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Beth and I were married ten years ago after a whirlwind romance. She is still the sexiest woman I have ever had the good fortune to know. One of her best features are her long silky legs as she is five foot ten. Top that off with beautiful natural blonde hair, full tits, tiny waist, and a perky ass to complete the package. Men ogle her wherever we go and none would guess that she’s actually twenty eight years old, most people peg her at twenty two.

We have a lot of fun just scouting around and doing whatever turns us on at the time. Beth has a mischievous streak and likes to push the envelope, sometimes even getting into a little exhibitionism.

I love it when she gets playful like this because I know I can expect some red hot sex later. Three months ago she was in just such a mood.

We decided to look for a deserted stretch of beach along the coast to do some sunning, picnicking, and maybe more. Beth was wearing tight jeans and a halter top with a fancy set of orange panties and bra underneath. She’s never wears a swimsuit, only under things or nothing at all, which I find extremely sexy. We’ve never gone all the way in a public place before, but I think this just might be the day. I had my fingers crossed. I drive a convertible and Beth’s hair looked like spun gold blowing in the wind while we drove up the coast highway. Several cars honked at her as they drove past us. I love it when she gets attention like that, it always puts her in a relaxed mood.

We checked out a few spots but most were either occupied or could be seen from the road. I really wanted her all to myself today. Finally, we found what looked like the perfect spot. The path down to the beach looked like it hadn’t been used in awhile and a section of woods separated us from the road. We carried everything down the path and laid out our picnic on the warm sand. Beth wasted no time stripping down to her bra and panties and wading into the surf. I poured two glasses of wine and settled back to enjoy watching her.

Beth splashed around for awhile, then walked sexily toward where I’d set up our picnic. She was an absolute vision of loveliness in the now see through panty set and her blonde hair hanging in wet strings. I could’ve just eaten her up. “Hey mister, is this spot taken?” she asked demurely.

“Sit yourself down and have a bite you poor starving li’l waif,” I said in my best cockney accent. Beth giggled as I handed her wine glass to her.

“I love you so much,” she said as she leaned forward and gave me a sweet kiss.

We heard some voices and looked up to see three teenage boys staring at us from about a hundred yards away. Beth looked concerned and asked if we should find another spot. “Don’t worry about them,” I said, “they’re only kids and they’ve just seen a goddess walk across the beach in her panties, I can’t blame them for gawking.”

She smiled, reassured now and pushed my shoulder as she said, “Kiss me again you fool so they’ll know I’m taken.” This time she took me in her arms and gave me a deep sexy kiss that left my head reeling. When my head cleared the boys had gone.

Beth poured more wine and we talked and relaxed in the sun for about an hour, it was a perfect summer day. She was getting increasingly flirtatious as the drinks were taking their effect. I rolled her onto her back and cupped her breasts while I kissed her hard. She moaned seductively as my hand caressed its way down her tummy until it found her warm mound. As I stroked her pussy through her panties her breathing came in short shallow huffs. Her panties became moist and I knew I would soon be between her legs right here in the sunshine. “Take me baby,” she purred.

“Yeah, fuck her man, we want to see her boned!” a rude voice boomed from about ten feet away, bursting into our idyllic dream world.

I jumped up to see the same three teenagers we saw earlier standing behind us watching. “You kids get the hell out of here,” I ordered. They just stood there smirking.

“Hey Matt, you think this little lady can handle all three of us?” one of them said to another.

“You heard her moaning man, if she can’t, she’ll sure give it one hell of a good try,” Matt replied.

I was furious now, “I told you guys to get lost,” I shouted as I advanced toward Matt. Matt quickly reached to the back of his pants and pulled out a crappy little handgun, pointing it straight at my face.

“On your knees asshole.” he barked at me. I didn’t know what to do. I looked back at Beth, then at the other two punks who were sneering at me with their ugly faces. Slowly, I sank to my knees.

Matt stepped forward quickly and kicked me hard in the ribs. I doubled over and collapsed. “Ron, tie his hands behind his back,” he said as he ran to catch up with the third boy who was in hot pursuit of Beth. She had made it halfway to the road before they caught her and dragged her back. “She damn near got away from us,” Matt said through pants, “but then she tripped and Brad got a hold of her by the ankle.”

The boys surrounded Beth and started touching her all over. She tried in vain to push them away but there were too many hands. She fought hard but they soon had her tired out and could only resist feebly while they squeezed her tits and roughly groped around inside her panties.

Beth caught her breath again and renewed her struggling. She tried to kick Ron between the legs but missed. “Man, she’s a scrapper,” said Brad.

“Don’t worry, this will calm her down,” Matt laughed as he pulled a small plastic bag from his shirt pocket, “you guys hold her tight.” Ron crouched and grabbed her legs and Brad stood behind her holding both wrists together with one hand while clamping her mouth shut with the other. Matt produced a small spoon and scooped some powder out of the bag. Beth held her breath for as long as she could but when she finally exhaled Matt shoved the spoon up to her nose and she inhaled all of the drug.

Her struggling immediately began to subside and in a few minutes she was allowing the boys to do everything they wanted to her. Brad let go of her wrists now and her hands fell limply to her sides. He took her face with both hands and turned it to his. “Open your mouth slut,” he hissed as he slid his tongue deep into her mouth and kissed her hard. Ron pulled her bra down under her breasts and he and Matt each took a tit and started working her over, alternately sucking and biting the nipples. Beth was off somewhere in the twilight zone and not making a sound as the punks gobbled her up.

Matt’s hand slid into her panties. “Man, she’s hot as a pistol and sopping wet,” he exclaimed as he brought his slick fingers to his nose. He pulled in a deep whiff, “I know this scent, it’s…it’s…yes, it’s bitch in heat.” The little assholes had a laugh over that.

Beth was beginning to regain some of her senses now, I could see the faint flicker of life return to her glassy eyes. Brad had her hips in his hands and was dry humping her ass. To my horror she started to move with him! Ron had her lips locked in a deep kiss and Matt had pulled her panties down and was putting his tongue to work on her beautiful pussy. Her nipples were suddenly rock hard and when Ron pulled his mouth away from hers to catch a breath she spoke, “Yes,…take me….please don’t stop.” My heart sank into a bottomless black hole. The boys moved quickly now, taking her down to our blanket and keeping the pressure up. The bastards were kissing and licking her tits and pussy furiously now and she was responding enthusiastically, lifting her hips up to meet their tongues and moaning sweetly. She spread her legs wide and begged them to continue.

I don’t know what they put up her nose, but it was working perfectly. In thirty minutes Beth had been transformed from my faithful loving wife into a raging whore, and the worst part was that I was beginning to get turned on by her begging these creeps to fuck her. “It’s time you learned to suck cock whore,” Matt said, pulling out a sturdy eight inch hard-on. Beth’s eyes shone when she saw it and she took him lovingly into her mouth. She sucked and licked his cock hungrily while she told him how nice it was and how much she wanted it inside her.

The boys passed her face around between them and Beth slurped away, performing for them like any rotten whore off the street. She was being worked up to a sexual frenzy and she was ready and willing to do anything they asked. They had her completely under their control and they were loving it. “Hey big man, look how much your wifey here loves what we’re giving her,” Brad taunted. I ignored him, as I was too busy feeling guilty for the engorged penis in my own pants. Matt noticed my erection and came over and kicked me hard in the balls. I collapsed in pain as he walked away saying, “This slut is for us, mother fucker!”

As if to make his point he went straight to Beth’s crotch and pulled her panties aside, exposing her drooling open cunt. He touched his prick to the lips. Beth became very excited now and begged him, “Do it, put it in me please, I need it so much!”

He rubbed the head up and down the slit coating it with her cum. “Look at this, mother fucker, your wife’s cunt is slobbering all over me she wants it so bad,” he said as he continued the torture, making her plead to be fucked. Her need for his penis was so great now that she was quivering uncontrollably and the other boys had to pin her down as she began to thrash around. “Tell me what I want to hear Beth,” Matt demanded. She knew what he wanted but she tried to keep herself from saying it. He increased the tempo of his cunt teasing now and Brad began pulling on her rock hard aching nipples. She couldn’t resist much longer, the drug and her own lust had combined to take complete control of her mind. She gave in.

“I love you, Matt. I love your big cock and I want my cunt swollen with your sperm!” she blurted out as she surrendered the last of her dignity. Finally satisfied he had properly degraded me he laughed and rammed his eight inches into Beth with a shudder. She climaxed instantly! I couldn’t believe it, she came in one stroke and didn’t stop cumming for five full minutes. Matt rode her like a pro the whole time, pumping and grinding into her trembling love hole while she babbled filthy things deliriously. Just as she reached the peak of her convulsions he began grunting like an animal and filled her cunt with shot after shot of his boiling hot sperm. She whimpered loudly as he pumped her womb to the bursting point. As soon as he slid his still rock hard young cock out of her Ron took his place.

Beth groaned in pain as once again her rapidly cramping abdomen was savagely ripped into. She started to scream out but was quickly muffled with Ron’s mouth as he kissed and slobbered all over her face. Soon she was responding again and kissed him back hard as she jammed her hips up to meet each of his thrusts. “Fuck me boy, take everything you want, tear me up,” she encouraged him and she locked her long sexy legs around his back to draw his young frame into her love nest as she rotated her cunt to give him greater pleasure. Ron cried out as his balls let loose in her already overfilled sloppy hole

Beth was not allowed a moment to rest as the boys pulled her to her hands and knees and Brad prepared to defile her asshole. Using some of his buddy’s sperm for lube he rammed her ass without any warning. Beth’s eyes rolled back in her head and her mouth hung open. Brad began fucking the shit out of her and she was just flung back and forth like a limp rag doll, helpless to do anything but ride it out. Drool began to pour from her still wide open mouth and form a puddle on the blanket. Matt moved in and filled her mouth with his erection. She tried valiantly to suck him but could only drool and slobber on her mouthful of cock. Brad began slapping her ass hard and soon a rosy glow was developing on her buns. Ron reached under her and stretched her nipples down as far as he could and as he did she began another gut wrenching orgasm. Matt and Brad both erupted simultaneously and filled her mouth and bowels with cum. She struggled to swallow the sperm but her numb mouth let most of it spill to the blanket.

Ron reached in my pockets and grabbed my car keys and wallet. He pulled my swim trunks to my knees and let them fall to the sand. “Your turn,” he said motioning to Beth and they all laughed. Then they disappeared up the trail towards my car.

Beth was laying on her back with her legs spread wide. She was barely conscious and sperm was oozing profusely from both of her holes. Her ass was sitting in a growing puddle of the glop but to me it was the most erotic sight I‘d ever seen. My erection was throbbing for her like never before. I knelt between her legs with my hands still tied behind my back. She moaned and opened her eyes a little. Gently she pulled me to her and held me as I worked my cock into her raw cunt. In my excitement at feeling of all the other’s sticky cum on my balls, I came quickly and we laid together like that for a long time. When the sun started to set we found our clothes and hitchhiked home.

Those boys have no idea what a favor they did for us. Every time I think of that day I get a raging hard-on and Beth and I fuck like maniacs. Sometimes we sleep in the sixty nine position just so I can drink in the aroma of her sweet cunt all night while I sleep. She’s a living sex fantasy for me now!

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