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I barely slept at all that night. It seemed that as soon as I fell asleep I woke up. I was scared. Here I was, barely 18, in this strange place having to do anything and everything I was told by people I didn't even know. At some point the lights again popped on, just as bright as ever. I sat up on my bed and pulled the thin sheet up to cover my naked chest. I looked over at my roommate Kelly's bed, and saw that she was also naked, and her sheet was just barely pulled up to her stomach.

Kelly was beautiful. She had long black hair and silky white skin. Her breasts looked flawless. I stared at her while she sat there, looking the other direction. Suddenly she turned her head and caught me looking. I shifted my eyes down and Kelley spoke.

"Don't look away. I don't mind you looking at me." Her voice sounded so serene and comforting. I looked back up at her not saying a word. She smiled at me in a way that seemed almost devious, but I dismissed it as me not getting enough sleep. Kelly stood up and walked over to my bed leaving the sheet behind. I saw her pussy as she stepped across the small room and sat down on my bed. Kelly was also completely shaved, and her skin was just as beautiful and milky white all over.

She sat down next to me and put her hand around my back. She rubbed a bit, and a tear welled up in my eye. It was so nice to have somebody be nice to me. She grabbed the sheet and pulled it over her legs simultaneously exposing my breasts. I figured it would be okay since she was a girl, and after all I had seen hers.

Kelly stroked my long red hair, and said, "What's the matter girl?"

"I'm just kind of scared about today, I have no idea what is going to happen, and I wasn't able to get much sleep." She smiled a wide grin once again and rubbed her other hand up my thigh.

"There, there, don't you worry. I'm here. Just do everything I say and you will be just fine." I looked up into her eyes, and she leaned down a bit and kissed my cheek. She held me with the one arm and continued to stroke my inner thigh with her other hand. She pulled me close to her, and as she hugged me I could feel our nipples brush against each other. My nipples immediately became hard and I looked down at them. I noticed her nipples were hard too.

Kelly smiled again and said, "It's all right baby, I'm gonna take care of you good." She moved her hand from around my back and brushed her palm against the side of my breast. I let out a small gasp, and my breath caught. I felt a small tingle in my stomach, and my head seemed to be spinning with emotion. She took my nipple between her fingers and gave it a small pinch.

I looked up at her and she said, "Don't be scared." Her other hand slid up my thigh and gently pushed my legs a bit a part. Kelly rubbed her hand against my pussy and slid a finger in. I moaned softly and she pushed me back and leaned down to take my nipple in her mouth. She bit it softly at first and then bit harder. I arched my back and moaned again. She worked her finger in and out of my pussy and sucked and nibbled at my breast. She looked up at me briefly and I slid my hand down her back. Her loving touches felt so good, so soft, and tender. I felt another finger slide in my pussy and it felt so good. I hesitated slightly, but moved my hands to cup her breast. I squeezed them a little and I hear her moan softly and her two fingers worked harder in my pussy.

Kelly threw the sheet covering us to the floor and slid down the bed a bit. She lifted my knees and spread my legs wide. She leaned her head down to my pussy and I felt her fingers enter me again just as her soft warm tongue pressed against my clit. She moved her mouth around my pussy and I felt her tongue circling my clit. I lifted my hands above my head and closed my eyes.

I could feel myself letting go as her fingers pushed in and out of my pussy, I then felt one slide up and penetrate my ass. I moaned loudly and opened my eyes. As I did I noticed two men staring into the rooms' large window. Mr. Wherley the headmaster was one of them and I did not know who the other man was. It was too late though. Kelly licked at my pussy furiously and glided her fingers quickly in and out of me. My body shook and convulsed, and I came harder than I had cum in quite a while. Kelly moved her way up my body, and kissed me deep on the lips. I tasted my pussy in her mouth, and I could tell she was ready for me to return the favor.

Before I could even think about doing anything she climbed up on me and sat her pussy down on my mouth. I stuck my tongue out and kissed and licked at her clit. She grinded her pussy on my face, and I could hear her moaning. I looked up and saw her pinching her nipples and fondling her own breasts. I sucked and licked her pussy passionately, and she reached down and grabbed handfuls of my hair grinding down harder. I panicked a bit and felt it getting harder to breath. She pulled on my hair pushing my face up into her pussy riding my face and tongue at the same time. Suddenly she stopped, and just sat there, her body convulsing every few seconds as she moaned loudly, her voice actually echoing in the room. She moved down again and once again kissed me deeply, the taste of both of our pussies mingling in my our mouths.

Kelly got up from the bed and walked over to her bed. I looked up and saw Mr. Wherley and the other man just as they were walking away. Both men were smiling and appeared to be talking to each other. Just then the door popped open and Kelly said, "Follow me." I got up and followed her out the door. As we walked down the hall I noticed that all the other rooms seemed to be empty. At the end of the hall, we walked in to a large tiled room that had shower heads poking out of the walls. There were several girls already inside showering. I walked in and immediately stepped under one of the warm showers. It felt so good the hot water dripping down my body. I washed my hair and shaved, and then followed Kelly out into another room where she handed me a towel.

"Feels great doesn't it?"

"Yes," I replied.

"We have to hurry up, and get back to the room and dressed or we will miss breakfast. She dropped her towel into a slot in the wall, and then motioned for me to do the same. She walked past me, and I followed her back down the hallway and to our room. When we got back our uniforms were sitting on each of our beds. I slipped on my skirt and shirt and the knee socks, and feeling a little uncomfortable about not having panties on with such a short skirt, I tried to pull it down as much as I could. It didn't work. Kelly brushed past me, and walked out of the room. I quickly followed behind her.

We reached the dining room, and it was quite impressive. There was a large table, and most of the girls were already seated. There were six other girls already there, and I went to take a seat and remembered as I looked down at the chair. Sticking up at me were once again two dildos affixed to the seat: 'The Poker.' I cringed, and then slowly pushed myself down onto the chair. Just then the headmaster came into the room and everyone stood up. I did the same, slowly feeling the dildos slide out of my holes.

Mr. Wherley smiled, and said, "Alright, you girls may be seated." I fought the urge to roll my eyes and once again slid my way back onto the chair. This time I let out a slight moan as the stimulation was getting me wet, and several of the girls, and Mr. Wherley looked in my direction. Mr. Wherley gave me a big smile and spoke to everyone.

"We have a new girl at Summerland Academy," He looked at me, "Sarah, stand up." I slid myself off the dildos to stand up quickly, not wanting attention on me as I did this. "She just arrived yesterday," he continued, "and I expect you all to make her feel welcome. She will be rooming with Kelly, and I thank you both for the lovely performance this morning," he said looking at both of us in turn. Kelly smiled, and I could feel myself blushing. "Sarah, you can go ahead and have a seat." Everyone turned to look at me, and I could feel my face grow even more flush. I slid back down on the poker, and tried to hide any sign of emotion, but it didn't work, and I heard a couple of giggles from the other girls. Breakfast was served, and I as well as the other girls ate silently and quickly.

When breakfast was over Mr. Wherley stood up, "Girls, you all have your assignments, and know where you are supposed to be. I suggest you get there. Sarah. . ." he turned to me, "You will be coming with me." He turned and started walking, and so I followed. Mr. Wherley led me out the back door and to a gold cart. "It's your lucky day Sarah, the gold cart is not equipped the same way the other chairs at the Academy are. He smiled at me, and took the driver's seat of the cart. "Please, have a seat." The seat was small, and there was no way to not be pushed up against, so I did so, and as I moved in he gave me a big smile and set his hand just above my knee. He pressed down on the gas peddle, and thus began the tour of the school and the grounds.

The headmaster kept his hand pressed tight on my knee as we drove across the grass and toward the stables. As we got closer he told me about the horses, and the animals we were expected to care for. We passed the stables, and once over a hill Mr. Wherley stopped the cart near a small white flag attached to a pole.

"This, is the golf course. Sometimes our trustees and contributors like to enjoy a game of golf while in the company of our students. We enable them to have that opportunity here." He pointed off in the distance where I could see three people. There were two men, one older and one young, and one very naked girl. I recognized her from breakfast that morning. "That is April, with Ben and Steven Meyers. They are father and son, this is Steven's first time at the academy, and will be his first time with a woman."

I looked out across the grass and saw the older man reaching around April. He appeared to be teaching her how to swing a golf club. I saw her take a large swing every once in a while. I noticed though that Ben Meyers's pants were down, and he seemed to be slamming his cock hard into her every time she swung the club.

"I see this is getting good," Mr. Wherley said.

I sat quietly as his hand moved further up my thigh. Off in the distance I saw April approach the younger man, and grab his crotch. She kneeled down in front of him and started to suck his dick. Mr. Wherley's hand suddenly drove into my pussy.

"I see you're nice and wet Sarah, stand up so I can move over and you can sit on my lap." I stood up and as the headmaster slid over the seat he unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, and pulled out his large cock. "Now be a good girl and sit down." I stepped up on the cart and began to slowly sit down on his dick. I felt it push against my asshole and I stopped. He pulled me down hard on top of him slapping his hand across my ass hard, and I screamed. "I told you to sit down!" He yelled. "Next time I expect you to do what I say when I say it!"

My ass felt like it was on fire, and it hurt badly. I felt him move a bit underneath me, and with each movement, a burst of pain shot through my body. The trio out on the golf course hadn't missed a beat. The young man, Steven, was now on his back on the grass. April was on top, riding him as if he were a fine stallion. The older man was behind her fucking her ass and squeezing her breasts. Her screams and moans were very loud.

"Fuck my cock until I cum," Mr. Wherley suddenly commanded. It hurt so much, but doing as he said I slid my ass up and down on his cock. Mimicking the way April was fucking the younger man, I bared down and tried to ride his cock as hard as I could. My asshole ached, and I couldn't help but scream each time the shaft of his cock thrust inside me.

"OOOhhhh, that's great Sarah, you are learning quickly," he grunted at me, just then he grabbed the back of my head by my hair, pulled me up off his cock, and then pulled my face down and pushed his dick inside my mouth. I was repulsed and felt as if I would throw up, but he came quickly getting my mind off of where his dick had just been. After swallowing his cum, he did up his pants, and motioned for me to sit back down on the seat next to him as he slid over. I did just as he said, " I hope you enjoyed your lunch Sarah."

I looked over at him a bit shocked, and simply uttered, "Yes, thank you Sir." He smiled back at me and patted my head.

"You are quite welcome Sarah."

The rest of the tour was mostly the same. He showed me other places where girls were entertaining men, but said we could not actually view any lessons in progress as we would be interrupting. I also saw the apartments where the 'trustees and contributors' could stay over night if they desired, and the rest of the school. By the time dinner rolled around I was exhausted. I noticed that Kelly was absent, but chose not to say anything. When I finally got back to my room to lay down my naked body melted on to the bed, and I wondered where Kelly was as I slowly drifted off to sleep.