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Let me begin by saying that I am 32 years old, and in reasonable shape for being out of my prime. I work out on a daily basis, play softball, ride quads, and basically am always active. I am 6'2" tall and weigh around 220 lbs. I have dirt blonde hair green eyes, and a muscular build.

My best friend on the other hand is small in comparison to me, and has been married to the biggest bitch I have ever known. Curtis got married several years ago to this girl he dated when we were in our early 20's. At the time they started seeing each other Erica was 17 and his sister's best friend. Imagine how that happens? Erica has been a bitch since the day I met here, and always felt threatened by my presence. She would not allow Curtis to go do anything with me alone, and always had to make her presence known to me.

Erica may be a bitch, but she is hot. Erica stands about 5' tall if she is lucky and probably weighs 95 lbs. soaking wet, but her tits, and ass are very well proportioned compared to the rest of her body. Erica knows she is hot and flaunts it any time she is around men; rather her husband is there or not. I would say she is even a tease, and enjoys making her husband jealous.

The day I am about to tell you about was the most spontaneous, spur of the moment thing that has ever happened in my life. I lost a life long friend over it, but created a better wife for him out of it. Erica will never treat Curtis the same again, and will probably be a great wife for him now. Curtis on the other hand will never talk to me again, even though he enjoyed this day as much as she did.

The day began like any other and the plan was for Curtis and I to head to the lake alone for fishing, and beer drinking. I was to pick him up at 5 AM, and we were to have the boat in the water no later than 6 AM so we could get the morning bites. When I arrived at his house there was no lights on yet, and I assumed he was still in bed sleeping. I knocked lightly once, and got no answer. So, I knocked a little harder and this time I heard movement. It was Erica who answered the door, wearing a T shirt and for all I knew at that time nothing else. The T shirt was long enough to cover her treasure, but light enough to see her hard nipples protruding through the material.

"Chris, what the fuck do you want this early in the morning?" Erica asked as her eyes began to adjust to me standing in her door way.

"Do you always have to be a bitch?" I asked.

"Only when it concerns you!" She spat back quickly.

"Curtis and I are supposed to be going fishing this morning." I told her.

"Well I do not know where you got that idea, but Curtis is helping me today. So why don't you just go the fuck home, and call later when he wakes up?" She stated matter of fact-ly.

I was getting pissed now, and doing everything I could do to hold my tongue, as I did not want Curtis to get mad at me again for talking badly to his wife, like he had on so many other occasions. I kind of pushed my way passed her into the house, and told her to just calm the fuck down and go wake up Curtis so we could work this out. Erica did not even bother to shut the door; she just whipped around real quickly and pushed me down onto the couch with all of her might. I kind of sat down, as she had got me off guard and listened in for her sarcasm to start.

"Listen you stupid FUCKER, I hate you and everything about you, do not come into my house and tell me what to do. I am not going to wake up Curtis, and you are not going fishing with him, so leave now or I will call the police." She said.

Now I was really pissed, I stood up really quickly and grabbed her by the arms. I sat back down and pulled her over my knee.

"What the fuck are you doing?" She yelled.

"Something someone should have done 15 years ago. I am going to whip your ass, until you realize you do not treat people the way you do." I told her.

I pulled up Erica's night shirt to discover my initial thought was correct she was not wearing any panties, and the sight of her tight firm little ass and her pussy lips peaking out from between her thighs got my cock stirring almost immediately. My agenda was not to admire her body, but to whip that ass. When the opportunity presented itself to me though, I could not help but to admire her nice petite little body.

"CURTIS, HELP!" Erica yelled as the first slap landed square on her tight little ass.





Erica's ass was turning a bright red now, and she was screaming loudly, but still no sign of Curtis. I was at the point now, and so full of rage that Curtis showing up would not have stopped me from doing what I was going to do to his beautiful little bitch of a wife.




Erica had quit screaming now, and was just crying begging for me to stop. I stopped for a second and could not help but to rub her red little ass with my big hands. Erica was sobbing non stop, and slowly spread her legs as I continued to rub her ass. I noticed dew on her outer lips of her shaven pussy, and realized she was turned on. I did not know if it was from the spanking which she was crying profusely over or the feel of my raging hard cock below her hips as she lay across my lap. My eight inch cock had reached its full hardness when I had delivered the first smack to her naked ass, and had only swelled, and grown since that initial whack.

I continued to rub Erica's ass and watched as her legs continued to spread a little more. Her pussy was now beginning to swell and open up a little, and I could see that she was definitely very wet. I rubbed down into the inside of her thighs and slowly raised my hand until my fingers were in contact with her wetness.

"What the FUCK, you perverted bastard!" She yelled.

"Shut the fuck up, are you ever gonna learn?" I asked





Crying again, and now opening her legs even further I swiftly sank a finger knuckle deep into her tight little pussy. I could not believe how wet and tight she was. I had sex with one virgin in my life, but Erica was by far tighter than her. Erica moaned and then struggled to get away from me. I threw her over onto the couch and then straddled her waist so she could not get away.

This is when Erica made the worse mistake of the morning. She punched me square in the jaw, and then tried to get away again. I grabbed her very roughly this time and threw her back onto the couch on her stomach.

"Listen you stupid little bitch, I am not playing anymore. You are in this situation because you refuse to be nice. You are wetter than hell right now, so I am beginning to think you are enjoying your spanking. Is that true Erica? Do you enjoy being spanked? Or was it the feel of my big hard cock against you that got you so wet?"

No answer just laying there crying into the couch with her cute little ass pointed straight up into the air. At this point I heard something behind me, and turned around to see Curtis staring at us. His wife was lying on her stomach across the couch with her cute little ass in the air. I looked at him for some kind of response and got nothing except a blank stare. This is when I began the administration of her punishment again.





"You like that you little snot?"

"No you fucker, I like the fact that I have gotten you so hard, and you can do nothing about it." And she began to laugh.

I looked back at Curtis again, and he only nodded his head at me. He had heard her say it with his own ears, and I think it was that statement right there that made him realize how bad his wife deserved what she was getting.




"How is that big hard cock doing now you stupid fucker?" She cried out over her shoulder.

"You want to find out? I will show you if you say one more thing."

"FUCK YOU COCK SUCKER!" she yelled.

Erica was in complete shock when I threw my shorts off right by her head and then swung my legs back around her upper legs. I was now resting my hard 8" cock right in the cleft of her ass cheeks.

"What the fuck are you doing? Now you are going to rape me? Not only have you physically assaulted me, but now you are going to rape me?" She asked kind of with a since of terror in her voice.

I slid a finger into her tightness again from behind and said, "You can't rape the willing, you are so hot for my cock right now that your juices are running down you legs. I am going to fuck you like you want to be fucked, and then I am going to spank your ass again until you want to be fucked again. Then I am going to tell Curtis what a cock hungry bitch you are, and how he should spank your ass." I stated to her in her ear.

"MMMMM!", is all she said as I continued to slide my finger in and out of tight little pussy.

I looked at Curtis again, and noticed he had tears running down his cheeks, but once again he just nodded his head at me.

I slid my cock into her from behind, and only got the head in, because she was so fucking tight.

"OH FUCK, IT IS TOO BIG" She said as I stopped and waited for her to adjust to my girth.

"Shut the fuck up and take it all you stupid little cock tease."

"Get the FUCK... UHHHHMMMMFFFF" she said as I slammed all eight inches into her in one strong deep thrust.

"OH MY FUCKING GOD, it is so FUCKING BIG!" She yelled.

"OUCH, OUCH, Take it out, I promise to be nice."

"To fucking late for that, now enjoy it because I am going to fuck you rather you like it or not."

I pulled my cock almost all the way back out before slamming it all the way back in again. I could feel Erica's juices sloshing around the base of my cock, and soon found her to be loosening up and allowing me easier access. She soon began to moan in pleasure instead of pain, and soon I was sliding in and out of her needy cunt in long, slow, deep thrusts.

"OH GOD, YES, That's it .. IT FEELS SO GOOD NOW. I never knew.. UMMMFHH!"

"Yeah, you like that don't you? Are you a cock hungry little slut?" I asked

"Yes, I am whatever you want, just don't stop. OH FUCK Chris, it feels so good. I never knew it could feel like this. OH FUCK, I AM GOING TO CUM!..."

"YES, OH YES, Please don't stop fuck me faster. OH FUCK I AM CUMMING!"


As Erica came all over my cock I looked over at Curtis and he had tears just streaming down his face now. I stopped pumping with the look in his eye, but he just stared at my cock sitting between his wife's spread pussy lips.

"Don't' stop, Keep fucking me with that big cock. I will do whatever you want just keep fucking me please."

And I did, I fucked Erica with long, deep thrusts until she came all over my cock a second time, and then I pulled her up, and turned her around.

She was now standing face to face with her husband, and all noise in the house besides her heavy breathing was gone. The whole house was silent except for Erica's rasping breath.

"I am sorry baby. Can you forgive me? It feels so good though, I have never had a cock this big, and once it was in me I couldn't stop myself."

Curtis just stared at her. He looked over at me and nodded his head again. I then sat down and pulled Erica onto my cock in the sitting position.

"AHHHHH, FUCK." She moaned as she sank down onto my hard cock.

"Stop, Chris we can't do thi.... UMFFFH..s anymore." She moaned as I pulled her up and then let her fall back down onto my hard cock again.

"I am not stopping, if you want to get off then do so, but you are the one on top."

And she didn't move. She slowly slid herself all the way up to the tip of my cock, looked Curtis in the eyes, and then slid back down my length. Erica began a slow deep motion, fucking herself with my cock as she continued to stare into Curtis's eyes.

"OH FUCK, IT IS SOOOO BIIIG!" She moaned out loud.

Curtis watched as his wife continued to fuck herself faster and faster on my cock until she came all over my cock for a third time.


With the convulsions her body sprang into this time I knew I would not be able to contain myself.


But this did not happen. Erica slammed herself down onto my cock as hard and deep as she could and then began to rotate her hips. I shot off one of the biggest, thickest, hottest loads of cum I had ever shot deep into her tight little pussy.


"YES, shoot that hot cum into me."

"AHHHHH", and she came again as I unloaded about 8-9 strong blasts into her womb.

Not much was said between any of us, as I put my shorts back on and started walking towards the open door. Curtis just stared, and finally talked to Erica.

"Sit your fucking ass down on that couch and stay there, if you move I will divorce you today." He said as he followed me outside.

Curtis slammed the front door, and then explained to me what he was feeling. Curtis told me, best friend to best friend, that he had enjoyed watching me spank his brat wife. He also said that he thought I crossed a pretty sacred line when I got undressed, and began to fuck his wife. He was very upset, but could not find it in him-self to stop me when he knew she had asked for it, for years now. Curtis told me we would never have the same relationship again, and would appreciate it if I did not come over again until HE called and invited me.

I left that day, feeling terribly guilty, knowing I had taught his wife a lesson she would not soon forget. I also had a feeling she would be better to her husband and his friends in the future.

Erica and Curtis are still married, and Curtis is talking to me again. He has even gotten as far as to tell me that he was extremely turned on that morning watching his wife fuck my big cock. I have told Curtis that if he ever wants to see it again, he knows where I can be reached. I now wait patiently for another crack at that tight little bitch.
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