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This is the first time I have written anything close to a non consent story and I feel like I should add this introduction for clarity. I do not and never have condoned rape and non consensual sexual violence. If you feel like this story will offend your sensibilities... don't read any further. If you choose to carry on reading and end up offended... don't email your outrage to me. I'm giving you fair warning here. That said I hope you enjoy this story.

The Joanne Chronicles will be an ongoing project but will only be worked on in my spare time or if I end up bogged down on another project. My thanks to the inspiration for this series... you know who you are, and also to my hard working editor WildSweetOne, without whom I'd be writing at a 15 year olds level. Thank you ladies!

"One more fucking day like today and I'm outa there," Joanne muttered to herself as she slipped in behind the wheel of her black 1978 Pontiac Trans Am. Her bad mood was briefly alleviated as her trusty old car started at the first turn of the key. She slipped a CD into the sound system as she waited for the engine to warm up and sighed as the mellow sounds of Evanescence filled the car. She put the car in drive and pulled out of the parking lot, out into traffic and away from the worst day she had ever experienced at work. An ongoing battle between her and one of the credit controllers had boiled over at lunch and the ensuing screaming match had resulted in both women being dragged into the boss's office for a lecture on office politics and how it had no place at Barnes and Elias. The fact that the credit controller had been undermining Joanne for months was completely ignored. This in itself would have been bad enough but it was compounded by her boyfriend Sean leaving that morning for a two day business trip. She couldn't even look forward to being able to talk out the problem with her soul mate; he'd left his cell phone on the bench at home by mistake. And on top of it all, today was their anniversary. She didn't think the day could get any worse.

The drive home was as bad as her day at the office. Rush hour traffic was a bitch and by the time she reached her exit she was in a really foul mood. The day was capped off perfectly when she got snarled up in traffic and missed her turn off to the market meaning she had to go around and take another shot at it.

Her visit to the market presented its own set of trials and tribulations. At five feet eight inches and built for sex, Joanne was a head turner at the best of times, and today was no different. Being dressed in a business suit with a semi see through black blouse and four inch stiletto heels gained her a bit more male attention than she was comfortable with today. As she leaned into the display cabinet in the frozen foods section she was grabbed from behind and held there struggling as a hand made its way slowly up the long smooth expanse of her thigh before coming to rest on the crotch of her black lace g-string. Her legs slammed together by reflex action but too late; the wandering extremity had already reached its target and spent the next couple of seconds exploring at will before her abuser gave a low chuckle and released her, moving away quickly and blending into the early evening crowd of anonymous shoppers. All she saw was the muscular back of her abuser as he walked quickly off through the crowd. The anonymous groping only served to remind her of how horny she had been for the past few days. The final straw came when she reached the checkout and found that she'd left her credit card in her desk drawer. She drove the rest of the way home near tears and resigned to the fact that she would be eating eggs on toast for dinner.

If she had been a little less down in the dumps she might have noticed the rental car parked in her boyfriend's parking space. If Joanne had been a little livelier she might have noticed that the pot plant that usually camouflaged the spare key hiding place had been moved. And if she had been just a little bit more aware she might have noticed the scent of male cologne in her apartment. As it was, she noticed nothing. Silently she entered her apartment and trudged through to the lounge.

He could tell she had just finished a rough day. Her body language said one thing; "I'm exhausted!" From his vantage point behind the door he could see the slump of her normally straight shoulders and her slow weary steps as she moved further into the room. Throwing her bag onto the coffee table she headed for the couch. His eyes swept over her statuesque form one more time as he allowed himself the luxury of a final examination of his prey and again he marvelled at just how gorgeous this woman was. Her dark hair hung to just below her shoulders in a shining curtain that came alive as the light hit it. As he watched she shrugged out of her jacket and threw it over the back of the armchair then stretched sinuously, giving her watcher the perfect view of her firm large breasts in profile. Through the nearly see through blouse he could just make out the erotic pattern of her black lace bra. The view was enough to send the blood pumping south and as he felt his cock start to rise he made his move. The low light in the room made it dim enough that she didn't see him as he moved swiftly in behind her.

With sudden brutal force a heavily muscled arm wrapped around Joanne's throat as her attacker's other arm flashed up in front of her eyes. The limited light in the room was enough to send a blinding ribbon of light streaming off the razor sharp blade of the hunting knife clasped in the free hand of her assailant. Whatever chance she had to scream was gone instantly as the sight of the brutal weapon shocked her into immobility and silence.

"Scream and I'll cut you!" The voice was a harsh rasp; deep and menacing. Joanne's heart raced so hard and fast she was scared it was going to leap out of her throat. There was no way she could or would scream. Her mind switched into survival mode. She had to do everything this man said... and hopefully she was going to live to tell the tale to the cops. Her eyes tracked the shining blade as it wove an intricate pattern in front of her eyes. The adrenaline that pumped through her system had heightened her senses. The smell of his cologne was strangely familiar yet totally unknown. The feel of his hard body against her back was shocking mostly because of the size of the cock that he thrust rhythmically against the cleft of her buttocks. Her burgeoning fear escaped her in a long drawn out moan which drew a low chuckle from her attacker.

"Scared baby? I would be if I were you. See that blade honey? See how sharp that is? I can shave with this thing. Just imagine what it would do to that pretty skin of yours... that pretty face. Now if you're a good girl you won't have to find out how sharp this thing is. Just do what I say and everything will be all right. This will be over in no time and you'll be able to go on with your life with all your gorgeous features intact. Try to fuck around with me and you'll get hurt. Do you understand? Nod your head if you understand." Joanne nodded her head while trying to swallow the lump in her throat. "Good girl. Now let's just move through to the bedroom and make ourselves comfortable shall we?"

His arm still wrapped around her throat, he steered her through to the large bedroom she normally shared with Sean. It was immediately apparent that the intruder had been in her apartment for some time. Ropes were attached to all four corners of her bed and ended in padded leather restraints with solid buckle fasteners. With a sort of detachment she realised they belonged to her and Sean. If Joanne had any doubts as to what her attacker had in mind for her, they were dashed when she saw the restraints. He was going to fuck her.

"When I let go of you honey, I want you to go and lie down on your back on the bed. Don't try to run. I guarantee I'm faster than you. Do as you're told and you won't get hurt. You might even enjoy it."

A wave of revulsion washed over Joanne when she heard the last sentence. He was going to rape her and he was suggesting she might get some enjoyment out of the experience. His use of endearments like 'honey' and 'babe' also rattled her. In a way it was a lot scarier than if he had called her bitch or slut or even nothing at all.

"Do you understand me honey? Nod your head if you do." Slowly she nodded; her eyes never leaving the gleaming blade always hovering just inches from her face. "Good... now go and lie on the bed." The knife disappeared as he withdrew his arm and seconds later Joanne felt the pressure on her throat slowly relax as he removed the choke hold she had been subjected to from the beginning. She was free!

Joanne was momentarily tempted to make a break for it but caught the image of that blade hovering in her peripheral vision. On shaky legs she walked the few yards to her bed and stood looking down at the bizarre sight of black leather restraints on her pristine white sheets.

"Lie down! Don't make me wait honey. You won't like me if I get pissed off." The raspy voice had a familiar tone to it. She knew the voice but he was going to so much effort to disguise it that it was impossible for her to identify it in her stressed condition. The note of menace in the voice gave her the motivation to move and in a second or two she was lying on her back on the bed, her legs pressed tightly together and arms crossed on her chest. It was then that she got her first look at her attacker. He was a big man standing at over 6 feet tall and built solidly. He was dressed in jeans and a long sleeved tee shirt and was barefoot. Any hope Joanne had of identifying him went out the window on her first glimpse of the man turning her world upside down. The intruder was wearing a black bondage hood with slits for the eyes, mouth and nose. It also featured a zip running around the circumference of the hood meaning that the lower half could be lowered. Joanne couldn't even tell the colour of his hair.

"Please don't hurt me. I've got some cash... you can take anything you want just don't do this. If you leave now I won't even go to the cops... I promise you! Please just walk out now... please." Joanne heard the note of desperation in her own voice and inwardly cringed. She was normally an extremely tough woman and to hear herself grovelling at the whim of this bastard was almost as bad as what she knew was to come. His silence was her only answer. At that moment she resolved to not only survive this ordeal but to find a way to repay this son of a bitch. Her mind started ticking over fast... recording details that she might be able to give to the cops later. His height, his weight, his clothing... the fact that he wasn't wearing gloves! His fingerprints will be all over the apartment! That thought stopped her cold. So far he had been very careful about concealing his identity. The hood effectively eliminated any chance of a facial ID and the fact that he was disguising his voice made it impossible for her to recognise the infuriatingly familiar voice. Why the hell hadn't he worn gloves? Seconds later he gave her something else to worry about.

The intruder walked the few steps to the bed and stopped looking down at the terrified supine woman. Still brandishing the knife he reached into his pocket with his free hand and withdrew a leather harness device with a small red ball attached to it. Joanne recognised it immediately and moaned in fear. It was a ball gag. He tossed it onto her stomach.

"Put it on. Once it's on I'm going to check it. If I find it's loose I'm gonna cut you. Not badly but deep enough to scar you. And before you tell me you don't know how... I know you do. Put it on now."

With trembling hands Joanne arranged the harness and ball and cinched it into place. There was no point in arguing or making it harder than it had to be. She was determined to come out of this as unharmed as she could. As soon as the last buckle was clasped she returned her arms to their protective position on her chest and laid there, the latex ball a cold foul intrusion in her mouth. She had no worries about running out of breath due to the ball; she was used to it from the sex games she and Sean played occasionally. Even so it still took her time to get used to the size of the intrusive object and the flood of saliva that was a natural accompaniment to the ball. As she swallowed repeatedly she tried to tell herself that this was going to be ok. It didn't work.

True to his word the intruder stepped closer to the bed and leaned down to check the straps. Any hope that Joanne might have had that she may have been able to overpower him and escape were dashed as he brought the sharp tip of the knife to her throat as he examined the fastenings. With a grunt of satisfaction he straightened and moved back slightly from the bed.

"So far you are doing well Joanne. You're going to come out of this okay if you carry on the way you are going. Just don't do anything stupid to change my assessment." He paused for effect and the knife weaved its sinister dance once more. Mesmerised, Joanne couldn't take her eyes off the evil weapon. "Now here comes the tricky part. When I tell you, you are going to sit up and cuff your ankles using the restraints I have so thoughtfully provided. Once again I'm going to check to make sure you have done it right, and you know what the punishment will be if I find you haven't." To emphasise the point he leaned in and slowly dragged the point of the knife across the soft flesh of Joanne's arm. Goose flesh immediately popped up in the knife's wake and Joanne shivered in fear and revulsion.

"You clear on what you have to do?" Wordlessly Joanne nodded. "Okay... do it." The intruder's voice had become hoarser and he coughed into his hand after his last command. Obviously the strain of disguising his voice was becoming a problem. "Now!"

Joanne slowly sat up and reached for the first padded restraint. To fasten it around her shapely left ankle Joanne had to move over on the bed a little. As she did so she felt her skirt ride up exposing the top of her thighs and nearly showing the crotch of her g-string. Joanne flushed in embarrassment but carried on with the task at hand. In a matter of moments her left leg was securely fastened. She reached for the other restraint only to find it just out of her reach. She was forced to move across the bed once more but this time her left leg was anchored. The shift resulted in Joanne's legs being spread apart; the entire length of her legs and the crotch of her g-string now on display for the watching intruder. Her trembling fingers fumbled with the buckle on the restraint but she finally got it cinched. She remained sitting but hunched forward to limit the masked man's view of her crotch. Even though she knew what was coming, the preservation of her modesty was still a vain priority to her. That and the preservation of her health and sanity.

"Lie down Joanne." The man's voice was starting to crack, a development that gave Joanne perverse satisfaction as she remained hunched over in defiance of his order. "Lie down!" He baked harshly. She moved to obey, twisting to try to preserve her modesty as she did so. It was, she knew, a futile gesture which brought a chuckle from the intruder. At the chuckle her head whipped up and she turned to stare at the intruder. She knew the laugh. Her stare cut his laughter short and drew what she considered a speculative look from the man in the mask. Then, shaking his head, he was back to business.

"Now Joanne, you are going to cuff your right wrist... do it." Without complaint or pause Joanne moved to comply and with a minimum of fumbling had her right wrist secured in a manner that she knew would satisfy her attacker. Still trembling she lay back on the bed and waited for the next stage of the drama to be played out. Stretching out her other arm she made it easy for the masked man to move in and quickly secure her last free limb.

She lay there quietly as the masked intruder circled the bed admiring his handiwork. Joanne was spread out; arms and legs akimbo on the bed. As he stood at the foot of the bed his eyes raked her from head to foot, admiring the long sleek curves of her legs and the firm thrust of her breasts, still concealed by the blouse and bra yet upthrust due to the positioning of her arms. Despite her tension, Joanne felt her nipples harden under her gaze and heard his quick intake of breath as he viewed this phenomenon for himself. This gave her an unexpected twinge of perverse pleasure, and she flushed again.

"Now Joanne... lie still and don't do anything stupid and this will go well for you." With a little hesitation she nodded slightly. She was going to co-operate. Maybe if she participated a little it would hasten the conclusion of the ordeal. As she watched the intruder he took several deep breaths as if bracing himself for what was to come. Then he moved into action. He strode to the head of the bed and tested the bonds on her wrists one last time. Then he stepped back and put the knife on the bedside table tantalisingly just out of reach. Then he started to disrobe.

Breathing heavily through her nostrils as she swallowed again to clear her mouth of saliva she watched as he removed the long sleeved tee shirt, careful not to dislodge the mask in the process. His heavily muscled chest was hairless and evenly tanned; his arms powerful with well worked muscle. The six pack of his abs bunched and moved as he bent to strip off his jeans. As the jeans came off Joanne couldn't suppress a small moan around the soft rubber of the gag as his rampant hard cock came into view. Long, thick and ribbed with veins it stood proud almost touching his stomach. The large head was a deep purple and shiny with the tension of the blood filling it. His legs matched his upper body, well proportioned and well muscled. The man was obviously proud of his body. He stepped closer to the bed and looked down at her in silence.

Joanne swallowed again to clear the sudden flood of saliva from her mouth, her tongue holding the ball out of the way of her bobbing throat muscles. Her hips flexed unconsciously as she stared at the cock in front of her. He bent to pick up the knife from the bedside table treating her once again to the sight of his sculptured abs bunching and working. Joanne instinctively knew that the real action was about to start and strangely enough she was calm about the whole thing. It was as if she knew that the man now approaching her with the knife in his hand wouldn't hurt her. Amazingly enough the idea of what was about to happen even sent a tingle of anticipation to her crotch. The man sat down on the edge of the bed and calmly scanned her body from head to toe. Then it began.

Slowly he reached out and stroked her face. The touch was soft and tender with not a trace of menace. His fingertips trailed from the hairline at her temple, down across her cheekbones and along the curve of her jaw. Once again she shivered but now there was a touch of anticipation mixed in with the apprehension. The identity of the man in the mask was still a mystery but her instincts told her she had nothing to fear... as long as she did what she was told. The threat of the knife still loomed large though and the masked man chose that moment to reinforce the threat by bringing the razor sharp blade into her view.

It hovered above her chest and once again she kept her gaze riveted to the gleaming steel. She took a shuddering breath as the tip of the knife descended with infinite slowness towards her chest. The caressing fingers left her face as the tip of the knife came to rest on the skin of her cleavage in the 'V' of her blouse. Every bit of concentration focused in on the pinprick of feeling where the knife tip met her flesh. Her breath caught in her throat and she froze. The fear rose in her once more as he slowly let the tip of the blade settle into her flesh under its own weight. It didn't break the skin but that did nothing to alleviate Joanne's sudden panic attack. The brief flush of arousal she had felt was now replaced by despair and dread. She felt like she was on a wild roller coaster ride. Up one minute and down the next.
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