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As Suzi opened the drivers door Danny grabbed her and pulled her in on top of him. The bulge in his pants was enormous now. It showed through and looked at least 13 inches. 'Unlucky for some' thought Suzi, eager for Danny's cock to fuck her hard. 'What's it been, 5 weeks now?' she asked herself, trying to remember the last time she had a large cock buried in her lovely tight now-dripping wet pussy.

Danny Pearson, the new guy on the block he supposed, had a large grin on his face. He had a nearly nude, huge-titted redheaded police officer laying down on top of him, being completely submissive to his every whim. 'Jesus, when have I ever been so lucky' he thought. His thirteen-inch cock was straining inside his black jeans and under that, a pair of classic y-fronts. 'Nothing too classy', he often thought to himself, 'don't want to get noticed'. Not that it worked with this ginger bitch. She'd already blown him off a few times, but he always went away before she could get any drugs, if he would give them to her. 'This one was interesting' he thought to himself as he kissed one of her long protruding, fully erect nipples through her white training bra. 'Not just a high college girl like the rest of them' he added with a smile, remembering his fetish for barely legal girls, preferably blondes or redheads.

He sat her down on his thighs and roughly played with her nipples. She groaned softly in response.

"Can't you just get to the good part already?" Suzi asked quietly.

"Nope. Don't want you getting all screamy all over me before the fun has begun now do we?" he replied, loving every minute of it. He moved his right hand around her back and stroked her long, red hair. His left hand was now joined at the other nipple by his mouth. Together the two worked in tandem to get more moans out of Suzi, now lost to the world of wanting an orgasm.

Danny's right hand slipped down Suzi's back and down the thin fabric that made up her panties. He lovingly stroked her asshole before moving on to her clit. He stroked it slowly and delightfully and could feel lots of pussy juice already flowing down his fingers and hand.

"You're a gusher aren't you?" he said as he momentarily took her right nipple out of his mouth, more as a statement then as a question. Suzi's reply was yet more moans and constant gibberish. He slipped to fingers up into her pussy and rubbed her G-Spot.

"Aaahh" sighed Suzi, nearing orgasm.

Danny sadistically laughed inwardly to himself. 'She's mine now. She'll do anything I ask.' Danny stopped stroking her clit and stopped rubbing and licking her tits.

"NOOO" screamed Suzi sitting on Danny's thighs. She wanted to finish, to reach her climax but Danny, the bastard, had stopped rubbing her clit and nipples and was now pushing her to her feet. Suzi felt dizzy and weak at the knees as she was walked to the front of Danny Pearson's mini-mansion.

The door opened to reveal a middle-aged man with graying hair standing in a butler's suit, a butler's suit with a difference. The man was not wearing trousers, but instead wore a kind of pair of Y-fronts that were shaped at the front. This shape had a hole at the end. When Suzi looked at this hole more closely, she saw the head of a penis pointing out. 'The shape, elasticized around the top, acted as a cock ring' she thought. The penis was fairly short and squat, but fuckable nonetheless.

"Another cum-crazed whore, Saunders: Danny said, snapping Suzi out of her cock-staring trance, "make sure you get everything necessary for a grade B ff" he continued, in their code talk.

"Yes sir. Shall I prepare food or not?" the butler called Saunders replied.

"Not. Make it an hour and not before. Carry on with your work." Danny said in a commanding English voice. He frog marched Suzi upstairs and into a dark room. Suzi couldn't really see what was going on inside it. But she could hear a lot.

"OOH YES, YEEEEAAH OHHH" came a scream from nearby. The woman was clearly in ecstasy. When the light went on, Suzi could see why.

When Carrie Smyth was 14 years old, she moved to LA to be with her father. Her father was running a very large drugs cartel she found out, and she accepted that, and she sat on the sidelines for a few years. When she lost her virginity, aged 16, to one of Daddy's precious clients, she decided to take a more active role. When she was 18, she had been fucked out of her mind more times then she could count, and she was stoned nearly every day. Because she was Daddy's little girl, in all meanings of the phrase, she got lots of info on the goings on of the group.

At College she was the coed slut. She had at least 3 mouthfuls of cum every day. If it wasn't from her friends or clients (She carried on working for Daddy's little group of druggies) it was from her college professors. She had become a real Slut. A Whore. The whore. She knew more tricks about fucking and foreplay than even a porn star. In fact, she was a porn star of a sort. Most guys that she slept with liked to make videos and sell them on the Internet. She didn't mind. She got fucked and that was all she cared about.

But even through this illustrious sexual history, she had never had orgasms quite like the ones she had been experiencing since she came to Danny Pearson's house on business. He had tied her to a bed like a common sex slave, which she didn't mind, and after he had had his way with her several times, he stuck one of the longest vibrators she had ever seen into each hole and set them to full power. That was 48 hours ago. Every now and then, one of Danny's many butlers and/or servants would come into the room and jerk off all over her body. She loved it. She was covered in jizz by the end of the first day, and was experiencing a near-continuous orgasm. She had been screaming in joy so much that at one point one of the butlers, Saunders, came in to the room and stuffed his short bet thick cock into her mouth just to try and shut her up. It didn't work. After milking his balls dry at least 3 times, she was still screaming for more. That was when Suzi and Danny had arrived, about thirty minutes after Saunders had left.
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