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It was Saturday and Allen prepared himself for his first day as a submissive. He was excited, but also somewhat apprehensive about what would happen to him. Showering, he was aware that he was under surveillance and being video taped, but he didn't really care. Allen didn't even bother to search for the hidden video cameras because it was all part of the bargain he had accepted from the Mueller's. It was worth it he thought. Wonderful inexpensive lodgings, free food and drink, great sex and all for the price of submitting to their erotic desires. A good bargain, he concluded.

He finished his shower, dried his body and went into the bedroom. Someone had been in his bedroom, while he showered, to leave a leather collar and restraints for his wrists and ankles. A note ordered him to put them on and come down to the living room. He put on the implements of submission and descended the stairs to begin his first day as a submissive. Entering the family room he was greeted by Inga, Karl and Helga dressed as Dominants in various provocative leather outfits. Karl wore the least, a leather bikini brief with his balls and cock exposed through a hole in the briefs. Inga wore red and Helga black soft leather bikinis with open crotches and holes in their bras for their nipples.

None of them spoke to him. Inga was seated in a straight chair and beckoned to Allen to come to her and lie over her lap, belly down. He lay across her lap as Helga locked his wrist restraints together and fastened them to a steel ring in the floor. Karl fastened his ankles to a spreader bar, which was also secured to the floor. A rawhide cord was tied tightly at the base of his balls and a five-pound lead weight attached to the cord. The weight hung down between Inga's legs pulling and stretching Allen's ball's. His bound balls ached, but the weight really wasn't painful, just constantly pulling at his balls.

Inga placed his hard cock between her warm thighs and closed them tightly around his member. The warmth of her thighs felt wonderful and he sensed pre-cum forming at his cockhole. She rolled her thighs, stimulating his cock sensuously, to stiffen even more. Helga sat on the floor in front of him with her thighs spread as her scent wafted to his nostrils. He looked straight at the soft dark curls of her bush and the moist sweet treasure nestled underneath it. She held out a silver chain with a nipple clamp on each end. Massaging each of his nipples, she quickly brought them to hard protruding nubs.

Smiling at him, Helga placed a nipple clamp on each nipple and jerked the chain playfully. Allen grimaced from the pain in his nipples, but refrained from crying out, to the admiration of his three Dominants. Helga kissed Allen's lips passionately while secretly hanging a small lead weight to his nipple chain. She ended the kiss smiled and showed him the weight as she cruelly allowed it to fall from her fingers. Allen screamed in pain as the weight came to an abrupt and painful stop, pulling and stretching his nipples. Tears rolled down his cheeks as he sobbed from the pain in his nipples and the strong ache overtaking his weighted balls.

Karl spread Allen's asscheeks wide and placed a cold moist substance on his pinkish/brown asshole. A large finger intruded into his asshole and was swirled about to loosen his anus. Karl placed a butt plug dildo, eight inches long and two inches thick, at Allen's asshole and slowly pushed it deep into his ass, his sphincter clinched it to firmly hold it in place. Allen realized that he was about to be spanked. His balls ached and his nipples hurt. Inga accepted a small leather paddle from Karl and delivered a hard blow to Allen's asscheek. He clenched his teeth, but did not cry out as a second blow fell smartly on his other asscheek. His eyes welled with tears as the skin on his ass became hotter as Inga kept alternating asscheeks with blows of the paddle.

His ass was burning with pain as he moaned, groaned, cried and finally sobbed as tears rolled down his cheeks. "Oh, Allen, your asscheeks are such a lovely crimson shade," Inga remarked as she put the paddle down. "Hand me the riding crop, dear," said Inga, "he needs a few purple welts to properly set off the crimson shade on his ass, I think," Inga concluded. Karl fetched the crop as Inga rolled Allen's cock between her warm thighs. Helga played at lifting and dropping the weights on his nipple chain and balls as they waited for Karl to return. "Thank you, love," Inga said as Karl handed her the cruel looking riding crop. Inga showed the crop to Allen and continued to 'torment' his cock by rolling it between her thighs. "Do you like that, little slave boy?" she asked. Allen nodded and moaned, sensing his orgasm building. "Umm, I guess you do, judging from all the pre-cum dripping from your cock, slave," she remarked. "Don't you dare cum while I crop you ass, because if you do I shall make you lick it up and swallow it!" she commanded. Allen was too preoccupied in trying to withhold cumming to respond, as Inga wickedly kept rolling his cock trying to make him cum.

Helga got up from the floor and grabbed the slave boy by the hair to lift his head up so she could shove her pussy in his face. "Suck my cunnie and clitty, little slave boy," Helga taunted him. Just as he started to lick Helga's pussy, Inga delivered a savage blow diagonally across his right ass cheek. Allen screamed at the top of his lungs into Helga's cunt. The pain seared his being to the core. He could feel his flesh gather together to form a deep mark then slowly transform to a torturous welt. Inga delivered another equally savage blow diagonally to his other asscheek and he sobbed and wailed from the pain. Howling in pain, Inga still rolled his hard cock between her warm thighs.

Inga paused to watch her slave lick and suck Helga's pussy while she continued to 'torment' his cock between her thighs. Helga moaned with pleasure from the slave's tongue, holding his head fast against her cunt. Karl moved behind Helga and reached around to gently rub and roll her nipples with his fingers. She sighed and turned her head to kiss Karl sensuously as she too felt an orgasm begin to build deep within her. Bringing his pain under a measure of control, Allen tried to ignore the pain with some minor success. This lasted until Inga laid another brutal blow on his asscheek to form a welted X. He shrieked into Helga's pussy sobbing openly as he sucked and licked her cunt. Howling uncontrollably, Allen's ass burned like fire. Inga rewarded him another evil blow on his other asscheek forming another welted X. His wails continued as the pain was nearly unbearable, but strangely he felt his hard cock throbbing between Inga's warm thighs. Allen felt unable to control withholding his orgasm. Karl snapped a Polaroid picture of Allen across Inga's lap, sucking Helga's pussy and sporting a red ass with a purple X welts on each asscheek. Helga stiffened, cried out and shuddered through a strong orgasm from Allen's tongue. She came hard again as her legs wobbled and gave way from the intensity of her orgasm and she sat on the floor moaning.

Inga worked her thighs remorselessly on Allen's cock and he erupted in a huge orgasm. His thick cum blasted onto her thighs flowing slowly down her legs. Again and again his balls pumped huge volumes creamy white cum onto Inga's legs and the floor beneath her. "Look what you've done, you nasty little slut!" Inga exclaimed as she complained about cum on her legs and the floor. She feigned anger, but was secretly pleased that Allen was unable to control himself. "Get down there and lick it up, right away!" she commanded. Helga released his wrists from the steel ring and Karl released the spreader bar from the floor.

Painfully, Allen slid from Inga's lap and crawled between her legs. The weights on his nipple chain and his balls made the movement an ordeal as he positioned himself to clean up his mess. He licked his thick gooey cum from Inga's boots, calves and thighs. Swallowing, he moved to lick up cum from the floor. He felt the dildo butt plug come out of his ass to be replaced with Karl's enormous cock. Allen's ass felt strange as he realized that Karl was wearing a condom as he fucked him. He licked up cum from the floor and swallowed it as Inga grabbed his hair and pulled his face into her crotch. No command was needed as Allen knew exactly what she wanted, plunging his tongue into her cunt.

The scene was so erotic. Helga and Inga took turns licking each other's nipples and passionately kissed one another. Karl fucked Allen in the ass, while the slave sucked Inga's pussy. The four of them continued until Inga erupted in a hard multiple cum, drenching Allen's face with her cunt cream. The slave worked hard to suck up Inga's cunt nectar and swallow it all. She gasped for air as she released his head from her grasp. Karl pumped Allen's ass hard. His hard cock worked as a flesh pile driver, hammering the slave's ass relentlessly. Finally, Karl groaned and shot hot cum deep into Allen's ass, filling the condom he wore. Allen could feel the condom expand in his ass as it filled with cum. Karl's orgasm was massive and his balls pumped out huge quantities of semen before they were empty.

He withdrew his cock from Allen's ass and carefully removed the condom to assure his cum remained inside. Grasping Allen's head, Karl forced him to open his mouth so he could pour cum into it from the condom. Reluctantly, Allen complied and consumed Karl's cum as it slowly flowed into his mouth. Karl turned the condom inside out and made Allen lick it clean. The women applauded as Karl provided the 'Coup de Gras' to complete the morning's erotica. Helga rose to bring in refreshments for all of them, while the Mueller's removed all of Allen's restraints and weights.

A short time later, Inga and Karl went shopping while Helga remained behind to mind the slave boy. Inga had reminded Allen that he was to follow all orders from Helga as she was in charge until they returned from shopping. Helga put disinfectant on the slave boy's welts. He whimpered as it stung badly. Following his treatment, Helga proceeded to train him in the proper way to serve guests while on his knees. Allen was a fast learner and quickly acquired the skills that Helga taught him. Bewildered by the harsh spanking and cropping that he received, he decided to speak to Helga about it. "Helga, I'm a little confused about this morning," he began, "why was I spanked and whipped? Did I do something to displease Inga or Karl?"

"No, Allen, they do that to remind us that they are in control," Helga explained.

"They do that to you too?"

"Yes, occasionally," Helga replied, "It won't happen often, but sometimes it amuses them to give us corporal punishment and it also arouses their sexual lust. If it offends you, the only recourse you have is to leave because they won't change their habits, Allen," she told him.

"No, I don't want to leave, I just wanted to know how often to expect to be treated like that," he replied. "Actually, Helga, it aroused me. I didn't like it, but it was so erotic to be bound and used when I couldn't do anything about it." Helga smiled and knew that Allen would never leave on his own volition because he enjoyed being a sexual slave and it showed. She told him that they would often put restraints on him to torment his genitals and nipples for the amusement of their friends or guests. It would hurt, but not permanently injure him. Helga smiled, telling him that the torments would even get him turned on.

Inga and Karl returned with armfuls of groceries and snacks for their dinner party that evening. They were pleased when Helga reported that Allen had mastered his serving skills and would be ready to serve. Allen was sent to his room to await the party and to avoid being seen naked by the house cleaners and caterers setting up the party. Finally, all seemed ready and he was called down to the dining room. Helga was dressed a very sexy maids uniform. Low cut to reveal ample cleavage and with a very short mini skirt. He thought he saw Helga's pussy, realizing that she was not wearing panties. Karl dressed in his tuxedo and Inga in shimmering evening gown, cut on both sides to reveal her gorgeous legs.

"Allen," Inga instructed him, "you will serve the drinks and when we are ready to dine you will kneel on the floor to my right." Allen nodded and returned to the kitchen to wait. A short time later he heard guests arriving and being greeted by Inga and Karl. Allen was very excited and a bit apprehensive, as he had never done anything like this before. Helga prepared a tray containing eight glasses of Champagne and told Allen that he would serve them when called. Karl entered the kitchen and had Allen stand on a chair then proceeded to prepare him to serve. Karl was holding two elastic cords with slipknots at both ends. He separated Allen's testicles and placed a slipknot around each ball. He stretched the elastic cords and placed the slipknots on the other ends, around his big toes.

The cords pulled and stretched his balls painfully, but he gritted his teeth and endured. Stepping off the chair was absolutely horrid as the cords stretched and pulled his balls to the point that tears welled up in his eyes. Helga gave him a napkin to dab his eyes and they waited for Inga's call. Helga was to serve hors d'oeuvres and Allen to follow with Champagne. Allen lifted his tray and waited until Helga had begun her serving and then he trailed behind her with the cords pulling painfully on his balls as he walked. When he entered he witnessed the Mueller's and their six guests feeling Helga's breasts, ass and pussy while she smiled and served the hors d'oeuvres.

Allen entered to the oohs and ahs of the guests as walked painfully and naked, carrying his wine tray. He paused in front of a couple chatting with Inga, who introduced him to the couple as her new boarder and slave. The woman reached out to fondle Allen's cock as she took a glass of Champagne. He twitched as she grasped his cock, but managed not to spill any drinks while she massaged his member to full hardness. She finished her wine and placed the long Champagne glass over his hard-on, smiling sweetly. Removing the empty glass from his cock he placed it on his tray and moved on to serve another couple.

A woman admired his hard-on and squeezed it forcing a thick clear drop of pre-cum to seep out of his cockhole. She wiped it up with her finger, tasted it, smiled and licked her finger clean. Her escort played with Allen's balls and pulled on the cords to the slave boy's dismay. Another man walked to Allen and squeezed his cockhead to collect another drop of pre-cum. Using the pre-cum as a lubricant he pushed his finger into the slave's ass and swirled it around. Allen quivered a bit at the intrusion, but tolerated the finger. The man withdrew the finger and wiped it across Allen's lips and walked away smiling. Allen suddenly twitched, nearly dropping his tray. Another woman had taken a glass of Champagne and placed it against his nipple. The chill had been so unexpected that Allen grunted in surprise.

Helga was being used in much the same way. The guests had unlaced her bodice to expose both of her magnificent breasts. They played with her tits and pussy just like they did with him. Unlike him however, Helga was comfortable being a toy thing for the guests. Allen told himself that he didn't mind being a toy, it's just that he wasn't used to the situation yet. Inga walked by and whispered in his ear that he was doing a splendid job for his first time, and that she was proud of him. Buoyed with her approval, Allen eagerly resumed serving the guests and enjoyed their fondling him. A tall redheaded woman with ample breasts and a wicked grin began to stroke his cock as she talked to the woman who had touched the cold glass to his nipple.

She continued to masturbate him until he began to throb then she swatted his cockhead relieving his urge to cum. As she started stroking his cock once more he quickly regained his hard-on. The other lady tickled his balls, taut in their slipknots. Placing her glass on the tray the woman stroking him, covered his cockhead with his foreskin, grabbed the end of the foreskin and pulled it painfully hard. Allen grimaced, but did not cry out nor try to move away. He stood his ground. The redheaded woman began to roll up his foreskin forcing his cock flaccid, thus averting orgasm again. Several men felt and kneaded his asscheeks and another forced his finger into his asshole. Allen endured all the torments without outwardly being mortified. Inga came to his rescue, announcing that dinner was served.

The guests retired to the dinning room as Helga, tits and nipples still exposed, began to place food on the plates. Allen, as ordered, kneeled on his Inga's right, who sat opposite Karl at the head of the table. Helga served the shrimp cocktails, enduring several feels of her breasts as she worked. Inga ate slowly and chatted with her guests, ignoring Allen. He remained kneeling and watched as Inga selected a shrimp from her dish, drew it between her cuntlips drenching it with her juices and gave it to Allen to eat. Without hesitation, he opened his mouth and ate the gift. Meanwhile, Helga served each guest with a thick slice of roasted prime rib. Again Inga cut off a piece of meat, flavored it with her pussy's essence and gave it to Allen to eat. The woman to his right also began to feed him in the same way, to Allen's delight.

Inga bent to Allen's ear and whispered something to him. He nodded and disappeared under the dinner table. Allen saw that none of the women wore panties and all had their dresses pulled up exposing their pussies. The men had pulled their trousers down to expose their cocks and balls. Allen knew what he was expected to do and set to his task at once. He crawled to a man on Inga's left and reached out to stroke his cock. The man stiffened slightly then calmed down to await his pleasure. Allen began by licking the man's balls until they were covered in saliva then he drew his tongue along the swelling cockshaft. Pulling back the foreskin he inhaled the males musk and touched the tip of his tongue just under the rim.

He heard the man softly moan and Allen engulfed the now hard cock with his mouth, pressing it hard with his tongue. The satiny cockhead throbbed as the slave concentrated on the sensitive spot in front, provoking a large thick clear drop of pre-cum to seep from the cockhole. He licked it up and resumed 'tormenting' the cockhead with his tongue. Feeling the man's legs quivering, Allen knew that his orgasm was imminent. He closed his lips about the large cock and began to move his head back and forth swirling his tongue all over the cockhead. In a few seconds the man moaned deeply and blasted his cum deep into Allen's waiting mouth. Allen swallowed the semen and drew in more, as the man's balls emptied their load into his eager mouth.

Allen cleaned the cock he just sucked then moved to the next guest. He recognized the redheaded woman by her neatly trimmed red haired bush above her pussy. Her fragrance was wonderful as he inhaled it several times before blowing on her pussy. The woman twitched when she felt the cool air waft over her cunt. He moved his head between her thighs. She quivered as he kissed and licked her inner thighs. He kissed her pussy lips as though they were her mouth and heard her sigh with desire. He parted her cuntlips with his tongue and plunged his tongue deep into her cunt. She gasped aloud to the applause of the other guests as Allen sucked and licked her inner folds.
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