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Joe McDonnel looked at his mother in law through partially closed eyes. She really was well preserved, he had to admit. A natural blonde with a figure to die for. 36D tits, slim waist and hips and an arse like a goddess. She was an older version of her daughter and Joe remembered the old saying that if you want to know what your wife will look like when she’s older then look at the mother. Just looking at her made his cock twitch. His fantasy was to fuck the mother as well as the daughter. Little chance of that though he though ruefully. To say she had been les than pleased when her daughter chose the grandson of Irish immigrants for her husband was putting it mildly. “You cannot marry the son of a labourer in your father’s factory.” She had raved at her daughter. “He’ll never fit in with our lifestyle, and what will our friends say?” But no amount of badgering had dissuaded Cheryl Morgan from changing her name to McDonnel. Joe was handsome with dark , laughing eyes, an unruly mop of brown hair, and what her mother didn’t know, a cock which was capable of keeping Cheryl in orgasmic delight for hours. They had been married now for two years and when Cheryl’s father died just months after the wedding, Joe had taken control of the business, surprising everyone by the competent way he ran it. The McDonnels spent each week-end with Cheryl’s mother in the family home that was large enough to hold two football fields. It reeked of money and was situated on the outskirts of town away from the ‘riff raff’ as Constance Morgan called the townsfolk who lived in the small crowded houses near the Morgan factory. The fact that Joe’s family hailed from that part of town only seemed to add to the contempt in which she held those residents. This particular week-end they were not entertaining nor going out to friends and so they were casually dressed and lounging around in the family room. It was a warm Saturday evening and after a day at the poolside they were all a little lethargic. Joe had suggested a game of canasta but the two women were unenthusiastic and said they preferred to relax with a glass of wine. The housekeeper and her husband had been given the night off so the family were alone in the house. There was ring at the door bell.

“Who can that be?” Constance asked, “We’re not expecting anyone are we?”

“Not that I know of.” Joe replied as he moved to answer the bell.

He opened the door and was confronted by two large men wearing ski masks. Before he could make a move or say anything, he was grabbed by the throat and pushed back into the hall. The door was closed and one of the men said, “Make a sound and you’re a dead man.”

“Who is it Joe?” Constance’s question was cut short as the trio, Joe in front being held at arm’s length followed by the two intruders, entered the room.

Cheryl screamed and ran to her mother.

“Shut up bitch or he gets it.” The first man snarled.

Constance was beginning to recover some of her composure. “I think you had better leave before I call the police.” She started to move towards the telephone. The second man was too quick for her and grabbed the phone and tore it from its connection. In almost the same motion he backhanded Constance across the face. “Now sit down and do what you are told or that will be nothing to what you will get.” Joe had never seen his mother in law lost for words before but then he had never seen her treated like this before. She sat down hard on the nearest chair, the magnificence of her breasts accentuated by their movement. He was pulled into another chair and tied to it so that he was immobile. His wife still stood as if turned to stone until she was pushed down onto the couch by the first man. She gave a small yelp as she hit the seat.

“I said shut up, bitch.” She was treated to the same backhand swipe that had silenced her mother.

“Now, where’s the money and the jewellery?”

“We don’t keep much in the house, just enough for our needs.” Constance snapped at him.

“OK lady let’s see how quickly you can change that. Give her the treatment Mal.”

The intruder addressed as Mal walked slowly over and grabbed the front of Constance’s blouse. With a twist of his large black hand he ripped it open. Her large tits, spilling over in her flimsy silk bra, lurched again. “Mmm look at this Abe. This will be fun.” He tore at the material of the bra and with a rip it came away in his hand. Constance tried to cover herself as she yelled with fear. This time the backhander caught her full on her tits, causing them to sway and bounce. Mal grabbed a nipple and began twisting. A scream from Constance brought his other hand into play across her other tit. She closed her mouth and whimpered quietly. Joe and Cheryl watched in horror as Constance’s tits were given the treatment by Mal. Still she refused to help the two men.

“OK bitch, let’s see what the treatment brings from the young woman here. Your daughter by the look of her.” With that Abe tore at Cheryl’s tank top exposing her firm large tits. She was not wearing a bra and so they were immediately available for the nipple treatment. Both nipples were twisted and pulled making her tits separate sideways. As she screamed in pain her mother shouted, “Alright, alright, I’ll show you.” Constance took Mal into the study and opened the safe for him. He quickly emptied it of its contents and they returned to the family room. Abe had stopped pulling on Cheryl’s nipples and had reverted to a more gentle rubbing. It was making her hot. She could feel the moistness invading her pussy lips and she could not stop a low moan escaping her lips. Her nipples had always been most sensitive and this big black man was bringing her to an orgasm. She couldn’t believe it. She moaned again as the insides of her pussy began to leak juices for real. Joe was watching the scene in disbelief. His wife was being turned on by this black bastard. Then it happened, his cock gave a twitch. He was being turned on as well. It was at that point that Mal and Constance returned. Her full beautiful tits were exposed fully for everyone to see. Joe stared at them and this time his cock lurched.

“What have we here?” Mal smirked, “ Our white honkey is getting turned on by his mom in law.”

“And his wife is getting turned on by me.” Abe laughed.

“Then let’s not disappoint them. OK mom get his cock out for him and show him how good you can be to him.”

Constance came to a dead stop. “You filthy scum. Get out of my house. You’ve got what you came for. Now get out.”

Her head shot back as Mal’s hand crashed against her cheek. “Get on the floor and get his cock out.” He yelled at Constance.

Dazed by the blow, she followed his orders. Tentatively she reached into Joe’s shorts and eased out his thickening cock. Her eyes came rapidly into focus when she saw it. She had not seen one so big, and still growing. No wonder Cheryl was always smiling. She missed the sex in her marriage since her husband died and she could not stop the quickening feeling rising from her pussy. Before she realised what she was doing she had dipped her head and tongued the end of Joe’s weapon. His cock jumped in her hand and she was lost. She bent to the task, trying to deep throat him. At first she gagged but as she got the rhythm right she took more and more of him.

Joe moaned as his pleasure mounted. He tried to move in time with Constance’s sucking. He was not a quick ejaculator and they were putting on quite a show. Cheryl’s eyes were wide as she watched her snobby mother eating her son in laws cock with relish. She came with a rush and without thinking reached for Abe’s crutch. Her hand found his cock. She could not believe its size. It was at least 12 inches and like a rod of iron. She had practiced on Joe but this was something else. Her mouth would not accommodate it but she was game and persevered. Gradually it forced open her lips and then it hit the back of her throat. She gagged and pulled her head back. Abe pulled her forwards and he slipped further into her throat. He began to mouth fuck her and Cheryl was now in full flow. She sucked for all she was worth, playing with his big swinging balls with her fingernails.

Meanwhile Mal was watching the two acts of cock sucking and thought it was time he got a bit of the action. He knelt behind Constance and lifted her skirt; he pulled her panties off and bent forward to lick her pussy. She never broke stride on Joe’s cock but opened her legs to allow Mal full access. His cock was rampant and needed release. What better way than sinking it into this sweet white tight pussy. Constance was soaking wet and pouring juices all the time. She was not prepared for Mal’s sudden thrust. His monster cock, it beat Abe’s by a couple of inches, forced her pussy lips and legs wide apart. She gave a squeal of pain and momentarily forgot Joe. She lurched forward as Mal penetrated her. She thought it would never stop as he relentlessly pushed into her. He bottomed out and she had 14 inches of hard black cock inside her. She felt as though she would be ripped apart. Gradually the pleasure took over from the pain as Mal eased in and out. As her arse pushed backwards in time to his inward thrusts, she was able to return to Joe who was now having trouble not shooting his load all over her mouth. He could see his wife being mouth fucked and his mother in law being pussy fucked (and how) and it was all too much for him. He shouted “I’m cumming.” And poured great wads of cum down Constance’s throat.

At the same time Abe was filling Cheryl’s throat with his cream. “How about me filling your pussy with baby juice sweetie?” he grinned. Cheryl was off the couch and on her knees in front of him as quick as a flash. Abe, still like a rock, made one lunge and was into her. It took two more pushes before he reached his full depth. Cheryl came immediately and continued cumming for the next 30 minutes while Abe gave her the fuck of her life. He slowly screwed her; there was no letting up as she pleaded for more. Joe was getting hard again seeing his wife and her mother being fucked out of their minds. He wanted to be in Constance. His fantasy would be realised if that could happen. He asked Mal to cut him loose but the big black man only laughed.

“When I’m done with her she can sit on your knee and she can fuck you.”

Both Mal and Abe were increasing the pace and almost in unison with a shout of “YES” they poured their seed into the welcoming wombs of the two women.

Climbing off Constance, Mal lifted her like a baby and planted her on Joe lap. Joe cock entered her easily after the reaming her pussy had received from Mal. Her tits were in front of his face and he lost no time in sucking each of her nipples in turn. He was so turned on that Constance had drained his juices in a few minutes. She sat still.

“Let’s give it time to grow again son.” She said, a smile on her face and if it could have been seen, on her pussy.

The two black men gathered their things and thanking Constance for the money and jewellery smiling said “ And we hope we have left you a little something to remember us by.” At that they let themselves out of the house.

It was a couple of months later when mother and daughter realised the full significance of Mal and Abe’s words. Constance and Cheryl had both missed two periods and were now certain that they were pregnant. Joe and the two women had continued were they left off. It seemed rather silly not to enjoy their week-ends now that the barriers were down.
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