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I gave the defeated couple a few minutes to themselves before I decided to join them in the bathroom. That gave me a chance to help myself to some soda—the one Stuart offered me earlier that I declined. I then sat on the sofa and watched a little tv.

I entered the bathroom to find Margaret Jean shaving Stuart's asshole. He was bent over at the waist as far as he could go and she was on her knees carefully getting as much as she could. From my vantage point, it looked like she had already been shaved.

"There, finished," she announced after a few minutes. I could see Stuie's puckered anus winking back at me without any problem. From her position on the floor, Margaret was looking directly at my cock, which was still recovering from fucking her husband. She quickly stood up. I took her in my arms and pinned a deep kiss on her lips. We stayed that way for a good two minutes, all the while my hands squeezed her ass cheeks.

When we broke the kiss, I slapped Stuie's ass and declared it was time to wash. We all stepped into the shower. I ordered them both to wash me and soon I was also washing Margaret's breasts—the first time I had touched them. I could tell she enjoyed my attentions and soon I had her pushed up against the wall making out with her again. I continued to kneed her tits with my left hand as I slowly moved down her body with my other. I stopped at her bellybutton briefly before moving down to her shaved pussy. I played with her clitoris for a moment and then pushed one finger into her pussy.

"My, my, my Margaret, you are tight. I thought you said that you had sex every once in a while. Even with that little dick, it seems you would be more open than this," I said pulling out.

"We don't have it as often as we used to," she replied.

The shower ended without anything significant happening.

As we were getting out I said, "By the way, Stuie, as you have figured out, I have renamed you. However, anytime I use your real name, Stu or Stuart, you will immediately begin sucking me. I don't care where we are or who is around. Understand?"

He nodded his head affirmatively, "Same goes for you Margaret if I say 'Margaret Jean.'"

She too nodded affirmatively, "Great, now, I want the both of you to go have sex!"

They both looked at each other and quickly went to the bedroom. I walked back to the office and got my big, black bag. By the time I had gotten back to the room—not five minutes later—Stuie looked like he was going to have a stroke. His face was beet red and the veins in his neck were sticking out. He came not two minutes later.

"That was interesting," I commented, "Seven minutes, is that a record?"

No one replied. Stu rolled off Margaret and blew like a beached whale.

I called Margaret over to me. She got off the bed and stood in front of me as I pulled out a 5 inch dildo and the strap-on holster.

"This dildo is about the size of your husband's cock—length and girth," I said holding it up, "I want you to use it on him."

She gasped, "I can't do that!"

"That's another punishment or either I can leave—choose," I said angrily.

"Oh, I'm sorry," she said taking the strap-on from me and putting it on, "Punishment."

They had no idea what they were getting themselves into with all those punishments that were adding up.

When we had gotten the strap-on adjusted, I lubbed it up with some KY jelly and helped her onto the bed. At this point, Stuart was sound asleep and had no idea what was about to happen.

I helped her pick his legs up and put the phallus at the entrance to her husband's asshole. She looked at me as if she needed instructions, "You saw how I did it and you have felt him fuck you. You do it the same way we do."

That was all it took. She plunged forward sending the five inches of man-made dick into her husband's already abused asshole. He was asleep no longer.

"AAWWWOUCH!" he hollered trying to sit up and expel her from between his legs. But I was already waiting on him. I sat my spread ass cheeks squarely on his mouth and demanded that he rim me while his wife fucked his man pussy.

"Stuie, that dildo is the size of your cock. You can now see for yourself what Margaret is soon going to experience," he had already quieted down, realizing that the dildo was nothing like my cock. The difference in size and the realization that once I fucked his wife she would never like his little cock again hit him like a ton of bricks.

I reached down and began jacking him off. It wasn't long before the dildo helped me bring him off.

"It looks like Stuie here is turning on us Margaret," He was totally embarrassed from having to eat out my ass and having cum to a hand job from a guy and a dildo in his ass.

After everyone settled down for a few minutes, I decided to really lay down the law.

"Okay. I will be staying with you and your family for a few days. I don't care what you tell your daughters. However, they will stay here every night from now on until I say otherwise. We will all eat supper together as a family, every night—no questions. If they disobey, then they will have to be punished. I haven't yet, but I will fuck Margaret whenever I want too. Stuie, you will go to work like normal—except for tomorrow—but I will fuck you when I want too. As for your punishment, and you two have several coming, I will and you two will, do with your daughters what I choose—if anything. If they need to be punished, and I so choose you will allow me too do so."

They both gasped at that last one, "Please leave them out of this," Margaret begged, "We will do anything."

"You are already doing everything I want. You have nothing more to give. If you don't like my rules, then you can either pay me or I can leave and take the house. At worst I will force you two to fuck their brains out. I may not do anything to them. I don't know. It depends on their parents. However, SOMETHING is going to happen to them since their parents have already fucked up several times," I reminded them both as I continued, "Stuie, when you get home from work, you will immediately put this on," I threw him a three inch butt plug, "No exceptions. Margaret, you can wear normal clothes around the house, shopping, and whatever else I allow you to do, but you will not wear any underwear. And, regardless of what I do or what happens, you two will have sex every night—with each other," I added that last part for emphasis, "First thing tomorrow when the girls get back, we will have a family meeting and you will inform them of my stay. Stuie, you have tonight to figure out a reason and tell us in the morning. You will then make sure they don't have anyone coming over anytime tomorrow and that they don't have plans AT ALL all day. Our first supper will be tomorrow, so I want it prepared by all. As if you haven't already figured it out, Margaret and I will be sleeping in the master bed. You can sleep where ever you like."

I lubbed the butt plug up before I gave it to him. He grimaced as he bent over and slid it in. He looked like he had a corn cob stuck up his ass—I guess he did, sort of.

"You better get used to it between now and tomorrow. The girls will sure have a lot of questions if you walk around like that," I taunted him, "Stand there for just a minute and get used to it."

I then turned my attentions to Margaret Jean. I had waited all evening to fuck her and now I needed to in the worst way. I approached her and wrapped my arms around her waist. Without much prompting, she leaned in for the kiss. I rubbed her smooth back and shoulders moving slowly down to her ass. I moved us to the bed where I laid her down. By this time, Stuart was watching.

I moved Margaret up the bed to give me a little more room. I pushed her legs open revealing her beautiful freshly shaven, blood engorged mound. I ran my finger down the length of her slit before spreading her pink lips open revealing her vagina. I leaned down and licked her from bottom to top. Her entire body shivered from the touch.

"Hasn't Stu eaten you before?" I asked.

"No," she whispered.

That was all the information I needed. I plunged my tongue deep into her pussy. Her moans became cries as I lapped at her like a kid eating candy. I divided my time between her pussy and clit, trying to get her as aroused as possible but not wanting her to come. All the while my free hand was squeezing and pinching her tits and nipples. Finally, I could stand it no more. I looked over at Stuart and saw that he was watching. I then moved my body forward, my hard-on 8 inch cock in hand. I didn't want to hurt her so I simply pushed her legs open to the side. I then placed the head of my cock at her opening, looked into her eyes and slowly pushed in.

She was as tight as a virgin. I moved slowly, giving her a chance to get used to my size. Soon I was fully inside of her. I laid down on her and kissed her cheek before slowly beginning to fuck her. I could see her initial discomfort turn into pleasure and soon she was humping me back.

To a casual viewer, it probably looked like two lovers having sex versus someone being raped. Before long I had propped myself up and began to really fuck her. Her legs were wrapped around my back and within several minutes she had a mind-shattering orgasm. Her nails dug into my back and neck—her primal screams making my ears ring. I was eventually fucking her like a man possessed. She came one more time before I finally pushed in as far as I could and released my man juices deep into her cunt.

I stayed in her until I fell out. Both of us breathing deeply. Stuart was still standing there watching, not saying a word.

"Ah Stu, from now on, you will make sure that no cum goes wasted. So you will come clean us both up," I ordered, "Ladies first."

He walked slowly and painful to the bed then climbed between her legs and cleaned the now dripping cum from her pussy. He then moved between my legs and sucked the by now dried juices from my limp cock.

"That'll be enough for tonight, Stuie. Goodnight," I said shooing him away.

I reached over to Margaret and pulled her into the spoon position and told her night.

Morning came too quickly for the three of us. When I rolled over, I could hear the shower running and surmised that it was Stuart—Margaret was still fast asleep next to me. I awoke Margaret with a kiss to the forehead and directed her to the bathroom. When I slid the shower curtain back, I immediately noticed that Stuart hadn't forgotten to wear his butt plug!

"I am going to leave you two alone to discuss what you are going to tell the girls. I am sure they are going to be home in the next hour or so—it's almost noon," I informed them not knowing if they realized what time it was.

In the meantime, I went out to my vehicle to grab my clothes and moved them all into the guest bedroom. I then decided to take a shower in the other bathroom. When I had finished showering and drying off, I wrapped the towel around my waist and stepped into the hallway. I almost slammed right into Emily.

"OH! Mr. Smith! I'm sorry! I didn't see you coming out of the bathroom!" she said embarrassed, trying to steal glances at my well-toned chest.

"That's quite alright. Emily, correct?" I asked knowing exactly who she was.

"Yes, that's right," she said as she disappeared into her room attempting to answer the phone that was now ringing. I then went to my room and proceeded to get dressed.

An hour later, Leigh, who I had yet to meet, arrived. She was slightly shorter than Emily, even though she was a year older at 19. She stood at 5'2 and weighed about 100lbs. She had blonde, curly, shoulder length hair and blue eyes.

I was sitting in the living room watching television when she arrived.

"You must be Leigh," I said as she walked into the living room. She was looking inquisitively at me from the moment she walked through the door.

"Yes. Who are you?" she asked.

"I am Joe Smith. Your dad and I went to high school together. At about the same time, Stuart appeared from the main hallway.

"Leigh, meet Mr. Joe Smith. He and I are old high school buddies," he said once again laughing nervously.

"Nice to meet you Mr. Smith..." she began.

"Joe! Please, call me Joe," I said cutting her off.

"Okay, Joe, nice to meet you," she said as her cell phone began to ring. She left the room jabbering away to whoever it was.

"So, Stuie," he flinched at the name looking down the hall to see if anyone heard.

"Can you please say Stuart or Stu in the open like this?" he begged.

I thought for a moment, "No. You don't want me to use your real name do you?" I teased referring to my demand that if I ever used his real name he would have to immediately suck me off without hesitation.

"No, no I don't," he said defeated.

"So, Stuie," I began again, "What have you and Margaret decided?" He proceeded to fill me in on the details.

"Girls!" Margaret Jean called as she walked into the living room. She was dressed in a simple t-shirt and blue jeans.

"WHAT?" Two voices answered from somewhere in the house.

"COME TO THE LIVING ROOM!" Margaret Jean called back. A few seconds later, Leigh and Emily appeared.

"Girls. Sit down for a second, we need to talk," Stuart said taking over. The two girls continuously looked in my direction while they took their seats on the other sofa, "Girls, you both have met Joe. He and I were buddies in high school. He will be in town for the next couple of weeks on business and needs a place to stay. So he will be crashing in our guest room during that time."

"Cool," one of the girls said.

"Your mom and I want you to get to know him a little bit. So if you have any plans for today or tonight, please reschedule them. We would like you to be at home for the rest of the day," he continued.

"But daddy! I have plans to go out with Tommy!" Leigh began whining.

"Yeah, and I was suppose to go back out with Sarah!" Emily piped in whining just as much.

"Girls!" Margaret chimed in, "You do all those things all the time. Joe just got here and we need to make him feel welcome."

I was enjoying the whole high school buddy/ on a business trip game Stuart and Margaret were playing. They had indeed put some thought into it.

"Your mom and I hoped that you two would cooperate with us on this one," Stuart continued, "It's just for one night. I am sure Tommy and Sarah won't have a heart attack without you for one night."

After a moment, both girls agreed to stay home without any more arguments.

"One other thing," Stuart said stopping them as they rose from their seats, "We are going to have supper tonight, together. Girls, you are going to help your mom prepare the meal. She will let you know when to begin the preparations."

The girls looked at each other with a 'WHAT THE FUCK' expression, but said nothing as they left the room.

After I heard two doors slam shut, I said, "That was a nice story about me and the business trip. That part is pretty much correct.

"Margaret," I continued, "You will make sure that your daughter's are wearing nice clothes—not fancy, but not everyday crap either. And you two will follow the same dress code."

"MOM!" One of the girls hollered just as she whipped her door open.

"Coming!" she replied.

I decided to get up and take a piss. The bathroom was just across the hallway from the room Margaret had just entered. I could hear the heated discussion and was thoroughly surprised.

"...Why are you wearing my jeans! They are too tight on you!" one of the girls said loudly.

"Leigh, most of my clothes are in the wash and I had no other choice!" Margaret replied, and I could tell she was just a tad bit rattled by her daughter's observation.

"And so I guess that explains why you don't have a bra on? Why didn't you borrow a bra? You have before!" Leigh continued her verbal onslaught, "Take down your pants and let's see if you have some thongs on. My bet is that you don't, and if you don't that means you have no panties on because in those tight assed jeans you would have a panty-line if you were wearing those granny panties you normally wear! Is it something about JOE," she emphasized my name, "that's turning you on?"

"How dare you!" Margaret said loudly followed by a SLAP sound. Crying followed, "Leigh Martin, you will not talk to me like that no matter how old you are."

I heard the door knob jiggle slightly giving me just enough time to duck into the bathroom. The bathroom was dark—being that I hadn't used it yet—so Margaret didn't see me through the slight crack when she leaned her head out and called for Stuart.

Stuart came within a few seconds and entered the room. He left the door ajar just enough so that I could see what was going on. Margaret told him what Leigh had said to her.

"Leigh Martin, you will not talk to your mother that way," both Stuart and Margaret looked at each other. I could tell that they were both recalling what I had said about punishing the daughters if need be, "I don't care if you are 19 or 29. As long as you live in our house you will treat us with some respect." Stuart continued as he unfastened his belt and pulled it off. My cock got instantly hard. By this time, all the commotion had drawn the attention of Emily who was in the next room.

She walked to Leigh's bedroom door and leaned in, "What's going on?"

"Go back to your room Emily," Margaret said loudly.

"Fine!" Emily said turning to go back to her room.

"Daddy, what are you going to do with that belt? I am 19 years old. You can't whip me!" Leigh stammered.

"Oh yes I can. Take down your pants and panties and lean across your bed, now," he demanded.

"I will not!" She replied now crying.

"You are just making it worse on yourself! Now do it!" he demanded in a louder voice than before.

She briefly looked at her mother as if she were looking for some sort of way out but finding none. She was crying even more than before and reached for the button to her jeans. She unbuttoned and unzipped them and pushed them to the floor. Her ass was pointed right at the door giving me a fantastic view. She had on a pair of black lacy panties. She quickly pushed them to the floor leaving her milky white ass cheeks on full display. She was a small girl and her ass cheeks fit her perfectly—a little more than a handful on each cheek.

She laid across the bed as she had been instructed and Stuart proceeded to lash her with his leather belt—10 licks.

When he was finished, she stood up sobbing and reached over and gave her mother a hug—blue jeans and panties still wrapped around her ankles, "I'm sorry momma. I won't say those things again."

"I'm sorry too," Margaret replied.

"Leigh, you are grounded for two weeks. No cell phone, no regular phone, no leaving the house, or anything else unless I or your mom approves," Stuart continued, "You will also wear whatever your mom tells you to tonight at supper."

She just nodded her head, while redressing. By this time I had a helluva boner and needed relief. Stuart and Margaret left the room and as luck would have it, Margaret came towards the bathroom. She opened the door and turned to close it as she flipped on the light. I was behind her instantly, reaching around her waist and putting my hand over her mouth.

"Lock the door," I whispered startling her. When I heard the door lock, I whirled her around and pulled her in for a kiss. The whole time, my hands were all over her tits.

"I like how your little breasts sway under this t-shirt," I teased, "They must be very noticeable."

"You saw all of that!?" she asked realizing that I had.

"Every bit of it," I replied, "Have you ever seen your daughter naked before?"

"Of course I have," she replied.

I reached down to unbutton and unzip her jeans and ripped them down to her ankles. Then without warning, I pushed two fingers into her sopping wet cunt.
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