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It was a Friday evening, and everyone with the slightest bit of social life was heading for the door. Even the people who were just going to go home and watch T.V. started to pack up. This was Danny’s office, and he surveyed them all from the water cooler. He had nowhere special to head tonight and didn’t fancy getting stuck in the rush hour traffic. As he watched the last of them turn off their monitors, he saw that the light in Sandra’s office was still on. He wandered over and peered around the door. She looked up at him and gave him a dry smile which faded fast.

Sandra was in her late 20’s. Slim full figure, small pert breasts and a pair of superb legs. At exactly 5 foot, she was superbly proportioned, she topped all of her bodily attributes off with long straight dark blonde hair.

Sandra had put up with Danny because he was good with IT, but she had not really exchanged any pleasantries with him since at the Christmas party. They had both drank quite a bit and flirted, it was all in good fun. Danny had tried for a bit more. As she came back with a tray of drinks from the bar, she had bent over the table, teasingly pushing her backside towards Danny’s face. She had expected maybe a small smack or a quick remark. What she hadn’t expected was his hand to shoot up under her skirt and between her thighs. It was all she could do not to spill the drinks from the tray as his hand mauled her. He had gone too far. She made an excuse and left.

“Yes?” She said “Working late? Going to be long?” “Until about 8:30. My husband is picking me up and we’re going for a meal.” She said turning her back on him and returning to the monitor. “OK. If you need anything, I’m in my office updating the system drivers.” He glanced around her office, smiled to himself and closed the door.

At the Christmas party, he hadn’t expected her to march out like she did. She had left him with a hard on and a slightly damp hand. He had wanted so much more, and he was one way or another going to get it. Or o be precise, she was going to get it.

Danny walked into his office noticing everyone had gone and sat behind his desk. Three monitors stared back, and he flicked each one in turn into life. Unlike Sandra’s office, he liked to face people coming into his room. This way they could see that he was interested in meeting people and give them his full attention, and they couldn’t see what websites he was looking at. He scootered his chair over to the first computer. After a few clicks of the keyboard the screen divided into 3 windows. The first 2 showed Sandra’s office from above and from different angles. He tapped a few more times on the keyboard. The third window flicked into life and showed a completely different angle of Sandra’s office. This one showed under her desk, and when she was typing away on her keyboard, as she was now, and it showed Sandra’s fabulous legs. Danny eased himself back slightly in his chair and spread his legs to accommodate his hardening dick.

Not long after the Christmas party, he had gone down to the local gadget store and invested in a small collection of spy cams. The following Saturday he installed them in her office, one by the fluorescent light, the second inside the now disconnected motion detector. The third camera had been the most troublesome. It had to be constantly altered each week, until like now it showed off her assets in excellent resolution.

His fingers traced across the screen, wanting them to be the real thing. Soon he thought. Turning his attention to the second monitor he started to attack the keyboard. The screen showed instantly what she was looking at on her screen. Damn, it was just a spread sheet.

He had got some amazing picture from his little army of cameras. The best shots were when she had locked her office door and thought she couldn’t be seen. She had a tendency for looking at some of the stronger websites. A bit of bondage, strong stories of women being tied and used, even some very strong photos. Danny loved the fact that she had obviously been visiting these sites for some time as she went to some very choice ones. They were excellent to view, but not as good as the action on the desk cam. He had watched her skirt hitched up on several occasions and pleasure herself. He had stored these shots to DVD and watched it at home at his leisure.

He watched the desk camera again, she had stood up and was about to leave the room. Quickly he flicked the monitors off except the third which showed his normal desktop.

She walked over to his office and leaned around the door. He looked up and smiled “Sandra, hi!” Her response smile was as fleeting as always. “What time are you staying ‘till?” “Sadly most of the evening, there seems to be some problems with a server” “Right, I’ll be in my office. I’m going to get changed.” She made to leave. “Can I watch?” he said. She paused for a moment, and decided that the best response was to slam the door.

As she marched back to her office, Danny flicked the monitors back on. He heard and saw her door slam, and saw her turn the lock. He grinned, as he had also taken the liberty of removing half the bar inside it. He sat back, spread his legs and watched.

He slowly rubbed himself as he watched her undress. Leaning forward, he grinned as she unfastened her blouse before reaching behind herself and unfastening her skirt. He was saving this to the hard drive. Tonight would be good. She stood before his cameras, inspecting her body. Sandra looked great. A black lace bra and matching panties really suited her. The bra pushed up giving her an even fuller figure than she already had. He watched her open a bag and take out a black dress, slipping it on over herself. Damn the party was over. She reached into the bag and pulled out a small packet. Danny squinted at the screen. Stockings. “Someone’s looking for some action tonight” he spoke out loud. He watched her slowly pull them on, hitching her skirt, to straighten and adjust it before doing the same for the other. He sat back and continued to watch the show. She put some make up on and glanced at her watch. Out of a natural reaction Danny checked his. It was still only 6:30, 2 hours before her husband was to pick her up. She stood in the middle of her office, hands at her side, thinking. Quickly she hitched up her skirt again and removed her black lacy panties, dropping them into the bag. With her skirt still hitched up around her waist, she sat back in her chair. Danny watched her log onto her computer again and surf a couple of sites before settling on one in particular. Her hand travelled between her thighs, and she started to gratify herself. Danny looked at her monitor and saw it was a rape site. With a few more clicks she started to watch a photo-story. He licked his dry lips as she spread her legs further apart and masturbated.

This was an opportunity not to be missed. Making sure that both drives were recording, he stood and brushed his hair back and left his office.

Danny slowly pushed down the handle on her door and carefully opened it. Her heavy breathing showed that she hadn’t noticed the door open. Silently he entered the room, pushing the door to behind him. He sneaked up behind her. Her monitor showed no reflection of him, and he thanked the gods of flat screen monitors. Sandra’s hands were furiously pumping between her thighs. Danny glanced at what she was watching. The photos on the screen showed a good looking receptionist being attacked from behind. He and fate both smiled happily. Sandra didn’t notice him coming up behind her, but she jumped as his hand rested on her shoulder.

She yelped at his touch and instinctively tried to pull her skirt back down again. Danny wasn’t going to miss out on this much fun and his fist smacked down fast between her open thighs, keeping her legs open and her skirt hitched.

”D D Danny?” she gulped “I didn’t, this isn’t…” “…What it looks like?” he finished.

She stared at his smiling face. Neither of them spoke for a moment.

“Please Danny!” She tried to push his hand out from between her thighs. “Put your hands on the keyboard Sandra.” “No, look, please…” she started “Do it, now!” She could hear the strength in his voice, but she didn’t want to back down. “You can be fired for examining porn on the web you know.” “I know, listen…” she tried again. “You’d lose your job” He responded talking over her plea. “We don’t have to…” she began again, pleading in her voice. “Hands on the keyboard, now. I won’t harm you. Promise”

For a minute she paused and then gradually placed both hands on the keyboard.

“Watch the screen Sandra” She turned her head, bottom lip trembling, to face the pictures before her. “Is this what you like Sandra?” She shook her head. “No? But you’ve visited this site quite often. And the way you were wanking yourself, you seemed to me, to be liking it. Press the next button.

She pressed the button. The next image showed the woman sat on her chair, with her assailant behind her. One arm around her throat, the other between her thighs. “Looks like someone wanted this!” Danny whispered into her ear. “Please!” She whimpered.

Danny’s hand moved up between her tight thighs. She quickly grabbed his wrist as his hand made contact with her pussy. “Hands back on the keyboard Sandra! I want to do this for you, that’s all!” he said calmly. She looked into his face, and reluctantly moved her hands back to the keyboard. Danny’s fingers started to toy with her pussy. He hadn’t expected her to be as compliant.

Sandra bit her lip as Danny started to finish what she had started. She kept her fingers on the keyboard as his finger slipped into her. He moved his arm around her neck, mirroring the picture on the screen. He glanced down to se her thighs had parted a bit more.

“Next picture Sandra” He whispered.

The next photo showed the woman being dragged onto her desk. He could see Sandra’s eyes widen.

“And again please Sandra.”

This showed her over the desk, arms pinned behind her as he tied her wrists.

“Once more please”

This time the woman had been shoved to her knees and was about to be face fucked.

Sandra turned to him, fear in her eyes. It was met by his grin.

He grabbed her by the arm, pulling her up and out of her chair and straight over her desk. She screamed as he gripped her wrists and with a savage pull, wrenched them behind her back. Her shouts fell on deaf ears as he pulled the cable from the phone and bound her wrists tightly. He held her in this position over her desk. She was lying face down over the desk, her skirt still hitched high, showing off her dark grey stockings against the pale cream of her skin. He gripped the back of her dress, and kept her pushed down as he ground himself hard against her exposed ass.

“Please. No. Danny Please!” She begged. “Don’t you want me to fuck you like this? I bet she gets it like this on the screen” He reached down between them and unzipped himself. “No Please, Please!” She could feel his hot hard dick, eager and sizzling against her inner thigh. “I want you suck me off then OK?” “Yes anything just don’t rape me, OK?” He lifted her off her desk and moved her around so she was at right angles to her monitor. It was a perfect position, his desk camera should get everything from here. Hand on her head, he clutched her hair and pushed her down. As her neck became level with the desk, he held her there. Pulling her chair over, he sat down before pinning her shoulders with his thighs. She couldn’t move. The desk prevented her head from moving back, his knees and chair stopped her from moving anything else. He looked down and smiled. Holding his dick to her like an offering, she slowly opened her mouth and he pushed himself in. The position must have been uncomfortable for her, but he didn’t care. Still clutching her hair he forced her head to bob up and down, the protests muffled slightly by his thick cock.

Danny licked his lips and gasped at how hot and inviting her mouth felt. Using both hands now, he pummelled her head up and down, forcing her to take him deeper. Soon her nose was being rubbed into his pubes as the rest of his cock entered her throat. Her protests and gagging turned him on so much. Here she was, the prick tease from Christmas, with his dick rammed into her throat. He pulled her head tight against him and with a grunt, came.

She choked against the first wave of cum, and tried hard to swallow the second wave. He kept her head in his lap until his dick was spent. Still gripping her hair he lifted her head from him, and grinned at the smeared lipstick and make-up on her face.

He hauled her to her feet and pushed her backwards over the desk, her bound arms pinned beneath her, her legs flew up to counter balance herself from flying over the desk. He quickly grabbed an ankle and hoisted it in the air, spreading her before him. His head swooped between her sprawling thighs before she could try and compose herself and clamped itself to her cunt.

”No!” She screamed out, but he didn’t care. His tongue shot out and speared her. He twisted his tongue around inside her, tasting her, drinking her, eating her. She may have been protesting about this but her cunt was soaked. Danny threw one of her legs up and onto his shoulder and pushed his writhing tongue deeper. As his tongue investigated further into her inner secrets, his nose and top lip rubbed against her clit in an effort to let his tongue explore that little bit further. He quickly noted too that her protests had stopped, and had changed to little shrieks of ‘oh’. He wanted her to cum for him, and he could tell she wasn’t far off. His hand stroked up and down her lifted leg, loving the feel of the silky material covering it. The other hand stroked and squeezed her buttocks.

She came close, and each time he denied her release. The feeling of her thigh, the squeezing of her backside, but most of all knowing that she was his, quickly hardened him again. For what he wanted. He had to time it just right. He gripped her other thigh and dragged her closer to him so her ass was clear of the desk. Danny’s tongue pounded her clitoris, circling it, pounding against, sucking it up. As she quickly approached her orgasm, he twisted her thighs, turning her face down over the desk, and before she could gather her senses, he plunged his rigid dick brutally into her saturated cunt. There was no protest from her. He kicked her legs further apart and drove in again, pitilessly sinking fully into her. She let out a loud wail and her bodied trembled before violently shaking. Her cunt walls clamped against his hard cock, sucking it in. He held onto her waist as she the last quivers died from her and she lay limp across the desk.

He paused for a second. “Sandra?” There was no response. She lay out cold before him, her body was all his for the taking. He started fuck her again. There was only one thing to do now and that was to cum in her. Ramming hard and deep he fucked her slumbering body. Lifting her waist he pulled her slumbering body onto his thrusts. Reaching down he unfastened his pants, pushing them down, so he could feel her body against him. He held her waist, stopping her from slipping down off the desk as he fucked his sleeping beauty. He didn’t care what she thought of him after this, if she pressed charges, if she got pregnant. This was his moment and the beast inside of him screamed for freedom and he was going to give it. He raped her hot sopping wet cunt and with a gasp, unloaded his cum into her womb.

Danny lay against her body, his dick still embedded in her. He withdrew his dick from her, the room cool against his skin. Pulling her dress back down, he made a brief decision wiped his dick dry on the back of it before pulling up back up his pants.

She moaned and groaned as she came too. He untied her hands and leant against the wall to see what would happen.

She collapsed into her chair and looked at him. “You bastard!” she whispered

Danny just watched her.

She returned the stare for a minute, before reaching over to her bag and pulling out the discarded panties.

Danny watched her pull them up, and smooth her dress back down.

“Did you enjoy that?” He asked

“What do you think?” She responded

He ran his hand through his hair. “I think you did!”

She stared at him. “Well after that, I’m going out to a restaurant, before going home to have sex with my husband.”

Danny watched her get her make-up kit from her handbag and open the compact mirror.

Sandra straightened her make up, and neither of them spoke. She examined her watch and grabbed her coat.

Moving to leave the room, she stopped in front of him “I know I’m going to be very disappointed with his efforts after that fucking!”

With that she leant forward and kissed him, her tongue flicking around his mouth, before running off to meet her husband.