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What is a friend if you cannot share a fantasy?

What is a friend if not to help live out a fantasy? This one is for you C.

* * * * *

The plan was finished and it was my intention to catch Chuck totally of guard and bring to reality a fantasy he shared with me some time back. We had been friends for a short time when things turned sexual. Chuck is a caring and gentle lover and my style was more brash and rough. He did seem to be able to bring me to a medium where I was beginning to enjoy some of the tender caressing and teasing foreplay. It prompted mind-blowing sex from me but he did not seem to be complaining.

Since careers and families and that sort of thing were never really discussed Chuck could never have seen this plan coming. Our exchange of fantasies did not go unheard at least not on my part. When he told me about the fantasy he had to be held by a female officer and fucked in the patrol car it got my attention. Chuck knew I was did restaurant work he did not know I was a cop. I met him at the restaurant where I worked part time and never felt the need to discuss my "regular" job. I was picking up extra money one the side when I met Chuck.

Chuck had a tender passionate side to him and his lovemaking reflected just that. Since slow tender and teasing was something I had done without for so long it did intrigue me. The way his hands felt on my body, the way his breath would feel on my skin just did something to me. He was into the touching and kissing and gentle romantic pleasures I had pushed aside long ago. His way of making love was barely a fantasy to me anymore. His fantasy on the other hand was right up my alley.

I knew he left work around 10:00 on Thursday night and I planned to be waiting for him. I stopped his green 1994 Le Baron on the side road where he turned to go to his house. It was a dark road and very little traffic. Cars exiting the interstate onto Grahame Rd. would have to be going that way for a reason.

Turning on my overhead lights and alley lights and turning the flood light right at his back window blinding him I got out of the patrol car and started toward him. I stood to the back of the driver's window like normal and he was not able to see my face. I asked him for his driver's license and proof of insurance. He began to fumble around with his wallet. When he told me he could not find his insurance card I asked him to step from the vehicle. He seemed so nervous, it was perfect and I had done a good job of disguising my voice to this point.

Chuck stepped from the car and I told him to turn around and put his hands behind his back. I had to firmly take control when he started to turn around and question the reason why he became argumentative and informed me that he had insurance but did not have the card and how people did not get arrested for no insurance. I liked the spark I saw in him right then.

A few stern commands and he complied with my directive. Once the handcuffs were secured I knew I had all the control. Taking the chain of the cuffs and lifting slightly he had no choice but to comply. I was impressed at his efforts at resistance I did not know he had it in him. I reached into my back pocket and took out the blindfold and quickly slipped it over his head. "What the fuck is going on here?" He protested. A control hold subdued his efforts at a struggle and really began to get me aroused. I walked him to the car put him in the backseat closed the door then walked back to his car pulled it to the side of the road turned off the engine and secured the vehicle dropping the keys into my pocket.

I got back in the patrol car and drove away. Chuck's protests in the back seat were amusing. I was going to really enjoy this. I could feel my nipples pressing against my shirt and the wetness between my legs. Driving with one hand on the steering wheel and the other running along my inner thigh and over my pussy. I remained quiet despite his questions and protests. Driving about 10 miles to a park area getting out opening the gate and stopping to close it behind me I drove about 1/3 mile down the road and shut off the engine.

I put the seat all the way back then opened the door stepping to the side of the vehicle and opening his door. "Get out!" I commanded. He did not seem to want to get out of the vehicle so I helped him from the car. Once Chuck was standing up I checked to be sure the handcuffs were secure and not too tight and that the blindfold was still in place.

Running the tip of my finger across his cheek gently then applying more pressure almost scratching him made him jump back I could tell he was afraid now and had thought about trying to run. "Don't even think about it."

Backing him up against the patrol car I reached for his belt and began to unfasten it his stammering about not knowing what was going on and questioning my actions was almost funny. I heard fear in his voice but I smelled excitement.

I pulled the belt from the loops and folded the leather over and slapped it hard against my leg, which made a startling sound and I smiled when he jumped about a foot in the air. I undid the button of his slacks and lowered the zipper then reached inside and ran my palm across his cock. It wasn't hard really but it wasn't soft either. "What you don't like that baby. Are you insulting me?" It was hard to keep from laughing when he changed his answer from "yes" to "no" about a half dozen times.

Instructing him to kick his shoes off was next. I then let his slacks fall to the ground and ordered him to step out of them. I watched his stomach heaving as his breathing increased I could even see beads of sweat forming on his chest. "You like that don't you baby?" He just remained quiet.

I pulled his briefs down to his thighs and studied his half erect cock. "I bet you want me to touch it don't you?" No answer and I didn't really expect one. I took his cock into my hand and began stroking him slowly and felt him begin to get very hard in my hand. "Yeah you like that don't you?" Stopping to pull the briefs the rest of the way down and have him step free of them was the beginning.

Taking him by the arm I led him to the open drivers door of the car and instructed him to sit on the seat with his legs on the ground. At first he would not do it so once again I had to use some force to get him to comply. He began calling me names and saying something about having me arrested. "Shut up!" He went silent. Once he was seated I took his belt and fastened around his ankles binding them together. Then I ordered him to put his legs in the car and he did.

I removed my shoes and socks, then my duty belt and pants, then the shirt and tee shirt and vest. It felt good to have all the extra weight off of my body. The night air was tantalizing on my skin and I was so worked up and horny by then the breeze could actually reach my clit and touch it. I removed the bra and left the panties on. I ran my fingers along the folds feeling the slickness through the material and really needed to do something about that.

Chuck's erection was almost gone again at this time. I wasn't going to have any of that. I was going to tease him and fuck his brains out and he was going to like it. After all it was his fantasy. I really thought he would catch on by then but I know fear does strange things to the mind. I maneuvered my way into the car straddling his thighs the look on his face was great if only I could have seen his eyes.

I slid up close to his stomach took his cock in my hand and began rubbing my pussy against it teasing my swollen clit. I actually heard him moan and there was no doubt he was hard as a rock. I slid along his cock until I was ready to cum and stopped. When I leaned over and bit down hard on his nipple he jumped and started the insults all over again. Telling him that was mild compared to what I would do if he didn't be quiet seemed to settle him down some. I alternated sharp bites with licking. The fact that he could not touch me had to be making him crazy.

I put two fingers deep into my dripping pussy coating them with the thickness and brought them to his lips. At first he clamped his mouth tightly then began to relax when he realized what I was doing. "Suck my fingers," I ordered. "Don't you bite me either or you will be very sorry." Hesitantly he drew my fingers into his mouth and began sucking them. "Tastes good doesn't it?"

Moving back down his body sliding over pressing my pussy firmly against his thigh I began rubbing my clit again. I wanted him to know what I was doing. He could feel me grind against his leg and fingers rubbing. I watched his face while I did this and he was turned on. "I am going to cum", I watched him draw his tongue across his bottom lip and tighten the muscle in his thigh. My orgasm was powerful and I knew it was going to take some time to tame this fire.

Pulling his head back sharply by his hair I asked him if he liked that but when he would try to answer I would tell him he was not to speak. I could feel his cock throbbing against my stomach he was so hard. I reached down and started stroking it again feeling him try to push his hips forward I continued holding his head back against the seat by his hair. "I'm not ready for you to cum yet." I stopped stroking him.

The nice thing about this car was no horn, which in this case was a real benefit. I moved up pushing my ass and shoulders on the steering wheel then raising my feet to his shoulders I pulled him forward. It took him a few seconds to figure out what was happening. "Lick my pussy, make me cum" at first he pulled back and tensed up but he had a change of heart. I had felt Chuck's tongue on my pussy before and he was wonderful tortured me with gentleness really now he was in a situation that did not warrant gentle pussy eating I wondered what he would do. I brought his head closer by keeping my feet wrapped around his neck.

At first his tongue barely touched me, which I can understand he had no idea who I was. A very hot and wet pussy greeted him; I moved my feet to the back of the seat I did not have to hold him there anymore. His tongue began to lick along the folds and flicked across my clit. It did not take long and he was eagerly attacking my pussy. "Make me cum now, now!" he sucked my clit into his mouth and sucked it and I exploded. He did not pull away right away either. I told him what a nasty boy he was.

Positioning myself back down on his lap I leaned over and licked his wet chin and lips. I love the taste of my cum on a man's face. His cock was so hard so purple I thought he was going to bust I decided it was time he had some relief.

I lifted up and took his cock in my hand and lowered myself down. I could feel my walls milking him almost I don't think I had stopped cumming yet. He moaned loudly and I shamed him for liking it. I began moving back and forth on his cock fucking him slowly then lifting and lowering down on him feeling him slide along my walls. The way he pushed his body up trying to slam into me harder I knew he was so close himself.

"Fuck me hard" I yelled out sure he would know my voice this time. My gentle romantic Chuck began thrusting hard and fucking me with all his strength. I kept ordering him to "Fuck me" Our bodies were wild and desperate. I knew that sound that was deep in his throat and I knew he was going to cum. "That's it fuck me hard you want me to let you cum don't you?" I watched as he threw his head back and yelled out loud. I felt his hot release fill me and filter down on my ass and his stomach. I bit his throat rather had and lifted myself off of his cock.

I stood there a moment at the side of the car admiring his body. His cock was hard and moving with his pulse, the thick white crème was pooled around his pubic hair and some was on his leg and stomach. I could feel it running down my legs. I ran my finger through it and wiped it on his lip telling him how naughty he was for cumming like that.

I cleaned myself up with my tee shirt put my shirt and pants back on and the socks and boots. I ordered him from the car. I put his pants back on and put the briefs in the seat along with his shoes and socks. I told him to get back in the car and directed him to the back seat.

The 10 miles back to his car were in silence. I turned the radio up and made no attempt to talk to him. I pulled up beside his car turned on the spotlight and my flashlight and got out of the car opening his door. I told him I was going to remove the handcuffs and he was not to move. When the cuffs were off I stayed behind him and picked up my shotgun and made certain he could hear that eerie sound when a shell is jacked into the chamber. I then told him to take the blindfold off and not to turn around.

He dropped the blindfold on the ground and began walking toward his car. I threw the keys by the door. I made sure my flashlight hid my identity. Chuck picked up the keys got in his car and drove away. I figured he would call the police so I had better think of something quick.

I called his house on my cell phone and told him I was worried about him because he was not home from work yet. When I got to his house the front door was open. I laid his shoes and socks and briefs on the front door step and watched his face through the door as he pulled the purple satin panties from his pocket that he got me last month for my birthday.

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