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My body ached and I longed for a soak in the bathtub. It had been an especially gruelling day at work. Fridays always turn my students into real-life monsters.

The 60-odd assignments that I dragged from the car to the doorstep felt like they were going to rip my arms out. Before I could put the key into the keyhole, the door opened to reveal my Papa standing there in his and rumpled shorts and nothing else.

"Lui Lui (an endearment in Chinese which means ‘daughter’)," he growled menacingly, towering over me a good 7 inches, standing at 6 feet. "Where have you been? It’s 5:00pm and you were supposed to be home three hours ago."

I was too tired to argue. My Papa has been this protective since Mama died two and a half years ago. I am 22 years old with almost no social life. My Papa had effectively managed to scare all the men away.

"We had to attend a staff meeting regarding next week’s PTA meeting, I explained, "It took longer than we expected."

I walked past him into the house and towards the study room. The blessed coolness inside the house was a drastic contrast to the stifling heat outside. As I walked pass the living room, I saw out of the corner of my eyes some empty beer bottles and VCDs by the couch. I knew for a fact that Papa had been drinking and watching pornography again, by the evidence of some used tissue paper surreptitiously tossed under the coffee table. Papa had started this disgusting habit after quitting his job some time ago.

I pushed this matter to the back of my mind. Putting down the assignments on my study table, I lifted my arms up to do some stretching. I could swear I heard my bones popping. Gosh, I’m beat!

Climbing the stairs to my room, I shouted down the stairs to my father, "Papa, I’m too tired to cook tonight, can you call for a pizza?"

Satisfied to hear my Papa reply in the affirmative, I went into the bathroom to turn on the tap to fill the bathtub. While waiting for it fill up, I went into my room to put out the clothes I will be wearing later, which is a pair of shorts and a baby tee. Malaysian weather remains at a constant 29 degree Celsius throughout the day. And not for the first time I wished that I were in another country.

I went back into the bathroom to check if the tub was ready. It was. I slipped off my jacket followed by my sleeveless blouse. Next to come off is my skirt. As I peeled off my bra, I couldn’t resist cupping my hands over my breast and giving it a little massage. Lastly, I pulled down my tiny white panties down my slim hips and legs.

Sighing, I slipped into the bathtub. The water felt wonderful and I close my eyes and willed my body to enjoy the calming effect of the water and release the tension in my body. Lazily I started to sponge my body, from my neck, past my 34B breasts, my flat tummy, and then down to my long legs.

Luckily tomorrow was a Saturday and I could sleep until late in the morning.

20 minutes later I reluctantly got out of the tub and dried myself with a fluffy towel. Wrapping it around myself and securing it with a knot, I came out of the bathroom and walked towards my bedroom. The clock on my bedside table flashed 5:45pm.

I thought of catching a few winks before going down to dinner. Too tired to bother with dressing, I dragged my tired body to the bed and laid down, towel and all. Before long I was in a deep sleep.

And then I dreamt…

I was dreaming that my ex-boyfriend Terry was sucking on my breasts, sucking on it real hard, the way I like it. Then he started grazing my nipples with his teeth and giving it slow, broad sweeps with his tongue. I tried not to move a muscle for fear that I would wake up from my dream. Ohhhhhhhh… he is now running his tongue in circles on my breasts, flicking his wet tongue at my erect nipples.

"Aaaahhhhhh!" I could not stifle a moan as he noisily sucked as much of one breast as he could into his mouth. My body started to undulate on its own accord. I tried to arch my back to force more of my breasts into his mouth. I could feel myself getting very wet.

I lifted both hands to cup his head, but instead of Terry’s silky straight hair, my fingers encountered short coarse hair. My eyes snapped open.


Shocked, I tried to scramble off the bed, but my legs were tangled in the towel that had dropped around my legs. In a flash he had me pinned under him. I tried to protest but he was kissing me, pressing me into the mattress with the weight of his body.

I tried to kick out but he parted and trapped my legs with his on either side of mine. He rested his body heavily on mine and I stopped struggling in panic. His cock was pressing urgently between my thighs. He felt so much bigger than Terry.

Papa started to place kisses at my neck. "God, Lui Lui! I want to fuck you so bad." His hand stroked my breasts. "You’re so lovely and I’ve been wanting to fuck you for so long."

"No, no," I pleaded, tears forming in my eyes and running down my cheek. I could smell alcohol on his breath and tried to reason with him. "Please Papa, what are doing? This is wrong, Papa." I pushed ineffectually at his chest.

"I want to fuck you and I will. Do you understand?" he shouted drunkenly above me.

I shook my head fearfully and continued to struggle. I raked my nails down his arm, drawing blood.

He drew in then expelled a ragged breath. He lifted his hand and swiftly brought it down to deliver a stinging slap to the side of my head.

I was dazed for a while.

"I want to see all of you, Lui Lui. I want to see you, touch you… Right here." Papa had managed to remove the towel and now had his left hand at the juncture between my legs. "Don’t struggle and I will make this good for the both of us. Struggle and I will hurt you…"

I gave an imperceptible nod.

"Good girl." Papa took my mouth again quite fiercely, his fingers searching out my most intimate place. He plunged two fingers into my pussy and started moving it in a fucking motion. Every few seconds he would take out his fingers and put them in his mouth and then place them back inside my pussy.

Fearful of provoking Papa’s anger, I could only cry silent tears. What I couldn’t control was the sob that racked my body. Papa stood up to dispense with his shorts, standing before me in all his naked glory.

My eyes dropped nervously to his manhood, which was proudly erect. It looked formidable at 7". It throbbed and jerked. I curled up protectively on the bed and looked away in horror.

He reached down and pulled me up to my feet. Before I had the chance to react, Papa had me pressed against the wall. When one hand slid down to grasp my left leg, lifting it high and giving his hardness access to my pussy, he started moaning. He started to rub his cockhead at the entrance of my pussy, smearing the precum around my slit.

"No, no, no!"

Terrified, I started struggling in earnest. "Noooooo, Papa, please don’t do this!" He did not seem to hear me. He lifted my whole body off the floor and entered me with a single forceful thrust.

"Arrrgggghhhhhh!!!" The pain was intense. I was dry and his cock was so huge. I am not a virgin but it had been three years since the last time I had sex.

I started to struggle and scream. I tried pummelling his chest but Papa was too strong. He carried out fucking me, flattening my breasts as he pressed me against the wall. Sweat started trickling down both our bodies, making his body slide against mine as he furiously pumped his cock inside my pussy. I couldn’t think anymore and I had cried myself hoarse.

The room was silent save the wet sucking sound of Papa’s cock pumping my pussy and the grunting "Uh, uh, uh" sound he made in between each stroke.

At that very moment I went into shock. I lost all will to fight. Without missing a beat, Papa had laid me down on my tummy on the bed.

"You have a beautiful back too," he rasped, his hands reaching down to grasp my buttocks. "Beautiful… sexy…"

He placed kisses along my spinal cord, buttocks, and down to my anus, leaving a trail of saliva. He wetted his two fingers with his saliva and slowly finger-fucked my pussy as he circled my anus with his tongue.

I was utterly beyond caring when he grasped my hips and scooted me up on my hands and knees, forcing his cock into me from behind.

Papa started to fuck me from behind, his hands kneading my breasts. He leaned down to bite my shoulders and suck at the red marks that appear. As he was humping away, he breathed hotly into my ear to tell me what a good fuck I am and how much he wanted me, how often he would take me from now on.

He was fucking me with great consternation, alternating between slow, deep strokes and short, fast ones. Sweat from both our bodies wetted the sheets below. He was now really burning up as he increased his tempo. I could see his arm muscles bunching up in anticipation.

Suddenly Papa cried out, and I felt his release, the warm pulsating flood deep inside my pussy. He finished climaxing and lay down next to me.

After a while, Papa turned towards me. He captured my unresisting chin in his hand to take my mouth in a hungry, possessive kiss. "God, Lui Lui, I can’t believe how much I keep wanting you," he muttered against my swollen lips. "Every night wouldn’t be enough for me."

Papa took my hand and placed it against his semi-hard cock. He guided my hand up and down the length of his cock. He made me wrap my fingers around it and squeeze it intimately until it was aroused again. It throbbed hotly beneath my hand.

"See the effect you have on me, Lui Lui." Papa groaned and pulled me under him roughly, raising my legs with the crook of his arms and plunging his cock into my pussy.

He moaned from deep within his throat as he fucked me long and hard. "Something tells me," he rasped, "that this is going to be a long…long…night."


Hope you guys came as I did when I was writing this story… In fact, I came all the times that I worked on this story! Save up this story for the many horny times ahead. I think this deserves a 5. What do you guys think *_~

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