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It's a cool summer evening and I'm curled up in my comfy armchair in my PJ's watching a DVD. I had the house to myself for a few hours as my partner was working on a late shift. He was due home anytime and luckily the film would be finishing around the same time; I had enjoyed my evening, I'd pampered myself with a steamy bubble bath and wonderful moisturisers.

I heard the front door open before the film had finished.

"Hi babe, I've brought Stuart home with me – hope you don't mind?"

I felt a little embarrassed as the last time I had seen Stuart I had been drinking quite a bit at one of our BBQ's and had flirted outrageously with him.

"That's fine babe; there are some cold beers in the fridge if you both want one? I'm just watching the end of the film, be with you in a sec".

I finished watching the film, I could hear them chatting in the kitchen, mooching around, probably getting something to eat too. I headed to the kitchen as the film finished to say hi and see if they needed any help. I thought I would make polite chit chat and then head off to bed and leave them too it.

"Hi darling, hi Stuart, how was work?"

"Really quiet, we finished early, so we popped down the pub for a pint before coming back home" said Bill

"Excellent, it's been lovely here too – but I'll leave you two boys to finish your beers and I'll head off upstairs."

I popped my mug in the sink and missed the look that passed between Bill and Stuart, I was chattering on about nothing in particular – almost babbling really. I jumped when I felt 2 hands snake around my body from behind.

"Stop it Bill, don't muck about"

his hands continued to stroke and rub just the way that gets me going, I tried turning round to tell Bill off but I was held close against his body and couldn't find the room to turn around.


I growled, getting crosser that he was ignoring me and playing up to his mate. A hand slapped itself over my mouth whilst the other arm lifted me effortlessly off the floor to face the other way – I nearly fainted when I saw Bill stood in the kitchen doorway. I thrashed about wildly as the reality dawned on me that it had been Stuart fondling my body, not Bill. Stuart held me easily; at 6' 2" I didn't pose much of a problem for him.

"You were right mate – she's certainly feisty! We'll definitely have some fun with her tonight."

He grinned at Bill who grinned back and gave me a wink. My heart was racing as I realised that I was being manhandled by this huge man with Bill just stood there watching and enjoying the show.

Stuart carried me up the stairs as though a weighed no more than his gym bag. He flung me on my bed and pinned me there with one hand, he used his other to grope my boobs and feel my body all over.

"I reckon she's enjoying this mate" he said, "she's looking very flushed!" he grinned as he watched my discomfort and anger rising. I was screaming at him to leave me alone, cursing and lashing out as much as I could. My PJ's weren't offering much of a resistance to his persistent hands and he soon had the buttons undone. He fought with me to get my top off but as he relaxed his grip to manoeuvre my arms I scrambled away and took flight off the bed. I raced towards the door but found myself racing towards Bill not an empty doorway as I had hoped for. Stuart was behind me in a flash and grabbed my arms from behind and twisted them, locking them behind me in one grip.

"Here you go Stu….." said Bill, throwing Stuart a length of cord that he took from the drawers on our bed.

"Ahha, just the job mate," said Stuart, "this will hold her."

He threw me back on the bed, face down and twisted one of my arms back behind my back and sat on me. I was struggling to get my breath back as his full body weight pushed me into the mattress. He secured the cord around my wrist and then passed it around my body so that my arm was pulled along the width of my waist, he then twisted my other arm behind me and did exactly the same with that one, tying them off by passing the cord around my lower arms, securing the together. Once he was happy that they weren't going to come loose he stood me up again and turned me around to face the pair of them. I twisted and struggled but to no avail, I had a sneaky feeling that Stuart had done this before, the binds were tight without being painful but there was no way I was going to get my arms free in the very near future. Both men had broad grins on their faces as they looked their prey up and down.

"Let's see what she has to offer then" said Stuart, "she can flirt with the best of them, lets see if it lives up to the imagination".

He pulled my PJ top off my shoulders, giving my boobs a sharp slap as I struggled, trying to stop him.

"mmmmmmmmm very very nice" he murmured quietly "what about the honey pot?"

I realised what he meant and launched into another frantic struggle, anything to try and stop him from invading me down there. Both the men laughed loudly at my futile efforts and pushed me back onto the bed, they followed me and both held me there while they pulled down my bottoms, leaving me exposed to the world.

"I'm fed up with her screaming mate – we'll have to do something about that"

Bill dived into the drawer again and brought out a piece of fabric that he scrunched up and shoved in my mouth while I was mid scream, he used a thin piece of cloth to tie around my head securing the fabric in place. My screams were just a muffled whisper now, I glared at the pair of them and then I was plunged into darkness, it dawned on me that Bill had kept the sleep mask that we had used on the over night flight we took for our holiday earlier in the year. I was now totally helpless, but I wasn't going to give in without an almighty fight. I lashed out with my legs and somehow, I made contact with someone's leg – they let out a loud shout, I felt a sharp sting and I got a resounding slap for my trouble.

Then it was quiet, I couldn't hear anything at all, thinking that they had left me alone and that they had been having a joke all along I relaxed.

"They'll let me go in a sec" I thought, relieved that it was all going to be over very soon.

Suddenly the bed sank a little as someone sat on the mattress, a hand stroked my leg all the way from the ankle to the top of my thigh, and it brushed past my shaven pussy and continued up my stomach. It felt really good and I relaxed even more, allowing myself to enjoy the feelings it was creating in my body. As suddenly as it started it stopped; I heard a crude laugh and found myself being flipped onto my front. Two hands grabbed a leg each and I felt some cord being wrapped around the ankle, I struggled and thrashed around until someone sat on my back squeezing all the air out of my lungs. Once the cord was secure around my ankles they were pulled back and the cord was secured to the cord around the tops of my thighs, folding my legs in two and ensuring that I was open to the pair of them. Their hands caressed my back and arse, squeezing and slapping as they went. I could hear muted conversation but couldn't make out what was being said, I could hear Bill rummaging in our bedroom drawers and my heart sank as I knew full well what those drawers held. Two fingers found their way into my hot pussy, working their magic on my swollen clit; I could feel my body betraying me and was getting wetter by the second. The fingers passed over my arse covering it in my pussy juices, he pushed against my hole and I felt him invade me. Suddenly the finger was gone and in its place was my small butt plug, being pushed against my hole. I fought to keep it out but the muscles finally gave in and it was pushed in all the way, I was breathing heavily and this brought much amusement from the 2 men standing over me. With the butt plug secured inside they flipped me over onto my back and pushed my knees open, displaying my wares to them both. I could feel my juices running out of my pussy and down the crack of my arse, Stuart let out a laugh and some lewd comment about my behaviour at the BBQ and how this was more than he had imagined – and this was only the beginning. My heart sank as I realised that these two had plans that were not going to be over very quickly.

The bed sank as one of the men climbed onto the bed and pushed my tits together, I felt his hard cock between them and he started to tit fuck me, talking dirty all the time, telling me how I was going to deliver all the promises made while flirting the last time. Bill pushed a vibrator into my wet pussy and slow fucked me with it, I felt my body start the climb towards orgasm much to my horror – there's no way I was going to cum for these two perverts NO WAY!! Stuart was fucking me fast and hard between my tits, I felt him tense and knew that he was going to cum; he shot his load over my tits and face. With a heavy sigh he climbed off and rubbed all his spunk into my skin, quietly laughing.

I felt my bindings being taken off my legs and thankfully stretched them out to relieve the muscles. Hands were stroking my body and although I was relaxed I was still as mad as hell that I was being forced into this. I waited a little while so that I regained all the feeling in my legs and then lashed out at both the bodies I could feel sitting on the bed by me. Oh boy did I make good contact with both of them and I heard the cursing and pain coming from both of them. I felt their hands lift me off the bed in one swift movement and I was dropped onto an ottoman we have against the wall in the bedroom. My head was hanging over one end and my legs were bent at the knees as they hung over the other end. I heard them discussing my punishment for landing those kicks and knew that they weren't happy. A piece of rope was secured around my middle and around the ottoman, ensuring that I couldn't lift my body up, a collar was buckled around my neck and somehow secured using rope to one of the legs so that I couldn't lift my head back up. My feet were stretched wide and pulled back, each ankle with a piece of rope which was pulled back towards the legs by my head so I couldn't close my legs or give myself any leverage.

I heard a "swish" from nowhere and felt pain in my tits as something made sharp contact with them, again and again it landed all over my front, pussy and thighs. The pain was intense and mind blowing, I could feel my pussy dripping juices and I tried to push against the butt plug to stimulate me some more. A large vibrator was pushed to the hilt in my pussy and flicked on to full power almost causing me to go over the edge but my orgasm was stopped by cold water being tipped on me. I screamed into the gag as I was pulled back from the orgasmic edge, howling in disbelief.

"oh no you don't get to cum until we let you – you'll have to earn your orgasm bitch".

The butt plug was yanked out and immediately replaced by a thick hard cock, I felt someone undoing the gag I had been wearing throughout

"any screaming and you'll get more of the same tart – do you understand?"

I tried to nod but chocked myself on my collar; this caused the men to laugh at their handiwork. The gag was removed and before I could form any words at all another hard cock filled my mouth and started face fucking me relentlessly. With my head so far back I could feel his cock hitting the back of my mouth and enter my throat effortlessly. They got a good rhythm going between them and hands worked my tits and clit at the same time driving me insane. I was being used as a fuck toy and I was loving it, I sucked on his cock as though my life depended on it and tried to push back down towards the cock that was driving my pussy towards a huge orgasm. I could feel my body building to a huge climax when on a silent signal both men pulled out of my body leaving just the butt plug deep in my arse. I let out a huge wail as I was left writhing around in unfulfilled agony, the gag was replaced quickly to silence my now growing protests and ice cubes were rubbed over my tits and pussy to cool me off.

I froze as I heard the door bell ring; I thought they would ignore it but they seemed to be expecting it and became very excited. Bill went downstairs leaving Stuart to taunt me with his voice and touch. I could hear voices downstairs and then much to my dismay I heard footsteps making their way back to the bedroom – I heard 2 pairs of footsteps enter and Stuart greet the new member of the group whilst he let out a low whistle which I presumed meant he had spotted me sprawled out on the ottoman.