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I was dropped off just outside of Helena, Montana by My last ride. It was about 10:30 P.M. and since I was tired and hungry I looked to see where I might find some shelter and food.

There did not seem to be too many houses around, but I saw some lights about a quarter mile away and walked over to them.

It was a house several hundred yards from the road, and I thought I might find some shelter and food there. I went up to the house and looked in the widow. There were these two good looking women sitting in the Living room watching television. They were clothed in just Underwear, and I couldn't help getting an erection. I moved closer to the window, but as I did

I stepped on rock and fell with a loud clatter against some wood boards.

By the time I got up and looked in the window there was only one woman in the room watching television. I wondered where the other woman had gone, but no for long. All of a sudden someone covered my face with some cloth, and held me down, forcing me to breath what was on the cloth until I passed out.

When I came to, I was lying on my back with my arms tied to my sides and my feet tied together. There was one of the women sitting on my chest with my head in between her thighs and my face pressed into the crotch of her underpants. Someone else was sitting on my legs so I couldn't move at all.

The woman sitting on my chest spread her legs a little so I could hear, and told me that they were going to call the Sheriff who was a friend of Theirs, and they could guarantee I would be spending the next year in Jail.

I told them as clearly as I could with my mouth covered by her pussy, that I was sorry, and would never do it again, if only they would let me go.

They then asked if I like what I saw, and I eagerly said Yes! They said that maybe a deal could be worked out if I behaved myself. I said anything but jail, and I would do anything they wanted if they did not call the sheriff.

She asked if I meant anything, and I immediately said Yes, anything.

I had no idea what would happen next, until she pulled the crotch of her underpants aside, and said to start kissing her pussy. I thought this was great and started kissing. She started to get wet immediately, and she told me to start licking, which I did with great relish. After about 20 minutes she came and kept coming for several minutes.

After she finished I felt the other woman move up as she got off of me, and sit exactly as her friend did, siting high on my chest with her pussy covering my mouth., except she had taken her underpants off. I had to suck her, and lick her wherever and how ever she instructed until she came also. I assumed that they would untie me and let me up, but that did not happen. Instead they told me that in lieu of spending a year in jail, I would have to spend a month as their pussy slave, and as long as I behaved and did as I was told, they would let me go after the thirty days was up, but if I did not do exactly as they commanded I would have to remain a pussy slave for an extra day for every infraction.

I told them no way and they had better let me up or I would tell what they wanted me to do. They both laughed, and asked who I would tell, and how?

With that the women sitting on my chest and face, scooted up so Her pussy covered my mouth and nose, and I couldn't breath. They told me that if I felt like that they would just smother me to death and then bury my where no one would ever find me. After a minute, I felt like I was going to die, and I tried to talk and tell them I would do as they asked, but they said it was too late. Just before I passed out she pulled up on her pussy and I could breath through my nose. She asked if I had something to say and I tried to nod my head , but couldn't, so she said if I wanted to talk to just lick her pussy, and beg with my tongue; needless to say I did, and they said that now it would be five weeks instead of a month. I groaned, but knew I really had no choice but agree, hoping that they would not really do what they said they would.

They told me the rest of the rules, which were to never speak unless asked to, respond to all commands immediately, and never refuse to do anything they wanted me to do.

Little did I know the things I would be commanded to do.

They questioned me about myself, and where I came from, if I had a family, all of which I answered, and told them I had no family, and no real friends. They were really pleased about that, because they said it meant no one would be looking for me.

When they got off of me, I realized that I was in my under shorts and T-shirt, when I asked them for my clothes, they said that I would not be needing them as I was not going anywhere for a while.

They then decided that it was time to go to sleep, and they stood me up and dragged me into the bedroom, They were both bigger than I was but they said that they would not want to carry me everywhere so they untied my legs, and retied them so I was hobbled, but could take only short steps with them leading me where they wanted me to go. I was taken into the bedroom and thrown on the bed. They told me I would be sleeping in the bed under the covers all night so that I would be close by in case they awoke and wanted to be sucked off. They got into bed on either side of me and pushed me under the covers so that my head was below their asses. They told me that I would have to be still so they would not be disturbed and awoken until they were ready. They forced a pair of underpants in my mouth to prevent me from talking and doubled my legs up behind me by tying them to the rope that bound my arms.

I was tired and was almost asleep when one of them passed gas. My head was right below their asses and since I could only breathe through my nose, I had no choice but to keep smelling it and the others they passed through out the night. I was very tired and not getting enough oxygen so I did fall asleep or passed out.

In the morning I was awoken being smothered as my face was pressed into one of their pussies. She had simply pulled my head in between her thighs and I tried to thrash, but could not free my face. I thought that I would suffocate, until I felt the cover lifted, and one of her thighs eased up. She pulled the underpants from my mouth and said it was time to start working and my job was to please her pussy. I had to kiss and lick her pussy exactly as she instructed for it seemed at least a half hour until she came. After a few minute the other one pulled my head in between her legs and I had to kiss and lick her pussy until she came also.

They both sat up and my face was buried in one of their pussies while they talked about how it would be for the next five weeks, one of them laughed and said that was assuming I behaved my self and did everything they asked immediately so they had no reason to add time. They were nurses, which is why they had the chloroform used to make me pass out, but they worked different shifts so one of them would always be with me. This was just Saturday morning and they did not work on weekends so they were going to have until Monday to train me in doing whatever they wished. I was to have all the joy juice from their pussies I could suck but no other food for a while to keep me hungry, and all the piss I could want to drink. With that said they took me into the bathroom and into the shower. I was forced onto my knees and one of them pulled my head back and placed one of her legs over my shoulder so that her pussy was over my mouth. I was instructed to open my mouth wide, and make sure I drank it all. At first it came out slowly, and being thirsty I drank her piss, but then it came out very hard and I could not swallow fast enough. I felt it dribble down my chin and chest. I was told I would have to learn to drink it all without spilling any as they would want me to drink their piss whenever and wherever the urge hit them. The other one got into the same position and I had to drink her piss also. Since I could not swallow all of their piss, my underwear got wet, and they said that from now on I would not wear anything but my bindings so they would not have to wash my things. They cut my underwear off so that they did not have to untie me and turned on the shower. They decided that since I was down there I might as well suck them off in the shower. They both had me suck them off in the same position that I drank their piss, facing them with one leg over my shoulder and my mouth pressed into their pussies.

After they dried themselves and then me, I was taken into the Kitchen and pushed under the table. I was told that I would have my face in between their legs while they ate their breakfast and throughout the day. My knees were hurting and I made the mistake of trying to say it. My head was yanked back by my hair, and I was told that talking without permission was not allowed and I just added another day to my imprisonment. She then pushed my face into her pussy so firmly I could not breathe. I tried to squirm but couldn't move. I felt as though I was going to pass out, but she would not let me get any air. I guess she felt that I was passing out, and just before I did, the pressure was released and I could get some air through my nose. She then reminded me that my continuing to breathe was up to them, and asked if I understood that it was through their kindness that they would allow me to continue to breathe, as long as I was a good Pussy slave. I would be deprived of air whenever they felt like it to keep reminding me of that fact.

After breakfast, I was taken into the living room and placed on my knees in front of the couch. They both sat down with the newspaper between them, and the television on. My face was pulled in between one of their thighs and their legs place over my shoulders to keep me in place. I was told to just stay there and kiss her pussy until she was ready to be sucked off. She was sitting on a towel which was there to catch whatever joy juice I did not suck up. After a while I was told to lick and suck until she came, after which I was pulled over to the other one to do the same for her. She felt some Joy juice slip into her crack so she lifted her legs and I was forced to lick the juice from her crack, and while I was there to stick my tongue as far into her anus as possible. She said that it felt good, and I would be doing that on a regular basis also.

After a couple of hours they took me back into the bedroom and place me on the bed. They said it was nap time, but I would be sleeping with my face in their pussies. One of them pulled on a pair of spandex tights with holes cut in the front just above the crotch. I was to find out why, when she got behind my head on her knees and forced my head into the hole with the back of my head on the crotch and my face looking up at her pussy. She proceeded to pull them up as tight as she could, which forced my face into her pussy. She said that now she would not have to hold me in place or worry about me pulling away. The spandex was so tight on my head that my face was trapped right where she want it. She just lay down on her side and told me that I would always have my head in their shorts whenever they went to sleep from now on. She passed gas and with my nose by her crack and very little air in there I had no choice but to smell it, and smell it. I heard her giggle and comment to the other that I would learn to love smelling her farts as it meant I was still breathing. She did take a nap for a couple of hours, and I fell asleep also. I was awaken by my head being squeezed between her thighs, and I knew that it was time to start pleasing her pussy. I kissed licked, and sucked for a long time, and realized that I was becoming trained as I did what she wanted, and she hadn't had to tell me.

After she came, she pulled down her shorts enough so my head could come out, but the respite was short lived. The other one got behind me and forced my head into her shorts and pulled them up in the same way. She was not tired and wanted to be sucked off which I did for almost an hour before she came.

I was amazed at their capacity to Orgasm, but was soon to learn that 6 or 7 times a day was normal for them. I was under the table at all meals and on my knees in front of the couch when they were in the living room. My face was in one or the other of their pussies constantly, and I could hear them talking on the phone, and carrying on as though everything was normal. I was dining on their joy juice, and drinking their piss several times a day, and learning to swallow as fast as it came, because when I did not swallow it all they added time to my imprisonment. My days and nights were pretty much the same for the rest of the week, and I was smothered to near death two or three times a day to keep reminding me that they were in complete charge.

The weekend came and so did a change in my servitude. They had invited two girl friends to spend the weekend, and I was kept busy 24 hours a day, but that is for the next chapter.
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