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The soft warm rays of the sun splashed invitingly over Elisabeth as she awoke from a night sleep to the sound of Gary's truck starting. One of her toes caught on the covers as she straightened her legs, which slowly revealed her nakedness as the covers drew down exposing her breasts to the sunlight. Her lovely birthday suit was her usual sleeping attire. She got up lazily sitting on the edge of the bed while gathering her thoughts before making her way to the bathroom.

Shower time was a great time for thinking, plotting and reminiscing. She stepped into the spray reveling in its warm comfort. As she lathered her hair, she thought back to the first shower she and Gary had shared six month earlier. Their hands had shampooed each other's heads and the suds had run down their faces and had run into their mouths, which sent them into fits of laughter. She chuckled softly, remembering the warmth of his hands on her, and the sensations she felt when he was near.

As the hot water rinsed the shampoo out of her hair, she picked up the liquid bottle of body wash. The sweet fragrance of the cool liquid soap aroma filled the air; waking her further, as she dribbled it over her wet breasts. Her right nipple began to pucker as her left hand rubbed the soap over the breast. She sensuously moved her hands around and over each breast, sending delicious tingling shocks to her sexual desires.

"Oh my," she moaned as a wave of sexual pleasure washed over her body.

Elisabeth then ran the body wash over her legs for shaving. She just had to have them as smooth as glass to the touch, tonight. He loved a full bush but the lips silky soft. He would be spending a good deal of time enjoying her body pleasures. They had to be just right! She carefully checked for stubbles since they had to be perfect. "There; all done!" she thought.

She shut the water off – her body glistened with thousands of little water droplets. She grabbed a hand towel to wrap around her hair while a large fluffy bath towel soaked up every bead of water clinging to her smooth skin. Leaving the bathroom, she walked over to stand in front of her dresser. She glanced in the mirror at her new slim body as the large damp bath sheet fell to the floor. Her recent weight loss made her feel sexier than ever.

"Gary baby, are you ever going to enjoy this body tonight!" she mused, enjoying her reflection and swaying her body sensuously from side to side.

"MMMMMM," she moaned. "Tonight, I'm going to have fun seducing you. Oh yeah, tonight you'll follow my directions," she thought, with a smile as she hung up the towels to dry in the bathroom.

She sat down on the edge of the bed naked, to finish air-dry her hair while fluffing it. "Our play after the college football game will make you forget about everything else!" She thought over her plans for the evening, while putting rollers in her hair.

She dressed in a short denim dress and surveyed the room. Noticing their unmade bed, she decided to change the sheets to something a little more sexually inviting. The sheets on it now, with the swirling mixture of colors on the black background, that could easily hypnotize you, if you looked at them long enough. With the bed remade in sky blue sheets with clouds and butterflies, she continued setting the stage for the evening's games by placing large evergreen-scented candles around the room. Pleased with the effect, she left their bedroom.

She had other preparations to make. Elisabeth walked down the hallway to the study. They both had their own study, which allowed them to spread out their various projects without disturbing each other.

Tonight after the college football game, Gary would plan to finish his final exams and the semester's progress report for the department's chairperson. Elisabeth had her plans. She decided to hide his work, which would make him come looking for her.

She went back to the bedroom to hide the hard copy of data in her dresser drawer beneath her fancy bras and panties. With the data hidden, Elisabeth sat down at Gary's computer and left him the following message:

Hello Sweety,

Are you unable to find something? I have it and if you treat me right, I'll give it back to you. Of course, I have hidden it somewhere in the house. Come and find me and we can negotiate the trade of information.

Love, Elisabeth.

Her stomach jumped when she heard Gary's truck screech to a halt in the driveway. She left the study, determined not to have his early return spoil her plans.

She ran to the bathroom and took out the rollers from her hair as fast as she could – there was no way she would let him see her with rollers crowning her head.


They greeted each other with a loving hug. Since it was lunchtime, they went into the kitchen where she prepared a couple of sandwiches. While they ate, they talked about a problem that happened that morning at the university.

With the mood Gary was in at the moment, finding the missing files now would not provoke the desired effect Elisabeth wanted. Instead, she needed a distraction preventing him from discovering her note prematurely. She feared the early uncovering of her plan, would land her head on a rusty iron platter. Thus, she asked him to help her put the final touches on their renovations of the living room.

Since the university football game was on television that afternoon, they moved the TV into the living room so he could glance at the game as they worked. By halftime, they had put the final touches to their new décor. Monday they anticipated the new furniture to arrive.

Gary then moved the television back into his study while Elisabeth finished the vacuuming. While Gary watched the second half of the game, Elisabeth's nervous stomach turned wondering how he would react to the missing files.

During a commercial, he got up to get a snack and something to drink. As Elisabeth headed for her study, he passed her in the hallway. He wrapped his arms around her and very passionately kissed her deliciously soft lips. The kiss held promises of hot steamy passion to come as he pinned her body against the wall.

"Oh my, it's been a long time since you kissed me like that," she said, with a sultry voice.

He nipped at her lips as he moaned, "MMMM aaahhh." That is when his tongue pushed passed her lips to take in a more demanding kiss.

With a sensuous moan, the kisses deepened and her arms wrapped around his neck. The kisses distracted them both from what was on their minds as his hands fondled her breasts over her red polo shirt.

When the kisses ended, he pressed his forehead to hers, "you are so tasty, I just want to eat you up." His arms tightened around her, pulling her just a little bit closer.

"If that's an invitation, I'm more then willing to share the meal with you," she said with a wickedly sexy smile in her eyes.

"Oh, how I would love to. But," he said, planting a kiss on her lips. "I have work that I have to get done," he pulled reluctantly away from her trembling body.

"You'll be sorry," she said with a wickedness that made him stop dead in his tracks.

"I already regret it Sweetheart, but I have to get that report done . . . or else," he said sadly, as his finger went a cross his neck.

Elisabeth went to her study to chat online, while Gary finished watching his game. After closing the chat-line, she eagerly went back to the bedroom preparing it for a night of passion. She wanted to be the sexual seductress, and manipulate Gary into her sensual web of desires.

Talking to herself – she laid out the sexual acts in her mind. "If things go as planned I might have the upper hand," but she also knew there was another way things could go. It would be for the two of them to be in control of the fun and games this evening.

When the football game was over, Gary left the television on for some background noise as he worked on his computer.

Elisabeth tried to get comfortable on the bed reading an erotic story, but her nervous stomach leaped to her throat with the change of noise from the study. Now she heard the sounds of a World War II movie coming through the wall between the study and the bedroom. It was a matter of minutes before he would come through the door. "Okay, okay, calm down. It's going to be fine," she told herself repeatedly.

A few minutes later, Gary flung the bedroom door open, entered, and demanded to know, "What's this garbage about you hiding my work? Where are my files? I need them . . . to get . . . my work finished . . ." His manner changed as he slowly looked around the room and commented, "Oh how nice. The fragrances of those candles are so sensual." His gaze returned to Elisabeth lying so seductively on the bed. "MMMM, I like that naughty nightie you have on!"

Her eyes spoke volumes. Clad only of a provoking negligee exquisitely fashioned in dark violet lace, she sensually reclined on the pillows, a sheer robe draping seductively over her. He could see her delightfully large breasts under the sheer lace.

He noticed a slightly wicked smile on Elisabeth's lips when he realized that she had seen his arousal. He watched her slowly lick her lips and remembered that he had not truly enjoyed the pleasure of her body in nearly two weeks. Lately they spent their time in bed talking and sleeping for lack of energy to do anything else.

Tonight, he had planned to finish the exams and report, so that tomorrow he would be free to enjoy what he pleased. Now, however, he had to find out what she had done with those files. She was the only one who could have tampered with his computer and now she was going to pay for her little trick. He considered that if she were in the mood to play a few sexual games, it would be on his terms.

Gary got himself under control and walked over to Elisabeth, "I want to know what you did with my files?" he asked in a very sexually demanding voice.

She gazed innocently up at him, "Files, what files, Sweety?"

"You know what files I'm talking about – the missing reports, which were on the computer. I only had a little more to finish on them and now you want to play games. Now, tell me what you did with them?" Gary said, as he stood over the bed next to her while it gradually dawned on him that the bedroom had been prepared to play the game on her terms.

He took hold of her wrist and forcefully pulled her off the bed. She tumbled onto the floor but he lifted her roughly to her feet. Without letting go of her, he dragged her around the room as he blew all the candles out. "There will be none of this tonight," he said decisively.

Continuing to pull her out the room, "Let's talk about my missing files," he demanded.

Elisabeth protested just a little as they were leaving the bedroom. Gary saw a small amount of fear in her eyes – something he had never seen before.

With his firm grip still on Elisabeth's wrist, he headed down the hall to the living room.

"Ouch, that hurt," she exclaimed as her butt smacked the sturdy cherry wood coffee table.

"It's not going to get any softer," Gary said, smiling inwardly, and thinking, "It is going to get even much harder before the evening is over."

He went over to the front window to close the curtains, so that the neighbors would not get a free show of the pleasure he was about to have. Next, he adjusted the floor lamp with a swing arm, pointing it directly in to her eyes.

She watched as he set the stage for her. She could feel the moisture starting to build between her legs. She thought, "Oh my, this is something I had not considered for this evening."

She got off the table shading her eyes, saying, "Hey, tilt that lamp down. It's blinding me."

"That's too bad. We are going to do this my way," he told her in a firm voice.

As he turned around, he noticed she was leaving the room, "Where do you think you are going?" he demanded.

"The bedroom," she replied in a very sensuous voice. He walked over to her when she added, "Why don't we go back into the bedroom and discuss the return of your files," while seductively caressing his chest to persuade him to follow her.

"I don't think so," he stated in a non-questionable manner, as he picked her up and dropped her bottom on the table harder than before.

"Hey, watch it. That really hurt," she said with a touch of fire in her eyes as she rubbed her rear-end.

Gary stood over her now with a commanding glare flaring in his eyes, "Are you going to tell me where my files are?"

Elisabeth swung her legs over to the other side of the table to get up, but lost that round as Gary grabbed her from behind, pulling the robe down around her waist and then onto the floor. Each time she tried to get up, he pushed her down, harder than before. With his hand firmly on her shoulder, he walked around the table to stand in front of her.

"Tell me where my files are?" he asked again as he stood towering over her.

The game was not going the way Elisabeth planned. The look of mastery in his eyes told her that Gary was totally in control of this game. The only control left to her at this point, was how long it would take her to give away the information. She would get her pleasure one way or another with Gary, since he was a good lover and enjoyed playing these little games.

"That light is so hot," she whined.

"Tough titties," he laughed.

Since Gary's plans had changed for the evening, he adjusted to the situation as quickly as he could. He decided to use the little surprise he picked up during the week, which he hid in the small cabinet in the coffee table. He was planning to use these toys on her tomorrow, but now was the perfect time since she wanted to play tonight.

As he considered his next move, Gary noticed the way the negligee clung next to her body, and since she had no panties or bra on, it aroused him. He wanted Elisabeth naked before he would tie her to the table, but he wanted to do it in a very playful manner. He would push the negligee straps off her shoulders leaving her totally exposed for his pleasure when she attempted to leave the living room.

"Stay put and I'll be right back," he said as he went to get something cool to drink. He went into the kitchen making enough noise for her to hear, which would give her a chance to escape. He stood where he could watch her movements.

She could not see him with the way the kitchen was in relations to the living room. At first, she waited patiently, before she decided to try to make a run for the bedroom again. As she reached the hallway, she heard his voice behind her, "Where do you think you are going?"

"If you must know, the bathroom," she said a little incensed. Elisabeth was annoyed at his tone of voice, not at the question, just at the firm and demanding tone.

He watched her go into the bathroom before he took this opportunity to get a couple of pillows for him to kneel on. He put the pillows in the living room under the coffee table where Elisabeth would not see them. Afterwards, he moved to stand outside of the bathroom to make sure his suspect would return to the interrogation area. After a few minutes of waiting, Elisabeth exited the bathroom and walked right into him.

"I had a feeling you would try to get back into the bedroom. NOW, let us return to the questioning area so I can find out what you did with my computer files. That is, unless you want to tell me here and now?" he said with a big playful grin.

His smile may have been playful but his eyes were still set in a firm and determined gaze. He was curious – he wanted to know where the files were. He also hoped she would not give in too easily since he was looking forward to playing around. He enjoyed these games where he assumed the role of the dominant lover over Elisabeth's submissive nature.

"No, I'm not going to tell you a thing. Now or later," Elisabeth said, feeling things were about to heat up for her and was looking forward to it.

Gary once again took a firm grip of her shoulders, turned her around to march her back to the interrogation room. As they were walking back, he pushed the straps off her shoulders for the negligee to fall off her body. She got excited with the way he removed the negligee. Moreover, she enjoyed the fact that he would be partial to the view of her walking naked in front of him, and the negligee lying on the floor behind them.

Gary smiled at Elisabeth as he slowly moved his hands back up to her shoulders while watching her bare backside as she walked. When they got to the interrogation table, with a touch of satisfaction, he pushed her around so he could watch her bare tuckus hit the table. In addition, he needed to keep her from seeing him, since his pants were getting a little tight from his erection.

Elisabeth's back was still to Gary as his hand caressed her arm downward to her wrist just before she felt the first cuff go on. When she realized what was happening to her, she felt the second cuff closing. The feeling of the cuffs gave her a restriction that made her wetter and wanton for him. Although the handcuffs were a surprise and unexpected, they put Elisabeth on Gary's terms for the evening. She was not going to win this game under these circumstances. She had hoped to take full advantage of his body this evening but she lost to him once again.

Elisabeth felt Gary's hands wondering over her body until they were on top of her breasts as he squeezed them firmly. He asked from behind, "Where are my files?" His hands went from a nice firm squeezing of the whole breast to the pinching of the nipples, just before he started pulling on them at the same time.

Elisabeth still said nothing, even when the squeezing became a little painful, but she was not giving in that easily.

As Gary let go of only one nipple, he reached over to swing her into a position to lay her down on the table with just enough support under her neck and head. Once she was lying down, he knew that the lights blinded her, which gave him a chance to move the pillows under his knees.

Now he was ready to start her teasing interrogation until she told him what he wanted to know. He knew her key spots to drive her crazy before taking his advantage.

She could not use her hands to stop him as long as she was totally at his mercy. He had to watch out for her legs while they were unrestrained, and they could be powerful enough to knock him off balance.

Elisabeth liked the feeling of being at his mercy as she looked trustingly at Gary. She knew he would not take an abusive advantage of her body in their present stage of playing.

The physical torturing began. At first, Gary spread her legs apart with a small touch of force, opening them just enough to get his hand with two fingers into her wet entranceway to start playing with her womanhood. He found she was already wet.

"I knew you would be ready for me," he smiled wickedly at her. She squirmed at his touch. He stopped his finger manipulations short of her coming to full orgasm. Along with an annoyed moan of dissatisfaction when he stopped, there was a look of displeasure on her face when he asked, "How many copies of my files did you make?"

She remained silent until his fingers just touched her gently. She moaned from the touch, given that she was so close to a climax, when he asked again, "Where did you hide my files?"

"I wouldn't tell you a thing," she said, shaking on the edge of pleasure she so desired to go over.

He heard a trembling weakness in her voice, confirming that it may not take too long to get some information out of her. He playfully touched her again, her body quivering from unsatisfied desires. "If you want me to keep touching you, you'll have to answer all of my questions. Plus, you MUST answer the questions CORRECTLY," he informed her in a determined voice.

Elisabeth's body started to relax from not being touched. She longed for him to continue his playing, if he would let her climax, she would tell him what he wanted to know.
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