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-Laura Collins!

Laura looked up. Mr Seymour looked angry.

-I know that medieval poetry may seem boring, but I must ask you to pay attention in class, miss Collins! said mr Seymour sternly.

-Yes, mr Seymour, said Laura nervously.

She had always been afraid of her English teacher. He was a very strict old man, who often had fits of fury when he wasn't pleased with his students.

-It's not like you to day-dream during lesson, he said. Now what could possibly be more important than paying attention in class?

-I'm sorry, mr Seymour, said Laura. I was just thinking about my future.

-Your future? said mr Seymour. What about it?

-This is my last semester at Englewood's, said Laura. I turned 18 last week, and according to the rules, no girl may stay at mrs Englewood's School for Girls after she turned 18. I'll be asked to leave as soon as this semester is over, in a couple of weeks.

-I see, said mr Seymour. So, where are you going after your graduation?

-I don't know, said Laura. I'll have to find a place to stay... get a job...

-What about your parents? asked mr Seymour.

-They died when I was 5, said Laura.

-It must have beeen hard for you, mr Seymour said coldly, clearly not concerned by Laura's misfortune. I suppose you'll have to find yourself a wealthy husband?

How could she do that? Englewood was a girls-only school, and there were very strict rules concerning the girls' behaviour. Mr Seymour was the first man Laura had seen since she was 5. How would she be able to find a husband, when she didn't know any men?

-I want to see you after class, said mr Seymour. We'll discuss your punishment then.

-Yes, mr Seymour, said Laura, blushing with shame.

When the lesson was over, the other girls left the room. Laura walked up to mr Semour's desk.

-You're gonna have to learn to show respect for your teachers, said mr Seymour. Come here!

Laura walked up to his side, and he pulled her down over his lap, held her there, and pulled up her skirt.

-No, please! said Laura. I haven't been spanked since I was 7! Please, sir, this is humiliating!

-It's for your own good, said mr Seymour. You have to be punished for being such a bad girl.

He pulled down her underwear. Laura's white asscheeks were bare to his eyes. He raised his hand and slapped the little butt in front of him. Laura cried out in pain and surprise. He slapped her again. The white cheeks turned red from every slap that landed on them. Mr Seymour worked himself up, slapping the girl's butt hard. Laura cried.

Finally, mr Seymour had to stop to rest his arm. He placed his hand on the rosy asscheeks. They felt warm under his hand. He caressed the little, round butt and let a finger slide down in between her asscheeks, down to her pussy.

-Mr Seymour, what are you doing? said Laura.

-You're wet-here! said mr Seymour, and shoved his middle finger into Laura's virgin pussy.

She gasped.

-You liked getting spanked, didn't you? he said. You wee harlot! You little slut!

-Please, mr Seymour, Laura sobbed. Let me go now, please!

-If you get so wet from getting spanked, I'll give you what you want! said mr Seymour, too caught up in his own desire to listen to her.

He got up so quickly that Laura fell to the floor, but he yanked her up and pushed her against his desk. Laura stared at the old teacher. He was close to 60, a bit fat, with white beard covering a double chin, and a big, purple nose. Surely, he couldn't... But when he unbuckled his pants and pulled them down, revealing a slim, wrinkled little dick, Laura realized that he was serious. She screamed and tried to run, but he quickly grabbed her and forced her to lay down on the desk, on her stomach. Without anymore preparations, he shoved his dick inside her virgin pussy. Laura cried out in pain, but that only seemed to spur him on.

-You like it rough, don't you? he said, and continued to slap Laura's asscheeks, hard slaps that stung in her sensitive skin and made her entire pelvis shiver.

Through all the pain, Laura felt a very forbidden feeling of excitement growing inside of her. She leaned her head down against the desk and cried in shame.

-You slutty little girl, I knew you liked it! mr Seymour grunted. You like having your ass spanked, don't you? You're such a bad, bad girl!

-Please, whispered Laura. Please, mr Seymour...

But she didn't know anymore what she was begging him for, to stop or to continue. Suddenly, she felt as if something bursted inside of her, and she groaned involuntarily, and instinctively, she pushed back against mr Seymour, to take his dick all the way in.

-You slut! he growled. You get a thrill from all this? Why, the only thing you'll be fit for after leaving school is to be a hooker!

He pulled his dick out of her pounding pussy, and pressed it into her asshole. Laura screamed, but he had her nailed down against the desk , so she had to remain where she was while he tortured her tight ass, treating it as if it had been a pussy, pushing in and out, panting, reaching for her breasts. He pinched her nipples hard between his fingers. The pain was strangely arousing; Laura felt the same tension as before growing inside her. All of a sudden, mr Seymour pulled her up by her hair, and forced her down on the floor. He shoved the dirty little dick into her mouth, down her throat. Laura gagged, but he had a hard grip on her hair, and pushed himself inside her mouth.

-Here it comes! he hissed. Swallow every drop, you little slut, or I'll hit you!

A cascade flushed into Laura's mouth, a cascade of bad-tasting, thick goo. Again, she gagged, but mr Seymour held himself inside her.

-Swallow! he growled.

Laura obeyed, and he finally let go of her. Exhausted, she fell to the floor, unable to move.

-Now don't you dare tell anyone about this! mr Seymour said. Do you understand, girl?

-Yes, mr Seymour, Laura sobbed.

-From now on, you come to my quarters whenever I tell you to, said mr Seymour. You'll be my hooker. I'll do whatever I want with your body. In return, you won't have to be kicked out in the street when you finish school. You'll stay here and be my maid by day and my harlot by night. Do you understand me, girl?

-Yes, mr Seymour, said Laura.

-Good! he said. Now clean yourself up before you let anyone see you!

He left the classroom. Laura remained laying on the floor. The fire inside her pussy still beckoned to be put out...
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