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Jan,the pretty, muscular mail carrier, walked down the street in regulation postal summer gear that looked better on her than any other woman in the history of postal service. The short-haired blonde was an athlete, and it showed, mostly in her lower body. Jan was possessed of calves so thick her short black socks couldn't come up above the jagged bulge of them. On her titanic thighs, the gray shorts that were baggy on most carriers, were skintight and rode high, exposing tons of sleek, creamy muscle between the hem of her shorts and those short black socks and black shoes.

Jan was a perfect letter carrier, always on time, always out no matter the weather, always bright, pleasant and cheerful. And oh yes, she was very fond of delivering creampies.

One brutally hot summer day, Jan rang my bell and I answered, licking my lips at the sight of her sweaty, gorgeous body.

"Creampie delivery," she said cheerfully.

"Creampie?" I asked, confused. "I didn't order any creampie. And besides, creampies wouldn't hold up well in this heat."

"Well, these do," she said, smiling. "I just picked them up a few houses down, from four teenage boys. Took me only about 15 minutes. You know the young ones, they, uh, donate really quickly."

"Uh, I'm not sure I follow," I said, shaking my head and trying not to be obvious as I tried catching a glimpse of her sweaty, muscular legs. "What do you mean?"

And Jan explained exactly what she meant in a way that would change my life forever.

"I fucked the four boys, took their cum internally, in my cunt, which is called a 'creampie' in sexual slang," she said, calmly sorting through her mail and handing mine to me. "I've noticed you checking me out for months now, especially these big, muscular legs. I like people eating my creampies and you like my legs, sooooooooooo - I'm gonna scissor you in my big legs and MAKE you eat my creampies!!"

Before I could react, Jan swung the heavy mailbag and belted me over the head with it, knocking me back inside, stunning me. I hit my knees and she stepped inside, closing the door to the apartment building. As I knelt, my head was easy prey for her huge legs. She stepped over it and closed my neck between the steel rollers of her humungously muscled calves, standing now on crossed feet and putting incredibly painful pressure on my neck. I screamed in agony and she laughed, recrossing her socked ankles and crushing me anew.

"I suggest we get upstairs where people won't hear you screaming," she said, letting me go and grabbing my hair to walk up the stairs behind her.

As I walked, she purposely stepped on each stair slowly and carefully, the huge muscles of her gargantuan calves rising up like fleshy fists out of her falling black socks.

"You like those legs, doncha?" she hissed over her shoulder. "Well get a good look, sucker, you'll see a lot of them in the next few minutes. And that's all I have, a few minutes, so you won't suffer long."

Inside my apartment, she hiprolled me to the floor and threw down her heavy bag. She was standing now in a long overcoat, gray; it had been raining earlier and despite the heat, she wore the flimsy gray parka to keep dry. On her head, she wore a jungle-style hat, the kind postal workers wear. She looked institutional yet stunning at the same time. Then she pulled aside the long coat, like a gunslinger getting ready for battle. Those immense thighs were bursting at the seams of her tight, short-shorts, thick rivers of muscular flesh threatening to explode the hem of her shorts. She smiled and wobbled one giant thigh and then flexed down hard, thundering the muscle to a steely stop before my stunned eyes.

"Creampie delivery!" she yelped, hooking her shorts waistband with her thumbs and pulling them down. "Check it out, those young studs come gallons, I swear!!"

She leaned against my kitchen counter and spread her legs as much as the shorts around her ankles would allow. Her blonde cunt hair was profuse and thick, and also completely matted with moisture, most of which I assumed was the steaming spunk of the boys down the street. I gulped and begged for mercy.

"Jan, please, I don't know why you think I'd like to eat someone else's cum from your pussy..." I began.

"...and asshole," she corrected. "One of them came up my ass."

I gulped again.

"And besides, I didn't ASK you if you'd like to," she hissed, pulling apart her gummy cunt lips, thick strands of teen spunk strung between them. "I'm TELLING you!!"

She quickly kicked off her shorts and laid down on the floor, at the same time grabbing my ears and ramming me face first into the clammy well of her fucked cunt. As promised, she scissored me and scissored me hard, her huge, muscular thighs ribboning like fleshy steel around my ears, her socked calves locking up above me as she squeezed hard, sending the ropy adductors of her inner thighs crushing into my head. I screamed in agony and in doing so, opened my mouth - which was immediately flooded with a thick wad of teen boy spunk. I gagged and tried to spit it out, but Jan's hands held my face fast to the gooey mulch of her cunt.

"Mmmm, that's it, that's the way, you try to spit it out and I just milk my cunny tunnel harder to wash the spew out of my pussy and right down your fucking throat," she cooed, undulating her mammoth gams as she did, scissoring my skull tightly and at the same time rhythmically forcing out seeming gallons of teen boy goop. My eyes crossed in pain, disgust and humiliation as I gobbled and swallowed as best I could to keep from drowing in the sea of sperm bubbling out of her spongy snatch.

"Fuck, yeah, that's it, that's it...just like that..." Jan hissed, eyes closed, head back as she rubbed her clit on my nose while my mouth remained prisoner of her spunky gash. "Gonna fucking cummmmmmmmm..."

And she did, in a hip-snapping, thigh-thundering frenzy that damn near dislocated my jaws and neck, rippling her scissoring legs onto my head and sending the last few pints of boy cream cascading down my gullet. I swallowed hard but still missed some in the violent wrenching of her legs, the force of them causing my face to be nearly erased in the snapping roughage of her cunt. By the time she stopped, I had cum, some hers, mostly the boys, all over my face, top to bottom, forehead to adam's apple. She finally unlatched her huge thighs and I gulped in mouthfuls of air. She quivered her rippling thighs on my face and looked down at me, laughing.

"Hey, how about some dessert?" she giggled. "Remember, one kid gave me a buttblaster, so how's about you go trolling for some chocolate spunk??"

I was too weak to resist as Jan rolled me over and squatted, like she was taking a shit inthe woods, right over my face on the kitchen floor, her huge, squatting thighs and calves creased deep in muscle. She leaned over a bit to balance herself on my chest and grunted, a thick river of boy goo sluicing down the muscular channel of her shit chute and bubbling creamily into my mouth. She forced wide open her anal ring, the o-shaped lips distending, and crapped out a sizeable wad of sperm, mixed with the tangy brew of her ass walls, the funky spunkshake blasting down my throat on the winds of a forced, spew-laden fart. She laughed and rotated her lush hips, effectively wiping her cummy asshole on my face. I cried real tears of shame and disgust as she dismounted me and stood on huge legs.

"Hey, just so you don't think I'm heartless," she laughed, pulling her short-shorts back on and sitting down near my waist. "Have a little calf fucking!"

With that, Jan tugged down my pants and started stroking my cock, which was half hard throughout the disgusting enforced cum-eating extravaganza. She smiled at it.

"Funny, even those who complain the most about eating my creampies, if they could talk with their mouths full of cum and all, even they get a little hard...and in your case, I do mean, LITTLE!"

I blanched at the description, but she was right and as I looked down at my now fully erect cock, I could barely see the mushroom cap in the fiercely pumping grip of Jan's strong hand. Once I was hard, she stopped handjobbing me, reached up and wiped some still hot cum off my face and slathered it over her socked calves, finally sitting back and plopping her huge lower legs around my dick. She scissored it in the clamp of her velvet-skinned calves and took to fucking my cock with it. I'd never felt anything so heavenly in my life. I looked down to the creased sidemeat of those amazing lower legs, hunky and muscular, smooth and creamy, and couldn't find even the head of my cock, so great was the scissoring girth of the calves fucking my dick. Jan leaned up on her elbows and casually blew a strand of sweaty blonde hair from her face as she fiercely milked the scissored calf clamp, vibrating the locked-up meat on my prick.

"This usually does it, my vibrato cock scissor," she growled as she grit her teeth in concentration. "C'mon, don't make a liar out of me..cum in Jan's big..fucking...CALVES!!!"

And I did, with a howl and a hip-snapping motion of my own, cumming from the bottom of my soul and feeling an endless supply of nutsauce ribboning out of my balls to be buried in the comfy clamp of Jan's monstrous calves. I came for what seemed an eternity before it finally stopped and Jan relaxed her humungous lower legs, letting my shrunken, cum-coated cock flop out. Inside those gigantically muscled calves was thick gobs of still steaming spunk. But not for long. She winked at me and reached up with those legs to scissor my face and jaws with them, forcefully and violently rubbing off all my hot cum onto my lips, mouth, up my nose, in my eyes, as she quiver-scissored me hard. Then she held first one cummy calf up, then the other, and ordered me to eat.

"Suck up that cum, you put it there, you eat it," she hissed. "Go on, I gotta get back to work and I don't want cum all over my legs! EAT IT!!"

I obyeyed and when she was sufficiently pleased with my cum-eating job, she jumped up, pulled up her short socks on those ridiculously muscled calves and started for the door.

"Hope you liked my creampie delivery today," she growled over her brawny shoulder. "I'll drop more off at least once a week."

My cock twitched. I couldn't wait.
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