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Denis walked around me not saying a word. I tried to look back at Denis to see what was happening. He removed his tie while slowly opened his briefcase and took out some business binders, a voice recorder and other things I could not tell. Denis put all the stuffs on the desk and walked behind me, pressed his hands to my ass and then gave me a quick smack. My body jerked forward.

"Don't move, slut!" Denis demanded and he slapped my other cheek.


"This is for your foolish behavior earlier" he said "Now, Miss Cruz. Your in serious trouble. We could do this the easy way or the hard way. You know the internal affair people will have no choice but to fire you if I report your misbehavior and violation. Do you want to keep your job?"


"I am talking to you Miss Cruz."

"Yesss," I replied in a soft voice

"I can not hear you Miss Cruz."


"Lift your skirt over your bum," he ordered me


"You just misbehave again, Miss Cruz, for that I will have to spank you."

"You can't do this to me. I am a grown woman."

"Remember your position, Miss Cruz. I can report you and get you fired. Or even better, tell them you tried to bribe me during this investigation."

"No, please don't do that," I stammered. "I'm sure we can sort it out."

"Then lift your skirt up," he urged "And do it quickly."

I had no choice but to follow his orders, hoping this will be over very soon. My hands moved slowly toward the hem of my skirt. I grasped the hem of my skirt and pulled it clear to my waist. Denis caress my ass as I noticed the cooler air I tried to clench my ass cheeks in protest.

"First, the reflex test," Denis warned.

Then, without any warnings he smacked my exposed ass. I lurched, letting go of my skirt, and cried out.


I reached behind to soothe the stinging flesh but Denis grabbed me by the wrists, pinning them into my lower back. He started spanking me again. One after another he landed a series blows. I squirm accordingly and began to let out uncontrollable moan.

"Don't move you slut."

Denis continued his spanking. His smacks were being delivered with more force now. They started to hurt. My ass was turning a deep red and was stinging. I jerked forward which upset him.

"This just will not do," Denis shook his head "You are not suppose to enjoy this"

"I am not enjoying this."

There was a moment of silence in the room. My ass still high in the air, anticipating for more, while Denis removed his shoes.

"Spread your legs wide," he commanded me "and hold your head up high like the proper bitch you are."

From his pocket Denis took out two rubber gloves and snapped them as he placed them on each hand.

"Now, I have to check if you are lying."

Denis spread my butt cheek with one hand and gazed on my pussy and tight little asshole. My pussy was already wet, and without hesitation he jammed his finger up my virgin ass as he investigated me.

"Hmmmm not a virgin ass, is it? What have you been playing with? Toys? Fingers? More?"

"No please don't..."

"Just as I thought," he assesses "You're a frigid bitch that gets of on controlling men. Well, we have just the thing for that."

He reached into the glass of water and took out an ice cube. I bit my lip determined not to scream out as the cold of the ice cube stings as he rub it against my hot sensitive pussy lips. The cold turned to numb as he rubs it and then he presses it in. I whimpered as the corner of the cube hurt and the cold of it sting as he pressed it deep inside me.

"There now. Climb up on the desk for the next part of our interview. Knees on the edge of the desk, hands flat, head still held high. Spread the knees farther apart."

Denis removed the gloves throwing them into the wastebasket and removed his clothes. He moved his face close to my ass, so pretty and vulnerable. His hands grab my butt cheeks again spreading me wide.

"Now, the taste test," as he pressed his face.

His fingers pull my pussy open and he licks my juices that flow mixed with the cold water of the ice cube melting within me. He licks my pussy, up the crack of my ass, pressing his tongue into my asshole and then licking the crack back down to my pussy again.


He found my clit and sucked on it hard. He pressed a finger into the cold waters in my pussy and as my back arched, he knew he'd found my spot. He rub within me with one finger and then pressed in another as he licked my pussy and drank the cum water that poured from me. I hate it, feeling so vulnerable, having always wanted to be in control, especially controlling men, but somehow still I found it an intense turn-on. I arched my back and pressed my hips back reaching for the climax that his fingers, tongue and lips are about to deliver. I came hard and I cried out. I was defeated. I trembled as my orgasm became even more intense.

-to be continued
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