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And progressively worse it got. But I caught a break since Tia had a convention in LA when I got back from break. It gave me time to get back to school, and settle in to my new classes and professors.

Tia didn't make it back to the second to last week in January. We were eager to see each other, since it had almost been two month since our last time to hangout. Of course she looked great, with new clothes from the covnention, and a nice updated tan, courtesy of the beach.

Tia reported that she was unable to "bag" a star, although she hung out on Rodeo with her free time. She did manage to fuck two guys that worked in her hotel's bar, and a surfer from Malibu with a "talented toungue."

When I told her about Charles, and the threesome idea, she mocked me.

"I wondered if you'd be able to keep up that boyfriend stuff you were saying on the phone. Why don't we head back there this weekend, and take him up on his offer?"

We didn't head back home. But we found something else to do that weekend. Tia got a call from Kerry that week. It seemed he and Bobby had access to a hotel room at the Four Seasons, and wanted to get together.

So there I was that Saturday night, flat on my back, getting my lights fucked out as my tits flopped around. Tia and Kerry occupied the bed on the other side of the nightstand, her tits bouncing up and down, while she announced every orgasm that arrived.

The two former gentlemen had now become deviants.

"Switch" Kerry said as he looked in our direction.

Bobby slipped out of my pussy, and headed towards Tia. Kerry made his way towards me, his big dick swinging back and forth, wet and hard. When he got to the bed, I did the unimaginable.

I opened my mouth, recieving the dick that had just been in Tia's pussy. The taste of her juices made the moment even more preverse. I felt no shame as I rubbed my clit, sucking the sticky fluid from Kerry's hot cock.

We spent the night, continuing to swap, before we finally tired and passed out. At one point when I came back from a quick trip to pee, Tia had one guy in her mouth, and another in her pussy from behind.

I knew when I came back from holiday that this was the direction I was headed in. I knew I was in a spiral without an ending. Nights getting fucked in hotel rooms was what I had aspired to . Atleast it was a nice hotel, with expensive furniture and marble floors.

But nothing would prepare me for that night. Nothing had told me I was headed in that direction. I knew I was bad, but....

I should have never listened to Tia. I knew what happened to me when I was around her. What sort of actions I took. Tia was simpy a bad influence.

And of all nights, why would I listen to her this time. It was Tuesday...Fat Tuesday to be precise. We had managed to avoid downtown earlier, as I had a big test to study for all weekend, and thank goodness Tia had to work inventory at her job. But that only made matters worse, for that made Tia want to go out more. She was in heat, and I should have known better...yet I relented. A decision I would live to regret.

I was off to a bad start, when she showed up to my apartment just after dinner. When I agreed to go out with her, I made it with the provision that we come home before midnight, so I could get a decent night of sleep. Tia agreed over the phone, but when she arrived, she had already been drinking. Then she pulled out the bag.

The bag was from a store a few down from where Tia worked. They had a sale, so my wild friend had the bright idea of wearing matching outfits that night. She had bought a thin yellow tank top and flower mini skirt for each of us to wear. She said that I shouldn't wear any underwear as we had to show our tits for beads, and maybe show some more for the really good stuff.

I thought she was out of her mind, but after a few beers, it made sense in my fuddled mind. We got dressed, put on way too much makeup and perfume, and headed downtown in a cab. Atleast I managed to slip on a thong when she went to the restroom.

Our city began having a Mardi Gras celebration three years ago, with each one getting more crowded. This night was unreal, as there must have been fifty thousand people jammed in to one small area.

When Tia and I exited the cab, the cat calls were beginning already.

"Show us your tits!" I heard quickly.

Tia made her way on the street, and flashed the first group of guys in her path. Another guy said he didn't see, so she turned to flashed him too.

We got maybe twenty feet before other guys approached us to flash.

"Get in the spirit Shar" Tia teased.

The dark haired guy next to Tia looked at me, and announced to his friends that this was going to be a good one. I tugged my tank from my skirt and pulled it up to my neck, baring my breasts for all to see.

"Ohhh Fuck!" one of them screamed. "Look at those fucking tits!" another said.

Beads came flying in, as Tia and I grabbed them all. Some fell to the ground, as Tia scrambled and laughed.

"I told you we'd do well by you Shar. Your boobs are gonna get us all kind of beads."

I didn't get all the fascination with these cheap beads, but I enjoyed the attention I got from men. Of course, most of the guys would cop a feel, and between that and the cooler air, my nipples were permanently hard.

About a half an hour in to it, we happened on a group of three guys. The most handsome was a tall,muscular, black man with a shaved head and a devious smile.

"I'll give you a kiss for those cannibus beads" Tia offered.

He smiled as if this sort of thing was routine for him.

"Maybe for some other beads...but for these, you have to do something extra...why don't you kiss that fine little friend of yours?"


And before I could say anything, Tia put her arms around me and kissed me right on the lips. Not knowing what to do, I just responded by kissing her back and rubbing our noses together, before we broke apart and lauged.

"Oh shit. That was tight" the black guy said, handing over the beads. His friends just said thank you over and over again, and remarked to each other how hot it was to see women kiss.

He gave Tia his business card and a French kiss himself, before telling his friends to give some beads to us also.

The night had got a little wilder than I thought. Flashing strange guys, Tia and I kissing. Then she had the idea to get on top of one of the bars, to flash guys from a patio like they do in New Orleans.

The place we chose had an outside bar. We flashed guys, and they would buy us drinks. Needless to say, we got pretty smashed. There were tons of girls out on the patio, some of them I'm sure were dancers. But in our drunken state, Tia and I were not to be outdone.

When the guys below would ask for some tit, Tia and I would flash. The other girls got more and more provative, mooning the guys, and some kissing each other.

Tia took it as a challenge, and raised her skirt showing her cunt. When the crowd started to cheer, she put her hands down there, and spread her pussy for all to see. I couldn't believe it, but the guys went nuts, screaming for some more.

"Show'em some puss Shar"

I raised my skirt, and pulled the thong, that I had the good sense to wear, aside, baring my dark pleasure trail and pussy lips.

"bush, bush bush, bush" was now becoming a chant.

The other girls on the patio were now following our lead, and there was a sea of maleness, all under our control, as Tia, myself, and now the other girls, took turns driving the guys wild. We were all behaving like hookers, doing the craziest things, Tia even fingering her pussy, as beads flew everywhere.

When we had our fill, we gathered our beads and stumbled downstairs. When we made our way out of the bar, the guys outside gave us a roaring ovation.

We decided to flash some more people on the street, and then headed for a new shot bar on the edge of downtown, to get some more drinks.

The bouncer was charging everyone five dollars. When he saw Tia and me, he smiled and told us just to go in, while looking at our butts. She squeezed his big arms on the way, as her way of saying thank you.

We hung out for a while, and did some shots. The bartender stopped charging us after the second round, and Tia gave him a kiss. Just then, they walked in.

"They" were the group of five guys that walked in. Older, great looking, big, and tall guys. They looked like the kind of men who might sell insurance during the day, or work as investment bankers, but never quite grew up or got married or for that matter, ever missed a party like the one tonight. They immediately noticed us. But who wouldn't. We were dressed like hookers, plying ourselves with heavy makeup, teased hair, and puffing away like chain smokers. We must have been the picture of true tramps. "They" made their way over.

They introduced themselves, but their names escape me at the moment. All I know, is each one had more beads than any guys we had seen that night.

"How did you manage all those?" Tia inquired.

"We're just lucky" one of them said. The men did a few shots with us, and eventually four of them talked to me, while Tia had her back to me, talking to the dark one.

They were making jokes about my big boobs and no wonder I got so many beads. It was then that I laughed and turned to ask Tia what time it was.

"I really want these beads" Tia said as she pointed to big ornament looking globes the guy had around his neck.

"I don't know about that, these are my favorite"

"I'll suck your dick" she replied quckly, getting in his face, eye to eye, she being as tall as him, in high heels.

He grabbed her hand and headed to the back of the bar.

"Be our lookout Shar" were Tia's last words.

I didn't know what she meant, but I excused myself a moment later, from the guys, who hadn't heard the conversation, and followed where I saw Tia and this guy go.

I opened a door marked Employees Only near the back of the bar and turned right. There was a male figure on the door- it must have been a mans restroom. The place was empty. I went across the small hall, and found the womens restroom. I opened it, and found Tia sitting on a toilet of a stall, with the guys pants at his ankles and his dick in her mouth.

I looked around to make sure no one would interrupt them. And then I glanced back to the scene. Tia had her skirt up around her waist, and was diddling her clit while she sucked the guy off.

I was getting aroused again, but figured someone would interrupt me before I could finish msyself off. Instead, I stumbled back to the bar, and took another shot with the guys. One of them asked to see my tits, and the others followed suit.

I would have flashed them some tit, goodness knows I was horny enough to. But I wanted to see Tia suck this guys dick some more. So instead, I headed back to the rear of the bar, and opened the door.

By this time, Tia had mounted the guy and was fucking him on the filthy toilet. I breathed heavy, as I got off watching her long, slim tan legs, brush up against his dark, very hairy thighs. You could hear the commode wobble under the intense pounding of Tia's butt as she bounced up and down on this man. She was moaning real loud, and it echoed in the bathroom. I began to rub my pussy, and forgot where I was. In my drunken state, I once again stumbled past the door, making my way back to the bar. I was barely able to hold on to my cigarette and drink, since I needed my hands to guide myself against the wall. A dazed and confused girl I was.

"So when do we get to see your tits baby?" one of the men said.

"Real soon, I just have to go pee again"

"You just came from there didn't you?"

"Yea, ok, well I'm gonna go see the show" I replied now confusing myself.

"Huh?" I heard one say as I walked away again.

I was drunk, hot in all my clothes, and horny for a good fuck like Tia was getting. When I opened the door this time, she was standing up, getting it from behind, with her hands up against the back part of the wall. I started to join the two of them, when I heard footsteps. I immediately closed the door and turned to see who it was. It was the guys, the four of them cramped in to the small hallway.

"So now let's see those tits baby" one said.

I was so horny, they could probably see my hard nipples thru my shirt.

"Show us your tits"

"Show us your tits"

"Show us your tits" they kept chanting.

I held my drink in one hand, and put my cigarette in my mouth. With my free hand and the one with the drink, I managed to pull up my top. My tits spilled free, and the guys went nuts.

"Look at those jugs"

"What fuckin' knockers" another said.

When I went to put my shirt down, the moved closer. "Don't keep it down honey, let us get a quick feel if you want beads." the tallest of them said, as they surrounded me. Being so short, I felt enclosed.

I went to pull up my top again, only this time they took things in their own hands.

"Get her top" one said.

"Pull there" another yelled.

Before I knew it, three of the guys were yanking my top off. I screamed, but my cries got lost in the music and loud conversations of the bar patrons. I heard my tank top rip, as one of the guys knocked the drink out of my hands, and one of the others pulled the cigarette out of my mouth.

Hands were everywhere, pawing at my body and ripping off my clothes. The guy on the left would rip my shirt his way, the guy on the right his way, and the one in back of me felt as if he had two hands tearing the material from behind. I was pushed and pulled like a rag doll as my tits flopped around, the clingy, sweaty, tank top, now in shreads around my skin. The beads I had on were nearly choking me, as the guys kneaded and grabbed at my tits as I gasped for air.

"Get those beads off" the fourth guy said, who's hand pushed its way inside my clinched thighs, in an effort to get to my wet pussy.

The guys did, pull my beads off that is, so atleast I wouldn't choke. As it was, I still could not move without the overpowering feeling of large men surrounding me. I was losing balance as I wrestled these molesters.

"Get her in one of these rooms" the biggest and presumed ringleader said.

They burst in the door of the nearest room, the one Tia was in. Thank goodness. When the door flew open I screamed loud.

"Tia HELP, these guys are going to GANGBANG me!!" I managed to get out.

But Tia was busy, she was standing straight up, with one foot on the ground, and the other wedged against the stall door, as she and her guy were fucking like animals.

"Tia!!......" I said as they pulled me out of the room, and headed the other way.

She didn't care to hear from me now. She was busy fucking, and fucking good from what I could see. She ignored me.

I was naked from the waist up, my tank top somewhere on the nasty floor of this mens bathroom. The guys had resorted to sucking my tits and neck, while the fourth was still pawing between my legs, working a finger in my wet pussy.

These men, these older men, were molesting me in the middle of a bar, and no one could stop them. I certainly couldn't, and actually I didn't seem to try. I never yelled stop, I never said no. All I did was announce my impending doom to my friend, who could have cared less. And then get wet when they fondled me roughly. This was all Tia's fault I thought, while they pulled my skirt down, not even bothering to take my thong off. I can't believe she talked me in to wearing this ridiculous outfit. Into drinking too much, into smoking, into behaving like a whore on that patio. Maybe these maniacs had seen us, maybe these maniacs saw us show our pussies and tits, and thought we were easy. I know they saw our makeup, our smoking and our trampy hairdo's. They knew we were sluts, they were older smart men...not like Kerry and Bobby who thought us decent at first...No, these men knew I was a whore, and were taking advantaged of it.

One of the guys, I lost track by this point, pulled my thong to the side, and started

"Hold her" he said, as two of them held my hands above my head.

Before I knew it, he poked me with his cock from behind. It found a ready target, in my wet cunt, and all I could do was gasp as punctured me. I gave up, and they knew it. It felt so fucking good, all I could do was breathe.

"Fuck, this bitch has some good pussy" he informed the others. That turned me on even more, as the friction from our fucking got hot, quick.

He pounded me with quick strokes. The others had removed their pants, and the one in the front pushed my head towards his cock...I only knew to open my mouth and let him fuck my face. It was coming at me from both ends, getting molested, forced if you will.

The preverse thrill that shot thru my body only got hotter as the guy in my pussy lost control and shot his spunk prematurely in my pussy. Before I could catch my breath, there was another who must have been beside him, that plunged in my pussy instantly. His dick seemed even bigger, and once again I thought about Tia...how all this was her fault.

The initial thrill I got from her fucking the guy at the concert...the various handjobs in clubs. While this guy pounded in to me, I thought about how she fucked Charles, and how Charles fucked me with that same dick.

I could hear the sound of our flesh colliding as the picture of Tia sucking Kerry's dick in the backseat of that car stained my thoughts...Tia and I sharing both guys in the hotel room. All that had brought me to this point, the point of welcome gangbang in the bathroom of a public place, while my friend was fucking in the other room. All of it was too much and I began to moan.

"You like this don't you slut?"

"Are you cumming?" another said

"Oh yes" I gasped as I let the guy who was face fucking me fall from my dirty mouth. And I did, intensified by my fuck, who was controlling with his hands around my waist, yanking me back into him.

He shot his load in me, triggering another orgasm.

The guy who's dick I had been sucking pulled my thong down, and guided me on the dirty floor. He took of his pants, and mounted my completely naked body on the urine and beer scented floor.

I spread my legs, and accepted his wet cock. He proceeded to fuck me on that cold tile, the noise of our fucking echoing just like Tia had earlier. When he came, the fourth guy brought me to yet another orgasm, as he climbed between my legs, and rode the fun new toy these guys treated me as. When I came the next time, I heard the door swing open. It was the big bouncer. He must have followed what happened and I figured he would put an end to this. Not a chance.

"Keep an eye out for my boss guys, and you get free cover whenever" he directed to the four of them.

With that he yanked me off the floor and unzipped his pants. When they got around his knees, I saw a cock the size of my forearm.

"Shit!" one of the guys exclaimed.

The monster lifted me off the ground in one quick move, and impaled me on his big dick. I couldn't believe how big it was, and just settled for putting my arms around him, while he held my entire hands in his massive hands. He pulled me tight, and held me in his muscular body, and pummelled me into submission. The molesters watched and commented.

"He if fucking the shit out of her" I heard one say, as I could only gasp as I came all over his big dick.

He chewed my neck, and fucked me with a passion, usually reserved for lovers. I closed my eyes, and ran my fingers thru his hair, clinging to him like a leech. When he pounded me to another orgasm, I nibble on his ear, and told him he was making me come. I felt like a baby, my sweaty body, my large wet tits, squished my his sculpted frame.

The bouncer, who's name I never got, then adjusted me in his arms, he lifted me again, this time putting his arms under my ass and on my back, his arms acting as a makeshift fuck swing. Then he proceeded to accelerate the passionate loving, drilling me with a reckless abandon and sliding a finger down to my open asshole. I felt myself get dizzy, my head spinning like a top, the room echoing with my screams and the sounds of our bodies colliding. The thoughts of the last six months, the life Tia and I had led, the virtual slide show that ran in my drunken state. Then it hit...

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