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Zahara stood holding the bamboo bars in her small slender hands. It had all happened so fast. In the span of one afternoon – her life and her family had been torn apart and completely changed. There was no hope. Nothing would ever be the same.

Zahara in Swahili meant “flower” and thus she had always been in her family. She was the baby child in a family of 15 children. They had always lived a peaceful, loving life in Western Africa. She was her father’s pride and joy and he had always doted upon her. She was 19 years old in the Western world and very old and past the time of marrying and bearing children in Africa.

But her father, the chief in their village, had denied her nothing and her wish had been to remain unmarried, chaste and always at her father’s side to help him and support him since her mother had died the year before. Now everything was over.

The raid had begun in the early morning. When the jungle was half falling asleep half walking up and the mist covered the ground – they had attacked. When the pale faced men overdressed and with too much facial hair had finished – her father, eldest brother and many more lay dead upon the ground. Zahara and her sisters had been thrust inside a handmade cage. The worst had yet to occur. The pale-faced men had also raided Zahara’s nearest neighbors and arch enemies for generations. They had also been enslaved and thrust inside the cage that was as large as three rooms.

Zahara looked around the cage and noted her sisters and the people from the other village. Her dark eyes took in the large form of Kumi. He was from the hated other village and Zahara had never liked him though they did have a strange and complicated history. He was tall and muscular with dark eyes that always seemed to be upon her when they had met in the mutual market at the edge of their villages. His name meant “forceful” and Zahara had always found that fitting.

Zahara was a beautiful woman and had always received looks and stares from the village men. Her skin was the color of dark honey and her eyes were like cocoa. Her eyes were wide spaced and innocent with a button nose and thick sensuous lips. As daughter of the chief - her hair was always braided and pulled up and back with small shells and beads decorating it. Because she had never married her hair was always to remain pulled back. Only married women were allowed to free their hair from constraints. When freed, Zahara’s hair was wild and frizzy and had the look of a lion’s mane.

She also noted that Kumi’s sisters and male cousins were enslaved also. And she noted that most of the men had bruises and were bleeding from their fight to save their village. What was to become of them, thought Zahara.

The fish belly men – as the Africans began to call the pale men – seemed intent on spending the night at the shore of their village and then begin a journey somewhere far. They had begun to pack up their many belongings and store it on a large vessel the likes of which Zahara had never seen.

That night the men drank much and began violating the women. For some reason they left Zahara alone but grabbed her sister and a cousin to Kumi. Zahara sank onto the floor of the cage as she heard cries and shrieks from her sister and the men laugh. She watched Kumi’s cousin being thrown upon the sandy beach floor and a fat fish belly kneel before her. One man held the girl’s wrists above her as yet another man ripped her clothes from her body. The man who had ripped her clothes silenced her mouth as he sank his cock into the soft orifice.

A fat man came to kneel before her. He stroked the young girl’s breasts and began pinching them hard. He laughed at his friend and smiled as the girl struggled. He undid his breeches and sank his cock inside the girl’s virgin pussy. She moaned in pain and tried to shake her head but the one man had slapped her.

“Ahhhhh,” the girl cried aloud as her hymen was broken cruelly and eventually passed out.

Zahara watched as another man took her sister and flung her face down upon the sand. He pushed her skirt up over her head as someone held her down then reached between her ass and plunged deep inside it. The other man had come all over her sister’s hair and face.

“Disgusting.” Zahara spoke her voice shaking.

Zahara looked away breathing harshly and her heart beating. The fire illuminated the entire scene and Zahara wanted no more. Kumi sank down on his haunches before her.

“Better to loose your virginity with me tonight, then with them.” He told her lowly so no one else would hear.

Zahara wanted to vomit at his words. “Never.” Her hair glistened in the dark with its light colored shells and maroon colored beads.

“So.” He smiled at her in the dark. His handsome face turning into a sneer. “The little high and mighty chief’s baby girl is still too good for me.”

“That’s not it at all, Kumi. I have never wanted you the way you wanted me.”

“Oh yes? I remember a summer day when you wanted much more from me.”

With that said, Zahara blushed in the dark and remembered the afternoon he spoke of. The summer before she had been a girl on the brink of womanhood and he had always lusted after her. He had come across her resting on a secluded sandy beach. She had been naked and wet and he couldn’t help himself – he had suddenly been between her thighs licking her until she had orgasmed.

Zahara and Kumi had always had a difficult relationship. They had grown up as small children but had played together secretly. Both of their mothers had allowed the friendship thinking nothing was wrong. Children – no matter the fact that their individual tribes hated each other – were innocent. But the fathers – would have been incensed and angry at the fact of their friendship.

Zahara – not to be outdone – had taken Kumi’s large cock into her small mouth. His hands had threaded into her hair as he initiated her into the joys of oral sex. He had climaxed half in her sweet mouth and lastly onto her face. She had jumped in surprise and went to wash it off in the ocean. When she returned to the shore, her brothers were holding Kumi and her father was in a rage. And so had ended their friendship.

He knew she was thinking of the same scene. “So you’ll take my cock in your mouth and nothing more? At least I should thank you.” Her breasts flattened his muscular chest as his mouth came upon hers. He had dreamed of her often. His village women were pretty and liked but none held the allure of Zahara. He had taken his cock many time in his hand and slid down the length of it thinking of her soft pussy. He had always wanted her.

“No, Kumi.” She cried out softly as his mouth took hers and her hands moved against his naked chest. She could feel the muscles move underneath her small hands and the feel of his mouth was too much.

He finally tore himself away pushing her from him. “Fine. Loose your precious virginity to these drunk barbarians. What do I care?” He stalked away from her going to the far corner of the cage leaving her alone and afraid. But that night, Zahara was left alone.

The next morning, the fish bellies began chaining the tribes together. They treated the Africans like animals. The cut and tore off all of the men, women and children’s clothing and threw buckets of cold water onto the people to cleanse them. Then they chained each person’s feet together, and then chained their hands together. Each person was chained to the person in front of them with minimal movement. A person could stride forward and hold someone else – but any other movement was not possible.

The ship was enormous and soon the Africans were led onto the deck and then began the descent into the belly of the ship. Zahara wondered when the women and men would be separated. She was behind her cousin but behind her was Kumi. They descended further and further into the belly of the ship until darkness reigned supreme and the stench of bodies and sweat was overwhelming.

She watched her row become chained to the ship’s floor and she cried out. “No! This isn’t right!” But the fish bellies paid her no mind.

She watched as men, women, and children were tied and chained together with no thought of privacy or sanctity.

She was chained behind her cousin and could feel Kumi chained behind her.

She could reach out and cup her cousins hips or shoulders but that was all. She could barely move her legs and the claustrophobic feeling threatened to drive her over the edge.

“Shhh, it’s ok.” Kumi held her hips in his strong arms to settle her down.

“Don’t touch me.” She cried out but she knew it was futile. The ship began rocking after what seemed like forever and the Africans began their journey toward America.

Many different dialects drifted past Zahara’s ears. It had not been just her village that had been attacked and violated. Kumi moved behind her and she could feel his hips, legs and chest.

“Zahara.” He breathed into her neck.

“Stop.” She tried to move away from him but his hands held her hips still.

“Move closer so I can feel your tits.” He told her quietly and she tried to jerk away from him.

“Kumi, stop it. I mean it.” His hands roamed down her hips, past her ass and to her upper thighs and then up her long back.

His hand threaded into her hair and he pulled her to him.

“No.” He growled at her and then bit into her neck. He was like an animal. Trying to hold onto anything – he had to dominate her. She had to give in to him - she had to.

She tried to break away just as his hands tried to touch her breasts and stomach as she half turned to him.

His cock had already been half awake at the nearness of her and suddenly it reared awake. He wanted to fuck her so hard and at the same time – wanted to hold her on the sandy beach and make love to her. Everything was over. Nothing in their lives would ever be the same. He had to hold onto her. He had to.

His cock was suddenly rock hard and wanting her. Kumi could hear many women sobbing at the loss of their homeland and children, some men were talking quietly – and even others he could hear grunting in the midst of sex.

He grabbed onto her hips and inserted a leg between hers. It was a rough gesture and she had little time to respond.

“Kumi.” She hissed at him but he ignored her.

His legs pressed hers apart from behind and his cock positioned behind her sank into her tight body tearing her hymen as he pulled out and then plunged into her again. He grunted at the exertion as Zahara tried in vain to pull away from him. He was large and thick and his cock stuffed her small pussy fully.

“No, Kumi, stop.” She tried to pull away from him – but his chains jerked her back and she was helpless as he raped her.

He grunted as his cock sank into her tight hole and he moved in and out of it. He grunted as the slickness of her desire began to ease the way.

Kumi heard other couples fucking in the darkness and he growled into her ear, “You’ve always been mine, Zahara. Always.”

Zahara cried out trying to pull away but his cock was deep inside her and she was forced to be jerked with his movements.

His chains moved quickly to cup her breasts and he pinched her nipples causing her to cry out.

“Oh,” he cried out as he pounded inside her tight little cunt. His hands grabbed her hips as he continued to pound until his hot sperm shot inside her small cunt.

He pulled out at last after his cream had filled her pussy.

Zahara tried to move away as far as she could but it wasn’t very far.


She jerked away. “My father would have killed you for what you just did to me.” She whispered over her right shoulder.

“Our father’s our dead, Zahara.” He told her quietly.

“Yes, better they are than to witness their children in chains and being violated.”

“If those barbarians rape you, at least they won’t have your virginity.”

“No, my blood stains you! And don’t pretend to have done this for me - you sick animal!”

Kumi was quiet for awhile until he spoke again. “I have heard the stories. They are taking us far away.”

Zahara said nothing.

“I will have you again, Zahara. And again and again until we get to this other place. And you can cry and beg and I’m still going to take you. At least you can try and enjoy it. You and I were always meant to be together. You were too proud to realize it.”

“How could I have ever thought you were a splendid man? You are disgusting – no better than these fish bellies who raped my sister and your cousin!”

Kumi could hear the moans and grunts of another couple and yet another women pleading to stop and his cock lengthened again. Her blood stained him and mingled with his cream and he wanted her again.

“Do you want me to take you up the ass? Or do you want my cock in your cunt?” He asked her quietly in her ear and she gasped and tried to pull away.

“Well?” He asked again. He was giving her the choice. If she didn’t answer – he would take her ass. If she did answer – she was admitting she wanted him.

Just as she was about to answer – her pussy creamed down her thighs at the thought of his large cock almost ripping her apart.

“My pussy.” She told him over her shoulder as his mouth took hers and his tongue invaded her small mouth.

His cock pressed into her cunt and it was creamy wet. His cream already inside her cunt was milking the way as was her arousal.

He gripped her hips tightly and his cock rammed inside her stuffing her fully. She pulled on her hand chains jerking her cousin awake.

Zahara cried out as his cock stuffed in and out of her pussy until she cried aloud and he grunted in response and his cream shot into her a second time.

The voyage passed slowly. Some days Zahara was so tired and depressed that Kumi would rape her just to exert some sort of control over her or just to feel. Other times Zahara would rub against him and beg him to take her. Other couples did the same thing and some women chained to other women would rub against each other’s hands and bodies for release.

They would take in the sun every so often but spent the majority of time down in the belly of the large ship. Some women attracted the eyes of the slave traders and were taken up on deck to satisfy the crew and captain but not Zahara. But for Zahara – the life of an American slave was just beginning.

Statutory Rape