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It was the first night in quite some time that Adele had been out without her husband, or even out for that matter. Her busy life and awkward work hours restricted her social life. But tonight it was her best friend’s birthday and she had to make the effort. Her friend Tanya was the same age as her and only a week separated their 30th birthdays. Tonight was to be a double celebration.

Before leaving the house she had dressed for the night, short black dress with a plunging neck line, dark pantyhose and spike heeled shoes, Lord knows she need these shoes being just under five foot in height. Her husband had remarked on her get up, and had tried twice to get her onto the bed, and one almost successful attempt over the arm of the couch. She had promised him that she would later, but for now he was going to be late.

The evening had gone brilliantly. She and her friends had drunk quite a lot of wine and cocktails and heads were definitely spinning. One of the girls had refused to drink and said that she would see them all home safely. Most of the girls had dressed similarly to Adele. The short skirts and tight fitting clothes had the men in the night club buying drinks and dancing closer than they should.

She shouldn’t have, but she had been flirting with a large blonde guy on the dance floor. It wasn’t long, thanks to the drink, that she was sat on his lap. She knew her husband would have freaked, but the other girls were married and were flirting with other guys so she saw no real harm. The big guys name was Pete, and it wasn’t long before he was trying to take advantage of her lapsed inhibitions. His big hands kept feeling her backside, and even trying to slide up the back of her skirt. Adele always remembered her husband at home and pulled his hand away every time it tried to slide up the back or between her nyloned legs, but it didn’t stop her frenching his mouth every now and then.

At the end of the night, the lights in the club came back on and people started to look for coats and friends. Adele had enjoyed the night and from all the flirting with Pete was very excited to get back to her husband. Pete, as any guy would, asked for her number and Adele gave him a fake number, similar to her own but with the last digits changed.

As they left the nightclub, Pete offered to escort the ladies to their car, and was graciously accepted. The car in question was parked in a multi-story parking, not far from the club, but in a bad part of town, so having a big strong man with them made them feel a little safer.

There was no trouble on the way there and they made their way up the stairs.

Before she knew what was happening, Pete dragged Adele close to him and kissed her fully on the lips. Adele responded in kind, her tongue fighting his for supremacy.

Adele’s friends laughed seeing her body so small against his, with her arms wrapped around his neck. They shouted that they would wait at the car for her before continuing up the parking lot.

The sound of her friend’s heels clicking against the concrete faded. Pete must have realised this. Moving with quick speed she felt his hands reach down, grabbed the backs of her thighs and pushed body her up against the wall, his mouth still locked to hers. Her light body lifted and perched on a slight outcrop from a bricked up window in the stairs.

He was going too far. Adele tried to break the lock of his kiss, but he was not for having it. His tongue roamed ecstatically around her mouth, his head keeping hers pinned to the wall. She could still feel his hands on her thighs, groping and advancing higher, pushing her short skirt up her hips. She shouted out a protest, but it was muffled against his mouth.

One of his hands let her thigh go, before reaching down between them. She yelped out as she felt his large hand grab the crotch of her pantyhose. Her hands came quickly to his wrist, trying desperately to move it out between her thighs. Her hands came away victoriously gripping his wrist. As it came up, she felt the pantyhose and the studs from the crotch of her bodice rip open, exposing herself to the damp night air.

Again she tried to stop his hand from reaching down between them, shouting against his mouth for him to stop. She expected his big hand to start to toy with her, but it twisted itself and unzipped his dark blue jeans, freeing his meat.

The job done, his hand slid back out and quickly clutched her thigh again. She felt his tongue trying to push deeper into her mouth, flicking around. He started lifting her body and pulling her towards him, keeping her back pressed against the wall. Suddenly she felt what he was going trying to do. Pete’s cock stood erect between her thighs. She could feel the scalding heat of his skin against hers. Adele fought furiously, trying to push him away, to save herself. Pete stabbed upwards with his dick, hitting the back of her left leg. She beat hard against his chest again, trying to break his grip on her. He thrust up again, this time it hit its mark. Adele felt the head of it slam into her. It was a mercy that she had been so turned on in the nightclub and was expecting to go back to her husband, because her cunt was still soaked.

Pete holding her struggling body, lowered her quickly onto his hardened dick.

The sensation of his thick cock sliding into her body made Adele shout. Pete’s mouth prevented anymore noise than a high pitch whimper come out. Still gripping her upper thighs, he lifted her again before letting her body fall onto his dick.

He turned his eyes to look at her and kept her gaze as he lifted her again.

Adele couldn’t tear her eyes away from his, not because his eyes mesmerised her, but because his huge phallus had impaled her so deeply.

He lifted his mouth from hers to let her breath, and took a step back. She could have screamed for help, she knew she should of, but with his step back she felt her body falling. Quickly, she threw her arms out and flung them around his neck.

She kept looking into his blue eyes, letting the feel of his hard cock inside fill her senses. Now able to breath deeply she gulped the cool air as he resumed his fucking.

He took a step forward, letting her back rest against the wall as he clasped her thighs, pulling and pushing her up and down his length.

Adele wanted to scream out for help. This large brute was raping her, using her as a fuck toy; his massive cock sliding in and out of her soaked cunt. Her brain kept asking for her to shout out, beg him to stop, but her own body prevented her from doing so. Every time she went to ask him to stop, it would be at the point where he would plunge her body back down onto his.

She closed her eyes and thought of what was happening to her. Her body was thrilled at the sensations of his large cock in her small frame and speeded her along to her orgasm. The cunt walls were stretched wide by his thick dick, her clit taking a beating against his body. Unconsciously, she lifted her legs up and wrapped them around his back the best she could, her pointy heels digging into his buttocks, goading him on.

It wasn’t long before she peaked. Her head tilted and eyes screwed shut, Adele screamed out as her orgasm sped through her body. She felt her body violently shaking and contracting as he continued to rape her wiling body.

As she gasped for breath and tried to clear her head, she felt him quicken his pace and push her hard against the wall. With a quick stab of his hips, he rammed his dick in as far as he could and came. She felt his hot fluids gushing from him, his cock shooting wave after wave of his semen into her.

“Fucking Hell! Adele!”

She opened her eyes and looked over Pete’s shoulder.

“Adele, come on!” Her friend Tanya stood laughing at the spectacle in front of her.

Pete for the final time that night, lifted her thighs and helped her stand, before quickly tucking his spent dick back in his pants.

Adele’s energy depleted, her legs had trouble supporting her. Tanya seeing this helped her friend, giving a nasty look to Pete, who stood idly by watching.

Tanya took no time in chiding her friend for her actions. “For fucks sake Adele, you’re married!”

As she was about to climb the stairs with her friend she stopped.

“Hang on Tanya, be with you in a second!”

She turned and walked back to Pete.

“Change the last two digits on that phone number the other way round and call me sometime!” she whispered

She smiled up at him and hobbled back to her friend for support.

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