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My name is Katrina. This happened about 20 years ago while I still lived in Detroit.. I knew exactly what I was doing. Hell, I had plenty of self- confidence, and I had to. Right after college I got a job as a parole officer for the city. That was two years earlier, and at 24 I was still the youngest parole officer in my office. I was also the only Afro-American one. And the only woman.

At an even six feet, with a models figure, I already had experience dealing with some of the most street wise criminals around. They were constantly testing me, seeing what they could get away with. And because I almost always outsmarted them, I knew I was good. And it showed in my self-confidence. After all, how many young women could deal all day with murders, thieves, and my horny white middle-aged co-workers. They all had something in common. They tried to get into my pants. But I knew how to take care of myself.

It was part of my daily routine to go to the high school track by my apartment and run two miles. I did this at least six times a week. I usually ran at five in the morning. It was nice and cool then, and there wasn't ever anyone else around. Sometimes it was nice to be off guard.

Because it was summer, and because I was all alone, I didn't worry about what I was wearing. In fact it felt good to be able to wear whatever I damn well wanted to. Not like at work, where I had to hide my assets. My long hair wasn't pinned up, and I was wearing a sleeveless tee-shirt that was cut so that about 3 inches of my stomach was exposed. Because my tits were small then before having kids I didn't wear a bra. My running shorts were satin and one size too small, the same ones I wore in high school. You could almost see the bottom of my ass cheeks. My panties were called "French cut" which meant that they showed more than they covered. Running shoes and sweat socks finished off the outfit.

I finished the sixth lap, only two more to go. The track was hidden behind the lot where all the school buses were parked on one side and the school building on the other. It was a perfect morning, birds singing and sun just coming up. I was really into it. As I was running a unmarked police car came into sight, driving past the school bus lot. It drove straight to the track. My first thought was probably some more middle-aged white guys looking for a cheap peak. I kept running. They'd pretend to be on patrol, then after a few minutes of watching they'd drive off, probably for donuts.

As I rounded the track again I saw that two cops had gotten out of their squad and were now standing next to the track. One was what I expected, about 50, white, with a big belly. The other was different and caused me to do a double take. He was the same age as his partner, but huge, a real giant. Then I recognized the first cop, I had worked with him before. His name was Mike. It was obvious that they wanted to talk so I slowed to a walk as I approached them.

The giant turned and walked to the storage shed by the high jump pit. He did something with the door and it was open. That was strange, I knew that the coaching staff kept it locked.

Meanwhile Mike started a conversation with me. Hi, how's it going?, all that usual bull that guys lay on me while they sneak peaks. Then Mike said that his partner had to show me something in the shed. I knew that was a come-on, but it was so weak I didn't really worry. After all these guys were cops, and I knew one of them. So what the hell, I went with Mike towards the shed.

For old guys they were fast. I was pulled into the shed. It was dark, no windows, only a skylight. And dusty. Everything was covered in dust. And in the middle of the floor was the huge mats that were used for the long jump and the pole vault. I knew these guys had a pole vault planned for me, so I turned and said "Let me the fuck out of here!"

Then the giant said "She talks like a whore, let's see if she humps like one." That's all I needed to hear, I started to fight. But these guys were professionals, they had been handling thugs for the last 25 years, and so they were tough. It only took a minute for them to get me down on the mats.

For the first time in my life I was completely out of control. And I was scared. "Please Mike…let me go…don't do this…" I begged. It was no use. While the big guy held me down Mike pulled down his pants. I'd never seen a white mans erection before, it was just like my boy friends, but circumcised.

Next thing, Mike is on me. He pulls up my shirt exposing my tiny tits to both of them. Then Mike starts to suck them, gently at first, but suddenly rough. The pain made me gasp. Next, I feel Mike's fingers working past my short and panties. Silently I cursed myself for wearing something so short that they had ready access to my pussy. Mike didn't even have to remove my shorts, he just pushed them aside.

After a few minutes of fingering me and sucking my tits, Mike slipped his penis inside me. Then he started to pump away at me. The giant still held me down on those filthy mats. I had been resisting, but when the fucking started I decided to just lay there. I didn't want to give Mike any extra pleasure by moving my body. It took about five minutes. Then Mike grunted and shot his load into me. I was so angry, but had no choice but to lay there and take it.

Mike rolled off me, wiped his penis on my shirt, pulled up his pants and then he traded places with the giant. The big guy said something about this not working for him, and in one fast movement he took off my shorts and panties. I was calling Mike names, saying he was a dirty bastard and things like that, mostly out of anger and hurt. But I shut up as soon as I saw the giant take down his pants. My God! How could a penis be so big?

I begged, I pleaded, I said anything I could think of. But he just positioned himself over me. I felt the head push against my pussy lips. Then he shoved inside me about four inches. I couldn't breathe. I couldn't talk. I was amazed that I could stretch so wide. He did it like that for about a minute, probably to help loosen me up. Then the giant pushed into me all the way. I know I screamed. Mike jumped up and ran to the door to see if anyone heard. But the giant just kept doing it to me.

It came out of nowhere. I was laying there, pinned under his huge weight, being reamed by a monster penis; and then all at once my body just climaxed. I had no warning. I couldn't control it. It just happened. And the big guy shot his load at exactly the same time.

After that Mike told me to get dressed. They offered me a ride home. I told them to fuck off. And then they left. They just drove off. I had trouble walking home, and I called in sick that day.

That was the first time my job got me into sexual trouble.
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