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For the past several months I had made it a morning ritual to get my coffee at a small café near my house. I was hooked on two things, the caffeine and a sweet young waitress named Jessica. Every morning I took my usual seat by the window, feigning interest in the morning paper while awaiting our encounter. I would steal glances at Jessica as she worked the room, watching as she charmed the customers with her warm smile and flirtatious demeanor.

At first I was just another face in the crowd but as time went on our conversations began to grow. Jessica always laughed at my sarcastic wit and delighted in my appraisal of her morning 'suitors'. She would blush and giggle whenever I remarked about her 'other men', teasingly referring to me as her one and only.

I had become addicted to our little encounters and found myself returning to the café in hopes of catching Jessica at the end of her shift. I was convinced she would think I was a stalker but was pleasantly relieved when she took to stopping by my table and sitting to chat. Our conversations always seemed to flow and Jessica never seemed to think twice about opening up to me despite our age difference.

I admit I had little in common with this bubbly eighteen year old and often found my thoughts drifting as the topic inevitably turned to her relationship problems. I would offer sympathetic responses even while my mind began concocting inappropriate fantasies about her full red lips. Sometimes I even found myself getting aroused as my eyes tried not to settle on the ample cleavage she was fond of showing. Once, as Jessica was leaving my table, I watched in amazement as she bent to tie her undone shoelace. Her tight jeans slid low and I felt my breath sharpen as the top of her ass came into view. I was stunned at how round her cheeks appeared and found myself mesmerized by the sight of the tiny pink thong that slipped between them.

That image would become the central theme of many a masturbation session as I later stroked my cock and thought of her. I didn't want to violate the trust that had formed between us but found I could no longer look at her without picturing her bent over in front of me. What would that ass look like as she got down on her hands and knees? How would those big round tits feel as I squeezed them tight and took her hot pussy from behind? God, I was starting to feel like the proverbial 'dirty old man'!

It was during another of our typical afternoon chat sessions that everything changed. I thought she was acting a bit more flirtatious than usual but chalked it up to my over active imagination. Her boyfriend had gone out of town and I listened as she talked excitedly about the plans she had made for the weekend.

'Maybe we should hang out,' I joked, expecting her usual 'little girl' giggle. She sat quietly for a moment and I suddenly felt very awkward. 'You can come by later if you'd like...I mean if you want...unless you have plans...' I sat dumfounded even as I scribbled down her address on a napkin and we made our plans for the evening. As I watched her walk away from the table, her hips swaying seductively, I found my mind filling with thoughts of her little pink thong.

The sun was just setting as I stood outside of her apartment gathering my nerve. What was I doing here? I was old enough to at least be her uncle...I felt like such an ass. Just an hour earlier I had been on the phone with my girlfriend telling her I was coming down with something and now, here I was, standing on the porch of some eighteen year old waitress whom I barely even knew.

I knocked softly on the door half hoping she wouldn't hear me. My pulse quickened as I heard her approaching from the other side of the door. 'Hey you!' I was caught off guard as Jessica threw her arms around me. I hugged her tight for a moment keenly aware of her large breasts pressing against my chest. 'Come on in.' She turned and I followed her into the kitchen, my eyes locked on the tiny skirt that came just below her ass. I could see the outline of her thong panties as her round cheeks bounced in front of me. She offered me a glass of wine and giggled sweetly when I joked about her underage drinking.

'You aren't gonna tell are you?' She smiled that coy little smile and I suddenly became aware of how alone we were. Her tiny skirt was complimented by a tight pink halter-top that struggled to contain her voluptuous breasts. 'Nice pictures,' I stammered turning and gazing like an idiot at the refrigerator door. It was plastered with pictures of her and her boyfriend. She delighted in telling me where each one was taken and I did my best to comment appropriately. I was finding it hard to concentrate as she was standing so close to me. I couldn't keep my eyes from fixing on her breasts as they strained against the thin material that kept them from bursting free. I found myself leaning in closer as I went to kiss her neck. 'Let's go sit down!' She pulled away from me and headed towards the living room and I followed behind her sheepishly.

Why had I done that? I was kicking myself for making an advance when she probably wasn't even attracted to me. Here I was in my thirties acting like some stupid college kid!

I started thinking I should be home with my girlfriend as I sat down on the couch next to Jessica. That thought quickly faded though as her skirt rose up high over her soft, tanned thighs. Was she talking about her boyfriend again? I smiled and nodded even as I willed her skirt to rise just a bit higher. Was she wearing that little pink thong? God her legs looked so soft!

She was moving around the room now looking for a video. 'You'll love this movie. God, where is it?' I hadn't heard the title and couldn't have cared less at that moment. I could feel my penis starting to swell up against my thigh as I watched her kneel down and search through her movie collection. Her skirt was low on her hips and I could see the pink straps of her thong. Oh God, she was wearing the thong! How many times had I pictured that sweet round ass bent over in front of me?

'Here it is!' Jessica turned to show me the movie, grinning widely, her tits about to fall right out of her top. Was she really that excited about the stupid movie? Maybe I had this all wrong.

She sat back down next to me, her skirt rising and her breasts jiggling. It seemed the smell of her was filling the room. I could almost feel my mouth watering as I thought of how nice her pussy must look in that thong. The thick outline of my cock pulsed against my thigh as the movie began.

'Fuck this stupid movie!' I thought to myself as I looked over at her. God, she looked so young outside of the cafe...what was I doing? I wanted to reach out and rip off that little top. All I could think of was pulling those tits out and wrapping them around my hard on.

She smiled up at me and I tried my best not to look like I was mentally undressing her. Damn, her skirt was so short though! The soft material barely covered her crotch. How could I not want to lift it up and see those little panties?

Before I knew what was happening I found myself reaching for her hand and pulling it to my thigh. She let out a small yelp, her eyes widening as I pressed her hand against my swollen shaft.

'What are you doing?!' Jessica began wiggling around, her skirt rising higher as she struggled to pull away from me. 'Let go of my fucking hand!' Her voice echoed faintly as I watched her tight pink panties come into view.

'OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD!' She jumped up but I held tight to her hand and pulled her back hard. 'Aggh,' she spun around and stumbled, falling face down into the couch. I wrapped my muscular arm around her torso and held her tight. Her sweet ass was right across my lap and her legs splayed out as she kicked them into the air.

'NO, NO, NO!' Her thighs kept rubbing against my cock as I forced her skirt up over her wiggling butt cheeks. 'Oh yeah...fuck!' She looked hotter than I had imagined. Her round ass cheeks pushing up and that tiny pink thong wrapped around her pussy lips.

Jessica squeezed her thighs tight when she realized my hand was sliding toward her hot little mound. My hard on was consuming me...I had to have her little cunt. I brought my hand down hard on her ass and she froze.

'AGGGHHH SHIT!' She screamed out as I brought my hand down over and over smacking her sweet young ass.

'SPREAD YOUR LEGS YOU LITTLE COCKTEASE!' Months of frustration poured out as I held her down and smacked her firm butt cheeks. 'AGGH...OHHH...AWWW,' Jessica was screaming and sobbing, her face pushing into the cushions, her hips bucking with each thrashing I gave her.

'OK...OK...STOP IT!' Her ass was bright red as she stopped struggling and slowly parted her thighs. I slumped back on the couch, panting heavily as I listened to her muffled sobs. Jessica's legs dangled off the couch, her thighs spread wide. I began rubbing her ass softly as she whimpered. She inhaled sharply as I peeled her tiny thong over her swollen butt cheeks.

'Oh Fuck...Oh Baby...' I heard my own voice as if it were a stranger. Jessica's puffy lips were bright pink and her tight hole glistened as I spread her wide.

She continued to whimper as I pushed my fingers into her wet cunt. 'Oh Honey, your little pussy is so fucking tight!' I could feel myself growing even harder at the thought of forcing my thick cock up into her.

Jessica's sobbing had quieted down but her face was still hidden in the cushions. I pulled her off of my lap and she remained slumped against the couch. I stared down at her firm body as I pulled off my shirt and unzipped my pants. She stiffened a bit at the sound of my zipper but knew better than to shut her thighs.

I stood behind her for a moment, my cock throbbing as I took it in my fist. 'You look so fucking good down on your knees!' Jessica let out a little whimper and I noticed her arch her back just a bit pushing her ass up slightly. I knelt down behind her and began rubbing my hard penis against her soft body. I couldn't resist smacking my shaft against her red cheeks making her cry out once again.

'Oh Jessica, I'm going to fuck your little pussy so good!' I slid my cock between her thighs and began pushing it back and forth over her wet lips. She let out a soft moan as my swollen cock head worked over her clit.

'MMM, You like that don't you honey?' She remained quiet so I gave her ass another smack and grabbed her by her hair. 'AGGGHH!' Her eyes were wide and her cheeks stained with tears as I pulled her head back. 'YES, YES...I LIKE IT!' she cried out frantically. I pulled her hair back harder forcing her to arch her back as she came up off the couch.

'Oh Fuck!' I pulled down her halter-top and her big round breasts sprang out. 'Oh, look at these fuckin' tits!' I began squeezing her fat breasts and pinching her hard nipples. My cock was jutting out from between her thighs as her ass pressed against my stomach.

'Jerk on my cock Jessica!' She slid her hands down reluctantly as if not touching it would make it go away. She wrapped her fingers around my shaft. 'Oh yeah, that's a good girl!' I let go of her hair and squeezed both of her big boobs together as I played with her nipples.

'You need a better grip!' Standing up I pulled Jessica to her feet and then pushed her to the couch. I stood over her, my cock swollen and purple as it throbbed in her face. She turned her head to the side, her eyes filling with tears. 'It won't fit in my mouth.' I ran my hand through her soft hair. 'You suck on your boyfriend don't you?' She looked up careful not to stare at the fat penis swaying in front of her face. 'Yes, but it''s not as big.'

I smiled down at her, 'It's okay honey, just rub it for me.' Her hands gripped me once again as she began to pull on my cock. 'That's it...nice and tight.'

I leaned down and pushed my hand between her legs. This time Jessica spread her thighs wide for me. 'MMM, what a good girl!' I pushed my fingers back in to her tight hole as she moaned. She continued jerking my cock as I fingered her pussy, her round hips beginning to move back and forth.

'Oooh, you like that don't you?' She nodded and moaned as she gripped my penis. 'You like having this little pussy finger fucked don't you baby?' Her pussy lips gripped my fingers and her clit rubbed against my palm as I quickened the pace. 'Spread that pussy for me...look at that little ass pumping so good...God you look so fuckin' nasty!'

'Oh yeah...Oh God...Oh Fuck!' Her hips bucked and her tits pushed out as she came around my fingers. I watched as her tits heaved up and down, her cute mouth wide open as she moaned, her hands clutching tight around my shaft.

'You hot little slut...Fuck!' I couldn't control myself as I grabbed her head and pushed her mouth down on my cock. 'MMMMPHHHH!' Jessica's hands pressed against my thighs as she tried to pull her head up. I forced my thick cock head into her mouth as her lips spread wide. 'SUCK ON IT!' Her eyes darted wildly as she felt my fat cock pushing deeper into her mouth. 'MMMPHHH...UMMM!' Her mouth stretched around my hard penis as I started humping her face. 'FUCK YEAH!' I felt my cock push into her throat as gagged. Her big tits bounced against my thighs as she struggled to breathe around my hard penis.

I pulled her face off of my cock and she fell back gasping for air. I grabbed her legs and pushed them back as she tried to catch her breath. She looked stunned as I pushed her legs over her head and exposed her sweet cunt lips. Her hands clutched at the couch as she tried to sit back up.


Before she could finish protesting I had grabbed my cock and shoved it deep up in to her little pussy. Her pussy lips gripped me so tight it felt like she had another hand jerking me off.

'AGGGHHH...UNGHHHH!' She cried out continuously as I pounded her little cunt. She was pinned beneath me helpless as I stretched her out. My balls slapped against her ass as her screams filled the room.

She was nothing but a little fuck toy to me now as I pulled her up on to my lap and shoved her back down on my cock. Her huge tits slapping up and down as I gripped her hips and worked my shaft with her tiny box.

'OHHH NO...NO...ANGGHH...FUCK!' She bucked wildly and I felt her pussy begin to spasm around my cock.

'YEAH! CUM ALL OVER THIS BIG DICK!" I watched in delight as I bounced her up and down like a hot little rag doll. She stared right into my eyes, moaning like a whore as her pussy trembled around my pole.

'YOU DIRTY FUCKING SLUT...OH GOD...OH SHIT!' I grabbed on to her breasts as hot cum began spurting out of my cock. Jessica held tight with her thighs, using her sweet hole to milk every last drop of cum out of me.

What had we done? She felt so soft in my arms that it didn't seem to matter. I held her tight and enjoyed the warmth of her breasts against my chest as my cock continued to pulse inside of her.
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