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The silence was deafening. Where was I? How long had I been here? More importantly, where was he? I knew he was there in the room, just watching me as I lay on the bed. He hadn't spoken since his last instructions: "Do not move until I tell you to." As if I could in my present predicament, my hands bound together and roped to the headboard, my legs spread wide apart and tied to each corner of the footboard. I was laying face down, my hot cheek against cool sheets and a blindfold completed the picture. I was wearing only my white lace panties, all my clothes shed at his hands before he placed me here. How had this happened to me?

The evening had begun well enough. My friend, Patrick had invited me out to dinner at a favorite restaurant. We were good friends and had a lot of fun together so I was looking forward to it. As well as enjoying good communication, there was just enough sexual tension to make it interesting. Many of our conversations ended up being about sex eventually and it was exciting to be able to tell a man all my secrets, what I thought was sexy and not worry about him jumping me at the end of the evening. Yet, given the right encouragement, I felt I would certainly enjoy sex with him.

I had dressed in a very feminine sundress, strapless sandals and just a little make-up. It was a warm evening so I decided on just a simple pair of white lace panties, no bra or hose. I enjoyed the feeling of going without a bra, my nipples rubbing against the material was very sensual without being blatantly sexual. I didn't do it often as my full double D cups needed full support, but the dress was snug and would afford me some support. I knew that at some point in the evening, our conversation would take a turn and I wondered if Patrick would notice them hardening or if he would do anything about it. I grinned to myself as I applied a light lipstick and wondered if I would let him.

Dinner was great, the conversation stimulating and I enjoyed being with Patrick. He has a way of making you his total focus, turning others in the room to meaningless blurs that occasionally make necessary forays into your vision. We joked and laughed as our conversation ran the gamut from new movies to very bad jokes. I was enjoying a second glass of wine and a perfectly done steak when Patrick turned the conversation, so adroitly that I didn't even realize we had wandered down the path to sexual desires. I didn't mind his total focus, even though I might have felt un-nerved had someone else watched my face so intently.

"Well, of course I have fantasies, doesn't everyone?" I laughed and took another sip, feeling pleasantly warm and relaxed.

"Yes, I know," he smiled and topped my glass from the bottle on the table. "But, when you're alone and very excited and need that release, what do you fantasize about? What is it that really gets the juices flowing, so to speak?" he finished, with a grin at the double meaning.

I laughed, running a finger around my glass as I thought. Then I shrugged, thinking "why the hell not?" and decided to see where this would go. "Hmmmmm what gets my .... juices ... flowing ... " grinning at him at the phrase. Patrick chuckled and leaned forward, giving me his total attention, encouraging me to go on. "I'll tell you what really gets me hot all over is being forced into sex" I laughed lightly to cover the darkness of the thought. I glanced up at Patrick to see him watching me intently, even speculatively. I wondered how he'd look if I told him that my belly began tingling at the words I spoke and I could feel the warmth emanating from my pussy. I shifted in my chair, parting my legs a little, feeling the rush of cool air against my panties immediately.

I nervously took another sip and then continued: "I think most women, if they admitted it, would say they felt the same. It's intoxicating to think of someone taking your control away briefly," I leaned forward, warming to the subject. "I am in control of every aspect of my life. My job is great with no major bumps, I have friends, " smiling up at Patrick, who returned my smile, "that I love to be with and my life is planned and running smoothly. I'm the good girl of every group!" Laughing at myself a little, I take another sip of the delicious wine. I knew I was feeling the buzz, but I still felt in control of myself and allowed Patrick to top the glass off again. Even sex is safe with me. I gazed at the table, considering my words carefully. I don't take chances much. Oh, I mean, it's not like I insist on missionary position only or anything, I laughed, aware of my red cheeks. But I admit that I'm not all that adventurous and somewhat reluctant to try new things. Sex is just, I looked for the right word, then looked him in the eye and smiled. pleasant and safe. He grinned in acknowledgement though his eyes told me he was taking it all in.

"The thought of a man, bigger, more powerful, grabbing me off the street, restraining me and then taking me, even using me for his own pleasure just excites the hell out of me." I looked into Patrick's thoughtful gaze again, trying to see if he understood.

He tapped a finger across his mouth lightly, pensively, then spoke: "You want him to take the control, but also the responsibility out of your hands. You want him to force you to do all the 'bad girl' things you've thought about, but never done. You want him to bare your soul and leave you truly naked."

My mouth dropped as he spoke and I snapped it shut, stammering a little, "Well, no, no, it's more about the sex. God, Patrick!" I shook my head and laughed, trying to shake off the shivers that ran down my spine at his words. "I just get excited about him being a little rough, taking me against my will and making me do sex acts I might not consider on my own."

"Like what? What sort of things do you want him to do to you?" Patrick smiled slightly "Are we talking sex with animals here?"

I laughed, probably harder than the joke warranted. "No! No animals! I'm not into weird sex or painful sex!"

"No pain? But, if he's forcing you, isn't there going to be some pain?"

"Well some pain is good," I grinned, sliding my glass over for some more. How many was that now? Three?

Three glasses, I thought in the dark. Not enough to get me drunk, but enough that I wasn't careful. I tensed as a sound made in the room. Was he moving now? I thought I heard rustling, a metal zipper. I strained my ears, but heard nothing so I thought back to dinner again. Was it only an hour or so ago? I wished I had gone with Patrick now.

"Okay, okay," Laughing, I held my hands up in mock surrender as Patrick smiled at me. "I admit that I expect some aspects of this to be painful and that excites me as well. But, I draw the line at anything that marks me so my kinkiness has limits!" I laughed again. "Rules! We have to have rules!"

Patrick leaned forward again, intently. I noticed his glass was still half full, too, since he was so absorbed in the conversation. "So, we're talking some pain. Spankings? Whips? Chains?" He grinned. "Give me a hint here! What part of the fantasy really sends you over the edge and lets your mind wander openly?"

"Hmmmmm, spanking would be nice," I purred at that thought. "No chains unless they were just restraining me! Whips ... hmmmmmm .... again, as long as I wasn't marked up." I grinned.

"You want him to force you into doing sex acts. What would he force you to do? What is it that you want to do, but need forcing to do?"

"Patrick! We're talking fantasy here, for God's sake!" I laughed, somewhat nervously now. "I mean, I can't think specifics!"

"I'm interested, Debbi," He smiled patiently, then leaned back in his chair, still staring intently into my eyes. "Do you want him to force you to suck his cock?"

I gasped and glanced around quickly, cheeks reddening that someone might have heard. "Patrick, not so loud! Honestly!" I forced a little laugh, then took a gulp of my wine. Damn, I was so nervous.

"Deb, come on," He laughed at my embarrassment, though not unkindly. "I think we can say the word between us." He leaned forward and whispered, "We ARE adults here, you know?" He leaned back with a grin. I just shook my head at him and smiled, taking another sip. "Do you want him to force you to take his cock in that beautiful ass of yours?"

I nearly choked on my wine, spluttering and grabbing for my napkin, my eyes wide as I wiped my mouth. I couldn't believe he had said that, yet he just sat there, chuckling at my reaction.

"I'm sorry, hon," He grinned. "I meant this to be a casual conversation and here I am getting you all flustered."

"I'm not flustered!" Playfully, I threw my napkin at him. He caught it and folded it neatly into a square and signaled the waiter.

"Come on, I'll walk you part way. I have to run to the store for milk." He handed the waiter some bills and took my arm as we walked out. The walk home was uneventful and the subject never came up. However, I was very aware of how turned on I had become just discussing it with him. I'm surprised he never noticed my nipples were hard as diamonds under the sundress and sticking out for anyone to see. My lace panties were soaked as well. I knew I was going to have to take a lot of time to relieve this itch tonight.

Patrick left me at our corner with a light kiss and hug. "I'll check on you on my way home from the store, okay? Be safe." He smiled and headed the opposite path from mine. I turned down my street, lost in thought, thinking about our conversation. What would I let someone do in my fantasy? Grinning, I thought back to Patrick's words and realized I would have no choice in what was done to me if I took the fantasy to the logical conclusions. Previously, the thought of being grabbed, restrained and taken forcibly had been enough to make me cum hard. I chuckled as I realized that even my fantasy life was safe! I realized that I took no risks even there, forcing my fantasy lover to stay inside my safe boxed concepts of sex.

I dug my keys out of my purse as my feet carried me unconsciously over the familiar path to my house. I sighed as I realized I had forgotten to turn on the outside light and would now have to fumble to unlock the front door in the dark. I slowed my steps, feeling my way along the path in the dark, skirting the hedge that led to my door. I had was steps away from the door, key extended already in my hand when a pair of hands grabbed me, one around my mouth and the other around my waist. I felt the strength as I was jerked off my feet and held against a warm hard body, much taller and definitely more powerful than me.

I was shocked for a second, then I began struggling with all my strength. The only response was a low growl and a tightening of the hands around me. I was lifted right off my feet and my legs flailed helplessly against his legs. I felt the heat emanating from his body, the hardness and power and my breath caught as I realized this was no fantasy. This was reality and I was well and truly caught up. I could taste my own fear as I dangled against him helplessly. My body jumped when a low whisper feathered across my ear, "Do what I say, exactly what I say, and you will not be hurt. If you fight me, I promise it will be much, much worse and you will pay dearly. Do you understand?"

I tried to speak against his hand, realized the futility and nodded my head quickly. Cold shivers were running down my spine as his hand at my waist tightened, pulling my body hard against his warm body before allowing me to slide down to my feet again. I was un-nerved to feel his evident arousal press briefly into my ass as he pushed against me before allowing my feet to touch the ground. I froze as I realized this was not going to be a robbery and I was most certainly going to be raped. To my shame, I felt the heat pooling again in my belly, my pussy moistening. My God, I thought, how can I be turned on by this? I was trembling all over with fear and trepidation, yet my body was reacting to this situation, betraying me. His hand slid down my body and I tensed as it slid down my thigh then back up, pulling my sundress up with it. I felt my cheeks reddening as he suddenly cupped my moist pussy through my panties, pushing his fingers against me and rubbing. I heard his chuckle in my ear as his fingers were soaked through my panties.

"Well, well, what do we have hear?" His low whisper laughingly teased me. His hand left my mouth to close over my breast, massaging it painfully, pinching the hardened nipple. I shuddered as I felt an answering flood between my legs. I felt demoralized. How could I enjoy this? As if he could read my thoughts, he whispered again, "You're just a slut, aren't you? You love this. You can't wait to feel my cock between your legs." He laughed again, "I won't disappoint you, my dear slut. I'm going to fuck you senseless and you're going to love every minute of it. You'll be begging me for more." His teeth closed over my ear and I shuddered, nipples now impossibly hard under his marauding hand.

Dazed, I realized my mouth was free and I took a deep breath, preparing to scream. I knew that Mrs. Adams across the street snooped constantly and would be on the lookout for anything unusual. One small scream would save me. I let out a screech, but he quickly smothered it with his hand. His hand left my soaking pussy to close over my throat and he growled in that same whisper. "Try that again and you'll never make another sound again, I promise you. Do you understand? DO YOU?" The last was whispered fiercely in my ear, his hot breath and the threat real.

I nodded quickly, feeling faint as the fingers closed painfully in my neck, nearly cutting off my air supply completely. Just as easily, the fingers loosened and I shut my eyes as I realized the situation I was in. My only hope was that Mrs. Adams heard and would investigate or, better still, that Patrick would arrive home in time. My mind reeled as I considered our conversation earlier. I never dreamed that it would happen and now here I was, torn between fear and excitement.

I felt his hands leave me and I stood quiet and trembling, his body pressed up against mine intimately. A whispered "Don't move" was all he said and I dared not disobey. I felt his hands come around me and something flutter against my chest. My heart stopped as I saw the scarf dangling and I moaned as I considered the real possibility that he would strangle me. My breath caught as he brought the scarf up to my eyes, tying it around my head firmly, but not too tightly that it would hurt. My world immediately turned into one of sound and smell as my sight was taken from me. I moaned in terror.

Immediately I felt a sharp sting on my left ass cheek as his hand made contact. "You will not speak nor utter a sound unless I say you may. Do you understand?"

I nodded and said "Yes" and felt another slap, harder this time on my right cheek. The sting brought tears to my eyes and I responded by nodding vigorously again. His low chuckle came again "I knew you would disobey, slut. I know you want to feel my hand." I shook my head, lips trembling and felt his hand massage my ass cheek, his fingers pushing my dress and panties into the crack as he pushed in. He leaned close and bit my earlobe again, whispering, "I can't wait to fuck that sweet ass of yours, slut. I'll bet you can't either. That wet pussy of yours tells me that you want me to fuck you." He chuckled again. "I should do it here. How about it, slut? Do you want to be fucked in the open against your own house? Do you want your prim and proper neighbors to hear you moaning and screaming like a whore as I ram my cock into you?"

"No!" I blurted, realizing as the word left my lips it was too late and biting my lip as his hand cracked against my ass again. I bit back a sob at the sting. He turned me to face him and I could feel his eyes travelling down my body, leaving no part of me untouched. I knew he took in my hard nipples, my arousal evident. I trembled as his hands slid down my shoulders, stopping to massage my breasts, pinching my nipples painfully between his fingers, rolling them through the material. I bit my lip again, unsure whether I would cry out in pain or moan with wanton desire.

He laughed softly, his hands continuing over my waist and hips, smoothing my skirt down against my skin, his fingers almost caressing. I felt his body sink down as his hands slid down my thighs, knees and calves. One of my sandals had kicked off in the struggle and I was surprised as he took my foot gently and replaced it, bringing my foot up to kiss it gently. It was so unexpected and I was shaken at the new desires the flooded my body. I gasped as his hands closed over my ass cheeks and pulled me close, his mouth opening and his hot breath over my covered pussy as he ground it into my mound through my dress. I could smell my own arousal and knew that he could, too. I turned my head away, wondering if he wasn't correct in calling me a slut. What good woman would want this?

He rose again to his full height, his hands never leaving contact with my body, coming again to assault my breasts. He leaned down to breath in my ear again, "My sweet slut, protest if you must, but your body tells me that you want me badly." My head jerked as his fingers slid across my mouth and he said, "smell your scent on me, slut. Your pussy is dripping wet and I could take you here and now and you would scream with pleasure, if I allowed you to speak." He chuckled again and pressed his fingers against my lips. "Open your mouth," a command that brooked no disobedience and I obeyed, my mouth opening to allow his finger to slip in. "Suck it, slut. Suck it as if it was my cock and taste yourself for me."

I tentatively sucked on the finger lightly, tasting my faint scent and his unique taste as well. His finger was large, fitting in a large man. He was tall, that much I knew, and powerfully built. His finger wiggled in my mouth and I sucked it harder, imagining it was his cock, running my tongue along it and pulling it deeper. If his finger was this large, what would his cock be like? Would I be able to take it all in? My thoughts floated aimlessly as I moved my head, sliding my mouth along his finger. Abruptly it was withdrawn and his mouth replaced it, his tongue probing and demanding entrance to my mouth. I parted my lips, responding to his demand and was rewarded by his tongue mingling with mine, overpowering it and taking my mouth as his.

I felt a moan welling up in my throat as he pulled my body up against him briefly, his hands tightening on my shoulders as he plundered my mouth mercilessly. I was so caught up in the kiss that I didn't notice them travelling down to my chest. My body reacted though with a will of its own, thrusting my breasts back into his large hands, yearning to feel them giving me the same pain and pleasure. I gasped out loud as he suddenly took the bodice of my sundress in both hands and tore it open, baring my breasts to the night air and his hands. I struggled then, freeing my mouth, but he only kissed me again, his mouth harder as his hands snaked around me, one to my waist, the other delivering a stinging slap to each ass cheek in quick succession.

"I see you will need some basic training, slut." He purred this against my ear as his hand slid down to grasp my wrist. He pulled me against him as he turned and strode down the path. I had to hurry quickly to keep my footing, my other hand trying to pull my dress back in place as they left the dark seclusion of my door and headed to the street. His hand slapped mine down to my side. "Keep it there," he whispered fiercely. "I want your neighbors to see my sweet slut baring her wares to anyone." I felt the tears slip down my cheeks as we hit the well-lit street. I knew most of the neighborhood went to bed early, but both hoped and dreaded that Mrs. Adams or Patrick would see me and come to the rescue.

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