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Smiling to himself as he walked into the bar Tony looked around, his predatory grin widening. Dave's Den had never disappointed him and tonight was no exception. The place was about half full of guys just getting off work and hookers looking for their next trick. Standing behind his bar Dave saw him and frowned while shaking his head slightly. Tony knew there wouldn't be a problem though, there never was. His badge as well as his gun made sure of that. He loved being a cop, he could do just about anything he wanted and no one would say a damned thing.

Tonight Tony was looking for something special, special enough to help him celebrate his birthday. As his gaze slowly panned the large room he saw her sitting alone in a corner booth looking like she didn't belonged there. For one thing she was too young and for another she was too clean cut. Maybe she was what he was looking for. Keeping his eye on her he sauntered over to the bar without a care in the world. Making a spot for himself between two city workers he ordered a draft from Dave while looking at himself in the mirror.

"Not bad my man, not bad at all. So why can't my wife see me looking like this when I get home at night?"

Casually sipping his beer Tony looked around the place a little more. He didn't want to seem too interested in her, at least not at first. He had all the time in the world for this. He had the next couple of days off from work, and his wife was out of town visiting family. Finally deciding it was time, he turned to Dave and ordered another beer, while telling him to send a drink to the girl.

"That one, the little trick sitting in the corner. She must be new, I've never seen her here before."

Shrugging Dave pulled another draft for the cop while sending one of his waitresses over to the corner table with a drink. "Never seen her before. She came in here about two, three days ago. Doesn't say much, just sits there most evenings. I don't know how she eats, seems too picky with her Johns if you ask me."

As he listened to this Tony looked over at the table in time to see the waitress dropping off the drink and pointing in his direction. The Girl lifted the glass in a silent salute making his mouth water. Oh she was a sweet one all right. Her blond hair was cut short and spiky, her face was scrubbed clean and had a healthy glow to it. Tony made a bet with himself that she couldn't be more than eighteen. Probably a run away cast adrift in the city. There were plenty of them out there as he well knew. His desk was filled with reports of them. They tried to make a living in the only way open to them. Tony didn't mind that, it let him have his occasional fun with no one getting wise.

Looking at her Tony remembered another girl who had looked a lot like her. Almost enough alike to be sisters. Oh that had been a night to remember. He had picked her up here at Dave's then taken her to his usual place, an abandoned warehouse on the other side of town. Oh he'd had fun with her that night. His only regret was he had forgotten his camera. It was just too bad he couldn't pick her up again but she had died soon after he had dropped her off in an alley. He still remembered reading about an old wino finding her naked body there, and how he hadn't survived the interrogation. That was when Tony learned she had been a whole fifteen years old. Just thinking about that night had Tony shifting his position, he still got hard remembering that night.

"Well enough about the past." Tony thought to himself as he ordered another beer. This was his last for the night. He never drank more than three in a night, it was too easy to get into trouble that way. Grabbing his refilled glass he made his way over to her table, shooing away a potential customer just by looking at him. Oozing charm he slid onto the bench seat across from her while nodding at her drink and asking if she was ready for another. This was the part of the night he hated. He knew it should have filled him with anticipation but all it did was bore him. He called it the Barn Yard Dance. He knew she was a hooker, and she knew he knew she was a hooker. Still they had to play the innocents. He would have preferred to get right to the point but he knew he could scare her off if he was too forward. He was proud of the fact he had never resorted to using force or flashing his badge. That would ruin the fun for both of them.

When he asked her what her name was she blushed while saying it was Mary. Tony liked that, the young one he had been thinking about earlier had been called Mary as well. Just like this Mary she blushed easily when talking about sex, especially when he asked what she was willing to do. Oh not everything made her blush, just the more intimate things he asked her about. When he reached under the table to lay his hand on her firm young thigh she pulled shyly away, then slowly brought her leg back for him to fondle. Oh how Tony liked this. He liked it even more when he squeezed her thigh hard enough to elicit a moan of pain. He could feel himself getting aroused as he did this while they sat there talking. Finally deciding it was time, he asked her if she was up for a little private partying. She didn't disappoint him, instead she acted as eager as he was.

Walking out of the club with Mary on his arm he smiled as he looked around and noted the looks on the faces of the other customers. Several of them were looking on with disdain. Maybe he would have to come back later and have a little chat with them about their attitudes. The rest of the people there just looked away if they even noticed. Dave just stood there with a sad look on his face. Holding the door open for Mary he let his hand brush against her skirted ass, laughing to himself when she shied away from his touch. He knew that would change soon enough.

After watching her climb into his car he paused just long enough to unzip his pants before joining her. He wanted to start the fun right away and Mary must felt the same way. By the time he had started the car and pulled away from the curb she was leaning across the seat and had pulled him out of his pants, licking her lips in anticipation. Before long he was having a hard time concentrating on his driving as her talented mouth worked it's magic on his cock. Oh she was going to be fun to be with. From the way she filled out her blouse he knew he would have plenty of great pictures to add to his collection by the end of the night. Just thinking about this almost made him blow his load, he had to reach down and pull her off him to stop that from happening.

"Can't have that happen, not yet." He told himself while glancing at her to see the disappointed look on her face.

Leading her inside the old warehouse he was gratified to see her reaction to the way he had decorated it. The front room was set up with an old couch and several comfortable chairs he had salvaged. Pouring her a drink he palmed a little bit of a drug he had picked up just for this occasion. Slipping it into her drink wasn't hard. He didn't add too much, he didn't want her out, just relaxed enough to make her easier to handle at first. He didn't need to go home with scratches he would have to explain to his wife. She just wouldn't understand.

Handing Mary her drink as she sat in one of the lounge chairs he told her he was going to get the bedroom set up for her. She just smiled at him as he walked through the door into the back room. Standing there he looked around smiling to himself in satisfaction. It had taken him some time to get this room right and he couldn't wait to see her reaction to it. Their first look always told them what was in store for them, and their expressions were priceless.

The walls of the room were covered with acoustic paneling, the better to muffle the screams. Bolted to the tile floor in the center of the room was the "bed". He had salvaged a stretcher from the hospital's trash pile, fixed it, and bolted it down. He liked the fact he could set the height of the bed as well as tilt it making access easier for him. The stirrups he had bolted to it also made things a lot easier. Hung on the back wall of the room were a number of whips and floggers. In each corner he had hung bright lights as well as movie cameras connected to a computer. The best part of the room though was the tray of sex toys and medical tools at the head of the bed. He had everything he might want or need on that tray, Forceps, clamps of all kinds, several Speculums, Dildoes, Butt Plugs, hell he even had the odd needle or two and of course a couple of Scalpels. Humming to himself Tony made sure everything was ready before stripping, pulling on a robe, and heading back out to Mary.

Walking back into the room he was happy to see her sitting there with her head lolling back and her eyes slightly glazed. He had timed it to perfection. Grabbing her arm he pulled her out of the chair, his grip tight enough to elicit a moan of protest. Standing her he roughly ran his free hand over her chest, feeling her breasts under her shirt. So intent was Tony he didn't notice the wet spot behind her chair. Feeling her nipples hardening under his hand he grabbed one through the thin blouse and pinched, hard, laughing when she yelped in pained protest.

"Ahhhh don't be like that cunt. Old Tony here's going to take care of you tonight. I'm going to give you a night you'll never forget you can bet on that." As he led her towards the back room Tony kept up his gloating. He wasn't worried about her telling anybody, who would believe a common whore? "Yeah we're going to have some fun tonight bitch. Well, at least I am." He continued with a chuckle.

As he led her through the door he turned to see her face when she saw what was in store for her. He wasn't disappointed when he saw her eyes widen as she took in the view. Turning away from her he let go of her arm while he shrugged off his robe. He felt safe doing this, he knew she wasn't going anywhere. He had made sure to lock the only door into the warehouse. As he hung up his robe he continued telling her what he planned for the night.

"Oh yeah cunt we're going to have us some fun tonight. I think we'll start off with you finishing that blowjob you started in the car. When you've done that for me then we'll really start the fun. I think maybe it will be the whips for a bit until I'm hard again, then I'll fuck you. Hmmmm, what hole should I fuck you in first?" Not hearing an answer he kept talking as he turned back to her. "No answer? Well I guess it doesn't really matter. I'm going to be fucking you in every hole you have before the night's through, you better believe that."

When he finished saying this he turned all the way around to see how Mary was reacting to being told she was going to be raped. Instead of her face he saw a blur of movement as his mind exploded in sparks before going black.

Waking up a little while later he lay on his back trying to figure out what was going on. Sensing movement nearby he tried to get up only to realize all he could move was his head. Turning that he looked over at Mary as she walked across the room to where he was laying.

"Ahhhh good, you're finally awake." She told him.

"Wha, what's going on here? What are you doing?"

"Huh? You mean you don't recognize where you are? Here let me show you." Saying this Mary stepped behind Tony's head and did something. Suddenly Tony felt himself being sat up. Looking down he realized he was still naked, but now he was strapped to the special bed he had made for his playroom. "There, now you can see."

"What are you doing bitch? Don't you know who I am?"

"Oh I know who you are Mr. Tony Augustino. I know all about you. You see I've been doing a little research. Oh I know how you've been a cop here for the past ten years. I even know how your marriage went bad four years ago because your wife wouldn't put up with your kinkiness and how you turned to prostitutes. What I don't know is why you decided to start playing rough."

"Well little miss what are you going to do about it? It doesn't matter what you know or who you tell, they won't believe the word of a common street whore over that of a cop. You might as well let me go now and maybe I'll be nice and let you walk out of here."

Tony wasn't surprised when she didn't say anything. He knew she was probably shaking in fear right now trying to think of an easy way out. She just hadn't thought the whole thing through.

"When I get my hands on her she's going to regret this." He though to himself when she didn't respond. "Oh I'm going to make this little cunt scream before I'm through."

"Hey bitch I thought I told you to let me loose." He said out loud. When she still didn't respond he started getting mad. "God Damn it bitch, I told you to cut me loose. Now let me free."

Behind him he finally heard her move, then the sound of something metal strike the tray of tools. Breathing a sigh of relief he waited for her to start cutting him free. Instead he watched as she stepped around in front of him holding two of his larger nipple clamps in her hands.

"What do you think you're going to do with those you bitch. They won't cut these belts. You need one of the knives not those."

Stepping to his side Mary smiled down at him. "Oh I know what these are, it's strange though, these are new. Why did you replace the old ones Tony? It can't be because of the memories the old ones had. Could it be because you ruined them? Hmmmm, do these work as well as the old ones Tony?"

Mystified Tony looked up at her. He couldn't understand this. She knew he was a cop yet it still didn't seem to faze her. Something didn't add up for Tony. She wasn't as scared as a girl her age should be, and she was a hell of a lot stronger than she had any right to be. He watched as she slowly turned the clamps over in her hands looking at them. Finally she looked back at him and smiled as she stepped even closer. When she started brushing the clamps over his nipples he tried to shy away without any luck.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing Bitch? Put those down and untie me. When I get free I'm going to teach you a lesson in pain you whore. I'm going to make you scream until you can't scream any more. Oh you're going to pay for this. I'm going to enjoy teaching you Aaaeeeeiiiiiiiieeeeee." He finished with a long drawn out scream as Mary attached the clamps to his nipples, cranking them tight enough to draw blood.

His entire world was on fire, the fire centered in his chest. Even this though started to fade as his body reacted to the pain being caused by the clamps attached cruelly tight to his nipples. As the red haze faded from his vision Tony saw Mary standing there holding the clamps against his chest, making sure they didn't fall off his small nipples.

"Isn't it strange how a mans nipples are so much smaller than a woman's Tony?" She innocently asked him as she stood there. "These clamps are designed for a woman's nipples. They keep falling off of yours. It's almost disappointing.

As she was saying this she removed the clamps from his chest, lifting them so he could see the small drops of blood on them. As he lay there gasping for breath she just looked down at him and smiled before walking around behind his head and out of view. He could hear the soft click as she set the clamps back on the tray, then a soft rustle of cloth followed by something metallic sliding on metal. When she came back into his field of view he saw she had removed her shirt exposing her chest to him for the first time. He could clearly see she was a young woman, her breasts were small and firm with rather large pierced nipples. The area around both areolas was tattooed in a striking sunburst pattern. This girl was obviously into pain.

Even through his haze of pain Tony found it strange he hadn't noticed the nipple piercings through her shirt when he had grabbed at her tits. Seeing him staring at her chest she smiled a little smile.

"Do you like them Tony?" She asked quietly and he thought somewhat sadly. "I got them just for you, or should I say because of you?"

"Huh?" was all he could say in response. His throat was dry and his tongue seemed stuck to the roof of his mouth. Mary didn't seem to mind his guttural response though. In fact she seemed amused by it.

"That's okay Tony, my mouth was dry like that when I started out. Here, let me help you a little bit with that."

Saying this she grabbed a small squirt bottle he hadn't noticed before and held it to his lips. Greedily he drank the water she squirted into his mouth. As she pulled the water bottle away she continued talking.

"Oh yeah Tony, it was a blast finding out about you. I found out a lot about myself along the way, not to mention about how sick and perverted other people are. I know for example that you and your wife, Agnes isn't it? Haven't even slept in the same bed for four years now. I also know that even when you two have sex she insists the lights are off. Haven't you ever wondered why that is Tony? Why I'll bet you didn't know your wife is as sick in her own way as you are."

When Tony heard this he responded in the only way he could, by yelling at her.

"Shut up you cunt. You don't know a thing about my wife. You don't know anything about us."

"Shhhhhh, that's okay Tony. It's always hard to learn something about a loved one isn't it? I know. But about your wife, where do you think I got the piercings and tattoos Tony? Oh yeah, she gave me these and more."

As she was saying this Tony watched as she moved to the side of the bed and started stroking his abused and now very tender nipples. He was amazed that her gentle fingers felt good there, almost stimulating. She must have noticed because she smiled at him, a small, tender, almost sad smile.

"That feels good doesn't it Tony? It's almost exciting isn't it? You know something Tony? I'll bet you were like this with Mary weren't you? Hurting her then being nice and gentle to calm her down again? Tell me Tony, what was it that attracted you to her? Was it her tender age? Her innocence? What was it that got you off the most with her? I know it couldn't have been her virginity, I'm sure a big strong man like you has had plenty of virgins. Maybe it was the control? Or was it her screams?"

When he heard this last bit his mind flashed back to when he had Mary in almost the same position he was in and how she had screamed and begged for him to stop. He felt his body responding to the memories flooding through him. Mary looked down at him and saw his cock starting to stir and knew she had hit a nerve.

"Oh that's what it was wasn't it? You loved feeling in control didn't you? I bet you loved to hear her screaming. Tell me, was she screaming for you to stop Tony? I'll bet you liked that didn't you?" She continued asking him as she reached down his body and gently cupped his balls in one hand. Moving her hand she slowly and softly stroked him bringing him rapidly to full hardness. Moving her hand again she slowly slid it up his body to his chest, stopping to play with his nipples some more. Lifting his head Tony watched through half closed eyes as she started playing a little more aggressively with his nipples, pinching and twisting them slightly while pulling them up and away from his body. Even though they still hurt a little he found this to be more than a little enjoyable. Maybe because of this he didn't understand at first when she opened her free hand exposing one of the larger needles resting in it. He still didn't understand until he felt the searing pain as he watched her sliding the needle slowly through his nipple.

The pain, the searing blinding pain of the needle slowly sliding through his abused flesh as he watched took his breath away. As he fought to catch his breath to scream he watched as she left the needle in place and reached behind his head grabbing another. It was only as she slid this one through his other nipple that he started to scream. As his screams faded to moans she stepped away from him for a minute, returning with his lighter in her hands. At first he though she was going to light up a cigarette, instead she flicked the lighter on and held it's flame to one of the needles heating it. As the end of the needle started to glow he could feel the heat growing in his chest. At first it wasn't bad, but soon it grew to encompass his entire world to the point where he could barely hear himself screaming before his mind mercifully went black again.

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