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I woke up. I had no idea where I was. I suddenly realized that my eyes were open but I could only see pitch-blackness. I tried to call out but found my mouth was covered by, most likely, duct tape. Then I noticed my hands were bound above my head. I tried to move my legs and felt the same thing.

I was lying down. It felt like I was blindfolded and tied to a bed. My heart raced as I listened for any familiar sound I could detect. I heard nothing. My mind blared as I realized I was totally naked. I tried freeing myself by thrashing my body and twisting my arms and legs. The restraints wouldn't budge. I couldn't think rationally, I just heard ringing and saw nothing.

I could hardly breath because of the gag on my mouth. I snorted through my nose and made muted calls for help as I continued my mania. Finally I forced myself to calm down realizing panic would be my worst enemy in this situation. The ringing subsided and closing my eyes helped relieve the anxiety caused by the blindfold.

The only thing I could remember was leaving work Friday evening. I couldn't tell if it was day or night and I didn't know what day it was or how long I'd been lying there. I imagined every horrible possibility and nearly lost my mind worrying about what was going to happen to me.

I had obviously been kidnapped and most likely drugged. I didn't feel injured. I didn't feel like any of my parts had been violated either. I was surprisingly relieved while I was unbelievably afraid at the same time.

I heard what sounded like a light switch. I immediately opened my eyes expecting to finally see but was sickened when I saw only the same horrid blackness and remembered my blindfold. I was on the brink of insanity. I imagined the most evil, disgusting looking man standing there with the power of life and death over me.

He spoke, "I guess you're wondering why you're here."

His voice was calm; almost pleasant, but the circumstances made him a demon to me nonetheless. I didn't say a word, how could I? I heard the bed creak and felt it shift and imagined him climbing onto it. The bed stilled, I waited. My mind was blaring again and I was pushing nearer insanity.

I felt something warm and moist on my toes and tried to pull my foot away but was stopped short by my binding. Was he was licking my toes and feet? It was unbearable. My stomach tensed and I fisted my feet and hands but was totally helpless to escape or defend myself. He worked his way up my calf, passed my knee and to my inner upper thigh. Soon he was about two inches from my vagina licking and sucking my thigh, alternating from one thigh to the other.

I was horrified. I tried to think about something else, anything else; I tried to escape mentally but I kept returning to reality of what was happening to me, and the feeling of being repulsed by his advances.

I could feel him licking my pussy hairs and he held them between his teeth pulling and breathing hot air. My skin crawled. Suddenly he plunged his tongue into me and began sucking and eating me relentlessly.

I held back vomit as he ate my pussy against my will. I felt my pussy involuntarily lubricating. The thought that I was getting wet automatically -- despite my obvious protest against what was happening to me caused me to snap.

I lost all resistance and my limbs hung limp. I could no loner move. I was somewhere else.

I felt his hand probe deeply inside my wet pussy. It stopped where the rim of my diaphragm covered my cervix. His index finger tried to pull down and hook behind the diaphragm. After his finger slipped a few tries, he told me bear down as though I were having a bowel movement.

Squinting behind the mask I pushed down hard allowing my diaphragm to loosen. He then inserted his index finger between the diaphragm and my pubic bone to break the suction created by the diaphragm. He removed the diaphragm leaving my fertile pussy vulnerable.

Sometime later I vaguely realized that he'd slid his unusually large prick into me. I heard his panting and the wet suction sounds of his pumping in and out of my now unprotected pussy, but didn't really comprehend that it was actually my body that was being violated.

My thoughts wandered further into subconscious dalliance and I was not in that horrible place anymore. I was leaving work. driving to my normal hang out, a swingers club near Deep Ellum in downtown Dallas. I was having a few drinks with a couple I liked to swap with.

In my mind I heard them say, "So are you still in?"

I said, "Why of course, I wouldn't miss this opportunity for the world."

What opportunity was I talking about? This too seemed like a distant memory.

Suddenly, without further delay, everything came together: what I was doing tied up and blindfolded with this sick bastard fucking me, and what I was talking about when I said, "Of course, I wouldn't miss this opportunity for the world."

I had paid my swinging friends to arrange my own abduction and rape. I'd always fantasized about being forcibly impregnated. I constantly masturbated, creating scenarios related to the subject. And now, here a stranger was raping me and it really wasn't what I'd expected. I was truly experiencing the horrible feelings I had fantasized about countless times. I remembered agreeing that I should be heavily drugged so I wouldn't change my mind.

I snapped out of my trance. My pussy and asshole burned hot as I consciously realized this was the rape I had paid five hundred dollars for. I opened my eyes and welcomed the blackness that met me. I felt the bleeding wounds on my wrists and ankles and drooled hot wetness from my hole, as my rapist obliged my fantasy.

I began raising my hips from the bed to meet each of his jousts. I marveled at his coldness, being able to go through with such a horrible act. I thought he must tell himself the girl really knows what's going on and that is the only way he can do it.

I noticed he was talking to me saying, "Yeah you little dirty cunt, you think you're too good to be raped. I'm gonna knock you up when I cum in you too."

I couldn't believe how serious he sounded as I climaxed for the second time within seconds of the first. I felt his ridged, bloated prick impale me over and over again as my muted screams echoed in my head. Then I felt him fill me with his boiling broth as my thighs quivered uncontrollably and my stomach and back knotted in ecstasy. He moaned as he came to a stop, his cock pushed all the way up my fertile womb. His prick twitched and spasmed as his last few drops oozed deep within me.

Then he pulled out slowly and I heard the bed creak again as he apparently got up. He untied my hands from their restraints. I felt his hand rub my belly in a circular motion. I did not resist as I lay semiconscious and enjoying the pleasant aftermath of my multiple orgasms. With a long smile on my face I closed my eyes in slumber. My dreams would be about what my child would look like.
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