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As Cindy pulled into her driveway late Thursday afternoon she noticed a Gas Company truck parked just down the hill at the Turners' house. The Turners were her only neighbors. Her house sat up on a hill with a beautiful view of the surrounding foothills. She loved the house because of the views and the privacy it offered without having to close any of the curtains.

A man walked quickly up the hill in the blowing snow towards her.

"Hi, I'm with the Gas Company, your neighbors called earlier and said they thought they smelled gas. I checked around it looks like you have a leak."

"Oh, No Did you fix it"

"No, I'm sorry ma'am the leak is on your side of the meter. You'll have to call a plumber out. I left a tag on your door. The leak has to fixed by tomorrow afternoon or I have to shut of your gas. It's a real hazard."

Okay I'll call someone now, but you can't shut of my gas that is the only heat I have."

"I'm sorry ma'am, but I'm required to, if you can't get it fixed I'm afraid you'll have to stay at a friends house for the weekend."

Cindy rushed in the house and started calling plumbers. After an hour she was down to the last plumber in town. Everyone seemed to busy fixing broken water pipes. The man who answered the phone said he was very busy, but could make it out around 8:30 the next morning.

She tried to talk him into making it a little earlier, but he said he couldn't. She had an important meeting at work at 9:30 she had to be at. She hoped he could fix it quickly.

The next morning she was just getting ready to get in the shower at 7:30 when the door bell rang. She looked through the peep hole to see who it was. A good looking man in his early thirties was standing outside. She opened the door.

"Hi I'm Zed from R&R Plumbing, my earlier appointment canceled so I came on over."

She put on a coat and took him to the west side of the house where the Gas Company man had said the leak was coming from. Zed said it would probably take him an hour or so to find the problem and fix it. She said she had to get ready for work and would check on him in a while. She went back inside, locking the door behind her. She went to her bedroom on the other side of the house and slipped into a nice hot shower.

Zed quickly found problem. The pipe entering the house was corroded and needed replacing. He was going to have to crawl under the house. He went around to the front of the house and rang the door bell. After waiting patiently for a few minutes and trying again, he became anxious. It was freezing outside and he didn't want to stand around in the cold. He tried the door, but it was locked. He walked around to the east side of the house. He opened the side yard gate and walked into a lovely brick patio. As he walked through the patio his eyes were drawn to the light coming from the big windows. Then he stopped in his tracks. He saw Cindy standing right in front of him taking a shower. The shower was completely enclosed in glass offering him a great view. Cindy had her head back, eyes closed as she rinsed her hair. Zed stood frozen checking every detail of her body. Her graceful shoulders flowing down through a small waist line into her nicely rounded hips gave her a perfect hour glass figure. Her legs long legs tapered down from a neatly trimmed bush. Her breast were average size, nicely rounded and capped of with nice size nipples. Her full lips and high cheek bones gave her face a very erotic look. Zed continued to watch her as she shaved her legs. His cock throbbed as she bent over to pick up the soap she had dropped. He decided he had to have a closer look and quickly walked past the window when Cindy bent over to shave her calves.

As Cindy was shaving her right calf she got a glimpse of a movement outside, but when she looked nothing was there. She thought about it for a moment before she continued to shave her legs.

Zed found the side door unlocked and quietly walked in. He followed the sound of the shower until he entered Cindy's bedroom. He stood behind the door watching her shower. As she turned her back and rinsed her face in the water. He moved into the doorway. He took her towel that was laying on the sink and flipped it on to the bed, where Cindy had her clothes laid out. He then stood in the doorway watching as Cindy bent over to turn the water off. Zed's eyes were focused on her ass, he couldn't wait to sink his cock into her pussy. Cindy turned to open the shower door. She screamed when she saw Zed standing there watching her.

"What the hell are you doing in here, Get out!"

"I rang the door bell three times. Do you expect me to stand outside all day waiting for you? I found your problem. I need to get under your house."

"Well if you'll get out of here long enough to let me get dressed I'll show you where the entrance is."

Zed stood unmoving his eyes moving up and down her body. Seeing that he wasn't going to leave Cindy opened the shower door to get her towel. Oh damn she thought I must have left it in the bedroom.

"That is exactly what I've been looking for, your entrance" Zed replied.

Cindy's mind raced, was he just messing with her or... She decided she needed to get out of here and get dressed before things got worse.

"Excuse me I need to get my towel."

Zed moved over just enough to let her get by. As she walk past him he grabbed her wrist, twisted her arm behind her back and pushed her face first on to the bed. His movement was so quick Cindy didn't have time to react. She landed on the bed with Zed on top of her. She tried to twist away, but with only one arm and his weight on top of her she couldn't turn over. Zed flipped his legs around, so he was sitting on her upper back facing her feet. Her one arm pinned between her back and him. She grabbed his ankle and pulled it towards her face trying to bite him, but the only thing within her mouths reach was the upper part of his boot and her bite had little effect on him.

Zed grabbed her thighs and pulled them apart.

"Now lets find that entrance"

She felt his tongue start at the top her ass and slide down between her cheeks. He flicked his tongue across her asshole. Cindy struggled to push him off, but he was to heavy and she had no leverage. Zed continued to rim her pushing his tongue against her orifice. Then he slowly started moving closer to her pussy. She tried to close her legs but he forced them back apart. He was licking between her asshole and her pussy with quick light strokes. Under different circumstances she would have been in ecstasy, but right now her mind was swimming with rage. Zed leaned over further and his tongue entered her pussy. She felt a warm shudder move through her belly. Then as he leaned over more trying to stick his tongue in deeper, she gathered all her strength and pushed as hard as she could. Zed was caught off balance and tumbled head first on to the floor. Cindy jumped up and ran for the door. Zed dove towards her feet and grabbed her ankle. She almost fell, but recovered and turned and kicked him. Her foot glanced off of the side of his face. Still holding her ankle, Zed pulled himself to his knees and dove into her legs. He wrapped both arms around her legs. Cindy bent over and started hitting the back of his head and upper back.

"Let me go Dammit"

Zed pulled himself up trying to deflect her blows. He stood, picking her up over his head. Cindy lost her balance and had to hang on to his head to keep from falling. With the brief respite from the blows, Zed turned and fell on to the bed, once more on top of Cindy. This time she was laying on her back. As she tried to hit him he grabbed her wrist and pinned her arms over her head. Zed noticed his lip was bleeding.

"God you play rough, but that's okay I like it rough. I felt you shudder as my tongue entered you and I'm going to make you plead for more."

"Fuck You" Cindy spat.

Zed reached over and grabbed Cindy's stockings. Cindy knew what coming next and realized if her arms where tied she would be helpless. She managed to pull one arm free and tried to gouge his eyes. Zed saw it coming and fell on top of her, so she couldn't reach his face. As she pounded his back he tied the stocking around the other wrist. He then gained control of her other arm and tied her wrist together. Then he pulled her arms over her head and tied the other end of the stocking to the side of the bed. He took the other stocking and tied it around one of her ankles. He forced her to roll over so she was lying on her stomach and then anchored her ankle to side of the bed. He went through her drawers until he found her other stockings. He took one out and tied it around her other ankle. He tied her ankle to the side of the bed spreading her legs as wide as he could. Cindy was now totally helpless and vulnerable. All she could do was sob.

Zed took off all his clothes. He knelt on the floor at her feet and started licking and nibbling her instep and ankles. As he slowly moved up her calves, he ran his hands very softly across her thighs, lower back and the her butt. By the time he reach the back of her knees 15 minutes later she was relaxed and starting to enjoy his touch, not that she was going to let him know. She tried to hold still, calm and quiet, trying to fight off the pleasure,... trying desperately to hold on to her anger.

As Zed began to lick, kiss and nibble his way up the inside of her thighs, his hands began to knead her buttocks. He changed position, laying on his stomach between her legs, caressing her butt with both hands, spreading her cheeks apart.

Cindy knew she was loosing her fight. She could feel her juices running down across her clit. She could only imagine what her pussy must look like right now, but even if her body had betrayed her, her mind continued to fight. She would spout off verbal abuse at Zed ever so often when she knew she was slipping, trying to stay strong. Zed continued to work his way towards her pussy. He had been slowly making his way up her legs for an hour now. He could see her pussy agape and juice running down onto the sheets. If only he could conquer her mind. As he reach her pussy, Zed spread her cheeks allowing his forehead to come to rest against her ass. His nose was a half an inch from slipping into her. His tongue caressed each side of her outer labia. Cindy's body refused to obey her and she felt her hips try to push back against his face. Zed's tongue moved to her inner folds, and he began to taste her juices. She was as sweet, soft and delicate as a rose. He moved back a bit and ran his tongue from her asshole down through her slit, pulling his tongue away just before it touched her clit. He felt her body tremble. He repeated the moment again and again, never touching her clit. Each time her body shook harder and her hips raised more trying to make him touch her clit. He then repeated the moment using his nose instead of his tongue. When his nose reach her slit he pushed it into her. He continued to tease her unmercifully until a moan escaped her lips. He then stood up and untied her legs from the bed and rolled her over on her back. She looked at him with a mixture of hate, anger and lust. She watched him as his hand reach down and stroked his very rigid cock. It was long and thick and the veins were bulging from being so hard. He kneeled between her legs. On his hands and knees he slowly moved up her body dragging his hard cock and balls across her legs. His tongue licked the sides of her breast. He moved his mouth in circles around her breast, spiraling inward until his tongue was licking her nipples. He took each one in his mouth and gently sucked on it. His hands caressed the sides of her breast as his tongue swirled around her nipples. He then started slowly moving down her belly, stopping at her navel briefly before continuing down. His tongue began to caress each side of her outer labia again as his hands caressed her breast. Cindy's hips instinctually raised to push against his mouth. Zed's tongue moved to her inner folds, and he once again began drinking in her juices. His tongue moved lower and pushed into her pussy. As he slowly slid it out of her, he moved his tongue up until it flicked across her clit causing her body to convulse.

"Oh God... No... Please... Don't make me... ughhhhhhhhhh"

The most powerful orgasm Cindy had ever felt exploded every where at once. Her legs locked straight, her teeth clinched, her arms strained against her stockings, her whole abdomen was on fire. She screamed and screamed and screamed. Zed pulled down hard on her hips forcing her to hold still as his tongue started doing circles moving her clit around and around. Cindy's hips bucked up and down as Zed took her clit into his mouth and sucked very softly.

"Please don't... I can't... I... Oh shit... please stop... Oh God that feels good!"

Zed continued to hold tight to her hips and his lips, mouth and tongue continuing their relentless assault on her clit. Orgasm after orgasm shook Cindy's body. After 5 minutes of continuous ecstasy her orgasms started to subside, Zed released her clit and moved up her body. His cock pushed easily into her pussy in one long stroke until his balls where pushing against her ass. This triggered yet another orgasm to race through Cindy. This orgasm was different from the first set though, it emanated deep in her vagina. Zed's cock moved in and out of her pussy in long even strokes. He started fucking her faster as the orgasm continued to race through Cindy's body.

"Oh Yea Fuck me... Fuck me hard... oh shit that feels good."

Zed continued to fuck her for 10 minutes then pulled is cock out of her. He moved up and straddled her chest. Placing the head of his cock on her lips. She opened her mouth and took in his cock hungrily. Sucking it deep into her throat. Zed moved it in and out fucking her mouth as he untied her hands. After he had untied her hands, he leaned back and untied her legs as she continued to engulf his cock. He moved back down and pushed his cock back into her pussy as she wrapped her arms around him. He rolled over pulling her on top of him. She sat up taking his cock deep into her. She rocked back and forth feeling his balls against her ass and the head of his cock buried deep inside her. Then she started fucking him slowly at first as she pushed her breast into his face. Gradually she pickup speed until she was bouncing up and down quickly on his cock The she felt him start to swell and she slowed just enough to savor his cock exploded spurt after spurt of come into her pussy.

After his orgasm had subsided she banged her fist into his chest.

"I hate you."

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