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Kate walked slowly up the path to her house, every muscle in her middle-aged body sore and creaking. In the weeks since the convention, she had started taking a self-defense class at the local community college; it was more of a work out than she was used to and every class was a challenge to get through. Today had been another was exactly one month since her experience at the fantasy convention.

Her mind had been full of disturbing images all day. She had found it hard to concentrate at work and actually looked forward to the strenuous work out to try to purge the dark, erotic scenes from her mind. But even now, as she stumbled on a loose brick in the walkway, her exhausted body gave no peace. She still remembered his hands on her body, his lips, what he made her do...what she did willingly, she corrected herself.

Ever since the convention, Kate had been like a coiled-up spring. The note with the flowers said "See you soon", and she was constantly on alert for the next contact. She found herself staring into dark alleys looking for a shadowy figure, glancing over her shoulder as she walked out of the grocery store and starting whenever the phone or doorbell rang. Whether she was reacting with dread, fear or anticipation she had yet to figure out for herself. But, in a flash of candid insight, the fact that she now every night pleasured herself to dark fantasies of the stranger who took her would indicate there was less dread than her pride would want to admit.

The porch light was out again; she sighed wearily and made a mental note to change the bulb in the morning. The tiny cottage was old and the wiring temperamental; she gave it no further thought. Her key in hand, she walked the steps up to the front door, thinking fondly of a hot shower and bed.

Out of the shadows of the porch came a deep voice, startling her into frozen shock. "Well well little girl's been keeping busy I see." Before she could move, he was there. Strong arm around her waist, one hand clapped to her mouth, just as before. Kate's brain screamed at her to move, to use the moves she had just been practicing a hundred times, to break run. But her body was stiff and unresponsive, as if it were completely separate from her will.

His voice whispered in her ear, "Open the door, Kate, like a good girl. Let's get you inside." Her hand came up to unlock the door; she watched it as if in a dream turn the key and push the door open. He picked her up and set her inside, reaching quickly to grab the key out of the door and then shut and lock it before facing her, putting her keys into his pocket. She just looked up at him, her eyes wide and unseeing. Her brain was busy trying to figure out why she was suddenly relaxed. She realized that the thing she had been so tense about for the past four weeks had just happened; she didn't have to be afraid of the unknown anymore.

The tears that she had been storing up over the past weeks came flooding out. Kate stood in her tiny living room and cried, sobbed, fell to her knees as her body gave in to the torrent of emotion. He swiftly picked her up and held her against his chest, those arms again squeezing tightly, letting her feel his strength. He remained motionless; not petting her, not soothing her, just letting the emotions run their course to completion. When Kate's sobs finally started to subside he laughed softly and murmured, "If I had known little rabbit had missed me so much I would have come to visit her sooner. But you're all hot and sweaty from your work-out...let's go get you ready for MY work out."

He spun her around and, still holding her tightly, walked her forward, down the short hallway, and into the bathroom. There he efficiently stripped Kate of t-shirt, bra, shorts, panties and sneakers. She numbly stood there, her mind blank in the aftermath of her breakdown. Even her sudden nudity failed to shake her from her stupor.

She did, however, gasp and flinch as she felt his warm hands on her flesh. He pulled Kate up tightly against him again, his hands running down her back to gently squeeze her bottom and pull her hips against his. Her eyes came back to focus on his face as she looked up at him, unresisting in his arms. He smiled down at her, that cool amusement she had seen the first time she met him clear in his gaze. In another flurry of movement he whipped the shower curtain aside and with a quick lift and shift he had her in the tub, her back up against the cold tile wall.

"Now, to make sure you don't scurry away..." His deep voice rumbled in her ears as he grabbed her wrists to lift them above her head. Her eyes widened as she saw the metal handcuffs attached to her towel rack; panic started to set in. He had been in her house, her sanctum...the bastard had invaded the only space where she had felt safe the past few weeks. Anger warred with the panic as her mind flew to all the private things she had in the house. What if he had read her journal? What if he had seen the contents of her bedside drawer, where the erotic toys she had purchased the week after the convention were hidden beneath an old flannel nightgown? She had to move of her wrists was already about to be encircled by a steel bracelet. Her foot lashed out, catching him just below one knee as she started to do a move she had been taught. She heard his grunt of surprise as she grabbed onto one of his arms to swing him off-balance.

It should have worked. It had worked every single time in her self-defense class, even against sparring partners who were ready and fighting against it. But the man didn't even budge. He pushed her hard, back against the wall again, this time leaning his whole body against hers. Now she couldn't even move a muscle; his legs were pinning hers, his chest pressed against her so she could barely breathe. His fingers tightened around her wrists painfully as he yanked her arms back up. She let out a low wail of despair as she felt the dreaded steel close around her wrists...she was caught, done for. His hand came up to grab her jaw, forcing her head back and up to look at him. His eyes that were full of detached amusement before were now sparkling with....what? Was that lust she was seeing? He was still smiling, wider than ever. Oh, dear heaven. Part of her was ready for his retaliation – a slap, a punch, at the very least a torrent of curses and dire threats. But he just stood there, holding her face with one large hand, smiling down at her. He suddenly leaned down and kissed her, hard. His lips and tongue took her mouth with the arrogance of a Viking raider, making her feel very small and helpless. He broke the kiss and stepped back.

"That's my girl...that fire inside you is so close to the surface now, isn't it? Fight me, little rabbit, struggle and cry. You know and I know that the fire belongs to me; I will have it, and you, as much and as often as I please." As he talked, he stripped off his clothes, never taking his gaze away from Kate's. When he was naked, he stepped back into the tub and turned on the faucet. Warm water started to cascade against Kate's skin, slicking her hair and running in rivulets down her breasts. All the time he had her in the shower, he kept talking, murmuring half-heard darkly erotic things in her ear. He shampooed her hair, soaped her body all over, then rinsed her off with the hand-held attachment. As he passed the stream of water down between her legs he suddenly switched the nozzle to the massage setting and strong beats of water shot up against Kate's sex. She gasped at the immediate affect it had on her; her knees wobbled slightly and she reached up to hang onto the towel rack for support. Instantly, he pressed one of his knees between hers, forcing her thighs farther apart. One strong arm came around her to steady her as he aimed the water up and down her lips. The warm water pulsed against her clit like a tongue and she immediately started to orgasm, crying aloud at the intense sensation.

Kate hung from the towel rack, spent, reeling from the orgasm she had just had, as he turned the water off and grabbed a towel. He buffed her dry and then himself, and reached up to unlock the other end of the cuffs from the towel rack. He clicked them together so now her hands were cuffed in front of her. With a low chuckle, he looped her arms over his head and around his neck then bent to pick her up. Her legs came up to wrap around his waist out of sheer instinct, and he laughed again as her open sex brushed the top of his hard cock.

"Don't tempt me little girl...I'll take you hard, right here against the wall, and that would spoil the rest of the evening I have planned for you." He carried Kate out of the bathroom and into her bedroom. She glanced quickly around as he came over to the bed and saw, to her dismay, that yes he had found her toys. They were arranged neatly on top of her bedside table. Her face flamed deep crimson as waves of embarrassment flooded her. He followed her gaze and laughed again, leaning to put her down onto the bed.

"Ah yes...I discovered your little treasure trove. I bet it must have been excruciating for you to go into the sex shop and buy this..." He reached over and picked up the large, flesh-colored dildo. He waggled it a bit, watching Kate's face as she blushed harder. "Hmm, it's even close to my size. I think I'm flattered." He held the dildo next to his own hard member, making a show of comparing the size and length. "Yes, this will do nicely. But first..." He leaned over and grabbed the steel chain of the handcuffs, pulling Kate's arms up over her head. She looked up as he slid the chain over a large hook that had been screwed into her headboard. Oh no...not again. Hot tears started to slide silently down her cheeks as she realized that yet again her body was betraying her. This man was somehow tapping some dark desires that had lain hidden inside her and was making her want this...want him. She was torn with the shame of it and the growing lust that was stronger than she had ever felt before. But all she could do was lay there, crying silently, and wait.

He sat down on the bed next to her hip and brought the dildo up to her face. He smiled wickedly and murmured, "Now, show me that pretty to this cock what I know you want to do to mine." He stroked the rubber tip across her lips, his eyes burning into hers, almost hypnotizing her. The tears subsided as she hesitantly stuck out her tongue to take a quick lick. "C'mon, you can do better than that...suck that cock..." His voice was low and inviting, his eyes urging her on to let go and obey. She closed her eyes and opened her lips, leaning forward slightly to take the rubber head into her mouth. Kate moaned slightly as she started to suck, concentrating on pretending it was a real cock she had in her mouth. He started to move it slightly, in and out, not going deep but letting her feel it slide over her tongue. At the same time, his hand stroked down her belly to her sex. His fingers slipped between her lips and parted her, teasing her clit before sliding deeper to press lightly against her opening. She gasped around the rubber cock and then groaned as one finger slipped inside her. Her thighs parted involuntarily, begging without words for a deeper touch. His finger went deeper, exploring then finding that special spot and pressing against it. She jumped and shivered as a second finger penetrated, curling up with the first to circle and probe her depths. He was moving the dildo deeper in her mouth now, making long slow strokes as she sucked it. She was panting now, keeping up with the cock in her mouth while her hips were bucking against the invading fingers...she was so close to orgasm, she was lost in it...

Suddenly both the dildo and the fingers were removed. Her eyes flew open as she actually started to cramp with her need for release. He had moved up to kneel by her head, his cock in the same spot that the dildo had been. Without thinking, without being told, Kate took his cock in her mouth and sucked it deeply in one long stroke. He sighed softly and started moving his hips, fucking her mouth slowly and deliberately. Lost in his taste and scent, Kate was floating on a wave of lust. When she felt the head of the dildo pressing against her sex all she could do was moan louder and raise her hips to accept it. He slid the dildo slowly inside her, holding it deep, letting her adjust. Then he started to move it, in and out, in time with the cock in her mouth. Every push rubbed the head against her spot and with the fifth thrust she let go with a huge muffled cry as her body arched off the bed, her eyes open but unseeing, as the white-hot orgasm flashed through her body. He held himself and the dildo still inside her, letting her come down from the intense sensation, then slowly pulled both out of her body. She was only dimly aware of him reaching up to unlock the cuffs from her wrists. Her arms flopped down as she lay there, stunned and mortified at her unbridled response to this man's manipulations.

She felt him lay down beside her, then roll over on top of her. His knees, like before, pushed between hers to spread her open for him. His arms came around her, pulling her limp body up against his in a tight embrace. She blinked and blearily focused her eyes on his again as he bent to kiss her hard on the lips. Then, suddenly, he shifted his weight and with her still in his arms rolled over so that she lay on top of him. The change of direction startled Kate out of her stupor and she stiffened, trying to pull away.

"No, little girl, you're not going anywhere. But you are going to prove to me, and to yourself, just how much you want this." His words made Kate's spine quiver. In a flash, she knew exactly what he was doing. He was going to make her a willing participant in her own debasement.

"Now, my cock is an inch away from your hot little pussy. I know you want to feel it inside you, you want it to make you come again. You want me to fill you up with it, to feel it sliding in and out of you, to squeeze those muscles around it and feel it flex back...c'mon little girl, show me what you want...let me see that fire again..." His hands moved her hips as he thrust his cock against her, rubbing her lips with the head and getting it slick with her juices. He kept on, whispering and rubbing, breaking down her will and her passivity. Something deep within Kate snapped. She pushed herself up on her hands and with a shift of her hips, impaled herself on his cock. In one long downward motion, she took him into her and then pushed up so she was kneeling atop him. Her eyes closed as she ground her hips against him, feeling him fill her so completely. She was stretched to her limit and it felt so incredibly good. She started to move slowly, her leg muscles working to keep the pace steady. The fire that he had talked about started to glow warm in her belly as she gyrated on top of him. She felt his hands come up to cup her breasts, thumbs sliding across the hard nipples as he stroked her. Her body slicked with the sweat of exertion as she moved faster...her breathing became erratic as she climbed higher and higher...oh, god....she was going to shatter into a million pieces from the ecstasy that was building inside her...

His arms came up and pulled her down to lie against him as his hips slammed up to meet hers. His lips claimed hers as he forced the rhythm faster and faster, deeper, touching every part of her. His hands reached down to grab her bottom, pulling her cheeks apart as he met her fire with a maelstrom of his own. Kate was lost in the white-hot cataclysm of lust, consumed by the glowing lava flow of passion that flowed between her and this man. The orgasm that hit her was a volcanic eruption, and she screamed with the pain and pleasure of it. And, as before, at the height of her orgasm she felt him erupt inside her, filling her with his seed.

Swirling, gasping, floating down like ash from a bonfire, Kate slowly and painfully came back to herself. Her eyes flew open as the realization of what she just did hit her. She couldn't escape from it; there was no hiding behind trite "he made me do it" excuses. It was all her, it had always been her. Her choice, her desire. Finally admitting that to herself brought a profound sense of peace. She gazed, wide-eyed, down at this man who had brought her to the realization of herself. He met her eyes with a gentle, teasing smile and leaned up to kiss her once more. He shifted her so that she lay nestled against his chest and pulled the blanket up over them both, then reached over to turn off the beside lamp.

"Just think what tomorrow will bring, little girl," was the last thing she heard before sleep took her.
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