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It all started very innocently one night when we were sitting down and watching TV. We had gone out to dinner with friends the night before and we began to talk about events of from the dinner. Adrienne and Joe, our dining friends had been discussing the difficulty of dealing with their 18 year old son Ed. Ed was mildly retarded, and had needed extra attention his whole life. He functioned pretty well and could even drive a car, but he had always been a difficult child. The problem is that he was now tall and strong and they were having all kinds of problems with his behavior.

He was even getting aggressive and violent and had threatened both of them. Joe mentioned he was not even sure he could still control him.

I then brought up what a weird feeling and realization it was for me growing up to one day realize I was stronger than my dad…you always think of him as being the powerful one in the house, and one day I realized it was me.

That’s when Sharon surprised me….for the first time that night. She said that although my analogy was interesting it did not really apply since in our house I was never the strongest. I laughed of course, and said that was a nice idea if she wanted to believe that, but really there was no argument about it. That’s when she surprised me for the second time…and as you can tell it was only one of many interesting surprises that were to follow.

“Fine” Sharon said, “Let’s settle this later then when we go to bed. We can sort out once and for all who is in charge.” Laughingly I agreed and said “OK …if that’s what you really want…go for it” I did not give it much thought after that and assumed she had forgotten. Eventually our show finished, and as I messed around the kitchen for a few minutes Sharon went off to bed – or so I thought.

When I made it to the bedroom another surprise awaited me. Sharon had moved the bed to the side of the room and cleared a big space by moving some of the other furniture. She stood in the center of this space wearing a pair of high heels and a thong with her hands on her hips and said to me “So? You ready?”

“You’ve got to be joking I replied. I can’t believe you are serious about this. Firstly there is no doubt here about who would win, and secondly I don’t think you even know what you are doing. I mean who thinks about fighting in high heels…give me a break.”

“Oh don’t worry honey,” she replied with a voice dripping in sarcasm “I plan to show you lots of things tonight but wrestling around in high heels though is not one of them. However now that you mention my shoes and feet maybe if you are really well behaved I will let you kiss my newly pedicured feet and maybe even jack you off with them if you are very lucky.”

“Yea right” I sneered back maybe some other time when I allow you but tonight it is not going to happen. I am heading to bed.”

“What? You‘re chicken now? Worried I am going to show you up? Worried I am going to prove my point?” Sharon said.

“Not really” I answered “I don’t have to prove anything and be careful you don’t start something you regret. You know I have a long memory and I won’t let you forget this.”

“I am counting on it!” She replied. “Now strip down to your underwear and let’s get going!”

I had enough of her teasing, and interestingly was feeling strangely aroused excited at the same time. I figured that the worst that could happen was that we would roll around for a couple of minutes and then enjoy some good sex. Sharon certainly seemed in the mood tonight.

I stripped down to my briefs and said “Fine. I’m ready. Now what?”

Sharon said nothing, but instead kicked off her high heels and tossed her hair back, and slowly began to walk towards me with a strange gleam in her eyes. I waited to see what would happen next, not really worried about the final outcome. As she got closer and closer I began to feel a familiar stirring in my pants and knew that my dick was getting hard as I thought about the sex to come. Finally Sharon reached me, and stood in front of me with her hands on her hips, and smiled. She was almost the same height as me even without her heels, and for the first time I began to wonder if I was in for more of a struggle than I had originally counted on. I was still thinking about the possibilities when she suddenly reached out and slapped my face. Momentarily surprised I stood for a minute and then reached out to grab her hands. However she was too quick for me and by the time I realized what was happening she had wrapped one of her long legs behind mine and pushed me to the floor.

I immediately tried to roll away and get up again but Sharon was too quick for me. As I rolled onto my hands and knees she was already behind me and I felt her weight on my back as she pushed me onto my stomach and onto the floor.

I flailed around with my arms and legs trying to dislodge her but it was too late. I could not reach her and with all her weight on my back.

“Get the fuck off me I was not ready.” I said.

“Tough shit” Sharon said. “I warned you about what was about to happen and what more did you want? Gee you are supposed to be the big strong man why don’t you do something about it.?”

I squirmed around desperately and was even more embarrassed when Sharon reached between my legs from behind and grabbed my now definitely hard cock. “Oooooooo….I think someone is getting quite excited by the thought of being shown up by his wife. Mmmmm….that’s what I like a nice hard cock. Too bad he might not get any relief tonight. Maybe if you behave and do as you are told and don’t challenge me again…..if not……..” Sharon left me wondering exactly what she had in store for me.

Finally I managed to clear some room and tried to roll away but all I succeeded in doing was rolling onto my back, and instead of being free I found myself on my back with Sharon straddling me. Before I could do anything about it she slid up my chest and put her knees and her weight on my shoulders. I was helpless. The good news was that I felt her wet pussy right through her thong and realized that she was just as aroused as I was. But that was about the only good news at that time.

Sharon leaned over my face, pinching and squeezing her breast and nipples. “Mmmmmmm…..wouldn’t you like to get your hands and mouth on these pussy boy” she said as I watched them grow harder and harder. She was right I ached to suck on them but I was not about to admit anything. Besides which I was just completely intoxicated by the thought that I was totally helpless and out of control and was having my ass kicked by my wife. My dick was so hard right now I was almost ready to beg for relief. The next thing I knew she had pulled aside her thong…and was playing with her pussy, rubbing her clit and sticking her fingers inside. “Mmmmmmm…” she said. I am getting so hot thinking about your tongue deep inside me licking and sucking and pressing against my clit. I can’t wait to come all over your face bitch.”

“Fuck you” I replied, “I am never going to stick my tongue inside you. Now get off me and fuck me hard the way I like it.” I am going to shoot my come deep inside that pussy of yours.” I had barely gotten the words out my mouth when she slapped me again, and slid up my chest and hovered over my face.

“I see you have not learned your lesson yet” Sharon said “I am going to show you exactly who the bitch in this house is you wimp. How humiliating for you. You fight like a girl so I am going to treat you like one,” and with that she slammed her pussy down on my face and started to grind back and forth. She grabbed my head and pinned it between her strong thighs, and I was forced to lick and suck and stick my tongue deep inside her. I was trying to beg her to stop and was ready to promise anything, but every time I tried to get a couple of words out she just laughed and told me to shut up and keep going. I felt he body start to get rigid and she began to moan as she got closer and closer to coming. I licked and sucked like crazy. I was so turned on I wanted to feel her orgasm and still hoped that I was in for a great one as well. She moaned louder and louder, and I felt her reach back with one hand as she stopped playing with her nipples and she began to stroke and squeeze my cock with the lightest of touches. I thought I would explode right there and I begged her to fuck me, but the only effect it seemed to have was that she just told me to shut the fuck up and keep licking.. She moaned louder and louder and I felt the orgasm begin to work its way through her body. She relaxed for just a second, and leaned further and further back and squeezed my cock harder and harder.

By this time we were both in a frenzy and I seized my opportunity. I managed to free one of my arms as she leaned a little too far back and her weight lifted for a moment. I reached up and grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her off to the side.

“You bitch. What the fuck are you up to? Leave my hair you do fight like a girl” but it was too late. I had rolled away and was determined to take my turn. I had enough humiliation for one night and she really needed to be taught a good lesson. I rolled on top of her and roughly spread her legs. I t was her turn to struggle, but by then I had her arms pinned and my cock was already deep inside her. “You cunt. Don’t you ever try that again!” I said as I slammed my cock inside her. “You need a good fucking now and you are going to feel my come deep inside you.”

I began to slam my cock into her, until my balls were slapping against her ass. I felt her legs spread wider and wider, and she bent her knees and put her ankles on my shoulder so I began to fuck her deeper and deeper and harder and harder. All I cared about was the incredible orgasm I had been building up to all night. As it got closer and closer and Sharon began to moan I freed one of her arms and slapped her face. “Mmmmmm I moaned, how does it feel to be on the receiving end you little slut? Now it is your turn.”

I was so close and thought I was in total control when I realized her ankles were now wrapped around my neck and it was me who was in her grip.”

“You pussy” she screamed “even flat on my back I am still in charge. Now suck my toes while you fuck me. Do it!!!”

She moved one of her legs and stuck her toes in my face, and I realized I had no choice and began to lick and suck as my orgasm built and built. I could see how turned on she was and it was the most unbelievable feeling. I was turned on and humiliated and embarrassed and aroused all at the same time.

“Mmmmmm ….” I moaned, louder and louder. “I am about to come. I was right on the edge when all of a sudden she reached up and slapped me again and said “Bitch! I did not say you could come yet and definitely not in my pussy! A pansy ass like you does not deserve that privilege” Before I knew it she had wrapped her legs around my neck again and rolled me onto my side. Immediately Sharon stood up and grabbed me by the hair and I was too surprised to resist.

She sat on the side of the bed and left me sitting on the floor facing away from her. Once again I felt her strong legs wrapped around me as she forced the back of my head onto her pussy.

“I told you that I was in charge and how you would come tonight” she screamed as she rubbed herself against the back of my head. I felt her body shake and shudder again as she had another orgasm and I felt her wet pussy grinding against me.”

“Please! Please!” I begged. “I want to come so badly. “Please let me come and I will never challenge you again.” It was crazy. Here I was begging my wife for relief and coming to the realization that I had been completely overpowered and yet I don’t think I had been more aroused in my entire life.

Just when I thought I could not take it anymore, she loosened her grip slightly and took my cock between her feet and toes.”

“I told you I might let you come pussy and since you now know who is in charge here I will keep my promise.”

She squeezed my cock between her feet one last time and I don’t think I have come harder. I moaned with pleasure as I shot my come all over her feet and onto my stomach. It was the most unbelievable orgasm I had ever experienced. Waves of pleasure rolled thought me. Finally it came to an end, and I lay there exhausted and spent. I thought my humiliation was complete, but there was more to come.

Sharon stood up as I dropped to the floor, and in triumph she straddled me, forcing me to look up at her and the pussy I had wanted to some inside so badly. She grinned and said “I don’t think there is any doubt now about who is stronger in this house” and then took one of her legs and put it on my chest and held me down. “Is there any doubt? Sharon asked.

I mumbled “No. You are definitely tougher than me” as I hoped this was the end of things. Instead she slowly moved her foot up my chest until it was close to my mouth. “Now lick me clean she said. You are the girl in this house and you need to get used to the taste of come”

To be continued…..maybe

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