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Nina waved goodbye to her friends as the cab drove away. Bursting into giggles as someone, probably Stacey threw her bra out the window. It had been a great night but she was glad she had the excuse of work the next morning. She slipped off her high heel shoes and carried them in her hand. Now came the fun part she thought as she walked towards her apartment building. Waking up poor Ned, the building security guard to let her in. It was a nuisance really but there had been a lot of break-ins lately and so the owner of the building had stepped up security and employed Ned to sleep in a small office at night as security.

Nearly tripping on the steps, she swayed a little as she regained her balance.

"Oops I think I overdid the margaritas tonight" Nina thought and had a fit of the giggles.

Nina pushed the after hours call button. Waiting for Ned to wake up and answer the call. Nina smiled as she thought of how kind Ned was to everybody. He never grumbled or complained if any of the apartment building tenants came home late.

"Hello?" Ned sounded sleepy.

"Ned. It's Nina." Trying to sound as sober as possible.

"Sure, honey be right there." Ned replied.

She leaned against the wall, shivering a little as a cool breeze caressed her naked shoulders. It had been a lovely warm summer's day when she had gone out and wearing the simple thinly strapped short silk dress had been lovely but now it was very cool in the early hours of the morning.

Nina suddenly became aware how quiet the streets were tonight. It was a dark night with very little moonlight showing through the clouds. Nina hoped Ned would hurry. She was feeling a little apprehensive and vulnerable standing there alone. She stood as close to the doors as she could. Nina could see her reflection in the window as she nervously waited. She laughed as she could see the outline her cold nipples poking out from the material of her sheer black dress. Nina was not one for admiring herself or being vain but she knew that she was pretty and that men found her fascinating. She was petite at 4 foot 11, thin with long slender legs, small but well rounded pert breasts. She tossed her head to see her long hair flow over her shoulders and down her back. It was her pride and glory. Her beautiful blond hair that she spent hours , shampooing, conditioning, brushing and taking good care of it.

Finally Nina heard Ned unlocking the inner doors. Ned smiled at her as he walked towards the outer doors and let her in.

"Nice night?" Ned asked.

"Great thanks but it's getting chilly out now."

"Yes it has turned nippy." Ned replied. "Would you like me to walk you up?"

"No, thanks Ned. I'll be fine."

"Goodnight then." Ned smiled again at Nina and locked the doors back up as she walked towards the stairs.

"Thanks, Ned."

She passed the lift opting for the stairs. She hated that creaky lift. Small spaces and the thought of being trapped in there always made her happily use the stairs. Besides she thought it kept her fit as she walked up the five flights of steps to her apartment building. She tripped a few times but was starting to sober up. It was marvelous how quickly the alcohol evaporated in your system with a little exercise.

Nina passed through the corridor to level five. Walking past the other apartments till she reached her door. Dropping her high heels on the hallway floor leaving both hands free to get her keys. Thankful for the light above her door to help her find her keys. They were always at the bottom of her purse. Searching through the makeup, coin purse, credit cards, hairbrush, receipts. Just then the light flickered and the went out.

"Damn." Nina thought. "The bulb must have blown."

Even though her purse was small she found it hard to find her keys in the semi dark and in her slightly tipsy state. Then her fingers felt the cold metal of her keys.

"Got you."

She giggled as she pulled them triumphantly from her purse. Nina found the right key and found the lock. She hated this lock, it was sometimes hard to unlock. She jiggled the key in the lock till she heard a click. Swinging the door open wide she picked up her high heels and walked in the door.

Nina threw her high heels on the floor just inside the door. Kicking the door shut with her foot as she reached for the light switch. She heard the door firmly click as it shut and locked itself. As the light lit up her apartment Nina picked up the mail scattered on the floor. She walked into the lounge, placing the mail, her keys and purse on the coffee table. She walked into the bathroom, flicking the light switch on to brush her teeth, humming to herself as she squeezed toothpaste onto her toothbrush. She finished brushing her teeth and was just beginning to remove her makeup when she thought she heard a noise behind her. Turning towards the bathroom door, out of the corner of her eye she saw something move.

Nina was startled. Was there someone here or was her mind playing tricks on her.

Nervously Nina walked out of the bathroom and into her room.

"In the movies." She thought to herself, "The victim always calls out, 'Who's there?'" But she wasn't going to warn the person, if there was someone here, that she knew. She quietly and cautiously looked in her room, not daring to look under the bed. She continued through the rest of the apartment. Finding it empty. Nina sighed.

"Just my imagination. I'm tired and I just thought I heard and saw something."

Nina walked back into her bedroom and was just turning the bed down when suddenly she was grabbed from behind. No time to scream as a gloved hand was placed firmly upon her mouth

"Oh my god!" She thought. Her eyes open wide in fright as her attacker was silent. Her heart was beating so fast and she was battling not to faint in fright. She needed to keep her wits about her. Thoughts were racing through her head in the short time before he started dragging her towards the front door. He was going to take her somewhere.

She struggled fiercely in his arms. She refused to let him take her anywhere! Nina knew from her self defence instructor that if you were attacked in your own home and they tried to remove you that the intention was probably to rape or kill you somewhere where the noise could not heard or the body discovered quickly. She would fight and fight hard. Nina tried to bite her attacker. Twisting her body in his grasp to try and make him loosen his grip even for a second so that she could get free. Kicking her legs for all she was worth. Her attacker only tightened his hold even more. She threw her head back, trying to give herself some more room to struggle. Her attacker responded by throwing her onto her couch. Nina made a run for the door. Trying to scream as she ran. She was so scared that nothing came out! Desperately she tried to open the front door, turning the door handle, forgetting in her panic that the door was locked and that she would need her key to unlock it. She grappled with the door, in desperate hope that it might miraculously open without the key. Knowing it was useless she stopped.

Nina turned back towards her attacker just as he grabbed her again. She struggled as hard as she could but it was no good. He was so strong. Nina took a deep breath and was going to try and scream again, just as she did her attacker placed a cloth against her mouth. Nina tried not to breathe in the fumes that were coming from the cloth but could not. She smelt a very sweet smell and weakly struggling knew it must be chloroform. Her last conscious thought was of her mother and father, knowing that if anything happened to her they would be devastated. The man let her limp body slide gently to the floor. Removing the chloroformed rag from her mouth and slipping it into his pocket. He smiled down at her. He had known after watching her for weeks that she was going to be a fighter. He was proud of how hard she had fought him, she would bring him so much pleasure as he made her surrender to him. Squatting by her side he brushed a lock of her beautiful hair away from her face. He stripped one glove off so that he could feel the softness of her hair. Bringing the lock of hair to his nose, inhaling the scent of her shampoo. A lovely fresh scent of apples and flowers bringing wonderful happy memories of his childhood and the mother who loved him so much. He scooped her up in his strong arms, her dead weight nothing to him, he carried her close to his chest, cradling her, crooning in her ear.

"Soon, my lovely, we will be very intimate friends."

With one strong arm he held her, unlocking the door and carrying her away with him. He looked around quickly making sure there was no one around. Taking the lift to the basement floor. Walking through the door that said Superintendent only, passing without a look at the bound and gagged man on the floor. Taking a set of car keys off a hook on the wall he stepped into the room off the main room into a small garage. Unlocking the car he found there and laying her limp body gently on the floor of the back seat. He drove quickly but with care, aware of the time limit before the chloroform wore off and not wanting to draw attention to himself through erratic driving. Driving out of the city and into the countryside. Houses appearing further and further apart. Arriving at his destination he took her out, kissing her gently on the lips. When he got inside the well lit house he placed her on a metal table like an operating table. He tied her wrists with coarse rope, binding her feet with rope and tying her ankles to the table. Using the hand drilled holes he had made. He was well prepared for the game but double checked, making sure that everything was ready. Returning to the stolen car he drove it into the large shed at the back of the house. Getting out and stacking bales of hay around it. He was not at all concerned about the car being discovered. He knew nobody in the area and had no neighbours close by. He whistled as he locked the shed and returned to the house. Checking the time, he smiled, she would awaken soon. He entered the house, slipping off his street clothes revealing his latex body suit worn beneath. Walking towards the room where Nina lay, unconscious of her surroundings or what was going to happen to her.

When Nina woke she found that it was completely dark. She could see nothing. Nina thought she might be blindfolded because she could make nothing out in the dark. At first she panicked, feeling that she was tied down.. She could feel beneath her a hard surface. Where was she? She was starting to feel claustrophobic. Panicking and gasping for breath she tried to calm herself down. Being unable to see where she was made it all the worse. Nina began to cry. She couldn't hear anything. No sound at all. She thought she could smell disinfectant and fresh paint. But wasn't sure, her throat was so dry. What was going on? Nina tried to move her feet but found them tied down. Nina was tied up so tight that she could not even wriggle She calmed herself, trying to gain some control over her rapid breathing. Her stomach was churning, she felt nauseated, trying to breathe deeply in an effort not to be sick made her feel light headed.

"God,." She thought please don't let me throw up."

Her arms were tied by her sides. She moved her fingers trying to see if she could get her hands free. It felt like her wrists were tied with rope but she wasn't sure. She could feel the cold seeping through the thin material of her dress. She was lying on cold metal by the feel of it. Nina licked her lips. Trying to moisten them. She realised as she licked her lips that there was some sort of covering or material over her face, she could breathe through it so it must be thin material but she felt it rising and falling against her face as she breathed in and out. She wondered how long she had been out.

The man stood and watched as she awoke. She had no idea he was there. He saw her pathetic struggles as she realised that she was completely bound, unable to get away. Wondering how she felt as she began to understand that she was totally helpless. She reminded him of small memories; a little butterfly, it's pretty, delicate wings smashing against the glass in the inside of a jar to get to freedom, fluttering feebly as it tried again and again to be free. Falling to the bottom of the jar, the flutterings of the wings slower and slower till they move no more. A moth attracted by the light of a bugtrap to only be rewarded by the sizzling death of electric current as it surged through it's small body, dropping to the ground, nearly dead, it's legs weakly spasming in it's death throes. A fly caught and impaled on a pin as he watches it slowly die, it's buzzing noise fainter and dimmer as it dies a painful death. Squewered to a cork board, watched by a young boy who eagerly catches every detail of it's short existence. The man smiled, feeling the same emotions he always did when he played his "game". A self satisfaction of knowing his "prey" was in his control. Waiting for him, the all powerful to make his next move. He, the strong, dominating the weak, preying upon their fears, their weak points. He had watched her for a very long time before taking her from her safe home. Bringing her into his world so that she could experience and benefit from the things he knew needed to be experienced by people like this woman.

Then suddenly Nina felt something or someone touching her head. She tried to call out but only muffled sounds came out.

Nina thought to herself. "Oh god please don't let it be my attacker. Let someone have found me and Im going to be safe."

Knowing that it wasn't very likely. Whoever it was, they were lifting something over her head. Taking away whatever had been across her eyes. Then Nina could see light. She blinked rapidly her eyes stinging Her vision a little blurry at first as her eyes adjusted to the bright light. Looking up she could see a very white stark ceiling and a bright light hanging from the ceiling. The glare from the light was so bright. She turned her head, trying to see where she was. She felt dizzy and sick. Her neck felt stiff too. Her headache worsening as she moved. She moaned a little at the pain and discomfort she felt. Trying to see clearly, making nothing out at first. Then in her direct line of vision she saw a very tall figure. A man? And in his hand he held what looked like a piece of black material that was shaped like a hood, he dropped it to the floor. Nina thought it might have been what had been over her head.

"Please, please. "Nina barely managed a whisper. "Let me go. Please."

Nina sobbed as she begged her attacker to let her go. Her vision was clearer now. She could make out that he was wearing a leather mask. Only his eyes, nose and mouth visible. Nina whimpered as she saw his ice blue eyes looking coldly at her. He walked closer to her. He was dressed completely in a black suit that looked like latex. He looked like a freak dressed from head to toe in this outfit. It seemed to make him look macabre. He was tall and very well built. His shoulders broad as if he worked out a lot. Her attacker raised his hand and Nina could see that in his hand he held a knife. She was terrified.

"So pretty one. You have finally awakened from your drugged slumber. I am pleased to make your acquaintance. I have chosen you from amongst the many. I have watched you from afar for a long time. Admiring you for your beauty. Impatient at your vanity. I am to be your teacher. A lesson in humility."

Nina shook her head.

"No, no please. Im sorry. Let me go and I will do better."

Nina pleaded with her attacker, staring at him in the eye, trying to think of anything to make him realise she was human, not a plaything for his sick game.

"I value things of beauty. Collecting rare beautiful objects is one of my favourite hobbies." Her attacker walked closer to her. Almost by her side. Nina cringed, unable to move. He held the knife up, moving it in his hand, so that the light reflected on the blade, admiring it.

"He must be a serial killer!" Her thoughts screamed at her. She was to be added to his grisly collection of human trophies.

"I hold in my hand a thing of beauty. A marvelous tool in my line of work. A bowie knife. This beautiful knife was my grandfather's, given to me to use and pass on to my children. The knife is 11 1/2" long, the blade made of heavy duty stainless steel for sharpness." He spoke with pride in his voice as if he was telling Nina with words of proud praise about the antics and achievements of a beloved child or pet.

Her attacker licks the edge of the knife. Nina sees a small droplet of blood on his lip. He licks the blood from his lip.

"This knife is beautiful and sturdy. The handle is made of leather. It fits into my hand like a well fitting glove. This knife and I share many happy memories." Nina could see his eyes soften as he talked about this knife She thought he was insane, totally mad.

"And now my dear, the introductions done. We should get started." Nina screamed as the man reached out and stroked her hair. Nina had found her voice and she screamed as loud as she could. The man laughed as her scream echoed through the room. He was enjoying her absolute terror. It made him feel so powerful.

"We are miles from anywhere. No one can hear you." Nina felt the man pull her hair away from the back of her head. Then she looked up to see him raise the knife high. She screamed again, as he brought the knife down, thinking that he was going to slash her face. Nina tried to turn her head, but he held her hair tighter in his grasp, she gasped as her hair was pulled so tight that she felt as if the roots were being ripped from her scalp, tears flowed freely down her face, she squeezed her eyes shut just as she saw the knife come down, and in her terror her bladder let go, she was waiting for the feel of the sharp knife slicing into her skin. Seconds pass. Instead she felt nothing, and then a gentle tugging as she realised he was cutting at her hair. The sharp knife shearing through her beautiful long hair like a knife through butter. She opened her eyes to see. Nina whimpered as she saw the man toss the long lock of hair carelessly to the floor. Her lovely hair, scattered on the ground.

"Much better." The man muttered to himself.

"Please." Nina whispered. "Let me go."

The man shook his head.

"You have so much to learn."

Nina trembled. Not knowing what he was going to do to her. Being afraid and thinking the worst. She needed to try and keep him talking.

"What are you going to do to me" She stammered.

The man brought his face very close to hers. She could feel his breath on her face. He stared right into her eyes. She could see his mouth as he smiled at her.

"We are going to play my favourite game."

The man stood up, holding the knife tightly in his hand. His thumb stroking the edge of the knife. He stood looking past Nina. Into space as if lost in his thoughts. Nina wondered what he was thinking or if she really wanted to know. The man smiled at Nina.

"Shall we untie you now? I think so."

Nina was a little relieved. Did this mean he was going to let her go? The man walked to her side. She couldn't quite make out where he went but felt small tuggings at her side. Then she felt his hand on hers as he untied her wrists. Feeling the circulation coming back into her fingers.

"Just remember." The man's voice said to her.

"I will untie you but if you try to escape I can't be responsible for what happens to you."

His voice was chilling. Nina knew he was serious. She thought that if she did exactly what he told her to do that maybe he would not hurt her.

The man quickly untied her. Slicing through the ropes with his knife. Careful not to nick her skin. Cutting the ropes on her ankles, untying her.

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