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Forced Sex Avi Psychology Of Rape Fantasy Brutal Rape Pics Rape Survivor Stories

I looked out the window of the train and thought ahead to my meeting later that afternoon. A professor of political science at a university in Boston, I was on my way to New York City to meet with my editor. She and I had worked together on my previous two books and had always gotten along very well. Despite the fact that we had never actually met in person we had developed a virtual friendship through the endless back and forth of emails and phone calls as each book was published. I had to admit that I especially looked forward to our phone calls. Her husky voice and sense of humor were a great combination.

Unfortunately we had hit an impasse on the contract for my latest book. It got to the point where it was getting hard to negotiate long distance and we agreed that it was time for me to visit her offices in New York. I decided to cancel classes on Friday and take a long weekend in the city. After the meeting with Linda I planned to enjoy a steak dinner and a show.

After a short cab ride from the station I entered a swanky office building and rode the elevator to the 28th floor. Exiting the elevator I saw her name on the glass wall of a well-appointed suite. I walked over and introduced myself to the secretary, a gorgeous black woman in her mid twenties. "Hi, I'm Eric Johnson, I have a 1 o'clock appointment with Linda Greenhouse. "Good afternoon, Professor Johnson, I'll let her know you're here." She picked up her phone and called Linda, "Professor Johnson is here, ma'am. Yes, ma'am." She hung up and rose from behind her desk. "This way, sir," she said and led me through down the hallway into the back of the suite. We reached Linda's office and the secretary knocked on the door twice before opening it and taking me inside.

"Thank you, Elena, you may go," said Linda without looking up from the pile of papers on her desk. Once Elena had left Linda stood up and finally looked at me with a serious expression. She was gorgeous. Beyond gorgeous, actually – she was intimidating. About my height with medium length blonde hair and piercing blue eyes, she wore a classy short-skirted gray suit over a white silk blouse that strained against heavy breasts. Her skirt showed off great legs and fashionable heels that had obviously cost a lot of money.

I felt a bit awkward as I walked over to her desk, reaching out to shake hands. "It's great to finally meet you, Linda. What a great office you have." Linda stepped out from behind her desk and reached out as if she were going to shake hands. At the last moment instead of shaking my hand she slapped my face hard. I was stunned, but before I could gather my wits to respond she rammed her knee into my groin. I doubled over and fell to the ground, gasping to get my breath. Linda walked around behind me. While I was seeing stars and holding my crotch she grabbed a bamboo cane sitting beside her desk. In a swift motion that I was in no shape to prevent she yanked at my slacks, pulling them down around my knees. I started to protest but that's when the first blow of the cane landed on my bare ass. Whack! The pain seared through me like I'd never felt. I tried to wiggle away but between my balls being on fire, my pants being tangled around my knees, and being hit with the cane I had no chance. Linda started to cane my ass rhythmically, punctuating her sentences with violent strokes of the cane.

"Eric, I thought we had a good relationship (whack). I thought we understood each other (whack). Everything went fine with the other books, but now you're getting greedy and want a bigger percentage (whack, whack). I've had enough of your greedy and selfish behavior, do you understand (whack, whack, whack)?"

I groaned in pain, in tears from the caning. "Please stop, please stop, whatever you want I'll do, please," I choked out between gasps.

"Tell me that you submit," said Linda.

"What?" I said, confused. She smacked my ass three or four more times, aiming the cane to hit fresh skin at the top of my thighs and creating a new series of welts.

"Wrong answer, Eric. Tell me that you submit." She hit me again. As I lay on the floor in her office with my pants around my knees, writhing in pain I knew I had to make it stop. "I submit," I said.

She threw aside the cane and grabbed me by the hair. Pulling me so that I had to scramble on my knees to follow her she led me to the plush couch a few feet away. When we got to the couch she hauled me over and pushed me over the side of it so that my ass stuck up in the air. Once I was settled Linda started massaging my aching ass. "There, there, that's not so bad now, is it?" she said. "You just have to know your place with me and then I'll take care of you." She started to apply a cool cream to the welts on my ass. It stung a little at first but then it started to take the pain away. I relaxed a little and wondered what in the world was happening. Then she started to rub some of the cream up and down around my anus. I moaned a little without meaning to. Then she stuck a finger slick with cream up my ass, lifting me off the couch in surprise. "Hold steady there," she said, "Just relax and go with it." Her finger started working slowly in and out of my ass and I moaned some more. After a couple of minutes she reached around and began fondling my cock and balls, which were starting to come alive. I lifted my body a little to give her hand more room and she started jerking me off in time with the finger she had in my ass. I had never felt anything like it before and I started to breathe heavily. As I was getting close to coming Linda stopped jerking me off and took her finger out of my ass. I groaned in disappointment and wiggled my ass at her.

"Don't get too excited, Eric. You need to remember who's the boss around here. But I don't think you'll have any questions about that in a minute." And with that I felt a huge pressure at my ass and grunted as a huge cock entered my asshole. As I tried to get up Linda started smacking my already sore ass with all her might. My ass exploded in pain and tears sprang out of my eyes. "Don't even think about it," she said. "I'm going to fuck you so hard that you forget what it's like to be on top." She drove her huge cock steadily into my swollen ass. I writhed in pain as she penetrated me. Once she had gotten herself fully lodged in my ass she grabbed my hips and pressed hard against me, groaning with deep-throated pleasure. She was clearly relishing her dominance of me. I couldn't believe what was happening. Having her cock inside me felt like being turned inside out. I moaned quietly in defeat and raised my ass to her.

She began to grind, pulling slowly out and then thrusting slowly back in. As my ass got used to her invasion she started moving a little faster. I was going out of my mind with lust. I forgot all about getting caned. All I wanted was for her to fuck me. I moved my ass back to meet her thrusts, inviting her cock deeper inside me.

"You slut," Linda sneered. "I knew you wanted it. But I didn't tell you to move. Stay still." She spanked my ass twice. The pain pushed me over the edge.

"Fuck me, please fuck me. I'm your slut, please just fuck my ass."

Just then Linda slammed her cock deep inside with a savage thrust, shutting me up. She reached around and started roughly jerking me off as she pumped her cock into me harder and harder. Soon Linda's jerking stopped as she gripped me again with both hands and built up to a huge orgasm, thrusting so hard I was driven into the couch. Hearing her come was the last straw and I exploded all over the couch. I lay there, totally spent, too exhausted to protest the fact that the monstrous cock was still inside me, splitting me in two. At last Linda pulled out and came over to waggle a life like strap on in my face. Then she scooped up my come and rubbed it up and down the cock.

"Clean it, bitch."

I said nothing as she slid the cock between my waiting lips. I closed my eyes and tasted my utter submission. She held my head and slowly pumped the strap on in and out of my mouth as I savored the musky smell of her pussy. My jaw was getting sore when Linda pulled out and took my chin in her hand.

"Oh, Eric. I'm going to teach you so many things."
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