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This story is a complete work of fiction, and all character references have only coincidental similarity with any real person either living or dead.

Remember the difference between fantasy and reality is as fundamental as the difference between right and wrong.

Reader's note: References to the earlier 'experiences' of Debbie and Emma can be found in the series 'Capture in the Woods' published on Literotica.


Chapter 1: Room Mates

Debbie Fielding slammed the door of her room shut and flattened her back against the bare wall. Her long dark hair splayed out contrasting starkly with the light pink painted plaster. Her chest was heaving and her large doe eyes were glazed.

She was desperate.

Hands began to tear at her shimmering top, pulling the press studded fastenings apart so as to expose her bra-covered breasts. Her tits heaved under the touch of clawing fingers and her back arched in anticipation as the perfect, lace covered, rounded flesh was mauled. Making a mockery of the bra, Debbie's gorgeous breasts were slipped free of the material and the cups thrust underneath so that the wire bit into her skin. The fingers then pinched her nipples, just hard enough to make her moan.

Debbie knew she was lost.


The gorgeous blond haired girl was perfectly proportioned, with ample, firm breasts for her slender nineteen year old frame. Being just three inches short of six feet tall, all men - and some girls - appreciated her lovely long legs.

It appeared that the extremely pretty, high cheek-boned girl, was aware of being attractive, and took pride in it. She was flattered and pleased by the attention her body received as she searched for the address of the large house listed on the piece of paper in her hand.

She had been walking now for at least 20 minutes after leaving the train station and she was becoming a little more frantic in her search. Where was this damn house? If she didn't get there soon it would be getting dark. It was Saturday, late afternoon and she didn't want to be out on the streets alone!


Any hopes of resistance had been squashed; she was crying out for the deep satisfying relief that she knew was about to wash over her. Closing her eyes, Debbie fought the sensations. She would not, could not, come like this, not yet anyway. She felt a tug at the ring piercing her left nipple and groaned part in pleasure and part in pain.

She had to admit it concerned her, random sex in the early evening, but her needs were overwhelming and as she felt a hand move down her belly, under her short skirt and brush the lacey top of her white brief thong, she groaned.

"Ohhhhh, yes."

The fingers, first one and then two, delved between her ever moistening pink labia before roaming back up her body to lift her chin slightly and then slip between the red lips of her warm, wet mouth. Debbie sucked eagerly on her own tasty juices.

"Mmmmmm yesssssssssss," she hissed through clenched teeth.

"Oh fuck......." she cried as she felt a new line traced her cleavage, pausing to tease each hardened nipple before journeying to the open, naked space of her belly between the bottom of the wide open top and the waistband of her skirt.

This time the hand went lower and brushed up under her skirt to fondle her bare hip. A second hand now caressed her thigh causing the short black skirt to bunch up from both sides. Then one hand moved up to her face using its fingers to tuck Debbie's hair behind her ear like she was some kind of fashion doll.

Her gorgeous body began to move rhythmically.


Long blond hair draped sexily around her shoulders and, as she walked, her bottom swayed in the tight, denim jeans that she wore so well.

"Hey babe, are you lost?"

The girl turned round to see two boys, young men really, fast approaching. Should she run or could they be her required source of information?

"I...yes....I need to find house." She showed them the piece of paper in her hand.

"Mmmmm, yes we know where this is, don't we Billy?" He smiled lustily when he heard this gorgeous creature's Eastern European accent.

"Yes," said Billy, "we certainly do."

"Come this way."

The blond haired girl sensed something was not right when her arm was gripped tightly. She kicked out catching Billy on his shin. Her arm was released and she ran pulling her suitcase behind her.

"Come back here you fucking bitch!"

She heard them laughing but still she ran and ran and ran.


Probing digits returned to her erect nipples, this time pinching them vigorously between a thumb and forefinger. Debbie squealed, threw back her head and moaned. It was like she had never felt such excitement before.

Fingers tugged downward on the tortured nipple, leaving the gorgeous Debbie no choice but to slide down the bare wall moaning anew as she rested on her knees.

The rampant student felt a moistening between her legs and shook her head opening out her bedraggled, lustrous dark hair. With her knees spread wide Debbie felt a hand pushed between her thighs as she fell upon her back. Bewildered, Debbie's own moistness caught her off guard. The fingers ripped the skirt aside and thrust deep under her white lace panties. Debbie screamed.

"O fuck, I'm going to explode," she cried as her whole body tensed, her thighs squeezed together and she came riding endless waves of pleasure to fulfill her gloriously erotic experience. Debbie panted heavily, her lovely breasts heaving, naked, having been freed from her bra.

It was done and despite feeling a little light headed she felt good.


The road came to a junction ahead. The fleeing girl was not sure whether the men were behind her but as soon as she turned the corner she dropped her suitcase and collapsed against the brick wall panting for all she was worth.

As she stared at the pavement a shadow appeared between her legs.

"Calm down babe. No need to run."

"Leave me alone please I not know where I am going."

"Well it looks like we can help you eh Bill?"

"Yeah, absolutely, Jonno, that's for sure."

There was no one around. She was terribly exposed.

"If we do something for you will you do something for us?" Jonno smiled.

The girl looked up. "What do you want?" As if she didn't know.

"A look at those Russian tits babe would be a start."

The girl stared back at Billy. "I am not Russian."

Jonno couldn't have cared if she was from Outer Mongolia so long as he was going to see a pair of, what looked like, magnificent breasts.

The boys stared wide eyed as their stunning captive reached to her blouse. First she pushed open one button, then a second. Her small audience was engrossed. She took hold of the left side of her open top and moved it slowly to one side. A pair of male smiles told of their expectation as the firm edge of a beautiful breast came into view. The girl's hand moved like lightening and in a confusing flash Jonno found himself forced back against the brick wall with a thin razor sharp knife against the tender skin of his neck.

"No...please... what the fuck are you...d?"

"Shut the fuck up boy," said the gorgeous girl with the model looks.

"Listen to me. I am only just arriving in your country and I need this house." She pointed at the paper now laying on the ground.

"Pick it up you." She ordered. Billy, scared now for the life of his friend, did exactly as he was told.

"Where is it, the house?"

Billy looked and then pointed.

"Just...d...d...down there about fifty metres on the left."

"Thank you," she said taking Jonno by his lapels and throwing him at his mate.

"What the fuck are you?" gabbled Billy. Jonno had tears of relief running down his cheeks.

"That is not your business," said the girl smiling, "but here, look".

She reached inside her still open blouse and flipped her naked breast free of the material. The boys stared open mouthed for a few seconds at the gorgeous mound of firm flesh tipped with a hard, excited nipple. Then they ran, away, as fast as they could.

Laughing she picked her suitcase up flicked the knife safely back inside its handle and headed in the direction she had been shown.

Her large blue eyes soon spotted the house number for which she searched and, turning into the garden, she approached the front door. It was open and so the gorgeous girl, pulling her suitcase behind her, walked into the flat that was to become her new home.


Raising her body she pushed her back against the wall. Debbie looked up and saw large, wide, fulfilled eyes staring back at her.

Debbie grinned at her own reflection as she got unsteadily to her feet and smoothed her skirt down. Shaking fingers repositioned her bra and fastened her blouse back up and she smiled to herself, continuously amazed at how she was able to masturbate so enthusiastically at any time of day.

The images of her friend Emma slowly disappeared from her mind's eye.

She missed Emma. The two girls, both now twenty one years old, had become as close as sisters after their appalling adventures at the hands of The Don Michael gang and the two woodland assailants almost a year ago. The sexual torture they had both endured had taken them a long time to come to terms with. But they had and now both girls had moved on.

Debbie had chosen to go to college to do a Modern Language degree. Emma had gone back into her old job at the Bank although she no longer worked on the customer counter but in the Corporate Asset Management Department. A more important role actually and it kept her away from dealing directly with the customers which was, of course, how her previous adventures had began.

Debbie was waiting for her new room mate to arrive. Laura was her name and she looked very nice and very pretty from her website pictures. Debbie smiled to herself as she thought what could have happened if Laura had arrived early to find Debbie slumped on the floor with her fingers buried up to the knuckle in her own pussy.

Debbie moved into the bathroom. Just as she was about to wash her hands she moved her fingers to her mouth and, flicking out her small pink tongue, she tasted the wet moistness left as residue from her climax.

"Mmmmmm," she licked and smelled the lusty dampness before finally washing her hands clean.


In the cool kitchen of her small, soon to be shared, flat, Debbie refilled her wine glass. She glanced around the insipid interior. If there was one thing that Debbie hated about her college flat it was the blandness of the decorations and, moreover, the lack of motivation to do anything about it. Despite this, Debbie had wanted to make sure everything was ready for the arrival of her new room mate. She had settled on a bottle of chilled white wine to greet her, and was dismayed therefore to find herself still alone, filling her own glass for the second time.

The main living room was divided by a table and chairs. The table held a vase of bright yellow flowers. Debbie had bought them earlier but had to admit that she knew nothing about what type they were. She took a long sip of wine and was feeling just a little heady. The stunning student had to admit to being more than a little excited but Laura had not arrived yet and now all she could wonder was why her roomy was late. Debbie moved into the main living area and set her glass down on the table. She looked up at the Constable print above the fireplace and was just starting to get lost in the wooded glade depicted in the painting when there was a loud knock on the door.

Debbie could not help herself jump just a little bit as she set her glass down. She wanted to bound in great leaps to the door but forced herself to walk slowly appearing calm and collected.

The opened door knob felt clammy in her hands as Debbie looked up into the deep blue depths of the gorgeous eyes facing her. She had noticed immediately how striking they were. A vision of beauty stood before her as Debbie's gaze traveled downwards over the girl's cute little nose and came to rest on the full pouting lips which smiled back at her only inches from her own. The beauty of the girl, combined with the heat of the wine inside her, was making the dark haired college girl experience a confusing mix of emotions.

"You're not Laura," she stated somewhat tersely.

"No, I am not. I am sorry. My name is Natalie and I was only told yesterday that I was to live with you. Laura is now staying at the halls in the college."

The girl was clearly Eastern European but spoke perfect English.

"Oh, why?"

"I don't know I just was told to come here. Look it is on the paper in my hand. May I come in?"

Flustered by both the apparent change in circumstances and the head spinning beauty of the female before her Debbie spluttered "Oh yes, of course. I'm sorry," moving out of the way to allow Natalie to enter into the room. The delicate smell of the new girl's scent filled the room and Debbie began to feel even more intoxicated.

"Let me show you to your room," Debbie offered somewhat apologetically. "My name is Debbie by the way and I am really pleased to meet you". Debbie held out her hand sincerely. Natalie took it and smiled a large grin back.

"Thank you Debbie. I think I am going to like it here."


Debbie's eyes opened slowly as her mind focused on the sharp ringing in her ears. Still half asleep she reached out and stopped the alarm. Turning onto her back and opening her eyes more fully Debbie continued to work her way through the Sunday morning waking up process. Her thoughts crystallized on Natalie, the gorgeous room mate that she now had. Although very tired when she arrived after a long trip, Natalie had found the time, and energy, to share a glass of wine with her new friend and tell her that she was from Slovenia, near Lake Bled, which sounded beautiful to Debbie, and that she was also on the same Modern Language course. That in itself was a wonderful coincidence as often room mates were on different courses but Debbie felt that being on the same course would give her the time to really get to know Natalie. This thought brought warmth to Debbie's groin. She had been entirely heterosexual, or so she had believed, until meeting Emma Ross just a year or so ago. Her feelings for Emma had opened up her heart to the possibility of enjoyable lesbian love, both pleasurable and painful, and, quite frankly, Debbie would now have considered herself to be bisexual, although, perhaps, not openly so.

Sitting up in bed Debbie pulled the short T-shirt, that she wore for sleeping, down to cover her naked stomach. Sometimes the gorgeous student slept in panties and sometimes not. Last night she had and so, as she pushed her well toned right leg out from under the sheets, she reached behind her body to ease the wedge of cotton from inside the crack of her bottom. She heard a movement in the main room and moved quietly to the door of her bedroom. From here she could see out into the living room through the slight gap where the door had remained ajar overnight.

She stared out amazed, and not a little turned on, by what she saw. Natalie stood gazing out through the clear glass of the living room window. Naked, she appeared to take a perverse pleasure in the chill of the early morning. Pressing her firm breasts against the cold pane, she gazed out into the garden. Debbie stared open mouthed at the view presented to her of the perfect curves of her new Slovenian friend until suddenly she realised that, despite the slight steam covering on the glass, her room mate's beauty in all it's glory would be available for every one to see.

Debbie sighed at the vision before her. Desire blazed between her own lovely thighs. At the window Natalie pressed her perfect breasts against the cold glass, gently crushing the reddy brown nipples. As she peeled her skin away from the window her teats were raked into pleasurably painful peaks. Warm juice coated Natalie's labial lips as it flowed slowly from within her. The Slovenian stunner turned to face Debbie, who in response opened her bedroom door to its full width.

Neither girl said a word, yet the silence spoke volumes.

Moving slowly across the carpet, her naked buttocks rippling sensuously, Natalie paused just a few feet away from Debbie. Both girls looked gorgeous in their early morning state. One naked and the other dressed in skimpy night wear. Long tousled hair hung thickly from the heads of them both. Natalie's hands rose to her breasts, and sensuously palmed their soft warmth. Thumbing her already stiff nipples, she inched her thighs wider apart. Closing her eyes tightly, Natalie groaned as her desire leapt from within smoldering pussy. The fingers of one hand tugged urgently at the short, thin line of blond pubic hair that rose upwards towards the small silver chain hanging sexily from her belly button.

The two young girls stood facing one another in the early light of the college flat. Natalie lowered her sapphire blue eyes and looked down at the hand that now approached the folds of her labia.

Regular breathing was difficult for Debbie. Her beautiful flat mate stood within touching distance, her pussy open and available in all it's sexual splendour.

In one breathtaking movement Natalie reached down and ran her hands up and down the fronts of her thighs. She allowed Debbie to feast her eyes, before her hands moved to caress her sculptured inner legs. Debbie could see fingernails leave faint white traces on her room mate's soft skin as she teased herself. The English girl watched mesmerized as Natalie rubbed her left hand upwards, higher and higher until it cupped her pussy. Her fingers trailed along the length of its crease as she thrust her pelvis forward allowing Debbie to get a good view of her ever dampening state.

At first Natalie made no attempt to part the lips and Debbie groaned as she imagined her own nails scraping lightly along the soft and eager flesh. Then suddenly Natalie pressed harder and ran her hands back towards her buttock crease and then pulled them forward again. This time she bucked her hips as her fingers separated the labia and ran forward along the pink inner flesh of her vulva.

As they approached the front the Eastern European girl pulled her labia up and apart so that Debbie could clearly see her soft inner lips and clitoral hood. The English student tore her gaze away momentarily and looked at Natalie's face. Her eyes were closed and she was lost in her own world of pleasure.

Debbie looked back down, not believing the show she was getting, and now the fingers of one hand were delving deep into Natalie's vagina while the spread fingers of the other hand held her lips open and rubbed at her clitoris. The girl from Slovenia thrust her hips rotating more and more urgently as her head leaned forward watching her own fingers at work. They moved faster and faster, and Debbie, now aching to touch her new friend, couldn't see how many fingers she had managed to get up inside her but suddenly Natalie's head went back and she let out a cry which rang through the room. Her body locked rigid for a second before she tore her hand away and left herself breathless and panting on the edge of a much needed orgasm.

Close to the peak of self induced ecstasy Natalie moved closer to her room mate and bent slightly to kiss her. Debbie looked lovely with her face flushed and her long hair disheveled, and Natalie was surprised by how eagerly she returned the kiss. The Slovenian girl's lips were warm and soft and her tongue darted swiftly between Debbie's own lips as the English girl wrapped her arms round her lover pressing even closer to her tanned, gorgeous body. The blond haired girl rubbed her stimulated groin against the straining bulge of Debbie's own mound. When at last they parted Natalie gripped her friend's hair and dragged her easily over to the cold, wet window that provided a misted view onto the world outside.

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