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Morgan was dreaming while asleep in her cold dark little cage. She was dreaming of the man who captured her, and how he was now captivating her.

she saw him come to her. He opened the cage. The door creaked. He lifted her out of the cage. He carried her up the steps, and into a luxurious bedroom.

There were red satin sheets on the bed and candles were lit around the room. the sweet smell of musk incense fill the room.

There were metal chains on each of the four bed posts. From each chain, black leather cuffs were attached through d rings. Morgan was laid on the bed by her nameless captor. The sheets were so smooth and inviting. They caressed her skin. He fastened her arms to each one of the cuffs. She looked deep into his eyes. Her essence was floating in the beauty of his hazel eyes.

He reached over on the night stand and grabbed a blindfold and strapped it across her eyes. She felt cheated out of admiring his rugged beauty. She suddenly felt warmth. No, the warmth now had a burning heat. Her captor had poured a scolding hot liquid on her. she felt the heat on her breast, dripping down her stomach, her thighs and her cunt. She felt as if she were in the pit of a volcano. What she didn't know was that her captor was pouring hot candle wax on her eager naked body.

she heard the ripping teeth of his zipper being pulled down.

He was standing over her she felt his breath on her neck. She felt the blood rushing through his throbbing cock. It was hard like the stones on a protruding mountain peak. She was eager to feel him inside of her.

He rubbed his enormous cock along the inside of her thighs teasing her. She felt as if she were going to go insane with passion. The tender head of his cock was rubbing against her clit, she wanted to scream. She was anticipating his entering her inviting pussy. But he pulled away. She wanted to cum just from the rubbing, but it seemed as if her wasn't ready for her to reach her peak yet.

He grabbed a tanned hide strap and started smacking her ass with it. She was shocked, almost appalled. But the pain was delicious. Her ass felt as if hot embers were shooting through it.

Morgan screamed, but she was unsure if her screams were of agony or ecstasy.

Her captor grabbed a very large. round purple ball gag. He grabbed Morgan by the hair, jerked her head back, and began buckling the gag.

"That will quiet you my pet" said the unknown captor.

Morgan moaned and groaned through the gag. Her struggles were useless. She felt cold steel enter her cunt and her ass. Her captor had inserted bondage hooks into her cunt and ass. Morgan was confused about this weird new sensation over taking her senses. As the hooks were tied to her, holding both of them deep inside her. She felt the need to ride the hooks, her cunt was pulsating , she felt like a time bomb was inside her ticking and ready to go off at any minute. Her ass felt full and pulses exploded through her body as she rode the hooks.

"You're quite the little slut. aren't you?" the mysterious stranger asked.

Morgan was getting exhausted from what seemed like a never ending orgasm. Her face was contorted with the look of pleasure, only a deep moan could escape her lips because of the gag. As she finished, mystery man untied the hooks and removed them from each hole. Morgan felt the empty void. Mystery man took the blindfold, carefully off of Morgan's eyes, and left the gag in place.

"Now, it is time for my fun, and I want you to look at me while it is happening." uttered Mystery Man.

Morgan felt his rough beard along her neck as he tenderly bit her neck. She was entranced. He was on top of her and ready to mount her. Her cunt was wet and inviting. He continued to kiss along her neck down towards her ample breasts. He licked each nipple vigorously, then bit, at first gently, then with a ripping tug. The pain drove waves of ecstasy through Morgan. His engorged cock slammed through her. She felt the force of his thrust radiating through her entire body. Each forceful thrust was more powerful than the next. Morgan nearly felt as if she were loosing consciousness from the shear ecstasy. This man had complete control of her and unbelievable power over her body.

Finally the mysterious stranger felt the intensity of their passion and experienced an intense body wrenching climax. Morgan felt his fluid fill her up. Morgan looked up at her man of mystery, she looked at his wavy dark brown hair, his well groomed beared that had a touch of gray, his piercing eyes bore through her as they shared a moment of ecstasy.

As she convulsed from ecstasy, she heard a door open. She couldn't believe her eyes her boyfriend Ian was standing before her. I thought I would share you with my friend Greg. I know what a kinky slutty girl you can be so I thought that you would enjoy the mystery and intrigue of being captured and thoroughly fucked by a stranger. This did make Morgan even more excited, even though she was recovering from an intense orgasm. Her arousal started to grow and intensify.

Morgan got off the bed, and gave Ian a long deep kiss. Their tongues intertwined in a passionate frenzy. Her hand trailed down his chest, slowly sliding down, until she reached the bulge in his pants. His cock was rock hard. She unzipped his pants, and wiggled her hand inside his jeans. She pulled out his cock and started stroking it. At first, she started with a gentle motion, then gradually added speed.

"Oh, baby that feels soooooooooo good." Ian moaned.

Ian laid Morgan down on the bed. He was a very commanding man, she loved his domination in the bedroom. Ian started to caress her breasts as he laid on top of her. His hungry mouth found her nipples, he used his tongue and gently teased her nipples. Then he started sucking her breasts vigorously. Morgan moaned helplessly, as Ian flipped her on her stomach. Morgan was now on top of Ian. His hard cock slid inside her dripping wet cunt. Greg was watching all of this as it was going on.

"I'm joining in" Greg chimed in.

Greg got on the bed, and rammed his cock into Morgan's ass. Morgan screamed from the pain and the pleasure radiating from both holes. She had never been used so thoroughly before. She was euphoric in the grasp of an orgasm that just wouldn't stop. Waves upon waves of orgasmic pleasure flowed over her body with each thrust by Greg and Ian.

"oooooooh, I can't stand it anymore" Morgan screamed, as each further orgasm seemed to torture her body.

Then waking up in a sweat, Morgan looked around the room. Her sheets were wet with her fluids. She was so disappointed, the hottest fucking she had ever experienced was nothing but a dream.
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