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Rape Help Trigger Movies Bloody Rape Pics Free Gay Rape Videos Free Family Rape Movies
He is 20 miles from home and he finds himself licking his lips as he stares at the petite young thing in the checkout line across from him. He knows he doesn't dare find a potential rape victim this close to his hometown but this sweet piece is definitley worth trying on for size. This Super Store had more to offer than he had earlier expected.

She looks to be in her early 20's and is no taller than 5'3" and she is built for utter pleasure. With the dark brown hair down to her shoulders and the amazing figure he knows that he may be making a mistake even considering stalking this little lady because he only lives minutes away from this city. But he can't keep his eyes off of her body and he smiles as he notices that the woman standing behind her in the same line is having the same problem. She is looking at the young girl and at the same time she's absent mindedly touching her own breast while she holds her purse in front of her. This little gal has gained the attention of not only our rapist but women in the store as well.

She is wearing hip?hugging tight pants and a sleeveless yellow blouse that almost allows a view of the side of her breasts as they press outward and upward in the flimsy almost opague material. The mans eyes dart back and forth trying to catch a glimpse of her breasts as she turns to face the cashier. She must know that she is causing a sexual stir among the other customers and she smiles and shows those pearly whites as she pays for her purchases. A definite tease and just the kind of slut the man wants to take as soon as he can get her alone!

She hasn't noticed him as he is one aisle away and several feet back in line but he watches her like a cat would watch a mouse and hopes that he can make it out of the store in time to see where she goes. He moves ahead in the express line and finds that as he walks out of the big super store he can see her pull away from the parking lot in a small late model sports car. He is thinking that she must be either awfully rich or her sugar daddy is picking up the tab for that set of wheels. He smiles as he gets into his pickup and pulls out into the traffic. He stays a few car lengths behind her as she heads out of town and down a two lane farm road. He can see her as she pulls in to a small farm house along the busy highway. He passes the house and notes the address on the mailbox at the edge of the pavement and travels a mile or so before making a u?turn and heads back to find a suitable location to begin his surveillance.

As he finds a small dirt road that turns off the main highway he turns and parks his truck under a large tree that stands alongside the narrow roadway. He can see from his rear view mirror the front yard of the woman's house and sees her standing by the sports car with a water hose spraying water on the car as she begins washing it there in the driveway. He notices that there are no other cars at the house and wonders if she lives alone or just happens to be alone now. He slowly turns around in his seat and with his small scope he reads the license plate on the shiny black car and he writes the number down on the pad on top of his console and smiles as he pulls away and heads for home. He realizes that she may be well worth the chances he may have to take to gain access to her lightly tanned body and he figures that if he gets caught this time he will have to suffer the consequences, but he tells himself that he will be extra careful to go unnoticed since this potential victim lives so close to his hometown. As he drives homeward he also realizes that his cock has been semi?hard since he left the store and knows that he needs release.. and soon.

Krys enjoys washing her black Corvette. She knows that not only her car is a status symbol, but it goes well with her lifestyle. She is single, beautiful, petite, and finds herself continually in a state of horniness. With a body that boasts a 34C?24?32 frame and shoulder length dark brown hair and the face of an angel she flaunts herself almost daily while at work or at play. When she goes out she dresses to the nines and loves the attention she gets from the male population when she breezes thru life in the fast lane. She also finds that women not only admire her attributes but some have actually enjoyed them first hand. As a bi?sexual woman who is not only self?sufficient in her business life she is also self confident in all she does but she still longs for that deep relationship but has yet found it with either sex. She enjoys the occassional date with guys who have the courage to ask her out but because of her awesome dark eyed beauty not many ask her. Most think that a "yes" answer from this woman?child is out of the question. And those who did take her out for the night fell way short of allowing her to "let her hair down" so to speak and she returns to her modest home as horny as ever. The men who make it to first base with this lovely usually stop short of taking over and she tires of having to be the dominant partner during sex. She doesn't mind taking the lead sometimes, but not all the time. She tells herself what she needs is some new experience to brighten her outlook in her lonely existence. Anything out of the ordinary would be a blessing and she wonders how she will find that one thing or person who will change her humdrum life.. and she continues washing her pride and joy but daydreams about a better and more exciting life. Little does she know that she has been chosen to be the next victim of the Texas rapist.

The online databases are very thorough and the Stalker finds that the vehicle license number he has checked is registered to a female named Krystine Brown. She is, according to the Drivers License Data Base, a 24 year old resident at the house where he had seen her washing the sports car. Further checks show that she may in fact be a single woman as no husband shows to be licensed at the same address nor does her phone number show to be assigned to a male name. The phone is listed to a K. Brown and he believes that maybe his luck is looking up, even though lives a little to close for comfort. But if things went well he would again enjoy a beautiful womans' body without the fear of reprisal of law enforcement and he continues making plans to take this sweet young thing as soon as he can. He finds himself daydreaming as he visualizes himself kneeling between this awesome little girls outspread legs with his nine inch member standing at attention in anticipation of entering her tight little body.

He continues making notes and searching the internet for maps of her residence and possible out of the way locations nearby her house where he can hide his planned activities.

He realizes that he is becoming too anxious as he makes his plans so he tries to calm down and attempts to be a little more careful in his plans to abduct and rape this cute Krystine Brown. He doesn't waste time trying to learn her work habits, because he needed only to learn where she lived and he feels that is more than sufficient to allow him to carry out his plan. After watching the house for 3 evenings he finds that she arrives home after 6pm normally and enters thru the front door of the half bricked single family dwelling. He watches intently as she moves about the house until after dark each night. He leaves the location after 10pm each night knowing that she doesn't go out after she arrives home. That is all he needs to know. He wants to take her from the house and he has found an abandoned farm house a few miles out of town that he intends to drive to with his new victim. The farm house sits approximately 100 yards back off the dirt road and thus too far for passing headlights to illuminate his hideaway. Also, the old building is far enough from the road where any screaming that may take place will not be heard by anyone who happens to pass by the spot. He is ready for the abduction and looks forward to the next evenings activities.

Friday night finds the man in his truck parked on the dirt road that runs off the main road just down from where his victim lives. He has waited until almost midnight and very few cars if any have passed this secondary highway since after 10pm. He has waited long enough and his hardening cock tells him the wait is about to end. He walks toward the house and carrying his small bag with him he goes directly to the location of the outside phone line and he quickly cuts it and then moves toward the front door.

With flashlight in hand and wearing his telephone repairman khaki shirt and trousers he rings the doorbell. This apparent uniform has made its' appearance at an earlier abduction and was well worth the money when he purchased it especially for these occassions. The waiting is now over and he is fully aware that his dream is about to come true. He will make it a reality with the abduction and later sexual exploitation of this awesome 24 year old with the long dark hair and tanned skin. He takes a deep breath and within a few minutes she comes to the front door.

Krys has been awakened from a deep sleep and looks at the clock on the nightstand.

It's almost midnight and she wonders who can be ringing the doorbell at this hour. She had gone to bed after several mixed drinks and she moves slowly toward the front room. As she turned on the outside light she looked thru the curtain of the window and observed a tall man with a baseball hat standing at her front door. She notices that he is wearing what appears to be some type of uniform and is carrying a small bag and a flashlight. As she carefully opens the front door leaving the night chain still hooked for safety, she asks "Who is it?"

He answers in a soft voice that he is here checking on her phone as several lines were knocked down an hour earlier by a traffic accident down the highway. He tells her he is going door to door to find out which phones were working and which weren't. He apologizes for waking her, but needs to get the phones back in order before leaving the area.

She walks back into the front room and picks up her cordless phone from the cradle. No sound from the phone and she returns to the front door and opens it for the man. She tells him her phone is dead and he assures her that he can fix it in a matter of minutes. As he walks by her in the hallway he smells the faint odor of alcohol mixed with a very intriguing hint of perfume. He smiles and thinks his luck is with him as she has failed to look outside for his work truck. As there is no truck out there it may have caused her some concern but if she has been drinking she apparently isn't thinking all that clearly.

As she closes the front door and starts into the front room he immediately turns and hits her hard in the chin with his closed fist. Her eyes had begun to open wider as she saw him lunge at her but no sound left her as she hit the wall and slumped to the hallway floor unconcious. He notices that she is wearing an expensive nightgown and has covered it with a heavier robe. As she lays on the floor he looks down and sees for the first time up close the pert little breasts under the thin garment. The robe has come open as a result of her fall and he leans down to view her near naked body and reaches out to touch her face and gets no response when he moves her head back and forth to see if she is completely out or just dazed. He sees that she doesn't respond to his touch so he turns her over on her stomach and handcuffs her behind her back with the handcuffs he had taken from his kit. He then takes a piece of gray duct tape and tapes her mouth closed. He assumes he has enough time to return with his truck before she awakens but as he walks out of the front door after turning off all the lights he almost breaks into a run to get to his pickup.

His breathing is heavy as he drives into the driveway behind the little black car of hers. He hasn't turned on his headlights and moves back into the hallway where she is still laying exactly the way he left her. He smiles as he reaches down to lift her and within minutes she is in the floorboard of the passenger side of his truck and he is driving carefully away from the neighborhood.. again undetected. The most dangerous part of his overall plan is complete. She is under his control and he is away from the scene and can now look forward to enjoying the rest of the night with this dark haired beauty. His cock again begins to rise to the occassion and he smiles as he turns down the dirt road and into the driveway leading to the farm house. The grounds around the farm house are unkempt and the driveway is barely visable in his headlights but he parks behind the house and takes her inside to the large living room area. He had found an old mattress in a bedroom and after dragging it into this larger room at the rear of the house he had the perfect spot for his sexual activity.

He slowly eases the duct tape off of her mouth and then momentarily touches her breasts and finds they are not only soft but firm. He lights a couple of candles and sits them in the corners of the room and the soft light flickers in the room and allows him to see her face clearly. As he pulls her robe open so he can see yet more of this lovely lady he sees her mouth trying to move as she awakens from her earlier assault.

Krys opened her eyes and all she could think of was "where was she, and why was her arms pulled behind her back?" She could see very little in the candlelight but she could see that large man kneeling alongside her and she could smell the musty mattress she had been laid on. She looked down at herself and noticed that she was still wearing her robe and nightgown but she realized that she was no longer in her home and this bastard was definitely not fixing her phones.. he had kidnapped her!

She didn't scream, but she did start yelling loudly. Calling this man every name she can think of and trying to kick him with her bare feet, and as she curses him like a sailor the man moves back in surprise away from her kicks that were coming quick and furious. Krys knew that she was in big trouble but felt that the best defense was a good offense, and she planned to keep the offensive if she could. She kept kicking at him as he tried to move toward her and she continued calling him all kinds of names.. but he didn't seem to be really all that impressed with her actions. He calmly told her to shut up unless she wanted him to hit her again. Through all the yelling she heard the part where he threatened to hit her again and she calmed down a little. She asked if he knew what in hell he was doing and he responded that he was doing exactly what he wanted to do.. and that he was going to fuck her hard and for as long as he liked and she may as well accept the fact! After making that statement she became quieter yet.

She looked up into his almost handsome face and found that his features were very attractive in a rugged sort of way. She knew he would have his way with her and wondered if he would allow her to live after he was finished playing with her body. She almost smiled up at him as he began taking his shirt and trousers off and she did smile when she saw his huge cock being released from his shorts. She caught her breath and wondered how long it was and if she had ever been fucked by one that big before. No matter, she thought, she was about to get reamed by it now and she looked forward to it. She lay quietly as he finished undressing.

He looked down at her and smiled. He thought he had seen her smile as he took off his underwear and since she had become quiet he guessed that maybe she would be no further problem to him. He was right.. almost, but not quite. He was relaxing knowing she was helpless laying before him and that was his first mistake.

As she smiled in the candlelight he moved towards her again. This time he reached for her robe and as he pulled it out from beneath her she never said a word. Now, as he gazed at her body he realized his cock was becoming harder and harder with anticipation and he hurried to take off her nightgown. As he began slipping it off of her body she kicked.. hard! His cock took the direct impact of her foot and he fell backwards and she kicked again. This time her bare foot caught him alongside the head just below his ear and he was almost stunned. Even with her hands cuffed behind her she was on her back kicking like a professional wrestler. She had watched enough wrestling on tv that she knew what she was capable of and she continued pummeling him as long as he was within reach. She knew that if she could knock him out she might have a slim chance of getting up and getting out of whatever this room was. But he moved away from her and scowled and told her she had just made a big mistake.

He had always prided himself in the past of not hurting his victims and the punch to her chin had been a last minute decision as he had originally intended to use the chloroform again but when he smelled the alcohol he guessed that she would drop like a sack of potatoes if he caught her chin just right and stay down for the count, and she had. It had taken away any possibility of her screaming or running through the house until he could get her under control. He had felt just a little upset with himself for hitting her, but now.. now she was going to get what she deserved and he would get what he wanted.

Naked and on his knees on the edge of the mattress, he lunged at her and grabbed her legs and pinned her down on her back. He had his shoulders between her thighs and was holding both legs under her knees and he was now again in complete control. As he allowed his weight to hold her down he found his face within inches of hers.. and this woman had a beautiful smile. She was actually smiling at it was a game of sorts and he didn't know what to think about it. She was being held down on her back and her legs were spread wide with him between them and she could feel the head of his cock laying across her shaved pussy.. and she smiled!

Before she could say anything he had reached up to her gown and began tearing it from her body. Kneeling between her legs now with his knees against her butt, too close for her feet to make contact with him again, he continued tearing off her nightgown and in minutes she lay naked before him. Her pear sized breasts were visable in the candlelight and large dark auroles surrounded her pink nipples and they were extended almost an inch and his cock was now bouncing on her naked slit as he gripped both her breasts and began squeezing them roughly.

"So you want to play rough, do you? Well little lady, I can play as rough as anyone and I'll show you what rough is!" He leaned against her and as he kept gripping her breasts his fingers now began pinching her nipples and tears began flowing from her eyes but she never uttered a sound. He kept up his assault on her breasts and his weight was causing her hands and arms to become numb under her but she never said another word.. until now.

"Fuck me you long dicked bastard. Fuck me till I scream, fuck me till your cum runs out of my ass and covers this stinking mattress. Fuck me now and don't stop until you can't fuck anymore!" She was not quite hollering but he got the general idea. She wanted to be screwed.. and now.

With one hand he reached down and directed the head of his cock into the slit that was slick with sweat and his pre?cum was now dripping like a faucet and he knew that there would be no foreplay with this bitch.

He found the tight opening and slammed his cock home and she grunted loudly as he slid his complete nine inches deep within her vaginal walls without stopping. Now with both hands mauling her breasts and his fingers almost tearing her nipples off he pounded into her incredibly tight pussy and with each long hard stroke he hit her cervix and this only intensified his desire to ram his cock deeper each time he pulled almost out of her gripping pussy. His nine inches were just a little longer than her body was used to but he never slowed down. He fucked this young thing hard and fast and kept up the pinching..and she came!!

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