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She couldn't believe she was on her knees again. She was a grown woman; no other girl would dare cross her. But somehow most men she went out with were either weak willed saps she couldn't bear to be in the company longer than it took her to have an orgasm, the rest of the men were sick minded control freaks. She just didn't get it, with ever one else she was anything but submissive. But with Pete she just couldn't help herself. She didn't look submissive, her large 38dd breasts and long lean thighs didn't give the impression of submissive. Neither did the two sizes too tight jeans. And the low cut tops she wore and the long dark drifts of hair that fell across her shoulders and down to her waist didn't give the impression of someone who would succumb this easily to being told, "suck it". If anyone besides Pete had said this, she wouldn't even have honoured him or her with an answer. She was blessed with eyes that could convey her very innermost thoughts and feelings with only one flash of the deep emerald set of her eyes. Sometimes that was good. She could have killed anyone else with a flicker of haughtiness if they had demanded what Pete had of her. But he was different. She loved him, he was her best friend. And she couldn't deny him. No mater how hard she tried.

Kelly moved her mouth and head deftly and slowly, this fiasco had been going on so long she knew all the moves, she knew the right moment to tighten her grip on the base of Pete's cock to drive him to distraction and stop him ejaculating. She knew where the lightest flick or swirl of her tongue would drive him insane and cause him to let forth one of those primeval and guttural growls that seemed to emanate from the base of his stomach and climb its way forth from his throat. A year now, 6 of these encounters.

In the beginning it had been fun, she was thrilled by the length and breadth of his impressively large and thick cock. She was pleased he's chosen her, and at first it had been exciting when no one knew, sneaking off in the middle of parties, the risk had just fuelled their desire, now though she wanted something in return, she couldn't work her way up to asking, and she couldn't say no. She just couldn't resist.

So that's how she ended up on her knee's in the snow on top of a gravestone. She could feel the snow seeping through the material of her tight jeans, she could feel her flesh going numb with cold, but she knew she couldn't refuse him. She could feel her underwear moisten and she subconsciously ground her pussy against the lining of her jeans.

She knew he knew what this was doing to her and could see it in the wicked gleam in his gaze as he held her eyes in his, watching her thick voluptuous mouth bob up and down on his dick. Her thick lustrous hair blowing gently in the wind, sometimes he could see it stray into her mouth and imagined brushing it away with his fingers.

He knew he made her squirm, and on some levels he got off on having all the power. What more can a guy want, a best friend whose willing and consensual to some extra curricular activities, whenever and wherever he decided he wanted it. He knew she would never refuse his dick, and that made him confident. He knew she was unsatisfied when he came in her mouth and on her tits. He knew she wanted more when she licked his come from his slowly wilting cock and teased him into wanting more. As her tongue flicked over the length of his dick, she sucked and held him in her mouth as he gasped at the tightness of the vacuum she had created. The sucking noises she made as she struggled to breathe made his head explode, and he had to think of other things to stop himself comeing right there and then.

Kelly watched as she sucked in hard and held him inside her mouth, she groaned as she watched the pleasure on his face. His eyes rolling into the back of his head and his mouth slackening and gaping slightly, as she held him securely in her mouth she massaged her tongue over his shaft. As Kelly slid her long tapered fingers down his spine and slowly over Pete's arse crack. Pete started to lean forward to permit her fingers to massage his anus, and forced her down backwards so she was in a crab like position, holding herself up on one arm. His legs straddling her and his cock forced further down her throat than she had allowed before. He moaned as he felt the tight resistance of her throat muscles and still he forced further, stopping just before he felt her gag.

Trying to angle her head over the cold stone slab to permit herself a bit more comfort and ease her back that was tightening up with the strain of being perched in such a precarious way. She hoped to herself he would give her warning before he came. Suddenly just as she was thinking this she felt his cock quiver in her mouth and she could taste the salty sweetness of his cum.

They walked back to his car and spoke about the beautiful view, they spoke about their friends and they spoke about work. Anything but to speak about what had just happened.

Author's note: Dedicated to my very special friend "Kelly"

Videos Of Girls Getting Raped