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Jamie looked through her closet to pick out an outfit for the evening. She was excited to be invited to one of his client cocktail parties at his new boss's house, and she wanted to look as sexy as possible for him. She knew that her husband liked to show her off like a trophy, and she loved the appreciative looks she received from other men, and more than a few of the women. She giggled at that thought as she picked out her sexiest outfit.

Jamie and Steve had only been married two years now, and although she was a devastatingly beautiful woman she was constantly worried about other women tempting her husband. Steve was a handsome charismatic man who commanded any room he entered. Women were constantly throwing themselves at him like desperate schoolgirls, and it drove her crazy to even think of him with anyone else. And on top of that, she still hadn't forgotten his one time fling with her friend Kimberly.

Tonight she was going all out, partly to make Steve proud, but also to make him jealous. She didn't like the way he flirted with those drab female executives, or how they hovered over him like they owned him. She always ended up alone at these things, or worse, cornered by some boring accountant type who thought he actually might have a chance with her, and now she wanted to get back at him. She knew how jealous and possessive he could be when men flirted with her. This was the perfect opportunity to tease him unmercifully.

Standing in her tiniest black lace bra and matching g-string panties that barely even covered her, she slipped into a tight short, short black tube dress... She wore her highest stilettos, dabbed a little musk behind her ears and touched up her lipstick.

Steve came home when she was almost ready. She came out of the bedroom as he came in through the door. He almost gasped at the sight of her.

"Oh my God Jamie, you're stunning!" he exclaimed.

She smiled demurely at his response to her outfit, and kissed him softly on the cheek, and slid into the passenger seat of their Saab. As she did, he smiled when he caught the quick glance of her panties that she had obviously flashed for his benefit. He was both excited and surprised to see she had chosen a pair that was a little more than the size of a lace eye patch. She caught him staring and smiled.

"You're a bad girl Jamie". He teased.

"I know." She answered mischievously. As for Steve, he also cut a dashing figure in his tailored navy pinstripe suit... an obviously successful and powerful man. He was excited to have Jamie with him tonight, but also a little uneasy about it. This was the first time everyone would meet his new wife and he couldn't wait to show her off. It was an opportunity to show those mousy secretaries why he so roundly rebuffed their clumsy passes at him. But he also knew his male co-workers would drool over her, and many would try and paw her as well... whether they were accompanied by their wives or not.

They had no sooner walked through the door that the owner of his firm yelled his name from across the room. Sherry was still a very attractive woman at 52, and her large firm breasts strained against the thin fabric of her designer dress; her body well preserved by years of yoga and tennis. She kissed Steve on both cheeks, even as he introduced her to Jamie.

"May I steal him away my dear... I have a few new clients who want to meet my boy genius."

Jamie clenched her teeth; after all it was a business party. She didn't like Sherry, and was irritated by way she clung to Steve.

"Boy genius?" Jamie thought,

"Boy does she know just how to stroke his ego."

She thought of how much Steve liked to show off his immense knowledge when they watched Jeopardy together each night. But she was polite to his boss.

"Of course Sherry..." She then added only half jokingly, "...just remember where you found him."

Steve shot her a look, as Sherry dragged him off, her arms wrapped around his thick arm and, Jamie imagined, her breasts pressed firmly against it as well.

Sherry monopolized most of Steve's time, introducing him to several obviously wealthy men, but several powerful women as well. It seemed that every time Jamie caught a glimpse of her sexy husband he was surrounded by at least 2 or 3 women. They usually were laughing at one of his jokes, or hanging on his every word when he spoke seriously. Whenever he noticed her looking at him, he would raise his champagne glass and wink at her.

Steve made sure he always had his eye on his young sexy wife. Many of the men she was chatting with spent more time looking down her dress than at her face; thinking Steve wouldn't notice, but he did notice. Part of him was happy and part of him felt somewhat threatened by the younger men. It was a lot of pressure trying to keep up with his sexy wife, 15 years his junior. Many times she reassured him that no man could do for her what he did. None would ever come close.

She was conversing with one man in particular and Steve noticed him getting a little too comfortable with his wife. He felt a knot in his stomach when he realized it was the new young account rep, James something or other. James was one of those guys that were always talking about sex in the office, and he heard rumors of trysts with several of the females in the office. He disliked him immensely.

He noticed how he leaned in very close to Jamie, pretending to need to talk over the jazz trio playing nearby. His arm went around her waist as he spoke into her ear; and Jamie seemed to laugh at everything he said. Still, Steve didn't want to seem like the jealous, possessive type Jamie always complained about that from her previous relationships, so he let her handle it.

At one point Steve looked up from his conversation that he was having with 3 very attractive women, his boss, a pretty blond secretary, and a client that was also a friend of Sherry's. The 2 older women each had hold of one of Steve's arms, commenting as they had all night on how muscular he was. The blond just giggled to watch her boss manhandled and pawed by his boss, and the other woman. When he glanced toward where Jamie and James were standing, they were gone.

He excused himself over the protests of the women, and walked over to where they had been. He saw them out on the patio, and James was stroking Jamie's arm as he talked to her. He could clearly see her nipples, hardened by the cool night air, clearly visible through the thin fabric of her skimpy bra and tight dress. It was also obvious that she was making no attempt to hide them from the gaze of the man who continued to softly stroke her arm with his fingertips.

Steve was incensed at his obvious attempt to seduce his wife, even though he was also understandably proud that his young competition found his wife irresistible. He went over to them and interrupted their conversation;

"Ready to go honey?"

Jamie was startled to have Steve arrive so suddenly and was more than a little embarrassed that she had been caught in a slightly awkward position with the handsome young man.

"Sure baby, if you are".

"You're Steve, right?" James asked as he stuck out his hand. Then he added smugly, "Your wife is quite lovely".

Steve was immediately reminded why he disliked the arrogant and self-proclaimed "rising star of the firm".

"Thank you" He turned to Jamie. "Honey, let's go".

Jamie saw the discomfort Steve felt with James; it was looking at himself in a mirror, only 15 years younger. She was actually enjoying seeing her husband squirm, and seeing him feel what she had felt all evening long. She decided to tease him right to the end.

"Why don't you bring the car around, while I go get our coats?" she asked coyly.

Picking up on the none-too-subtle hint, James added

"I'll go with you; I think I know where the maid put them"

Steve knew better than to let his wife out of his sight but again, he wanted to show her he trusted her implicitly.

"Ok honey, I'll go get the car and meet you out front".

They said their goodbyes and as he headed outside, he saw Jamie heading upstairs where the coats were being kept. Sure enough James was close behind. Steve drummed his fingers on the steering wheel and raced the car engine as he waited, and tried to push the images of his wife and James from his head.

Close to fifteen minutes later, Jamie hadn't come out of the house yet and he became both irritated and nervous. He left his car running and headed back inside, the voices of people calling out to him falling on deaf ears as he headed directly upstairs. He went into a few bedrooms and still found no one. The bedroom at the end of the hall had its door closed, and he paused and listened for noises. He didn't have to wait long, and he heard his wife's muffled voice and what he took as moans.

He threw open the door, and was stunned to find James lying atop of his wife, her arms pinned over her head. His hand was up under her short skirt, and one of her breasts was exposed. James had obviously been licking and biting her long distended nipples, now exposed as he jerked his head around to see who had interrupted him. Jamie's head thrashed back and forth, and she gasped when she saw Steve come through the door.

"What the fuck is going on here?"

James jumped up in an instant.

"Steve, it's not what it looks like"

James had scratches on his face.

Jamie's dress was raised over her hips and as she stood up, she struggled to cover herself now. Steve glared at her and he saw tears in her eyes.

"Get out!" he demanded.

"But Steve..." she started; only to have him cut her off. "I said get out!"

As he moved toward James, who was now cowering in the corner he spoke through gritted teeth.

"If you ever come near my wife again, I'll kill you. There's only one reason I don't punch your lights out now, you son of a bitch!"

With the knowledge that he wasn't going to be beaten to a pulp by the much stronger older man, James' curiosity got the better of him.

"What's the reason?"

Steve thought for a second, and then said angrily, "I forget." With that comment, he swung his fist and landed a punch that Mike Tyson would be proud of, square on his chin. The sound of James' jaw breaking was the last thing he heard as he collapsed in the corner.

As he got in the car, he asked Jamie

"Are you alright?"

"Yes" Jamie answered through her tears. She fixed her dress as they headed home; but she suddenly felt very exposed in it. In the car, she tried to speak to her husband.

"Steve... I... you know, it's not what it looked like". But again, he cut her off.

"Save it Jamie".

When they got inside the house, he told her to wait for him upstairs.

"Go get ready for bed; I'm going to have a drink".

"But Steve, I..." she mumbled, not really sure what to say to him. Again, he cut her off, his voice booming.

"Just go!"

Jamie did what he told; she had never seen him like this. Her mind raced as she undressed. She was so afraid he would think it was all her fault; after all, she had flirted with James. Maybe it was her fault. He had never objected before, and she knew he liked to show her off. Although he had warned her many times that it was a dangerous thing to do when he wasn't around.

When he went back upstairs, she sat at the edge of the bed and she wore a long silk nightgown which had a long slit on each side. The negligee exposed her sexy legs and barely covered her firm breasts.

The sight of her always made him weak. His anger was subsiding, but he didn't want it to. He loved her and the thought of having James atop her, lusting for her; almost hurting her to get what he wanted came back into play. He knew she had practically asked for it. She loved to tease men; it was in her nature. She used her incredible good looks and sex appeal to drive them crazy. But she was his wife now and she had to be taught a lesson. The thought of another man touching her drove him insane with anger.

He walked over to her shaking his head...She bowed her head down and began to cry.

"Steve, I'm's not what you think"

"I know damn well what it is" His eyes grew cold.

"Steven, please... I didn't... I wouldn't.... ever do anything with him".

He raised his voice. "You know why I am so pissed off?" She couldn't even look at him; she just stared at the floor.

"I'll tell you why...I'm pissed because you're so damned sexy and beautiful... that every guy with a hard on thinks that they have a shot with you.... and then you allow yourself to be put in a position where I can't be there to help protect you from these creeps."

His beautiful words were like music to her ears. She thought his anger would subside, but instead she was surprised to see he was even more infuriated.

"Tonight you acted like a little whore with James and that gave him the impression you would fuck him".


He interrupted her.

"So you know what Jamie?" She looked up at him petrified. He grabbed hold of her shoulders and lifted her up.

"If you wanna act like a whore, I'll treat you like one."

With one single motion he grabbed hold of the nightgown and tore it off her. "Steve, no!", she pleaded.

He threw her on the bed and moved atop her. He lowered his head to her breasts and licked and sucked on one of her nipples and then the other. He reached between her legs roughly and glided his finger in between her wet pussy lips.

"I knew you'd be wet" He said as he undressed himself. She laid still in fear; she had never seen him like this. "This is what you wanted the whole time wasn't it?" "Tell me, were you wet for James too you little slut?"

He lay atop her again, kissing her, forcing her mouth open to welcome his tongue, and even though she normally loved kissing him, she resisted. He slipped his hand between her legs again, making his way to her wet pussy...He slid a finger inside and she gasped. He kissed her again and she moaned... all the while he worked her cunt with his finger; first one, then two.

She pleaded for him to stop... or at least to be gentler with her. "NO Steven, please not like this...please"

He wasn't listening to her, he was so angry and so turned on at the same time, he would do to her what he wanted whether she wanted it or not.

He pulled his fingers out and grabbed hold of her hips. He dragged her lower on the bed and moved between her legs. She tried pushing him away but he held both her wrists with one hand. She was helpless but still she resisted as he forced her legs apart with his strong thighs. Then, with no warning, he drove his hard cock deep inside her pussy with one powerful thrust. Jamie bit her lower lip to keep from crying out. He thrust in and out of her wet pussy and finally she wrapped her legs around him.

His hard cock moved in and out of her pussy as if that was all she was good for. "This is how whores like to be fucked... you like this, don't you baby?" he whispered as he drove his hard cock deeper inside her. She screamed in a combination of pain and pleasure.

He kept taunting her as he rammed her open pussy. "I... know.... you... like... it... like... THIS!" He accentuated the last syllable by driving his cock into her up to the hilt.

When he looked at her face, he saw tears streaming but he didn't care. Her tears were nothing compared to the tears they both would have shed if he hadn't walked into the room when he did. He held her hips steady as he rammed his cock deeper and harder inside her pussy.

"You like it when I fuck you like a whore, don't you baby?" She only moaned in response.

"And you're gonna cum for me aren't you? Yeah, over and over you're gonna cum for me cause you're my little whore, come on, cum for me".

He felt her about to cum and drove his cock harder and deeper than he ever had before. He knew she would not be able to walk the following day and that would teach her a lesson. And she did... she exploded harder than she ever remembered cumming before; she saw stars as she rode the wave of orgasm after orgasm.

She also felt him about to cum..."Steve, pull out". She said as she always did when she knew he was about to cum inside her. "Please." But he kept ramming her with his hard cock, faster and harder as he drew closer to the edge.

"No, you're gonna take know you want it. This time I'm cumming inside you".

She knew that protesting would not accomplish anything.

She began to climax again as she felt him shooting his load inside her awaiting pussy.

"ahhhhh Steven..."she came hard again for him...She was bucking and writhing.

"Ohhh fuck yes little slut made for fucking...take it all."

They both collapsed on the bed. She wrapped her arms around him and he was glad for he knew he could have lost her for what he did tonight.

As they lay in bed Steve stroked Jamie's hair. "When I saw you with James tonight, I was so scared he was hurting you and I hated him for it. But then I realized you were all right and I was incredibly turned on by you. You are the best thing that ever happened to me."

Steve drifted to sleep with the thoughts of how he loved Jamie more than life itself and the thought of her being hurt or taken away from him clouded his judgment sometimes. And while Jamie hardly ever expressed how she felt, he knew he had her total love and undying devotion, and that she would die before she ever betrayed that.

In each other's arms they drifted off into sleep... and Jamie whispered to her sleeping husband "I love you Steve."
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