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It's dark, the black nothingness dark. Any light that may be in the room can't get to my eyes that are covered in thick duck tape. I can feel the tape pulling at the skin of my forehead and the hairs of my eyebrows, the little edges curling and peeling where my sweat destroys its stickiness. Each of my hands is taped to an elbow making a little half square out of my arms. My knees are drawn up to my chest with my ankles crossed and bound with the sticky duct tape that's tightness causes it to pull and tug at the skin of my ankles. I remember how this happened. It seemed even unreal at the time. As unreal and frightening as it was I can't help but running over the details of my kidnapping in my mind....

* * * * *

It was the day before finals. Once they were over I would be off to college. I had already applied and been accepted. I was a good student all year round so I wasn't in a panic to cram as much information into my head before going to finals tomorrow. I was walking home like always. The only thing on my mind was some afternoon cartoons and some soda before study another hour or so and then to bed early so I would be ready to go for my last high school finals ever.

I wasn't even paying attention as a white van pulled up beside me. The classic stake out van with no windows and the long back generally for all that spying equipment, an odd thing to see in a neighborhood but maybe someone called a plumber. I kept walking without noticing the van had stopped and someone had gotten out. Before getting much past the passenger side mirror I felt an arm wrap around my throat and press underneath my chin causing me to choke and cough immediately. I started to panic and claw at the arm dropping my books and trying to scream but not being able to because of the beefy arm locked around my throat. The arm stayed tight while a thick, callused hand grabbed my clawing one and twisted my arm to a painful angle behind my back.

I was in a panic as my vision blurred and the pain in my arm became almost unbearable as I waited to hear a bone snap from the pressure and angle. Somewhere in this blur of pain and terror the man dragged me to the van throwing me into the back giving me time to gasp and choke in air while I was lying on my back knees up and leaning on just one elbow trying to keep off the hurt one. I choked and cough trying too soon to scream with little effect before the man climbed into the van and trapped me by closing the door. The man climbed on top of me straddling my waist with his legs and grabbing both of my wrists in one of his giant hands, effectively keeping me from striking him.

His features were barely recognizable in the dim lighting of the window-less van. What I could make out was not in the least attractive. His nose was bulbous and too large for his face. His eyes seemed beady and the fatness of his cheeks and neck were very noticeable. From where I laid, a good body length from his face, I could still smell his fowl breath as I fought my stomach not to heave and gag, which would not at all aid my dire situation.

I remembered panicking as he leaned that foul wide-lipped mouth towards mine. I tossed and bucked not at all wanting to know what the result of those lips touching mine would be. I tossed my head side to side eluding his kiss each time and receiving a sloppy slimy kiss all over my cheeks for my efforts. Finally when I had nearly tipped him off of me, a great feat indeed when trying to throw around this man's considerable girth, he raised his other hand to back hand me hard across the face. My head snapped to the side and star bursts exploded in front of my eyes. All I remembered before passing out from that harsh blow was his weight climbing off my body and hearing an engine start a little while later. Then I passed out wanted very much to have ridden home with my boyfriend.

* * * * *

Drawn out of my recollection of the horrifying events by a small creak from above me, it was like my senses heightened making my skin feel the dampness of what I could only think to call a basement. I could hear every creak and movement of whoever was at that moment coming down the old creaky stairs. My fear made me sensitive to every detail that my eyes couldn't see.

I knew the second the person's feet landed with a soft tread onto the dirt floor of the room. Every footstep coming closer echoed in my ears as though the shoes were great heavy things stomping on a concrete floor, when actually soft steps glided across the soft packed dirt. I huddled closer into the concrete walls of my little corner that I had been tucked into when I woke up. I tucked my cheek against the cold concrete and let out a small whimper. I wanted to scream or cry or curse but my throat ached from the abuse it had received from the kidnapper's huge arm. I curled into a tiny ball trying very hard to push myself right through those concrete walls, trying to blend in, trying to hide, anything.

I jerked away as a hand lightly touched my hair, smacking my face into the very wall I sought protection in. I whimpered and squirmed, waiting for the blows or the rape or both. My whole body feeling like one big nerve all focused on a hand that was lightly smoothing over my hair petting me while I heard a soft "shhhh" from above me. I jerked and twitched again as that hand moved down and pet my cheek softly. This hand didn't feel like the beefy, callused fingers of my abductor and though absurd I relax a little and the trembling running through my body calmed and slowed. I felt an arm slide behind my back and under my drawn up knees and felt myself being lifted from the safety of my corner. Regardless of the gentle touch I baulked and thrashed not wanting whatever came at the end of this trip.

I was rewarded by being dropped from the height of his arms onto the dirt floor which seemed not nearly so soft when hitting it with a fall. I landed on my hip causing me to cry out in a dry raspy noise. I felt tears come to my eyes and trap at the corners of my closed eyes by the duct tape. I lay there in a heap on the floor waiting for more pain to come.

I twitched as I felt something cool like metal press against my cheek and I felt the sharp edge of the blade press into my cheek but not cutting me. As panic rode my body I heard shuffling about as I felt my clothes being yanked at and pulled away from my body as the knife sawed through their material.

After some time of slicing every last article of clothing from my body, I shivered from the cold and really began to terror at what came next. My nipples stood out hard from the cold and goose bumps broke out all over my naked body while I felt damp from the sweat of absolute terror.

One of those soft hands wrapped around my ankle bending my knees and scooting my heels to my butt. That soft hand then achingly slowly slid up my calf to my knees where a little pressure pushed my legs wide apart. As the air hit my naked pussy I whimpered again and felt things tighten down low. I didn't mean to get excited but the air on such a sensitive area was compelling even if I was terrified.

Before I could think much of it, that soft hand slid down from one of my knees down my thigh and resting for a moment on my lower pelvis bone when reaching the end of my thigh. After that brief moment, that hand slid its fingers lightly from my pelvis up my stomach and just to the bottom of the mound of one of my breasts. Those fingers traced slow circles all around my breast keeping just to the edges. My already hard nipples began to ache and my thigh muscles clenched while my cheeks blushed pink from anger and embarrassment at being aroused by this violation. While I let out a pitiful little whimper the touch of those fingers on my breast disappeared suddenly. Then suddenly, I felt a sharp twist on my nipple causing me to cry out without thinking and regretting it as my throat ached fiercely.

While the pain from that sharp twist still lingered on my hardened nipple, I felt soft, wet lips land with a gentle kiss on the abused nipple. Those lips wrapped around my nipple covering it in the wet heat of my assailant's mouth. A small moan escaped from my lips followed by a cry as a tongue flicked from the hot mouth pushing briefly at my nipple. My cheeks heated red and my thighs closed rubbing together as I squirmed. I felt his arm stretch out along my body before that hand laid its strong fingers on my thigh pushing it down and away from the other thigh and sliding down to rest between my thighs cupping my mound. Before I could enjoy the sensation or hate myself for enjoying it, I felt a sharp pain as teeth tightened around my hard wet nipple. The teeth clenched tightly around my nipple, nothing like the gentle nibbles my boyfriend Tommy had taught me to enjoy. I threw my head back arching my neck and back crying with a louder but still thick and raspy voice. But just as I thought I would soon die from the hurt, it stop while the large middle finger of that soft hand slid into my dripping pussy. The raspy cry was replaced by a low moan as that finger slid in and out smoothly in my wet cunt. The movement was achingly slow and that finger twisted and turned sliding along all the walls of my pussy. My breathing became ragged and panting as I tried to thrust my hips up to make the movement faster, as I tried to masturbate on that thick finger that only kept its slow, slow progression in and out of my body. I realized what I was doing all too late and with great difficulty forced my hips still and turned my head away from my captor to hide my blushing shame. That finger pulled out and away from my body and the weight beside me shifted as the man stood up. I let out a pleading cry ...pleading, wanting that touch back despite it being a violation.

As the man moved away from the side of my body the air he had been blocking slid over me and with the heat from his body no longer near I shook and shivered while my nipples became hard enough to cut glass. The bitten one ached and pained as it hardened, which to my distress only made my pussy tighten and get wetter.

I felt a weight between my spread legs and felt the soft cotton of boxers slide down my legs as my captor positioned himself between my legs. I felt the tip of a thick head touch just the outside of my pussy. I whimpered this time in fear and tried to scoot away, this was not something I wanted whether my unruly body responded or not. Before my scootings could gain me anything, I felt two strong hands grip my hips firmly holding me from my useless attempt to escape. I cried out in pure fear just before that thick head thrust into me with an easy glide from my wetness. It wasn't a soft or gentle working the length into my tight pussy. It was a thrust, a hard push. A split second and that thick cock was buried in my wet pussy.

I had never had sex this rough and my tight, tight pussy wasn't ready for the assailing and it pained me but that pain turned into an ache of desire. I baulked at the feeling of wanting that hard cock to keep slamming into my tight pussy.

Before I could consider this or voice a complaint, that length started to slowly slide out of me rubbing and dragging against my pussy walls. My breath caught and hissed out as he used my hips to pull me forward and slam his cock harder into me. This time there was no pause or halting once his head hit the very back of my cunt. No, that thick cock just slammed fiercely into me and then dragged itself out over and over again. I couldn't think, not of my rape, not of my needing to break free, nothing but the harsh thrusting going on between my legs.

Just as my thoughts started to collect and my bucking became a real attempt to break free a hand released one hip and flew through the air down to my pussy where fingers gently pinched my clit. I froze and let out a loud scream regardless of my aching throat as the walls of my pussy convulsed and rippled and my juices poured out down my ass crack and onto that still thrusting cock. I lay a lump of jello lacking any bones in my body after that mind blowing orgasm and just as I felt that cock twitched and had time to realize the man was going to cum, fingers gripped the tape and quickly ripped it away from my eyes leaving an ache all around on my forehead, cheeks, and eyes. I blinked at even the dim light that assailed my eyes. Just as I felt my captor collapse his body onto mine and felt wet streams hit the very back off my pussy with one last thrust from that cock deep into me, I looked up to see Tommy's blue eyes staring glazed from orgasm.

The weight of his body pressed his chest heavy against my breasts flattening them, all the while his cock twitched and spasmed inside my already soaking pussy. The orgasm calmed and Tommy breathed in a few ragged breaths before pushing up, holding up his body with his arms, looking down at me. Balancing on one arm, his other hand came to pet my hair back from my face and behind my ear.

"Was it what you wanted?"

"Yes, oh yes Tommy. That was just exactly what I dreamed about. Thank you. And thanks to your uncle for helping and the van.

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