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It had taken a long time to find the perfect donor but the hunt is finished at last. Now all that needs to be done is the extraction. The subject's essence is necessary to complete the brew that I need for my survival as a witch. I will continue to have an empty feeling inside of me until I can be one with the donor, so this process must happen soon. I can feel my powers fade as time goes by. It has taken months of careful planning to get this far and nothing can get in my way.

He will give me his essence willingly or I must take it by force. Time is running out. After hours, days, weeks, and months of watching, listening, and talking, trying to choose the right subject, I have finally found him and his essence will be mine.

I have sent him a free night in this motel as a way to get him here. I made him think he won it in a contest. Everything is ready, now all I have to do is wait for his arrival. I have already keyed into the room and await his arrival. I feel excited with the anticipation of his presence.

The room is cozy enough. There is a king size bed, a sitting area, and a large tub. I've brought everything necessary to ensure this night will be a success. I have bathed and purified my body in preparation of this night. My clothing was chosen very carefully with attraction and then seduction in mind. My outer garments are not very revealing but attractive.

I had chosen a blouse and long skirt with a split in it with just a hint of leg to entice. The blouse is silky and not really low cut but the buttons are undone enough to hint at my ample breasts. I have placed perfume in certain areas all over my body, not to overpower, but to subtly entice. My under garments are: virginal white panties, garter belt and hose; the bra is white also, but has an opening for my nipples to remain available. I left my hair unbound and straight and it reaches down to my shoulders.

I am lost in thoughts of the night to come when I hear someone opening the door. I am sitting in a chair in the corner of the room. This gives me a good view of my subject as he enters carrying an overnight bag. My heart races with anticipation. He doesn't even notice me until he shuts the door behind him and starts to turn around.

I glory in the surprised look on his face. He is not a man to be surprised easily I have found by having watched him so long. I carefully and slowly stand up to greet him. I show him both my hands palms up to let him know I am without any weapons.

"Who are you," he asks me, still looking bewildered.

"You aren't in the wrong room," I assure him, "if that is what you are thinking."

I lick my lips and I can't help but admire his body. After all, I have been wanting him for so long now. I am trying to figure out what he will do next. He is still looking a bit uncertain as I approach him. He drops his bag on the floor and frees his hands. I smile at him as I come nearer.

"I am part of your winnings, Sir," I tell him, "if you want me."

"Is this some kind of joke or scam" he asked.

"No, of course not," I quickly tell him, but I can see he isn't going to go along with the plan.

I reach into my pocket and pull out a tiny spritzer bottle and quickly spray it in his face. This is enough to blind and startle him long enough for me to get hand cuffs on him. I am afraid of him yelling so I quickly stuff a hankie in his mouth.

Oh my, but his eyes are shooting daggers as he tries to yell through the gag in his mouth. I quickly grab my bag from under the bed and remove a pair of scissors. I have to cut his shirt off as the cuffs are a hindrance. He tries to break away but I place the scissors near his throat.

"I wouldn't try that if I were you," I tell him.

He stops trying to get away but continues to give me an ugly stare.

"Sit on the bed," I tell him and I remove his cut up shirt.

I can tell he doesn't like it but complies with my request. I am careful of his legs as I remove his shoes and socks, not wanting him to kick out and injure me. When I have his socks and shoes off, I unbuckle his belt, and unzip his pants. He starts to stand up again but I quickly place the scissors near his throat again, warning him with my eyes that I mean business.

"Alright, you may stand up slowly so I can remove your pants."

I can almost see the options running through his head but he is in my control now and his essence will be mine soon. As he stands up I pull his trousers and underwear down trying to keep my eyes off the instrument that will give me my power.

I then wrap his entire body in the saran wrap except his head and help him lie back on the bed as I can see he can't balance well now.

"Watch me," I tell him, as I slowly remove my outer clothing.

Now I stand before him in my carefully chosen under garments and watch his eyes as they scan me from head to foot. I can tell he likes what he sees but he is a proud and stubborn man and I will have to take what I need for my witch's brew. I carefully climb onto the bed and straddle him at his waist.

I lean over and give him a closer look at my nipples. They are hard with my desire. I begin to rub my breasts and take my nipples between my thumb and forefinger rolling them around right in front of his eyes. This feels good to me and I can't help but let out a sigh of pleasure.

I look him straight in the eyes and ask him, "Will you promise not to yell if I take the gag out of your mouth."

I can almost see the internal struggle he is having but he reluctantly nods his head yes.

"Just do as you are told and this will be over soon enough," I tell him.

" I don't want to hurt you but you have something I must have."

"You can give it to me or I will take it," I tell him in no uncertain terms.

I remove the gag from his mouth and wait a few seconds to see if he is going to yell, but he just lies there unmoving, reconciled to the fact that I am in charge of him. I lean over and place my right nipple near his mouth and command him to suckle.

"Lick it," I tell him.

He takes my hardened nipple willingly enough and begins to suck on it.

"Suck it like you would your lover."

He takes his tongue and circles my nipple a couple times then nibbles on it. This is sending warm feelings all the way to my pussy, where my vaginal walls contract involuntarily. He starts to suck gently and then harder, watching me all the time for my reactions. I gently pull that nipple from his mouth and replace it with the left one. He repeats the performance without being told. I let a little moan slip out and see his eyes grow larger as he watches me. As he suckles my breast, I feel myself grow wet with wanting.

I can feel my pussy contracting and a warm glow spreads all over my body. He removes his mouth and blows lightly on my wet nipple, causing a shiver to pass over me. He looks up at me with a slight grin, as if to say, who is in control now?

I get off him and retrieve my scissors, which wipes the grin off his face. I use them to carefully cut away the saran wrap in his genital area. I can see him hold his breath while I do this and I chuckle to realize how intimidated he must with those scissors so near his manhood.

I pull his cock and balls out of the opening. I can see he is a very stubborn man. Most men would have been hard after the strip show I had given him and the breast sucking he had done, but not this man. He was obviously fighting with himself and letting his pride rob him of the pleasures I could give him.

I take his cock and manipulate it gently in my hand; cup his balls with my other hand, rolling them around gently, while I continue to slide my hand up and down his shaft. I can feel him starting to harden and I lean down and lick the head with the tip of my tongue, running circles around it. I take the head in my mouth and graze it gently with my teeth while I continue to flick my tongue across the hole and I am soon rewarded with a drop of precum.

I raise my head relishing this precious drop as I roll it around in my mouth before swallowing it. I groan with the intensity of it as his essence becomes one with me. I feel almost faint for a second but quickly feel a rush of power and strength like I've never felt before. I know if one drop can give me this rush. I must have all this subject has to offer.

I lean down and take his hard cock into my mouth again, starting to lick faster this time. I take a bit more of his engorged rod into my mouth, savoring the taste, feel, and smell of him. More and yet more, I take it down my throat until I have almost all of him inside me. I begin to slide his cock in and out of my mouth, slowly at first but faster as I become anxious for yet more essence.

I can feel him throbbing inside my mouth and can hear him moan as I begin to suck harder on his hard shaft. I release the suction each time it almost comes out of my mouth but quickly slide it back down my throat, sucking as it goes. I can feel my self almost gag as I take all I can.

This continues for some minutes, the in and out, until I feel him erupt, filling my throat with hot cum, the very essence I need for my powers. He is groaning with the pleasure I have given him and I am swallowing as fast as his body pumps it to me. His buttocks have risen off the bed somewhat as he tries to shove his rod into my mouth further. I can't believe he is still contracting in orgasm. The juices run out of my mouth because I can't swallow his essence fast enough.

He collapses back on the bed and I can feel his cock finally stop contracting. I still do not let him leave my mouth as I continue to suck on him, causing him to cry out in pain or pleasure, I'm not sure which. I must have every drop of his wonderful essence.

After I have sucked him dry I lick up the bits that escaped my greedy mouth, licking his balls as well to make sure not a drop is wasted. I continue to lick his inner thighs, relishing the scent of him. He appears to be resting as I perform these acts on him but I feel invigorated by my new powers and already want more.

I look him in the eyes and after licking my lips, tell him, "I want more and you will give it to me."

He shakes his head wearily and tells me, "I don't think I have any more to give."

"Oh, but you do," I tell him, "and you will give it to me."

I feel very wet at this time and very much in control. My pussy is throbbing and I can feel desire deep in my gut needing to be satisfied. I crawl back up and straddle him, and once again offering him my nipple. I don't say a word this time but he readily takes it in his mouth and starts to suckle. I reach behind me to see if I can bring his cock back to life again, but it is too soon. I pull my nipple from his mouth and edge up closer to straddle his face. He looks up at me and hesitates.

"Lick me I command," as I inch even closer to his mouth, my pussy wet and open to him.

He takes his tongue and drags it the length of my cunt. I feel tingles run up and down me as his tongue grazes my clit. He stops and waits for my shudders to stop before he continues to drag his tongue up and down a few more times. He is being careful not to lick my clit but a grazing pass each time. I groan with the need of him and the release only he can give me. I can feel his tongue as it pushes into my vaginal tunnel. The heat is intense and I throb internally and my pussy contracts as it tries to milk his tongue.

Too soon he stops this and licks the length of me again, but this time he laps at my clit until I almost explode with the need for fulfillment. I almost scream as he leaves my clit to go back to tongue fucking me. I reach behind me and feel his cock. It is starting to get hard again and I slide my hand up and down the length a few times as he continues to lap at my pussy.

This time when he goes back to flick his tongue over my clit, he doesn't stop. I feel the warmth start in my belly and travel outward. My pussy is contracting faster now, wanting something in it to milk. The juices start to flow as I feel myself on the edge and over to fulfillment. The intense orgasm rocks me to my soul. He continues to flick my clit with his tongue but it is too intense now and I pull away, resting just out of his tongue's reach.

It takes me a minute to get my breathing and pulse back down to normal. I can feel my juices running down and out of my pussy, but won't let him have it. My essence is too powerful for him to take. I ease back some more and straddle his legs while I play with his hard cock.

"No, please," he whispers to me, "Haven't you had enough?"

"No, I need more of your essence and you will give it to me."

I straddle his stiff rod and start to lower myself down a little at a time. I can feel myself stretching as I take even more of him into my pussy. Rising and lowering myself on his rod till I have stretched to take him all. I lower myself down and just stop for a minute of two savoring the fullness of his cock inside me, filling me up where just a little while ago I had felt so empty.

I am still wet from all my juices so I can slide him in and out with little resistance. I go slow and easy at first then come down a bit harder as I increase the pace. I can feel his stiff cock hitting what must be the bottom of my pussy. It hurts a little but I can't seem to make myself stop. This is deep penetration and I slam myself down even harder on him. He doesn't say a word but I can feel his hips try to rise up and meet my downward slams.

I groan with the pleasure/pain of it. The heat is increasing as he slides in and out faster. My hands are on his shoulders giving me leverage to rise and lower myself. His hard cock starts to throb inside of me. Every vein in his cock is filling with blood now and the rubbing motion against my inner walls causes further stimulation. I know it won't be long now.

I feel the first burst of hot cum inside me and quickly pull off letting it shoot into the air. I grab his cock and aim it towards my torso, allowing it to hit me in bursts. I feel the heat of his essence as it hits my body. I glory in the feel of it. I take my other hand and rub it into my breasts and down my belly, all the time stroking and milking his cock for more.

It doesn't take long for him to finish shooting his load and his once throbbing cock now is starting to diminish. I lean over and suck the last drop out of him and then get up and reach in my bag to get the scrapper and bottle so that I can save his essence for my brew.

I face him so he can watch me take the square of plastic, similar to a credit card, and gently scrap the essence from my breasts and belly and place it in the jar. I make this an erotic show for him, caressing myself with the plastic, paying particular attention to my breasts. The friction of the plastic against my nipples has caused them to get hard and I roll them between my fingers a bit while I continue to get every bit of essence I can.

I have enough for my brew but feel like I don't want this night to end. He has watched every move I make and not uttered a word the whole time. I have used him unmercifully and obtained what I need to make my brew. Now I feel sorry for him and sorry for me because I want more from him then what I have taken.

I would like to have him give me that which I have taken freely and of his own free will but I am afraid. I gather up all my tools and dress slowly, prolonging the time with this subject that I have been so intimate with. He still doesn't utter a word as I get ready to leave just watches my every move. When I am ready I lean over and kiss him good bye, loosen his bonds enough so that he will be able to get out of them shortly, and place my pager number on his chest.

"Thank you," I tell him, "I'm sorry it had to be like this. I would have preferred your willingness to help me but I could see you wouldn't help me that way."

I turned to walk away when I heard him speak at last.

"Don't go," he said, "who are you?"

I hesitate but keep walking. I shut the door quietly behind me as I leave. I got as far as the car before I changed my mind. I turned around and retraced my steps back to the room. I still had the key card and quietly keyed back into the room. He glanced up from his struggles to get loose from his bindings when he heard me re-enter the room. I was not sure what to do. He was almost loose and I didn't know whether to run or take my chances. I guess he could see the indecision in my eyes.

"Come help me, please," he asked and smiled at me.

I was amazed by his smile. I could see into his eyes and knew he meant me no harm. I quickly went to assist him in getting out of his bindings that I had so meticulously placed him in just hours before. He was naked under the bindings and I couldn't help but admire his body as I helped unwrap it. He stood up beside the bed and I helped steady him a bit as he had been flat on his back bound for several hours.

He stretched and moved around the room some looking at me the whole time. He didn't try to cover himself or put any clothing on. He looked quite natural and acted as if he felt comfortable without his clothing on. He looked at me and smiled again.

"You never told me your name," he said.

"Liz," I replied.

"Well, Liz, would you mind telling me what this was all about" he asked.

I struggled a bit trying to decide whether I should tell him the truth or a lie, but after looking into his eyes again decided to try the truth.

"I know you are going to find this hard to believe, but I'm a witch, a good witch, and I needed your essence for a brew that I must make to increase my powers."

The look on his face was priceless, it ran from surprise, disbelief, amazement, and finally to acceptance all in a space of about ten seconds.

"You aren't kidding are you, Liz" he asked.

"No, I'm not kidding," I replied.

"Since you needed my essence so bad," he said, "don't you think you should have to pay a price for it," he asked.

Now it was my turn to be amazed. I wondered what kind of price he had in mind.

"What kind of price do you think would be fair," I haltingly asked.

He chuckled and said," Well, Liz, since the room is paid for and I'm by myself, I suggest you spend the rest of the night with me and share your essence with me." He shrugged and continued, "It only seems fair."

I could already feel myself tingle with anticipation as I looked him in the eyes and nodding, agreed to his request.

"This time" he said, "I will be a bit more in control, though."

He walked over to me and started to unbutton my blouse, pushing it back to reveal my breasts in the cut out bra. He leaned over and flicked his tongue across each nipple in turn, causing me to feel weak in the knees. I just stood there waiting to see what he would do next.

He very carefully removed my skirt but left my undergarments on. I reached over and rubbed my hands across his chest, something I had wanted to do all evening but the bindings had been in the way. His skin was hot to the touch. His nipples became erect as I ran my hands over them.

"Take your panties off," he said, "and come to bed."

I quickly released the garters so that I could slide my panties off and then reattached them. I then followed him willingly to the king sized bed where he was already lying on his back. I slid in beside him turning on my side to put my arm around his torso.

He reached down beside the bed and got a tube of something out of the duffle he had dropped there earlier, handed it to me, and said, "rub this on my cock for me."

I complied, squeezing the contents into my hand and rubbing it generously on his fast growing shaft. He just laid there and seemed to enjoy the attention I was giving him. When I had done this to his satisfaction, he requested that I lie down and let him do the same service for me. I lay back but he quickly rolled me over onto my stomach. I didn't protest but waited to see what he had in store for me, peeking over my shoulder at him.

Sister Rape Fantasy