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He saw Kit coming into the bar. He had known her name for two weeks now. He knew a lot about her. She worked for a local law office. Married, mother of 3. She came in 2 or three times a week with a group of woman from work. It was why he started coming to this bar. Watching her. Waiting for his opportunity. He didn't know when she came in, but tonight would be the night. As always she and her friends had two drinks and stayed about an hour and a half. But tonight, when her friends left, she picked up her purse and headed for the ladies room. This was his chance.

He ordered a beer and then headed off to the bathrooms.

The bathrooms were small and had individual locks, but he had already figured out how to get the door open. He reached the locked door and quickly opened it with a spare key he had made.

Kit had just finished peeing and was wiping herself when the door opened and this man stepped in and shut it behind him. "What the fuck are you doing in her?" she said. He walked up to her and grabbed her by the throat. "Shut the fuck up you little slut. I am going to fuck you like your husband only wishes he could and you are going to love it!"

She started to struggle and he slapped her. She realized that he could kill her anytime so she just stood there.

He started to kiss her. Hard rough kisses. His tongue probing her mouth. Kit felt his hand on her breasts. Squeezing and pushing. He reached up and yanked her blouse over her head. Kit didn't resist, she just let it happen. He pulled her bra up and grabbed her exposed breasts. Pinching and pulling and squeezing her tits he felt her nipples growing hard under his hand.

"You like that don't you, you stupid cunt. Standing her in a public bathroom, you love the way I am playing with your tits don't you bitch?"

Kim didn't say anything, she didn't want to encourage him, but didn't want to anger him either.

"Talk to me bitch," he said, "Tell me how good it feels when I pinch your nipples like this." He then started to pinch both her nipples hard, pulling them way out from her tits, pulling and pinching and twisting all at the same time.

Despite herself, Kit moaned.

"You do like it don't you?"

He reached down and pulled up her skirt. With his free hand he slapped Kit "Don't try anything stupid bitch, just take off those pantyhose."

He let go of her skirt and stepped back to watch. Kit started to unzip her skirt when he slapped her again. He grabbed a tit and pulled her close to him. "I just said take of the pantyhose you stupid cunt. Leave the skirt on."

He pushed her back and started to rub his cock through his pants while Kit pulled the hose off one leg then the other. He grabbed a tit again and pulled her back towards him. Then lifted up her skirt and slid his hand up to her pussy. "Spread you legs now!"

Kit spread her legs as best she could while still standing up. She felt his hand slide up her thigh and then a finger was roughly pushed into her pussy. She knew he would find her wet and she hated that she was aroused. He started fingering her pussy with one hand and then attacked her tits with the other. He was fingering her pussy hard, almost pulling her up off the ground while he mauled her tits with his other hand. He leaned over and took a tit in his mouth, biting on the hardened nipple.

Kim moaned.

"You are a kinky slut, aren't you. Like it rough. Well bitch, I haven't even started to get rough with you yet." With that he slapped her face again and then slapped each tit. Slapping each tit until they were both glowing pink.

Kim moaned again. She couldn't believe that she was getting raped in a bar bathroom and her body was betraying her lust. But she had never felt so alive and horny as she did at that very moment. She just didn't want him to know that.

"Its time bitch. Time for the fucking of your life!" He grabbed her by the hair and dragged her over to the counter beside the sink. He just pushed her face down on the cold linoleum and pulled her skirt up to her back. He let go of Kit just long enough to upzip his pants and pull his cock out.

Kit thought she knew what was coming. She was wrong. She felt his hard cock at the entrance to her pussy. In one thrust he shoved his cock into her until his hips slapped against her ass. Kit had never felt anything like it in her life. She couldn't see anything but she knew that he had to be huge. She had never had a cock this long or this thick in her. He started fucking her hard, slamming his huge cock into her and then pulling out, readying for another thrust.

And Kit's lust betrayed her. She started to moan. Started to push back as he was pulling out, not wanting that monster to leave her pussy. She was incredible wet, incredibly turned on, and she was losing what little control she had left. He grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. As he continued to fuck her, he pulled her hair with one hand and mauled her breasts with the other.

They could both feel it. Kit started to cum. Despite the circumstances, despite being brutally raped in a bar toilet, Kit began to have one of the most massive orgasms of her life. It began with a moan that started in the pit of her stomach and came out her mouth as a low growl. She started to buck her hips, meeting each of his thrusts with a thrust of her own. The moans got louder. He pulled her hair hard "Be quiet you cunt, just relax and enjoy the ride."

Kit moaned again, just not as loud. Her orgasm peaked, her body quivered and her knees buckled. If it hadn't been for the massive cock in her pussy, she would have fallen to the ground. He grabbed her hips and held her up. He pulled his cock out of her sopping snatch and just pushed it into her ass. She didn't have a chance. Before she could react he had shoved his massive cock into her ass. She started to scream but he grabbed her mouth, stifling her cry. His cock had started out very slippery with the juices from her sopping cunt and now that was providing all the lubrication he needed in Kit's ass.

In and out, he slammed the hardest erection he had ever had into her ass. His balls were slapping against her snatch and thighs. She reached down between her legs and played with his balls when they were with in reach. She never even thought about the possibility of fighting him now. She had passed through the pain of his initial thrust into her ass and was not just engulfed in wave after wave of pleasure. She came atleast 3 times while he was fucking her ass.

He could feel it building in his balls. Things started to twitch. His strokes got faster. His cock got harder. And then he started. His drove his cock into her ass as far as he could and tried to push it further. His face was locked in a look of pain and ecstasy. He started muttering. And cumming. He tried to keep stroking but mostly just held onto Kit's hips, cock buried in her ass, and stream after stream of cum pumping from his cock.

He pulled out of her ass, and rested his cock on her ass and continued to pump out cum.

Kit slowly dropped to the floor. She had stopped thinking. She was lost in the sensation of what had just happened. Her pussy lips were still swollen with her arousal and cum dripped from her ass.

As his cock started to get soft, he walked to the sink. He washed the goo composed of her pussy juices, his cum, and some shit from her ass off his cock. He washed his hands. He zipped up his pants and left the bathroom.

Slowly Kit started to return to reality. With her rapist gone she started to think about what had happened. She stood up and tried as best she could to clean herself up. Trying to wash the same kind of goo from her pussy and ass and thighs. She pulled her blouse on, but only picked up her panties and bra. All she wanted to do now was get home.

She left the bathroom and saw him sitting there, drinking his beer. He raised his bottle to her in a salute to the best fuck he had ever had. She walked over to his table and dropped her underthings on his table without a word.

She walked outside and, as she expected, her husband was waiting in the car. "Well??" he asked. "Was it as good as you hoped"

"It was incredible!!! Where did you find him? Can I have both of you?? Take me home now and fuck me all night long. Thank you for letting me have my fantasy."
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