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Perspectives – Freshman Year

Chapter 2: Friday's Sparks and Saturday's Jam

Hello all... I apologize for the tardiness in finishing Reed's midterm holiday. I did not know if I wanted to make this story four short ones; I felt it better at first to make the events of Friday and at the party Saturday one story for your benefit (less wait for 4 to be submitted). Now… I have decided to combine them into two long stories – wish that works for you all! I hope those who read this and the other stories enjoy them - if not (or if you do enjoy), send the feedback my way via voting and emails. Cause if you do not like them, I will stop writing about Reed and go on to the OTHER stories I've written in between the PERSPECTIVES ones. ENJOY!!

* * * * *

"You gonna do WHAT Alex?" Reed asked as he and Alex walked along the main avenue in Haverlton. The cool autumn air was brisk; both were clad in their black leather jackets and dark jeans (Reed's from Old Navy; Alex from the Gap) as they headed for one of the many restaurants in the college town. Few were on the street on that early Friday afternoon; it seemed that the town did not have anyone in it being so quiet and peaceful.

"Yes Reed," Alex said watching a pickup go by, "Chris and I want to throw a party in the dorm. We the only three people in Grissom Hall; no one would be bothered by our music and dancing."

"But," Reed retorted, "what about the music? Our CD system is not powerful enough to blast music the way you want. Plus there's the food, drinks, and not to mention the police watch-"

Alex snorted ending Reed's comment. Stopping at an intersection, Alex turned to Reed his face stern. "The police won't bother us if we do not cause an incident: I do not expect to - and neither does Chris. We gonna only invite people we know... maybe a few we don't. But, the whole campus ain't gonna be at this-"

Nodding emphatically, Alex continued to walk onward Reed following behind somewhat perplexed. Isn't 215 THEIR room? How come he had no say if this party was going to happen or not? And...

"Who is going to supply all the music and stuff? It sure as hell not gonna be me you know..."

Laughing, Alex replied, "Chris said he is handling those areas. All we need to do is get people to the dorm..."

His voice trailed off as he entered a small pizzeria - Greyhound Pizza - and waved to the students and other patrons inside. Reed followed behind even less sure he wanted the party to happen now. Upon entering, Reed saw Marla, Kevin, a few of the players from last night's Manhunt, some others who were staying on campus -

AND Jolene.

Reed didn't make direct eye contact with her. He could not; what happened the night before left a mark on him and her (no pun intended). Not only did she give him - a stranger by all accounts - a blowjob (though a darn good one), she let his cum splash all over her tits rubbing it all over. For all Reed knew, she slept that way (hopefully she got rid of the stain on her chin) and that unnerved him greatly.

How was he going to talk to Tamara knowing what he did to her LITTLE SISTER (though she accepted her fate)? Though Jolene didn't say no, Reed knew better than to take advantage of her...

Or did he?

Before he could answer, Alex and Reed were by a long table where Tamara and some of the others sat. Alex greeted them then got right to the point: "Chris and I - Reed too - are having a lil party Saturday in our dorm rooms. It's gonna be two rooms, two CD players going, food, drinks - the whole thing. Who's in?"

Those at the table past glances at each other for a few moments. Reed stood by hoping most would decline; he really did not want the party to happen. Alex stood anxious and fidgety; he stepped from foot to foot waiting. Then, in a flood, all the students there agreed...

"I will be there too Reed," Jolene said winking and smiling that toothy grin of hers. Some of the students choked out laughs; Tamara gave Reed a brief but cold glare before turning to her boyfriend Kevin. Alex clapped his hands together. "Yes! Now the party is gonna be the SHIT! Catch ya all around 10 tomorrow night?"

When he received nods and murmurs of "yes" Alex immediately went to the pay phone inside the pizzeria and began dialing. Reed stood a moment longer staring before he walked up to the counter to order himself something. After ordering, Reed turns around and is surprised when he sees Tamara standing before him. He held his breath; her outfit (blue jeans, gray sweater, sneakers) was not the reason. The face she had was one of... rile. Before he could speak, Tamara whispered, "Reed, something happened between you and Jolene - don't deny it. HOWEVER, I will not kill you... yet." After that, she grabbed some napkins and walked back to the table.

None at the table saw the seen except for Jolene. Seeing his face, Jolene's grew hard as she stared down her older sister as she sat. Giving Reed one last glance, she turned to her sister and spoke in hushed tones. Reed continued to wait for his order when Alex returned whistling and smiling. "Newbie," he chimed, "Chris has most of the stuff already. Seems he drove to the big city after our talk and is getting most of the drinks and food. This party is going to HAPPEN..."

Reed's spirits shrunk more at the idea of a wild party in his dorm room. After getting his food and paying, Reed headed for his room to sit and eat in peace; Alex stayed to answer questions and chill with his friends. Before he realized, Reed opened his eyes somewhat dazed and out of sorts. Sitting up on his elbows, Reed noticed he was laying on his bed - but he was not alone.

Jolene was with him... sitting on his lap a leg on each side of his hips. Her face lit up when she saw him wake up her toothy smile for the moment softening Reed's features and his protests. But, only for a moment...

"What the hell? How you get in here Jolene? Where's Tamara? Alex? Kev-"

Shushing him, Jolene said, "No one is around. They are all over campus running errands. I tricked Tammy to think I was asleep when she left. Silly you left the door unlocked thinking no one will sneak in and do this..." Jolene began to rub the crotch of her stretch pants against Reed slowly.

OH HELL NO... Reed's mind raced knowing if he let her continue, anything could (and possibly WOULD) happen. Reaching out, Reed grabbed Jolene's arms and pulled her off him to his left. Not resisting, she allows herself to fall to his left on the bed. However, she moved quickly to grab hold of the waistband of his jeans tightly with both hands. Reed couldn't decide what to do; he stared into those alert eyes hoping not to see her intentions. What he saw dowsed his hopes and what little resistance he had to her; Jolene's hands worked their way to his button and zipper and were undoing each. Reed sat motionless - he fixed his gaze between her face and those alert eyes then her hands as they unzipped him and were inching their way to his briefs. Soon, Reed found himself half staring at his hardening cock in the teen's skinny, long fingers (dabbled in lavender nail polish).

Jolene sat closer to him staring mostly at his cock grow erect in front of her; those alert eyes widened at the display as Reed attempted to cease his cock from growing. But her staring kept his mind frazzled - leaving his dick to twitch and grow mostly on its own. Licking her pouty lips, Jolene inched closer to Reed's manhood her breathing growing a little raspy...

"NOOO," Reed hissed out just before Jolene kissed the tip of his throbbing cock. The feeling of her lips on his manhood sent it twitching wildly; Reed's body shivered with pleasure making him close his eyes and moan softly. Jolene kept kissing his cock leaving little wet spots where her tongue also licked; Reed's mind shut down and biology took over. Popping open his eyes, his glare momentarily paused Jolene from her teasing kisses; raising her eyebrows, Jolene got the impression that she may have over-teased this time.

She began pulling away - and was quickly halted by both Reed's hands. They clamped down on the back of her head and forced her back towards his vibrant penis. Staring into his face, she saw the animalistic, ravenous glare; she had gone too far and Reed was going to make sure she finished the journey - whether she wanted to or not. His hands kept the vice-like hold as they lowered her head onto his waiting shaft. Jolene tried to struggle free her hands grabbing his arms and scratching; yet, Reed was not to be denied as he kept his grip on her head and eventually lowered where her lips touched the tip. He held his breath; Jolene's eyes looked up at his scared and worried. Reed stared into those eyes but did not waver - he was not going to stop now those eyes said.

"Open your mouth," Reed ordered through clenched teeth before forcing her head down farther.

Reluctantly Jolene opened her mouth to allow his shaft entry; she set her tongue below his cock not moving it (not wanting to add to this). Inch by inch he invaded her small, warm, moist mouth; soon the tip hit the back of her throat as she fought back the gag reflex. Sighing with a devilish smile, Reed grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her head back letting most of his cock slip out. When half his cock was free, he shoved her head back down on him until her nose was buried in his pubic hair. A yelp, gag, followed by a whimper escaped Jolene as she fought wildly to be free. Her hands scratching and punching madly, she tried greatly to escape. Yet, Reed's hands held fast to her head forcing her up and down on his cock harshly nearly choking her. He became oblivious to the hits, scratches, whimpering; for Reed, this was something uncontrollable - almost primal. In his mind he knew this was wrong, but his body did not have the same limitations his mind had. It did not care if forcing Jolene was wrong; all his body wanted was release of pent up sexual energy.

Sitting to get a tighter grip on her head, Reed closed his eyes savoring the feel of her warm mouth on his throbbing cock. Jolene's hands stopped thrashing a few moments ago and her body became less tense; she was accepting this. She even began swirling her tongue around him as he fucked her mouth (causing moans to escape Reed). Soon his pace quickened as he drilled her mouth sending his cock a little down her throat. The forceful thrusts caused louder whimpers from Jolene as she tried not to throw up, but also assist in Reed's stimulation so this could end sooner.

Letting go of her head, Reed's face grew dark as his breathing became rapid and hissing. Jolene took the opportunity to pull away from his cock to suck in air - her coughing filling the room. Her look of fright strangely caused a smile from Reed; he saw in her eyes what she was trying to deny - the forceful way was exciting her. Jolene crawled away quickly; Reed chased after grabbing an arm tightly stopping her. Whirling around with the other, she attempted to smack him in the head - only to be stopped then pinned down by his weight. Thrashing and writhing she tried to break free of him to no avail. A deep laughing came from Reed as he lowered his body down on her, his cock still erect, wet and now inches from her face...

It was stopped as Jolene kept her lips tight together. Reed continued to laugh that deep, eerie laugh; looking down he let one hand go and sent it under him to her shirt. Roaming, prodding, he found the nipple of her right breast through the fabric of her shirt and began rubbing and pinching it. Stifling yelps and whimpers escaped - yet she did not open her mouth. Fondling harder, Reed was determined to reenter her mouth. He began squeezing the breast, massaging it; Jolene kept her mouth shut but yelps soon turned to moans and she could feel the nipple hardening against her bra - and of her pussy moisten. She kept her mouth closed as Reed rubbed his cock along her lips, his pre-cum smearing them. However, the stimulation of her tit betrayed her body; her tongue would snake out to lick his cock and his pre-cum while her legs quivered and her pussy dampened her panties.

"You're enjoying this..." Reed said as he let go and sent his other hand to rub her left breast. Soon, both hands were in a fast rubbing rhythm (he wasn't worried about Jolene's free hands). Her back arched, her legs spread wider and her hands immediately went between them to the zipper - all the while Reed's cock rubbed all over her lips and chin her tongue licking it like a lollipop.

Pinching both nipples hard caused yells of pain and pleasure from Jolene - to be drowned out when he plunged his cock all the way into her open orifice. Sitting up, he drove his cock deeper and began fucking her face hard and fast (his balls slapping against her chin). Hands still fondling her tits, Jolene sucked and licked his cock as he rammed in and out of her. When her hands unzipped and unbuttoned her jeans, they dove in and frantically rubbed her now aching pussy and clit through her panties. Jolene's eyes grew glassy and dazed as she totally succumbed to the situation: a cock fucking her mouth, hands rubbing her tits through her shirt, and her hands rubbing all over her pussy.

Reed's hands eventually pulled her shirt to her neck exposing her youthful tits in a thin, nearly transparent white bra. His hands again attacked those breasts, pinching and rubbing them. Jolene's moans vibrated against his piledriving cock as he continued to fuck her mouth relentlessly. Two fingers had found their way into her panties (transparent white) and were fingering her pussy as fast as he was fucking her mouth. Hips thrusting to her fingers, the teen was close to orgasm. Reed turned his head to watch the display a grin of satisfaction on his face. He too knew he was close to his climax - but he wanted her to cum first.

Doubling his efforts, Reed massaged Jolene's nipples hard between his fingers - tugging at them harshly. He slowed his thrusts into her mouth and watched her face as her eyes half closed, then widened as her body tensed. Her fingers didn't stop though; they were making sure she went over the edge in orgasmic bliss. Her scream of pleasure pulsed along his cock sending chills all over his body as she writhed under him. Her orgasmic high lasted a few moments; it gave Reed time to free her tits from the bra. When her orgasm ended, she laid there her mouth sucking his cock like a pacifier. Feeling her swirling wet tongue, he picked up the pace again until he was again fucking her mouth fast driving deep into her. Jolene's hands, still moist with her juices, rubbed his balls and his ass as he neared his own orgasm.

Feeling his balls churning, Reed's body grew rigid and stiff. Jolene's eyes grew wide and pleading; her hands fought to pull his cock out of her mouth not wanting to taste his cum. Looking down, he saw that look - and for a split second his mind retook control. Pulling out of her with a wet pop, Reed felt his hips jerk forward and he was shooting his semen. The first hit above her head onto the bed; the next few streams Reed made a point to keep from her. His last, however, made it onto her tits where he watched smiling. Sighing satisfied, Reed sat on her stomach. The teen, realizing what had just happened, sobbed quietly.

Looking down, Reed couldn't help feeling bad for her. Yet, his brain was not back in control of him - his hands found their way into her jeans and panties and, finding them soaked, worked his way around the clit and labia. She fought his fingers at first - her hands punching, her legs trying to clamp shut. But, neither stopped Reed's hands - they were determined to finger her.

Sobbing louder, she feels her body betray her again as her hips thrust forward inviting his fingers. Obliging, he pushed them in and out in long, hard thrusts - each thrust making Jolene whimper and moan. A few more deep thrusts coupled with constant attention to her clit and Jolene was again close to orgasm. Just before it overwhelmed her, she grabbed his hands pleading loudly, "Stop! OH GOD STOP!" before the ecstasy erased all rational thought. Her body shook violently; her screams seemed far away to Reed (though they filled the room), her head shook flinging tears onto the sheets. The orgasm did not last long, but was so intense she nearly passed out. Looking over his shoulder, Reed watched his mind not back in control until...

"Oh shit!" He said as he quickly yanked her pants and panties to her knees, her limp body not resisting. He barely made it; soon after a steady stream of fluid poured from Jolene onto his sheets - the orgasm made her lose bladder control! THAT brought Reed's mind back to reality; yet he could only stare as she lay there limp pissing his bed. When she finished, he stood surveying the scene: his headboard had splatters of his semen; his sheets were soaked; once again the teen's tits were covered with his cum. She finally stirred; half sitting up, she saw the stain on his bed, her cum-stained tits, and then to Reed standing his limp cock dangling. Tears fell from her eyes; neither said a word as she gathered herself together, helped Reed remove his sheets (he wiped off the headboard with them), and left his room. He immediately washed the sheets - Reed did not want the stains to stay. He also wanted to be away from the room and her scent (he opened a window and sprayed just in case)... he didn't want to be reminded of what he just did. It was approaching sunset when he finished the laundry and was back in his room. Alex returned a while later with bags of junk food, soda, and dragging a speaker into the room.

"Hey roomie," he said cheerfully, "Got the stuff. This party is gonna be DA SHIT. I can't wait. You?"

"Yeah," Reed said glad to get his mind off Jolene, "can't wait. Chris got the alcohol?"

"Yeah... didn't know you was sooo eager to get drunk." Laughing harder, Alex mused, "If I knew, I would have told him to mix up some shit for you NOW."

Reed joined chuckling and smiling - his mind trying hard to erase the early afternoon events. However, Saturday's party would bring Tamara, Kevin, and HER to his room...

Reed at that moment wished he went home for the Midterm Break.


The rest of Friday remained gratefully quiet and unexciting for Reed. He took the time to study mostly; he did go with Chris, Marla and her roommate Angela (Angie she likes to be called) to the town's only bowling alley. There he saw some of the other students relaxing - including Tamara and Jolene (no Kevin). Reed only waved their way; he did not approach them when they were together (only spoke to Tamara when Jolene went to the Food Shop). Jolene too kept her distance from him - almost to the point where Tamara asked her why.

"No reason," was her repeated answer the whole night. Shrugging, Tamara continued to bowl with friends. Reed bowled well; it was a good thing for him to roll a 15-pound bowling ball and have it impact ten pins solidly. Without him really knowing, Reed won all four games they played averaging 200 each game (his career high). He had fun though; he didn't bowl in silence... he even flirted with Marla and her roommate (though he preferred Marla over the shorter, more voluptuous Angela). Chris flirted with any female within earshot of his voice - it added to Reed's fun. By one in the morning, Reed was back in his room preparing for bed.

"Sleep tight Newbie," Alex said as he too got into bed (shockingly with NO company), "you will need it. Tomorrow night is going to be LOOOONG." Chuckling, Alex faced the wall and soon was snoring lightly. It took Reed longer to fall asleep; his mind would creep back to replay the events of earlier that day to his chagrin. By three, Reed was still awake staring at the venetian blinds and listening to the ticking of the wall clock. Getting up, he snuck into his fridge, took out a bottle of vodka (half empty), and took three quick swigs feeling the liquor feel his stomach with warmth. With that, Reed headed back to bed and with the alcohol warming his body, fell asleep.
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