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A few readers, while generally liking the original story, felt that the absence of a context left them unsatisfied. If any of you have read my bio, I mention that I don't often return to a story once I've finished. In a sense, that is a bit selfish. I suppose I have largely written for myself, but as I've published a few stories, and received some feedback, I realized how many people at least open the stories to look at them. I've begun to feel an obligation to write for you to some degree. Having seen the staggering response to J.K Rowlings' Harry Potter series, you see how much people hunger for something that moves them away from the endless boredom of their lives. Perhaps the writer is no different than the reader, except that they actively dispel their boredom rather than let others guide them. Enough of a philosophical peregrination.

He had watched Jenny from the time she was a flat chested tom boy rough housing with boys after school. She was a vibrant child, eyes always bright, loving of each day. Even though there weren't many black kids in her neighbourhood, there was enough ethnic mix that she didn't really feel much out of place. Kids mostly didn't care about race until some adults told them they had to-either by direct action or by indirect innuendo. For Jenny, it wasn't much of an issue. Her mother mixed well with everyone, even though her dad had left many years ago.

At age 13, everything began to change. Puberty brought periods, a spreading butt, and, worst of all, boobs. Not just little girl buds, but breasts that were suddenly sticking out from her chest, seeming to grow bigger overnight. The raucous tom boy was suddenly wrenched from her childhood. Her mother watched over her like a hovering hawk, expecting a pedophile, or hormone drugged teenaged boy to jump out from behind every corner. Jenny had some real problems coping with this situation. From carefree kid roaming pretty freely in the neighbourhood, to house arrest in a matter of a few months was culture shock for her.

The months passed and her mother didn't let up. Boys were now all over her at school as her breast grew out of her C cup bras by grade 10. And then D and DD. At the same time, she retained a very trim shape with a gorgeous butt that would satisfy the most discerning anal erotic.

She managed to reign in her own surging hormones, even with the claustrophobic presence of her mother pissing her off. The few boys who got a chance to be alone with her were only interested in her tits. Jenny soon grew very tired of being treated as nothing more than the life support system for two huge tits. One particularly persistent rascal actually managed to convince her to let him jerk off on her tits. The experience was the last straw, and she withdrew into a shell until high school became a memory.

She skipped university, and took some accounting courses at a local community college. She worked part time at a few different jobs, but didn't stick around long, since they had hired her tits, not Jenny. Even the teachers couldn't stop staring at her.

And through all of this, one of her neighbours-she never really knew him-had watched as she matured into this stunning beauty. Unknown to her, he had compiled a huge collection of photos taken surreptitiously over a long period. Night after night, he would fantasize having this young beauty at his mercy. Standing in the darkened window of his study, he would stroke his cock as Jenny walked along the street to her mother's home where she had continued to live after she finished high school.

He was now masturbating three or four times a day obsessed with Jenny. Careful to never reveal himself to her, he maintained as regular a routine as possible, chatting to neighbours, doing small favours for others in the townhouse complex.

A year ago he had bought a small secluded property several miles from the complex in a relatively undeveloped area. He had slowly created a nest where he planned to take Jenny so that he could fulfill his desires. He created a new identify, even though he was not far from his other home, but the two communities were separated by two highways and the north south routes were quite a ways apart. Very little if any cross pollination took place. He might as well have been a thousand miles away.

He spaced out the purchase of riding crops, straps, restraints and, being a bit handy, also build some special restraint devices to position his companion at the correct height for whatever frolic he had in mind.

Once he had the nest ready, he developed his plan to capture the girl. Over a period of several months, he was able to determine that Jenny took a bus to school on Tuesday mornings very early, and that the stop had a shelter with advertising. Jenny would huddle inside as she waited for the bus. The stop was seldom used that early. He decided to rent a plain van and pose as a cleaner who washed down the walls of the shelter. He chose a Tuesday with snow and poor visibility, which meant that he could be bundled up with a parka without drawing any suspicion. He pulled his van up to the shelter just as Jenny was turning the corner. He put out his orange cones, and was just lugging the bucket and squeegee to the shelter as Jenny stepped into the space. She ignored him as he wiped down one wall. As she sat staring down the street in the direction the bus would come, he pressed a cloth over her face that, within seconds had her unconscious. Watching to see that the road was clear, he picked her up onto her feet, shoved her the few feet across the sidewalk to the van, stepped in and secured her hands and put a gag over her mouth. Then, cavalierly, he got back out and finished cleaning the shelter, albeit poorly, and packed up his orange safety cones. He checked to see that Jenny was still unconscious, the took off from the curb and drove at the speed limit or a bit under in the heavy snow to the parking lot where he had left his own van. Mostly blocked by a garbage disposal, He was able to move Jenny to the other van which had an even better restraint system that left her totally immobile.

With Jenny secure, he took the rental back. Stuffed the keys through the mail slot, and walked the 10 blocks back to his own van. Then he drove off with his captive to the nest.

He backed the van into his garage, and then proceeded to unfasten Jenny, who remained very groggy, and take her to his secure punishment area.

He slowly removed her clothes, savouring each article of apparel. Holding it up to the video he had running. Once he had stripped her to bra and panties, he took off his own clothes, revealing his thumping erection. Saving her breasts to the last, he slowly tugged her panties down. They were a pale blue, not the sexy black he had hoped she would have, but they were now a flimsy piece of cloth in his hand. He put his fingers onto her pubic area and let them slip into the folds of her labia. He sighed deeply at the sight of her large clit. He gently stroked it and the girl stirred, and pushed her hips slightly up against his fingers. Then, with his hands slightly damp from the girl's pudenda, he reached for the bra, pulling the straps down and unrolling the cups so that her boobs rolled into view. He was stunned at their beauty. Full nipples, stiffened from the cold, stood up from the firm brown flesh. He stared in awe. Then his hands gripped them and squeezed, pushing them together. He released them long enough to reach around and unhook the bra, leaving the girl completely naked. He hoisted her up and walked her over to the whipping rack, positioning her so that he could tie her tightly in place. Once that was done, he stepped back to admire her body. He had put a pair of shoes onto her feet that added just the right touch of exotica to the image. He gripped his cock and jerked it up and down, then let the head brush against her nipples. Precum drooled onto her breasts. He fought back the desire to just shoot his load right onto her tits. He wanted her to wake up so that he could begin the process of domination. He used his cock to slap her tits, then slap her face lightly. He couldn't resist pressing his cock onto her full sexy lips where they protruded from the gag. He let the fluid dripping from his cock anoint them.

Jenny started to stir and her eyes fluttered. He had put a ball gag on her to control not only sound, but to prevent any biting of her own tongue or lips. The blindfold had probably not been necessary, but he had erred on the side of caution. Her eyes opened and she could see nothing. She strained against the straps that held her and tried to free herself. It only caused her magnificent breasts to wobble deliciously for her captor. He removed the blindfold, and she blinked in the light. After a few moments, she took in the limited view in front of her. She looked at his face as her focus improved and she was brought sharply back to full consciousness.

The continuation is Jenny on the Rack.
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