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Friday night, 11:30 p.m.

Mac was pissed. It was the fifth Friday night in a row that he had to work late. Not that he minded the work, hell no, he was the co-owner of one of the hottest Gay/Bi websites to hit the internet in 15 years. The connections were endless, the paychecks were great, but his sex life resembled a fifteen year olds and he was only 28. A lot of masturbation, a lot of frustration and very little one on one contact. He was not one to suffer this enforced celibacy silently either. Kevin, his business partner and closest friend, got his balls busted every day when he walked into the office.

Kevin was getting married tomorrow and his wonderful bride to be had scheduled something damn near every night for the past month and a half. Showers, parties, luncheons, dinners. . . all bullshit as far as Mac was concerned. He knew why she tied up every spare second before the hallowed event. Little Miss Perfect aka. Paige Thornton, was afraid that Kevin would go out, start talking to another woman, and realize mere seconds before saying, "I do" that Paige wasn't much warmer than the 3.5 carat diamond weighing down her finger.

Mac stretched, groaning as the muscles across his back strained against the fabric of his shirt. He'd started working with a personal trainer a couple months ago, right after Kevin asked him to be his best man. He wasn't where he wanted to be, but he had come a long way. He gained two inches in his arms, three and a half across the chest, narrowed his waist to a fairly solid 34. All in all, he looked pretty damn good.

"G'night, Mr. . . Mac" The cleaning lady chirped through the half open door. She had been told right off the bat that Mac and Kevin were not Sir this or Mr. that, they were Mac and Kevin plain and simple. Margaret really liked those two boys too, millionaires the both of them and as nice and down to earth as could be. "Goodnight, Margaret. Don't bother locking the door, I'm right behind you."

Mac finished proofing the pictures for next month's edition of "How hot is hot?" a weekly contest where men send their pictures in and members vote on who's the sexiest, it was time for a drink.

There was a night club right across the street, but he really wasn't in the mood for "who's looking better than who" tonight. What he could really use was a nice cold double martini, and knew just the place. Victoria's on the Bay, a quiet cigar bar that overlooked the water, a bit out of the way, but he deserved it. He would only stay for one, maybe two, and be on his way home for a good night's sleep like a responsible best man should.

They spotted Mac the second he walked through the door. He was sexy as hell. Short cropped hair, blonde as far as they could tell in the dim light, tight little goatee. Just their kind of man.

Mac settled into his favorite seat at the corner of the bar.

"Good evening, Mac"

"Hey, Sharon. How've you been?"

"Not bad," She put a martini on the coaster in front of him, tilting her head towards two men at a nearby table, "Hell, you haven't been here 5 minutes and you're already getting free drinks. If I could only be so lucky."

Mac followed her motion. There were two men sitting at a high top table, a pitcher of beer, and a couple of shot glasses between them. The bigger of the two smiled and Mac felt his cock thicken. They were big, just the way Mac liked them. Not just muscular, tall too, but the hair and face did it. Ripped from the cover of a trashy romance novel. A Strong jaw, just barely covered by yesterdays shave, piercing eyes and a mane of hair that any woman would kill for. One jet black, the other golden blonde. Mac tipped the drink up in thanks, "Not bad, not bad at all." He turned around ready to say something to Sharon, but she had disappeared into the kitchen.

"I hate it when that happens."

"Excuse me?" Mac turned back around and came face to chest with one of the men from across the room. He leaned back slightly and looked up.

"Sorry," the man said, and stepped to the side, reaching for a stack of napkins, "My brother dumped a shot in his crotch."

Brothers? Very interesting, Mac thought.

"Why don't you join us for a drink?"

"Sure, why not."

"The name's Terry Wright," the man said, shoving a stack of napkins toward his brother with one hand and sticking his other out to shake Mac's hand, "that. . . is Jacob."

"Pleasure to meet you."

Terry settled onto the barstool, the leg pressing against Mac's thigh was more than a simple distraction. It felt like a hot hand stroking him each time Terry would readjust in the seat. Jacob hadn't wasted any time moving in either and it wasn't long before Mac was sandwiched between the brothers with hands replacing the brushing thighs. They spent the next two and a half hours drinking beer, doing shots and feeling each other up.

Jacob ran his fingers over Mac's crotch, "Want to get out of here. My place is only 5 miles away. we can have a few more drinks?"

Mac grabbed his hand and pressed it harder against his rock hard cock, "Let's do it."

Terry chuckled and leaned in for a closer look, "Very nice."

Jacob gave Mac's cock a good squeeze before letting him get up. Tonight was turning out to be just what Mac needed, he just couldn't be late to the wedding. He checked his watch.

"Curfew?" Terry asked.

"Wedding at 1:00."

Jacob grinned. "Don't worry, we won't keep you forever."

The ride to Jacob's house seemed to take forever. The brothers insisted that Mac sit on the seat between them. Jacob had Mac's dick out of his pants and was sucking on him before the car was even in gear. Terry put his arm around the back of Mac's head and pulled him towards his waiting cock. Mac half twisted in the seat, it was uncomfortable, but worth it.

Jacob stopped sucking Mac's dick long enough to watch him deep throat Terry's massive cock.

Jacob licked his lips. "Yeah, that's it, suck that big cock. You like sucking cock don't you? You little cock whore."

Terry thrust his hips upward, Mac opened his throat and took him deeper. "Oooh, yeah. That's right suck me."

Jacob started rubbing Mac's ass. "Hey, look what I found!" He lifted a fat black leather wallet into the air.

Mac lifted his head. "Oh no, babe. I want you right where you are," Terry winked at his brother as he thrust rhythmically against Mac's mouth, "Nice fuckin' pull. See what else you can find on our little bitch boy here."

Jacob ran his hand around Mac's throat, his fingers sliding around a thick chain and snapped it.

Mac started to struggle, but from the half sideways, half laying position he couldn't move very far. Terry laughed and shoved his cock deeper into his throat. "That's enough of that, Mac. We don't want to hurt you, but we will if you don't pay attention." A big hunting knife flashed in Mac's face, "Do we understand each other?"

Mac nodded.

"Good, now finish sucking my cock, and don't waste a drop."

* * * * * * ***********************

Mac shook his head. His jaw felt like he'd been smacked with a crow bar, it'd been a long time since he sucked a cock like that. His mouth was dry, he licked his lips and looked around at the small room, it was dark, quiet. When did he get out of the truck? He didn't remember taking his shirt off. He reached for his wallet and remembered Jacob taking it out of his pocket earlier. How much earlier? He looked to his wrist. "Goddamn it, those mother fuckers!" The watch his grandfather had given him was gone.

"Well look at this, he's finally coming around." Terry said.

"Christ, I thought you killed him."

Terry grabbed Mac by the hair, pulling his face toward the light. "He just passed out from taking my cock. Didn't ya? My cum looks good on your face."

Jacob's face split the darkness, he leaned over and shrugged, "It's alright. Get up." He said, pinching the inside of Mac's thigh." Hold your arms out to your sides like you're gonna walk the line for the cops."

Mac winced at the pain, but his body responded quickly, blood pooling in his crotch. His head was spinning and he stumbled sideways. Terry grabbed him by the shoulders and spun his ass towards Jacob, "Looks like he wants to skip the foreplay."

Jacob bent Mac over, grabbed his ass cheeks and spread them apart. "Looks like he never had a dick in his ass." He licked his finger and probed the tight little rim, smiling as Mac's cock jumped. He pushed his face between Mac's cheeks and inhaled. Day old whiskers scraped the tender flesh. Jacob licked the inside of Mac's ass cheeks, biting the thin hairs and pulling them out.

"He likes that," Terry chuckled when Mac moaned. "You like this too." Terry dropped his pants and shoved his cock in Mac's face again.

Obediently Mac pulled the rigid cock between his lips, planting his hands on Terry's thighs to keep from falling forward from the tongue lashing Jacob was giving his ass. The ring on Mac's right middle finger caught the light and Terry's attention.

"This just keeps getting better and better," Terry nodded to himself and drove his cock down Mac's throat, the motion pushed Mac backwards, and Jacob's tongue straight into his ass. All three men groaned. Terry put his hands over the back of Mac's head and face fucked him until he was about to dump his load. He pulled out with the first pulse and shot his cum all over Mac's hands.

The taste of Mac's ass drove Jacob wild. He slid his hands down and rolled Mac's balls together, mocking the slow rolling motion of his fingers with his tongue. Filling his mouth with spit, he pushed it into Mac's ass and thrust his tongue in as deep as he could.

"Fuuuck." Mac moaned, leaning over, his ass opening wider.

Jacob unzipped his pants, stood, and pushed his cock into Mac's hungry ass in a single motion. Terry pushed Mac against Jacob's cock, see-sawing his body between them. Jacob arched his back, planted his hands on his hips, and let his brother determine the speed.

Terry knew how his brother liked it. Slow, very slow, hardly any movement at all, until the head of his dick was about to pop out. Then Terry would slam Mac backwards seating Jacob's wide cock to the hilt. Mac clutched Terry's thighs with his cum covered digits. Terry stroked his hands, working the rings free as cum seeped between his fingers and the pungent smell of sex permeated the room.

"You're ass is so tight." Ten minutes of fucking was all Jacob could take. When his balls tightened he grabbed Mac by the ass, jammed his cock deep, pulled out and sprayed cum all over Mac's back.

Mac's ass was a sore gaping hole that Terry moved around and filled as soon as Jacob got out of the way. He couldn't believe that Jacob was hard again but greedily filled his cheeks with the ass tasting mound of flesh. He licked and sucked to the tempo set by the cock in his ass. Fast. Hard and Non-stop until the brothers erupted in a white hot orgasm. Jacob's cum washed over Mac's face, neck and shoulders while Terry cum filled his bowels.

"Thank you." Mac whispered, using his tongue to swipe the fluid from his face.

"Leave it," Terry insisted. "Our cum slut can't clean up yet."

They pulled Mac to a standing position, surveying their masterpiece. Cum glistened everywhere on his body. Terry pulled his pants back up, smiling not only because he just had one of the best fucks of his life, but at the extra weight in his pockets. A wallet, watch, gold chain, diamond earring, three rings - at least one of them sportin' a nice sized diamond. All in all a very lucrative night.

"Whew, look at the time." Jacob checked the time on his new watch, "Don't you look pretty with our cum all over you."

Terry grabbed Mac's right arm, twisted it behind his back and followed suit with the left. They folded his shirt, tied it around his head to cover his eyes, and walked him out to the truck, naked and cum covered.

"Where are we goi. . ."

Jacob pinched the top of Mac's dick, "You'll like it, I promise."

The brothers took turns stroking Mac's stiff cock, squeezing hard at the base when he looked like he would cum. The truck shuddered to a halt just as Mac thought he was going to blow his load on someone's hand.

"Last stop, cum boy." Terry said, slapping the head of Mac's dick with a small rubber whip.

"He sure looks like one of those glazed doughnuts, doesn't he?" Jacob chuckled, flicked a piece of dry cum off Mac's shoulder, and worked him out of the truck.

The brothers shouldered Mac up a short flight of stairs, giggling like10 year olds when they hauled him to a stop. Hot hands roved his body. He felt a wet mouth drawing him to a full 9 ½ inches. His prick bucked and danced, begging for release.

"Thanks for the night you little cum whore." The brothers laughed.

Mac was left thrusting into empty air. His legs were trembling. He took a deep breath, and leaned over to try and shake the shirt off his face. He felt something hard and cool touch his ass. It was a wall, he backed up against it sending a quick thanks to God for something to hold him up.

"Sonofabitch!" The wall disappeared. He stumbled backwards, simultaneously swinging his arms to get rid of the restraints and flipping his head to dislodge the blindfold.

Disoriented, he spun and landed hard on his knees, his rock-hard erection slapped against the marble floor. His body erupted, sending a thick spray of cum several feet in front of him as hundreds of heads turned his direction, and a priest called for celebration. Mac raised his head just in time to see Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Patterson take their first steps husband and wife.

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