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The girl lay upon the bed, her formed covered in a light sheen of sweat, limbs chained lightly to the bed with silk ties, legs spread. Soft keening cries broke the silence of the room accompanied by low husky moans as her hands tested the strength of her bonds, body undulating, tightening the material. Large eyes the color of jade, glazed with passion, stared at the ceiling where nymphs danced and frolicked, as a dark man bent over her gyrating form.

Hands gliding over her smooth, porcelain skin he leaned down to whisper softly into her ear, "Beautiful," and then placed a warm kiss beneath her jaw. She whimpered, raising her hips in a silent plea to attest to the awakening of her body. His eyes slid slowly over her breasts, nipples a lush red and taunt with arousal, the softly rounded hips rising in a seductive rhythm of passion, calling for his touch. He closed his eyes, letting out his breath slowly and opened them, letting his hand slide leisurely up her leg, gazing at the contrast between pale flesh and crimson bonds. The night was young, he thought, and so was she. Leaning down he circled her nipple with his tongue, and then took it into his mouth, suckling deeply, teasing with his tongue ring. Her hips rose sharply at the action and he marveled at her responsiveness. By far, she was more than he ever dreamed possible.

Gently taking her other nipple between forefinger and thumb, he squeezed, eliciting a gasp from her slightly parted lips.

"Time to get more comfortable," He whispered huskily and slid himself between her spread thighs, pressing his aching erection into her sex, grinding slowly.

"Mmm..." he murmured and moved to her other nipple, drawing on it softly. He playfully flicked it with his tongue, before resuming the deep suction. Head thrown back she whimpered around the gag, hips rising to meet the slow rocking. Lifting himself lightly, he shifted downward, trailing kisses down her stomach, playfully teasing her belly button with his tongue. His look became sultry as he reached for the pitcher on the bedside, and holding it above her prone form, letting champagne trickle slowly down her body. The chilled liquid slid across her breasts, down her stomach to pool lightly in her belly button before flowing down her sex. A cool balm to the fires raging within, he cast a heated look down at her body before lifting the gaze to her eyes. The eyes large with fear and arousal. He leaned down.

"Fear not little one," He said with a gentle smile, before pressing a soft kiss to her stomach. Gliding his tongue over flesh that tasted of vanilla and champagne, slowly moving downward. Suddenly she jerked, fighting the hold of the ties, and he laughed continuing the decent until he reached her inner thigh, giving it a playful nip.

"Regrets?" he looked up into her eyes as he slid a finger slowly within her sheath, laughing as her hips rose in welcome. "Your body bellies the struggle, you show." He maintained eye contact, slowly sliding the finger in and out. She keened softly. "What is it that you want?" He queried, using the other hand to tug away the gag.

"Please," she gasped.

"Please what?" He whisper, dark promise in coal black eyes. He added another finger to the first, stroking in and out slowly, twisting, widening.

"Please, God," She cried and his lips twisted into the semblance of a smile. He stroked faster, feeling her wet sheath contract around his fingers.

"Is this what you want?" He stated softly, then abruptly stopped., leaving his fingers immobile within her as he gazed into her tormented eyes.

"Don't stop. Don't," she cried, hips lifting, slowly impaling herself deeper upon his fingers. "I need you inside me. I need you"

"Enough to become my only? Devote yourself only to my happiness?" he laughed softly and slowly slid his fingers out to trace them along her lips, leaving a trail of glistening moisture in their wake, then proceeded to slowly slide them into the slick wet, heat of her mouth. She sucked her essence off them lightly, her eyes becoming darker with her passion as she looked into his eyes. He slowly slid his fingers out, gaze intent upon her mouth. Lips parted as her breathing escalated, wet and full.

"Yes," she breathed, "Oh God yes." He lowered his head and captured her lips in a slow kiss, inhaling the delicate mix of vanilla and all that was his lover. Burying his hands in her russet colored hair, he traced her lower lip lightly with his tongue, slowly sliding into the warm cavern of her mouth. Their tongues mating with heady passion, a heated slide of wet silk as he untied the bonds that held her.

She moaned softly and sucked on his tongue as he once again slid his fingers inside of her, stroking, rekindling the fires within. Sliding hands over her sleek form, he grasped her hips and slid them around his waist. He broke this kiss, breath falling softly onto her lips, panting. Resting his cheek against hers lightly he whispered, "Are you afraid? is this what you want?" Slowly sliding the head of his erection up and down her slit, teasing, slowly adding pressure. She let out an aching moan from low in her throat and tried to plunge up to meet the teasing motions, but his grip on her hips held her immobile. She whimpered sliding her hands down his back, back up, leaving a thin trail of blood as her nails raked his back.

"Pleaseā€¦" She gazed into his fathomless eyes, seeking something.

"Please what?" Was he softly spoken reply, he resumed the slow teasing motion of his erection, slowly sliding up, down, pressing lightly into her opening. It seemed like her body was aflame, as she tried to answer the movement with the rise of her hips. He continued holding her and whispered in her ear again, "What Is it that you crave?"

"Fuck me, I need to feel you fill me, I need to be whole," She whispered back and shifted restlessly, seeking. In response to the teasing she was becoming wetter, and he was finding it harder to resist the urge to plunge inside of her and sate the feelings battling inside of him. But he held back, pressing merely the head within her, feeling the wet heat enclose just the tip. He released the merciless hold on her hips and she plunged upward burying him within her tight sheath, stretching. She clenched him tightly both within and outward. Arms coming up to embrace him as he slowly began to move within her. Sliding out, gliding slowly back in. His thrusts gaining momentum. Soft cries broke from her throat at each thrust as he slid almost completely out and slammed back in, his thrusts becoming deeper and harder. Her body began to shake with his motions, her breasts bouncing lightly as he fucked her, lifting her legs higher against her body for a deeper penetration.

Capturing her hands he slid them over her head and held them there with one hand while holding her thigh high on his hip with the other, thrusting even deeper. "God you're so tight," he whispered and once again kissed her, sliding his tongue into her mouth, mimicking the motion of his thrusts. Abruptly she broke the kiss, throwing her head back and screaming as she reached climax, clenching and rippling around him. He pulled out and turned her onto her stomach, propping her hips high.

She rested her upper torso against the bed still shaking with climax, hands clenching the silken counterpane as he reentered her still rippling pussy. He pounded harder, wrapping his arms around her waist and lifted her so that she sat impaled on his cock. Grasping her hair, he pulled her ear to his mouth and whispered, "Want more?" and slid the other down her stomach, further down, lightly grazing her clit. She cried out softly and arched her back as climax burst upon her again. And as she squeezed him he moaned her name into her ear and exploded, filling her with his cum. Slowly grinding his hips against her ass, savoring the sensation of wet, silken heat massaging his cock, milking him.

When the feeling finally subsided, he pulled out and walked to the wash stand by the bed and dipped a sponge into the sweet scented water. She lay where he left her, unconsious, russet hair obscuring her features. He gently settled her against the pillows and slowly began to run the sponge along her body cleaning her of the scent of love and his essence. As he finished she shivered and shifted slightly, parting her thighs enough for him to see her sex. His eyes once again darkened and he slid forward slowly lifting her legs onto his shoulders.

"Round two?" he queried to her sleeping form, eyelids heavy and voice once again husky with arousal, lowering his head.
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