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This is a story I wrote for Marie. This is also something that we would like to act out together someday. In real life she would obviously have a safe word to make it stop at any time if things got too much for her. Hopefully she wouldn't use them. Anyway hope you enjoy the story!

Part 1

I silently creep into your house. Your door was unlocked. I can hear you upstairs. I take off my shoes so I can tiptoe in my stocking feet and surprise you. I take the rope (I had cut some to an appropriate length so I'd be ready) and the restraints and quietly go up the stairs.

When I get to the top I see you with your back to me and quietly come up behind you. I grab you from behind and put my hand over your mouth. You struggle but I got a good grip on you. I whisper in your ear - 'calm down, and I won't really hurt you - don't yell - actually you can yell if you want but you know that no one lives close enough to hear you - don't fight me - it will only make it worse.'

I march you over to the bed and throw you on it. You look up at me and see my face for the first time. You say 'I've seen you.'

'Yes' I reply, 'I've been following you - learning all about you. I know that you're home by yourself for the day. And I'm going to have fun with you.' You start to try and get up but I jump on top of you and sit on your belly with one leg on each side. 'I've never assumed that you'd hold still for my plans for the day so I'm going to tie you down.'

Your eyes look terrified. And you start talking 'why are you doing this? why me? please don't do this, I'll give you money - please don't - d-d-d-don't hurt me.'

I explain that I picked you because you are beautiful. I don't want your money - I want your body and I'm going to take it. I put your wrists in the restraints and loop the rope under the mattress and tie the restraints to the rope. I then move down your body and put the restraints around your ankles and pull your legs as far apart as I can and tie them down.

I move up to your face and try to kiss you. You pull away - I grab your face and pull it to look at me and say 'I guess you haven't fully realized your predicament yet. I going to do what I want and take what I want and you can't do anything about it. You will enjoy this more if you cooperate and don't fight me.'

Holding your face I kiss your cheek and then your lips. You don't reciprocate. Maybe later you will!

Part 2

I then get up and go downstairs to get the rest of the toys I plan on using. As I'm walking downstairs I hear you thrashing about trying to get free. You are yelling 'where are you going? why are you doing this? Please Stoooooooop.'

When I get back upstairs you are quiet and I smile at you. I thank you and you look puzzled. Your thrashing about worked your nightshirt up to your hips. I am now looking directly at your pink pussy. When you finally realize what happened and what I'm looking at - your face becomes as pink as your pussy and you try to close your legs to no avail.

I say 'your not wearing any underwear - you must have known I was coming and got ready for me.' I climb up on top of you again. Don't be embarrassed I say I'm going to see everything in a second. I grab the collar of your shirt and rip it down the center. I pull it to the sides exposing your luscious breasts along with your formerly exposed cunt and it leaves you basically naked.

I reach down and rub my hands from your neck to your breasts to your nipples down your stomach to your thighs and finally along your pussy. I then bring my fingers to my nose and inhale your beautiful scent. I then proceed to tell you that when I said I wouldn't hurt you I meant that I would do no lasting damage. But that part of what is going to happen today might sting a little.

I pick up the ruler I brought and say we'll start with this. I drag the plastic ruler over your body giving you a feel of it. Eventually I end back up at your tits. You begin to whimper - please noooooooo. I begin to lightly tap your breasts not to hard avoiding your nipples. You jump a little with each swat but you don't say anything. I then start to increase the pressure and after swatting all around your breast finally hit your each nipple directly with the hardest swat. You jump and groan but seem to be OK.

I move down and put my fingers in your pussy. They come out wet. HHHHHmmmmmm - I ask are you enjoying this? and you reply NO - of course not. But I wonder. I then rub the ruler around your thighs and vaginal opening. Now you yell 'OMYGOD NO NOT THERE!' But I just smile and say just to let you know I'm going to hit you ten times - each will be just a little harder than the last.

I begin ONE directly on your wide-open pussy. You don't say anything - I can see your eyes saying that wasn't so bad maybe I can take this. TWO! THREE! you moan. FOUR! you whimper. FIVE! you jump. SIX! you yell ahhh! SEVEN! you groan oohhhhhh. EIGHT! you yell please stop. NINE! Stop I can't take it. and then TEN! You jump but quickly begin to relax knowing its over and your ok and when you seem to be fully relaxed - I slap the ruler down hard one more time directly on your clit.

You jump and scream NOOOOOooo. I say that's just to let you know I can do anything! You look at me with hate in your eyes but when I put my fingers to your pussy they are sopping wet. HHHHMMMMMMMMMM.

I take off all my clothes. I again sit up on your belly and slip my now erect penis between your breasts. I grab each breast with a hand and push them up over my prick and I slid it back and forth between your breasts. It feels so good your soft, smooth, silky, skin covering my dick. I then grab each nipple between my thumb and forefinger and hold it over my penis now I rub up and down between your stretched out boobs.

After a while your nipples slip from my grasp. I hold your head up and ask if your Ok and are thirsty. You whisper 'a little.' So I decide to give you something to drink but maybe not what you expected.

I slid further up your body and put my dick on your lips. You close your mouth. I ask if you need another spanking to cooperate. You look into my eyes and slowly shake your head no. I say - so open your mouth. You keep looking at me and eventually open your mouth and start to say 'please don't make me do this - don't.' . . . you can't continue because I've filled your mouth with my penis.

I slid it in and out of your wet mouth. I can feel your tongue sliding up and down my dick. For someone who was reluctant to do this your mouth is incredible. You seem to be really getting into it. I pull my prick to the edge of your lips and your tongue licks my opening. You seem to suck me back into you. I now start to pump furiously in and out, in and out, I can feel my orgasm approaching.

I tell you that I'm coming and you try to pull away. I groan - No your going to take it all. After a few more pumps I begin to ejaculate into your mouth - you try and swallow it but some drips out of your mouth and down your cheek. I pull out satisfied and you say 'how could you do this to me?' but I now know your starting to get into it even if you won't admit it to yourself.

I go and get a towel and first wipe my penis off then I go to your face. First I grab a glob of my sperm that dribbled out on my finger, and put it to your lips. You look at me and then knowing what you are suppose to do lick my finger clean. I then wipe your face and clean you up. I again kiss you and this time I can feel you starting to reciprocate. HHHHmmmmmmm

Part 3

I look down at the bag of toys and wonder what to use next. I reach down and put the bag above your head so you can't see it. I reach in and pull something out and move my hand beside your head next to your ear. You then hear a snapping sound. You groan and say 'please NO you've had your fun now let me go pleasssse.'

'Don't you realize the day has just started?' I ask. You close your eyes and turn away from me. I put my hands on your breasts - cup them and squeeze gently. You moan as I continue to massage them. The massage feels good to you as they are still tingling from the ruler. I continue to massage with my thumbs pressing into your nipple - the light pressure seems to be relieving the tenderness you feel from the ruler. You are starting to groan in appreciation, as the feeling is good. Then I move my right hand and your hear the clicking in your ear again.

You tense up and look up at me. I smile and show you the clothespin I'm holding in my hand. You shake your head back and forth and try to move but your still tied down and I'm sitting on top of you. You just say 'pleeeaaasse nnnoooooooo.'

I grab your left tit and attach the clip about two inches from your nipple. You gasp as you feel the pinch. You look down at you boob and see the pin waving in the air. And then you hear another click.

'Ooohhhh God!' This pin is attached on the other side of your breast again about two inches from your stiff nipple. 'No - no - no.' But you hear another click. This time I attach it to your soft right mound - again away from the nipple. And then another to the other side of your breast. You hold your breath and bite your bottom lip waiting to the sting to lessen. It finally does - you breathe and look at me.

I don't know exactly what your look means but I don't see the hate that I saw earlier. I can tell that your still scared but I think that you seem a little excited also. HHHmmmmmmmm. I bend down and kiss your lips and then each nipple and then I pull your nipple into my mouth and bite it gently and pull up, holding it with my teeth.

The pins seem to be stretching your breasts; pulling your nipples taut. Your nipple is hard in my mouth and then you again hear a clicking! You wimper 'noooooooooo.' I pull my teeth off and attach the clip directly to the hardened erect nipple.

You squeeze your eyes shut and wait for the pain to lessen – with you eyes still shut you again hear a clicking. I quickly attach it to your other nipple by letting it snap close. You scream, a quick yell and jerk off the bed. You fall back after a few seconds absorbing the pain and appear drained.

You now have six pins attached in a row across your breasts three on each. I flick each in turn the ones attached to your nipples cause the most reaction - a jerk of your whole body. But this movement causes all of the clips to wiggle back and forth and you realize it would be better it you remain still.

I continue to play with the clips for a few minutes – flicking - twisting - pulling - lifting your breasts by the clips attached to the nipples stretching your tits up as far as I can away from your body. You are groaning, and keep saying 'stop, please stop, noooo.' But your words are spoken softly almost a whisper. There is no force behind them. Either you are totally worn down and have nothing left or you're getting excited and don't really want me to stop. - I'm hoping for the latter.

Part 4

I move down your body – stroking your sides and thighs as I go. I kneel between your splayed open legs. Your pussy is glistening in front of me obviously wet from excitement. HHHHmmmmmm what have we here? I rub my fingers up and down your southern lips and then slowly insert two fingers into your vagina. I am stunned that they slid in so easily - you are soaked with your juices. I pull out my fingers and hold them up. Showing you how wet they are.

You look embarrassed – knowing your getting excited by this. I put my fingers in my mouth and lick your delicious juice. I ask if you know how good it is. You shake your head back and forth not really understanding. I put my fingers back inside you and again they come out dripping. This time I bring my fingers to your lips. You close your mouth and shake your head no. I grab your chin and tell you to open your mouth.

Slowly you do and I put my fingers in your mouth and tell you to lick them off. As you do you realize your tasting your own juices and you realize that it tastes good!!

I look in my bag of toys and realize that I have a lot more clothespins! I pull out a pair and show them to you snapping them in my hands. I can see in your eyes that you are frightened and when I pull your pussy lips apart and attach the first clip; you yell and try and move your legs to get away, but you are securely tied down. I put its partner directly across from the first clip.

While you are moaning - I don't think you feel it's as bad as you thought it was going to be. When your hear the clicking of the second pair of clips I pulled out, you look at them almost resigned to your fate. I attach them again on either side of your cunt lips. Then I pull out a third pair and attach them – then a fourth pair.

Finally I pull out a single clothespin. I hold it in front of you and snap it a few times. Your eyes are just looking into mine. I rub my fingers up and down your pussy. I find your clitoris and play with it - rubbing the hard little nub. I grab it with two fingers and pull on it gently, and finally, while looking into your wide open eyes starring at me, attach the final pin to you clit.

Your inhale a sharp quick breath and hold it, finally letting it out in short quick gasps as your body adjust to the conflicting sensations you are feeling. You seem to be becoming more and more aroused, the pain seems to be turning into pleasure. I look down at your body that I've now decorated with a small forest of clothespins and smile.

I see a large hand mirror on your dresser and get an idea. I jump up and grab the mirror. I come back to the bed and gently lift your head and put a pillow under it. You look down at your breasts and see the row of six clothespins on your breasts and nipples holding them taut.

Further down you can see the tops of the pins on your pussy. Then I hold the mirror down between your legs facing you and you can see your cunt held open by the pins and the clothespin in the center tight on your clit. Your whole body shudders, making all the pins shake causing you to groan as you can feel the pressure on each pin.

Leaving the mirror propped between your legs, I move beside you and give each clothespin one by one a pull or a twist or a flick. First on your right breast then on your left – Then I move down to your pussy. Starting at the bottom I play with each clip in turn until I finally get to the one on your clit.

I twist it back and forth and then holding just one edge of the clip I pull on it until pulls off with a snap. You groan "oohhhhhmmyygggoooodddd" and have a shuddering orgasm from the Pain?/Pleasure?

I smile - but say 'who said you could have an orgasm? I SNAP the pin back on your clit and pick up the RULER once again.

Part 5

Holding the RULER I tap all three pins on your left breast at once. 'I'll tell you when and if you can have an orgasm' I say, hitting the clothespins on your right breast.

'Please stop, it hurts' you say.

'Oooohhh to bad.' I move the ruler between the two rows on your pussy and tap them back and forth, back and forth. Then I put the tip of the plastic ruler at the opening of your vagina and twist it back and forth over the opening.

I look up at you and your eyes are looking at me. You don't say anything just stare at me as I slowly insert the RULER into you about an inch. You bite your bottom lip, but don't say anything. I twirl the ruler around and your eyes get huge. You still don't say anything. I say well we have a nice measuring device - lets see how much you and take.

I move an inch deeper and again twirl the ruler. This time you have a sharp intake of breath, and a quick jerk but still don't say anything. Lets go DEEPER!! Two more inches in I slowly twist the ruler all the way around. You are taking short quick breaths but still don't say anything.'

This time I push it in 3 more inches and you say 'OOOHHHHFFUUCCKKKKK MMMMMMEEEE nnnnnnnnnooooo.' I twist it, twirl it, carefully pull it out a little and then back. You are moaning constantly now.

'Would you like to see?' I ask?? I grab the mirror again and hold it up. First I put it on your belly so you can see both sides of your breasts. I flick the nipple pins as you watch. I then move the mirror to you cunt. Look how much of the ruler you took. You can see that only five inches of the RULER are now sticking out of your wide open, clothespin clipped pussy.

While you watch I twist each pin on your lips and tug on the pin on your clit, all while turning the RULER around and around and around and around. 'oh, oh, oh, oh, oh myyyyyyyy goooodddddddd!!' Finally I carefully extract the RULER.

You watch as I bring it to my lips and clean your delicious juices off one side with my tongue. Then I bring the other side to your lips. Reluctantly you stick out your tongue and lick the other side tasting yourself. I smile and say 'as a reward I'll remove some of the clips.'

'Oh thank you, thank you,' you say - they're starting to really pinch. I'm wondering if you'll still thank me as they actually come off. I move to your breasts and remove one clip from each tit. 'owwwwwwwwwwwww,' you yell.

'What happened to the thank yous' I ask as I unclip the second pair from your breasts. uuunnnngnnnnggnggggggg. Finally I grab the pair attached to your nipples. Instead of unclipping them, I pull them upwards until they have stretched out your breasts and they just SNAP off the nipples.

This time you really yell. You had kind of gotten used to them being clipped - unclipping was worse. MUCH worse. 'ohhhhhh please they hurt so much,' you say, 'kiss them please.' Hhmmmmm now you're asking for my mouth on them. I kiss them softly easing some of the tension in them I use my thumb on the one I'm not kissing to gently massage it. Ohhhhhhhhh you moan, until I take one between my teeth and pull HARD.

'Oh my god, you bastard' you yell.

'Yea I know.' I move my hand and brush all of the pins still attached. And say what other toys do we have? I put my hand in the bag and pull out a realistic looking dildo. 'What shall we do with this?' . . . . . To be continued!

Part 6

So I take the dildo and show it to you. You remain silent but bite your lower lip. While you seem to be plenty wet I take out the tube of lubricant and drip some on your left nipple - the coldness of it tightens your bud. I say 'see I don't want to REALLY hurt you.'

I then rub the dong all over your nipple in the lubricant getting it nice and slippery. As I'm focused on getting the whole thing moist I hear you whisper 'thanks.'

I look up at your face and smile and say 'your welcome' and ask 'are you starting to get into this?'

You look at me somewhat horrified and say 'N-n-n-o of course not.' But as I move the dildo to the opening between your legs - between all the clothespins that are still attached - you close your eyes, bite your lower lip again, and give me just a hint of a smile.

Just maybe I'm getting to you or I think you might like loosing all control knowing that nothing I do to you today is your fault - being tied and forced to do things that you would never do.

The lubed plastic dick slides right in you. You are already plenty lubed yourself. I slowly keep pushing it in deeper and deeper and deeper until my hand pushes against all the clothespins attached to your lips and you've taken it all. You let out you breath you've been holding and groan uuunnnnnnnnnngggggggghhhhhhhhh.

I flick the pin on your clit and your whole body jerks. You open your eyes and look at me with huge staring eyes. While you might not admit it - I now know that you are enjoying this at least on a purely physical level.

I slide the dildo all the way out and put it at the opening of your lips again and just hold it there. You raise your butt just slightly and I know want it back inside you. This time knowing that you and the dong are well lubbed I slam it into you smashing my hand into the pins. You groan and I again slide it all the way out and wait.
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