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Amanda Thompson stands in front of a mirror. She holds an angel costume up against her sexy body, admiring herself. She looks up and down the costume, liking the length of it. She decides to try it on in the dressing room.

Amanda takes the costume over and summons the saleslady.

"May I help you?" the saleslady says.

"Yes, you can. I would like to try this on." Amanda says.

"Okay ma'am, right this way." the saleslady says.

Amanda watches as the saleslady walks towards a row of dressing rooms. She follows her, keeping the costume laid over her right arm.

The saleslady walks into the dressing room. She reaches a door and opens it. She moves aside to let Amanda in.

"Here you go, ma'am." the saleslady says.

"Thanks." Amanda says.

Amanda closes the door and puts the costume on a metal holder. She takes off the pink T-shirt and the purple skirt that she is wearing.

She tosses them aside and checks out her body in the mirror. She takes in her 5'4 frame, her shoulder length brown hair, her big blue eyes, her 40C firm tits, and her smooth tan skin.

Standing at the tender age of 18, she thinks she is pretty damn sexy. She has no trouble attracting looks from guys. She could have any man she wanted.

But her heart is already taken. It belongs to her boyfriend of 8 months, Chad.

Amanda stops staring at her reflection and grabs the angel costume. She takes it off the hanger and slides it over her slender body. The costume fits her perfectly. It is white and partly see through at the top where her tits are.

She takes her hands and rubs the costume onto her body. She loves how it feels against her skin.

She decides to get it so she takes it off and puts her other clothes back on. She puts the costume on the hanger and walks out of the dressing room. She walks up to the cashier and pays for it. She then leaves and heads home enjoying the cool night air outside.

Once home, Amanda takes the costume to her room. She lays it down on her bed and looks at her clock. Realizing that she only has 30 minutes until the party, she decides to call up her boyfriend Chad and find out if he is going.

Amanda grabs her cell phone and dials Chad's number. She puts the cell phone up to her ear and waits for him to respond.

Chad Hamilton sits in his favorite chair, which is a blue stadium chair. He is watching a porno when suddenly he hears his cell phone ringing. He reaches over and picks it up, placing it to his ear.

"Hello?" Chad says.

"Hey baby. This is Amanda." Amanda says.

"Oh hey baby. What's up?" Chad says.

"Oh nothing much. Just calling to find out if you are going to the costume party at that club tonight." Amanda says.

Chad thinks for a moment. He knows that he's going to go, but he doesn't want Amanda to know that. He has a naughty surprise for her. He is going to do something tonight to her that he has wanted to do for quite some time now. He is going to anally rape her.

Since he doesn't want her to know that, he comes up with an excuse quickly.

"Umm, sorry baby. I'm not going. I..uhh..don't feel to well. I'm just going to stay home tonight. You go ahead and go without me." Chad says.

Amanda feels disappointed that Chad is not going to be there. She was really looking forward to sharing tonight with him. But since he said that he doesn't feel well, she has to respect that.

But what she doesn't know is that he will be there.

"Oh well, okay baby. I'll call you tomorrow okay. Feel better. Love you." Amanda says.

Chad hears Amanda's unneeded disappointment. He feels a little bad about lying to her, but he knows that he had no choice. He doesn't want anything to ruin his naughty plan.

"Okay baby. Love you too." Chad says.

Chad stops talking to Amanda and puts the cell phone down. He gets up out of his chair and walks over to his bed where his costume is.

He grabs it and places it on his chair. He then takes off his gray T-shirt and his black jeans, throwing them to the floor. He reaches over and grabs his black warrior costume.

He puts the costume on his body. He then grabs his mask and put it's on his face. This will help Chad hide his identity from Amanda.

Chad walks in front of his mirror and makes sure that he looks all right. He is a pretty studly guy, standing at 5'11 and weighing 150 pounds. With thick red hair, brown eyes, and an 11-inch dick he is quite a heartbreaker.

He could have any pussy or ass that he wanted, but he prefers to partake in Amanda's tonight.

Chad takes one more look in the mirror. He then heads out the door, walking to the club.

Amanda puts down her cell phone and turns it off. She goes over to her bed and grabs her costume. She places it on her closet door. She then takes off her top and skirt, throwing it aside onto the floor.

She grabs her outfit again and brings it over to her body. She then slips it on over her head, slowly pulling it down over her body.

She decides to keep her bra and panties on instead of taking them off because she is so sure that she is not going to get any cock tonight.

Oh how very wrong she is.

Amanda takes one final look in the mirror. She then grabs her shoes, which are white heels. She slips them on and heads out of the house to the club.

Amanda reaches the club quickly. She walks inside and goes over to a table where she sits down. She looks around at all the dancing couples. That makes her really wish that Chad were there.

Chad arrives at the club and he walks inside. He looks throught his mask, and sees Amanda sitting at a table. He can tell that she is still a little disappointed, but he plans on fixing that very soon.

He cannot keep his eyes off her. She just looks so damn sexy tonight. He decides to go ahead and make his move on her by asking her to dance.

Chad walks over to Amanda. He feels his cock start to get hard in anticipation of what will be soon to come. He can hardly wait to rape her.

Amanda feels eyes on her. She turns her head and looks up, quickly noticing a really handsome guy looking at her.

"Would you like to dance?" Chad says.

Amanda hears this dark stranger ask her to dance. She figures a dance cannot hurt anything so she decides to accept.

"Yes, I would like that." Amanda says.

Chad heads Amanda's response to his question. He reaches down and takes her by the hand, leading her to the dance floor.

Amanda follows this guy to the floor. She feels her pussy become wet just by the thought of being close to his handsome stranger.

Chad pulls Amanda fully onto the dance floor. He wraps his strong arms around her body and pulls her dangerously close. He knows that she has no idea that it is him and he is so very glad of that.

Amanda feels this guy pull her close to his body. She likes being this close to him. She wraps her arms around him and lets her body press against his. She can feel something hard press against her pussy and she knows it's his cock.

Chad feels Amanda's body close to his. He feels his cock press against her pussy. He smiles a devilish smile and presses it a little bit harder against her. He wants to make her pussy so wet right here.

Amanda feels this stranger's cock press harder against her pussy. The feeling of him makes her pussy much more wetter. She can feel her sweet pussy juices soak her thin panties.

She starts wanting this stranger so bad. She presses her wet pussy up against his cock, wanting him to feel her.

Chad feels something wet press against his cock. He realizes quickly that it is Amanda's pussy. He finds himself wanting to fuck her right here right now. But first, he wants to get a little bit of dirty dancing in.

Chad starts grinding his cock against Amanda. He starts moving his entire body up against hers.

Amanda feels this guy moving his entire body up against hers. It feels so good to her. She starts pressing her body back up against his, taking her left leg and wrapping it around his waist.

Amanda then brings her pussy up as close as she can and rubs it against this guy's cock. She feels the head of his cock press up against her clit. She suddenly moans out because it shoots pleasure throught her entire body.

Chad feels Amanda's leg around his waist and he feels her pussy press against his cock. It feels so good to him and makes wanting to take her increase badly.

Chad and Amanda dirty dance for fifteen minutes more. Their bodies are pressed so close together that there is no space at all between them.

Finally, Chad cannot take it anymore. He cock is so rock hard that he must have his way with Amanda right now. He looks around and sees a private room to his left. He is ready to take her there now.

Chad reaches behind him and takes Amanda's hands into his. He then starts leading her to this private room.

Amanda feels this guy take her hands into his. She moves her leg off his waist and starts walking behind him. She is not sure where they are going, but she is anxious to find out.

Chad walks to the private room with Amanda in hand. He reaches the room quickly and walks inside, pulling Amanda in with him. He then shuts the door with his foot.

Chad takes Amanda and pushes her up against the wall. He then steps back and takes one long lustful look at her.

Amanda notices that she and this guy are in a private room. She also notices that she is pressed up against a wall.

Amanda, feeling this guy's eyes on her again, looks directly back at him. She lets her eyes stare back at his body and returns the long lustful look.

Chad notices that Amanda is returning his lustful look. Having her do that turns him on so much. He decides quickly that under no cirmustances can he wait anymore. Her body is going to be his.

Chad walks over to Amanda quickly. He grabs her arms and puts them up over her head. He then brings his hands down to her clothes and rips them off her body fully.

Chad takes the clothes and throws them aside. He wants to make this experience kinky, so he looks around for something to tie her hands up with so she cannot move them.

Chad notices some rope and a handkerchief to use on her in a corner. He walks over and grabs them into his hand. He then walks back over to Amanda.

He places the rope on her wrists and the handkerchief on her eyes. He then stands back a little to admire his work.

Amanda feels her eyes covered and her hands bound. She gets a little scared and she lets out a small scream of fear. She is not even sure if the guy is still there or has left her all alone.

Chad hears Amanda's screams and he just laughs out loud. He loves knowing that she is scared. It is such a turn on for him.

Chad walks forward towards Amanda. He reaches her quickly and brings his hands forward. He grabs onto her bra and rips it off her body. He watches as her beautiful tits come into view. He automatically feels the need to suck and bite them.

Amanda feels her tits hit the cold air. She quickly realizes that her bra has been ripped away from her body. She feels both horny and scared at the same time.

Chad leans forward and takes one of Amanda's breasts into his hand. He lifts it up to his mouth and licks the nipple hard with his tongue.

Amanda feels her nipple get licked. She moans loudly to the sensations. She wants to feel that again.

Chad hears Amanda moan. He decides to say something before he licks her nipple again.

"Mmm yeah you little bitch. I know you like that. Fucking beg me if you want more." Chad says.

Amanda hears what this guy says. She is becoming so horny from this situation that she will happily beg for more pleasure like that.

"Please, oh please. I want more. I fucking like it. Fucking give me more." Amanda says.

Chad hears Amanda beg for more. She is acting like such a slut and he loves it. He gives her nipple harder licks, making it harder under his tongue.

While Chad is doing this, he reaches down and rips off Amanda's panties in one swift movement. He throws them aside and smells her pussy juices as they fill the air. He feels his cock get harder by just that.

Amanda feels cold air on her pussy. She moans knowing that she is now exposed to this stranger's mouth and hands. She finds that she wants him to touch her everywhere.

Chad hears Amanda moan. He loves how that sounds to his ears. He knows that she moaned because she feels her pussy exposed to him.

"God, what a slut." Chad thinks to himself.

Chad moves his mouth to her other tit. He licks her nipple and even bites down on it. He then lets one of his hands move down to her pussy. He spreads open her pussy lips with one of his fingers and starts rubbing her clit with another one.

Amanda screams out in pleasure when she feels her hard little clit being rubbed by this guy. She feels her pussy become even wetter. She pulls at her restraints wanting loose so she can please him back.

Chad hears Amanda scream out in pleasure. He keeps on rubbing her clit, noticing how wetter she is becoming. He feels the need to lick her become practically unbearable.

Chad licks her nipple a little bit more. He then kisses his way down her sensual body taking in every inch of her. The smell of her dripping wet pussy fills his nose as he kisses his way down to heaven. He plans on licking her sweet pussy until it is red and sore.

Amanda feels this guy's lips moving down her body going towards her pussy. She finds the mere fantasy of what this guy will do to her makes her so hot. She can hardly wait to have his face between her legs.

Chad reaches Amanda's pussy. He notices in the dim light that she is shaved and he loves that. He gets down on his knees and moves his hand off of her pussy. He quickly replaces it with his hungry tongue.

Chad starts licking Amanda's clit roughly, taking it fully on his tongue. He tastes her sweetness as it comes upon his tongue. He becomes addicted to her taste very quickly.

Amanda feels her clit being licked on by this handsome stranger. It feels so good that she swears it could make her pass out. She pulls against her restraints instinctively and moans. She even opens her legs more to give him better access.

Chad notices that Amanda is pulling against her restraints. He doesn't want her to do that. He quickly puts a stop to it by biting down hard on her clit.

Amanda feels a sudden sharp pain run through her body. She moans out in pain and even cries a little bit. She figures out quickly though not to move. If she does, she knows she will get hurt again.

Chad notices that Amanda has stopped moving. He is glad of that and he decides to start licking her pussy again. He moves his teeth off her clit and licks it hard. He gets into a licking rhythm quickly and finds himself not wanting to stop.

While Chad is licking Amanda's clit, he brings two of his fingers up to her tight fuckhole. He angles his fingers and slips them deep inside. He then starts finger fucking her hard showing her no mercy.

Amanda feels a couple of fingers in her pussy. They feel so big and stretch her tight pussy so well. But she knows what would stretch her even better and that would be his cock. She can hardly wait to feel that.

Chad finds that he enjoys fingering Amanda's tight pussy. He loves watching his big fingers go in and out of her beautiful pink pussy. He wants to fuck her so bad.

Chad keeps up his licking, enjoying every minute of it. He quickly realizes that he is still wearing his clothes. He moves his mouth off Amanda's pussy and his fingers out of her fuckhole.

He then stands up and quickly takes off his costume, leaving only the mask on so he can keep his identity hidden.

Amanda notices that her pussy is not being pleased. She moans in disappointment because her pussy feels so empty now.

Chad hears Amanda moan. He figures out quickly why. He knows she misses having her pussy pleased. He just smiles to himself cause he knows how much more slutty this makes her look to him.

He looks down at his rock hard cock, so glad that it is unconfined now. He can hardly wait to shove it in her pussy and then in her ass.

Chad moves his eyes from his cock back to Amanda's pussy. His mouth waters as he stares at it. He gets back down on his knees and places his tongue back on her pussy. He starts licking her hard again.

Amanda feels her pussy being licked again. It feels so good and she knows she won't last much longer. She knows that she is going to cum very soon.

Chad decides to just go ahead and concentrate on Amanda's clit. He wants to make her cum so they can fuck. He licks her harder and faster.

Amanda feels the tongue on her pussy speed up. The mere sensation of that makes her orgasm come to the surface. She feels it hitting her and she knows there is no way to stop it.

"Ohh fuck I'm cumming!" Amanda screams out.

Chad hears Amanda scream out that she is cumming. He feels her pussy tighten up on his tongue and he can tell she is cumming hard. He starts licking her clit as fast as he can, feeling her body shake under him.

Amanda feels her pussy tighten up and she knows this guy can feel it too. She moans so loudly as she cums fully that anybody in earshot could hear her. She cannot help's just that good.

Chad hears Amanda moan out loudly. He knows that anybody can hear her, but he doesn't care if they do. He knows that she will be screaming a hell of a lot louder than that when he shoves his cock in her ass.

Chad works his tongue over Amanda's clit as she finishes cumming. He then gets up off the floor and brings his lips up to hers. He kisses her hard, shoving his tongue inside her mouth.

Amanda feels her orgasm stop and feels lips on hers. She also feels a tongue in her mouth. She responds by kissing him back and shoving her tongue in his mouth.

Chad feels Amanda kiss him back. He loves how her tongue feels in his mouth. He decides to go ahead and fuck her. He reaches down and grabs onto Amanda's left leg. He wraps it around his waist. He then shoves his cock deep inside her.

Amanda and Chad break their kiss at that very moment. The sensation of having their two bodies joined is so amazing to the both of them.

"Ohh!" both of them moan at the same time.

Chad starts thrusting his hard meat in and out of Amanda's pussy. He feels it grip around him like a vice and he loves how that feels. He pushes his cock in deeper, wanting it to go in all the way.

Amanda feels this guy's cock push deeper into her pussy. The pleasure she was feeling before has increased ten times over. She wants to feel him press against her cervix.

Amanda takes her other leg and wraps it around this stranger's hip. She then starts fucking him back hoping he will like that.

Chad feels Amanda's leg go around his waist. It forces him to pull his body closer to hers, which he likes. He thrusts his cock in her faster now, really pumping her hard.

"Oh baby, that's so fucking good. Oh yes, fuck me harder. You're the best lover I've ever had." Amanda cries out.

Chad hears Amanda and he loves what she says. He's enjoying this feeling his is giving her in her pussy, but he finds himself wanting to rape her in the ass right now.

Chad quickly pulls his cock out of Amanda's pussy. He then moves backwards a little bit, causing her legs to fall back down to the floor. He feels excitement run through him just thinking about raping her.

Amanda feels her pussy suddenly become empty. She moans again in disappointment and becomes sure that they are done. She has no idea how truly wrong she is.

Chad grabs Amanda by the waist and roughly turns her around. He brings his body up close to hers again and uses his legs to force hers further apart. He then bends her over slightly and places his cock at the entrance of her virgin ass.

Amanda suddenly feels her body bent over and the cock at her ass. She automatically becomes scared and tries to shut her legs closed.

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