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This is based on true events, which started a new lifestyle for my wife and I. Two years ago I saw something that changed the way I feel about my wife. Dana does not know I saw this and she has never spoken to me about it nor have I to her. We are both in our mid 30’s, fit and attractive. We married 13 years ago and have 2 wonderful children. Dana teaches third grade and I work as a supervisor for a manufacturing company. Dana is a brunette with green eyes 5’7” 130 lbs, 36d breast and very hot.

We have always been social and have had fun with family and friends but that fun turned to something different one night a few years ago.

It started with a superbowl party, some friends at our house and the kids at grandmas, a perfect night for drinks and a game. Two couples and three of my friends from work, one of who is a large black man, which I have known for 6 years now.

We ate well and drank well during the game having lots of laughs along the way, people flirting with one another all in innocent fun. The night wore on as some of us we became very drunk including myself.

We invited everyone to stay over the night if they could not drive with only one taking the invitation, my black friend Andrew.

After everyone left except him, Dana got the three of us more drinks and chips. As we chatted a little while longer I could no longer stay awake. I told them goodnight and went upstairs to bed. I pretty much passed out across the bed in a deep sleep only to awaken shortly after having a raging piss hard on. I made my way to the bathroom, relieved myself and started to walk downstairs to see where Dana was. It was pitch dark as I walked slowly through the living room. I stopped for a moment only to hear some scuffling coming from our den. I made my way to the den only to find the door closed, I did not open it and to this day I do not know why.

I then ran out the back door to the patio and through the bushes to the den window noticing there was a lamp on. The window was cracked open with the blinds pulled up a few inches. I peeped through the window and was shocked frozen when I saw Dana and Andrew on the sofa. Dana was trying to get up while pushing Andrew away. He was trying to kiss her.

“No, Stop.” She said trying to be quite.

“Come on baby this will be good.”

“I can’t, No.”

I could not say or do anything, I don’t know why but I just watched as Andrew slid his black hand under her skirt up my wife’s thigh. Dana continued to resist but Andrew became more forceful and had managed to work her tits from her blouse and was sucking her nipples while he worked his black hand between her legs.

I then noticed I had the biggest hard on I have ever had, my heart was pounding, I was confused, and all I could do was watch.

Andrew then pulled out his cock, which literally flopped out. He placed Dana’s hand between his leg and made her grab it. I watched as her milky white hand wrapped around the thickest blackest shaft I have ever seen. He then put his mouth to hers and kissed her deeply, She tried to turn her head but he held the kiss tight. He was now working her cunt with his hand. I watched as her hips rotated slightly still trying to push him away and telling him to stop. He pulled her skirt up over her hips now and I could see he had pulled her panties to the side, his black fingers had made there way inside Dana’s cunt. His fingers seemed to be wet.

All of the sudden he placed one of his powerful hands behind Dana’s head and pushed her to his lap. He held her head with on hand and his big black cock with another, Andrew placed the head of his huge black cock to her lips.

Whimpering, Dana said “No I can’t, no stop”

“Oh you gonna love this baby.” Andrew deep voice was powerful.

I watched as He pushed her head down over his black cock, Dana’s mouth hesitantly opening to accept this big black meat. He started stroking his cock in her mouth pushing her head up and down over the head, sliding down the black shaft. She pulled her mouth off and I could see his black cock shining from Dana’s wet mouth.

Andrew then threw Dana on her back ripping her panties off throwing them to the floor. He opened her legs wide as she pleaded with him.

“No, don’t go that far, please don’t.”

“ You don’t want to suck it then you gonna get fucked.”

Quietly Dana whimpered, ”ok ok please don’t do that I’ll suck you please stop and I’ll suck you.”

I could tell she didn’t want me to hear what was going on; she was trying to take care of it herself. But I knew Andrew was going to have her any second now he would be fucking my wife with the biggest cock she had ever had or seen. My eyes were glued to her face and cunt as I watched in total shock and could not move.

Andrews big black body moved in between Dana’s white legs pressing her into the sofa, her legs in the air spread wide as he placed the massive head of his black cock to her cunt rubbing up and down her slit.

Dana’s head was slowly moving from side to side with her white hands on his chest trying to push him back.

Pleading, Dana whimpered, “No No No stop now please, we can do something else, you’re to big stop.”

“Oh you gonna get it baby.”

Dana begged and pleaded, ”No Andrew please no please don’t do this please NO!.”

Andrew forcing himself on her,” Fuck no, you didn’t want to suck this black thang then you goin to get it inside you baby.” as he rubbed it up over her clit he said, “Don’t worry baby you are going to love this black snake and be beggin for more later on.”

I watched shocked as Andrew started to penetrate my wife. She threw her head back Gasping, “Noooooo Noooooo Ohhhh Goddd No No Please No Stop Noo Ohhhh Gaaawwwdddd noooo!!!” Her voice louder than it was a few minutes earlier.

I thought, oh my god what should I do, but I knew I could do nothing and my confusing arousal by this act on my wife had my cock rock hard.

“ohhh gawwwd” she gasped as the sounds from her mouth got softer and lower.

“That’s it baby that’s it yeah take it baby.” Andrew spoke softer.

Dana continued Gasping and whimpering, “No no oh god no oh nooooo.”

I could see Dana’s cunt spread out wide as Andrew’s cock slid halfway in and out I could see his cock glistening from the lamp light with her cunt juices covering it.

Andrew warned Dana, “Get ready baby I fixing to drive deep, goin all the way in baby.”

Dana’s hands still on his chest but not resisting as much as Andrew pulled almost all the way out of her and then drove his massive black cock deep in her till his huge black balls rested on her asshole. Her legs wide in the air her toes curled up as he slammed her ass in the sofa cushions.

At that moment, as Andrew plowed deep in her, Dana threw her head back violently moaning and gasping louder.

“Ohhh Gaaawwdddd Ohhhh Gaaawwddd!!!!!”

I watched almost in amazement as his massive black cock disappeared in my wife’s cunt.

I could not believe this was really happening but it was and I could not go back in time now.

Andrew then started to pound Dana’s cunt hard driving her ass into the sofa, his cock had her cunt so spread out. I could hear the wet noises coming from Dana’s cunt as Andrew destroyed my wife’s cunt to where, as I know now have never felt the same. As he continued to fuck the hell out of her, I noticed her hands had moved to his ass cheeks. It looked very erotic how her white hands grasped at his ass pulling on him.

Andrew was talking to her now, “Oh fuck baby that pussy is good, damn you wet”

Dana was moaning, “ Ohhh goddd ohhhhh godddd.”

Andrew spoke softly to her, “That feel good baby, you like that.”

“Yessss ohhh yesss” moaning, “Ohhh yessss oh yes yes yes.”

Andrew asked “you know what you are now baby.”

“ Oh ohhh god, what.”

“You a black cock hoe now baby.”

“ No ohh no oh god no…. goddd oh godd I love it oh god it feels good.”

I could not believe now what I was hearing. My beautiful loving wife, the mother of my children was on her back under this huge black man getting the hell fucked out of her and she was now telling him how good it was.

Andrew was fucking her harder now as his big black balls bounced off of her white ass. Dana started to moan louder and louder, I could tell she was fixing to climax. Her hips raised off the sofa, she pushed her hips upwards hard into Andrew cock and pelvis.

Andrew told her, “ tell me how you love this black cock baby.”

Dana moaned and whimpered, “Oh god baby oh god yes I love your black cock yes yes baby yes.”

“That cock big to ya baby?”

“Oh god you are huge oh you feel so good deep in me, oh yessss baby…. I’ve never been fucked like this before.”


Andrew started grunting and driving hard into Dana, I knew he was fixing to cum. Dana grabbed his ass and held him in her.

“Oh fuck oh fuck damn baby I’ME CUMMING AAAHHHHHHH”

I watched as Andrew came in my wife’s cunt then he slowly thrust in and out of her. I saw his white cum oozing out of Dana now and on his shaft. It ran down over Dana’s asshole as they slowly stopped fucking.

Dana and I have never spoken of that night, I did not want Dana to know I saw this event and did nothing to rescue her as she was being forced into sex. I pushed and pushed to see her with another man, she finally gave in and we started that lifestyle last year and a lot has came from that in which I will tell you all these stories as time goes on.
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