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After my story "Theresa takes A Wrong Turn" was published on Literotica I received the following e-mail.

"Oh that was a great story. It's my turn...write about me. My name is Kea, I am a BBW and love rape fantasy and interracial. The name Recarrdo cums to mind for the male part."

So without further ado her is my ode to the lovely Kea.


In the nightclub the music thumbed an incessant rhythm that the revellers on the dance floor moved in perfect unison with it's deep hypnotic beat. At the centre of the throng danced Kea, her beautiful long brown hair being flung around sexily by the constant bobbing of her head and shoulders with the music. But no-one was watching her hair, the guys (both dancing and sitting at the bar area) were watching Kea's amazing chest perform seemingly on its own, in wonder and awe, while the girls watched in envy and jealously as her breasts fought to escape the confines of her skimpy, shiny silver top. But Kea had no eyes for anyone else but the girl she was dancing and flirting so outrageously with.

Lori was a svelte blonde who was delicate while Kea was curvy but she seemed equally caught up in the moment and the music and danced with her eyes squeezed tight and her hands roamed the larger woman before her. Dirty dancing? Oh yes! This was the night when Kea felt she could convince Lori to enter her bed and sample her sweet pussy. She let her hands slide to her own side and as part of her movements slid her hand under her short skirt and fingered her pantiless crotch.

Kea was a confirmed bisexual lady (with the emphasis definitely on 'sexual') that had had her share of men and women. However, she hadn't been with a guy in some time and was thinking that females only were her future, especially this hot blonde she was dancing with. A mutual friend had introduced them just over a month ago and they had really hit it off as friends and this was their third night out clubbing since and although Kea had not properly broached the subject she was sure Lori was as interested in her.

As they danced, oblivious to everyone else, Kea felt sure that this would be the night. No doubt about it. As the dance track came to a conclusion and before the next one could fire up, Kea leaned close and asked.

"Lor, do you want a drink, I'm parched."

Lori nodded enthusiastically but never opened her eyes and already was swaying in time to the next song. Kea turned away from the dance floor and Lori and started to fight her way through the mass of humanity between her and the bar. It was after one 'o clock already but people were still pouring into the club. It took her ages to get to the bar and even longer to actually get served and when she finally turned back to the dance floor Lori was nowhere to be seen. Holding the two bottles tightly Kea scanned the packed area but could not see any sign of her. She moved through the same throng, increasingly getting irritated by the jostling and hassle and wondering where Lori had got to. Once back at the dance floor it was evident she was no longer there and it was then that she caught a flash of movement to her right and intuitively spun round to see a giggling Lori disappear off to her left.

Annoyed now, Kea muscled her way toward where she had seen friend disappearing. It was a struggle but she made it to the side corridor in the club just in time to see Lori disappearing into a door on the right of the corridor, holding the hand of a tall, tanned man. She stood there stunned for what seemed like an age but was in fact just a few seconds. She had been so sure. How could Lori do this? Wanting not to believe her eyes she approached the door to find it was the gents toilets. Aware of what she was likely to find she barged the swing door open just in time to watch Lori laugh and follow the guy into a cubicle and as the door swung shut she watched Lori sink to her knees. Kea stood shocked and was soon bowled out of the way by a stream of guys making various comments about her being in the men's room.

"Hey get out of here bitch!"

"Wanna see my cock?"

"C'mon honey suck on this" (this last comment followed by a drunken guy waggling his tiny cock at her).

Kea was raging, and part of her wanted to barge in to the cubicle and tell Lori what she thought of her, to fly off the handle and let her feel some of the pain she had just caused, but she was too proud to do that and she staggered away from the closed door and brought one of the bottles to her mouth. She would get drunk, that was the answer she thought.. So she took up a position at the bar and downed the two bottles she had in her hands, then a further six more, neither noticing or caring if Lori and her 'friend' had emerged. It was nearing kicking out time and Kea did not wish to leave at the same time as a whole load of drunken couples amorously putting the finishing touched to their evening. She upped and left twenty minutes before three and having negotiated the coat clerk she stumbled into the cold night, pretty inebriated and pretty pissed off.

It did not take Kea long to realise that walking home was not going to be an option tonight as it was too cold and she was too drunk. So a taxi would be needed.

In her state Kea was only vaguely aware of the yellow car drawing up alongside her as she staggered along the pavement. It drew up level with her and the window descended electronically as she finally acknowledged it's presence and turned towards it. Other than a couple huddled tightly together and making out in a shop front down the street the area seemed empty.

"Hey Lady, you looking for a lift" a deep voice intoned from inside the vehicle.

Kea squinted to see the driver and saw his smiling face shaded by the long brim of a flat cap, there appeared to be a taxi sign atop his car so, not wishing to walk any further that she had to she pulled open the back door and almost fell in. As she straightened herself in the back seat and fiddled with her top she looked up through the partition glass to see the driver beaming back at her in the drivers mirror.

"Had a good night?" he enquired.

"No I bloody haven't. Now go, ***** Park and quickly, please!"

If she had better hearing she may have heard the words muttered under his breath.

"And it's only going to get worse."


Kea sat back on the backseat of the cab and thought back on the night. God, what a disaster it had been and she had hoped and expected for so much. Her eyelids felt heavy and the combined effects of the time and drink (and the sleeping gas seeping into the sealed off compartment from under the seat) worked to send her off into a gentle, dreamless doze. The driver saw this in his mirror and pressed a button to halt the gas. He smiled again before picking up his two way radio.

"Too easy, man, too easy" and sped towards his destination.

The car (it was not a taxi cab) and it's two inhabitants travelled through the city to the far side and the dockland area, it was now long after three in the morning and few people roamed the streets down here at this time and those that did were not in a hurry to be seen.

The driver's name was Recarrdo and he had being doing this for a while. He loved it. The thrill it gave him. The power and control it gave him. He was six feet three, muscular and generally had a very relaxed demeanour, but not at nights, not on nights like these.

He pulled into a yard and flashed his lights three times then killed them as the large metal shutter door before him rolled up and he cruised the car inside. Kea was still totally out on the back seat. His partner in crime appeared from the left side of the door as he pressed the down button and without saying anything her hurried towards the lit office up ahead, leaving Recarrdo to handle Kea.

It was a dark, murky, cavernous warehouse. Bar the taxi there seemed to be nothing else in it and except for the light from the dirty office in the corner across from the rolling door, the place was inhabited by a multitude of menacing shadows. Recarrdo opened both of the previously locked back doors to allow some air in (it certainly wasn't fresh air in here). Kea showed no signs of life as she sat, slumped in the back seat, oblivious. Recarrdo leaned in and got this hands around her body and slowly began to pull her out, as he moved her she made a couple of low moans so he knew that she was starting to come round again, which was both a blessing and a pain, as he had to carry her to the office but needed to get her there before she came round. Hoisting her onto his broad shoulders he carefully stepped over to the office door and dumped her unceremoniously onto a hard, wooden chair.

The other man had been raking in the drawers of an old desk and came out with a small, coloured bottle that he unscrewed and wafted under Kea's nostrils. Kea came to almost immediately from the sharp aroma of the smelling salts. Her head hurt like hell and for a while she had no idea where she was, her vision blurred and she felt like being sick. And then she focussed on the two grinning characters before her. As she worked up the ability to ask where she was and what they wanted, Recarrdo stood up and casually walked behind her. It hurt to turn her head but turn it she did to follow him, of course he had been the taxi driver! As she tried to figure out what was going on the other man before spoke and she felt the guy behind her place his big hands atop her bare shoulder blades.

The guy before her stood in front of the desk, leaning back on it a cocky smile playing across his face. This was Recarrdo's brother, Denny, but he was small while Recarrdo was tall.

"Well, well Recarrdo, what have we here? A good size, is she not? Still the Cuban will like her, I think?"

"Yeah, Denny, that's what I thought –not the Russian, he likes them thin but this one, this one is perfect for the Cuban. Yes."

"W-What the fuck are you talking about? Who the hell are you bastards? What do...."

This last query was halted by Recarrdo pushing down on Kea's shoulders and hissing in her ear.

"Shut up bitch! You just be quiet and Denny'll explain it all to you."

With little other option available to her Kea clamped her mouth shut and put on a determined face, she wouldn't show her fear to these two assholes, no way. But they could see her torso trembling and knew the truth.

A sneer passed over Denny's face and he addresses Kea as if she were a little girl who didn't understand too good.

"You see my dear, you are nothing more than a commodity to us, to our 'operation'. Every weekend there is somebody to pick up in the city, some girl a little the worse for wear and stupid enough to be out alone. Recarrdo here makes such a convincing taxi driver, doesn't he (she felt him massage her shoulders roughly at this - she wanted to scream and shout but they conveyed a menace that, while not backed up by any weapons or violence, was none the less very real and intimidating to her)."

He stepped nearer Kea and contemptuously cupped her proud jaw in his right hand and peered at her as if she were an object of art and he a collector.

"Hmmm. Yes, I'd say you're perfect. You see what we do is collect these women and deliver them to men who want them and are prepared to pay for them. There's the Russian, I believe he's got a mansion deep in the ice lands for his girls. Then there's the Saudi prince and his 'Harem'. And your buyer, well I think that'll be the Cuban, he's got a nice villa down in South America, I'm sure you'll like it there (his voice dripped sarcasm at this)."

"B-But why? What do they want?"

As if to demonstrate Denny plunged his hand under Kea's skirt and fingered her pussy.

"They want your sex my dear, your cunt. And then you join the others as a whore. Don't worry they treat you well as long as you behave. You will behave won't you? Yes, I'm sure you will, they always do. Recarrdo, take her to the warehouse at the border, she'll be collected there, I'll phone on ahead."

Before Kea could take this all in, Recarrdo pulled her up and snapped a pair of handcuffs on her wrist, pulled her other arm behind her back and snapped the other cuff on her free wrist. She knew she was in really deep shit now. Denny acted as if he had dismissed her from his thoughts already and got busy shuffling and arranging papers on the old, battered desk. Recarrdo, meanwhile, was using his strength to pull/drag Kea back to the taxi. Sobering quickly she decided now was the time to fight back and she wriggled and tried to jab her shoes heels onto Recarrdo's feet. It was a futile effort, Recarrdo had seen this done too many times and kept his feet well back and soon pushed Kea over the boot of the vehicle.

"Listen cunt! We can do this the easy way or the hard way. You can either lie down in the back seat and be nice and quiet and behave and maybe I'll be nice to you, or you can get thrown in the boot and take your chances in there. Which is it to be?" , he hissed this into Kea's ear, his voice steady and calm and all the more menacing for that fact.

"The back seat! I'll sit in there. I'll do what you want, please don't hurt me" her voice betrayed her desperation.

"Good", with that he opened the door and shoved her in on her face.

Kea had caved so easily because the germs of an idea out of this were forming in her brain.


They drove through the city in early morning silence few cars passing their route. Kea, true to her word had kept quiet throughout the journey, her mind formulating what she had to do and say. Once they were out of the town she spoke up, her voice at first quiet and desperate.

"Hey,hey, mister?"

Recarrdo paid her no attention and continued to drive, but he had heard. She repeated her plea and this time her glance round and though a jaw chewing gum furiously he asked, "What?"

"You don't want to do this, you really don't. Someone will have seen you pick me up, they'll have your number."

He just laughed knowing this was a desperate time for her.

"But what if you didn't deliver me to this Cuban's men, what if somehow I escaped. Come on you don't have to do this. Please."

"Huh! What's in it for me, seems like nothing. You should shut up and get some shuteye, your gonna need it over the next few weeks."

"No wait. Please! I promise if you don't take me to this place, if you spare me I'll do anything for you, anything. Book into a Motel, I promise, you can have me any way you want, I'll do everything for you anything you've ever wanted, I'll do it!."

Recarrdo tried hard to keep the smile from his face and he stared into the rearview mirror and addressed it rather than Kea.

"But I could do that anyway. In case you've not realised your handcuffed back there and if I wanted to I could get back there and fuck you any which way I wanted, you ain't exactly gonna stop me are you?"

Kea breathed hard, this was the crux of her argument. She knew she had to convince him now of the merits of her plan and she knew if he didn't then she was screwed - consigned to a future life as a hooker in her equivalent of hell.

"But Recarrdo, that is your name isn't it? Don't you see, I'll do all that willingly, I'll fulfill your every fantasy, you can do whatever you've dreamed of to me and I'll take it and more, just so long as you let me go free after. How about it? Come on, I'll make you feel so good. Please?"

The silence coming from the front seat seemed to last an eternity to Kea but at least, she thought, it showed he was considering it. She waited with baited breathe to discover her fate. But Recarrdo gave no indication of his thoughts and instead seemed to concentrate hard on his driving. Finally, Kea accepted her plan had failed, she guessed it always would but she had to give it a try. She lay, her face flat on the musky smelling back seat, and contemplated her future, she did not think life as a whore in a bordello would be a good career move.

No one would be missing her yet, no one would realise she was not where she was supposed to be. It was Sunday now and often she spent whole Sundays by herself, enjoying the peace and quiet.

They continued their journey in near silence for a further thirty minutes until, Recarrdo slowed down, pulled into a road and then braked to a stop. He leaned back over his drivers chair to address Kea.

"OK Bitch, I've thought about it, we'll do what you say. I've just pulled into this motel. I'll book a room for us for the day and if you do everything- and I mean everything!- I tell you to, and do it good like you mean it, then I'll let you go. I'll say you made a run for it and jumped in the water in the docks and with you handcuffed and all you, like drowned, OK?"

Kea nodded her head frantically, seeing her chance for survival and grabbing it .

"Good. Now I'm going to book a room, nice and secluded like. So I'll just pop this in your mouth and don't you even think of trying anything , 'cos that would be real stupid."

With this he shoved a cloth into Kea's mouth and pulled a rug up over her body, covering her but not before making sure she saw the thick gun handle showing on the inside of his jacket. She wouldn't try anything stupid. Kea was left like that, alone with her thoughts and fears, while Recarrdo is gone for at least five minutes booking a room. She could start wriggling and kicking her feet and legs, hoping desperately that someone will see or hear her. But she didn't. It must be around four or five in the morning and she heard little, the chance would be too great, the risk too high. No, she thought, she would just have to be sure to fully satisfy this man's carnal urges (whatever they are) and hope that he did not renege on his word. Something convinced her that he is and that he will release her if she does as expected but maybe that something is just her own desperate hope.

Recarrdo returned, saw his captive had not moved and slowly guided the car to a bay at the furthermost room from the main office. He had left instructions that under no circumstances was he to be interrupted. The clerk had seen it all a million times before and nodded absent minded, he didn't care what these fucks got up to anyway.

The motel was shaped almost in a large 'U' shape and the room Recarrdo had booked was at the furthest most tip. He parked the car right at the door, it was an old-style, dusty motel that most sensible travellers would bypass quite happily, but it would serve his needs perfectly. He parked up outside it and hustled Kea up and out of the car and into the room. There was no-one around at that time of the morning but even if there were Kea had decided to go along with the plan. Her hands still shackled behind her back, he hustled her inside.

The room had the smell of it of most motel rooms, which is clean but somehow off putting. It was sparsely furnished, just a bed a, a table and Television, a dresser and a hard-backed chair. Certainly not the most glamorous of surroundings. But then these weren't the most glamorous of circumstances. He sat Kea on the edge of the bed and moved away.

Recarrdo pulled the cheap, thick curtains together to block out the coming morning light and turned on the overhead light (the shade swathed in cobwebs and blotches). Kea was finally able to appraise him fully now, not from behind as in the taxi, not with him standing behind her as in the warehouse. He cut an imposing figure, very tall but not thin, he was strong looking without being overly muscular. Somewhere deep in her mind she saw an animal attraction to him, despite the situation but her mind was racing to much to acknowledge it and to her, right then, he was immensely intimidating.

"Anything I want huh, Bitch?"

Her response was a nervous, repeated nodding of her head, her brown hair tipped with sweat.

"Well stand up then, let me get a real close look at you."

Simulated Rape Pics