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"Damn, damn, damn."

If it hadn't been too childish I would have kicked something across my office. Now, I had to be content with slamming the door with all the force I could muster.

"Stupid bitch."

I was much too angry to sit down so I grabbed a cigarette, lit it and started walking back and forth. Luckily my office was big enough to allow me some stalking space.

What the hell was going on? This morning I came down to the office happy as can be. Business was booming, a new production was about to take off and I had just hired myself a gorgeous new editor who didn't mind my feeling her up a bit. Of course she hoped I would publish her book some day, too. Hell, they all did. And sometimes I did, but not before testing their potential, in a manner of speaking.

The thought of Jessica in the outer office calmed me down a bit and I finally settled behind my desk, drumming my fingers as I gazed out the big window. The printing was scheduled to start in a week and all that was left was a final walkthrough of the manuscript with my editor and the finishing touch to the layout. I felt my blood pressure rising and groaned out loud. Both the illustrator and Carmen Lucetta, the writer had cancelled the meeting scheduled to decide which illustrations would be used. I punched the intercom.

"Jessica, get David on the phone for me and then get your ass in here."

"David? Vassily, here. What the fuck is going on."

Jessica came in and I gestured her onto the couch. I had to make an effort to concentrate on David's drivel as she sank down lower than she anticipated and her legs flew in the air. It never failed and I grinned at the flash of her panties. She was quick, that girl, and gave me a knowing look before grinning back. With a coy look on her face she smoothed her short skirt and pressed her knees together.

"What? Come again."

I suddenly paid a lot more attention to the voice on the other end of the line.

"David, are you telling me Carmen won't accept your work because she thinks you're a wimp?"

I shook my head at the stupidity of the guy.

"Be in my office in an hour. I'll fix that, my friend."

For a moment I gazed at Jessica without really seeing her. As I focused on her I laughed softly.

"Jess, have you ever called a guy a wimp?"

She nodded.

"Why? What did you mean by that?" I looked at her with mild curiosity.

She shrugged and pushed her glasses up on her nose. That was one of the reasons I had hired her. Those glasses looked so incongruous on her angel face and certainly didn't match with her bombshell body. What can I say, I'm a sucker for contrasts.

Jessica cleared her throat. "Well, I had this boyfriend once..."

With a small frown between her eyebrows she stopped talking and looked at me.

"What are you asking me for? That's private."

I let it go and asked: "You met Carmen Lucetta?"

She smiled and nodded her head enthusiastically, not yet used to rubbing elbows with the writers of porn. To her they still were stars to be adored, not yet crackpots who sometimes needed clubbing over the head.

"What do you think of her? Any idea why she would call someone a wimp?"

It really was a rhetorical question. I had known Carmen a long time and she was just a bitch. Always trying to dominate whatever man was in her vicinity, trying to make him feel inferior. But it was too good an opportunity to learn more about Ms. Jessica. I saw her big blue eyes widen and for a few moments I just studied the luscious body and the short blond curls that danced around her face. She bit her lip with a serious look on her face.

"I don't know, maybe she likes to be told?" She hesitated for a moment. "Are you going to?"

"No, David is." I pointed to her. "Now, I need you to think along."

I would have loved to push her a bit, but business before pleasure. There would be time enough after I had solved this crisis. Shaking my head I quickly brought Jessica up-to-date on the unbelievable timidity of my leading artist. God, how was it possible? The guy was a stud, the perfect picture of manliness, but did he act the part? Jeez. What a spineless wuss. All he ever did was moan about his artistic integrity.

It took us half an hour and I had every reason to be proud of myself. Not only was Jessica very pleasant on the eyes, she had a sound head on her shoulders as well. Once she understood what I wanted, she came up with some pretty nice suggestions. She knew a good caterer, suggested little touches like flowers and stuff. Slowly I felt a smile form on my face, turning into a big grin. Oh yes, I thought, I could get David into my camp.

Jessica went into her own office but left the door ajar and I could hear her on the phone, working fast to organize our little get-together. I checked my watch, still twenty minutes before David would show up and in my mind I went over the details of my conversion of him. Lighting another cigarette I gazed out of the window again. With my left hand I hooked the phone over, punched Carmen's number and told her to be at my house at five for drinks and dinner.

Of course it was a lowball trick but I chuckled all the same when I tried to imagine the scene I had planned. As David knocked on the door I stabbed out my umpteenth cigarette of the day and beckoned him in.

"Take a seat. Drink?"

He nodded and I fixed him a vodka with ice, pouring myself a glass of water, straight. You couldn't tell the difference, but I would sure know it. After handing him his drink, I leaned against my desk, lifted my glass to him and took a sip.

"Here's to bitches."

David hesitated at that, he was such a pathetic gentleman, so damn p.c. I could see he needed a lot of goading to make him mad enough and insulted enough to want to take revenge. Show her he was not the sissy she had made him out to be. I shrugged, never mind that. I had still two hours and some vodka left to get him there.

"Come on, David. Don't tell me you liked it. You must have felt some resentment? I mean, she actually called you a wimp?"

I could see the color rise in his face at my mocking tone. Good, he felt uncomfortable.

"So, what are you going to do about it?"

"Do? What do you mean, do about it?" The poor sod sounded almost indignant.

"Well, you're not going to let her get away with it, are you? Jeez, the woman is blocking your way to earn money man."

His eyes suddenly looked up to me. I couldn't fucking believe it. The idiot had not even realized that yet.

"And for what? Because you treated her like a lady? That's crazy."

I held his eyes as I took another sip, and he mirrored my actions faultlessly. Not that I wanted him drunk or anything, just a bit ... loosened up.

"You know something. I hadn't thought of that." David actually sounded surprised. "I should do something about that, shouldn't I?" The look on his face was that of a kid desperately trying to earn the approval of the teacher.

"Yes, I think you should."

I lifted my glass and again he followed my lead. I let us sit in silence, sipping our drinks before I made my next move.

"You really want to get back at her? I have an idea."

"You have?" David sounded almost breathless with awe.

"But you have to be really sure. I don't want to make you do something you'll regret later, David."

"No, no of course not. What is it?"

"Well..." I hesitated for a moment. "No, I don't think..." I shook my head and looked at him with a concerned look on my face.

"What? Come on, Vassily, what?"

"Carmen is coming to my place tonight." I looked at my watch in faked surprise. "In fact she'll be there in an hour."

I lit another cigarette, inhaled deeply and let the smoke slowly escape again. "You could come with me." I watched the smoke drift up to the ceiling. "Show her you have balls after all."

"What do you mean? Show her? How? She said she didn't ever want to see my face again."

"David, David, David. You're such a gentle man." I laughed my own short bark. "A real gentleman."

I shut down my computer, collected my things and started to get into my jacket.

"Haven't you been listening? If you want to show her you are not a wimp, you have to be forceful. Do what you want to, not what she's telling you. Believe me, she'll like that. It is what she writes about, isn't it?"

I walked to the door and turned to look at David.

"I'm leaving now. You're welcome to come along. You can even use my house if you want to."

Not able to hide my grin completely, I preceded David out of the building on his way to play a role in my latest production. As I walked across the parking lot I tried to decide what to do next. The sound of his voice startled me out of my pondering.

"Vassily? Can I ask you something? Your house ... you said I could use your house. What did you mean by that?"

"I told you, she's coming over to my place for drinks and dinner. So..."

I left my answer hanging and unlocked me car first, slid behind the wheel and opened the passenger door before finishing my sentence.

"...you could come along. No time like the present."

David hesitated briefly, just long enough to adjust his sunglasses, and then folded his tall frame into the seat next to me. A swift glance to my right showed me he looked thoughtful. Honest, I mean, who would've expected that artistic head to have a real-life working brain!

Whistling softly, I eased the car into the flow of traffic, waiting to continue working on him until we left the inner city behind us. I grinned and winked at a woman next to us at a traffic light. She blushed and smiled back.

David sounded almost envious. "Jeez, how do you do that? You're not even handsome. Eh...well ... you know what I mean."

"Relax, David, relax." I almost patted him on the head like a little boy. "I've been trying to tell you for the past half hour. It's all about attitude, confidence does it every time."

I lit another cigarette and figured it was time for the last round. We were nearly out of the city and it would take us no more than a quarter of an hour to reach my house on the beach.

"So, David, tell me. What would you like to do? What would your prefect revenge look like?"

"Aw, I don't know, Vassily. Maybe I should ignore it." David sounded a bit uncomfortable.

"Sure, she'll know you are a wimp then. She won't accept your drawings and that means I have to look for another illustrator. It would piss me off David, it sure would. But I won't lose any money over it. You will though."

A quick little arithmetic had me almost grinning like the big bad wolf. I could afford to up his fee if tonight was going the way I had it planned.

"Is she worth one percent of the first edition to you?"

It was really hard to keep from laughing out loud as he nearly choked. Stupid asshole. I'd still get twenty times that and more, if he were man enough to show Carmen her place.

"So, I ask again. What would be your ultimate payback?"

The silence stretched for minutes as I let him fantasize for a bit. A glance at his crotch showed me he was definitely thinking in the right direction. If that were not a hard-on in his pants, I'd be willing to kiss his arse instead of Jessica's. Or Carmen's for that matter.

"Go on, you can tell me. I can see you want to screw her." The chuckle escaped me before I could stop it.

"Jesus, Vassily, you really are a dirty bastard."

I picked up my whistling again as I figured he was in the final stages of trying to resist. Let him stew some more and he was raring to go. Too bad I couldn't think of an appropriate song right now. Something with I'll screw you all night would have been nice.

Still whistling I pulled over and stopped the car at a scenic point. The road was following the cliffs and this was the highest point, giving you a great view of the ocean and the waves breaking on a sandbank a couple of miles out. It was also a five-minute drive from my house, so I had to push David into action now or forget about my little extra.

"Well? Going to swallow and be a good little wimp?"

David's face turned a satisfying shade of red at my goading. I even saw his delicate hands turn into fists. My, my, my, he seemed to have some balls after all. I knew it then, before he opened that politically correct mouth of his.

"Dammit, Vassily, I'm not a wimp. And I won't take that kind of crap either."

I could see he was working himself up, which was fine by me of course so I said nothing.

"You know what? I'll take you up on your offer. I'll teach her a lesson... will you help me?"

"Um, I don't know. What do you have in mind?" God, it was hard to keep from laughing out loud.

For the first time since we left my office, he actually looked me in the face. His blue eyes had a determined sparkle in them and his handsome face looked almost as devilish as my own.

"I want to take her down a peg or two, so I figured ... if I act out her story ... maybe just a part of it ... can I do that in front of you? Would you mind? I mean ... I know you read all kinds of stuff as a publisher, but this would be for real..."

The poor son of a bitch couldn't even figure this one out. Why the fuck did he think I had offered him the use of my house to do it? I nearly groaned at so much obtuseness.

I coughed to cover a snicker. "If you think that will help?"

It was nearly impossible to keep a straight face, but I managed. Hell, maybe I should be an actor instead. Nah, I'd much rather stick to publishing. Business, people, as long as I was the one to pull the strings I'd be a happy man. After a last look at the ocean, I drove off, heading for my house with all its delights. And that reminded me.

"There's someone at the house, David. Hope you don't mind, but I asked Jessica to run some errands for me. Since you'll be there as well, I think it looks better if she stays too. Make it look like dinner for four."

He swallowed the lie, hook, line and sinker. It was nearly robbing me of my pleasure, the way he innocently believed in my good will. For a minute I wondered if he even knew my nickname in the business was Mephisto. It was hardly likely. I mean, if he did he would have to have an inkling of why, wouldn't he? Or did he think I merely resembled a devil because of my dark hair and eyes and the carefully cultivated goatee?

As soon as I parked the car, the door to the large sprawling villa opened and Jessica stood waiting for us. She was still in her office suit as I had instructed her and I started my next move right away.

"Hello Jessica, have you met David Michaels? David, my new assistant/editor/whatever, Jessica Wollington."

They shook hands and Jessica looked properly awed to be face to face with the famous artist.

"Jess, David will stay for dinner too. Will you do me a favor and make it a foursome? I know, you're not dressed for it. No problem sweetheart. I'll show you the guestrooms; you're bound to find something to wear. I sometimes use this place as a set for private video's and there'll be some dresses floating around."

David believed the tale and as he settled in the living room I accompanied Jessica to the guestroom where she had parked her things, just like I had told her to.

"All's set?"

I closed the door behind us and eyed a slightly nervous Jessica.

"Catering, flowers, the works? The food is waiting in the kitchen? Good."

As she stood near the bed, waiting for me to leave her alone, I sprang my first surprise.

"Show me your dress." She opened her mouth but I cut in before she could say anything. "It has to look like something from a private video, hasn't it?"

Her face told me she knew she had been conned. I had already noticed she was a clever girl. But, what was far more interesting, she didn't seem to mind all that terribly. She went through the motions of unpacking her dress and holding it up for my inspection but she knew I would veto it. I did, it was nice enough but way too decent.

I left her with a tingle running up and down my spine. Mephisto was doing it again. She had been very reluctant, but it took only a small amount of pressure to make her accept the gauzy black nothing I had picked out for her. It took some effort to take my mind off picturing her in it. But I had some business to see to before I went back to the front of the house. This was going to be fun.

A look at my watch told me it was about time for Carmen to arrive and I hoped Jessica was not your typical female, needing an hour or more to dress. I had told her to hurry, but I didn't know her well enough. For all I knew she would want to soak in a tub instead of grabbing a shower.

I told David it was better if he came in after Carmen arrived, so he went off to the kitchen to check on the food. It was child's play to push that guy around. With him out of the way for a bit it would be easier to get Carmen relaxed before she was confronted with him. As if she had been waiting for me to think of her, I heard someone knock. No doubt the sultry Carmen Lucetta. I grinned as I walked over and opened the door to let her in.

"Ahh, Vassily, as sexy as ever."

Who did she think she was kidding with that throaty voice of hers? She would try to get me on her side, not knowing I had already spoken with David. I smiled, hell I positively beamed at her.

"Carmen, gorgeous, let me kiss you."

I kissed her soundly on the lips and pressed her lithe body hard against mine. She was nearly as tall as me in her high heels and she rotated her hips against my crotch, trying to feel if I was stiffening for her. I pulled back before she could find out and directed her to the huge leather couch. That would be a nice spot, at least to start.

"Drink? The usual?"

Above the clink of ice cubes I heard heels clicking and I turned to watch Jessica come in. Now that had me stiffening in no time. She was not as tall as Carmen but she had more curves on her and the black shift I had picked out, clung to her breasts and hips in a very enticing way. It was nearly see-through and the hint of black lingerie underneath made my mouth water, just as the glimpses of her thighs showing in the slits up the sides.

"Jessica, want a drink too?" I handed Carmen her whiskey with ice and ignored her questioning look for the moment.

Lastly I poured myself a drink, I figured I had earned a shot of vodka by now, and turned to look at both women. Dark haired, grey-eyed Carmen looked like a sleek cat on the couch in a vivid red skirt that seemed glued to her slender body and a red and white striped bodice modeled like a bustier, pushing her small breasts up. Blond haired, blue-eyed Jessica looked more like a lost captive in the sultan's harem with her lush body in the black gauzy caftan-like dress, not in the least by the look on her face. She knew something was up, only not what.

Carmen was not a very patient woman and I had counted on her taking the initiative. She didn't disappoint me.

"Why is she here? I thought we were going to have an intimate dinner for two. Or is she acting as your slave-girl for the evening?"

She actually sneered, as if she had been looking forward to a date, with me. Really, did she think I was demented? I had kicked her out a long time ago.

"No, we are not having dinner for two. You are here because we need to talk. About the production sweetheart. That's why Jessica is here too. You know very well she's my editor, so quit the act."

My voice was soft but I knew both could hear the steel in it.

"We will have dinner in a while. But we will first address your problems with the illustrations. Start talking."

"Vassily, really, there's no need to be so stern. You know I'll do anything for you. It's just that David is so, so... you know."

She shrugged and her breasts nearly fell out of the bodice. It didn't do a thing for me. The hidden treasures of Jessica were far more alluring at that moment.

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