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I woke up, aware of Claudia snuggling against me in bed. Her arm was draped over my side, her leg snaking its way through mine, and her naked breasts were softly pushing against my bare back. Sleepily, I rolled over to embrace her, pulling her small frame into my larger one, our bodies melding together.

My girlfriend smiled drowsily, her eyes remaining shut, her lips curling seductively into a satisfied smile. Her expression seemed to remind me of a cat, a satisfied cat who had just made a kill and was ready to settle down for a nap. A soft moan escaped her throat, and she pressed her cheek against my chest, nuzzling me, as she rubbed her thighs softly against mine.

Sleepy as I was, I could still feel my arousal growing, my cock filling with blood and becoming erect to push against her soft legs. Moving my mouth down to hers, I captured her lips in a kiss, parting them softly and slipping my tongue in just a bit to lick at her sweet mouth.

Claudia moaned again, this time the moan going through her throat and out her mouth, seeming to fill my entire body with her pleasure. Her leg moved up my leg, rubbing against the length of my thigh and settling around my waist. She wrapped herself around my waist and pulled my crotch towards hers. I could feel the heat radiating from her, brushing against my swollen cock. Claudia's arms held my chest tight against hers, and lying side by side I thrust my cock slowly into her hot pussy.

This time it was my own body that moaned, my back arching as I thrust slowly into my girlfriend, her hot body wrapping around mine tightly. She seemed to want to become one with me, just tighten herself around me until we would never be able to pull apart. It was little effort to pull slightly out and plunge slowly into her depths again, both of us moaning with each push.

The bare breasts were squeezed between our bodies, their soft pliancy squishing against my chest, I could feel the large nipples, erect, against my skin. I wrapped my arms around her upper body tightly, pulling her impossibly close to my body, pushing myself into her warmth.

Claudia's body began to thrust with mine, meeting my plunges and pulling away to further excite my cock. My cock felt as hot as fire, the flames flowing from it all the way up my body, up my spine, every one of my nerves tingling. With a burst of energy that was surprising for such an early adventure, I rolled over to my back, pulling my girlfriend on top of me.

Rolling with me, Claudia perched on my cock, her chest still pushing against me but her legs leaving their place around my waist and setting themselves by my side. She was, in effect, kneeling over me, bent down, pushing her bottom up and down on my cock, pulling the skin up and down with ease.

I took hold of my girlfriend's shoulders and pushed her into a more erect position, the new arch of her body causing my cock to stab further inside her body. Her large breasts bounced slowly from side to side as she lifted herself up and down on my staff with her legs. Her head was thrown back, her mouth open, and her throat was exposed to my eyes. The dark hair I loved so much was flowing down her back, and my hands ached to touch it. Moving my hands around her back, I stroked the hair softly, closing my eyes to be devoured with the sensations rushing through my body.

The leisurely thrusts became more frantic, Claudia's breasts bounced heavily as she lifted herself higher off me and let herself fall down to be speared by my cock again. I opened my eyes to watch her face, and for a startled second I imagined that it was Amelia maneuvering herself up and down on my cock, rather than my girlfriend. Unable to control myself, I suddenly climaxed without warning, which was unusual for me. My cum burst from my cock, filling my girlfriend, but still I saw Amelia's slightly harder face, her slightly harder features. As Claudia's body began to spasm and climax with mine, I still saw her sister, Amelia.

Shaking my head, trying to clear my mind, I nearly missed out on the last of my own passion as the pussy tightened and contracted around my cock. Claudia collapsed down on my chest, her breasts once again flattened against my body. Panting, I draped one arm around her back, rolling my head to one side.

My eyes drifted towards the door of our bedroom, noticing the slightly opened door. In the open doorway, a pair of eyes sat, locked on me. Amelia stood there, casually, her arms crossed casually across her chest. Her eyes were smoldering, but I couldn't tell if it was lust or anger or maybe a combination of both. I shut my eyes tight, trying to block her from my mind, but all I could see was her body spread eagled on my bed as I toyed with it. Taking a deep breath, I opened my eyes again, afraid to see her there in the doorway. She was gone, the open doorway empty. I breathed uneasily, hugging Claudia tighter against my chest. My girlfriend mumbled something sleepily and sat up, rolling her body off of mine.

"I need a shower," she muttered, smiling cattily and looking at me. "You do too, I dare say."

I could only nod in reply, afraid that my voice would quiver.

"Want to take one with me, Mark?" Claudia asked, running her finger across my bare chest. "I'll wash you."

"No," I said, my voice steady after all. "I want to stay here a few more minutes."

"Okay," my girlfriend said, her voice mirroring her disappointment. She rolled out of bed and grabbed her robe, draping it around her luscious body before slipping through the door and towards the bathroom down the hall.

I lay, alone, in the bed, staring at the ceiling. Before long, my heavy lids had shut again, encasing me in darkness. Drifting in the world between reality and sleep, I began to picture Amelia in my mind again, on the bed, helpless. I could almost feel her face rubbing against my cock. My lips parted and a moan escaped my lips, my hips rose of their own accord up from the bed and towards something warm.

My eyes opened and I peeked through the slits, a dark figure below me, hovering above my groin. Amelia looked up at me, smiled, and faced back down again, running her tongue down the length of my soft cock. I felt a stirring as she lapped at me, cleaning me of my girlfriend's cum and of my own.

"What are you doing?" I asked, still not quite alert.

"Nothing," she whispered, opening her mouth and engulfing my cock with her lips. Her hot mouth drew me into her throat, my cock growing within her. I moaned again, thrusting my hips up towards her face. Amelia's lips smiled around my cock, and she met my eyes again.

I forced myself back to reality. I was drifting between the pleasure she was giving me, the daydream of Amelia bound to the bed, and the reality of my girlfriend showering in the next room.

"Quit it," I said, but my voice suggested I wanted the opposite. I was unsure of what I wanted. I was still dreaming, but I was awake, and my fantasy seemed to be half coming true.

Amelia pulled her face up off my cock and pushed it back down. My cock had swollen to its full size again, and the post orgasmic feeling had fled my body to be replaced with want. I wanted to cum again, to climax again, to spurt my load into her mouth and watch her swallow it. The green of her eyes seemed to penetrate me as Amelia looked up again. I swallowed hard and threw my head back on the bed, moaning and writhing as the girl sucked at my essence.

Spreading my legs, my knees rose up next to Amelia's head. She laughed from behind my cock, a sound similar to the muffled noises she had made from behind the gag the day before. Triumphantly, her enthusiasm rose, and she began to pull off harder and longer, driving me wild. My hips rose frantically, pumping my cock into her mouth, effectively fucking her willing face.

"Oh, god," I muttered, as I felt my body begin to clench. My hands grabbed at the blankets, pulling handfuls towards me, squeezing tight as my muscles all tightened and another jolt of electricity ran through my legs.

Pushing my hips up one last time to be buried inside Amelia's hot mouth, I came hard. The orgasm was so intense it felt as though it would never end. My body kept convulsing, my lips parted and I felt as though I had to scream, but only silence came out as my eyes shut tight. My hands pulled at the blankets, squeezing them, as though they were the source of the ecstasy inside me. Finally, after an interminable period of time, my muscles found that they could relax after all, and with sweat dripping down my body I fell down on to the bed, gasping for breath.

Lifting her face up from my crotch, Amelia smiled at me, crawling up my soaking body towards my face. She lifted a hand to my hair and stroked it away from my eyes, smiling down at me.

"Wasn't that bad, was it?" She purred. I could smell my cum on her breath, the musky odor of my orgasm on her body.

All I could answer in response was to shake my head in the negative, my voice seeming to have abandoned me in my time of need. I looked up at Amelia's smiling face and grimaced. This was wrong, and I knew it. Claudia would kill me.

As if reading my thoughts, Amelia shook her head.

"This is our little secret," she smiled. "For now, at least."

The brief relief I had felt washed away with those last four words. The sound of water in the next room over stopped, only the ceiling fan in the bathroom still going in there. I felt panicky, but was still unable to speak.

Amelia crawled down my body the way she had come up, kissing my limp cock as she crawled backwards through my legs. She stood at the foot of the bed, the bed I had stood at the day before, looking down at her bound body. She winked at me, once again seeming to sense what I was thinking, and left the room.

Just moments later Claudia walked into the room, her robe wrapped around her, her hair in a towel.

"Whew," she said. "It really smells like sex in here. You go take a shower, I'm going to open a window."

Obediently, without saying a word, I nodded and got up off the bed. Briefly pausing to pull on a pair of boxers before leaving the safety of my bedroom, I went to the bathroom to clean myself of Amelia's ministrations. With relief, I could feel myself beginning to wake up.

When I got out of the shower and was finished dressing, I walked into the kitchen, where my girlfriend was sitting across the table looking at Amelia as Amelia chattered on about some boy at school.

The twins were looking at each other with nearly identical expressions. I recognized Claudia's, and it made me shudder a little bit. A condescending smile on her face, her eyes cold, nodding silently as Amelia went on and on. Claudia looked away from her sister and over to me, her eyes warming up a little bit, but questioning too.

Unsure of the question, I shrugged. I thought that a shrug would be a nice neutral answer to whatever question my girlfriend was thinking of.

Amelia finished her sentence and looked over at me too, smiling in a knowing way.

"You working today, Mark?" Amelia asked, throatily.

"He has Saturday's and Sunday's off," Claudia answered before I could even open my mouth.

I nodded. "That's right. Even I deserve a weekend every once in a while."

Amelia's exaggerated laughter filled the room.

"What about you, Claude, do you work today?" she asked my girlfriend.

Claudia cleared her throat, gazing over in my direction again. "Yes, I'm afraid I have to."

"Well, I'm sure Mark and I can entertain ourselves just fine while you're gone," Amelia laughed, getting up from the table.

"If you two will excuse me, I have to brush my teeth."

Claudia and I watched as Amelia sauntered out of the room, obviously wiggling her bottom at me as she passed. As soon as Amelia was no longer in sight, Claudia shot her gaze at me, boring into my core.

"Sit down," she hissed.

Nervous, I took a seat across from my girlfriend, where not too long ago Amelia had been seated.

"What happened between you two yesterday?" Claudia whispered.

"Just what we talked about," I said nervously, my stomach tightening in knots. It was true that it was what my girlfriend and I had planned, but my feelings about the event had been different than I had assumed they would be. Amelia, too, had reacted differently than I had expected, seeming to enjoy it rather than be frightened and cowed.

"Why is she so happy, then? She's supposed to be scared, repentant, sorry for doing all of that to me."

"Well, I didn't exactly tell her why I was doing it," I mumbled, truthfully, my eyes tracing the lines on the table.

"Maybe you should, so she'll understand, so that she won't try to do it anymore!"
"What, you're already planning about future boyfriends?" I teased, trying to make light of Claudia's foul mood. Sometimes I could succeed in calming her down, bringing her back to earth, transforming her from the hissing she-devil in front of me to my sweet Claudia again.

"Not future boyfriends, you idiot. You!"

I was dumbstruck.

"Me?" I stuttered. "What do you mean?" The knots tightened more, ripping into me. Did she know what had happened this morning? Or the day before yesterday, when Amelia had used me in the car?

"Can't you see it?" Claudia demanded, her whisper rising to more of a shriek. She looked around nervously and seemed to collect herself again. "Can't you see it?" she hissed again. "She keeps smiling at you, flirting with you, coming on to you…she seems to be promising you sex with every word and every expression directed towards your part of the room. I think she is trying to steal you away from me."

"Don't be paranoid," I joked, standing up and walking over to Claudia's side of the table. "Nothing is going to happen, alright?" I wondered if I could keep my own promise. I was already lying, things had already happened, and I knew as well as Claudia did that Amelia meant for more incidents to occur. "I love you, sweet heart. I promise I won't do anything with Amelia ever again, alright?"

Claudia turned towards me, hugging me around the waist and burying her face in my thigh. She nodded, her head pushing against my leg. I reached down to stroke her silky hair, running my fingers through the thick stuff. I felt awful about what Claudia must be going through, about her pain at having shared her boyfriend with her sister. I had known that it was a bad idea, but I had gone along with it. What did that say about me?

"I wish I didn't have to go to work," Claudia sniffed.

"I know," I said, petting her hair. "But you have to. Come on, I'll give you a ride."

Claudia nodded against my leg again. Reluctantly, with her shoulders slumped, she moved away from my body and stood up next to the table.

"I'll put my shoes on," she muttered, her head hanging down.

"Hey," I said, reaching forward to touch her face. She looked up at me, my fingers pressing lightly against her chin. I looked deeply into her dark green eyes. "I love you, you know," I said softly.

"I love you too, Mark. More than anything."

"Then trust me," the knots tightened. "Okay?"

"I trust you," she said, her voice dull. "I just don't trust her."

Claudia walked back into our bedroom to get her shoes, and I started searching for my keys. She met me by the front door, and after a hollered goodbye to Amelia, who still hadn't emerged from brushing her teeth, Claudia and I left the apartment.

The car started easily and I backed it out of our spot, heading for the road that would take me to the office that Claudia worked in on the weekends. So far, she hadn't said a thing to me, had just sat there silently looking out the window.

My mind flashed for a moment, and I pictured Amelia sitting in almost an identical pose, staring out the window before she started flashing passerby's.

"What's the most erotic thing you've ever done in a car?" I asked on impulse.

"What do you mean?" Claudia asked, looking over at me. "That's sort of an odd question."

"I mean, like, have you had sex in a car? Have you ever gone down on a guy while he was driving? Have you ever flashed anyone from a moving vehicle?"

"No," Claudia said, still looking at me. "Have you?"

I cleared my throat. "I've had sex in a car," I said, uncomfortably. "Back in high school. It was really the only place to go that our parents weren't looking over our shoulders."

Claudia looked back out the window, seeming uneasy about the conversation. I cursed myself for bringing it up. Maybe I was trying to get caught so that Claudia would know about Amelia and I, and I wouldn't have to hide it anymore.

The ride to the office continued in silence, and Claudia slipped out of the car without saying a word. My heart sank as she shut the door behind her, and I thought about getting out and talking to my girlfriend a little bit more before she went inside the building. Before I could decide, she disappeared through the doors, and with a sigh I shifted into reverse and left the parking lot.

Home seemed to sneak up on me, the ride back seemed to only have lasted seconds. Sooner than I had hoped I was walking back up the stairs to my apartment, opening the door, and entering into my own domain. Amelia was there, inside, waiting for me.

"I'm so glad you're back, Mark," she purred, greeting me at the door. I took a step backwards, hitting the door, and nervously felt the wall behind me for the doorknob.

"Just leave me alone, Amelia," I said, turning the knob.

Amelia's hand snaked out and grabbed my limp cock through my pants. I winced and sucked in a breath as she began to toy with it, her long fingers playing along its length while she looked up in to my face.

"Why would you want to be leaving, darling?" she asked, tugging me away from the door, using my cock as a handle. "Where are you going to go that could be more fun than being here with me?"

The knots in my stomach that had been tormenting me all day seemed to hiccup up into my throat. I swallowed deeply, allowing myself to be pulled along. I didn't want to go with her, but my body wouldn't let me decide.

"I don't want you, Amelia," I said, softly, my hands moving down my body to meet her own. I tried to unlatch her fingers from around my cock, but either I was too weak or she was too strong. She wasn't hurting me, but her nails were digging into the fabric of my pants, holding tight around my cock. Despite my fear of being pulled into another sexual escapade with my girlfriend's sister, my cock was swelling, growing hard, and a tingle of arousal was taking control of my body.

"What was yesterday, then, Mark, if you don't want me?" Amelia smiled, her white teeth showing. She reminded me of a cat, not for the first time, with that grin.

I sighed deeply, both from the arousal washing through my body and the answer to her question.

"It was revenge," I muttered, involuntarily thrusting my hips towards the girl in front of me who was gripping my cock. "Claudia's idea. Used me for revenge."

Amelia's hand tightened around my cock, making me cry out in a flash of pain.

"Elaborate, Mark," she hissed, tugging my cock closer to her. On tiptoes, I followed where she led me, using my cock like a leash and tugging me past the doorway into the living room.

"Claudia's angry about all the men you stole from her," I stuttered. "She wanted me to rape you, to pretend that I thought you were her, and to rape you and make you sorry for what you did to her."

"Guess she didn't count on my liking it, did she?" Amelia laughed sinisterly, her lips curling into a snarl. "You didn't pretend to think I was her, anyways. Not only did I enjoy it, but I thought you were after me specifically."

I nodded, my hands trying to drag hers away from me. She held on tight, though, and tugged me again, painfully. The arousal wasn't fleeing my body, however, as I would have expected. I was still tingling, and my cock was still growing towards its full size. Each jerk of my cock made my stomach do a flip-flop, but not a bad sensation at all.
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