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It started in August after she returned home for a few days before going back to college. She had spent the last two summer breaks with her Grandmother. She was able to do things at Grandma's that she couldn't do at home. She was 21 and the oldest of the four children and the only girl. Her brothers were Frank a year younger (a step brother) Dean two years younger (half brother) and Lee three years younger (half brother). She was older and often took charge. The boys didn't like her ordering them around.

The age and relationships caused problems; she didn't feel related to them. She felt special because she was the only child from her mother's first marriage. Frank like wise was from his Father's first marriage. She treated them and their friends as less then equals. They knew she could get anyone of them in trouble, so they plotted against her to get even.

Tab liked her private world where the boys couldn't bother her; they liked to disturb her world to upset her. This past summer while she enjoyed freedom, the boys were learning about girls at the local swimming pool. They knew girls had breast and groin areas that were exciting to touch. Tab didn't go unnoticed. Just because Tab was their sister, didn't mean she wasn't a girl. They never saw her naked, or in bra and panties. They often wondered what her mature body had to offer. Their friend Eric always told them, she had that hot look, the look of a girl who wanted to fuck. Her naked image was appearing more often when they jerked off, or in a wet dream. She was mean to them before going away, and real nasty to them and their friends after. She snubbed them, she was better then them.

The boys were friends with Jamie and Eric who were Tab's age, Eric said, if she had been around this summer they had plans to pull her pants off and put it to her when she came to the pool. Jamie said he and all the guys he knew wanted to get into her pants. He wondered if her pussy was hairy, they all laughed. Eric asked, if the boys knew? They didn't. "What! Eric retorted, then ask her if her pussy is hairy, and tell us what she says. I'd love to stick my dick in her. "I'll bet she's one hot fuck Eric added. This helped them decide how to get to her, she was a snob, teasing and taunting her by making remarks and grabbing at her private areas was the way to go. They didn't think of remarks or grabbing as anything but fun.

They were all home alone, during Thanksgiving break when Dean decided to grab Tab's ass, and ask her if she had a hairy beaver. Tab was walking past, when he grabbed her ass, and asked if she had a hairy beaver. Tab reacted by pushing him across the room, screaming that it was none of his business what she had. She jumped on him, hitting and biting him, leaving teeth marks. She was able to hurt him.

Now they would leave her alone, if they knew what was good for them, she thought?

How wrong she was, the boys were determine to get revenge. They planned to get the smart-ass snob early one morning when she was home during winter break. They would trip her, quickly pin her, and one of them would remove her pants. She didn't stand a chance with three of them against her. No other though was given beyond that The next few weeks were torment for the boys. They had to deal with the anxiety of knowing they had to wait until Winter break before getting a shot at her They were more aware of her hot body then ever before. Their level of excitement increased as every passing day brought them closer to winter break.

Tab awoke slowly, blinking her eyes. She sat up, yawning. It was early in the morning, her brothers were still sleeping, and her parents were at work. She was glad it was the start of Winter break, she enjoyed the peace and relaxation breaks provided.

She yawned again, and threw back the covers while swinging her legs over the side of the bed and stood up.

She made her way into the bathroom, thinking of the things she had to do today. She closed and locked the door behind her as she pulled her nightshirt over her shoulders, and hung it on a hook. She looked at herself in the mirror.

Her body was slender but not thin, her round firm breasts were somewhat large for her slender body. They sat high on her chest without the slightest bit of sag despite their size. Her buttocks were firm and round, her pubic hair lightly covered her mound and surrounded her pussy lips.

She though her body was rather beautiful. The though of someone seeing her like this was exciting in a way. Of course nobody ever saw her naked. She'd never gone all the way, the very idea was to mortifying.

She adjusted the shower to the right temperature, then stepped in and closed the shower Curtin.

She let the water pour over her, thinking about her hairdresser appointment early this morning, and what to do after. She thought she might go to the mall later.

The time and conditions necessary to advance the boy's objective were rapidly developing. The stage was set for Tab's hot premiere performance. The boy's would get a pleasurable opportunity to score, score, and score.

Tab was up early fortunately Lee was too. Frank and Dean were still in bed. She told Lee she would be gone about an hour; she put on her coat, got into her car and drove off. No one was home, and she was able to do what ever she chose.

Lee awoke the other two, and told them Tab left for an hour. O.K.! Frank said she just gave us an opportunity. "Were going to get our Dicks wet." "She puts out or we rape her." "Either way, Miss smart-ass Tab is getting fucked."

They were excited; this was the only way their plan would work. There were no risks if they stayed together and took control, her Pussy would become theirs.

Something was very different today, never before did talking about Tab make their dicks get so hard. Today they knew she would soon be naked, and ready to fuck. The relationship that Tab had with the boy's just changed, and Tab was about to find out, big time! What a blast when she realized that the three of them were against her. She or they never felt or acted like kin.

Tab always waited along time before she made up her mind. She was very intelligent, but lacked savvy. They needed to get her pants off quickly, before she could think to react.

"Don't give her a chance to know anything until it happens!" Frank ordered. Today she's going to get fucked, so grab her any way you want, this is our chance to put our Dicks into a 21-year-old co-eds Pussy.

They took up their positions; everyone was ready. Lee saw her drive up. She's here, he shouted. They held their breath, their hearts pounded, as they watched the door open. Tab came into the house; she stopped to hang up her coat. Her back was facing the boys. They looked her over (with great anticipation).

Looking her over as never before, they visualized her naked, they "noticed" for the first time ever what she wore. She looked good; she wore jeans, tight across her lovely ass and a sweater, that embraced her full tits (they wanted her naked).

She didn't say anything to them or even look at them. She was unaware of them as she started across the living room. She could feel something was unusual in the house, but didn't have a clue why, or why it was so quiet.

The boys watched her cross the room (visually stripping her). With every step she was getting closer to being tripped, and stripped.

She had just become an object of sexual fantasy, they all wanted to fuck her!

She reached the dining room doorway before she saw Dean; she had to get past Dean to get to her room. She stopped in front of him, unaware she was going down.

Dean could hear his heart pounding! "Move out of the way I need to get through" she told him. Catching his breath Dean responded, "show me your hairy beaver first." Before she could react, he pushed her backwards. She tripped over Lee, who was knelling behind her.

She fell to the floor landing on her back. The wind was knocked out of her.

Get her! It's pussy time! Frank hollered he jumped on her, pinning her arms to the floor. She was taken by surprise. She felt someone start to undo her belt and unzip her jeans. "What are you doing?" She shouted. She was helpless; panic seized her, as her jeans were unzipped. "Stop it, don't do that!" She shouted.

Her jeans were being pulled down over her hips she was unable to move. "Don't! Now stop it!" She was in a state of total shock, she was without words." Get off me"! Let me go! She pleaded.

Her jeans were coming down over her hips she could feel the cool air. Her panties were coming off with her jeans.

"She's wearing blue panties," Frank shouted as her jeans and panties were being pull down her thighs.

Her hairy pussy was exposed! PUSSY! Frank shouted, as they continued to remove her jeans and panties.

"Please don't!" She pleaded. She was mortified, no man or boy had ever seen her naked body. Now all eyes were glued to her patch of pubic hair. She wondered why they continued to take off her jeans. They saw what they were after, didn't they?

The boys were overcome with their success. Their dicks hardened, they were seeing her hairy mound and glistening slit for the first time. They knew they wouldn't stop here. And she would to very soon. Yeah, she looks real good.

"Sis, look what we found." We found a cunt, all hot and hairy "We need to spread your legs and take a look." "You ever have a cock in your cunt, Tab?" They talked as they pulled her jeans all the way off. She wasn't better then them now. (Yes, this would be a great day).

Tab didn't reply. Her face was flush with embarrassment She was unable to move, she wanted to run, but for some reason an invisible force was holding her, she was unable to defend her self or put up a fight. She closed her eyes, and turned her head aside. Tremors passed over her body as they spread her legs to check her pussy. Where would it stop?

She was in a stupor; hands were on her Pussy, all over her Pussy. Was she going to be penetrated? "Don't put your fingers in me" she pleaded, "I'm a virgin."

The boys studied her awesome cunt. Her plump pussy lips parted exposing her glistening pink slit. They had her right were they wanted her.

"Let's finger fuck her," Frank teased, "Let Lee do it his fingers are smaller." He chuckled.

The color drained from Tab's face. "Lee don't you dare touch me!" She said. "Now let me up. "I've been nice enough to let you see what you wanted." "Haven't I?" "You'll have to be a lot nicer," Frank replied. "We've wanted to see your cunt for a long time and now we're seeing it." "You have one fine cunt Tab." "I bet your cunt would love some action."

"Lee come here let's see your finger disappear in her cunt."

Tab tried to move, she was despite to get up.

Lee parted her cunt lips. "Lee! Tab shrieked, Tab's hips jerked, and her eyes opened wide! Lee's finger found its mark and slid into her Pussy. "Lee!" She shrieked. "You better stop it!" "Lee!" "Stop before you get in trouble!" "Lee!" "Stop it!" She begged, as he wiggled his finger inside her tight cunt. "Come on guys, she pleaded, this has gone far enough, let me up and I'll forget this ever happened."

"I want a turn," Dean said.

"All right, she replied loudly, if you promise to stop after you do it." "I'll let you and Frank take a turn, but only once, and only one finger." "Just make it quick, and we can forget this ever happened." "O.K.?"

Lee moved aside to let Frank have a turn. Frank palmed her Pussy, and let his finger slide slowly down her glistening slit and into her wet Pussy.

"O.K. that's enough." She said it's Dean's turn.

Dean pushed Frank aside. He put his hand over her Pussy, and slid his finger into her Pussy. He wiggled his finger inside her, while telling her how good it felt to have his finger in her Pussy. Much better then just grabbing her ass.

Tab for the first time felt threatened. She wondered if they were capable of fucking her. "We have a deal don't we?" She asked.

The boys laughed, "Do we?"

She knew she had made a mistake. They wanted more then finger fucking.

Dean spoke first, if grabbing your ass made you mad, what will sticking our Dicks in your Pussy do?

Her reply was instant and loud, "you better not, you'll be in serious trouble. "You hear me?"

"We hear," Dean replied. We're going to show you what your good for. Now, either you put out or we rape your ass. We already decided either way, we were going to fuck you. Tab hurriedly replied, "you must be crazy, you can't mean it?"

Frank said, "Yes we do mean it!" "Your better then we imagined, and your cherry." "We can do anything we want, even fuck you."

What do you say guys; we have a good piece of ass here all juiced up and ready to fuck. Do high school Senior's fuck college co-ed?" "Do brothers and sister unite?" "Come on let's finish what we started, she's been begging for it, so lets do it to her." "If she gets away without being fucked, we'll never get another chance." "I say she owes us a good fucking." "Should we really do Sis"? He continued "Yeah! Sis needs it!" Dean replied.

"Oh God!" "Your going to do it to me, aren't you?" She asked. She felt moist between her legs.

"Yeah let's fuck her!" "Why not?" "Looks good enough to fuck". "Let's find out how good it feels". "We've gone this far, let's do it to her". "She needs cock." "We need to fuck her." "Oldest first." "You and Lee watch my Dick do her Pussy."

She knew the boys had won; they were ready to take her the oldest first, the youngest last? She was all theirs; she knew with the three of them against her, she had been defeated.

Come on don't act like this, can't we get along and settle our problem? She asked. You can't do this; I'll make it up to you if you let me go, PLEASE!! I've never done it before she pleaded.

Dean answered: That's about to change, you owe us a good fucking, and were going to get what you owe us, after all you let us finger fuck you. "Right guys?" Tab didn't know what to say, the boys had her. You started it now we'll finish it, Frank added.

The sound of a zipper made her look for the source, she saw Frank removing his pants.

"What are you doing she asked?" Put your pants on! He slowly removed his underwear. Tab was amazed at the size of his penis. She never saw a hard cock before. She didn't know it could get so big and stiff. "You're not putting that in me!" She yelled.

Tab saw Lee and Dean knelling on each side of her legs, wide eyed, starring at her pussy. She was worried, "you guy's don't want to get in any trouble, do you?" she asked.

Frank couldn't wait any longer. He got between her parted legs. He pressed the hard head of his cock against her slit, and rubbed his cock up and down her hot pussy

Don't, Frank, Tab begged. Don't do it to me. I…"

He pushed his hard cock between her meaty pussy lips, and slowly slid down her slit and into the entrance of her tight virgin cunt. "You're going to love this." He gasped. Lee and Dean saw her pussy stretch to accept his Dick. "Do it Frank"! They said, as he slid into her. They were excited; satisfied she was getting a much needed fucking.

When Franks Dick entered Tab's Pussy, her facial expression said it all, one of horror, pain, total surprise, shock and alarm. She kept her head turned aside, like she couldn't believe it.

Tab's mind was wild with terror and shock as his hard cock pressed against her pussy mound and pushed into her slit. Tab felt the pressure as his cock pressed against her virgin channel. She felt her pussy lips spreading as his hard cock pushed into her.

Tab moaned with pain. Her tight virgin cunt was forced to spread as his cock entered the previously unexplored depths of her virgin cunt.

Frank's Dick disappeared slowly into her tight cunt. His Dick hit her hymen. Dean saw Tab's eyes pop open, she cried out, she jerked and let out a wail of pain when Frank's Dick ripped her hymen. His cock slid all the way into the hidden depths of her cunt.

" He got her cherry!" Dean exclaimed.

Through blurred eyes Tab saw Dean removing his pants, his Dick was hard and ready. "You boys better stop it," she moaned.

Frank was starting to push his Dick in and out of her newly explored cunt. It was a strange new feeling to actually feel a cock moving inside her body. She was being fucked. Her brothers were fucking her. She was no longer a virgin she was really being fucked.

Dean was excited, holding his Dick in his hand he cheered Frank on, fuck her, she likes it, look at her eyes. "Is she juicy Frank?" He asked.

Tab could feel her Pussy stretching to accept franks cock He told her how good her Pussy was, how juicy, warm and tight. He would have fucked her long ago, if he had only known how good she was.

When he started to fuck into her cunt with long in and out strokes, Tab sobbed, and twisted her face as far to the side as she could so he couldn't see how embarrassed she was.

Frank was in another world. He fucked into her hot tight cunt with long hard strokes. The sensation from Tab's hot clutching cunt overwhelmed him. The more he fucked her the better he liked it.

Dean was stroking his cock saying, he wanted to find out how good her pussy felt

She could feel Frank's Dick expanding in her. He held her against him as he started to cum, his body jerked, and Tab knew his sperm was gushing into her cunt. She saw the expression of joy and pleasure in his face as he finished.

The thought of his sperm in her made her nauseous. She felt his cock throb as he shot his load in her cunt. She sobbed in shame "I hope you're satisfied," she sobbed. Frank looked at her as he was getting off. With her legs spread wide, Frank liked what he saw. You're a good fuck, he said. Tab didn't look at him; she was helplessly demoralized.

Dean was next between her legs; he pushed his hard cock into her pussy before she could move or say a word.

She felt his Dick enter her pussy. His Dick was thicker but shorter then Frank's. Her Pussy stretched to receive his cock, as he plunged into her until his balls touched her ass.

"Tight!" He groaned. "Tight hot pussy!"

He looked at Tab, and said, you need a good fucking. We need to check out your sweet tits Sis; I'd like to see them. He said, right now fucking you is all I want your Pussy is so good; I'm coming back for more. Your meat is so sweet I could stay in you all day, fucking you is great. Now! Let's do some serious fucking! Dean pounded her Pussy she started to feel warm. She pushed her body against his, as he started to cum in her tight cunt. What a pleasure it was fucking big Sis.

Lee was next; he pushed his hard Dick right into her wet cunt.

Frank and Dean wanted her naked, they took hold of her sweater at the bottom pulled it up to the neck, then bunching the top and bottom together they pulled it over her head and down her back, leaving her arms pinned to her sides, her bra still on. Tab said nothing, she felt so helpless and humiliated, no one ever seen or touched her tits before. Frank grabbed her right tit, Dean her left, "feels good doesn't it" Frank said to Dean; "yes but they feel better inside her bra" they both placed their hands inside her bra, and stroked her nipples.

Tab's eyes lit up when their fingers touched her nipples, her nipples got hard. They knew she was alarmed, "take her bra off! Take it off" Tab could hear their excitement. Looking her in the eye Frank said, " would you like to have your lovely tities played with?" He unhooked her bra, pushed it aside, her tits were jiggling as Lee fucked her.

Frank looked at her, as he tongued her nipple. He then put his mouth over her tit sucking on it, while his fingers played with the other nipple.

Lee was banging away at her pussy, trying to wear it out, but wasn't able to cum. Dean was talking to Frank saying Lee didn't have enough balls to shot a load, he told Lee to get off and let Frank have another turn. Lee complained but got off. Tab was glad he was out of her; he was making her sore inside. Dean and Frank were talking about her body, glad they took her down, happy they got her cherry, about how sweet and meaty her pussy was, she was mature, her pussy ready for cock, her tits were firm, about the size of Florida navel oranges, nice to touch and look at, great to suck on.
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