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Captain Gonzales tried to pay attention and get his work done but with such a lovely creature standing tall, her body pulled taunt, naked before him, it was difficult. His cock was so hard he thought it would bust the zipper on his pants. He looked at his watch and saw that it was 9:55, only five more minutes until his visitors would arrive. There was three high ranking government officials coming at his request. They were all over 70 years old and very powerful in the President Castro government. He was hoping that they might help further his career so he had arranged that they be present when he played with pretty Natalie.

Natalie watched as Gonzales walked over to her. Her arms hurt terribly, her legs no longer able to support her. She had stood on tiptoes as long as she could but the pain in her feet finally overcame her and she now hung, limply by her wrists, the handcuffs digging deep into her wrists. She could see that his hard cock bulging out his pants, but she did not care. She knew she had to get released from the handcuffs. "Please, Sir, please let me down, my wrists feel like they are going to break." Her body covered in sweat shone in the lights of the room.

"What's the matter, dear, am I not making you comfortable?" He moved next to her and his hands reached up and ran over her taunt stomach, his palms rubbing over the sweat covered stomach.

She pulled in her stomach when she felt his hand touch her. She felt it moving on her and she knew that he would be soon running his hands all over her body and she couldn't do anything to stop it. She was not sure she even wanted him to stop. She could already feel her pussy becoming wet. She was learning to love the things they forced her to do. They kept making her cum. "I'll do anything, just let me down, anything," she begged. She knew that she had no choice, the handcuffs were cutting her wrists.

"Are you willing to cooperate with me, Natalie? Are you willing to do anything I order you? I will expect complete obedience from you, if you dare to disobey me you will be punished swiftly and painfully. Is that understood?"

"What are you going to do?" she cried as Gonzale's hands moved up and begin to gently rub over her breasts. She felt his fingers searching out her nipples and she knew she would soon feel the tightening of the fingers on them. He seemed to enjoy inflicting pain on her delicate nipples. But they always became harder and more erect when they did it.

"That doesn't matter, you will soon find out. You must accept whatever I desire of your lovely body." He moved behind her, his arms circling her, his hands now grabbing her breasts tightly, squeezing them hard, watch her body jump from the painful grip of his hands. He grabbed her nipples with his fingers and began to tighten them. He could feel her body clenching as the pain began. He enjoyed playing with their bodies this way, feeling them trying to fight him but unable to stop him. This was the best part about the job, the availability of young, nubile girls, stripped naked and forced to allow him to degrade them. He would almost work for nothing to be able to do this.

"Yes," her voice trembling as she hung there, Gonzales body pressed up hard against her. She could feel his hard cock pushed against her. Her nipples began to burn in pain as his fingers continued to dig into the delicate buds. "Yes, I will do whatever you say," resigning to her fate.

"That's very good Natalie, we are going to spend some time together," his hands moving down from her breasts, over the flat plane of her stomach until he reached her pussy. His fingers brushed over her sparse pussy hair before pushing down lower, two fingers spreading her pussy lips apart as they slid down. "You're awfully wet, Natalie, I think you enjoy this. I think we can find many things to excite you, Natalie, many things."

Natalie was jolted back to reality with the heavy knock on the door. Please, no more people, she thought, her eyes glued to the heavy door.

"That's our visitors, Natalie, they are going to enjoy watching you as I humiliate you. You don't mind, do you Natalie?"

"No, Sir," her head hanging down in shame, others would watch as he did things to her body.

"Come in," Gonzales yelled to the door. The door opened and three old men came into the room. They were all in their seventies and their eyes opened wide when they saw the naked girl strung up in the corner, Gonzales behind her, his fingers running over her splayed pussy lips. "Gentlemen, let me introduce you to Natalie. Natalie is our visitor for a few days and she has consented to you being here, haven't you Natalie?" He pushed his finger in her pussy, feeling her grabbing it tightly as he did.

"Yes," her voice trembling. She did not expect such old men. It seemed so much more degrading that they will be watching her.

Gonzales moved his hands from Natalie and began to let her handcuffs hands come down. Her feet fell flat to the floor, relief covering her face, as her wrists were no longer straining to hold her weight. Her hands reached her waist, the chain hanging loosely now. He reached down and opened her handcuffs.

Natalie's head hung down as she rubbed her wrists, the feeling returning to them. She did not want to see the faces of the old men ogling her naked body. She felt the restraints taken from her legs. She stood there, waiting for the unknown. She felt Gonzale's hand around her waist, leading her away.

"Over here, Natalie." He moved her over towards his desk where an examination chair was situated.

Natalie cringed when she saw where she was being led. Near the desk stood a strange looking chair. She knew what it would be used for. The back of the chair was made of molded plastic, formed fitted to hold the body of a female. The seat, if you could call it that, consisted only of a small plastic section. The whole chair was on an incline. Along the edge, at the bottom of the seat stood out two stirrups.

"Sit down, Natalie. We want to examine your body very intimately and we want you to help us." Gonzales turned Natalie around and pushed her back into the chair. He helped to keep her from falling as he glided her body into the contoured chair.

Natalie felt the cold plastic hit her back as she was placed in the chair. She was half-sitting, half-reclining in the chair. She started to slide down the chair, the bottom not providing any support.

"Put your legs in the stirrups, Natalie, otherwise you will slip to the floor. Now, don't be embarrassed. We are going to see much more of your body real soon. We are just getting going." He watched as her shapely legs moved up and first the left, then the right was placed in the stirrups.

Natalie felt per pussy spreading open, as she put her legs in the stirrup. The stirrups prevented her from slipping from the chair but the downward pressure of her body forced pressure on her legs, spreading her legs open wider.

"Gentlemen, why don't you bring a chair over her so you may see better." The three men grabbed chairs, their eyes never leaving Natalie's spread pussy and placed them in front of her. Gonzale's chair was placed directly between her spread legs. "Now, look up Natalie, we all want to see your face. Don't hide your humiliation, that pleases us. And you do want to please us don't you?"

Natalie looked into Gonzale's eyes, her face already red in embarrassment as she sat in the chair, naked and spread, four sets of eyes on her naked body. She looked down at Gonzales as his hands reached out to her legs, pushing the stirrups up higher, making her bend her knees more. He put his hand on the inside of her thigh and pushed outward, making her spread open more. The hand went to the other side, again pushing outward, her pussy now gaping open for all of them to see.

"I'm not going to strap her legs in because I know that Natalie will keep her legs spread open for us, wouldn't you?" Gonzales looked into her eyes as she nodded her head. "That's a good girl. Continue cooperating with us, Natalie. Gentlemen, Natalie has very lovely breasts and very sensitive nipples. She loves when they are abused roughly. Natalie, we want you to play with your body. We are going to watch you cum. In fact you are going to cum many times for us."

"No, not that," she cried. It was bad enough that they were going to abuse her body, now Gonzales wanted her to masturbate in front of them. "Please, don't make me do that."

"Now, now, Natalie, there is nothing more sexy then a lovely girl masturbating for us. I will help you, I have some lovely toys that I want to use on your body, but you are going to do most of it. Starts by playing with your nipples, wet your fingers and make them hard. NOW, I am not going to tell you twice again," his voice raised.

Startled by his voice, she put her fingers in her mouth, running her tongue over the digits and then moved down to her breasts. Her body quivered as her nipples instantly sprung to erection as her wet fingers touched them. She closed her eyes, the feeling beginning in her loins.

"Open and watch us, we want to see your eyes at all times. Continue, play with your nipples. Gentlemen, if you will notice, you can see some pussy juice glistening on Natalie's spread pussy."

Natalie jumped as she felt Gonzale's fingers spread her pussy lips open more, stretching them wide, giving everyone a clear view of her pink insides. She could feel how wet she was getting, now they also knew. Her fingers continued to pull and tug on her nipples. Gonzales was right, she loved it when she felt the pain in her nipples. She pinched harder, squeezing the tender morsels between her fingers, the blood rushing into the pointed tips. "MMMM," she began to moan.

Gonzales picked up two nipple clamps. "Put these on your nipples, Natalie. They are very tight and will hurt. Leave the tip of your nipple still uncovered." He handed them to Natalie and she looked into his eyes, knowing that she would have to inflict her own pain on her nipples.

Natalie put one down and grabbed the other, opening the clamp, small metal teeth inside. They were going to hurt, really hurt bad. Her other hand grabbed her breast just behind the nipple, pushing outward, making the nipple stand out. It was so hard and erect. She moved the clamp over the nipple, the cold clamp stimulating her nipple to even greater hardness. She closed her eyes and clenched her mouth as she released the nipple. She felt a terrible pressure and then all of a sudden the pain shot up her spine. "EEEEEEHHHHHHH," she screamed, her chest heaving up and down as the clamp stood out, clamped tightly on her crushed nipple. Her fists tightened in pain as the pain continued, feeling like a pair of pliers was crushing her nipples. "AAAAAHHHH," the pain clouding her brain. She looked through her tear stained eyes, all of them watching her as she abused her own body for their pleasure.

"Very good, Natalie, now the other, we don't want it to feel neglected."

Natalie took in a deep breath, the pain diminishing in her other nipple to a dull ache. She knew how much it would hurt when she did it again. Her fingers grabbed her breast, the other hand opening the clamp and she quickly snapped it down on her other nipple. "AAAAAAGGGGHHHH, hurt's bad, EEEEEHHHHH," tears now rolling down her cheeks, the pain returning, shooting into her body. Her chest heaved up and down, igniting the pain in the clamps as they bounced around on her chest. "Pleeeeaassee, can I take them off, they hurt so much, pllllleeeasse."

Gonzales smiled at her, "no, we just got started Natalie." His hands moved up to her breasts, grabbing them just below the nipples, now pinched tightly by the clamps. He squeezed them, sending blood to the pinched tips.

"OOOOHHH, that hurts, please don't," her hands raising up to push his away but deciding against it. She clenched her fists in pain as the pain radiated from the delicate tips.

"That's a good girl, keep your hands down. I want you to play with your pussy. That will make you forget the pain in your nipples. I am going to make your nipples become even harder. I will enjoy the increased pain they will bring you. Now, play with your pussy. Make yourself cum for us, Natalie."

Natalie watched as Gonzales hands continued to squeeze her breasts, the blood pounding in her nipples as the clamps crushed them. She moved her hand down to her pussy, all eyes on her spread thighs as her fingers ran down her pussy lips, already spread wide and wet in anticipation. Her hips pushed up as her fingers found her wet sex and brushed over her pussy. "AAAAGGGHH, pleassse," not even sure what she was protesting. Her fingers pushed down lower, spreading her pussy juices up and down her slit. One finger found its way inside her pussy, gripped tightly as it speared inside her body.

"Play with your clit with your other hand, Natalie, I want you to cum for us." Gonzales grabbed a small paintbrush about 1/2 inch wide. It was made of heavy horsehair, very rough. He moved it up to her trapped nipple and began to brush it over the exposed tip. He had purposely left the tip of her nipple uncovered, the clamp tightened behind it. As he stimulated the nipple, it would enlarge, but with the clamp behind it biting tightly into, the pain would increase.

Natalie arched her back up, the brush rubbing harshly over the tip. With the blood pushed to the tip by the clamp, it felt like sandpaper was rubbing over it. "OOOOWWW," she cried, but her other hand moved down to her clit, pushing back the clitoral hood and finding her clit red and swollen in expectation. Her body shuddered as her finger rubbed over it, her other hand pushing two fingers into her pussy, spreading herself open to those that gazed at her spread body. The brush moved over to her other nipple, igniting the pain in that one. She continued to finger her pussy, her juices soaking her fingers as they plunged in and out of her tight pussy. She grabbed her clit hard, rubbing the bud, her hips bouncing up and down as she masturbated for them. What have they made her into? Here she was naked, legs spread wide in stirrups, her tits pinched by clamps and she was masturbating herself in front of three, strange seventy year old men while another incited pain in her nipples. And she felt the beginning of stirrings in her loin, feelings that she would soon climax. "OOOOHHH, yyyyeeess," three fingers now in her pussy. She could feel her pussy clamping down on them as she worked them in and out her pussy, the sound of her wet fingers sloshing around inside her pussy turning her face red in embarrassment.

Gonzales knew she was about to pop. "Cum for us, Natalie, these fine gentlemen would love to see a young girl like you masturbate and cum for them. Maybe this will get you off." His fingers dropped the brush and moved up to the clamps. Her breasts shook as they grabbed the clamps, new pain returning to her nipples. He pinched the clamps in, opening them, releasing the grip they had on her tortured nipples.

"OOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWAAAAAAAADDDDDDHHH," she cried in pain as the blood rushed to her nipples, the pain rushing to her brain. She tugged on her clit harder and harder, three fingers fucking faster and faster into her cunt. "OOOOOOWWWW, nnnooottt agggain," she screamed as Gonzales let go of the clamps, the tiny teeth on them biting into her bruised and battered nipples again. This time they pinched hard on the tips, the clamps sticking straight out from her body, gravity pulling them down, bending her nipples downward. She saw the smiles on the men's faces, their hands grabbing their cocks in their pants as she masturbated for their enjoyment, her fingers fucking her cunt deeper and deeper

Gonzales let go of the clamps on her tips, watching as the sharp teeth bit into her female flesh, trapping the hard, pink tips in their jaws. His fingers rubbed over the clamps, making them dance on her chest, each time they moved, the pain increasing. "Cum for us, Natalie, cum on your fingers for us."

"IIIII'MMMMMM CCCCCUMMMMINNNNGGG, oh god, " she cried, three fingers pushed deep inside her pussy as she felt the first spasm of her pussy grabbing the fingers tightly inside her. "OOOOOOWWW, GGGGOOODDDD," it felt like Gonzales was ripping her nipples from her breasts as he flicked the clamps with his fingers, making them jump around on her breasts. The pain sent a second orgasm, more powerful then the first, her fingers rubbing over her clit. Just when she thought it was over, Gonzales slapped her right breast hard, sending the clamp flying across the room, the clamp tearing her delicate nipple as it pulled from her body. "OOOOHHHH, NNNOOOOTTT AAAGGGAAAIINN," her pussy pulsating in another orgasm. Another slap to her other breast and a fourth and final orgasm was ripped from her young body as the pain shot from her breasts down to her pussy. "AAAAGGGGGGHHH," her body slumping down in the chair, raising her pussy higher, her cum drenched fingers pulling noisily from her pussy.

Gonzales raised her hand up to her mouth and put her cum drenched fingers into her mouth, her lips glistening as her cum was pushed into her oral cavity. "Clean your fingers for us Natalie, suck your pussy juice off of your finger."

Natalie cringed in humiliation, but her tongue began to run over her fingers, tasting her salty cum filling her mouth. She had cum for them, their eyes glued to her orgasm shattered body, sweat glistening on her skin, cum running down her thighs as she sucked the cum from her fingers. Had they turned her into a whore, forced to perform for them?

"You certainly are the nasty little slut, aren't you Natalie? You're all covered with cum, I will have to get you cleaned up. Any of you gentlemen wish to clean up Natalie's thighs with your tongues?" Gonzales had to move his chair out of the way quickly as all three tried to rush Natalie, with only one winning.

Natalie's body was so relaxed that she almost missed the whole conversation until she felt a pair of withered hands rubbing on her thighs. She looked down to see the small, gray haired head between her thighs and could feel hot breath breathing on her pussy. "No, please, not that, not him," she begged. She didn't want a seventy-year-old man running his tongue around her pussy, eating her out. That would be too humiliating, especially if he made her cum.

"I told you we are going to make you cum, make you cum a lot. Now just lay back and relax while he eats out that delicious young pussy. I bet you he has had more then enough experience to make your little body cum on his tongue." Gonzales smiled at Natalie as he saw the man begin to run his hands up and down her thighs, each time moving closer to her soaked pussy.

Oh, God, please make this over with, please, no more she thought, not sure if she could suffer through another humiliating cum in front of them. She let her body slump in the chair, resigning to the fact that she could not stop them from doing whatever they wanted with her body. She felt the cold, clammy hands moving up and down her sleek, taunt skin of her thighs. They seem to urge her thighs further apart, seeking to spread her pussy open even more then it was now. Her body shuddered as she felt a slimy tongue begin to run up her left thigh, starting at her knee and moving higher. She could feel it leaving a trail of saliva as it moved upward. The other hand grabbed her other thigh hard, squeezing and grasping the tender flesh between its bony fingers.

Both hands now moved up, moving up over her pussy, spreading fingers moving over her sparse bush to grab her pussy lips. She felt the fingers grab her lips tightly between them and pull them apart. "NOOOTTT, so far, that hurts," her pussy lips pulled wide. She could see him looking directly into her spread pussy, his face only inches from her pussy, his hot breath on her insides. His fingers rubbed around her pussy, first pulling her outer lips apart, then finding her inner lips, now swollen from sex. Fingers spread them apart, opening her vagina to his gaze. She jumped as she felt a hot tongue touch her pussy lips, running from the bottom, all the way to the top, licking up her cum. The tongue flicked back and forth, lapping at her cunt like a dog, cleaning her cum from her body. She felt the fingers pulling her open again and the tongue, now straight out and hard, pushed into her vagina, opening up her, wiggling back and forth inside her, bathing her insides. Her ass rose up from the seat, her hands moved down to the head between her gripping it tightly in her hands, pushing it down on her, stabbing the tongue deeper inside her. "OH, Yes, please, yes."

Statutory Rape