ripped way from my breast where I had vainly tried to preserve some minute shred of modesty. Again he chuckled to himself and fastened my wrist to the bedpost with the same soft, slippery, sensual, strong bands that he used for my feet. Yet again this was repeated with my other hand.

There I was, spread wide open on my bed like the meat on an open-faced sandwich. My mind was reeling! What's happening to me? WHY is this happening to me? Who is this villain? IS he a villain? His voice is cruel, his hands are determined yet gentle. And strangely familiar...

That familiarity plays a most sadistic game with my mind. Who could this be? And most of all WHY????? Then just as suddenly as he appeared, he seems to disappear. There is nothing but the sound of my breathing and my heart pounding and those ever-present questions in my head.

I lay there, shamefully exposed, for what seems like hours - but was it really? Is anything what it seems to be?

Out of the silence and darkness he is back. I know it's "him" by his scent. I can't quite make out the it cologne? No, it's a "clean" soap or shampoo. I hear him moving around but he says nothing. I hear what sounds like he is undressing. Dear God! What is he going to do to me??

Before the question finishes forming in my mind I feel something brushing against my breast...then across to my other breast. What is it? So soft, so light, ooooooh god! It's a feather! Oh my god! Now he's brushing the feather between my tits and down my belly...oooooh...down the inside of my leg to the bottom of my foot. Oh damn, that tickles! Oooohh, now he's brushing it up the inside of my other leg. Oh! Oh! Oh! He's running it up and down my pussy lips! Oh My God! Oh, it feels so good! Oh! Damn Him! Just as I was approaching the precipice of ecstasy he stops!

What's this I feel now? Oh God, it feels like... Like what? velvet! Oh Wow! He has on velvet gloves and he's massaging me! He begins at my wrist - working his way down my arm. Gently stroking back and forth all the way down to my shoulder, then around my neck to the other arm, back down to my neck again. Then with both hands he cups my breasts and begins to stroke them in a circular motion - ever so lightly - ooooohh! Just as I begin to relax and enjoy the sensation, I feel him roughly pinch my nipples. OWWW!! It hurts like hell, but also feels strangely exciting. I feel myself getting wet...again.

"You cheap tramp! Only a tramp or a whore would enjoy being humiliated like this!" he spat. I begin to answer but as soon as I open my mouth he silences me with his velvet-clad hand. "I'm not going to tell you again! Keep silent or I will gag you! Do you understand? Just nod if you do."

Naturally, I nod. Then I feel the velvet again. He's running his maddeningly familiar hands up and down and around my ribs...then across my belly and down the outside of my legs and up the insides to my thighs. He just barely lets his fingers glance across my most secret place that is now on vulgar display for all to see. Oh please touch me there!! PLEASE!! He knows that I want him to touch me there because I'm raising my hips as he continues to massage the insides of my thighs. He knows. But he chooses to ignore my desire. And then he only laughs before he cruelly walks away.

Silence again.

And then I sense that he has returned. He still says nothing but I hear him moving around the bed. Next I hear a strange sound. At first it sounds close to my ear but then it moves away. OH GOD!! He's got a VIBRATOR!! And he's putting it in my pussy! He shoves it in my hole, and then out to my clit and then he sticks it inside me again, then back to my clit. Oh Damn! Oh, it feels so good! But he doesn't keep it there long enough. Damn Him!! Oh, it's back on my clit! Oh! OHH! OH GOD!! OH Nooooo! Put it back!! Put it back!! Damn him, DAMN HIM, he's so evil!! Just as I'm about to orgasm he stops! Why is he doing this to me???

Oh no! Now what's he doing? I feel him ON the bed WITH me! Ahh, I gasp as I feel his hot mouth on my breast - and his tortuously familiar hand on the other one. He takes almost the entire breast into his mouth - sucking on it as if his mouth were a vacuum cleaner! Oh god! What a sensation! Then he draws his mouth out over it until he only has my nipple. He flicks his tongue all over the nipple while he sucks on it like a newborn baby ...Ohh yessss! Meanwhile massaging the other one and pinching the nipple, oh it hurts but it's a delicious hurt. Then he switches sides. Oh My Dear God! What exquisite torture!!

He releases my breasts and begins kissing me. UGH!!

No, don't kiss me, you maniac! I don't know where your mouth has been! But he is insistent. He presses his lips hard against mine and I feel his tongue demanding entrance. No, I don't want to!! OUCH!! I feel a slap on the side of my ass! I understand and immediately open my mouth - begrudgingly granting him admittance. His tongue probes, roughly searching for mine. I find myself responding and even beginning to enjoy his kiss. Then he does it again!! DAMN HIM!! As soon as he senses that I am receiving even the least bit of pleasure he STOPS! SADIST!!

Now he's kissing my neck, and then the cleavage between my breasts - working his way down my silken-rope-bound spread-eagled body He kisses under my breasts, my ribs, my belly, stopping to run his tongue around my belly-button - oooh- what a sensation! Then he continues down my belly. Then down to my leg. He continues kissing and while he's kissing the inside of the first thigh he begins stroking the inside of my other thigh. Oh Dear God!! Not only is he kissing my inner thigh, he begins running his tongue up and down my thigh. He repeats this treatment all the way down to my ankle and then starts up the other leg - Oh My God!! This man is driving me insane!! And his HANDS! Still so very familiar. But how is that possible???

Aaagghhh! Good Lord!! As he reaches the top of my thigh he continues his exquisite kisses and goes back up my belly to my breasts again. Only this time he covers them with little bitty kisses before taking each nipple in turn in his mouth. This time biting each one. Not overly hard, but just hard enough to create a shot of pain...then back down my now quivering torso...down, down...OH! OH SWEET JESUS!!

I feel his tongue in my pussy! Oh no! He's not...Oh Please Stop!...NO! OOHHH MYYYYY GODDDDDDD!! He plunges his tongue into my now dripping hole! Oh sweet ecstasy!! He fucks me with his tongue. Then he moves that amazing tongue to my clit - probing for it. Finding it, he draws it into his mouth - sucking gently on it and flicking his talented tongue over it... Oh God, Oh God! Yesss! Yess! Oh! NOOOOOO! You BASTARD!! Don't stop now!! He's done it yet AGAIN!! Just as I'm on the brink of orgasm he stops. He is the cruelest, most sadistic creature I've ever encountered! And he's laughing at me!!

"You know you're enjoying every bit of this. I can tell. Just look at yourself ...You're so fucking wet your sheets are getting soaked!! And you want to cum so bad you can taste it!" As he spat out the words "taste it" he rammed his fingers in my pussy, working them around and then withdrawing them. He brushes those same dripping fingers across my lips.

"Open your mouth, bitch! Here, then taste it!" I lick off his fingers only because I'm afraid of what else he may do to me... But the taste is so different... So exotic, erotic, and so sexually exciting!! I want more!! Let me taste it some more!! I lift my hips to him, hoping he understands.

And he does..."What is it with her? Everything I do to torture her or degrade her, she actually enjoys it! It's not supposed to work that way. Well, if that's what she wants...after all it IS her birthday"

He re-inserts his fingers in them around a bit more and then brings them to my lips again. Mmmmmmmmmmmm...oh soo good! And I just keep getting wetter! Oh, I'm soooooo baaad!!

Oh no! He's back on the bed with me! What is this beast going to inflict on me now??

Ohhhh - he's kissing me all over! Oh My God! And he's kissing me "down there" again - OH DEAR GOD IN HEAVEN! No, please don't stop!! Oh no!! What's that??? Oh My God!! It's his cock!! He's going to rape me!! No! Nooooooo!! PLEASE NOOOOO!! Anything but that!!

Suddenly I feel his hand behind my head and then my blindfold is removed!


"Yes, it's me! Happy Birthday, Darling! I hope you enjoyed your birthday present. I tried to fulfill your fantasy. Did I succeed?"

More than you know! More than you'll ever know!!


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