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Steele looked at the young Chinese wife standing before him. Her head was bowed slightly; her cheeks wet with tears. Her long black hair was pulled back tight in a ponytail. Her naked breasts were dotted with red spots where their fingers had caressed and squeezed her firm orbs. Her nipples were red, having been sucked hard and deep into their hungry mouths. The bodice of her long, blue silk dress was bunched around her waist, so he could only imagine their cum dripping down her thighs from her recently fucked cunt and ass.

“Annie, go in the bathroom and clean yourself off. Take a shower and put your dress back together. I want you ready to go down to dinner in 10 minutes.”

Her head bowed in silent humiliation, Annie obeyed his order, as if she really had an alternative. As she reached the bathroom door, her hand flipped on the light switch, the sudden burst of light temporarily blinding her.

“Oh… and Annie, don’t close the door.”

Annie looked back at her smiling boss, her eyes pleading for only a moment’s relief from her ordeal. She walked over to the shower, her stiletto heels clacking against the tile floor of the bathroom. Turning the hot water on, she took a step back and reached down to push her dress down over her hips. As the silk dress crumpled in a pile at her feet, Annie stared at her image in the full-length mirror on the wall next to her. Standing there naked except for her red nylons and stiletto heels, she looked like one of those women in Chi’s porno magazines. She saw the thin patch of hair covering her cunt lips, matted down with the mixture of cum and pussy juice. She saw her erect nipples, sore from being sucked and pulled and twisted. She could only feel the pain in her ass from Chan’s cock taking her ass’s virginity. Annie slipped her feet out of her stiletto heels and then reached down to her thigh high nylons. She felt the wetness at the top of the nylons, as her fingers slipped between the material and her bare skin. Bending, she rolled the nylons down her long tapered legs until she could drop them next to her heels. As she turned toward the shower stall, her eyes flashed by the door. There stood Steele, his eyes lustfully gazing over her naked body; his cock erect and aching to invade one of her orifices.

Annie’s eyes dropped to the floor as she pleaded, “Please… no….” “You are really a beautiful woman and I’d love to fuck you right where you stand. But, go take your shower. I’ll save this for you for later.”

Annie walked into the shower stall and closed the shower door. She knew that he could still see her naked body through the glass door, but she began to relax from the feel of the hot water bathing her naked body.

Steele turned and saw his partner, Chan, dressed and standing in the middle of the living room.

“I go home to wife now. You not work too hard with new Head Accountant. Tell her I see her Monday in my office.”

Steele smiled, “Yeah, and I’ll remind her to bring some lubricant for her ass. Oh, and Chan, don’t forget to take the tape with you. We may need it.”

Chan laughed as he headed out the front door, “I got tape. Wife and I will watch tonight in bed. I let her be Annie.”

Steele walked into the bedroom and picked up his clothes. He dressed quickly and was about to leave the room when he saw Annie’s panties lying on the bed. He walked over, picked them up and stuffed them in his pocket. Steele thought, “She won’t need these tonight. But, they may come in handy later.”

When Steele returned to the living room, he looked toward the bathroom. He saw Annie standing in the bathroom, wearing the blue, silk dress. She was adjusting her tits in the halter-top. He wasn’t sure if she looked more beautiful naked or dressed like this. He watched her intently as she sat down and slipped the nylons back onto her long sexy legs and then slipped her feet into her heels.

Annie looked up and saw Steele leering at her body. She dreaded that look since she knew what would soon follow. She walked into the living room and stood in front of Steele, her head bowed.

“Look at me!” Annie did not move, frozen in her own fear and humiliation.

“I said look at me.” Annie slowly lifted her head until she was staring directly into Steele’s eyes. “Good. Now, kiss me. Put your arms around my neck and kiss me as passionately as you can. Kiss me like you would a lover.”

Trembling, Annie inched closer to Steele. Her arms reached behind his head and she pulled his face closer to hers. She pressed her lips to his and slowly opened her mouth. She felt Steele’s tongue slip between her lips and explore the inside of her warm, wet mouth. For a second, she forgot that this man and his partner had raped her. She felt her nipples harden and her juices start to coat the walls of her cunt.

Steele broke off the kiss and put his arm around her waist. Leading her to the door, he whispered into her ear. “First, I’ll take you to dinner for your anniversary and then I’ll take YOU for dessert.”

As they reached the door, Annie stopped and turned to Steele. “Wait, I need panties. I leave in bedroom. I get them now.”

“Forget them. You don’t need them. It will make it easier for me when I want to feel your body at dinner.”

“No, please. I get panties.”

“I said NO! Now, let’s go down to the restaurant.”

Grabbing Annie by her elbow, Steele escorted her from the suite to the elevator. As the door opened, Annie saw the elevator was empty except for an older man. He wore a nametag, so she guessed that he must be with a convention. Steele led Annie into the elevator and they stood in front of the man. As the door closed, Annie felt a hand slip between the back panels of her dress. Looking at the smile on Steele’s face, she knew that it was his hand. She felt his hand caressing the firm cheeks of her ass. Gazing straight ahead into the mirrored elevator, she saw the other man begin to smile. She realized that Steele’s hand in parting the back panels had exposed her ass to the man behind her. Suddenly, the man stepped forward and pressed each of the buttons on the elevator.

“Hope you’re not in a hurry, but I’d like to see more of the show.”

Steele turned to the man and with a smile on his face said, “Feel free to join in.” Annie closed her eyes as she felt the other man’s hands lift the back panels of her dress, affording him a better view of Annie's tight ass. The man’s cock grew hard as he stood mesmerized by the sight of Annie’s ass; its tight, smooth, round contours.

Steele removed his hand and stepped in front of Annie, staring into her face. “Say nothing and let him touch you.” Annie’s eyes turned red as she realized that he intended to allow this man to humiliate her. Steele thought to himself that tonight, she would become his slut, his plaything, his whore. From today on, at night, she would go home and play the dutiful wife and mother; but by day, she would be his to do with as he pleased.

The man lowered himself to the elevator floor behind Annie's upturned ass cheeks and snaked his tongue deep into the crack. He bathed her ass crack in strands of saliva, from her rectum up to the dimple above her tailbone. His tongue dug deep between the sweet orbs of her ass and then worked its way to her right cheek. He nibbled, licked and kissed her right cheek and then her left. His tongue began to elicit a low moan from Annie.

"Spread your ass cheeks for him," Steele ordered and Annie moved her hands back around to her cheeks and spread them wide apart. The man started lightly blowing on her puckered asshole; his breath mixed with his wet saliva dripping down her crack and sent chills down Annie's spine.

Annie couldn’t believe that only a short time earlier no man, not even her husband, had touched her ass with anything but a hand. And now, one man had fucked her ass and another stranger was making love to it. What had happened to her, what had she become? She was acting like a cheap whore, spreading her ass open for a man she didn't even know, thrilled by the things his tongue was doing to her ass, and loving it more than she could believe. She was actually enjoying what this man was doing. She felt her cunt begin to secrete the juices that she had thought would only flow when her pussy was excited.

The man’s tongue lightly pressed the outside ring of her tight asshole and then tried to push past the tight sphincter. Annie was about to jump out of her skin, her nipples hardening, her cunt juices flowing. Her moaning became louder as his tongue increased its assault on her asshole.

Annie was grateful that no passengers had boarded the elevator on each floor that it had stopped. She was also aware that there were only six more floors to go before they reached the lobby. Her thoughts were quickly interrupted when the man took two of his fingers and began to probe her hot, juicy cunt.

”Oohhhhhh,” Annie gasped sharply as the unexpected fingers began probing her wet cunt. The intruding fingers were immediately coated with her slippery juices.

”Oohhhhhh. . . .Yes . . . oooohhhhhhhhh, you fingers . . . push harder…. deeper.” Annie moaned as her eyes closed; her head fell back.

The man’s fingers made wet, squishy sounds as they slipped deeper into her wet cunt. He pulled one of his fingers from Annie’s cunt and let his fingernail rake across the hard, exposed nub of her clit.

”Ahhhhhhh, yesssss……!” Annie moaned loudly as she bathed the man’s other finger with a gush of her pussy juices.

Annie was brought back to reality when she heard Steele’s voice announce, “Next stop the lobby. I think you two better adjust yourselves.”

Annie felt the man slip his finger from her lubricated cunt and release the back panels of her dress. He rose, adjusted his erect cock in his pants and patted Annie on her ass. Steele placed his arm around Annie’s waist to help support her.

“Thank you. I can’t remember tasting a sweeter ass in my life. I will remember this ride for the rest of my life.”

As the elevator door opened, Steele led Annie across the lobby floor toward the restaurant. Annie’s face was flushed from her orgasm and her eyes were slightly glassy. As she walked across the lobby floor, the flaps of her dress would open slightly giving everyone within sight a quick view of her long, sexy legs. Steele’s eyes caught the men in the lobby leering at Annie’s half-naked body, silently wishing that they could be lying between her legs tonight.

As Steele led her into the restaurant, Annie stared straight ahead, as if unaware of her surroundings. The place was almost empty, with only three couples sitting at tables and two men having drinks at the bar.

“I’d like a private booth preferably in a corner at the back of the restaurant, since we’re celebrating an anniversary tonight.”

The hostess smiled, knowing what he had on his mind, especially the way his wife was dressed. She led the couple to a booth, which was hidden behind several large plants. As Annie slid into the booth, she felt the flaps on her dress pull to one side. She shuttered as she felt the cool air in the restaurant envelope her still wet cunt. Annie did not try to adjust the flaps on her dress, since she didn’t want to call the hostess’s attention to the fact that she was sitting there basically nude from her waist down. Steele slid in the other side of the booth so that he would have unobstructed access to her bared cunt.

“May I get you a drink to celebrate?”

“Certainly, I’ll take a Chivas and soda and the lady will have a double shot of tequila.”

The hostess looked at the couple, smiled and scampered off to order their drinks. Annie stared at Steele and in a low whisper, pleaded with him, “I… I not… drink. Please….. you let me go home ….. I … I go home. I not tell anyone. Please, you let me go home?”

Tears began to fall from her eyes, as Annie pleaded with Steele. He looked at the young Chinese mother and leaned close to her ear.

“You will do as I say or I’ll have Chan send that tape to your home tonight. Before you get home, your husband and your sons will know what a slut you are. Now, stop crying and just do as I say. You can’t tell me that you weren’t enjoying the elevator ride.”

Their waiter, who looked to be a young boy about 20 years old, brought them their drinks, a celery tray and two menus. His eyes were riveted on Annie’s barely covered breasts. “I’ll be back in a few minutes for your orders.”

Steele took a sip of his drink and looked at Annie. Her hands made no move to pick up her drink. “Annie, pick up your drink and drink it.”

Annie’s trembling hand reached out and lifted the shot glass to her mouth. She had never had a shot of any kind of liquor in her life. She brought the glass to her lips and took a sip. It tasted horrible, burning her throat as she swallowed. As hard as tried, she couldn’t control herself and a drop slipped from her lips and fell onto her bare chest.

Steele stared at her chest as the drop slithered its way down her bare skin and into the valley between her firm breasts.

“I…I sorry. It burn. It taste bad.”

Leaning over, Steele nuzzled his face between her breasts. Annie felt his wet tongue run across her bare skin, licking the tequila from her body. She felt her nipples grow hard as his tongue slowly worked its way up her chest. Steele sat back and gazed at his handiwork; her skin glistening from his saliva and her hard nipples poking through her halter-top.

“Now, drink it all in one gulp. NOW!”

Annie brought the glass back to her lips. Hoping to avoid tasting the bitter liquid, she threw her head back and poured it down her throat. She felt the tequila burn its way down her throat into her stomach.

“That’s a good girl.”

Annie felt like puking, but she knew that Steele would get upset. She also felt herself getting dizzy. Steele’s hand slipped across her naked thigh toward her defenseless pussy. Annie clamped her thighs together, hoping that this would deter his efforts. They were in public and she couldn’t allow him to treat her like a common tramp. People might see them.

Leaning into Annie’s body, Steele slipped his tongue into her ear. Annie felt a shock of excitement shoot through her body.

“Now spread your legs wide.”

“Nooo, oh god, noooo. Please ….. please…..”

“I said spread your legs.”

Annie’s legs slowly spread open, allowing Steele’s hand to slip over her naked cunt. She felt his fingers slip over her slit. Without hesitating, he shoved two of his fingers into her pussy, causing her to squirm.

“I’m going to fuck your cunt with my fingers and when I’m done, I want you to lick my fingers clean.”

He slowly slid his fingers in and out of her cunt. After a few strokes, Steele felt her juices start to flow, allowing him easier and deeper access to her hot slick cunt. Looking into the wall mirror across from their table, Steele saw Annie’s naked legs spread open and his fingers sliding between her engorged pussy lips. He slipped his fingers from her slick pussy and brought them to Annie’s mouth.

“Lick them clean. Use your own hands to bring yourself to orgasm.”

“Please, not make me touch self. I…. I suck fingers…. but I not touch myself. I beg you….. not make me do that. Please….. we go room…. I do what you want. Not here….. people see.”

Steele sipped his drink in one hand, still holding his fingers, glistening with her cunt juice, close to Annie’s mouth. “Annie, just do as I say. If not, I’ll just reach into my pocket and call Chan on my cell phone. Chi and your sons can see exactly what you look like fucking.”

Annie knew that she had no recourse; she was trapped and had to do what Steele wanted. She opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around his glistening fingers. She ran her tongue around his fingers, bathing them with her warm saliva and tasting her own cunt juices. As she sucked his fingers slowly in her mouth, she slipped her hand between her creamy thighs. Her eyes closed as she felt her own fingers slip between her cunt lips and into the warm, wet passage of her cunt. As her body began to react to her own stimulation, Annie’s eyes began to flutter. Her breathing became more rapid and she felt her hips begin to rise from the leather seat to meet each thrust her fingers. Her other hand slid between her legs and sought her throbbing clit. Rubbing her clit with one hand, she felt her juices flowing, allowing her to slip her fingers rapidly in and out of her aching cunt.

“Ummm, I’m sorry, but are you ready to order?”

Annie stopped and opened her eyes to see the young waiter, blushing and standing before them. It was obvious what Annie was doing under the table since her eyes were closed, her breathing was hard and her face was flushed.

“Yes, we are. But first, Annie, please continue what you were doing or do you need our waiter to give you a hand.”

Annie blushed and started slowly sawing her fingers back and forth in her dripping cunt. Steele then slipped his hand under her top and began to caress her tit and fondle her nipple. The waiter looked at the older couple and felt his cock start to harden. He imagined his hand cupping the Chinese woman’s tit under her top and his cock slipping into her cunt. He had never fucked a Chinese woman and he wondered how it would be.

“Maybe, sir, I should come …er…return when the lady is ready.”

“I think the lady is ready right now, don’t you? Just bring us two dinner specials and another two drinks.”

Steele noticed the waiter’s hard-on as he left the couple to get them their drinks and dinner. Steele’s left hand slipped between Annie’s legs and rubbed the insides of her thighs slowly circling closer and closer to cunt. He could tell by her breathing that she was close to orgasming. All of a sudden her body began rocking and she lost all control. Closing her eyes, Annie felt a warm feeling start in her womb and radiate throughout her body; it was like waves rolling onto a beach. As Annie continued to plunge her two fingers inside her cunt, Steele’s right hand continued to massage her tit under her halter-top, as his fingers began rubbing her taunt nipple. Annie became so lost in her own lust that she began caressing her other tit and pinching her other nipple through the halter-top.

As her fingers slid in and out of her dripping cunt, Annie began to moan. First softly and then slightly louder.

“Ooohhhhh…. Oohhhhhhhhh….. yeeesssss……. I…… I…… cumming…….. Chi…….. Oooooooooo….. Chi…. you……. forgive me……… Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Annie’s cunt muscles tighten around her invading fingers and her hips bucked upwards, as she bathed her fingers in the warmth of her orgasm. A loud sigh escaped from Annie’s parched lips as she felt her orgasm subside. Her vaginal muscles relaxed and she slid her fingers from her dripping cunt. As Annie felt her orgasm begin to subside, she opened her eyes and looked around the restaurant to see if anyone, other than their waiter, had seen anything. She relaxed when she realized that there were no customers at any of the tables near them. Annie’s hands reached under the table and tried to adjust the flaps on her dress to cover her dripping cunt.

She looked up as the waiter returned carrying the couple’s drinks. He placed the two rounds of drinks in front of them.

“Your dinners will be ready shortly and these drinks are on the staff here. It’s our way of thanking your wife for the fantastic show.”

Annie looked at the waiter quizzically, until she saw his eyes look at the wall mirror. The mirror gave everyone in the restaurant an unobstructed view of their table and especially of Annie’s seat at the table. The waiter smiled and winked at Annie, who blushed, embarrassed by the fact that her naked pussy had been on view for all to see. And to make things worse, they had seen her fingers buried between its glistening lips. As the waiter left, Steele looked over at Annie, her head bowed, trying to hide her shame.
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