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Both characters are fictional and 18 years of age and up.

The road is long. Endless miles of black asphalt waver in the heat of the mid day sun. My only company is the sound of my rig dutifully pounding the pavement down that desolate desert road. There is plenty of fuel to take me past the next town. No need to stop. Not much of a town anyway. Population of 500 at best. As I approach the next town, I see a figure on the side of the road. When I get closer I hit the air brakes to see a total fox looking for a ride. I mutter to myself,

"There is a god after all."

I open the door to see her wearing I white button up shirt tied in a knot showing her belly and some daisy duke cut off shorts.

"Where to honey?"

"Next town will be fine sir."

"Well, hop on up."

As she climbed into my rig I was thanked by a shot of her perfect tits. With that I felt a movement in my pants and there was no stopping it. I tried to think of something else to avoid a rip in the crotch of my pants. I put the rig back on the road and to the next town. I break the ice with,

"Names Anthony."


"Nice to meet you Sandy."


"Not that it's any of my business Sandy but what's a hot looking chick like yourself hitching for? I mean, aren't you afraid of some psycho rapist or something picking you up?"

"I have a good sense for people. I don't get in with anyone that I don't feel right about."

"Really, then I will take that as a compliment. But how do you know? A rapist can look like anyone." The next thing she said took me by surprise.

"Well, if he was cute then it might be kinda fun." After a long pause she said, "Just joking Anthony."

The sweet laughter coming from her mouth was music to my neglected ears. At that moment I was fighting the urge to pull over and take her right there. Is this a test god? Are you testing my will power? Are you testing to see how long I can drive on this very road before I crack. If so, then you have chosen a suitable temptation for me.

"I guess what I'm trying to say is you can't be so trusting, even if you do think that you have a good sense of judgment for people. I mean even though you took one look at me and passed judgment on me, that doesn't mean that you know me or what I'm capable of doing to you." With a devilish smile she said,

"And just what are you capable of doing to me Anthony, besides acting like my father?"

With that I decided I was going to teach her a lesson. She needed to know that her skills in judging people needed some work. I pulled my rig off to the side of the road, turned off the engine, quickly reached over and grabbed her by the neck and pushed her into the back of the cab with mild force. With my hand pressed firmly against her neck I whispered in her ear,

"Are you calling my bluff Sandy? If so, then your about to find out that I wasn't bluffing." I leaned back to find that her playful teasing attitude had vanished and was replaced by uncertain fear. Stuttering she said,

"Wwhat aaare you going to ddo to me?"

"What's the matter Sandy? Not so sure of me any more? I thought you were a good judge of character. Fact is, I've been on this god forsaken road for weeks and you are a sight for my sore eyes." I kept my grip on her throat and bore into her eyes so I could drive my point home. "I don't have a daughter but if I did I wouldn't want her to be hitching rides from total strangers. So to make sure you never do it again I'm going to have to teach you a valuable lesson. Now do exactly as I say Sandy or I will have to hurt you." She nodded in understanding. Truckers are always pulling over to get some sleep so I knew that I wouldn't call any attention to any passing cars. "Now get into the back of the cab." I grabbed her by the front of the shirt and pushed her into my bunk where I sleep. Reality now setting in she said,

"Please Anthony, don't hurt me. I promise not to hitch again."

Little did she know that I was a good judge of character myself. I could tell that she wanted this to happen. Her body language was screaming, fuck me please.

"Listen Sandy, it's too late for that now. Understand this though, there is nobody that can help you. Nobody that can hear you."

Now I don't practice rape but firstly, I knew she wanted it and secondly, she was so sure that I was just another friendly truck driver that I needed to teach her a lesson. She was lying on her back on my bed and I had my hand on her chest pinning her down. I started slowly unbuttoning her shirt with my other hand. Her breathing was getting more rapid as I got to the last button. I then untied the knot in her shirt and revealed her perfect 'c' size tits. Her nipples were hard so I started pinching them. Then I put all my body weight on her and started to kiss her neck working my way down her body to her tits and started to suck on them and scrape my teeth on her hard erect nipples. Her breathing was getting heavier so I pressed on working my way down to her most private of areas. One by one I unbuttoned her daisy duke shorts. When I tried to slip them off her legs she offered resistance.

"Don't fight me Sandy or I swear I'll slap you right across the face, you got me? "ANSWER ME SANDY. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?"

"Yyes I understand. Please don't hurt me."

This time I yanked her shorts off and wasted no time in ripping her panties right off. Her pussy was dripping wet with excitement but she kept her legs tucked close to her body. With an angary grunt I forced her legs wide open to reveal her tender wet vulnerable cunt. Wasting no time I dove right in with teeth, tongue, and mouth. I was all over that pussy using all of my mouth with all my might. Then I started to rub her clit with my tongue still working her hot box and her juices flowing down her asshole. I seized the opportunity and inserted one of my fingers into her beckoning asshole all lubed up by her pussy juices. Then I decided to launch into full caveman mode. Grunting and growling, I was up and down from her clit to her asshole, chewing and biting, spitting, licking, and tongue fucking her holes at a furious pace. She let out an ear splitting scream but I did not relent. I pinned her pelvis down with my arms and hands and dug in even deeper into her holes. Faster and harder I went tongue fucking her asshole deeper and deeper, and scraping her clit with my teeth. I could feel her hips buckle and sensed she was going to cum and quickly stopped.

"Okay bitch your going to suck my cock until it's nice and hard and if you bite my dick then it will be the last thing you ever do. Besides then I won't be able to fuck you and I know that's what you want isn't Sandy?" I grabbed her by the back of her hair and got right in her face and barked, "ISN'T SANDY. YOU WANT ME TO FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF YOU DON'T YOU? Answer me bitch. You want me to fuck your brains out don't you? YOU WANT ME TO FUCK YOU SO HARD YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO WALK FOR DAYS. Is that what you want Sandy? Huh? Answer me bitch. TELL ME YOU WANT ME TO FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF YOU."

"Yyes I wwwant you to ffuck me."


"Hard. I wwant you to fuck me hard."

"That's better. Now suck my fucking cock you little fucking bitch." With her hair still in my hand I took out my dick and shoved her mouth onto it. She began obediently sucking my cock with ruthless abandon. Noisily she worked my cock which began to grow in her mouth. "That's it, choke on it. Gag on my cock you fucking bitch. Now scrape my cock head with your teeth. Awww that's it Sandy. Suck that fucking cock you fucking cuntwhore. Suck it. Suck that cock good you bitch. Suck it like you never sucked a cock before." With that she began going psycho on my now fully swollen member. "Okay bitch, that's enough of that. Play times over. It's time to get fucked. I'm gonna fuck you till you scream Sandy and there's nothing you can do about it and there's no one that can hear your cries to help you." I quickly grabbed her ankles and pulled them high in the air slamming her back onto the bed. Before plunging my dick inside her dripping wet cunt I decide to tease her by rubbing my dick head up and down her clit and snatch. She was quivering with anticipation but I made her wait. I kept teasing with my dick. Up and down, then spanking her clit with my cock whispering to her softly, seductively. "Is this what you want Sandy? You want me to put my rock hard cock deep inside of your wet juicy cunt? Huh Sandy? Is that what you want? Look at it Sandy. Go on, look at it. Look at that nice hard cock just waiting to fuck your hot pussy. You want it? Tell me Sandy. Beg me to fuck your cunt Sandy. I want to hear you beg for it."

"Fuck me please. I want your cock so bad. Please Anthony, I beg you. Please fuck my pussy with your nice hard cock."

"Do you deserve my cock Sandy? Maybe just a little." I slowly put just the head of my cock inside her slit then pulled out, further torturing her. She was going mad. She wanted it so bad, just as I knew all along. She wanted it so bad she tried to lunge her hips forward to impale herself on it. "Oh no you don't. I decide when it goes in, not you." I punished her for her behavior by slapping her pussy with my cock some more. She was going absolutely crazy. She cried some more,

"Please Anthony, put it in. I promise to behave but please fuck me. I need it so bad."

Her pleas were getting to me so I decided she was ready to get the fuck of her life. I thrust my cock deep inside till our hip bones connected with force. She screamed with all her might and it fueled me to start pumping.

"Is this what you want Sandy? A good hard fucking? Huh? You want me to fuck the shit out of you, you fucking bitch? COME ON SANDY, SCREAM GOD DAMN YOU! SCREAM LIKE A WHORE! Take my fucking cock you fucking bitch! TAKE IT GOD DAMN IT!" She screamed bloody murder as I banged the crap out of her. Harder and harder. Faster and faster. Unrelenting. "You ready to cum Sandy? Huh? You ready to explode your cum all over my cock you fucking bitch? DO IT SANDY! CUM ALL OVER MY COCK YOU MOTHER FUCKING BITCH! CUM ON MY COCK GOD DAMN IT! RRRAAAARR!"


Her body bucked into a full contortion orgasm. But I wasn't done with her yet. I pulled out and flipped her over onto her hands and knees with her back arched and her ass straight in the air. I stood up, bent my knees and took her doggy style. Pounding away I growled,

"You like it sandy? You like when I fuck the shit out of you, you mother fucking bitch?"

"Yes. I love it. Fuck me Anthony. Fuck me hard. Fuck my cunt as hard as you can."

"Okay bitch, you asked for it." I broke into jack hammer mode and started ruthlessly slamming the hell out of her cunt. Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang.

"Oh shit. I'm going to cum again. God yes I'm cumming. I'm cumming all over your fucking cock."

Her words were more than I could take. I was ready to blow a load that would knock her across the cab.

"Oh shit Sandy. Here I go. I pulled out and strung one across from her shoulder blades to the back of her ass. I collapsed on top of her in exhaustion and we both laid there panting. After we managed to catch our breath I asked,

"So have you learned not to hitch rides from total strangers?"

"Are you kidding? I'm gonna hitch every day after a fuck like that."
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